WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/b con, oral, bi)

  Country Ways
Chapter 1
Through the eyes of a youngster

I’ll never forget the day my dad barged into my bedroom and caught me jerking off. I should have been out in the barn by then feeding the live stock but I’d hung around the house and waited until mom left to go into town so I could have a good, uninhibited jerk-off without worrying about being caught or interrupted. Dad always knocks before coming in if my door is closed, but I was careless and left my bedroom door wide open. I thought dad was at grandpa’s place. They usually met up early in the morning on the weekends at their favorite fishin’ hole which ran along the west side of grandpa’s property, but today I found out the ‘hard way’, so to speak, that dad had been down working in the garage. He needed the flashlight that I had borrowed from him a few weeks ago so he came back into the house to retrieve it from my room.

I was havin’ at it and gettin’ pretty worked up. I had my eyes closed and my fantasies kept switching back a forth between my dad and grandpa, whom I always suspected had one of the biggest cocks on earth. When I opened them and realized dad was standing there, “Fuck!” was the only thing I could think of to say. Dad didn’t seem all that upset. He just grinned his big, full bearded grin of his and his eyes seemed to twinkle as he unashamedly took in the sight of me pumping my dick. “Hey you should be out doing your chores by now. I came up here to get that flashlight you never returned. There’ll be plenty of time for that later son. Your mom’s gonna be gone all day so get busy, we’ve got a lot to do.”

He grabbed up the flashlight off my dresser and held it down near his groin and shook it at me as if it was his dick. He smiled and winked then left the room. By then, my prick had shriveled up to nothing so I just jumped out of bed and got dressed and headed down to the barn. Dad was in the garage and saw me when I came out of the house. “When you get done feeding the animals I could use some help in here. OK?”

I waved at him at him and said ’OK’ then headed down to the barn.

When I finally caught up with him in the garage he was on his back underneath this sports car he had bought a year or so back from this old lady that lived in another county. The idea of my dad and a sports car didn’t fit at all. He was just too damned big for the thing and frankly he looked ridiculous sitting in it, but when he found out that the woman was only asking a thousand dollars for it, he couldn’t resist. Fully restored, it would be worth about seventy or eighty times that and he had already made a lot of progress in its restoration. Even now, seeing this big bear of a man laying underneath it in his bib overalls just didn’t seem to fit, but I couldn’t help noticing his overalls were bunched up tight around his crotch showing off every detail of his incredible manhood. I took the opportunity to study his mighty bulge without him knowing what I was doing. His thick rod ran down the inside of his right thigh and his big balls laid off to the left just like grandpa’s did when he sat down, but from what I could tell, grandpa’s dick was even bigger than dad’s. I felt my prick slowly start to get hard so I reached down the side of my overalls to adjust myself when dad called out from underneath the car, “You still having problems with that thing?”

‘Oh shit!’ I thought as he slid out from underneath the car and stood up beside me. He looked down at my crotch and said “Let’s go out back. I gotta piss. You gotta piss too?” I shrugged my shoulders and followed him out the back of the garage. Once we were outside, he faced me about three quarters of the way and unzipped his overalls then pulled out his thick crank, shook it a couple of times, then started pissing. All the while he was doing this, all I could think about was the fact that I was finally going to get to see my old man’s cock.

It was a beauty too! He looked over at me and saw that I was staring at him and said, “Well, you gotta piss or not?”

I unzipped my overalls and pulled out my dick and tried to act nonchalant about it but I felt myself getting harder and harder. I milked on it with my thumb trying to get a piss started, but the harder I tried to piss, the harder my dick got. Dad just looked at me and grinned as he finished up. I turned away and he said. “You know I get that way too sometimes. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, especially in front of your old man. Looks to me like you’ve inherited a fair amount of the family genes son. So why don’t you just turn back around here man to man.”

I was embarrassed yet surprised by the way dad was being so calm about all this. I figured ‘What the hell’ and turned back to face him still holding my semi-hard dick in my hand. I was a bit surprised to see that he was still holding on to his own cock and was slowly milking the last of his piss out of it. It was now much longer than it was before. All I could do was stare at it. He kept pulling on it then shook it a couple of times just like he did that flashlight and suddenly it jumped up on it’s own. He took his hand away from it and let it rest on his thick thigh so I could see all of it. It started bouncing up and down and I quickly looked up at him. He winked at me and smiled and said, “See I told you I get that way too sometimes.” I watched his thick forearm and meaty hand reached back down and pull on it. “Feels good don’t it son?” he nodded down at my dick and said, “Looks like yours is fond of the attention it’s getting as well. They can be demanding sonofabitches at times can’t they?”

I grinned and nodded and he walked closer to me and said, “Take your hand off it pup and let me see whatcha got there.” When I did, it started jumping up and down all on its own. Dad laughed and said, “Look at it begging for attention. They don’t like being left alone do they? Watch. I’ll take my hand off mine and it’ll do the same thing. . . there it goes!”

He had a glimmer in his eye as I watched his cock throb. As it grew bigger and longer with every pulse I gave up any hope of controlling my own erection. “Lookin’ good son. Looks like your about full up there. You do have a fair share of the family genes and your still growin’! I bet in another year or so yours’ll be near big as mine. They look a lot alike don’t they boy?”

“Yeah only yours is a whole lot bigger and it ain’t even full hard like mine is dad.”

“Well give it time boy! give it time . . .   I can see it’s been doin’ some growin’ since the last time I saw you naked and you can’t tell me you are completely hard already boy! I bet it can get a lot thicker and harder than that! Go ahead and flex that muscle for me.”

Just hearing dad talk like that made my dick jump up even bigger and harder. I looked down at it and realized it was the biggest I had ever seen it.

He laughed. “You looked surprised boy! You keep that up and it’ll be as big as mine.”

I looked back over at him and by now his cock was twice as big as it was before and it still wasn’t even half hard! “Gawwd dad! I always thought grandpa had the biggest dick, but maybe I was wrong.” As soon as I said it, I realized what I’d let slip out. I was afraid at how dad would react, but he surprised me when he laughed and looked me in the eye and said, “So you’ve been sizing the two of us up have you?” His mind seemed to wander as he thought about that. Unconsciously he reached back down under his big, bearish belly and put his thick rough hands back on his crank and pulled at it slowly and deliberately. He kept looking me in the eye but eventually I couldn’t prevent myself from looking back down at his groin to watch his rough, meaty paw stroke his cock. He didn’t stop. He just slowly and silently kept working his rod - watching me as I unabashedly stared at his prize piece of manhood. It was now so long and fat, I could barely believe my eyes. He stepped closer to me and I looked up at him and saw that he was checking out my raging boner. He grinned and shook his crank at mine and said, “Now they look even more alike don’t they son? You’ve got a nice lookin’ head on yours son. I like watchin’ it flare out like that. You’ve been takin’ good care of that I hope? Why don’t you show me how you go about taking care of that thing and I’ll show you how I take care of mine.”

I didn’t know what to say. The idea of jerking off with my dad was like a dream come true, but for some reason, being faced with the realities of actually doing it made me hesitant. I looked up at him to see if he was really serious.

“It’s fine with me pup. Anyway, I don’t think either one of us is gonna get much else done today until we take care of this. Besides it’ll let me discover what it was like for my dad the first time we jacked off together.”

“Grandpa! You’ve jerked off with grandpa before?”

“I sure have. I was about your age the first time he let me see his big ol’ dick all stiff and hard. We jerked off together. I couldn’t believe how much spunk could blow out of one stiff dick. I still can’t for that matter. And your right son, his is a lot bigger than I mine and to this day when he cums, he blows the biggest, thickest load you can imagine. I’d like for you to see it sometime if you want. We still jack off together once in a while when we’re both in the mood. It’s good for a father and son and I’m sure grandpa wouldn’t mind having you join in as well.”


“Hey, he just asked me not long ago if you were jerking off now and told him I didn’t know for sure but I suspected you were. Well today I found out for sure huh? I only wish you hadn’t opened your eyes so soon after I’d walked in on you so I could have seen all the ways you like to work your rod. Go ahead and show me now if you want to.”

I shrugged and started pumping my prick while dad slowly stroked on his own. I still couldn’t believe how big it was and I honestly couldn’t image how grandpa could have one any bigger than his. I wanted so badly to walk over to him and feel his meat but I didn’t dare, but just being able to watch him stroke that long, thick crank of his was about to drive me over the top. I started pumping harder and was close to blowing my load when dad walked closer to me and said, “Hey! Slow down a bit pup. Make it last. No need to be in such a hurry. You’re getting ahead of me.”

He grunted as he reached down in the fly of his overalls and pulled out his hairy, hefty balls. They hung down low and looked even bigger than they did in his pants. He cupped them in the palm of his hand and lightly lifted them up and down. “See? Can you tell I’m not anywhere near cumming? When a man’s balls are hanging this low son you that’s a sure sign he isn’t even near ready to deliver the goods. Now go ahead and pull out yours. . . careful! Don’t pinch em on your zipper! There you go, now feel how close up they are up near the base of your shaft? That’s a good sign you were about to blow your spunk. You like blowin’ your spunk dontcha boy?”

I turned red in the face and all I managed to do was give him a big shit-eating grin.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, I like blowin’ my spunk too son. But you’ll find that if you slow down a bit and give your cock a little more time, it’ll not only feel better when you do cum, but your cock will grow big and strong just like mine. Here, let me show you something. . . try this.” He reached up and spit in his hand then rubbed the spit all over his nuts. “Try it and see if that feels good to ya.”

My mouth was so dry I could barely spit but I finally managed to get enough saliva in my hand to rub on my sack. The feeling was incredible and he could tell that I liked it. “Feels good don’t it? Now watch this.” He put another good wad of spit on his hand and rubbed it over his cock head and then down the full length of his shaft. It glistened in the sun and he moaned with pleasure as he rubbed it all over his manhood. The warm liquid make a sucking noise as he cupped his hand over his cock head and worked it around. His knees bent and his hips began moving in a fucking motion as he pumped his crank into his cupped hand. “Oh yeah!” he said out loud to himself “I love feeling that.” He closed his eyes and continued fucking himself into his cupped, meaty hand; occasionally stopping just long enough to add another wad of spit to his glistening cock. I became mesmerized watching his big belly press against his thick forearm as his huge crank shot forward into the orifice formed by his enormous, meaty paw.

His pleasure was thorough and so evident throughout his entire body. I was thrilled that I was getting the chance to watch him work himself up like this. I had jacked off many times just imagining what his face might look like when he popped his load. I just stood and watched, barely pumping my own dick as I took in the various pleasure filled expressions that came over his face. Suddenly his eyes opened and he smiled a big smile. “Oh! I feel them coming up! You see ’em pup? You see em boy? My balls are starting to tighten up. That’s a sure sign a man is enjoying the ride!” He winked at me and stepped over closer to me. “Here. You give it a try.”

To my surprise he spit in his hand again then squatted down a bit and cupped his hand over the head of my cock. The feeling of his hot, wet, meaty hand jolted through my body like a bolt of lighting. I cried out and totally lost control and started fucking his big bear paw like a wild dog. “Gawwd dad! Gawwd! Fuck that feels so good!”

He let out a hefty, guttural, all-knowing laugh as I continued to pump away at his fist. “Yeah boy! Fuck it good son. It’ll make a man out of you. Feel that hot wet hole. Fuck it good boy. Yeah!” Suddenly, I felt my knees get weak and I began to tremble. He squeezed my prick tight to slow me down then grabbed me in his arm to steady me. “Take it easy son. I know. Yeah, I know. Heh heh. I was like that the first time your grandpa showed me this. You all right?”

He examined his bear paw. “You didn’t cum did you? Good. Good. Make it last boy. Make it last.”

I nodded I was fine and he pulled down gently on my balls while he massaged them in the palm of his hand. “You got a nice pair boy.” He reach back up to my prick and gave it another good squeeze then looked me in the eye, “Your cock feels good in my hand boy. Nice and firm! You like having you dad’s rough ol’ hands wrapped around it don’t you?”

I could barely speak. “Oh god dad it feels great!”

He looked down at it as he slowly stroked it and squeezed it and rubbed his thumb over the head. Then he looked back up at me and saw I was grimacing, trying hard not to let what was happening make me loose control and blow all over him. “That’s it son. Hold it. Control it and take in all the good feelings. Yeah! It’s getting’ bigger and bigger ain’t it son? Take a few deep breaths. That’s a boy.” He took my hand and slowly guided it back on my cock and after he placed my hand on it, he put his on top of mine. I was so close to cumming it was all I could do to keep myself from giving in to the urge, but I realized that I was now in control of myself. I knew dad didn’t want me to cum so I held it back by making my cock throb up so big and tight there was no way the spunk could blow up my shaft. I felt it stretch longer and wider in my palm. “Gawwd dad. It’s the biggest its ever been!”

“Just keep it pumped up like that for as long as you can boy. Give it a good work-out.”

He kept a close eye on me and when he sensed I was about to go over the edge, he spit in his hand and once again began slowly and methodically stroking down on my balls until he felt them loosen up enough to where he could get his fingers around the top of my sack and squeeze it off. “Now take your hands off it son.”

I let go and my prick immediately started throbbing and pumping wildly as it tried to siphon off my load, but dad’s expert touch prevented that from happening. “Look at it! Look at it fighting to get at your seed son! Look how fuckin’ big it got boy! Beautiful! Beautiful. Yeah! Just let it go son, just let it pump away!”

My cock looked to me like it belonged to someone else. I’d never seen it look so big and mean like it did as it angrily fought for its prize. As my orgasm slowly subsided, dad gradually released his firm hold around my sack letting my cock get just a taste of my spunk. I could actually feel my hot seed as it coursed it’s way through my shaft but to my amazement only a small amount appeared at the tip. Dad anticipated its arrival and rubbed it all over my swollen head.

There is no way I can explain how I felt at that moment. The full gamut of emotions and sensations raced through me so fast I just knew I had to be dreaming, but dad’s steady hand helped to keep me centered. When that rush of feelings passed, I realized I was now the horniest I had ever been in my life. All I could think about was dicks and balls and other man-stuff. I was vaguely aware that I was drooling.

Dad stood up and put his hands on my shoulders. I hungrily eyed his manhood. He smiled and looked down at himself and made his cock throb. He glanced back up at me then down at his dick again then back at me. “How about it son? You wanna get your hands on that?”

I looked him in the eyes and there was a warmth there like I had never seen before, I felt my whole being fill up with love. He motioned his head down at his manhood and said. “I know how it is son. I’ll never forget the first time my dad first let me touch his big ol’ crank. Go ahead. You’ve been wantin’ it for quite some time haven’t you?.”

“Oh, I sure have dad. It’s all I ever seem to think about anymore.”

“I know son. I was the same way when I was your age. I don’t know what would have happened to me if dad hadn’t finally let me at his cock. I’d probably be fuckin’ crazy by now. Dick crazy and never fully satisfied. If it’s what you need boy, I want you to have it.”

I reached out and hesitantly took a hold of his cock. The warm, firm silky feel of it overwhelmed me and I shivered involuntarily. He gently thrust out his hips letting me know it was all mine to explore and discover. I took the shaft in both hands and followed the warm veins that curved up toward the bulbous head. I gently touched it and it flared wide as a thick drop of pre-cum glistened at the slit. Reveling at the chance of getting to hold a man sized dick, I was drawn closer and closer to it as I watched his pre-cum seep out of the head. I lowered myself down to get even closer to it and soon I was totally engulfed in the world of his magnificent dick and balls. Without even thinking what I was doing or why, I began to suck on the beautiful flaring head. He bent forward to watch, and I could sense his nervousness as he observed me go down on him for my first-ever taste of pre-cum. I realized he was silently wondering how I would react as he waited for me to discover on my own if this was really what I wanted. The gooey liquid stuck to the roof of my mouth as my tongue tentatively lapped it up from his slit. The subtle taste filled my senses and my tongue slipped down the underside of his shaft and instantly, his cock head flared wide taking me by surprise.

I choked on it and had to pull it out of my mouth. Dad didn’t move. He just watched, letting whatever I did next be up to me, but I knew I was already gone.

Filled with a new found love for this man that transcended anything I could possibly imagine, I took a deep breath and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I possibly could then slowly and deliberately I sucked. I sucked his cock like it was the only thing left in this world and I sucked it passionately wanting him to know how much I appreciated everything he had done for me in his life. I sucked his cock because of how he had held mine and worked it up and let me pump it into his fist while he told me what a fine son I was. I sucked his cock because each time I went down on it I felt more and more like a man and less and less like a boy.

I knew it was time for me to become a man.

Dad stood still for a while then began gently thrusting his hips each time I went down on him. I heard him moan softly and he whispered, “Oh god son! Yeah! Suck it as much as you want son. It’ll make a man out of you just like it did me the first time I sucked off your grandpa.”

Hearing him say out loud what I was thinking and feeling on the inside drove me wild. I began sucking harder, deeper and faster. Suddenly he grabbed the back of my neck and shoved me down on it and held me there. “This is man stuff son. This is all man stuff here. I knew you was ready to journey into manhood. I’d seen it in your eyes. The way you was lookin’ at me. I knew you was wonderin’ what it was I did when I got this way. You’ve been wantin’ to get at this dick for quite some time haven’t you?”

“Haven’t you boy?” He pushed me down on it even more and I just grunted, “Uh huh.”

He remained silent for a moment. His cock had gotten softer while he was taunting me with his words so I took a deep breath and sucked as much of it down my throat as I could. “Yeah!” he whispered. He let go of the back of my neck and grabbed the base of his shaft and squeezed it hard to prevent any more blood from rushing into it. That’s when I realized he was trying to not get too big and hard for me so I could suck as much of him as I wanted, but even at that, his cock was way too big for me to get the full length of it down my throat.

“It’s quite a sight watchin’ my own boy suck me off.” he said almost to himself, “Now I know how dad felt when I first sucked his dick. Yeah son, suck dad’s cock all over boy. Suck those hairy balls too son. Yeah! You like the taste of those sweaty hairy balls son?”

“Uh huh.”

“Good man! Feel how full they are? Don’t suck on ’em too hard son. Ease up for a second.”

He held me in place and let go of his cock to reach down and cup his nuts just under my chin. His blood-hungry cock began throbbing wildly and slapped at my face as it pumped itself back to it’s full glory. My hungry tongue lapped at his bobbing crank so he held it up and steadied it to allow me to lick the underside of his shaft. He gently guided me down under his groin to the spot where his cock and balls came together. “Suck right down under there boy. Yeah! Feel that blood throbbin’ up through there boy? ”

“Uh huh.”

“That’s the way to get your dad hard son! You ever want to see your old man with a raging boner just suck me down there like you’re doin’ now.”

I reached up with both hands and rubbed his belly. “I like being under your big belly daddy.”

He bent over to look down at me and as he did so the full length of his stiff crank slid down my face. “You do son?” I looked up at his broad handsome face and he smiled. “Well I like havin’ you down under me boy.” He grabbed his cock and pushed it up against my face and said, “You’re a fine looking young man and it’s a mighty pretty sight seein’ my cock and your handsome face so close together. You’ve got me all hot boy! I’ve been wanting to show you the mans’ way for a while now but I wanted to be sure you was ready and it was something that you really wanted. This is special and not every man takes to it like you and I do.”

I wrapped my hands around his throbbing crank. “Did I do good, Dad?”

He tousled my hair and said, “You sure did son. You can get yer hands on your old man’s cock any time you want! You’ve had enough?”

“No way!”

“That’s my boy! I didn’t think so.”

My mouth was now watering and I took hold of his manhood with new found purpose and began using the extra saliva I was suddenly creating to lubricate the lower half of his shaft that I couldn’t get in my mouth. Finally when my hands were slick enough, I started sliding them up and down his firm shaft along with my mouth. Within seconds his cock got even thicker and longer! “Oh god boy! Now how did you ever figure out to do that? Yeah, rub it all over son. Twist your hands over the shaft as you slide em up and down. Oh Yeah! Just like that boy! That’s perfect! You’ve got it now boy! Feels good. Feels real fuckin’ good! Your grandpa would love this! Yeah! I want you to grow havin’ a cock as big as dad’s. That’s why I showed you how to work yours up big and hold it and watch it grow. I’ve been doin’ that to mine for years now. You ought to see that fucker of grandpa’s son. Think you’d like helping me get grandpa’s load off sometime?”

“Uh huh.”

“Oh Man! It’s all yours now! You’re wantin’ that stuff, aren’t you boy?”

“Uh huh.”

“Yeah! Ohhh! You’re wantin’ your first taste of the stuff that made you. Am I right?”

“Uh huh.”

“I knew it. I knew it when you was a little boy. Grandpa and I both saw how you would stare at our crotches then rub that pecker of yours back then. You probably weren’t even aware you were doing it. I just came natural to you didn’t it son?”

“Uh huh.”

“Yeah! You wanted this big ol’ dick a long time ago didn’t you boy?”

“Uh Huh.”

“It’s a big mother fucker isn’t it?”

“Uh Huh.”

“One day you’ll be able to suck it all down. I want you to learn to get real good at it so you can suck off dad on your own. He’s been thinkin’ about it too. Makes him harder than a rock. Oh! I feel them coming up! You see ’em pup? You see my balls creeping up don’t you?”

“Uh Huh.”

“You know what that means don’t you?”

“Uh Huh.”

“Think you’re ready for that? Think you’re ready to become a real man and take the stuff that made you?”

“Uh Huh.”

“You sure now?”

“Uh Huh.”

“Yeah! You’ve done it real good boy. It’s all yours now! Oh Yeahhhhh!”

His big belly heaved then he barely groaned as his cock began to throb out of control. My hands first felt the hot spunk racing up his long shaft moments before the first shot blasted inside my mouth. It was so thick and there was so much of it that I had to swallow several times to keep from choking. I barely got it down when another, slightly longer blast filled my throat and then a third. He grunted and his big body bent over me then he buckled his knees and thrust himself deep inside my throat. The fourth throb was the longest and mightiest of them all. My tongue felt it build then shoot all the way up his shaft and when it exploded into my mouth, he bellowed out loud. I knew that this was the one that he had been waitin’ for.

“Gawwwwwd. . .Damn! Whoa! Yeah! Good Boy! Suck it all down son!”

He rocked his hips and his meaty hands gently paced my sucking motion into a steady rhythm that matched each pump of his cock. Each time he shot, he cried out to me.


“Make your dad cum boy!”

“Eat that spunk!”

“Suck it good, boy! Suck It Good!”

He wrapped his fingers around the base of his shaft right up against my sucking lips.

“God! It’s still pumpin’ ain’t it boy?!”



“Gobble it up boy! Gobble it up!”

He began panting. A long string of his saliva landed on my forehead and ran down my face. I looked up and saw that he was drooling.

“Oh!. . . . Oh!. . . . . Ahhhh!”

He held my head in place as his waning cock began throbbing down. There was a long pause as he held his breath.

“Whew! Oh! You all right son?”

“Uh Huh.”

“God! It’s still cummin’ ain’t it son?”

“Uh Huh.”

He began swiveling his hips. Tasting and feeling the sides of my mouth with his crank until the last load shot out of him. He laughed a deep belly laugh full of ecstasy then bent down to look at me. I swallowed as much as I could, but he had shot so much man-cream that about half of it had dribbled out of my mouth and down the front of my coveralls.

“I haven’t shot a load that felt like that in a long, long time son! Look at all that spunk drippin’ down your bibs! I thought you had swallowed it all down boy! Stand up here and let me get a good look at you. Geez! I must have cum more than I thought!” He squatted down and scraped his spunk off the front of my coveralls then rubbed it all over my throbbing cock. The feel of his rough hands and his hot seed all over my crank almost sent me right off. He pulled down on my balls to keep me from cumming while he held the head of my prick tight in his fist.

He looked up at me and smiled then began closely examining my prick. His thick hairy chest and shoulders glistened with sweat and his big crank was still throbbing. A long stream of spunk dripped off it and strung all the way down to the ground. It looked so fucking hot that all I wanted to do was get my hands back on it again. I bent over and reached down for it. “Ah! You want some more of that huh? Here!”

He stood up then bent his knees so he could get his cock closer to mine. I stepped in closer and rubbed the two of them together. The thick strand of spunk that trailed out of his slit covered my prick and with both hands I squeezed the two of them together. His meaty manhood throbbed strong and another stream of spunk oozed out. I rubbed it all over my shaft then started stroking and pumping. Feeling his silky shaft with my own felt better than I ever imagined it would. I looked up at him and he met my glance. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time dad.”

“It’s hot ain’t it son? Look at em rubbin’ together. It’s a real pretty sight isn’t it boy? This’ll make your cock big and strong, just like mine.” He flexed his rod and I felt his cock head flare in my hands. I did the same and we both watched as mine grew thicker and wider. “That’s it boy. That’s how you make it grow! Feels good don’t it son? Go ahead pup and rub them boys together! Rub that big ol’ dick! Feel all that manliness in your hands! Feel that? Feel that big ol’ cock head swell in your hands?”

“Uh huh.”

“Now do that for me son. Make your cock head flare big and wide. Oh! Good boy! Look at it son! You got a nice manly lookin’ cock head son. Its a beauty! Do it again! Yeah! Look at that! Now you got mine swelling up again. Get it even stiffer son. Streach it out for me and press that hard cock into my fleshy meat. That’s it, that’s my boy!” He put one hand on my shoulder, cupped my nuts with the other and pulled me closer. I felt his cock head slide underneath the base of my shaft and press against my balls.

“How’s that boy? You like the feel of that?”

My hips started thrusting in and out on their own volition. It was incredible feeling my dad’s thick, stiff crank slide underneath my own then press up against my nuts. Dad spread his legs wider which made it easier for me to straddle his cock. I let a good wad of spit dribble down on my hands and rubbed it all over both of us.

“Now that’s a young man goin’ at it there! You’re getting the hang of this! You’re catchin’ on real fast boy! You’re getting’ me worked up all over again! Yeah! Hump that dick all over mine. Rub yourself into me. I feel it boy. I feels real good to me too son! Yeah! You feel that? You feel my dick throbbin’ dontcha?”

“Uh huh.”

By now I was totally out of control. All I could do was look down at our two cocks rubbing together as I humped my rod along the top of his. I felt my knees buckle as I prepared to blow my load.

“Oh! I feel your balls tightening up pup. Is this how you wanna do it boy? You wanna blow your spunk all over your dad’s big ol’crank?”

“Uh huh.”

“Yeah, you like all this dick action dontcha?”

“Uh huh.”

“Go ahead boy. Show me what a man you are. Blow your spunk all over me. Yeah!”

And with that said, I jerked back and blew my first load all the way down the full length of his shaft. My white creamy spunk covered his thick bush. Dad’s cock throbbed big and strong practically lifting me off the ground and then I felt his hot, thick load blow up underneath my rod and cover my nuts. He caught it in his hand and began rubbing it all over my balls. I couldn’t believe he was able to cum right along with me so soon after he’d just blown the biggest load I’d ever seen in my life and that just sent me completely off!

I shot one big blast after another covering the full length of his long, thick crank. He reached up and steadied me when he realized I was totally out of control.

“God! Your spunk is so thick and hot son! Yeah! Blow it all over your old man! Let me have it! Fuck my dick good!”

I began humping him and he gently pushed my nuts up tight to the base of my shaft. Spunk I didn’t even know I had left in me began blowing out of me in violent, painful spasms. He put his arm around my neck and held my head close to his and whispered in my ear as each spasm christened his crank with my newly found juices.

“That’s it. Feed that seed to your crank boy. Get it all out of yourself. Blow it all over me. Oh Yeah! That was a good one! Blow another one son. Cover me with it. Yeah. Good boy! I felt that one too! Do it again! Your spunk’s so hot boy! Blow it on your dad! Yeah! Ohhh!”

His big rod shot up again and I felt his hot sticky spunk slime up between my legs and all of a sudden I began blowing even more spunk all over him. I was so weak, I began to shiver and he laughed a deep guttural laugh.

“Man oh man son! You’re cummin’ REAL good, aren’t cha?”

“Yeah daddy.” I could barely speak as I watched my cock spurt the last of my seed.

Our hot sweaty bodies gently swayed in unison in the late morning sun. “Fuck boy! That was incredible! I feel it everywhere now! I’m completely soaked!” He held me tight and once my spasms stopped, I fell forward and put my arms around his big, sturdy body.

“That’s the one I wanted boy!” He push my head back down to look.

“Look at that! Damn! Look at all that man-stuff you shot.”

My cock was still throbbing and small amounts of spunk continued to dribble out. Dad wrapped his meaty palm around the base of my cock and slowly milked the last of my seed onto his stiff rod. He then grabbed his cum-covered crank and pointed it at me. “Look at that son! That there is the work of a real man!”

His cock and the entire crotch of his overalls were covered with my thick white seed. He rubbed my thick jism over the head of his manhood and I saw it flare out thick and wide. “That’s so hot boy! Havin’ my own son’s spunk to slick my dick up with! Gaaawd!” He put his left arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him then bent his knees some and started fucking his fist once again. His powerful body looked like a massive machine gone berserk each time his thick thighs pounded his huge crank into his fist. He looked down at me and pulled me closer to him.“Gawd your spunk feels good boy! You outta be proud son. I never shot a load that big when I was your age.”

“I’ve never cum like that before dad.”

He smiled. “I bet not. Beats jerkin’ off by yourself don’t it boy?”

“It sure does dad. I still can’t believe how big your dick is dad, are you gonna cum again?”

“I sure am boy thanks to you.” He started fuckin’ his fist harder and faster still holding me tight to his side. I bent down to get a closer look at his incredible fuck machine. It looked down right mean and was a whole lot bigger and harder than it ever was while I was suckin’ on it. That’s when I realized that all this time he had actually been holding himself back. There was no way that I could even get close to getting’ it in my mouth now. “Gaaawd pa! It’s fuckin’ huge!”

He bent over to look at it with me then rubbed his hand through my hair and smiled. “Damn boy it sure is! I tell ya it’s lovin’ the feel of your hot, thick spunk son! Yeah! That’s what a father’s and son’s spunk will do for one another. It’ll make our dicks grow bigger and stronger together. You keep spunkin’ it up for me like that and one day it’ll be as big as your grandpa’s! Arrrgh! I feel em boy! You see them big hairy balls creepin’ back up?”

I bent down to get a good look. “I sure do dad. They’re getting’ all tight now.”

“You know what that means now don’t you?”

“Uh huh.”

“It means your dad’s gonna blow a big one son.”

Suddenly he stood straight, grabbed the underside of it, held it almost straight up and began jackin’ down on it hard. Then he suddenly stopped, held his breath, and pulled me up away from it as if he was afraid I might get hurt by the blast. He reared back and that huge fucker started bobbin’ up and down as it pumped his seed up his brutal shaft. His cock head flared mean and wide then a long thick rope of spunk blew up in a high, sweeping arc that landed about ten feet away.

His big belly heaved and he bellowed a wanton, needful cry that echoed through the hills. You could hear the spunk gush out as it escaped his throbbing crank and shot to the sky in long, thick ropes. A low, vibrating noise emanated from his gut with each and every load.

“Gawwd Dad! I can hear it gushing out! It’s shootin’ everywhere!”

He looked down at me. His eyes twinkled and his face, filled with agonizing ecstasy, broke into a broad grin as he continued to moan with every ejaculation.

“Damn dad! You were full of spunk too, weren’t you?”

Beads of sweat covered his brow as his throbbing manhood slowly wound down. He looked down at his handy work but his eyes were fixed in a distant gaze. I could tell that he was half way with me and half way in his own private, orgasmic world. Finally, he caught his breath and shook his crank vigorously. Fine threads of spunk flew off of it in all directions. His balls were still up against his shaft and instinctively I reached down and began massaging them as he gently rocked back and forth on his heels and slowly pulled the last of his spunk from his crank. When his breathing was finally under control, he looked me in the eye and said, “I haven’t cum like that in a long, long time! Far too long! How about you boy?”

“My balls are still aching dad.”

He laughed. “So are mine son. Feels good havin’ you rub them for me.”

We stood there in silence for quite a while. Not knowing what else to do or say I just continued massaging his balls until I felt there no longer was any need. We were both aware that things would be much different between us from now on. I wanted him to know that everything was all right with me.

“I loved straddling your big ol’ dick and blowin’ my spunk all over it for ya dad.”

Through the silence he smiled and shook his head knowingly. “It’s normal son, it’s perfectly normal. Stand up here.”

I stood beside him and he put his arm back around my shoulder and held me close.

“Like I said, this is special son. Not all fathers and sons feel comfortable doing this together, but I had a feelin’ you were needin’ it real bad. I know that livin’ way out here in the boondocks without any friends close around to grow up with can be hard. We’ll always be buddies like we have been in the past, doin’ all the other things we do together, but I don’t want you to have to go through this phase of your life all alone son. That’s why I wanted you to know that you and I can be buddies like this if you want.”

“I know lately I haven’t been behaving all that well dad. It’s just that I’ve been so confused dealing with all these feelings and all.”

“I know how it is son. Remember, I was your age once too. I know first hand how fascinating a grown man’s dick can be to a youngster. You’re growin fast now and in a year or so I bet you’ll have a cock as big if not bigger than mine. That fascination you now have with mine may very well peter out so to speak.”

We both shared a laugh. “I’m pretty sure it’s more than that dad. Some of my friends at school. . . all they ever seem to talk about is girls, but when I’m there and especially when I am in gym class all I can think about is getting’ a good look at coach Riley’s cock. He reminds me of you dad. He’s big like you are and since gym is my last class of the day he takes a shower in his office after we’re done, but I can see him through the window. None of the other guys seem to like him that much cause he’s gruff like you are, but I guess because you’re my dad and I’m used to being around you and I think he’s OK.”

“Be careful going down that road son. Like I said this is special. Not all men would like knowin’ that you was lookin’ at them in that way. I hope you’ve been discreet about this.”

“I have been dad. Don’t worry. It’s just that one day after school we were playing basketball and he tried to knock the ball out of my hands and accidentally hit me in the nuts. It hurt and I doubled over on the floor. He stood over me and asked me if I was OK and once I said I was, he said if I wanted to, I could pay him back. He stood there with his hips jutted out like he really meant it. I didn’t do anything, but it got me to thinking about it even more. Now I wish I had grabbed his balls and squeezed them real good.”

Dad laughed but I could tell he was concerned. “Naw you did the right thing. Is that the only time anything like that has ever happened?”

“Just that one time dad except for when Billy Johnson hit me in the balls once while we was wrestlin’.”

“Sounds like you better keep ’em covered if you ask me boy!”

He laughed but became serious once again. “Anyway like I was sayin’ this is just between you and me boy. You’ll get interested in girls soon enough I’m sure.

But I can tell ya one thing I’ve learned through the years, some of the best relief I ever get is when me and grandpa get together and take care of one another. I’m not ashamed to say it either. We just know better what it is we need to get a really good load off. There ain’t nothin’ wrong with gittin’ it slicked up with pussy either son, not at all, but learnin’ the ways of a country man has certainly helped me through the years. It helps us burn off all that extra stuff that builds up and allows us to express the full extent of our sexuality in ways that women just find too rough. And frankly, they just don’t understand. They’ve got their own special needs that us men don’t understand either. Which is why you’ll notice that your mom sometimes spends a lot of time on the weekends in town with her friends like she’s doing today.”

His crank was still throbbing, but it finally had softened up enough to where he could put it back in his coveralls. He reached down and lifted his balls up and put them back inside then squeezed the last few drops of spunk out of his crank between his thumb and forefinger and licked it off his fingers. He suddenly realized that I was watching every move he made during this private moment and glanced over at me and smiled. “Tastes good don’t it boy? This here is a good example of the difference between us men and women. We like tastin’ our spunk and they generally don’t.”

“I loved tastin’ your spunk dad. I’ve jacked off many times dad just dreamin’ about getting’ the chance to well. . .”

“Well what boy?”

“Well I guess ever since I knew, you know, about sex and all, I’ve always wondered how. . . well you know, what it’d be like to see you when you’re all horny and well, see what it is you do with that big ol’ dick when it’s hard and all and lookin’ up at you and seein’ the expression on your face when you blew your load.”

He winked at me and grinned. “Well how did I look boy? Was I as as ugly as I usually am?”

I laughed. “Naw, you looked great dad. I could tell you was really enjoyin’ yourself.”

“Well I liked watchin’ you too son. Your eyes bugged out and you was practically droolin’ when you spunked up my crank like you did. I enjoyed watchin’ you get yer nut off like that!”

“You were droolin’ dad! Look at your bibs. You were droolin’ like a baby there for a minute!”

He laughed and said, “Well, ’like father like son’ as they say. Speakin’ of which we need to get to cleanin’ up boy. We don’t want your mother wonderin’ how it is that we both got a quart of spunk all over our coveralls. Let’s get these in the washer and get them dried a put away before she gets back. This ain’t somethin’ you ever want to have to explain to a woman son. They just wouldn’t get it at all. You gonna put that thing away or are you gonna just let it hang out all the way back to the house?”

“I thought I’d just let it dangle dad.”

He laughed heartily. “Well if that is the way your gonna be then I guess your old man will have to do the same!”

He unzipped his fly and pulled his cock and balls back out then put his arm around me and led me back to the house.

“I think mine ‘dangles’ a bit more than yours does son.”

“You got that right dad!”

“Well you’re growin’ fast now son. I bet it won’t be long before you’re showin’ me who’s boss.”

We spent the rest of the day in the garage workin’ on dad’s car. That was the first time I had ever shown any interest in stayin’ with him to help him out. He made sure we finished up in time to have dinner on the table before mom got back and she sure was surprised when she found out that the two of us had worked together all day on that car.

I knew I would never forget this day for as long as I lived. By the time I finished helping with the dishes, exhaustion overcame me and I went on to bed. The last thing I remember before I fell asleep was hearin’ mom and pop talkin’ quietly together down stairs.