WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 10
Being Bull - (Part 4)
Convergence. . .

The “pass”, as it was referred to by the locals, was a long, mountainous stretch of state highway. It had been described to me as being a short cut that connected two of the major cities, but once I moved out here, I learned that the term ‘major city’ had a far different meaning in this part of the country than where I was from.

The state had opened it up about a year before, and it quickly got the reputation with the truckers as being one of the most difficult routes to negotiate in the country. Services were few and far between and the wind alone could wreak havoc with fuel consumption, but if you were fortunate enough to make the trip without having any kind of mishap, the route did knock off more than a day’s worth of travel time.

I put my new service truck to the test the very day I arrived there. I had followed one of the truckers I knew back east out to the region, and damned if we didn’t get a call on the radio from a guy about ten miles ahead of us who had just broken down and was hoping to catch a ride to the next town. When we came up on him, I pulled over to see if I could get him back on the road, and the last thing I heard on the radio before I got out of my truck was my friend chuckle and say, “Welcome home Bull!”

I pretty much had my work cut out for me from that day forward. I thought my dad had been crazy when he had installed two auxiliary fuel tanks to my truck, but I soon learned to keep them full at every opportunity. There was only one small fueling station about midway through the mountains and about twice a week I got a call from them to see if I was available to go deliver fuel to some poor guy who had run out.

The first day I showed up at the station to fill up my tanks, the owner came out and examined my truck as though it was a godsend. He was thrilled when he found out I had moved out here to work this route and confided to me that he was ill-equipped to handle all of the service calls they were receiving. He pointed out an old tow truck that he had bought and said that they had put more miles on it in the past year than it had on it when he purchased it. It was a much smaller tractor than mine, and he said it was barely up to doing the job in these mountains.

He said my friend had stopped and told him I would be up to visit with him and that he would be impressed with the unit I was driving, but he told me he didn’t expect to see an entire garage on wheels. He showed me around the station then led me back to his office and we talked for a while and struck up a deal to where I could purchase fuel and parts from him at a discounted rate provided I would bring him all of the major repairs to keep his mechanic busy.

He said as it stood now, the guy was overworked and he had been afraid of loosing him for the past several months. I found it hard to believe that any stretch of road could be so difficult to negotiate, but after being there a month, I soon discovered how hard it was on equipment and I personally experienced the erratic changes of fuel consumption on a daily basis. The wind played a large part in that, but even so, there were days when it just seemed like the mountains grabbed you and slowed you down.

Although the station was small, there were facilities for the drivers that wanted to stop over for the night, and he told me I could used them anytime I wanted. I showered up and slept in my truck at that station almost every night the first few months I was there, and got to know many of the drivers who traveled that route on a regular basis. To hear them tell it, the area was ‘booming’, but even so, it was so sparsely populated, you could look for miles off a mountaintop and see no sign of humankind at all. Everything here was on a vast scale and even time itself seemed to stretch out to fill the void.

I made great use of that time looking out at the wide-open spaces while I looked inward at my own life and thought about what I now wanted out of it. I thought a lot about my dad the first few months I arrived here and relived the last few days I was with him before I left.

It had been difficult and awkward for the two of us to get past the initial trepidations of becoming sexually involved with one another again, but once I made it clear just how badly I needed him, he took full charge of helping me finally come to grips with myself and my needs.

The morning after, he rubbed my back and caressed my hairy ass as though it was the most precious thing on earth. After all the years that had passed, I discovered he’d known all along about my sexual needs ever since I was young, and said he had all but given up on me ever accepting myself for who I was and what I needed, years ago.

I was still pretty sore from the brutal pounding he’d given me the night before, but the way he rubbed my butt and caressed it as he talked, comforted my battered soul. He kept telling me over and over again what a beautiful ass I had and asked me if I ever realized the effect it had on other men. At first I thought he was just joking with me, but when I looked him in the eyes, I realized he was serious.

Hell, I knew full well the reason I needed ample anal stimulation to get a good load off was due to how I was put together down there, and I was well aware I was bigger in the behind than most men, but I never realized what effect it had on other fellows until that day.

When he saw the look of disbelief in my eyes he just smiled and said, “You can’t tell me that you’ve never noticed how other guys stare at your behind son. I sure as hell have. Hell, I started noticing that not long after you started going to high school. I didn’t know what to think about it at the time, but I had to admit to myself that you did have one fine looking ass, even back then.”

“You’re so full of it dad, you’re just trying to make me feel self-conscious.”

“I’m serious son! It’s a fuckin’ beauty now! How many times have I told you that you need to be more accepting of yourself?

I’m not holding anything back from you any longer - especially after last night.

How else can I say it? - You’ve got the most fuckable ass and the most beautiful dick I ever saw in my life boy. Once I realized you were needing to finger yourself down there to get a good load off when you were young, I thought it was a blessing that you had such a fine looking butt. I figured you’d have your pick of men to partner with.”

I was surprised he knew anything about that and it showed on my face.

“Hey, are you really so surprised that your own father knew all along about that? I just never mentioned it to you because I figured you’d eventually bring it up on your own - especially after that day you and I went at it down in the weight room.

I’ll never understand why you didn’t come back to me after that. I sure wanted you to. I knew you still had a lot of things you needed to work out about yourself, but it was your mom who first discovered what you had in your shaving kit one day when she was cleaning up your room. She asked me why on earth you would have something like that and I had to sit her down and explain to her what it was all about.”

I turned and looked up at him to see if he was really serious, and when I saw the embarrassment on his face, I knew it had been as difficult for him at the time as it was for me to now be hearing about it.

There was no question he was needing to pour his heart out and put it all on the line for me so I turned over on my back and propped my head up on a pillow and gazed into his eyes. He took my cock in his hand and held it gently.

“Hell son, I told you women didn’t fully understand us men and they sure as hell don’t know any more about how we are put together than we know about them. I knew exactly what you had it for, and once I explained it all to her and what it might mean for you as far as finding a partner in life, she had no problem accepting it - especially when she saw that I had no problem with it.

I always figured you’d get hooked up with a man considering your needs and to be honest with you, I was disappointed as hell when you announced so soon after you got involved with Nancy that you two were getting married. Sure, I wanted you to have a go at having sex with a woman just so you would know whether or not it was right for you, but I knew you hadn’t given yourself enough time to fully come to terms with all your needs. . .

Hey now. . . don’t start looking all down in the mouth about it.

What’s in the past is in the past and you needing a dick up your ass is nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t know a man alive that doesn’t need a good fuckin’ every once in a while. We are what we are son, despite everything society tries to have us think about ourselves. I tried to tell you that years ago after you went down on my cock like your life depended on it. I think you were more shocked about that after you did it than I was.

Hell boy, look at me!

I used to play around with some of my friends when I was a kid, but after I married your mom I thought all of that was behind me until I met Liam. The fact is, I don’t think any man ever gets past the need to get down and dirty with a buddy every once in a while. Hell, we all need it and we all need it in different ways, son.

You and I were always close when you were young and I realized after you got up in the years that perhaps we were too close. You never did have any buddies from school you seemed all that interested in and you never once asked if you could have a friend sleep over with you. I knew from that alone that one day, I’d probably have to buddy-up with you.

I know how it must have been for you son, but think about how it was for me. I tried like hell to go about it the way I thought it would be right for you considering everything. . . but here you are in your thirties now and I’m still not convinced you know what it is that you want.

I see now I should have been more forceful with you back then instead of letting you go off to try and figure all this out on your own. I feel like I let you down son, but I want you to know that I am here for you now. Liam isn’t going to be back here until the end of the week and if it takes that long, I just want you to help you work through all of this so you can get on with your life and face up to being the man you are. . .”

I have to admit, I was embarrassed by everything he had said to me - especially the part about my mom discovering my little secret in my shaving kit, but by the time he finished saying what he had to say, I realized that there could no longer be any secrets between the two of us.

I felt a huge sense of relief knowing that. There were things I wanted to know more about my dad and what made him tick. He’d gone off the deep end with me last night, and I needed to know why. After he had already cum up my ass once and I had already shot my load all over the room, I needed to know why he had fucked me so brutally afterwards.

I hadn’t been prepared for that.

Even though I knew it was I who had instigated it all, I was still feeling somewhat used and abused by how he overpowered me and done what he had done. I needed to know what that was all about and what all it meant to him.

“You sure had you way with me after I shot my load last night. . .”

I realized how hurt I sounded after I said it, and regretted it, but he just smiled and said, “That was for me , boy! Hell, what more do you want me to say? That’s what I was trying to tell you a minute ago. No man in his right mind would pass up the chance to give a fine piece of man-ass like you’ve got a good fuckin’.

Do I feel guilty about it because you’re my boy? Not really. Not any more. I’m long past that now. Hell, do you think that everything we went through together when you were young didn’t have its effect on me as well? You’re crazy if you think it didn’t.

I’ll never forget the first day you all of a sudden decided that you wanted to start lifting weights with me and every time you did your bench presses, you made damn sure that you got that bar pushed right up against my cock. I thought back then ‘well here we go. . .’

I just told you I knew I’d probably have to be your buddy like that one day, and frankly I was dreading it at the time. If you remember, I tried like hell to get you to spend more time with your friends not long after that, but you insisted that all you wanted to do was help me out in the shop and lift weights with me after school.

I knew right from the start you wouldn’t be satisfied with just doing that forever and one day you’d be wanting more. Frankly, I was surprised and relieved that it never came to pass back when you were that young.

I know you son. You’ve put this off until you can’t stand it any longer just like you did back when you was young. I can tell that getting that huge load off like you did last night had to be a big relief for you, but you can’t go on like this for the rest of your life, boy.

You need a man that can take care of that for you and I know you won’t be satisfied with just any man. You need a big man like me - a father figure.

It’s my doing really. . . that’s how you were raised. I should have been more forward with you when you started going after my cock with those barbells. I should have started weaning you off my cock back then, I knew instinctively I should have, but as you know, our society seems to frown on what is right and I allowed myself to get caught up in that and felt guilty every time I thought I should just up and offer it to you.

I spent many a sleepless night wrestling over what I should do, and that was how I found out how long it was taking you to masturbate late at night. It sure as hell never took me all that long to blow my load when I was your age, so I knew there was something different about you even before your mother discovered what you had tucked away in your shaving kit.

No, I had plenty of time to think about all of it Dan, and once I realized my only choice was to do right by you and not shame you for who and what you were and what you wanted from me, I had plenty of time to go over in my mind what it would be like to get involved with you sexually, son.

I’d almost stopped thinking about it all together by the time it actually happened, but once I saw you down on your knees sucking my cock and I saw how badly you wanted it and needed it, all those thoughts I had entertained in my own mind - anticipating the day you would come to me for it - came back to haunt me.

To be honest with you, I didn’t even realize I had all those hidden feelings until it actually happened son. I don’t know if I was too rough with you or what it was that kept you from getting all of it you needed back then - I wish you would tell me.

But you’re a man now son, and man-fuckin’ is different. I don’t fuck a man the same way I fuck a woman. What good would there be in that? Man-fuckin’ is rough and tumble, boy. Man-fuckin’ allows us to be what we really are son.

You can’t tell me that you didn’t like the fact that I gave it my all last night. I know you did. What if I had just stuck my dick up your ass and played along with you just enough for you to get your rocks off then stopped and pulled out as though I was glad it was all over with?

You wouldn’t have liked that one damn bit and you know it!

So yeah! That second fuck was for me boy and if you think you want to get down and dirty with me again to satisfy your needs, you might as well know I’ve let plenty of stuff build up inside me through the years concerning the two of us that I can take care of as well!

It takes two to tango son, and there’s no sense in us hiding this stuff from one another - not at this point in our lives. You might as well know it hasn’t always been easy for me - watching you parade that pretty ass of yours around the house - especially after the thorough prick-teasing you laid on me when you were young.”

He smiled to let me know he was joshing with me about that last bit, then raised my legs up and slapped me hard on the butt.

“Now get out of bed and go shower up so we can go get some breakfast. I’ll leave it to you to get all the spunk you blew all over this room cleaned up after we get back.”

He didn’t want me dwelling too much on everything he’d just said - which was why he wanted me to get up and get busy cleaning up. He knew me well enough to know I was prone to do that, and even while we walked to the diner, he kept the conversation focused on other stuff; but once we were sitting at the counter at the diner, he didn’t hesitate to point out an older guy in the mirror who had walked in and sat himself down in a booth right behind me.

He carried me high about that the whole time we ate. At first, I thought he was just making up shit to get me riled, but by the time we got up to leave, I was pretty much convinced that the guy really had sat there just to get a good look at my ass.

He just kept staring right at my barstool and never diverted his eyes until he was finally served. Even while he was eating he’d glance back over at me while he licked his lips, and that got the two of us laughing pretty hard, but I wasn’t about to give in so easily to my dad, so I told him how full of shit he was while we walked back home, and he just started laughing all over again and said, “OK then, you tell me what else was eye level with him that he thought was so fascinating - the chewing gum stuck up under the counter?”

“I think it was your ass he was looking at, dad.”

“My ass!? Hey, I admit I’ve got a big ass too, but why in hell would he be looking at mine when he’s got that beautiful one of yours to ogle? No, he didn’t seem confused about that at all if you ask me.”

We laughed and teased one another until we got back home, but when we got inside the house, he went to his favorite chair in the living room and started reading the paper.

It was plain to see that he was tired and needed some time to himself, so I went upstairs to clean and straightened up my room.

My bedroom looked like a war zone.

The sheets, the headboard and the floor was covered with my spunk and as I cleaned it all up, I thought back to how he went about taking my virginity. I felt my ass pucker up as I remembered how ever so cautious and gentle with me he had been when he first entered me, and I knew right then I was already wanting it from him again.

It is difficult to express the all the feelings one goes through in a situation like that. The heighten sense of power and fear fueled by forbidden, incestuous lust had been thrilling and intoxicating to me, and now that I understood how strong it had been for him as well, I was willing to let him have all of me in any way he needed.

By the time I got the room clean up and put fresh sheets on the bed, he had fallen asleep in his chair. I stretched out on the sofa and watched him sleep and thought about everything he had said to me this morning while we had been in bed.

It made me think about all the frustrations I had been through with my own son, and once I took that into account, it finally hit me how awkward all this must be for my dad having me put him through all of this at this late phase in our lives.

I really had put my life on hold for far too long and now that I finally managed to pick up the pieces and deal with all of the things I should have dealt with years ago, I couldn’t help but feel humbled by his strength in dealing with everything I had put him through.

I had unwittingly teased and toyed with him throughout my youth - thinking all along that he was oblivious to what was going on inside me - and last night, he finally got his just due.

It suddenly hit me what he had been expressing to me last night as he ruthlessly fucked my virgin ass. It was as if he had been saying, ‘See boy, I knew you would come back to me to complete your rite of manhood and you’ve damned near pissed me off by waiting so long. You’re now man enough to take the full force of my being, and you’re gonna take all of it, whether you like it or not.’

I deserved it, and realizing I deserved after all I had put him through made it seem all that much more right. He had worked hard all his life to provide for me and he didn’t let it just stop at that. He had been my best friend and companion, and seeing him sprawled out in his chair sound asleep - realizing this was probably the first time in a long time he had ever taken a Saturday off, humbled me.

It was as though he was finally getting to catch a cat nap after a lifetime of hard work of going through the trials and tribulations of being a father.

I crawled off the sofa and curled up on the floor between his legs and rested my head between his thick, fleshy thighs and within a few minutes, I fell off to sleep.

When I woke, he was gently rubbing his fingers through my hair.

He knew why I was there, down between his legs, and he knew I understood what I needed to do for him. When I looked up at him he smiled and nodded at me then glanced down at his full, thick cock running down his thigh. I lets my eyes linger on it for a moment before I looked back up at him, and when I did, his gaze said it all. . .

‘It’s time for you to pay homage to me boy.’

I reached up and ran the tips of my fingers down the length of his full, plump shaft and watched as he made it throb for me. He rubbed my head harder and pushed it down nearer to his groin and scooted his butt out some so I could get closer to it. His cock throbbed again and I ran my hand up and down it as it swelled to the point to where I could see the outline of his thick bulbous cock-head and its throbbing veins.

He reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled it out then reached back in his fly and lifted out his plump, hairy balls, and before he offered it to me, he smiled and again rubbed the back of my head, then he made it throb big and hard right before my eyes as he guided me down on it.

He kept his hand on it just below the head so that all I could do was suckled on his beautiful knob while he rubbed it around on my lips. He teased me with it as he gently ran his hands through my hair then lifted it up and back on his hairy belly and buried my head in the underside of it near his balls.

I lapped along this thick, long shaft and felt his thick vein pulsate as it gorged itself firm with blood. He then cupped his balls in the palm of his hand and kneaded his cock with his thumb and forefinger as he displayed it to me.

“It’s beautiful dad.”

He held his hand up to my face and let me smell his musk, then he fed his cock to me once again. We repeated the ritual over and over again, and by the time he finally guided me all the way down on it, I was so hungry in lust that I swallowed it deep down inside my throat and held it there.

He thrust his hips and let out a low, deep moan as his cock-head swelled up big inside my gullet. His cock was mean-hard and huge, and I knew instinctively that we were in it for the long run - that my lessons would take up the rest of the afternoon and once complete, I would know him as I knew myself.

“Yeah, boy. Now come off it slow and easy and slick it up good for me son. Yeah just like that. Get it all wet and hot for me.

Now go back down on it deep for me and let me get a good taste of that hot throat of yours. Oh yeah! Just like that boy. Just like that.”

He rubbed the back of my head and pushed himself in even deeper.

“I’ll teach you how to suck your dad’s dick boy. I’ll teach you how to do it right for me - the way I want it. Now slide back off of it boy and wrap your tongue around it as you do. . .

Oh yeah! That’s better than pussy ever was boy. You did it pretty good. Now go after it again son - get it all over yourself. That’s it. . .suck that dick boy, nice and slow and deep and easy just like I did it for myself last night when I first fucked your pretty ass.”

He mussed my hair and said, “You remember that? You remember how I first fed my dick your ass last night?”

I nodded and grunted ‘uh huh’ as I gorged my throat with his cock.

“Well that’s how I want you to suck my cock boy. Just the way I fucked you last night. We’ll get down to the short strokes in a while boy, but you’ve got a lot to learn before we get to that. You’ve got to let me get a good taste of that hot mouth of yours first. You’ve got to slick it up good and work it right and make me want to fuck your face. That’s what you want isn’t it?”

“Uh huh.”

“How do you like playing around with your ol’ dad like this?”

“I love it dad. Teach me the way, dad. . . teach me the way. . .”

“You like that big, mean fucker don’t cha boy?”

“It’s beautiful daddy. I was a fool not to let you finish teaching me the man’s way back when I was young.”

He smiled a grimacing smile then put his big paw on the back of my head and gently pushed me back into his groin.

“I know what you want boy. You want to know all this about your dad before we part ways. You want to know everything about me and how I like getting my cock off. It reaches to the most primal regions of my brain and soul and you want to know what it’s like in there don’t you son?”

“I sure do dad. I want to go back to the place I came from.”

“I understand that. I understand and know all about those kinds of feelings.

That’s what love is son.

I’ll teach you how to suck it right for me boy. I’ll teach you how to do for me so by the time I’m ready to cum, you’ll be in complete control of me. That’s what you want isn’t it?”

I nodded and realized, as usual, he had it all figured out.

For many months after, I would find a place on top of a mountain and gaze out over the vast horizons and think about everything he had said and taught me about himself and myself those last few days I was with him. By the time he was through giving me his lessons, I felt I knew everything about him and his libido and his magnificent cock that was directly connected to it.

He talked me through every bit of it that afternoon - teaching me along the way - stopping me at certain points to instruct me on what he wanted to feel at that point and why and what I had do to make him feel that way.

He approached it as though he was conducting a great symphony orchestra preparing for its final performance. He would have me practice certain parts, then would take a break until he was soft again and then have me start all over from the beginning.

It was late in the afternoon when I finally was able to perform it right for him from beginning to end and by the time I felt his load gush inside my mouth, I was fully empowered and in complete control.

His powerful body writhed and bellowed as I drained him dry and before it was all over, he was begging me to stop.

I eventually did, but not until I had my pound of flesh and every last drop of his precious cum. He looked almost fearful by the time I finally stopped pleasuring him. His eyes followed me as I stood up, and I could telld from how he looked that he had never before allowed himself to relinquishing that much control of his person to anyone in his life.

His balls practically disappeared under his big belly, and his cock hung limp between his thick, hairy thighs. He held it and pinched it between his thumb and forefingers like a little boy needing to take a pee, and I reached down and fondled it roughly just like he had done mine the night before right before his brutal fucking. Then for some reason I’m not sure I’ll ever understand, I pulled my swollen cock out of my pants and slapped his around with it until I had my full.

I spent many moments remembering that day, but whenever I found myself standing on top of a mountain gazing out at the countryside, I always ended up thinking back to that and how he slowly leaned back and submitted to my cock-beating. Invariably, I would pull myself out of my pants without being fully aware of what I was doing and stroke myself until I blew a good load all over the place - just like I ended up doing to him that afternoon.

For a city boy like me, this was a close to being out in the middle of nowhere as I ever wanted to be and the idea that I could do that in broad daylight, without worrying about being disturbed, was invigorating and empowering to me.

I became more and more accepting and sure of myself sexually, and noticed that the changes within me had a profound effect on how other men related to me as well. My newly found self-confidence couldn’t be contained, and more than once I noticed other guys would pick up on the lusty nature of it and feel the need to express the effect it had on them.

Although more than ninety percent of the drivers I met that lived in the region were married, I began to pick up on the fact that the majority of them I met - especially when I was called upon to help them out - seemed more than a little interested in engaging with me on a sexual level in one way or another.

Many of them would just whip it out in front of me and piss away right where I could see. Even the guys that would feign at being modest would position themselves in such a way that I could see their cocks if I wanted to make a small amount of effort.

At first I thought their behavior had to do with the fact that they were used to just pissing anywhere they wanted without having to worry about being seen, but more than once I realized - especially from the subtle nuances of their conversation - that they too had the need. A need that couldn’t be fulfilled by their wife. A man-need that only another man could help them harness.

I kept everything on a professional level and steered away from getting myself involved with any of them mainly because they were married and I didn’t want to get emotionally mixed up in something like that.

It wasn’t always easy however, because the one thing I did notice not long after I arrived here was how many of the men who lived out here were big, hefty types like myself and my dad.

It was as though the wide open spaces and the nature of the available work in the area seemed to attract men of larger stature, and after being here for almost a year, I thought I had seen some of the biggest men I might ever encounter in my life.

By then, I was feeling that man-need pretty bad myself. I’d once again started getting after that big dildo I had to help me get a good load off, but I still hadn’t allowed myself to get involved with another guy even though by then, I had received several straight-forward propositions.

All of them had come from married men I had gotten to know pretty well, and they made it clear that all they wanted was a roll in the hay. I respected that and understood their need and told them as much, but I wasn’t able to yet put myself in that sort of emotional position until the day I got a wild hair up my ass and decided to wander onto some property that was purported to be inhabited by a man that was a giant among them all.

It all started early one Friday morning after I received a call to pick up a tractor this small trucking company had left on the side of the highway. It had broken down and they were already swapping it with another one when I received the call to tow it back to their headquarters. The driver and the load were long gone by the time I found the location where it had been abandoned and it wasn’t until I got the tractor secured and was ready to head out that I realized their headquarters were located in a part of the state I had never been to.

It took me a while to figure out a route on the map and it took me even longer to discover the exact location of their offices once I was in the area. Mr. Denson, the owner, was happy to see his tractor back safe and sound and admitted he was getting a little concerned. He was a good-sized fellow himself and like everyone else, he could tell straight away I wasn’t originally from this part of the country by my accent.

We talked for a while and I told him I had been meaning to come down to visit this area but had never done so and admitted I got a little turned around before finding the particular rural route his offices were on. He just laughed and slapped me on the back and said not to worry because folks that lived in the area all their lives often had a hard time finding this particular road.

I mentioned to him how surprised I was to discover how much farmland there was this way and that’s when he stopped and looked at me like I was nuts and said, “There’s all kind of farmland around here. Why one of the most beautiful farms you’ll ever see is just down the road a piece on the other side of the mountain. You can’t see it from off the road, but if your feeling brave and don’t mind driving through the woods, you might want to check it out.”

“Why do you say that?”

He just laughed and glanced downward like he was embarrassed about something then said, “Well, almost all the land, once you go down the road a few miles, is owned by this one family that keeps pretty much to themselves. You might say they’re well known around here for being reclusive, but hell, they’re pretty isolated out where they live and I can see why no one ever sees them that often.

I’ve run across them a couple of times in town. The wife is petite and pretty outgoing, but her husband is a big ol’ wooly bear that I’d hate to ever have to tangle with. I’ve heard rumors that she’s moved away, and if that’s true, I’m not sure that he’d be in the best of moods to have someone snooping around on his property, but you might want to check it out while you’re here. I guarantee you, you won’t ever see another farm anywhere in the world like that one.”

“I may take you up on that. I could use a little diversion. Is there any chance I might find a good fishing spot along the way?”

“There sure is, but it’s all on his property. If you ask him nice he might just let you on to do some fishing. I’m not really sure. I’m not a fisherman, but I’ve heard mixed reports on that one.”

He laughed and shook his head as though he had more than a few stories to tell about that topic but didn’t want to go into it.

“Well all I can say is that it’d better be worth it if I have to my life at risk.”

He laughed, “Oh it’s worth it. It’s not the Empire State building by any means, but it’s unusual - just like the guy that owns it.”

He laughed again at his own joke, and reassured me that the guy wasn’t all that bad and encouraged me to check it out. After giving me a few more details on how to find it, he excused himself to take a call and left me standing beside my truck.

I figured ‘what the hell Bull, you’ve been up since four this morning and you’ve already put in a days work, treat yourself a little and go see what this man is talking about, you can always come back by here and tell him what you saw and the worst that will happen is you’ll have a bit more in common with him and next time he needs some help maybe he’ll call you again for your services.’

I headed off down the highway and after a couple of miles I spotted the narrow dirt road he had said to be on the lookout for. It headed straight up a mountain top but once I crested it, the road began a long decent into a verdant valley full of trees and wildlife. When I finally drove out of the forest, near the foothills, I saw farm land stretching out as far as the eye could see and the first thing that caught my eye was the unusual fence that surrounded it.

The pillars were made of rock and mortar and the latticework of the timber was intricate and unworldly yet ingenuous in its simplicity of construction. It was tall and sturdy and posed a significant barrier to any animals that might try to traverse through it yet open enough to allow one to get a peek through to the vast fields of wheat and corn.

As I made my way further down the narrow gravel road, I began to notice all kinds of fantastic wood carvings of birds of prey and other predatory animals situated on the pillars of the fence. Hawks and eagles and mountain lions - each posed like foreboding gargoyles perched on top of a building surrounded the fields.

I drove past miles of open farmland and bizarre wooden creatures and never saw a sign that anyone other than myself was around. An eerie feeling came over me as I approached the end of the fencerow - I felt as though I had been dropped in the middle of a children’s’ storybook. It wasn’t until I reached the end of the road that I was certain it turned back to the south. I figured it would eventually take me back out of the property, so I turned my truck left and went down it even though I was beginning to question if any of what I saw was real at all.

Not long after I made the turn, I came upon a large, round barn made of a combination of white stone and the same black and brown rock that the fence posts were made of. Just beyond it stood a house tucked away under a small grove of giant trees and it too was made of the same rock and stone. Both structures looked as though they had been built well over a hundred years ago, and like the fence that surrounded them, they appeared intricate in detail, yet simple in design. Both were in perfect condition.

I couldn’t help but think that whoever this ‘wooly bear’ was, it was apparent he had to keep himself busy day in and day out just tending to the land and property, but I was beginning to seriously question how just one family could keep this place was so beautiful and pristine.

It was almost impossible to not want to get out of my truck and just take it all in, but I refrained from doing so and drove by the house slowly to see if I could spot anyone. The place looked deserted, and there was no vehicle in the driveway that led up to the house.

It wasn’t until I drove past it that I saw an old Dodge pickup truck parked under a grove of trees behind the house. It was rusty-black but it bore its scars well and I suspected that if I had the keys, I could step right into it and drive it away. I put on the break and studied that truck well - it spoke to me personally and told me more about the man who lived here than anything I’d heard the owner of the transport business say about him.

I definitely wanted to meet this man. It was apparent his reputation preceded him, and that alone had piqued my curiosity, but after seeing this place and especially that truck, I made up my mind that one day I would come back and meet him.

I was reluctant to move on, so I just let my truck idle and slowly wandered up the road as I looked around. I got so wrapped up in looking around at everything, my mind more or less went blank, so when it finally occurred to me that there was a man standing right in front of me about a hundred yards down the road, I almost jumped out of my skin.

He was waving me down.

He was tall and brutishly massive but he carried his substantial weight with ease. He was pacing around like an animal and that was what incited my fears. I felt my primal instincts of self-preservation kicking in and all of a sudden I caught myself debating whether or not I should turn around and high-tail it out of there.

Once I got within eyeshot of him I smiled to see how he would react and he smiled a big smile of his own and started waving again as though he’d just met a long lost friend. He wore a brand new pair of loose-fitting bib overalls and a white t-shirt that buttoned up the front. The newness of his cloths helped to allay my initial fears, but when he started waving at me again, his huge body swelled tight against his overalls and t-shirt revealing his wide, thick chest and massive arms.

I knew that if I wasn’t correct about his intensions, there was no way I could defend myself against this guy, so I rolled down my window and asked him what the problem was and when I got close enough to see clearly into his eyes, I detected a hint of sadness in them.

Remembering what the owner of the trucking company said about the rumors of his wife leaving him, I felt my heart go out to him, but still, I remained cautious.

He told me his truck had given out on him, and asked me if I could help him out, but seeing how the truck was brand new, I questioned him about it some from my cab before I made up my mind to get out and try and help him. Had it not been for his kind, albeit sad eyes and his charming smile, I never would have gotten out of my truck to help him in such an isolated place. He was that physically intimidating. Even so, I didn’t fully realized just how big the guy actually was, until I jumped out of my truck and found myself looking way up in the air at him while I shook his hand.

He was a wall of man-flesh and it was obvious he was pretty pissed off about his truck, but once I got him to explain the details of what had happened just before it gave out, he showed some restraint about it all that reassured me he wasn’t going to take it out on me.

I decided I might best get his mind off the damned truck and asked him if this was all his property and he said it was, and that’s when I knew for certain he was the guy that Mr. Denson had been referring to. Not that there was any doubt from how he had described the guy, but I was having a hard time associating him to everything I had seen along the way - it just didn’t seem to all add up.

I remained cautious, but after we had talked a bit while I was poking around on his truck, I started to become enamored with the brute. He had a naïve, boyish quality about him that took me off guard and led me to believe he might be a little simple.

He walked around my truck and felt it with his hands like he’d never seen one before in his life, but when he walked over to me after checking it out and commented on the quality of craftsmanship that went into it and pointed out details he’d noticed that I thought only someone like myself could ever appreciate, I knew then he was by no means a simpleton.

I remember looking up at him to try and figure out what this guy was all about after he complemented my truck the way he did. He had walked back over to where I was working and when I looked him in the eyes, all I could think was what a handsome brut he was. He held my gaze unabashedly, and as I told him my truck had been hand-crafted by my dad and his ‘partner’, the last feelings of dread I had felt about being out here all alone with him just vaporized.

I could see in his eyes a kind of beauty I never knew existed before. They held me and calmed me and reassured me he was no threat, but when he responded to what I had said by saying he had been ‘pretty certain he was looking at love’, I realized suddenly just how dangerous he actually was to me.

He said it without breaking eye contact and by doing so, he’d turned his statement into a devilishly clever play on words. As kind as the words were, I sensed immediately they were a test of my person to see what I was all about. He apprized me as I processed through what he had said, but there wasn’t a hint in his face that he was being judgmental towards me in any way. I smiled back at him to hide my nervousness and said something I thought might let him know the innuendo wasn’t totally lost on me, but I lost heart, and quickly retreated by focusing the attention back on the task at hand.

I asked him to get in this truck and turn it over for me so I could check the ignition, and as he turned away to do so, I felt my heart sink an inch down towards my stomach.

I guess deep down I knew right then I was on my way to falling hopelessly in love with him, but it took a while for me to fully realize that was what was actually going on with me. I knew I was ‘feeling the need’, and perhaps I was too aware of that to trust my instincts about the fact that he had just flirted with me, but all that did was make me even more aware of his presence.

Loneliness seeks company, and I guess in retrospect we both must have sensed how lonely the other one was. All his truck needed was a new fuel filter and after I towed his truck back to his house for him, we both knew damn good and well I could have left him there and he could have taken his old Dodge into town to get a replacement, but we both pretended that it wasn’t even there.

We didn’t say much to one another until we were headed out to pick up a new filter, but once we started talking, I began to realize how different he was than anyone I’d ever met. At times, he was like an open book - so direct and transparent it was almost disarming, but once he said whatever it was he had to say, he would get quiet and withdrawn. It took me a while to realize he wasn’t used to being around strangers and was actually a bit shy, but just about the time I began to think I had him figured out, he would pop up with something that would send me reeling trying to figure out if he was serious or not.

We started talking about our wives and I found out that sure enough, his wife had left him, but only to go visit her family. He seemed to be convinced that she wasn’t ever coming back to him however, and by the way he explained it all, he revealed to me the insecurities he had about himself.

I thought back to what Mr. Denson had said about her being ‘petite’, and frankly, I was having a hard time picturing him with any woman much less one who was considered petite. He was just too damn big for one thing and for lack of a better way to explain him and who he was, he just had the worst case of ‘man’ I ever saw.

I caught myself thinking he was definitely a ‘man’s man’ if there ever was one and for some reason it made me feel better about my own self. It struck me as being funny at first, but after we talked a little longer and I realized how hard he was trying to come to grips with the fact that he was now all alone, it made me stop and take pause.

At one point in our conversation he came out and called himself an ‘ignorant ol’ backwoods farmer’ and that’s when I knew just how shy and insecure he actually was. By then, the topic had turned to sex just like it always does whenever two grown men get off alone and start talking about their wives, and after he stated in effect that he realized he was no Casanova, I started to feel sorry for him.

I could see a lot of myself in him, and I guess in all reality, I was feeling as sorry for myself as much as I was he. I started to get pissed off about how our societal norms always seem to manage to make guys like us feel insecure about ourselves, and the more I thought about it, the angrier I got, and that’s when I had another epiphany. . .

‘It doesn’t fuckin’ matter what the world thinks, Bull. For once in your life you’ve met someone you can really be yourself around and he hasn’t even flinched. He’s every bit the man you’ve ever wanted in your life, so stop dwelling on all that fucked-up stuff and try to enjoy him for what he is!’

And that’s when I immediately set out to make a change in both of us.

I was even less certain at that point whether or not he had actually been flirting with me when he said what he did back on his farm, but I was bound and determined to find out. I wanted to unleash the beast inside us both - I wanted to get to know this man for who he really was and I wanted him to feel free to be himself around me, and if turned out that we didn’t have all that much in common, I at least wanted him to know I appreciated him for who he actually was.

I started doing silly things I’d never dream of doing around anyone else, just to get our thoughts off all our troubles and back on a more positive note. At one point, while we were inside the dealership to pick up his fuel filter, I actually caught myself pinching him on the ass without even thinking twice about it and all he did was turn around and laugh as though he knew I was going to do it all along.

He became very playful with me after that, and once we were back in my truck, he paid me back by grabbing my ass and made a comment about what an easy target it was.

That was the first time I actually thought about the realities of what it might be like if this bruiser decided he wanted to have his way with me and I must admit, that made me take pause. I already suspected the guy was well endowed just by the bulge between his legs, but that aside, just the idea of this guy’s body pounding what ever sized meat he had up my ass made me think twice.

I thought back to that first night my dad took me for his own pleasure and although I knew from that night on, that would be something I would have to get used to if I ever wanted my own needs met, every time I looked over at him, I knew damn well that what my dad had dished out to me would be nothing compared to what this guy could be capable of.

We horsed around with one another like two kids for the rest of the day - alone in our own little world. All of our inhibitions just melted away and the more we revealed about ourselves to one another, the more we began to realize that our friendship was simply meant to be.

At times I would look at him and think how insanely driven to one another we were and yet feel afraid that if he actually knew what I was thinking, he’d probably knock me senseless, and then a moment later he would just look at me, and what I felt when I saw what was in his eyes, simply made me melt.

I can truthfully say I never laughed as much in my life as I did being with him during that one day. I never felt so alive and nervous and excited, and I didn’t ever want that feeling to go away.

I thought back to the day to my dad said to me that this kind of thing was ‘special and could be extremely complex’ and suddenly those words struck me as being the understatement of all time.

I knew he and Liam had danced around it for a number of years before they somehow managed to see their way past all the established social norms, but that night as I drove this man back to his home, I felt a sense of urgency surrounding the two of us that just wouldn’t allow me to put the inevitable off for another minute.

Something magical had happened and we both felt it, but I still feared the magic I felt might be a long way off from what he did.

By the time I mustered up enough courage to try and tell him what I was going through, my heart was firmly planted in my gut. I struggled to explain to him what it was I felt and what in fact it actually meant without coming out and being blunt about it. He heard me out without interrupting, and once I had said my piece, he thought it all over carefully, then responded by saying, “Well let’s just leave it at that Bull. It is what it is. There’s no since in trying to put a label on it.”

For some reason I will never quite understand, those words grabbed me by the throat and threw me back inside that bar the afternoon I said all the nasty things I had to Liam. Strong feelings of guilt and remorse overcame me all over again and it was all I could do to keep my truck on the road as I sorted through them. He leaned back in his seat after saying that and I could see he was as emotionally drained as I was, but I still had no idea what he actually felt about what I had just said to him.

It suddenly struck me that I still didn’t even know his name! He never told me. I’d told him my name when we first met and told him the nickname that everyone called me by. I hinted around that a fellow of his stature must have been given a lot of nick-names, but he said he’d never heard of any. It was then that I seriously took into account what an isolated existence he must actually have, and somehow, the whole question of his name just went by the wayside.

Somewhere along the line I started calling him ‘Hoss’ but by then, I didn’t really care what his name was, I knew he was always gonna be Hoss to me and that was when I started talking to myself about all the crazy mixed up feelings I was having. I guess I expected him to eventually tell me his real name, but he just let it ride, as though ‘Hoss’ was good enough for him, so for some crazy reason, I never came out and asked.

At that point, it didn’t matter anyway, I just knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, whatever his name was. I didn’t know how the hell I was going to manage to break through all the barriers that seemed to surround him and what it was I wanted, I just knew I would, or die trying.

So how the hell does one guy who is recently divorced, go about telling another one who is still married that he wants to dance on this earth with him for the rest of his life?

I thought that one over for the two hours it took me to drive him back to his place that evening. He hadn’t moved for all that time and I thought he was probably asleep, but when I finally got the courage up to look back over at him, I knew he’d passed the time like I had - buried deep in his own thoughts.

At one time, I thought my wife personified beauty, but as we began to talk things over and he expressed the pain he was feeling in his own heart and things transpired to where he just cut it open and let it all gush out for me to see, I realized I didn’t know the true meaning of the word until that very moment.

He was a diamond in the rough.

‘A diamond in the rough,’ I thought, ‘Picked up along the side of the road by a lost soul . . .’

That’s when it struck me what I had to do, and how to do it. Somehow he’d managed to bring out the best in me throughout the day and I never wanted to go back to being the person I was before I met him. When I reached the spot in the road where we first met, I stopped and got out of my truck and waited for him to join me.

I think it took him a while to realize where I had stopped so I kicked the gravel right where I had scooted myself up under his truck to examine his fuel filter and when it finally hit him where we were, he jumped out and joined me and I began my proclamation of my love to him.

I was nervous as hell. Nervous because I still wasn’t sure how he would react, but by then I didn’t care. I knew that if he rejected me it didn’t matter how he would go about expressing his rejection because I would be dead no matter what. This was it for me plain and simple, and there was no turning back.

Once I managed to get it all out and reached up and kissed him, he began to cry then picked me up and told me what I had just done was the most beautiful, romantic thing he’d ever experienced, but after he put me back down, I still wasn’t sure if he understood what it was I had been proposing.

He invited me into his home and fixed me dinner, but I wasn’t for certain what he was feeling until he guided me to his bed and got in it with me. He waited until I had laid down and was tucked in and comfortable before he went around to the other side and joined me. I turned on my right side facing away from him and got close to the edge of the bed to make as much room for him as I could. He lied flat on his back for a minute then turned towards me and curled up and put his arm around me.

I felt dwarfed next to him. The size and thickness of his arm smothered my chest. He pulled me closer to him and as I felt his body press up to mine, my fears of what I was getting myself into suddenly swelled back up inside me. He slid his other arm underneath my body and cradled me in his arms, and his embrace was so soft and gentle and secure, I felt like a baby. He took my hand and held it and gently rubbed the back of it with his thumb and the next thing I remembered, he was no longer there.

I woke with a start - only aware I wasn’t where I thought I should be. The combination of serious fatigue and adrenalin had resulted in me having such wild and vivid dreams, it took me a while to sort out what was real and what wasn’t.

I had been running, running fast and hard through a dark forest from an ominous, faceless evil. I sensed I had a companion with me, but it wasn’t until we stopped to drink from a pool of water that I saw the reflection of a Minotaur and a magnificent Cretan towering above him. Hundreds of fantastic creatures inhabited the trees around them but when I dipped my hands into the water, everything suddenly disappeared.

I rolled over on my back and stared at the ceiling. My mind raced to sort out where I was and what had actually happened, but before I could assimilate everything, a man walked in the room.

I froze when I saw him and it wasn’t until he stepped around to the window and gazed up at the stars that I finally got my wits about me. The room was brightly lit and the largest moon I ever saw hovered above the mountaintops. I had never seen anything like it and I had a difficult time believing it was real, but by then, I knew where I was and whom I was with.

He seemed bigger, much bigger, than I had remembered - looming over me like a monster in my dream, but when he turned back to me, the soft moonlight sparkled in his eyes and melted my heart all over again.

He looked down upon me as though I was in his charge and didn’t move until I invited him back into bed. He laid his head close to my side and began petting me as though I was the most beautiful creature on earth then slowly unbuttoned the pajamas he had dressed me in then ran his hands lightly through the hair on my body. I became self-conscious of my own being and thought back to my dream. I couldn’t fathom how he could see in me the beauty I saw reflected in his eyes.

He explored every inch of my chest and stomach countless times roughing up my body hair then petting it all back down as though he was trying to get used to the fact that I had it.

I didn’t know what to think and began to get nervous just wondering what he might do and how far he would go.

It wasn’t clear to either one of us just what the other one wanted, and it occurred to me what a delicate dance it was that we were engaged in.

Unlike my father and I, we knew nothing about one another’s sexual needs. We hadn’t discussed it. I just assumed the way he had grabbed my ass and squeezed it and rubbed it yesterday in the truck that he had been giving me the signal that he liked what he saw, but all of that had been masqueraded in horseplay. Nothing was actually clear.

I tried to relax and enjoy his advances, but his sheer size was more than a little intimidating. I still had no idea of how well endowed he was. I suspected he was large, but he’d been careful to not let it rub up against me before we fell off to sleep.

I took a deep, nervous breath and ran my hand down inside the back of his pajamas and felt the course hair that covered it. His corpse was so broad and long, I couldn’t reach much past his shoulder blades, but it was clear that he had even more hair on his back than I. It was long and thick and as I rubbed my hand through it, a rush of man-lust shivered through me.

He glanced up at me with a hint of uncertainty in his eyes. I responded by pulling him tight against me and he covered my left nipple with his mouth and began licking and sucking it.

That was a first for me and as it would turn out, it wasn’t to be the last. My head fell back involuntarily as a burning heat swelled around my nipple and spread across my body. He went slow and easy with me, but his persistence betrayed his own need.

He slowly let his hand wander down towards my groin as he worked my nipples over, but he never once touched it until I took his big paw in mine and guided it down on my cock. He fondled and caressed it gently then slowly, very slowly, he let his fingers wander inside the fly of my pajamas.

He squeezed it and hefted it in his hand as though he was proud of what I had then reached down beneath my balls and pressed his fingers firm against my prostate.

I squeezed my thighs tight around them and he let out a lusty growl then slid down to the foot of the bed and sucked my cock all the way down his throat. I rose up and tried like hell to make it throb up hard for him but I was still way too nervous and tense. He savored it with his tongue before he let it slide out of his mouth then examined it closely before he put it back inside the fly of my pajamas and then pulled them off me.

His eyes locked on my crotch and he lowered himself back on the bed between my legs and began lightly fingering my butt crack with one hand while he examined my cock with the other. He handled my cock expertly - hefting it in his hand while he traced is finger up and down my prostrate - squeezing it firm and sure until I was hard.

He told me I had the most perfect dick on earth and when I looked back down at him, the strong, manly features of his face looked so right and complete alongside my stiff cock, I was taken back by what I saw.

The blunt shape of my cock head and the round, blunt features of his face struck a harmony - a perfect match of manly features - prominent and strong and rough.

My cock-head swelled up as I watched him take it into his mouth and he looked me in the eyes knowingly and let me revel at the sight of it.

He buried his head in my crotch then sucked and licked my cock all the way down past my balls and up under my prostate. My cock throbbed hard as he neared the regions of my desire. My legs spread wide then started pulsating uncontrollably - closing tight against his face and then back out. He grunted as though he knew it all along and spread my butt open wide and dove down on my sphincter, violating it with his tongue.

Wanton desire rushed through my body and I cried out from the agonizing pleasure. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wiggled my ass around like a bitch in heat to slurp up every last drop of his wet tongue and he uttered a deep, irrepressible laugh that betrayed the fact he knew exactly what it was he was doing to me.

Our eyes locked, and he spit on his finger and ran it around the circumference of my sphincter - examining it closely like a craftsman feeling a knothole on a piece of lumber.

I knew then I was in for the fucking of my life.

He held me tight as a vise and slowly and surely worked his way in - licking on it and jabbing his tongue in it then fingering it deeper and deeper.

My head fell back on the bed, and from that point on, I was lost to him forever.

He worked me over relentlessly and urgently as he prepared me for his fuck and only stopped occasionally to reached down between his legs and adjust himself as he stiffened up.

I could tell by the way he ran his hand up underneath himself that he was wrestling with a lot of meat, but once he managed to get two of his thick fingers inside me and started going for three instead of mounting up, I knew I was in for trouble.

By then, he was lost in his own world - intent on his work. He finger fucked me urgently and kept at it relentlessly making sure I was good and wet with his spit, and once he had the better part of three fingers inside me, he pulled open a drawer on his night stand and took out some lubricant. He used it on me generously and worked me over until I was easily able to take all three of his fingers.

I thought I was as ready as I would ever be, but when he raised up on his haunches and I saw his cock, my jaw fell open and all I could say was ‘god. . . Fucking . . . DAMN!’

I couldn’t believe what I saw. It made that big dildo I had seem like a joke. It reached well past the middle of his huge stomach and was so big around, not even he could get his mammoth paws all away around it as he lubed it up. He shook it once at me and growled then rammed the thick, blunt, flaring head of it right through my sphincter.

It rippled through me like a greased-up auger.

I spread my legs wide to avoid being torn up inside, but I could feel every vein and crevasse of it’s head and shaft penetrate inside me as though I was touching it with my hand.

He’d barely gotten a third of it inside me and I already felt like a skewered pig. I was about to beg him to stop when suddenly he did so of his own volition and began to tremble visibly. His entire body shook and he grimaced as he fought for control and just like that, I was thrown back to the first time I ever got a piece of ass. I felt as though I was watching my own self tremble and shiver as I fought to not ejaculate prematurely.

He ground his teeth and his eyes squinted shut and I knew he wasn’t going to make it on his own. I grabbed his ‘crank’ as he had called it earlier in the day (and now I knew why) and squeezed it tight with both hands and couldn’t believe what I felt when I did. It was like holding on to a wild animal. It throbbed and jumped brutally. I reached down lower underneath it and pressed my fingers tight against the big vein. It was thick and wide and stood out prominently from his shaft and blood throbbed through it like it was being fed by a fire hydrant.

He wrapped his hands around mine and held them tight and nodded his appreciation to me then began to shake violently and cry. Tears rolled down his cheeks and that’s when I knew for all intents an purposes, he was a virgin.

Hell, he had to be. There was no way any woman on earth could take what he had to offer. His cock was well beyond anything you would ever consider as being normal. I felt like a medieval soldier bludgeoned by a spear. Even with both our hands around it and a third of it up my ass, there was still plenty of it that coursed it’s way down to his enormous groin. His balls were huge and tight up under him and as I got an eyeful of his entire fuck-machine, I broke out into a cold sweat.

We both began trembling and I was now holding on to his crank for dear life. I thought he was about to loose control and almost prayed that he would because I was damn near terrified by what I was in for if he didn’t, but suddenly, I felt his cock-head relax against the walls of my rectum and his cock begin to soften up. He exhaled as though he had been under water for an hour then took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes.

I was impressed by his effort. I knew for a fact that if that big son of a bitch had been mine throbbing to cut loose like that, I would never have been able to of denied it.

I shook it, and it felt like a giant rope the way it moved.

“You’re such a fuckin’ man, Hoss.”

I shook it again and couldn’t believe that part of it was up my ass. He reached down and touched mine as though it was a flower and said, “Yours is perfect.”

I pushed it down between my legs just to see up close the difference in size. He held them both together, and the difference was overwhelming. I knew I was big compared to most men, and his dwarfed mine by a long shot, but he fondled mine and held it as though he was envious of what I had.

I had no idea if I would actually be able to take all of him and told him so. My ass already felt like it was stuffed full, but after experiencing everything he had gone through just to try and get a proper piece of ass and fight as hard as he did to not cum straight way so that he could enjoy it, I was bound and determined to give him the fuck of his life.

There was no question that he needed it. No question at all. Hell, we both needed it. I knew without question he was all but a virgin, and it sure as hell wasn’t any secret why.

His cock-head was pressed firm against my prostate and I could feel it throbbing right up against it. I suspected that if I could manage his size, he would fuck a load right out of me like I had always dreamed of, but we were a long way from having that happen. He looked at me and shook his cock like he was a bit disappointed - like he knew he was too much for me and was expecting me to ask him to stop, but when I laid back and said, ‘ You ready to git cha’ a piece a’ ass big man?’, his eyes lit up and his cock throbbed hard like he was ready to go but then he stopped and looked down at his cock all fucked up my ass and he froze.

I don’t know what all went through his mind at that moment, but he looked fearful and disgusted by what he had done. I was afraid he was going to pull out and leave me to my own devices and the thought of that - of me having to go back to struggling with my giant dildo pissed me off.

He had what I needed - even more than I needed but I knew in my heart this was right. I didn’t give a good goddamn about anything else or what the fucking world thought about it, so I challenged him.

‘You want that man-ass or not plowboy?’

He locked his eyes on me and I let him see I was disgusted with his doubts.

He grimaced, but then began to push his way inside me.

I tried like hell to relax enough to let it all slide in, but he was way more than I could easily handle. His cock stretched my insides painfully, but when his cock-head slide over the end of my prostate and I felt his rippled shaft massage it so deliciously, I knew I was ruined for life - I would forever be his fuck-buddy for as long as he ever wanted me to be.

My cock shot up stiff and hard as I witnessed the drive and power of this brute going about getting himself a piece of ass. He grunted and growled as he bored his crank into me steady and sure and kept his eyes locked on mine the whole while he tore me a new asshole. I could tell he thought I was fighting his penetration, but there was nothing more that I could do to help him out. It was up to him, and I wanted him to succeed as bad as he.

It was invigorating to watch him. The whole of his massive being was consumed by his quest and by the time he finally managed to slam his groin right up to my ass, my cock was the biggest and hardest it had ever been in my life.

I kept stroking it and looking down at it as though it belonged to someone else. His big firm belly pressed right up against my nuts and sweat poured off his prominent brow. He pulled out some then fucked himself hard into me and twisted his mouth and shouted, “Yeah I want that man-ass! I’m a man’s man remember!?”

I thought for sure he was going to fuck himself in me even harder just to make his point, but instead he looked down at my stiff cock and all of our man-stuff all fucked together and the sight of it made him take pause. He reached down and ran his hand over the head of my cock and his voice tapered off as he finished his thought, “. . . Just like you, Bull. . . just like you.”

He ground himself into me as though he still didn’t believe what he saw and when he did, he found a spot I didn’t even know I had. My cock leapt straight up and I cried out, “Oh fuck Hoss!” He looked at me as though he was afraid he had ripped me apart and I could feel him about to pull out so I wiggled my ass and said, “That’s the spot there big buddy. You got what I need for damn sure!” I grabbed my dick and shook it at him, “Look at that fucker Hoss! Look how fuckin’ hard you got me.”

His eyes lit up and he looked back up at me and passed me a conspiratorial smile. I nodded my appreciation for what he had done for me and from that point on, everything changed between us.

He finally knew without a doubt what I needed and what I was about. Sure, it had been damn near impossible for us to get to this point, but together we had prevailed. He looked down at my cock and shook his head like he couldn’t believe it and took it up in his hand and once again told me how perfect it was.

I was taken by his pureness and overwhelmed by the size and perfection of his own manhood. It was perfect for me and my own stiff dick was living proof of that and I told him so. He fucked me a long stroke with it and watched my eyes to see how I would react. I fell back and let him have at it savoring the feel of his mighty crank rippling against my prostrate.

He snarled and growled then watched his cock as he stroked it back out of me. He looked surprised, as though he couldn’t believe it was happening. He fucked me a few short strokes and his thoughts and feelings spilled out all over his face each time he watched it slide in and out of my ass.

It was amazing to watch. I knew there wasn’t a man alive who wouldn’t be able to relate to what I saw him going through. I reveled in it, realizing he was going through much of what I had the night I got my first piece of ass.

There was one big difference however - or perhaps I should say one huge difference. My asshole already burned from the heat and friction of his giant tool, and I could tell from the amount of force he had to expend with each stroke, that he was feeling it too. He paused an instant and I figured he might go for the lube again, but instead he pulled himself half way out of me then fisted the lower end of his shaft fast and fierce, making it swell bigger and harder.

I couldn’t believe it. He had more cock stuffed up inside me than my dad did after he gave me his all and he was stroking the rest of it in long, solid strokes that told me there was more of him out of me than in me.

His cock swelled even larger and stiffer then he ram-fucked me a long stroke and grimaced with pleasure. He repeated that act several times - completely lost to it - unconscious of the fact I was even there, until he was rock hard and throbbing.

My asshole was on fire and I doubted I could take much more, but he stopped and pulled nearly completely out of me and began milking his cock down near his balls. He seemed detached from what he was doing - working himself as though he wasn’t sure what to do next, but after a moment, he stroked up the full length of his cock and as his hand pushed right up to my fuck-hole, his cock-head flared wide inside me and I felt his hot pre-cum ooze out of it.

He twisted his mouth and fucked himself in me a few inches as though he was testing things out, then pulled back out and slowly milked the full length of his cock several more times. He paid me no mind and went about his work as if it was just a job he had to perform. Once he was satisfied, he glanced up at me for a brief second right before he began a long, slow deliberate stroke up my ass, but his focus was on that giant tool he had between his legs. He continued about his business - working his stuff up and down and all around my fuck-hole until he had the full length of himself fully coated with his spume.

He tried it out a few times then stopped and reached deep underneath himself and milked up the last of what he had and rolled his cock-head around inside me as it oozed out of him. He then lifted my ass up in his mighty arms and kept moving his body around until he had me lined up then looked me in the eyes, and fucked me a good one.

His cock raced up my ass like a freight train. I bucked from the sheer pleasure and he cried out, “Yeah! Lets FUCK Big Buddy!”

My cock jumped up stiff and I grabbed it and began stroking it madly.

He watched me for an instant and grunted his approval as he fucked me a few short strokes then reached down and gently caressed and held my balls for me as I continued to stroked myself. He still seemed somewhat detached from it all as though he was standing over an engine he had finally managed to get to fire up, but once he felt my nuts begin to tight up against me, he wasted no time in taking care of his own burning need.

His first few fucks were long and hard and a sucking sound escaped from my fuck-hole as his long, fat crank neared the end of his backstroke. He looked down and watched his piston pump away a few times, then reared back and gazed into the internal regions of his brain as his eyes watched himself have his way with me.

He fucked and mumbled and moaned then closed his eyes and made faces that betrayed his torment. His wide, massive body closed in on me like a wall each time his long, thick cock slid up my hot hole. Each stroke seemed to take forever and I could feel every inch of his dick as it barreled through me. His wide hips slammed against my thighs right up under my knees lifting my body up then his huge, hairy balls would swing out and slam against my ass with a sting.

In no time, he was out of control - fucking wildly and brutally. His mouth began to salivate and he began to drool all over his stomach but he was too far gone to even notice.

The culmination of years of frustration and the burning need that accompanied it played itself out right before my eyes. I reveled in it as I watched and saw an aesthetic beauty in its brutality that only another man could appreciate and understand.

I was thrown back to the first time I ever sucked my dad’s dick and what he said to me afterwards about how man-sex goes way beyond any kind of physical attraction and touches our spirit and our soul. He told me then that if it ever happened to me I would know it without a doubt and I now realized just how right he had been.

I thought I had witnessed it the first time he ever fucked me, but that was nothing compared to what I was watching now. . . ‘That fuck was for me , boy. . .’

My head was spinning and my cock was so fired up, I was about to explode, I couldn’t contain myself any longer and started shouting, “Git cha’ a piece a’ ass, boy. Fuck it good! Yeah! Fuck it good!”

His eyes shot right to mine and he saw that I was seeing right through him and knew everything he was going through. His mouth fell open and he bellowed and his cock began to throb. I could feel his spunk racing up his shaft and it took four or five hard, strong throbs before it blew out of him, but when it did, it blasted out of him with such force, I could feel it spilling through my guts.

I shot off like a rocket.

His eyes got huge as he watched my spunk fly up in the air and plaster the wall behind me. He pulled out quickly then fucked me a long and hard one right when I blew my second load. The feeling was electric. His huge cock raced through me and his balls slapped hard against my ass triggering a long stream that rocketed over my head.

The room rattled as I bellowed out in delirium. His cock jumped up so hard inside me, it brought me back from the brink and through my blurred vision, I saw his big ass cheeks squeeze tight and felt his fire shoot right through my rectum.

He deep fucked me hard and hollered as he felt his hot seed coat his crank.

He had me rolled me up in a ball. My legs were practically over my head and when I shot my third load, it shot just above my head like a bullet and splattered off the headboard. He snarled then pushed me hard against it and deep fucked me over and over as his hot seed blew through my guts.

I was besieged by his power but didn’t care. I wanted to take his wrath and match him load for load. Each time he rammed my ass and unloaded his seed, spunk shot out of me like never before. I was drowning in the depths of an orgasm from which I thought I would never be able to recover.

Over and over he deep fucked me and we both bellowed like wild animals until finally, he pulled his crank completely out of me.

It shot straight up and the head of it slammed against his sternum. He grabbed it up near the head and told me I was his forever, but I was too taken by what I saw to react to his words. His cock was huge. Enormous. Unreal. My guts wrenched from it no longer being inside me, but I barely noticed. My entire being was fixed on his cock.

It dominated everything.

He stroked it a few times slowly like he might if he were holding the barrel of a shot gun then aimed it right at me and shot a wad that splattered all over my chest. His entire body shook and he groaned deep and loud then another wad blew out of him with a vengeance.

I was dick-crazy by then - completely insane with cock-lust. Right before me was the daddy of all dicks. I wanted to touch it and feel it with my own. My cock throbbed hard and I wrapped my thighs tight around him and pressed mine right up to his and spunked him up good.

He grabbed them both in his hands and bellowed out, “Yeah! Yeah!” as my spunk covered his face. He licked his lips clean then smeared up my stuff in the palm of his hand and rubbed it all over his enormous cock-head then reared back and blew a wad straight up in the air.

It tumbled up above his head and fell on my stomach. He looked me in the eyes and smiled mischievously after it landed on me and stuck his thumb up my ass then guided his cock back inside me as he lowered himself on top of me.

He wrapped his arms around me and caressed my head then fucked my mouth with his tongue.

We floated in a sea of cum.

My body chilled with passion as he staked his claim inside my mouth. He did so with a lusty passion that bordered on lewd then made me bare all of his weight as he slid his hands down the full length of my torso. When his palms reached my hips, he raised up on his knees and playfully nailed my ass a good one.

He shook his head and smiled as though he didn’t know what to make of me and that’s when I finally noticed the commotion going on outside the bedroom window.

A young bull calf of his was bellowing and moaning as though it had lost its mother. He looked outside the window then back at me and smiled as though the two of us were somehow associated. I heard a loud crack and jumped up and saw that the calf had charged the fence.

He pulled out of me and jumped out of bed and opened the window and tried to calm him down, but the bull kept charging. He gave me a concerned look and I could tell he was frustrated and torn about what to do because I knew he hadn’t been able to finish having his way with me.

The calf charged again and that’s when I got up and suggested we go outside and calm it down. He smiled and looked me up and down as though I was the most beautiful person on earth then came around the bed and led me outside.

The calf ran towards us as we approached the gate and began licking his hand and then his body like a puppy dog. I couldn’t believe it, but what did I know? I’d never been on a farm in my life.

He had me walk up to the calf and let it ‘get to know me’ as he put it and I did so reluctantly, but once it began carefully licking my hand, I felt reassured and patted it on the head. It turned towards me and licked my stomach and it wasn’t until then that I realized it had been lapping up our spunk off Hoss’s body.

“He likes that stuff doesn’t he Bull?” He laughed and rubbed the top of its head and talked to it just like my father did me the day I sucked his cock dry. “Yeah. That’s a boy. Get all that good man-stuff. It’ll make you big and strong, you stout little fuck.”

He laughed and looked up at me and said, “You know anything about cattle, Bull?”

“Nothing Hoss. Nothing at all.”

“Well if you compare this guy with say that one over there, you’ll notice a big difference between the two. This one is already shaped more like an adult than the other one; broad in the shoulders and hindquarters - and look at his face. Why he already looks a lot like you!”

He laughed at his own joke and reached up and mussed my hair.

“Thanks Hoss. I’ll take that into consideration the next time you’re wantin’ a piece of ass.”

The stepped right up to me and put his arms around me and ran his fingers through my hair. “Your beautiful Bull. I can’t tell you what I am feeling right now because I’ve never felt this way before in my life. I don’t know what to say. I hope you aren’t angry with me for what I did. I guess I kind of lost it there.”

“You sure as hell did big buddy and I loved every minute of it. I might not ever be able to walk right for the rest of my life, but you have what I need big boy. I haven’t gotten that hard since I first started jacking off.”

“Ha! You have no idea. I haven’t been that hard ever since . . . well. . . I can’t remember any time when I was ever that fucking hard. . . I guess you and I have a lot to talk about, huh?”

“I recon we do Hoss.”

He laughed. “Now don’t start that shit again. You sound silly tryin’ to talk like me. Just stick with that foreign accent of yours. I’ve gotten used to it already. I don’t want you hurtin’ yourself tryin’ to talk like I do.”

He ran his hand through the hair on my back then grabbed my pelt as though he was feeling it to gauge its quality then placed his forehead on mine and looked me in the eyes.

“I love you Bull.”

“I love you too Hoss.”

Not wanting to be left out, his bull calf nuzzled in-between us and licked our bellies.

“What’s his name Hoss?”


“That’s original.”

“I’m naming him after you, so what do you expect?”

“God Hoss! Look at him go after your cock! I think you ought to name him ‘Spunk-Hound’!”

He laughed and said, “If he was a ‘Spunk-Hound’ he’d be going after your cock Bull-buddy! I still can’t believe the show you put on when you unloaded. Where the hell do you store all that stuff? Your nuts ain’t big enough to stock-pile all that - so where the hell did it come from?”

“Deep inside me Hoss. I’ve been saving it up all these years just so you could fuck it all out of me with that weapon you call a dick. That ain’t normal what you got down between your legs.”

“That’s what my son told me Bull, I . . . ”

He stopped himself then turned away. I could tell he’d let something slip out he wasn’t ready to go into. He pursed his lips then looked me in the eyes. His steely gaze immediately softened when he looked down upon me and he twisted up his mouth and smiled.

Once again, I saw that expression of his that told me he thought I was the most beautiful person on earth. I took his arm and pointed him towards the house.

“Lets go inside Hoss and talk. I guess we both have a lot we need to say to one another.”

He nodded and I braced myself for what was to come.

I wondered if I was really up to the task of telling him all about my life and hearing about his own experiences. After everything we had just been through together, it seemed only natural that we would want to share our most intimate secrets, but I knew it would be difficult for me to discuss them frankly and openly.

I thought back to what my father had told me years and years ago about how I should be more accepting of myself and realized that he and I were fundamentally different in that respect. He always made me feel I was somehow flawed because I had a hard time discussing my personal feelings and needs, but this man and I shared that same trait and somehow knowing that about him drew me even closer to him emotionally.

We decided to get cleaned up once we were inside. Hoss stripped the bed and started the laundry while I took a shower, and by the time I finished up, the early light of dawn shone outside the bathroom window. I could smell coffee brewing, and when I stepped out, he told me to go ahead and make myself at home. I poured myself a cup of coffee and heard him shut himself inside the bathroom and start the shower as I stepped into the small living room.

I took a seat on a large sofa that sat against the windows and surveyed the interior of the house. It was a reflection of its exterior - simple in design yet intricate in certain details. The woodwork and moldings were all beautifully hand carved and lacquered but the design was such that it blended well throughout the house. As I looked around, I began to realize that everything in it was hand made - even the furniture.

It didn’t occur to me until after I noticed the molding then realized that the same motif was carved into the support of the armrest of a large chair that sat across the room. It was all so subtle and well integrated I had to look up at the molding and back down at the chair several times before I realized I was seeing exactly the same design.

Once I notice that, I more or less got lost in trying to discover where else I might find this repetitive design and before I knew it, I was once again confronted by his overwhelming presence. I jumped - startled to see him standing in the doorway drying off with a towel.

“You all right?”

I tried to look up at him, but I couldn’t tear my eyes off is manhood. His huge balls hung tight up underneath his big belly and his thick, long member hung over them and out away from him enough to were it swayed back and forth lazily like a pendulum on a grandfather clock. It hung heavily - three quarters of the way down to his knees but it was so thick, and the head of it was so big, it looked well proportioned despite its length.

I gaped at it like a child and it struck me how impossible it would be - especially from the perspective I now had of it - for a young boy to not be in awe of it.

Hell, any man would be in awe of it.

“I. . . I’m sorry Hoss. I don’t mean to stare, but fuck man, from where I’m sitting right now. . . it had to be impossible for your son to not notice how damn big your cock is - even with your clothes on! Hell, I suspected from that big bulge I saw in your pants while we were driving around yesterday that you had to be well endowed, but I never would have suspected it was as big as it actually is. What did you do? Tie it up in a knot before you headed out yesterday?”

He laughed and looked down at himself then ran the towel down under his crotch. “Damn near Bull. I put on some underwear and folded it up in them as best as I could. It doesn’t seem all that big to me from where I’m standing Bull.”

“Well if I stood ten feet off the ground it probably wouldn’t seem all that big to me either! How tall are you anyway?”

“I don’t know Bull, maybe twenty hand’s or so.”

“Hand’s? What the hell is a ‘hand’?”

“You know, a hand .”

He raised up his palm and waved it around, and I just shook my head realizing once again just how different our upbringings were. He frowned, then grabbed his cock and looked down at himself as though there was something wrong with it.

“Hey now. . . don’t start getting all self-conscious, Hoss. There isn’t a man alive that wouldn’t be proud of what you have. Go fix yourself a cup of coffee and come sit down with me.

When he returned with his coffee, he walked over and sat down beside me lowering himself carefully on the sofa. Once again, I was taken by his size and girth - especially seeing him nude right beside me. He gave me that ‘look’ again and all of a sudden it was I who felt self-conscious.

I had never had anyone look at me quite the way he did. It was clear that he was as smitten with me as I was with him, but he seemed a bit shy and withdrawn as though he wasn’t sure what to say or do next, so I sat back in the sofa and was about to speak when he reached down between my legs and began fondling my cock.

He rubbed his thumb over it delicately as he might a baby bird and said, “You’ve got the most perfect dick I ever saw Bull, but I have to admit I haven’t see all that many in my lifetime - other than my own. I never went to high school or nothin’ like that so I never got the chance to see other men naked. My son did though, and like I said outside, it was he that had to inform me how damn big mine was compared to other men.”

“Well that’s nothing to be ashamed of Hoss. I remember the first time I ever saw my dad’s dick. I caught him masturbating down in the laundry room.”

“You’re kidding. I never once saw my dad’s cock. He was always very prudish. He and my mom both - but I guess I noticed that he was pretty well hung. I didn’t realize that I ever noticed that until . . . well. . .”

“Until what Hoss?”

“Until . . . well hell , Bull. . .”

He took a deep breath and visibly shook off his reticence to talk, then dove right in . . .

“I guess I took after my father in that I never paraded around naked in front of my boy - I just wasn’t brought up that way - although I don’t guess I ever thought about it much one way or another.

One day when he was about five or so, he barged in on me while I was drying off in the bathroom. He had to piss and I didn’t think anything about it at all, but he sure did. It wasn’t until about a year ago, after he came after me for his sexual experimentations or whatever you want to call it, that I found out what an impression it had on him. He was obsessed with it, Bull. I knew I was in for a handful with him the first time he came after me. He’d let it all build up inside him for all those years until he couldn’t take it no more - and by the time he got the courage up to do something about it, he was so full of crazy mixed up fantasies. . .

You may think ill of me, Bull, but I let him have at it. I didn’t think I would ever wean him off it, but I have to admit I became a willing player with him after a while. . .

Hell, I hadn’t fucked my wife in eighteen years, Bull, eight-teen years . . . I was frustrated as hell! She always kept telling my I was too big for her, but it never occurred to me what the hell she was referring to. What the fuck did I know? I hadn’t ever seen another man naked other than my own son. So like I said, it was he who had to tell me what kind of freak I was - and that didn’t all come out until later that first day. . . after he had sucked the damn thing dry for me.”

“No! I don’t believe it!”

“Well believe it Bull! You said we needed to talk, well buddy I’m telling it to you the way it is whether you like what you’re hearin’ or not. Yeah. The first time he came after me, he didn’t want to just feel it or play with it or have me jerk off with him or something like that; he fell flat on his stomach and started sucking on it before I even knew what was happening.

We’d been down by the river fishing when it happened - come to think of it the whole dam thing had been his idea to begin with. I told him it was too damn hot for the fish to be biting but he insisted. He got me out there away from his mom just so he could tell me what all was going on with him. . . awe hell, there’s no sense in boring you with all of the details, Bull. But what I’m tellin’ you is the truth. . .”

“No, I didn’t mean it that way Hoss, I meant I can’t believe that your son could give you a damn blow job! Hell there’s no way I could get that damn thing in my mouth. I might be able to now that it’s soft, but not when it’s hard. . .or were you soft at the time?”

“Hell no! It all started because he was wanting me to tell him all about the birds and the bees . . . as if he didn’t already know about that stuff - livin’ on a farm and all. He asked me if I ever rubbed mine with my hand and I told him that was all I ever did with it because his mom didn’t want to have anything to do with me and the next thing I know, he’s sportin’ a boner and starts playin’ around with it so I would notice.

I thought it was kind of funny at the time and told him it looked like he need to go off and take care of himself and that’s when he reach down and took a hold of my cock.

I shouldn’t have said nothin’. He was old enough to sense I was sexually frustrated and horny as hell - especially after I told him what I did about his mom, and once he got his hands on it, hell, there was no way I could control it. The damn thing shot up like a sleeping giant and got so uncomfortable he had me diggin’ around in my pants to pull it up to get some relief.

He looked like a hungry pup as he watched me fumble around with myself and damn if right when I thought I had things under control, that look on his face registered, and my cock leapt right out of my pants.

I couldn’t help myself, Bull and he was down on it sucking away before you could say ‘lickity split’! He knew he had me then, and he didn’t stop until he licked the last drop of spunk right off the top of my cock.

Like I said, this all just happened about a year ago, Bull. I was pretty torn up about it at the time, but you know something? Now that I think back on it, I can sure as hell see things a lot more clearly than I was able to back then. Yeah. He set it all up from the git-go.”

He seemed almost angry at that point, but then he paused and thought some then exhaled and slumped his shoulders.

“You know something Hoss, I don’t know if I really need to say this to you, but what happened between you and your son was inevitable.”

“How’s that Bull?”

“How’s that? Well for one thing, you’ve got a dick that any young man dreams about having once he starts going through puberty. There is no way he couldn’t have wanted you to share it with him. Hell, I felt that way about my own dad’s cock and his is nothing compared to yours.

I doubt you’ve ever met anyone that hasn’t taken good notice of what you have between your legs. There’s no way you can hide what you’ve got.”

He chuckled and reached down under his balls and scratched a few times.

“My son told me same thing later on that very same day. I was confused and feeling guilty as hell afterwards, but he just kept going on about how big it was and how proud I should be of it. I didn’t know what to think hearing him talk like that and told him so and that’s when he brought up the county sheriff and pointed out how the guy was always eyeing my crotch and playing with himself at the same time.

I can’t say I ever noticed it, but I knew by the way he went into all these details about it that he wasn’t just making it all up. Kids notice things that we adults don’t pay any attention to. He knew I liked the sheriff and that’s why he brought it up to me.

He’s a nice guy Bull and does his job well. I think you would like him too. You two are similar in a lot of ways. He’s built a lot like you and is about the same size as you. . .

Anyway, the next time I ran into him, I paid much better attention to how he behaved around me and realized my son wasn’t making it up. The old boy kept starin’ at my crotch and was at himself the whole time we talked!”

We both chuckled.

“Well see? I was right then, wasn’t I?”

“Well, anyway. . . I don’t guess I need to tell you that between what my son had done and what he said about the sheriff and all - and me realizing for a fact he wasn’t making it all up, the whole experience changed my life and my way of thinking about a number of things.”

He smiled sheepishly and looked back down at my cock. He had been rubbing his thumb up and down the top of it near the head the whole time he had been talking. He took it up in his hand and shook it once then shook his head like he couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t see it Hoss. I don’t see what it is you see in me.”

He wrapped his huge arm around my neck and pulled my head right into his chest and kissed the top of it.

“You’re a beautiful man, Bull. Had we had met a few years back, I know that you and I would have become friends. . . good friends, but I don’t think that what has happened between us would have ever come to pass had it not been for my son and all he told me about myself and other men.

Anyway, like I said, my life has sure as hell changed.

I’m sorry for what I done to you last night but I couldn’t help myself.

That don’t make it right though. . .”

“What are you talking about Hoss? I wanted you to fuck me - especially after you started lickin’ my ass the way you did. I sure as hell never had that done to me before! You got me wantin’ it so bad, I almost blew my load twice before you ever got around to mountin’ me up. I’m glad you got me good and ready though. There’s no damn way I could have taken you if you hadn’t.

I was almost about to get you to stop once you got that sonofabitch up in me. If you hadn’t had to fight off not cummin’ when you did, I would have. . . but seeing what all you went through - fighting like you did to not lose control. . .

Fuck, Hoss. That was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life. I knew what you were going through. You reminded me of the first time I ever got a piece of ass. I realized then you were damn near a virgin. Hell, with a dick like that, you had to be! Besides, there isn’t a woman alive that could take what all you had to dish out.

That was all man-fuckin’ through and through, Hoss - a woman would have wanted you thrown in jail after going through with you what I did. Only another man could appreciate what you did and how you did it, Hoss.

Hell, you saw how much I appreciated it. This is the first time in my life I can truly say I ever got a full load off.”

“Same here big buddy. You drained my nuts good. I thought I had seen it all - the way my boy can shoot off a load, but he couldn’t even hold a candle for you, Bull. Damn! That was somethin’ to watch! It got me fired up good!

The only time I can say I ever saw myself blow a load anywhere near what you two can do was the day my son started lickin’ up under my ass like I did you last night. It got me so fired up, I was damn near ready for him to fuck me on the spot! I’ll never forget that day as long as I live.

You know. . . I never once ever thought about havin’ any kind of sexual relations with a man until after he started comin’ after me, and even then I didn’t get any strong feelings for it.

I tried though. I started lookin’ at men differently. I tried to see what, if anything, I thought was sexy about men, but I didn’t come up with much. Not even after the first time I saw the sheriff get after himself in front of me, but after my boy did that to me, it got me to thinkin’ about things I never thought of before and the next time the ol’ sheriff came around and he started back in playin’ with himself like the time before, I looked at that big ol’ ass of his and it started lookin’ down right pretty to me.

I figured there might be a good chance that a man-sized ass like his could accommodate what I had, and the more I thought about it, the harder I got. He noticed it too, and I think if my wife hadn’t of come out to say hello, we might of gotten around to some serious man-talk.

I think I mentioned to you yesterday I expected he might drop by, especially after I told him I was gonna be out here alone during the summer.

Then here you came along, and once you started playin’ grab ass with me at the dealership well I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to get my hands on that beautiful ass of yours and well. . .

This is all new to me, Bull. You told me last night I had what you needed, but I wasn’t sure at the time if it wasn’t just because I licked up that pretty ass of yours until I got you so hot for it there was no way you could turn me down. Like I said, I knew first hand what affect that had on a man after my boy started in on me. I kind of feel like I tricked you into letting me do something you might not otherwise have wanted.”

“Don’t worry about that Hoss. I started sticking my finger up my ass when I first started jacking off. It helped me to get hard enough to shoot off a good load. As I got older, I found out I needed more than that. I spent years avoiding the truth about myself, but right before I left to come out here, I finally allowed myself to experience what it was I really needed - and like your son did with you, I went to my own father for my first experience.

I have to admit I did the same thing your son did years before when I was younger. I went after my dad’s cock the day he tried to teach me about using a condom. Have you ever tried dealing with one of those damn things?”

“No. I can’t say that I have. I’ve never even heard of such a thing. ‘A cundum?’ What’s that?”

It all hit me at once.

First of all, I realized how ridiculous it was for me to even bring the question up. There isn’t a condom made that would come close to fitting him, and if he had ever held one in his hand - even the largest one they made, he’d wouldn’t have needed his son to tell him how much bigger he was than other men. Secondly, I was taken back by how he had repeated the word - just like I had pronounced it - careful to try and say it like I did.

It revealed a lot about him, and although he had said it several times to me, it wasn’t until that moment that I realized he probably was ignorant about a lot of things that I took for granted.

“I’m sorry Hoss. It just occurred to me that you couldn’t possibly know what a condom was after what you had just told me. A condom is made out of thin rubber. It looks like a big balloon. You put it over your dick before you have intercourse so when you cum, you don’t risk getting a girl pregnant. Hell, if you knew what one was or had ever seen one in your life you would have known right off that your dick was much larger than other guy’s.

They don’t make them big enough to fit you, Hoss. Not by a long shot.

Hell, I barely got the damn thing over my cock. Well actually, it was my dad that finally managed to get it on me. I had just started dating my wife and he was afraid I might get her pregnant before we were ready so he made a point of teaching me what they were and how to use them.

Hearing him talk about sex got me so horned up, I got a raging boner in no time. He couldn’t help but notice. It got him a bit excited too and the next thing I know, I was suckin’ down on his cock like my life depended on it.

It isn’t all just about the size of it Hoss. It goes a hell of a lot deeper than that. I loved my dad. I still do, and once I got started, it all seemed so right and natural to me, I became obsessed with doing right by him - as if I owed it to him.

I’m sure he was as surprised as you were when your son came after you, but he didn’t make me stop. He just let me have at it, and have at it I did buddy.

He tried like hell not to not to get involved for the longest time - thinking I might eventually tire of it, but I was too far gone. I don’t guess you know what it’s like to be sucking off your dad Hoss, but I once got started, I sure as hell knew I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I had that damn thing shooting me full of the seed that made me, and when he saw I wasn’t going to stop, he finally gave in and let me have it good. I came so much, I blew a hole right though that stupid thing.”

He laughed. “Well hell, I don’t doubt that. Not after what I saw last night!”

“I’m being serious Hoss.”

“Well so am I. . . you’re right, I don’t guess I’ll ever know first hand what it was like for him and everything that was going on through his head, but the first time I watched him, it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I felt ornery as hell about it, I couldn’t face myself for months afterwards, but while he was doing it, I was torn up inside watching him.

I could see how badly he needed it for himself. He went after it like his life depended on it and I saw what it was you were talking about - about wantin’ to get to the seed that made you and all.

I just knew somehow that was a lot of his motivation and I know this may sound crazy, but once I got past all the other feelings I was going through, I was bound and determined to give him a good taste of it. Just like your father did for you Bull. . .

I guess that’s just natural.

I don’t think I’d ever shot a load. . . in fact I know I never shot a load in my life like I did for him that day. Not until last night big buddy.”

He wrapped his big arm around me and pulled me over to him and I rested my head on his chest. There was so much of him, all I saw was a giant, rolling landscape of man-flesh. The hair that covered his broad chest and stomach trailed down like a rippling stream to his wide groin. His big heart beat strong and steady and I watched the blood throb through one of the thick veins near the base of his wide, fat cock.

The damn thing rested snug above his huge balls and draped off the end of the sofa. It hung so long and low, I couldn’t see the full length of it so I reached down under it about mid-way and lifted it up to examine it.

His cock-head looked almost foreboding. Long and thick and beautifully penile, it was wide and blunt at the end and as I hefted his shaft in my hand, I felt like I was holding some sort of medieval weapon.

I felt graced and empowered just by being able to touch it and hold it and I shivered spasmodically from the feeling.

He rubbed his hand up and down my back reassuringly, then placed his other hand around mine as though he wanted to teach me how to brandish it properly.

I shivered again, and he wrapped his arm tight around me and made it throb. . .