WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 11

Bull didn’t move in with me until almost two years after we first met.

The realities that surrounded our individual lives played a big part in that, what with him working up in the pass and me stuck on the farm, it wasn’t realistic for him to live so far away from his work.

There was also the other details. The fact I was still married was one thing, but I think the main thing that delayed the decision was the fact that once we got our fill of one another, we both could go for months without seeing each other or even communicating by phone.

We both realized it was the man in us that made us that way, so neither one of us got our feelings hurt because of it, but I also knew that Bull still had a hard time accepting the fact of what he needed from me.

Hell, I guess I still had a few of my own demons I hadn’t completely made peace with, but every time Bull first showed up to visit, I sensed he felt it was a personal weakness that brought him to me more than any desire to come spend time with a friend.

I made a point of never coming on to him until he made it clear that he was wanting me to. It was a delicate dance however. I didn’t want him to put him off by making him think I wasn’t interested either, but I guess in the long run that never became an issue between us simply because whenever we were together, that old magic that surrounded us the first day we met would return and our friendship grew stronger each and every time he came to visit.

I remember the morning after I first had my way with him how guilty I felt about it. I felt I had forced myself on him to some extent and had tricked him into taking me up his ass by licking his asshole the way my son had done me when he was going through all of his sexual experimentations.

Hell, I didn’t figure I was any different than any other man and I knew how close I came to wantin’ a dick up my ass the day my son had done that to me. Even so, when I first tried to poke my dick up Bull’s beautiful hairy ass, my pent up need was tempered by feelings that what I had done to him to get him wanting it wasn’t quite right.

It wasn’t until we were lying in bed having another heart to heart talk that I heard him say something that made me think twice about our relationship and how it came about.

This happened on the last day we were together after we’d first met. We’d just finished gittin’ after it hard and heavy. Our rough and tumble horse play had an urgency to it like never before. It had been our fourth day together and without sayin’ as much to one another, we both recognized we needed to get back to our work, so we let it drag out for a couple of hours testing one another’s strength and showing our appreciation for one another in ways we hadn’t done up till then.

The smell of our passion hung so heavy in the house you could cut it with a knife and even after he had just blown another huge load all over my bedroom, his cock still looked plump and swollen and ready for action. I made mention of it and that’s when he confessed to me that he went around most the time with it like that but he couldn’t get it up full hard until he had a dick up his ass.

I thought he was puttin’ me on at first, and that’s when he told me everything about his youth and how he went for years avoiding the issue until he finally broke down and more or less coerced his father to fucking him for the first time.

He said that even though he had been tempted at times with other men, I was the only the second person he’d ever let do that for him. I was struck by his choice of words and that turned the tables on my thinking a hundred and eighty degrees.

Here I’d been feeling guilty the past few days about how I kept getting him to let me fuck his ass by lickin’ it like it was pussy. But now all of a sudden I felt as though I had been separated from the herd by him just to do his dirty deed for him!

I told him as much and we both laughed about it, but we both took pause for a moment in the realization of how complicated and convoluted our involvement with one another actually was.

We talked in some detail about it and we both agreed that no matter how crazy our relationships with our wives had been, what we were doing with one another was, in many ways, far more dangerous on an emotional level.

The thing about Bull was that he was the embodiment of a man born to fuck. He had the most perfect dick I ever saw and I let him know it. Not that I had ever seen all that many in my life, but that didn’t matter. I knew perfection when I saw it.

I could tell it embarrassed him so he turned his attention to mine and told me what a ‘mean muther-fucker’ I had.

I have to admit that it wasn’t until the day my boy first came after mine, that I ever even thought about finding beauty in what a man had hanging down between his legs. Even when I was a youngster and first started playing with myself I mainly went about my business and never dwelled much on what the fucker looked like, but after I saw how my son caressed it and held it and carried on about how damn big and beautiful it was, it got me to thinking long and hard about what it was he found so damn special about my cock that he didn’t see in his own.

I felt guilty about a lot of things that happened that day, but the one thing I felt most guilty about was how much I secretly liked watching my boy carry on so much about my cock.

It never occurred to me until it happened as to how satisfying that could be for a man. I started paying a different mind to it myself after that, and any time I had a moment to get off alone, I’d pull the fucker out and look at it and pull on it and make it throb just for the hell of it. I couldn’t help doing it every now and then even if I wasn’t horny, and would inevitably think back to all the things he’d said about it that afternoon we horsed around together in the river.

It didn’t surprise me much when he kept going on about how big it was. I knew he was still young, and I just figured his hadn’t grown all the way like it eventually would. It was the other things he kept saying about it that struck me the most - especially after I tried to seriously question him about why he had done what he did.

I don’t know what I’d expected him to say. I guess I figured he’d talk about himself and his feelings and what made him do what he did, but instead all he could talk about was the shape and form of my cock. He said he liked the way it got so thick at the base when it had been hard and how manly he thought it looked. He said that was what drove him to suck all the way down on it like he did. He wanted to get the really thick part of it in his mouth so he could feel how much it throbbed when I blew my load.

I tried like hell to not show how much I liked hearing all that about myself, but I didn’t fool him one damn bit. He even got so brazen as to take it in his hand and run his finger over the veins that coursed around it. He said they had looked like they were what was supporting it up in the air when I had been hard and they had been all swollen with blood. Then he rubbed his thumbs over the head of it and said he thought my cock-head was ‘awesome’ and ‘mean-looking’ and told me when he first grabbed it in his hands and saw it flare out like a cobra, that was what made him start sucking on it.

I remember I slowly coaxed it out of his hands and tried to make light of what he was saying by telling him he was talking like a structural engineer. He smiled after I said that, but I could tell by the way he kept looking at it he saw a hell of a lot more in it than just how it was all put together.

It wasn’t until I saw Bull’s cock that I fully understood what my boy had been talking about and all the feelings he had that made him say the things he did about mine. In time, I’d come to the conclusion that I had a right fine lookin’ tool, but after I saw Bull’s hefty hunk of manhood, I felt as though was privy of being able to see perfection.

It wasn’t just how it looked, it was also how the fucker hung on him that made a man take notice of it. What with his thick stubby legs, the damn thing hung down near his knees, but it was how it fit up so perfectly up to his wide groin and rested so neatly over his big balls - that was what made a man take a second look at it.

You couldn’t look at Bull nude without thinking about fuckin’. His big, voluptuous body and the way he carried himself gave him the persona that the only reason he was put here on earth was to pleasure the world with that perfect equipment of his.

I couldn’t help but think that it must have been difficult for him to look himself in the mirror and see what he did knowing all the while he needed another dick up his ass to make his own beautiful equipment hard enough for him to get his pleasure.

I knew for a fact he’d be one hell of a fuck if the man ever managed to get his stiff dick in a piece of ass. I even offered to let him try and fuck me after I got him hard, but he just shook his head and smiled and said, "Hoss, once I get that monster of yours up inside me, I’m already too far gone. Besides, I don’t want to disappoint you or nothin’, but I don’t find that big ass of yours all that inviting. I’m afraid I’d just fall in there and never find my way out.”

I sat up on the bed and rolled him over on his belly and started horsing around with him. He stuck his butt up in the air and said, "Besides, I ain’t the man-fucker you are Hoss.”

“Oh yeah? I bet you’d be one hell of a man-fucker, Bull. Especially if you ever had a chance to fuck an ass as pretty as yours. Now admit it.”

He stuck his hairy ass right up to my groin and rubbed it around on my crank and said, "If I ever did meet a man with an ass as pretty as mine, I might think about it, but by then it’d be too late because you’d already be fuckin’ the poor son of a bitch!”

“Why you!”

He got up on all fours and said, "Go ahead Hoss and fuck that ass you man-fucker! Get after it before I change my mind!”

My crank shot straight up.

He’d never before offered himself up to me like that. He had always taken it while laying on his back and eyed me closely as if he wanted to make sure I didn’t do anything he might not approve of.

The first time I ever raised his legs up in the air to fuck him, I couldn’t keep my eyes off his cock. It represented everything about the changes both my son and my wife had put me through and how I my way of thinking had evolved to the point that I was willing to try fucking a man to satisfy my sexual drives.

Ever since then, Bull’s beautiful cock was always the reminder that I was buggering a man, but it wasn’t until he got up on all fours, that I fully appreciated just what a fuckin’ man he really was.

The muscles in his shoulders and buttocks rippled as he raised himself up on his forearms and knees, and just seeing his chunky body braced and ready, almost made me lose my load.

I was mesmerized by his armor of golden brown hair that ran in waves around his torso from his chest all the way down his back. His entire backside was covered in swirls and patterns that streamed right down between his buttocks and along his prostrate to his firm, tight balls that hung beneath him.

His manly stance of submission seemed unreal to me. I never ever dreamed about seeing such a thing, and having that vision of the man right before me ripped a hole right through my very sense of reality.

I remember I started shaking - thrilled at the realization I was gonna get to bugger this beast from behind. I slapped his ass hard with my crank and cupped his balls in my hand and felt them tightened up as his beautiful cock throbbed hard with need.

I could see the lust swell through him and feel his body vibrate as I rubbed my hands all over him, and when I buried my crank up his ass, I could feel the fire of his soul burning like holy hell.

His cock throbbed mightily and as soon as I reached around him and touched it, my crank started cumming up his ass like a slurry pump. I had no control over it. It just kept pumpin’ it’s load up in him in a slow, steady stream.

Once he realized I was already loading him up with my seed, he moaned and raised up on his knees. I wrapped my arm around him and held him tight and his body shivered all over.

I was still spilling my seed inside him when suddenly I felt his pucker-hole squeeze tight around the base of my crank then felt his cock throb mightily in my hand.

I could hear the spunk gush out of him. He reared his head back to me and

I bit the nap of his thick neck as he bellowed out.

That’s when I knew it without a doubt. . . I was born to be a man-fucker.

I tasted the salt of his soul as he shivered in my arms and fired off load after load after load. The uncontrollable power of his muscular body enveloped in my arms was more than I could bear and after he was spent, I pushed him back down on the bed, and groaned as my crank continued to slowly spill my seed up his hot ass.

I kissed him and loved on him for an hour afterwards until we caught one another’s eye. We just looked at one another as though we had just discovered the secret of the universe. We both staggered out of the house completely nude and stood on the back porch and just stared at one another without saying a word. He would look off in the distance and then back at me and I would do the same as we both tried to come to grips with what we had just experienced.

No words could express it, but my crank was still so fuckin’ hard I finally had to get back after it. He just watched me like he couldn’t believe it and silently stood there as I began pumping it in my fist. He looked up at my face then down at my cock but said nothing at all to me.

He could tell by looking at me that I was a goner. His eyes got bigger and bigger as my crank swelled up longer and fatter and meaner than ever before.

I started drooling and used it on myself to get that big fucker all good and slicked up and then I let him have it. He let out an deep grunt when my first wad hit him square on the chest. Just hearing such a wanton, animal sound emanate from him made me completely loose it. I was out of control - spirited away to parts unknown and I didn’t care.

I think that was the moment he understood how profound of a change he had brought about in me. I think too, he was surprised at himself at how much he enjoyed watching me work my big ol’ dick up enough to blow my wad all over him. It was the first time he’d ever really paid a mind to how I went about handling myself and after it was all said and done and he heard himself grunt out his lustful approval, I think it kind of took him back to realize just to what extent he actually appreciated dick.

I think the other half of the man in him couldn’t quite accept that fact once he realized it, and I noticed a change in his expression after I finished draining my nuts on him. He seemed to be looking inward while he eyed me and shook his head in silence.

“You’ve turned me into a die-hard man-fucker Bull.”

He chuckled, embarrassed by what I was putting on him.

“I’m serious Bull. After that experience, I’m ruined for good.”

He stood up straight like he was gonna scold me, then began rubbing my spunk all over his body.

“It sure as hell didn’t take you very long to start cummin’ once you got that fucker all slicked up. Where the hell did all this come from big man? You just got through spunkin’ my ass up good then you go off a few minutes later and shoot off the biggest load you’ve ever done since we got involved in all this.”

“I don’t know Bull. I guess I’m getting more relaxed about it all and am starting to enjoy it more. All I can say is when you got on your hands and knees and offered yourself up to me like that, I kinda lost it. That had a profound effect on me, Bull.”

“It sure as hell made it easier for me to take that son of a bitch, Hoss. And I must say you sure hit the spot good that time. Damn!”

“That was somethin’ else Bull - holdin’ on tight to you like that while you shot your wad. It made me appreciate just how strong you orgasm big boy! Hell, all I could do was hang on tight and dribble spunk up your ass. That’s what got me so riled up! I guess my crank wasn’t gonna be happy until it had one like yours did.”

He chuckled. "I’m sorry for messin’ up your wall up again Hoss. I’m afraid you may have to repaint that sucker if your wife ever decides to show back up.”

“She isn’t coming back Bull. I’m all but certain of that. I don’t know what else to say. . .”

He just kicked at the floor like he always did when he wasn’t sure what to say or do.

“Well hell Bull! Tell me. What does all this mean anyway?”

“I’m not sure Hoss. I know I love you as a friend. . .No, it’s more than that and you know it. If your talkin’ about us using one another to get our rocks off, I’m not sure about that either.

I guess in a way, we’re both like two cell mates that have been locked away in our own private worlds for so long we’ve had no choice but accept the inevitable. . . but what does it mean other than that? . . . I don’t really know for sure.

We need to give this time Hoss. I’d hate like hell to set up shop with you only to find out a few years down the road that we had both made a big mistake about it all.

This could just be a phase that we just happen to both be going through at the same time and after we get it all out of our system we might end up hating one another. . . you never know.

I can tell you are far more accepting of all of this than I am, but you’re not the one that needs to get his ass pummeled good just so he can get off a good load. I honestly thought right after I met you that this would be it for me, but it is going to take more time than I though for me to accept all of this.

All I can say is that I hope you understand and are willing to give me the time to work through it all. I have a son I need to go back east to see before he gets back in school and frankly, I’m not much looking forward to it.”

“When will you come back Bull?”

“I told you I’d go with you to see your son’s first football game and I am standing by that. I imagine if I was truly smart about all this, I’d not risk letting you slip away from me, but I don’t want us getting wrapped up in something until it is truly right for us both.

I don’t want you thinking that I am stringing you along or anything like that because I’m not. I’m not holding any claim to you, but I do want you to know that for me, you’re it, Hoss.

You’re the only man outside of my father that I’d ever think of getting involved with like this. I ain’t lookin’ for no one else, but you have to admit we both need time to take care of some loose ends in order to make ample room for one another in our lives. So let’s not be in a hurry. Give things time to work out the way they are meant.”

“I know you’re right Bull, but I sure as hell am going to miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too Hoss.”

He reached down and grabbed my crank and held it firm in his hand.

“I’m sure I’ll be wanting more of that when I get back, so take good care of it.”

As it would turn out, that would end up being the furthest thing from the truth he ever said to me.