WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 12
Time Alone

I would of thought that any time a man got a chance to spend four days doing nothin’ but fuckin’ and sleeping and eating, he’d have his fill of it by then and could go on about his business, but that wasn’t how it turned out for me - not by a long shot. Oh, I managed to complete my chores, but I have to tell ya it wasn’t all that easy gettin’ ‘em done when the crotch of my coveralls were nearly always bulgin’ full of throbbin’ cock.

There was no doubt I was still all horned up and my crank was rarin’ for me to get after it most all the time, but once I settled into my chores, my mind would get so pre-occupied by all of the other things Bull and I had shared, that most the time I was able to put off takin’ matters in my own hands until I got my work done and was back in the house.

I guess there’s no need in tellin’ you I was elated Bull had come into my life. After all my years living out here isolated from the world, I had finally made close friends with someone and my mind was reeling from the experience of it all. He and I had a kind of chemistry between us that I’d never experienced with anyone in my life, and it had left me feeling higher than a kite.

I knew I’d been shy and stand-offish with folks through the years and even though I’d tried my best to change my ways, I don’t think it would have come to much had I not met-up with Bull. He just charged right through all those personal barriers I’d set up between me and the world and now that they were down, I wasn’t sure there was much need in trying to put them all back up.

Just making a close and dear friend was heady enough for me, but when I took into account what all he and I had done about it, I was damn-near crazed at times. All kinds of wild thoughts went through my head and I began to wonder if, in fact, other men-folk didn’t actually do with their buddies behind closed doors what he and I had done.

I realized my imagination was getting the best of me at times, but still, I couldn’t help but think that the world would be a hell of a lot better off if much of the thoughts I was entertaining at the time was the way things actually worked in life.

I knew one thing for certain. A man can have sex with all the women he wants, but he hasn’t lived until he experiences the full range of emotions and feelings that come with getting naked with a good buddy and engaging in serious manly horse-play for several days. I was now flat-out convinced that there just wasn’t nothin’ better than that to keep a man right with the world.

All I could think about was that last day Bull and I had spent together. I was literally dreamin’ about it, and every morning I woke up, my crank was harder than a rock.

I’d lay on my back and just look at the fucker and stroke it slow and easy and think to myself what a big and mean lookin’ son of a bitch it was. I never bothered to pay that kind of attention to it until I met Bull, but after I saw how he went on about it just like my son had done, I was feeling right proud of it.

I was actually beginning to see the beauty in it the way they did, but to me, nothing was more beautiful than what I saw and felt when Bull got up on all fours and offered his backside up to me the way he did the last day he was here. I was still fired up about that experience.

Once I got fully awake, I’d get up on my knees and re-live the experience and the sight of watching my flaring cock-head splittin’ his hairy butt-crack wide open. Then I’d pretend I had my arms wrapped around his strong, manly body and feel it shiver as I fucked my crank up his beautiful, hairy ass.

I’ll tell you what. After that experience, I knew I was never gonna look at a man quite the same way ever again. My only regret about that day was the fact I had gotten so fired up, I never actually got around to fuckin’ Bull good and proper the way he needs it. You talk about self-revelations. . . when I realized my crank was sludging my gunk up his ass without giving me any fair warning, I knew for a fact I must of had an innate appreciation for a man’s ass that I’d been suppressing all my life.

I just kept playin’ it over and over in my mind, and every time I blew a load, it felt as though I was gonna shoot one off all over the wall like Bull had done, but the best I could do was shoot off a thick, creamy wad all over my pillow. It sure as hell felt like it was shooting a load further than that, but when it came right down to it, he and my son both had me beat all to hell in that department.

Often, I’d lay in bed flat on my back afterwards with my hands under my head for a while and think about how unlikely it all was that after all the years of sexual frustration I’d gone through, in a relatively short amount of time I had stumbled onto two full-grown men who had seen something special in me. Something that made them want to engage me intimately and share with me their own sexuality, experiences and needs.

I have to admit, that was heady stuff for a man who never thought of himself as any kind of sex symbol to anyone, but I was beginning to fully understand what my wife had meant when she had said that I was a “man's man”.

I remember when I first met my son’s trainer how, for the first time in my life, I got a taste of the sexual feelings that one man could bring out in another. I remember how I was struck by how much of a “man’s man” he was and how I was so aware of his gruff but approachable demeanor, and how he carried himself and chewed on his cigar, and how he pulled up on his crank before he sat down - just like my father used to do when he was around.

I still hadn’t gotten my son’s trainer out of my mind even though I was still somewhat in denial about all he and I had done that day. I still couldn’t quite believe that I had actually ever sucked that ol’ boy’s cock dry. I must have rationalized it to myself a hundred different ways, but would often come back to the reasoning that ultimately, I had done it for some crazy reason to demonstrate my appreciation for him and all the fatherly attention he’d given me and my boy that day. Yet I knew that deep down, there had been more than that going through my head at the time.

That day had been a turning point for me and almost every time I found myself alone laying on my back, the vision of that old bull working my crank up in his hands like he did was as clear as daylight.

He had worked my tool like an expert and had made it gush a load like no one had done before or since. He’d taken full charge and went about his business full of pride and confidence as he demonstrated to me his knowledge of how to fully stimulate and satiate the needs of a man’s phallus. I’ll never forget how I felt as though I was looking into his soul when I saw the proud and joyful expression on his face once he got my ol’ crank to gushing like geyser.

Now there was a man’s man through and through. He and Bull had a lot in common and shared some of the same mannerisms which had made me so keenly aware of their masculine ways. The only difference was that Bull hadn’t yet fully embraced this realization of himself. I knew why too. It was for the same reason I was still somewhat in denial that I was ever driven to suck the cock of my boy’s trainer " a man’s natural place during sex is that of the dominate partner and any deviation from that can get mighty confusing.

I had pointed that out to my son months ago, and I was still convinced I had been right about that - especially after the experiences I’d recently gone through, but I now also understood there could be number of reasons that might lead a man into taking a passive role with another man and ultimately it boiled down to trust and the seemingly strong desire of all men to be accepted as a peer by a man that he himself admires for his manly traits.

I know there is more to it than that, but it sure as hell wasn’t lost on me how Bull was like a proud father every time he demonstrated how much more virile and potent he was than I, and how I, in turn, felt obliged to gave him his just due by carrying on about it to him because I knew that’s what he was wanting and needing from me. I also recognized that deep down he had problems accepting the fact that he was allowing me to fuck my big ol’ crank up his ass to help him get off a good, strong and healthy load.

I also realized something else about Bull, myself, and my boy’s trainer, and that was the fact that the three of us were far better endowed than the average man " at least from what knew from my limited experiences. That too weighed on my mind some and made me wonder if all this cock-play we had gotten involved with wasn’t a direct result of that fact. Even my son was already better endowed than most fellows and once I put him in the picture, I was damn near certain that there was a direct correlation.

I didn’t like thinking that to be honest with you. It opened up all kinds of theories and made me think things about my son’s life and future that I just wasn’t willing to accept for him. Maybe I was being bigoted as hell, but I didn’t think of it in that way.

To my way of thinking, Bull and myself and his trainer " we had earned our stripes along the way. We had made our decisions based on experience and I felt that my boy needed to do the same.

Even though there was no doubt in my mind that he was a man’s man through and through, I wasn’t entirely convinced that Bull would ever have gotten involved with me or any other man if he didn’t have that special need of his. I imagined that if he didn’t have the condition he had, he might well have ended up thinking about and chasing pussy most his life - just like I probably would have done had my own ‘condition’ not brought on all the circumstances which led to all the things I had recently been confronted with.

I have to confess however that it bothered me some when he said to me he wasn’t a man-fucker like I was even though I know he was joking around at the time. I guess it you could characterize it as some kind of twisted up vanity, but I was also kind of hurt when he said he didn’t find my ass all that inviting. I’d noticed he sure as hell didn’t hesitate rubbing his hands all over it while I fucked him good and I remember back at the dealership that it was he who started all the ass-play that led to everything else we got into that day, but I resisted pointing that out to him at the time.

Still, I understood what all he meant by what he had said and I had no problem accepting it about him. Besides, I remember all the crazy mixed up things I was feeling when I first found myself actually about to fuck him up the ass, so I imagined that many of those same thoughts were in the back of his mind as well. Still, I was convinced that if he ever got a taste of hot man-ass with that perfect fuck-stick of his, he might very well end up being the most insatiable man-fucker the world would ever know. He was rough and gruff when he was taking it, and I had no doubt he’d even be more-so when he was dishing it out.

I wanted nothing more than to someday experience watching how he went about gettin’ himself a good, proper piece of ass. There was no question in my mind that the man needed it, plain and simple. Besides, like I said before, just one look at the man naked and you knew right-off the son of a gun was born to fuck.

It got me to thinking some thoughts I knew I shouldn’t be entertaining, but during that period right after he had left, I was one fired up horn-dog and even though my nuts were aching most the time, I couldn’t stop myself.

I jerked off at least twice a day for a couple of weeks after until the day my wife called me. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was happy with her new found freedom and I guess she could tell from mine that I too had found some inner peace. The tension that had been slowly mounting up between us through the years was no longer there and we both acknowledged that fact to one another.

We talked for over an hour and by the time we hung up, we both knew it was over between us, but the sadness of that realization was tempered by the happiness we both felt for one another. The unspoken was understood. She and I were finally free to be ourselves, and by granting one another that freedom, we became closer than ever before.

My son called me a few weeks later, and by then, his mom had told him what all was going on between us. Hell, he knew all along, but I think that hearing it from his mom was better for him than if he had heard it from me. He was happy for us both, and I was relieved about that, but not nearly as relieved as I was when I heard from him that he was `kinda sort of dating a woman’, as he put it.

It made me proud, and I told him so, but I didn’t pry for any details about what all he meant by that. I just let him talk and when he finally got around to asking me what all I had been up to, I told him about meeting up with Bull and let him in on the fact that the man had spent a few nights with me here on the farm. I didn’t go into any details, but I didn’t have to. He just knew the way all kids know about what is going on with their parents and right before we hung up the phone, he said, “I’m glad you finally met up with someone you consider a buddy, dad. You’ve needed a close friend for a long time now.”

That was all he said, and that was about all he ever said about Bull and I through the years. He knew that he had been largely responsible for the changes that I had gone through, and every time he ever saw the two of us together throughout the years, I’d catch him smiling this little smile to himself and suspected that he was thinking back to that summer when he changed my life forever.