WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 13

None of us know what all is in store for us through the years, but I reckon the one thing a man can count on for certain is that his life will keep changing as time marches on.

I started packing up my wife’s things to ship them off to her the day after we had our talk. She had ventured out to the west coast to visit a cousin and liked it so much, she decided to try and make a go of it there. I always felt she was better suited for the big city life so I wasn’t much surprised at her decision. I still loved her and appreciated the fact she stuck with me until we’d got our son off to the university and vowed to myself I’d help her every way I could to make sure she got situated right and proper in her new life. We’ve kept in touch through the years even though she remarried, and I have to say that even today, I still consider her one of my best friends.

It took me several days to ready everything for the shipping company to come and pick up her belongings, and during that time, I finally got my mind off the time I had spent with Bull and eventually stopped jerking-off every day thinking about it. I felt a tinge of loneliness the day I watched the truck pull away from the house with all of her stuff in it, but I knew in the back of my mind that even if somehow we could turn back, it would never work out for us in the long run.

I had a lot to do to ready myself for the harvest and the winter to come, and the next day when I woke up, I got right out of bed and began my chores. After I got the animals fed, I felled a tree for the winter firewood and brought it back to the house to chop up.

It was good therapy for me and made me realize that ultimately I had to first take care of myself and my own basic needs before I could think about anyone else. That’s the way of a farmer, and it was something my dad had ingrained in me as well, but I imagine I would have come to the same conclusion anyway even if I had been raised under different circumstances.

I thought about my dad quite a bit while I chopped up that tree and wondered what he thought about all the changes I had recently gone through. In a way it all seemed like a dream to me now - as if none of it ever really happened and I guess that’s why when I finally got around to chopping up the trunk of that tree, I gave it a second thought.

My dad loved working with wood and had taught me everything he knew about it by the time I was twelve. Whenever he had the chance, he would sit and whittle in the evenings and would create fantastic woodcarvings of birds. He loved doing it and I remember sitting along side him when I was young trying my hand at it, but I never had the vision for it like he had.

He always told me to not over do it and just let the carving slowly reveal itself, but I never really understood what he meant by that until after his death. At first, I felt as though his spirit was guiding me, but later it seemed as though the wood just melted away in my hands revealing what was contained within. Eventually, I had so many of them, I decided to lacquer them up and set them along the fencerow that surrounded our farmland.

No one who had ever visited the farm had ever made any mention of them until Bull came along. I suppose they were a bit too strange and intimidating for most folk " at least that’s what Bull offered as an explanation when I told him he was the only person to ever bring them up in conversation, but he wanted to know about each and every one of them. I tried my best to answer his questions, but his questions hinted that he thought there was more to them than what I ever thought about them.

I pulled out my carving tools and started in on that tree trunk late that afternoon and by midnight, I had it roughed-out pretty good. The next morning, after I had fed the animals, I started back in on it and the further along I got with it, the stranger it seemed to get, but I just let my hands guide me like I always did.

A few days later, it was finished, and after I got my chores done the following morning, I got cleaned up and went into town to buy enough lacquer to put a nice finish on it. I stopped at the spot where Bull and I first met and I could still see the place where he had scooted his big body up underneath my truck to check out what was wrong with it. I reckon I knew all along what that carving was all about, but it wasn’t until I stood at the spot where we first met, that I decided I would place it there to commemorate our chance encounter.

I felt a sense of closure the morning I hauled it down there and began digging a hole in the ground to set it in - almost as if I was preparing to set a tombstone. I don’t know how I would have felt about it afterwards had I finished up the work on my own, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Not long after I started in, I heard a car coming down the road and the first thought that entered my mind was how that always seemed to happen when I stood here at this spot. I waited for the car to crest the hill and saw in the distance that it was the sheriff.

I hadn’t seen him ever since that day I was out on my horse checkin’ out the fence row and he stopped to say hello. Every time I thought back to that day, I always kinda felt embarrassed about how I had hefted up on my crank right in front of him like I did, but since that day, I was pretty much convinced my son had been right all along about him getting’ after himself while he gazed at my crotch.

I must say I hadn’t much thought about the sheriff recently, but once he stepped out of his car, I was a little surprised at myself by the thoughts I was entertaining.

I noticed his pecker-head was pushin’ tight against the front of his trousers like it did the last time I saw him. He reached down and absent mindedly hefted up his stuff then lifted up on his belt buckle with both hands and ran them around each side of his belt till they came to rest on his hips.

He was a big, stout man, and his sizeable girth added to his manly stature. I couldn’t help but notice how his belt fit tight against the small of his back right above his big ol’ butt and wrapped around his hips at a slant as it coursed its way down under his big belly. The front of it was creased slightly as it wrapped under his stomach and the buckle angled towards the ground from supporting its weight.

He had put on some weight since I last saw him, but I appreciated what I saw in him in a way I never used to before, and once I took that into account about myself, there was no longer any doubt in my mind that I had changed considerable during the past couple of years.

After spending months trying to see anything I might find sexually appealing in a man and coming up with nothing, I realized first and foremost that I didn’t even think twice about a guy that wasn’t serious about his work and his manly duties, and that was something I always liked about the sheriff, but I have to admit, I now noticed something else about the sheriff that made my crank swell up in my pants in a hurry. . . The son of a gun had one fine lookin’ set of hind quarters..

There was no two ways about it. I tried not to think about it but I couldn’t help myself. I could feel my crank starting to weigh heavy and slip further and further down the leg of my pants as I walked over to shake hands with him and noticed right before he looked me in the eyes and offered his hand he’d stole a glance down at my crotch. I don’t know if he could actually tell what was going on with me or not, but I figured if he did, I didn’t much care one way or another.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes sheriff and I must say you’re looking mighty good these days.”

He smiled and stood up tall. “Thanks for the compliment. Maybe it’s the new uniform I’m wearing. I’ve put on so much weight lately I had to break down and order me another one. How the hell have you been? I’m surprised to run into you out here. What the hell are you up to?”

I nodded over to my truck and said, “I started chopping up fire wood for the winter and got a little side tracked is all sheriff. I was just about to set it in the ground over there.”

“Well it looks to me like you could use some help with that. . . that’s a mighty big chunk of wood.”

“I appreciate you offering sheriff, but I can manage it on my own. So tell me, what brings you out here so early in the morning?”

“Nothin’ really. I just wanted to see how you and the wife were doing is all. However, I guess I should mention the fact that I happened to run into old man Dawson a few weeks back and he said that you and a buddy of yours was in town a while ago and the two of you took off with a new fuel filter from his parts department without payin’ for it. Is that true?”

“Don’t tell me that’s the real reason you came all the way out here. That would disappoint me sheriff.”

“No! Not at all, but I did tell him I’d eventually get around to talkin’ to you about it.” He winked at me and said, “I’m sure you had a good reason for doing it.”

“Hell yes I had a good reason. The one that came with my new truck was installed backwards and it left me stranded right where you’re standing. I was heading into town to pick up some feed that day and if it hadn’t been for ol’ Bull happening by when he did, I would have had to of walked back to the house. The damn truck’s got less than two hundred miles on it so we just assumed it would be under warranty. We didn’t think nothin’ about it to be honest.”

“Well as a matter of fact, ol’ Dawson said it wasn’t under warranty. The more he talked about it, the more steamed up he got about it and went so far as to say I should come out here and arrest you for theft. . . he can be a crazy old coot at times.”

“You tell that skin flint I’ll pay him for that damn fuel filter, but it’ll be the last damn truck I ever buy from him.”

He laughed and said, “Hey I’m with you on that. I’m surprised you’d even offered to pay for it to tell you the truth. I’m not sure I would have if it had been my truck. But to shut him up, I told him you were a good friend of mine and paid for it myself.”

He could tell I was surprised as hell to hear that, but he just smiled and waved it off like it was nothing. Nonetheless, I was touched by what he had said and done.

“Well I appreciate that, I consider you a friend too sheriff but you didn’t need to go to the trouble. All he had to do was call me up and I would have paid him for it. I don’t have any money on me, but if you want to come up to the house, I’ll pay you for your trouble.”

He chuckled and patted me on the back. “Hey I didn’t come out here to collect any money my friend. I just stopped by to see how you were doing. Besides it’s worth the fifty cents just to see that look on your face. . .”

“I’m not used to havin’ anyone stick up for me sheriff. It means a lot to me.”

“The folks in town don’t know you like I do, and you’re right, he should have just called you up himself, but and I think he got the impression you were just pushing your weight around.”

“That wasn’t my intention at all sheriff and you know it. I tend to forget about how I come across to folks that don’t know me. I just recently got wind of the fact that I get referred to around here as ‘the ol’ wooly bear’. I don’t imagine you’ve ever heard the same kind of crap in your lifetime sheriff.”

“I sure as hell have. That’s why I stood up for you. Us big fellows have got to watch each other’s back every once in a while. Seems like there is always someone who wants to cut us down a notch.”

It touched me to hear him say that. I put my arm around his shoulder and he looked me right in the eyes and studied me for a moment.

“I liked you the first time I met you sheriff.”

“Same here buddy. Speaking of which, I must say you seem more outgoing and more at peace with yourself than any time I can remember ever since we first met.”

“How’s that sheriff?”

“I don’t know. . . you look a lot healthier and more relaxed for one thing.” He stepped away from me and looked me over for a moment then said, “It shows on your face.” He grinned mischievously then winked at me and said, “I think you’ve lost a little weight which is something I need to do, but if you want to know the truth, I’d say you look like a man who recently got himself a good piece of ass.”

That made me laugh for some reason. I didn’t realized it showed, but I didn’t want to start anything with the sheriff I might live to regret later so I just waved it off and said, “Far from it sheriff. My wife packed up and left not long after my boy went off to the university. She’s moved out for good. I just shipped her things off to her a few days ago. To be honest sheriff, we hadn’t had sex in years.”

“So what the hell else is new? I can’t say things are any different in my house.” He chuckled and smiled then walked over to the back of my truck.

I followed behind and watched him rub his hand over the lacquer finish. Once he got a good eye full of what it was, he turned to me and said, “Damn that sucker is big! Why don’t you let me help you get that set up.”

“That’s alright sheriff. I can manage on my own.”

“Don’t be silly. What are friends for anyway?”

I just shrugged and hopped up in the back of the truck and let him help me lift it off and set it in place. I have to admit, I was impressed at how strong the ol’ sheriff was. He was thick in the arms and shoulders, but it wasn’t until I actually saw him work his muscles that I realized the power he had in them. He got after it with enthusiasm and talked all the while.

“You know, I always liked these carvings you have around on your property, but I have to confess that after I first met you, I couldn’t quite believe you were the creator of them. I guess I should of known all along it was you what with how nice everything else on your property looks. You take a lot of pride in your place and it shows. That’s one reason I like coming down here to visit. It’s kind of an escape from the rest of the surroundings.”

“Well feel free to drop by anytime sheriff. With me being here all alone now, I’m sure I’ll be in the mood for company more often than not.”

He took a moment to look me over then grinned and said, “I guess you might at that.”

We set the carving in place and I grabbed the shovel and started to fill the hole back in, but he stopped me and said he thought it was leaning a bit too far forward then stepped up and held it up for me while I filled the hole in some to level it out.

“Damn sheriff. You’re a lot stronger than I thought.”

He stood up straight and tucked his shirttail back in while I went about filling in the hole.

“Yeah? Well I do have strong legs. I used to wrestle when I was in high school. My dad got me interested in it. He wrestled professionally for a number of years up until I was born, then got into law enforcement. He got me my first job. . . I guess I’ve pretty much followed in his foot steps.”

“What made you move out here?”

He looked over at me and grinned like he was a bit embarrassed by the question, then looked back at the carving. “That’s a long story. Personal reasons mainly. Maybe sometime when you’ve got the time and feel like being bored all to hell I’ll tell you all about it.”

He smiled briefly and looked back over at the carving. “Damn! I gotta say that is one fine piece of work. It’s brutal though. . .”

He stepped back over to it and walked around it while he studied it closely. He was about to say something when the radio in his cruiser blared out. He trotted over to it and eased his big body inside then picked up the microphone and began to talk. He’d turned down the volume on the speaker so I couldn’t quite make out what was going on, but after a brief conversation, he stuck his head out the window of his cruiser and said, “Hey. I’ve got to go. Apparently there’s been an accident and they want me on the scene.”

“I hope no one got hurt sheriff.”

“Doesn’t sound like it. Say, what are you doing this weekend?”

“I haven’t thought that far ahead sheriff. Why do you ask?”

“Well, my wife and son are heading off for a few weeks to go visit her family before he has to go back to school so I thought I might drop by if you aren’t too awful busy.”

“Feel free sheriff. If you don’t find me around the house or barn, just follow the path that leads down to the river. If it stays as hot as it has been, I promised myself I’d relax a bit and take a swim.”

He grinned and said, “That sounds like fun. Hell. I might even join you.” then quickly looked me up and down right before he put his cruiser in gear and sped off.

I didn’t think much about it in the days that followed, but sure enough, that following Saturday while I was swimming down at the river, he showed up. I almost didn’t recognize him at first because it was the first time I ever saw him out of uniform. I had been paddling around just enjoying the cool water and it wasn’t until I headed back toward the bank that I noticed he was leaning against a tree just watching me.

I had no idea how long he had been standing there, but I figured by how comfortable he looked with his arms folded up over his big belly and the way he was leaning up against that tree, he’d been there for several minutes so I stood up and walked toward him and said, “Hell sheriff. You startled me. I almost didn’t recognize you without your uniform. How long have you been there?”

He smiled and said, “Not that long, but long enough to get a good eye full of you enjoying yourself.” He then shook his head and nodded down at my crank and said, “Damn! I always knew that fucker of yours was big, but seeing you naked like that puts us other guys to shame.”

He unfolded his arms and offered his hand as I stepped up to him. “How the hell have you been?”

“Just fine sheriff. You sure looked comfortable standing there. Are you gonna join me or are you just gonna stand here in the shade and watch me make a fool of myself?”

“Well I was planning on joining you, but I have to admit I’m a bit embarrassed. My equipment ain’t nothin’ compared to what you’ve got.”

“We all have our assets sheriff. By the way, how bad was that accident you had to run off to?”

“Fortunately it was just a fender bender. Everyone was fine.”

“That’s good to hear. So how was the rest of your week?”

“Fine. Just fine. Nothing too crazy. I had to drive one of the Frankel boys home last night after he got so damn drunk at the tavern the bartender called me to pick him up and take him home. . . the usual stuff.”

I laughed. “Well that’s better than having the guy get out in his truck and kill himself or somebody else.”

“For damn sure, but I told the damn bartender he should keep a better eye on that kid. That’s the second time I’ve had to haul that brat home. I almost told him if it happened again I’ haul him off to jail, but thought better of it.”

“Why’s that sheriff?”

“Well I figured if I threatened him like that, the damn idiot might try and drive himself home to avoid me. I’ll take care of it one way or another if he keeps it up. You know how it is with these young bucks. They just want to get out and sow their oats.”

“I guess I do sheriff. It’s perfectly natural.”

“Yeah. . . I just wish they’d do it without me having to get involved.”

“I imagine you have to deal with a whole lot of stuff that folks don’t realize.”

“I sure as hell do. It’s nice to have a chance to get away from it all for a few days. Well what the hell, I came out here just to do that so I might as well get undressed and jump in. . .”

“That’s the spirit. Besides it’s hotter than hell today. I sure ain’t gonna stand out here any longer.”

As I headed back in the water, I couldn’t help but smile to myself thinking about the day my son first brought to my attention how the ol’ sheriff would stare at my crotch and play with himself while he and I carried on a conversation. Even after I realized that there was some truth in that, I was never quite certain if that actually meant what my son had implied about it, and I still wasn’t sure.

Hell, by now I’d more or less gotten used to hearing men carry on to me about the size of my cock whenever they saw me naked so after hearing what the sheriff had to say about it, I didn’t take his words to mean any more than what they meant at face value. That’s just the way he was. He’d always been straight forward with me and I appreciated that about him more than anything else. Besides, I was full aware of how much I had changed over the past year, so I was leery of making assumptions on my part that simply weren’t true.

I got back to paddling around in the water and decided not to dwell on it any further, but as soon as I saw the sheriff pull off his t-shirt, I was surprised at how my crank started to swell just at the sight of him. I guess if I didn’t know it beforehand, my involuntary reaction to what I saw confirmed to me that I was now a man-fucker through and through, but I was still surprised at myself and how I now saw so much beauty at the sight of a big ol’ hairy man when at one time in my life, I don’t think I would have thought twice about it.

He had turned his back to me while he undressed, and as he lifted his t-shirt over his head, I surprised to see that he was hairier than Bull and me put together. I noticed a distinct line around his thick neck where he shaved his chest and back hairs that ran up to his neck and I reckoned it was something he needed to do regularly considering, but what really caught my eye was his big ol’ hairy butt crack peeking out from the waist line of his blue jeans.

By the time he started to unfasten his belt, my crank was throbbing to beat the band, and once I got a good look at his big, round, hairy ass, after he dropped his trousers, my crank just got a mind of its own.

A part of me said I should turn away and try not think about it, but my crank just wouldn’t allow it. All these crazy mixed up feelings cluttered my mind as I watched him undress, and when he finally turned around to come into the water, I suspected he could tell just by looking at me how much I appreciated the sight of his naked body.

He stopped and smiled for an instant when he saw that I was watching him, then before he took his first step towards the water, he hefted his huge balls out from between his thick thighs to get them out of the way. His fat pecker rested comfortably on top of them and pointed straight out at me as he waded out towards me.

The closer he got, the more I appreciated just how damn big his balls were. He had a wide, generous groin that was accentuated by a fine lookin’ trail of thick hair that lead down to it from his belly button. His big balls hung off it like ripe fruit. They were nearly perfectly round, and every time he took a step, they pumped like two pistons being pushed along by his thick, hairy thighs.

“Damn sheriff, I have to admit I haven’t seen all that many men naked in my life, but you sure as hell have got the biggest damn pair of balls I ever saw.”

He chuckled and reached down and pulled them away from himself some. “Yeah. I guess I do. I’m always havin’ to pull them out from between my thighs. Especially when it gets hot like it is today, the fuckers get sweaty and sticky and that make matters even worse. Does that ever happen to you?”

“It sure does sheriff. I can only imagine what it would be like if I had balls as big as yours.”

He smiled and said, “Well trust me, you don’t want to know. Some days I can go without paying them much mind, then other days, they drive me fuckin’ nuts.”

We both laughed at his own inadvertent word play as he unconsciously hefted them in the palm of his hand then ran his thumb over the top of his fat pecker. I now realized the times I’d seen him get after himself while we were talking that probably he was only doing it to get his huge balls out in front of himself.

I wasn’t quite sure to be honest, and I have to admit now that I saw him completely naked, I really had a mind towards wanting to fuck that hairy ass of his. My crank had kinda stopped mid-way towards gettin’ full hard as though it was confused about whether or not it was gonna get to have a little fun, but it still had the better of me. I didn’t know what to say or do exactly, I’d never even once in my life ever thought about how to seduce a man into letting me fuck him, but all of a sudden I felt bound and determined to give it a try.

Hell, I figured the mere fact that he drove all the way out here to go skinny dippin’ with me had to account for something, but I knew better than to make any assumptions about it, so I just carried on with the conversation to see where it would lead.

“They sure are hairy fuckers sheriff. You’d think that all that hair would help keep them from sticking to you.”

“They aren’t all that hairy on the back side. I wish to hell they were though. I think you’re right. That might help them feel less sticky. I put talc on them in the morning, but that only helps for awhile. . .”

“Well they sure as hell are big and plump. Looks to me like you’re carrying enough seed around in them to impregnate my entire herd of cattle! I can’t help but wonder if you’re able to drain those fuckers all at once or not.”

He bent over as he laughed then brushed his hand over his man stuff as though the question got him to feelin’ a bit randy. “I tell you what, sometimes it gets embarrassing for me, especially around the wife. To tell you the truth, I never can drain the fuckers all at once and I’m always ready to go again a little while after her and I first have intercourse, but by then, she’s lost interest.

The first time I tried to finish myself off in front of her, I could tell she was disgusted just by the sight of me taking care of things. So now I just try and get off on my own a little while later, but by the time I can usually get away to do that, I’m not able to fully satisfy myself.

I’m not sure if it’s because I loose a bit of the mood, or if my cock just gets back in the mode of making more seed and is no longer ready to give any of it up, but whatever the reason, I usually end up going around all horny and frustrated.”

“I know that feeling myself sheriff. That’s happened to me before too. I’m like you " I don’t know what the exact reason for it is, but I’ve been in that situation where I haven’t been able to get off a good load and then go around all frustrated and horny and not quite sure what the hell to do about it.”

I smiled and winked at him and said, “I sure as hell try though.”

He giggled and blushed some then said, “Hell, that one time I jerked off in front of her I was about to ask her to finger my ass some to help me out, but after I saw that look on her face, I knew that wasn’t gonna ever happen! She sure as hell doesn’t mind me fingering her little clit for her to help her get off.”

I chuckled at the thought of that big bruiser trying to delicately finger a clit. I couldn’t quite picture it to be honest and I guess I must have looked a bit perplexed thinking about it so he offered to explain himself.

“You know how women are. They don’t understand us guys. . . and they don’t want to for that matter. So I just do my duty by her whenever she gets in the mood and leave it at that. Not that she’s really ever all that much interested in this short, fat fucker anyway.”

“Well just be glad your wife takes an interest in it when she does sheriff. My wife wouldn’t have anything to do with mine after we got older. She said I was too big for her, so I’ve gotten pretty good through the years at handling things on my own. . . sounds like you have too, but still, like you said, it ain’t healthy for a man to have to get off by himself like that.

What good is it to express your sexual needs to yourself all the time? I don’t know about you, but I like expressin’ myself sexually with someone else and I’ve found out the hard way, just like you have, that women aren’t always the best partners for everything we have to express.”

His big belly heaved and his face turned a bit red as he chuckled to himself, “I sure as hell have. . .”

His face got even redder as the full meaning of my words sunk in to him. I noticed that his fat pecker was starting to swell up some. He brushed the back of his hand over it right before he lowered himself into the water and then paddled himself over to where I was.

Once he got up close to me, he looked me in the eye and said in a conspiratorial tone, “Say, I have to admit it’s nice being able to get away and have another man to talk to about this kind of stuff. I don’t think any woman really understands what makes us tick if you know what I mean. . . I guess no more than we understand them.

I hadn’t thought about this until you mentioned what you did about being too big for your wife, but I guess the fact that us guys have our genitalia exposed like we do is something we take for granted on the one hand, and spend the rest of our life having to deal with on the other.

To be honest with you, I always wondered what it would be like to have a big ol’ dick like yours, never thinking that it might be more than a woman could handle.”

He looked down in the water at it and chuckled hefty and guttural and said, “That’s a man-sized cock if there ever was one.”

“I was thinking the same thing about that big hairy ass of yours sheriff.”

To be honest, I don’t remember what was said after that. The conversation just suddenly stopped and we began expressin’ ourselves in other ways. I was rubbing my palm all over his big, firm, hairy butt while he got his hands full of my crank. I made it throb big for him and his eyes glinted with pleasure in recognition that it was all his to do with as he pleased.

We just kept after it and hugged and rubbed and kissed and rubbed some more until the next thing I know, the tip of my dick is getting its first taste of his hot, hairy ass.

He took what he could of it like a man and I gave it to him likewise. We fucked around a little and groaned and tried fucking some more then stopped and rested while we explored our unique differences within our mutual likeness. I licked and loved on his hefty balls and his short, fat, knobby dick, then let him express his own appreciation of my manhood. He rubbed it all over his face and put as much of it as he could in his mouth until he choked on it then smiled and looked up at me and shook his head like he couldn’t believe it.

I was fully enamored with his hairy, manly body and silently expressed my appreciation of it to him over and over again by licking every inch of his corpse until I was down under his hefty frame exploring the depths of his man-hole with my tongue.

Although he’d already been able to take a few inches of me, I knew we weren’t gonna make it until I got him more relaxed and loosened up. He made it no secret that he wanted all of it and he responded to my touch like a finely honed engine.

My crank was painfully hard as it waited its chance to feel the heat of his fuck-hole, and when I finally had him to a point where I thought we had a good chance of coupling up good and solid, I had to pinch myself off to keep from cumming prematurely as I drove it up in him.

I had him bent over a big bolder that lay out in the river which was the perfect height for the two of us to get after it in all positions. We made good use of it too. Once I had him to where he could handle the full length of me, he turned around to face me and laid down on his back on top of that bolder.

He never said a word. Neither one of us did. We just let our actions speak for themselves as he raised his legs up and held them up with his hands. I guided the swollen head of my crank back inside him and felt it flare out wide and firm against the walls of his canal. He watched me intently as I sweated myself up fuckin’ on his big, beautiful body. I was absolutely taken by his hairy, masculine being and felt deeply honored that a big, hairy brute like him thought me worthy enough to take him in such a way.

I knew he could sense the respect I had for him and the honor I felt in being allowed to help him with his need. We hammer-fucked until we were both dripping with sweat and then all of a sudden, he laid his head back, and I could feel the quick, spasms of his prostrate squeeze tight around the shaft of my crank as his fat pecker spewed his seed out of his huge testicles.

After the second long rope of spunk flew straight up in the air, he bellowed deep and manly and the lustful sound echoed off the bluff on the other side of the river. He still had his arms wrapped around his thighs, so I reached down and fisted his thick, fat knob of a cock and helped milk him dry as I spilled my own seed up his hairy manhole.

He jolted his head up when he felt my crank let loose and watched my face intently as I grimaced through my orgasm. Feeling me blow my load up inside him triggered even more from him and for a minute there we were both just lost in a spasm of fuck-lust. We eyed one another the whole time and once we had one another spent, his head fell back and I could feel his body go limp.

By then, he and I were both covered with his spunk and it was still oozing out of him like an underground water swell. His fertile semen was milky white and smelled rich and sweet. I licked some off my finger and when he saw me do that his whole body involuntarily spasmed. He grunted and looked down at himself and forced a few more shots of spunk out of his cock to emphasize his pleasure at my acceptance of him. He looked up at me and smiled and I jolt-fucked him a couple of times to let him know how much I appreciated what he had just done for me then I wiped his fresh load off the head of his pecker and savored it for him to see.

Afterwards, we both smiled at one another as if we were both asking ourselves the same question. . . why it had taken us so long to getting around to expressing our mutual respect and admiration for one another in this manner?

We horsed around and made light conversation afterwards and in general just enjoyed being alive on such a lovely day. I came to appreciate just how strong the son of a gun was, and after we horsed around for about an hour or so, his fat, stubby pecker was full up hard once again.

He rubbed his thumb over the head of it and said, “See? I told you I always have to cum a second time to be fully satisfied.”

I smiled and nodded my understanding and watched as he sat back down on that boulder and began slowly working himself over. He seem so satisfied being free to take care of things on his own and at his own pace, I just smiled my understanding and watched. It wasn’t long before he raised his big chunky legs up in the air and rolled like a rocking chair on his back then closed his eyes and took himself to that private place a man has to go within his own psyche which lets him relinquish the last of his seed.

I understood and appreciated what I was witnessing from my own personal experiences and was enthralled with the way he went about handling his need. I learned a lot about him and what made him tick as he worked his fat cock in his own special, unique way. Realizing he was wanting to share this most intimate and private side of himself with me, I felt that special bond between us which had always been there ever since we first met blossom out to its full.

As he got closer and closer to making his big ol’ nuts give in to his will, he began to mumble to himself. His eyes were still closed, and I couldn’t make out much of what he was saying, but I thought I heard him say ‘aw dad’ a couple of times right before he raised his thick, hairy legs up in the air and began stroking fast and furious.

His big torso suddenly jerked and he stifled a guttural cry. I could of swore he said ‘Grandpa! Fuck me good!’ but it was too garbled for me to be sure. By then, he had opened his eyes and watched his cock like a little boy seeing something new for the first time as it spewed stream after stream of spunk right over his head. I could see his prostrate spasm mightily right under his nut-sack and by the time he was finished, I all of a sudden realized that I was harder than a rock.

I began getting after myself and he waned from his own intense orgasm, he noticed me and watched me in turn.

I think it was that experience which sealed a bond between us that has lasted a lifetime. I felt honored he let me witness the way he was as he went about taking care of things on his own, and I’m sure he felt the same as he intently watched me dig deep within my own self to relinquished the last of my nut.

It wasn’t until I shook the last of my spunk off the head of my crank that he broke the silence by saying, “That was fucking beautiful to watch, buddy.”

“Likewise sheriff, likewise. . .”

He was sitting up on the boulder leaning forward with his hands resting on his knees, his big belly hung over his wide groin some and his big nuts were firmly planted against the smooth water-worn face of the bolder. His fat pecker looked comfortably scrunched in between and a thick, clear ooze of his man-juice strung from the tip of his cock-head down to his fleshy nut-sack.

After I finally caught my breath, I walked over to him and rubbed my hand over his hairy belly and slowly let my hand drift down to his manhood. After everything we had done together, for some reason this made him look at me with thoughtful eyes as if he’d just then seen me for the first time. He slowly raised his arm and wrapped it around my torso then with his other hand pushed mine down under his hairy belly.

He looked me in the eyes and smiled then said simply, “Go ahead and get your fill of it son.”

Even though he and I are about the same age, I knew straight away that even though he said it somewhat as a joke, he knew then that I didn’t have all that much experience sexually. And as things would turn out between us, he then took it upon himself to mentor me in a way " to let me experience things he knew I hadn’t been able, or even knew how to experience, but I didn’t realize that at the time.

I just smiled back and said, “Damn sheriff, between your big belly and your thick thighs, your manhood looks mighty comfortably tucked away down there. That’s quite something to see. . . I like how it looks.”

He chuckled and looked down at himself then grabbed some of the fat on his belly. “I could stand to loose a bit of that. Hell, I haven’t been able to see my dick while standing up in quite a while so I have no idea how comfortable it looks down there. I know one thing for damn sure, only another man would ever have said to me what you just did. . . I appreciate it though. Hell, a man’s got to do what a man has to do and I have to spend a lot of time driving around to be sure. You don’t get a lot of exercise that way. . .”

“You’re as strong as an ox though sheriff. I couldn’t help but notice that when you was helping me set that big carving I made.”

“Well I still get after the weights at home some when I get a chance. I still like doing that ever since I took it up when I was a kid.”

I let my hand feel around on his privates and gently rubbed my finger over tip of his cock-head. That dribble of spume I saw was thick and viscous and for some reason I just felt like licking it off him.

“Do you mind if I have a taste of that sheriff?”

He gave me a surprised look then smiled and said, “Aw hell I don’t think I can get another hard-on now. I pretty much spent the very last of what I had while watching you get yourself off. That was somethin’ to see. I don’t guess you realized it, but I started cummin’ again right when you did. I learned a lot about you watching how you get after yourself.”

I crouched down and gently pushed his big thighs apart enough to where I could get my face right up to his cock-head. “So what did you learn about me sheriff?”

He chuckled and said, “Well for one thing, I learned that having a big fuckin’ dick like yours isn’t all on might think it would crack up to be. I could tell that it isn’t easy for you.”

As soon as I licked his stuff, the sweetness of it was quite evident. I lapped up the rest off his balls and while I did, he said, “Damn I never thought the day would come that I would be seeing this. Hell, I never thought any of what we have done today would ever come to pass even though I have to admit the thought of it had crossed my mind a few times to be sure.

I feel honored by what you’re doing big man. Real honored by it. I tell you what, you’re the only man in this county I would ever let do to me what you did.”

“I’m aware of that sheriff and I feel honored you sought me out for it.”

“Well I sure as hell have been needing this. I was starting to feel so out of sorts, I wasn’t sure how much longer it would be before I’d go just plain nuts. . . Hey! What the hell are you doing down there? That tickles!”

I looked up and smiled at him. I had lifted up his big ol’ balls and licked right under them to get at the last of that sweet spume of his not thinking that I might discover a ticklish spot.

“Sorry sheriff. I couldn’t help myself. That’s the sweetest stuff I’ve ever tasted. I suspected it was just by looking at it and I sure as hell was right about that.”

He mussed my hair and said, “You’re one crazy son of a gun " always knew you were. You’re a man’s man through and through just like I always thought you were. So am I if the truth be known. You know, I’m beginning to realize that the older I get, the less interested I am in the fairer sex. I never thought that would happen, but I started realizing that about myself a while back. It’s been damn nice rough-housing around with you today.

I know that most men-folk would take on like they don’t understand what we’ve done today - women-folk too for that matter, but in my line of work I have run into a number of situations I would never mention to anyone else where I begun to realize that what people say and what they actually do can be quite the opposite.”

“I bet you have sheriff, I bet you have. . .”

“I don’t know how often it happens, but I imagine that every man eventually meets up with another that under the right circumstances can lead to what you and I have shared today. I knew the first time you and I talked that we had a special connection between us. I knew for one thing you didn’t have anything to prove as far a being a man was concerned and that’s what attracted me to you all the more.

I just knew in my heart that you and I could share this sort of stuff with one another and enjoy it simply for what it was without things gettin’ all messy between us. I’m sure as hell glad that we finally got around to it that’s all I can say. I don’t mind tellin’ ya that it sure as hell will make life a lot easier for me now knowin’ I’ve got a buddy with whom I can be all the man that I am and not feel guilty or nervous about the situation.”

He stood up and as he did he grabbed his big ol’ balls and pulled them out from between his legs as natural as could be. “Well I don’t know exactly what time it is but I have the night patrol this evening and I imagine I need to be heading back to the house to ready for it. I should probably catch a little shut-eye beforehand too. I don’t know what you have planned for tomorrow and I have no idea how I will feel after being up all night, but I’ll try to drop by tomorrow if you want - provided I’m feeling up to it. . .”

He smiled and smacked me on the butt playfully and said, “You drained my nuts good big buddy. I haven’t felt this satisfied in many a year. I plan to return the favor soon.”

I chuckled and said, “I look forward to it sheriff. Stop by any time you can.”

We got dressed and I walked him back to his cruiser. Sated and satisfied, things fell silent between us during the walk back and I couldn’t help but feel he was as silently in wonder and awe as I of our sexual urges and the powerful drive it has which forces us to satiate them in the mysterious ways that we do.

As he drove away, I had no idea when I might ever see him again even though he had said what he did right before we began our quiet trek back to reality.