WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 14
Not even the half of it. . .

Feeding the animals early in the morning is such a familiar routine for me I don’t ever consciously think much about it while I’m doing it. Usually, I’m thinking about all the other things I need to get done throughout the day, but after the kind of day I’d spent with the sheriff yesterday, he was foremost on my mind.

I thought back to earlier in the week when he happened to run into me at that special place where Bull and I first met. I could sense something was different between us almost from the moment he got out of his cruiser. I was a little surprised at myself for the thoughts I started entertaining about him, and I couldn’t help but think that he had somehow almost been able to read everyone of them.

I was genuinely surprised when he offered to jump right in and help me set up that carving. The other times we had crossed one another’s paths he’d always held himself in reserve and pretty much kept to the business of his uniform, but for some reason, he seemed hell-bent on gettin’ involved with what I was doing.

I think that carving must of spoke to him in some personal way that only he knew about, and I remembered how his whole body swelled up in a hulking mass of muscle right after he wrapped his big hands around it and began helping me lift it off the bed of my truck. I sure had a new appreciation of him after I witnessed that.

Without question, that was the day our relationship took a sudden turn and what occurred between us yesterday was proof of it. I was beginning to think that spot in the road held some kind of mystical power, but I knew there was more to it than that.

I thought back to when he said us big fellows have to watch each other’s back. I didn’t think much about it when he said it, but he had always made me feel as though he liked my company and accepted me for what I was far more than other folks did around here. I guess maybe it was because he and I were somewhat similar from a physical standpoint. His height and his hefty broad build made him every bit as much of an uncommon sight in these parts as I, but I knew that his uniform and what it represented along with his strong, handsome, squared-off facial features tempered how he came across to folks compared to me.

Still, I knew that if they’d ever had a chance to see him naked, they would have considered him a throwback to the apes the way I’m sure a lot of them thought of me. I sure as hell never seen so much hair on the body of one man as he had, but I have to admit that I thought it looked right natural on him and I’m sure he must of sensed that as he waded out in the river to join me because everything that happened between us after that was so pure and honest and uninhibited.

It just came out of the blue and it was everything I always thought sexual expression was supposed to be like for a man and to be truthful, I was still havin’ a hard time understanding how it all happened the way it did. I just figured his need to express that side of himself had been pent up inside of him for quite some time because the way he shot his load all over creation had been somethin’ to behold.

Between my son and Bull, I thought I’d seen it all, but the ol’ sheriff took the prize. That fat, stubby pecker of his sewed his seed like it had somethin’ to prove to the world and I just knew by the way he went about finishing himself off a little later that he enjoyed the hell out of every strong orgasm of that powerful little fucker had to offer.

Hell, I was beginning to believe there was something wrong with me. I’d of done anything to be able to spark off a load like any of them just once in my life, but I have to admit that seein’ and feelin’ the sheriff’s stout, stubby pecker empty those huge testicles of his had left a mighty strong impression.

He had a pair, that’s for damn sure and he’d proved to me that they sure as hell weren’t just for show. Why just feelin’ the weight of his big ol’ fuckin’ balls hangin’ over the shaft of my crank while I had been fuckin’ him left an impression on me I’d never forget. And damn if he couldn’t fuck. He fucked like only a man could ever know how to fuck another man.

I had to stop what I was doin’ and grab up my aching balls as I thought back to how he went about milking me dry with that big ol’ hairy ass of his. I knew right then that I wasn’t the first man he’d ever pleasured in such a way. He knew exactly what he was doing and he had gone about it like a man on a mission.

I never would of suspected that about him beforehand, but now that I knew what I knew, it all seemed to fit him perfectly. The more I thought about him, the more taken I was by all his manly ways, and couldn’t help but wonder how and with whom he’d learned to express himself the way he did.

I finally got back around to finishing up my chores and a good half an hour or so must have passed before I noticed he was standing just inside the large double doors that led inside the barn.

I honestly didn’t expect to see him today even though he had mentioned that he might drop by, but sure enough, there he stood. His big, hefty body was nearly in silhouette from the sunlight pourin’ through the door and his broad, handsome face was shadowed by his wide-brimmed hat. He struck quite a figure standin’ there and I couldn’t help but think how unlikely it was that a big bruiser like him and I had done all the things we had together less than twenty-four hours ago.

He was just lookin’ around in the barn almost as if he wasn’t sure if he should have been there or not until he noticed me walking towards him.

I offered my hand when I got close to him and said, “Well I’ll be damn! How are you doin’ this morning sheriff?”

He smiled his usual smile and said, “I’m fine. How are you?” in his usual way, but he seemed a bit tired and was more subdued than I had ever seen him before. We shook hands like we’d always done ever since we first met, but it seemed a little bit awkward under the circumstances.

I could tell he had as much on his mind as I did, so I said, “I was just thinking about you a few minutes ago, but I didn’t really expect to see you today considering you had to work all night. Would you like some coffee? I can make up a pot if you want.”

“No thanks, I’ve had enough already this morning. . . I spent most the night thinkin’ about you as well. I’m pretty tired, especially considering the day we had yesterday.”

He cracked a little smile and I grinned back at him and said, “Yeah, I’m a little tired too, but I was able to get a good night’s rest.”

He shrugged and said, “I should probably be in bed right now sleeping it off myself, but I felt obliged to come out and see you before I did.”

“You didn’t have to come all the way out here on my behalf sheriff, but I’m glad you did. Still, I know what a drive this was for you and I’d hate to think you might of fallen asleep behind the wheel on the way out.”

“Awh hell, I’m too wound up to fall asleep right now anyway. Maybe I shouldn’t have come back here so soon, but I just thought you and I might want to have a little talk. That is if you’re feelin’ up to it.”

“Why sure sheriff. I just finished up here in the barn. Would you like to go sit out on the back porch?”

“Well to be honest, I wouldn’t mind heading back down to the river if it’s all the same to you. I enjoyed that spot and felt comfortable there. I don’t often get a chance to be in a place like that.”

“It don’t make any difference to me sheriff, but maybe it would be best if you parked your cruiser around back here where nobody can see it. Every once in a blue moon I get a few Sunday drivers passing by the place and I wouldn’t want them to start gettin’ curious as to what the hell the county’s finest is doing at my place. I have a bad enough reputation as it is.”

He smiled, but he saw the wisdom in what I was saying, so he turned on his heels without saying a word and pulled his cruiser up out of sight behind the barn.

I opened the gate that led the way down to the river and let him pass through. As I latched it back up, he said, “Say that reminds me. I couldn’t help but notice that timber you had curing piled up in the back of the barn. Looks like you’re planning a big job.”

“Yeah, I’ve got several large gates I’ve been needing to replace. They’re so damn big and heavy that it’s gonna be all I can do to put them up on my own. I’ve been kind of dreading it to tell you the truth, but I was thinking about getting’ started on them this next week. I figure I might can get a couple of them built before harvest.”

“Well if you don’t have anything else you have to do that is pressing this week, why don’t you start hauling all that timber out on site Monday and Tuesday. I’m gonna be off starting Wednesday and all through the weekend. I’d be glad to come out and help you. I’m pretty handy building fences. It’s been quite a while, but I spent a number of summers helping my grandpa around his farm. He taught me how to work with wood and build cattle gates. His weren’t as fancy as yours, but I’m sure I’d catch on pretty quick.”

“I’d take you up on that if you’re serious sheriff. Just having an extra pair of hands would sure as hell make the job go a lot faster and as strong as you are, I think between the two of us, we could set ‘em up without having to fuss around with a lift. They ain’t all as heavy as they look, but they’re awkward as hell as big as they are.”

“I’m serious, so go ahead an plan on it. I’ll be out here early Wednesday morning then.”

We walked on down towards the river without saying much more to one another and when we got there, he just looked around at the scenery for a moment before he lowered his bulk down under the big shade tree where I first saw him standing yesterday. He grabbed his manhood and hefted his big ol’ balls out in front of himself as he sat, then he put his legs together and let ‘em rest on top of his thick thighs.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself at how naturally he’d gone about handling himself in that way, and how his fat, stubby pecker poked it’s round head straight up firm against the trousers of his uniform just barely above the top of his huge testicles. I took a seat right next to him and was a little self-conscious of the fact that I had my own way of handling things whenever I took a seat.

He grinned at me and shook his head once as he peered down at my crank runnin’ down the inside of my thigh and said, “You know while I was on patrol last night I damn near had myself convinced I’d been dreaming yesterday. I kept tellin’ myself there ain’t no way a man could have a dick as big and long as I remembered yours to be. . . but damn! Look at that son of a bitch!”

I felt it throb involuntarily, but I knew that he hadn’t said what he did to get somethin’ started between us. I shot a glance down at his crotch where he could notice and said, “I was thinkin’ the same thing about them big ol’ testicles of yours earlier this morning sheriff. To be honest, I’m a bit envious. Them fuckers sure as hell ain’t just for show are they? I could tell how damn good it felt to you yesterday when you started drainin’ them fuckers the way you did.”

He chuckled and his face turned a little red as he said, “I’d been needing that for a long time buddy.” His left hand absently wandered down under them and rubbed them gently.“I swear I could feel ‘em loadin’ back up all night long - I’ve never felt anything like that before, have you?”

“I can’t say that I have sheriff, but then again I ain’t got the kind of heavy industry goin’ on down there like you do.”

He smiled and grabbed what he could of them in the palm of his hand, “I have to admit they haven’t ached like this ever since I was a kid. I’m pretty sure I started playing with myself earlier than most boys do. I was getting hard-ons by the time I was four or five. I started out just playing around with it and looking at it throb, but it didn’t take me long to figure out how good it felt to rub that stiff little fucker all over my bed sheets and pillow.”

He chuckled at himself and gave me a sly glance when he heard me laughin’ along with him. He winked at me then he pinched the crotch of his trousers until he had a good hold of his fat stubby cock right below its round knobby head then shook it a couple of times as he went on to say, “By then I knew that women didn’t have one of these things. My mom’s sister lived nearby at the time and she had a daughter about my age. We played together quite a bit for a couple of years before they moved away and they used to bath us together every once in a while whenever we got dirty after playing outside. I sure as hell noticed the difference between us and I’m sure she did too. . . kids don’t miss a thing.

Anyway, I knew from the first time it ever got hard that it was something that could only happen to a man, so I associated it all to being male. I know it sure as hell make me wonder about my dad and if he ever got that way, but only in an abstract sort of way. What I mean is that I didn’t have any kind of sexual desire for him at the time. I just mostly enjoyed how it felt whenever it did get hard, but naturally, it got me to thinking.”

I chuckled and said, “Well I’m sure it must of sheriff!”

He grinned and finally let go of himself. I’d noticed he’d been gently massaging his big ol’ balls while he talked, but I don’t think he was consciously aware he was doing it. He then folded his arms and rested them on his big belly and took a deep breath then looked over at me and smiled as though he was just happy that I was there with him.

I just smiled back at him not knowing really what to say and made myself a bit more comfortable.

“I guess it was about a year or so later that my mom started doing some Spring cleaning and every once in a while she’d have me carry a sack full of magazines and such out to the trash bin for her. After we finished up in the living room, she told me to clean up my bedroom and she went into theirs, and started going through their closets. About an hour or so later I went in to see if she needed me to carry anything out for her and saw that she was rummaging through some old photographs.

She handed me one of them and that’s when I discovered my dad used to tour around on the professional wrestling circuit before he married mom and settled down with his job at the police force. I looked through the rest of them and many were promotional photos with ‘The Rock’ printed underneath them. Mom told me he got that name mainly because of how he always stood leaning forward like some boulder about to fall off a cliff. We both laughed about that because it was true to be sure, and seeing him in those wrestling tights it was more apparent than ever just how squared off his body was.

He looked like a block of granite in those photos, but there was one picture of him in particular that caught my attention. It was a full bodied side view of him and it showed off his bulging manhood quite explicitly through his tights.

I couldn’t believe how big his balls were and the proud outline of his fat cock and cock-head resting on ‘em caused my own little pecker to stir in my blue jeans. I couldn’t believe the feeling that came over me. I sure as hell never took notice or even thought of trying to take notice of what he had between his legs until then, but I tell you what, my eyes locked onto his manhood and I was convinced right then and there that the answer to many a question I had about myself hung right down between my own father’s legs.

Ever since I could remember, he’d rough house with me on the living room floor – especially on the weekends while mom was out doing the grocery shopping. I enjoyed the physical contact with him like most boys do at that age, but I didn’t associate it to anything sexual until I saw those pictures of him in his wrestling tights. I couldn’t stop thinking about that picture, so a day or two later, I snuck in their bedroom and took it and hid it in mine.

I remember that first night I pulled it out after they went to bed and just stared at it. Hell, I had no idea what I was doing or what even motivated me to do it, but my little pecker got as hard as a rock in no time and I realized that even with mine hard, his was a hell of a lot bigger in proportion to his body than mine was.

That was the first time I ever started stroking my cock, and I didn’t quit until I had my first dry orgasm. My balls hurt like hell afterwards, but it felt so damn good, I was willing to suffer that pain just to experience all the pleasure and relief it gave me. Hell, I probably jacked off at least three times a week for several weeks after until my nuts got so numb I knew I’d best lay off for a while.”

He winked at me and we both chuckled a bit, then he caressed his big ol’ balls in the cup of his hand and said, “Anyway, that’s how them fuckers are feeling to me today. You helped me drain ‘em good yesterday buddy. I have to say I never in my wildest dreams ever expected anything like what happened between you and me yesterday to come about. I sure as hell never took you for being one who would ever have any interest in that kind of man to man contact and as for me, well I thought I had out-grown that kind of stuff a long time ago.

It shows you what the hell I know about myself much less anyone else. I don’t know how you’re feeling about it today, but I sure as hell feel more like a man than I have in a long time. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, well. . . I sure as hell never have let myself get carried away like I did yesterday with any other man I’ve ever met – at least not outside of my own family.”

He smiled a little sheepishly after he said that and I could tell he had let something slip out that maybe he didn’t intend to. I thought he might go ahead and elaborate on his own, but soon realized he was waiting to see how I would respond.

“Well sheriff, I have to say I feel the same today as well. I’m not sure what the hell came over us yesterday, but it was one of the most pure and natural experiences I ever had, and I was already wondering if your curiosity and infatuation with your dad ever got the better of you to where you carried it out any further with him. . . but I guess you kinda let that slip out.”

He smiled and looked down at the ground, then said, “Yeah, I guess I did” then he exhaled deep and went on to say, “Yeah, it did happen eventually, but it wasn’t until I was much older. . . so what made you wonder about that?”

“Well sheriff, since you seem willing to talk family secrets with me, I’ll return one to you. About a year or so ago, my son came after me to satisfy some of his own sexual curiosity. I have to admit that I don’t think I handled it all that well at first, but I eventually made it up to him. At least I think I did. I can’t say for certain however. It’s damn near impossible to know how it will all turn out for him in the long run, but I’m thinkin’ maybe you could enlighten me on that considering. . . .”

He grinned to himself then looked up at me and said, “Well considering how well endowed you are boss, it’s little wonder that he would be curious about that dick of yours. I mean fuck, he didn’t have to see you wearing wrestling tights to take notice of what you’ve got between your legs.”

I felt myself blush a little, “Well yeah, he confessed to me later that he’d been thinking about it ever since he was about the same age you were when you saw that picture of your dad.”

“So what happened? What came about?”

“Well he hounded me to go fishing with him one day even though we both knew damn good an well they wouldn’t be biting. I guess I could tell he had somethin’ on his mind so I went along with it and while we were out there he started to get a hard-on and one thing led to another until the next thing I knew he had every last inch of my crank down his throat. I couldn’t believe it when he started in on it. I said all sorts of things to him I know I shouldn’t of, but instead of making him quit, it made him all the more determined. He fought me for it good and by the time he got the fucker all the way down his throat, I was too far gone to put up any more of a fight. Besides, by then I knew he was needing it as bad as anything he ever needed in his life and hell, I was so sexually frustrated. . .”

I looked down at myself and absently rubbed my hand along the length of my crank. “Hell sheriff, you know me and you know that I’ve pretty much stayed to myself down here. Hell I had no idea how much bigger I was down here than other men. It took my own son to make me realize that about myself. The only man I ever had to compare anything like that to was my dad, and I guess I have to say that he was near as big as I was in that department. I don’t remember really to be honest. Anyway, I think my son knew way in advance of that day how sexually frustrated I was, and in a way, I think he just wanted to help me out with that situation.”

I looked up at him and forced a smile. “Well anyway sheriff, he told me later that he had never once thought about suckin’ on it until the moment he saw it start to get hard. I can tell you’re havin’ a hard time belivin’ that he was able to get it all down his throat, but the kid doesn’t seem to have any sort of gag response.

You know, I don’t know how to say this exactly, but yesterday I could tell what you were wantin’ not long after we got things goin’ and I was just wonderin’ if that was something you first experienced with your dad. I mean. . . Well you know what I mean. Hell I know damn good and well you’ve fucked more pussy in your life than I more than likely ever will, so I just want you to know I don’t think anything untoward because of it. I’m sure you realized how inexperienced I am after you saw the way I fumbled around yesterday.

I just want it to be understood that what we say or do and how we do it is just between you and me sheriff. Including any stories we share about our kin folk.”

I smiled and winked at him and he looked down at himself for a moment then raised his head and winked back at me. “I guess I always knew you and I could become good friends if we ever had the chance and I guess it’s not surprising in a way that we started off the way we did. I’m glad you came out and said what you did big buddy. Not that you needed to, but I’m glad you said it anyway.”

He reached over and patted me on the back and then gave me a playful push and chuckled to himself and said, “And yeah, I noticed that you didn’t seem to have much experience, but I had to ask myself if I’d be any better at man-handling that big ol’ crank of yours than you were. I was a bit disappointed that you weren’t able to get off the way I did. I told you I’d make that up to you one day and I will once my balls stop aching, but that isn’t why I offered to come help you out with your fences this next week. I just want you to know that we can be friends and help one another out in other ways as well.”

“I appreciate that sheriff, but it’s more work than you may think it is.”

“Oh you don’t have to tell me that! Like I said, I’ve helped my grandpa build new fences before so I know what’s involved and considering how big the ones you have around here, I’m sure we’ll be busy as hell for a couple of days.”

“I’ll be surprised if we can get them done in a couple of days sheriff if we try and do all six of them.”

“Well you probably know more about that than I, but I’m willing to bet that we can crank them out in two days once we get rollin’. Anyway, to answer your question, it was something I first experienced with my dad, but how that all came about takes some explaining.”

He grinned and I grinned back at him and said, “I’m all ears sheriff.”

“You’re all dick boss, but you do have some pretty big ears now that you mention it.” He smiled to himself then took a deep breath and went on.

“Well I guess I don’t have to tell you I showed far more interest in wrestling around with him than I did before I ever saw those photos of him. He was always game for it and only occasionally did he ever pretend that I got the upper hand with him. Every time he pinned me down, he’d say, ‘Now you’ve got to say uncle’, and wouldn’t let me up until I did, but one day he had me down to where my face was right under his crotch and I reached up and grabbed for his manhood and he raised up and said, ‘Hey now! Do you want to wrestle or are you just wanting to donkey-dick around?’

I’d always been more brazen when I was alone with him than I ever was when mom was around. He brought that out in me for some reason and I think he secretly liked seeing me assert myself. Anyway, I remember I grinned at him and thrust my crotch up at him and said, ‘Let’s donkey dick around daddy!’ I don’t know if he could tell I had a raging boner at the time or not, but I think he must have because I could tell he was caught off guard for a moment. He blushed a little then grinned to himself and started tickling me and said, ‘There’ll be plenty of time for that when you get older you little squirt’.

I don’t know what he meant by that or if he even meant anything by it, but I hung on to that statement all through my childhood. He was as aware as anyone of the intimate man to man contact involved in wrestling and the sexual undertones of it all, so he made it clear to me that type of stuff wasn’t allowed, but at the same time, he used that energy through the years to teach me what all he knew about the sport and the few times I did get a good handful of his manhood as a legitimate part of the grapple, he never let on or said anything about it.

Hell, by the time I was ten, I probably knew more about wrestling than most men ever knew in a lifetime. It was still mostly horseplay, but he slowly and patiently trained me what to do under certain situations.

It sure as hell had toughened me up and it was beginning to show outwardly so my dad took me aside and had a long talk with me about keeping all this at home and never trying to show off what I knew to my friends.

Not that I had many friends. I kept to myself mostly all through school and I can certainly say that I never had what you might consider a close friend. No, all through my youth, my closest friend was my dad and we remained that way.

I don’t know what he would of thought or would have done had he known that at such a young age I was secretly playing with myself while I was looking at that picture of him, but by the time he gave me that talk about keeping the wrestling at home, I’d had gotten a few good feels of his manhood and began to think more about those experiences whenever I had a go at myself alone in bed.

I remember the first time I ever shot a wad of spunk.

I’d been noticing that my cock was starting to grow larger and I was beginning to sprout a few hairs around my pubic region and somewhere along the way I started fantasizing quite a bit about what it would feel like if he and I ever rubbed our dicks together. For some reason I always imagined that he would be soft and I was rubbing my stiff prick all over his big balls and thick shaft.

I had my eyes closed and the image of my cock-head pressing firm against his soft hairy balls got fixed in my mind and when I had my orgasm, I felt a hot wad of liquid splatter on my left eyelid.”

He chuckled and shook his head then gave me a wink and said, “That scared the shit out of me! My eyes shot wide open cause I was certain that someone else was in the room. I was puzzled as hell afterward especially after I wiped the stuff out of my eye and took a close look at it. I did eventually notice that the tip of my prick was a little moist, but I really wasn’t certain whether or not this white gooey stuff I had on my fingers had shot out of there or not!

Heh heh. . .What made matters worse was that the next night I kept my eyes open the whole time while I tried it again and when I finally got myself to orgasm, nothing came out!”

We both had a good laugh over that and he got a little red in the face as he went on about how naive he was at that age. Finally he looked over to me and asked, “I don’t guess you ever entertained those kind of thoughts whenever you started jacking off did you?”

“I can’t say I ever did sheriff. Hell, as soon as my dad realized I was getting sexually active, he married me off. I was just thirteen when I sired my son sheriff, so I didn’t really have time to work through any of my own sexual thoughts or fantasies. To be honest, I am just now coming into my own on that account.”

He studied me seriously for a moment then nodded his understanding as he slowly worked through the ramifications of my upbringing would have on a man. “Well that explains a few things. I didn’t realize you were near my age. I always figured you were a bit older considering the age of your son, but that does explain a few things. . .

You know, years ago I started reading what I could on some of this stuff because I knew I had a different kind of sexual development than most and everything I could read talked about it in terms of being bi-sexual, but for some reason I don’t see it that way at all.”

“Why’s that sheriff?”

“Well to me the term bi-sexual makes it sound like the experiences are equal and that the only thing that is different is the gender of your sexual partner, but that sure as hell isn’t how it’s ever been like for me. They are completely different as far as I’m concerned.”

“I agree a hundred percent sheriff. I think you can tell I’m just now beginning to explore that side of me. I sure as hell never had the pent up need for this type of expression or affirmation the way you or my son did. Probably because I was married off so young, but I’ve come to understand it and realize how different it is and important it can be for a man to express himself to another in these ways.”

He nodded and said almost to himself, “That’s for damn sure”, then he just sat silently for a moment and took a good look at me.

We knew we were mostly cut from the same cloth. Between us, we embodied most all of what is considered to be the extremes of the male gender and by then we pretty much understood what that meant for one another and how, for that very reason, most folks kept their distance and didn’t want to have a whole lot to do with us. Perhaps that alone was what had brought us together, but still, we both knew how unlikely it was that we’d ever find ourselves in the relationship we now had.

He looked down at himself and said, “You know, I knew he was my father, but I never thought I’d end up looking so much like him. I started bulking up considerably when I went through puberty and by the time I was sixteen, my body was a hell of a lot different than it had been beforehand. It took some getting used to. My thighs got a hell of a lot thicker in a hurry and so did my ass for that matter.”

He cracked a smile and said, “I swear my ass was as big then as it is today. Well maybe not quite, but it sure as hell was bigger than most guys my age. I took some kidding about it from my dad, but he didn’t have any room to talk in that department. I’m sure he could see more of himself in me as I grew to be near his size and naturally our wrestling bouts started lasting longer and were far more physical and intimate.

He’d always enjoyed all of our horseplay when I was younger, but I could tell he was enjoying it more than he ever had before. I was actually starting to be a challenge to him and whenever I came close to beating him or did something he thought was particularly smart or inventive, he’d pat me on the butt afterwards and point out what I’d done that he’d liked.

Of course I was a mass of raging hormones at age and once my dad started being more physical with me and I had felt the full weight of his body all over mine, I was pretty much a gonner. There had been a couple of times where I’d gotten to feel his stuff pressing firm against my ass and when I was alone in bed at night, I began to relive those brief moments and eventually, my imagination got the better of me.”

He blushed a little then winked at me and said, “That’s when I discovered that I could blow one hell of a load when I had a finger up my ass. I’d took to having a towel in bed with me to cover myself because of how far I could shoot my load anyway but for a few nights there I didn’t use it and just watched the fireworks fly. I hated like hell having to clean it all up afterwards, but even I couldn’t believe how far I could shoot my nut with a little help down there.

That held me off for a while longer, but I had a pent up need just like you said earlier about your son, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep myself from doing something about it all that much longer.

Well about that time, things started happening rather fast. That was the first year I was allowed to participate on the wrestling team at school and near the end of the school year I won the heavyweight class at the state wrestling championship. My little school didn’t have all that much of an athletic program so it got played up more than it should of.

Hell you know what a gruff old dog I am now and I wasn’t much different back then. Everyone in school pretty much kept their distance from me before that, but afterwards, I got the royal treatment from a number of the kids who had never before had anything to do with me.

I started getting phone calls both from guys and gals in school wanting to know if I would be interested in joining them in one type of activity or another. It was mostly innocent kid stuff and my mom thought it would be good for me to learn to be a bit more sociable, but my dad saw a different side of it than she did.

He’d gone through a similar situation back in his day and he knew from his own personal experiences how all of that kind of superficial attention could affect you and where it could all eventually lead. He had always been a man of few words, but he started paying attention to me in ways he’d never done before and eventually tried to talk with me about sex.

Mom had gone over to a neighbor’s house to visit after dinner one evening and I guess he figured it was as good a time as any. He kind of fumbled around the subject and once I realized where the conversation was leading, I started getting a hard-on. I tried to cover it up with my hand but that just made it all that more obvious. He tried to let on that he didn’t notice, but I could tell he did.

He sure as hell figured out in a hurry how fuckin’ horny I was. I was so flush with sexual tension, I don’t remember much of the conversation. I think more than anything he was just curious to find out if I was showing any interest in the fairer sex, and I’m sure he soon realized that I didn’t have much interest at all because I suddenly turned the conversation to him and expressed my curiosity about how he took care of business.

He didn’t expect that at all and he started getting a hard-on as well and I’m sure I didn’t do a very good job of hiding the fact that I noticed he was. I’m not sure what would of happened if mom hadn’t suddenly returned from next door. As soon as he heard her opening the front door, he winked at me and said quickly, ‘We’ll talk more about this later’, then got up and went to the bathroom.

Well buddy, who knows when we would of talked about it or what would have been said, but as it turned out, things were on a collision course. I scampered off to my bedroom as soon as I knew I could get up off the couch without mom noticing I had a raging boner and got in bed.

I was a ball of fire, but I knew I couldn’t do anything about it until they got off to sleep. This all happened on a Sunday evening and I knew they would retire to bed early, but I got so fuckin’ horned up thinking about what had happened and how my old man’s cock-head looked like as it started to swell up in his pants, I passed out.

I mean that literally. One moment I was wide awake and the horniest I’d ever been and the next thing I knew, it was well past midnight. I still had a hell of a hard-on when I woke and I must of laid wide awake for an hour before I finally decided that I had to do something about it or I wouldn’t sleep the rest of the night.

I sat up and turned on the lamp beside my bed and dug out that photo of my dad and laid it beside me and just went after it. I closed my eyes and thought again about watchin’ him gettin’ a hard-on and I remember I eventually said softly to myself, ‘Fuck me dad! Fuck me good!, as I started sticking my finger up my ass.

Heh heh, I was goin’ for the mother-load boss, but all of a sudden I sensed something and opened my eyes and there was my dad standing right in the doorway. He was as shocked and embarrassed as I was. I saw his eyes shoot over at that picture of himself and back at me with my finger up my ass and then he quickly and quietly shut the door.

Well I didn’t sleep the rest of the night and neither did he from what I could tell. He was up and out of the house early and things were tense between us that evening. Mom noticed it right away and I could hear them talking together in their room after dinner.

I hid away in my bedroom nervous as hell, but in a way, I was relieved as much as anything. About an hour later, he knocked on my door and came in and said, ‘I think you and I need to get away for the rest of the week so pack up your camping gear’.

We were up and out of town long before daybreak and neither one of us said a word to one anther in the car for the longest time. Like I said before, he was a man of few words anyway and right before sunrise, I couldn’t take it any longer and said, ‘I hope you didn’t tell mom anything about what you saw dad.’

He looked over at me and said, ‘No, I didn’t son. I just told her that you had asked me to take you out on a camping trip so we could talk and I had said no at first, but that I had changed my mind. I think she’s afraid that you are going to tell me that you got a girl pregnant, but I guess you and I both know she needn’t worry about that. And just in case you’re wondering, I’d been standing there for several moments so I heard and saw everything you were doing in your room.’

He went on to say something to the effect that he was interested in hearing me out about it and wouldn’t be judgmental about what I had to say. He also made it clear that he’d know the truth when he heard it so he rather hear me say I didn’t want to talk about it at all than have me make up stuff that didn’t ring true.

Well boss. I thought that over for a moment or two and finally concluded that the sooner he new the truth, the sooner this would all get resolved one way or another. So I just started in from the beginning and told him everything I’d already told you.

He realized soon enough that I was more embarrassed about getting caught in the act than I was about my feelings towards him. I just told him the facts like I told you and didn’t try to rationalize it none because frankly I didn’t feel like I needed to. Hell I knew by then that most boys didn’t have the kinds of feelings for their father’s like I did, but I’d always thought it was because they didn’t have the kind of father that I had.

I made it clear that he was the only man I’d ever entertained having any kind of man to man contact like that with, and I think that took him a bit by surprise. He kept looking over at me from time to time to get a read on me and saw how determined and unashamed I was about my feelings towards him, and, like you said earlier, about the kind of affirmation I was seeking from him.”

He paused for a moment then looked me in the eyes and said, “You know, that’s one of those two dollar words you never hear much and doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning until you have some kind of experience to tie it to. But that really was what I was needing as much as anything.”

“Yeah, sheriff I know. It didn’t have much meaning to me until after I saw the need in my own son. So how did your dad respond to all of what you told him? My boy never told me anything about what he’d been going through until after we ended up in the situation we found ourselves in. I don’t know how I would of responded if he’d told me all of that beforehand.

And by the way, just in case you’re wondering sheriff, your stories have a lot of similarities in some respects. ”

He smiled and said, “Well I guess that’s good to know in a way. At least I know now that I’m not totally different than other men walking this earth. Sometimes I wonder though.”

“We all have similar needs sheriff. It’s how they manifest themselves in each individual that makes us unique.”

“I guess that’s true boss. Anyway, it took my dad some time to sort through all I had said to him. I think what got to him the most was when I brought up the time when I was much younger and he asked me if all I wanted to do was donkey dick around and how he said there would be plenty of time for that when I got older.

I think once he realized for how long I’d taken that to heart, he knew I wasn’t gonna easily let him slide on it. He remembered that day but he didn’t remember ever saying anything like that. I stood my ground on what I remembered him saying and after a while, he probably realized for the first time that what he’d said to me didn’t come out the way he’d meant it.

We more or less reached an impasse on that point and neither one of us said anything for quite a while. I could tell he was mulling things over in his head so I just kept to myself and began to slowly accept the fact that the way I was and the way I felt was something I was going to have to work out on my own.

Finally, he glanced over at me and said, ‘You know son, I can understand how, when you were younger, you would notice the size of my penis and be curious about it from that standpoint. I remember I went through the same phase when I was that age. But hell, you ought to know by now that I don’t have anything out of the ordinary.’

I understood what he was getting at, but to be honest boss, I was a little surprised and even a bit embarrassed for him that he’d come out and say something like that. I’d eventually come to understand why he did say that, but at the time, I was tired of talking about myself and all my sexual desires so I just put it back on him and pointed out how his balls were a hell of a lot bigger than any I’d ever seen.

He couldn’t help but chuckle over that and that helped to break the ice some. I remember he said, ‘Well, I guess I do. . . You probably will too, but I hope for your sake you don’t. They can be a nuisance at times’, then he took his left hand off the steering wheel and rubbed them some without thinking about the fact I was watching him.

When he finally caught on, he quickly put both hands on the wheel and after a while he said, ‘Son, I feel like you’ve put me on the spot here. Try to think about me some and how I might be feeling about all this.’

Well, I did think about that for the next few days and I slowly came around to accepting how difficult this all was for him. So I did my best to give him all the room he needed.

He ended up taking us to a mountain that had a hiking trail that led up to a couple of lakes near the top. It was such a long, steep climb, that the trail was barely worn enough to even make out in certain places along the way. By the time we made it up to the first lake and made camp, we were both so tired physically and emotionally that we both slept like rocks that night.

We’d just taken the small tent that I usually had to myself and we were jammed in there pretty tight, so I went out of my way to give him all the room I knew he needed to be comfortable given the situation. The next day as we hiked up to the other lake, he was a bit more relaxed and talkative and finally got around to explaining the birds and the bees to me.

I could tell he did it mainly because he thought it was his duty to do so, but I sensed that he felt as though it was wasted on me. Hell, I knew most of what he told me already, but I was surprised to find out that women had a special place where you put it.

Heh, heh. . . I guess that shocked me a little at first, even though it all made sense to me considering. I more interested than I think he knew, but I have to admit I was equally as curious to see if whether or not he showed any signs of getting horned up while he talked to me about it.

I never noticed he did, but then again he didn’t approach the discussion the way he’d done with me the first time at home. I have to say though that he seemed a hell of a lot more relaxed afterwards. I’m sure that despite it all, he was glad to be away from his daily grind.

Anyway, by the time we reached that second lake, we weren’t far from the top of the mountain and an unseasonably warm, summer breeze had rolled in. Neither one of us had expected that, and we’d been shedding our clothes on the way up. There wasn’t anyone around and there hadn’t been ever since we got there. It was the middle of the week for one thing and for another, it was early Spring and it had been down right cold until then.

That night we ended up going to sleep in our shorts but we kept a blanket close by in case it cooled off later in the night, but it never did get so cold that we needed it. When I woke up the next morning, my dad was lying flat on his back sound asleep and it didn’t take me long to notice that he had a big ol’ hard-on tenting up in his shorts.

Hell, I hadn’t even thought about gettin’ a boner ever since that night he caught me playing with myself, but when I got a good look at his fat dick throbbin’ away, my little pecker shot straight up in an instant. It started burning with need and for a while there I thought I was gonna loose control and just start filling my shorts up with spunk.

I pulled it out of my fly and grabbed onto it tight and eventually started stroking it some as I watched how that fat fucker of his would slowly swell until the head of it would flare out wide almost like it was going to eat something, then slowly retract and then pulsate wildly for a good five or six seconds then start swelling all over again.

It was barely daybreak and there was just enough light for me to be able to notice all this, but what I didn’t notice was that my dad had opened his eyes and was watching me play with myself as I looked down at his throbbing dick. I don’t know how long it was before I realized that his steady breathing had stopped and when I raised my eyes to see if he was still asleep, he quickly closed them to pretend that he was, but I caught him doing it.

I immediately stopped fondling myself and laid still for a while and tried not to think about how fuckin’ hard I was or how fuckin’ hard he was for that matter, but I just couldn’t. I was also embarrassed that once again he’d caught me at myself especially given the situation so I decided to get the hell out of that tent and get off by myself and take care of matters.

I heard him stir as soon as I left the tent, so I made a bee line to some bushes nearby and pulled out my pecker and tried like hell to take a piss, even though I knew I didn’t have no piss-hard to deal with. After a minute or two I decided to go deeper into the woods and just jerk myself off to get it over with but I was so confused by then that I couldn’t get my rocks off even though I tried like hell to do so.

I finally gave up and half turned around to head back out while I put myself away and zipped back up, but as soon as I looked up, I saw my dad standing there. Hell, once again I had no idea how long he’d been standing there watching me. He seemed agitated and immediately asked me what I was doing and I just broke down in frustration and said, ‘What the hell do you think I was doing dad? I was trying to get my rocks off while I thought about you, but I just couldn’t do it. Look, I’m sorry I have the kind of feelings I have towards you and I wish I could fix that on my own, but I just can’t and so I guess I’m going to have to deal with it in some other way at some other time. I’d just as soon we leave and head back home if it’s all the same to you.’

He just nodded he is head like he was somehow defeated. To be honest boss, I felt more sorry for him than I did myself at that moment and I was feeling pretty damn sorry for myself at the time. He said, ‘Son, let’s sit down and have something for breakfast and at least hike on up to the top of this mountain. I’d hate to think we’d come this far without seeing what all we can see from there and I think you’d regret that too. It’d do us both some good and we can head back after that if you still want to.’

I reluctantly agreed and on the way back to the tent I realized that my little prick had shriveled up to nothing. I was emotionally spent and felt deflated and tired, but after we had some breakfast and begun to make our way up to the mountaintop, I was just mainly a bundle of nervous energy.

Dad had set a quick pace and just trying to keep up with him helped to get my mind off of my frustrations and I noticed that the closer we got to the top, the more determined he seemed to be to get there as quickly as possible. All of a sudden the terrain leveled out right above the tree tops and you could see for miles. It was really quite beautiful and we just looked around in awe of the view.

We could see in all directions and there were a few large boulders sitting around the highest part of the mountain. It jutted up another fifteen feet or so right in the middle of the uppermost plateau like some sort of monument that had been placed there. You could walk all around it and see in all directions, but it was a steep, and somewhat treacherous climb to get up to the very top of it. I decided to sit down on top of one of the boulders and just take in the view, but dad started climbing up it to the very top.

As he made his way up, he looked like he was a part of that mountain. His big ol’ body looked like it was cut from that granite and once he reached the peak, he looked around then down at me and saw that I was watching him.

He said, ‘You ought to come on up here son, it’s a great view’, and I told him I would in a minute. He said, ‘Suit yourself’, then much to my surprise he unzipped his hiking shorts and reached in and pulled out all his stuff and started taking a piss. Ever since we started up that mountain he’d always turned away from me or would go off in the woods whenever he needed to piss, so I was surprised as hell when he just pulled that fat fucker out along with his big balls right where I could see.

I couldn’t believe how much hair he had on his testicles. It glistened golden brown in the sunlight near the same color as his stream of piss. I tried to tear my eyes away, but I couldn’t. He had a determined look on his face as if he was standing up there pissing on the world, and in a way, I think he was. He took his good time with it and after he was done he shook himself clean several times as the last of his urine streamed out in spurts.

He wasn’t lewd about it or nothing like that, but he did glance down at me a couple of times to see if I was still watching him. He finally shook it for the last time, then looked right down at himself and absently milked the last of his piss out of it with his thumb and forefinger as he slowly rubbed the underside of his balls with his other three fingers. He did this just long enough to where I got the impression he was noticing something about his manhood for the very first time, but then all of a sudden, he leaned back and gazed out at the view as he gingerly lifted up those big balls of his and tucked them back inside his fly and then pushed his fat dick down over them and zipped it all away.

He looked around up there for quite a while then made his way back down to me. He walked straight over to me and sat down beside me and I smiled at him and said, ‘Feel better now?’

He grinned and adjusted himself so his stuff was sitting up on top of his thick thighs and said, ‘Boy I’d been needing to do that ever since I woke up this morning.’

I asked why he’d waited so long to take a piss and he blushed a little and said, ‘Well I just decided that I wanted to wait until I was on top of this mountain to do that. Don’t ask me why cause I don’t really know myself. I just wanted to is all.’

‘You looked like you were pissing on the world up there dad.’

‘Maybe I was son. Maybe I was. . .’

He put his arm around me and pulled me close and said, ‘I’ve been thinkin’ son and I don’t think I could live with myself knowing that you might end up substituting one thing for another because you couldn’t have what it was you really wanted.’

I gave him an inquisitive look, and he went on. ‘What I’m trying to say is I’d be willing to let you get a good feel of my stuff if that’s what you really want. If that would help you get this all out of your system, I don’t see any harm in it. So go ahead and have at it if you really want.’

I couldn’t believe my ears boss. I just froze up. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect things would ever start out between us like that, and at that very moment, I wasn’t even sure if I could or even wanted to act on his offer especially the way he’d presented it to me. It took me a few seconds or two to get over my shock but I realized if I was too hesitant, he’d probably retreat and never make mention of it ever again.

I looked him in the eyes and said, ‘I had no idea your balls were so hairy dad.’

He laughed and said, ‘Well they are son’, then he thought a moment and said, ‘Does that put you off?’

I said, ‘Hell no! I think they’re fuckin’ beautiful dad.’

Well I’m sure he could hear the gruff man-lust in my voice cause it surprised the hell out of me as I said it. His cock started to throb and swell and when I looked up at him, I could see his face had turned a little red but I didn’t wait for him to say another word. I reached over and slid my hand down between his legs.

That was a mighty powerful moment. One I’ll never forget for as long as I live. Our eyes locked for an instant then he slowly leaned back on that bolder to get his belly out of the way so I could get a better feel of his manhood.

I didn’t fully appreciate how damn big his balls were until then. I couldn’t even get my hand around one of them! I shot my eyes up to his and said, ‘Damn dad! Them fuckers are huge!’ he let out a nervous chuckle and glanced down at himself then simply reached up and mussed up my hair like he thought I was nuts.

I’m sure he did it as much to alleviate his own tension as mine, but I felt emboldened by the gesture and reached up and put my hand over his fat dick. I felt his body tense up as soon as I touched him there but he didn’t try to put a stop to it.

Hell I don’t know how long I rubbed my hand and fingers all over it. It seemed like an eternity. The fucker kept swelling up, but it never throbbed hard or nothin’. I slowly wrapped my fingers around what I could of it through his trousers and gave it a good squeeze then ran my thumb over the topside of it and let out a lusty chuckle and looked back up at him and said, ‘That fucker feels so nice dad’.

I knew instantly he’d been intently watching every move I made ever since I put my hand on it. I felt his thighs squeeze together tight around my hand then he stifled a groan and I felt his fat fucker throb hard and strong. I could feel his whole body go limp as I shot my eyes down to his crotch and then that fucker of his started throbbin’ good. I rubbed it a few times and my head dropped to it as I reached for his zipper and started pullin’ it down.

He put hand on the back of my head as I reached in for it and I guess in my haste, I must of pinched him somehow. His belly heaved and he grunted softly then pushed my hand away and sat up.

He gave me a wry grin and slid off that boulder and said, ‘I think it’d be best if I took care of that myself’.

For a moment, I thought for sure that was the end of it, but once he was on his feet, he finished unzipping himself and reached in his fly and hefted all of his equipment out at once and just stood there and waited for me. I slid off that boulder lickety split boss and fell to my knees and when I saw that fat, stubby dick of his throb a good one, I started suckin’ on that fucker without even thinking twice!

I couldn’t believe I was don’ it and what’s more, I couldn’t believe that he let me do it. He didn’t move. Not one fuckin’ inch. He stood as steady as his namesake and just let me have at it.”

He paused for a moment and looked down at the ground then shook his head as though he was trying to shake some of those memories loose. He finally looked me in the eyes and smiled inwardly, and said, “I guess that’s what got me started telling you this story boss. When you said that your son told you he’d never once thought about sucking your big ol’ crank until he came face to face with the fucker, well that’s exactly how it was for me.

I’d sure as hell had thought plenty about all kinds of other things, but when it came right down to it, I guess I was so taken by it, all I could think was how I wanted that fucker down my throat.”

He laughed at himself and added, “Hell, I wasn’t thinking at all. I just did what came natural in the heat of the moment.”

I grinned and nodded I understood, then said, “That’s quite a story.”

“Hell that’s not even the half of it boss.”

He glanced down at his watch, then said as he got up on his feet, “Well listen, we can talk more about all this kind of stuff later in the week. I just felt I had to come back out this morning to make sure you were doing alright. I need to be headin’ back to get some sleep before I start back to work tonight. I’ll see you early Wednesday morning, you just make sure you get all that timber on site and if you don’t mind puttin’ me up for a few days, I’ll guarantee you we’ll have that job taken care of in no time.”

I shrugged and said, “Not at all sheriff, if you insist. . .””

I stood up and we made some small talk as we our way back to his cruiser. We shook hands again right before he lowered his big body down inside it and shut the door, and this time, our handshake didn’t seem so awkward to me. After he fired it up, he backed it around and waved right before he put it in drive and pulled away.