WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 15
The other half of the half of it. . .

The sheriff stood up straight and stuffed his hammer and chisel in the pocket of his brand new pair of overalls then grabbed the crotch of them and hefted up his big ol’ balls and said, “Hell no! The sonofabitch didn’t budge an inch the whole time!”

He grinned and winked at me and shook his head a couple of times as he reflected back on the moment. He then grabbed up the large slab of timber he’d just finished grooving out and carried it over to the two large, heavy saw horses I’d made up a few days back just for the occasion and went on to say, “The only time he ever made a move was when I started lickin’ up under those big hairy balls of his. He sort of leaned back some and lifted them up for me and that was about it.”

He sat the board down and positioned it then pulled out his hammer and pounded it fit against the others he had already fitted together and said over the noise, “Hell I’d probably still be down there lickin’ on them had I not felt his precum start dripping down on my forehead. Damn! When I looked up and saw a long string of it hangin’ off the tip of his dick, I gobbled it up in a hurry boss!

I started suckin’ his dick with abandon and he didn’t move a bit until I heard him cry out ‘Shit!’ and all of a sudden I felt his big ol’ hands grab the sides of my face and he quickly forced me off it. That fat dick of his throbbed a good one, and the next thing I know, my face was covered with his spunk.

His eyes got big as pies when he saw my face all covered with his spunk and his fat prick started bobbing up and down like wild and then blew another wad that hit me square. He grimaced and his arms started to tremble as he fought to regain control of himself. Hell, he damn near squeezed my head in flat without realizing it. To this day I don’t know how he managed not to bust the rest of his nut cause that fucker of his was throbbin’ like mad, but somehow he did.

Hell boss, you know me well enough by now to know how much I like to watch the fireworks fly, so I kept my eyes on that fucker for the longest time until I was certain it wasn’t going to shoot off another load. All of a sudden I heard him exhale real loud and I could see how tormented he was when I shot another glance up to his face.

He let go of me in a hurry and reached in his pocket and said, ‘Awh fuck! I’m sorry son! Let me get you my handkerchief’, but before he could get it out, I wiped his spunk off my face with my fingers and licked them clean.

Shit, boss. That was some tasty stuff! I wiped the rest of it off my face and he stood there with his handkerchief in his hand and watched while I licked every last drop of his seed off my fingers. That fat fucker of his started bobbing again and then the head of it flared out wide and another wad of spunk spurt out of it and dribbled down underneath his shaft.

I licked that up for him and started suckin’ down for more, but he stepped back and put himself away in a hurry and said, ‘That’s enough for now son. Let’s take a break. I need to rest up.’

I stood up and he shot a glance down at my crotch and I guess he realized I didn’t have much of a hard-on. Hell I guess I was just too nervous. I didn’t even think about my own self until I realized why he was looking down at my crotch.

He stood there a bit dumbfounded and looked a bit embarrassed about it all until I started rubbing my fist over the underside of my prick through my jeans and said, ‘Fuck, dad. I was just gettin’ started.’

He closely watched how I handled myself for a moment or two then he smiled and stepped right up to me and roughed me up a bit and said, ‘You tough little fuck. You sure as hell are all man about this. I’ll have to say that for you.’

I looked up at him and said, ‘Well what did you expect dad?’ then I remember I grabbed myself up under my balls and put my hand over my little pecker and jostled it all around good and said, ‘It’s all man stuff to me dad, and this is a hell of a lot better than I ever imagined it would be. I’ve been needing for this to happen for a long time.’

He chuckled to himself and saw how I was gettin’ harder and said, ‘I’m sorry son. I kept waiting for you, but I just couldn’t hold myself off any longer. I’ll make it up to you later. All I can say is you sure knew what to do to get me goin’ in a hurry’, then he reached down and grabbed his fat cock and pinched it off as though it was about to blow another wad in his underwear and said almost to himself, ‘You sure as hell can suck a mean dick. I never expected that.’

Hell boss, I don’t think I ever felt any prouder in my life than after he said that to me.”

He pounded his hammer one last time on the board he was fitting up to the others, then sat it down and gave me a wink. I couldn’t help but laugh. Ever since the sheriff showed up early this morning, I could tell he was on a tear. First of all, when I saw him step out of his car wearing those brand new bib overalls I might of fallen to the ground in laughter had he not looked so damn good in them.

I have to say that they really showed off his physique in a way I never would of expected. He was wearing a white T-shirt underneath them and his broad back and shoulders stood out in a way I’d never noticed before. I knew already the fucker was a strong as an ox, but the way the back of those overalls fit him, it really brought attention to his muscular back - especially below his arm pits.

From the rear you would of sworn they were a few sizes too small for him seeing how they tapered tight right down to his waist and how snug they fit around his broad and bulbous ass. My fuckin’ crank swelled up pretty solid when I first noticed and still throbbed a good one every time I paid a mind to it, but from the front, you could tell he had plenty of room to move around in them.

And move around he did. He was working as fast as anyone I ever saw. When he first tore into one of those boards with his hammer and chisel my heart sank a bit because I’d been curing that wood for over three years and I knew I didn’t have much to waste, but damn if he couldn’t fashion a perfect tongue and groove faster than anyone I ever saw. No only that, they were fuckin’ perfect. Hell they fit up as good or better than any I could make and it took me twice the time it took for him to finish up a board.

I hadn’t yet bothered to mentioned anything about it to him. He was just too fired up with his work and tellin’ me everything he apparently felt he had to get off his chest. He grabbed up another slab of timber off the ground and tossed it on the saw horses and was after it with his hammer and chisel in an instant.

“You laugh boss, but I’d bet you dollars to doughnuts your boy felt the same way I did after he got that big fucker of yours to bust a nut.”

“You’re right about that sheriff, but he put me to shame when he showed me how he could shoot off his load. You and he are much the same in that department sheriff, but I have to say that you take the prize. I bet your dad was surprised to find out how far you could sow your seed.”

He chuckled to himself, but kept at his task as he went on with his tale.

  “Yeah, he was, but that didn’t happen until the following morning. I could tell right after he said I could suck a mean dick, he kind of regretted ever saying it despite the fact that I seemed as proud as ever by what he’d said. I’m sure he noticed the change in me right away, but I could tell it took him some time to come to grips with his own feelings and revelations of how much the experience had meant to me.

We eventually headed back down to our campsite, and needless to say, I never mentioned another word about heading back home. It was starting to get fairly warm out and around midday, we got this crazy idea that we’d try to take a swim in that lake. The water was colder than hell, but we more or less dared one another into it and eventually we were paddling around in it butt naked.

That was the first time I ever saw my dad fully naked boss and I have to say that to this day, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated any other kind of beauty any more than I did just watching him splashing around in that lake. We stayed in there as long as we could stand it, and as we dried ourselves off, we both laughed at how our dicks had shriveled up to nothing. Why even his big ol’ balls were less than half the size they usually were and all that hair he had hung off them like the chin of a Billy goat.

We built a fire afterwards and sat around it and talked about everything for the longest we’ve ever talked in our lives. When we finally retired for the night, we were both exhausted and slept like two rocks until late morning. It must of started raining a light rain right around daybreak which probably attributed for why we slept as late as we did and we both must of woken about the same time.

I had a piss-hard that wouldn’t quit and even though the heavy cloud cover was dark and ominous, there was enough light for me to notice that dad had one as well. We laid side by side quietly aware that we were both wide awake and we each had a raging boner. It was raining just hard enough to where you’d get soaking wet out by the time you ever finished taking a piss so we both just laid there kind of waiting for it to ease off some.

Dad finally sat up and took a look outside and decided that it wasn’t going to change any time soon, so he just striped naked inside the tent and crawled out and did his business nearby enough to where I could hear his steady stream of piss over the sound of the falling rain. I sat up and dug out a towel for him and when he finally returned, he was soaking wet and completely soft.

I helped him dry off his back then took off my clothes and crawled out and did my business, but my stiff little prick just refused to go soft. I stayed out there for quite a while trying to will the fucker down, but I started to chill in the rain and hastily went back to the tent. He was sitting up waiting for me and had the blanket we’d shared through the night up over his legs and crotch, but I could tell he hadn’t bothered to put back on his shorts.

He helped me dry off and then threw the blanket over me as I laid back down. For some reason I felt I needed to apologize for still having a hard-on, but he said, “Don’t worry about it son”, then laid down on his side facing me and wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.

Time more or less stood still from that moment on boss.”

“How’s that sheriff?”

“Well he was still a bit sleepy-headed despite having been out in that cold rain and after I warmed back up from the heat of his body, I sort of fell back under the spell of the rainy day myself. Neither one of us went off into a sound sleep, it was more like we were in some kind of dreamlike state and everything slowed down to a snail’s pace.

Hell, we both knew we weren’t going anywhere any time soon so there was no sense in being in a rush about anything, but it took a while for it to sink in that he was passively offering himself up to me. I figured once he knew that I was warm again he would roll over on his back or other side which was the side he’d slept on that night and every other night but he never did.

I’d known all my life how big of a man he was, but I didn’t fully appreciate the size of him until he was pressed right up against me for that amount of time.

After a while - a good while for that matter " I slowly began to explore every inch of his being. By then, my stiff little prick had softened up considerably, but it was still swollen as if it was in placid awe of his sizeable man-flesh. I loved running my fingers through the hair on his chest and body and combed and preened it slowly and gently for the longest time.

I looked up at him a couple of times. His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow and steady so I finally quit and took a brief rest myself then ever so gently began to explore his manhood. It began to swell, but at such a slow rate that it was barely noticeable. This must of went on for a good hour boss - maybe even longer until he eventually rolled over on his back and spread his legs out wide with that fat, stiff dick of his sticking straight up in the air.

I scampered down between them and got to work on it straight away, but I had other ideas in mind for that fucker than just suckin’ on it. I wanted to learn first hand how he fucked and just the idea of gettin’ to feel those big balls of his slappin’ up against my ass had me wantin’ it bad.

He still had his eyes closed and seemed as lethargic as ever as I licked and slicked up that fucker of his, but at first, I mostly worked big wads of spit up my ass until I was sure I could take him all at once. I slowly crawled up on top of him and didn’t miss the opportunity to rub my little fuck stick all over his. He made a faint smile when I did, but kept his eyes closed and only once did he thrust his groin up after I had both of our cocks slicked up good.

I sure as hell enjoyed that boss, but I knew it was now or never so I slid up further on him and plunged my ass right down on him and I’ll tell you what, his stiff ol’ fuck-stick slid right up inside me.

He had been so bone hard I don’t think that fucker of his had felt much of what I done beforehand, but it sure as hell started throbbin’ to beat the band once I had my hot, ass wrapped tight around it. His head fell back and he thrust himself one time good and hard up my ass and that forced a deep, lust-filled moan right out of me.

The sound of it shocked the hell out of me and cracked through all the hours of silence like a bomb going off. He reached up and grabbed my thighs and held them tight to his and rolled us both over until he was square on top of me, then he fucked me to hell and back boss.”

He sat down his tools and looked up at me to see if I was paying attention, and I was of course, and knowing him the way I did, I didn’t doubt a word of what he’d told me. I knew his ways first hand and knew how damn good he could make a man feel about himself and how he fucked. I figured if he’d been like that with me, he had to of been like that in spades with his own daddy hammerin’ himself up his hot ass.

Why I had the notion of taking him down and fucking him myself right on the spot, but I knew it wasn’t the right moment for it. Besides there wasn’t any good spot nearby to do it so I let the thought pass and said, “Well it sounds like you weren’t disappointed sheriff.”

He chucked and went about his work for a moment or two before he spoke up.

“Hell no! You know I don’t know if he’d been expecting that I’d try something like that all along or not, but after I took the initiative, he took over without hesitation. I was a bit surprised by that when I thought about it afterwards, but at the time, all I could think about was how goddamn good he was at it. I sure as hell learned a lot.

He slow fucked me good the moment he got me down on my back. I kept watching him and he never once looked up at me. He just stayed focused on his fuck and made damn sure he had his way with it. I got so damn horned up just watchin’ the bruiser go about his business that I damn near shot my wad without even touching myself. I finally had to look away from him and when I did, he began a steady drive that must of lasted a good half an hour or so.

Only near the end did he pull himself completely out of my ass to slick himself up good with a huge wad of spit. He hammered the fucker back up me a few times, then repeated the process until he was satisfied and only then did he look me in the eyes right before he supported the full of his weight above me with his big ol’ strong arms and finished the deed. He got right down to the short strokes in a hurry. I couldn’t believe how fast and how hard he could fuck at the same time.

He went after my ass like a jack hammer then suddenly raised up on his haunches and slammed his fucker in me deep and growled ‘Gawyeaaah!’, and I started cummin’ all over the fuckin’ place.”

I busted out in laughter. I didn’t expect him to say that. The way he’d mimicked how his daddy took that last good fuck up his ass and the sound he made when he mimicked him crying out ‘Gawyeaaah!’, I was expecting him to say it was his old man who blew his nut.

He smiled and said, “Don’t laugh boss. Hell, I hadn’t gone that many days without blowing my load at least a couple of times in years!”

“I bet that shocked the hell out of him.”

“Oh, you’re damn right it did. It shocked the hell out of me as well. I sure as hell had no idea I could ever bust out a load without touching myself.

When he felt my hot ass tighten up around his throbbin’ fuck-stick, his eyes opened wide and he shot his head down just as I was lettin’ one fly to the sky.”

He reached for the crotch of his overalls and pinched and rolled his thumb over the head of his prick then grinned at me and said, “It shot out of me so damn fast and hard it stung the head of my dick boss. I was so fuckin’ gone feeling that fat fucker of his throbbin’ up my ass I didn’t notice or even care where it all shot off to until it started dripping off the top of the tent straight down on my face.

The next thing I knew, he pulled out of me and stroked himself a few times then reared back and pointed the fucker at me and blasted his heavy cream right on my face.

It wasn’t anything like what he’d shot on me the first time boss. This shot out the head of his dick like a long, thick rope that spread out wide right before it covered my face like a hot, wet washcloth. I just barely caught a glimpse of another thick wad heading my way right before the first one landed, but I sure as hell felt it.

I braced myself for another, but it never came. After I wiped the stuff out of my eyes, I saw him hovering over me. He didn’t say nothin’, but he sure as hell looked mighty pleased with himself.”

“Heh heh, you sound mighty pleased with yourself too sheriff. It sounds like you’re a chip off the ol’ block.”

“How’s that boss?”

“Well it sounds to me like you’re daddy could shoot his spunk damn near as far as you can now.”

He chuckled to himself and said, ‘Oh that. . . well he showed me a thing or two, that’s for sure. The thing was that he really didn’t get his rocks off like he needed. I sure had though. My little fuck stick shriveled up tight against me after that, but that fat fucker of his stayed all nice and plump. After we got things cleaned up, we snuggled up together and I could feel it pressing nice and firm right up against my ass, and even though my heart was still racing ninety miles a minute, I never felt so calm and relaxed in my life.

I fell off sound asleep, but I don’t think he ever did. I must of slept a good five or six hours but as soon as I woke, I felt that stiff fucker of his throb good and hard right up against my pucker hole.

I was one horny dawg in no time. It was still dark and raining a steady drizzle out, but somehow I knew subconsciously that he’d been out in it at least once while I had been sleeping. As soon as he knew I was awake, he didn’t waste anytime lettin’ me know he was ready for more.

He ground it around and made it throb then slid his hand down over my firm little pecker and cupped my nuts in his hands and teased my ass with his, but he didn’t once try to stick it up in me until I practically begged him for it. I remember he had me harder than a fuckin’ rock by the time I told him to go ahead and fuck my ass, and he didn’t waste a moment gettin’ to it.

He reached for some lotion he had in the ready and greased by ass up good, then greased himself up with it and while I was still laying on my side, he corn-holed that fucker all the way up inside me in one forceful thrust.

I was so fuckin’ hard and my ass was so tight, I could feel every bump and ridge and throb of that fucker as he drilled it in me. He ground it around and gave it to me good after he hit bottom, and when I finally took note of his big, hairy balls pressing tight against the back of my thighs, I fell under his spell and started grunting and groaning like a stuck pig.

He fucked me good boss.

He raised up his leg and tucked my thighs tight in-between his and corn-holed me until I just melted boss. I was a new man by the time he finished with me, and what a finish it was. He spunked my ass full. Fuckin’ load after load spilled out of him, but it wasn’t until he gave me the last of it that he groaned out his pleasure.

It was such a low, long, lusty sound, I started cummin’ as soon as I heard it. It was fuckin’ crazy boss. His whole body vibrated as it spilled out of him and I just knew by the sound of it that had been the best fuck of his life. I felt my hard little fucker shootin’ out my seed all-powerful like. Hell, that had to be one of the best orgasms I ever had, but I was so fuckin’ taken by what I was hearing pour out of my dad, that I never uttered a sound.

Hell, I knew he could feel me cummin’ all over the place, but he was so lost in the throes of his own pleasure, he just kept groaning out to himself. It was only after I’d nearly emptied my own nuts that he jut-fucked me a few times and that helped me shoot out the last of what I had, but it was so natural and involuntary, I knew he was still lost to his own pleasures.

He kept that fucker in me for a good hour or more afterwards and petted me from head to toe. He never said a word, he didn’t have to. He said it all and more with his hands and that fat throbbing dick of his. When he finally pulled out of me and rolled over on his back, I just knew in my heart that had been the best fuck he’d ever had.

I tell you what boss, after that experience, I gained a full appreciation of what a good fuck could mean to a man.”

He stopped his work and looked down at the ground for a moment then looked me in the eyes and quietly said, “I never have gotten over that.”

“I can tell sheriff. I could sense that about you when you and I got after it.”

He smiled and said, “Yeah, to me, that has to be one of the most beautiful things in the world to get to witness much less be a part of. Don’t ask me why I feel that way, I just do. I guess it’s because I’m a man myself and I understand more of what that the other one is going through. It goes back to what I said the other day about saying men like you and me are ‘bi-sexual’. It doesn’t say a whole lot as far as I’m concerned, because the experiences are not the same for me in any way.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve come to realize how much I needed a like-minded buddy I could share that side of me with. To be truthful, I felt a lot more comfortable and got a hell of a lot more satisfaction out of expressing the sexual side of myself with you the other day than I think I ever have with my wife, boss. It felt real good just to be able to let it all out.”

He paused a moment then gave me a wink and said, “Of course I have to admit, it took a man like you to bring all that out in me - someone who could see the beauty in a big ol’ hairy, ugly fucker like myself. I see the same in you boss. I wouldn’t of done it with you if you weren’t the man that you are.”

He turned away and got back to work without saying much more the rest of the day, and by the time the day was done, we’d replaced three of the gates. I knew it would of taken me well over a week to finish three of them on my own, and I had a completely different appreciation for the man by the time we got back to the house and got cleaned up and fed.

It wasn’t until we finished dinner that he offered to tell me a bit more about his experience with his dad. He sat down his fork and thought a moment then looked up at me and said, “You know boss, it rained pretty steady all through the rest of that day, that night, and for the better part of the following day. We talked a lot during that time and got to know one another far more intimately than we ever would have had it not of been raining the way it was.

I think it surprised the hell of him how powerful strong of an experience it had been for him once he just went ahead and let it all out and showed me his ways. I think for a while there he might of felt a little guilty about it afterwards, which was probably why he hugged and petted me for so long, but I’ll never forget how later on, he rubbed the palm of his hand all around in the spunk I’d shot all over the place.

He knew the reason why I’d started cummin’ the way I did was because of how in tune I was with his own powerful need and release. I think gettin’ his hands all covered with it was all the proof he needed as to how right and natural it all had been.

I could tell he was a changed man after that. He opened up to me and told me things about himself I know he never would of told anyone else in his life. He said he’d always felt as though all men had a side to them that could only be touched and fulfilled by another man if only the two of them could ever meet up and break through all of the barriers society had put in their way. He confessed to me that all his life he secretly wished he had a buddy he could get naked and wrestle around with as he put it, but he’d never met anyone that ever interested him in that way.

I’m sure he’s like you and I are in that way, boss. I hope some day he finds himself a big ol’ buddy he can let it all out with. You know, after he told me that, he said as he watched me work on his cock, he could see the man come out in me and all of a sudden it struck him how natural of a thing it all was. He said witnessing that hit him really hard, and that’s why he couldn’t hold himself off any longer.

I have to say boss, that long talk we had put everything to rest for me. If we had somehow been whisked away back home, I would of been fine with how everything had turned out, but when we woke up the next morning and it was still pourin’ down rain, he rolled over on his side to face me and just held me tight.

Every once in a while he’d squeeze my arms and feel my muscles and I knew it was his way of telling me how fine of a man he thought I’d turned out to be. I don’t know how long we laid like that, but all of a sudden the sun broke through the clouds and a little while later the rain slowed to a drizzle. We both looked outside and saw that the storm had finally passed and then he rolled over on his back and sat up and stared blankly for a while as if he’d just waken from a dream.

We got dressed and packed everything up and slowly made our way back down to the first lake. It was slippery as hell in several places and by the time we got there, we were both covered with mud. We pitched the tent and had one hell of a time gettin’ a fire started, but after we finally had it going, we got in the water and cleaned ourselves off.

I didn’t know what to expect when we finally turned in for the night, but I have to admit that I was ready for more by then. As soon as we got comfortable, he turned on his side and gave me a hug and I didn’t waste any time gettin’ my hands back down between his legs. He just chuckled and let me have at it, but he never got hard, and before long, he was sound asleep.

I’ll tell you what though boss, that was a mighty powerful good feelin’ to be able to touch him in that way. I felt complete and more in touch with my own self than I’d ever felt before. I must of laid there and fondled his manhood all wrapped up in my own private thoughts for over an hour or more before I eventually fell off to sleep myself.

The next morning when I woke however, I felt that fucker of his all stiff and hard pokin’ right up firm against my butt and once he knew I was awake and wantin’ it, he proceeded to fuck me to the other side of Sunday. He dicked me every way he knew how and then some. Hell, I have no idea how long he let me have it, but I remember I was surprised as hell at his stamina. He was fuckin’ hard as a rock the whole time too and he made damn sure I got all of it I ever wanted.

Fuck, when he finally realized I’d had about as much of it as I could take, he rolled me over on my back and finished himself off in me, and I’ll tell you what, the sonofabitch came like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it and I knew then that he’d done it all as much for his own benefit as he did for mine.”

He smiled and shook his head a couple of times at the memory of it all.

I grinned at him and said, “Sounds like you brought out the real man in him sheriff.”

“I sure as hell did boss, and I started cummin’ every bit as much as he did. Fuck, I’ll never forget that as long as I live. It was like the whole time he was sayin’ to me, ‘You wanna know what I’m like? Well I’ll show you what I’m really like!’ but it wasn’t in a threatening way or nothin’ like that, he just let himself go on me, and afterwards, I felt like I knew everything he was ever about. Fuck, I loved it, boss.

I guess we both knew without ever saying it out-loud to one another that once we got off that mountain it would all come to an end, so I think in a way that he saw it as his last chance to satisfy any other unspoken curiosities I might still have about him.

We packed up and headed on down to the car afterwards and had a good talk on the way home. I have to say, at the time I felt as though I’d never want or need any kind of experience like that again in my life.”

He yawned and glanced down at his watch and said, “Hell boss, it’s getting late. We should turn in. We can talk more tomorrow.”

We cleaned up the kitchen and he took the bed in my son’s bedroom and I heard him snoring low and steady before I could even get all the lights turned out in the house.