WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 16
The other half of it. . .

I never got around to asking the sheriff where he’d learned his wood working skills until we got ourselves packed up in my old Dodge pickup truck the next morning and were heading out to the far north end of my property.

We both had been a little slow getting around that morning from all the work we’d put in the day before, but he was as talkative as ever once he got a little breakfast in him.

I could tell being way out here in the middle of nowhere with someone to talk to and confide in was doing him a world of good. Despite all the hard work he was puttin' in for me, he seemed as though he was on vacation without a worry in the world. He stood taller and his eyes were much brighter and more animated, and he was noticing and commenting on things I don't think he ever paid any mind to when he was in his uniform.

I was beginning to fully understand how his line of work had more or less kept him from getting very close to anyone. He didn’t seem to want to talk all that much about his work the few times I brought up the subject. He’d just gloss over the topic then say ‘it all comes with the job, boss’ and pretty much leave it at that.

When I praised him on how skillfully he could handle a hammer and chisel, he waved it off and said, “Well boss, I’m pretty fair at using them to do basic carpentry work, but I sure as hell couldn’t ever do the kind of carving with ‘em like you do.”

“Well you’re one hell of a carpenter sheriff. I never expected that. You never mentioned your dad had those kind of skills so I’m kind of wondering where you picked all that up.”

“From my grandpa on my dad’s side. He was a farmer like you, but before he ever bought his spread of land, he earned his money as a carpenter.

I never met the man until grandma passed away. It happened unexpectedly and in fact, it happened just a week or two after my dad and I had retuned home from our excursion up that mountain.

I always knew there was some friction between the two of them, but my dad did care a lot for his mom and would call and mostly talk to her every once in a while whenever he could get through on the phone.

He took the news badly and felt guilty about the fact that he’d kept his distance for so long - mainly because he realized I’d never have a chance to get to know her the way he would of liked.

Well after the funeral was over, we stayed for a couple of days longer and out of the clear blue dad took me aside and asked me if I wouldn’t mind staying a while longer with grandpa. He told me grandpa needed someone around -- something to live for, but looking back on it, I think he also thought it would be good if the two of us put some distance between ourselves to give us both a better perspective of the time we’d spent together up on that mountain.

School was all but over anyway so that really wasn’t any issue and when I agreed to it, I thought it would only be for a couple of weeks.

When I first met my grandpa, I couldn’t get over how big of a man he was. He was as broad as a fuckin’ barn door and an inch or two taller than my dad. I learned quick to give the man a wide berth because every time he turned around he was as libel to bump into you as not, and despite the fact the man was still grieving, I could sense he looked upon me fondly.

Right before grandma had passed away, he’d torn into the side of their house to replace some aging wood and once he got started, he figured he might as well add on to the place in the process. He’d almost finished up the supports for the floor and for a couple of days before mom and dad headed back home, dad and I both got out there and did what we could to help him out with the project.

I could tell it wasn’t my dad’s cup of tea, but I took a liking to it right from the start. Grandpa noticed right off how enthusiastic I was about learning what he knew about carpentry, and I’m sure that was what got him out of bed in the morning after mom and dad had left and we were alone together.”

He looked over at me and smiled pensively in the morning light and went on, “You know, I was a whole lot different after the experiences I had with my dad. I’m sure had I stayed home that summer I wouldn’t have as readily shown the changes that had overcome me outwardly as I did being off with someone who didn’t really know me beforehand.

I was a lot more sure of myself around my grandpa than I’m sure I would have been otherwise and I think that was why I was so quick to catch on to what he taught me. He and I hit it off in a way that is hard to explain. It didn’t take me long to find out he could be a tough ol’ son of a gun at times, but I gave it back to him without hesitation and later on he’d just smile and shake his head and look at me in a way that I’d never seen anyone look at me before.

Despite a few rough bumps in the road, we got to working so well together that we had that addition to the house finished up in three weeks.

I remember when we got the last coat of paint finished up on the exterior. We were both a bit hesitant to talk about it, but it seemed to mark the end of my stay. I think he thought I was anxious to get away from him because of the few differences we’d had, but that was the last thing I wanted, to tell you the truth.

I really couldn’t picture myself going back home at that point. I liked being away from the city and felt good about the fact I was making myself useful to him. The truth be known, I even liked it when he got a bit grumpy. It seemed to suit him in a way and made me smile inside, but I figured he was as anxious to get rid of me as he thought I was anxious to get away from him.

He was awfully quiet that next morning while we were eating breakfast. I still had a hard time reading him, so I was certain any minute he was going to tell me to pack my bag. So I thought before he had a chance to bring the subject up, I said, ‘Hey grandpa. I noticed those gates behind the barn could sure use some fixin’ up. Why don’t we grab up some of that lumber we have left over and build some new ones?’

He just looked up from his breakfast and studied me for a moment then went back to eating and said, ‘I figured you’d be ready to get back home to your friends’.

I laughed and said, ‘I don’t have any friends that I’m all that anxious to see grandpa. I seem to fit in better with grumpy old guys like you who can teach me a thing or two.’

That made him chuckle to himself, then I noticed his eyes started to water up and he looked up at me and said, ‘Well if that’s how you feel, go grab your toolbox and let’s get started.’

He had some lumber he’d been treating in his barn just like I noticed you did last weekend and we hauled some of it out and set up and got to work.

He had the same way of thinking about building fences and gates your grandpa did. He knew that nails alone wouldn’t withstand the weather for all that long and he didn’t ever plan to have to do that kind of work but once in his lifetime, and that’s how I learned to use a hammer and chisel boss, and construct these fuckers so they could hold up on their own without any nails.”

“Well he sure as hell taught you good sheriff. You’ve got quite a touch.”

He smiled and winked at me and said, “Well thanks boss.”

He didn’t say anything more until after we pulled to a stop at the first gate we were going to replace that morning. It was the furthest one out on my property and it needed tending to the worst of all of them.

As we lifted the sawhorses off the truck bed and sat up to work, he said, “I stayed there the whole summer with him -- didn’t return back home until the day before school.”

“Sounds like you two really hit it off sheriff.”

“Oh we sure did boss. We replaced about three or four of the gates he had on his property, then almost as a dare, he asked me if I thought I was up to helping him replace the rafters up in his barn.

He had all the wood piled up in a corner and told me he’d been planning to hire on some help for the job. He even offered to pay me what he’d sat aside for paying some outside help, but I declined taking his money.

I could tell it was gonna be some nasty work. There was no end to the amount of dust and filth that had accumulated up there through the years. Bird shit, bat shit, you name it, it was piled up all over.

We spent about a week setting up some scaffolding and measuring and cutting the wood. That was dirty enough work as it was, but when we started tearing out and replacing the old supports, we were covered with the stuff from head to toe.

It was hotter than hell up there so we sweated up a storm, and by the end of the day, that shit was stuck to us like glue. When it finally got so hot out we had to call it quits, he had me follow him outside to the far end of the barn where he had a shower head rigged up above a big concrete slab he’d poured just for that purpose.

He grabbed up some soap and detergent on the way out and there was an old washing machine that stood just outside the door that looked like a piece of junk, but he cranked it up and poured some detergent in it and told me to get undressed.

I sat down on an old bench he had out there and took off my shoes and he sat down beside me and did the same. I was never so anxious to get out of my clothes in my life. We both stunk like pigs and I really didn’t pay him any mind until he pulled off his boxer shorts and gathered up his clothes then stood up right in front of me with his arms out waiting for me to hand him mine.

Fuck boss. I never knew a man could have a dick as big as his. I couldn’t help but gape at the fucker. I tried like hell not to stare but I swear boss, the man has the fattest, meanest dick you’d ever lay your eyes on! Damn! That fucker is beautiful boss!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. He held both his hands up and formed a big circle and said, “The sonofabitch soft is as big around as a bottle of wine and the head of it is so large and bulbous, his foreskin gathers up in folds around the back of it; and talk about a pair of nuts. Fuck boss, mine can’t even compare. They hung so low and heavy in his sac it was all I could do to keep myself from reachin’ out just to feel the weight of the fuckers.”

He paused a moment and shook his head in disbelief as the memories all flooded through his head, then he finally went on, “I was stunned by what I saw. Never expected it either. You never would of guessed by seein’ him with his cloths on that he was toting around heavy equipment like that!

I quickly gathered up my clothes and handed them to him but he just stood there and waited for me to pull off my underwear before he walked over to that old washing machine and fed our clothes in it piece by piece.

I just stood there in awe of the man. He’s a hairy son of a gun like I am and I had a funny feeling right then that one day I’d be as hairy as he was. I was startin’ to grow a thick coat of fine fur all over my body by then, and it was growin’ mighty fast. I swear I could see a difference in myself every day I looked in the mirror. I remember thinking to myself back then that my dad must of fucked the man right up inside me.

Anyway, he grabbed up the bar of soap and ambled over to the shower and once he had it adjusted the way he wanted, he looked over at me and said, ‘Well what are you waiting for? Get that butt of yours over here.’

He scrubbed my back clean for me and had me do the same for him then he ambled back over to the door and reached just inside it and grabbed up a bottle of shampoo and handed it to me after I finished soaping myself up.

He had to of noticed I was having a hard time tearing my eyes away from that fuckin’ dick of his because I know damn good and well that I sized that fucker up every which way I could by the time we’d finished cleaning up.

That fucker stuck straight out of his groin, but it was a hell of a lot longer than it appeared simply because it was so damn thick, it just wouldn’t bend down. Fuck boss, his piss slit was damn near as big as my little prick was at the time. I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it!

It sure as hell took him long enough to get himself all cleaned up down there. I was afraid I might pop a boner when I saw how he went about it, but the sheer size of it was so damn intimidating, I think my little prick must of all but run off and hid at the time.”

He grinned and looked me in the eyes and said, “It was a chore to be sure boss. He just kept his head down the whole time and checked it several times to make sure he did his business right and proper and got all the soap rinsed off -- especially behind those big balls of his. Hell it wasn’t until these fuckers of mine got as big as they did that I understood why he was so careful.”

I smiled and said, “Knowing you like I do now sheriff, I can’t imagine you being intimidated by a dick like that.”

He chucked and said, “Well I was - at least for a while anyway. I finally got accustomed to being around it after a week or two, but even so, I couldn’t help but gawk at the fucker every time I had the chance.

I was surprised at myself to be honest. I was convinced after all my dad had done to get me through all the feelings I had for him, that I finally had all that behind me, but damn! It took me a while to make the connection, but a few days later I remembered what my dad had first said to me about him not having anything out of the ordinary when I told him for how long I had been having the thoughts I did about his cock.

I finally understood where that came from. I’ll guarantee you one damn thing for sure boss. If you ever saw that fucker of my grandpa’s, you’d be wantin’ to get your hands on it. It’s just a fuckin’ beauty. Why there isn’t a man alive who wouldn’t want to touch it and heft that fucker in his hand if he ever saw it. It’s a fuckin’ thumper to be sure.

By then, we’d fallen into a fairly comfortable routine despite the fact the fuckin’ work was as dirty and hot as ever. We went at it slow and steady though, and always kept a close eye out for one another’s safety.

Anyway, I sensed a change in him and how he related to me after we started showering up together. Like I said, I’d sensed from the moment I got there that he looked upon me with fond eyes, but to put it bluntly, I think after he saw me naked, his fondness started leaning towards the physical.

I don’t know how else to put it other than that boss. It was a gradual thing to be sure, but as the days wore on, we both got more comfortable being naked together and we took more and more time cleaning one another up afterwards.

I sure as hell sensed the sexual tension within my own self, but I wasn’t really sure just what he was feeling until a few days before we finished up the work on that barn. By then we were just gathering up the old wood and piling it up outside to be hauled off, but we kept up our routine of showering together outside even though we weren’t all that dirty.

On that last day, I told him I was gonna miss our showers together and he smiled and looked upon me with the most loving eyes I ever saw boss and said, ’So will I son’, then he just wrapped his arms around me and held me tight and said, ‘I love you boy’. I hugged him back and told him I loved him too, and his whole body began to tremble. He only held me for a brief moment longer then turned away and I could tell he was torn up about something.

He withdrew within himself afterwards and didn’t say much the rest of the day and retired to his bedroom and hour or so earlier than he normally did. I stayed up for a little while longer but finally decided to go on to bed early myself.

I didn’t sleep well though. I kept thinking back to how he’d hugged me after we’d taken our shower together but I wasn’t at all certain what to make of it.

You know, lookin’ back on it, I’m sure he knew I wanted to get my hands on that fuckin’ hog of his in the worst way from the first day I saw it and I think by then he realized that what I really wanted was for him to show me his ways with it.

I think he’d realized that quite a while beforehand, and after he got to know me the way he did, I think he had all but come to the decision that it was right for me. I’m sure because of that, he’d been harboring his own thoughts about whether or not he allow himself to do that and if he did, what it would be like for him.

I think along the way, he’d come to the conclusion that he wouldn’t mind at all showing me his ways, and that was what was tormenting him, but of course at the time, I didn’t understand any of that kind of stuff the way I do now, boss.

Hell, I just knew that I wasn’t going to get any sleep that night until I made up my mind about what to do about the feelings I had at the time. I knew he’d never come to me, but I was afraid of what he might do if I went to him.

I might of gone to his bed sooner that night but I have to admit boss that every time I thought I’d made up my mind to go do it, I’d hesitate because I had no idea how I’d ever be able to give the man any pleasure.

Fuck. I knew I couldn’t suck that fuckin’ hog of his off and I was afraid of what it’d be like between us if I got him to go ahead and try to fuck me with it and then I wasn’t able to handle it.

I’ll tell you what, by the time I made up my mind that none of that really mattered and I got up and went to his room, I was shivering all over and my skin was covered with goose bumps. Hell I figured he’d be asleep, but when I lowered myself onto his bed, he raised up the sheets for me and pulled me close to him, but he pulled his groin back away from me to keep that hog of his from pokin’ me in the butt.

He held me tight until I finally stopped shivering, but I could tell he was as nervous as I was because every time he took a breath, I could hear the short, nervous gasps of air he drew in, but my god boss, did he ever have the touch.

He slowly petted me and settled me down to where I was putty in his hands. I didn’t really ever appreciate how big he was until I was lying right next to him and his rough hands seemed like velvet the way he slowly and gently talked to me with them.

Hell, for the longest time I didn’t have any idea what was actually goin’ on inside his head. I damn near fell asleep several times, but right when he sensed that I was, he’d move his hand down a little lower and gently rub me with his thumb until eventually, his curled up fingers touched the base of my prick as his thumb slowly rubbed through my pubic hairs.

He had been so slow and subtle that it took me a while to become aware of where his hands were, but even then, I wasn’t at all sure if he was offering himself up to me or not. I was still nervous as hell and didn’t even have any thoughts of getting a hard-on, but once I realized where he was touching me, I figured I needed to respond soon or without a doubt, he’d just let it go at that.

My hand was trembling like mad when I finally reached back and started rubbing his belly and then slowly, very slowly, he pushed his groin up closer to me. From that point on, he just waited for me and it wasn’t until I finally got brazen enough to rub my hand over the head of his fuckin’ hog that he ever lowered his hand down over mine.

You talk about the beginning of one slow, delicious fuck, boss, well that was it. He got me so relaxed, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I can’t say I ever noticed him gettin’ hard until that hog was damn near full up stiff, but all of a sudden that fucker throbbed up good. That fucker of his is so fuckin’ thick boss, I couldn’t feel the blood rushin’ in it until it started throbbin’ like that, and by then, he had my ass feelin’ so damn good and soothed with his wads of spit and precum, that he had three of his fingers up in me.

Then all of a sudden, that fucker got bone hard and precum started flowin’ out of it non-stop. When he felt me slick up the shaft of it with the stuff, he took over and in less than a minute, that sonofabitch was all the way up my tight little asshole.

I couldn’t believe it boss. I felt the fucker up in me. Hell, I felt that fucker throb good and hard up in me several times and I still couldn’t believe it. I’m not sure he believed it either for that matter. I think he momentarily went into shock once he realized what we’d just done. His whole body froze up harder than a block of ice, but that fucking hog of his sure kept throbbin’ hard and steady - just like clock work.

I must of counted off the better part of a minute before he suddenly exhaled hard and deep and asked me if I was alright. I could tell by the sound of his voice he was genuinely concerned. I started to worry that he was startin’ to feel guilty and was gonna back out and I was so fired up, I just wanted him to fuck me stupid. I didn’t know what to say or how to say it, so like an idiot I said, ‘I’m fine grandpa. I’ve never felt better in my life.’

Well hell, that make him chuckle nearly as hard as you are now boss. He gently rubbed his hands all over me and took several deep breaths. His whole body finally began to relax again and he said, ‘I guess I’m feeling pretty good myself, boy. That fuckin’ ass of yours is so hot, I thought I was gonna bust my nut there for a minute, boy.’

His cock had stopped throbbin’ but he was still harder than a fuckin’ rock boss. He ran his hands all over me for the longest time as if he wasn’t sure what to do next. Finally, he began to pull out of me real slow-like and when he did, he said, ‘Well what do you think boy? Do you wanna get out while the gettin’ is good’, then he ever so gently pushed it back up in me and asked, ‘or do you still really want your ol’ grandpa to show you his ways?’

I could sure as hell tell what that big ol’ fucker of his was wantin’ from the way it started to throb. I’ll tell you what boss, he could lift a 50 pound sack with that throbbin’ sonofabitch. I was so fuckin’ overwhelmed by how strong and powerful it was, I couldn’t help but moan a little.

Fuck, I pushed my ass hard down on it and felt that fucker rip up in me another inch or so and I have to admit that hurt like hell after I did it. I winced and he petted me and told me to go slow, but that fuckin’ hog of his started throbbin’ like wild fire

Fuck boss, I could barely speak, but I guess I must of somehow got across to him how badly I wanted to see and learn his ways. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember what the hell I said to him.

I just remember that he rubbed his big ol’ heavy paw all over the back of my head as he wrapped his huge thigh over the top of me and got me tucked down under him until he was nice and comfortable.

He kind of test-fucked me and grumbled to himself a few times until he was satisfied with how he had me, then he gently petted all over my back as he growled almost to himself, ‘I will boy. I’ll teach you my ways. I’ll teach ‘em to you the way you deserve, son.’

He took it slow and easy until my butt was slicked up good with his precum, and god, could that big ol’ fucker of his produce the stuff. Each stroke got a little bit longer and easier until I was so full of the stuff, it started dribblin’ outta my asshole boss. I couldn’t believe it! He had me so relaxed and ready I thought I was gonna melt, but even then, he didn’t give his handy work a good try until quite a while after.

Fuck, when he did though, he gave it to me good. He suddenly rammed that fucker deep and hard up in me and then he grumbled something to himself I didn’t quite make out. After that, he slow-fucked me a few times then he rammed it up in me again.

He did that several times until he was convinced I was able to handle what he was ready to dish out, and only then did he proceed to have his way with me.”

He shook his head and said almost in a whisper to himself, “God, can that man fuck, boss. I swear there ain’t a man alive that fucks anywhere near the way he does. But then again, there ain’t a man alive that’s got a dick like he has to work with.

All I can say is that every time I felt that big, gnarly fuckin’ hog rip through me, I fell deeper and deeper under it’s spell. I could feel every fuckin’ ripple of that fucker rip through my ass every time he hammered it up in me, and even though he didn’t say much, I could tell it was givin’ him some kind of pleasure like you couldn’t imagine.

I felt as though I knew exactly what he was feelin’ inside and every time I felt those big ol’ hairy balls of his pound up against my ass, he’d grunt and growl to himself under his breath. I was lost in it and was barely conscious by the time he stopped just long enough to get me rolled over on my back.

It was fuckin’ delicious to see the pleasure pour over his face when he slid that fucker back up in me and I know he could see how good it felt to me. We just looked each other over good and fucked and fucked and then fucked some more, boss.

He gorged me full of dick like it was his rightful duty and when that fuckin’ hog finally wound up and shot that first hot wad up inside me, he raised up on his knees and moaned, ‘God boy, you fuck good. You fuck real good son.’

I raised my legs up higher over his shoulders and he wrapped his arms around them and fucked my ass right up tight against his groin then reared back and blew a wad up me that felt like a blazing cannon ball.

His whole body jolted back some, and I swear I could feel that hog pumpin’ more seed out of his huge nuts like some throbbin’ piston. Then bam! He fucked me hard and that fucker throbbed hard as hell and a thick wad blazed out of it all at once. I felt it gush all through me and then that fucker of his jolted up and started throbbing like mad and right then, he grumbled out an ‘Uhh!’ that racked through his entire body.

I knew then that huge fucker of his was giving him a kind of pleasure that only he could ever know. His big ol’ wide body stiffened up harder than a rock and began to tremble all over and then his head fell back as he rode out all the good feelings that big throbbin’ fucker of his was giving him.

I was so fuckin’ awe-struck just watchin’ him, that I didn’t even feel like I was a part of it any longer. It was unbelievable boss. It was like watching some kind of slow motion movie. I got so wrapped up in watching him, it took me by surprise when he fucked me another good one, and after I felt another big hot wad blow right through me, I was a gonner myself.

Hell I had no idea how long it took or many times he fucked me before he finally drained those big fuckin’ nuts of his. It seemed like forever, but when it was finally over, he just closed his eyes and kept rockin’ us back and forth and back and forth.

I started shiverin’ all over boss. Couldn’t control myself. I think he thought I was about to cum myself, but I was too taken by him and his ways. He rubbed and petted my legs and inside my thighs and then finally opened his eyes and said, ‘That’s the best I can do boy. You got me. You got your ol’ grandpa good, son.’

I didn’t know what to say boss. I just went all limp and he eased me back down on the bed and then pulled out of me and I just laid there flat on my back breathless. He lowered himself beside me and petted me down all over and finally said, ‘That was the best. That was the best ever, boy.’

I rolled over and hugged him tight and his fuckin’ hog was still as hard as a rock and throbbin’ like wild. I couldn’t help myself boss, I felt compelled to crawl down between his legs and pay homage to it everyway I knew how.

Fuck, he must of thought I was one dick-crazed sonofabitch the way I went after it and for how long I did, but he let me get my fill and never said a word the whole time. All he did was gently rub the top of my head every once in a while until finally, I crawled up beside him.

He wrapped his arms around me but never said another word and eventually, I fell off to sleep. Hell, it must have been mid-morning by then. I didn’t wake up until an hour or so before sunset and god, did I ever have the dreams. He was right beside me when I woke though and from that point on, the rest of that summer went by in slow motion and yet it passed all too fast.

I’ll tell you what boss, it took me years to wean myself off that fuckin’ dick of his. You’d have to see it to understand what I’m talkin’ about. It was all I could think about when I was back home and in school. Hell all I did was count the days until summer came and I could go back to be with him.”

He looked up at me and smiled, and it was easy to see that he was a bit embarrassed by what all he’d just told me, but at the same time, I could tell he was relieved to have someone he could talk with about it.

I wasn’t sure what to say to him, but I could tell he was waiting for me to say something so I nodded to myself and then said, “I can tell by the way you told that story sheriff and how you speak of him that he’s had a profound influence on your life and I don’t mean that in just a sexual manner.”

“Yes he did boss, in a lot of ways. And I have to say that we’re very close even to this day. We shared a whole lot of ourselves to one another. His life’s story is very similar to yours, boss. He was married young before he grew to the size he was and he hadn’t been able to sexually express himself the way he needed his entire life until I came along.

Hell, we both had a lot we needed to get out of our systems on that front. We were bound to one another in that way for years until it was all said and done. He’s a good man, boss. He did right by me. I’m sure if you ever met the man, you’d come to appreciate him in the way I do.

Still, I have to say that it wasn’t easy tearing myself away from his fuckin’ manhood. I know I was young and impressionable at the time, but I guaran-damn-tee you if you ever saw that fucker of his and saw those huge balls hangin’ down below it lookin’ so fucking manly and virile, you’d be fuckin’ obsessed with it too. Hell, any man would be. It took me a while to realize that and him as well, but once I did, it became a lot easier for me to understand what I was feeling inside.

He certainly didn’t understand it all at first. He eventually confided in me that my grandma always thought that what he had between his legs was grotesque and disgusting. He’s living proof that a man can change his ways and come to accept them once he discovers where he himself is accepted and appreciated.”

“Do you think he’s ever had any other sexual relationships with a man since?”

“I’m not sure to tell you the truth boss, but I’m pretty certain that he’s tried. You know as well as I do that it ain’t at all that easy to find another partner for that sort of expression. Hell, I’m sure the size of his body either scares off or puts off the majority of men he ever meets. We both understand how that goes, don’t we? All I know is that he’s never settled in with anyone.

The reason why I think he’s at least tried to see if he could find himself a buddy is that many years ago he told me that every once in a while he’d go out and hang out at a bar not too far from where he lived. Hell, he never went to a bar in his life beforehand.

I’d think that at least a few guys in that bar must have probably gotten a good gander of his stuff while he’s taking a piss in the men’s room. And I’m sure that if that has ever happen, which I’m fairly certain it has, that he’s taken note of how they reacted to it.

No, I’m pretty sure he knows the effect his manhood has on any man that’s ever seen it by now. I’m also damn sure that if anything has ever came of any of those encounters that he’s probably also figured out that what he’s got to offer is a lot more than most men could handle - no matter how bad they might of thought they wanted it. He needs a big fuck-buddy like you and me, and as you know, we are few and far between.”

“Yeah, there sure is some truth in that sheriff. How long has it been since you and he got together?”

“Many years, boss. Many, many years. I have to admit I’ve thought about it a few times, but I just don’t think either one of us could ever go back to what it was we had and both needed at the time. Maybe some time in the future, but not now anyway. I’m just glad I met up with you boss, and I hope for his sake that one day he can find himself a buddy like you.”

He paused a moment and thought, then looked back up at me and smiled then added, “You and he are a lot alike boss. I hope you get to meet him someday. He never misses the statewide livestock show. Have you ever been?”

“Naw, I’ve never gone, but I do have a bull that I’ve been thinking I’d like to show off there.”

“Yeah, I saw that stout little fuck. He’s a one of a kind.”

“He sure is sheriff. Just like you.”

He cracked a smile and said, “It’s nice to be appreciated boss”, and then he went back to work and went at it hard.

After that, the conversation turned to other things, and before I knew it, the job was done. All that was left to do was to gather up the old timber and chop it up for firewood, which he insisted we do the following day. We had a big hearty dinner before we ever cleaned up and got ready for bed. He insisted I shower up first, and when he finally stepped out of the bathroom, instead of going to my son’s room, he came to mine and said, “Do you wanna rumble boss?”

I smiled and lifted up the sheets for him and we had at one another in a slow, languid way that culminated with him offering himself up to me while he was on his stomach. I could tell he was as ready for it as ever and my fuckin’ crank slid all the way up inside him without a hitch.

I ain’t never been able to do that in my life and that fucker of mine just went to town. When he heard the way I moaned after I hit bottom and felt how hard my crank was throbbin’, he chuckled to himself then said, “Go ahead boss. Let ‘er rip.”

It was already too late to do otherwise. The tip of my crank burnt a heat that ran all the way down to my nuts and I felt it already oozing out my spunk like it was spewing a slurry of cement. He squeezed his ass tight around me and my belly heaved and tried to fuck off a good one, but my fuckin’ crank wouldn’t have any part of it.

It just ate up the heat of his ass like a hog at the trough and throbbed a burn that ran through my entire body. All I could do was catch my breath and mumble, “Awh fuck sheriff! Awwwh fuck! That feels so goddamn good, buddy.”

He uttered a slow, deep “Yeaaahhh” that ended in a slow, deep, lusty chuckle, and I knew by the sound of it, he had me right where he’d wanted all along.

He worked his big ‘ol hairy ass on me and roughed my nuts up good. I burrowed my crank up in it as deep as I could and then my whole body trembled full of man-lust. I was on fire and I petted his strong, hairy backside all over while my eyes devoured him.

Never in my life have I ever appreciated fuckin’ a man any more than I did him that night. My heart was pounding and I was almost in tears after it was all over. I fell on him and kissed and caressed every bit of his big ol’ hairy body.

It took me a good hour to get it all out of my system and my crank was still harder than a rock even then. He cuddled up to me and finally got around to telling me that after the first time we got after it down at the river, he’d figured that more than likely, I probably never once in my life had been able to feel what it was like to get to fuck my crank up a hot hole all at once like that.

He told me he’d greased himself up good after he took his shower in the hopes that I was in the mood and said that every once in a while his grandpa would allow himself that pleasure.

“A man needs to do that every once in a while boss. . . just take one good hot fuck at it and spill his seed the way most the animals do. There really ain’t nothin’ better when it comes right down to it. I’m just proud I was the first to able let you do it.”

He reached behind himself and wrapped his hand around my crank and gave it a good squeeze. “That fucker is wicked boss. Go ahead and fuck that sonofabitch back up in me. We ain’t never gonna get any rest until you do.”

I was only too happy to oblige. I sure as hell felt like I needed to get off a good one, but after I had my crank all the way back up in him, I knew the fucker was still too numb to be any good for it.

I fucked on him for a while anyway just to let him know how much I appreciated his ass, and he did his best to try and milk some more seed out of me, but my nuts were just too numb.

He was lovin’ it though and didn’t settle down until I rolled him over on his side and wrapped my arms around him. I gently rubbed his chest and one of his nipples with my thumb, and corn-holed him a few times, but soon enough, we were both fast asleep. Neither one of us moved the entire night, and when I woke, my crank was still up inside him. He was already awake and when he felt me stir, he clamped his ass tight around it, imploring me not to move.

I think he enjoyed feeling my soft shaft up in him more than anything else we did for the rest of his stay. I finally rolled him over on his belly and gave him a good rub down, but I made sure my crank stayed up inside him the way he wanted.

Two days of hard work and a fuck that I’d never forget for the rest of my days had us both movin’ a bit slow.

He ate up the back rub. He moaned and growled like the gruff son of a gun he was, and all the while, he worked his ass all over my crank until it was rock hard. I was enjoying pleasuring his body so much I didn’t really feel it gettin’ hard until the fucker throbbed a good one.

My cock-head flared out and got a good taste of his hot ass almost as if it hadn’t been aware that it had been up in there the whole night. My nut-sac tightened right up to my groin and I thought I was gonna loose it again right then and there, but I managed to gain control over myself and I was glad about that because I really wanted to fuck him the way he deserved.

I took it slow and easy at first and rubbed his big ol’ balls until that fat little fucker of his was hot to trot. He took a hold of it and started working it over in the same gruff, manly way that got to me the first time I saw him get after it and said, “Go ahead and fuck me boss. Fuck me good”, but I wanted him on his back the way I knew he liked it best.

“Come on buddy, roll on over here so I can see that handsome face of yours.”

He chuckled and said, “Nawh, go ahead and get you another good one boss. I wanna make sure you get all of it you need.”

He fucked himself on me good and hard to make his point, but I said, “No, it’s your turn big boy. I want you to get a good one off if you’re ready to.”

He said, “Fuck boss, I’m always ready when I’m around you.” I was so taken by the all of his manly beauty when he got his big, hairy body rolled over, I fell on top of him and ate him up from head to toe. I licked him and kissed on him and ran my fingers all through the hair on his body then I sucked that stubby, throbbin’, muscle-bound prick of his all the way down my throat.

I could feel his big ol’ fuckin’ balls tighten right up to my chin and he bellowed out when that fucker of his started throbbin well past the point of no return. He grabbed my head and cried out, “Fuck me now boss!”, and as I stuffed my crank back up in him, a wad shot out of him that arched all the way up to the ceiling. It just seemed to hang in mid-air, then it fell over on itself right as it hit high up on the wall behind his head. It all hit at once in a long string that clung to it like glue and he clamped his hot ass so tight around my crank, I thought he was gonna crush it.

His prostrate throbbed hard three distinct times then that stubby fuck stick of his fired off another wad. He bellowed out as it reached it’s apex and after that, I started cummin’ right along with him. A fever shot right through me and the next thing I remember, he and I were huggin’ and kissin’ and caressin’ in a way I thought the two of us would never do.

We carried on for a good half an hour before we rolled our big ol’ hairy asses out of bed and I’ll be damned if he didn’t mention that he wanted to go and gather up all that old wood from the gates we’d replaced and chop it into firewood. I insisted he’d done enough and that he was gonna relax and just enjoy the last couple of days he had off.

I threw him a towel to wipe off with and after he put on his overalls, he noticed all his trails of spunk slowly dripping down my wall and behind the headboard of the bed.

“Fuck boss, I ought to take a picture of that.”

He grabbed up the towel I threw to him and wiped it all off the best that he could and then folded it up and handed it to me and said, “That was beautiful what you done.”

“What’s that sheriff?”

“The way you sucked my little pecker. I appreciated the gesture.”

“I just did what came natural to me sheriff. Why I’d be right proud if I had a little fucker that could blow a wad of spunk like yours.”   I winked at him and added, “It’s a keeper if you ask me.”

He blushed and absently fiddled with it some then he looked me in the eye and said, “It’s nice, ain’t it boss? Gettin’ to know a man in the way we’ve got to know one another.”

“Yeah, but it depends on the man, sheriff. You and I are good for one another in that way, but I can’t help but wonder how many other men ever allow themselves to express these kinds of feeling with a good friend the way we have with one another.”

“Probably more than you might think boss, but I imagine that most get to feelin’ so guilty about how they feel, they can’t handle it right. I felt that way after I got what I wanted from my dad and he did as well once it was all over, but my grandpa never showed any sign of it. I have to say boss that the older I get, I see myself taking after him more than I do my dad.

You know, I have to say that after things more or less played out their course between us I never thought once about trying to find another man to replace what it was that he and I had. Hell, I knew for one thing that there wasn’t another man alive that had a dick like his and even if there was, I knew that no one could ever replace all the other things he gave me in my life.”

He took pause for a moment then looked up at me and said, “I know I keep goin’ on about him boss, but I hope you can meet him someday. I don’t want to bore you with it all however. . .”

I just smiled at him and said, “It doesn’t bore me a bit sheriff. Why don’t we go on down to the river and just relax and talk the rest of the day. It’s gettin’ mighty warm out and I think it’d do us both some good.”

He agreed to that, so I fixed us a few sandwiches on the way out of the house and we spent the rest of the day just talking and sharing our life’s experiences and what we had of ourselves with one another. We stuck close to each other while we floated around in the clear blue water and every once in a while, we would grab a hold of one another’s manhood and gently fondle each other as we discussed everything under the sun.

The throbbing of our cocks ebbed and flowed with the conversation and revealed our true feelings while we shared all the sexual experiences we’d been through in our lives.

He wasn’t all that much surprised when I told him about how Bull and I met up. He’d had actually seen us rollin’ around on the grounds of the Diary Queen that day and said that seenin’ us two big boys having our fun the way we did was one of the most beautiful things he ever saw in his life.

He told me that was the day that changed him, and made him realize how natural it all was for big men to take pleasure in one another the way we did. He went on to explain how for many years he sometimes felt trapped by the fact that he had become so emotionally and physically attached to his grandpa.

“I couldn’t get enough of the man boss. I couldn’t get enough of just watchin’ the man fuck and seein’ how that big ol’ fuckin’ hog of his gave him a kind of pleasure that you could only imagine. I tell you what, you wouldn’t believe it if you ever saw what the man goes through once that hog of his starts blowin’ his nut. It’s fuckin’ beautiful, is all I can say.

Of course I too was enjoying the hell out of feelin’ the sheer power of that fuckin’ hog dick of his and I was in awe of how damn much spunk the fucker could blow every time he ejaculated.”

He shook his head like he still couldn’t believe how the man could blow a load then said, “We slept together every night after that first time I came to his bed. He’d always hold me and caress me but it was only about every third night that he’d work his magic on me with his hands and fingers until he got me so fired up that never once did he ever have any problem gettin’ that huge fuckin’ hog of his up my ass.

He chuckled to himself and said, “Of course back then I was ready for it most every night. Even so, it wasn’t until the fifth time that I ever shot off a load of my own. I guess that shows you how taken I was by just watchin’ how the man handled himself and what he went through as he took his own pleasures.

Hell it wasn’t until the following summer that I realized that the man hadn’t really ever gotten himself a good piece of ass before he and I started getting after it. It wasn’t until I was back home with my parents and started reliving each and every time we had fucked that it occurred to me that never once did he ever offer to have any amount of dick-play with me.

You’d think with the kind of equipment he had that he would have been proud to of shown it off and would of enjoy teasing me with it, but he never did. I eventually came to understand that he was just so thrilled to finally have a nice tight, hot hole he could fuck with that hog, that he was too busy making up for lost time.

I finally told him I wanted to see him jack it off for me once just so I could watch how that hog of his blew his seed. He was a little embarrassed by the idea and no doubt probably thought it was a waste of a perfectly good fuck, but he eventually agreed to try it for me once he realized how badly I wanted to see how he handled himself and watch it cum.

I’ll tell you what boss, he tried like hell to jerk himself off for me but just watching him go about it made me realize that fucking’ hog of his was just too damn big for him to give himself the kind of stimulation he needed to get it off. Hell, he had a hard time just keeping it hard until he told me to get on my back with my legs up over his shoulders just so he could finger my ass while he worked on himself.

I finally told him to go ahead and fuck it up in me but to pull it out right before he came so I could watch it unload, and he was more than happy to oblige. He was so fuckin’ horned up, he fucked me a good one. He went after my ass with a vengeance and by the time he got himself worked up enough to unload, I thought for sure he’d just go ahead and blast his load up my ass, but right when I felt it start throbbin’ up his nut, he pulled it out of me and stroked it a couple of times and then let me have it.

Fuuuck boss, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The head of that fucker was swollen up huge and when I saw that big slit open up and blast a big, thick, long white rope as thick as a garden hose, I started cummin’ like mad right along with him.

It blew out of him like it was shot from a cannon but it was such a big fuckin’ thick wad, it fell fast and hard right on my chest. I tell you what though, when he saw his heavy load hit me the way it did and saw how it got me to cummin’ like mad, he smirked to himself and then stroked up another one and let me have it all over my face.

I started lapping it up like a dog and I was still cumming when I suddenly felt him ram that throbbin’ hog back up my ass.

He finished himself off in me, and boy did he ever. Our fuckin’ got a hell of a lot more intense after that experience. He was far more willing to experiment around with me and I have to tell you that at times, he’d rough-fuck me up a good one.

I got addicted to it boss. I just couldn’t get enough of it and even though he never really talked about it or carried on much about it other than when he was doing it, I could tell he was enjoyin’ the diversity as much as I. But the one thing that I took away from that experience that always nagged at me some afterwards was the fact that I then knew how much he needed a good hot piece of ass just to be able to get himself off good and proper.

To be honest, it didn’t affect me all that much until several years later when our relationship had more or less taken it course.”

“Yeah, I can understand that sheriff. That must have been pretty difficult for you, but I’m sure he was inwardly quite happy for you when you ended up marrying. I don’t doubt that he’s proud to be a great grandfather.”

“Well yeah he is boss. Like I said, we are still very close to one another.”

“Yeah and I bet he was shocked as hell the way I was when he finally saw how you blow your nut sheriff.”

He blushed and chuckled some then said, “Yeah, that was somethin’. . . I don’t think he was quite ready for that when it first happened. Hell I know it took me by surprise. Fuck, I didn’t even realize I was hard enough to shoot off a load. Why the first time, I was so nervous I couldn’t of gotten a hard-on if I tried.

I did start to get a hard-on the second time - once he started fuckin’ me real good, but it hurt so bad that I never was able to get completely hard. I guess I finally got used to it enough by then that I didn’t even realize how hard I was and after he blew his first load, all of a sudden I let go with mine.

Hell, I hadn’t come in months and I tell you what boss, I shot the biggest fuckin’ load I think I’ve ever shot in my life. It went all over the fuckin’ place.

I was never so grateful for anything in all my life and afterwards, my whole body was so limp and relaxed that after I got through paying homage to that big fuckin’ dick of his, I slept the better part of the day away.”

We both chuckled then he said, “That was the first time he ever said much of anything to me right after we fucked. He told me how proud he was of me and I knew right away he was referring to how I had cum all over the place.

I think it was after the third time he fucked me that I sensed that he might be starting to feel a little guilty about it all. He never said anything directly to me about it, but I could tell that something wasn’t quite right with him after that third time. I remember that even though he would hold me and pet me each night, he didn’t make any sexual overtures towards me for well over a week after that third time.

I was wantin’ it pretty damn bad by the time he ever got around to it the fourth time. I remember when I got in bed with him that night I kind of suspected he was already gettin’ a hard-on because he made damn sure his groin kept well away from me while I settled in with him and he hadn’t bothered to worry about that ever since that first night I went to his bed.

Hell I don’t guess there was a night that went by after the first time we fucked that I didn’t spend at least a moment or two feeling him up after I got in bed with him. He never seemed to mind it, but it didn’t take me long to realize that even though he’d let me have at it for a while, that didn’t mean he was ready and willing to have his way with me.

Anyway, I knew somethin’ was up that night and instinctively knew better than to try and feel him up like I usually did right after I got in bed with him. He wrapped his arm tight around me the way he always did after I got situated in the bed with him, but he just held on to me that night and never got around to petting me some the way I was accustomed to him doing.

I wanted to cuddle up closer to him, but I could tell by the way he was holding me that I’d best not until he relaxed some himself. We must of laid there like that for damn near an hour or more boss and by then, I knew damn good an well that neither one of us was going to fall off to sleep.

I was just about to make a move to try and get more comfortable when all of a sudden he took a deep breath and moaned inwardly then pulled his arm away from me and started fumbling around with himself.

I just froze and then a moment later I felt the blunt head of his hog just barely touch up against my butt and then he growled under his breath, ‘Fuuuck! I’m so goddamn hard boy, I’ve just gotta get a fuckin’ load off!’

He fumbled around with that fucker some more and I felt it ever so lightly rub up and down the crack of my ass as if he wasn’t sure what to do with it. I could tell by the sound of his voice how damn tormented he was and kept expecting him to get after me with it, but he didn’t offer to until I scooted my butt in closer to him and reached back and wrapped my hands around the fucker.

As soon as I did, I could tell right away how urgent his need was. He was harder than a fuckin’ rock boss. I’d never felt him get that hard before. That fuckin’ hog of his was the biggest I’d ever felt it get and it was a damn good thing I was wanting it as bad as I was because he didn’t spend the amount of time he usually did getting’ me ready for it.

He fucked me with a vengeance that night boss and right when he finally started to unload, he reared up on his knees and growled something at me that I couldn’t make out, but I sure as hell could tell he was feelin’ it and feelin’ it good!

I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it boss. I figured after seein’ him take his pleasure the way he did that he’d fall over on top of me exhausted, but damned if he didn’t reach down and grab up my ass then stare right at me while he just jut-fucked the hell out of me.

He went after it like it was the last time he was ever gonna get himself a piece of ass and damned if he didn’t eventually manage to blow off another load or two in me. Damn! I was in awe of the man all over again by the time he finished with me that night. I have to admit that it was both frightening and terribly beautiful to watch all at the same time.

When he finally finished himself off, he rolled over beside me, and petted me fervently for a while then uttered quietly almost as if he was talking to himself, ‘I just can’t get enough of you boy. . . I just can’t help myself. . .’

Well after he said that, I just crawled down between his legs and camped out there for the rest of the night boss.”

He looked up at me and grinned and said, “Dammmn it sure smelled good down there. I just loved it and I’m sure he got tired of me fondling him as much as I did afterwards that night, but he never put a stop to it. He just squeezed me tight between his big thighs and fell off to sleep on his back.

Hell I was still paying homage to that big fuckin’ dick of his an hour after he fell asleep, but he never woke till the next morning. My ass was sore as hell the next day or two, but I never let on about it.”

“Did you ever figure out what all that was about sheriff? I mean, do you think in some ways he had been in denial about how your relationship had turned out?”

“I don’t know for certain about that boss, but in a way, I think he was some at first. He never showed it outwardly though. You know, first of all he realized how much he loved me and how much I loved him and, well. . . obviously he hadn’t gotten much of the kind of lovin’ any man needs in his life and then one thing just led to another.

All in all it was a pretty natural thing the way it all came about and I’m sure that he had his thoughts about the stigma surrounding it all just the way I did, but when it came right down to it, I think both our needs for having it the way it turned out between us far out-weighed any guilt we might of felt about it.

Nawh, I think that by the third time he fucked me it must of occurred to him that I’d never once gotten a load off and I think he was beginning to suspect that my plumbing didn’t work the way it was supposed to. Of course I’m sure too that he might of been a little confused by the fact that I seemed so eager to take him up my ass the way I wanted to, but I’m not even sure of that to be honest.”

“Hell, I hadn’t even thought of that sheriff. It never even occurred to me knowing the way you can launch off a load! Damn! Of course. . . I’m sure that must of concerned him more than a little. . . I can be pretty fuckin’ dense at times sheriff if you haven’t noticed by now.”

He chuckled pretty good at that one then went on to finish his story.

“It must have been about five or six nights after that hard fuckin’ he gave me before we got it on for the fifth time boss. I could tell he was startin’ to want it again ‘cause I caught him fumbling around with himself a couple of times the night before, and I could tell by the way he was goin’ about it that he wasn’t just casually trying to get that huge fucker of his situated in a way so he’d be comfortable enough with it between his legs that he could fall back off to sleep.

Hell, I guess I was startin’ to want another go at it myself considerin’ that I wasn’t sleeping all that soundly either that night. Fortunately, my ass hadn’t hurt for the previous day or so and to be honest with you boss, I think that good hard fuckin’ he gave me was just what I needed to get myself loosened up enough to where I could get a hard-on with that fat hog of his up inside me without it hurtin’ the way it had before.

I made up my mind that night that if he started fumbling around with himself again, I was gonna let him know without question how ready I was for another good fuckin’, but as it turned out, he eventually fell back off to sleep and I managed to get back to sleep myself a little while after he did.

The following day however, I could tell he was gettin’ pretty damn horny. He didn’t let on about it to me none, but hell I pretty much knew all his moods by then and besides, I was on the far edge myself, boss. Hell, I hadn’t busted off a load ever since I was up on that mountain with my dad.

I’m sure a lot of the reason was psychological. Hell, I like I said I thought he’d cured me of ever wantin’ any more dick until I saw that fuckin’ hog of my grandpa’s and even after I did, I was so fuckin’ intimidated by it, I really wasn’t sure what I was feelin’ inside until I finally got the balls to go get in bed with him.

I knew damn good and well before I ever went to his bed that if I ever got him to fuck my ass with that hog of his that it wouldn’t be anything like the experiences I had with my dad, but little did I know at the time just how different it would be. I sure as hell never expected I wouldn’t be able to bust off a load with that big fucker of his up my ass. It just never occurred to me. In fact, if anything, I figured that big ol’ fucker of his would get me to blowin’ off a load like I’d never done before.”

He grinned to himself then looked up at me and broke out into a smile and said, “That shows how naive I was at the time.”

We both had a good laugh about that then I said to him, “Well I guess in the long run you were right about that from what you’ve told me about it so far sheriff. Sounds like you flooded the place the way you usually do when you cum.”

“I sure as hell did boss, but I had to play hell to get him in the mood to fuck me that night. When I went to his room. I noticed he was curled up on his side and had given me plenty of room. Usually he tended to lay more towards the middle of the bed and was always fairly stretched out, but that night he was all curled up in a ball. When I pulled back the covers I could see that he had that hog of his tucked down in between his thighs, and don’t ask me why boss, but when I saw how that fucker looked all tucked down in there the way it was, I got all fired up in a hurry.

His boxer shorts were all wrapped tight around it and creased around in between it and his big thighs, and damn if that bunched up pile of man-meat didn’t look brutally beautiful the way it was.

I always got in bed with him with my back to him, but when I saw that, I slipped in the bed facing him and then crawled down to where I could reach it and see it and started tracing out the shape of it with my fingers. That thrilled me to no end, and in no time I was harder than a rock.

He didn’t budge an inch and let me explore it for a while before he finally grunted to himself and then put his hand on the back of my head and said, ‘What are you doin’ down there boy?’

When I opened my mouth, I couldn’t help but moan a little before I told him, ‘I can’t help it grandpa. That fucker looks so beautiful the way it’s all tucked in between your legs, I just had to touch it and find out what it felt like down in there.’

I’m certain he could tell by the sound of my voice how badly I was wantin’ it boss, but he didn’t budge or say a word after I said that. He just watched me get after it for a minute or so then finally, he took his hand off my head and adjusted himself as if he’d had enough and said, ‘It’s time you turned off the light and tried to get some sleep son.’

I was surprised as hell by that boss because I could tell that he was gettin’ harder by the minute. Hell, I was pretty damn certain he was already half-way hard as soon as I first touched it.

I got frustrated as hell after he said that, but I knew better than to try to reach back in for it so I rolled over on my back and took a deep breath just laid there for a moment. I figured he could easily see how damn hard I was but when he didn’t offer to say nothin’ about it, I just pulled down the front of my underwear and started stroking myself and pleaded, ‘Fuuuuck grandpa. I need it bad tonight. I’m so fuckin’ horny I can’t stand it.’

He quietly chuckled to himself but didn’t offer to say nothin’. I could sense however that he was watchin’ me get after myself even though I couldn’t see his face.

I just kept stroking myself and puttin’ on a show for him figuring he’d relent soon enough, but he just kept watchin’ me until I was damn near close to bustin’ my nut, so I switched to my left hand knowing full well that I couldn't get myself off like that. Hell, I was wantin’ him to fuck me so bad I didn’t know what to do, but I pretended I was getting closer and closer and reached over for his hog and wrapped my hands tight around what I could of it.

I knew for certain he was pretty fuckin’ hard himself when I did, and he slowly raised up his thigh to let me get a better grip on it, but it wasn’t until I kept tuggin’ after more of it that he finally relented and let loose of the fucker with his thigh.

Man, that fucker shot straight out in front of him and throbbed a good one when he did, so I raised up my legs and pulled off my underwear and quickly grabbed back a hold of his stiff hog and started fingering my ass and pleaded again with him to fuck me.

He got harder than a brick boss, but he just kept watchin me for the longest time until finally, he pushed my hand away and grabbed a hold of that rock-hard fucker of his for himself. He stroked it a couple of times and I could tell by the way he did it that he himself couldn’t believe how hard it was, and then he growled, ‘Ah hell! Roll over boy! I can see we ain’t never gonna get any rest until you have it your way.’

I reached over and tugged hard down on his boxers and said, ‘Awh just mount me up and fuck me good grandpa. I need it right now.’

Boy he didn’t waste a minute, boss. He rolled over on his back and raised up his legs and pulled off his boxers in a hurry, then he rolled back towards me and grabbed both my legs in his hands as he raised up and got me situated where he wanted.

That fuckin’ hog dick of his was damn near straight up hard and the pre-cum was throbbin’ out of it like mad. Fuck, it was glistening wet in no time and he had to get way over the top of me to even get the fucker pointed towards my fuck-hole. He rubbed the head of it all over my ass and kept pushin’ it up my crack until he found the spot, then he eased off some and fingered my hole good and deep with his spume until he was certain for himself that I was as ready for it as I’d said I was.

I could tell he was wantin’ to fuck me straight up without a hitch and once he was satisfied that I was good and ready for it, he pulled his hand away and grabbed a hold of both of my calves and snarled to himself as he pushed them over the top of me and fucked himself up in me all at once.

Hell, when I saw the way he grimaced and squinted up his eyes as he drove that fuckin’ hog of his right up in me, I knew damn good and well right then and there that he’d been needin’ it far worse than I did boss. It was the first time we’d ever done it with the lights on, and it was thrilling as hell for me to get to see him go about his business so plain and clear.

He twisted up his mouth and his eyes fell completely shut as he fucked the last few inches of himself up in me, then he turned his head off to his right and groaned to himself and didn’t budge for quite a good while. But I tell you what boss, that fuckin’ hog of his was throbbin’ like mad. That fucker was rock fuckin’ hard and throbbin’ away as though it was tellin’ him to just go ahead and get it all over with.

He finally took a deep breath after that fucker settled down a bit then he turned his head back to me with his eyes barely open and grumbled, ‘Fuuuuck boy, I almost lost it there’, then he took a few more short breaths and closed his eyes and shook his head a few times as though he was trying to muster back up some strength then he let out a short grunt as he fucked the very last of his big, wide shaft right on through my pucker-hole.

Gawd, I’ll never forget that boss. That thick base of his shaft turned my ass-hole outside-inwards and his big ol’ hairy balls were pressed so tight up against me they all but smothered my ass the way they were all spread out the way they were. I knew right then that I could never be more thoroughly fucked full of manhood as I was at that very moment. He had a grip on me so tight and had me pinned down so firm and hard against the bed I could barely breath, but my whole body swelled full of a kind of fuck-lust that I’d never felt before in my life.

He opened his eyes up wide and his mouth formed a big, wide, lustful smile when he felt my body swell up like it did and then he let that big fuckin’ hog of his throb wicked hard up inside me and watched and grinned as I shivered and squirmed full of fuck-lust.

He gave it to me again and then shook his head and smiled and said, ‘That really makes a man out of you doesn’t it boy? You sure as hell were needin’ it, weren’t you? That fuckin’ ass of yours is hotter than hell tonight, boy. You was needin’ it as bad as you claimed you was.’

It had all been so fuckin’ beautiful to watch and feel that I didn’t know what to say to him. I just swelled up proud and then I felt my little pecker throb up tight against his big hairy belly.

He forced a smile when he felt it and then he made his throb up good and hard again, and after a few exchanges like that, he just couldn’t take it any longer and started to get down to business. Hell boss, I knew by the way he’d said what he did that he was already all but lost to his own need. Fuck, every time he let that fucker of his throb up hard inside me, I could see by the expressions that poured over his face how his whole body was gorging itself on the heat of my ass.

When he first pulled that fucker out to start in on his fuck, the fucker started throbbin’ out of control. Hell boss, you know as well as I do that when a man gets that way, we’re all in a constant tug-of-war between what we personally want to get out of a good fuck and the immediate, urgent needs that our hard dicks are wantin’ to satisfy. It don’t make no difference how well hung a man is, but when you see a big man like that tryin’ to control the immediate needs of a fuckin’ dick that’s larger than life - especially when it is as rock hard and needful as his was that night, it all gets magnified way beyond anything you can imagine.

I just fuckin’ ate it up boss. In a way, it was damn near comical to see what all he did to keep control of that fuckin’ hog dick of his. Hell, I knew he was wantin’ to be sure to give me a good fuckin’ the way he knew that I liked it by then, and he did manage to fuck me pretty damn good, but in the long run, that needful fuckin’ hog of his won out over him.

Fuuuck man. . . when that fucker let loose he reared back and bellowed out so loud I thought he’d hurt himself, but when I saw how the pleasure poured all through his body, I felt my ass clamp down tight on that fuckin’ hog of his and I busted out a load like I’d never done before in my life.

It just poured out of me boss, and it felt so fuckin’ good, I started bellowing out myself. His eyes shot wide open and caught the arc of my load as it flew up to the ceiling and they just kept getting bigger and bigger as they followed it up and over until it splattered up against the wall behind me.

Well that just set him off boss. That fuckin’ hog of his throbbed up so hard it wrenched my guts and then he fucked and fired off a wad that was so fuckin strong it gushed through me like I had a fire hose up my ass. He couldn’t believe it himself and almost looked terrified by what he’d felt but when he saw me blast off another long rope, he followed it until it was on its way down and then rammed that fucker of his hard up in me and growled out as he blew another wad in me, ‘Yeah boy! Cum along with me boy. . . cum along with me!’

He swelled up and smiled at me like he was proudest man on earth after he got through blowing that load up in me and I just lost it after that. I went fuckin’ crazy boss, and I started blowin’ my spunk all over the fuckin’ place.

The more I shot off, the prouder of me I could tell he was, and that caused me to let loose even more. But I have to tell you he was right there with me every step of the way, boss. He filled me so full up with his seed I could feel it oozing out of me and down all over his big ol’ hairy balls. They felt wetter and stickier each time he slammed that fucker up in me and that just fired me up even more.

Fuck, it was all over in less than a minute boss, but at the time, it seemed like an eternity to me. I’ll never forget any one single detail of that night for as long as I live.”

I chuckled and said, “I can sure as hell tell that sheriff.”

He smiled and shook his head like he was a little embarrassed by it all, but I knew better of him by then.

“Hell boss, I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that ever since, but then again, I haven’t ever let myself go for that long since then either. Gawd, was he ever proud of me. He fell on top of me afterwards and just covered himself with my spunk. He touched it and felt it and looked at it close and then he rubbed it down under his big ol’ balls and smiled at me right before he got up and grabbed a towel out of the bathroom.

He wiped me up with it first then he cleaned off the wall and then he rubbed the towel all over his body as if he was trying to cover himself with what he’d just wiped up more than anything else. He stood proud and grinned big at me after he did that.

That was quite a sight boss. He was still hard, damn hard. When he saw me look down at that fuckin’ hog of his, he made it throb for me, and damn if that fucker didn’t spew out another thick, creamy wad of his seed.

I watched it dribble down over his big ol’ cock-head then saw it roll down under it until it slowly began to drip down to the floor. He made it throb again for me and stepped in closer to me as I sat up and reached for it.

He put his big ol’ paw on the back of my head and watched me while I sucked up every last bit of his tasty stuff, then he made it throb again and milked out another for me with his hand, and I lapped it right out of that big fuckin’ slit of his.

That was the first time he ever actively participated in the ritual of me paying homage to him in that way and I could tell right away that he was finally allowing himself to enjoy it for what it was. He grumbled all kinds of shit to himself the whole time as if he was trying to make out for himself what the hell it all meant.

I couldn’t make out most of what he saying to himself, all I could hear mostly was the constant low rumblings emanating from his gut. But I tell you what boss, he kept after it until he couldn’t muster up another single drop of his stuff and then he pushed my head down under his thick shaft and rubbed that hog of his all over my face while I licked on his huge balls until he was completely satisfied with himself.

He was completely different after that boss. He was a lot more straight forward about lettin’ me know when he was getting’ horned up and ready to fuck me a good one that night, and he always enjoyed the hell out of our little ritual we’d play out after he had his way with me.

He was damn near insatiable too. Like I said before, we’d fuck just about every other night. I could barely keep up with him at times, and about a week before I had to head home to go back to school, he ready to go every single night.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the hell out of it, but my butt was pretty damn sore the day we loaded up his truck and he drove me back home. Hell boss, the first time I laid eyes on that fuckin’ hog of his, I knew straight away if I ever got lucky enough to get him to show me his ways, that he’d fuck me a brand new asshole.”

He shook his head and smiled to himself. I could tell he was a little embarrassed as he went on to say, “Like I said before, I was intimidated as hell by it at first, but I swear to you boss that if you ever saw that fucker, you’d understand why I ended up wanting it so bad it didn’t matter to me one damn bit. Hell, I’m sure you’ve noticed where he’s left his mark on me through the years.”

“I guess I have, to be honest, sheriff. And from what I know now, I sure as hell know you aren’t exaggerating about the size of it. Of course the first time I saw your naked, hairy ass, I just thought that was the way you was naturally made, which, as you know, I found irresistible. Why it was all I could think about.”

He chuckled and paddled over to me and then turned around and pushed his butt right up to my groin and said, “Well when I first saw you wade out of the river to greet me that day, I damn near had a heart attack boss. I was beginning to believe that fucker of yours hung all the way to the ground. I was relieved that it didn’t though.”

I chuckled and wrapped my left arm around his hairy chest and then reached around and down under his big ol’ body with my right arm and pawed his manhood good for him. I really loved feeling him down there. In a way, I envied how, with just one hand, I could get a good feel of most all of his manhood and I sure as hell enjoyed feeling up his huge testicles.

“I have a question sheriff. Did you ever pay any mind to how I was endowed before that day?”

He chuckled and said, “Awh hell boss, I’d heard other men folk in town talk about you before I ever met you. They’d all chuckle about how you needed to put on some underwear before you came into town, but to be honest, I never really noticed until that day you was on your horse checkin’ out your fences.

I don’t know if you remember that day, but all of a sudden you gave that fucker a tug like you was gonna whip it out and use it on me. I have to admit I wasn’t ready for that at the time.”

“So you really had tried to put the past behind you.”

“You know boss, he really loved me and never once questioned how I was and what I wanted from him. I don’t want to give you the impression that all we did through those years was fuck all the time because it wasn’t like that at all, but when he got in the mood for it, he’d fuck me to the moon and back and I loved every minute of it. The man just has a way about him boss. Hell, he had to have a way about him. There ain’t no way in hell he’d of ever gotten himself a piece of ass if he didn’t have the ways he had.

Except for those two times, he always went real slow. Why any time we ever fucked, it went on the whole night long, and damn, can he ever get you to wantin’ it and wantin’ it bad. He likes it that way. He works up the heat till you’re on fire, then he spends the rest of the night fucking it all out of you and when he finally lets that fuckin’ hog of his rip, you just know he is feelin’ it and feelin’ it good.

It is so amazing to watch him as he unloads those big fuckin balls of his, you just can’t help but feel it right along with him. I’m tellin’ ya boss. There ain’t a man alive that could resist the chance to get their hands on that fuckin’ hog of his. I don’t know how to explain it, it just somehow symbolizes everything a man has ever enjoyed about being a man - havin’ a cock and balls between your legs to play around with and gettin’ all hard and all and feelin’ it cum.

Speaking of which, you know on the way to your house the other day, I just had to stop and take another look at that carving I helped you set in the ground. I tell you what, the first time I saw it, I couldn’t help but notice that pretty fuckin’ dick you carved out on that bull. Now that I know more of what that carving is all about, I can’t but wonder if you didn’t get the inspiration for that beauty from your buddy.”

I chuckled to myself cause I could feel the ol’ boy getting’ stiff in my hand.

“Damn sheriff, that got you to goin’.”

“That is one pretty fuckin’ dick boss. Don’t tell me that all came from your imagination. . .”

“You ought to see the real deal sheriff. It’s a fuckin’ beauty and it fits him to a ‘T’. The way that fucker hangs between those stubby legs of his, you just can’t help but get the impression the man was born to fuck.”

“Damn! Now you’re startin’ to get all hard boss. I have to admit I thought he was a striking lookin’ man -- he definitely reminds you of a bull and he sure has a way about him doesn’t he?”

“You two would get along good sheriff. You must of got a good eye full of us sheriff. I’m surprised I didn’t notice you in your cruiser that day.”

“Hell you were too busy eyein’ that butt of his boss. I thought you was gonna drool all over yourself.”

I felt myself blush up good. There had been a time I would of just kept my mouth shut, but his openness and honesty about himself and his life had gained my full trust in him. I felt I could tell him anything and it would never be used against me in any way.

“I did sheriff. I drooled like a fool once my crank got a good taste of his hot ass. I was nervous as hell and thought I had lost my marbles to even be tryin’ such a thing. I was awfully embarrassed when I literally started droolin’ all over him, but he didn’t seem to pay it much mind.”

“Hell boss, he was probably too busy tryin’ to accommodate that fucker of yours to even notice. I sure hope the hell you took it easy on him.”

“I tried sheriff, I tried like hell, but that was the first piece of ass I’d gotten since I was a youngster. I’m sure I wasn’t as smooth about it as he would of liked.”

He guffawed. “Smooth is not a word I’d ever associate to you boss. That’s part of your charm though. Hell, it wouldn’t fit you anyway. You’re a bruiser boss. You can’t help that.”

“Yeah, well I just wish I understood this all a little bit better sheriff. Hell if it hadn’t of been for what I went through with my son, I never would of ever even thought about the idea that two men could take pleasure in one another in that way. It wasn’t until I got him off to school that I even began to form some kind of opinion about what kind of man I could ever take that kind of pleasure with.”

“Well it’s not surprising your instincts led you to singling out big-assed burley fuckers like me and your bull-buddy boss.”

I laughed and said, “Well I guess I might have singled you out sheriff, but he just fell from the sky. You know the story.”

“Well I’m sure he must of noticed your interest in him.”

“We hit it off like two peas in a pod sheriff. I felt like I knew him all my life. I don’t know the exact moment that I realized I’d fallen in love with him. I have to say however that I sure as hell never noticed a man like I did him right from the git go. The way he got around on those thick, stubby legs of his sure got my attention straight off, but I felt awful inside when I realized that I wanted to make love to him and what all that actually meant from a physical standpoint.

I was surprised as hell when I realized that he was entertaining the same thoughts. Fuck, I had no idea what we’d end up doin’ together, I just went as easy as I could. I eventually come to find out that he can’t really get good and hard unless he’s got a stiff one up his ass.

To be honest sheriff, I think he has a hard time accepting that about himself. I think that’s the only reason he’s drawn to a man. I’m pretty sure he goes for a long time puttin’ off his needs until he can’t stand it any longer, and I do mean a long time.

He told me that he loved me, and I believe him in a way, but I think he’d put that need off for so long, he didn’t really know what he was feelin’ inside. But I have to say that he stayed with me for a long time until we both got it all out of our system.

He’s a hairy son of a gun. Not as hairy as you are sheriff, but he has a nice coat of hair all over his body and down his back. I guess in a way, after I got so much pleasure being with him, that I formed my own opinion of what I liked in a man. So I guess in a way, I kind of singled you out because you two share many of the same traits.

I’m not sure I could bring myself around to getting’ down and dirty with a man that wasn’t chunky in the frame and didn’t have hair all over his body. I guess if I’m gonna fuck a man, I’m bent on fuckin’ a real man -- a man that’s got all of the manly traits.”

“I’m the same way boss. Hell you wouldn’t have gotten to first base with me if you wasn’t built the way you are”, he gave my crank a firm squeeze and added, “and I’m not talkin’ about this big ol’ fucker either. Even though I have to admit it’s mighty appealing to me. You just need to be careful with that fucker and go easy on the man.

I’m sure he must of realized how big that fucker was before he ever tried to tangle with it especially if he was sittin’ next to you most of the day. It ain’t so noticeable when you’re standing up, but when you’re sittin’ down you can’t miss the sonofabitch.

You know boss, gettin’ involved with a man ain’t anything like getting’ involved with a woman and if your right in your assessment of him, he may never come around to fully accepting himself and his need. He may just spend his whole life trying to keep that part of himself cordoned off from everything else he thinks he is or who he thinks he should be anyway.

I’m not saying that’s the way he is, but I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime and I know stuff like that happens to a man. I just don’t want you to get hurt is all, boss. But if he does come back around - and I think he will by the way, try to go slow with him. If you really want him in your life, let him find his own place in your world -- a place he’s comfortable with.

Hell if I’d ever gone as long as you had without gettin’ a piece of ass, I’d probably be in the nut house so I can appreciate how eager you are to make up for lost time, but you need to understand more about what it is that makes this sort of thing work.

I don’t wanna keep going back to my grandpa, but if you’d ever met him, I’m sure the two of you would hit it off right away. And I’m positive if you ever got a chance to see that beautiful, big fuckin’ hog of his, you’d want that fucker so bad you wouldn’t believe it.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the way he’d said what he had, and he grinned as well, but I could tell he was serious about what he was saying.

“Sounds to me sheriff that what you’re trying to tell me is that I might benefit from being on the other side of the fence post.”

He chuckled lustily and said, “Well I guess in a way, I am, boss, but I hadn’t consciously thought about it like that. All I can say is that the man sure knows how to satisfy.”

He grinned and winked at me and felt myself blushing a little.

“That gets me to thinkin’ perhaps I’ve been a bit overbearing with you, sheriff. I sure as hell never meant to be.”

“Nawh it ain’t that at all boss, you ought to know better than that by now. I’m just saying that if you really want to make a life with your Bull buddy and I can tell you do, you might benefit from knowin’ just how good it can feel to a man to get a good fuckin’ when it is done just right and proper - the way he wants and needs it. Of course it has to be with the right man, and all I’m saying is that I think you and my grandpa might just get along on a lot of different levels.

When you said how that beautiful dick of your buddy’s fit him so nicely, well, I guess that’s what got me to thinkin’ again about my grandpa. That fucker of his fits his big ol’ body perfectly as well - it wouldn’t look right on any other man. And like you said about your buddy lookin’ like he was born to fuck, well if you ever saw my grandpa, you’d say the same about him.

Anyway, you get my point. I’ve said my piece. You can take it or leave it for what it’s worth.”

“Well maybe you should introduce the two of us sheriff.”

“Naw, that’d never work out the way it would if the two of you just met up on your own. But I will say this, I hope you do decide to take that bull on up to the state fair, boss. I’d bet you dollars to doughnuts the two of you would meet up just because you’d be attracted to one another and I think you’d both find you have a whole lot in common that you’d want to share with one another.”

“Well maybe I will take my bull up there this next Spring sheriff. Maybe I just will. . .”

“I hope you do boss. I hope you do. I think you’d enjoy gettin’ away from the grind and honestly, I think that bull of yours would cause quite a stir. He’s a one of a kind to be sure -- just like you are boss.”

I chuckled and roughed him up a bit just to let him know how much I enjoyed being his friend. He’d been sincere about everything he’d told me ever since he got here, but he had been even more so when he started talking with me about Bull and his grandpa.

It made an impression on me that I thought about for quite a while.

When we got in bed together that night, we talked and petted one another most of the night and the next day, when he finally pulled his cruiser out of my drive and headed back to the responsibilities he’d taken on in his life, I watched and followed the trail of dust his cruiser kicked up until the last of it disappeared in the wind.

Little did I know at the time that my own path forward in my life would lead me right to the two men that had meant the most in his.