WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 17

I started marking time not long after I bid farewell to the sheriff late that Sunday afternoon. I kept myself busy enough, but my heart wasn’t a hundred percent into my work like it had been in the past.

I did take some pleasure in catching up with some of the old hands I’d hired on for the harvest, but I found myself constantly distracted by thoughts other than what was happening in the here and now.

I had a hard time getting my mind off the sheriff and all the stories he’d shared with me about his youth and couldn’t help but think how just a few years back, I never would of ever believed any notion that young men could be drawn to their fathers in such a way. But now it seemed the truth of it kept revealing itself to me over and over again.

Of course, I couldn’t help but think about my own son whenever my mind started wandering off on this stuff and naturally I was looking forward to seeing him again the day he played in his first football game. He called me just a few weeks after the sheriff had left and told he’d booked a motel room on the edge of town where Bull and I could stay the night when we came up to visit.

He’d also made some reservations at some fancy restaurant where he wanted all of us to meet up after the game. I could tell he was as interested in getting the chance to meet Bull as I was in meeting this young lady who had caught his fancy, but I told him I wasn’t a hundred percent certain Bull would be able to shake himself loose from his work.

I guess he could tell by the way I said it that what I was really saying was that I wasn’t even sure I’d ever see Bull ever again. He remained silent for a moment and then he responded by telling me not to worry about it as if he knew that possibility wasn’t even worth considering. I knew it didn’t matter all that much to him personally if Bull didn’t show up to see him play, but then again, I could tell by the way he said it to me that he would have been hurt because of how I would feel about it.

I had plenty of time to think about a lot of things concerning Bull and myself before he ever showed up at my door step. I could see the reason in what the sheriff had said about Bull and the the possibility he might never be able to completely face up to himself concerning his sexual needs for a man, but at the same time, the sheriff hadn’t seen the love in the man’s eyes the night he told me how he felt about me.

I never did hear from Bull. He just showed up the day before we were to head out and we picked right up as if nary a day had passed since we’d last seen one another. He hadn’t changed a bit, and in no time, he had me laughing and feeling like the carefree kid I did not long after we first met.

I pointed over at that new truck of mine and asked him what he thought of us taking it and he just smiled and walked over to it and rubbed his hand all over it as if it was, in some way, magical. I knew I was so much in love with the man after he did that, that I could never live right without him. I couldn’t stop dwelling on it the rest of the day and finally had to get off by myself so I could take a moment to let all my feelings out.

I went to the bathroom and shed a tear and as I looked myself in the mirror, I couldn’t picture what the hell he ever saw in me, but I made a vow to myself that I was gonna life out my life with him come hell or high water.

As usual, he knew exactly what was going on with me and after I came out of the bathroom, he stepped over to me and got up on the tip of his toes and rubbed my watery eyes and said, “This ain’t the time for that Hoss. Let’s get ourselves fed and off to bed. We’ve got a big day ahead of us.”

I never wanted to make love to anyone more in my life when we got in bed with one another, but considering the fact we needed to be up early and fully rested, we both knew it was best not to get involved in that way. We held and petted one another for a while then he rolled over on his back and held my hand as he stared up at the ceiling.

I kept quiet, but I could tell he was questioning himself. I was as sure as I could be that he was wondering if he could actually settle down with me and I knew right then that the sheriff had been right when he’d said I needed to give the man plenty of berth.

I don’t ever remember ever falling off to sleep, but when we woke the next morning, we were cuddled up to one another nice and comfortable. I’d never slept better and I realized then that I hadn’t really been able to sleep all that well ever since he’d left.

It was still dark out once we got loaded up and Bull had us pointed to the highway, but when we got up to the spot in the road where we first met and saw the big carving I’d set along the fence row there, he stopped and got out and took a look at it. I got out with him and stood behind him while he looked it over. Despite the size of it, it seemed frail to me in a way. I knew it wouldn’t last through eternity, but that didn’t matter to me one damn bit. I knew that the only thing that could ever last that long, was the love that had borne it out.

He looked up at the night sky and followed the line the milky way cut across the heavens then looked back down at it and turned around to me and said, “God, Hoss. What will the neighbors think?”

I chucked and said, “I don’t give a good goddamn what anyone thinks Bull, except you. You’re all that matters to me. I now know the meaning of true love Bull and just want you to know that I’ve come to appreciate that if you truly love someone, you must, at all times, be willing to set them free.”

He started to tear up and all those powerful feelings we’d felt before at that very spot, came rushing back through us. We just held on to one another for dear life as it swept us away, and afterwards, neither one of us had much to say to one another for the longest time.

God it hurt. I couldn’t understand how something so wonderful could hurt so damn bad, and I still don’t understand it to this day. I wasn’t till well after sunrise that all those emotions wore off enough to where we could even speak to one another.

I finally got around to apologizing to him in a way for that carving I’d made. I told him I’d never thought about how he might feel about it when I placed it there, and tried to explain it all away by hinting at the fact that at the time I guess I felt as though he’d never return.

I pointed out to him that he’d been the only person who had ever outwardly showed any interest in all the crazy carvings I’d stuck up around the place and said I did it as much for that reason as any, but all I managed to do was get myself in deeper and deeper until he was laughing at me more than anything.

It felt good for both of us to get it all out and by the time we found that motel my son had booked us in, we were as back to normal as the two of us could be. We checked into our cabin and walked the grounds in back of it some before we headed off to the stadium.

The motel backed up to a small river and there was a stone walkway and bridge that crossed over to the other side where there was a small clearing with a couple of picnic tables tucked underneath some large overhanging trees. The walkway ran the length of the property and on down towards the back of a tavern that was about a hundred or two yards away.

It was fairly apparent that at one time the tavern had been a restaurant and it had been quite a successful operation in its day, but once the new highway had been built, it was too far off the beaten path to attract the business it once did.

The whole setting was quite picturesque and I could see why my son had thought I’d feel comfortable there, but from talking to the man in the office, Bull and I got the impression we might be the only visitors staying over with them for the night.

Time didn’t permit us to settle in and enjoy the surroundings all that long, but as things would turn out later that night, that short little river walk would set the stage for one of the most extraordinary things I ever witnessed in my life.

I guess I knew from the start this day would end up being mighty potent. The autumn weather had lingered well past normal and the unusual weather had everyone feeling their oats. We got seated just in the nick of time to see the opening kickoff and from that point on, the day just swept by all too fast.

I didn’t know fuck all about football, much less the finer points of it, and after Bull realized just how little I did know about it, he started talking over some of the finer points of the game with a couple of fellows who sat beside him. At one point he turned to me and whispered, “Hoss. I thought you said your son had never played football in his life.”

“Well he hasn’t Bull. This is his first time. Why do you ask?”

He just smiled and shook his head then went back to talking with the fellows beside him. I couldn’t hear everything that was said over the crowd noise, but I got the impression my son had played a goodly part in helping his team get the win even though he never once touched the football.

I didn’t think much about however until Bull and I were back in the truck waiting our turn to get out of the parking lot after the game was over. He looked over at me and said, “Be prepared Hoss because I suspect your son is going to be playing football for quite a long time.”

I just nodded dumbly, because at the time, my mind was so far off in another direction, I didn’t much care one way or another. I hadn’t actually thought about the fact that I might end up seeing my boy’s trainer on the field with the team when I went there. Hell, I never paid any mind to that sort of stuff the few times I’d watched a bit of it on television, but once I caught eye of the man, he was all I could think about.

He was facing me when I first caught a glimpse of him, and just as I did, he grabbed the front of his trousers and lifted up on that fine manhood of his then squatted down in front of one of the players and started rubbing down one of his legs.

The memories of that unlikely day rushed through me like a freight train. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the man afterwards and as he chewed on his cigar while he worked over the boy’s leg and knee, I felt my crank swell up in my pants.

I could see a lot of my father in the man from a distance, especially in the way he walked as he surveyed his realm and assessed the fitness of those for whom he was responsible. Every once in a while he’d pull up the back of his trousers and scratch his backside then slide his fingers up under those hairy balls of his and hold them for an instant as if they were telling him something.

I was enthralled by his manly ways and the sheer beauty of his animal existence. He just reeked of man from head to toe and all I could think about was the strange and beautiful ritual we had carried out with one another.

Every once in a while, he’d look over the crowd and when he finally spotted me and saw that I was looking right back at him, he gave me a nod and smiled. I nodded back and from that moment on, I felt a heightened awareness of every man around me. That feeling lingered on through the night and was all so evident to me when Bull and I finally met up with my son and his girlfriend.

I knew right away he’d been fuckin’ her and I could tell he was enjoying every minute of it. I could almost picture my boy having his way with her and I could tell by the look in her eye that she liked his ways and what he had to offer.

I felt relieved by that. Almost vindicated in a way.

I could of turned around and walked right out of the room and been as happy as any man could be for his boy, but after I talked with her during dinner, I was elated for him.

She was a big gal, tall and athletic and well composed. I found out she was three years older than my boy and I think she sensed not long after we all met that Bull and I had some kind of special kind of relationship that went beyond the norm. She was a long distance runner and she and my son met one day while he was out on the track running sprints.

She told me he first caught her eye while he was fumbling around with the starting blocks without much success and naturally just by looking at him, she knew that he wasn’t a runner. She figured he threw the shot put and was just trying to strengthen his legs, but after a few days of noticing he never once was down at that end of the field, her curiosity got the best of her and she went up and asked him what he was up to.

He told her he had secured a football scholarship and the coach wanted him to work on his speed and quickness before training started. The two of them hit it off straight away and everyday they trained together until it was time for him to show up for camp.

The rest of it she didn’t have to say. Just by the way she spoke of him and the way she looked at me, I knew she was in love with him and I suspected they’d end up getting married soon enough.

The evening lingered on smoothly and while I’d made my acquaintance with his girlfriend, my son got a good sampling of Bull’s insight and sense of humor. I was pleased to see how quickly they had hit it off and by the time we finished with our meal and said our goodbyes, I felt that my family had grown twofold.

When we got back to our cabin, Bull and I couldn’t help but notice how full the parking lot was in front of the tavern down the way. You could hear a low rumble emanating from the jukebox inside and given how potent of a day it had been, I wasn’t all that surprised by the fact that folks weren’t yet ready to give it up.

I asked Bull if he felt up to going over there with me to check out the goings on, but he said he was ready to hit the sack and suggested I just let him in the room and then take the key with me. I’m sure had it not been for the fact that our room was furnished with two small beds, I wouldn’t of bothered, but since I knew we were going to be able to sleep with one another that night, I decided to take him up on his idea.

As soon as I walked into the place, I was struck by the fact that it was mostly full of men. I looked over the bar and spotted a couple of empty stools at the far right end of it so I sauntered over to the one nearest the wall and took a seat. I noticed there was a near empty beer mug sitting on the bar in front of the stool next to me, but when the bartender came over to take my order, he just swept it up and wiped down the bar for me.

I ordered a beer and just got settled in when a fellow stepped up from behind me and asked what had happened to his beer. He was a big ol’ cuss and I immediately saw a resemblance between him and the sheriff. I told him the bartender had just cleared it away and he smiled and waved it off and said it was almost empty anyway.

He stood there and waited to order another one and by the time the bartender came back around to us, I was convinced he had to somehow be related to the sheriff. I figured he could possibly be old enough to be his father, but it was difficult to make out the man’s age.

I turned around in my seat and put my back up against the wall and looked the man over and the more I saw of him the more convinced I was that he just had to be the sheriff’s dad.

The man was squared off from head to toe and leaned slightly forward just the way the sheriff said he did when he first described him to me. His stance was so pronounced, I might of suspected he’d had a bit too much to drink had it not been for the fact he stood as steady as a rock.

I smiled to myself and said, “I just got here. Had I known it was your beer, I would of said something.”

He turned to me and smiled and said, “Awh, it’s no big deal”, then he nodded towards the bartender and said,   “This place is so packed right now, he can barely keep up. He has no idea who he’s served and who he hasn’t and how many. I was over playing pool anyway, and after that youngster over there whooped up on me, I went to take a piss. I guess he thought I’d left.”

I looked over at the young man he had been playing pool with and watched as he chalked up his cue. He was a young bull himself -- stout in the frame and thick in the shoulders and arms. He was wearing a flannel shirt and when he bent over the table to take his shot, I couldn’t help but notice his full belly and thick hind quarters. He reminded me a bit of Bull in the way he walked as he surveyed the table for his next shot.

“He’s feeling his oats isn’t he?”

I smiled and nodded in agreement and asked, “Is he any relation of yours?”

“Nawh he just came over and asked me if I wanted to play a round with him. He’s here by himself which worries me a bit because they are the ones who often end up drinking more than they can handle. I’m gonna keep an eye out on him to make sure he isn’t a threat out on the road.”

After I heard him say that, I knew for a fact he had to be the sheriff’s father. There was no longer any question in my mind. I smiled at him and said, “I think I know your son. He’s the sheriff in my county. I’ve heard him say damn near the same thing about some of the youngsters in the town near where I live.”

That took him a bit by surprise, but after we sorted out the fact that I was right in my assumption, he sat down next to me and we began to talk. I soon began to appreciate how similar he and his son were in personality. I could tell he cared about the world and the people in it and I couldn’t help but notice that every once in a while he’d glance back over at that boy just to see how he was doing.

We talked for a while longer and he wasn’t all that surprised to discover that his son and I had become close friends. He appraised me for a moment and smiled and said “He always seemed to enjoy spending time on the farm with his grandpa. I can see where he’d be attracted to a man like you. You remind me a bit of my dad myself.”

Considering the state of mind I’d been in ever since I saw my son’s trainer earlier in the day, I wasn’t really sure how to respond to that. I was well aware of my frame of mind so I thought it best to just let all that pass and I simply responded by saying, “Well he has nothing but kind words to say about both of you. You should be proud of the man. You raised him right. I enjoy his company as well.”

I could almost see the memories pass through his mind. He grimaced a bit then he finally spoke up with the same kind of gruffness his son had in his own voice when he was speaking his mind. “He was a handful, but I wouldn’t change a thing about him. He sure as hell gave me a education”, then he smiled slyly and added, “I just hope one day his own boy pays him back for all the grief he gave me.”

I chuckled and said, “Well I’m sure he’s up to the task if he ever does. My own son was handful for a while too. He gave me an education as well.”

He looked me straight in the eyes and then nodded as if he knew we were both talking about the same thing. He was about to say something when the young man he’d been keeping an eye out on stepped up to the corner of the bar and ordered another beer. He looked over towards the kid and then back at me and raised an eyebrow.

After he placed his order, the youngster looked over our way and smiled to himself. I could tell by the expression on his face he liked what he saw in the man and I couldn’t much blame him for that.

His strong facial features were uncommonly masculine and looked as though they had been chiseled out of rock. It was no wonder he had been given that nickname when he had been a professional wrestler. His whole appearance warranted a second look and I didn’t doubt the man was quite used to experiencing that in his life.

He didn’t seem to notice how the young bull was checking him out, but I sure as hell did. Given my mental state, I was keenly aware of it. I’d seen that look once before in the eyes of my own son and I remembered all to well where that had led to.

It seemed as blatantly obvious to me as all the beer signs stuck up on the walls and I more I thought about it, the more I figured I’d best be gettin’ the hell out of there so I chugged down the last of my beer and stood up and said I needed to get off to bed then walked straight on out the bar.

I guess that looking back on it now, I didn’t really trust my own instincts all that much. I wasn’t at all used to being in bars and experiencing what all went on in one, but it didn’t take me long to figure out that there wasn’t a hell of a lot to do in a place like that other than drink and socialize.

With all the noise and commotion that went on in a place like that, it was quite a bit more than this old country boy was used to. I didn’t realize how riled up I was until I got outside and I knew I needed to give myself some time to settle down before I could fall off to sleep, so I walked around a bit in the moonlight and finally decided to go down to the river and just cool out for a while.

It was just too perfect of a night to be inside anyway so after I walked the length of the walk along the back of the motel, I decided to cross over the stone bridge and laid back on the side of the embankment under one of the big shade trees not far from the two picnic tables I’d seen earlier in the day.

The moon was high above me and I was deep in the shadows of the trees, so it was a good place to see all the goings on out in the parking lot without being noticed. Not that I really paid it any mind at first. My thoughts were elsewhere and all over the place at that. It wasn’t until I noticed a fellow who came out and got in his truck and just sat in it that my curiosity got a little piqued. He sat there for quite a while and didn’t bother to start up his truck until another guy emerged from the place and got in his truck and started to back out. He followed the other guy out of the parking lot and then the two of them headed down the old highway in tandem.

I didn’t think about it much until I saw it happen a second and then a third time and when it finally sunk into my thick head what the hell was more than likely going on, the parking lot was all but empty.

It got me to thinking about all kinds of things and before I knew it, I realized that the bar had shut down for the night and everyone had gone home. I was about to get back on my feet and check in for the night myself when I noticed the sheriff’s dad and that young bull were out walking around together in the parking lot.

I could tell they were carrying on quite a conversation and eventually they decided to walk on down by the river. After they descended the stairs, they walked down the walkway towards the tavern and took a seat on an old bench and just kept talking. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but I could tell they were enjoying one another’s company and every once in a while I’d hear them softly laughing.

They must of talked a good half hour or so then the ol’ wrestler put both hands on his thick knees and stretched his back before he stood up as if he was ready to leave. The young bull didn’t offer to get up with him and the two of them talked a bit longer before the ol’ boy offered his hand to say goodbye.

After the youngster shook his hand, he brushed the backside of his over the big man’s hefty belly then slowly rubbed it a couple of times before he let it wander on down to the man’s groin.

The ol’ boy didn’t budge an inch, he just stood rock steady for a good minute and watched while the young bull got his fill of it. All of a sudden the young bull dropped to his knees and buried his head in the man’s groin and the ol’ wrestler rubbed the back of his head a few times while he looked all around to make sure they were alone.

When the young bull raised his head up to him, he reached down under his belly and slowly unzipped his trousers then reached deep inside his fly and leaned back on his heels as he offered up all his goods at once to the boy.

It didn’t take long before the young bull slid his hand under one of the man’s huge testicles and he caressed it carefully and gently as though he himself was born from the seed within. He took one last look up at the man right before he buried his head down under his belly and began to carry out his part of the ritual.

The ol’ bruiser leaned back a little to give the boy all the access he could and stood rock-steady for him the rest of the time. He looked slightly up and straight ahead and never bothered to look down at the boy even once until he knew the youngster was spilling his seed all over the ground.

The night went dead silent.

All I could hear was the youngster’s soft moans of pleasure and contentment as he gorged himself on the old bruiser’s gift of manhood. He took his good time with it and did it right. It all seemed to happen before my eyes in slow motion and it struck me how I wasn’t at all surprised by what was transpiring.

It all seemed so right and natural to me, I couldn’t turn my eyes away from it and felt my own manhood begin to throb from witnessing it all. I carefully coaxed the fucker on down the leg of my overalls and felt its wet trail on my thighs as it stiffened up good.

The youngster waited until the ol’ bull was good and hard before he started sucking the man off and by then, he’d managed to get his own sweet boy-stuff out to where he could get at it with his fist.

I could tell by the way he went about it that the kid was a natural born cocksucker just like my son was. It didn’t take long to see the effects of his efforts on the ol’ bruiser. He writhed his head around on his shoulders as the pleasure filled his enormous body and I couldn’t help but think to myself that perhaps he’d singled the boy out from the crowd just because he somehow knew the kid was capable of servicing him the way he liked.

There was no question the man was in ecstasy but even so, the son of a gun didn’t budge an inch. He just stood rock-steady the whole time until right before he started to unload on the boy.

He widen his stance an inch then he reared back and his big butt tightened up and pulled the fabric of his trousers right up his crack. A long, low, lusty rumble traverse through the still air and I could see his big ol’ butt squeezing the seed down the boy’s throat. His growl got a bit louder each time he did and then suddenly, I saw a long rope of spunk shoot up from between his legs as the young bull ripped loose of his own.

The air was charged with man-lust as this rite of passage reached its peak and I felt my own crank begin to slowly spill my seed down the leg of my overalls. The tip of it burned so sweet just the way it did the time I was able to fuck all of it at once right up the ass of this ol’ bruiser’s son, and just the thought of that drove me nuts. My crank got so fuckin’ hard, it hurt like hell being bent down the leg of my overalls like it was, but I didn’t dare move.

The ol’ boy just kept unloadin’ on the youngster, then finally placed both his paws on the boy’s head and ground himself all around in his throat as he finished himself off. The kid went nuts and spunk blew out of him in long, thick streams. It was so fucking beautiful to watch, I could almost feel the man’s cock getting a good taste of the boy’s mouth and I started firing off one strong load after another myself.

I was so lost in my own orgasm I had no idea what was going on after that. I just gazed out at them dumbly as my seed spilled out of me in a flood, and by the time I came to grips with my own self, the ritual was complete.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much that night. After I finally slipped back into our room and got what I could of my spunk cleaned up, I just laid in bed on my back and played what I had just been witness to, over and over again in my head.