WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 18
Further Revelations

I have to admit after I’d seen what had occurred between the sheriff’s dad and that young bull, I couldn’t get it out of my mind in the immediate days that followed.

First of all, it made me realize without a shadow of doubt that all them stories the sheriff had told me about him and his dad and granddad had all been true. In a way, I was glad that I had witnessed what I had for that reason alone, but it also got me to thinking about a lot of other stuff.

Whether or not I was right about it or not, I’ll never know, but it seemed as clear as day to me why that youngster had done all he did in that bar to get the attention of the sheriff’s dad. It wasn’t all that hard to see the resemblance between the two of them and I was fairly convinced the youngster must of saw a lot of his own father in the ol’ wrestler.

If you had seen the two of them together without knowing them, it wouldn’t be all that hard to imagine that they were father and son.

I had also noticed that young bull carried himself much the same way the sheriff did and I didn’t have any doubt that the sheriff’s dad had also noticed those same similarities between the two of them.

It was probably one good reason why the ol’ bruiser felt compelled to keep an eye on the boy until he was convinced the young bull was capable of driving himself home safely.

Of course I couldn’t help but take into consideration the fact that the ol’ bruiser was a police officer just like his son was, and after spending as much time with his son as I had, I was well aware of how conscientious men in their position were about folks getting in their car when they didn’t have any business doing it.

That alone could have been the reason for him wanting to keep an eye out on the youngster, but at the same time, I still couldn’t help but wonder if the ol’ bruiser hadn’t sensed all along what that young bull was really wanting from him from the outset.

If he did, he sure didn’t seem to let on about it or even show any interest in it - especially considering how long he spent on that bench with the boy and then just stood up and offered his hand to the youngster as if he was finally satisfied that the boy was in good enough shape to get himself safely home.

Naturally I’ll never know what all they talked about while they were sittin’ on that bench or back in the bar for that matter, so I couldn’t help but wonder if that was why the young bull finally got brazen enough to let the ol’ bruiser know exactly what he was wanting from him, and when he did, the ol’ boy just stood there and let him have at it.

Of course, because of what I knew about the man’s past, it also occurred to me that perhaps nothing was ever implicated during their conversations. The ol’ bruiser might of just felt something for the boy once he started groveling around for his cock due to his own past experiences he’d had with his own son.

No doubt he had his own ideas about what it all meant to the youngster and might of just figured it wouldn’t do any harm to let him go ahead and have at it. I couldn’t help but get that impression when I noticed how the ol’ bruiser initially reacted right after that young bull started rubbing his hand all over the old boy’s belly.

But no matter how much weight I put on that, I still couldn’t rule out the thought that had occurred to me last night during the heat of their encounter and saw how much the ol’ bruiser was enjoying the way the boy was servicing him. It was quite possible that the ol’ boy eventually got a pretty damn good idea of what the youngster was wanting from him, and after spending some time with him and sizing him up good, he figured the young bull was likely capable of doing the task to his satisfaction.

Maybe all the time they spent walking around in the parking lot and sitting down by the river was all premeditated - some elaborate dance they danced until they both felt they had the place to themselves and they could get down to what they both were wanting all along.

Perhaps they both had played it out without really knowing for certain if the other one was dancing the same dance. Who knows?

All I know for sure was once they both got down to business, and knowing what I did about the ol’ bruiser, it was like watching one of the sheriff’s stories about him come to life right before my eyes in every detail - especially the way he stood so rock steady for the youngster as he let the boy get his initial fill of his manhood - it was exactly how I pictured it the day the sheriff told me his story about he and his dad up on top of that mountain.

I was struck by my own reaction to seeing it all. It was like I’d seen some allegory of the old bull passing his seed off to the younger one play itself out in real life, and I couldn’t help but see a natural order and beauty in it now that I had.

I was especially struck by the deliberate and unhurried way the ol’ bruiser unzipped his trousers and reached down in the fly of his pants to present all of his manhood to the young bull at once. There was an unexpected dignity about how he went about it. It was as if he was somehow content and satisfied with the boy and felt the youngster was worthy of him passing his seed along to him.

It made me wonder about the sheriff’s dad and how his experiences raising his son had changed him. I didn’t question that it must have changed him considerably because I sure as hell knew how my experiences with my son had changed me, but exactly how and to what degree it had changed him, was something I could only surmise.

It got me to thinking more about some of the details of all of the stories the sheriff had told me, especially about when he and his dad were in the car as they headed off to go camping and after the sheriff had confessed to him how he felt about his dad ever since he was a kid, the ol’ bruiser up and said later that he could understand how the sheriff might have been curious about the size of his cock when he was so young, but that he ought to know at his age that his dad didn’t have anything out of the ordinary.

When the sheriff first told me all that, I didn’t think much about it. It seemed like something any father would say to a youngster who had reached the age the sheriff had at the time. But it was later, when he told me how big of a cock his ol’ grandpa had, that I couldn’t help but think again about what his dad had said to him about the size of his cock.

Of course at the time, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure how much truth there was in everything the ol’ sheriff was telling me, but now that I seen what I had, I was pretty convinced that he hadn’t been making any of it up.

Even so, I still couldn’t imagine any man havin’ a dick the size the sheriff indicated his grandpa had. I found that awfully hard to believe. And yet when I recall how sincere he was when he said he hoped I could meet the man one day. . . well I didn’t know what to think.

I just couldn’t stop mulling all this stuff over and over in my head even after Bull and I were in the truck and heading back home. I guess after a while, he noticed how distracted I was, so he finally said to me, “You seem awfully distracted Hoss. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you must of run head on into a ghost last night.”

I chuckled and said, “Yeah, I think I might of Bull.”

“Well do you feel like talking about it, or are you just gonna keep it all to yourself?”

I had already thought about telling him what I’d seen last night, but I knew I’d have to be careful not to reveal everything I knew and why I knew it.

Bull would know damn good and well that the sheriff and I would never share that kind of personal information with one another without having gotten intimately involved in some way, shape, or form beforehand.

In a lot of ways I had been wanting to tell Bull about what had happened between the sheriff and I ever since it all came about - especially after hearing all of the sheriff’s stories and realizing that he and Bull had a lot in common concerning their relationships with their dads.

I was convinced more than ever that the two of them would get along just fine and I couldn’t help but think that it might make Bull feel more at ease with himself knowing he wasn’t the only man in the world who had the kinds of sexual needs that he had.

I especially thought that once he knew the sheriff had also sought out his dad to help him satisfy his curiosity concerning those needs, he might feel more comfortable with himself and his own past. But I also knew this just wasn’t the right time to delve into all of that.

I wasn’t all that worried that Bull would get all that jealous or upset about what had happened between the sheriff and I. We had made a point of discussing all that before he’d left my house to head back to work the first time we met. We both realized that things had happened awfully fast between us and that it would take some time for us to really know for certain about the two of us, and Bull even went so far as to say that when he told me he loved me that he didn’t want me to take it as though he was laying any claim to me. Hell, we were both men, and we knew damn good and well that trying to put up any kind of fences around us was the worst thing we could do to one another.

No, the reason I didn’t want to bring up all that stuff about the sheriff was because I was so convinced that he and Bull would become fast friends once they met on their own terms, that I knew better than to push myself in the middle of it. It was just like what the sheriff had said about me meeting up with his grandpa.

I now saw all of the wisdom in the sheriff’s thinking on that matter even though at the time I didn’t.

So because of all of that, I just turned to Bull and said, “Awh, hell Bull, I guess if anything, I realized last night what a country bumpkin I really am.”

He laughed so hard I thought he was going to hurt himself. “Well what the hell happened? Did someone in that bar take a shining to you and that big ol’ dick of yours? Hell, I’d be surprised if you told me otherwise. I’ve been around enough to know that people don’t go to places like that just for a beer and conversation.”

I chuckled to myself and said, “I guess you’re right about that Bull, but I have to tell you I was more than a little surprised about what I saw last night and where it was I saw it all happen. . .”

He guffawed and then looked at me he shook his head at me as if I was the most precious person on earth, “You don’t even have to tell me the rest, Hoss. I can already picture what happened. You went into that bar and after you had a beer or two you probably got bored with all of the talk about the football game and decided you’d had enough of the racket and smoke and decided to stroll around and get some fresh air. So you strolled on down to that walkway by the river and I’m willing to bet you saw a couple of guys fooling around down there, didn’t you?”

I didn’t know what to say. I got so beet-red so fast, that he just chuckled and said, “Yeah, I’m right. I knew I was. . . Hell Hoss, as soon as I saw that river walk and that bar down the way, I more or less figured that place had probably seen more blow-jobs than any roadside rest stop I’d ever been into.”

“You mean to tell me you’ve seen shit like that going on in a public restroom!”

“More than a few times Hoss - especially late at night when only the truckers are out on the highway. Hell Hoss, all those guys do all day is sit behind the wheel. It’s not like they have to be consciously thinking all that much about what they are doing, so what the hell do you think they start thinking about?”

I chuckled lustily and he said, “Yeah. You’ve got it big buddy. They ain’t no different than any other man when they have a little time alone, but the only difference is that they have the whole damn day and night to be thinking about it. You combine that with the fact that they are sitting in a vehicle that’s bouncing their nuts around all day long and those men can end up gettin’ horny as hell in no time.

When a man gets himself so full up with the need that’s all he can think about Hoss, he’ll do a lot of things that he knows damn good and well he shouldn’t be doing.

Why hell just a few weeks ago I walked into the men’s room at a roadside rest stop at high noon and caught some young fellow suckin’ the dick of an older man I’ve known practically ever since I moved out here.

I have to tell you I was surprised as hell by that because the few times I’ve ever happened to sit next to the old boy at the counter of the diner out that way, all he seemed to ever want to talk about was his family - his wife and kids an all.

He’s a fairly hefty fellow and has a sweet chubby face and the kindest eyes but I’d have to say that for the most part he’s a man’s man like you and me Hoss. I just never figured him to be one who would be looking to get his rocks off out on the road with another guy - especially considerin’ the fact that he’s a day-runner and gets to spend his nights at home.”

“God, I bet he was embarrassed as hell when you walked in on him gettin’ a blow job, Bull. I bet they was both embarrassed as hell for that matter.”

“Hell Hoss, when I walked in on them, the old boy was too busy unloading that fat dick of his down that youngster’s throat. I caught him right before he started cumming and it just so happened that the ol’ fucker had his eyes closed and both his hands on the kid’s head holding him down on himself. I have to admit was surprised to see how big and fat the old boy’s dick was. The kid was practically choking on it but I could tell he was lovin’ it the way he was massaging the old man’s nuts like they were his life blood.

I stepped back out of the entrance as soon as I got an eyeful of it all Hoss, but I heard the old man groan out his relief as he filled the boy full of his seed. Then I heard a loud sucking noise and then the old man growled, ‘Yeahhh! That’s a boy! Suck the last of it out good for me son. Suck that fuckin’ dick like a man!’

I have to admit that, from what I knew of the man I was a little surprised at what all he was saying. I guess it goes to show you that you never know what a man needs to fully satisfy all of his carnal needs. After he said all of that, he started chuckling lustily when I heard all the sounds the boy made as he sucked the old boy’s dick even harder and faster to get his fill of all the old boy had in him.

Hell, I had to piss so bad, I didn’t think they would ever get through with it, but finally I heard one last loud sucking sound and a moment later I heard the young fellow thank the man for lettin’ him suck his dick for him. The old man just chuckled heartily and said, ‘That’s quite alright son. You did a good job of it boy. I appreciate it myself.’

Then I heard the old boy buckling his belt back up, so I quietly stepped back a few steps and waited until I heard them walking out before I started walking back towards the dividing wall. I could tell the old fellow was surprised as hell to run into me there, but I just nodded and made a beeline to one of the urinals, and that was it.”

“Damn, Bull! Just hearing that story got my ol’ crank to throbbin’.”

He chuckled and looked down at my crotch, and after he saw I wasn’t bullshittin’ him none, he said, “Well I have to admit that I got pretty fuckin’ hard myself at the time, Hoss. That’s probably the only reason I didn’t end up pissin’ down my pants, cause I sure as hell needed to go awfully bad before I ever even got to that rest stop.

To be completely honest with you, after I got through pissin’ and got back in my truck, the more I thought about it all, the hornier I got, and I had to get one off for myself a bit later.”

We both let out a good, lusty chuckled after he said that and then he looked back down at my crotch and gave me a sly look and said, “Did you jerk off last night after you saw what you did Hoss? I sure as hell hope not, cause I tell you what, after being away from you so long, I’m one ornery, horny, sonofabitch.”

“Hell if I’d known that I would of jumped your bones last night Bull, but you was sleepin’ so soundly, I just figured I’d let you get your beauty rest and then have my way with you once we got home.”

“Awh hell Hoss, there ain’t any chance in hell I’d ever catch up on my beauty rest. Not unless you’re willing to wait until I’m reincarnated.”

“Well you’re beautiful to me, Bull, and that’s all that matters as far as I’m concerned.”

“Awh you’re just sayin’ that to butter me up Hoss.”

“Oh you think so huh? Just wait till I get you home. I’ll butter you up! I’ll butter you up so good with my tongue that you’ll be beggin’ me to never stop!”

He chuckled and looked back down at my crotch, so I gave my ol’ crank a good throb for him, and when he saw it push further down the leg of my overalls, he said, “Damn Hoss! I forgot how fuckin’ big that fucker of yours can get. Damn! Look at that! And look at the legs of your overalls there Hoss! I just now noticed that. It sure as hell looks to me like you shot your wad down the leg of your pants there big boy. . .”

He looked up at me and grinned that shit-eating grin of his and said, “So what the hell did you do last night Hoss?”

“Well since you’re such the smarty pants Bull, and thought you already knew what had happened last night, why don’t you go ahead and tell me how I might of managed to get all that caked up spunk all over my overalls?”

“Well I’m all ears now big buddy. . . so what the hell exactly did happen?”

“Well it’s quite a story Bull. . .”

So I went ahead and told him all that had gone on last night but left out all of the personal details. I just told him I made the acquaintance of an older police officer and said the man struck me much like the older man that he had told me about he’d met at the diner, and then filled him in on the rest of the story about the young bull playing pool and all.

He just listened and didn’t say a word until I finished up my story by saying, “Anyway, Bull, what I can’t for the life of me figure out is if that ol’ bruiser knew all along what that youngster was really wanting from him and was just waiting around to see if the boy had enough gumption in him to go for it, or if he was truly as surprised as I was when the boy did reach for his cock?

I can tell you one thing for sure, that young bull sure as hell knew what to do to with it once that ol’ bruiser pulled it all out for him. He got that big man right where he wanted him in no time.

At first the ol’ police officer just reared back and stood rock steady for the youngster while he let the boy have at it. He seemed almost disinterested in a way and didn’t even bother to look down at the boy, but it wasn’t all that long before that young bull got that ol’ boy to fuckin’ feelin’ it good, Bull. The ol’ bruiser started rollin’ his head around and I could tell he was ready to let go with it any time, but he waited patiently until he knew that youngster had gotten his own self off before he took his pleasure.

I have to say though that once he knew that young bull was finally gettin’ himself off, he widened his stance a bit and then dropped his hands on the back of the youngster’s head and reared back and fucked himself good and deep down the kid’s throat.

I tell you what Bull, when I saw that big butt of his squeeze up tight over and over again as he pumped his seed down the young man’s throat, why hell buddy, my ol’ stiff crank just started pumpin’ right along with him.

You could tell that young bull just loved the fact that he was gettin’ to experience how that big bruiser went about givin’ up’ his seed, Bull. Why hell, after the ol’ boy had pumped two or three good ones down in him, the youngster started shootin’ off all over again like there was no tomorrow.

I just lost all control of myself after I saw how powerfully strong that youngster started cummin’ Bull, and my stiff crank just got away from me.”

Bull just cracked up laughing at me and kept glancing over at me like I was pure nuts.

“I sure as hell know I’ll never forget that night for as long as I live and I have to admit to you Bull, I saw a natural order and beauty to it all like I never thought possible. . .”

He chuckled even harder and deeper, but eventually he got around to saying, “Yeah, I guess I can see that myself, Hoss. . . but to answer your question, it sounds to me like it’s just one of those things that happens at times, Hoss.

It could very well be that they both just felt a strong affinity towards one another for whatever reason and perhaps after they talked a while, they both realized that they would never see one another again, so given the right place at the right time under the right circumstances, they were both driven to go ahead and make the absolute most out of the moment they had.

I don’t question that the ol’ boy must of knew that youngster saw something special in him and I don’t doubt that can be a might potent feeling for an older man to realize that a young bull like that is looking up to him in a special sort of way.

It’s very likely the young fellow didn’t even know himself that he’d end up doing what he did until he actually did it, but I can’t help but think that he must of sensed at some point that the ol’ policeman wouldn’t mind lettin’ him have the chance to discover what all he was made of if he really wanted to. That was certainly born out by the fact that the ol’ bruiser went ahead and offered up his manhood to the boy once he knew he wanted at it.

Like I said Hoss, when a man starts feelin’ the need in him, he’s libel to do a lot of things he wouldn’t do otherwise. I guess considering how late in the night it was, the ol’ policeman didn’t feel as though it was all that risky to let the boy have at it where he did.”

“Maybe you’re right Bull. . . I hadn’t thought about it in that way. It’s kind of strange to think that they might never of gone so far with one another had they known each other under other circumstances. That is, if they had some sort of long-standing relationship of some kind.”

“You never really know, Hoss. . . a lot of what I said was more or less the conclusion I came to after I saw that old fellow givin’ his seed up to that young man at the rest stop.”

“So you don’t think that they knew one another beforehand huh?”

“Oh hell no. The younger guy was driving a big, long-distance setup. His big ol’ rig was idling away when I pulled in and I was in such a hurry to take a piss that I didn’t even notice or hear the smaller truck that the old man drove parked up in front of it.

That rest stop is so close to where they built a service stop and the signage for it comes up so quick right before you have to pull off, that it’s rare you see anyone stopped there, but I wasn’t all that surprised to see a big rig like that pulled in there at that time because I knew by looking at it he hadn’t needed to stop for fuel and was traveling slow enough to where it wasn’t any problem for him to pull off in time.

Anyway, after I finished taking a piss, and stepped back outside, I saw that they had been talking to one another out near the old man’s truck and I just happened to catch the old man giving the younger guy a fatherly pat on the back as he turned to walk toward his rig. Just from seeing that simple gesture Hoss, I somehow knew the old boy felt something personal towards the younger fellow.

Something just clicks Hoss. It may only last for that fleeting moment, but I can tell you from my own experience that it happens far more often than I ever thought possible. I’m not sayin’ it’s all that prevalent, but I have to admit, after I caught that ol’ boy in the act and realized that might have been the one and only time he’d ever done anything like that, well it got me to thinking about a lot of things. . .”

He looked over at me and smiled and patted me on my thigh and then he looked back down at my crotch and rubbed down at my knee near where all that spunk of mine had dried up, then he chuckled and said, “Anyway, I guess this means I’m gonna have to wait another day or two before I catch you in the mood.”

I responded by making my crank throb good and strong several times until he took notice of it, and then I grabbed his hand and placed it on the fucker and chuckled lustily and said, “I don’t think you have to worry about that one damn bit Bull.”

He squeezed the fucker, then slowly rubbed his hand down my shaft and shook his head and chuckled to himself before he put his hand back up on the steering wheel and got back to his driving. I saw him give a glance back down at it a little later, and then I saw him slide his hand down between those thick thighs of his and pull at himself, so after he put his hand back on the wheel, I decided to reach over and give him a good feelin’ up.

He was sittin’ up straight and on the edge of his seat so his short, stubby legs could reach the pedals, and I just loved seeing how his big ol’ belly stuck out all firm and manly and the way it rested atop that beautifully wide, hefty groin of his.

He let out a deep, lusty chuckle when I reached for his privates and feigned to push my hand away, but that fucker of his throbbed up good and betrayed the fact he was ready for me to get after it for him.

I could feel the steamy heat pouring off him as soon as I got my hand down between his meaty thighs. His beautiful cock was swollen up pretty good, and he let out a deep, lusty groan when I gave it a good rub, but I just had to get my hand on down underneath him to get a good feel of his balls.

He was practically sittin’ right on top of ‘em and his crotch was all so nice and warm and moist that it got my fuckin’ crank to throbbin’ good. I squeezed and massaged them fuckers good for him as I ran my thumb over the top of his swollen shaft and he just smiled at me and said, “You really like them balls of mine don’t you Hoss?”

“Oh I sure as hell do little buddy. Them boys feel so good and plump!”

He let out a deep, horny chuckle and said, “Well I guarantee you big buddy, they are full up to the brim.”

“Oh I can feel that, you big stud.”

He let out another deep, lusty chuckle and I felt his beautiful cock start to stiffen up and in no time, my ol’ crank was gettin’ mean fuckin’ hard. I turned on my side some and slid closer to him so I could stretch out my leg a bit more just to give that fucker of mine some extra room, and when he saw how fuckin’ rock hard I was, he said, “Gawwd, Hoss. Do you think we’re gonna make it home in time?”

“Well I don’t know about you little buddy, but I’ll be fine. We don’t have all that much further to go. . .”

“I’ll make it, but gawd I love feelin’ the way you paw around on me down there Hoss. I love feelin’ your big ol’ hand down on me. I like being manhandled that way. I don’t know about you, but this just the only way for me now, Hoss. I guess I’ve known that ever since I felt my daddy’s hands on me down there the day he put that fuckin’ condom over my cock. It just took me a long time to realize how much I preferred the feel of a man’s hands down on me.”

“I’m right with you there little buddy. I love feeling your body up next to mine and feeling your strong hands all over my crank. I sure as hell haven’t thought about having it any other way ever since I met you, Bull.”

We didn’t say much else to one another the rest of the way home. I just kept pawing around on his manhood to let him know how much I appreciated what all he was made of and he just soaked it all up like a sponge until he got us safely back to the house.

As soon as we put down our bags at the foot of the bed, I wrapped my arms around him and tongue-fucked his mouth good. I felt him melt away in my arms and after I gave him a good taste of what was to come, I knelt down on my knees and slowly undressed him from the bottom-up, tasting every inch of his body along the way.

Once I got his shirt off and had him laid back at the foot of the bed, I couldn’t help but stop and admire his uniquely stout, manly form all covered over with that beautiful, thick golden hair of his. It glistened in the warm, afternoon sunlight and it was almost more than I could take.

I silently thanked my maker once again for bringing him into my life and then I fell on my knees and spread his thick thighs out wide and licked every inch and crevasse of his perfect manhood over and over again.

He placed his callused paw on top of my head and ran his fingers through my hair, and the faint smell of grease and diesel impregnated in his flesh filled my nostrils. It was as much a part of him as the smells and tastes of the rest of his body but it struck me how it affirmed to me in my own mind just how much of a man he was.

“Fuck Hoss. I’ve been wantin’ you to get down to this business ever since I got back to see you.”

“Awwwh me too little buddy. You’re one hell of a man, Bull. . .”

He chuckled and said, “I love hearing that from you Hoss. Just promise me you’ll do it right for me like I know you can big buddy. . . fuck it all out of me good and hard!”

I raised his legs up on my shoulders and got right down to it. I manhandled his manhood and licked his pucker-hole good for him and the sound of his voice and all his manly utterances as got me so mean fuckin’ hard, I just knew I wouldn’t have any trouble fuckin’ him for as long as he needed me to.

I was so excited just knowing that once again I was going to have the chance to watch him and that perfect cock of his blow his seed all over the room, I didn’t even think about any need I had to get my own self off.

I licked his pucker-hole like a mad man, but when I tried sticking my finger in him, I knew right off that his fuck-hole was a whole hell of a lot tighter than I remembered it being the first time. I licked his plump balls and fingered around inside him until I finally managed to get him loosened up enough to where I could get another one in him as well, but even though that beautiful cock of his was gettin’ pretty good and hard, I sensed he was feeling far more pain than he was pleasure.

I took my good time with him until he finally pleaded with me to go ahead and fuck him, so I greased my crank up good and gave it a try, but as soon as he felt the head of my crank try to pass on through his pucker-hole, he groaned more in pain than in pleasure.

I held on to him tight and didn’t budge while he writhed and groaned until he eventually nodded at me to go ahead and give him some more of it, but as soon as I did, he winced and panted, “Oh fuck Hoss! . . . oooohh fuuuck!”

I thought right then that he was ready to give up on it, but the man stuck to it. His determination was so strong and willful, I don’t think I ever saw anything so manly and beautiful to watch in my life, but it just took too damn long before he could handle all I had to where I could fuck him the way he needed me to.

That beautiful cock of his had gone completely soft and even though he eventually was able to get back up hard enough to shoot off a pretty good load, I knew just by watching him cum that it wasn’t all he was needing.

When he first shot off, his fuckin’ spunk flew up over his head and left a long trail that coursed straight down the bedspread from the headboard right to the top of his head. He bucked real good right after that, and I figured that was just the warning shot and expected to see the next one flying high up in the air like I knew he was capable of, but it just never happened.

His second load shot all over him -- mostly on his face and chest, and he did manage to drain his nuts pretty good after that, but he never did have them powerful orgasms that I knew the man was needin’ and looking so forward to.

We kissed and cuddled and wallowed around in his spunk the way we had in the past, but I realized I hadn’t done a good job of gettin’ him ready for it in time, and I could tell he felt bad that I hadn’t managed to get a load off myself.

We didn’t talk about it until the next morning. We both woke up at about the same time and he scooted his firm, hairy butt right up against my groin, and I wrapped my arm around him and gently fondled his manhood for him the way I knew he liked.

I realized that day how much I deeply enjoyed the fact that a man like him would let me paw around on his privates, and I soon felt my own manhood begin to swell up just at the thought of it all.

I felt his start to swell up too and I whispered to him, “I love you little buddy. I love the fact you let me touch you down there.”

“I love the way you do it Hoss. I can tell just by the way you hold my stuff how much you like it. It makes me feel good that a man like you who has got all that you have between your legs gets so much pleasure out of feeling around on what I’ve got. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take care of that big fucker of yours yesterday. I feel bad about that.”

“Oh don’t think nothin’ of it Bull. It was my fault. I probably shouldn’t of fooled around with you in the truck like I did.”

“Nawh it wasn’t that Hoss. I enjoyed the hell out of that. No, I have to confess somethin’ to you I was ashamed to admit about myself when we first met.”

“What’s that Bull?”

“Well I’ve known for quite a long time that I couldn’t get myself off the way I needed unless I had my finger up my ass, and as time went on, not even that could satisfy me, so I started buying dildos and using those on myself.”

“What the fuck is a ‘dildo’ Bull?”

He had to chuckle for a moment or two before he could get around to explaining to me what they were and where it was you could buy such an item. It made me realize all over again what a sheltered life I had led and I felt bad about having to ask him about it because I could tell it made him even more self conscious about himself.

He finally got around to explaining that as the years went by, he’d end up buying an even bigger one until he had one that was as big around as my ol’ crank and damn near as long.

“It was cumbersome as hell for me to use it on myself Hoss, and even though I could get myself off pretty damn good with it, I still wasn’t able to fully satisfy myself with it good enough to get it all out of my mind for any amount of time.

Oh, I’d be good for a week or so, but it slowly kept building up Hoss until I was getting after it most every night. That was when I had to face up to the fact that I wasn’t gonna be right with the world until I had me a fuck-buddy who could do it right for me.

Hell, I’d known that ever since the night my dad took it upon himself to initiate me to it all. I know it wasn’t easy for him to go through with it, but hell, I was all but begging him for it Hoss, and he knew I was too damn proud and afraid at the time to ever allow myself to let my guard down like that with someone I didn’t know and trust as much as I did him.

That was the hardest part for me Hoss - the idea of letting my guard down like that with another man. But I knew I had to because the only time in my life that I felt right with the world and was able to get on from day to day without feeling all pent up inside was after that one and only time my dad agreed to give me what I needed.

Anyway, it wasn’t all that long before I met you that I finally allowed myself to even fantasize about what kind of a man I would ever allow to take me in that way, and I have to admit that even though I hadn’t gotten around to developing any kind of personality traits that I might want in a partner like that, I knew he’d have to be a big man like you, Hoss. . .

But I want to make something perfectly clear to you, Hoss. I admit that I was so damn horny and frustrated at the time we met that I thought I was going to go nuts, but when I told you I loved you Hoss, it wasn’t because I was horny as all get out and you was a big man and all. . . it was because I knew I’d found a true friend.

That day we spent together getting you a new fuel filter and all, was one of the best days I’d ever had, I felt as though I’d known you all my life and we were the bestest buddies in the world. It’s really a lot stronger feeling than that Hoss. I don’t think I have to explain it to you. I know you feel it the way I do. . .”

“I sure as hell do Bull. . .”

“Well after we met up Hoss, I altogether stopped using that big ol’ dildo on myself. For one thing, my ass was sore as hell by the time I left your place and headed back to my work. Now I’m not trying to put anything on you big buddy, like I said, I was horny as hell. It had been almost two years since my dad had first taken care of me so by the time I met you, I sure as hell had a whole lot to get out of my system. . . “

He chuckled a bit then said, “Plus the fact that I just loved watching you fuck my ass big buddy. . . and I still do. I loved it when I saw you droolin’ all over yourself and fuckin’ away at me like I was the prettiest thing you ever saw, but I have to admit that I didn’t ever think I was gonna satisfy you the way you had me in the days that followed.

Hell Hoss, at the time I loved the fact that you had such a big ol’ fuckin’ dick - and again I want to tell you that wasn’t the reason I ever said I loved you. Sure, I could tell you had a goodly amount of equipment not long after we met, but I had no idea that fucker of yours would get up as thick and long as it did.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here Hoss is that the first time we met, it wasn’t all that difficult for me to handle what you’ve got to offer a man, but now that I’ve stopped using that big fuckin’ dildo on myself, I just wasn’t ready to handle that big ol’ fucker of yours. I sure as hell thought I was, but once you pushed that fucker in through my sphincter, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to handle you like I could before.”

“God Bull, if I’d known all of that, I would have been a hell of a lot more careful with you.”

“Nawh, it wasn’t you Hoss. . .

Like I said, I thought I was ready for it. . .

You don’t know how bad I feel about all this Hoss. I know how frustrated you must be and all. I’m frustrated too.

You know, I’ve thought long and hard about you an me Hoss since I last saw you, and I know it ain’t the most important thing that you and I have between us, but I fear that it’d be mighty difficult for me to satisfy all your sexual needs. Hell I know how much you like fuckin’ my ass, and hell I love it too when I’m in the mood for it, but the fact is that once I get my rocks off ‘good and proper’ - as you like to put it - I can go an awfully long time before I’m wantin’ it again.

Maybe that would change if we were together all the time and I got used to handling you, but the fact remains that the man in me isn’t capable of lettin’ you fuck the shit out of me unless I’m as ready and in charge of the situation as you are.”

“Hell Bull, I wouldn’t ever want you to be any other way with me at all. It’s the man in you that I wanna fuck. Hell! It’s the man in you that wants to fuck that’s the man in you I wanna fuck!”

He chuckled and reached back and grabbed my stiff crank and said, “Well I can sure as hell tell by feelin’ that fucker of yours poking me in the ass what the man in you is wantin’ right now.”

“Only if you want me to, little buddy. Otherwise, I’d be content just to straddle your ass and shoot my wad all over that beautiful body of yours.”

“I’d never have any problem with you doing that with me big buddy. I love watchin’ how you go about jacking that big ol’ fucker of yours off and seein’ all the expressions you make the more you get yourself all worked up.”

“Well then roll over to me and open your eyes because the show is about to begin.”

He turned over on his side to me and we hugged and kissed and rubbed our cocks together until he was damn near full up hard himself and then he said, “Fuck what I wouldn’t give to be able to get good up and hard like you do Hoss.”

“Well I’d give my left nut to be able to cum like you do little buddy.”

“Well if I could get myself hard enough and got you in the right mood to let me fuck your ass, I’d bet you could, but I know I’d play hell trying to fuck myself up that tight ass of yours.”

I sat my big butt down on his cock and rubbed it all around on him and said, “Any time you’re ready big guy. . . but don’t I remember you saying to me that you didn’t have any desire for that? I felt bad that you thought my ass wasn’t pretty enough for you.”

He chuckled and said, “Well I guess I could force myself to fuck that hairy ass of yours just to find out if I could get you off good enough to where you weren’t walkin’ around half-hard all the time, but then again, that’s half your charm, big buddy.”

We chuckled and horsed around and rubbed our cocks together like two little boys experimenting around with one another until we finally got ourselves so worked up, that the man in us took over as we neared our release.

I squatted on top of him with one knee on the bed on one side of him and my foot planted firm on the other side of him and dicked him up good the harder and faster he got after himself, but it wasn’t until I scooted right up to his face and held his head tight up underneath me so he could fill his hungry mouth full of my nuts, that he finally got himself off.

I felt his hot spunk shoot all over my back and dribble down to the crack of my ass and I knew without having to see it that he had cum a hell of a lot better and stronger than he had the day before. I let him suckle my balls and grunt and groan the last of it out of himself and then I rocked myself back and pointed the head of my crank right at his face and let him have it.

I’d been strokin’ myself the whole time he had been suckin’ down on my nuts and I have to admit that I was all but ready to blow long before he got around to gettin’ himself off, so when I finally had my chance to let loose on him, I didn’t spare him a drop of what all I had inside of me.

As soon as I saw my first wad hit his bullish face, it struck me as being so fucking perfect and beautiful, I bellowed out, “Oh God Bull! That’s fuckin’ beautiful!” and let loose with another one before I could finish saying it.

He grinned from ear to ear as soon as that second wad struck him and he saw how far gone I was. I panted, “Fuck that’s beautiful. Fuck that’s beautiful” as I stroked my ol’ crank even harder, and then I felt it release and throb and pump wildly.

God it felt good to have that stiff fucker of mine in my hand and feel it unload the way it did. I knew that I’d been needing to feel all those good feelings ever since the night before last when I saw how good that ol’ bruiser felt when he finally let himself loose on that young bull, and I guess I must of had it in the back of my mind that I wasn’t gonna be satisfied until I did the same to my little bull buddy, so I just let him have it and marveled at how fuckin’ perfect it was seeing my spunk all over his manly face.

I drained my nuts damn good and after I finally I got through with it and started rubbing the head of my cock all over his handsome face, he grabbed the fucker and ran his hands all over it and said, “Gawd Hoss! I just love that big fuckin’ dick of yours. . .”

He raised his head up and licked right up under the head of it and the fucker throbbed up so strong that it slipped out of his grip. He chuckled lustily as he reached back out for it and brought it to his mouth and licked off the stream of spunk that was dripping off the tip of it.

After he licked his chops good and clean he just held it right up to his eyes and examined it up close and said, “Why I swear that’s the best I’ve ever seen you cum Hoss. You was really needing to do that, weren’t you?”

“Awh fuck Bull. . . that was downright beautiful.”

“Heh heh. . . it sure was big buddy. It sure as hell was. . .”