WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 19
The Encounter

I guess there comes a point that no matter how much a man tries to get around the fact that certain aspects of his life’s journey are mapped out for him in advance, he’ll eventually have to come to accept the truth of it, or otherwise end up fighting it for the rest of his life.

I reached that point somewhere near the end of the following summer when I found myself preparing my bull to show at the state fair. By then, he looked more like some kind of mythological creature than he did any kind of cattle I’d ever raised. He had long hair that grew damn near down to his hooves and his stocky build and broad face wasn’t like anything I’d ever seen in any other bull during my lifetime.

I went through the whole process of preparing for the long journey without having any strong feelings about it one way or another. I just did what all I thought I had to do, and it wasn’t until I was on the road that I finally allowed myself to try to imagine what I was getting myself into.

I’d all but made up my mind I was going to go through with this not long after Bull had headed back out to his work after he had come down to go with me to watch my boy play his first football game.

He spent all of the following week with me and helped me with a few chores I needed to do to prepare for the winter months, and during that time we talked about our relationship further and eventually managed to get around to talking frankly some about how sexually compatible we were for one another.

It wasn’t easy at first to be sure. When he said there was no way in hell he was ever going to allow himself to get back to the point to where he was using them dildos on himself, I could see how adamant he was about it. And after hearing all the things he told me about what goes on with them truck drivers at times. . . well it had me thinking all kinds of thoughts I didn’t much like thinking about at all.

I flat out asked him if he no longer wanted to try and tangle with what I had between my legs, and he just chuckled to himself for a moment before he said, “Oh Hoss, I still love foolin’ around with that big ol’ fucker of yours. I guess if it was half the size it was, it would be easier for me to initially handle it, but I doubt it’d get me off as good as it did the first time we had at it. Hell, I’ll never forget how good you made me cum that first time big buddy. . . that was the best I’d ever cum in my life.”

He seemed almost a little sad and distant not long after he said that, and I could almost read all the thoughts that was going through his head. I knew right then that there was no way in hell I could ever convince him to give up his work and settle down with me until we found some way to resolve this.

We did continue to fool around with one another and tried a couple of more times to get coupled up to where it was right for him, but it never really worked out for either one of us. I guess we were both so focused on it, that it had become too big of an issue. There wasn’t ever the kind of spontaneity in it for us to ever derive much enjoyment from it at all.

It was frustrating as hell, and even though we dicked around and managed to get one another off in other ways, I knew when he left, that he hadn’t gotten it all out of his system the way he needed and, I’m sure, he expected I could do for him.

I wasn’t all that satisfied myself for that matter and it frustrated me more than anything I ever could remember. There was so much about him that was so damn right for me, I knew I would never be able to get over him for as long as I lived. I loved him more than ever, and to be blunt about it, I was so enamored with his stout, stubby, hairy-assed body, that all I wanted to do was fuck it full of joy for him every single night.

I couldn’t get to sleep that night after he left. I just laid in bed and thought about all kinds of stuff I didn’t want to think about. It depressed the hell out of me at first, but I finally managed to get a grip on myself, and as I grew more tired and started to drift off to sleep, my mind started wandering back around to what all I had witnessed that night at the motel Bull and I had stayed at.

I felt myself start to get hard as soon as I did, and I just laid there and watched it all over again in my mind’s eye. I couldn’t get over how that ol’ bruiser stood so rock steady and still for that young bull for as long as he did before he ever got around to fuckin’ himself out a good one.

It wasn’t long before I was making all of the mental associations back to the sheriff, and started thinkin’ about what all he had told me about him and his grandpa -- the girth and size of his dick and especially how the ol’ boy apparently didn’t have all that much trouble gettin’ what all he had up inside of his grandson. At least that was the impression I got, just from the way the sheriff had told his story about the time he and his grandpa had their first go-around.

I didn’t question that the ol’ sheriff’s pucker-hole was probably tighter than a nun’s pussy at the time. Hell it was still mighty tight enough for me, so I couldn’t help but think that perhaps the ol’ boy just knew exactly what to do to get a man ready to handle what all he apparently had to dish out.

I thought again about the time the sheriff told me he thought his grandpa and I would get along really well and kept hinting around -- almost insisting, that I should take my bull to the state fair on the off-chance that his grandpa and I would end up meeting up.

The more I thought about it in the context of everything else I had been thinking about that night, the more convinced I became that perhaps the ol’ sheriff was actually hinting around at something more.

I couldn’t help but think at the time he was insinuating he thought that his grandpa and I might end up bedding one another down. I sure as hell thought about that the first time he brought it up and at the time, I couldn’t picture it at all.

All I could think was how awkward it would be between the two of us. The only thing I could picture was two big men with two big ol’ hard-on’s jostling around trying to determine who was gonna end up fuckin’ whom, and as big and as broad of a build as the sheriff indicated his grandpa was, I couldn’t even picture myself wanting to fuck his big fat ass.

But I was in a totally different frame of mind now, and was finally able to entertain the idea that maybe the sheriff was trying to tell me I could stand to learn a few things from his grandpa. Maybe he was hinting around that until I personally experienced what it was like for a man when he got himself fucked good and proper, I might never know how to go about doing it right for another fellow myself.

I just laid there and thought about all of that stuff for quite a while. I thought again about how I saw such a natural order and beauty I did that night when I saw that ol’ bruiser pass on his seed to that young bull, and then my mind drifted off, and the next thing I knew, it was a brand new day.

Considering how late it was when I woke up, I knew that I had stayed up most of the night thinking about all of that stuff, so I was determined from that point on not to ever let it get to me the way it had, but as the days wore on and the longer I went without ever hearing a word from Bull, all of those thoughts I had back when he was here with me - those thoughts I had of him seeking out someone else who could take care of his sexual needs, started gnawing at my gut.

It was as though I was with him every day and could picture him in that truck of his as he did his work and encountered all the men he did out on the road. I knew no matter how much he cared for me, that he had to think to himself that today might be the day he would meet up with just the right man for him - a man who could give him all he wanted and needed.

It was a strange feeling knowing that. It was strange because I did know it for a fact without having to know it for a fact at all.

I just knew it right in my gut, and it hurt like holy hell, but I knew there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it, and yet it was strange to me how at times, I hoped for his sake that he did meet up with the perfect man for him.

I truly loved him that much.

It took a month for that pain in my gut to subside, but a month or so later, I somehow knew that Bull had found someone and that he was seeing him regularly. I’ll never forget that day. The knowledge of it just came to me out of the blue and I could almost picture the two of them together, I was taken back by it for a moment but once I got over my initial reaction to it all, something else struck me just as hard.

It was like a whole other wave of energy poured over me from a whole different direction and somehow I knew without a doubt that eventually, he would come back. I felt a serene calmness flood all through my body, and I remember almost being able to see myself standing there like I was watching myself from a parallel universe or something.

I couldn’t quite figure it all out, but I knew it was as real as real could be. It stayed with me for several days, I’d catch what I thought was glimpses of myself in another place, in a different life, and then it would fade away only to reappear again a little later.

The next morning after I’d fed the animals and was wiping my hands off with a towel in the barn, I could smell diesel fuel as strong as could be. I knew I’d never used that towel for anything other than what I was using it for at the time, but the smell was undeniable.

I don’t know why, but after I set it down and walked out of my barn, I walked around the back of the house and gathered up wild flowers and when I opened up the screen door to take them in to the house, I saw myself again in that other place. I was standing right beside myself, and then as soon as I crossed the threshold and shut the door behind me, it all just went away.

I just stood there looking around the house and forgot why I was there until I remembered I had that bouquet of wild flowers in my hand. I was almost in a trance as put them in a vase and sat them on the kitchen table, and after I stood back up and looked at them sitting there, I wondered what had ever possessed me to do that.

Thinking back on it now, I guess maybe a little bit of me died that one day and then in some way, I was slowly reborn. It’s hard to explain something like that, but one knows when something is all so powerful, it’s best not to dwell on it too much.

It was early in the summer then and just a few days later, the sheriff happened to stop by. I was feeding the animals at the time and before we could finish saying all of our hello’s, we were both half undressed and I had his trousers down to his ankles.

He had himself all greased up and ready for me, and as soon as I realized that, I was fuckin’ hard as a rock by the time I got him bent over some bails of hay I had stacked up in the corner of the barn.

I was able to slide my crank up in him without a hitch, and I have to admit that being able to do that felt even better to me than it did the first time, but this time I was mean-hard and ready for how it would feel, so I was able to maintain control of myself and give it all to him the way man deserved.

I have to admit when I look back on it now, I took some special kind of pleasure in fucking him that day while he was wearing his uniform. I got kind of fixated on the whole idea of it once I started fuckin’ his ass and givin’ him a good manhandlin’, but I dare say he enjoyed it even more than I did.

He was so fuckin’ horny and needin’ it so bad that he loved every minute of it and shot the biggest fuckin’ load I ever saw. Hell, I didn’t think the inside of his ass would ever stop throbbin’ once he started pumpin’ out his thick, creamy stuff, and I started cummin’ right along with him.

  I got the impression he was lovin’ it so much, I kept on fuckin’ him like a crazed animal long after we both were completely spent. He just kept fuckin’ his ass back at me and I became bound and determined to make him tell me when he was finally ready to give it up, but the sonofabitch plum wore me out.

I don’t think the man had shot off a load since the last time I’d seen him because his spunk was all over the damn place. Why even this morning when I was loading up a few bails of hay to put in the trailer for my bull, I discovered another big dried up glob of it down on the floor.

I have to admit I did a pretty good job of fillin’ his ass up with my seed that day myself, but at the time, I would of given anything to be able to just once in my life unload a wad like he did that day.

I could tell how fuckin’ good it felt to him while he was in the throes of his orgasm and I started fuckin’ him even harder just to spite him, but all that did was make the fireworks fly even further.

After I finished with him, he looked me in the eyes and studied me good. He could sense the frustration in me by how rough I’d been with him, but I can’t really say that I scared him. I don’t think anything on earth could scare that tough sonofabitch, and besides he was as hungry for it as I was ready to dish it out to him, but I sure as hell got his attention that day.

He didn’t say anything directly about it to me, but right before he left, he strongly suggested I make the effort to go show off my bull at the state fair. He went on and on about what a magnificent animal it was and how I was sure to win some sort of recognition for it, but I knew right then and there and without any further doubt what he was really getting at.

I’m sure that subconsciously, that was why I was all over him the way I was, not to mention all of the other reasons I didn’t want to think about. I wanted to see if he’d once again bring up his grandpa, and even though he never once said I word to me about the man, I knew what all of that talk about showing off my bull was really about.

By then, I had already unconsciously began to prepare myself for the journey but I never did bother to sit myself down and work out all the details of the trip, and as a result, I wasn’t at all as well prepared for it as I should have been. In fact, it hadn’t even occurred to me I would need to have someone look after the place for me until a week before I was to head out.

Just by chance, the sheriff happened to drop by that day and he was delighted to hear I was making the trip and said he’d be glad to look after the place for me. To be honest, I was happy as hell that he’d volunteered to do it because by then, he was the one person I trusted most to do so. I once again appreciated how much of a friend he was to me, especially knowing how far he would have to drive everyday to come out here.

I gave him a set of keys to the house and told him he could spend the night here if he wanted, and he said he might do that one or two nights if he could think of some kind of plausible excuse to tell his wife. I told him to make himself at home and be sure to fill up his cruiser from the gasoline storage tanks of mine.

I told him that I didn’t want the county to be paying his way to and from here and he smiled and said that he would, but I’ll never know for sure if he did or not.

I had never once ever thought to venture as far away from my farm as this trip would take me and I guess my thoughts were always more focused on making the journey than what I’d do once I got there. I didn’t even begin to think about it until I was about an hour away from the fairgrounds and once I got there, I got so swept up in the whole process of figuring out what I had to do and where I had to go to berth my bull, it never occurred to me that I hadn’t made any arrangements for lodging until late that evening.

I felt really stupid as soon as I thought of that, especially when I saw how many people were there. I knew it wasn’t going to be at all easy to find a room I could stay in and I started to panic some just thinking about it, but that all happened later in the day.

When I first got there, I was feeling more than a little self-conscious about the fact that I had no idea what I was supposed to do now. It all hit me like a whirlwind, and by the time I finally figured out what line of trucks I needed to be in to offload my bull, I was pretty much beside myself.

It took over an hour before I made my way up near the front of the line and was able to see the elderly man who was in charge of assigning berths. I could tell he had a fine appreciation for livestock, but I noticed as I sat in line in my truck waiting my turn that he seemed a bit jaded and aloof by what all he saw coming off the trailers. I had seen some mighty fine lookin’ animals that he didn’t much react to and noticed he would mostly sit behind a table and take care of the paperwork he had to do, then point the way to the berth that he wanted them to take.

As I made my way closer to the front of the line, I noticed he kept glancing my way every once in a while and I figured it was because he was wondering what the hell a farmer was doing driving such a fancy-assed pickup truck. I’d already started feeling self-conscious about it once I had gotten in line and noticed some of the stares I was getting. I knew I must have looked like some kind of hopeless pretender in the damn thing, but I have to admit that I had appreciated the comfort of it during the long journey.

When I finally got to the front of the line and stepped out of my truck, his eyes got so damn big I thought for sure I’d already done something wrong. He got out of his seat and walked around the table and shook my hand then made a bee-line to my trailer. I just followed behind at a steady pace figuring I’d already done something wrong and I would hear about it soon enough. It looked to me as though he was checking out my truck and trailer, but he didn’t say nothin’ to me until I caught up to him.

He pointed right at my bull as if was some kind of vermin and said, “What the hell is that?”

“A bull.”

He looked me over good then glanced back over at my bull, then he shot his head back up at me as I stepped closer to him and stared me down as if he was afraid I was gonna hit him or something, then he finally broke a smile and said, “I know it’s a bull. I mean what breed is he? I’ve got to catalogue it.”

“Ah, well, he’s his own special breed from what I can tell. That’s why I brought him here to show him off.”

He put his hand on the back of my pickup truck and looked down at it and rubbed the surface of it and that was all I needed to see to know exactly what the hell he was thinking, so when he looked up at me I said straight away, “His mother is Galloway and his father’s breed has been in my family for hundreds of years. My dad always referred to them as ‘The Aurochs’, even though. . .”

He cut me off immediately and said with certainty, “The Aurochs have been extinct for hundreds of years.” Then he looked me up and down as if my breed had been extinct for far longer. “Where are you from anyway?”

“Johnson County.”

He nodded to himself as if that, in and of itself, meant something to him, then he looked me in the eyes and said, “Well I can’t very well put down that he is half Auroch, the damn judges would think we’re both nuts - even though I have to admit he looks a bit like he could be.”

He looked me over again and I guess he could tell I was at a loss to know what to say to appease him, so he looked back over at my bull and studied it for a moment then turned to me and smiled and said, “I have to say though that he’s a handsome animal. He looks like he came off the pages of some ancient story book. . .”

“Well all I know sir is that my grandpa called them Aurochs and that’s all I can tell you. Can you just leave that space in your form blank or put down something like ‘undetermined’. I didn’t really come here to enter him in any kind of breeding contest anyway. I just came here to show him off and meet some nice, knowledgeable folks like you.”

I could tell he didn’t know if I had said that to put him on or not, and frankly, I didn’t know what I meant by it either. I could tell the man knew his breeds better than the back of his hand, and yet at the same time, I was pretty damn certain that he’d probably never seen a herd of cattle like the ones that had been in my family for well over two centuries.

He opened his mouth to say something, but I guess perhaps his better judgment made him think twice about what he was about to say, so it just fell open without making a sound as he sized me up one last time. He glanced back over at my truck and said, “Well it isn’t possible to have your animal not included in the judging because they just go around and look at all of them throughout the day. All I can say is that in my book, he deserves to take some kind of prize. I’ve never seen anything like him in my life. He’s a beaute. How old is he anyway?”

“Not quite a year. Eleven months thereabouts.”


I had to laugh. I knew he wasn’t gonna believe that before I ever told him. “I’m tellin’ ya the truth. He’s not quite a yearling.”

“Bullshit! There ain’t no way. Why he looks to be three or four at the least.”

I could tell he no longer believed a single word of anything I had told him about the animal, so I just gave a good chuckled and walked to the back of my trailer and opened it up and only after he saw how playfully my young bull bucked as he backed himself right off the trailer did he know without a doubt that I had been telling him the truth.

I put my hand out to my bull as if I had some spunk to feed him and he followed me all docile-like right up to the table where the old man had his paper work. After he walked around it and sat down, I couldn’t help but notice how red in the face he was.

He just kept his eyes down on the papers he had to fill out and said. “I tell you what. I’ll put down ‘Auroch’ if you want. I don’t give a good goddamn what the judges think.”

“Well come to think of it, I don’t wanna risk something like that ever calling all that kind of attention to myself and my farm. . . if you catch my drift. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I like my privacy, so let’s just leave his heritage blank or better yet, put down ‘undetermined’ so I won’t have to be answering a whole lot of questions that I don’t really want to get into. Like I said, I just came here to show him off and meet some nice, knowledgeable folks like you.”

He looked up at me and smiled and then slowly nodded and said, “Well it’s up to you. . . Whatever you want.”

He shuffled the papers around then pointed at the berth just inside the door opposite him and said, “Put him right here where I can keep an eye on him.”

I walked my bull over and put him in the berth, then went back to my truck and drove it on over to an area they had set aside for exhibitors to unhitch and leave their trailers.

I realized later that I should of left right then and there and gone looking for a place to stay, but after all the rigmarole I had just been through, and all of the electricity in the air from the crowds of people, I just never thought about it. So I parked my truck and scoped out all the surroundings and all the people as I slowly made my way back to check on my bull.

By the time I got back to the stables, there was already a good number of men standing around him, and as usual, he was enjoying all the attention. Once they realized I was the owner, they let me pass between the berths to get to him and they all wanted to talk to me about him while I tended to him.

We drew quite a crowd, and was surprised at how comfortable I was with talking to so many folks at once, and before I knew it, it was getting late in the afternoon. The crowd began to thin out as folks headed off to get some supper and that’s when I all of a sudden I realized I didn’t have a place to stay.

I noticed that the old man who had assigned my bull the berth was folding up his table so I excused myself and walked around to go ask him in which direction I should drive to try and find a vacant motel.

Well, right when I stepped outside of my berth, I couldn’t help but notice this big old cuss walking into the building. As soon as he caught my eye, he looked up and noticed me, and we both smiled and nodded to one another.

I would of bet anyone on the spot that he was the sheriff’s grandpa just by the sight of him. He was broad in the frame just like the sheriff said he was and his gray hair and salt and pepper beard placed him in the right age range.

With everything that had gone on that day, I had completely forgotten about the possibility of me meeting up with him, but as soon as I saw that man, everything the sheriff had ever said about his grandpa came back to me in a rush.

We both had to walk around the perimeter of the crowd standing around my bull, and we both smiled and nodded to one another again as we passed by each other. As I walked on over to the old fellow who had been in charge of assigning us the berths, I couldn’t help but think to myself how big and yet how handsome the man was.

After I asked the old fellow if he had any recommendations of where I might could find some lodging, he just shook his head no and said, “You really should of booked yourself a place months ago. I seriously doubt you’re gonna find anything. Almost all of the motels around here are just down the road. Go east about a mile or two and then take a right at the first crossroad. It won’t hurt to try, but I’m sure they are all booked up. Maybe you can ask one of them to call around for you.”

“Well I’ll give it a try. I guess I can always sleep in the back of my truck if I have to.”

He grinned and couldn’t seem to resist looking me over good once again as if he didn’t know what to think of me. “Well if you end up having to, there’s a truck stop about thirty miles east down the highway where you can shower up. There’s a couple of small motels out that way that might have a vacant room. I’d bet you anything they are booked up by now as well, but if you can’t find anything anywhere else, you might as well go on out that way.”

I just nodded and thanked him for the information and walked back over towards my bull pretty much resigned to the fact that I would be spending the night curled up in the bed of my truck.

I had noticed while I had been talking to the old fellow about finding a room, the big ol’ cuss who I thought might be the sheriff’s grandpa had turned and looked over our way. He kept looking at us until the dwindling group of people standing around my bull was small enough to where he could get a good look at it, and then he walked on over to it and put one foot up on the lower rung of the berth and started petting the head of my bull.

I walked back around into the berth and started cleaning it up and putting out a bed of hay for my bull to lay on for the night and nodded to him again after I was almost finished up.

“So he’s your animal huh? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he has a strong linage of Auroch in him. Although by his coloration, I could see where he might be Brangus or Galloway, but he sure doesn’t look like any I ever saw.”

I have to admit I was surprised as hell hearing him say that. I gave him a big smile and said, “Well you got the Galloway part right, but the old fellow over there who checked us in earlier today informed me that the Aurochs were extinct.”

I gave him a wink and he chuckled and looked back down at my bull and spread the leg he had resting up on the lower rung out wide as he reached to pet him on the head again. My bull loved the attention, and it wasn’t long before he nuzzled his nose right through the rungs and started licking right up at the ol’ boy’s wide groin.

To my surprise, the man pushed himself in closer to the railing and dropped his hand down on my bull’s snout and just petted him absently while we carried on with our conversation and my bull got after his crotch.

“Yeah, I overheard one man tell another that you said he wasn’t quite a yearling.” He looked back down at my bull lickin’ on him, then raised his head back up to me and said, “That’s hard to believe by the looks of him.”

He was so casual about it, I figured he must be used to havin’ bulls lickin’ on his crotch, so I just smiled and said, “Believe it or not, he was a runt compared to most calves when he was born, but after a month or so, he shaped out, and started looking almost mature - pretty much like he does now.”

“That skirt of hair around his flanks damn near makes him look prehistoric. I like how you trimmed him up.”

“That’s what remains of his winter coat. I figured he’d shed it sooner or later, but so far he hasn’t, so I decided to just leave it and trim it up a bit.”

As we talked, I couldn’t help but eventually notice how the man kept engaging me with his steely gray eyes. They glisten like chrome every once in a while when they caught the light just right and as we talked some more, I couldn’t help but notice that they never seemed to waver from looking right at me.

I wasn’t used to all of the attention my bull and I had received the past few hours, but he was the first person who looked at me direct, as though I was a real person, and not just part of a curious side-show the organizers had stationed at the end of the building.

I felt obliged to go up and introduce myself, and as soon as we shook hands, I instantly felt a curious bond form between us. His hand fit mine like a glove and we shook a bit longer than normal.

He looked to be a good three or four hands wider than I, and was wearing a pair of overalls that fit him loose and comfortable. It was plain to see that he carried a few extra pounds to be sure, but I could tell by his bulging arms, and thick chest and his firm grip that he was stouter that most men half his age.

We made some small talk while I finished tidying up the berth and got a little more fresh straw laid out for my bull, and just about when I had it all done, he said, “Say, I’m here alone and I get the impression you are too so I was wondering if you might care to join me for some of the barbeque they have down the way? I’d appreciate having the company.”

“Why I’d be delighted to. I probably should go look for a room, but from what the old fellow over there told me, it doesn’t sound like it’s gonna be worth my while, and I sure am hungry. I’ve already accepted the fact that I’m gonna be sleeping in the back of my truck, so I might as well make sure I get something good to eat before it’s too late.”

He chuckled to himself and looked me up and down as he said, “Well I have a room I wouldn’t mind sharing with you. It’s nothin’ fancy, but it’s got a big tub and shower. The beds are a little small for two big fellows like us, so I’ve them tied up together. We can pull ‘em apart, but to be honest with you, I think we both would be more comfortable if we kept them together. You’d have to see them to understand what I mean. They’re an awkward size. . . that is if you wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with an big old fart like me.”

I grinned and chuckled and said, “Well that would bother me a bit. I appreciate the offer and would be willing to share the expenses with you.”

“Well then it’s settled. Let’s go on down and get something to eat before all the food is gone.”

We talked along the way and stopped and looked at some of the other cattle that caught our eye and before long, I couldn’t help but feel as though I’d known this man all my life. I can’t even recall half of what we talked about while we got our fill of barbeque, but I do remember he got a good laugh when I told him all the details of the ordeal I went through with the fellow who had to fill out all of the paper work before he assigned me a berth for my bull.

He sat back in his seat and studied me for a moment and said, “You know, I’ve got to ask you something. I think I might of heard of your farm a long, long time ago. I remember when the man spoke of it, he made it sound like it was almost mythical or legendary or something. You don’t happen to live way over in Johnson county do you?”

“As a matter of fact, I sure do, but I can’t imagine anyone thinking of my farm as ‘legendary’ as you put it. It’s pretty good sized, but it ain’t near as big as some of the other farms and ranches in the state.”

“Well I’ll be damned. . .   You know, I just happen to have a grandson that lives there. I don’t know if you know him or not, but he took a job as sheriff of that county several years ago.”

I couldn’t help but smile to myself. After talking with the man as much as I had, I’d all but given up the notion he was the sheriff’s grandpa. He certainly was the size the sheriff indicated he was, but he just didn’t seem to have the personality that I figured he would from what all the sheriff had said about him. He sure was a lot more outgoing than I ever figured he would be and I couldn’t really see much resemblance between him and his son or his grandson.

I pointed that out to him after I told him that knew his grandson fairly well. I didn’t let on how well I knew him, I just said that he would drop by once or twice a year to check up on me. He just smiled and said that both his son and grandson had taken mostly to their mother’s side of the family. He chuckled and said that considering, it was probably a fortunate thing for both of them.

I didn’t get the impression he was fishing for a compliment when he said that, but for some reason, I felt compelled to tell him that he was a right fine looking man himself. He just smiled and shrugged it off, but in fact, there was a lot of truth in it.

He didn’t have the squared-off handsome features of his offspring. His head was rounder and he was a whole lot thicker in the neck, but overall, his facial features were stronger and more masculine. His strong brow set off his steely eyes, which at times, seemed to pierce right into your soul. He took his time thinking through want he wanted to say before he ever spoke, and each time he did, I couldn’t help but notice that strong brow of his wrinkle up a bit as he thought through what it was he wanted to say.

You could tell he was a man who was used to living his life at his own pace and he took his good time with his meal and our conversation. The dining area was almost empty when he finally stood up and said, “Where are you parked?”

He walked with me to my truck and started chuckling to himself after I unlocked the passenger side door for him. When I got behind the wheel he said, “When you were telling me about getting your bull a berth and how the man kept looking at you and your truck as if he thought you were some greenhorn, I never in my life figured it’d be as fancy as this. I bet there is a story or two that goes along with it.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, there is more than one to be sure”, but all I told him was an abbreviated history of how I’d come about acquiring it while he pointed out the way to his truck.

As I followed him to his motel, I thought about how he and I seemed to of gravitated towards one another as soon as we saw each other. I still couldn’t believe it had been all by chance, but then again, I could see why the sheriff had always seemed insistent the two of us would have a lot in common.

There was a strong chemistry between us to be sure, and it was comforting to have someone around who knew all the ropes about this gathering, and I have to admit I felt good about the fact that I wasn’t going to be spending the entire week here all alone.

What struck me right off when he let me into the room was how it was a far cry from that fancy hotel room my son and I had stayed in. It was a whole lot smaller and the bathroom was miniscule by comparison.

I could see right away what he meant about the size of the two beds. I guess in all fairness, they were big enough for most folks, but considering his and my size, I wasn’t at all surprising he had tied the two of them together just to give himself a little extra room.

He made mention of it right away and I told him I could now see what he’d been talking about. I offered to just bundle up on the floor, but he was adamant about the fact that I wasn’t going to do that.

“Hell, I can’t have you sleeping on the floor. That wouldn’t be right, especially with you offering to pay half the expenses. I guess we could leave them the way they are and see how much room we have between us. I do tend to roll around some at night so if I start pushing you off the bed, don’t take it personal, just push me back.”

I chuckled and said, “Oh I imagine I can hold my own ground.”

He looked up at me and smiled. “Oh I don’t doubt that one bit. . .   Well make yourself comfortable and go on and get you a shower. You smell like a bull.”

I grinned and said, “I’m sure I do, but why don’t you go ahead first. I’m the one who is the dirtiest, so you go ahead and get on in there while it’s all nice and clean.”

He just shrugged and said, “Well, whatever you want. It don’t make no difference to me.”

I took a seat on a chair next to a small table that was pushed up in one corner of the room and he lowered himself on the edge of the bed and began removing his shoes.

His considerable size and weight made the end of the bed sag considerably and it was something to watch how he went about getting his shoes off. His body was so wide and his legs were so thick that he had to lift up on his calves to get them up to where he could get to his shoes.

I couldn’t believe how large his feet were. I hadn’t paid them any mind until then, but they looked to be somewhat longer than mine and they sure as hell were a lot wider. His work boots made a heavy clunking sound when he sat them down on the floor and once he got them both off, he stood up and began to unfasten his coveralls.

It was obvious there wasn’t anywhere near enough room for either one of us to get undressed in the bathroom, so he just let his overalls drop down to his ankles and pulled his t-shirt up over his head in one continuous movement and when I saw his hairy corpse and chest, I’m pretty damn sure my jaw must of fell agape. Seein’ this man with his clothes on gave you no idea of how he was actually built. All of a sudden his wide, ungainly form took shape, and I couldn’t help but marvel at what a fine and unique specimen of a man he really was.

He grabbed up his t-shirt in one hand over his head and as he lowered his arms to his side, he pulled down his shorts and stepped out of them in one simple movement which surprised the hell out of me. He folded them up as he stood straight and sat them on top of the short chest of drawers that backed against the wall next to the door, then folded up his t-shirt and set it on top of them.

Even though I was aware of his movements and what he was doing, by then, all I could do was stare at his fucking manhood. Everything the sheriff had ever said about it was true, but all I could think to myself as I watched that huge fucker dangle down between his thick thighs was that none of what he’d ever said about it even came close to doing it justice.

It dominated his physical presence and yet it fit him so damn perfect that it looked damned near distinguished the way it hung down under his wide torso and nested so neatly between his thick thighs and his massive testicles.

It struck me right off how the all of his manhood seemed more like a work of art than anything real. It was as if some artist had taken it upon himself to create a larger than life representation of every set of dick and balls that ever hung between the legs of every man on earth, and I knew for that reason alone, there wasn’t a man alive who could easily tear his eyes away from what he had.

That beautiful thick dick of his hung so fuckin’ heavy, it barely moved, despite the fact that every time he took a step, his massive thighs would cause his huge testicles to push out underneath it like two mighty pistons.

I was stunned just by the sight of it all and after he managed to squeeze himself through that narrow bathroom door and shut it behind him, all I could do was just shake my head in disbelief and halfway grin to myself.

For some reason I couldn’t help but think of Bull and how I always thought he looked like a natural born fuck machine whenever I saw him standing around in the buff, but this man truly had that air about him in spades.

All I knew for sure was I that never wanted to wrap my hands around anything so much in all my life. I couldn’t believe the change that had come over me and how quick it had come about. Hell, I hadn’t been feelin’ horny or even entertained any kind of sexual thoughts for several weeks, and after the ordeal I had been through today, all I had been ready to do after we ate was to get some sleep - but all of a sudden I was feelin’ it all comin’ on to me in a big way.

I knew there wasn’t a man alive who wouldn’t be curious as hell to find out how big that fucker of his got and what looked like when it was all good up and hard.

  As big a man as he was, and with all the equipment he had to deal with, I was curious as hell thinking about what all he must actually have to go through with himself to get that huge fucker of his up in a man’s ass.

I looked down at myself and rubbed my hand down over my own swelling crank and realized in that respect, he and I probably had a lot more in common than I’d ever imagined just from hearing all the tales the sheriff had told me about him. I just couldn’t make the connection until I was confronted with it face to face so to speak, and I now fully understood why the sheriff kept suggesting I meet up with his grandpa.

I didn’t doubt a thing the sheriff ever told me at this point, but after seeing the size of his ol’ grandpa’s manhood, I truly couldn’t believe it was even remotely possible for the man to of ever gotten what he had up inside his grandson.

There was no way I could imagine it. The more I tried to imagine it, the more incredible it seemed. I just shook my head and thought back to how the two of us had almost instantly spotted one another in the crowd, and again it made me think back to the sheriff and how he just naturally assumed we would and didn’t feel like it was necessary to make any introductions beforehand.

It was surprising to me just how right he had been about that, and I was glad that it had worked out the way it had because I knew that if we’d been formally introduced to one another, we both would have been self-conscious of that fact and as a result, far more reserved and inhibited around one another.

This way had turned out to be far better, and what happened from here, would be our own affair, but I had absolutely no idea what that might turn out to be. I know I hadn’t been entertaining any of the thoughts I was currently having about the man until I actually saw him standing naked in front of me.

I admit that all of the stories the sheriff had told me about him had been in the back of my mind ever since I knew for a fact who he actually was, but he never once gave me the impression he had offered put me up for the night because he had any sort of sexual interest in me.

I did get the impression that he was probably a lot like me in that he might have a hard time showing what he was actually feeling inside, but considering my current frame of mind, I realized that was only speculation and a bit of wishful thinking on my part.

I realized I was getting way ahead of myself, especially when I took in to account that my ol’ crank was still throbbin’ some. I was afraid I might end up getting harder than a rock if I didn’t get my mind off of all of this, so I stood up and paced around the room a bit and then decided it’d be best if I just stepped outside and caught a breath of fresh air.

I walked around the parking lot and then stood outside the door and just gazed up at the sky and I guess I must of spent more time outside than I realized because all of a sudden, I heard the door open up behind me.

When I turned around, I noticed he was standing behind the door looking in the direction of where I’d parked my truck and hadn’t yet noticed that I was only a few feet away from him. When he finally noticed me he said, “Oh, there your are. . . “, then he chuckled and winked at me and said, “I was beginning to think that after you got your eye full of my big, fat, hairy ass, you got second thoughts about sharing that bed with me and took the hell off.”

I smiled and said, “Nawh, I just stepped outside to see what the weather might be like for tomorrow. Besides I bet you’ll have your own second thoughts about sleeping with me when you see my fat, hairy ass.”

He chuckled and said, “I doubt that one damn bit. We’ll get along fine. Come on in here and get yourself cleaned up.”

He stood behind the door and held it open for me until I passed through and after he let it shut, I saw that he was still naked and had a towel in one hand. He looked up at me and smiled and said, “You’re just like every other farmer I’ve ever known -- always thinking about the weather. Well, we have a new moon coming up early in the morning so no tellin’ what that will bring. . .   you never know.”

I didn’t realize just how hairy the man was from a distance because most of his body hair was now a silken gray, but when he raised up his big ol’ arms and tried the best he could to dry off his back with the towel he had in his hand, I couldn’t help but notice that the thick hair in his arm pits was a good three to four inches long.

He was playing hell trying to get his back dried off with such a small towel, so I reached for it and said, “Here, turn around and let me dry off your back for you.”

He handed it off to me, and as he turned his back to me he said, “I appreciate that. These damn towels aren’t anywhere near big enough for me.”

“Yeah, they do seem rather small, but then again, you’ve got one hell of a broad build. You’d need a towel three or four times longer and twice as wide as this one to be able do a good job of it for yourself.”

He chuckled and turned his head back towards me and said, “Well look who’s talking, you’re a damn big fellow yourself.”

“Well yeah, I guess I am. . . I don’t know about you, but I’m all the time thinking that men our size have to look out for one another because the world wasn’t really made for us.”

He turned back around and took the towel out of my hand then nodded over towards the bed and said, “You can sure as hell say that again. That’s why fellows like you and I are always having to improvise to make our way through life.”

I nodded and said, “Yeah, that’s for damn sure.”

I understood what he meant, but for some reason I got the feeling he just might be inferring a bit more than just referencing the fact that he’d tied the beds together to accommodate himself.

He smiled and said, “Now you’re sure you don’t mind these sleeping arrangements? We will be pretty snug in there.”

“Hell, I’m so worn out from the trip and everything else I’ve been through, I’ll probably be off to sleep before you know it.”

He just smiled and turned back towards the chest of drawers as he folded up his towel and straightened up his personal belongings, and as much as I tried not to, I couldn’t keep myself from looking down at his groin and taking another look at that beautiful fuckin’ dick of his.

  I couldn’t believe how big that fucker actually was up close. The size of it was intimidating as hell, but the shape and form of it was irresistible. I knew there was no way in hell that any man in his right mind wouldn’t wonder what it would be like to wrap his hands around that fucker, and I couldn’t help but sense by the way the big old cuss just stood there with his full attention on what he was doing, that he might just be doing it all to give me plenty of time to check him all out without me having to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about it.

As soon as I tore my eyes away from his manhood and turned to walk back over to the chair so I could remove my shoes and socks, he said, “Well, I was just giving you one last chance to change your mind. . . especially now that you’ve seen me in all my glory.”

  “Hell you’re a fine lookin’ man. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different. Wait till you see me in all my glory. You’ll be wishin’ you’d kept your mouth shut back at the fair grounds.”

He turned to me and said, “Awh, I doubt that. . .   I have to admit I’ve never offered to share my motel room with a complete stranger before, but I could tell this was all new to you, and I got the feeling that you and I are a whole lot alike. Anyway, go ahead and get undressed while I tidy up the bathroom for you.”

I finished taking off my shoes and as I stood up to unfastened my overalls, I couldn’t help but think how glad I was that I had made the decision that I’d best pack and wear some boxer shorts during this trip. Otherwise I would of been obliged to of told the man that I would have to sleep in the nude.

After I got the suspenders unfastened from the bib, I just let my overalls fall on down to my ankles and then reached down in my boxers and grabbed up a handful of my stuff just to help give it some breathing room.

It sure as hell felt good to get things all loosened up down there and I guess I spent a little longer than I thought I had gettin’ after all of my stuff because when I looked back up, I saw that he had stuck his head back through the bathroom door as he squeezed himself through it and was looking at what I was up to.

I was a little embarrassed by being caught in the act like that, but all he did was smile a little to himself as he squeezed his way on through the door.

I figured what the hell, I might as well get naked and get on with it so I stooped over and slipped on out of those fuckin’ shorts and picked my overalls up off the floor at the same time.

When I stood back up, I saw he was looking right at me and shaking his head and smiling like he couldn’t believe what it was he saw. He started to chuckle as he folded his arms over his chest then he looked me in the eye and said, “I take it you aren’t used to wearing any underwear are you?”

I couldn’t help but grin out of embarrassment, “Well no. . . I normally don’t.”

“Then I’d be willing to bet you sure as hell don’t like sleeping with them on either.”

“No, I have to say that I don’t, I get all twisted up in ‘em, but I wasn’t planning on. . .”

He cut me short and said, “Well, to be honest with you, I hate wearing the fuckers myself for the same reason. I don’t know how you’d feel about sleeping in the nude with me, but I know I’d get a better night’s rest if I didn’t have to be bothered by ‘em. . . “

I smiled and looked down at the floor and said, “Well to be honest with you, it’d be the best offer I’ve had in quite a long time. . .”

He laughed and said, “Awh cut the nonsense. Just go on and get yourself cleaned up while I turn down the bed. There ain’t no sense in discussin’ it any further. We’ll be fine. . .”

  I hurried up and I folded up my clothes and sat them next to his, then went on in to take my shower. I could barely fit through the damn door myself and once I closed it behind me, there wasn’t hardly enough room in there to turn around, but the bathtub was plenty big, like he said it was.

As soon as I stepped into it and got the water adjusted the way I wanted, I just damn near collapsed. This day had been a long one. All of the driving and all of the unfamiliar surroundings and people I had dealt with at the fairgrounds had been enough on its own for an ol’ farm boy like me, but the combination of that and the situation I now found myself in with the sheriff’s grandpa had me both wound up tight and plumb tuckered out all at the same time.

My body chemistry was all confused, and the warm water had the effect of just mixing it all up together until I felt almost sedated. I wasn’t sure what to make of myself, but I was relieved just to have this moment to gather up all my thoughts and feelings and try and put them all in perspective.

I immediately took into account that in all likelihood, I knew a whole hell of a lot more about the sheriff’s grandpa than he did me and because of that, I needed to be mighty careful not to make any assumptions concerning what all had transpired between us so far.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it all anyway, so I just stopped thinking about it altogether and just concentrated on getting myself all good and clean and figured that the rest would take it’s course.

As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom to dry myself off, I could hear the muffled sound of some guys laughing and yelling to one another outside, and noticed that he was peeking through the curtains on the window to see what was going on.

He turned to me and smiled and said, “Awh, they’re just a bunch of young, rowdy cowboys raisin’ a little hell out in the parking lot. I imagine they will calm down as soon as they get everything loaded up in their rooms.”

  “Well I hope so, because I’m ready to hit the bed.”

  “So am I. . . I bet you’re plumb tuckered out after the day you’ve had today.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty exhausted. This day has been a whole lot more than this farm-boy ever bargained for.”

He chuckled as he walked over to me and held out his hand for me to hand over my towel to him and he began drying off my back for me as if he owed me the favor.

He hadn’t bothered to put on anything while I had been showering up and after I handed the towel to him, I couldn’t help but take another glance down at his manhood. Just seein’ that fucker up close again put a chill right through me. I still couldn’t believe the size and thickness of it. I realized straight away that it wasn’t something to be messing around with lightly, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but appreciate the strong, manly appeal it had.

It was all I could do to keep myself from just grabbin’ a hold of it, and yet, I was well aware that even if I had been certain he wouldn’t have minded, I knew there was no way I would ever be able to satisfy that fucker for him with just my hand.

He handed me back the towel, and while I hung it up in the bathroom, he got on into the bed. He was laying on his back and still fumbling around with the covers when I stepped back out into the room and when I saw how much of the bed he took up, I realized we were going to be a lot more snug than I initially thought.

He rolled over on his right side facing the center of the bed then scooted himself back as much as he could to make room for me and then lifted up the covers for me when I walked around to the other side of the bed.

I couldn’t help but look down at that huge fucker of his and marvel at how those huge fuckin’ testicles of his hung down over his right thigh. He of course noticed, so I just said, “I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe how big and big around that fucker of yours is.”

He chuckled heartily and motioned for me to get on in the bed with him, and as I got in beside him and reached over to turn off the lamp on the night stand, he said, “Well you needn’t worry about that none. The only time it ever gets hard any longer is when I wake up needing to take a piss.”

After I got settled into the bed with him, he said, “But every once in a blue moon I get lucky, and after I finish pissing, the ol’ boy will stay up hard for me and I get to have myself a little fun. Besides, look who’s talking, that fucker of yours is the longest fuckin’ dick I ever saw on a man.”

“Yeah, but ain’t nothin’ compared to what you’ve got.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that at all. . . Why I’d bet yours would put mine to shame when it’s all good up and hard, and as long as it is. . . why I bet it can shoot as far as a rifle.”

He chuckled at his own joke, and I felt my crank throb up good hearing him say that to me. I was laying with my back to him on my right side, so I knew he couldn’t see it startin’ to throb the way it was, but I knew that if I had been laying on my back he sure as hell would of noticed. There was just enough ambient light in the room from all of the lights out in the parking lot, that the room wasn’t all that dark.

“I seriously doubt mine would ever put yours to shame, especially when that fucker of yours is hard. And just to let you know, I’ve never been able to shoot my load any further than a foot or so.”

He chuckled some more and said, “I have a hard time believing that. . . Well anyway, I just want to say that if you wake up feeling my fat fucker poking you in the butt, just kick my fat ass out of bed and tell me to go take a piss”, and then he chuckled again at his own joke.

I could tell he was feelin’ frisky and seemed to be liking all of this man-talk, so I countered by saying,   “Well if that does happen and I’m still asleep, be sure to wake me up for it cause I sure as hell would hate missing out on all the fun. Not that it would do either one of us any good because I’m sure you’d play hell trying to get that fat hog of yours up my tight, hairy ass.”

He giggled and gave me a playful shove, and said, “It’s funny that you called it that, because I’ve called it the very same thing in the past. . .”

He let out another deep, lusty chuckle and then he lightly and playfully tickled my butt and said, “Besides, you never know what I might be capable of. You keep talking like that and I might just get it in my head to prove you wrong.”

I let out a lusty chuckle myself and pushed my butt out at him and said, “Oh yeah? Well I wouldn’t mind it if you did. I’d love to see you try and fuck that fat hog of yours up my tight, hairy ass.”

He didn’t offer any quick retort to that. He just adjusted his weight on the bed without saying anything and then I felt the back of his hand brush lightly up against my butt as he reached down for his manhood.

“Did you say that to make a joke? Or was you serious?”

I could hear the lustfully serious tone in his voice and just knew he had to be feelin’ around on himself as he asked me that question.

I got so fuckin’ hard and horned up realizing how what I’d said had gotten to him the way it had, I just decided to roll on over to him and let him see how serious I was.

He pulled his hand away from himself as I rolled myself on over to face him, and when he felt my crank flop over on him and press up against his big belly, he slid his hand down over it and held it firm and then looked me in the eyes and gave a smile and muttered in a deep, lusty whisper, “Oooh. . . well I. . . well I guess that’s as serious as a man can get.”

I reached for his fat hog and realized he wasn’t at all hard himself, but he didn’t seem to mind that I took it in my hand. That fucker felt even larger than it ever appeared to be. I couldn’t get my hand but a little over half-way around it all, and even soft, it had a firm, turgid feel to it just due to the fact of how damn thick it was.

I slowly ran my thumb down over the head of it, and its large, round curvature just seemed to never end. It had that rough, penile feel to it that a man’s cock-head has when it’s soft, but even more so, and just feeling it put a chill right through me.

He let out a deep sigh and put his hand on the back of my head and held me close to him, and we just laid there frozen together without saying another word to one another while I slowly and deliberately explored the all of his corpulent manhood.

I felt a nervous shiver pass through my whole body at just being able to touch and feel and explore all that he had down between his thick thighs, and just the sheer size of him and the breadth of his hairy, manly body made me feel like a small child up next to him.

He silently patted me on the back of my head as if to tell me everything was alright, and I let the weight of my head drop down on his thick biceps as I slowly groped around at all that he possessed.

I finally got the palm of my hand turned down underneath his enormous shaft and gently squeezed and massaged it all until I had it down deep underneath him. The silky smooth flesh of his man-sack smothered the entire back of my hand and I was so taken by the feel of how much of him there was down under there, I buried my head into his chest and just gently squeezed and kneaded and held on to what I had of him.

I was completely lost to him and probably could of fallen to sleep in his arms like that, but all of a sudden, I felt a strong rush of blood race through his thick vein and he let out a deep, breathy, wanton moan as I felt his huge testicles lift up around the back of my hand.

He wrapped his arm tight around my head and whispered deep and guttural, “You sure as hell know how to handle a dick young man.”

I guess I might of let out a lusty chuckle at that had I not felt another strong rush of blood sweep through his vein. This one was so strong, I felt the heavy weight of his shaft throb a bit and then another one raced through him, and then another, and another.

His testicles squirmed around with each and every pulse and it was overwhelming to me to feel his fuck-machine come to life. I just held on to it for dear life and when it finally began to swell and elongate, I think I must of went into shock. Hell any other man would have been rock hard with all the blood I felt pour through his thick vein, but that fuckin’ hog of his was just now beginning to swell up.

I slid my hand up the backside of his shaft and felt it throb a good one and stretch out and he pushed his groin out at me and his whole body rumbled as he uttered out, “Ooooh fuuughck, boy! That’s it. . . You’ve got the whole fuckin’ dick goin’ now, boy. . .”

I stroked the fucker for him and he let out a chuckle all full of lust and hunger and then he squeezed my head tight in his arm and shook it and said, “Yeaaah. . . boy. . .you sure as hell know how to handle a man’s dick. . .”

He made that fucker throb good and strong for me and then rubbed my back vigorously with his left hand like he was so proud of what I’d done for him, then he made the fucker throb even harder and stronger.

My lust and desires for that hog of his built up fiery hot the bigger it got. I started to squirm around a bit as I came to grips with it all, and the slow realization that crept into me of how badly I wanted him to fuck my ass good with it.

He could just tell what I was thinkin’ and feelin’. I’m sure he’d seen it all before, so he let his hand wander on down to my buttocks and gently slipped his fingers into the crack of my ass.

That fucker of his got rock fuckin’ hard as soon as he felt all the sweaty heat of me down there and it broke loose with so much pre-cum, I couldn’t believe it all. I’d forgotten all about the sheriff telling me how much pre-cum his grandpa could produce, but it didn’t take me long to realize that he didn’t even come close to letting on to just how much that fuckin’ hog of his grandpa’s could let loose with.

I rubbed the stuff all over his shaft and felt it streaming down all over the back of my hand before I could even cover all of that huge hog of his with what I had gathered up in the palm of my hand. After I got the better part of the fucker slicked up pretty good, I opened up my hand and gathered up all I could of it as I slid it back up to that huge, bulbous cock-head of his and then rolled the stuff all over it.

He gave a jolt as that huge fucker throbbed out of control and then he gave me a nudge, telling me it was time for me to roll back around so he could get down to his business.

As soon as I was half-way turned over, he raised up his big leg and straddled it over me and raised himself up and scooted me right up under him and got me pinned down on the bed on my stomach. I could feel his huge testicles restin’ heavy on my butt and felt him work his left hand down under them, then I felt him stick his thumb between the cheeks of my ass as he rubbed my underside with his palm and fingers.

He slowly worked his thumb right on up to my pucker-hole and kept putting a downward pressure on me with it as he massaged my underside with his palm until he got my balls held back towards him with his fingertips. He jiggled all of what he had a hold of as if to make sure he had me right where he wanted me, and then I felt his huge testicles roll down off my ass as he pulled his groin back and planted the head of his hog between my butt-cheeks and let his pre-cum ooze all down in there.

He kept rolling his thumb around and spreading all that fuck-juice of his all around my pucker-hole until his left hand and the crack of my ass was all slick and gooey with the stuff, then he slowly pushed out with his groin and let me feel that huge fuckin’ hog of his violate the crack of my ass until the head of it popped out of it up near my spine.

He rubbed the meaty part of his thumb all around my pucker-hole and then pressed it firm against it and then he said authoritatively, “Raise that hairy butt up to me boy.”

I was all to willing to oblige and when I did, he pulled back tight on my balls and stuck that fat fuckin’ thumb of his right on through my sphincter all at the same time, then he slid the full length of it in me and rolled the meat of around on my prostate.

I hurt and felt so goddamn good at the same time, I didn’t know what I was feeling, I felt my crank tug at my nuts and felt him tug back on them and then he pulled his thumb out some and rolled it around my pucker-hole and then he softly chuckled deep and lusty and said, “Now that wasn’t so bad now was it.”

I just shook my head ‘no’ and then heard myself say as I exhaled, “Awwhooh fuck me big man. I want your big fucker up in me so bad. . . just tell me what to do big daddy. . . just tell me what to do. . .”

“You’re doin’ fine boy. . . you’re doin’ just fine. . .”

He just kept slowly reaming me out with that thumb of his - rollin’ it around and teasing me every once in a while with his ultimate promise by stickin’ that fat fuckin’ hog of his back in between the cheeks of my ass and makin’ it throb good and strong for me.

Feeling his hefty, masculine hand pressed firm around the under side of my butt and the strength of his meaty thumb up in it was some mighty powerful stuff, and every time he’d tease me with that huge fuckin’ hog-dick of his, I felt myself just loosen up all that much more for him all on my own.

“That’s it, boy. . . that’s it. . .”, I’d hear him say, every time he felt me loosen up a bit more for him,   and then I’d feel that huge fucker of his throb good and strong in anticipation, and I’d just give in to him all the more.

Soon enough, he had both of his hands down on me and both his thumbs up in me and I could feel that huge head of his ol’ hog poke at me every once in a while. It got me so fired up, I just started beggin’ him for it.

He didn’t say a damn word back to me though, he just kept workin’ my fuck-hole open and lubricating it good with all of that fuckin’ pre-cum of his until he knew I was good and ready for it, then he fucked that hog right up in between his hands and spread me out good and wide with his thumbs, and once he knew the head of that fucker was just deep enough in me to where it could pass on through, he slid his thumbs on out at the same time he fucked that huge fucker right on up in me.

He held himself still for as long as he could so I could get use to feelin’ that huge bulbous cock-head of his up inside me, but as soon as I spread my legs out wider for him and that huge hog of his inched in me just a bit more, it started throbbin’ so wild it almost got away from him, so he quickly fucked it deeper down in me.

My guts wrenched and I grabbed a hold of the top of the mattress and buried my head right into it and then I felt that fuckin’ hog of his bone up mean fuckin’ hard and felt the entire mattress vibrate as his broad body rumbled out a deep, guttural moan of pure fuck-lust as he plowed his way on up my hot, virgin ass.

I had no idea at all at how good it’d feel to me to have that huge fucker up inside of me like that. As soon as I felt that fucker throb big and strong up in me, I let out a moan full of lust and pleasure that lasted so long, by the time I was done with it, it felt like my whole body had melted right on into the mattress.

I felt his huge, heavy testicles smotherin’ the backside of my ass and felt them writhe as his groin tightened up and that huge fuckin’ hog of his throbbed up strong inside me. He jut-fucked it in me good and my whole body flushed hot as the dick-lust spread through me like wild fire.

“Aaahhgh that feels good, don’t it boy?”

His deep, guttural, whispery voice sounded like it came from high above, and I just nodded obediently and said, “You fucked it in me so good, big daddy, you fucked it in me so goddamn good”, then I pushed my ass on that hog of his as hard as I could just to let him know how much I truly meant it.

He petted and rubbed my butt and whispered “You got a fine, fuckin’ ass, boy. You got a fine, fuckin’ man-ass. . .”

I was putty in his hands after I heard the way he said that to me. After I backed my butt off of his huge, fuckin’ member, he slowly fucked me with it, occasionally grinding it around in me some and grabbin’ up my ass with those strong hands of his and holding it just right for himself so he could get things all straightened out to accommodate him good.

Every time I felt that huge fucker make its run up in me and felt the muscular shape and form of it rippling through my fuck-hole, I felt so connected to him and all the more in touch with myself, and my own man-fuckin’ ways,

It drove me fuckin’ nuts feelin’ those huge testicles of his smotherin’ my hairy ass and sliding up over it each time he plowed that huge fuckin’ hog up in me. My butt would just rise up to ‘em and wiggle around all over ‘em uncontrollably.

I realized then I had no control over myself. I was as fuck-hungry for his stiff hog as he was for my hot, virgin ass, and I could of laid there feelin’ the all of his fuck machine plow in and over me all night long.

He kept after it slow and steady until my ass was all good and full up with his fuck-juice, and once I heard the sucking, slurping sound of it as it spilled out my pucker-hole, he lowered himself down over me and with every thrust of his broad, powerful groin, he slowly inched that huge man-fuckin’ hog of his even deeper up inside my guts.

His strong arms held his considerable weight up off me rock-steady, and he’d exhale softly each time he fucked himself some new territory of my ass. The sound of his steady breathing was so full of desire and emotion, I felt like I was hearing him tell me his life’s story.

I was surprised by his strength and taken by the size and breadth of his body, but I just loved feelin’ his big ol’ belly rock and roll over the small of my back as he slowly pumped himself deeper and deeper up in me.

By the time he got me good and loosened up enough to where he could fuck the full of himself all the way in me the way he wanted, he’d taken me to a world I’d never been before.

I was lost in it and was only vaguely aware of feeling my own groin tightening up as my crank began to slowly get hard all over again. I hadn’t even realized that it had gone completely soft but after it gorged itself enough to where it could throb good and strong, he whispered, “That’s it boy. . . I feel you gettin’ hard again. It’s time we get you rolled over so we can get down to business here.”

He raised himself up and fucked me hard a few times just to make sure I wouldn’t have much trouble taking him again after he pulled out of me, and then he pulled himself out of my ass real slow-like.

I felt empty as soon as his huge hog left my ass. I felt as though I was less than half the man I was just the moment before, and I got myself rolled over on my back as quick as I could.

He was hoverin’ above me on his knees with his hand down on top of himself. He’d grabbed the top of that huge fucker in his meaty palm and had his head turned off to one side while he worked his hand all over it in his own, private way.

It was like he was tellin’ the fucker it was time to change gears or somethin’, and he kept after it until I saw that fucker throb and jump quick and fast, and only then did he look down at it and run his hand all over the underside of it a few times before he bothered to take notice of me.

He dropped his big arms down to me and wrapped them around my legs and pulled me in to him as he lifted my legs up high on his broad chest. That big, round cock-head of his was bouncin’ up and down like a ball, and I knew exactly what that felt like to a man when his cock starts to throbbin’ away like that.

He grabbed that fucker up like it was a baseball and then pointed it right at my pucker-hole and pushed my legs up over the top of me as he fucked it on through it and deep down in my guts. I watched his mouth fall open and twist up all full of fuck-lust as he buried himself up in me, and then he looked me right square in the eyes as a deep ‘Yeaaaaahh’ poured out of his gut. Saliva spilled out of one corner of his mouth as that lust-filled expression spread out into a big grin and then he turned his head off to one side and finally allowed himself to fully enjoy feelin’ the heat of my man-ass on his huge member.

That huge fucker throbbed so full up hard and strong, it racked my innards and took me by surprise. I kept waiting to feel some pain from it, but my fuckin’ crank throbbed so good and strong in response to his, that all I ever felt was the heat of my own need.

He grabbed my dick up in his hand and worked it for me good and right. His strong, beefy hand got after it better than I could of ever done on my own, and he got it to feeling so fuckin’ good and hot, the fucker kept getting bigger and bigger for him.

He looked up at me and smiled and shook his head as he kept after it and said, “You’ve got a nice fuckin’ dick, boy! You’ve got a fuckin’ nice one!”

I almost bust a nut for him right then and there, but that huge hog of his throbbed so hard, and felt so good and right in me, that I just raised my ass higher up to him to let him know I was ready for him to get down to his own business.

His huge, wide body spread my legs out wide as he slowly lowered himself over me and once he got himself planted firm on his thick stout arms, he rocked his entire body back and forth on them and chug-fucked me good and strong.

His whole body moved like one giant piston and his hot breath tickled the hairs on my chest each and every time he fucked himself deep up in me. He sounded almost like a steam engine climbing a mountain off in the distance, and the power of him it was so overwhelming and so beautiful to watch and listen to, I just fell completely flat on the bed and slowly raised my hands up to his sides and held on to him for dear life.

I never saw anything so fuckin’ perfect in my life the way he fucked his whole body up into a fiery heat. He fucked and puffed and every once in a while, glance up at me and then lower his head back down and get after it all the more.

My fuckin’ crank got so hard feelin’ his huge hairy body slidin’ over the underside of it that I could barely stand it. I was ready to shoot off long before I ever did, but I was so taken by the all of the man, and feelin’ that mighty hog of his rippling through my ass, I couldn’t keep up with all the feeling that were pourin’ through me at any given moment.

All I wanted to do was watch that huge man fuck, and I had my legs out as wide as they would go so he could have at all of my ass in any way that he wanted, and boy did he ever get after it.

He just kept fuckin’ harder and harder and harder until all of a sudden he raised up on his knees and grabbed my ass on the way up with him, and then hammer-fucked the hell out of it wicked hard.

He was fuckin’ gone at that point.

All the power of his being fired through me in a flush of heat. I felt my ass clamp tight around his huge fuckin’ cock as my crank let loose in an orgasm like I never felt it in my life.

I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it.

Everything happened at once - I felt his huge fuckin’ hog rip loose with a wad of spunk that slammed my guts like a sledge hammer the very moment my crank fired off a long stream of spunk that had filled my entire shaft.

It felt like my crank had sucked all the seed I had in me all at once, and then shot it all out into outer space. I never felt one single drop of it hit me, but I knew I had shot off a damn good long stream of it because my nuts were already aching good and feeling numb.

My whole body vibrated from the deep sound of my own relief, then I felt his huge body vibrate as he groaned out his relief and felt that huge fucker of his throb again and blow another wad that shot so hard right through me, it felt like it hit me up near my lungs.

My crank went completely nuts, and started unloading spunk I never knew I carried around in me. My crank just kept cummin’ and cummin’ and cummin’, shootin’ off one long rope of spunk after another, and I was buckin’ like a bronco each time it did.

He was fuckin’ it all right out of me and kept blasting my ass with his own spunk as he did. My nuts ached so bad after it was all said and done, I just knew they had to be turned up inside of me, but those huge fuckin’ testicles of his seemed to of gotten even bigger and looked far more prominent on him than they had before.

He pulled that huge hog of his out of me as soon as he knew I was done with it and at the time, I was damn happy he did. I have to say I couldn’t believe how ready I was to get that huge fucker out of my ass as soon as I finished unloading what all I had, but I could tell by how he kept feelin’ around on his ol’ hog right afterwards that he didn’t get himself off and as fully drained as he would of liked.

He looked down on me for a moment while he fumbled around with himself some, and then he shook it in a gesture as if he was tellin’ it that it was all over for the night. He felt it all up good and then reached down for his huge balls and massaged them a bit while that huge fucker laid over his wrist and forearm.

When he seemed to have things dealt with the way he wanted, he took his hand away from his testicles and rubbed his palm down over the top of his hog pushing it back downwards as if he was finally willing to put it away for the night.

  He looked up at me and smiled as he laid down beside me, and I rolled myself over to face him as he did. He fumbled around between his thick legs until his huge nuts were all out in front of him and then he wrapped his arm around me and held me tight while he petted my backside and soothed my butt with the palm of his hand and whispered to me, “You fuck real good boy. . .   You fuck real good. . .”

I was so exhausted and so tuckered out from the long day I’d had and the powerful orgasm I’d just experienced, that I didn’t know what to say to him. There was so much I wanted to say to him, I didn’t know where to start, so I thought it best to just speak with my hands for the night, and save the words for later.

When I got around to telling him with my hands just how much I loved that big ol’ fuckin’ hog of his, he let me speak to him for a while with them until I felt that huge fucker throb ever so slightly, then he chuckled and patted me on the butt and said as he put his hand over mine and gently pushed it away from his crotch, “You sure know how to handle a dick, boy. I have to say that for you. You got me harder than I’ve been able to do for myself in quite a long time.”

Then he wrapped his arm around me tight and pulled me in close to him so our groins were firmly pressed together, and he rubbed my hairy ass like it was the most perfect thing he ever touched and said softly, “You’re a man’s man through and through, boy. . . I figured you was, when I first laid eyes on you. . .”