WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/B con, oral, bear, bi)

  Country Ways
Chapter 2
A father takes matters in his own hands

Dad grabbed his crotch and adjusted himself as he sat down on his folding stool. He always brings it along when we come down to our favorite fishing hole. We both took our familiar spots. There’s a well worn spot where he sets his stool and I always take a place in front of him nearer the bank so I can be eye-level to his crotch and admire his manhood every time I turn back to talk to him.

Dad has to be one of the most well endowed men in the world. He has always been well aware of the fact he was bigger than most men, certainly bigger than any he’d ever met, but for years, he wasn’t even remotely cognizant of how different he was compared to them on that count. He simply never had cause to think about it. He only went as far as grade school, so he never went to a gym class in his life and he was just never put in any situation where he was ever around other naked men. It wasn’t until I came along and started growing up that dad finally came to the realization that compared to the average guy, he was a man among men in this regard. Mom knew, she’d been trying to tell him that not long after I was born, but he just let her remarks pass thinking that every time she said he was too big, she was only using that as an excuse to avoid having sex with him.

I don’t remember exactly how old I was the first time I saw my dad’s dick, I guess I was about four or five at the time, but I’ll never forget that moment and what followed that day for as long as I live. I had been playing outside and kept putting off taking a piss until I couldn’t stand it any longer and finally ran into the house. When I burst through the bathroom door, there was dad; he had just gotten out of the bathtub and was toweling off his enormous equipment. I startled him, but he didn’t think anything about it after he saw who it was. He just looked back down at himself and kept drying off like nothing had happened, but I froze in my tracks and stared right at him. He wasn’t more than a couple of feet away from me and to my young eyes, his dick looked bigger than I was. He had been drying off the underside of his crotch so he had his huge balls lifted up and his dong was flopping around all over the place. When he finished, he looked back up and saw I was staring at him but he didn’t pay it any mind. He just said, “If you got to pee, go ahead! I don’t mind.” then went back to toweling himself off. I quickly lifted the toilet seat and began to piss but I kept sneaking a peek back over my shoulder to get another look. By the time I finished pissing I realized that for some reason I had a stiffy. It wasn’t the first time I had ever had one. I was already waking up like that the first thing in the morning when I needed to piss, but I’d never got one after I pissed.

I zipped back up and ran outside and hid in the barn. My little pecker was hard as a rock and somehow, it just felt a whole lot different than it did the other times it was like that. I climbed up in the loft and unzipped my pants and examined myself to see if anything was wrong. I pinched the head and I remember watching it swell up and feeling this burning, tingling sensation. It felt good and bad, but the good seemed to out-weight the bad and I ended up playing around with it. I kept noticing how much bigger my dick was getting the more I played with it and I became totally absorbed in thoughts about dad playing with his big dick (at least it looked like he was playing with it even though all he had been doing was toweling off) and I associated playing with it to making it grow up big like dad’s. At first, I thought how great it would be to have a big dick like his to bang around on things. Then I thought about how neat it would be to have a big dick like his so I could push it down between my thighs and squeeze it between them. And finally, I thought about what it would feel like to rub my stiff little prick all over dad’s big, soft, monster cock.

I got stuck on that thought. It wouldn’t go away. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I kept pressing my little boner into my palm imagining that it was my daddy’s big dick and the more I did it the better it felt until all of a sudden I had an orgasm. I watched it as it throbbed out of control and I remember being surprised at how much it hurt and yet how good it felt at the same time. I tingled all over.

I’m sure I would have started playing with it all the time back then if that pain from not being able to ejaculate hadn’t accompanied the good part, but I still had at it like that at least once or twice a week. The rest of the time I would just think about it and watch it get hard and then soft again. Over and over. I’m not for sure how old I was, maybe twelve or thirteen, hell I might have been ten or eleven for that matter - I can’t remember back that far but all I can tell you is once the pleasure part far outweighed the pain, I was jerking off at least two or three times a day. Minimum.

Now you might wonder how many different kind of sexual fantasies I had at that age to keep me horned up and jerking off like that, and that gets me back to my dad. He was the only fantasy I had and if you were to see him sitting here on his fishin’ stool like he is right now, you wouldn’t even have to ask why. You’d be too busy gawkin’ at his crotch wonderin’ how any man could ever get as comfortable as he looks right now havin’ somethin’ that big hangin’ down between his legs. You’d also wonder how he ever manages to keep his hands off of it. But most of all, you be wonderin’ just how big that fucker of his gets once he decides it’s mating season. Then you’d probably end up scared. Cause once you thought about what this big hulk of a man might be like when he has the need, you’d be damn certain you wouldn’t have any say in the matter if he ever decided he wanted to have his way with you.

Not that dad is some kind of hard ass or anything like that - he’s far from it. He just looks like he could be brutal if he ever wanted to be. He stands head and shoulders taller than any man I’ve ever met and is built thick and sturdy from head to toe. His thighs are as thick as most men’s waists, so once you get an eye full of that huge crank of his running down one of ‘em and take into account that it’s almost half as thick as they are, well. . . you do the math. But believe me, if you ever stand face to face with the man you wont be thinking about arithmetic because if you are face to face with him, that means he’s sittin’ down; and when he’s seated, there ain’t a man alive that can keep his eyes off my ol’ man’s crotch.

Not that we ever have that many visitors mind you. We’re rural folk, plain and simple. We run a ranch and farm the land and live way far away from even our nearest neighbor. The nearest town, if you want to call it that, is practically seventy miles away and to get there, you have to drive near half that distance on an old gravel road that the county didn’t much think about when it came time to dole out funds for road repairs. But that turned out to suit us just fine. We keep the road up ourselves now, but not the first several miles that intersect with the main roads. It helps keep the riff-raft and Sunday drivers out and allows us to run our operation in relative peace.

Months can pass without anyone coming by on a social call, but we’re not totally isolated by any means. There’s generally a few men on the property we employ from time to time and we’ve made acquaintance with a number of the guys that work for companies we contract with. They’re mostly fuel haulers and the like and we see them when the fuel tanks start getting low or a combine is in need of repair - that sort of stuff, but only a handful of them we would consider friends for the simple fact that they live just too damn far away to keep up with on a regular basis.

That’s the way life is when you live way out in the boondocks. It can get lonely at times, no question about it, so close family ties are the norm. Dad knew the importance of this long before I ever shot my first load of spunk and it’s because of that, we have the relationship we enjoy today.

I was a handful when I was growin’ up and I bet if you asked dad right now he’d tell you I still was, but he’d also tell you if it hadn’t been for me and the way I was when I was young, and the fact that he loved me unconditionally, he might never have found the happiness that now fills his life. But for a number of years there, I tried his patience in ways I couldn’t fully appreciate until I had my own son to deal with.

It all started right here at this fishing hole in the heat of the summer.

I was in my late teens back then and had spurted a lot of growth during the past year. I was in that awkward phase. I had grown much taller, nearly as tall as I am today, and my face, hands and feet had grown significantly. So had my cock for that matter, but it was little consolation for me at the time. The last six months of school had been pure hell. My body was starting to sprout hair all over the place in uneven patches and the kids sometimes would make fun of me behind my back. I had no interest in girls and had started slacking off in my studies during the last semester. All in all my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I was just glad when summer came so I didn’t have to go back there everyday.

I tried to take psychological asylum within the family, but mom and dad were having their own problems. Tension had been slowly building between them for a number of years and by the time school was out, he was taking it all personally. I could tell his self-esteem was nearly as low as mine, but my secret desires for him, which had been tearing me up on the inside for years, were now to a point to where they were about to kill me.

He took to going off by himself that summer and leaving me behind, which depressed me even more. There were days when he’d just go off out in the woods and wouldn’t come back to the house until well after sunset. I felt I was loosing him and I was determined to do something about it so one Saturday I insisted that we pack a big lunch and come down here to our favorite fishing hole. He thought I was nuts. He complained that it was too damn hot and was a waste of time because there was no way the fish were going to be biting, but I made him come anyway.

He was impatient and disturbed and after about an hour of fiddling with his pole he reeled in the line and sat it down, then he spread his big ol’ body out on the ground and stretched out on his back. He put his big, rough hands under his head and gazed at the leafy canopy. “This is crazy son. I told you this would be a waste of time.”

“I don’t give a damn about the fishin’ dad. I just wanted to get you away from mom and, well, I want you to tell me what’s goin’ on with you two. I can tell you aren’t happy about somethin’. . .   and I want to know what it is. And I think we need to be talkin’ about some other things as well. . .”

“Like what boy?”

“Well I’m gettin’ older dad if you haven’t noticed. I just think we should be talkin’ more now about, well you know. . . about man-stuff.”

“Like what kind of man-stuff son?”

“Well about sex and all! I get a hard-on all the time now and I just think it’s about time that you and I talk about those things.”

  His eyes got big and he sat up. “Hell, boy! You live on a farm! I never figured I’d have to tell you what that thing is for when it gets like that! I get like that too son! It’s normal. So what is it that you want to know?”

“Well do you ever. . . well you know, do you ever rub it with your hand?”

He laughed. “That’s about all I ever do with it anymore son. Ever since you was born anyway. That’s a big part of the problem between your mom and me right now. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with me when I get that way. It ain’t normal for man to go that long without getting’ a little honey on his stinger. She keeps tellin’ me I’m too big for her. It’s drivin’ me nuts! You know we was married young. I was still growing, but she was already fully developed. Hell, you was already four years old when I was your age. She knew by lookin’ at your grandpa what I’d grow up to be like. Sure, our marriage was arranged by our parents, but it wasn’t like she didn’t have any say in it at all. I know I’ve put on a few pounds through the years, but she sure as hell hasn’t given me a chance to fuck any of it off!”

I’d never in my life heard my dad talk like that. It was a lot for me to digest all at once. Especially the part about him and mom and her sayin’ he was too big and all. It was makin’ me horny as hell. At first I thought he was talkin’ about his dick, but then I wasn’t sure. Especially when I realized how hurt he was. I’d never seen him feel sorry for himself like that.

But just hearin’ him talk like that got me so fired up I didn’t really think about his feelings like I should have. All I could think about was my dick throbbin’ up in my pants. I didn’t have any underwear on so I knew that if it didn’t stop soon, there was no way I could hide it from him. I fought it, but the more I thought about what he had just said and how he had said it, the harder and harder it got. I thought it best if I sat down right beside him so he wouldn’t take notice.

He looked over at me and forced a smile and that’s when I realized how hurt he really was. I put my arm around his shoulder and he reached out and pulled me close to him. “I know I’m a big man son, bigger than most guys - but am I all that big and ugly and undesirable?” he was almost about to cry.

I wrapped my arms around him and leaned my head on his shoulder. “No dad you’re not. I love you dad. I think you’re a beautiful man. You’re all I ever think about.”

He fought a tear and gave me a great big hug. “I love you too son. I may not show it as much as I should at times but I love you too with all my heart. I don’t want you worrying about this. Your mom and I, we’ll get everything sorted out eventually.”

He just held me and didn’t say nothin’ for about a minute. “Just don’t tell her what I said boy. Let’s keep that between us. She’d get madder than hell with me if she found out I was talkin’ to you about our sex life.”

“I won’t dad.”

A long silence fell between us and I became scared.

Scared, because I knew that now was the time. It was as if everything I had experienced in my life had led me to this moment. I had to come clean and tell him how I really felt and what I really wanted and needed. . . needed badly, from him.

I looked him in the eye. “Dad?”

He immediately knew somethin’ was up and he braced himself.   “What do you want to say boy?”

“I have a lot to say dad but first I want to get something straight.”

He looked up at me and smiled mischievously then nodded down at my crotch. “You already got somethin’ straight boy. Looks to me like you need to go and use your hands on it like you was talkin’ about.”

I couldn’t believe he said that. I’d kinda forgotten about the fact I was sportin’ a boner. Hell, I was too confused to know what all I was feeling but when he said that, lust raged all through me. My dick started throbbing and it burnt with a need like I had never felt before in my life.

I was practically gone I was so delirious.

My raging teenage hormones pumped through my body and I lost all control. The next thing I remember was dad reaching down to pull my hand off his dick but I fought him for it until I felt it come to life.

“What are you doing boy?! That ain’t right! You shouldn’t be doin’ that!”

His big ol’ bear paw fought to pry my fingers off him, but I kept a firm grip around his thick shaft as best I could. Out of frustration, he held my hand tight on it to prevent me from rubbing it anymore, but his cock just kept throbbing and pushed it’s way down the legs of his coveralls.

I couldn’t take my eyes off it, “God dad! Look at that fucker! You’ve got the biggest fuckin’ dick I ever saw in my life!”

I looked up at his tortured face and squeezed it with my fingers. It jumped in his pants and he yanked my hand off him. “What’s goin’ on with you son? Why are you doin’ this?”

I looked back down at his throbbing manhood. “I wanna see it all big and hard dad. I’ve been wantin’ to feel your dick ever since I was a little boy. It’s all I ever think about anymore. It’s driving me nuts dad!”

His cock started throbbing harder and he saw the mesmerized look on my face as I watched it grow thicker and thicker and creep further and further down his pant leg.

In all the years that I had jerked off thinkin’ about him, I never once thought about sucking on his enormous dick until then.

“I want it dad! God! Look at it! It’s so fucking big!”

It started throbbing wildly and lifting up - fighting to get erect. I clearly saw the outline of his cock-head flare wide and that sent me off. I broke loose from his grip and went down on my stomach then caressed it in both hands. I rubbed my thumbs underneath his flaring cock head then reached midway down the shaft and squeezed it firmly. It was now as hard as a rock and leapt up tight against his pant legs.

“Damn boy be careful! You’re gonna break it off!”

I glanced up at him and saw the anguish in his face. I tried sliding it up his thigh to get it pointing upward but it was just too damn long and thick and stiff.

He hollered in pain and laid back and reached down to pull it up. He struggled with it then he bellowed, “Oh Hell!” in complete disgust.

Frustrated and angry, he unzipped the front of his coveralls and dug his hand in his fly and slowly and gingerly pulled at the base of his crank until he finally managed to pull it up and out from the leg of his pants. He tried to push it off to the side of him but his enormous crank jumped and swelled and bent cruelly. “FUCK!” he screamed then he yanked the fucker out of the fly of his pants to relieve the pain. It shot straight up in the air and I dove right down on it.

I felt it push past my tonsils and slide into my gullet. I eyed his bushy groin inside his fly and tried to reach to it, but I only got about half way. I wrapped my thick, wet lips around it and tried to take more but it wasn’t possible. Suddenly the realization hit me of what I had just done. I expected to hear dad curse me to my grave, but his body was frozen and he remained silent. I stayed down on him as long as I could and just as I started to slowly come up for breath, his huge body began to shake.

I was too afraid and too starved for his dick to dare look up at him.

I sucked and slurped up on his manhood with wild abandon. I licked it and sucked it deep. Then I sucked it even deeper the next time. I went down on him countless times and all the while, he didn’t move. He was fighting this with every fiber of his body, but I didn’t care. My body swelled full of his manliness as I gorged myself on his cock. My arms and chest puffed out and I took his tool in both hands and worked my hands around it from top to bottom sucking on it greedily.

I heard him finally exhale and gasp for breath and his body relaxed. A big rush of blood shot through his crank and it swelled so big, I choked on it. He watched me hack and spit on the ground then grabbed me by the head and stuck my face right up to his brutal shaft.

“You little fuck-face! Is this how you wanna grow up?”

“I wanna taste your sperm dad! Feed it to me! Make me a man!” The deep, wanton sound of my own voice shocked me as much as it shocked him and he gave a jolt right before I went back down on him.

“You think sucking my dick is gonna make you a man? We’ll see about that! Lets see how much you like me having my way with you boy!”

He pushed my head down on him until I gagged then thrust himself hard into me until I choked. He yanked me off it by the hair of my head and I gasped for air. He held my head just above his cock-head and I watched it throb and flare. “How do you like gaggin’ on it fuck-face?”

My mouth was wide-open ready to go again. I fought to go back down on it but he held me away from it. I let my saliva drool down on his crank as I gasped for breath, “I love it dad! Fuck my face good!”

He rammed me down on it again. “Choke on it again you little fuck! You can’t satisfy me! You can’t even get it all in your mouth! You think I like having my dick half-sucked? All you’re doing is pissing me off! You think my spunk will ‘make you a man’? Well you’ll never know ‘cause you’re a long way off from ever finding out!”

He made me choke on it good before he finally yanked my head back up.

“You want more?”

“Yes dad. . . “

“Why you little prick! I’ll teach you to start somethin’ you can’t finish! I’ll fuck your face until you think better of it the next time.”

And he did.

He called me every name in the book while he bludgeoned my throat with his brutal fuck-stick. It was angry-hard and dry, unfeeling and immovable; and he used it to humiliate me, not to pleasure himself.

I was sweatin’ like a pig and so was he and it was the sweat that finally caused his hands to loose his grip on my head. Our eyes locked for the first time since I began my quest. He growled menacingly as his strong, rough hands shoved me back down on him, but this time I was ready and just as he tried to yank my head back up, I went all the way down on him.

An agonizing groan emanated from the dark reaches of his soul as his hips involuntarily thrust upward to greet my mouth at the base of his thick shaft. I forced myself down deeper and lapped at his thick, dark bush. His thick crank throbbed mightily, and as he finally allowed it to taste the pleasure-filled depths of my hot gullet, the sound of his torment echoed off the hills.

A potent elixir of adrenalin and testosterone rushed through me as he ground his hips around and fucked the depths of my throat. My body swelled from it and he placed his hands on my shoulders and squeezed them, testing the full of my strength.

I slowly slid my mouth back off his enormous shaft thrilled by how it felt inside me. He squeezed my shoulders again and let his hips relax as I took a few deep breaths, but when I went back for more, he jutted them up and his hungry cock-head swelled as it coursed its way down my throat. He held me by the shoulders then playfully made his cock throb big and strong inside me, over and over again, then rubbed and patted me on the head.

We repeated the ritual several times until I got my first-ever taste of his delicious pre-cum. The thick liquid oozed out of him and I instinctively began lapping it up and spreading it around on his member. He thrust it deeper with his big hips and rolled them around coating the insides of my throat with his soothing medicine. I stayed with him for as long as I could but he gently coaxed me off of it when he saw I was about to choke.

He playfully teased me with it allowing me to hold it and caress it and examine every detail of its manly magnificence, but his own need finally got the best of him. His thrusts became more urgent and forceful. He reached down in his fly and pulled out his giant, hirsute orbs and massaged them in the palm of his hand as he coaxed his crank to siphon-off their seed. I saw the underside of his cock pulsate and felt rhythmical throbs running up the entire length of his shaft. His cock-head flared wide and all hell broke loose as his hot spunk blew inside me.

His manhood began throbbing brutally. He cried out like a wounded soldier and forced me down on him as he thrust himself deep down inside me until my nose was flat up against his groin. He held me there and cupped his giant orbs right up to my chin. I literally felt the seed being drawn out of them. His crank disgorged itself in long thick streams that lasted seconds at a time. His chest heaved and deep, passionate, needful cries emitted from under his breath the duration of each ejaculation. The sound of his orgasm rang through me and I began to shiver out of control as I blew stream after stream of my hot boy-spunk right up on his crotch. He jolted his head up when he felt my hot load cover his orbs and watched me orgasm as I gorged myself on his gift. Completely out of control, our ejaculations drove one another beyond the brink.

He rubbed the back of my head as he watched my hungry tongue lap my own spunk off his hand and balls.

“Suck it down boy! Nurse on it! Suckle that seed. . .   make yourself a man son. . .”

I don’t really remember much after that. He just kept feeding me his gift and I kept blowing spunk all over the place until his crotch was completely soaked with it.

The next conscious thought I had was the realization that we had both sweated so much, our coveralls were completely soaked. He lay there completely spent and I fell at the altar of his manhood and just held it and kissed it and watched it slowly soften up.

I could have stayed there forever worshipping the silken monster that had made me, but eventually it’s master sat up and rubbed his hand through my hair and gently coaxed me off it. It was about high noon by now and the sun beat down unmercifully. Dad put his arm around me and led me down to the water’s edge and had me take off my coveralls while he did the same. Once he got his off, he silently examined them and ran his finger through the globs of spunk I’d shot all over them. He remained silent for a moment deep in his own thoughts then finally looked up at me and winked. “Damn boy! You’re a virile little fucker! You came as much as your old man did.”

“I’ve never cum like that before in my life dad.”

“Neither have I boy, neither have I. . .” He reached down and caressed his testicles then hefted them for me to see. “My balls are gonna ache for a month!”

“Mine are so sore dad. I thought I was shooting my guts out there towards the end!”

He laughed.

I reached down and aped his gesture with my own aching orbs. “But it feels good too don’t it dad? Gittin’ full relief like that.”

“It sure does son. . . it sure does.”

We stood there in silence not knowing really what to say to one another as we watched each other massage our balls. Finally dad bent down and picked up my coveralls and put his arm around my shoulder and walked me into the water.

“We’d better clean these up and get them dry before we head back to the house. I wouldn’t want you to have to explain to your mom what your spunk was doin’ all over my coveralls.”

I laughed. We stood waist deep in the river and scrubbed our coveralls.

“Well how would she know?”

“How would she know what son?”

“How would she know it was my spunk instead of yours dad? She’d probably just think that you jerked off or something.”

He held up his coveralls and showed me the crotch. “Oh she’d know! Don’t ever think she wouldn’t. She’s seen my spunk on a towel I leave by the bed. Mine don’t look anything like that boy! I don’t have near that much seed in mine as you do! Besides, why would I shoot my load all over my coveralls anyway? Believe me, she’d know somethin’ was up!”

“You jack off in bed dad?!”

“Hell! She watches me do it son! That’s all she ever does. She just doesn’t seem to care anymore for sex. . .”

He fell silent and focused his attention on scrubbing my spunk off his coveralls. He held them up in the sunlight and examined them closely. Satisfied, he waded over to a tree branch and reached up and hung them over it. It was higher than I could reach so he motioned me to give him mine and paddled over to him and put them in his hand.

The water felt good and helped me gather my thoughts. When he finished, he lowered himself next to me and looked up at his work.


“What son?”

“Dad what did you mean when you said she thought you was too big?”

“Well that what she tells me all the time. She says I’m too big for her. I’ve told her to just get up on top of me but she don’t even want to try that.”

“Dad she isn’t talking about your body, she’s talking about your dick! Your cock is huge dad! Don’t you realize that?”

“Well yours isn’t all that much smaller and you’re still growin’!”

“That isn’t true at all dad. . . Dad? How many other guys have you ever seen naked besides me?”

“Well none really other than your grandpa. His dick was as big as mine probably bigger. I wasn’t like you boy. I never thought about those things when I was your age. I don’t know about you boy. I still love you and all but you caught me in a weak moment. I haven’t fucked your mom since you was born. She had a hard time deliverin’ you. She was sore for years after. We were havin’ to visit the doctor every month or so for nearly two years. I guess buy the time she healed up, the passion was gone. I don’t know what’s happened to us. Hell! What has happened to us anyway?! I got a wife that doesn’t want a thing to do with me and a cock-grabbin’ son that wants to suck me dry!”

He stopped himself and looked me in the eye. “I hope that somehow this experience will help you son. I’m not sure how I feel about all this. It’s gonna take me some time to let this all sink in.”

“You did the right thing dad. I’m a man now. You did right by me. It was better than I ever imagined it would be.”

“Well I just don’t understand.”

“Face it dad. You’re a man’s man. I’ve seen the way other men look at you. They can’t keep their eyes off your crotch! Hell! Sheriff Thomson practically jerks himself off when he’s talkin’ to you. The only reason he comes out all this way is to get a good look at that big ol’ crank of yours! Why else does he come out here? There ain’t nothin’ goin’ on out here that concerns him. And that guy that works for the Ford dealer dad. He always asks about you when mom and I take the truck in for service. You sure made some kind of impression on him!”

“I don’t know who your talking about son. What guy?”

“I can’t remember his name right now but he said he’d met you once.”

“I don’t remember him at all. . .”

“You don’t pay attention to people like I do dad. You never have. It’s not in your nature.”

“Well I guess not, if what you’re tellin’ me is true. I’ve never noticed the sheriff playin’ with himself. I think you’ve got a big imagination is all.”

“Well pay attention the next time. What I’m tellin’ ya is the truth! So let’s see, you’ve seen grandpa. Who else have you ever seen naked dad?”

“I guess no one really. Where the hell do I go to ever see another man naked? Hell! Where the hell would I ever go to see other naked men for that matter?”

“That’s my point dad. I see guys naked all the time in the showers at school. Ain’t none of them have a dick near as big as yours. Most of ‘em are this long and this big around. That’s normal for most men dad.”

“Your talking about kids your age boy.”

“I’m talkin’ about coach Brown and Harmon dad. They’re grown men dad. That’s about normal for most guys. Mom’s talking about the size of your dick dad. Knowing you two, she probably never saw it till after you was married. It’s a wonder she ever got that thing inside her.”

“Well you didn’t seem to have much problem with it! I still can’t believe you did what you did boy!”

I grinned. “You needed it as bad as I did dad.”

He lowered his eyes a little ashamed. “It did feel good son. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. . . Is this something you and your friends are doing to one another?”

“No way dad! I’ve just been thinking about this for a long time is all.”

He looked back down in the water and pushed it around with his hands.

“I was trying to make a point dad and get you to realize how well endowed you are. I loved it dad. I wasn’t sure I was gonna be able to handle all of it and look at me! I’m three times as big as mom is! She’s petite! I don’t know how you two ever got hooked up to begin with . . .”

“I told you it was arranged for us son. That was how things were done in your grandpa’s day. Times have changed.”

I could tell he was harboring regretful feelings and I didn’t want him dwell on it. He was right, times had changed and I knew that better than he.

“I’m goin’ to go to college dad. You’re right about how times are changing. Runnin’ a farm ain’t like it used to be and I want to learn more so I can help you out right and proper.”

He put his arm around me and held me tight. “Well you better get your grades back up if you want to get into college. No more donkey dickin’ around.”

I laughed and grabbed his dick under the water and shook it. “You’re the one with the donkey dick dad. Hell a donkey would be proud to have a dick like that! I could see him struttin’ around showin’ off in front of all the other donkeys!”

He laughed.

“So you think your dad’s pretty special huh?”

“I know you’re special dad! I love you and I don’t want you getting’ down on yourself. Most men would love to have a big, strong, hairy body like yours! The kids at school made fun of me this year cause I’m growing up to be just like you, but I knew they was only bein’ that way with me cause they were jealous is all.”

I guess I kinda lied about that last part, but hearing myself say it made me realize they probably really were just jealous and that was a big step for me. Looking back, I guess that was the moment I actually started to become a man. I was suddenly able to look past my own insecurities and understand how my dad must have felt thinking that mom thought he was too large. I could tell he was feeling better about himself because he kind of puffed himself up then stood up right in front of me. The water had had its effect on his cock. It was the smallest I had ever seen it in my life but it still hung way down past his huge balls.

“So you like this big ol’ ugly hairy body do ya?”

I stood up with him and pointed out the hairs that were beginning to grow on my chest and back and said, “I guess I’d better like it cause I’m gonna be like you before too long.”

He turned me around and felt the hairs popping out on my shoulders and back. His hand wandered down to my buttocks and I pushed it back against his groin. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the top of my head. “You’re gonna have a hairy ass too, just like mine.”

I was about to melt right there in his arms when he stepped back away from me and gave me a whack on my wet ass. It stung like hell and I yelped and he swam off laughing. I went after him and gave his big, hairy ass a good whelp and he turned over and pulled me down in the water with him. We laughed and wrestled and horsed around in the water the rest of the afternoon until were both completely exhausted. Dad finally pulled our coveralls down from the branch of the tree and grabbed our shoes and socks and carried them back to the truck. I tagged along behind and watched as he dug down in the truck and pulled out a towel he had hidden underneath the seat. He dried himself off with it and handed it to me and smiled sheepishly. “Be sure you take a shower tonight boy. That thing’s covered with my gism!”

It got gooier and stickier the more I dried off with it.

“When I was your age I got this crazy notion that my spunk would put hair on my chest so I used to rub it all over me after I jacked off.”

“Well it looks like it worked.”

He laughed. “Yeah I guess so, but I didn’t ever rub it on my ass and my back!”

“Yeah but your ass and your back aren’t as hairy as your chest is dad.”

“You’ve got a good point there son. Maybe there’s somethin’ to it after all.”

I don’t guess I have to tell you I’ll never forget that day as long as I live. I now have my own boy and he’s turned out to be a chip off the old block as they say. Dad knew it long before I did. I think he loves that boy more than he does me. I guess in his eyes, knowing the way I was, there was a time in his life he thought he would never have a grandson. I let dad get his line out and settle in for an hour or so before I broke the news to him. I wasn’t sure how he was gonna take it, but I thought it best to make him aware of the facts.


“Yes son?” After all these years, I loved hearing him call me ‘son’ more than ever. He looked me in the eye knowing something was up.

“Your were right all along about the boy.”

He smiled and looked down and let it all sink in. “I told you! He’s gonna grow up to be just like his old man. You ought to be proud son. He’s a good kid. So how did you find out?”

“I came into the house to get the flashlight he’d borrowed but hadn’t returned to the garage. I had a feeling he was up there havin’ at himself so I kept quiet because I didn’t want to disturb him if he was. Then all of a sudden I heard him cry out ‘Oh dad!’ just like that. For an instant I thought he’d hurt himself, but when he cried out again, I knew by the sound of his voice what he was up to and what he was thinkin’ about.”

He chuckled, but there was a hint of sadness in his eyes.

“But I got to tell you this and I don’t know if your gonna like hearin’ it but you gotta know.”

He looked back down and sort of fixed his stare on his rod. I saw his hands squeeze it tight then he looked up at me. “So you went ahead with it huh? I always knew you’d do right by him son.”

I knew all to well what he meant by that. “Well I tried to dad. I wasn’t like. . . well, like it was between you and me. I guess I’ve had time to think about what to do. You knew damn well the day I even suspected he might be going through the things I went through when I was his age I’d take matters in my own hands. You’ll never know the hell I went through to bring me to do what I did that day dad.”

“I think I know better than you can imagine son.”

“Perhaps you do dad but I wouldn’t be too certain of that.”

“Well I am son, believe me. How are you holding up with all of this?”

“I guess I’m alright with it. I was nervous as hell at first. I almost didn’t go through with it, but I knew I had to. For a while there I didn’t think I was gonna be able to get it up for him, but I finally managed.”

He chuckled again. “Serves you right you little bastard.”

“I guess it does. At least I now know a part of what you went through with me. I sometimes feel like I should apologize to you a thousand times over, but the truth is I’m not sorry in the least.”

He looked down at his hands gripping his rod and followed the line out to the water. “And what you’re tryin’ to tell me is he wants at his ol’ grandpa too huh?”

“I sure as hell know he was fantasizing about it dad. Do you want me to tell you what I heard him say?”

He tugged on his rod then slowly began reeling it in.

“Naw. . . I take your word for it. I ain’t all that surprised to hear it, but I don’t know about that son. I’m not sure how I’d handle that. I know he’s growin up and he’s got his needs and all, but I still see him as my little grandson.”

“Well I just wanted you to know dad. I’ll try to take care of this as much as I can, but if a situation comes up between you two, I’d hate for you to deny him dad. It could ruin him for life. . .”

“Well do your best son. It’s you he needs, and you’re sure as hell man enough to take care of him on your own.”

He took the bait off his hook and threw it back in an old beat up tin can he’d been using for as long as I could remember then stood up.

“How’s that ol’ Bull doin’ dad?”

“He’s as fine as ever.” He looked me in the eye and winked. “Thanks for asking.”

“I love him as much as you do dad. You know that.”

“It’s nice to hear you say that, but no one could ever love him as much as I do son.”

“I know that dad. I know that. It’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life.”

“I’ll tell him you said that son.”

“You know what I mean. . .”

He smiled and looked down at the ground then raised his head and ran his hand through my hair taking stock of me like only a father can do. “I love you son. You mean the world to me.”

I hugged him and that familiar tear appeared in my eye then rolled it’s way down my cheek.

“I love you too dad.”