WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 21
Life Out On The Road

I’m a bull-headed sonofabitch and always have been as far back as I can remember, and the fact that every time I look at myself in a mirror and get reminded of how much I look like one to boot. . . well I think that through the years that just made me even more bullheaded than I already was.

I knew it was one of the reasons why I was such a damn good mechanic. Outside of the fact that there wasn’t much of anything my dad hadn’t taught me about almost any type of vehicle there was, I just never let any obstacle stand in my way of tearing into one so I could get on down to the real problem in a hurry.

I’d never encountered any nut or bolt, or anything else I couldn’t crack loose one way or another, and always got pleasure out of forcing things to do my will.

I can’t say I ever thought I had much of a soft side to me at all, and after I discovered what all actually went on at certain roadside rest stops I frequented, I’m sure if I could of gotten my dick good and hard without needing a stiff one up my big, fat ass, I don’t recon I would have been any different than any other man who made his living out on the road and would of let one cock-sucker after another take care of it for me when I found myself in the mood.

It sure as hell didn’t take all that long after the pass was completed for the truckers to trample out a path in the woods in back of one of the rest areas that was reserved exclusively for them. I think the man who laid out the highway must have been a trucker himself at one time because the sign he had made for that particular rest stop said ‘TRUCKS ONLY -- AUTOS 2 MILES’.

I guess in all fairness the reason he laid it out like he did was because there happened to be an extremely large area there that wasn’t on all that steep of an incline, so it was a natural place to build a huge parking area to accommodate all the big rigs without having to go to the expense of using any dynamite.

That particular rest stop would almost always be full up by midnight and the men who were lookin’ for some action would step out of their trucks and go take a piss, and then walk around some before they’d slip on back in the woods.

I’d get so fuckin’ horny at times that I’d go back in there when I knew the suckin’ and fuckin’ was goin’ full tilt and mostly stand around and fondle myself while I took in all the goings-on.

I could get myself about half-hard, especially the times when I’d see some big ol’ cocksucker squat down on his haunches and get his face down under the belly of another big man and then wrap one arm down under his own big belly and stroke on himself while he sucked the other bruiser’s dick dry for him.

I guess I could see my own self in that picture, so any time I saw two big men follow one another back in the woods, I’d wait just long enough to let ‘em have time to get started in with one another and then I’d walk on back in there and take it all in for myself.

It always seemed like the big guys would go off by themselves a good distance away from all of the other groups of men. It was almost as if they realized their big ol’ selves wouldn’t be appreciated by the others anyway, but I think too it was because they went at it all in a different way and at a different pace.

They always seemed to show more respect and appreciation for one another and took more time gropin’ around on one another and rubbin’ their hands all over each others big chests and bellies.

You never knew which one or the other would eventually be the one to drop down on his knees and pay the ultimate homage to the other man, but it was always fuckin’ beautiful to me to watch how they went about it in their big, lumbering way.

It didn’t take me long to realize that size mattered in how all this played out, especially amongst the men who tended to gather in groups. They’d stand around and grope around on one another for quite a long time before they’d sort out who was gonna suck on what, and a lot of times they’d all wait their turn to suck on one guy’s big cock even if he was the ugliest fucker of the bunch.

The big men never seemed to go at it that way at all. There never was all that many of them around for one thing, and the most I ever saw of them together was three of them at once.

I’ll never forget the night I saw one big ol’ bruiser who was lettin’ the other two take their turn at him. I could tell he wasn’t at all used to that kind of attention, and like many men his size, he wasn’t all that well endowed, but that sure as hell didn’t make any difference to the other two.

There was this one older man in the group who had a classic male balding pattern and it was quite apparent that he was one hell of a good cocksucker by the way that big ol’ bruiser was carrying on. The old boy went about it with such a manly gusto that I enjoyed the hell out of watching him suck a dick, and it didn’t take him all that long to get that big bruiser to start cummin’ like crazy.

It was fuckin’ beautiful to watch the way that big man reared his big ol’ self back and held on tight to the old boy’s bald head as he pumped out his load. You could tell the man hadn’t fucked out his nut in weeks for how long he held on to the old boy while he took his pleasure.

He must of shot himself off a good four or five times before he started buckin’ and fuckin’ out the last of what all he had in him. It got me horned up good just watchin’ the man and I started gettin’ as hard as I ever could on my own until I finally had to pull my fucker out and get after it with my hands.

Well when they heard me unzip my trousers and saw me pull out my fuckin’ dick, they motioned me to come over and join them and the old bald headed man didn’t waste a moment suckin’ my semi-hard fucker all the way down into his gullet.

Fuck that felt good. I felt myself getting’ harder and just seein’ that tough ol’ baldheaded cuss suckin’ on me like he did got me to cummin’ pretty damned good.

After I fed him all the spunk I had, I could tell by the way he kept strokin’ on my fucker he was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t gotten completely hard for him before I did. He finally got busy with the other guy, and as I started to put my dick away, the other big bruiser bent down and reached for it and looked me in the eyes and smiled as he gave it a good squeeze.

Well I could tell he was lettin’ me know how fuckin’ nice he thought my dick was, so I felt obliged to pay him the same complement and we groped on one another for a minute or two until that baldheaded cuss got the other guy off.

He stood up right after that and pushed out his groin and half shut his eyes and got after his own dick with his right hand. He had a nice, fat, round headed fucker that fit him and his bald head perfectly, and feelin’ as horny as I still felt and appreciative of the fact that the ol’ boy had taken care of me the best he could, I got down on that nice, fat fucker of his and started suckin’ on it for him.

He let out a lusty, appreciative groan as I took it in my mouth, and rested his meaty paw on the top of my head and let me have at it for him.

I was just startin’ to enjoy the scent of the old boy when he fucked that fat dick in me as deep as it would go and shot off the sweetest, tastiest spunk I knew I’d ever have. I lapped that stuff up good and got my tongue wrapped tight around that fat cock of his and milked that fucker for all it was worth.

He laid both hands on my head with such a warm, appreciative touch as he fucked me full of his sweet cum, and after he was spent, he patted me on the head as though I was a godsend.

After the four of us got our fuckin’ dicks put away and headed back out of the woods, the old boy put his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I wanted to sit and talk for a while.

Well I was a little surprised by that, but I said ‘sure’, and asked him where he was parked and when he pointed at a pickup truck that I hadn’t even noticed, I pointed at my truck and said why don’t we go sit and talk in mine.

He chuckled as soon as he saw it and told me he’d been a diesel mechanic all his life, but was now semi-retired and was just out this way to pay a visit to his daughter. I wasn’t all that surprised to hear that he was married or had been married because I’d sensed that the moment I felt his warm, appreciative touch as he pumped me full of his sweet seed.

As soon as we got up in the cab of my truck and got a good look at one another with the cab lights on, we both instantly realized that we were two of a kind. He and I had the same build right down to our short stubby legs and rough, calloused hands and we just chuckled as we looked one another over.

“Fuck, look at you. You’re a handsome sonofabitch.”

I couldn’t help but feel he was makin’ a joke about how similar we were in build, but I wasn’t sure if he was making a joke or not.

“You’re a fine lookin’ man yourself.”

And he was too. He had a face that wouldn’t of looked quite as right as it did had he had a full head of hair. He had a strong mouth and jaw and bushy eyebrows that drew a special attention to his sharp, piercing eyes. It seemed as though what hair he lacked on his head was made up for by what all he had elsewhere. His big ol’ wrists and calloused hands were covered with hair and his chest hairs were sticking all up out of the collar of his shirt, and he had a nice bit of it growing in and around his ears as well.

“Fuck, I wasn’t fishin’ around for any complement. I was just thinkin’ to myself that had I known how good lookin’ you are, I probably would of cum a hell of a lot better than I did.”

He chuckled at his own joke and I said, “Well you did a pretty damn good job of it anyway. I tell you what, you’ve got some sweet tastin’ spunk.”


“Yeah, really.”

He turned his head away as if he was thinking back to something and said, “You know I had a buddy who told me that once. He never told me that though until we were much older. He and I used to fool around when we was kids. We never went so far as to suck on each other’s dicks back then, we just felt of one another’s hard-on’s and stroke each other some and then just jack off ourselves. Kid-stuff really.

We lost track of one another after we got out of school and got married, but one day we happened to run into one another at a grocery store and got to talkin’ and exchanged phone numbers and, well, I guess we both sensed that we wanted to pick back up on the friendship we’d had way back in the past.

Hell we had our kids all grown and in school and our households were pretty much runnin’ along without us, so one day he called and we decided to meet at a bowling alley of all places and we played a few games, but mostly talked the whole time.

This went on for several years. We’d meet at one place or another and do some sort of activity that neither one of us ever had before, but always had some curiosity about finding out more about it. We played miniature golf, drove go-karts, what have you, but kept our wives out of the picture most of the time because we just mostly wanted to get off on our own and enjoy our man-talk.

Our wives weren’t all that interested in being around us anyway, and since we were only able to meet up every couple of months or so, it never was any big deal to either one of them.

Well as the years passed on we grew real close, and there came this feeling between us that isn’t easy for a man to express to another man, but I’m sure we both felt it.

He was an avid fisherman and so for his fortieth birthday, his wife gave him a gift for him to go stay at a special fishing lodge for several days. I guess he’d always wanted to go there and, well he asked me if I wanted to come along with him.

Well fishing never interested me all that much even though I did have a rod and reel and all, but I told him I’d be happy to go along with him so I arranged the time off and made the trip with him.

Well we got there in time to get a little fishin’ in before it got dark and ate at the main lodge afterwards, then went to our cabin to turn in for the night.

Our cabin was set up away from all of the others and was quite small, but it did have a couple of beds in it that were only about a foot apart. The bathroom was so small you couldn’t get dressed in it so we just stripped down in front of one another right before we went in to take our showers and after we got settled into bed, we got to talkin’ about how we used to play around with one another when we was young.

He made a joke about the fact that ever since we’d run into one another at the grocery store, he kept trying to remember what my dick looked like, but never could recall until he saw me naked that night.

Well I confessed to him that I’d been thinking the same thing, and he chuckled and said, ‘But I never did forget that look on your face whenever you got yourself to cummin’ good. You always could shoot your load further than I ever could.’

I guess by then we were both horned up pretty good and one thing just led to another. . . and hell, we were both adults and knew what a grown man liked more than anything else, so we went down on one another and sucked on each other’s cock damned near the whole night long.”

He looked up at me and grinned and said, “And that was the night he told me how sweet tastin’ my spunk was.”

I chuckled and said, “Well he wasn’t lyin’ to you one damn bit.”

“Fuck, I guess I should of know that the way he always slurped up my stuff after that first time. Hell, we sucked each other off as much as we could the whole time we were there. We couldn’t get enough of it.”

He looked back over at me and grinned then said in that deep gravely voice of his, “Fuck, it didn’t take but that one first time for us to realize that we both knew a hell of a lot better how to suck each other’s cocks than our wives ever did for us. And you know something? A man’s just got to suck a fuckin’ dick every once in a while. That’s all there is to it. We both talked about that quite a bit and acknowledged to one another how nice it was to be able to get off and horse around with another man.”

I chuckled and said, “Well you sure as hell did a good job of it for me.”

He grinned and blushed a little and looked back over at the woods and said, “Hell I was needin’ to do that pretty bad wasn’t I? Fuck, it’s been a long time since I’ve sucked a dick and got mine sucked off to boot.” He looked back over at me and said, “I appreciate you givin’ an old man like me some pleasure.”

“Well I was happy to do it for you after what you did for me. Besides, when I saw that fat round cock-head of yours and saw how it fit you and that round bald head of yours, well I just had to get that fucker in my mouth.”

He reached over and mussed my hair and said, “Well that’s a fine lookin’ dick you’ve got, and even though it don’t remind me none of your head, as soon as I saw the fucker, I knew I wanted it all the way down my throat.”

He chuckled again and looked back around outside and said, “Hell, when I pulled up in here, I figured that this might be a good place for some good ol’ man to man action, but didn’t see any sign of it until I noticed those other two big fellows walk off into the woods.

I was sittin’ in my truck and was about to head on down the road when I saw them head in there. I didn’t know for sure if they was just walkin’ around for the hell of it, but thought I’d at least go see if my hunch was correct.

Anyway, I got a bit lost back in there and then stumbled on to them right when they was gropin’ on one another good. I popped a boner in a hurry when I saw them getting’ after each other. Hell, I didn’t realize that I was all that much of a voyeur, but seein’ those two big men gettin’ after one another like that sure as hell got me to goin’.

When I saw that the big ol’ boy’s dick and balls was about the same as my buddy’s was that I was tellin’ you about, well I just had to step in for a closer look, and when they noticed I was standin’ there watchin’ them, well the big ol’ boy motioned for me to come on over and join them.

And then when I saw you pullin’ out that fine lookin’ fucker of yours, well I figured perhaps I could get all my cock suckin’ wants and needs out of me all in one night.”

He chuckled and shook his head and then rubbed his crotch and said, “Fuck, just thinkin’ about it again has gotten me all fuckin’ boned up. I don’t guess you’d like to have that fine lookin’ fucker of yours sucked on some more would ya?”

I just somehow knew the old boy was as bullheaded as I was and wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer easily, and I was still awfully fuckin’ horny myself, especially when I saw that fat, round cock-head of his stickin’ up in his trousers. Besides, there was just somethin’ about the man that I felt really comfortable with.

I guess I could see a lot of myself in him and was fascinated by how he was so forthcoming with his man-ways and figured perhaps in time, I might end up being a lot like him in certain respects, but I guess the real truth of it at the time was that I was still awfully fuckin’ horny and after finding out for myself just how good of a cocksucker he was, I figured perhaps he could suck the rest of my spunk out of me even if I couldn’t get all that hard.

So I told him I was up for it and we crawled on back into my sleeper and unzipped one another’s trousers and got down to suckin’ on one another right away. Neither one of us seemed able to cum like that, so we started undressing one another, and pettin’ around on one another, and the more we explored each other’s body, the more we appreciated the similarities of our mutual builds.

We both soon enough realized that only big difference between us was our cocks and balls. We had the same amount of body hair, and we both had a big, round firm butt, and thick hairy thighs, and we just wrapped our arms around each other and felt all around on ourselves.

I sure as hell liked the smell of the man. It just got to me in a way that I couldn’t quite figure out, and even though he was still as hard as a fuckin’ rock, I could sense that he wasn’t all that anxious to get off his load and head on down the road, so after a while we just got to gently petting one another and talking some more.

He chuckled when I told him what everyone called me and said he wasn’t surprised one bit by that. Then he said that believe or not, that was what all the guys in the shop he’d worked at had called him.

“Hell, I know I’m a bullheaded ol’ cuss. Always have been.”

After he said that, he looked down at my manhood and said, “Fuck, that’s one fine lookin’ fuckin’ set of dick and balls. Any man would be right proud to have what you’ve got between your legs. It fits you nice.”

He got back to squeezin’ on my fucker and feelin’ it up good and I could tell he was wondering to himself what it’d look like all full up and hard.

I reached for his and told him I liked his fat cock and that blunt, round head on it and he chuckled and said, “Awh hell, I appreciate you sayin’ that. I guess the best part of it is that I don’t have any problem keepin’ my short, fat fucker hard. At least not when I’m as horny as I am right now.”

He made the fucker throb good for me and let out a lusty chuckle and squeezed on mine. I did the best I could to make mine throb for him, but once he got the impression that wasn’t gonna do it for me, he slid his hand down over it and then reached up under my balls and started fingering around down under me.

When he saw that got a rise out of me, a lusty grin slowly formed on his face and he fingered me down a bit lower until his fingertips were only an inch away from my fuck-hole.

It got so fuckin’ horned up I dropped my head back on the bunk and raised my butt on up and said, “You keep that up and I’ll be wantin’ you to fuck my hot ass.”

Well he smiled and dropped a finger right over my pucker hole and when he saw my dick throb good, he looked up at me and said, “Well I ain’t never fucked a man. . . but if that’s what you’d really like, I’m willin’ to give it a try.”

I noticed his fat cock was throbbin’ good and strong, so I just spread my legs out as wide as I could in that bunk, and he got himself in between ‘em and pushed his fat blunt cock-head right on up to my pucker-hole and rubbed it around all over it.

He looked me in the eyes and I could tell that he liked the sight of seein’ his fat dick and my asshole right together, then he spit in his hand until he got himself all slicked up good and fucked himself on up in me.

Well he went fuckin’ nuts when he got himself a taste of my hot ass. His fat cock started throbbin’ like wild and he looked down at me and said all deep and full of fuck-lust, “Fuuuughck. That does feel fuckin’ good.”

He looked down at the two of us fucked together and shook his head almost as if he’d always wondered what it felt like for a man when he fucked another one up his ass.

He pushed that fucker in me as far as it would go, and it was all I needed to get myself all good and hard. When he saw my fucker get all full up, he reached for it, and stroked all the way down on it slow and easy, then his eyes dropped down to himself all fucked up in me and his fat cock got to throbbin’ all wild again.

He raised his head up and grabbed the top of my thighs with both hands with a grip of steel as he fucked his fat cock in me tight. Large pools of sweat broke out all over the top of his bald forehead and right on down to his brow, and that fat, throbbin’ cock of his wriggled all around in my ass so fuckin’ strong and crazy, I felt my own throbbin’ cock start to pull up on my nut sac.

I just knew for sure he was gonna start cummin’ up my ass any second, but he held himself off for as long as he could. I’m sure he knew he couldn’t control himself for too awful long, but he sure as hell got as much of my hot ass on him as he possibly could before he gave into it all.

His grip on me got so tight, he bruised the top of my thighs, and the way he looked as he fought with himself was so fuckin’ beautiful to see, I started cummin’ like crazy once he bellowed out his release.

His fat fucker started filling me up with his tasty spunk, and when he saw my spunk fly up over my head and cover the top and side of the sleeper, his eyes got so big and he started push-fuckin’ me until I was almost rolled up in a ball.

My dick was pointed right at my face and I fuckin’ covered myself with my own spunk as I looked up at him fuckin’ away on my ass in our cooped-up surroundings.

Just the sight of him and the thought of us two fuckin’ diesel-grunts both with the same stout, compact build, all wrapped up tight in steel, fuckin’ away on one another got me so fuckin’ horned-up, I fuckin’ dumped all the spunk I had in me.

God it felt fuckin’ good to get myself off like that.

The old boy was shocked to see how much cum I had in me and I know that watchin’ me cum the way I did got him so excited that he drained himself completely dry as well.

After we were both completely spent, I got a towel out of one of the compartments and wiped up all of my spunk, then we just held on to one another’s balls and started talking shop almost like none of it ever happened.

The whole conversation started when he expressed how impressed he was with my service unit and it just went on from there. We talked until daybreak and then we snuggled up and slept until right after noon, then got dressed and went on our own individual ways.

He said he’d look me up on his way back home in a few weeks after he finished visiting with his daughter, and somehow I knew he meant every word of it.

This all happened not long after the spring thaw began the following year I’d gone to visit Hoss and went with him to go see his son play his first football game.

I’d spent the whole winter working my butt off and was so horny and frustrated from that visit, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I hated like hell how things had worked out between he and I. Fuck, I was so damned horny when I went to see him, I thought for sure that once we got back to his place he’d be able to fuck me back to normal, but I never anticipated how fuckin’ much it would hurt my ass once he started fuckin’ it with that huge, long dick of his.

I hadn’t used that big fuckin’ dildo on myself ever since we first met, and I had no idea that I’d no longer be able to handle that huge fucker of his.

And Hoss. . . well he meant well, but he just doesn’t realize how much hurt he can put on a man with that fucker of his. Hell he was as fuckin’ horny as I was and just couldn’t fuckin’ control himself. When I left there, all I could think to myself was how I wished he’d somehow bump into some sonofabitch with a dick as big or bigger than he had, and fuck him stupid with it.

I knew the odds of that were a billion to one, and besides, I never got the impression that he’d ever actually lusted after dick the way I did for that big fucker of his.

Even though he’d tell me how pretty and nice he thought my dick was, I never sensed that he was all that fired up about it in the same way I was for his. Hell, he was always too busy lookin’ at my fat, round, hairy ass.

I couldn’t help but notice whenever we were walking side by side how he’d eventually drop back a half a step just so he could take a good look at my big ass. With the gait he’s got, I knew he was doing it on purpose, because I had to take at least two steps for every one he took, just to keep up with him.

But the thing that got to me and hurt me the most was how the big sonofabitch looked at me the way he did. I could see in his eyes that he thought I was the most beautiful fuck that ever walked the planet.

Every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I sure as hell couldn’t see it, and I’d wonder to myself, ‘what the fuck is it that he sees in me?’

Hell, I thought I loved him as much as he did me, but every time I caught him looking at me like that, I knew that he loved me with that big ol’ heart of his like no other man could ever love.

God, he always seemed so fragile when I saw him like that, and it made me feel so fuckin’ many different and opposite things, I could barely stand it.

I felt put upon by it at times, and would get angry as hell because of it. I sure as hell didn’t want to ever hurt him anymore than I knew he ever wanted to hurt me, and I’d get all frustrated and pissed off every time I thought about all of the circumstances and situations that got in between the two of us. The work, the distance, the uncertainty, and now the size of his fuckin’ dick. . .

I knew one thing for goddamn sure, I wasn’t ever going back to using a fuckin’ dildo on myself. Like I said, I can be one bullheaded sonofabitch when I set my mind to something, and hell, I knew myself well enough to know that I couldn’t ever be happy or truly live with myself if I ever got into a situation where I was lettin’ any man just fuck the shit out of me every single night for his own pleasure, no matter how much love I saw in his eyes.

So I weighed all my options that winter while I was workin’ my horny ass off and decided that considerin’ my current situation in life, I had to at least come to terms with the fact that even though I didn’t feel it was all that professional for me to be out cruisin’ around at the rest stops at night, I had to just get over that.

Fuck, I’d been out here long enough now to where I realized that us men out on the road were like prisoners in many ways. We were prisoners to our own profession. Locked up in solitary confinement in our moving jail cells, and after a time, no matter what you might think of it when you start out in this line of work, every fuckin’ swinging dick out here was eventually gonna end up giving in to it.

I realized that the moment I caught that old married day runner fuckin’ his fat cock down that young bull’s throat, and ever since that day, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I’d end up being the same as him.

I just didn’t realize how prevalent it was however until I started parking my truck up at that rest stop for trucks only. At first, I just kept my eyes on the men’s room and got the impression there wasn’t really all that much that went on even though every time I went in there and hung my dick out to take a piss, I’d notice there would be at least one or two guys standing at a urinal who seemed as though they had been in there for quite a while.

It wasn’t until the weather got warm enough to where the drivers were all outside walking around that I realized where all of the action was taking place.

It took me a while to realize that because I was always keeping an eye out on the men’s room, but one night, there was this one big, older fellow who had caught my eye as soon as he stepped down out of his truck.

As soon as his feet hit the ground, he started stretching himself out the way most of the guys did after being behind the wheel for as long as they had, but then he reached down and got a good hold of himself and felt around on his stuff for a moment before he moseyed on into the men’s room.

I could tell by his age and the clothes he was wearing that he was a lifer. It was the truckers uniform of generations past, and only the truckers who had been at it since way back when still wore those kind of clothes.

Well he wasn’t in the men’s room but long enough to take a piss, and after he came out, he walked back to his truck and paced around it just checking everything out, then he looked around and grabbed a hold of himself again like he couldn’t decide what to do, and then started walking up my way.

When he got close enough to where I could see him good, I noticed that he had a big, gold wedding band on his big, meaty hand. I liked the looks of the man so I just followed his progress on down the parking lot in my rearview mirror. He walked all around the parking and around the back of the restrooms and then all of a sudden disappeared into the woods.

Well I never had noticed anyone doing that before, although I had noticed that the drivers would walk around back there on the grass and sometimes sit up on top of one of the picnic tables and talk for a while.

I kept watching that spot and figured he’d reappear any moment, but after a good minute or two, I decided to get out of my truck and see where the hell he went to.

There was just enough moonlight out that night that as soon as I got to that spot I could tell there was a fairly well worn path that led back on in through the trees, so I just followed it and boy were my eyes ever opened up.

There must have been around fifteen or twenty truckers all dispersed back in there that night. Some of them were just standing around off the beaten path gropin’ around on themselves, while others were in groups of two or three feelin’ one another up.

It didn’t take me long to realize that some of these guys must of just lived for this part of their workday. You could tell by how they rubbed their hands all over each other and hugged and kissed and rubbed the crotches of their pants together, that they were into it all in a completely different way.

It didn’t take me long to realize that the vast majority of the men out here were put off by that kind of behavior, and anytime they saw all of that, they’d turn their head away and quickly move right on along.

When I reached a fork in the path that led a bit deeper into the woods, I followed it until I came upon a fairly good sized clearing. There were two guys squatted down, each suckin’ off some other guy and there were five other men standing around them in a circle either with their stiff dicks out slowly stroking on themselves or just groping around at the crotch of their pants while they watched all the goings on.

Fuck, I was so horny I felt my cock throb up good in my trousers just seeing all of what was going on around me, but this was all so new to me and unexpected, that I felt more nervous about it all than anything else. Sure, I’d seen a couple of guys gettin’ it on in the stalls of the men’s room from time to time, but this was way beyond that.

When a couple of the guys on my side of the circle of men moved a bit, I noticed that one of the men standing in that circle on the opposite side facing me was the big, old fellow that I’d noticed when he first stepped out of his truck. He was just standing there watching almost with indifference the fellow next to him gettin’ his blow-job, but he did have his hands over the crotch of his trousers and was feelin’ of himself pretty much the way he had right before he went to the men’s room.

The fellow standing to the other side of him did have his cock out and was slowly strokin’ on it like he was waiting his turn, but all of a sudden he reached over towards the crotch of the big, old lifer.

The big man looked the guy over for a moment before he took his hand away from his crotch and turned himself towards the man, and as soon as the man got himself a good feel of the ol’ boy’s stuff, he looked up at him and smiled and started feelin’ around on it some more, until he slowly dropped down on his haunches and started to unzip the lifer’s trousers.

Well the old boy pushed his hand away and stepped back a step and took care of all that business himself. It was apparent he didn’t want the man feelin’ around on him any more than was necessary for him to get what it was that he wanted, and when he got his big ol’ dick pulled out, he stayed back until he got the fucker throbbed up good and hard before he stepped up and fucked it down the guys throat.

After the guy got to suckin’ on him, he just raised up his head and closed his eyes and went off into his own world until he was finished with himself. I could tell that the man who had offered to suck the ol’ lifer off for him sure as hell understood all of that behavior and just waited patiently until the big man stepped back up to him and fucked his big ol’ dick down the guy’s throat.

He sucked the old boy off without really ever puttin’ his hands all over the man and the only time the old boy ever touched the cocksucker was right when he was ready to blow his load. He pushed the guy’s head down on himself and held him there, then raised his head up high as he fucked his big ol’ dick deep down the guy’s throat and started pumpin’ out his seed.

That was the only time the guy servicing him offered to feel all around on the big man’s stuff and all he did was gently cup one of his hands under the old man’s balls and pushed them up good for him so the old lifer could cum the best he could.

He stayed down on the old boy until the big man patted him on the head to let him know that he was done, then he opened his mouth and let loose of the guy’s dick as he stood himself up. The old boy reached in his back pocket and pulled out a handkerchief and wiped off his dick with it, then he stuffed it back down in his back pocket before he took a hold of his big, throbbin’ cock with his bare hand and stuffed it back down in his fly and zipped himself up.

The guy who had sucked him off put himself away while he watched the old lifer wipe his dick off, and then stood there and watched the old boy tuck himself away. After the old boy zipped himself up, he patted the man on the shoulder to let him know he’d done a good job for him, and then immediately turned away and walked on out of the woods and back to his truck.

I kept going back to that rest stop most every night after witnessing all of that just to take more of it in. It immediately reminded me of what all Hoss had told me about what he’d witnessed that night in back of that motel we stayed at, but I never appreciated the full affect it must have had on him until I experienced it all for myself.

It didn’t take me long to realize that first night was the exception more than the rule in terms of the number of men, and finally I come to appreciate that a lot of it seemed to have to do with the phases of the moon and the amount moonlight there was on any particular night.

I also began to appreciate all the different ways all the different men approached it, but the ones that got to me the most were the old timers who had been making a living for their families driving a truck all their lives.

They all went about it nearly the same way - almost as if they inwardly hated themselves for it, but they were also the ones who seemed to enjoy it the most once they got their hard dicks down the throat of another man - especially if they got themselves paired up with a guy they found to their liking and who could service them well.

They always seemed to take their time to pick and choose the man they wanted to service them, and if they didn’t see any who suited them, they’d just wait around until one showed up, or eventually go on back to their truck without getting involved in it if one never did.

It wasn’t all that uncommon to see two of them who had caught one another’s eye get together and talk a bit and even grope one another for a while. If neither one of them offered to get down on his knees and suck the other one off right on the spot, they’d talk a bit more and as often as not, they’d go back to one of their trucks for some good ol’ mutual cock-sucking.

The majority of nights, I might only see one other big fellow around the whole night, if at all. If he happen to be in the mood to get his rocks off, and discovered the path back to the woods, ninety-nine percent of the time the guy would disappear back in there for a while and then eventually return and look around at all the parked trucks as if he was wondering whether or not there might be another man his size around who might be interested in the same.

Sometimes he’d go back to his truck and just call it a night, and other times the man might set his big butt down on one of the picnic tables and just look around in hopes that some other big fellow might show up.

That happened to me late one night when I’d crawled back in my sleeper and fell off to sleep early after an especially busy day. I was really tired and figured I’d sleep right on through till the morning, but around four in the morning, I woke up needing to piss so bad I knew I couldn’t hold myself off until daybreak. So I slipped on my trousers and a t-shirt and a pair of shoes and as I stepped out of my truck, I noticed this big ol’ boy sittin’ on one of the picnic tables just watchin’ me.

I nodded to him and said hello as I walked into the men’s room and sure enough, he followed me on in and took the urinal one away from me and looked over at me after he got his pecker in his hand. He was quite a bit younger than me and I could tell he was mighty interested in what I had in my hands, so after I finished takin’ my piss, I looked over at him and saw that his short, fat pecker was stickin’ straight out in front of him and he was rubbin’ his thumb over the head of it.

Maybe it was the way I looked at him, but all of a sudden he seemed real embarrassed as though he wasn’t sure what to do next. So he just raised his head up high as if he was trying to get himself to pee and when he couldn’t break loose with it, for some reason, I got to feeling sorry for him.

I just stood there with my dick still in my hand and got to chuckling and said, “It looks to me like it isn’t piss that fucker of yours is wanting to let loose with.”

Well he didn’t say nothin’, he just looked down out the corner of his eye at my cock again and just froze completely up. I felt so sorry for the boy by then I just turned to him and said, “Hey, if this one of mine might help you get on off to sleep, I’ll let you have at it if you want.”

He looked over to me as if he wasn’t sure what he was gonna say or do next, but then his knees just gave way and he reached for my cock as he dropped on down on them.

He kept squeezin’ my fuckin’ dick and lookin’ at it as if he wasn’t sure what he was gonna do with it now that he had it in his hand. He started strokin’ on it some as he played around with his own pecker, and then squeezed around on it some more until I made it throb some more for him.

He looked up at me and smiled when I did, and then he got to strokin’ on his stiff pecker and tried strokin’ his and mine at the same time, but he wasn’t coordinated enough to go about doin’ it right for either one of us, so he got back to squeezin’ on mine and lookin’ at it throb, and finally, he gave in to what he’d really wanted to do with it from the beginning, and sucked the fucker in his mouth.

Well I somehow just knew from how he was carrying on that my dick was the first one he’d ever sucked on in his life. Just realizing that got me pretty fuckin’ hard and the bigger my fucker got for him, the more he succumbed to all of his pent up desires.

He sucked it and held it and looked back up at me, and when I smiled at him and made it throb again for him, he wrapped one of his arms around my butt and buried the side of his head in my groin and started calling me ‘daddy’ as he rubbed the side of his face all up and down the length of my shaft.

I patted him on top of his head and got him back to suckin’ on it with more determination, but he didn’t really know how to go about it all that well and that’s when I was a hundred percent certain this was his first time to ever suck on a grown man’s dick.

When he finally looked back up at me and saw that I wasn’t all that ready to cum, he took a deep breath and sucked my fucker down in him until he was choking on it and stayed down on it for as long as he could.

Well that got my fucker to goin’ and after he did finally choke and pulled it out of his mouth, he felt my fucker throbbin’ good and looked up at me, and I placed my hand on the back of his head and said, “You’re getting’ better at it boy, you do that a few more times and you’ll get your ol’ daddy’s spunk.”

Well fuck, he took another deep breath and got back down on it in a hurry and started suckin’ on it like his life depended on it, and all of a sudden he reminded me of myself and the way I sucked on my daddy’s dick the first time I did it.

Well just having that thought cross my mind, made me get good and full up hard for the boy in a hurry.

He went fuckin’ nuts then, and damned if he didn’t soon have my fucker most the way down in him, and then all of a sudden, he just fuckin’ swallowed it whole.

Well, fuck, when my fuckin’ cock-head felt the heat of his gullet, I fuckin’ blew him full of cum.

He was strokin’ that short, fat pecker of his so fast by then, his whole body was shaking and he started shootin’ his cum straight up between us. By the time he got done with himself, the whole inside of my trousers were covered with his spunk all the way up to my crotch.

I was fuckin’ proud of the boy once I realized how much spunk he’d shot all over me, but he seemed a little embarrassed by it and apologized about it, but I just mussed his hair and told him it was quite alright.

He smiled as he got on his feet and squeezed the last of his spunk out the head of his prick, and after it slowly dripped on down and hit the floor he looked at all the spunk he’d shot all over me and said, “Fuck, that’s the most I’ve ever cum in my life”, then he tucked his pecker down in his pants and zipped himself up, and I did the same.

He looked at me as if he didn’t know what to say for himself, so I said, “It’s all alright boy. It’s just part of being out on the road all the time. We all have to give into it every once in a while. You’ll do fine out here.”

He looked at me so appreciative and tried to say something about it, but couldn’t get out the right words, so I just put my arm around his shoulder and walked with him out of the men’s room and said, “You don’t have to tell me. I already know. . .”

I watched him get into his truck and crawl into the back of it to sleep and then I got back in mine and stripped my cloths off and thought about what I’d just done. I got to thinking about my own father and figured he must of felt much the way I did at that moment the day he let me suck his cock off.

I didn’t get back to sleep for a good hour or so, and it was around ten in the morning when I woke up. Almost all of the trucks had pulled out by then, but I noticed that the young fellow’s truck was still parked where it was, so after I got myself dressed and took a piss, I walked over to his truck and climbed up to the cab and knocked on the window of it until he woke up.

When he saw me, I pointed at my watch and he got his big self up and crawled over to the window and rolled it down and said, “Awwh, thanks man. I guess I’m gonna have to make up some time aren’t I?”

“When are you expected?”

“Right around noon.”

“Well you should be able to make it if you leave right now. Just be careful out there. Better late than never. . .”

He smiled and winked at me and said, “You sure as hell can say that again.”

I said, “Awh. . . get the hell on out of here”, but I felt myself blushing when I said it, so I jumped down to the pavement and headed on back to my truck.

He had gotten himself dressed and was pulling on out by the time I got to mine and fired it up, so I followed him back down to the highway and stayed behind him until I reached the turn around, and he blasted his horn and slowed down and waved to me as I took the exit up beside him and I waved back, and that was the last I ever saw of the youngster.

I drove on down to the truck stop, and after I filled up my truck, I parked it and gathered up my clothes and towels and the rags I used to wipe up my spunk whenever I jerked myself off at night then carried them on into the small Laundromat they had. It was the perfect time of the day for that because none of the truckers used it until later in the evening before they took themselves a shower.

When I unfolded them trousers and saw just how damn much spunk that young bull had shot all over them, I had to smile to myself. I knew he was gettin’ himself off good the way he’d grunted and groaned with my stiff dick stuffed down his throat, but fuck, I was gettin’ off so good myself, I had no idea he was actually cummin’ the way he was.

That fat pecker of his sure packed a wallop from the looks of some of the big splats of spunk he’d shot up all over the inside of my thighs. I just held them up and chuckled to myself the more I realized what all I was lookin’ at and then finally threw ‘em in the washer with all the rest of my stuff and closed the lid and fed it my coins.

This all happened months before I got involved with the old baldheaded man, and I still thought quite a bit about that young bull and hoped the best for him.

At times it made me think back to that day I ran on to that older, married day runner fuckin’ his seed down that youngster’s throat and wondered if the circumstances that led up to it might not of been similar to how things came about between me and that young bull. I could see it. I didn’t have much trouble visualizing that youngster standing beside the old man with a hard-on in his hand and not sure what to do next. If it had all started that way, I could see how that old boy might of seen somethin’ in the kid he liked and felt sorry for him knowin’ what it was like out on the road and figured what harm would it do to let the boy have at it?

Whatever brought it about between them, I knew the odds of anything like that ever happening to me again were all but nil, so I never gave any thought about it in any other way other than to appreciate the moment and all the other circumstances surrounding it for what it had been.

But I didn’t feel the same way about what had happened between me and the old baldheaded man. He and I had a lot more in common, and the fuckin’ had been good for both of us.

I knew he’d be back around for more.

I was so sure of it, I didn’t think about it all that much or even anticipate the day he would return. I just kept to my work and as it turned out, there was a lot of it at that time. It always seemed like the breakdowns would come in waves and a few days after he’d headed off to see his daughter, I was busier than hell.

It went on like that for about a week, then it tapered back off for several days and then I was back at it again. I had my head buried deep inside the engine compartment of a rig that had a trailer full of aggregate when all of a sudden I felt someone climbing up on it on the opposite side.

I figured it was the driver so I didn’t pay him any mind. Sometimes they’ll do that just to satisfy their curiosity, but I’ve never had any of them offer to get their hands dirty. Well I felt the guy jump down off the truck after a moment and then a few minutes later I felt him climb back up on it, but I had my hands full at the time so I just kept to my work.

Then all of a sudden, I saw this big old hairy paw reach around the front of the engine where I was working holding a wrench, and it got after the nuts I needed to remove on the opposite side with expert precision.

He didn’t waste a motion, and I just chuckled to myself and shouted over the noise of the oncoming traffic, “You sure as hell came back around at the right time.”

“Why do you say that?”

I knew for certain who he was by the sound of his voice. Hell, that hairy fuckin’ paw of his was all I had needed to see, but it was comforting when I heard his gruff, gravely voice.

“Well I got another one broken down about three or four miles on up the mountain waiting for me.”

He let out a hearty laugh and said, “Hell, I was hopin’ you’d said that for another reason.”

I let out a lusty chuckle and said, “Well, that too, but work before pleasure. . .”

“My dad used to say, ‘The more the work, the better the pleasure.’”

“Well then I guess we’ll see if he was right about that.”

It wasn’t until we both got all the work done and was puttin’ away the tools that I noticed he had a pair of my coveralls on. Hell, they fit him just the way they fit me and when I made mention of it. He just said he figured I must have had an extra pair or two and knew they’d fit him perfectly, so he rummaged around in the compartments of my truck until he found where I kept them.

He followed me on up the mountain to the next truck and we tore into it once we had diagnosed the problem. He was surprised at all the spare parts I had on my truck, and I was taken by how much he knew about these diesel tractors. Hell, he had the problem figured out right off, and after we poked around on it some, his hunch turned out to be a hundred percent correct.

I wasn’t too happy to discover that, because I knew it would be a big job to dig into, but between the two of us, we had the guy back on the road after a couple of hours.

I knew it would of taken me about six hours to of done all that work on my own, and he knew that as well. He looked at his watch after we was done and said, “Damn! We must of just set a record.”

Well after I got all of the paperwork done and signed off by the driver, he followed me to the truck stop and after I filled up my truck and dropped of the old parts and replaced the new ones I’d used for the day, we went inside and took us a shower, and then ate, and then used the Laundromat.

It was gettin’ pretty late in the night by the time we got all that done, and after we put away all the clean cloths and coveralls in the compartment of my sleeper, we got undressed and crawled under a light blanket and just talked and held on to one another’s testicles.

He told me about his visit with his daughter and quite a bit more about himself and his life and I felt a warm comfort come over me being with him and havin’ the chance to hold on to the essence of his manly being. I knew a lot of it had to do with his age and how the years had both tempered him and made him more open about who he was, and what he liked about being in the intimate company of another man.

He could tell I had a special feeling for him and I could tell he had the same for me, but we both knew it wasn’t love we were experiencing or even pure lust for that matter. It was something else, something somewhere within the boundaries of mutual respect and admiration. More like a father-son relationship, but perhaps more so like a mentor and apprentice.

Neither one of us really knew what it was, but I sure liked the smell of the old man, I snuggled in close to him and he wrapped his arm around my head and held me close, and then chuckled to himself as if he didn’t understand any of it any better than I did.

He slowly slid his hand up over my penis and gently wrapped his hairy hand around it and said, “You’ve got the nicest lookin’ dick I ever saw boy. I was thinkin’ about that the whole time I was at my daughter’s place and couldn’t help but laugh about it to myself and wonder what the hell she’d ever think of her old pappy if she knew what was dancin’ around inside my head.”

I felt his fat pecker start to throb, so I reached for it and said, “I want to taste all your sweet seed again.”

He chuckled and said, “Well I’ll let you have it boy. I’ll feed it all to ya after you let me fuck all the spunk you have in this beautiful fucker of yours out of you.”

I gently pawed around on his silken testicles and he ran his hand down over mine, and then he kissed me on the forehead as he let his finger wander on down to my fuck-hole.

“You’ve got a nice ass boy. You deserve a big man with a big fuckin’ dick that you can pleasure with this fine ass of yours. A big fuckin’ man who appreciates the beauty of it and who can fuck all the spunk out of you the way you deserve.”

“You did perfectly fine the last time big man. I loved feeling that fat fucker of yours squirmin’ around up in my ass.”

He chuckled and said, “Squrimin’ around is right. I think you’d tire pretty quick of what little I’ve got to offer.”

“Well why don’t you stick around for a while and we’ll see?”

“That’s why I’m here boy. That’s why I came back to you. . .”

He fucked me so good and right that I came all over myself. Once again he had me rolled up in a ball, and after he got me completely off, he pulled that throbbin’ fucker out of me and pushed my head down under his big belly and fed it to me.

He held my head right under him as he fucked and moaned and said, “You suck dick good boy. I love gettin’ a good blow job. Few men know how to suck a dick like you do son. Fuck that feels good. . . Fuck that feels so fuckin’ good, boy. Suck that fucker for me! Suck it good for me son! Suck it! Suck it! Arrrrrgh!”

His big ol’ round belly heaved and his sweet spunk shot out of him like cannon fire. His strong arms and hands held me right down on him and that fat, throbbin’ pecker of his just kept blastin’ away down my throat.

He came so fuckin’ good, I felt my fuckin’ dick let loose with some more of my own, and when he felt it shoot up all over his back, he rubbed my head and chuckled like Jolly Saint Nick.

“You suck a mean dick boy. Where the fuck did you learn to suck a dick like that son? Fuck boy, that was the best!”

He kept chucklin’ and rubbin’ my head as I slurped up every last drop of his sweet tastin’ seed.

I couldn’t let go of it. I kept suckin’ for more, and all of a sudden he fucked that fucker down in me deep and growled, “You want some more of it boy? You want some more of this?”

I just nodded my head and his fuckin’ nuts crawled back up tight under his fat pecker and he fucked me hard about four or five times and then he bellowed out, and an instant later, he was spillin’ out his sweet seed like someone had opened up a water spigot.

I slurped and sucked it down like a wild animal and he was groaning out a prolonged ‘fuuuuuuuuuuuuuggghhhck’ while his sweet spunk poured out of him in a constant stream.

Something just broke loose in him, and after his fuckin’ stream of spunk finally came to an end, he grabbed my head and fucked my face down on his rock-hard fucker over and over again with his brutally strong arms.

“Yeah boy! Suck that fuckin’ dick! Suck that fucker! Get that fuckin’ dick all over ya! Suck it boy! Suck that fuckin’ dick.”

Then, bam! He blew off another load then he held my face right up tight to his groin as that stiff, fat fucker of his throbbed like wild down in my throat until it was completely spent.

His salty sweat was dripping off his brow all over his big belly and rolling down under him and I started lickin’ that up for him.

Fuck, I loved the smell of that man and it just fuckin’ drove me completely nuts to have my head down under him at his place of business.

I got to lickin’ the sweat off his balls and he started chuckling all over again and then he mussed my hair and said, “God boy. My fuckin’ nuts are gonna ache all night long. . .”