WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 24
The Ways of a Man

I’ll never know for a fact what had caused the ol’ sheriff’s grandpa to be as horny as he was last night, but I could tell as soon as I stepped out of the shower and saw the way he was fumbling around with that big ol’ fucker of his that he was entertaining some kind of thoughts that were getting him awfully aroused.

After he finished tellin’ me his side of the story about he and his grandson, and I saw how fuckin’ hard he was, I wasn’t for sure if him tellin’ me all he did was what got him so worked up or if it was just a culmination of the relationship that he and I had developed over the past few days.

Whatever it was, I knew by the time he finished fuckin’ it all out of his big self, the man had been needing to get that out of his system for one hell of a long time.

There are things a man can only tell of himself through his actions, and by the time he got through having his way with me, I knew without a doubt that I had been privy to something he’d never shown of himself to anyone else.

It was all the more apparent when he said to me afterwards that he and I fucked so good together that he couldn’t get enough of it. I knew as soon as he said it he was feeling a bit self-conscious about what all he had demonstrated of himself to me, but hell, I didn’t need any explanation. I had come to appreciate the fact that he and I understood one another in a way that few men ever could.

That had become apparent to me the night he took my hand and pushed it down over his manhood then silently guided my explorations of it until I knew what all he wanted me to know of his monster cock and balls and what felt good to his big ol’ self.

When I was a youngster and first started getting a hard-on, I used to think about my dad and wonder if his big ol’ fucker ever got hard the way mine did, and once I come to realize that certain parts of my penis were more sensitive than others and how good it felt to rub my fingers all over those places, I couldn’t help but wonder if my daddy’s big ol’ dick had the same sensitive spots as mine.

My dad was never one to talk a whole lot, and most of what he’d taught me in my short life he had done simply by showing me. That was how he had begun teaching me how to carve wood and I always loved feeling his big, rough hands on mine as he guided me through the process. So at that age, I figured if he ever got around to sharing with me anything like that about himself, he’d more than likely just start in by taking my hand and guiding it all over his big fucker as he showed me all of the places on it that felt good to him.

Hell, I was too young back then to know for sure if a grown man’s dick ever got hard like mine was beginning to do, or what a man did about it once it did, but I sure as hell could imagine what it might feel like to me to have my hands wrapped around my dad’s big ol’ fucker as it did start to get all good and hard.

I can’t say that I obsessed on it through the years much in the way my son had about my fucker, but for a while there I would lay in bed and close my eyes and feel around on my hard pecker and imagine that I had my dad beside me teaching me all of the things that I was so curious about at the time.

It was when I finally figured out how to jerk myself off to the point I could have a dry orgasm that I just forgot about all of that stuff. I guess like a lot of youngsters that age I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be doing that to myself or not, but I sure as hell knew I wasn’t gonna be able to stop anytime soon, and as a consequence, all my previous thoughts about sharing these things with my dad more or less went right out the window.

However, I have to say that when the sheriff’s grandpa took my hand and pushed it down on his huge fucker, all of those childhood fantasies came back to me in a flash, and I couldn’t help but feel as though he knew exactly the effect it was having on me by the way he went about teaching me all he did about himself.

Fuck, like I’ve said a hundred times before, the size of what all he had between his legs would make any man feel like a little boy in his presence but that night, as he guided my hand all over his huge fucker and I felt it stiffen up in my hands, it put chills right though me that reached all the way back to my childhood.

There was no question that the carnal chemistry between us was so fuckin’ potent it went right over the edge into a realm that neither one of us knew exactly how to handle, and after I saw and felt how he fucked himself up to an orgasm that I’m sure no other man on earth would be capable of, I had a deeper appreciation for the effect we had on one another.

I could tell by how physically and emotionally spent he was afterwards that even he was taken back by all that he had put himself through, but as I felt the dead weight of his big ol’ sweaty, hairy, corpulent body on me, the only thing I could see through my eyes was the sheer masculine beauty of all he had revealed of himself through his unbridled man-ways. . .

I closed my eyes and briefly relived that moment before I got back to brushing up my bull, and as I glanced over the crowd of folks who were standing around our steel berth, I knew the odds were that nary a one of them could ever understand what I thought was beautiful in life.

I sure as hell knew that if any of them had caught even a glimpse of me and the sheriff’s grandpa fuckin’ the way we had last night, they would of turned their heads away in complete disgust.

I don’t know why exactly that thought had crossed my mind, but after it did, I felt reassured by the fact that I saw the world in a different light than the majority of folks and then glanced over at the huge yellow ribbon attached to one side of the berth that announced to the world that my bull had won Best In Show.

I just smiled to myself and thought back to the day he was born and wondered how many of these farmers who now appreciated him for the animal he was might of put him to sleep not long after he was born because of how he first looked when he came out of the womb.

To be honest, I was surprised as hell by the fact that the judges had seen fit to bestow such an award on him after all I had gone through with the old fellow who had checked him in, but when the sheriff’s grandpa showed up, he just smiled and patted me on the back and said, “I figured he’d win this ribbon. He deserves it, and so do you.”

He had been sound asleep when I left the room this morning and I figured he might end up sleeping until noon considering everything, but it was around eleven in the morning when he showed up, and from what I could tell, he was as invigorated as ever.

It was only after we talked for a while that I noted an inward, calm assurance in him that I’d never noticed in him before. As we stood in line to get ourselves some lunch, he just stood in front of me without offering to say much, and I couldn’t help but stare at all of the wild hairs that grew all over his back. They were sticking out through the neck and the fabric of his t-shirt, and it made me think back on how hot and sweaty his hairy back had been after he had fucked himself off a load I’d never soon forget.

Seeing him standing all docile-like as he waited his turn to be served, it was almost impossible to imagine the man fuckin’ the way he had last night and it occurred to me that the folks standing next to him probably couldn’t even envision the big old boy fuckin’, much less fuckin’ the way he could.

I guess he could sense my thoughts, because all of a sudden he turned around and gave me a look that told me he knew exactly what I was entertaining in my head about him. He just smiled and gave me a wink, but it made me recall what he had said about how you just know when someone is sizing you up in that way when he was recounting all the things he went through with his grandson.

Even though the moment passed in a flash, I couldn’t help but be struck by his uncanny ability to sense what all I had been thinking about him. The man just knew how to read people in a way I’d never seen before and it made me think about how his grandson was much the same way.

All I could hope was that someday, some of that would rub off on me even though I never expected or even anticipated I would ever spend that much time around either one of them for that to actually happen. It was just something I knew I could stand to be better at doing for my own damn good.

After we had lunch, we took a walk down to where the rides and the arcades were just to see what all was going on, and it turned out to be a nice break from all the surroundings that had anything to do with our lives as farmers. We ended up spending most of the afternoon playing around down there and by the time we pulled ourselves away from it all, we’d had our fill of hot dogs and cotton candy and he was totin’ around a large teddy bear he had won while pitching horse shoes.

As soon as he tossed that last horse shoe right on the post as pretty as you please, the man who ran the arcade reached up and pulled down this big ol’ silver grandpa bear and handed it to him.

It was sportin’ a pair of overalls and a straw hat, and I have to admit that he looked quite the sight carrying that big ol’ teddy bear around in his arms.

I couldn’t help but notice how people looked at us with far more engaging eyes because of it, and all I could figure was that it softened our public persona enough to where we didn’t seem all that threatening out loose in the public space.

For some reason that made me think back to that first night I shared those two beds with him that he had tied up together and what he had said about how men like us needed to create our own world.

That night now seemed to be in the distant past even though it had only been a few days ago, and it made me aware of the fact that he and I would soon be parting company. I hadn’t thought about that until then, and in a way, I was looking forward to getting back home, but I knew I’d probably get to feelin’ mighty lonely once I was back there for a while.

Just the thought of that made me want to spend as much time with the man that I could, so I decided to clean up the berth and get my bull settled in for the evening a few hours earlier than I had the previous days. He offered to help me with it and suggested that we go back to the motel room and clean up and then treat ourselves to a nice dinner a little later in the evening.

It was still daylight out when we got back to the motel room, and after he locked the door behind us, he sat that big ol’ teddy bear up at the head of the bed and then planted himself right next to it with his big ol’ legs spread out just the way that bear was sittin’ up.

He folded his big arms over his chest and smiled and said, “Well what do you think?”

I just chucked and said, “He sure as hell ain’t filled out in the crotch the way you are, but outside of that, I’d be inclined to think you two were related in some way or another.”

He got a little red in the face and covered his crotch with his right hand as though he was embarrassed of what all he had between his big ol’ thighs then got a little twinkle in his steely gray eyes and said as he reached over for the bear’s crotch with his left, “Oh hell, you never know, he might have a dick as big and long as yours.”

He made a show of gropin’ around on it, then he looked up at me and said, “Damn! He’s startin’ to get one hell of a hard-on.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at seein’ the way he was gropin’ around on that bear, then he started feelin’ around on himself and said, “Now I’m gettin’ a little excited myself.”

I grinned and shook my head at him and said, “You’re as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.”

He chuckled and took his hand away from himself and said, “Hell, come over here and feel for yourself if you don’t believe me.”

Well I wasn’t about to turn down an offer like that, so I stepped around to his side of the bed and ran the palm of my hand down deep between his thick thighs and he broke out in a big, lusty grin then grimaced through it as he made his huge fucker throb for me.

“See. I told you so.”

I rubbed my hand all around on it and felt the fucker swellin’ up, and then he reached down and hefted it off to one side then placed his hand on mine and guided it all along the underside of his fucker and said in that deep, fatherly voice of his, “There you go boy. That’s the spot right there. . . Fuck, that’s feelin’ real good.”

He leaned back a bit and spread his legs out wider to give that huge fucker of his more room to stretch out as he continued to slowly guide my hand up and down the underside of it. I could feel the steady, pulsations of his huge vein so I curled up my hand and just ran my fingertips gently along the length of it and he pulled his hand away and said, “Now you’ve got the hang of it. That’s the way I like it right there boy.”

He closed his eyes and rested his head firm against the headboard of the bed and just let me have at it as that huge fucker of his just kept gettin’ bigger and harder by the second.

I was mesmerized by how all of his fuckin’ man-meat filled out the crotch of his overalls, and once that fucker had crept up over his thick thigh, I could see his huge balls start to squirm as it began to tug up on the fuckers.

It wasn’t all that long before he was damn near straight up hard, so I slowly unzipped his overalls with my other hand as I kept running my fingertips up and down that huge vein of his.

Once that fucker started throbbin’ good and strong, I reached in and pulled the fucker out for him. It was one thing to grope around on that huge fucker through his overalls, but it put a chill through me once I managed to get all of it out to where I could see it in the bright daylight.

The beauty of that fucker was undeniable. The massive, rippling strength of his thick shaft and the way his blunt, round cock-head rested over the top of it was nothing less than manly perfection and it got me so fuckin’ hard, I could barely stand it.

I needed to stand up and free my fuckin’ crank from the confines of my overalls in the worst way, but I couldn’t resist strokin’ on that huge mass of warm, silken, man-flesh of his and feelin’ it throb so strong the way it could.

I looked up at him and saw that he was watchin’ how I was strokin’ his huge fucker for him, then he smiled and patted me on the shoulder and said, “You’re doin’ it just right boy”, then he made it throb strong and full as if to prove to me he was tellin’ me the truth.

I chuckled and said, “Well, you’ve taught me well big man.”

He wrapped his hand around mine and slowly guided it up and down his huge, thick shaft and said, “Awwh hell, you were doin’ fine on your own with it since the first night you reached down a took a hold of the fucker, but I could tell the other night that you were wanting me teach you the finer points of how to fully satisfy this fat fucker of mine. I appreciated that. I appreciated the fact that you wanted to give me as much pleasure as you could but I also appreciated how you truly treasure the subtler differences between us within our own male likenesses.

I see that as a special trait that you and I have in common in a way I’ve never experienced before with another man. I’ve been thinking about that over the past few days and I don’t know if it’s because of how you and I are both endowed that makes up appreciate a hard dick the way we do or what, but the one thing I know is that you and I are very much alike in that respect.”

He chuckled as he wrapped my hand tight around his huge fucker and once again made it throb good and strong for me, then he said, “Awwh hell, I guess what I’m tryin’ to say is that you’ve given me a whole new appreciation for man sex. I’ve come to realize through you how truly far beyond it goes past the mere act of two men just helpin’ each other get their rocks off good a proper. I think I now fully appreciate for the first time the full extent to which it fulfills a basic fundamental need that all men have - that special need we have to share our most intimate and personal ways with another one of our kind that we truly admire and respect.”

I could sense that he was wantin’ to say more, but by then, his fucker had gotten so fuckin’ hard that neither one of us could ignore it. After he guided my hand all over his huge erection, he chuckled and patted me on the back of my hand and said, “Fuck, I haven’t been this hard since I was a youngster.”

I was gettin’ so fuckin’ hard myself that I was hurtin’ in the worst sort of way, so I stood up straight and started unzipping my overalls to give my fuckin’ crank some room. He sat up and turned his big self around on the edge of the bed and took over the task for me, and just seeing the way his huge fucker stood so erect up in front of his big belly got me to gettin’ even harder by the second.

He just barely got my stiff fucker pulled out of my overalls before it shot straight up and started bobbin’ up and down like wild fire. He smiled and chuckled as he watched it bob up fully erect, then he stroked the full length of it once and then stood up and fuck-rubbed his huge, stiff fucker all over mine.

He looked up at me and gave a big lusty grin, then wrapped his hands around the two of them and held them firm together and said, “Fuck, that’s all the stiff fuckin’ dick a man could ever want in his hands, now ain’t it?”

I just chuckled as he ran his meaty thumb over the top of my cock-head, then I placed my hand over his and did the same. His was so much bigger than mine that when the meat of my thumb slid over his wide slit, it rested down in it like a baby in a cradle.

I looked up at him and said, “What a big, fat fuckin’ dick you’ve got big daddy. I just can’t get over the size of your fucker.”

He just grinned and patted me on the hand then made the head of his huge fucker flare out so big and taut, I couldn’t believe the site of it. Just feelin’ all of that manly, penile flesh got me so fuckin’ horned up, the head of my fucker started flarin’ out as big and wide as I’d ever seen it do.

He let out a lusty chuckle and squeezed them tight together and said, “Fuck, just look at them two boys. Ain’t that a pretty sight?”

We made `em throb at the same time and the feel of all of that hot, silken man-flesh squirmin’ around on the other got us both so flush full of heat, we started fuck-rubbin’ the two of them together.

It turned out to be the beginnings of the most serious fuckin’ dick-play I ever got involved in, and by the time it was nearly all said and done, we were both naked on the bed with him mounted up on top of me rubbin’ his huge ol’ hog all over mine.

When that big ol’ fucker of his finally let loose with all of the fuckin’ pre-cum it could produce, it felt so damn good the way he slicked `em both up with his stuff and stroked and rubbed them together that I just closed my eyes and started ejaculating all over myself.

He chuckled all deep and lusty when he saw my stream of spunk shoot out, and then I heard that sticky-wet sploogin’ sound that his big ol’ fucker made whenever he shot off his thick, white ropes of cum, then felt it land heavy up on my face and all over my chest.

I immediately shot off another load and looked up and saw another thick rope of spunk shoot out that flared-out head of his ol’ hog and after it landed all over me, I looked up at him and saw that he was smiling all big and lustful at me as his sure, steady hands stroked out another thick rope of his spunk through that big fuckin’ slit of his.

I felt his huge, hairy testicles come back to rest on top of mine and I shot off another long stream of my load then he squeezed our two stiff boys together good and tight and shot off another thick, white rope that looped straight up in an tight arc, then landed all over my belly with a heavy splat.

I could tell it was feelin’ as good to him as it was me, but he was far more wrapped up in the act of it all than he was by all of the good feelings he was gettin’ from his powerful orgasms.

After he blew off that heavy load, he shook our two stiff fuckers as if to show how content he was with it all and said, “Fuck, this is the most fun I’ve ever had.”

I could tell he truly meant that and I couldn’t help but chuckle at how contented he seemed with himself. He got a little red in the face and then shook our two stiff fuckers together again and said, “Fuckin’ dicks are gooood, aren’t they boy?”

I just smiled as a big ol’ wad of his creamy spunk oozed out the head of his huge fucker and drooled down all over mine, then I squirted out another stream of spunk and he chuckled all deep and lusty and said, “Go ahead boy. Let me see you do that again.”

Fuck, I was only too willing to please and shot off another load and he chuckled again and then closed his eyes and reared back as he let out with one of his own. He looked down to see his handy work after he shot it out all over me and said, “Fuck, that one felt real fuckin’ good. . .” then he looked up at me and said, “You got another one you want to let loose with?”

I tried like hell to get another one off, but couldn’t manage to, then he chuckled and reared back and stroked our two fuckers together a few times before he blew off another thick wad.

I couldn’t fuckin’ believe how much in control of himself he was and how it seemed as though he could just cum at will. He chuckled again after he shot off that load, and I could tell by his ways and the fact that he wasn’t in the least bit tired from all the dick play and the effort of blowin’ off some of his load that all of this had been nothing more than an overture to something else he had in mind for me later.

He shook our fuckin’ dicks together one last time and then let go of them and crawled off the bed and stood up and gave me a big grin as he looked me over and took note of all of his spunk-lovin’ handy work, then he motioned his head over at the bathroom and said, “Why don’t you go and get yourself good and cleaned up?” then he stroked that huge fucker of his a few times and shook it at me and said, “We can get back to this business after we have ourselves some dinner.”

I don’t know if I read more into what he’d said than he actually meant, but while I was taking my shower, I made damn sure my fuck-hole was good and clean and ready for whatever he had in mind for me later. As soon as I saw that huge, stiff fucker of his in the broad daylight, I was wantin’ to crawl up on top of him and set my hot ass right down over on it, but after he got as straight up hard as he did, I knew there was no way that was gonna happen.

I’d never seen him get that fuckin’ hard and he surprised me with all of that fuckin’ dick-play he was wantin’ to engage in and how hard he was the whole fuckin’ time. Hell, he still had hard-on when I got out of the shower, but by the time he finished with his and got himself toweled off, it was soft enough to where he could push it down in the crotch of his overalls.

We took my truck to the restaurant and enjoyed a hearty, leisurely meal, and after all we’d had to eat, I figured he might be content to just get himself a good night’s rest, but as soon as we got ourselves seated back inside of my truck, he rubbed his hand all over his crotch and said, “Fuck, I don’t know about you, but I’m anxious to get back to the room so we can carry on with all the fun we were having earlier.”

I chuckled and shook my head in disbelief at him and said, “After the way you fucked yourself dry last night, I would of sworn it’d be days before you’d even be thinkin’ about gettin’ after it the way you did this afternoon. I can’t believe you’re still as horny as you are lettin’ on.”

He got all red in the face and said, “I guess you could tell I had more than a few demons I needed to fuck out of myself last night. Damn, I needed that. . . more than you’ll ever know son.”

“Well I sure as hell can believe that after the way you fucked yourself to hell and back last night. It sure as hell gave me a new appreciation of what all man-fuckin’ is about and the effect it can have on a man.”

He let out a deep, lusty chuckle and shook his head and said, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to hear you say somethin’ like that and I think I sensed all of that in you the first time I ever laid eyes on you - I just somehow knew by the looks of you that you and I had a lot in common in that respect.”

I smiled and said, “I guess I felt the same after I got to talkin’ with you, but even so, I can’t help but feel as though that you and I have connected on an entirely different level than either one of us suspected from the outset.”

“Yeah, we sure as hell have. I’ve come to understand you and just what all you see in me - I think even better than I ever did my own grandson. I was a little surprised when you started in calling me your `big daddy’ and all, but it made me realize that I had brought out something in you that you hadn’t ever been able to get resolved in your life, and I suspect you could sense that I hadn’t ever allowed myself to go full out on a limb and express all of my ways with a man and get out all the things I ever harbored inside of me.”

“Yeah, that’s true. . . You know that night you told me about how you met up with your buddy in the bar and what all happened afterwards? When you said what you did about driftin’ of to that man-fuckin’ place?”

“Yeah, I remember. . .”

“Well I knew exactly what you was talkin’ about because I’ve been there myself. In fact, the first time I ever found myself there, I had the feeling there was an older fellow along side of me who was showin’ me the way. . .

I can’t help but think now it was some sort of premonition that I’d one day meet up with you.”

He seemed a little surprised by hearing me say that and didn’t seem to know what to say, so I patted him on his big ol’ thigh and said, “I’ve learned a lot from you big man. You’ve taught me a whole hell of a lot yourself about the proper way to go about fuckin’ a man and what all it truly means. I know that may sound crazy, but you have, and I have to admit that after you finally got all of what you needed out of yourself last night, and I felt the sweat all over your strong hairy back, I knew I’d just witnessed one of the most perfect and beautiful fuckin’ things I ever would in my life. All I could see afterwards was all of the beauty in you.”

He let out a hearty chuckle and said, “Fuck, I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but `beautiful’ was never one of them, but I understand what you’re sayin’. Hell I never would of done all the things I had last night had it not been for the fact that I knew you’d understand it and appreciate it all like only I knew you would.”

He looked down at himself and shook his head, then he reached down deep under his crotch and pulled up on his big ol’ balls and said as he squeezed his legs together, “But yeah, I’ll admit I got myself carried back away to that place last night. I sure as helldid, and it was the first time it all made complete sense to me. That was quite a revelation. . .”

His big, round cock-head raised up in the crotch of his overalls and then flopped over on his left thigh, and as soon as he took his hand away from himself, I reached over and rubbed the palm of my hand over the top of it.

He chuckled and placed his hand over mine and gave it a squeeze and said, “You really appreciate my fuckin’ dick in a way I’ve never seen. That’s one reason I wanted to let you get your fill of it this afternoon.”

“I sure as hell do big man. I never thought I’d ever be as crazy about another man’s dick as I am about this huge fucker of yours, but I just want you to know I would of wanted you to show me all of your ways no matter what size your fucker would of been. It’s all of the man that’s in you that has truly been a pleasure to get to know.”

He chuckled and looked down at himself and said, “Well I’m sure that a lot of my ways are a direct reflection of the size of my ol’ hog. I know I come across as being one big, clumsy sonofabitch and havin’ to wrestle with this fucker don’t make it any easier, but I guess I’ve managed through the years to figure out how to put the fucker to pretty good use.”

“I’ll say! Why only a man of your size and build could fuck that huge fucker the way it was meant to be fucked, and I can sure as hell tell once you fuck it up into cummin’ good and proper, it makes you feel things that no other man on earth will ever know!”

“Awh hell, now you’re makin’ me blush. But I have to admit that it does feel mighty good to me - especially when I felt it all good and deep inside that hot fuckin’ hole of yours. I haven’t told you this, but you’ve got the hottest fuck-hole I’ve ever fucked in my life, that’s for damn sure!”

“Now you’re makin’ me blush. Hell, you’re the only man I’ve ever let fuck my ass so I guess I’ll have to take your word for it.”

“Well, take it from me, you do.”

His big ol’ hog gave an involuntary throb right after he said that, so I figured he must of truly meant it.

“Hell I wouldn’t mind lettin’ you get after it again if you have a mind to.”

He let out with a deep, lust-filled chuckle and said, “Well I have a mind to, don’t think that I don’t, but after I had my way with you last night, I figured you might not be so amenable to lettin’ me get after your ass the way I need to get myself off good and proper.

Hell I know I shouldn’t of kept on fuckin’ you after you shot off your load the way you did, but I couldn’t help myself. One of the things that gets me riled up the most is the idea that I can fuck the spunk right out of a man. That’s when I feel my ol’ hog really wantin’ to let loose with it, but the truth is that I have to fight it and fuck it up good and hot before the fucker will cut loose with all of my spunk and give me a good, fulfilling orgasm.

I’ll tell you what though. It felt the best I’ve ever felt the fucker last night when it finally took charge and pumped my big ol’ balls out good and dry. I never felt so sated in all my life as I did last night.”

He chuckled and patted me on the thigh and said, “It plum wore me out though. I ain’t even sure I have the stamina to fuck the way I did last night, but I’ll do my damnest. . . I sure as hell will, that is if that’s what you’re really wantin’ from me. . .”

He reached down and hefted his huge fucker straight up in front of himself then looked over at me as though he wasn’t at all sure of what else to say or do, then softly said, almost to himself, “I’m gettin’ bone-fuckin’ hard just thinkin’ about it though.”

I reached over and gave his fucker a firm squeeze and he made it throb for me once then rubbed his hand over mine and whispered, “See, I told you I was.”

I could of sat right there in the parking lot and groped around on him like that for a good hour, but I could tell he was already half-way back to that man-fuckin’ place so I started up the truck and got us headed back to the motel room in a hurry.

As soon as we got in the room, I turned around to him and gave him a good feelin’ up. He was still straight up fuckin’ hard and had a distant stare in his eye that told me he was so ready to get back off to that man-fuckin’ place that he didn’t know what to do with himself, so I reached up and unfastened the straps on the bib of his overalls and let `em fall on down to the floor, and when I saw his huge, bulbous cock-head stickin’ up past the waistband of his shorts and how flared out and soppin’ wet with his pre-cum it was, I didn’t waste a minute gettin’ myself undressed.

He sat down on the foot of the bed and pulled off his boots and overalls but had one hell of a time doing it because his huge fuckin’ cock was so straight up hard. I could tell by lookin’ at the fucker that the only way that he’d be able to fuck my ass was if I laid on my belly, so I just fell head first on the bed and as soon as I did, he rolled his big self over the top of me and started rubbin’ his huge fucker all over the crack of my ass like there was no tomorrow.

Them huge fuckin’ balls of his smothered the back of my ass as he slicked my backside up good with his fuck-juice, and as soon as he knew he could fuck me a good one, he growled and groaned out all the fuck-lust that had been buildin’ up in him as he stuffed my ass full of his stiff ol’ hog.

Once he got himself in me good and tight, he wrapped his big arms around under me and softly growled in my ear as he rubbed his big, meaty paws all over my hairy chest and nipples, “Fuck, your ass is hot tonight.”

I loved feelin’ the weight of him on me and the steady throb of his huge fucker as it filled his big gut full of desire. It pressed firm against the small of my back, and I could feel it rollin’ over on me some as he prodded and probed the heat of my ass with his huge fucker.

All of a sudden I felt his big belly tightened up as he made his big, heavy fucker slowly rise up in me, and when I felt his huge fuckin’ testicles start to crawl up the back of my ass until they were tight up under his huge shaft, I let out a deep groan that betrayed all of the man-fuckin’ desires I was feelin’ inside.

He pushed his big ol’ hairy groin good and firm up to me then growled all deep and gruff as he rubbed his rough hands all over my body, “You love feelin’ all of my dick inside of you, don’tcha boy? I’ve never fucked anyone that feels it all over with their ass quite in the way that you do.”

“I sure as hell do. I can feel every ripple and throb of that huge, heavy fucker in my ass and it man’s me up like never knew was possible, and when I feel them big ol’ fuckin’ balls of yours start to crawl up the back of my ass, it just drives me fuckin’ nuts. I could lay here all night and let you dick me up with all of your stuff the whole night long.”

He chuckled and let loose of that fucker and let it drop hard and heavy inside my fuck-hole, then he made it slowly rise back up in me again, and as his huge, warm sacks of seed slowly crawled back up my ass, he rubbed his big ol’ paw all over my shoulder and said, “You and I were meant for this kind of fuckin’, boy. There ain’t no question about it `cause I feel it in the same way as you do.”

He fucked me so slow and easy, I knew he was doin’ it just so I could feel every bit of his huge fucker up inside of my ass, and it got me to feelin’ so manned-up, my fuckin’ crank started gettin’ damned near as hard as his.

As soon as he felt my prostate start to throb hard against the thick underside of his huge shaft, he let out a lusty chuckle and growled to himself as he made his huge fucker swell good and full, then he raised me up on my knees and held me tight against himself with his left arm as he took a good hold of my throbbin’ crank with his right hand and started workin’ it over as if it was his own.

His every stroke and squeeze and feel of it was like he was tellin’ me some kind of story about what all it was like for him to be a man, and as his strong, intimate smell engulfed and surrounded me, it got me so fuckin’ hard, my balls began to ache.

I let out a groan, and he slow-stroked the full length of my crank twisting his hand all around it like he was so fuckin’ proud of it, then he uttered all deep and man-like, “That’s my boy. That’s my fuckin’ buddy. Just relax and let it all happen slow and easy.”

Our bodies writhed and fucked like rolling thunder and each time he fucked me full of his huge, stiff cock, he let out a breathy, “Yeah. . . Yeah. . . Yeah. . .” until we simply melted together as one.

He was me and I was him and the fuckin’ and strokin’ was so intense and full of intimate desires to be one together, neither one of us had any control over it. I was engulfed by his virile scent and he held me so tight in his arms as he drew all of the power he could out of my throbbin’ crank, that I knew I would never be the same man ever again.

Whenever I felt myself gettin’ so close to cummin’ I could barely hold on to it, he’d slide his hand all the way down my crank and cup it around my balls and roll them around in his meaty palm and say, “Stay with me boy. Stay with me”, then he’d slowly fuck my willing ass to brand new depths.

This went on and on and on until it seemed eternal, then all of a sudden he let out a long, breathy, “Awwh Oooooh!” as I felt a hot stream of his thick spunk fill and sooth my fuck-chute. I dropped my ass down on that fucker as hard as I could and felt his big ol’ calloused hand wrap around the head of my crank and just like that, I was cummin’ like I never had before.

I was putty in his hands and all I remember from that point forward was being lost in a state of cum-filled ecstasy that went beyond anything I ever could of imagined. It seemed to last forever and it wasn’t until we were laying side by side with our arms wrapped around one another that that man-fuckin’ place slowly began to drift off like an abandoned ship at sea.

I could tell by the distant, steady gaze of his steely gray eyes that he was as taken back by it all as I was. Neither one of us felt the need to speak until I finally rolled over and offered my backside to him once again. He fuck rubbed his big ol’ fuckin’ dick all over my hairy ass then took a hod of it and fucked it back up inside of me until I was stuffed full of it, then he wrapped his arm around me tight and whispered in my ear, “You and I are now one and the same, boy. There ain’t nothin’ more of me I can pass along to you.”

We slept the whole night long all fucked together and as the sun came up the following morning, he slowly and lazily pumped me full of his morning seed as he woke from his deep sleep.