WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 25
Somethin’ In The Air…

It wasn’t long after I got on the road to head back home from the state fair that I too got the feelin’ that somethin’ was churnin’ in the air. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but the closer I got to home, the feeling grew stronger and stronger.

The sheriff’s grandpa had first made mention of it while he was helpin’ me load up my bull and got me headed on my way early in the morning. After the way he had slowly but surely corn-holed my horny ass plum full of his morning seed, I would of thought that sex would be the last thing on his mind, but as we began to say our goodbye’s, he looked all around and surveyed the land, then took a deep breath of the brisk morning air and said, “Damn, I don’t know if it’s the change in the climate or what, but somethin’s in the air.”

“Yeah, I get the feelin’ it’s gonna get really hot today.”

He chuckled and said, “Yeah, I think you’re right, but that isn’t the kind of ‘hot’ that I’m talkin’ about. I don’t know about you, but for some reason I’m feelin’ myself gettin’ a kind of horn-on like I haven’t felt in quite a long time.”

I chuckled at what he said as I took a glance down at his crotch and noticed how his big ol’ hog was bulgin’ out good and full. I just shook my head down at his swollen fucker and said, “Well hell, if you’re feelin’ that way, I ain’t in any big hurry to get back. I could follow you back to the motel if you want.”

He grinned and winked at me, and for the first time I’d ever noticed him do out in public, he reached down and adjusted his big ol’ fucker some as he said, “That’s mighty tempting, but you need to get this bull of yours on the road and besides, even though I’m feelin’ the way I am, I know damn good and well I ain’t got a lick of spunk left in me. You know, when I woke up this morning I thought for a minute there that you was my grandson. I remember I was havin’ some kind of dream about him, and I can’t help but get the feelin’ that somethin’s up with him.”

“What makes you think that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s nothin’ more than the fact that he and I would sometimes sleep the way you and I did last night. That wasn’t until he got few years older and could comfortably handle my stiff fucker the whole night long, but we slept like that most every single night for a while there and damned if I didn’t wake up most every single morning realizing I was harder than fuck and had already been corn-holin’ his ass while I was still sound asleep! Hell, this went on for several weeks, and during that time all it seemed like we ever did, was fuck.”

He gave an embarrassed grin then shook his head and said, “I don’t know why the hell I just told you all of that”, then he gave me a wink and said, “But I get the feelin’ he’s gonna be happy as hell to see you and that big ol’ fucker of yours.”

He chuckled and patted me on the back then said, “I shouldn’t of said that, but promise me you’ll keep an eye out on him for me and tell him his ol’ grandpa still thinks about him everyday.”

“I thought you didn’t want me to make mention of the fact that you and I met up.”

“Awwh hell, I’ve changed my mind about all of that, but I’ll leave it to you to decide how much of our encounter you want to reveal to him and when”, then he gave me a wink and said, “Besides, I’m sure he’ll figure it all out on his own the moment you get after his pucker-hole the way I’ve taught you.”

I felt myself gettin’ all red in the face as I realized how right he was about that.

“I hadn’t thought about that. . .”

He grinned real big and then looked me over good, and with a twinkle in his eye he said, “You’ll do it just right for him now, I’m sure of it. Just take your time and man him up real good before you get on down to the short strokes. He likes that a whole lot. You do it like that for him, and I guarantee when he gets around to blowin’ off his sweet seed, he’ll blow it to the fuckin’ moon for you.”

We both started chucklin’ to ourselves.

“He can sure as hell blow his load a long way, can’t he?”

He shook his head at just the thought of it and said, “He sure as hell can”, then he put his big ol’ paw on my shoulder and said, “Hell I have half a mind to come along with you so we both could fuck him off a good one.”

“I bet he’d love that. Why the hell don’t you then? You’re welcome to come and stay for as long as you want.”

“I’d love to, to be honest with you. I sure as hell would love to see that farm of yours, but I have to get back to my place and ready it to accommodate my son. He called me right before I headed out here and said he wanted to pay me a visit. Needless to say, I was surprised as hell by that phone call. No tellin’ what that’s gonna be like. . .”

He shook his head and looked down at the ground and muttered, “He said he just wanted to come for a week or so to help me tidy up any unfinished business I needed a hand with, but I suspect there’s more to it than that. . .”, then he looked back up at me and said with conviction, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from you, my friend, it ain’t easy for a man to get over those kinds of feelings he’s harbored for his dad through the years, and with what all I am sensing in the air, I figure it’s pretty damn likely there’s some other unfinished business on his mind that he’s wantin’ to get out in the open with me. . .

If I’m right about all of this - and I’m pretty damn convinced that I am, I can’t quite imagine how all of that might play itself out between us. . .”

I could sense his anxiety about it all, so I just looked him square in the eye and said, “Well I don’t doubt you’ll know what to do when the time comes, but if you get the feeling that’s really what he’s come to you for after all of these years, well. . . I’d just take him by the hand and show him the way. That’s my two cents worth. Just realize that even though he’s a grown man, he still looks up to you as his father. . .”

He smiled a gentle smile and said, “I think you’re right about that. I’ve been more or less figurin’ the same, considerin’ our history and all. I can’t see any sense at this point in our lives of puttin’ him through any more than I already have. I could see to where that just might make matters worse.”

For some reason, that conversation was still playin’ around in my head as I turned on to the gravel road that led to my house, and even though I’d told the man to give me a call to let me know how things had worked out, by the end of my travels, I had all but pictured what would happen between them in my mind’s eye.

I was more than half-way hard the whole time I dove myself back home just thinkin’ about it all, and much of what I saw was an indirect reflection of the night I was privy to seein’ the fatherly way his son had passed on his seed to that youngster behind the bar where they met.

By the time I was half-way through my travels, I knew damn good and well by how I was feeling there was more than a little truth in what the sheriff’s grandpa had said about there being somethin’ in the air, and when I pulled up to my drive and saw the sheriff step out of my house to greet me, the first thought that crossed my mind was how much I wanted to just simply get naked with the man.

I don’t know why the hell I all of a sudden got so fuckin’ horned up for him the way I did, but as soon as I saw his big ol’ self, all I could think about was how ready I was to paw all over him and his big ol’ hairy ass.

He strolled on out to my truck as I pulled it up next to the barn and as soon as I stepped out of it, he offered his hand to me and said, “Damn, it’s good to see you boss!”

“It’s good to see you too, sheriff. You sure as hell are lookin’ mighty good to me all decked out in your uniform.”

He chuckled and reared himself back on his heels as he stuck his thumbs down in his gun belt, then said as he looked me over good, “Fuck, I can tell by that greeting you’re as fuckin’ horny for my ass as I am for yours, boss. I swear there must me somethin’ in the air. I woke up this morning dreamin’ all kinds of horny shit and had a fuckin’ hard-on like I haven’t had in years. I was distracted as hell while I was makin’ my morning rounds by all of the horny man-fuckin’ thoughts that kept racing around in my head. I damn near shot a load off in my pants because I couldn’t keep my fuckin’ hands off my fat, little fucker. I don’t know about you boss, but I’m so fuckin’ horned up right now, I can barely stand it.”

“You and me both sheriff. Are you still on duty?”

“Nawwh. . . I’m off for the rest of the weekend.”

I walked around to the end of my trailer and said as I offloaded my bull, “Well considerin’ how damn hot it’s gettin’ to be, why don’t we head on down to the swimmin’ hole after I get everything put away. Maybe that’ll cool us down some.”

He just chuckled and said, “It might you, boss, but I seriously doubt that it will me. . . . and, well, I guess I ought to tell you straight away that I’ve been stayin’ over here the past few nights so don’t be surprised when you see all of the suitcases of mine I stowed away in your son’s bedroom. A lot has happened in my life while you’ve been gone and, well. . . to get right to the point, I was kind of hopin’ you wouldn’t mind puttin’ me up for a while. . .”

“Why sure sheriff. You’re always welcome here, you know that. Stay for as long as you want. What’s been goin’ on?”

“Awwh well, let’s just say that the wife and I have sort of reached what you might call an inevitable impasse over the past few days. Hell, I’ve known for quite a while that she had her fill of my big ol’ hairy ass fuckin’ her cunt, and, well. . . to make a long story short, once my suspicions were confirmed and I saw the man she was runnin’ around with and how fuckin’ different he was than me - especially in build and all. . . well, what more does a man need to know?”

“I’m sorry to hear that sheriff.”

“Awwh hell, don’t be, boss. Naturally I was a bit upset about it when it all came out in the clear, but after I had a chance to think things over, I decided there wasn’t any need to drag this out all over hell’s creation. As you well know, I’ve certainly had my own indiscretions recently. . . I imagine she’s probably sensed some of it because I haven’t been after her cunt as much lately as I have in the past. . . I’m sure she’d be shocked as hell if she knew the whole truth of the matter.”

He chuckled a little to himself then gave a big grin and said, “Hell boss, I still love fuckin’ my short, fat dick up a hot hole as much as the next man, so don’t be surprised if I start tearin’ into your big ol’ hairy ass.”

I smiled and put my arm around his shoulder as we led my bull out to the pasture and said, “Well I’d be amenable to that big man. Hell, after the week I’ve spent with your grandpa, I’d love to have you show me all the things you’ve picked up from him through the years about fuckin’.”

He reared back and laughed and said, “No fuckin’ shit? So you two singled one another out in the crowd did you? Hell, I knew you two would! So how the fuckin’ hell is he doin’?”

“Just fine sheriff. He told me to tell you that he thinks of you every single day. I think he’s gonna come out and pay us a visit here pretty soon.”

“Well hell, I’d love to see him again. It’s been a long time. . . So how’s the old cuss gettin’ along? Did you two get to spend much time together?”

“As a matter of fact we met up the first day I got there and we ended up sharing his room together.”

“Awwh, you’re puttin’ me on. . .”

“I’m tellin’ you the god’s truth sheriff. And you sure as hell wasn’t exaggeratin’ one damn bit about the size of what all he has down between his big ol’ legs. Man oh live! I damn near had a heart attack the first time I laid my eyes on that fucker of his.”

He guffawed, and after he caught his breath, he said, “Hell, you ought to know by now I’d never lie to you about nothin’, boss, but I could tell you never did quite believe me when it came to the size of his fucker.”

“Well I sure as hell believe you now sheriff. . . and them big ol’ fuckin’ testicles of his. . . and to think I thought you had the biggest fuckin’ pair of balls a man could ever have.”

He got all red in the face, then shook his head and grinned to himself at his own memories of the man. “Hell, mine ain’t nothin’ compared to his. . . Fuck, I can’t believe this. . . So what the hell all went on between you two? I bet he was as surprised to see that big ol’ long fucker of yours as you were to get an eyeful of his big ol’ fat hog.”

“Yeah, I think he was sheriff, but I have to admit that I wasn’t any different than you were the first time you laid eyes on that huge fucker of his. All I could think about was gettin’ that fucker of his full up hard and have him fuck my ass with it.”

He chuckled all deep and lusty and said, “Fuck, I told you boss. I remember clear as day tellin’ you there wasn’t a man alive who wouldn’t want to get that big ol’ fucker of his up his ass if he ever had the chance to see it.”

“Well you sure as hell was right about that sheriff, but hell, you never let on about how fuckin’ beautiful it was - especially when it got full up and hard. I guess what got to me the most was how that stiff fucker would get a grip on his big ol’ body like nothin’ I ever saw.”

“Awwh that’s just fuckin’ great to hear, boss. Damn! I’m gettin’ harder than hell thinkin’ about the two of you fuckin’ one another. I told you he had his own special ways about him - what with all that big ol’ fucker of his could do to a man.”

“He sure as hell does sheriff. All’s I can say is that your grandpa sure as hell knows the proper way to fuck a man. He was born to it.”

He just smiled to himself and said, “Yep, you’re sure as hell right about that boss.”

“I have to admit, sheriff, I learned a lot from the man about the proper way to get a man ready for a good fuck. I never realized what all a man goes through when he knows that a big son of a gun like your grandpa is about to fuck his ass with a dick the size of his. You feel every fuckin’ thing he’s up to while he gets you good and ready for it.”

“You sure as hell do, boss. and ain’t it nice when it’s done just right and that fucker feels just so fuckin’ right and so fuckin’ good up inside of your ass right from the git-go?”

“It sure as hell does, sheriff. It sure as hell does. . .”

He smiled again and said, “You don’t know how happy I am to hear this, boss. You two are so much alike in so many ways, and I don’t question you’ll be a better fuck-buddy because of your own personal experiences with the man.”

“I’m sure I will sheriff.”

He gave a big grin while he shook his head as though he couldn’t truly believe what all he’d just heard me say, and as we watched my bull romp around in the pasture, he said, “You know somethin’ boss? Once I finally got over my initial infatuation with my grandpa’s big ol’ fuckin’ dick, I have to admit that it was all of his ways that kept me so tied to him for so long.

I always more or less knew that the main reason he kept givin’ me that big ol’ dick of his was that he figured I’d eventually get tired of him fuckin’ my ass, but hell, it ain’t easy for a man to wean himself off of what all he’s got between his big ol’ fuckin’ legs - especially the way he goes about dishin’ it out to you and gets you to cummin’ the way he can.”

I chuckled and said, “You sure as fuckin’ hell right about that, sheriff. Knowing what I know now, it’s a wonder you ever could see clear to cut loose of those ties.”

“Well he did his part to help me with that, boss. I learned a whole hell of a lot about what all it truly means to be a man from him, and by the time I ever got my first crack at feelin’ pussy all over my fat little fucker, I thought for sure I was ready for a heterosexual relationship. In a way I guess I was at the time, but it wasn’t long after you and I met and our friendship started to develop, it became clear to me that I got a whole lot better emotional support from you than I ever did from my wife.”

“Well I could tell you needed a friend, sheriff - what with your line of work and all. . . and I guess you could tell I needed one myself.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s true boss, but didn’t you get the feeling that you and I had more going on between the two of us than just that? I’m not talkin’ about what all has developed between us recently, I’m just talkin’ about the kind of man-to-man stuff that we first shared and discussed. I’ve never met another man that I felt I could truly be myself around and get out with all of the stuff that comes to a man’s mind and know that it wouldn’t be taken in the wrong way, or spread all over town the next day. Hell, I guess what I am tryin’ to say is that I’d of been happy to of spent as much time around you as I could just for what we give to one another in that way - but I’m glad that we both share the same kinds of sexual desires that we do, it’s made it all the better for me.

Hell, I loved the feel of my wife’s pussy on my dick, but I have to admit I never was able to cum as good as I did when my grandpa fucked my ass the way he could. I think of man-fuckin’ as somethin’ completely special. Somethin’ that when everything clicks, and it is done just right, and with all of the proper respect and appreciation for the act that it deserves, why it brings out the best in us all. What do you think boss?”

I just chuckled and said, “I think it’s time we put everything else away so’s you and I can get down to showin’ one another some of that respect and appreciation you’re talkin’ about, sheriff.”

“Yeaah! I’m all for that, boss.”

“I can tell that. Hell, you didn’t even notice that big yellow ribbon sittin’ in the cab of my truck that my bull won.”

“No shit! Hell, I told you he’d win some kind of prize, and I don’t know much of nothin’ about cattle. I bet my grandpa sure as hell appreciated the looks of him though.”

“He sure as hell did, sheriff. How do you think he and I first met?”

“Hell I don’t know, I just figured whenever two big ol’ hung studs like you two ever crossed paths, you always at least gave one another the nod.”

“Well as a matter of fact we did, sheriff - come to think of it. . .”

As soon as we walked around the back of the barn, we both noticed the trail of dust blowin’ off the road from someone who was heading down the mountain.

“I wonder who that is?”

“I don’t know sheriff, let’s go take a look and see. . .”

As soon as we could get out far enough to see the road, I knew straight away it was Bull’s big ol’ service unit.

“Well I’ll be damned. There sure as hell is somethin’ in the air sheriff. . .”

“Who the hell is that?”

“My buddy Bull I’ve told you about.”

“No shit?”

“Yep, that’s him alright. Well I guess the more, the merrier, sheriff.”

“What do you mean by that, boss? I sure as hell would like to meet the man, but I’ll get out of the way if you want . . .”

“Hell I’ve wanted the two of you to meet up for quite a while now and. . . well, I think you might find him to be as appealing of a man as I do. I’m pretty damn certain that he’ll like the looks of you, sheriff. Let’s just play it by ear and see how well you two strike it off. . .”

“Are you tellin’ me you wouldn’t mind it if the three of us got to fuckin’ around together?”

“Not one damn bit sheriff. I’d love to see the two of you gettin’ it on together, and as fuckin’ horny as I am right now, I could damn near fuck the both of you at the same time.”

He chuckled and rubbed his big, hairy paw all over my back as though he was eager as hell, and said, “Fuck, boss. . . you’re a man after my own fuckin’ heart. I wonder if he’ll be as fuckin’ horny as we are. . .”

“You never can tell sheriff. I recon we’ll find out soon enough.”

We walked on out to greet him as he pulled into the drive, and as soon as he jumped out of his unit, I gave him a big hug and said, “Well how the hell are you doin’ Bull?”

“Mean as ever and horny as hell. How about you, Hoss?”

“The same. I want you to meet my friend, the county sheriff. I’ve been wantin’ the two of you to meet up for quite a while, I know you both have at least one thing in common cause the sheriff was just tellin’ me how fuckin’ horny he’s been all morning.”

They both gave a hearty chuckle as they shook hands and looked one another over good.

“It’s nice to meet you Bull, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Same here sheriff. So what are you two up to?”

“Oh I’ve been lookin’ after the place while the boss was off to the state fair with that prize winning bull of his, and it’s gettin’ so damn hot out, we were talkin’ about headin’ on down to the river for some skinny dippin’ once we got his truck unloaded. How does that sound to you?”

“That sounds good to me sheriff. Fuck, I was gettin’ so hot and horned up bouncin’ around in that unit of mine, I need to do something to cool me off, if you know what I mean.”

I could see the sheriff gettin’ a bit red in the face as he let out a deep, lusty chuckle and said, “Spoken like a true man of the road, Bull. I get the same damn fuckin’ way drivin’ around in that sonofabitch cruiser of mine all day long. I was just tellin’ our buddy here that I damn near cum in my pants this morning cause I couldn’t keep my fuckin’ hands off of myself. Do you ever get as horny as that when you’re drivin’ around in that fine lookin’ unit of yours?”

“I sure as hell do, sheriff.”

The sheriff chuckled as he wrapped his big ol’ arm around Bull’s shoulder and jostled him some and said, “Now that’s my man there, boss! You and I are gonna get along just fine, little buddy. What do you say we go ahead and get that trailer unhitched and put away, while the man of the house gets his stuff unpacked.”

Bull raised up his arm and put it around the sheriff’s back as he looked at me with a big ol’ shit eatin’ grin on his face like he wasn’t sure what the fuck to think of the man, then he gave me a wink right before he looked up at the sheriff and said, “Sounds like a plan to me sheriff.”

I just smiled to myself at how quickly they had takin’ to one another. I had no idea what the hell was gonna happen once we got down to the river, but I couldn’t help but get the feelin’ that a whole new dynamic in my life had just come about.

They both carried me high when they saw that big ol’ yellow ribbon my bull had won in the cab of my truck, and as I grabbed up my suitcase and headed to the house, they made a silly show of carting it off to the barn together as if it weighed a fuckin’ ton.

After I unpacked my suitcase and headed down stairs to throw all of my dirty clothes in the wash, I caught a glimpse of them horsin’ around together as they was unhitchin’ that trailer of mine, and it did my heart a world of good to see how well the two men I truly cared about the most in my life were gettin’ along with one another.

I knew one thing for sure by seein’ how they was horsin’ around together, there for sure was some kind of crazy, horny man-stuff in the air just like the sheriff’s grandpa had said there was, but I couldn’t get any sense by watchin’ them of how strong that feelin’ might be between the two of them.

Hell, I guess I should of felt a bit anxious about having the two of them together and Bull finding out the true nature of the sheriff’s and my relationship, but I was so swept up by all of the unlikely occurrences of the day, and how well they were gettin’ along, I was a bit numb to that and too dumbfounded by it all to worry about much of anything.

Besides, I knew in my own heart that Bull had sought out some new relationships of his own. I could sense a change in him even in the short amount of time he’d been here. He sure as hell seemed a whole lot more at peace with himself than I’d ever seen him be, so I figured that no matter what happened next, he was personally in a good place within his own self to accept it for what it was.

That’s when it all of a sudden it popped into my head that I’d promised the sheriff he could stay over at my place for as long as he wanted, and I didn’t want Bull to think that meant he wasn’t any longer welcomed in my life, so just to head off some potential misunderstanding, I stepped outside and shouted off the porch, “Hey Bull, were you planning to spend the night here?”

“I sure as hell was Hoss. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I was just trying to sort out the sleeping arrangements, because the sheriff’s gonna be spending some time here with us well.”

“Yeah, he just told me all about it. It seems as though we have more in common than just bein’ horny as hell, Hoss.”

The sheriff gave ol’ Bull a jab with his elbow, then they shot one another a glance before they let out with a good chuckle. Fuck, I could tell somethin’ was up. . .

“Don’t worry about it Hoss. We’ll sort all of that out later. Just get unpacked and get your fat, hairy ass on out here so we can get on down to the river. It’s fuckin’ hot out here.”

I just shook my head at the two of them and said, “Yeah, I can sure as hell see that. I tell you what, why don’t you two head on down without me and get the river all warmed up for me with your big ol’ hot, horny bodies and I’ll be down after I get my stinky clothes in the wash and rustle up some grub for us to have later? I won’t be all that long.”

“Whatever you say, boss.”

Hell, I stopped worryin’ about everything after that and when I finally got myself down to the swimmin’ hole, they was horsin’ and splashin’ around like a couple of kids.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them as I got myself undressed and when they finally took notice of me, the sheriff paddled up close to Bull and said just loud enough to where I could hear, “Fuck, Bull, can you believe the size of that fucker of his? What the hell would you do if you had a dick like that?”

Bull just chuckled and got a little red in the face as he turned to the sheriff and said, “Fuck if I know, sheriff. I guess I’d probably be spending a whole hell of a lot more time home alone with myself, that’s for damn sure.”

The sheriff chuckled and said, “I think you might just of stumbled on to something there, Bull. I’ve wondered why the man doesn’t get out all that much, and now I know why.”

After I pulled off my t-shirt, I just shook my head at the two of them and said as I wadded out to them, “If you two horny fucker’s don’t stop carrying me high about my fuckin’ crank, I’m libel to start gettin’ a fuckin’ hard-on.”

They both gave a good chuckle then Bull said, “Well if you did Hoss, you wouldn’t be alone. I couldn’t help but notice that the sheriff is a little bit on the hard side himself.”

I saw the sheriff get a little red in the face as he said, “Fuck, I’m surprised that you’d even notice, Bull. I can’t tell much difference in my short, fat little fucker from when it’s hard and when it’s soft”, then he nodded his head at Bull and said to me, “But I sure as hell found out where the hell you got your inspiration for that fine lookin’ specimen of manhood you carved on that bull you set up along the side of the road, boss. You can’t tell me that it ain’t the exact spittin’ image of what this man’s got hangin’ between his legs.”

“Yeah, I admit that I did, sheriff. Don’t he have a nice lookin’ dick on him, sheriff?”

“He sure as hell does, boss.”

Bull turned his head to the sheriff and looked at him like he couldn’t believe what he’d just heard, then he got all red in the face and broke out in a big, embarrassed grin and said, “I appreciate the compliment sheriff. As a matter of fact, I was thinkin’ to myself how much I liked the looks of that nice, round head you have on that thick, plump fucker of yours, but I wasn’t sure if you’d appreciate hearin’ me say somethin’ like that to you.”

The sheriff smiled as he wrapped his big ol’ hairy arm around Bull’s shoulder, then he jostled him some and said, “Awwh, hell Bull. I appreciate the hell out of hearin’ that - especially comin’ from a man like you. I wasn’t fishin’ around for any complements about my fat, little fucker, but it’s kind of you to say what you did.”

We both couldn’t help but noticed that the sheriff’s fat cock got to throbbin’ and bobbin’ up and down from all of the attention, so he put both of his hands down to cover himself and said, “I’m sorry men. I just ain’t used to gettin’ any complements for what I have between my legs. My wife sure as hell never said any kind things about it, the way ol’ Bull here did. ”

“That ain’t nothin’ to get embarrassed about, sheriff. It’s just natural. I sure as hell noticed Bull’s fucker got to throbbin’ good when you paid him the complement you did about his manhood.”

Bull put his arm around the man and said, “Besides, I didn’t say what I did just to be kind, sheriff. Hell, you’ve got a fine lookin’ dick. You’ve got what I’d call an ‘all day sucker’ if I ever saw one. . . Wouldn’t you agree, Hoss? Hell, take your hands away from your crotch, sheriff. You ain’t got nothin’ to be embarrassed of.”

The sheriff turned his head to Bull and gave a big grin as he raised up his big ol’ hairy arm and wrapped it back around Bull’s shoulder and pulled him into him tight. “You sure as hell know how to make a man feel good about himself, Bull. I’ll say that for ya.”

Bull just leaned in and dropped his head down as he rested it on the big man’s arm. By then, it was apparent that the sheriff was about as full up hard as he could be, and I could tell that Bull truly liked the looks of the big ol’ man’s equipment because he just kept his head right where it was.

The sheriff looked down at Bull as he slowly rubbed his hand all over Bull’s shoulder and on the back of his neck. “Why Bull, I’m beginning to think you really do like what all I have between my legs.”

Bull gently placed his hand on the big man’s hairy thighs as he raised his head up to him and said, “You’ve got a beautiful dick, sheriff”, then he slid his hand up towards the big man’s groin as he said, “You’ve got some big fuckin’ hairy balls too, sheriff. Why I bet you could fill a bucket full up with your cum.”

The sheriff just chuckled and rubbed his hand vigorously all over Bull’s back. Then I reached out and rubbed Bull on the shoulder and said, “Why sheriff, I can’t help but think our little buddy here, wouldn’t mine gettin’ himself a taste of that ‘all day sucker’ of yours. I don’t guess you’d be all that opposed to lettin’ the man do that now, would ya?”

The sheriff looked up at me, and after he saw for certain that I was perfectly fine with it, he raised his groin up out of the water as his big ol’ paw gently guided Bull’s head back down towards it and said, “Is that what you’re wantin’ little buddy? You wantin’ to suck on that fucker for me?”

Bull let out a deep, gutteral, “Fuuuuuck. . .” as he saw the head of the ol’ sheriff’s fat cock flare out all big and wide, then he looked up at the man and said, “Why I’d be honored to, sheriff.”

“Well go ahead then, little buddy. Get all of it you want.”

Bull dropped his head right down to the fucker and the sheriff squinted his eyes half shut and a big ol’ lustful grin formed on his mouth as he made his fucker throb all big and horny for ol’ Bull to appreciate, and ol’ Bull slowly slid his hand up all over the big man’s huge, hairy testicles as he gently wrapped his fingers around the base of his shaft and dropped his hot mouth good and deep over the fucker.

The sheriff ran his lovin’ hand all over the back of Bull’s head and whispered all full of fuck-lust, “Ooooh. . . That’s so beautiful little buddy”, then he slowly raised his groin up higher as he gently pushed Bull’s head down further on it and whispered, “There you go little buddy. Suck it good and deep for me. . . That’s a buddy! Suck that fat fucker.”

The sheriff couldn’t take his eyes off of Bull as he passionately sucked on the big man’s fat dick like it was the most perfect specimen of manhood in the world.

They went after it like that for a good while before the sheriff got his big self up on his feet to give Bull better access to what all he had, and I placed my hands on Bull’s big ol’ squared off shoulders and rubbed them good for him as he gorged himself on the full of the sheriff’s manhood.

For a while there, Bull couldn’t seem to get enough of the sheriff’s big ol’ hairy testicles, but once he got back to suckin’ on the man’s stiff, fat cock, he showed a passion for suckin’ dick like I never knew he had in him.

I started gettin’ harder than fuckin’ hell myself and when Bull felt me pull up on my throbbin’ crank and set it to rest on his back, he raised up his big ol’ hairy ass for me to get after it for him.

By then, the sheriff was damn near gone from the looks of him and when I started in thumbin’ around on Bull’s pucker-hole, he just shook his head at me as though he still couldn’t believe what all we were doin’ with one another.   He passionately rubbed both of his big, hairy paws all over the back of Bull’s head then growled all full of fuck-lust, “Fuuuuck, boss, he sure as hell sucks a mean dick.”

“He fucks real good too, sheriff.”

I patted Bull on his shoulders and rubbed them good all over to let him know how fuckin’ proud of him I was as I softly said to him, “Bull, the sheriff has been kind enough to let you get a good taste of his ‘all day sucker’, so why don’t you return the favor to him and let him fuck your ass with it so he can get a good taste of your nice warm, tight fuck-chute? I suspect the ol’ boy hasn’t gotten himself a good piece of ass in a good long while. . . ”

Bull slid his hungry mouth off of the ol’ sheriff’s cock and looked up to him as he rubbed the man’s big ol’ belly all over. “Is that true sheriff? I’ll let you fuck me if you want to. Would you like that?”

The sheriff grabbed him up in his arms and held his head close to his chest and chuckled all hearty and took a deep breath like the biggest burden in the world had just been lifted off of him, then he growled all deep as he rubbed his big paws all over Bull’s fine, hairy back and reached on down to his buttocks, “Hell yeah I would, Bull. I’d be honored if you’d let me fuck that beautiful ass of yours. I ain’t got all that much to work with, but I’ll do my best with what I’ve got. . .”

He stooped down and rubbed the sides of Bull’s stout body from head to toe and kissed his fuckin’ dick like it was the most perfect thing he ever saw in his life, then he stood back up straight and tall and grinned like he was ready to get to it and said, “Anyways, I imagine I can sure as hell at least get you good and ready to handle what our big ol’ buddy here has in store for you, and I’d love it if you’d return the favor to me after he has his way with you. I’d fuckin’ love to find out what that beautiful fuckin’ dick of yours would feel like up inside of me.”

Bull ran his hands all over the sheriff’s chest and nipples then looked up at him as he wrapped his arms tight around the man and said, “I’d love that sheriff. I’d be honored if you’d let me feel the heat inside of your big ol’ hairy body.”

I wrapped my arms around the both of them, and we all three got to huggin’ and gropin’ around on one another until Bull got so plum full of all of the heat and passion, he slowly turned and pushed his beautiful, round, hairy man-ass up firm against the sheriff’s stiff cock as he bent down and got to lickin’ around all over my crank and balls.

The sheriff’s fat fucker started throbbin’ like wild as he got himself busy fingerin’ around on Bull’s hot, tight pucker-hole, and Bull just kept slowly bending down lower and lower for the man as the ol’ sheriff got his big self lined up and situated right up nice and tight to his big, hairy ass.

He rubbed the head and shaft of his fat fucker all over Bull’s buttocks while he got his bearings on how he was gonna fuck himself a good, hot piece, then he reached down between Bull’s legs and got himself a good handful of his scrotum as he fucked his fat cock all down and around in Bull’s fuck-chute and slicked him up good with his pre-cum.

I pushed Bull’s head down between my legs and straddled him tight when I saw it was time for them to couple up, and by then, I could tell the sheriff’s heart was pumpin’ a mile a minute. He was all red in the face as he glanced up at me and shook his head at all of the fuck-lust he was feelin’ inside of his big self, then he bent his knees as he grabbed a hold of that stiff, fat fucker of his and bent it down and got it good and lined up before he fucked himself up in Bull’s hot, hungry ass. They both let out a deep groan as the heat of the penetration spread throughout their respective bodies, then the sheriff grabbed on tight to Bull’s prominent hips as he pushed his big groin forward and finished the deed.

Once he had himself good and deep inside of Bull, he closed his eyes and raised his head up to the heavens as his face twisted up in big ol’ slobbery fuck-filled expression like I’d never seen him make before in all the years I’d known him. Then his whole body started to tremble as he held on for dear fuckin’ life to Bull’s hips and growled all deep and full of newfound conviction, “Fuuuuck boss. This is better than fuckin’ pussy ever was!”

I’m sure I would of laughed out load if I’d heard him say that while he was tellin’ me one of his fuck-stories he was so good at recounting, but I got so fuckin’ hot and horned up myself when I saw how the big man was fightin’ with himself like hell to not just empty his huge balls right off the bat, that all I could do was just watch his struggles with his big self in amazement.

There wasn’t any doubt in my mind that this was the first time the ol’ sheriff had ever fucked a man up the ass, and I was so taken by the change I saw come over him, I couldn’t take my eyes off the man.

I rubbed my hands all proud all over Bull’s hairy back and said, “Bull I think you’ve just put a permanent change on the ol’ sheriff. I wish you could see the expression on his face.”

Bull just moaned and growled through his fuck-lust, “Aaaahhh. . . fuckin’ hell, you should feel how hard that fucker of his is throbbin’ up in me.”

All of a sudden, the sheriff bellowed out as the heat and feel of Bull’s ass just got the better of him and he fucked his load as deep and hard as he could up in the man. When Bull felt his powerful thrust and ejaculation, he bucked, then whispered in awe, “Fuuuuuuck, sheriff. . . Fuck, that felt good. . . I felt that shoot all the way up through my hot ass.”

The sheriff’s big ol’ hairy belly heaved so strong that they both damn near fell to the ground when it dropped back down heavy on the top of Bull’s buttocks. He was still hangin’ on to Bull’s hips for dear life as he fought to regain control over himself, but his fat fucker had way too strong of a grip over him.

He shut his eyes tight and his mouth fell open as he fucked himself good and hard up Bull’s ass, then reared back and raised his head up to the heavens like he’d seen the almighty light while his fat, fucker shot off a stream of spunk that made Bull moan deep and long.

My crank go so fuckin’ hard and needful, I wanted to fuck ‘em both at the same time, and the sheriff was sweatin’ and tremblin’ as that fucker of his kept beggin’ him for some more of Bull’s hot ass.

He was fightin’ it like hell but then he’d shout “Fuck!” and ram himself hard up inside of Bull and then bellow out as his hungry fucker filled our little buddy full up with his seed.

He fucked and shot off his load a good five or six times before he could finally settle himself down, then he rubbed his big, hairy paws all over Bull’s back like he was a godsend and said, “I’ve never fucked anything in all my life that ever felt so goddamn good as your hot fuckin’ ass does to me right now, Bull.”

Bull just pushed his butt up tight to the man’s groin and growled all deep and gruff, “Fuck ya some more of it sheriff. Get all of it you want. . .”, and the ol’ sheriff just closed his eyes and shook his head like he was a new born man as he slow-fucked his fat cock and felt the delicious feel of the man’s tight, hot, sticky fuck-hole all over it.

His passionate hands said it all and I could tell by the way they followed the beautiful hairline that trickled all over Bull’s backside, that he appreciated his beautiful coat of armor as much as I did.

He just kept slow-fuckin Bull and squintin’ his eyes and growlin’ “Arrrrgh!” each time that fucker of his slid back up inside of the man then he shook his head and said, “Your ass feels better each time I fuck it little buddy, I swear it does. . .”

Bull just groaned as he slow-fucked himself over the man’s throbbin’ cock then said, “Fuck it some more big man. Give it to me good”,   and before long, they was fuckin’ like two wild boars.

It got so rough and tumble, I just stepped out of the way and let ‘em have at it.

I couldn’t believe how that big man could fuck himself some ass. Hell, he was every bit the fuckin’ stud-fucker his ol’ grandpa was, and I almost came all over both of them by how sweetly he had Bull wrapped up in his big, stout arms while he pummeled his ass mercilessly all at the same time.

They fucked so good together, I couldn’t believe it, and they just kept after it until all of a sudden the sheriff raised his big self up and reared back and closed his eyes shut tight and twisted his head off to one side just the way his grandpa did when that big ol’ dick of his got a grip on him.

I saw his big, hairy ass squeeze tight as he ejaculated his seed, then he fuckin’ bellowed when the full release of it wracked throughout every bone of his huge, tremblin’ body.

He held on tight to Bull as he fucked himself off one strong load after another, then he fell over the man’s hairy back and gave him a big ol’ bear hug as he turned his head off to the side and buried it between Bull’s shoulder blades and said, “I could fuck you for the rest of my life little buddy. I sure as hell could”, then he raised his big self up and his fat, cum-soaked cock popped straight up in front of him after he pulled it out of the man.

He looked over at me as though he wasn’t sure how I’d react to what all I’d just witnessed, but I just grinned and shook my head in full appreciation of what I'd just seen as stepped up to him and patted him on the back to let him know how proud I was by the way he could fuck, then I took my place behind Bull and rubbed my swollen cock-head all through his spunk that was drippin out of Bull’s pucker-hole.

“Would you mind me havin’ some of that little buddy?”

Bull just shook his head as the sheriff stepped around in front of him, then he wrapped his arms around the big man’s huge, hairy thighs as he pushed his head deep down in between them and growled, “Fuck me good, Hoss. Fuck me like only you can, big buddy.”

The sheriff hefted up on his huge testicles and let them lay to rest nice and comfortable on the back of Bull’s neck as I squatted down and got my hard crank all lined up to his drippin’ wet fuck-hole, and as soon as I began my penetration, the ol’ sheriff rubbed and petted Bull’s back and helped talk him through it.

“That’s the little buddy, just relax. It’ll feel so fuckin’ good to you once he gets that big ol’ fucker of his all the way up in you, you’ll be wantin’ to cum like you never have in your life.”

Bull just nodded his head obediently and gently rubbed his hands all over the sheriff’s thick thighs as I felt his tight ass slowly give way to me.

Just the whole fuckin’ experience of it - seein’ Bull’s lovin’ hands all over the big mans’s thighs and how the sheriff calmed him down with his soothing hands and feelin’ Bull’s tight, hot pucker hole wrapped around the head of my crank, got me so hard and horned up, I damn near started cummin’ before I even got myself a good taste of his hot fuck-chute all good and slicked up with the sheriff’s sweet cum.

But once I did, I knew that this might be the end of it all. I couldn’t even imagine how I’d ever have an experience any better than this. . . ever in my life!

I was ready to fuckin’ give it up and die I was so lost to it all, and finally had to close my eyes to keep any kind of grip on myself as I fucked my way all the way up inside of Bull’s ass and heard the sheriff whisperin’ all sure and steady to him, “Yeaaah little buddy. . . now that’s got to be feelin’ mighty good to you, ain’t it?”

Bull responded with a deep, fuck-filled groan and I could feel the sheriff’s hands still rubbin’ and soothin’ on Bull’s back when he whispered all deep and lusty, “Yeaaahhh, boss, yeaaahhh. . . the man likes feelin’ himself all good and fucked full of your big ol’ fuckin’ dick.”

I opened my eyes and saw the sheriff lookin’ down at Bull with the most lovin’ eyes I ever saw while he calmed and petted him like he was his prized possession. “Do you like that little buddy? Do you like feelin’ the big man’s big ol’ fuckin’ dick all good and hard up inside of you?”

I could feel Bull’s whole body just melt as he raised his eyes to the big man and then got to suckin’ on his cock like it was his only salvation. I was so struck by the way he’d looked up to the man before he responded to him in the best way he knew how, I just stopped and watched as he gorged his mouth full of the big man’s fat cock.

He stayed down on it until he choked himself on the fucker and even then, he still stayed down on it and fucked his throat deep with it until the sheriff wrapped his big strong hands around the side of his face and coaxed him off of it.

He looked up at me and saw that I was standing there so fuckin’ horned up and dumbfounded, he had to silently mouth ‘Fuck him, boss!’ to get me out of my reverie.

I started slow-fuckin’ Bull’s ass almost in a trance as he kept suckin’ on the sheriff’s cock like it was his pathway to the promised land. The harder he sucked, the harder I fucked, and when I saw the beautiful, masculine expression pour all over the sheriff’s handsome face as he fought like hell to keep from cummin’ down Bull’s throat until I got my fill of his ass, I couldn’t take it any more.

  I started fuckin’ cummin’ in long streams that racked my nuts to hell and back, and as soon as the sheriff saw that I was cummin’, he reared back and bellowed out his relief like he’d just been set free from a life full of torture.

Bull just held his mouth all the way down on the man’s cock as he fed him full of his sweet seed with one strong ejaculation after another, and I could tell the man was so appreciative that he’d done it like that for him, that after he brought himself back from the brink, he mussed Bull’s hair like a proud father to him and groaned, “Ooooohhh fuuuuck Bull, you did it just the way a man wants it, little buddy, and you ought to take a look at the boss, he’s droolin’ all over his big self.”

Bull finally let loose of his gentle hold on the sheriff’s cock with his mouth just long enough to say, “Yeah, he does that, sheriff. . .”, then he gently lapped his tongue up the underside of the sheriff’s stiff, fat fucker and all over the head of it as I slow-fucked his ass and brought my own self back from the wanton depths of my orgasm.

The sheriff finally took a hold of his stiff fucker for himself and teased and rubbed the swollen head of it all over Bull’s face until he saw the man had finally had enough of it for the time being, then he chuckled to himself like a man with a plan as he turned his big self around and reached back with his thick paws and spread his big, hairy butt cheeks out wide as he bent over and said, “Here, little buddy. Why don’t to get my fuck-cute slicked up good with your spit so’s you can get yourself off a good load.”

I wasn’t sure how this was actually gonna work out even though Bull had said what he had to the sheriff earlier about wantin’ to feel the heat of his big ol’ body. Right when he’d said it to the big man, I couldn’t help but remember him sayin’ to me how he’d never found himself gettin’ horned up for fuckin’ a man up the ass, but as soon as he laid eyes on that deep, cunt-shaped fuck-hole of the sheriff’s, he put his hand on the man’s big, hairy ass and traced out the shape of it with his finger and growled, “Fuuuck sheriff. Awwwh fuck!”, and had his face buried deep down in it in no time at all.

The sheriff bellowed out, “Oh! Fuck, Yeahhh, Bull! Lick my hot, fuckin’ ass!”, and wiggled his big ol’ fuckin’ butt around so’s Bull could get his tongue down deeper in it.

Bull just latched on to it and started gettin’ harder and harder as he licked up the man’s pucker-hole until the ol’ sheriff was down on his hands and knees beggin’ for all of it he could get, and he didn’t waste a moment mountin’ the man up, once he knew he had him good and ready for it.

I was shocked when I saw how fuckin’ straight up hard that beautiful cock of Bull’s was, and even more so when he fucked it right up in the sheriff’s fuck-chute in one single stroke and growled to him, “Oh! Fuck! Yeaaahhh. . . Give your hot, fuckin man-ass up to me, sheriff. I wanted to fuck your big ass as soon as I met you, big buddy.”

The sheriff groaned all full of fuck-lust, “Yeaaahhhh, Bull. . . fuck it good for me, little buddy. Fuck my big ol’ hairy ass! That’s the man! Fuck that ass! Fuck it gooood!”

I just stood back and watched because it was like a fuckin’ dream come true for me. I always knew my little buddy was born to fuck and he sure as hell didn’t disappoint. He rode the sheriff’s big ol’ hairy ass like a trooper and the most beautiful expression poured all over his mug as he mustered up his load and pumped the big man full of his seed.

His whole body froze as his fucker dumped his load up in the big man’s ass, and he just stared down at the big bruiser like he couldn’t actually believe that he was fuckin’ his big ol’ hairy body.

My crank must of shot off four or five big loads all over the both of them in sheer approval of the spectacle, but I kept myself out of it until Bull was good and finished with the man and got to rubbin’ his lovin’ hands all through the thick, coarse hair that covered the sheriff’s broad back and shoulders.

I dropped down to my knees beside them and petted an cajoled them like I was the fuckin’ referee or somethin’, and it was only then that the sheriff rolled his big self over on his back and groaned his satisfaction with the all of the good fuckin’ Bull had laid on him.

He grabbed up Bull’s stiff, beautiful cock in his hand and said, “Fuck boss, he fucks a man good, don’t he?”

“I don’t know sheriff, I’ve never had the pleasure of him doin’ that to me, but from what I could judge by watchin’ him fuck your hot, hairy body, I’d have to say that he’s the champ!”

The sheriff chuckled and said, “I’ll say! And boy does that fucker of his ever shoot off a mean load! He fuckin’ blasted my ass!”, then he grabbed up my crank in his other hand, and after he stroked ‘em both a few times, he just rolled his eyes like he was in hog heaven and growled all gruff and proud as he shook our stiff dicks, “Fuckin’ dicks are gooood, aren’t they men?”

Bull scooted on his knees so he could get his short arms reached out to the sheriff’s own stiff, fat cock, and after he stroked it and got his hand all good and full of the man’s musk, he looked the big man straight in the eye and said all deep and gutteral, “They sure as hell are, sheriff. They sure as hell are. . .”

I could tell by the way Bull was handlin’ the sheriff’s short, fat cock that he truly loved the feel of it in his hand, then he rubbed his calloused paw all over the sheriff’s huge testicles and said all gruff and full of conviction, “Sheriff, I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this before, but these big ol’ boys of yours pack the sweetest tastin’ spunk a man could ever have. Don’t they Hoss?”

I reached down and got a good handful of ‘em for myself and said, “They sure as hell do Bull. He’s just a big ol’ fuckin’ honey bear ain’t he? And I have the feelin’ he ain’t even unloaded half of all the sweet seed he’s packin’ inside of them fuckers, have you sheriff?”

The sheriff chuckled and said, “No, I don’t suppose I have, boss. How about you?”

I chuckled myself and said, “Well I’m good for now sheriff. I was just wonderin’ about you. Are you just restin’ up for later, or are you wantin’ to fuck it all out of yourself now? I’m sure ol’ Bull would be happy to oblige either way. . .”

He just closed his eyes and dropped his head back as he raised up his big ol’ thigh’s and growled, “Awwwh hell, you know me boss, I want it all. . .”

“That’s my man. . . Give him some more of that stiff, pretty fucker of yours Bull, the man deserves it don’t you think?”

Bull slid his hand down to the sheriff’s deep, hairy, cunt-shaped fuck-hole and fingered around on it like it was the most beautiful thing he ever touched in his life, then his whole body swelled up as he wrapped his hands around the sheriff’s thick calves. . .   and as he fucked himself back up in the man, he growled, “Awwwh. Yeaaah. . . He sure as hell does, Hoss. I could make a habit out of fuckin’ his sweet feelin’ fuck-hole.”

I just chuckled all deep and full of my own fuck-lust, and as I rubbed my hands all over the sheriff’s strong, hairy chest, I said, “I think the man might like that Bull, and I could sure as hell tell you liked how he fucked you good and full of his sweet spunk.”

Bull just grinned and uttered all deep to himself as he kept grindin’ away on his ass, “Yeah. I like the way this big ol’ man fucks, Hoss, and I like suckin’ on that fuckin’ sweet tastin’ dick of his too.”

The sheriff just closed his eyes grimaced through his fuck-lust as Bull fucked his ass like it was his born duty to the man. I reached down and started workin’ the sheriff’s fat, stiff cock the way his grandpa had worked his hands on mine when he and I went off to that man-fuckin’ place together, and it wasn’t long before I could feel that fat fucker gettin’ ready to grace the world with some more of his potent seed.

I could tell that Bull sure as hell could feel it comin’ up ‘cause he started fuckin’ the man with a purpose as he whispered out all of his carnal thoughts, “Yeah sheriff, take that fuckin’ dick. Fuck your ass on it good and tight big man. Show me how far you can cum.”

The sheriff just loved hearin’ that and let out with a big ol’ lustful grin right before he grunted off a load that shot straight up towards the heavens, and Bull uttered, “Yeaaahhh” at the sight of it, but kept fuckin’ his ass because he could feel the big man’s prostate throbbin good with his cock and could see the purposeful, steady throbs of the man’s fat fucker as it wound itself up to shoot off another load.

  But after the sheriff bucked and shot off his second wad of spunk that went damn near out of sight, Bull just stopped in his tracks and chuckled all deep and lusty to himself as he watched it course its way to the moon.

  “Oooh fuck, sheriff, that one was a fuckin’ beauty. . .”

The sheriff’s head fell back as he broke out into a big ol’ grin all full of satisfaction with himself, then Bull bent down and slowly pulled his cock out of his ass as he got his head right down to the man’s fat, throbbin’ fucker and kissed the head of it and said, “I just love this fuckin’ dick of yours sheriff. It’s a fuckin’ keeper big buddy.”

I never saw the sheriff look so proud ever as he rubbed his paw all over the back of Bull’s head and then closed his eyes like he was livin’ a dream and blew another load all over Bull’s face just to let him know how fuckin’ beautiful he thought he was. Then he reached down and grabbed a hold of Bull’s stiff cock and said with his eyes still closed, “I love your fuckin’ dick too Bull. You fuck real good little buddy, you fuck a man real fuckin’ good”, and Bull buried his face in the man’s big ol’ hairy belly and kissed it all over.

It seemed to me to be the fittin’ end to everything I thought I could ever want in my life, but I knew in my heart, it was only just the beginning. You could cut the air it was so thick full of horned-up testosterone, and it just went on and on and right on through into the night.

We didn’t get out of the water and get ourselves dressed until right before nightfall and I noticed how ol’ Bull kept watchin’ every move the sheriff made as he got back into his uniform. By the time the ol’ boy strapped his gun belt back on, Bull was fuckin’ harder than a rock and was playin’ hell tryin’ to fasten up his britches around the fucker.

When the sheriff turned his big self around and took notice of him, he reared back and chuckled when he saw the way Bull was strugglin’ with his situation, then he hooked his thumbs in his gun belt and shook his head at the man and mumbled, “Fuck, little buddy. That fat, pretty fucker of yours just won’t let up, now, will it?”

Bull finally gave up on tryin’ to get his britches fastened and just held his fuckin’ drawers up as we headed back to the house. The sheriff kept lookin’ back after him and chucklin’ to himself, and by the time we got back to the house, Bull was even harder than he had been when we headed out.

Hell, I knew what was goin’ on. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that ol’ Bull liked seein’ the sheriff’s big ol’ hairy body fillin’ out that uniform of his, and after we got inside, Bull just plopped his butt down on the sofa and leaned back and raised up his groin to give his stiff fucker some breathin’ room.

He watched his pretty cock throb a couple of times, then he looked up at the sheriff and got all red in the face as he said, “Fuck, I haven’t been this fuckin’ hard in years, sheriff.”

“Just stay there and try to calm down a bit little buddy while the boss and I get some grub on the table”, then he gave him a wink and said, “I’ll take good care of that for you in a little while. . .”

The sheriff and I went on into the kitchen, and as soon as we were out of earshot, the sheriff whispered, “Fuck, boss, I thought you told me the man had a hard time gettin’ an erection. . .”

“Well I gues you’ve done brought out the best in the man, sheriff. . .”

“Well maybe I have. . . I sure as hell hope you’re not in any way upset by all of what went on. . .”

I just shook my head adamantly and said, “Are you kiddin’ sheriff? This has been the best day of my life. I wouldn’t trade havin’ the two of you around me for nothin’ in the world. Hell, I’d like this to go on for the rest of my days. I could easily get used to havin’ the both of you around. . .”

He seemed a little taken by that and I could tell his mind was racing as he entertained the idea of it all. Finally, he just smiled and said, “Well I think I could get used to that too, boss, I really do. . .”, then he nodded his head towards Bull and said, “Do you think he’d be amenable to a situation like that?”

“I think he would sheriff. I can tell he truly likes you and not just because he’s all horned up the way he is. I can tell you one thing for sure. . .”

“What’s that boss?”

“He loves seein’ your big ol’ self in your uniform. I’m pretty damn sure that’s why he got so fuckin’ hard the way he did right when we were gettin’ dressed to head on back to the house. . .”

“You think so really?”

“I sure as hell do. You should of seen the way he was watchin’ you as you were puttin’ your uniform on. I bet if you go in there and offer yourself up to him right now, he’ll grovel all over your fat ass. If he offers to pull your dick - and especially them big ol’ balls of yours out of your fly, just keep your pants on and offer to fuck him a good one with all of you stuff hangin’ out the fly of your trousers. . . I’ll bet he’ll jump at the chance to have you fuck him like that. . .”

He got all wide-eyed, and I grinned and winked at him and said, “Do you think you could do that?”

He chuckled and said, “Fuck, I guess so. . . I’ll sure as hell try anyway. I’m just not sure if I can get my short, fat fucker stuck out of my pants enough to where I can stick it up in his ass.”

I chuckled and said, “Don’t worry at all about that sheriff. It ain’t all just about how much cock you’ve got to offer a man sheriff, it’s nice to see and feel how a man works with what he’s got. I think you underestimate yourself sheriff by what all you can actually bring out in a man, but you ought to know by now that ol’ Bull there likes what all you have to offer as much as I do, and he sure as hell loves all your ways of dishin’ it all out to him. Hell, he loved how you fucked your ol’ dick all around up in him.”

“Well I sure as hell loved the feel of his hot ass on it. That’s for damned sure. . . I’m a whole different person after that experience, boss. . .”

I had to stifle a laugh. He was so fuckin’ sincere about that, that it was damned near comical. “Well get back in there big man and get ya some more of it before he gets soft and looses interest.”

He said, “I’ll do my best, boss”, then he turned on his heels and placed his hands on his gun belt as he strutted his big self back into the living room.

“You doin’ all right there Bull? Why don’t you raise yourself up there and give me a big ol’ hug?”

I snuck a glimpse a few moments later and saw how ol’ Bull was huggin’ on the big man and grovelin’ around at his crotch. The sheriff was just standin’ still for him and rubbin’ his big ol’ paw on the back of his head just like his daddy had done that night with that youngster.

Bull was so wrapped up with gettin’ his face all deep in the man’s crotch, he didn’t even notice me, so I decided to just stand and watch for a while as he got to suckin’ on the man’s fat cock through the fly of his trousers. After I saw him reach in to pull out the sheriff’s big ol’ balls, I stepped out of sight when I saw the sheriff was gonna have to help him out with that some.

The next time I looked in on them, Bull is all slumped down on the sofa with his stubby legs up in the air while the sheriff pulled off his trousers for him, and it was damn beautiful the way the big ol’ man gracefully lowered his big self over Bull and got his stubby legs wrapped around him as he stuck his fat dick up in his ass.

Bull just reached up and wrapped his arms around the man and they got to fuckin’ in such a slow, lustful rhythm, that the beauty of the two of them fuckin’ with their clothes on, simply overwhelmed me.

Hell, it was such a beautiful sight, I just had to get myself closer to the action, and as I slipped up behind them, I heard the ol’ sheriff whisperin’ in Bull’s ear all low and gruff, “Yeah. . . That’s my truckin’ buddy, take the ol’ sheriff’s dick up your ass like a good little buddy! That’s the way. . . That’s the way to fuck, boy. Give it to me good, son. . . That fuckin’ ass of yours is as sweet as honey, little buddy. . . It sure as hell is. . .”

“I love givin’ my ass up to you, sheriff. You fuck so goddamn good. . . “

“So do you, boy. It’s my turn to see you blow a load to the moon for me now, son. Do you think you could do that for the ol’ sheriff?”

“I’ll sure as hell try, officer. I’ll sure as hell try. . .”

They just kept fuckin’ and fuckin’ so slow and lustful, my crank started mustin’ out my seed just like it had when I witnessed all the good fuckin’ the sheriff’s daddy had laid on that young bull’s mouth, and then, almost as if on cue, Bull started bellowin’ and howlin’ to the fuckin’ moon and blew a thick, fat wad up all over the sheriff’s uniform.

The sheriff raised himself up and growled as he blew off his sweet seed and then Bull’s beautiful fucker shot one straight up past the big man that landed on the fuckin’ ceiling.

The sheriff was so fuckin’ surprised by that, he jumped back, and that short, stiff, fat fucker of his leapt straight up out of Bull’s ass, and damned if he didn’t blow the better part of his fuckin’ seed right up near where Bull’s had landed.

I looked down at Bull just in time to see his stiff fucker tuggin’ hard on his beautiful balls and then the fuckin’ spunk just flew all over the fuckin’ place.

The sheriff grabbed his stiff fucker and bent it back down to get himself another good taste of Bull’s hot, fuckin’ ass, but right before that fucker of his shot off, he pulled it back out and pointed right at Bull and just covered the man with his ejaculation.

He stepped in closer to him as he stroked on himself and growled, “Yeaaah! You look fuckin’ nice all covered with my spunk, boy! Here’s some more of it for ya!”, then he blew off a load like I never seen in my life.

Bull just fuckin’ loved it and started lickin’ his chops clean as he raised himself up to get his face all over the big man’s dick.

The sheriff just taunted his face with that fat cock-head of his as he growled, “Do you want some more of that, boy? You want some more of this fucker?”, Bull just whispered “Yes sir!” all submissive like, but the sheriff taunted him some more with it and made him beg for it again right before he shoved the fucker down Bull’s hungry throat.

Bull started suckin’ like wild and their collective spunk started drippin down all over them as the sheriff reared his big ol’ self back and filled Bull’s mouth up good and full. I could see his big ol’ ass workin’ hard to squeeze out all of his loads for Bull, and there was nothin’ more in the world that I wanted than to have my stiff ol’ crank up inside of the big man’s ass so I could feel first hand all the good spunkin’ action of his strong buttocks.

I stepped back and then slipped back into the kitchen once I saw they were close to gettin’ their fill of it all. Then a few moments later I heard ‘em both let out a deep, lusty chuckle, and it wasn’t long after, that I heard the water runnin’ in my bathroom.

The ol’ sheriff came struttin’ into the kitchen a few moments later lookin’ all proud of himself as he pointed at all of the spunk Bull had shot all over his shirt and said, “See that boss?”

I winked and grinned and said, “Yeah, I sure as hell do sheriff.”

“That’s the strong arm of the law right there, boss.”

I just chuckled and shook my head. . .

Needless to say the sleeping arrangements were just a bit cramped, but we all slept good and sound once we fell off to sleep.

I was a bit surprised at how horny we all still were even after the big meal we ate, but I sure as hell wasn’t questioning it none while I was fuckin’ Bull’s ass all good for myself.

The sheriff and I more or less tag-teamed him the way we had down at the river, but instead of him gettin’ Bull’s ass all good and ready with his stiff fucker, he just straddled Bull’s face and let him nurse on his stiff, fat dick while I worked his ass good and ready to take what all I was ready to offer him.

I saw him smile to himself as he saw how I was workin’ Bull’s ass just the way his grandpa had taught me, and when I finally got my fucker all lined up for the fuck, he held Bull’s legs up and spread them good and wide and then whispered to him as I fucked him full of my crank, “Yeaaah little buddy. . . That’s the way to do it. Get them stubby legs of yours out good and wide and feel the hot fuckin’ man-love he’s givin’ to ya! That’s got to be feelin’ good to you now little buddy! Yeaaaahhh. . . That's what I like seein’, I can tell now you’re lovin’ the feel of that big ol’ fucker up in ya.”

Bull just groaned with his mouth still full of the ol’ sheriff’s cock, and once I got my hands wrapped around his thick muscular calves and got to fuckin’ me some good, hot ass for my own fuckin’ pleasure, the sheriff rubbed ol’ Bull’s hairy belly like he was as proud of him as he could be.

I fucked and cum like I never had before and when ol’ Bull let loose with his spunk, the sheriff just leaned his big ol’ self out over Bull’s cock and took his load all over himself like he was showerin’ himself up.

That got me so fuckin’ hot, I started fuckin’ and cummin’ all over again and by the time it was all said and done, my fuckin’ balls ached so bad, I could barely stand it.

As I drifted off to sleep I would of sworn to anyone who would of listened that I’d had my fill of all the fuckin’ I could stand for a good month, but when I woke up early in the morning, I had a hard-on like I couldn’t believe. After I stroked the fucker a few times and realized it wasn’t by any means a piss-hard, I slowly rolled out of the bed figurin’ I’d best go jerk myself off some so as not to disturb Bull and the sheriff so early in the morning, and that’s when I noticed that the sheriff wasn’t in the bed either.

We had put Bull between us and coddled him off to sleep, and he was still out like a light. I grabbed my crank and held it as I quietly checked my son’s room to see if the sheriff was sleepin’ in his bed, but after I saw that he wasn’t, I went on down the hall, but didn’t meet up with him until I got in the kitchen.

He was fixin’ some coffee and when he turned his head back and saw my naked ass holdin’ on to my stiff fuckin’ crank he quietly chuckled and turned his big self around to reveal that he too was fuckin’ harder than a rock.

He whispered, “You too, huh?”, and I whispered back, “Yeah, I can’t fuckin’ believe it - as sore as my fuckin’ balls were right before I fell off to sleep.”

“Fuck, boss, I’m harder than I was yesterday at this time. I’m tellin’ you, my grandpa was right, there’s somethin’ in the air. There just has to be. . . How’s our little buddy doin’?”

“He’s out like a light sheriff.”

“Well I guess that isn’t surprising considerin’ all of the attention you and I gave him. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s still as horny today as you and I are.”

He grabbed a firm hold of my stiff crank and said, “If he ain’t, boss, I’d sure as hell would like it if you’d fuck my ass good for me. That’s all I was lookin’ forward to before ol’ Bull came on to the scene.”

“I’d be my pleasure sheriff, but don’t be surprised if he comes lookin’ to you for it as well. I’m willin’ to bet he’ll still be as horny as fuck, and I think you might have to damn near deputize him before he ever gets his fill of your big ol’ self.”

He chuckled softly and then his big ol’ eyes lit up. “You know somethin’ boss, I could do that if you thought he’d truly be interested. I could use the help of another good man and besides, I can’t help but get the feelin’ the real reason he showed back up here, was to tell you he was ready to settle down with you.”

“Do you really think so sheriff?”

He thought a moment then said, “Yeah, I do boss. I have a pretty good intuition about stuff like that, and I tell you one thing for sure, we could use a unit like the one he’s got around these here parts. That fuckin’ truck is a beauty ain’t it?”

“Yeah it is sheriff, and he’s one hell of a mechanic to boot.”

“I bet he is. You can smell the diesel all over him, boss, and that gets me as horned for him as much as that beautiful, fuckin’ round ass of his does.”

I just chuckled and said, “You sure as hell can sheriff and I could damn near kiss you for sayin’ it.”

He got all red in the face and said, “I wouldn’t mind it if you did, boss. I know I’ve held myself in reserve towards you in that way and have partitioned off certain parts of what I thought was acceptable between us because of my previous situation, but that’s all a thing of the past, now. . .”

“Come here you big, hairy fuck. . .”

We got to kissin’ so passionately, I damn near cum all over the man.

“We’d better stop right now sheriff unless you’re willin’ to slip down in the cellar and fuck my ass good with that stiff fucker of yours.”

“It’s mighty tempting boss. . . but all in good time don’t you think?”

He stroked my stiff crank just like his ol’ grandpa did, then he bent down and licked the pre-cum off the head of it and said, “We’d better get ourselves busy doin’ somethin’ while we wait for our little buddy to get himself up and out of bed.”

“Don’t he have the nicest, sweetest fuck-ass you ever saw on a man sheriff?”

“Yeaaah, he sure as hell does! Now shut the fuck up before I start cummin’ all over the fuckin’ kitchen floor. There must be somethin’ productive we can do. . .”

I couldn’t help but let out a silent laugh, especially when I saw the way his fucker got to throbbin’ and bobbin’ up and down the way it was. I thought for sure it was gonna shoot a long stream out all across the room, so I grabbed a hold of it myself and gave it a firm squeeze and said, “I tell you what sheriff, why don’t we go on down stairs? I have something I’m sure you’d be a big help with.”

“Oh boss, I don’t want us to be fuckin’ around without Bull havin’ the chance to join in. I don’t think he’s in the state of mind to quite handle somethin’ like that if he found out about it. Give the man some time to get used to all of this. Hell, he came here to see you, not me, boss. . .”

“I agree sheriff. That’s not what I had in mind. . . Just pour us both a cup of coffee and meet me downstairs.”

“Don’t you think we ought to at least get dressed?”

I smiled and said, “Yeah, you’re right.. . . I’ll fix the coffee while you slip back and grab us each a pair of overalls. . .”

It didn’t take long after the sheriff saw the sketch I’d made of how I wanted to add on to the house that he looked up at me and said, “Damn boss, it looks to me like you’re wantin’ to start a motel. . .”

“Maybe I do sheriff.”

“What got you started on this?”

“I don’t know. . . I just had a premonition a while back and sketched this out at the time.”

“Looks to me like you’ve got three big bedrooms here each with a big ol’ private bath.”

“A man needs a place completely for himself from time to time, sheriff. You know that.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that boss. . . a man sure does. . .”

I just smiled and said, “Yeah, that’s what I had in mind at the time, but I’m thinkin’ we need to add on a fourth.”

“A fourth! What the hell for?”

“It ain’t ‘what’ the hell for, sheriff, it’s ‘who’ the hell for. I was just thinkin’ it’d be wise to go ahead and build another room for your ol’ grandpa.”

“My grandpa!”

“Why not, sheriff? Hell, he’s gettin’ up in the years and I know for a fact that he ain’t farmin’ all of his property now. . . and I think if he knew that he had a place waitin’ for him here, he just might warm up to the notion of spending his golden years doin’ what he could around here. Hell it wouldn’t be all that big of a deal for the two of us to go ahead and build him a fuckin’ room.”

The sheriff just chuckled and said, “A fuckin’ room is right, boss! Well anyway, you’re at least on target about that. . .”

I just shook my head and said, “Man, I tell you sheriff. . . He’s still fuckin’ stout as an ox and I’m willin’ to bet that he fucks better than he did when he was teachin’ you all you wanted to learn from him. . . I’m sure he’s gonna be around for one hell of a long time, and why the hell should he have to live all those years all alone? Besides that, I just like the wisdom of his years. There’s still a whole lot about life we could both learn from him.”

“Awwh fuck, boss, now it’s me wantin’ to give you a big ol’ fuckin’ kiss. . . I’m sure that he’d love this fuckin’ layout of yours, boss, but that ain’t no sign that’d he be willing to give up what all he has worked so hard in his life for. . .”

“Well you never know sheriff. He told me he’d heard about this spread before. He even went so far as to say that it was ‘legendary’. I have to tell you I was surprised as hell by that choice of words. . .”

“Well it is, boss, and that’s why I’m a little concerned at how you’ve laid all of this out. I don’t know serious you are about all of this, but I sure as hell know how much you cherish your privacy and all, and I can’t help but think that this is gonna look mighty ostentatious from the road. . . unless you were thinkin’ about puttin’ up some gates and blockin’ off both accesses from the adjoining county roads.”

“No sheriff, I don’t like that idea at all. I think in the long run that’d only draw more attention to us. . . Don’t you?”

“Yeah, I sure do boss. . .”

“You got any other ideas?”

“Well if I was you, I’d only add about this much to the length of the house, just enough to hide the rest of the build-out from the road and not piss off your so called ‘neighbors’, and then come out the back with all of the rest of it.”

“Hell, I like that idea, sheriff. Why don’t you sketch it all out while I go feed the animals and then we’ll survey the property and lay it all out.”

“You really are serious about this aren’t you? Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to lay somethin’ out and see what all it would entail. . . I just have one question. Where’s your septic tank and how big is it?”

“It’s way out in the wheat field on the other side of the road, sheriff. Don’t worry about that. It’s plenty fuckin’ big. . .”

He just chuckled and groped me good and said, “It sure as hell is, boss. It sure as hell is. . .”

I could almost feel the presence of the sheriff’s grandpa with me as I stepped into my barn. For all of the admiration I had for the man, the one thing I appreciated most about him was the fact that he was a man of the earth in the same way as I.

I respected that more than anything, and as I looked at the bales of hay all stacked up in my barn, I could almost picture the perplexed look on his handsome face that only a simple farmer like him could have the day his son got up the gumption to cross those invisible barriers and reach out to him for he wanted.

My thoughts was with both of them as I fed my animals, but once I got back to the house and saw the layout the ol’ sheriff had pulled out of his head, it was all I could think about.

He’d somehow managed to even add another room bigger than the rest without the need for any further materials.

“Fuck, sheriff, you should have been an architect.”

“Maybe so, boss. It just came to me in a flash.”

“You know what I’m gonna do, don’t ya?”

“I’m gonna build us a big fuckin’ bed and put it in that room right there. One that gives all four of us plenty of room to fuck like the big, horny fuckin’ men we are. . . and then sleep us all nice and comfortable side by side.”

He just shook his head and chuckled and said, “God, you’re one horny fucker, boss! Where the hell would do you think you’d ever find the bedding to cover a bed as big as you’re talkin’ about? Much less the fuckin’ matresse.”

“I have my sources, sheriff. Just leave that to me, it’s just too bad we can’t get all of this done before your grandpa pays us a visit.”

“Hell, boss I bet you and I could have the better part of it finished up within a few weeks. I have plenty of vacation time coming to me so that ain’t no worry at all. I’m just not very handy when it comes to the pluming and the electrical, but I have a sneakin’ suspicion that our little buddy is handy as hell with all of that kind of stuff.”

“Yeah, I bet he is, but. . .”

“I know what you’re thinkin’, boss. You just keep quiet and stay busy workin’ outside on it and let me handle how to break the idea to him. I know he’s ready for this. I know it as sure as the sun’s gonna rise. . .”

We headed off to the barn and drug out enough lumber to layout the basic floor plan, and by the time Bull stuck his head out of the bedroom window to see what all the commotion was about, the sheriff and I had dug out most of the holes where we thought we’d have to set in the piers.

Bull watched us diggin’ away for a while before he finally shouted out, “What the fuck are you two up to now?”

I looked up at him, but I let the sheriff do all the talking.

“We’re buildin’ you a home Bull. One that will give you plenty of room to parade around naked and show off that beautiful, hard fuckin’ dick of yours.”

He chuckled at his own joke, then nodded his head over at me and said, “You should of seen his big ol’ fucker when he got out of bed this morning. It was damned near as hard as yours is now, Bull.”

Bull looked over at me and grinned all big then said, “You should of just fucked my ass good with it, Hoss. I’m still so fuckin’ horny I can barely think.”

“Well think about this, Bull. . . I still want you to spend the rest of your life with me, and I’d love it if the three of us could live happily together. . . What would you think about that, Bull? Do you think three men like us could work something like that out between us?”

He looked over at the sheriff and said, “What about you, sheriff? What do you really think about that?”

The sheriff just pushed his shovel down deep in the ground with his foot then smiled as he rested both of his big, hairy paws over the top of the handle and leaned forward a bit.

“Well you see right where I’m standin’ Bull. . . When you think about it, it’s pretty damn remarkable that three men like us have found one another right here Bull, right out here in the middle of fuckin’ nowhere. . . I ain’t the most religious sonofabitch in the world by any means, but I have a bit of faith in me, and can’t accept the idea that this has all come about by sheer accident.

I guess what I really should say to you, Bull is that I’d like nothing more if you could take me into your heart the same way you have our buddy here. I sure as hell got strong feelings in mine for you. I felt them the minute you and I first shook hands.”

He waved his big ol’ hairy paw all around at the work we had ahead of us and said, “We can build us a good life together, Bull. One where men like us can be free to be ourselves and to enjoy one another like only men can.

But all of this is more or less up to you, Bull. We really don’t need to go to these extremes, if you’re thinkin’ about scootin’ on out in a few days. . .

So I think it’s time for you to say what’s been on your mind - what you’ve been thinkin’. . .”

Bull looked back over at me, then slowly looked all around at the work the sheriff had already put in, then he shook his head like he wasn’t for sure what to think, but then he smiled and said, “You wanna know what I think? I think I’d better get my fat ass dressed and get down there with you two so I can help you son of a bitches out with all of these crazy notions of yours. That’s what I think. . .”