WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 26
Buildin’ A Home

It’s surprising as hell to me how much a man can accomplish in a day when he sets his mind to it, and when you have two other big ol’ horny men right beside you wantin’ to accomplish the same thing as much as you do, the speed in which things can get done is downright astonishing.

Just like the sheriff had said, between he and I and Bull, we had the better part of the work done to the addition he’d so cleverly planned-out for the house in three weeks time.

I was surprised as hell by that because for the first few days, it didn’t seem as though we were making all that much progress on it in spite of all the work we’d put in. It was still gettin’ hotter than Hades by mid-afternoon for several days after we started in on the project, and all three of us was still fuckin’ hornier than all get out, so we’d break off around four in the afternoon and go on down to the river and cool ourselves off in more ways than one.

We couldn’t seem to get enough of one another and between all of the work, and the man-sex we were needin’ so fuckin’ bad, we formed an inseparable bond that has lasted ever since.

We fucked and loved on one another in most every way you could imagine those first few days together, and so much so, I began to wonder if we wouldn’t tire of one another long before we had all of the framework finished on the house, but as it turned out, our mutual bond grew even stronger as our potent sex drives began to wane and we all got to feeling back to ‘normal’.

Fuck, I know I was relieved the first morning I woke up without havin’ a fuckin’ hard-on driving me to distraction, and I could tell that Bull and the ol’ sheriff was a relieved as I was when they didn’t wake up with one either. As it turned out, it stayed a whole lot cooler that day and we was able to work right on through until way past sunset.

That was the day we looked around at all of what we’d accomplished, and decided to take the project a little bit further and add yet another room that would serve as a catch-all. I had plenty of lumber stored up in the barn for it, so it didn’t slow us down none at all.

Near the end of the second week we all piled into Bull’s truck and headed to the capitol city to shop around for tile and fixtures for all of the bathrooms. At first, the sheriff and Bull thought I was off my rocker to want to travel that far to order all of that stuff, but after I explained to them the main reason I was wanting to do it was because I didn’t want to draw the kind of attention we’d get by ordering all of that stuff from the local hardware store, they saw my reasoning behind it -- especially the sheriff.

It was during that trip that he and Bull decided it was as good a time as any to broche the subject of finances and how we was going to share in the expenses of all of this construction, and after I told them I wasn’t expecting for them to pay for a single thing, it was the sheriff who asked, “Are you sure you can afford to do all of this, boss?”

I just chuckled to myself and told them, “I can’t afford not to sheriff. You and Bull is all I’ve got in my life now that my son is out of the house. I’ve managed to save up a good bit of money through the years -- despite what it costs to keep up all of the property that’s been handed down to me.

Besides, all of the stone for the outside of the house is right there on my land, as well as the slate we need for the roofin’. We just need to buy all of the other stuff - the plumbing and electrical and the insulation and all.”

“What about the flooring, Hoss?”

“I’ve got plenty of oak planks down in my cellar already sanded and grooved and ready to install, Bull. Remember that night you asked me what I was doing down there when you saw me working on all of the trim-work I was? You remember what I told you then that I had a feeling that I would be needing to add on to the place don’t you? Well I never gave up on that Bull. Every single night I spent alone without you, I’d go down there and work on my dream. I never gave up on you Bull, I never did. . .”

I guess I shouldn’t of said all of that, because he started tearin’ up and then the ol’ sheriff started tearin’ up as well. Finally, the sheriff chuckled softly then slapped me hard on my thigh and said, “Gawwd, boss, you are one stubborn sonofabitch. . .”

Bull started chucklin’ as well and said, “It’s that huge fuckin’ hard dick of his that’s so stubborn, sheriff. He’s easy enough to get along with, but you’ve got to watch out when that fuckin’ dick of his gets a hard-on for the world.”

The sheriff smacked Bull on his thigh and said, “You mean a hard-on for that hot ass of yours, dontcha little buddy?”

Bull jabbed him in the ribcage with his elbow and said, “My ass isn’t any hotter than yours is big man”, and the ol’ sheriff reached down and pinched him on his buttocks as he said, “Maybe not, but it sure as hell is a whole lot tighter. I wouldn’t mind gettin’ me some more of that if you ever get back in the mood for my fat, little fucker.”

“Well maybe you’ll get your wish tonight if you’re a good boy sheriff, and stop pinchin’ my ass.”

“Hell, Bull, I’m always good. . . good and ready that is. . . Good and ready to fuck your sweet, hot, hairy ass any time you want.”

I just chuckled at all of their antics and said, “Fuck. . . you two need to get yourselves a room.”

“Speakin’ of which, Hoss. . . Where are we gonna stay tonight? Were you thinkin’ about the same place we did the last time we made this trip?”

“Nawh Bull, I called and made us reservations at a hotel right in town. My son and I stayed there when we first came up here to get him enrolled at the university. I think you two will like it. It’s mighty fancy, but they quoted me a reasonable rate for a room that would accommodate all three of us. As a matter of fact, that place is where I first realized how nice it is for a man to have a good sized bathroom and I wanted you to see one of them so you’d get a good idea of what I have in mind for ours.”

“Well the ones you insisted on are pretty good sized, boss.”

“Yeah, they are sheriff, but think how nice it’ll be to have plenty of room to dry off that big ol’ hairy body of yours.”

Bull chimed in and said, “You are the hairiest man I ever saw, sheriff.”

“Maybe I am Bull. . . but I haven’t been able to help but notice how much you like to run your fingers all through it and then smooth it all down for me. . . ”

We checked ourselves into the hotel as soon as we got into town, and as it turned out, the elderly man that was working the front desk was a good-sized fellow himself. He seemed happy to have someone to talk to and kept up a conversation with us as he filled out all his paperwork. I’m sure he could tell just by looking at us that we weren’t accustomed to putting ourselves up in a place as fancy as this -- especially the way Bull and the ol’ sheriff were lookin’ all around and taking the place all in.

I paid him cash in advance for the room and when he turned around to get us the key, he reached for one, then smiled to himself and reached up for another, and as he handed it to me, he said, “I tell you what, why don’t you guys take one of the suites on the top floor. You’ll have a nice view of the city and plenty of room and privacy. Enjoy your stay.”

I figured we were in for a special treat as I thanked the man, but as soon as I opened the door, I damned near had a heart attack. All I could see at first was a big room full of fancy furniture. Bull and the sheriff thought at first there must have been some kind of mistake, and as we all looked around, we discovered that there was actually three bedrooms, each with a private bath.

One of the bedrooms was quite a bit larger than the other two with a big ol’ fuckin’ bed that was damn near the size of the one I was thinkin’ about buildin’ for us, and the adjoining bathroom was a hell of a lot bigger than the one that was in the room my son and I had shared.

When the sheriff walked in there, all he could say was, “Fuck boss, I see what you mean now”, as he looked himself over good in the big mirror that covered the wall above the two sinks that were installed side by side below it.

The room had a good-sized bathtub in it but what caught all of our eyes was the shower that was at the end of it. Bull stepped in it and said, “I really like this here, Hoss. I like takin’ a bath every once in a while but I’ve noticed that we all three prefer taking a shower. This make a lot of sense to me.”

The sheriff said, “I agree with you Bull and I don’t think it’d cost near as much as havin’ to buy four bathtubs. Damn, boss, seein’ all of this has givin’ me all kinds of ideas.”

He hurried his big self back into the front room and sat down at the big desk that was in there and grabbed up a pencil and started sketching out what was on his mind. We all discussed a number of things and after we looked around some more and noticed there were distinct differences in the tiling in each bathroom, we talked a bit more before we headed out to check out the different places we found listed in the phone book.

On our way out of the hotel, I felt obliged to go thank the man for what he’d done for us and he just smiled and said, “It’s my pleasure. You men enjoy yourselves. Where are you heading off to?”

“Well we came up here to order what we need to remodel my house -- plumbing, tile, bathroom fixtures and other stuff like that. We wrote down a few places to go check out we found in the phone book.”

“Where’s your list? Let me look it over. I might be able to save you some time. What kind of budget do you have to work with?”

“Awh, I ain’t all that concerned about the cost. I’m just lookin’ for good quality materials, stuff like we saw in that incredible room you’ve been so kind to let us stay in. You didn’t really need to do that. We ain’t all that highfalutin.”

He chuckled and said, “Well I think regular men like yourselves deserve a little pampering from time to time. . .”

The sheriff said, “Well it’s mighty kind of you sir” as he handed the man the list, and after the ol’ boy quickly looked it over, he grabbed up a pen and crossed out two of them and underlined one of them and then wrote out the name of another place.

“The place I underlined has everything you’ll need for plumbing and fixtures. They carry stuff from all over and if you’re looking for tile, the place I wrote down has so much to choose from, you could spend a full day in there and still not see it all. They have it all, marble, granite, quartz, slate, you name it, and they import tile from all over the world. I suggest you go look around there first. Just head south on the street in front of us for about three or four miles and then turn left on the street I wrote down. They’re on the right, you can’t miss them.”

He pulled out a map from under the desk and traced a route out for us that we could follow to go see all of the places we had on the list, then handed it to the sheriff. The sheriff offered his hand, and as they shook, he said, “Now that’s what I call service. We really appreciate this sir.”

The man just waved it off and said, “It’s just normal. That’s what we’re here for, but I appreciated you expressing your gratitude. We never hear much of that. . . many of our regular clients are so spoiled, they just expect it all without ever expressing any kind of thanks to the staff. . .”, then he lifted his eyebrows as if an idea had just come to him and said, “I don’t know what you fellows had in mind for dinner, there are plenty of nice places around to eat, but if you want, I’ll arrange for you all to have dinner up in your room. . .”

We glanced at one another, and then he added, “It’s on the house, if you want to give it a try. . .”

The sheriff said, “Oh that would be really nice, but you don’t have to go all that far. I’d hate for you to get in trouble with the owner.”

The man just smiled and said, “I am the owner, sir.”

The sheriff got a little red in the face as he said, “Well that’s mighty generous of you, sir, and it would sure be a pleasure to eat here, but I guess you can tell by looking at us that we’re just simple meat and potatoes men.”

The ol’ boy just smiled and said, “Well, we’ll keep it simple then. Just call down to the desk when you all get back and I’ll have it sent up to your room.”

When we all got inside of Bull’s truck, the sheriff said, “My God, boss, I thought you was nuts when we pulled up here, but I have to say that man there changed my mind about a whole lot of things I was thinking when I first saw the place.”

“Yeah, he sure has bent over backwards for us hasn’t he?”

“You can say that again. . .”

“You know Hoss, I’ve been thinkin’ more about you and the sheriff’s concerns about what we’re doing -- about risking drawing too much attention to the place and to ourselves and all, so I think it’d be best if I paid for all of this stuff myself. I’m still with my bank back east, and if I pay for all of this, we won’t risk anyone at your bank catching wind of what you’re up to. I have enough money saved up to cover all of this and, well. . . I’m not ever gonna leave your side, so it’s the least I could do to contribute to the household.”

“He’s got a damn good point there. boss. The more we can do to keep prying eyes away from the place, the better it’ll be for us. . . you know that.”

“Are you sure about this, Bull? I can see your point, but this might run into some pretty serious money, depending on what all we see that we like. I wasn’t planning on skimping on any of this in any way shape or form. I figure if we get good quality materials and take our time to install it all good and proper, it should last us for a long time. . . and I want you and the sheriff to pick out what you’d like for your bathrooms. I’m not at all interested in seein’ the same thing throughout the place. I think that’d get mighty redundant.”

“I agree with you on all counts, Hoss, and yeah, I’m as sure as hell about this, aren’t you sheriff?”

“I’m with you both, little buddy. I can’t wait to see what all these places have to choose from. . . Boss, you never had any intention of ever buying any of this from the local hardware store, did you? Even if you had eventually only added one other room. . .”

“Well no sheriff, to be honest, I didn’t. . .”

We spent a good three hours lookin’ over all of the tiling before we had each set our mind to what we personally liked, and collaborated on what would look good in the forth bathroom. I asked the sheriff what he thought his grandpa would like, and he looked at me a bit quizzically and inquired as to why I asked.

I told him I was just curious and showed him some marble I spotted that had a silvery look to it and asked him what he thought of that. He smiled and said, “Well boss, I think he’d like that, if that’s what you’re asking.”

I just said, “Well it sure reminds me of the man. . . especially those steely gray eyes of his.”

He chuckled a bit and said, “Well I know he likes white and grays and charcoals because he painted his bathroom in those colors a few years after grandma passed away, and this has a bit of all of that. . .”

We looked around some more, but it was all a bit mind boggling, so we decided it’d be best if we went to the other places and look around at what all they had, and ultimately decided to hold off placing any orders until the following day.

The place was kind enough to let us take several samples with us to think over, and that helped us to settle our minds some while we were shopping around for basins and fixtures at the other places.

We discussed everything as we headed back to the hotel, and once we got in our room, we settled around the table and started working out the details. The sheriff started drawing out some patterns and motifs for the tiling and did some figuring on how much of what we needed to order, while Bull and I worked out the details of what all we’d need for the plumbing and electrical.

We got so wrapped up in it, we forgot about giving a call down to the front desk for the dinner the owner had promised us, but while we were in the midst of planning out everything, he called up to our room to ask when he should place the order.

I told him we’d be ready for it in about an hour, and when he said he’d bring it up himself around then, I asked him if he would care to join us figuring he would more than likely politely decline, but to my surprise, he said he’d love to sit down to dinner with us.

It had been interesting to me to see what each of us ultimately decided on in the way of tile and all. The sheriff was set on a deep black granite they had which was available in both a polished and rough finish, and when he found out we could special order a sink in black porcelain, he seemed happy as could be. Bull saw some that was as white as the sheriff’s was black and I spotted some marble for the flooring and walls for my bathroom that had all kinds of interesting shades of forest green that faded into a medium-toned sandy beige all cut through with striations of deep mahogany, and picked out some tiles for the shower that matched it’s coloration.

We still hadn’t fully decided on what to choose for the forth bathroom, and was pouring over some of the samples we had brought back with us when the owner of the hotel gave a knock at the door.

We cleared the table while he carted in the food and laid everything out for us and told him again how appreciative we were for all of his kind help and generosity. The dinner he had prepared for us was so beautiful to look at on the plate it was almost a shame to eat, but it looked so downright appetizing, we all sat down and dug into it in a hurry.

He’d ordered us up some good-sized fillets with some kind of pepper sauce poured over them that was simply delicious and some scalloped potatoes that were without question the best I ever tasted. There was also a tasty mixin’ of vegetables that were all cut up bite-sized and so beautifully, each one of them looked like a work of art.

After the sheriff ate a good bit of his steak, he looked up at me and said, “You know boss, I think this sauce would go great with the extraordinary beef you have”, then he looked over to the owner of the hotel and said, “Don’t get me wrong, this is a fine tasting fillet, but he has a herd of cattle that produces the finest tasting meat I’ve ever had.”

The owner looked over to me and said, “I’d be interested in trying it out. I’m always looking to offer the best that I can here. Maybe we could do some business.”

“Well I’d be amenable to that. I tell you what, since you’ve been so kind to us, I’ll send you a few sides so you’ll have enough to serve to your guests and see what they think of it as well.”

He looked down and smiled a bit remorsefully to himself and said, “You don’t have to go to that extreme, just a sampling will do.”

“Well you didn’t have to go to all of the extremes you have to please a simple man like myself. I’m not askin’ you to pay for any of it, hell, it’s the least I can do under the circumstances. And I don’t want you to feel obligin’ to me or nothin’, so it won’t hurt my feelings if it don’t suit you or your clientele.

I’m not all that willing to part with that many of them anyways, and I already do a pretty good business with some hotel in New York through a broker who is always hounding me for more. He told me the name of the place years ago when we finally settled on a price I was willing to accept to part with them. He said it was a pretty ritzy place and it sure sounded like it might be by the name of it - the Walldorcastorium or somethin’ like that. . . I can’t recall exactly, I don’t guess you might of ever heard of it.”

His eyes got real big and inquisitive as he tried to keep himself from chucklin’, but he couldn’t help himself from laughin’ a bit. Finally he asked, “Was it The Waldorf? The Waldorf Astoria?”

“Yeah, that was it. It’s been a good while since we made that deal. . .”

He got all red in the face as he dropped his eyes and just shook his head back and forth and chuckled a little more to himself, then he looked back up at me like he didn’t know what to think of me.

I could tell the sheriff had never heard of the place, but Bull just dropped his head and grinned like he was so embarrassed for me he didn’t know what to say, then shook his head once and barely uttered, “Fuck, Hoss. . .”, as he got to chucklin’ himself.

From Bull’s reaction, I suddenly wasn’t sure if it was a reputable place or not, so I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “I don’t know nothin’ about it. Is it as nice a place as he let on?”

Bull looked over at the man and grinned real big and said, “Believe me, he isn’t puttin’ you on one bit. That’s the real man, right there in front of you.”

The old gentleman just smiled and said, “It’s a very, very nice hotel -- one of the very best in the world. Why people save up for years just to be able to spend a night or two there when they visit New York.”

I just looked down and said, “Why I can’t imagine that. . .”

He just chuckled to himself and said, “Well it’s true. Why, I imagine on any given night, the better part of their overnight guests are folks who have done just that. Believe me, the service and accommodations are second to none -- people get their money’s worth, there’s no question about that.”

I just smiled and said, “Well you given us far more than our money’s worth. I bet the owner of that place doesn’t personally serve and entertain all of his guests like you’ve done for us.”

He looked down and said, “Well I don’t know how entertaining I am, but it’s been my pleasure getting to know you all. It’s too bad you don’t have occasion to come up to the city more often. I’d like to get to know you all better.”

Bull nodded his head towards me and said, “Well his son is enrolled in the university here and is playing on the football team, so I’m sure we will be coming up for some of the games in the Fall.”

“Is that right? If you men would like, I could reserve this suite for you for the season. I don’t start taking reservations until the third week of July, and we get booked up for the whole season in just a couple of days.”

The sheriff chuckled and said, “Well that is mighty kind of you, but I don’t think any one of us has the means to pay for a fancy suite of rooms like this for a whole season.”

The old fellow just brushed it off and said, “I’m sure we can work out some kind of arrangement. It depends on what price that big fellow sittin’ across from me wants for his famous beef.”

I chuckled and said, “Well, you try it out for yourself before you commit to anything, but I’m sure you and I can come to reason if you decide it’s suitable for this fine establishment of yours.”

He just grinned and then stood up and said, “Well I’m sure we can. . .”, then he looked over at the tile samples we had laid out on the carpet and said, “I see you brought back quite a few tile samples. Have you decided on one?”

I said, “Well I have for one of the bathrooms, but I’m still undecided what to do for the other one. . .”

“Which one did you pick out?”

I pulled out the green marble and the ceramic tiles I had decided on for my bathroom and handed it to him and he ran his fingers over it and then looked up at me and said, “This is absolutely beautiful. It’s a bold choice for a bathroom, but you’ll never tire of looking at this. There’s too much to take in, and I like these small hexagonal tiles you’ve chosen for the shower, you could even mix them up into a pattern that mirrors the overall look of the marble.”

“I like that idea. . .”

I asked him to look through all of the samples to see what caught his eye, and after I explained to him that I wanted the rooms to be individual, he spotted that marble I’d first picked out that had all kinds of silver and charcoal gray tones in it with thin striations of white cutting through it, and he suggested using that, along with the black and white granite samples. He grabbed up a pencil and paper to draw out a pattern to incorporate the three, and his drawing skills were so extraordinary and convincing, we all three just looked at one another and nodded our head in agreement.

He grabbed up another piece of paper and as he drew, he said, “I tell you what I think would really be nice, is right in the center of the floor, border out a diamond shape with the black granite and then place just one piece of your green and mahogany marble right in the center of it as a focal point. If you choose just the right piece, it would add an interesting splash of color and subtly tie the rooms together.”

We helped him clear the table, and then we sat around and talked for a good hour or so before he took a glance at his watch and said he needed to finish up some paperwork and retire for the evening. We found out he actually lived in the hotel by himself and stayed in a small suite on the top floor and the more comfortable he felt around us, the more of his true nature came out in him.

After he left, Bull looked over at me and said, “I really liked getting to know that man, Hoss”, and the sheriff said all gruff, “Yeah, I noticed how you kept your eyes fixed on that big ol’ bulge he had in his crotch, Bull.”

Bull just chuckled and said, “Yeah, I see you noticed he had good amount of meat between his legs as well sheriff.”

The sheriff responded all gruff, “Fuck, I sure as hell did. . . I wouldn’t of minded gettin’ my hands on the man. . . Besides, he sure seemed like a man’s man to me, once we got to know him better. . .”

He stretched his big self out and said, “I tell you what, I’m gonna get out of these clothes and go try out that shower for myself. I’ve been wanting to ever since I saw it.”, then he gave a wink and said, “I sure as hell hope you two are as fuckin’ horny as I am.”

Bull and I just chuckled as he made his way into the big bedroom and got himself undressed, and then gave one another a big long, lusty hug.

“I wouldn’t mind you fuckin’ me out a good load tonight, Hoss.”

“Awh, I’d like that myself, Bull. I have to admit, I get hornier than hell when I see you and the sheriff gettin’ after it. You two fuck so good together I could just watch and jerk myself off and be happy as hell. Hell, it gets me so horned up, I don’t even have to touch myself to get off a load.”

He just smiled at me as we started lovin’ on one another and got one another undressed, and after the sheriff stepped out of the shower and got to towelin’ himself off, we heard him utter all deep to himself, “Fuck, I do have some big balls, don’t I?”

We stepped into the bathroom and saw he was lookin’ himself over good in the big ol’ mirror, then he turned to us and said, “Step on over here next to me, I wanna get a good look at all three of us together.”

We stood side by side with Bull in the middle of us and put our arms around one another’s back and shoulders and the sheriff said, “I’d love to have a picture of this.”

“Now you see why I’m insisting on buying some good-sized mirrors like these sheriff, it’s nice to be able to get a good look at yourself ain’t it?”

“Yeah, I admit it is, boss. You’re right as always. I’m sure Bull likes gettin’ a good look at that perfect fuckin’ dick of his.”

Bull just chuckled as he reached down and took a hold of it for himself, and then felt around on it as he watched himself do it in the mirror. He said, “Fuck, I guess I can see what it is you two do in it, I sure as hell have never seen the fucker from this angle before.”

The sheriff bent down and took a hold of it for himself and said, “Awwwh, you’ve got one fine looking dick little buddy and it feels so good in a man’s hand. . .”

The sheriff man-stroked on it some, then stood back up straight and patted him on the back and said, “Give that shower a try, Bull. You’ll like it.”

“I think I will sheriff.”

While Bull got himself all good and clean, the sheriff went back into the bedroom where he had set down his suitcase while I hung up Bull and my clothes and pulled out our shaving kits for use in the morning. It wasn’t all that long before he came back and gave me a wink and said, “I’m all good and greased up for you big man”, and I said, well don’t be surprised if I don’t get to fuckin’ your big, hairy ass while you’re fuckin’ on Bull, sheriff. I wanna feel what all goes on inside of your big self when that strong, fat fucker of yours gets to pumpin’ out all of the spunk you carry around in you.”

“Awwh, that’d be fuckin’ great, boss. . .”

About that time Bull stepped out of the shower, and I stepped in to use it while he dried himself off, and by the time I was finished cleaning myself up, Bull had the ol’ sheriff splayed out on the bed with his big ol’ hairy legs hangin’ off the end of it. He was down on his knees between the big man’s legs suckin’ on that fat cock of his like crazy.

I got on my knees and started rubbin’ my hands all over Bull’s strong, muscular back and all over the sheriff’s thick, hairy thigh, and as Bull’s passion grew from getting’ himself good and full of the sheriff’s manhood, I slowly worked my way on down to his firm, round buttocks.

Bull started suckin’ on the sheriff even harder and deeper then raised his big butt up to where I could get access to his pucker-hole. I spit on my fingers and got it all slicked up good for him and then slowly started violating his tight sphincter until I had my forefinger good and deep inside of him.

He squirmed his ass around on it as he got his face fucked full of the sheriff’s hard, fat fucker until he was so fuckin’ hot and ready, he finally pulled his mouth off of the big man as he got himself up and told the sheriff what all he was wantin’ from him now.

The sheriff shook his head as he returned back from the brink, then raised his big self up and stood up. Bull didn’t waste a moment gettin’ himself laid out on the bed, and once he spread his stubby legs out wide for the sheriff, the big man grabbed him by his thick thighs and pulled him in close as he dropped down on one arm and guided his stiff fucker up in Bull’s hot ass.

They both groaned and bellowed as they soaked up all the good feelings of the sheriff’s initial penetration, and after he hefted up on Bull and got them both all good and situated for a good, proper fuck, I got to rubbin’ my hands all over the back of the sheriff as he started in fuckin’ Bull all good and proper.

I let them have at it as I got myself in tune with the rhythm, then I pushed the head of my stiff crank down in the deep, cunt-shaped passageway to the sheriff’s pucker-hole and got it all good and greased up for him from all of the stuff he’d used on himself beforehand.

My stiff crank slid up in him an inch at a time as his fuckin’ motion would open up his fuck-chute and then his big ass muscles would pull some more of it up inside of his hot body each time he fucked his fat fucker deep into Bull’s hot ass. Once I was all but full up in him, I just stood there and got to trembling all over as I soaked up the full power of the man’s fuckin’-motion, and every time I’d feel his big ass squeeze tight around my crank at the end of his powerful thrusts, he’d growl, “Oh fuck boss. . . Oh Fuck!”

I felt Bull’s body just cave into the man once he realized what all was going on, and that’s when the sheriff wrapped him up all snug in his big ol’ hairy arms and got to fuckin’ on him like he was his baby boy.

The sheriff started whisperin’ to him, “Oh baby, I love fuckin’ on you!”, and got to kissin’ him all over as he hammered the man’s ass completely out of control.

Bull was uttering, “Fuck me big buddy, fuck me good. . .” all deep and low, until the sheriff dropped themselves both down hard on the bed and started cummin’ to beat the band.

I was fuckin’ gone as soon as I felt the hot insides of the big man ejaculating his long streams of spunk out of him. His big, powerful ass just tore into my hard fuckin’ crank and I started cummin’ right along with the big man. I broke out in a cold sweat as it became all too clear to me that I’d never feel anything any better on my dick as this, and I dropped my sweaty self down over the two of them and rubbed both my hands all over the sheriff’s backside as the whole of his strong body convulsed through his long, powerful orgasm.

I could hear Bull moaning out his deep cries of fuck-lust, and as soon as the sheriff got through buckin’ his big self good and hard as he emptied out the last of what all he had inside of his huge nuts, he bucked back hard against me as he lifted his huge, strong hairy body up and growled, “Finish him off, boss. Fuck our little buddy good before he blows his fuckin’ load all over the place.”

I just fell over Bull and fucked his spunk-filled fuck-chute up full of my stiff crank as the ol’ sheriff crawled up at the head of the bed to let the man lick all of his sweet tastin’ spunk off of his fat cock and huge, hairy balls; but Bull started cummin’ before he could get his big self straddled up over our little buddy’s handsome face.

Spunk was flyin’ all over the room and Bull was buckin’ and fuckin’ himself as he stroked off one long rope of spunk after another. I’d never seen the man cum like that, ever, and as the fireworks flew all over the fuckin’ room, the sheriff uttered all deep to himself, “Fuck, little buddy. You are such a fuckin’ man! Gawwd fuckin’ damn!”

His fat fucker was throbbin’ so strong as he said that, I thought it was gonna explode, then almost as if the big man was in a trance, he grabbed his throbbin’ fucker and stroked off four long ropes of his own all over Bull’s writhing body.

I just watched it all in amazement as I helped Bull fuck out all of what he had inside of himself, and got so fuckin’ hard in the process, it took my crank a good hour after it was all done before it let up a bit, and started throbbin’ some.

By then, we were all layin’ side by side on the bed pettin’ and lovin’ and gropin’ around on one another. I was layin’ between the two of them, with the sheriff on my right, and he was layin’ on his side facin’ me. He raised up and propped his head up on his arm as he reached out and got to rubbin’ his other big ol’ paw all over Bull and myself, and said, “This is a dream come true for me. I never thought any man would ever feel about me and my big ol’ fat hairy body all the things I feel inside of myself whenever I lay my eyes on your beautiful male bodies.”

“Awwwh, you ain’t all that fat sheriff, you’re just nice and filled out the way a man should be, in my eyes. . .”

I rubbed my hand all over his hairy self and said, “Hell, I love all of the hair you have all over your big self. You look like a gorilla from the neck down, and you sure as hell fuck like I’d imagine one would. I’m still fuckin’ harder than hell from seein’ the way you wrapped ol’ Bull up in your lovin’ arms as you and he fucked. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than that -- seein’ two stout men like yourselves fuckin’ and lovin’ on one another. It’s so fuckin’ right and natural, I can’t help but think that the world in general is all fuckin’ upside-down.”

He just slowly closed his eyes as he gave a big grin and wrapped his meaty, muscular fingers around my hard crank, and as he gently felt all around on it, he said, “Well I truly believe the three of us can keep our part of it right side-up for ourselves. You can both count on me for that.”

“Bull and I both know that, sheriff. You are one hell of a fuckin’ man, and we both love you the same.”

“Well I love you two just as much.”

He gently stroked my hard fuckin’ crank, and then lightly ran his hairy paw all over the length of it and down over my testicles and said, “Well I’m gonna get myself off to bed and give you two some time alone with one another”, then he got to his feet and shut off the lights as he slipped out of the room.

Bull just rolled over on his side with his back to me and said, “Fuck me Hoss. Corn-hole me and love on me the way you used to do. I wanna sleep all night with you up inside of me. . .”

I willingly obliged, and he took every last fuckin’ inch I had up in him before he grabbed my arm and wrapped it around himself good and snug. I began to tear up as I laid my head down on the pillow close to his, then inwardly cried myself off to sleep just thinkin’ about the time he and I first met.

That trip was what bonded the three of us so tight together, we were inseparable, and it put a fire in all of our bellies to work as hard as we could to finish up our new home as fast as was humanly possible.

All three of us worked tirelessly day and night the following week and a half, and by the time the sheriff had to go back to work, we had all of the core build-out finished and the slate all up on the roof. The sheriff picked up the occasional items we needed from the hardware store while he made his presence felt around town, and after he finished what little paperwork he had to do, he’d set out in his cruiser and wander his way back towards his new home.

Most days, he was back on the job with us by noon and even though I felt a little guilty about that, I figured the taxpayers owed him that much - considering all of the hours I knew he’d put in for the county that he never got compensated for.

I have to say that I was more impressed by his skills as a carpenter than ever before. He was so fuckin’ fast and efficient, that after a while, Bull and I just left it all to him to do while we started in on putting up all of the stonework on the exterior of the house.

By the time we had the stonework finished, the sheriff had built all of the extra windows and exterior doors we needed, and was busy buildin’ he and Bull a bed in the same style as mine, but with some unique individual touches they could each call their own.

We all three started in on the interior plastering together, but a few days after we had the first room done and the plaster was good and dry, the sheriff got busy doing what little sanding that needed to be done and then started in building in cabinets and shelves so there wasn’t any need for us to buy any storage furniture.

He hardly ever asked for a helping hand, and that freed Bull and I up to stay focused on all of what we had to do just to keep up with the big man. Soon enough the house was smelling of wood stain and varnish, and I have to say that the sheriff’s finish work was second to none.

The day he put the finishing touches on up all of the cabinetry he’d made for the front bedroom which was to be Bull’s, he ushered us both into the room to take a look at it. Much to our surprise, he’d even made a nice small folding step ladder for our little buddy so he could reach up to the highest shelves, and after he showed off all of his other special touches he’d done specifically for the man, he wrapped his arm around his shoulder as Bull looked it all over and said, “Well, what do you think little buddy?”

Bull just looked up at the big man with a big ol’ tear in his eye, then gave him a big hug and laid his head tight to the big man’s chest. He raised his eyes up towards me, and said, “We’re all gonna be so happy here, we’ll never want to leave this place.”

I mussed his hair a little and rubbed my hand all over his back and said, “We never would have been able to have done it all without all of your good help and expertise on the plumbing and electrical and everything else you’ve done, little buddy. We both love you. We both love and respect you and all your talents more than you’ll ever know.”

He wrapped his short, stout arm around my side and held us both and said, “And I love both of you for all you’ve done for my tortured soul. I don’t deserve either one of you big fellows, much less both of you.”

The sheriff broke out with a tear himself as he chuckled and said, “Awwh hell, little buddy, you deserve everything that comes to you in this world. You’re a bigger man than the two of us put together in your own, exceptional way. . .”

We all knew this was a special moment for all of us and we needed to stop and take it in for ourselves, so we put an end to the day after we each hurriedly finished up what we each had going on. All the sheriff had to do was put away his tools, so he was first in the shower, and then Bull followed after him while I washed up all of the trowels and buckets I was using for the plastering.

The house was in a bit of a shambles from all of the relentless renovation work we’d been putting in, so the sheriff and Bull tidied it all up then kicked back in the front room in their underwear while they waited for me to finish my shower.

When I joined them, the sheriff was seated up straight with his left arm stretched out along the back of the sofa lookin’ mighty content with himself, and Bull was curled up next to him with his head resting against the big man’s ribcage.

As soon as he saw me enter the room, the sheriff gave me a wink, then dropped his arm down and rubbed his hand all over Bull’s side and said, “Are you gonna get up and make room for our friend here, little buddy?”

Bull started to sit up, but I told him to stay where he was and took a seat in my easy chair and propped up my feet on the foot stool. The sheriff said, “You look mighty content with yourself, boss.”

“I was thinkin’ the same about you sheriff.”

He smiled then gently rubbed his hand all over Bull as he said, “You know I’ve been thinkin’ more about the tiling, and I really liked what the owner of the hotel drew up for the flooring for that forth bedroom -- that idea of a focal point. And I think it’d be nice to do that in each of the rooms. I like the idea of it from a visual standpoint and I like the symbolic idea of it as well.”

“What do you mean by that sheriff?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I just can’t help but think it’d remind us all that even though we are our own unique individuals, we’re bonded together the way we are.”

“I like that idea sheriff. What do you think of it Bull?”

Bull raised up a bit and said “I like it too, Hoss”, then he placed a hand on the sheriff’s upper arm and said, “I’m sure this big man here will come up with something real nice and appropriate for each of the rooms”, then he rubbed his hand all over the sheriff’s upper arm and up on his shoulder and said, “Have you noticed how much stouter he’s getting up in his chest and arms, Hoss? He’s beginning to look a lot more like you in that way.”

The sheriff chuckled and made a show of makin’ a muscle for Bull while I told him that I’d noticed a difference myself.

Bull gave it a squeeze and said as he rubbed his hand around on the sheriff’s shoulder and pectoral muscles, “Look at that Hoss. . . You really are bulkin’ up in your upper body, sheriff.”

The sheriff got a little red in the face as he chuckled and said, “Yeah, I bet you’d like it more if I could figure out a way to bulk up what I got down in my lower body.”

Bull just ran his hand all the way down the big man’s hefty torso then got himself a good handful of the sheriff’s big ol’ testicles and said, “You’re plenty bulked up down here sheriff, ain’t he Hoss?”

“He sure as hell is, Bull, and I bet them big ol’ boys are plum full of his sweet honey-spunk by now.”

The sheriff’s fat cock began to swell as he rubbed his hand all over the back of Bull’s thick neck and shoulders and just watched and waited for ol’ Bull to wrap his strong, stubby fingers right under the swelling head of it before he jostled him some and said, “Is that what you’re wantin’ little buddy?”

Bull just chuckled and uttered all lustfully deep, “Ooohhh, I’d love a good taste of my honey-bear, sheriff.”

The sheriff’s big ol’ hairy belly got to heaving some as the feel of Bull’s hand on his fat fucker got him to throbbin’ good. He leaned back some and his big ol’ thighs spread out tight and muscled up as he growled and pushed Bull’s head down to his crotch, “I’ll ‘honey bear’ you, little buddy. I’ll feed you full of it.”

Bull rolled himself full over on his belly as he crawled up over the sheriff’s big, hairy thigh and pulled open the fly of the sheriff’s boxer shorts and got to lickin’ and teasing the big man’s bulbous cock-head. I felt myself gettin’ good and hard, so I slipped out of my shorts and got to my feet and stepped over to join them.

I picked up the coffee table and set it aside then got on my knees and started rubbin’ my hands all over Bull’s strong, hairy back, then gently helped him out of his shorts while he kept himself busy with the sheriff’s stiff, fat fucker. I kissed his big, round, firm, hairy buttocks all over then got to fingerin’ all around in his deep, moist crack.

Fuck, I could tell the man was hotter than hell for it, so I didn’t waste a whole lot of time before I got my head up over his fine ass and spread out his butt-cheeks and got to lickin’ all around down in him.

He growled out a fuckin’ moan so deep and full of need when I rolled the tip of my tongue all around on his pucker-hole, then bucked his stout self when I stuck my hard tongue up in him and got myself a good taste of his sticky-sweet fuck-chute.

Things got into high gear after that, and when the sheriff saw that Bull was all good and ready for my stiff crank, he laid his big paw over the top of Bulls head and softly said, “Why don’t you get yourself in front of me little buddy?”

Bull rolled himself off of the sofa and got on his hands and knees on the floor as the sheriff raised up his big butt and slipped out of his boxers, then rubbed his big paws all over Bull’s shoulders so appreciative when the man crawled up tight between his big ol’ hairy thighs and got back to suckin’ on his stiff fucker. I got busy slickin’ up my crank all good with my spit, then ate Bull’s ass out good and deep before I got to workin’ on his pucker-hole with my thumbs just the way the sheriff’s grandpa had taught me.

Once I knew for certain I had Bull good and ready to handle my crank, I quickly slicked up the head of it all good and fucked it up in his ass.

That fuckin’ hot, tight ass of his felt so fuckin’ good, it was all I could do to keep myself from fuckin’ it all up in him at once, but he was so hungry for it, after I felt his big ol’ buttocks muscle up and spread himself out good and wide, I just drove it all the way on home in him.

He arched his back and the ol’ sheriff ran his lovin’ hands all over it and growled through all of his fuck-lust, “Awwwh fuck, little buddy! You’re such a fuckin’ stud. I love watchin’ the way you take a man’s dick up in your ass. . .   Yeaahh, I fuckin’ love watchin’ that. . . You take dick the way a man’s supposed to, that’s for damn sure.”

He got to squeezin’ his big ass cheeks together as he fucked his big self slow and full of Bull’s hot mouth, and I followed along to his tempo, as I fucked Bull’s ass good and deep for him.

Bull got to strokin’ on himself and I let him get after it for a good moment or so before I reached around his stout body and got after it myself for him. He put his hand back up on the sheriff’s big, thick thigh and started suckin’ like wild on the big man, and we kept givin’ him the dick at both ends right at the same time until the fuckin’ got so hot and rough, the sheriff just stuck his groin full up and let Bull get after his stiff fucker the way he wanted.

When Bull felt the big man’s cock throb all good and needful in his mouth, he let out with a sound that told me the big man was about to cum, and then I felt his beautiful manhood start in on his ejaculations.

I fucked my crank up good and hot in a hurry, and that was all it took. Bull started cummin’ all over the fuckin’ floor, then the sheriff and I started cummin’ right along with him. Bull just choked himself full down on the big man’s cock as we both filled our little buddy full of our man-seed, and the sheriff wrapped his big paws around the side of his head and closed his eyes as he turned his head off to one side and grimaced out every single one of his fuckin’ ejaculations.

God, it was beautiful to see how ol’ Bull could get our big buddy’s huge body so swelled up strong and full as he took his man-pleasures, I started cummin’ like all get-out, and I could feel Bull’s hard fucker shootin’ out one long stream of his potent seed after another.

I don’t know how the hell he was managing to keep up with us both with what all the hell he had to be feelin’ inside of himself, and I sure as hell couldn’t figure out how the fuck he was able to swallow down all of the spunk the sheriff was shootin’ out of his big self, but somehow, he did.

I could tell just by lookin’ at the big man that he was draining all of what he had inside of his big ol’ hairy testicles, and by the looks of him, his ejaculations were the strongest and longest and felt the best to him he’d ever had. I could see his big groin tightening up and his big testicles squirm around in his sack as his fat, throbbin’ fucker emptied the motherfuckers straight up in Bull’s throat.

He just kept cummin’ and cummin’ until he was spent, then his big ol’ thighs got to tremblin’ as he bellowed out the end of it all.

“OOOHHH FUCK! Fuck, Bull. . .   Fuck, that felt good!”

He rubbed his lovin’ hands all over Bulls head as he gently coaxed him off of his throbbin’ fucker, then looked down at it as it kept throbbin’ and bobbin’ like all get-out and said, “Fuck little buddy, you suck my dick so goddamn good and right, you make me feel things I’ve never felt from it ever before. I didn’t know my short, fat, fuckin’ dick could ever feel that good to me.”

Bull just chuckled, “Well the way that fucker of yours gets to talkin’ to me, I know everything that’s goin’ on side of you, sheriff. You sure as hell cummed real good. . . I’m so fuckin’ full of your spunk, I just might have to pass on dinner tonight, and ol’ Hoss here fucked me the best he’s ever done.”

I rubbed my hands all over his back as I slow-fucked him good and felt my crank shoot out another small but hot load up in his tight, sticky fuck-chute. It burnt the head of my crank so good and right, I got to shiverin’ some and the ol’ sheriff chuckled and said, “Well you sure as hell got the big man to droolin’ and cummin’ like I’ve never seen him do. Fuck he’s shiverin’ all over right now Bull. You ought to see the man.”

“I’ll turn around to him once he get his fill of my ass.”

I just caught my breath as I felt that delicious burnin’ sensation pour all through me, then I slowly pulled my crank out of him. He turned around to me careful not to get himself in the huge puddle of cum he’d dumped all over the floor, then chuckled to himself all gruff and man-like as he backhanded the underside of my stiff crank all over like it was his prized possession and said, “You sure as hell are a lot better at gettin’ me ready to handle this huge fucker of yours, Hoss.”

The sheriff shot me a wink as I rubbed my hands all over Bull’s shoulder and said, “I’m glad to hear that, Bull. I noticed that myself. . .”

After he got his fill of pawin’ all around on my crank, I got to my feet and went into the bedroom and grabbed up my spunk-rag I had folded up on my night stand and then tossed it to him when I got back in the living room. The sheriff bent himself down and looked down between his legs as Bull got busy sopping up all of his load and said, “Fuck, Bull. That’s more cum than I’ve ever seen in my life, little buddy.”

Bull just snickered and said, “I bet you could put that to shame, sheriff.”

“I don’t know about that little buddy. You’re just all full up with spunk. Your whole fuckin’ body is nothin’ but a big ol’ fuckin’ spunk resevoir.”

“Well it sure as hell is now, sheriff, after you loaded it up good.”

They both got to chucklin’ and horsin’ around after the sheriff got to his feet and straddled Bull between his legs. They played together so well, I just watched and chuckled to myself until Bull tossed the rag back to me and I went in the bathroom and dropped it in the hamper.

I put my underwear back on and went into the kitchen and they both joined me and helped fix us up a nice dinner. We were all a bit tired of eating sandwiches, so I went down and butchered us up some nice steaks, and they got to carrying me high once again about me selling my beef exclusively to fancy hotels.

It was the first decent meal we’d had in over a week because of all of the work we were wantin’ to get behind us, and after we ate, we all went off to bed and slept sound till the following morning.

That was the only break we ever took from all of the steady work we had before us and we were damn near finished by the time all of the tiling and fixtures arrived for the bathrooms.

We’d paid cash for all of the plumbing and electrical stuff and hauled it all back in Bull’s big ol’ unit, but since Bull’s checks were from out of state, it held up the delivery a bit longer than normal while the suppliers waited for them to clear.

He already had a rotary saw rigged up for cutting the tile by the time we took shipment of everything and after we got the delivery truck fully unloaded and sent on its way, he rummaged through all of the tile and sorted it all out before he put a tarp over all of the material to keep it all out of eyesight of anyone who might happen to pass by.

After he and the sheriff got his bedroom painted a bright white like he wanted as well as the ceiling in his bathroom, they jumped right on in with the tiling and had it all cut and laid in by the end of the following day.

Even without the grout, it looked down right beautiful. I knew all along it was the excitement we all had for seeing how each of the bathrooms would turn out was what got us so fired up to work as hard as we did when we got back from our trip, and if his room was any indication, we were all gonna be mighty proud of all of the hard work we’d put in.

At that point, I knew they had things well in hand, so the following day I spent the morning checking on all the crops and livestock and the property in general, and as soon as I stepped back into the house, the phone rang.

I picked it up and as soon as I heard the deep voice on the line say, “Well how the hell have you been doing?”, I knew it was the sheriff’s grandpa.

We talked for a while about the weather and the condition of our crops and all before he told me he was thinking about coming my way the first week of September. I knew we’d have plenty of time to have everything completed by the time he arrived, so I told him that’d be perfect.

I asked him how things went with his son’s visit, and he chuckled and said, “Well it went just about the way you and I figured it would. I’ll tell you all about it when I see you. By the way, have you seen my grandson lately? I tried to call him over the weekend and his wife said that he had moved out of the house and she didn’t know where he was stayin’. Is he by chance livin’ with you now?”

“Well as a matter of fact, he is. Would you like for me to have him call you? He’s workin’ at the moment.”

“No, that isn’t necessary. I recon I’ll see him soon enough. How is that workin’ out for you?”

“Just fine. He and I get along great, and as a matter of fact another buddy of mine is here with us as well. I can’t wait for you to meet him. We all three get along great.”

He gave a lusty chuckle and said, “I bet you do. . . Sounds like you have a house full.”

“Well, we’ve been busy adding on to it so we’d each have a room to ourselves. We’ve even added on a big ol’ guest room and another good-sized room that we’re still not sure what to do with. I don’t doubt that we’ll make good use of it though.”

“My goodness! Sounds like this has turned into serious business.”

“Well. we’ve made a lot of plans for the future.”

“Well that wonderful to hear. I can’t wait to see the place.”

“It’s lookin’ real nice. I tell you what, your grandson is one hell of a carpenter. You sure as hell taught him well.”

“Yeah, well. . . like I told you, he took to it in a hurry. He can build damn near anything and doesn’t waste much time in the process. He has a knack for it.”

“He sure as hell does, and I have to say, he seems as happy as he’s ever been. He and my buddy Bull have really taken to one another and when they get to goin’, I just stand back and watch the sparks fly.”

He chuckled all deep and lusty and said, “Fuck, I told you there was somethin’ in the air. . . I hope you and I have a chance to spend some time alone together. . .”

“Oh, I’m sure that can be arranged. I’m lookin’ forward to it myself big man. I know your grandson sure as hell can’t wait to see you, and I don’t doubt that ol’ Bull will want to get to know you and all of your ways once he meets you.”

“’Bull’, huh? He sounds like a character. . .”

“Yeah, you could say that. He’s stout and gruff as all hell, but he’s got a great sense of humor. Wait till you meet him. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that he lives up to his nickname in more ways than one.”

“Fuck, I have a mind to pack up and head your guys way right now. I’m still fuckin’ hornier than hell myself. My ol’ hog is gettin’ hard just thinkin’ about it. I guess I’d best get off the phone and get busy around here. I’ve got a lot to do before I head out your way.”

“Well we should have everything finished up by the time you get here. Give a call before you head out so we can be on the look out for you. You still have the directions I wrote out for you, dontcha?”

“Yeah, I sure do. Well, take good care, and I’ll see you in a few weeks. . .”

As soon as I hung up the phone, I went downstairs to my workshop and pulled out some hard white oak I’d been saving up for years deep back behind all of the other wood I had stored down there.

I found four good sized chunks of it I knew would suit my purpose and started in carving what I wanted for the legs of the big bed I was wanting to build. Having just talked to the man who was the source of my inspiration, it didn’t take me long to whittle out the first one, and by the end of the following day, I had all four of them completed and sanded smooth.

I wanted it to be a surprise, so I tucked them away so the sheriff wouldn’t find them when he came down to get more wood for all of the cabinets and closets he was finishing up, then I pulled out the long boards I had of it and started in on the rest of the bed.

It took me a little over a week to have it all ready to set up, and by then, the new addition to the house was all but finished up. The next day, I set up my heavy sewing machine and started in cuttin’ and sewing up the heavy ticking for the mattresses and pillows we needed. The sheriff was down with me finishing up his work on the other beds while Bull was painting the walls of my room.

He’d put himself in charge of getting all of the color swatches for us to choose from and then buying all the paint, since no one knew him in town. The sheriff had picked out a nice deep orangish-red for his walls that went perfectly with all of the mahogany cabinets he’d built, and I selected a green that caught my fancy and tied in nicely with the marble in my bathroom.

For the forth and largest room where we were going to set up the big oak bed I’d made, we mixed up a deep charcoal gray for the wall that led into the bathroom and then painted the other walls a paler shade of gray that set themselves off nicely from the bright white ceiling. In my opinion, that room had turned out the best of them all, and the tiling in the bathroom was nothing less than stunning.

I knew that white oak bed was gonna look fantastic in that room and I couldn’t wait to get it all set up for the sheriff’s grandpa. The sheriff watched me up sewing up the ticking for a while, then he just shook his head and said, “Hell, I didn’t know you could sew, boss. You never cease to amaze me.”

“Well I could say the same about you sheriff. I can’t hold a candle to you when it comes to carpentry work.”

“Well I sure as hell wish I could carve the way you do, boss. Them lamp pedestals you pulled out are each a fuckin’ work of art. I’m gonna pick up the shades for them tomorrow.”

“Well thank you sheriff. I think they’ll look mighty nice settin’ on those fine bed stands you’ve made for you and Bull. I don’t suppose I could get you to build a couple more out of this white oak could I?”

“I’ll be glad to boss. . . Are you sure you’re gonna have plenty of feathers to stuff all of these mattresses and pillows?”

“I’ve got tons of goose down and feathers stored up in gunny sacks up in the barn sheriff. I’ve been gathering them up for years now.”

“I didn’t know you had geese on your property.”

“I’ll have to take you up to the small lake that’s up top of that mountain out back. I have a whole flock that nests up there every year. They leave feathers all over the place.”

He shook his head at me and said, “You keep yourself busy here every single day, don’t you boss?”

“Awhhh, waste not, want not, sheriff. There’s always plenty to do around here.”

He gave me a wink and said, “Well there’s something I’d like for you to do for me, boss.”

I knew what he was referring to just by the look on his face. “Well there will be plenty of time for that in the future, sheriff, that is, if our little buddy ever gives me a chance at you. He fuckin’ loves that fat stiff fucker of yours, don’t he?”

“I guess so, boss. I sure as hell never thought a man would want what little I’ve got to offer the way he seems to.”

“Hell sheriff, I always enjoyed suckin’ your fat dick. It’s a nice mouthful, buddy, but I can tell I could never do it for you as good as ol’ Bull can.”

“Oh fuck, boss, he just somehow knows exactly what pleases my stiff fuckin’ dick. Hell, I’ve never been able to get my fucker to goin’ the way he can, and I’m the one feelin’ it all. I have to admit, it surprises the hell out of me how he gets after my cock.”

I chuckled, “He just loves what all the hell he’s made of, sheriff. Hell, you can tell he loves bein’ a man, and I can tell he see’s a lot of man in the shape of your fucker, sheriff. I think that big, round cock-head of yours just talks him.”

“Well he sure as hell talks to me when he’s gettin’ after it. He’s a man’s man for sure, boss, but he’s so fuckin’ gruff and independent, the last thing I’d ever think about him if I just met him on the street was that he’d love suckin’ on a man’s dick the way he does. I have to admit though, I love watchin’ him suck my cock. He’s just got all the manly looks about him to where it seems natural as hell for him to have his bullish face down in a man’s crotch.”

I shook my head and smiled and said, “I’ll have to agree with you there sheriff, I like watchin’ him when he gets himself all over my stiff crank, but I have to admit that stubby lookin’, fat fucker of yours just fits the man to a ‘T’. I think he’s sees a lot of himself in it, but I have to say that I like seein’ your handsome face up next to his fine lookin’ manhood just as much.”

The sheriff grinned all big. “He’s got some fine lookin’ equipment, don’t he boss? I wish I was as good lookin’ as what all he’s got between his legs. The man just looks like he was born to fuck everything in sight, and I can’t believe how fuckin’ much cum he can let loose with.”

“Yeah, he can damn near keep up with you sheriff. I think you’re right, , , I think his whole body is just full up with spunk.”

He looked down and shook his head like he couldn’t believe it all. Then he said, “You know, boss, I still have a hard time believing all of this -- the fact you’ve brought me into your lives the way you have and all.”

“Hell sheriff, I’ve spent a whole lot more time with you in the past than I have with Bull.”

“Yeah, but I know how much you loved the man, and now I can see why. I guess I’m still surprised at how willing you were to allow he and I to enjoy one another the way we have.”

“Fuck, we’re all men here, sheriff. It’s just natural for the male of the species to get to wantin’ to sew his seed in more places than one. I’m not fool enough to try and prevent what comes natural to a man. Hell, I like a little variety as much as the next man. Sure, I would have been happy just settlin’ down with Bull, but I still would have been wantin’ to get from you what all you and I have developed between us. I’m happy as hell that you and he have hit it off the way you have. You each fulfill a side of me the other one can’t and I know for a fact that Bull fulfills a side of you that I never would have been able to do for you.”

“Well you’re right about that, boss. . . I have to admit that I like what I see in his eyes when he looks me all over the way he does at times.”

“It speaks a lot to the man you are, sheriff. I know you haven’t seen certain sides of him that I have in the past, but believe me, he sure as hell wouldn’t of become as attached to you the way he has if you didn’t live up to his ideals of what a man should be in his eyes. . . He definitely has strong ideas about what man-sex should be like. . . I’d say it’s pretty much all or nothin’ for him, so when he gets in the mood for it, he’s ready to go all out - just the way he seems to do everything else he’s ready to get involved with, and he expects the same from his fuckin’-buddy.

Anyway, I can sure as hell tell he loves the way you get when you’re good and horned up. He loves squattin’ down under you and gettin’ his head buried down between your big ol’ hairy thighs and feelin’ that big, firm, hairy belly of yours restin’ on top of his forehead.”

“Yeah, he loves rubbin’ his hands all over my big belly, don’t he?”

I reached out and rubbed him all over his stomach and said, “I do too sheriff. You’ve got a workin’ man’s build, that’s what I like about the looks of you.”

He reached down and ran his paw all over the back of my head and said, “I know I’ve never come right out and said this to you before, but I love you boss, and I ain’t just sayin’ that because I’m hornier than fuckin’ hell at the moment, I’m sayin’ that for a whole host of other reasons. Many of them are hard to explain, especially things concerning the way you make me feel about myself and all. And when I take into account all you’ve done recently to take me into your life and help me out with my personal situation, I can’t help but feel the way I do.

But I guess the truth of it is that I’ve always somehow known that you was a man that I could show my true colors to and still have your full respect, and after the first time you and I got naked down at the river and ended up fuckin’ the way we did, and how comfortable I felt being around you afterwards, well I knew I’d found in you a true companion.”

“Yeah, I remember that day sheriff, I remember how you got to jerkin’ yourself off later. I appreciated the fact that you felt comfortable enough with me to go ahead and take care of yourself the way you needed. Hell, it got me hornier than hell gettin’ to see how you take care of yourself in your private moments. I like the way you get yourself off sheriff. I could tell right then that you sure as hell liked being a man.”

“Yeah, I do, boss. . . Hell, I wish you’d go ahead and fuck me right now, boss. I’m so fuckin’ horny, I’ve been wantin’ that big dick of yours back up in me ever since you got back from the state fair.”

I chuckled, “Yeah, we’ve never gotten around to that have we? Well, believe me, sheriff, I’m always interested in helpin’ you satisfy your needs, but just hang in there big man and save it all up for when your grandpa gets here. He’ll be here soon enough, and do me a favor and don’t get started in with Bull if he starts to needin’ it bad.

I’d like to see him good and horned up by the time your grandpa gets here. I don’t doubt he’ll be thinkin’ that we’ll need to be on our best behavior while he’s here, so don’t be surprised if he comes lookin’ to us pretty soon to relieve some sexual tension to get him through your grandpa’s stay with us.

You know damn good and well what he’s gonna be wantin’ as soon as he sees what all your grandpa’s got between his big ol’ legs. I think we should keep him in the dark about things to see what all he does to ingratiate himself to the man. Besides, I think your ol’ grandpa will need him to be fuckin’ good and horned up to give the man what all he has to offer.”

He gave a lusty chuckle as he shook his head at me like he didn’t know what to think of me and said, “Well, boss, you know damn good and well that my grandpa can certainly get a man ready to give up to him what the hell his stiff hog is wantin’, and I’m willing to bet you, once he gets a good eyeful of our little buddy and his big, firm, hairy ass, he’ll be the one doing everything he can to ingratiate himself to Bull.”

“You may be right, but I can’t help but think that he likes bigger men like you and I.”

“Hell boss, I wasn’t all that much bigger than Bull when he started in teaching me his ways. Granted, I was his grandson and all, but hell after a while, I could tell the man didn’t just do it because he thought it was his duty to me.” He shook his head and added, “Fuck, I’d love to see that. I bet those two men would couple up real nice. I can’t help but think that ol’ Bull would fit quite nice under my grandpa’s wide frame.”

“Well you sure couple up good with Bull. I like watchin’ how you two fuck, sheriff. It fuckin’ gets me so riled up, I start cummin’ every time you two get down to the short strokes.”

He blushed a little and said, “Fuck, that’s all I got is ‘short strokes’, boss.”

I just chuckled and said, “Well save ‘em all up for when your grandpa gets here. We’ve only got another week or so before he arrives. We’ve still got a lot to do. It’d be great if we could build out the back porch like we was talkin’ about before he shows up.”

“Well I think we’ll have time for that. We certainly have the lumber for it. I’ll get started on settin’ the piers early in the morning. . . by the way, did you ever get that shipment of all of the bedding you special ordered?”

“Yeah, I sure did, it arrived here yesterday. I also ordered us up some nice, big towels and wash cloths to put in all the bathrooms. I piled it all in my son’s old room.”

“Fuck, that’ll be nice. I loved them big ol’ towels they had at that fancy hotel you put us up in. You know I have to say, that trip was well worth it. I know when Bull and I actually saw what all you had in mind, it put a fire in us both.”

“That was the idea, sheriff. I figured you two needed to see first hand what all I had in mine and how serious I was about all of this.”

“Yeah, it’s all turned out real nice, boss, but hell, we could of done up all the bathrooms with the slate you have on your property. I’ve always liked your bathroom, although I admit that it was a little small.”

“Well it isn’t any longer now that we’ve added on to it some and turned the bathtub in the other direction. Hell, all of your ideas about how to enlarge and layout the place have worked out perfectly to my way of thinking, the place still feels like a home - what I had laid out would of felt more like a small motel.

Anyway, ever since I started thinking about doing this, I figured it’d get a bit tiresome having all of the bathrooms just exactly alike. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind for each of them so it’s worked out great that you and Bull have been able to choose what you personally like for yourselves. Hell, I just feel the bathroom is the one room where a man deserves a bit of pampering after a long day’s work.”

“Well I sure as hell like the big mirrors. It’s nice for a man to get a good look at his naked self ain’t it? I think it helps us get more in touch with ourselves.”

“I agree with you there, sheriff. It helps a man to have a good talk with himself.”

“Yeah, I guess I could of used one a long time ago - before I ever got myself mixed up with a woman.”

I just chuckled a little to myself, as he went on to say, “Well I guess if I never of got me any pussy in my life, I wouldn’t now appreciate how much better it feels and how much better I feel about myself when I’m fuckin’ a man.”

“You know, I haven’t asked you this, but I sure as hell got the impression that Bull was the first man you ever fucked.”

He got all red in the face and said, “Well you’re right, boss, that experience changed me for good. . . Hell, I felt more like a man that first time I fucked him than I ever did fuckin’ my wife.“

I just chuckled and patted him on the back because I’d personally seen the change Bull had brought out in the man over the past weeks, much in the way his grandpa had brought out in me what all I had inside of myself. He was beginning to truly show all of the man he was deep down inside, and I wanted to fuck him all that much more because of it.

He just smiled a bit sheepishly, understanding full well why I was patting him on the back the way I was, and said, “Fuck, I guess it shows, don’t it boss?”

“Yeah, it does big man, and I like what I see.”