WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 27
Thunder And Lightening -- Part I

Every once in a while things just turn out a whole lot better than you ever planned, and I have to say that once I got that big ol’ bed set up, and then stepped back and took a good look at it, I was almost embarrassed by how nice it turned out.

Them fuckin’ legs I’d carved out for it looked down right wicked the way they rested on the floor so sound and solid on those two huge testicles I’d carved out. I’d shaped them all nice and tight together just the way they got to lookin’ when they was all tight and snug up under the sheriff’s grandpa’s huge ol’ stiff fuckin’ hog right before the fucker let loose with all their seed, and I had that fucker stickin’ right up at an angle that looked as virile and ready to fuck some hot man-ass as any one stiff dick could ever be.

The foot board rested good and snug about two-thirds down the length of the top side of the big, thick shafts of his huge fuckin’ dick in the notches I’d carved out of them, but at the head of the bed, I placed them on the left and right sides so the headboard could be up closer to the wall, and the beauty of his virile, monstrous manhood could be seen and appreciated.

The headboard curved in a gentle arch to each side, and right in the middle of it came to a sharply curved point that was the top of the shape of the ol’ sheriff’s nice, inviting oval shaped fuck-chute that formed on his ass when he was good and bent over. I’d carved it all out to give it some depth and relief that matched the broad curvature of his big, hairy buttocks, but I wasn’t for sure if Bull or the sheriff’s grandpa would connect where my inspiration for the design had actually come from.

I didn’t let Bull or the sheriff see it until I had it all set up and made up with the sheets and pillows and bed cover on it so it’d look all nice and inviting, and when I finally invited them in to take a look at it, they immediately went nuts over it, but for different reasons.

Bull was so taken by the size of the bed, he didn’t notice the legs right off, but that was what caught the sheriff’s eye right off. His eyes got so big as he bent down a bit and took a closer look at them, then he silently chuckled to himself as he stepped close to me and uttered so Bull couldn’t hear, “Fuuuck, boss. I’d almost forgotten how fuckin’ wicked big and beautiful that fucker of his is.”

By then, Bull had finally noticed the legs of it and his eyes got big and his jaw dropped open as he stooped over and rolled his calloused paw all over the huge, round, bulbous head of one of them, then he dropped down on his knees and got his head down it so he could get a good fuckin’ look at it, and as he felt the stiff fucker all over, he uttered out. “Fuuuuck, Hoss. . .”

The sheriff gave me a wink and then Bull looked up at him and said, “Fuck sheriff, could you ever imagine a man having a dick on him like this?”

“No, Bull, I have to admit that I never could. . .”

“Fuck, Hoss, what’s his ol’ grandpa gonna think when he sees this?”

“I don’t know. . . What do you think, sheriff? Should we put him up in your room instead?”

“Awwh, he ain’t all that prudish, boss. I think he’ll get a good chuckle out of it, if he even notices it at all. He isn’t one to pay much attention to furniture. I tell you what though. . . I’m sure as hell glad we put double doors on this room or you and I never would of gotten that big ol’ fuckin’ mattress in here. I can’t believe you got it up on the bed all by yourself.”

Bull got to his feet and crawled up on the bed on his hands and knees and patted it and said, “Yeah, this is a big ‘ol fuckin’ bed ain’t it?”

The sheriff walked around and grabbed Bull by the ass and rubbed his crotch all over it and said, “A fuckin’ bed is right, Bull. . . Damn, boss, you got the height of this bed set just right.”

Bull rubbed his ass all around on the sheriff’s crotch and said, “Fuck, I think we should break this fucker in before his grandpa shows up tomorrow.”

The sheriff slapped him on his butt and said, “We need to get our asses back to work Bull, we’ve still got a lot to finish up by the end of the day. I wanna get that roof up on the back porch so we can all sit out under it in the shade tomorrow.”

Bull rolled over on his back, and as he got off the bed he said, “Yeah, you’re right sheriff. I guess I can hold myself off for a couple of weeks longer, but I’m gettin’ awful fuckin’ horny.”

The sheriff rubbed his hairy paws all over the man’s shoulders as they headed out of the room and growled all gruff, “Yeah, well. . . the boss and I will take good care of that for you in good time, little buddy. Don’t worry about that one damn bit”, then he turned around and took one last look at the bed and smiled and said, as he shook his head back and forth, “Fuck, that thing is beautiful, boss. All the detail you put in it. . . it all flows so nice together. . . You are one hell of an artist. I can’t believe you did all that work as fast as you did.”

“Maybe that’s why it turned out as nice as it did, sheriff. I didn’t have any time to think about it too much.”

He smiled and said, “Well maybe so, but it sure as hell looks like you spent weeks planning it all out”, then he turned away and put his big ol’ hairy paws on the back of Bull’s shoulders and said as he led him down the hall, “Well lets get busy little buddy, the day’s a wasting.”

I straightened up the bed and started pickin’ up all of my tools then headed back down to my workroom to fetch the two nightstands the sheriff had made to go with the bed, and once I got them set in place and the lamps set up on them, the room looked quite inviting.

It was well past mid-night before we had everything accomplished we wanted to get done for the old boy’s arrival, and that was the first night we all slept alone in our respective rooms. We all slept in a little late because the sheriff had taken two weeks off so he could spend all the time he could with his grandpa while he was here.

I was used to hearing him get up before me and gettin’ himself cleaned up and shaved so he’d have plenty of time to get into town, but that morning, it took me a while before I realized where I was and would no longer be able to hear him movin’ around in the house when he got up.

I kept waiting to hear someone stir, then finally decided to get myself on up and check in on everyone. I cracked open the door to Bull’s room and saw he was still sound asleep, then I checked in on the sheriff.

He was in taking a shower, but had left the door open to his bathroom, so I peeked in on him and he gave me a big ol’ smile when he saw me.

“This is fuckin’ great, boss! I could stay in here all day. I hope I left you two enough hot water.”

“Oh, I took my shower last night before I went to bed, sheriff.”

He chuckled and said, “Well so did I, boss, but hell I couldn’t resist taking another one this morning.” He shut off the water then stepped out and started drying himself off, and I have to say that his big ol’ hairy body looked quite at home in that room. That black granite just suited the man, and the way the morning light shone down on him from that window he insisted on putting up on the roof, made him look like some kind of burley movie star.

“You know sheriff, I thought you was plum nuts when you came up with the hair-brained idea of puttin’ a window up on top the roof of the house, but I have to admit that turned out to be one hell of a good idea.”

He chuckled and said, “Well, I’d seen somethin’ similar to that in an old factory I worked at for a while, and I always put that in the back of my mind. Hell, the whole roof of the place had windows up in it so’s you could see what you was doin’ inside. I guess that building was built long before there ever was any electrical lighting, and it never leaked when it rained.

Of course if it hadn’t been for ol’ Bull being able to frame it all out of stainless steel the way he did, I would of thought twice about it. And these fuckin’ geared cranks he made so you can open them up are fuckin’ beautiful aren’t they? I can’t believe what all he can make from the equipment he has on that unit of his. It’s a fuckin’ travelin’ machine shop! Gawwd, I love that fuckin’ truck of his.”

“It’s somethin’ else ain’t it? I didn’t realize he had all of that kind of equipment stored in it.”

“It sure as hell is, boss. We’ve got to do all we can so he can continue to do what he does best in life. I know you need all the help you can get around here, and I sure as hell plan to help you out as much as I can on my days off, but I’d hate to see the man’s true talents go to waste.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinkin’ about that myself, sheriff. I’ve thought about buying that old abandoned building in town where he could set himself up a shop to work out of. Hell, you and he could go in to work together in the mornings and hook back up at the end of the day. We’re just gonna have to see what all he has in mind for himself now that we’ve got all of this out of the way.”

“Yeah, you’re right, boss. He’ll eventually let us know what all he has in mind for himself. I’m sure he had all that worked out in his head before he came to visit you. Hell, it’s hard to believe that was what, seven weeks ago?”

“Yeah, you’re right sheriff. Time flies when you’re havin’ fun don’t it?”

He chuckled as he turned to look at himself in the mirror and said, “It’s been a whole lot of fuckin’ work, but yeah, I’ve enjoyed the hell out of it”, then he rubbed his hairy paws all over his belly and said as he hefted up on it some with the palms of his hands, “I have to say that it’s done me some good.”

I smiled and put my hand over his broad shoulder and said, “It’s all done you a world of good, sheriff. I’m as ready as ever to roll around naked with you, big man.”

He grinned all big as he reached down and groped around on my crank and said, “Fuck, I’d like that, boss. Maybe you and I can get together by ourselves tonight, if Bull and my grandpa hit it off like you think they might.”

“Well, we’ll just see sheriff. I’m sure your ol’ grandpa will be wantin’ to spend a good amount of time with you -- especially when he sees how fuckin’ buffed up you are.”

“Fuck, I don’t know if I’m ready for that. That was all a long time ago, boss, and I haven’t seen the man in years. No tellin’ how we’ll both feel about gettin’ back to somethin’ like that, but I imagine that enough time has passed that we might be able to rekindle that old spark between us.”

“Oh, I don’t doubt that you will, sheriff. Hell, I might have to join in on that.”

He grinned as he got to shaving himself and said, “Hell, for that matter, maybe all four of us will end up gettin’ after it together. We ought to take him on down for a swim this afternoon if it gets hot enough. I’d love to see Bulls reaction when he sees what all my grandpa carries around underneath his big, wide body.”

“Well I have a feelin’ it just might, sheriff. It’s already gettin’ mighty warm out and if he actually headed out as early as he said he would, he should be here pretty soon. I told him I’d have some breakfast waiting for him, so I’d best get myself dressed and get busy with it.”

“Sounds good, boss. I’ll set up the table out on the back porch so we can sit outside and enjoy it.”

“Good idea, sheriff. That’ll be nice. . .”

After I got myself dressed, I checked in on Bull again on my way to the kitchen and saw that he was layin’ on his back with a big ol’ fuckin’ hard-on. He gave me a wry, sleepy smile and pushed up his crotch some as he stretched out his stout, muscular frame and said, “Fuck, I just woke up a few minutes ago. I was plumb tuckered out after all the work we put in late last night.”

“Well we’re gonna take it easy for a few days now, Bull.”

I grinned at him and nodded down at his hard-on and said, “Looks like you was havin’ some sweet dreams there, little buddy.”

He smiled and reached down deep between his thick thighs and loosened up his fine lookin’ testicles some before he stroked on his beautiful fuckin’ dick all good and slow and said, “Hell, I don’t remember what I was dreaming about, but whatever it was, it sure as hell got me harder than fuck.”

“You’ve got a beautiful fuckin’ dick, Bull.”

He grinned and said, “So do you buddy. I could sure make good use of that big ol’ fucker of yours. I’m hornier than fuckin’ hell.”

“Hell, I woke up half hard myself. I think there just might be somethin’ in the air again.”

He chuckled and made his stiff fucker throb straight up good and strong then said, “Well I for sure as hell know one thing that’s up in the air”, then he rubbed his eyes and said, “Hell, I guess I’d better get myself cleaned up. I was so worn out last night that I just fell off to sleep.”

“Yeah, I see you didn’t even bother to get under the sheets.”

“Well after I got undressed, I thought I’d lay here for a moment before I took a shower, and the next thing I know, I was so sleepy headed that I just shut off the light and fell off to sleep.”

I reached down and stroked his stiff fucker and said, “Now don’t get tempted to jerk yourself off in there little buddy. We’ll take good care of this for you soon enough.”

“Well you better not wait too long, Hoss, ‘cause I think I almost had a wet dream last night.”

“Fuck, I haven’t had a wet dream since I was a youngster. Do you still have wet dreams, Bull?”

“Every once in a while. I used to have them more often before I met you.

He reached out and groped around on my crotch and said, “Now you’re my wet dream, Hoss.”

I chuckled as I wrapped my hands around his, and held it and rubbed my thumbs all around on it and said, “Well you’re the answer to all my dreams, Bull. You changed my life for good.”

He gave me a gentle smile and said, “Well I think the ol’ sheriff must of played a part in that as well, Hoss.”

“Well, yeah. . . I guess he did, Bull, but I can tell you’ve grown to truly love and respect the man over the past weeks as much as I’ve come to love and respect him through the years. I can tell he’s changed quite a bit since he met you. You bring out all the man in him.”

He just chuckled and grinned some and said, “Fuck, there’s a lot of man in him to bring out, isn’t there, Hoss? I can tell he holds a lot of that back. I can’t help but think it has to do with his line of work. My dad’s buddy, Liam, was like that as well.”

“I think you’re right Bull. I come to appreciate how his profession seems to isolate a man. I guess it’s because most folks don’t tend to cotton up to a man of the law, but I for one, appreciate what all he does around here. He’s a damn site better than the county sheriff we had before him. We just have to be careful to not let anyone get wind of how the three of us are living together, so be sure to mind yourself whenever you’re out in public with the man.”

He sat himself up and said, “Don’t worry about that, Hoss. You know I wouldn’t do anything to fuck up what all we now have”, then he got to his feet and said, “I’m anxious to meet his grandpa. It’ll be interesting to see how much alike they are.”

“Well he don’t look much like the sheriff in the face, but he tends to hold himself in reserve much like his grandson, until he gets to know you better. I think you two will hit it off just fine. . .

Well, I’d better get busy and get us some breakfast rustled up. He should be here pretty soon.”

The sheriff joined me in the kitchen not long after I got in there and while he was outside settin’ up the table, his ol’ grandpa pulled up in the drive. I saw him go out to greet the man and when I got out to the back porch, the sheriff had the man’s suitcase in his hand and was leading him up my way.

We gave one another a big hug and the sheriff went on into the back of the house with his suitcase. He looked around and said, “Hell, I didn’t realize how big this place was when I saw it from the road. This is like some kind of fancy resort. I like this huge patio deck you’ve built out here.”

I didn’t quite follow him, “You mean the back porch?”

He just chuckled and said, “Yeah, whatever you call it. Now what all else have you done to the place recently?”

I generally pointed out what all we had added on to the house and he seemed down right astonished by it all. As he followed me into the kitchen, he said, “You fellows have been working your tails off haven’t you?”

“Yeah, we’ve been pretty busy. We just got everything straightened up late last night. We’re just plannin’ to relax while you’re here. Oh hell, that reminds me, I need to go get the animals fed.”

“Hell, I’ll do that for you.”

I just grinned and said, “Well I guess you know what to do. Have at it if you really want to. I’ll have breakfast ready by the time you get done.”

He just stepped outside and headed over to the barn like he owned the place and for some reason, that did my heart a world of good. I hurried up and got breakfast on the table and by the time he strolled back to the house, we was all ready to set down to eat.

The sheriff put his arm around the man as soon as he got up the steps and said, “Pops, I want you to meet our good friend, Bull. He’s the man that owns that fine lookin’ service unit that you no doubt noticed when you pulled into the drive. Bull, this is my grandpa.”

They shook hands and sat down beside one another and immediately got to talkin’ about Bull’s truck. The sheriff and I both were surprised to find out how much his grandpa knew about big trucks like that. They talked for quite a while about all of the brands and types of rigging on it, and the sheriff’s grandpa seemed quite impressed by it all. When he asked who the manufacturer was, Bull blushed a little when he told the man it was his dad and his partner who had built it for him.

He went on to give a brief history of how they’d met and decided to move in together to cut expenses and pool their resources to start up the business after Bull’s mom and Liam’s wife had passed away, and I noticed that the sheriff raised an eyebrow when he discovered how Bull’s dad had made such close ties with another officer of the law.

Hell, we sat out there and talked and drank coffee, then ate us a piece of watermelon until it was well after noon time. I could tell that Bull and the sheriff’s grandpa was smitten with one another because they kept scooting their chairs closer together as they got to talkin’ about certain types of machinery and gizmos that only they knew about and traced out imaginary diagrams of them with their fingers on the table as they talked about them and explained to one another how certain things worked on them.

The sheriff gave me as wink as he got up to clear off the table, so I stood up to help him, and we did up the dishes and got everything put away while they kept talkin’ to one another.

“Hell boss, I didn’t know my grandpa knew all he does about stuff like that.”

I just smiled to myself because I pretty much knew from whom the man must of picked all of that up from. It was quite apparent to me that he and that fellow he’d met that day at the bar he’d told me about did more than just get together and fuck, but all of that history about the man was something I’d made my mind up I’d never share with the sheriff for a whole host of reasons.

So I just shook my head and said to him, “Neither did I sheriff. See, I told you there was a whole lot you and I could still learn from him. It’s still hard for me to believe that he’s actually here.”

“Yeah, it’s good to see him, boss. He hasn’t changed all that much. He’s a lot grayer than he used to be, but he’s still as fit as he ever was. I kind of figured he’d of put on a whole lot more weight, because he always seemed prone to, but he hasn’t all that much. . . Maybe just a few more extra pounds around his belly is all. . .”

“Well I can tell you for a fact that he’s still as stout as an ox, sheriff.”

He cracked a smile and shook his head to himself as he looked out the window at the man and said, “Yeah, I can see that. . .”

We went back and joined them once we had the kitchen all cleaned up and talked for a while longer until it got so hot out, that we was all workin’ up a bit of a sweat just sittin’ still in our chairs.

After the sheriff’s grandpa took up his napkin to wipe his broad brow, the sheriff said, “Yeah, it’s gettin’ hot out. Maybe we should all think about headin’ down to the river for a swim. How does that sound to you pops? He’s got a wonderful place for a swim down the river a bit.”

“That’d be fine, but I didn’t bring along any swimmin’ trunks”, then he chuckled as he looked over at me and said, “Hell, I didn’t know I’d be commin’ to a fancy resort.”

I just blushed a little as the sheriff said, “Hell pops, we don’t need any swimmin’ trunks. This is all his property as far as you can see. He even owns all the land on the other side of that mountain range. There ain’t gonna be any strangers around. Whadaya say?”

He turned his head to Bull and said, “Well that sounds fine with me. . . I guess we can talk more later.”

Bull just said, “Well sure, we’ve got plenty of time to talk, and it is gettin’ mighty hot out. I wouldn’t mind coolin’ down some myself.”

I stood myself up and said, “Well then why don’t you fellows clear off your drinks while I go round us up some towels?”

They all got to their feet and by the time I returned, the sheriff’s grandpa was wiping down the table, while they was inside washing and drying the glasses. After we locked up the place, we made our way around the back of the barn and on down the trail. The sheriff’s grandpa made mention of my bull and said he couldn’t help but notice that big yellow ribbon he’d won was hangin’ up in the barn.

“Yeah, you should of seen them two carrying me high about that big ol’ ribbon. You would of thought it weighed a ton the way they both hauled it out of my truck and carried it off to the barn.”

He chuckled a little and said, “Yeah, I’ve noticed how these two feed off one another’s sense of humor.”

The sheriff put his arm around Bull and jostled his shoulder and said, “Yeah, I guess that’s true, isn’t it, little buddy?”

Bull just looked up at him and grinned and said, “Yeah sheriff, I like your sense of humor.”

All of a sudden, it felt like we’d walked right into a wall of steamy, hot water, and the sheriff’s grandpa said, “Boy! I’m willin’ to bet we’re in for one hell of a storm later in the evening.”

I shot a glance up at the mountain tops and saw a heavy fog just pourin’ down over the northern peaks of them, but it was dissipating once it got down to the warmer air. It was far enough off to where I knew we had plenty of hours ahead to enjoy a swim, but I had a feeling the old man was dead on right.

“Well we’re overdue for a good rain, we haven’t been gettin’ as much as we normally do here in the summer.”

“Neither have I, and my crops are needin’ it bad. I hope it gets as far east as my place. It sure as hell feels like a big enough storm is heading our way that it might get on out to where I live. . .”

I noticed that Bull and the sheriff just looked at one another and smiled and shook their heads, but didn’t say nothin’ more until we got to the swimmin’ hole.

The sheriff’s grandpa sure was impressed with the place. He just stood there with his hands in his pockets as he surveyed the area, then said, “Hell, this is nice. It almost looks like a giant swimming pool the water's so clear. . . It’s all just one giant slab of rock, ain’t it?”

“Yeah, and the water runs deep over by the cliffs on the other side. The fall-off gets a little steep about two-thirds of the way out, so pay a mind to that.”

He turned and headed towards some bushes as he said, “I will, but first I need to take a piss, after all that coffee and tea and watermelon we consumed.”

We all sat down under the big shade tree and started takin’ off our boots and gettin’ undressed, while the ol’ boy did his business. I noticed that Bull kept an eye on the man and smiled to himself when he saw the man bent his knees out a bit as he dug down in his fly to get at his huge ol’ fuckin’ hog.

He had his back turned to us, so Bull didn’t see the size of his huge fucker, but when the old boy started urinating, Bull’s eyes got a little big once he heard the man’s thick, heavy stream of piss hittin’ the ground.

The sheriff gave me a wink after Bull finally turned his head away from the man and got busy gettin’ himself undressed in a hurry. By the time the ol’ boy had finished emptying his bladder and givin’ his big ol’ fuckin’ hog a good shake, Bull had wadded on out about knee-high in the water.

He lifted up his strong arms and stretched his out his stout, muscular frame as he got himself ready to dive on in, and when the sheriff’s grandpa turned himself around and got eye of him, he just stopped in his tracks for a moment.

The sunlight was catching Bull’s golden brown hair that covered his back just right to where it was glowing as bright as could be, and the ol’ boy just shook his head some as he took the vision of the man in for himself.

By then, the sheriff was walkin’ into the water himself, so he didn’t notice what his grandpas was doing, but when the man finally tore his eyes away from Bull and noticed his grandson’s stout body all thickly covered with hair, he just shook his head again slightly as he looked he man up and down, then he looked over at me and smiled as he walked my way.

I’d noticed that after he shook that huge dick of his off that he reached down to zip himself back up, but realizing he was about to get undressed anyway, he’d just turned himself back around.

As he headed on over to me, I couldn’t help but notice that big, round, cock head of his was peeking out through the fly of his boxer shorts as his big ol’ thighs pushed the fucker around some, and that huge fuckin’ piss-slit at the tip of it looked fuckin’ bigger and meaner than ever to me.

I stripped off my t-shirt as he sat his big self down and got busy takin’ off his boots and once I stepped out of my overalls and folded them up and sat ‘em aside, he looked up at my fuckin’ crank and up at me and uttered a growl all deep and soft, “What a fine lookin’ bunch of men you all are.”

I just smiled and then turned and headed into the water, and by the time I got in deep enough to dive on in, Bull and the sheriff was paddling around one another with big ol’ smiles on their faces. The sheriff paddled over to me as I came up out of the water, and as soon as he was close enough to me he said, “Fuuuck, this feels real good.”

I knew he was talkin’ more about the whole situation and not just about bein’ in the water, so I just said simply, “Yeah this does, sheriff”, then we looked over at Bull. He was still treading water over by himself, but was slowly making his way over to us as we all waited for the sheriff’s grandpa to join us in the water.

When the man finally got his big self up on his bare feet and pushed his overalls down to his waist, Bull just stopped in his tracks and turned his head full on to him and took it all in for himself.

The sheriff and I just watched, and when the ol’ boy stripped off his big ol’ t-shirt, Bull started paddling in closer to the man. I could tell his impression was the same as mine was when I first caught glimpse of how the man’s broad, thick body all came together once you saw him naked, and once he stepped out of his overalls and Bull saw how thick and muscular his hairy thighs were, he shot a glance over our way and said, “Fuck, he’s solid as a rock ain’t he?”

The sheriff said, “Yeah he works hard, Bull. . .”

Bull turned his head back around to the man just in time to see him push the waistband of his down over his crotch and when he saw the man’s huge, thick fucker bounce up and down a bit, his jaw just fell wide open.

He couldn’t of torn his eyes away from the man if his life had depended on it, and when the ol’ boy stood back up straight after stepping out of his shorts, Bull just uttered, “Fuck me to hell and back, sheriff.”

The sheriff just whispered out a chuckle and softly said, “Don’t stare at the man too much Bull, he might get to feeling self-conscious.”

Bull just dove his head into the water and started swimming towards the man and when he got to where he could stand on his feet, he popped up and shouted, “Walk straight out towards me pops. It’ll be easier on your feet if you head my way,”

The ol’ boy just gave Bull a warm, friendly smile and shouted back, “OK. Just stay where you are.”

The sheriff looked at me and chuckled, “He’s always thinkin’, ain’t he boss? I think you and I should just get out of their way tonight and let things take their natural course.”

“That’d be fine with me sheriff. Then you and I could take care of some business we haven’t been able to get to ever since Bull showed up.”

“I’d like that, boss.”

“So would I, sheriff, but how are we gonna manage that? We need to figure out a way to help them break the ice.”

“Leave that to me, boss. Pops always like to have somethin’ to read before he falls off to sleep. That is, when he goes to bed all alone, and when I was helpin’ Bull put away his things in his room, he took a moment to show me this catalogue his dad had recently produced of all of their trucks and configurations to help promote their business. It’s about fifty pages or so full of all kinds of stuff like they was talkin’ about, so that should keep ‘em busy -- for awhile anyway.”

He gave me a wry grin, and somehow I just knew his plan would work out fine. We looked back over at them and by then, his granddad was standing deep enough in the water to where it was kissin’ the bottom of his huge testicles, and Bull was chucklin’ and tellin’ him to just dive on in.

He made a big splash as he dove right towards Bull and once he surfaced, he wrapped his left arm around Bull’s shoulder and said, “Fuck, that water was feelin’ mighty cold on my balls”, and Bull just chuckled and said, “Yeah, it’s better if you just jump right on in. You don’t notice it as much.”

We all got to splashin’ and horsin’ around together and stayed down there until right after sunset. Ol’ ‘pops’ basked his big self in the sun for a while and managed to get a nice even tan all over his body to where the hair all over his body stood out like platinum.

For the first time I could clearly see that he had the same full coat of hair all over him in just the same way as his grandson did, but it wasn’t quite as thick and full. While he was all spread out on his towel, Bull said to the sheriff, “Fuck, now I know from where you inherited them big ol’ fuckin’ balls of yours.”

The sheriff just chuckled, “Yeah, it’s too bad I didn’t inherit a bit more of the rest of all he’s got between his legs.”

“Fuck, I’d give anything to wrap my hands around that big ol’ fucker. That has got to be the thickest fuckin’ dick there ever was. . .   and that big ol’ round fuckin’ head on it is just fuckin’ wicked beautiful, ain’t it? No wonder it sounded like a fuckin’ bull was urinating when he was takin’ a piss.”

“Yeah Bull, I think that’s a good bit more than you could ever get your mouth around. I guess when I take that into account, I ought to be glad my fat fucker ain’t near as big as his.”

Bull just blushed and said, “Fuck, it’s a wonder you’re even on this earth sheriff. I don’t see how the fuck he ever managed to get that huge dick of his up in a woman’s cunt.”

“Well he must have his ways with it Bull, that’s all I can say.”

“I guess he must, sheriff. Yeah. . . I imagine he sure as hell does. . .”

Bull just swam off after he said that, and the sheriff and I just softly chuckled to ourselves and got back to horsin’ around with one another. We started feelin’ so playful, we caused quite a ruckus, and after a while, his grandpa lifted his head up and grinned all big as he watched us wrestle around.

He got to his feet and joined in on the mêlée and soon enough Bull got in on it as well. We were pretty exhausted by the time we got it all out of our systems, so we all sat in the shallow water and talked some before we took one last leisurely swim right before sunset.

We could hear the thunder off in the distance as we dried ourselves off and got dressed, and by the time we got back to the house, the smell of ozone was powerful strong in the air.

Bull and I got busy fixin’ us up some dinner as soon as we got back, while the sheriff showed his grandpa through the house to the room we’d put him up in. When they finally got back to the kitchen, the ol’ boy was a little red in the face for some reason, but he didn’t make any mention of the bed I’d made in his honor as he talked about all the work we’d done.

Bull had set out some candles around the table outside and it set a bit of a romantic atmosphere as we ate and talked until the thunderstorm was nearly right up on us. It had cooled the air considerably, and we all got up from the table feelin’ a bit groggy after all the horsin’ around we’d done at the river and our bellies all full of food.

We cleared off the table, and as soon as we had most everything staged to wash up, the sheriff turned to his grandpa and said, “We can handle this from here, pops. Why don’t you go on ahead and take yourself a nice warm shower and get ready to retire for the evening. I think we’re all ready to get a good night’s sleep.”

“Yeah, that sounds good to me. . . Do you all have anything I can read to put myself asleep? I brought along a novel I’ve been reading, but I’m almost finished with it.”

The sheriff pretended to think a bit then he turned to Bull and said, “I have an idea. . .   Bull. . . why don’t you go on ahead as well, and after you get yourself good and cleaned up, why don’t you go on into pop’s room and the two of you can pour over that nice lookin’ catalogue you showed me that your dad and his partner had printed up?”

Bull looked over at the sheriff’s grandpa to get his reaction, and the ol’ boy just said, “Yeah, I’d love to take a look at that, Bull. Just bring it on into my room once you’re ready to show it to me. I can read some of my novel in the meantime. It takes me a good while before I’m ever ready to fall off to sleep, so there’s no hurry. No hurry at all. . .”

Bull just nodded and said, “Well, alright. . .”, then he turned his head to the sheriff and I, and said, “You sure you guys don’t need any more help?”

I just waved it off and said in a tone like none of what was going on was anything special, “Nawh, we’re good, Bull. Go ahead on. . .”

The sheriff and I just got busy and ignored him, and after a moment, he just went on to his room, then we got to softly chucklin’ to ourselves once we knew he was in cleaning himself up.

“Hell, that went perfectly, sheriff.”

“Yeah, I think that should do the trick, don’t you boss?”

“Well we can’t do anymore than that. Let’s just take our time here until they get situated and then we’ll slip off to my room. How does that sound?”

He reached down and groped my crank and said, “Fuck, I can’t wait. . .”

By the time we got the dishes done and the lights turned off in the house, we noticed that Bull’s bedroom was empty, so we decided to head back to the kitchen and let ourselves back into the house through the door that was at the far end of the porch. When we stepped back inside, we crept down the hall a bit until we saw the light filtering under the closed door of our guest’s bedroom and heard the muffled sounds of him and Bull talking to one another, so we quietly slipped back and locked the back door, then slipped on into my room and started getting one another undressed.

Fuck. I was gettin’ harder than a fuckin’ rock by the time the sheriff and I stepped into my shower and started washin’ one another up. I could tell he was as ready for a good fuckin’ as I was, but we took our good time with it and got to passionately huggin’ and kissin’ on one another after we got ourselves dried off and into bed.

Hell, I’d never experienced this kind of passionate side to the sheriff before, and I have to say that I enjoyed the hell out of the way he kept rubbin’ his big paws all over my body.

The thunder outside started rumblin’ the room and kept getting louder and stronger as he crawled his big self over on the top of me and kept passionately pawin’ around all over me until he fucked his sweet, thick tongue deep down in my mouth.

I wrapped my legs around the man so we could get our stiff fuckin’ dicks good and close together and gave him a good growl of satisfaction when I felt his fat, throbbin’ stiff fucker press firm against my hard crank.

He wrapped his big ol’ arms around my head and tongue fucked my mouth good and deep as he fucked his fat, throbbin’ cock up the length of my shaft until I felt his big ol’ balls pushin’ all sweet and tender up firm against mine, then he passionately rubbed his big, right paw all over my neck and shoulders and down the length of my torso until he pushed it in between us and got himself a good hand full of our boys.

His passionate hand groped all around on our manhood, then he uttered deep and soft, “I love fuckin’ dicks, boss. . .”

I wrapped my arms tight up around his ribcage and growled back to him, “So do I, big buddy”, then I rolled my ass up and got my legs spread out wide for him and said, “Go ahead and fuck me, big boy. I wanna feel that fat, throbbin’ fucker of yours up inside of my ass.”

He gave me a lusty grin as I felt his hand touch my pucker-hole, then he slowly shook his head at me as he rubbed the meat of his thumb over it to let me know how much he was ready for that.

He lowered his head back down to me and fucked his tongue back down my throat as he pushed the head of his fucker down to my pucker-hole, then he rubbed it all around on it - and it wasn’t all that long before his fucker was spewin’ out damn near as much pre-cum as his ol’ grandpa’s huge, stiff fucker can do.

I heard him growlin’ to himself in all kinds of ways I’d never heard him do before as he got my hot ass ready for himself to fuck, and then he shut his eyes tight and groaned all full of fuck-lust as he popped that fat cock-head of his right on through my pucker-hole.

Once he had himself fucked in me good, he exhaled deep and long as he squinted his eyes back open and a big, lusty smile formed on his generous, manly lips, then he whispered to me as he continued to exhale, “Fuuuuuuck, bossss. . . . Fuck, that feels good, big buddy. Yeahhh. . . Yeahh. . .”

“Fuck my ass good for yourself, big man. Get all of it you want.”

He raised his big self up on his knees and grabbed a hold of the calves of my legs and just started in fuckin’ like it was his born duty to me. He fucked and he fucked - all nice and slow on my hot fuck-hole, then he turned his head off to one side as he grinned to himself all big as hell and whispered, “Arrrghh. . . FUCK! You’re fuckin’ ass is as sweet as honey, boss.”

I could tell he truly meant that by all the fuckin’ lust-filled expressions that kept pouring all over his handsome face as he ground himself up deeper in my hot ass. I just watched the man get his whole body full of it for a moment before I answered him back, “Well I bet it’ll feel a whole lot sweeter to you once you shoot your sweet honey-spunk up in it. I wanna feel your powerful ejaculations up in me, sheriff. Just fuck me full of your sweet, hot seed.”

“Ohhh, I’m goin’ to boss. I’m gonna fuck your hot ass good and full of my seed, big buddy. You just wait and see.”

He got himself down to some serious fuckin’ after he said that, and once he got himself worked up good, he slowed down and started grind-fuckin’ my ass as that throbbin’ fucker of his started pullin’ up hard on his big, hairy testicles.

Once they was good and tight up under him, he pushed my legs up over me, and after he fucked himself good and deep up my ass, he reached down and slid his hand between us and cupped his big fuckers in the palm of his right hand and growled, “I’m gonna fuck ‘em good and tight up under me, boss. I’m gonna fuckin’ spunk your ass up for good.”

He fucked himself hard as hell in me and just as he got his right hand wrapped back around the calf of my leg, a loud crack of lighting struck right outside my bedroom window. The fuckin’ thunder echoed off the mountains a moment or two later and as he looked out my window, he said, “That must be a fuckin’ sign, boss. . .”

“Yeah, it’s a sure sign that the electricity is startin’ to build in this house. I bet you big buddy, that’s the sign you’re ol’ grandpa just now got himself a good taste of Bull’s hot, man-ass”

He gave me a lusty, fuck-filled smile at just the thought of he and his grandpa fuckin’ some hot man-ass at the same time, and then we heard the muffled sound of Bull lettin’ out a groan that was so full of fuck-lust, it made both of our hearts skip a beat.

The sheriff growled all sweet to himself, “Awwwh, fuuuuck, grand-paaawww. . .”, then he fucked me so hard, it hurt, and growled each time he hammered my ass, “Fuck him good for me, pops. Fuck his ass! Yeaaah. . . Fuck our little buddy goooood, pops! Get ya a good fuckin’ taste of his hot fuckin’ man-ass. Make him a maaan. . . pops. Yeaah. . . make him a fuckin’ man like you did me! Fuck his ass! Fuck his ass good, pops! Yeaaah. . . Fuck his hot, fuckin’ ass!”

All fuckin’ hell broke loose inside of the man as he fucked and expressed all of his thoughts out loud. His big ol’ ass just went to town pumpin’ his throbbin’ fucker up inside of my hot hole, and the sound of our hot flesh slapping together was barely muffled by the roar of the thunder and lighting outside.

It just wouldn’t stop, and the louder and brighter the flashes of lighting got, the harder all four of us must have fucked until the sheriff reared his big, strong self up and let himself loose on me.

I felt his throbbin’ fucker ejaculate powerful strong up my ass, and then he let out a groan so deep and full of relief afterwards, I knew he just had to of been way off deep in that man-fuckin’ place. He took a big deep breath, and as he jerked himself back and readied to fuck me out another load, we both heard a deep, low “UUUUUGGGGHHHH!” rumble through the halls.

The sheriff closed his eyes and an expression of pure ecstasy poured all over his face as he slow-fucked himself back up in my ass and barely uttered all deep and gutteral, “Oh yeaaahhh, grandpa. . . fill him full of your thick spunk”, then he squeezed his big ol’ ass tight and filled my fuck hole full of his sweet, creamy load.

It shot hard out of him in one great big long, powerful stream, and I started cummin’ all over the fuckin’ room from feelin’ his hot spunk sear through my fuck-chute and seein’ the way his handsome face was all grimaced up as he fell deeper and deeper into his own, private world.

He gave me a big, sweet smile when he felt my ass clamp tight around his fat fucker as I started ejaculatin’ all over the place, and right before he closed his eyes to fuck out another long stream of his hot spunk, another deep, low “UUUUUGGGGHHHH!” rumbled through the house.

His entire fuckin’ body began to tremble out of control as if he was the one feelin’ his grandpa’s powerful orgasms, then he grabbed my thighs tight and rocked his big self back as he thrust his groin hard against my ass and held on for dear life as the heat of the moment became more than his big ol’ body could take.

I never saw anything like it.

He was so fuckin’ far outside of himself, I thought for a moment there that the spirits had taken him away for good. I almost panicked, but when we heard yet another deep, low “UUUUUGGGGHHHH!” rumble through the storm, he came to, and smiled this big, inward smile, then looked up at the gods and growled, “YEAAAAHHHHH!” as he ejaculated a ton more of what all was in his big fuckin’ nuts hard up inside of my hot ass.

Fuck, I was so relieved that he hadn’t had a heart attack, I just dropped my head hard down on my pillow and gazed up at the ceiling for a moment as I thanked god for keeping him with us.

He just kept cummin’ in one big, long fuckin’ stream, and after his whole body jolted and he recovered from his prolonged ejaculation, he fucked me all to hell and back, and every time another deep, low “UUUUUGGGGHHHH!” thundered through the hallways, he closed his eyes and smiled to himself as he spunked my ass full of more of his sweet seed. I don’t know where the fuck he was by the end of it all, but I knew that was a place I’d never know anything about.

All of a sudden everything got quiet for a moment and all we could hear was the steady downpour of rain on the roof, and as the thunder slowly subsided, he pushed my legs right up over the top of my head and buried his head deep between my buttocks and got to lickin’ my pucker-hole like a wild dog.

He got after it so good, I started cummin’ all over myself again, and after he lapped up all of his spunk that was dribblin’ out of my ass, he licked up all of mine that I’d shot all over my chest, and then tongue-fucked my mouth so passionately, I felt totally possessed by the man.

We held on to one another tight and rolled over on our sides and kissed and made out like two newly weds.

I whispered to him, “That’s the best fuckin’ I’ve ever had in my life, sheriff. You fuck so goddamned good, big buddy. . .”

“Oh, fuck boss, this is the best fuckin’ sex I’ve ever had. I’m gonna roll over here in a minute and let you corn-hole my fuckin’ ass.”

“Awwh fuck, sheriff. You just cum all good -- the best I’ve ever seen you do. I know you ain’t wantin’ that right now, and besides, you got me to cummin’ more than I ever have. Let’s just wait until morning when we’re both good and ready for it again.”

He rubbed me good with his big, hairy hand and said, “Yeah, you did cum real good, big man. Fuck, I love the taste of your spunk.”

“You fucked it out of me good, sheriff. I love the way you fuck your big self. . . I sure as hell do. . . You’re one hell of a man.”

“Well you and Bull have brought it all out in me the past few weeks, boss. It’s a relief for me to be able to express all of my pent-up desires. I guess you could say that in a way, I’ve been a lot like this big ol’ storm that’s passing through. It’s all been brewing inside of me for a hell of a long time.”

I gave him a lovin’ smile and rubbed my hands all over him as I said, “Yeah, I can see that now, sheriff, and that was just the front of the storm that passed through. I get the feelin’ the storm inside of you is bigger than the one outside. I can see right now we’re gonna be rained in here for a couple of days or so, and I have a feelin’ the thunder and lightening inside of your soul is gonna get even stronger by daybreak”, then I paused and smiled at him as I rubbed his big ol’ hairy torso all over, then patted him on the heart and added, “This is one hell of a big storm.”

He smiled back at me then wrapped his hand around my stiff crank and felt all around on it as he said, “It sure as hell is, big buddy. . .”, then he groped and stroked on my hard crank for a while before he slowly closed his eyes and let all his feelings flow out of him and all through the house, then he finally looked back up at me and softly said, “I know them two are gonna sleep sound tonight.”

“Yeah, it sure as hell sounded like your ol’ grandpa emptied every bit of his huge fuckin’ nuts inside of Bull’s hot, fuckin’ ass. . . “

“Yeah, it sure as hell did. . . It put chills right through me when I first heard that deep groan echoin’ out from my past. I sure as hell know what Bull must be feelin’ by now. Hell, I bet that room is soaked in his spunk and I don’t doubt that right now he’s grovelin’ around on that huge, stiff fucker wishin’ the big man felt up to fuckin’ him with it some more.”

“I bet he is too, sheriff. I bet he is at that. I know I sure as hell did. . .”

He chuckled a bit and then got all serious as he said, “You know, boss. I thought you was a bit daft when you first mentioned havin’ pops come and stay with us, but I think that’d work out fine. I sure as hell thought you was nuts when you built that huge fuckin’ bed for the four of us, but hell, I could now envision all four of us puttin’ it to good use.”

“Well, I guess we’ll find out about that in the morning sheriff. I’m plannin’ to get up early and feed the animals, so you and I can check in on them before they’re out of bed. Maybe we should surprise them with some breakfast in bed. . .”

He grabbed his big ol’ balls and rubbed them all over as he said, “Fuck, I’ll have breakfast all cooked up and ready for ol’ Bull right here by the time I get up in the morning.”

I let out a deep, lusty chuckle then got to gropin’ all around on his big, hairy orbs. “I bet you will, sheriff, and I know he’ll love gettin’ the chance to suckle on his big ol’ honey bear for breakfast.”

That fat fucker of his was gettin’ a bit turgid once again, so I pawed all around on it for him good, and then cupped what all I could of his manhood in the palm of my hand and said, “I love feelin’ you up sheriff. . . You’re all man down there. You sure as hell are. It’s a nice handful, it is. .”

He just kept quiet and pushed his groin out to me, so I just kept mannin’ him up good until the ol’ boy was full up hard again. I felt all around on his stiff, fat fucker and was impressed as always by how fuckin’ muscular it felt all over.

I lowered my head right down to his sternum and said, “Fuck sheriff, that fucker is just made for shootin’ your sweet cum to the moon.”

He placed his big ol’ paw over the top of my head and rubbed it all over, then pushed it down and guided it over his throbbin’ cock and growled as soon as I had him good in my mouth, “Yeah, big buddy, suck that fat fucker. Do it gooood for me. . .   Oh yeaaahh. . . yeaaahhh buddy, that’s the man. That’s the way to suck a fuckin’ dick. . . . . .”