WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 28
Thunder And Lightening -- Part II

As soon as I first laid my eyes on the sheriff, I understood just by seeing the build of the man why ol’ Hoss would of taken a liking to the man. When I first spotted his cruiser parked in Hoss’s drive, I thought maybe something bad had happened, but when I saw them both walk out to the road to greet me, I suddenly remembered Hoss having mentioned him to me in the past, and saying he thought I would appreciate getting to know the man as much as he had.

I was surprised to see that he stood damn near as tall as ol’ Hoss, and when he turned and put his hand up on Hoss’s shoulder and I saw he had a big ol’ round butt on him that looked a lot like my own, I damn sure understood then why Hoss liked havin’ the man around.

Hell I knew the man well enough by then to know he liked a man with a big, fuckable ass on him, and figured he sure as hell had entertained thoughts about fuckin’ the big man, if he hadn’t already.

Of course, I was hornier than all fuckin’ hell at the time, so it was no wonder those were the kind of thoughts that were running around in my head when I first saw the two of them together, but once I pulled into the drive and saw how ruggedly handsome the sonofabitch was, I felt a tinge of jealousy come over me.

I just sort of figured he’d be type who wouldn’t appreciate much of what he saw in a bullheaded grunt like myself, but after I barely got to know him and saw how outgoing and unassuming he was, I couldn’t help but take to the man almost immediately.

I enjoyed his sense of humor and watching the way the big man got himself around on his feet, and after I saw the big sonofabitch naked down at the river. . . well I have to admit, I was wanting to suck his thick, fat fuckin’ dick off for him if for no other reason than to discover for myself what kind of a man he was and experience all of his man-ways when he was good and horned up.

Fuck, I loved lookin’ at his big ol’ hairy body and seein’ how them big fuckin’ hairy balls of his fit so nice under him between his huge thighs, and when he bent over to set some big ol’ fuckin’ rocks on top of one another so he could get himself seated in the water the way he wanted, I started gettin’ harder than hell.

That nice, firm, deep oval-shaped passageway that led down to his sphincter got to me in a hurry. Fuck, I knew right then and there that if he and Hoss had already spent some time down here before, there was no fuckin’ way ol’ Hoss could resist makin’ his moves to get that huge fucker of his up the big man’s hairy ass. And fuck, there was just something about the way he was movin’ his big self around that gave me the impression he was ready for a good fuckin’ brawl with another man.

Fuck, I was rubbin’ on my balls just thinkin’ about it, and I guess he could tell by the way I was lookin’ at him and how I was squatted down in the water with my right arm reachin’ down under myself that I sure as hell liked what all I’d seen of him.

He gave me a big ol’ smile as he absently scratched himself under his big ol’ hairy balls and said, “Hell, it’s nice to get things freed up a little bit, ain’t it buddy?”, and I remember I just chuckled as I watched his big, hairy hand scratch and free up his big testicles and said, “Yeah, it sure is sheriff, and it’s nice to have a place like this for a man to cool himself off in the summer.”

“It sure as hell is. . .”

He raised his arms and stretched his big self out then said, “I’m gonna dive on in with you in a moment, Bull, but I just want to get a little sun on myself before I do.”

I said, “Well suit yourself, big man”, then I started swimming around by myself.

It wasn’t all that much longer before I heard a big splash, and a few moments later felt his big hands on my shoulders. He’d snuck up on me while I had my head down in the water swimming around, then he pushed me down under the water and in-between his big legs and then fell on his back and wrapped the calves of them around my torso as I popped back up out of the water. I grabbed them and pulled him up closer to me before I turned around and raised his big legs up and shoved him down under the water, and that was how the two of us started in horsing around together until Hoss showed up on the scene.

Hell, we were having so much fun, neither one of us noticed him until he started getting himself undressed. We still kept playing around until Hoss started wadding out towards us and that’s when the sheriff scooted his big self up beside me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and asked me what I’d do if I had a dick as big Hoss’s.

He seemed so fuckin’ surprised to see how big and long the man’s cock was, I immediately figured the two of them had never seen one another naked before, so everything that happened afterwards came as a huge surprise to me.

I have to admit when I first saw Hoss headin’ our way, I was thinkin’ twice about what the fuck I was gettin’ myself into. Fuck, I guess I’d forgotten just how fuckin’ big and long his dick was, and his fuckin’ balls were hangin’ down lower than I’d ever seem ‘em do. I made a joke to the sheriff about how I’d probably just stay home and suck myself off if I had a dick as long as the one of Hoss’s, and damned if he didn’t start gettin’ a hard-on as soon as I said that.

I couldn’t help but notice because he grabbed a good hold of himself down under those big fuckin’ testicles of his with his right hand and gave ‘em a good rub as he chuckled and said something to the effect that he noticed Hoss didn’t get out all that much.

That fat fucker of his gave a good, strong throb, and he couldn’t help but give it a stroke and feel around on it for himself after it did. When he took notice of the fact I had my eyes diverted down to how he was fondling his swelling manhood, he jostled me with his left arm and grinned a little as he covered it with his hand and pushed it off to his right, up against his broad, hairy groin.

I felt his hand give my shoulder blade a gentle squeeze, and by that time Hoss was wadding out to us. When he got about ten feet away from us and said what he did about how he was libel to get a fuckin’ hard-on if we didn’t stop carrying on about his fuckin’ ‘crank’, I figured, ‘what the hell’ and said I couldn’t help but notice that the sheriff was gettin’ a little bit on the hard side himself.

Fuck, after that, I could feel the sexual tension building between the three of us, and one thing just led to another. What struck me the most about it was when the sheriff eventually put his arm back around me after I came out and said to him how much I liked the shape of his bulbous cock-head. I could feel the lustful passion he felt towards me, and for the first time, I got a strong whiff of his natural scent.

God, I loved the smell of him. It made me think back to how much I loved the smell of that old fellow that had taken a week out of his life to work with me up at the pass. They didn’t smell that much alike, but the effect on me was equally as strong, and when I finally got a good look at the sheriff’s hard, throbbin’ fucker, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it.

Hell, it even looked a whole lot like the old fellow’s stiff fucker, but it was a good bit thicker and longer than his had been. I guess I already expected the sheriff’s spunk to be as sweet as his had been as well, but when I finally got myself a good taste of it, the ol’ sheriff’s sweet spunk was a hell of a lot more potent and tastier to me.

Fuck, his sweet nectar was like an aphrodisiac to me. The more I took of it, the hornier I got. Hell, it got to where I was so fuckin’ horny for him and his sweet tasting spunk, the only thing I ever thought about was man-sex -- even while I was workin’ my ass off adding on all the other rooms to Hoss’s house.

The old saying goes that two is company and three is a crowd, but nothing could have been further than the truth when it came to the three of us. Hell, by the end of that day, I knew the ol’ sheriff was the link that would permanently solidify the bond between Hoss and myself.

I was one happy sonofabitch, and even though I still wasn’t certain of what all I’d do in the future to help bring money into the household, I knew that I’d found my true place in life.

I’m sure we would of gotten around to talking about that sooner had the sheriff’s grandpa not of come to pay us a visit when he did, but the timing of his arrival couldn’t of been better. Hell, all three of us was ready to simply kick back and enjoy the fruits of our hard labor for a few days, and I have to admit that not long after I met the man, I was as enamored with him as I was his grandson.

When I first laid eyes on him, I got the impression he was so fuckin’ fat, he could barely move. Fuck, he was damned near as wide as a barn door, but once he stepped up on the porch, I realized the man was just simply broad as hell in the frame. He had a bit of extra weight on him to be sure, but not nearly as much as I thought when I first saw him -- not by a long shot.

Those big old fuckin’ overalls he had on made him look even heftier than he actually was, but even so, he was thick as all hell and had a big ol’ fuckin’ butt on him much like his grandson’s, but considering the sheer breadth of the man, it wasn’t as prominent on him as my chubby, round, fuckin’ ass is on me.

When we sat down next to one another and got to talkin’ was when I realized the man was mostly one big bundle of hard muscle. He did have a pretty good sized belly on him, but it was firm as all hell.

He was an impressive sight to be sure, but what got to me the most was his big, bright steely gray eyes. Fuck, they were beautiful, and when the light caught them just right, they shone like chrome. With all of the other beautiful gray hair he had on his head and forearms, he just looked like he was made of fuckin’ steel.

He smelled a lot like his grandson too, and I couldn’t help but wonder if the man had a cock and a set of balls anywhere near as pleasing to look at as his grandson’s. I almost jumped for joy when he finally said he’d be amenable to taking as swim with us but I had no idea what all I’d be feelin’ inside of me when I first got a good look at his naked body.

First of all, the man looked one hell of a lot more better put together from head to toe in the buff than he did with his cloths on, but it was what all he was lugging around between his huge, muscular thighs that made my fuckin’ jaw drop wide open.

Fuck, at first, I thought I was just seein’ things. I couldn’t even imagine a man havin’ a dick as big around as his fucker was, and his fuckin’ balls looked to be twice the size as his grandson’s. I just had to get me a closer look at what all I thought I was seein’, and when I saw the way he was lumbering out on the bedrock of the river, that’s when the idea hit me to help guide him the easiest way out to the deeper waters.

My whole body broke out in goose bumps the closer he got to me, the way his huge, thick thighs pumped on his fuckin’ testicles and made his huge, fat fuckin’ cock move from side to side almost made me fuckin’ cum right on the spot. That fucker had to be a good seven inches long all shriveled up soft, but it was so goddamned big around, that it just all but stuck straight out from his wide, hairy groin.

Once he got deep enough in the water that it was lickin’ up on the underside of his huge testicles, and I saw how the skin of his hairy nut-sack was wrinkling up as it tightened up around them and took into account that his huge, round cock-head was a good four or five inches up above ‘em, my eyes just glazed over and my vision got so blured, I didn’t know what the fuck I was lookin’ at any longer.

He splashed some water up over himself, and I could tell the feel of the cold water on his genitals made him think twice about going in any further. Fuck, I figured if I had all the fuckin’ manhood down between my legs that he did, I’d probably be feelin’ all kinds of stuff I never felt before. For some reason it got me to chuckling to myself just thinking about it and seeing how he was so reticent to come any further, so I told him he wouldn’t feel it so much if he just dove on in.

I was surprised as hell when he did and dove right towards me and then wrapped his huge muscular arm around me and said how cold the water was feelin’ on his balls. I felt dwarfed by the size of the man but I knew right then and there that I’d let him have his way with me in a New York minute.

Just the thought of it seemed ridiculous in more ways than one. First of all, he didn’t seem to be the type of man who would be remotely interested in man-sex at all, and secondly, I knew for a fact that was one fuckin’ dick I’d never get up my fat ass no matter how hard I tried. So I just tried not to think about it any longer and did a pretty good job of it throughout the rest of the day even though I was feelin’ fuckin’ hornier than ever.

Hell, after we all ate dinner, I was pretty settled down, but when the fuckin’ sheriff came up with the idea of me going over the catalogue that my dad and Liam had printed up with his grandpa, and alone with him in his room no less, I didn’t know what to think.

The old boy didn’t seem to think much about it, so I figured I was reading a whole hell of a lot more into it all than I should of, but I have to admit that while I was taking my shower, I got my fuck-hole cleaned out the best that I could. I got after it so much, that I felt like a fuckin’ fool about doing it afterwards, so after I got myself dried off and more or less came back to my senses, I just grabbed up the catalogue and paraded down the hall naked and knocked on the man’s door.

He opened it up a second or two later and stood behind the door a bit. I figured by that, that he didn’t have anything on, so just passed it on in to him and said, “Here’s the catalogue you can look through. As you can see, it isn’t all that thick. It’s more like a brochure really. . .”

He opened the door a bit wider and said, “Well come on in here and show it to me.”

“Well, I didn’t bother to put any cloths on. I just thought I’d bring it on down to you and then get myself off to bed.”

He chuckled a little as he opened the door on up and said, “Well come on in here. I just got out of the shower myself and don’t have anything on either. Hell, we’ve both already seen one another naked anyway, so I don’t see any need for either one of us being all modest with one another at this point. As a matter of fact, I sleep in the nude and I assume you must do so as well, so there ain’t any need in us puttin’ on cloths that we’re gonna wanna take back off in a little while.”

He opened up the brochure and looked at one of the page spreads as he walked around to the left side of the bed and then pulled back the sheets with his eyes still fixed on the pages and then folded it up and held it in one hand as he rolled himself under them towards the middle of the bed, leaving me plenty of room to get in beside him.

He was on his side facing me as he raised up the sheets and said, “Get on in here, there’s plenty of room for the two of us. I’ve never seen a bed as big as this one, and it sure is mighty comfortable.”

I crawled in beside him and he rolled over on his back and looked at the cover of the catalogue and said, “That sure is a nice picture there. . . Why hell, that’s your truck, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it sure is. One of the guys at the garage up where I was workin’ likes to take pictures as a hobby and one day, we went up to the top of the mountain there and I parked it the way he wanted so he could get it all composed the way he liked. He took a couple of shots with me standing beside it, and I sent one of those off to my dad as well, but this one was the one the printer chose for the cover. . . I guess he figured my fat ass didn’t add anything to the picture, and I can’t much blame him for it.”

He chuckled and turned his head to me and said, “Hell, you’re a fine lookin’ man, Bull. Maybe if you’d of posed naked, and he’d of seen all that fine, golden brown hair that covers your body, that would of changed his mind. I sure as hell like the color of it. I have to admit that I like seein’ a man with a good bit of hair on his body. I guess it’s because I have a lot of it myself, so I don’t feel so much like the big gorilla I am when I see a man who’s got as much hair on him as I do.”

I smiled and chuckled a bit, then said to him, “Well I have to admit I guess I’m the same way, and probably for the same reason as you. I’ve just never really thought about it before. I couldn’t help but notice how all that silver hair on your big ol’ body sure stands out nice after you got a little sun on yourself today.”

He raised up the sheets as he looked down at himself and said, “Yeah, I noticed that myself while I was lookin’ myself over good in that big ol’ mirror in the bathroom.” He then rubbed his tummy some and added, “I admit I get a bit of comfort out of rubbin’ my hands through it all every once in a while. . . how about you?”

I rubbed my belly and said, “Yeah, I have to admit that I do too. . . I imagine you’re grandson gets a hell of a lot of comfort when he does that, from all the hair he has on him. . .”

He smiled and shook his head and said all deep, “Boy, I tell you. . . He sure must. . . I can’t believe how hairy he’s gotten. I always figured he’d be hairy all over like me back when he first started sproutin’ it all out, but he’s now a hell of a lot hairier than I am. I have to say though, I think it looks good on him.”

“Yeah, I agree. . . I can’t imagine him without it.”

“Yeah. . . Neither can I. . .”

“So you must of spent a good bit of time with him when he was younger?”

He chuckled a little and studied me for a moment, then said, “Well I didn’t see him all that much, but he did spend a few summers with me during his last few years of high school. . .”, he gave me a gentle smile, then went on to say, “I take it he hasn’t told you much about his ol’ grandpa. . .”

“No, not really. . . We’ve all been so busy workin’ on this place that we haven’t had much time for much of anything else.”

He smiled and turned his big self to me a little as he held out the catalogue between us and said, “Well tell me about all of these different units I’m lookin’ at.”

“Well this one here is strictly a towing truck mainly for use in cities where there are plenty of repair shops nearby, and these here are different configurations of the unit like I have for getting men back on the road right where they broke down. This one is something new that they’ve been asked to construct by a good sized company back east to hoist up and right big, tandems that have been overturned. When bad stuff like that occurs, most cities have to haul out a big crane on a flatbed to clean up the mess. It’s time consuming and expensive and can back up traffic for a good twenty miles on some congested routes.”

I looked up at him and added, “I don’t miss that much.”

He chuckled and said, “I can’t even imagine it. . .”

We went through that catalogue page by page and word for word and by the time we were halfway through it, we were laying on our sides facing one another with our bodies just a few inches away from the other. I don’t think either one of us thought about it all that much because it just naturally came about as we tried to get ourselves more comfortable to go over all of the details in the catalogue that caught his interest, but nonetheless, I couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by the enormity of the man from being so close to him like I was.

He sure knew a lot about more about fabrication than I ever figured a farmer would ever know, and he was quite interested and impressed with the pages that showed some of the fabrication details throughout various areas of the truck.

It took us a good bit of time to go through it all in as much detail as he wanted to give to it, and when we finally got finished going over the last page, I slowly closed it up and actually looked up at him for the first time in quite a while.

I was well aware of the wide breadth of the man’s body towering well above mine as he laid on his side next to me, but I hadn’t really took in just what a huge, hairy wall of man-flesh he actually was.

I was starting to get the scent of him again, so I figured I’d best get out of there before I started gettin’ a hard-on.

I looked him in the eyes and said, “Well, I guess that’s all there is. I figured it all might of bored you enough to where you’d be ready to fall off to sleep, but you don’t seem all that tired. . .”

He just smiled and held my gaze and said, “No, I found it all to be quite interesting as a matter of fact. I appreciate you takin’ the time to show it to me. . .”

I laid the brochure down on the bed between us and said, “Well the pleasure was all mine, sir” then I stretched myself out some and said, “I tell you what. This bed really is quite comfortable, isn’t it? I know I wouldn’t have any trouble sleepin’ in it.”

He grinned a little, then picked up the brochure and reached over the top of me and said, as he sat it on the nightstand, “Well stretch yourself on out good and get comfortable. There’s plenty of room for the both of us.”

As he pulled his huge arm back to himself, he put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed my forearm and smiled and said all gruff and low, “Now how’s that?”

I looked up at him and just smiled back at him and said, “You know somethin’?   I’ve never said this to a man, but I couldn’t help but notice the color of your eyes. They’re so clear. . . and they shine like chrome when the light catches them just right.”

He grinned as he let his hand wander over to my back, then said, as he slowly rubbed all the hair that courses down the side of it, “Well I guess they’re seein’ so clearly because they like what they see in you. . .”, then he looked me square in the eyes and said, “You’re one hell of a fine looking man yourself, Bull. . . from head to toe.”

I didn’t know what to do really. I just held his gaze for a moment, then lowered my eyes to take in all I could see of his huge body that wasn’t covered up by the sheets.

He rubbed his hand back up my side, then lifted it off of me and I looked back up at him as he placed it on the bed between us.

I could tell he wasn’t any more sure of what to do next than I was, so I unfolded my arms and scooted myself a bit closer to him so I could reach up with my right hand to rub the side of his left ribcage.

Right when I touched the huge man, a fairly loud rumble of thunder shook the skies. We’d been hearing the storm heading our way off in the distance, and he’d made mention of it while we’d been going through the brochure, but my whole body began to shiver after I heard it.

I don’t know if it was the sound of it that got to me or all of the passion that was building up inside of me, but I couldn’t stop myself from shaking after I got started.

He put his big, meaty hand back on my shoulder, then gently pulled me in tighter to him and rubbed his big ol’ hand up over the back of my neck and whispered, “It’s OK little buddy. . . It’s perfectly fine. . .”, then he rubbed my backside all over and pulled me in a bit closer to him as his hand slid down to the small of my back and over my buttocks.

I just closed my eyes and soaked up the warmth of his huge body and his thick, hairy arm rubbin’ me all over and let my right hand wander down his side and over his big, hairy belly. My fingertips could barely reach down under it to the top of his wide, hairy groin, and we just petted one another like that for a good long while until he slid his right arm under me and wrapped me up tight in his arms.

“Oh, you feel so good little buddy. We fit good together, don’t we?”

Fuuuck, I didn’t know what to say to that. I felt completely dwarfed by the man, but I just nodded my head and held on tight to him. My swollen cock was pressed up tight against his big ol’ belly, but to my surprise, I hadn’t yet felt any of his huge manhood up against my body.

As much as I loved holdin’ on to his wide, hairy body, just the thought of what all he had between his huge, thick thighs had me feeling nervous as hell.

I knew there wasn’t much I could do help him get himself off good and proper, and I already felt a bit disappointed just thinking about it, but that sure as hell didn’t keep me from wanting to get my hands all over it.

Just by the way he was holding on so tight to me, I wasn’t even for sure if he wanted to go that far with me, but he sure didn’t seem to mind that my swollen fucker was pressed all good and firm against his big ol’ hairy stomach.

I wasn’t hard or nothin’ by a long shot, but I could feel my fucker throb and squirm a little every good once in a while, and I knew he had to be feelin’ it when it did.

After he got through givin’ me a big ol’ bear hug, he sensuously ran his hand over the length of my right arm and pulled it down towards his groin as he did. Once his big ol’ paw got to my hand, he smothered it with his and then tried scootin’ himself up to where I could reach on down to his groin, but his head was too close to the headboard of the bed for him to scoot up far enough.

Well hell, I just slid myself down under the covers, and he rubbed his big ol’ paw all over me as I did, then raised up his huge left thigh to let all of his manhood fall down from between them as he reached back for my hand.

He held it tight and jostled his big self some to get all comfortable again before he guided it down over his huge penis. I almost started crying the way he gently held my hand and let me explore all of what he had between his legs, and when he squeezed his fingers around mine to let me wrap my hand around his huge fuckin’ shaft, I started shivering all over again.

All that warm, silken man-meat got to me like nothin’ I ever felt in my life. Fuckin’ tears started pourin’ out of my eyes and I just curled myself up as I scooted myself right down to his huge fuckin’ groin and gently rubbed my face all over his huge penis.

When he heard me softly moan all wanton and full of need, he rubbed his hand all over the back of my head and rubbed my neck as he growled in a whisper, “It’s alright Bull, get it all over yourself. . . get all of it you want. I saw the way you was lookin’ at it down at the river, and I could tell you was wantin’ to get it all over yourself, so go on ahead. . .”

He gently pushed my head down deep and firm between his huge thighs and softly growled, “It’s all yours, little buddy. . . it’s all yours. . .”

My entire face was completely smothered by all of his manhood. The underside of his huge, dick was pressed up all over my mouth and nose, and the shaft of it wrapped around my left cheek and pressed firm against my ear, while his huge, warm testicles smothered the entire right side of my face.

I couldn’t believe the affect it had on me. I started simpering like a little boy and whispering,   ‘Oh fuck. . . Oh fuck. . .’ to myself as I licked all over his sweet, silken man-flesh.

He gently rubbed his hand all over the back of my head and slowly started to get hard. . . very slowly. . . Fuck, every now and then I could feel the strong throbs of blood rush through his huge vein, but it all just seemed to get lost up inside of his huge, thick shaft.

Hell, by the time I actually felt it begin to swell and stiffen up some, I was fully turned around on the bed lapping the huge, wide underside of his fucker right where it hooked up under his groin. The sweet fuckin’ smells of his crotch were startin’ to get strong, and the feel of his strong, lovin’ hand rubbin’ all over the back of my legs and feet just drove me crazy.

When I felt his fuckin’ finger slide up the crack of my ass and felt the way he rubbed the meat of it all over my sphincter, I guess I knew right then and there what the hell was on his mind. That huge fucker of his got to throbbin’ good and strong, and when I raised my head up to get a good look at the full size of the fucker, I started shaking totally out of control.

He raised his big self up at the waist and got his face up over my hairy ass and licked it all over before he stuck his tongue down in the crack of it and rubbed it all up and down the length of it with his face. He coursed the full length of it several times before he buried his head deep down in it right where my fuck-hole was and forced his strong tongue right through it.

He licked around inside of my fuck-chute for so long, I almost shot my fuckin’ wad all over myself, and when he finally raised his head up and took a huge, deep breath, his huge penis throbbed good and strong right before he growled all full of fuck-lust “That’s the prettiest, sweetest tastin’ fuck-hole I ever saw on a man.”

He rubbed the meat of his finger all around on it, and I turned on my side to look up at him and he smiled at me as he rolled himself around and got up on his knees and said, “Fuuuuck, roll on over and get your butt up for me, Bull. I want me some more of that. . .”

His huge fucker started throbbin’ like wild, so I just rolled over and got up on my knees and buried my head down on the bed, because it scared the hell out me seeing how his huge fucker was throbbing all anxious to get up inside of my ass.

I expected him to rub the fucker all over my ass, but he scooted himself back towards the headboard so he could bend himself down and get his face right up to my hairy ass. I felt his hot breath pour all over it as he exhaled deep and spread my butt-cheeks out wide with both of his hands, then he rubbed my hairy buttocks and growled, “Fuuuuck, you’ve got a beautiful ass, Bull. It’s the nicest fuckin’ man-ass I ever saw. . .”

I just chuckled all deep and nervous and said, “Get all of it you want, big man. Get all of it you can anyway. . . I’m not sure I can handle all you’ve got big boy, so go easy on me. . .”

“Fuuuuck, are you kiddin’? I’m gonna take my good fuckin’ time eatin’ your sweet, hairy ass out little buddy. I ain’t never tasted nothin’ as good as that in all my life. I’m gonna lick it all up real good inside. . .”

And boy did he ever. . . Fuck, I never had anyone get after my ass the way he did. That big man ate me out clean with that thick, hard tongue of his and just kept lappin’ it up for more. Fuck, I almost came twice, but when he felt my fucker startin’ to throb up near to the point of ejaculation, he’d reach down between my legs and hold the fucker off with one hand while he soothed my tight fuckin’ testicles with the other.

He was a fuckin’ expert at it and the first time he did it, he reached around the side of me and stroked it good and full after he knew I wasn’t gonna cum and said, “Fuuuck, you got the finest lookin’ fuckin’ dick I ever saw on a man, Bull. That fucker is just fuckin’ beautiful. . . and it feels so fuckin’ nice in a man’s hand. I can tell just by feelin’ of the fucker that it can shoot a load a fuckin’ mile. . .”

He had me so fuckin’ hot by then, I just growled back at him all full of fuck-lust, “Awh hell, it ain’t nothin’ compared to yours big man. You’ve got the biggest, meanest, fuckin’ dick I ever saw, and you’ve got the biggest fuckin’ balls I ever saw as well. . . I bet you can fuckin’ cum for an hour.”

He softly whispered out a chuckle as the thunder outside shook the house, then he reared up and rubbed his huge, stiff penis all over my hairy buttocks and said, “Shew! I wish I could. . . You’ve got me so excited, I just might be able to tonight. . .”

He fucked the long, thick shaft of his huge fucker up over the crack of my ass and rubbed his tight, hairy nut-sac full of his huge testicles all over it before he bent back down and got back to eatin’ it out and workin’ his thumbs all around on my fuck-hole.

He just kept massaging it with them until I was so relaxed, that when he tongue fucked it the second time around, he was able to spread it out good wide and lick up all around inside of fuck-chute.

Fuck, he almost didn’t get back out of it in time to keep me from cummin’ all over the fuckin’ sheets. I fought it like hell myself, but I felt myself ejaculate a small amount of my load up through my shaft.

He could tell that I had and slid his hand up to the head of my stiff cock and ran his thumb over the slit to feel how much I’d spewed out of myself. There was just a little bit of it dribblin’ out of it, and he growled as he spread it all over the head of my cock, “Oh fuck, that feels nice. You’ve got nice, slippery spunk, don’t you?”

Fuck, I guess that’s when I knew the big man was a fuckin’ dick-crazy as I was. . . but god, he sure as hell knew a whole lot more about how to handle a man’s dick than I’d ever learned in my life.

He was fuckin’ playin’ me like no one ever had in my life. My mind drifted away to the time my dad had fucked me good, and I knew that not even my own father had gotten me a ready for a good fuckin’ the way this man was doing, and soon enough, I was beggin’ the son of a gun for his huge, stiff, fuckin’ dick.

When I first felt him rub its huge, round cock-head all over my ass and in between the cheeks of it, I damned near started cummin’ again. Fuuuuck. . . that felt so fuckin’ good to me, and especially when I felt all of the slick, warm pre-cum that was spewin’ out of it.

It felt so goddamn good and soothing, and he used it all on me so efficiently, that I barely felt it when the huge head of his fucker pushed through the tight muscles that circled all around my fuck-hole.

It wasn’t until it was all good up inside of me, and I felt the hardness of his thick shaft start to go deeper in me that bucked a little and grimaced some.

He held on to me firm until I settled back down, then he lovingly rubbed his huge hairy, paws all over my ass and whispered, “We’ll take it nice and easy, little buddy. Just relax. I won’t hurt you, Bull. That’s the last thing on my mind. . . We’ve got all night to get coupled up real good. I’m a patient man. . . I’ve had to learn to be patient when it comes to fuckin’.”

The thunder roared outside, but it wasn’t anything compared to the thunder I felt building up inside of his big person. I had the feeling I was in for the fuckin’ of my life and he had gotten me so goddamn horned up for it, I never felt more ready for a good hard fuckin’ in all my life.

I groaned, “Graawwh. . . fuuuck, big man. . . you know how to fuck better than any man I’ve ever let have at my ass.”

He rubbed his hairy paws all over my back as he softly chuckled a couple of times to himself then growled all deep and low, “Fuck, we’re just gettin’ started, boy. We’ll see how much you like the way I fuck once we get coupled up good and proper and I start having my way with you.”

I shivered a little and whispered a growl that betrayed all the fuck-fever I was feeling, “Well if the rest of your ways are anything as good as the ones I’ve experienced so far, I’m gonna be one happy motherfucker.”

He softly chuckled as he gently put the pressure on my fuck-chute and uttered deep and low, “Well if the rest of your fuck-hole feels as good and hot as what I’ve tasted so far with my stiff fucker, so will I. . .”, then he rubbed his big paws all over my hairy ass and down on my thighs like they were nothing less than perfection to him and said to me, “Fuck, little Bull buddy, your thick legs are just the right length for man-fuckin’. . .”

I knew right after he said that, and by the way he kept rubbing my thighs so passionately, that he’d been sizing me up for a good fuckin’ the whole day long.

Even though he certainly never gave me any indication of the thoughts he’d been entertaining about me throughout the day, I just knew right then and there that he’d been wanting to fuck my ass probably from the moment he first saw me naked down at the river.

It got me all fired up just thinking about it, and how a man never truly knows what all is going on in another man’s head, so I fucked my big, hairy ass down on his huge fucker some and growled at him all gruff, “You big son of a gun. . . you like man-fuckin’ don’t you?”

He fucked me back and growled as he kept rubbing his hands on the side of my thighs, “I sure as fuck do. It’s the only way for me now, little buddy. I haven’t thought about fuckin’ pussy in years”, then he rubbed all over my fat, hairy ass and added, “But I sure as hell got to thinkin’ about man-fuckin’ this morning as soon as I met you and saw this nice, plump, round, man-ass you carry around on you. . . your butt’s the perfect height for me to fuck you good. . .”

He stiffened up his arms as he planted the palms of his meaty paws down firm on the top of my ass and leaned his big self over me some as he fucked himself a bit more of my ass and growled, “Oh fuck, I love how we’re fittin’ together, little buddy. We’re gonna fuck good once I get all the way up inside of you. . . We sure as hell are. . .”

I felt myself slowly give way to him as he whispered to me, “Yeaaahhh, that’s a boy. Just relax and let big daddy fuck you good. I know you’re wantin’ him all the way up in ya. . . Fuuuck yeaaahh. . . That’s a boy. . . That’s a boy. . .give it up to him, son. . . You’ve got a hot fuckin’ ass. . . You sure as hell do. . . You’re gonna make big daddy cum like he’s never cum before, little buddy. . . Fuuuck. . . . Fuuuck. . . Fuuuck. . .”

Just about then, lighting struck so close to the house the hairs on our bodies stood straight up from all the static electricity that filled the room. The loud crack of thunder continued to roar and a moment later we heard it echo back off the side of the mountains, but neither one of us let up.

He dropped down on his outstretched arms over the top of me and kept slow fuckin’ me straight and true until I could feel and hear the slurpin’, suckin’ sound of his fuckin’ pre-cum each time he fucked himself up inside of my ass.

My whole body felt so full up with his stiff, wicked dick that it tingled from the inside out, and his hard, solid body fucked so steady and so fuckin’ true, that he almost didn’t seem human to me.

I fuckin’ closed my eyes and dropped my head back down on the bed as I let out a deep, long groan all full of fuck-lust and just let him have at it his way, and figured he’d take it as a sign that I was ready for him to fuck himself all the way up in me, but hell, he was too fuckin’ experienced with that huge fucker of his to succumb to it.

He knew damned good and well where we was at in the whole process from his point of view, and knew I wasn’t quite yet ready for all he had in mind for me.

Every once in a while, he’d stop, and make his huge fucker throb good and get the big, round head of it swellin’ out so he could get a good taste of my hot ass and see for himself how ready I was for all the fuckin’ he had in mind for me, and the first time he did it, he uttered all deep and full of fuck-lust, “Awwwh big daddy loves feelin’ the inside of your hot ass, son. . . He sure as hell does. . .“

I shivered at his words and the feel of his huge, stiff fucker raising up inside of me and groaned from the intensely pleasurable pain of it, then uttered back to him, “Ohhhh I love feelin’ big daddy up in me. He’s so fuckin’ big, and hot, and strong, and his fuck-juice feels so good in me. . .”

His huge fucker throbbed all good and strong when he heard that, and he whispered, “Awwwh he liked hearin’ that, boy. He’d like to get himself some more of you. Do you think you’re ready for more of him?”

“Yeaahh. . . Fuck, yeah I am. Fuck him in me deep, big man. Fuck him in me gooood. . .”

He exhaled a sweet, long, ‘Oooohhh’ as he got himself some more of my hot, hungry ass, and I couldn’t help but feel as though I was willfully allowing myself to be raped by the huge man.

Fuck, I wanted it in the worst way, and it felt so fuckin’ good to me on the one hand, but on the other, I knew his huge, stiff cock was tearing me a brand new asshole and I’d never be the same from it afterwards.

I broke out in a cold sweat and let out another long groan as he kept slowly fuckin’ it all up in me until his huge, hairy thighs were pressed up tight against the back of mine.

That huge fucker got to throbbin’ good, and he kept it up in me deep for a good long while until he was certain I was fully relaxed and comfortable with it being so fuckin’ deep up inside of me. Then he pulled it out just an inch or two, and a moment later, I felt it spewin’ out more of his warm, soothing pre-cum.

I squinted my eyes barely shut and shook my head back and forth slightly as I thought about what a fuckin’ fuck-machine he had between his huge, hairy thighs and how damn good the big man was at using it.

He slowly fucked that warm, soothing juice all through what he had thus far conquered of my fuck-chute until I felt my tight fuck-hole relax and I begin to enjoy it a bit more, then he fucked himself back in me good and deep, and when I felt his huge, hairy nut-sack touch the back of my ass and felt his huge fucker throb again all good and strong, it felt like I was cumming even though my fucker had gotten a soft as could be.

My whole body went into orgasm and began to shake violently, then he drove that huge fucker in me so deep, I felt his huge testicles squish firm all over the back of my ass.

He reared his huge self up and made his huge fucker throb strong up in me a few times, and all of a sudden, a fuck-fever like I never felt in my life came over me in a rush of heat, and I started gettin’ harder than a fuckin’ rock.

His sensitive hands could feel how I was heatin’ up inside and he rubbed them all over me and whispered, “Yeaaahhh. . . fuck, yeah. . .”, as he kept making his huge cock throb good and strong up in me.

As he filled his broad, thick body all full from the heat of my ass, his huge fuckin’ dick started gettin’ rock-fuckin’ hard until he couldn’t make it throb up any harder, then he dropped his huge self back down on his outstretched arms and started fuckin’ me good and long and steady.

I could feel the ripped, muscular, shape of his huge, hard penis ripple through my slicked-up fuck-chute like a huge piece of warm, polished granite, and after he fucked me several times, my mouth just fell open and I started drooling all over the bed sheets as he got down to fuckin’ me longer and stronger.

He started mumblin’ all kinds of shit to himself that I couldn’t make out, and then after a while, he fucked himself in me deep and hard and then reared up and reached down with both hands to my thighs and lifted me up some like I didn’t weigh a fuckin’ thing and then pushed my legs up tight up under my belly and commanded, “Roll on over on your back, boy. I wanna get a good look at you. . .”

He helped me get turned over in a hurry while he was still fucked good up inside of my ass, and then he lifted my thick, stubby legs right up in front of himself and held them tight by the ankles as he tried out my ass for himself in this new position.

After he fucked me a few times, he shook his head and smiled at me and said, “You’re just too fuckin’ beautiful for me to not want to look at you while I’m fuckin’ you good. . .”

I smiled back at him and rubbed my hands all over his big, hairy belly and said, “Awhhh fuck, you’re the big, handsome one. . .”

He grinned real big and fucked himself a few more times in me, then he looked down at the two of us all fucked together and then looked back up at me and growled as he rock-fucked himself in me slow and easy, “I’m proud of you, Bull. We’ve got ourselves coupled up real good now. . .”, then he looked back down at us all fucked together and watched his huge fucker slide in and out of my fuck-hole as he soaked up the heat of my ass and softly said, “Yeaaah. . . we sure as hell did. . . it’s fuckin’ real nice and smooth now. . .”

I could tell he loved watching his huge, stiff dick fuckin’ my ass because he kept after it for a good while before he raised his head back up to me then reached back behind himself and grabbed up a pillow from the head of the bed and tossed it to me.

I slid it under my head and folded my hands under it and just watched him fuck. He was just lovin’ it, and made all kinds of sweet, fuck-filled expressions as he grinned all big and shook his head to let me know how fuckin’ good my hot ass felt to him. Then he reached back for another pillow and slid it up under my ass then let my legs drop around the sides of his huge, hairy thighs and grabbed up my stiff cock and stroked and manhandled it like no one ever had before in my life.

Fuck, I knew right then that he loved the feel of another man’s stiff dick in his hand as much or more than I did, and once he got it all worked up bone-hard for me with his expert hands, he shook his head and said, “Fuck, you’ve got the finest lookin’ fuckin’ cock and balls I ever saw, Bull. . .” He gave my hard fucker a good squeeze and said, “It’s a fuckin’ powerful dick, ain’t it? I bet that fucker’s gonna shoot your slick spunk right up to the moon. . .”

He manhandled it some more, then he spread my legs out wide and rolled my fuck-hole up to him as he dropped back down on his bulging, stout arms and got down to the serious business of fuckin’ out his load.

I unfolded my arms from the back of my head as he lowered himself down to me and reached for the sides of his wide torso, and by the time we were situated just the way he wanted, my head was lookin’ straight up at his broad breastbone.

The first time he rocked his huge self over me on his outstretched arms and fucked his ‘big daddy’ all the way up in me, I knew all of the prolonged fuckin’ beforehand had been nothing more to him than some kind of extended foreplay.

When I felt his huge thighs come forward and lift up on the back of mine until his wide, hairy groin slapped firm and full up against my nuts, and felt his huge, weighty balls swing hard up against my ass, I knew right then that no other man on earth could stud-fuck me the way he could.

My cock got so fuckin’ hard just from watchin’ and feelin’ how he liked to fuck his big self, it pressed firm up against him and it felt so goddamn good to me as his big ol’ hairy belly slid over the underside of my fucker each time he rocked his huge self over me.

As stiff and hard as that huge fucker of his already was, it just kept swellin’ up inside of my hot ass as he rock-fucked himself up into a frenzy.

I was so fuckin’ ready to cum I couldn’t stand it, and I held it off for as long as I possibly could until my stiff fuckin’ dick finally got the better of me and shot a long fuckin’ stream of my spunk up all over his huge, hairy body. It was all the way out of me before I even felt the affects of it, but when I did, I bucked so hard and tight up to him, that his huge fucker ripped itself open some virgin territory of my fuck-chute it had never felt before.

I felt the huge fucker throb strong and shoot a couple of quick shots up in me, then he let out with a deep fuckin’ groan that emanated from the far depths of his fuck-filled soul. I knew he was a complete gonner as soon as I heard it rumble out of him, and a split-second later I felt his huge fucker throb up so strong, it lifted my groin right up tight to his heaving belly right before it blasted my ass full of his hot, viscous seed.

His entire fuckin’ body recoiled back in a jolt a second after his huge fucker finished ejaculating all of his thick spunk up in me and it was like nothin’ I ever saw or felt in my life. I could tell his whole being was at the mercy of his huge, throbbing dick and felt his skin clam up as he slowly raised up his head and turned it off to one side and grimaced as all the feelings of his powerful ejaculation filled him full inside.

It was by far the most beautiful, manly fuckin’ thing I ever saw in my life. I was so absolute and complete, it was nothing less than slow-motion sensory overload to me.

  When I felt his huge fucker start to throbbin’ all strong again and felt his huge testicles creepin’ up the back of my ass and up tight around his incredibly thick shaft, I started cummin’ out of control just from the sight of him much less from all he was makin’ me feel inside.

He dropped his head down to me with his mouth wide open like he barely knew where he was, then shook his head back and forth slowly before he fucked himself hard and deep back up inside of my fat, hairy ass.

I felt his thick, viscous cum ooze all around his thick, stiff shaft as he pummeled me good with it, then felt that wicked fuckin’ head on it swell up tight against the walls of my fuck-chute as it throbbed hard and let loose with another load of his thick, gooey spunk.

That fucker blew it all out of itself in a long and strong stream that lasted all but forever, and when it finally was through with him, his whole body recoiled again and another deep groan rumbled from out of the depths of his fuck-hungry soul.

This just kept going on and on like a slow, endless loop until he finally dropped his huge, exhausted self down on his elbows and patted the top of my head with his right hand and uttered as he tried to catch his breath, “Fuuuck, Bull. . . Fuck. . . You fuck. . . the best of any man. . . I’ve ever had the pleasure to fuck. . .”

I was as out of breath as he was and all of the fuckin’ spunk I’d shot up all over him was dripping down all over me. I reached up and wiped some of it away from my eye, then he slid his arms under me and lifted up my butt until our groins and bellies were pressed good and tight together, then he raised up his big self back up and fucked himself back in me good and deep, and looked me square in the eyes and smiled as he jostled me by my big, hairy ass and whispered, “Fuuuck. . . we fit together good, don’t we little buddy?”

I just wrapped my arms around what I could of the huge man and rubbed my paws all over his sweaty body and said, “Yeah, we do big man. . . we fit real good together”, then I bucked my ass on his huge fucker and said, “I can’t believe I have this huge, stiff fucker of yours up inside of me. You sure as hell know how to get a man ready to take all you’ve got.”

He pulled me up tighter to him, then dropped his forehead on mine and grinned real big and said, “I could eat your big, beautiful, hairy man-ass out all day long, Bull. . . You taste and smell so fuckin’ good to me. . . God, I’ve never wanted to fuck anybody as bad as I wanted to fuck you. . .”

He made his huge hard fucker throb inside of me just to assert how much he meant that, then he slid his huge arms up around my back and pulled me right in tight to his chest as he dropped his big butt down and squatted on the back of his huge, thick calves.

I was sittin’ right on his lap with my arms wrapped tight around him and his huge, stiff fucker stickin’ straight up in my ass, and we hugged and kissed one another like that for the longest fuckin’ time.

We finally rolled ourselves over back to the head of the bed on the opposite side of it, and that’s when he finally pulled his huge, stiff fucker out of me.

I felt empty as hell as soon as he did, and I rolled over on my left side right near the edge of the bed and waited for him as he grabbed up all of the pillows and tossed them back up to the head of the bed, then pulled the sheets up over us a bit.

He petted me for a moment, then rolled his big self over to the far, opposite side of the bed and shut off the lamp on the bed stand, and as he scooted his big self all the way back over to me, he pulled the sheets up higher, then laid them over my shoulder as he cuddled his big self up to me.

He was still fuckin’ harder than a brick and slow-fucked his huge fucker all over the right cheek of my ass as he petted and coddled me. I was so fuckin’ relaxed, I was putty in his fuckin’ hands, and finally I pushed my butt firm against his groin and groaned, “Grawwh. . . Fuuuck. . . Go on ahead and corn-hole my fuckin’ ass. . .”

He whispered all sweet and tender as he gently rubbed his big hairy paw down my side, “You like gettin’ corn-holed, little buddy?”

“Oh fuck, yeah. . . I love gettin’ corn-holed. . .”

He whispered, “Fuuuck, I’d love that. . .”, then he rolled over on his back and softly said as he reached again for all of the pillows, “Well let’s get you up to the right height for it, little buddy, and we’ll sleep real good tonight. . .”

He got them all tucked under me until I was good and comfortable, then that fucker of his started spewin’ out more of his fuckin’ pre-cum as he rubbed the huge, bulbous head of it all around on my pucker-hole with his hand.

I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it really, but I guess I’d come to expect almost anything from the man and that huge fuckin’ dick of his, and when he fucked it back up inside of me, it felt so deliciously slick and sweet sliding up my fuck-chute, I just trembled until it was full up inside of me.

His huge testicles felt so warm and right pressed up tight against my hairy ass, my whole body just caved in on itself, and he petted and soothed me as he lazily and sleepily corn-holed me with his huge, hard penis.

I felt myself gettin’ hard again and his huge body started tremblin’ some when his lovin’ hands felt it stiffen up in them, then his huge fucker throbbed good and hard as he whispered to me, “Oooohh fuuuck, little buddy. . .   I’m just gonna have to shoot off another load in you. . . I can’t keep myself from it. . .”

His big, fuckin’ strong hands worked my stiff dick like only he could work a man’s dick and it made me feel more like a man than I ever felt in all my life. My fucker got to feeling so proud of itself in his strong, masculine hands, it got harder than a rock for him, and I knew the fucker was gonna shoot another load for him like never before.

It all happened so slow and easy it was like I was detached from it in a way, but when it finally let itself loose, I felt the masculine force of it jolt all the way up through my body. He started cummin’ at the same time, and started whisperin’, “Fuuuuck. . . Fuuuuck. . . Fuuuuck. . .”, each time his huge fucker shot out a stream of his thick spunk.

It throbbed so long and slow and lazily, it was like it was putting its huge self off to sleep as it spewed out the last of his seed, and when it was finally through with itself, his whole body bucked back in a jolt, and then he just fuckin’ collapsed.

By then, the roar of the thunder and lighting outside was off in the distance, and the room felt to me as though we had just softly hit ground in it. He slowly fucked his fucker back up in me good and deep and pulled me in tight to him, and that was the last thing I remembered of a long, eventful day that forever changed my life.