WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 29
Thunder And Lightening -- Part III

After all of the horned-up rough and tumble fuckin’ and suckin’ the sheriff and I had enjoyed with one another during the thunderstorm last night, we both slept sound as a rock, and as a result, we woke up a bit later the following morning than was usual for either one of us.

I woke up before the sheriff did and I think what had brought me out of my deep sleep was that the steady, gentle rain which had poured all night long had finally subsided to a light drizzle, and not hearing the sound of it hittin’ the roof had finally seeped into my subconscious, but the fact that I felt my fuckin’ crank startin’ to bone back up once I came to, probably had as much to do with me waking up as anything else.

I had my arm wrapped around the big man and his big, warm, hairy ass was pressed up tight against my groin. He was still sound asleep and I wasn’t much surprised by that considering the way he had cum once I squatted myself down in front of him and started suckin’ on his stiff, fat cock last night .

He sure as hell had showed a whole different side of himself to me last night once we had started in on one another than he’d ever demonstrated to me during all of the previous times we’d ever fucked, and I have to admit I really loved seeing it all finally coming out in the big man.

I always figured he must of had a strong, dominate side to him which he’d never fully shown to me in the past, but now that I had experienced it all for myself, I had a deeper respect for him and wanted to fuck him all the more just because of it.

Hell, I have to admit that I fully enjoyed the way he had taken charge, and once I started in suckin’ on his fat, stiff fucker, I went after it all full of new-found respect for the man.

I wanted to please him more than ever, and I guess that’s why I did a whole lot better job of suckin’ his fat, stiff dick off for him than I apparently ever had in the past. He sure as hell seemed surprised by how well I started in on him, and by the time it was near over, he was up on his feet with both of his big, hairy paws planted firm on my head fuckin’ my face to hell and gone.

He kept coaxing me on with his words as he kept fuckin’ himself down my throat, and by the time he was down to the hard, short strokes, he was growlin’ nonstop to me, “Suck that fuckin’ dick. . . Suck it like the big, dick-lovin’ sonofabitch you are, boss. Yeaaah. . . That’s the way, big buddy. . . grovel all over that stiff, hard piece of man-meat. . .  Show me how much you love a stiff dick. . . I’m gonna man you up good tonight, big buddy. I sure as hell am. . .”

Fuck, I could tell he was needin’ to get all of that out of his system for quite a good while, and I loved the way he was fuckin’ and expressin’ himself with that hard, fat fucker of his.

I held on tight to his big, firm, muscular thighs as his big ol’ hairy ass rammed his fat fucker down my throat, and feelin’ the way his huge, hairy nuts kept slappin’ hard up against my chin got my fuckin’ crank to throbbin’ and oozin’ out spunk in full appreciation of all of his strong and needful man-ways.

Right after he told me he was gonna man me up good, he fucked himself in me good and deep, then he reared his big self back and held my face down tight on his pulsating cock as he shot me plum full of his hot seed.

He started cummin’ like wild fire and I sucked down his sweet honey-spunk like a hungry, starvin’ sex-crazed bear. He just kept cummin’ and cummin’ and cummin’ until his big balls were bone dry, and even then, his fat, throbbin’ fucker was still tryin’ to pull up some more of his sweet seed for me.

When he finally popped the throbbin’ fucker out of my mouth, he started rubbin’ it all over my face and growled to me, “Yeah, you big cock-lovin’ son of a gun, get that fucker all over yourself. . . dick yourself up good with it big man. Yeaah. . . Yeaaahh. . . yeaaaahhh. . .’

Fuck, I stroked off a load all over his thick hairy thighs and even managed to blow a good, thick wad up under his big, hairy balls once he started growlin’ at me and dickin’ my face up good with his throbbin’ fucker.

Once I shot the last of my load all over him, he grinned and patted me on the head like a proud father, then pulled my face tight to his hairy groin and rub-fucked his hard fucker all over it until we were both fully sated.

I loved feelin’ his fat, hard, spunked-up fucker rubbin’ all over my face and experiencing all the ways the big man went about demonstrating his male-dominance with it. Fuck, that’s just a natural thing for any man to do with his hard fucker after fuckin’ himself as hard as he had, and I fully appreciated all the ways the big man had to express his dominate side to me with that fat, stiff fucker of his, especially after he had cum for me as good as he had.

When I finally got to my feet, we wrapped our arms around one another and groped around on each other’s manhood for a while before we dropped ourselves back down on the bed and cuddled up together.

He rolled his backside to me and I wrapped my arm around his thick, hairy body and groped and fingered all around on the swollen head of his fat cock until we fell off to sleep, and we hadn’t moved the whole fuckin’ night long.

He was still so sound asleep, he didn’t stir one bit when I finally rolled myself out of bed and got myself dressed. I picked up my socks and boots then slipped out of my bedroom and went down the hall to the rear door we had entered through last night. There was a wooden chair sittin’ in the big catch-all room we had built, along with a few other odds and ends that we had sat in there, but besides that, it was completely empty.

As I sat myself down in it and put on my boots, I thought about all of the hard work we’d put in on this house and how it was gonna take some time for me to get used to all of room we now had.

I quietly let myself outside, and walked across our big, new porch on my way to the barn and noticed that the roof over it had kept everything under it dry for the most part.

I was surprised by that because I could hear the wind whipping the rain all around the place last night when the storm first hit us, but now, there was only a few occasional gusts that blew up as I made my way to the barn.

I could see off in the distance some more huge dark clouds heading our way and an occasional bolt of lighting, but it was still so far away, I could barely hear the low rumble of the thunder.

When I opened up the barn door and let myself in, it struck me right off how eerily quiet it was inside and when I got to the far end of it where I kept all of my animals, I saw they were all still huddled up asleep together.

None of them stirred much as I put out all of the grain and made up a good slop for the hogs, but once I poured it all out in the trough, they slowly got on their feet and sniffed around at it.

I’d never seen them seem so lethargic before, but it was such a perfect day for it, it didn’t concern me much, so I went ahead and washed out the slop bucket and headed right back to the house.

After I went back inside, I stepped back into the catch-all room and sat back down and slipped off my boots then lightly treaded back to my bedroom, and when I let myself back inside, the sheriff slowly rolled his big self over to me and gave me a sleepy smile as he watched me undress myself.

A gentle rain began to fall as soon as I stepped out of my overalls, and he shook his head and chuckled and softly grumbled, “I don’t see why you even ever bother to wear any underwear, big buddy, not when your fuckin’ dick hangs down past the legs of them as far as it does.”

I just gave him a grin as I opened up one of my drawers he’d made for my room and grabbed a couple of t-shirts out of it. I tossed one to him because it was just cool enough to where I figured he’d appreciate it, and he slipped it on the same time I did mine.

Once I had mine pulled down over my belly, I pulled my crank back up through the right leg of my shorts, then pushed the tail of my t-shirt deep down in them and tucked it under my fuckin’ nuts and crank until they was supported good by it.

I ran my thumbs around the waistband and said, “Now, how’s that?”

He slid himself over to the edged of the bed and reached out for my crotch and said, “Come over here to me.”

I stepped right up to him and he felt all around on my manhood and growled, “What a nice big fuckin’ mound of man-meat for a fellow to get his hands on first thing in the morning.” I smiled as he squeezed my flaccid shaft some, then he said, “There ain’t nothin’ else on earth that feels like a man’s dick, is there boss?”

I chuckled and said, “No there ain’t, sheriff. Whether they’re soft or hard or anywhere in between, nothin’ else on earth feels like a man’s dick. That’s for damn sure. . .”

He looked up at me and grinned as he kept squeezin’ around on my fucker and said, “Well it feels like yours is startin’ to get somewhere in between, boss. Are you ready to fuck me with it?”

“Hell, I just now got all tucked away, big man, but I’ll be sure to let you know when it gets in the mood for your big, hot, hairy ass.”

“Well it’d better not be too long from now, cause I’m hornier than all fuckin’ hell for it. In fact, I’m gonna get myself good and clean and greased up, so you can fuck me good and deep right from the git-go.”

“I’d love that big buddy. I’ll never forget how that felt that first time I fucked you good in the barn. Remember that?”

“I sure as hell do, big buddy. I was needin’ a big, hard dick up in me so bad, I couldn’t think straight.”

I smiled and said, “Well you seem to be thinkin’ a whole lot better nowadays, sheriff.”

“Oh, I feel so fuckin’ liberated from all of the shit I used to torment myself with, I’m floatin’ on a fuckin’ cloud.”

I just nodded in agreement and said, “I feel the same myself these days, sheriff. . .  I sure as hell do. . .”

He gave me an all-knowing smile, and then suggested we slip on down to his grandpa’s room to check in on him and Bull. I wasn’t all that surprised by that because I knew he could easily see all the changes that had come over me ever since the big man had given my ass its first good fuckin’, so it was only natural he would think of him at that very moment.

I just smiled back at him and nodded, so we quietly slipped down to his room and once we got there, we could hear the muffled sounds of him and Bull snoring through the door.

The sheriff quietly opened it up, and the heavy man-smells just poured out of the room. He stepped out of the way so I could see the two of them all cuddled up tight together as he whispered, “Fuck, it smells good in there, don’t it boss?”

I quietly shut the door then turned to him and whispered, “Yeah, it sure as hell does. . .”

We went back to my room, and when we stepped back inside he took a whiff and said, “Fuck, we did a pretty good job of leavin’ our man-scent in here as well, didn’t we boss?”

I smiled and said, “Yeah, I didn’t notice it as much after being out in the barn, but you’re right sheriff, our man-smells are good and strong in here as well.”

He took another big whiff and said, “Yeaaahh, that’s the smell of your fuckin’ spunk for sure. I used to smell it some in my cruiser on the way home after you fucked my ass good.”

I softly chuckled and said, “You spunk-lovin’ fucker. . .”

He grinned and asked, “So how long do you think it’ll be before they wake up?”

“From the looks of them sheriff, I’m thinkin’ they’ll sleep a good hour or two longer. . . I’ll tell you one thing for damn sure. I know your ol’ grandpa is gonna wake up wantin’ to fuck him some more of Bull’s hot ass. It sure as hell looked to me like they was all good and corn-holed together, didn’t it look that way to you?”

He smiled and growled, “Yeaah it did to me too, boss.”

“Fuck, he corn-holed my ass one night and we slept the whole night long all good and fucked together and when we woke up the next morning, he was ready to fuck me full of another good load of his thick spunk. . .”

“Fuck, I loved it whenever he corn-holed my ass, boss. . .”

“So you like gettin’ corn-holed do ya, sheriff?”

He grinned all big and said, “I sure as hell do, boss. . .  I can sleep like a fuckin’ baby with a stiff dick up my fat, hairy ass.”

“Fuuck, I’d love to corn-hole you some time big boy. . .”

“Well fuck, boss, I’ll roll over on my side right now for you if you want.”

“Awh hell, sheriff, there’s plenty of time for that in the future. I thought you wanted to save your sweet honey-butter up to feed to our little buddy for breakfast. . .  After all of it you fed me last night, I doubt you have much in reserve for the man.”

He grinned real big as he hefted what all he could of his big balls up in his hand and said, “I got plenty for the man right here, boss. I felt these fuckers workin’ away all night long whippin’ up a new batch of honey for the man, and I can feel ‘em right now churnin’ out a whole army full of little troopers for him as well.”

I chuckled and said, “Fuck, he loves feeding on your little baby-sheriffs. They get him all fuckin’ manned up.”

“I love lettin’ him have ‘em, boss. . .  He sure as hell enjoys them a hell of a lot more than my fuckin’ wife ever did, and he makes better use of them as well. They fuckin’ make him stout as a rock, don’t they?”

“Yeah, the man really fuckin’ swells up after he gets them fuckers down in him. . .  So how’s it going with her anyway?”

“Awh, it’s going as best a could be expected, boss. I got me a post office box in town and told her I’d rented a small apartment room over in the next county. The last time I stopped by there to pick up all of my wood working tools, she offered to let me have the bed and furniture I’d made for us, but I told her I’d bought all of the lumber I needed to build my own. She was civil enough, but I could tell she was relieved to get my fat, hairy ass out of her life.”

“What about your boy?”

“Oh he’s handling all this just fine. He takes more after her than he ever did me anyway, but I went ahead and had a good talk with him a few weeks back and told him I’d always be there for him. I could tell he appreciated hearing that from me, but he didn’t say much. He’s at that age where he’s far more interested in his friends and everything else that’s going on in his life than what’s going on between his mom and I at home. . .”

“Well don’t be all that surprised if one day he doesn’t come lookin’ to you for all the things you looked to your own dad for.”

He just shook his head and said, “Fuck, I don’t think he sees the world anywhere near like I did at his age, but if he ever does, I’ll do right by him, boss. You know I will. . .”

I just chuckled and said, “Fuck, if he ever once got a taste of your sweet spunk, I bet the young man would be wanting to suckle on your fat, stiff dick for the rest of his days.”

“Fuck, I’d man him up good, boss, if he did. He sure could use a good dose of it. . .   You know, I tried wrestlin’ around with him when he was the same age my dad started in with me, but he was far more interested in playing with his toy cars and trucks. . .   Maybe he’ll end up being a mechanic like Bull. . .   I could envision that. . .   Fuck, I know if he ever saw all the fuckin’ beautiful manhood hangin’ between Bull’s stout thighs, he’d sure as hell would want to get his face all over that. What man in his right mind wouldn’t?”

“Bull’s got a beautiful fuckin’ dick, don’t he? And them big, tight fuckin’ balls of his just beckon to be licked all good. I love lickin’ his fuckin’ balls. I don’t know how the hell they pack all of the spunk he can let loose with, ‘cause they ain’t near as big as yours, but somehow he manages to.”

“He’s a man’s man to the fuckin’ bone, ain’t he boss? I told you before the man’s just full up made of spunk. . .”

He grabbed a hold of his big fuckin’ balls again and rolled the fuckers around in his hand as he looked over towards the bathroom and said, “Fuck, I tell you what, I’m gonna jump in the shower and get myself all good and clean for the man.”

“That’s a good idea sheriff. Why don’t we both clean one another up good, then we’ll check back in on them. I bet they’ll be wakin’ up by the time we’re done.”

We stripped, and as we walked into my bathroom, he looked around and said, “You know, this fuckin’ marble is just fuckin’ beautiful, boss. I think your bathroom turned out the nicest of them all. . .  with the fuckin’ tile and granite and all. It all just looks perfect together.”

“You two did one hell of a job, sheriff. You’ve got a knack for visualizing how it should all be laid out. I think your bathroom turned out the best myself -- especially when I see how good your big hairy naked body looks in it.”

He smiled and said, “I felt like a fuckin’ king the other night when I first used it. These big ol’ solid granite counter tops sure are nice aren’t they? I thought ol’ Bull was nuts when he shelled out all he did for them, but fuck, they’ll last forever and are so easy to keep nice and clean.”

“Yeah, they sure are, sheriff. I still haven’t gotten used to it all. It may take me a few years to feel really settled in here. It’s all so new, it doesn’t quite feel like home to me just yet.”

“Fuck, it feels like home to me, boss. I can’t image being anywhere else than with you and Bull. . .”

I gave him a big ol’ hug and said, “I can’t image my life without having you for a friend, sheriff. You’re very special to me. You’ve been a true friend to me. . . something I never imagined I’d have in my life several years back. . .”

“Me neither, boss. I never thought I’d ever befriend a man like you. You always seemed so goddamned independent an all. . .  I was just happy whenever you’d take a moment of your time just to talk to me.”

I chuckled as I reached down and got myself a good handful of his big ol’ testicles and said, “I guess I just liked what I saw in you right from the start sheriff. I always thought it was a bit funny whenever I noticed the way you’d raise one of your big ol’ legs up on your tiptoes and spread out your thigh. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what that was all about, but I could tell it was just somethin’ you had to do for yourself because you never seemed to realize it whenever you did it. Of course, now I know why. . .”

He got a little red in the face and said, “I believe you’ve made mention of that to me before, boss. Fuck, on a hot day, those big fuckers can get a little sticky down there.”

“Yeah, I bet. . . I bet it’s all of that sweet honey-spunk of yours sweatin’ out of them that gets ‘em so sticky.”

I squatted down and licked ‘em all over good and got my nose good and full of his sweet, strong man-smells before he cleaned himself up all up good in the shower. The warm water felt good on us, and by the time we finished up and slipped back on our shorts and t-shirts, we somehow knew that his grandpa and ol’ Bull were waking up.

The rain had started coming down harder and the cloud cover was much thicker and darker outside, and the distant thunder was now upon us. We let ourselves into their room and I stood at the foot of the bed while the sheriff walked around the right side of it until he was standing right in front of Bull’s face.

Bull turned his head up to him and the ol’ sheriff reached down and gently rubbed his big, hairy paw all over the back of his head and whispered, “How are you doin’ there, little buddy?” Then he stuck out his crotch and gently pulled Bull’s head right up to it and said all sweet and low, “I have breakfast ready for you.”

Bull gave him a lusty smile and then the ol’ sheriff looked his grandpa square in the eyes and asked, “How are you doin’ pops?”

The big man rubbed his big paw all over Bull’s belly as he corn-holed himself up in him good and said, “Well how do you think I’m doin’ son?”

The sheriff gave him a lusty chuckle and said, “Looks to me like you’re doin’ just fine there, pops” then he looked back down at Bull and said, “How does it feel to have that big ol’ stiff fuckin’ hog of his up inside of you, little buddy?”

Bull just gave a lusty, lazy grin as he slowly fucked his ass down over it good and groaned all deep and gruff, “Uhhaaawwh, yeaaahhh. . . it feels fuckin’ good sheriff” then he reached back and rubbed his hand all over what he could of the big man and said, “This big man fucks so goddamned good. . .”

“Yeah, he sure as hell does Bull. . . He’ll make a new man outta you with that huge, stiff fucker of his, little buddy.”

“Fuck, he already has, sheriff. . . and I’m ready for some more of what all he’s got to offer a man.”

The sheriff rubbed his hairy paw all over the back of Bull’s head and growled all deep and low, “Well it looks to me like he’s good and ready to give you some more of what all he’s got to offer. . .” then he reached down in the fly of his boxers with his other hand and pulled out his throbbin’ fucker and squatted his big self down and got it right up to Bull’s mouth and rubbed the drippin’ head of it all over his lips and said, “Would you like suckin’ on that while he corn-holes you good, little buddy? It’s plum full of sweet honey-butter. . .  I whipped up this morning all good and fresh, just for you. . .”

Bull just groaned all full of lust for the big man’s hard dick as he took it in his mouth in the most sensuous way I ever saw.

I started gettin’ fuckin’ harder than hell just watchin’ how the short, stout man was suckin’ on the big ol’ boy’s fat cock, and I couldn’t help but notice that the sheriff’s grandpa raised up his head so he could get a better look at it all for himself.

I don’t guess the man had ever seen anything like that before, cause he started growlin’, “Awwh fuck, that’s beautiful. . .  That’s just fuckin’ beautiful. . .”

The ol’ sheriff looked up at the man and said, “You like watchin’ this, dontcha pops? Yeaaahh, you like seein’ your ol’ grandson fuckin’ his dick down another man’s throat, don’t you?”

He spread his legs wider so his huge fuckin’ balls got to swingin’ good, and he looked downright lewd as he kept fuckin’ his big self down Bull’s hot, hungry mouth.

It was hotter than hell to watch all the ways the big man could fuck himself when he set his mind to it, and I got so fuckin’ hard just watchin’ him get after it, I had to pull my stiff crank out and got to strokin’ on it for myself.

He looked over my way, and after he saw how I was workin’ my hand all over my throbbin’ crank, he shook his head at the sight of me.

I guess I must of looked every bit as lewd to him as he did to me because the sight of me got him all riled up.

He started pinchin’ on his nipples as he squatted his big ol’ self down even lower to Bull and got to jut-fuckin’ his face even harder than he had been before.

Bull was just so fuckin’ lost to suckin’ on his fat prick, he didn’t notice any of it, and then the big, hairy sonofabitch slowly shoved his fucker deep down in Bull’s throat until his huge fuckin’ balls were pressed tight all over Bull’s face and he looked up at his grandpa and growled, “Yeaaahhh, you like watchin’ them big, hairy balls fuckin’ at him and slappin’ up against his face dontcha pops?” then he nodded down at how his ol’ gramps was strokin’ on Bull’s stiff fucker and added, “Yeaaahhh. . . and you like feelin’ a good stiff dick in your hands too, dontcha pops? Yeah, I can tell you do. . .  You’re a dick-lovin’ man-fucker just like the rest of us, aren’t ya, pops?”

The big ol’ silver haired man let out a deep groan as he fucked himself good and hard up inside of ol’ Bull, then he raised his head to his grandson and growled to him, “Yeah boy. . .  I sure as hell am. . .  I recon you saw to that back when you convinced me to start showin’ you all of my man-ways. . .”

“I loved learnin’ all your man-ways pops, and now I wanna show you a few of my own. . .”

The big old boy took his hand off of Bull’s cock and lovingly rubbed it down the back of his grandson’s thick, stout, hairy thigh and growled, “Well you’ve become quite a man, son. I’d love to see how you’ve turned out and all the ways you like to fuck.”

The sheriff looked over at me before he said to the man, “Well I’ve turned out to be a lot like you pops, I love fuckin’ a man good and hard up the ass as much as you do, now. . .”

“I’d love to see how you do it, boy. . .”

“Well you’ll get your chance, pops, but our big buddy here needs a hot hole to stick that huge, stiff fucker of his in, and I can tell your big ol’ ass has been needin’ a good fuckin’ for quite a while.”

He slid open the drawer in the nightstand next to him and reached in and tossed me a small tub of petroleum jelly and said, “Get on in the bed with them, big man and fuck ya some of my grandpa’s big, hot ass. Fuck, it’s about time the man got a good taste of his own medicine.”

Fuck, I didn’t know what to think. First of all, I was surprised as hell at first that he knew there was a tub of petroleum jelly in that drawer, I figured he must of bought it and put it in there himself without sayin’ anything about it, but I wasn’t at all sure what his ol’ granddad thought about me fuckin’ him up the ass. I sure as hell wanted to. I wanted to feel what all went on inside his big person when that huge fucker of his took a grip on him and started cummin’.

I couldn’t even imagine what it’d be like, but I spoke up and let the big man know how much I’d like experiencing it.

He just turned his big head over on his shoulder and looked at me and said, “Fuck, come on and get yourself on in here and find out for yourself, son. I think that’d be a good experience for the both of us, come to think of it. . .”

Fuck, I was in that big bed in a New York minute, and I was so fuckin’ hard, I thought my crank was gonna explode. I crawled in with my head down towards the foot of the bed and started eatin’ on the big man’s ass like crazy, and once I finally got my tongue on the old boy’s pucker-hole, the sheriff growled, “Fuuuck, he’s lovin’ that, boss. . . You ought to see the man’s face. He’ll be ready for you to fuck in no time at all.”

His grandpa growled, “Yeah, if I don’t fuckin’ cum up our little buddy’s ass beforehand. The last time he did that to me, I fuckin’ emptied my nuts all over him.”

The sheriff chuckled and said, “Well hang in there pops until he gets you good and ready for that big, long fucker of his. I’ll warn you right now that you’re gonna feel that fucker all the way up in your throat, won’t he little buddy?”

Fuck I could hear Bull still suckin’ on the big man’s fat dick like it was his only salvation, so I wasn’t at all surprised when all he did was groan out his agreement with the man. I swear the man could suck on that big man’s dick for the rest of his fuckin’ life and still not ever get enough of it.

His grandpa growled, “Fuck, I’m ready for that big fucker of his” then he reached back with his hand and rubbed my shoulder and said, “Roll back around and grease the fucker up and just fuck it all the way up in me before I cum. I’m so fuckin’ close, I can barely hang on. . .”

I did exactly what he told me to do, but before I stuck the head of my stiff, swollen crank up through his pucker-hole, I grabbed a tight hold of my nuts and pulled down on the fuckers cause I knew I’d start cummin’ if he was able to let me fuck him up the ass all at once.

He let out a deep groan that rumbled the room as soon as I fucked the head of my crank through his tight pucker-hole, but he just kept givin’ way to me until I was fucked all the way up in him.

He was fuckin’ hot inside. The man was so hot, he was on fire, and I felt his huge fuckin’ hog give a strong fuckin’ throb up inside Bull’s hot ass that made ol’ Bull let out a moan that sounded like he was being born all over again.

The sheriff growled, “Awwh fuuuck. . . That’s so fuckin’ hot seein’ you men all fucked together, I can barely stand it.”

He put his big, hairy paw down on Bull’s head and growled, “Fuck, ease up there little buddy. You fuckin’ suck my dick so good, I’ve been fightin’ like hell not to cum for the past few minutes.”

Bull eased up, but wouldn’t take his fuckin’ mouth off of it, and the sheriff’s grandpa let out a deep, lusty chuckle as he corn-holed him a good one then rubbed his big paw all over Bull’s right shoulder and growled to him, “Fuck, you stout son of a gun, you can’t get yourself enough of my grandson’s dick, can you?”

The sheriff chuckled all deep and full up with fuck-lust as he rubbed his hairy paw all over Bull’s shoulder, “Fuck, our little buddy flat loves suckin’ on my stiff, fat fucker and it sure as hell loves the way he does it. They have a thing goin’ on I can barely keep up with pops.”

“Fuck, I can tell that. . .  Ain’t he one hell of a fuckin’ man? He’s so fuckin’ stout and strong. . .  He sure as hell lives up to his name, don’t he?”

The sheriff slid his big, lovin’ hands down over Bull’s torso and said, “Yeah, he sure does pops, and I can see how much you love feelin’ around all over his beautiful manhood. I can tell you’ve developed quite an appreciation for another man’s hard dick just by the way your big hands love all around on his stiff dick.”

The big man chuckled all deep as he ran his lovin’ hand up the length of Bull’s cock and then lifted it up so all of us could get a good look at it. “Don’t he have the most perfect fuckin’ dick you ever saw? Fuuuuck, look at that fucker. . . all thick and muscular all over with the most perfect fuckin’ head on it I ever saw in my life. We ought to make a fuckin’ bronze of it and put it in a museum.”

“Yeah, he does, pops. It’s a fuckin’ national treasure if you ask me. . .”

“It fuckin’ sure as hell is. . . and the fucker can shoot his load damned near as far as that fat fucker of yours can, boy.”

The sheriff sucked in a chuckle as he said, “Yeah, I know it can, pops. I’ve seen how the man can cum. . .” then he said to all of us, “Well what do you think men? You think we can all cum at the same time together?”

“Fuck sheriff, I know damned good and well that I’ll start cummin’ as soon as this big man’s huge fuckin’ dick unloads up Bull’s hot, fuckin’ ass and I know he’ll get Bull to cummin’ right along with him so I guess that’s gonna be up to you, big boy.”

He chuckled deep and said as he rubbed his hands all over Bull, “Fuck, I know my little buddy here will take care of that for me, won’t you, little buddy.”

Bull slid his mouth off of the sheriff’s cock just long enough to look up at him and growl all deep and guttural, “Yeaaaah, you know I will, sheriff.”

The sheriff let out a deep, lusty chuckle as he planted his big, hairy paw on the back of Bull’s head and rubbed it once before he pushed his head back down on his stiff, fat fucker and growled back at him, “Yeaah, that’s my little buddy. . . suck that fucker. . . suck it good for me boy. . . .”

Bull was only too willing to oblige, and it wasn’t but a moment later that the sheriff’s grandpa started in corn-holin’ Bull’s hot ass all good and strong and regular.

The big man’s ass was hot and tight, and I mainly just let his fuckin’-motion on Bull’s hot ass do most of the work for both of us, and it wasn’t long before all three of us fell into a strong and steady, needful rhythm.

It was all so fuckin’ hot and right, it didn’t take all that damn long before the big ol’ boy’s huge fucker was good and ready to let loose with his thick, long, ropes of seed.

I could feel his huge fucker throb each time he corn-holed Bull’s hot ass good and deep, and he kept his steady pace the way he always did until finally on one of his fuckin’ backstrokes, I felt all hell start to break loose up inside of the big man.

He let out a groan as he fucked himself back up inside of Bull’s hot, needful ass that was so low and deep, I could barely hear it, but I sure as hell could feel it rumble all through his huge body, and I felt his big ol’ ass clamp a bit tighter around my crank as his huge fuckin’ dick started to throb good and strong and with that singular purpose.

On his smooth, steady backstroke, I felt his prostate wildly pulsating up against the thick, throbbing vein of my stiff fuckin’ crank, and that’s when I knew without a doubt that huge fucker of his was loadin’ itself up.

I thought for sure it was gonna unload on the man his next time up in his hot, tight ass, but instead, the big old boy slow-fucked it a few short strokes as I felt this thick, fuckin’ slurry of seed throb and pulsate and fill up what felt to me like a huge fuckin’ reservoir just right up inside of his tight pucker-hole.

All of a sudden, the thunder roared and I felt his big ass clamp so tight around my crank I thought he was gonna break the fucker off. The whole of his insides started to pulsate and rumble right along with the thunder, then his huge fucker started throbbin’ so powerfully strong as it gorged itself full of his thick spunk, the pressure on my hard fuckin’ crank was almost unbearable, but the whole fuckin’ experience of it got me so fuckin’ excited, I felt my fuckin’ crank loadin’ itself up to ejaculate out all of my fuckin’ seed.

He suddenly fucked his huge dick deep and hard up inside of Bull, and his big ass was clamped so tight around my crank, he pulled me right along in with him.

I felt his huge fucker throb several times in quick succession, then felt the thick slurry of his spunk-sac give way as his huge fucker blew it all out in one powerfully long and drawn-out ejaculation.

It was so fuckin’ awesome to feel, I just had to bellow out all of the fuck-lust that had built up inside of me during the whole fuckin’ experience, and my whole body suddenly jolted as my crank let my fuckin’ seed loose up inside of the big man’s hot ass.

I felt Bull’s butt jolt back against his big, wide groin as the old boy’s sure hands got Bull to cummin’ good and strong, and then I looked up at the sheriff and saw him just as he close his big eyes tight and groaned “YEUUAAAHHHH! FUUUUUCK. . .”, so fuckin’ deep and full of fuck-lust, it rattled the whole fuckin’ room damned near as much as the rolling thunder outside was doing.

The old boy’s huge hog was still pumpin’ out his huge, long load when the sheriff started bellowing out the way he did, but before he was finished lettin’ it all out of himself, I felt the big man’s huge fucker jerk as the last of his thick, long stream shot all the way out of its huge orifice.

I felt his huge body shiver a bit, and then a loud crack of lighting struck right outside the window just as his huge fuckin’ body jolted back against me so damn hard, it knocked the wind plum out of me.

All of the fuckin’ hairs on both his and my body stood straight up, but fuck, I’d forgotten about that part of his powerful orgasms, and it hurt like holy fuckin’ hell when his big ol’ hairy ass recoiled down over my fuckin’ crank and slammed up hard against my groin, but the pleasure I was feeling as my fuckin’ crank kept ejaculating up his big ol’ hot, tight ass had such a grip over me, I wasn’t sure what all the fuck I was feeling.

My entire body locked up as it tried to shift gears to figure out what all the fuck was going on and what it had to do to get some air back inside of my lungs.

I was fuckin’ paralyzed, but my fuckin’ crank was still cummin’ up the big man’s hot ass and I could feel the insides of him rumble around on it as he let out with that deep, vibrating, ‘UUUUUUGGGGHHH!’ he always had to do once the feelings of his amazing fuckin’ orgasm finally poured all through his huge body.

Through my eyes, I could see Bull drinkin’ down all of the sweet spunk that was shootin’ out of the sheriff’s fat, throbbin’ cock, but it all reached my brain in some kind of jerky, slow motion as my whole being found all the right gears to engage to get myself breathing again.

Fuck, by that time, the big man had fucked his huge hog back up inside of Bull so goddamn hard, it jolted Bull’s head off of the sheriff’s cock, and that fat, throbbing fucker of his immediately shot straight up in the air and was cummin’ like wildfire.

Bull got his mouth back down on it as soon as he could, but by then, all three of us were soaked with the big man’s sweet honey-spunk, and Bull’s face was completely covered with it.

My whole body shook as the gasps of air went back inside my lungs, then I felt my crank fuckin’ spew out a long fuckin’ load right straight up the big man’s hot ass.

He damn sure felt that fuckin’ wad shoot up in him and let out a deep, ‘YEAAAH. . .   FUUUUCK’ while his own fuckin’ hog was still blastin’ Bull’s ass full of his thick, white, creamy ropes of spunk.

I was good and ready for the recoil that time and pulled my body away from him as his big, hairy ass fucked itself deep and hard down on my hard, throbbin’ crank all over again.

The man just kept fuckin’ and cummin’ that big, strong, slow way that only he could do, and each time his huge fuckin’ dick finally let loose of all of his thick spunk, his entire body would jerk and recoil again and then he’d let out with another deep, ‘UUUUUUGGGGHHH!’ as it gorged itself back up full of his seed.

Fuck, I lost count of how many times he fucked Bull’s ass full of his spunk, but he was still fuckin’ and pumpin’ out his load long after I had drained my nuts dry.

Bull was still cummin’ all over the sheriff’s hairy thigh, but finally had to give up suckin’ on his fat, throbbin’ dick because the big man’s final, hard thrusts and ejaculations up his hot ass were so powerfully strong, he couldn’t any longer keep his mouth over the sheriff’s fat, throbbin’ cock.

The sheriff grabbed up his fat fucker just as it shot a long stream high up in the air which eventually fell all over me and his grandpa, and I felt his hot, sweet spunk roll down my back as he stroked out several more loads all over the three of us and growled, “Yeaaah. . . fuck him good grandpa. . . fuck him real good!”

His fuckin’ spunk was flyin’ everywhere, and I rode his grandpa’s hot fuckin’ ass on out until I felt his huge, throbbin’ hog finally let out with it’s last, long rope of his thick spunk.

I readied myself for the recoil, but once I realized the big man was finally able to keep himself all the way up inside of Bull’s hot ass, I fucked my crank up in him good and deep just in time to feel his huge fucker throb and ejaculate the last of his thick seed in short, powerful spurts.

It kept doing it over and over in quick succession like some fuckin’ machine cleaning all its tubing out good, and it was such a fuckin’ thrill for me to experience all of what I had, I just closed my eyes and petted the big man's wide, hairy backside all over as his huge fucker kept throbbin’ and squirtin’ out the very last drops of his seed.

Once all the throbbing inside of him stopped, I felt all of the tight muscles on his huge body finally relax and I knew then that the big old boy’s orgasm was finally complete.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at the sheriff and shook my head at him in complete, and total awe, and he could tell I was so fuckin’ proud his big ol' grandpa and his huge fuckin’ dick and the way he fucked with it, that I was damn-near speechless.

He just grinned and shook his head back at me and then gave me a wink as he said to the big man, “Fuuuck, pops. . .  I thought you’d never stop cummin’. . .” and his grandpa rubbed his hands all over Bull’s cock in that natural, masculine way of his and said, “Fuck, son, I never thought he’d stop cummin’. . .   What a fuckin’ dick. . .   My fuckin’ god, that fucker’s one hell of a handful to hold on to when it gets to cummin’ good.”

“Yeaaahh, it’s the fuckin’ best, ain’t it pops?”

The big man kissed Bull on his temple and growled, “It sure as fuckin’ hell is. I fuckin’ lost it when I felt this fucker of his shootin’ all its fuckin’ load all over the side of your big ol' hairy thighs. . .” then he reached back and rubbed me and said, “And this big man here. . .   Fuuuck you was right boy. . . You can feel his huge fucker all the way up to your fuckin' throat! Fuck I’m sure that’s why my fucker got to ejaculatin’ my fuckin’ spunk out in such long, fuckin’ streams. . .  Fuck, that felt good. . .”

The sheriff chuckled and shook his head at the three of us as he slowly rubbed his thumb over the beautiful head of his stiff, fat cock. I could tell he was mighty proud of himself for having orchestrated our four-way fuckin’ and suckin’ session and how it had all turned out for all of us, but I could also tell by the way he was fondling himself that he still hadn’t shot off all of the load he had stored up inside of his big ol’ hairy testicles.

He reached down and patted and rubbed Bull on the head like he was his proud father and said, “I’d best get you two men a thick towel to lay under you before you pull that huge fucker of yours out of our little buddy’s ass, pops. I’d hate to see you soil our brand new pillows with all the spunk you fucked up in him. He’s one hell of a man for sure, but there’s only so much of him, and I’m damned near certain his fuckin’ ass is gonna blow once you pull that huge, fat, fuckin’ plug of yours out of it.”

We all got to chuckling a little and it helped to relieve some of the post-fuckin’ tension from the room. I could sense we were all feelin’ a bit of it before he ever said that, and it was due to that fact that as soon as the sheriff and I had entered the room and all the fuckin’ and suckin’ got started, all four of us had eventually revealed a few secrets we had previously kept from one another.

After we let the moment pass, the big old fellow just petted Bull all over and said, “Hell, that ain’t necessary, I can feel the man holdin’ it all good and tight up in him. . . You’re doin’ alright, aren’t you Bull?”

Bull uttered all gruff and tough, “Fuck, I’ve never felt better in my life. Hell, I got plenty of room for more of your hot spunk, if you’ve got more of it to fuck up in me, big man.”

The ol’ boy just chuckled and petted Bull as he ever so slowly pulled his huge fucker out of the man’s ass, and I waited until he had his huge cock full out of Bull’s hot, tight ass before I slowly pulled my hard, fuckin’ crank out of him.

As soon as I was full out of the big man, he rolled his big, wide body over on his back and wrapped his arm around me as I laid myself comfortable on my back right next to him. The ol’ sheriff walked his big self all the way around the bed and got in beside of me, then Bull got up and crawled down in between the big man’s legs and started paying all kinds of homage to his huge, stiff fucker.

The sheriff just chuckled all deep and lewd to himself several times as he watched the way Bull got after his grandpa’s huge, stiff, cock then eventually uttered to the man, “Yeah, get that big ol’ fucker all over yourself, little buddy. Yeaaahhh, that’s the way to do it. . . get it in your strong fuckin’ hands and show the man just how fuckin’ much you love his big ol’ stiff, fuckin’ dick.”

The sheriff was strokin’ on his fat fucker and rubbin’ the head of it all over the inside of his hairy, left thigh as he said all of that to Bull, and there was just something in the way he was doing it that told me just how goddamn much the man had truly loved watchin’ all of fuckin’ and suckin’ we all had engaged in.

Soon enough, he was fuckin’ harder than hell again and got to strokin’ on himself backhand.

I knew then that he was good and ready to get himself off another load, so I reached down and groped around on his big, hairy balls then rubbed his thick thigh as I said to him, “You got some more of that sweet honey-spunk you’d like to share with me, big buddy?”

He smiled and put his left hand up around the back of my neck and rubbed it a few times without sayin’ nothin’ before he pulled me on down to his throbbin’ cock.

I rolled myself over on my belly and crawled in between his big, hairy legs as he spread them out wide for me and felt him put his big, hairy, lovin’ paw on top of my head as I took the head of his fat, throbbin’ cock into my mouth.

I licked all over the top of it a few times, then he slowly guided me on down over it as he whispered all full of desire. “Yeaaahh, that’s my big buddy. Suck that fuckin’ dick. . . Suck it good for me. . .”

Bull started goin’ crazy all over his grandpa’s huge, stiff fucker and I heard the big man let out a deep groan and growl, “Awwwh fuuuuck. . . That’s beautiful. . .   That’s just fuckin’ beautiful. . .”

I felt the bed shake as his huge body got to tremblin’ while he let out with another deep ‘Fuuuuck. . .’, and I just closed my eyes as I felt all around on the sheriff’s strong, muscular member with my tongue.

He squeezed his big ol’ fuckin’ butt cheeks tight together as he slowly raised up his fuckin’ groin for me, and after I sucked him down good and deep a few times, I felt his big, hairy belly heave twice in succession.

His whole body bucked and his fat, stiff, fucker began to ejaculate powerfully strong down in my throat. It shot off two big, long loads before the feeling of it’s release finally overtook his big body and he finally let out with a deep, prolonged groan.

I sucked and swallowed all of his sweet, long stream of spunk down my throat, then opened my mouth up wide and went all the way down on him and pressed my face deep into his groin until his swollen cock-head got a good, deep taste of my hot gullet.

He fuckin’ bellowed and I felt both of his hands clamp around the back of my head, then he pushed me down on him so fuckin’ tight, it felt like there was a fuckin’ ton of weight on my head.

I swallowed and sucked as he bucked and fucked and bellowed, “OH FUCK, BOSS! THAT’S SO FUCKIN’ HOT DOWN IN THERE. . . FUCKIN’ FUCK!”

I never truly knew how fuckin’ powerfully strong the man was until that very moment, and his fat fucker just let loose with all of his nut in one short throbbin’ blast right after another as he just kept fuckin’ and bellowing, “FUCK! FUCKIN’ FUCK!!! FUCK! FUCK!”

His bulbous cock-head was ticklin’ my tonsils as his fat fucker kept throbbing like wild and shooting out all the rest of his sweet honey-spunk, and I was grateful as hell the man didn’t have all that much more of it left in him because I probably would of choked to death on it had he held me down on it all that much longer.

An instant before he released his strong hold on my head, I felt a thick rope of his grandpa’s hot, viscous spunk land heavy all over my right forearm and back, and as soon as I looked up and over at the big ol’ boy, another thick stream of it hit me and I saw that it had landed all over the sheriff’s big, hairy thigh as well.

I suddenly realized that was what had made the sheriff let loose of my head, cause he shot yet another load up all over my face, then I heard ol’ Bull growl in awe, “Awwh fuck! What a fuckin’ load. . .”

He raised himself up over the big man’s huge, thick thighs and got his face right up close to my elbow before he gently ran his finger over the top of the big man’s thick, white, gooey stream of spunk.

The sheriff started, chucklin’ and reached down and wiped a thick tube of it up on his forefinger and held it out for Bull to closely examine and said, “Fuck little buddy. . . You haven’t actually seen any of my grandpa’s thick, creamy spunk have you? Well just take a good look at it because that’s what’s all up inside of your hot, fuckin’ ass. . .  What do you think of that?”

Bull turned his head back to the man’s grandpa and said all gruff and proud of the old boy, “You’re such a big fuckin’ stud. . .   Fuck me to hell and back. . .”

The old boy just turned on his side to us and said, “Fuck, I ain’t never cum like this before. All three of you boys are gonna be the fuckin’ death of me. . .”

We all chuckled and the sheriff said, “Awwh fuck, pops, it’s you who has the fuckin’ dick of death. . .  Look at you. . . you’re still fuckin’ harder than a rock while my fat little fucker is already goin’ soft. . .”

“Yeah, but that fat fucker of yours can sure as hell get hard in a hurry.”

We all got a good laugh out of that, then we huddled all together and petted one another for a good while until the thunder storm was a good bit off in the distance.

It was still mighty dark outside, and I made mention of the fact that ol’ Bull had probably saved all our lives more than once during the night by having put up that lighting rod he had while he had occupied himself with all the electrical and plumbin’ of the house.

He just chuckled and said, “Well I would of hated like hell if one day you’d of fried your ass good while you was takin’ yourself a shower, Hoss. . .  I would of felt terrible about that. . .”

The sheriff and his grandpa chuckled a bit after he said that, and I could sense we were all ready to get out of bed and get ourselves something to eat, so I rubbed the sheriff’s big hairy belly and said, “Well speaking of which, Bull, I think we could all use a good shower and then a big ol’ breakfast. . .  That is, if you have any room left in your belly for somethin’ other than all that good, sweet-tastin’ spunk this big ol’ honey bear fed to you. . .”

Bull just smiled and said, “Awwh fuck Hoss, I’m so hungry, I could eat a fuckin’ horse. . .” and I gave him a wink and nodded down at his hand which was still wrapped around the sheriff’s grandpa’s big ol’ fuckin’ dick and said, “Yeah, I bet you could, little buddy. . .”

He got all red in the face as the big old boy mussed his hair with his big lovin’ paw, then I said to all three of them, “Well men, I don’t see any need for us to get all dressed up today. We sure as hell ain’t goin’ anywhere, so why don’t we just put on some shorts and a t-shirt after we get cleaned up.”

Everyone agreed, and then we all got up and wandered off to our respective rooms to take ourselves a shower. I was happy to note while I was taking mine, that there was plenty of water pressure for all of us. I always figured there would be back when Bull had asked me about that, and when I showed him the size of the main pipes that led out of the water tank and the big ol’ water heater downstairs, he agreed with me that there would be.

He had asked me at the time why the hell there was such a big water heater for such a small house, and I had to explain to him that back when my dad had to replace the old one, he went a bit overboard when he ordered one because we used to run out of hot water most every evening.

Bull just grinned and shook his head as he looked the big unit over good and said, “Well he didn’t fuck around, did he? I guess you took after him in that sense because when you decide to do something, you don’t fuck around either, do you?”

I thought about that while I was drying myself off and looking myself over in the mirror, and I had to agree with him about that. I realized I actually was a lot like my dad in a whole lot of ways, considering how short of a time I ever knew him and my mom, and after I put on a clean pair of shorts and got my crank all tucked in good in the tail of my t-shirt, I decided to check in on the man whom I now had taken into my heart as my surrogate father.

I just let myself into his room and saw that he was still in his bathroom and was lookin’ himself over in the mirror as he dried himself off. When he finally turned and noticed me, he gave me a big smile and said, “Come on in here.”

I took the towel out of his hands and dried off his broad back for him like I had when we were sharing his room together, and as he looked himself over good, he reached down and gently felt all around on his manhood and said, “You know, I’ve never seen myself like this before, and I have to admit that even I can’t believe how fuckin’ big my dick and balls look to me from this perspective.”

I just had to quietly chuckle to myself before I said to him, “Yeah, I had the same impression of myself the first time I got a good look at myself in a mirror this size. That’s why I insisted on putting them up in all of the bathrooms. I just think it’s good for a man to see what all he’s made of. . .  So how are you doin’?”

He turned to me and let out a deep, lusty chuckle, “How the hell do you think I’m doing?”

“Well I imagine you’re feelin’ pretty good right now. I know I’m feeling mighty good after experiencing the way that big ol’ fucker of yours gets a grip on you when it starts to cummin’ good, and I’m sure that ol’ Bull is feeling good and sated. But I’ll bet you he’ll be wantin’ some more of this big ol’ fucker a bit later on in the day.”

“Well I’ll be fuckin’ glad to give it to him if he does. . . Now there’s a fuckin’ man’s man for ya. I’m willin’ to bet there ain’t a man alive that wouldn’t think about fuckin’ him up the ass as soon as they laid their eyes on him. Fuuuck. . . I could eat his plump, hairy ass out for the rest of my life. . .”

Fuck, I could tell he meant that with all of his heart, and it made me chuckle as I said to him, “Well I bet you had to in order to get his hot, tight pucker-hole opened up wide enough for you to fuck your big ol’ hard fucker up inside of his hot ass.”

He grinned and got a little red in the face as he said, “Well I guess I did at that. . .  After I stuck a bit of my tongue on through it and realized just how fuckin’ tight his fuckin’ pucker-hole was, I figured I’d just eat the fucker out so goddamn raw it’d get to burnin’ good, and just hoped that once he felt the head of my fucker rubbin’ my pre-cum all over it, it’d feel so nice and soothing to him, he’d be a lot more receptive to lettin’ me try to fuck it on in him good. . .

Fuck, I never wanted to fuck a man up the ass as bad as I wanted to fuck him, and as it turned out, that’s exactly how I managed to get my hard fucker up inside of his hot, tight ass. . .  His little pucker-hole opened up good and wide for me once it felt the head of my cock rubbin’ my pre-cum all over it, and hell. . . I fucked it right on in him pretty easy after that. . .”

I couldn’t help but let out with a deep, lewd, fuckin’ chuckle from hearing all of that, and the old man just grinned all lusty and growled, “Fuck, it felt fuckin’ good once I got the man stuck good and deep down on it, and I have to say that I sure as hell enjoyed feelin’ your big ol’ long fucker up inside of my ass. . . You filled that fucker up full of cum and it felt damn good to me too. . . Fuck, we’re gonna have to do that again some time.”

“Awwh I’d fuckin’ love that, big daddy. Your big ol’ body is all good and hot inside and I’m in awe of what all I felt go on inside of you once you got to cummin’ good up Bull’s hot ass. . .”

He smiled and said, “Really? You liked that huh? My buddy I told you about used to tell me what a hot, tight ass I had the few times he fucked me. Hell, he’d start cummin’ as soon as he got his hard fucker half-way up in me, but boy, he’d sure as hell cum real good. . .”

“I bet he did. . . I tell you what. . . Why don’t we pull the sheets off the bed and put on some clean ones while we make it up. There’s fuckin’ spunk all over the ones that are on it. Fuck, I was surprised as hell when I saw you’d shot off not one, but four big long ropes of your thick seed all over the bed. No wonder Bull was in so much fuckin’ awe of you. . .”

“Well watchin’ you two gettin’ after it got me so fuckin’ hot I just started cummin’ like crazy. Of course I have to say that ol’ Bull was doin’ his part as well. . .   Fuck, he sure as hell knows how to work a man’s dick, don’t he?”

“Yeah, you and he are a lot alike in that respect. . . You both have a way about you when you’re man-handlin’ a dick.”

He grinned and said all deep and gutteral, “Yeah, I love feelin’ a good, hard dick in my hands. . .  I sure as hell do. . .”

“Well what man doesn’t?”

He chuckled and said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right about that. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, I’m sure as hell gonna be up for some more fuckin’ later on in the day. . .”

“Yeah, I’m sure we all will be, so let’s get this big ol’ bed all nice and ready for it. . .  By the way, you haven’t mentioned one word about all of the hard work I put in on making that big ol’ bed. What do you think of it?”

He chuckled as he looked over at it and said, “Well it sure as hell is big and comfortable as all get out. And I like the shape of what you carved out on the headboard. . .” then he gave me a wink and said, “When I first saw it, it reminded me a bit of my grandson’s fuckin’-hole. . .”

I grinned and said, “Yeah, that was my inspiration for it. . . You didn’t noticed the legs on it?”

He looked down towards them as he said, “Well no, I haven’t. I was just so taken by the size of it, I didn’t pay them any mind. . . Well I’ll be damned. . .”

“Come down here to the foot of it so you can see one of the fuckers up close. . .”

He chuckled and made a remark about how they both stuck up at him the way they did, then said as he dropped his big self down on his knees to get a better look at one of them, “Well I sure as hell recognize the shape of the head of the fuckers, but hell, I’ve never seen the underside of my cock when it’s all good and hard. . .”

He rubbed the palm of his right hand all over one of them, then looked up at me and said, “Well it sure as hell feels like it does to me. . .” then he looked it over good and said, “It sure is a wicked lookin’ fucker from that perspective, isn’t it?”

I just chuckled and said, “It’s a wicked lookin’ fucker from any perspective, but yeah, I’d have to say that huge, thick vein that runs under it looks mean as all hell. . . Now you know why I loved gettin’ my head down under your big ol’ body and lickin’ all up under that huge fucker of yours. . .”

He grinned and said all deep and lusty, “Fuuuck, I can tell it’s made quite an impression on you. You’ve memorized every fuckin’ thing about the fucker, haven’t you?”

“I sure as hell have, big daddy, it’s burnt into my brain. . . Permanently!”

He grinned all big as he stood back up and said, “I guess it must be. . .” then he mussed my hair and said, “Fuck, boy. . . You love a hard dick every bit as much as I do.”

I reached down and wrapped my hand back around his big ol’ hog and said, “I sure as hell do big daddy. . . especially this big ol’ fucker of yours.”

He chuckled and let me fondle it a bit before he stepped in closer to me and said all soft and low to make certain no one else would hear, “Well maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I sure do appreciate how you and Bull give my grandson his just due. . .  

I’ve always suspected he felt a bit insecure about the size of his fat fucker, and I always tried to do what I could to help him get past all of that, because hell, I guess I knew long before I ever fucked his ass, he was a man’s man through and through. . .  As far as I’m concerned, he never had any business goin’ off and gettin’ himself married.

I think the only reason he ever got involved with a woman in the first place, was because he felt he couldn’t size up to most men. . .  But fuck, you and I both know that he’s got himself a good, average-sized dick on him, and I’m happy as hell to see him dish it out to a man the way I saw him do this morning. Fuck, it did my heart good. . .”

I could sense all of the deep sincerity in him as he had said what all he had, so I just nodded my full understanding to the big man and replied, “Hell, from what little I’ve seen in my life, I’d have to say that most men would be right proud to have what all he has between his big ol’ legs, and Bull and I both love gettin’ our hands on his stiff, fat fucker. Fuck, I’m sure you could tell how much ol’ Bull loves suckin’ his dick off for him, and hell, I love gettin’ the big ol’ boy feelin’ all good and manned up about himself. . .

Fuuuck. . . I have more respect for that man more than you’ll ever know. . .”

He could tell that I truly meant that, and he just nodded to me as if he was finally giving his approval in his own mind of Bull and I marrying his son’s son. I could tell that all of this had finally caught up to him, and especially all of the changes he’d seen in his own flesh and blood.

He looked me square in the eyes and said, “Well, I just don’t want to see him get hurt. He’s tough as fuck, for sure, but I know a few of his vulnerabilities. . .”

“That’ll never happen. Bull and I both care about him far too much for that to ever occur between us. Besides, he makes damned sure that even if he isn’t the focal point of what all that goes on around here, he’s at least right in the middle of it with the rest of us.”

He grinned real big and then gave a deep chuckle and said, “Yeah, I can tell that by the way he took charge and orchestrated how we was all going to fuck together. He’s got quite an imagination, don’t he?”

I smiled and said, “He sure as hell does. I know you haven’t even see all the rest of the house yet, but it was all his design. . . even all of the tile work in all of the bathrooms came from his imagination. He’s got a lot of hidden talents, that’s for damned sure. . .” then I added as a joke, “And fuckin’ a man is one of his best.”

He grinned all lusty and grabbed at his huge fuckin’ crotch and said, “Boy, I’d love to see him fuck himself some man-ass. . .”

“Well you won’t be disappointed when you do, big man. . .  You’ve taught him well. . .”

“Awh hell, we best get busy with the bed before I start gettin’ all fuckin’ hard again. . .”

He put on some clean underwear and a big ol’ t-shirt that still fit him a bit snug even though it looked plenty big for him when he was holding it up to put over his head.

After we stripped the bed and made it all back up, we hauled the old sheets and pillow cases off to the laundry room and got them started in the wash before we got ourselves busy in the kitchen.

The sheriff was already out on the back porch sweeping up all the leaves and sticks that had blown down on it and I turned to his grandpa and said, “Well it looks like we’re gonna be eating outside again if the rain don’t pick back up again.”

He chuckled and said, “Well it looks to me like there might be a lull in the storm for a while, but I get the feeling it’s gonna rain hard again later in the day.”

I smiled and nodded, “Yeah, I get that feeling too. . .”

He and I started in fixin’ up a big breakfast while the sheriff sat the table, and when we was getting’ close to havin’ it all ready to eat, he looked around and said, “I wonder what’s taking Bull so long?”

The ol’ sheriff just chuckled and replied, “Well pops, I imagine it’s takin’ him some time to get all that thick, fuckin’ spunk of yours all good and cleaned out of him. Fuck, I’ve never seen you cum like that before, pops. . .”

He grinned and got all red in the face, then uttered, “Well fuck. . . you three men got me so fuckin’ riled up, I couldn’t help myself. Fuck, I don’t know where the hell all that fuckin’ spunk came from I shot off.”

The sheriff reached down under the man and wrapped his big, hairy paw around one of his huge testicles and said, “From these big fuckin’ balls of yours is where it came from pops. Fuck, I swear they’re twice as big as I ever remember them being. . .”

The big man just chuckled deep as he mussed his grandson’s hair and said, “Well fuck, you was always too interested in that other thing I got down there to pay much attention to ‘em. It took me a long time to wean you off of that fucker. . .”

“Fuck, I still ain’t weaned off of the fucker, pops. . .”

The old boy seemed to stand a bit taller and prouder as he slid his hand over the side of the sheriff’s handsome face and said, “Well I’m glad to hear that, son, because I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to lettin’ you get yourself reacquainted with it the way you used to be, if you’re still wantin’ to. . .”

The sheriff slid his hand up around the big man’s huge testicle and up under the thick shaft of his fucker, then cupped his hand over the near perfectly round head of the fucker.

He felt of it some and just couldn’t prevent himself from going on ahead and sliding his hairy fingers on in through the fly of the man’s boxer shorts.

The old boy just stood steady for him as his grandson felt all around on his manhood, and when he looked back up at the old boy, the big man just spread his arms out wide and gently placed them around his grandson’s shoulder and whispered, “It’s all yours, son. . . anytime you want it.”

The sheriff gave him a gentle smile and uttered, “We’ll get back to that eventually, pops. . . but let’s wait until you and Bull get better aquainted. . .” then he grinned and winked at the old boy and said, “I could tell you enjoyed the hell out of fuckin’ his hot, tight ass. . .”

The old boy just smiled at him and said, “Yeah. . . I have to admit that I did. . .  He’s one hell of a man ain’t he?”

“He sure as hell is pops. . .”

They studied one another for a good long moment, then the sheriff slowly and carefully put his grandpa’s huge fuckin’ dick back inside of the man’s shorts and smoothed the fly of them back down over it before he turned to me and said, “Well I guess I’d best go check in on our little buddy and see how far along he is. . .”

After he left the room, the big man turned to me as he felt down on himself just to make certain his huge fucker was all covered back up good and said all gruff, “Yeaaahh, I can see that he’s been needin’ a good fuckin’ from his ol’ grandpa for quite a while. . .”

I chuckled and said, “Well he keeps tellin’ me the same thing, but I think right now he’s far more in the mood to fuck himself some hot man-ass. . .  He sure as hell went to town on my fuckin’ ass last night, and I think he’s wantin’ to get after it again. I don’t guess you noticed how he was rubbin’ his big, hairy paw all over my butt while I was fryin’ up the bacon.”

He gave me a lusty grin and said as he turned his head in the direction the sheriff had headed off to, “No, I didn’t notice that. . .”

He and I started settin’ everything out on the table and Bull and the sheriff showed up a few minutes later. The sheriff put his hand up on Bull’s shoulder and said, “Awh, he was just straightening up his room. The man keeps everything so neat and tidy, you wouldn’t think anyone stayed in that room of his.”

We all sat down at the table and seated ourselves the same as we had yesterday afternoon, and about mid-way through the meal, rays of sunlight somehow miraculously started breaking through the heavy cloud cover from time to time, so after we got our fill of breakfast, we just sat around and drank some coffee and talked.

The sheriff’s grandpa and I got into a conversation about my farm and what all I had planted for the season and where, and I noticed that at one point, the big man absently dropped his left hand down beside him and laid the palm of it on top of Bull’s hairy thigh and gently rubbed it a few times in a circular motion before he placed it back up on the table.

Bull turned his body more towards him, which was in my direction, and then leaned himself in closer to the big man and slowly dropped his right hand down under the table and started pettin’ his huge, thick, hairy left thigh.

He kept his eyes on me while the big man and I talked, but after a while, I could tell he had let his hand wander on down towards the big man’s crotch.

The old boy didn’t let on about it as we kept talkin’, but I noticed he kept spreadin’ his big legs out wider to give Bull a bit better access to all of his manhood.

Fuck, I knew for certain that those two were gonna be fuckin’ again later on in the day, so I reached down under the table and started pettin’ on the sheriff’s big ol’ knee.

He scooted in closer to me and groped around on the head of my crank a bit, but none of it went any further than that, and once the sun broke out a bit more, we decided it was a good time to give the sheriff’s grandpa a tour of the house while it was a bit brighter.

Between the four of us, we had the table cleared and the dishes all cleaned up and put away in no time, and we started in with the tour by explaining to ‘pops’ where my old bedroom used to be and pointing out where the walls had been we had torn out to add on everything that we had.

When he saw the empty room at the far end of the house we had added on to help hide the rear annex, he asked what we had in mind for it, and I explained that I envisioned it more or less being like a second living room or even possibly another bedroom since it had direct access to the original bathroom we had enlarged a bit.

He just nodded to himself and didn’t say much about it, but said he did like how we’d converted my old bedroom into a small office and library where I could keep up with my paperwork. Bull showed him his room and he spent a good bit of time in there looking through all of the built in cabinets and drawers his grandson had made special for him and his things, and thought the folding step-up he had made special for Bull was quite ingenious.

He really liked Bull’s bathroom and took a close look at the white granite and commented on how unique it was as well as the focal point the sheriff had designed in the center of the floor. As we walked past his room, I said, “Well of course you’ve seen your room. . . we hope it suits you. We fitted it out with you in mind. . .”

He grinned and said, “Well I just really love it. It’s so big and roomy. . . It’s the first room I’ve ever been in where I feel like I fit into it nice and comfortable. . . and I love that silver and charcoal marble in that big ol’ bathroom along with the black and white granite and all. . .  Of course, the bed is outrageously big, but hell, I could easily get used to that. . .”

We all chuckled a bit, then I caught his eyes and said to him, “Well then, I guess it’s as good a time as any to tell you that we’d all love it if you’d decide to move in with us. I personally know how hard it is to try and keep up a farm on your own, and how lonely it can be. . .

I know that’s a whole lot to consider, and we’re not expecting you to give an answer straight away. In fact, hell, you don’t ever have to make that decision. Just keep an open mind about it and know your room is waiting for you any time you want to come pay us a visit, and should you decide you’d like to spend the rest of your days with us, we’ll make all the room for you we can. . .  Don’t forget about that big, empty room up front of the house we first showed you. . .”

He just smiled a little and said, “Well, that’s a lot to think about. . . a whole lot more than I want to consider right at the moment, but I promise you I’ll give it some serious consideration when the time is right. . .”

I nodded and said, “Well that’s all we’re asking you to do. The room is all yours” then I gave him a wink and added, “Provided you’re willing to share that big ol’ bed in it with us from time to time.”

He chuckled softly and put his big ol’ arm around my back, then said, “Well you know already that I’d share my bed with each and every one of you. . .”

The sheriff piped up and said, “Well you know we’d all sure like that, pops. . .”

We all chuckled to ourselves as the sheriff led us into his room and showed his grandpa all around, and the man was quite taken by his black granite bathroom.

“Whow, this just sparkles don’t it? It’s almost like a big, deep mirror all over. . . I never would of thought. . .”

“Yeah, it suites him nice, don’t it?”

“It sure does. . .”

He gave his big ol’ grandson a proud and lovin’ smile as he looked him over good in the room, then we headed to my room.

When I opened the door to my bathroom he just smiled real big as he stepped on into it and said, “This is amazing. . .  Where the hell did you all find these materials anyway?”

We told him all about our trip up to the capitol city as we headed back out towards the back porch and on the way, we showed him the big catch-all room we still didn’t know what all we’d do with.

After we sat back down outside, he shook his head as he looked the three of us over good and said, “I don’t see how the hell you men did all of this work in just seven weeks time.”

I said, “Well we worked around the clock non-stop is how we did it. We didn’t sleep but a few hours a night. . .”

He smiled and said, “Well you’re all still young and full of piss and vinegar. . .” then he smiled to himself and added, “And a hell of a lot of spunk. . .  I guess I could see how you could get it all done in such a short amount of time. . .”

The sheriff chuckled and said, “Well you got the spunk part right for sure pops, but you have to realize that this man here already had all of the lumber and flooring and trimming and several of the windows all made and stored up, so all we had to do for the most part was just set it all in place.”

He looked over at me and said, “I guess you’ve been planning this for quite a while. . .”

“Well I always planned to expand the place a bit, but it wasn’t until I met that man sitting to your left several years back, that I got truly serious about it all and just kept working away down in my workshop at it at night.”

I placed my hand on the sheriff’s shoulder and said, “But if it hadn’t been for this man here, we’d only of been a third of the way done by now. He’s an amazing carpenter.”

The sheriff just smiled a bit and looked over at his grandpa and said, “You taught me well pops, and I loved learning from you all you had to teach me. You were always patient with me. . .” then he smiled and said, “You had to put up with a lot from me, didn’t you?”

The old boy just smiled back at him and said, “Well you were a handful. . . that’s for sure. . . but you taught me a lot yourself, boy. . .” then he chuckled and said, “Hell, I’ll never forget the first time you shot your spunk all the way up on the ceiling of my bedroom. .   .”

Bull and I let out a deep, lusty chuckle, then he went on to say, “Hell, if any man had ever told me he was capable of doing that, I would of told the man he was full of shit, but you proved me wrong, boy” then he patted Bull on the thigh and said, “But I see you’ve met your match with this big stud here. . .”

The sheriff said, “Well it’s because you know how to fuck it all out of a man good, pops. It comes natural to you. You have to admit you were born for man-fuckin’ your whole damn life. . .”

The big man blushed and grinned, then said somewhat thoughtfully, “Yeah. . . I guess I was, son, and I’m glad to see that you’ve come to that realization about yourself. . .  Hell, I always knew you was a man’s man, the way you took after me that first summer you spent down on the farm with me. . .”

That broke the ice on a conversation about how we’d all discovered how much better we were suited for man-sex and what all it personally meant to us.

I couldn’t help but notice that all four of us started feelin’ around on ourselves as we got to talkin’ more frankly about it, and I’m certain that each and every one of our cocks were as swollen up as mine was, but none of us got so horned up by the conversation that we were ready to get back to fuckin’ at the time.

I finally got up from the table and started in preparing a ham for our dinner and after I got it in the oven, I decided to try making those scalloped potatoes again like we’d had at the hotel. These turned out a whole lot better and closer to the original once we settled down to eat, but that wasn’t until several hours later. In the mean time we kept sharing what all we personally went through as we discovered the true feelings we each had harbored for certain other men in our lives.

Bull talked a lot about his dad and how much he’d looked up to him when he was young and how he always loved lookin’ at the man’s crotch and the way he’d lift up on his balls after he slid himself under a car to get himself all good and comfortable down between his big thighs before he’d go to work on it.

Then he told about the time he caught his dad jerking himself off all over the spunk rags he’d given to Bull to use before he put his and Bull’s rags in the wash together.

He said, “You know, it took me a good while to work through what all that experience meant to me, but that was when I began to realize that probably every man, whether he is married or not, has a man-side to him that he has to express to himself from time to time. I guess that varies in all of us, but I can’t help but feel that most men, especially as they get a bit older, get far more comfort from sharing themselves intimately with another of their own kind.

Hell, I think every man feels much better about himself when another man shows his appreciation for his manhood, and when it comes right down to the nitty gritty, we all know a hell of a lot better how to get another man feelin’ good and ready to get himself off a good load. . .  I have to admit that I get a lot of pleasure in that with the right man, and I sure as hell appreciate it when he does it all just right for me so I can get myself off a good load. . .”

He shook his head, and said with full conviction, “I don’t miss fuckin’ pussy at all. Hell I know I’m a man’s man. I’d much rather be around most any man than I would a woman.”

The old boy smiled and roughed Bull up a bit with his left hand and said, “I’m like you, Bull. I’m sure we’ve all run into big, hard-workin’ men like ourselves who seem to enjoy the company of another man far more than they seem to enjoy the company of a woman, and I’m willin’ to bet that deep down inside, they’d all prefer to share their bed with another hard-workin’ man like themselves they take a liking to, than they ever would a woman.

It’s just gettin’ past all the social mores that’s difficult for most men like that, but you just know in your heart that they’d prefer to take another man’s cock in their hand and express all of their appreciation they have for him and his friendship as well as receive all of the appreciation they deserve for being the hard-workin’ men that they are. . .

Fuck, their ain’t anything more natural in the world, if you ask me. . . and by the way, I’m willin’ to share my bed with all three of you hard-workin’ men tonight, once we have some of that ham that’s startin’ to smell so damn good to me.”

I chuckled and said, “Well I’m sure we’re all willin’ to accept that offer, so I guess I’d best get back in there and get ready to serve everything up. I made a good helpin’ of scalloped potatoes to go with it and even whittled up a fancy vegetable mix like we had at that hotel we was tellin’ you about. I can’t guarantee that the sauce I made for ‘em will be as tasty as the one we had, but it tasted pretty good to me.”

He just grinned and shook his head once as he said all gruff, “I’m sure it’s all gonna be plenty good. . . You’re a hell of a good cook, you are.”

“Well as you can see, I like to eat.”

He chuckled and said, “Well I can see we all like to eat around here. . .”

The rain started sprinkling down as they all set the table, and we could once again hear the thunder and lighting in the distance. By the time we finished eating, and we had everything cleaned and put away, it was raining pretty hard, and the crackle of thunder was almost right above our heads.

We was all good and ready to get back to some serious fuckin’ by then, so we shut off all the lights as we headed to the old boy’s bedroom. He sprawled his huge, wide body out on the right side of the bed on his back, and spread his huge legs out wide right where the sheriff and I had discovered he and Bull all corn-holed good together this morning, and ol’ Bull just crawled right up between them from the foot of the bed and laid on his back and rested his head gently down on the man’s wide groin then wrapped his arms around each of his huge thighs.

He rolled the back of his head around on the big man’s generous amount of manhood and growled, “Fuck, that’s the nicest, softest pillow I ever laid my head on” and the big old boy just chuckled as he lovingly ran his big paws all over the sides of Bull’s face and said all gruff to him, “Well you better enjoy it while you can, little buddy, ‘cause it ain’t gonna be soft for very long. . .”

The sheriff and I chuckled at his joke as we got ourselves in the bed beside them, then got to slowly gropin’ around on one another as we watched his ol’ grandpa’s huge cock start to swell and throb underneath Bull’s head.

Bull finally rolled himself over and slowly rubbed his hand over the full length of the big man’s huge, thick shaft and groped around on his giant orbs for a bit before he eventually slid his hand through the fly of the man’s shorts and hefted out his growing erection.

All three of us just gawked at it in full awe of the fucker as it writhed and throbbed in his hand, then he looked over at the sheriff and I, and we just shook our heads and gave one another a surreptitious grin.

The old boy made the fucker throb good and strong for Bull and he instantly succumbed to all of his lustful desires for it and began licking and groping and rolling his hands all around the huge circumference of it and kept whispering ‘fuuuck’ to himself as it got harder and harder for him.

The sheriff and I felt one another’s manhood stiffen up just from the sight of it all and we got to groping on one another with more intent and purpose as we watched the two of them play out their ritual to get themselves coupled up.

The old boy watched Bull intently as he demonstrated all of his desires for his huge fuckin’ dick and every once in a while would make the fucker throb good and strong just to tease him with it.

Once it got near full up hard, Bull’s fuck-lust for it was so strong, he got his stout, hairy body up on his knees and straddled the big man then rubbed his big, round ass all over his huge, throbbing fucker.

The old boy reached out and took a hold of Bull’s beautiful cock and stroked it a few times, then he sat his big self up and told Bull to roll over on his knees so he could start lickin’ on his hot ass, and by then, Bull was more than willing to oblige.

He turned himself around facing the foot of the bed and dropped his head down to it with his butt up in the air, and the big man rolled himself around on his knees and rubbed his big, lovin’ paws all over Bull’s round, fuckable ass before he finally pulled his shorts down and dropped his face down to the warm, moist crack of his ass.

He slid his hands under Bull’s t-shirt and rubbed his back all over good as his tongue made its way closer and closer to the man’s tight pucker-hole, then he held him firm in his hands as he buried his face deep down inside of the man’s delicious crack and licked his tongue all around on his pucker-hole a few times before he fucked it on through it.

Bull let out a deep, long groan and his body swelled up as his big, round, hairy ass spread out wider and wider for the big man. The sheriff and I watched them fuck like that for a good long time before I finally rolled myself over on my knees facing the headboard so he could get after my pucker-hole.

I knew by then that his grandpa and Bull would end up fuckin’ right where they were, and I knew the old boy would be thrilled to be able to look over and watch his big grandson fuck and see all the expressions that poured over his handsome face as they both fucked themselves some hot man-ass.

The four of us got close together so our bodies were lightly touching one another’s and I reached over and petted the big man’s huge, hairy thigh as he kept tongue-fuckin’ Bull’s hot pucker-hole. The sheriff hadn’t wasted any time pullin’ my shorts down over the back of my hairy ass so he could get me ready for a good fuckin’, and from that point on, grandfather and grandson went through the whole process of gettin’ themselves some man-ass right in unison.

They just kept tongue-fuckin’ and eatin’ our asses out until Bull and I were both good and ready for it, and they both helped us out of our clothes at the same time and then stripped themselves down naked together, before they got us both good and situated right the way they wanted so they could each start in slickin’ up our fuck-holes good with their droolin’ pre-cum.

The sheriff waited patiently until he saw his grandpa had Bull good and ready for his penetration, then they both mounted on up and groaned out their fuck-lust together all deep and wanton as they fucked themselves inside of our hot asses.

They slow-fucked us both right in unison as the heat of our asses fill them both full of pleasure, then got on down to some good, steady butt-fuckin’ as they watched each other get after it.

They both got so fuckin’ lost to it all, I thought for certain they’d end up blowin’ their fuckin’ seed any second, but I felt the big man slow down a bit and heard him rubbin’ his paws all over Bull’s hairy ass, and the sheriff did the same to mine as his grandpa asked Bull if he was ready to roll on over.

Bull said all gruff, “Oh yeaahh, I wanna watch you fuck me big man. . .”

So we both rolled ourselves over and raised our legs up in the air and the two big men each took a hold of the calves of our legs as they mounted us back up in unison and took their first good, deep fuck up Bull and my asses.

Once they got to ridin’ us good together, the ol’ sheriff looked over at his grandpa fuckin’ his huge self up Bull’s hot ass and growled , “Yeaaah, grandpa. . .  Fuck our little buddy good. . . give him that big ol’ hog good and hard and make a real man out of him like you did me. . .”

I felt the bed jolt as the old boy slam-fucked Bull a good one and then he growled back to his offspring, “I will, boy. I’ll fuck him just the way I fucked you when you was his size, and I wanna see you fuck our big buddy there good and strong for him. Give him that fat, fuckin’ dick of yours, boy. . . fuck him full of your seed. Breed him good, boy. . . breed him full up with your spunk. . .”

All fuckin’ hell broke loose then. They both started fuckin’ like two wild men and then reached out and intertwined their stretched out arms together and held on to one another tight until they both started cummin’ like neither one of them ever had before.

There hadn’t been any need for the big man to get on down to his chug-fuckin’ like he normally did. Hell he was so fuckin’ riled up and proud from watchin’ the way his prodigy fucked, the man just fucked Bull good and hard and blasted his ass so hard with his thick spunk that Bull told me later it stung his fuckin’ ass numb when it first shot out of his huge cock.

Fuck, I felt the sheriff breed my ass good and hard and all full up with his sweet seed, and they both were bellowin’ and pantin’ and fuckin’ as Bull and I started shootin’ off our loads and covering them both up with our fuckin’ spunk.

When the big man saw me startin’ to unload, he whispered a deep growl to his big ol’ grandson, “Yeah, yeah. . . just keep fuckin’ it down on him boy, and he’ll shoot his fuckin’ seed all across the room for ya. . . Yeah, just like that, son. . . Fuck his hot ass. Yeah. .   look at that. . . just look at that big ol’ fucker of his cummin’ all good for ya now. . . Fuck, look at that. . . Yeaaahh, you fucked him goood, boy. . . You outta be proud of that fuckin’ load. . .”

Fuck, that got me to cummin’ even more. . . and when ol’ Bull saw how I was bustin’ my nut, he let loose with some more of his own. Fuckin’ spunk was flyin’ everywhere, and the two big men just finally had to pull their fuckers out of our hot asses so they could stroke off a load or two to mingle their sperm with the fuckin’ mess Bull and I had already made with ours.

The sheriff looked downright crazed to me the way he grabbed his fat fucker up in his big hairy paw and quickly stroked on it several times good and hard right before he pointed it at his ol’ grandpa and shot three long and strong ropes all over the old boy.

He seemed so fuckin’ proud of himself, I couldn’t help but think he looked a bit like a chubby little boy the way he had done it all so quickly and in such earnest for his grandpa, and his ol’ grandpa must of saw in him what I had, because he just reared his huge self back on his haunches and soaked it all up as he stroked on his huge, stiff, swollen fucker and growled, “That’s my boy! Give it all to me son!”

The fuckin’ spunk just flew out of the big man after his grandpa said that to him, and after the old boy was completely covered with his grandson’s spunk, he jutted his big ol’ groin out and let out with a deep “UUUUGGGHH!” as he launched four thick, long ropes of his spunk at his grandson’s big ol’, hairy body.

The fuckin’ shit looked like it was somehow miraculously suspended in mid-air the way the long ropes of it glided so straight and true on over to his grandson, and I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it when it all hit the ol’ sheriff good and firm right in the middle of his hairy, fuckin’ belly.

It made him go fuckin’ crazy and that fat fucker of his shot off another long stream that blew over the top of me and landed somewhere on the wall just above the headboard of the bed, but by the time his grandpa shot out his fourth long load, the sheriff was ready for it and reacted by catching the better part of it in his right hand.

He squeezed the huge glob of it in his fist, then grabbed my stiff, fuckin’ crank up in his hand and bent it straight up right at his face as he rubbed and twisted his strong, hairy paw all around the top third of my fucker and coated it all good with his pappy’s thick spunk.

He growled, “Yeaaahh, there you go big boy. . . Get some of that thick, fuckin’ stuff all over your big, fuckin’ crank. . . That’s a big man’s load right there. . .”

He was fuckin’ gone, but it felt so fuckin’ good to me the way he twisted it all down over the shaft of my stiff crank, I ended up blowing a big wad all over his handsome face.

He grabbed up his fat, stiff cock and fucked it back hard up in my ass and growled, “Yeaah, fuck yeaaahh big man. Fuck me out another load. . .”, and my whole fuckin’ body jolted as I ejaculated a long stream of spunk all over myself.

His face was fully covered with my spunk, and he looked fuckin’ crazed as he watched his big ol’ grandpa bend his huge fucker back down and fuck it back up inside of Bull’s hot, hungry ass.

Bull had kept his legs up in the air waiting for the big man to get back to fuckin’ it for him, and after the old boy rammed it up in him good and got busy fuckin’ him some more of Bull’s hot, fuckin’ ass, he growled at the man, “Yeaaahh, what did you think of that, little buddy? Yeah, you like all of this big-man action, dontcha? Yeah, you like gettin’ yourself fucked good and hard by a big man, dontcha boy?”

Bull just nodded all flush full of fuck-lust and desire and got to strokin’ on his perfect dick like wild as he raised his head up so he could watch the big man’s huge fuckin’ dick fuck in and out of his hot ass.

The old by just kept growlin’ at him, “Yeah, you like watchin’ big daddy fuckin’ in and out of your hot ass, dontcha boy?. . . Yeaahh, you strong, stout fuck. . . you love it. . . and your hot ass makes it feel so fuckin’ good to me. . . Yeah. . . I could fuck your hot ass for the rest of my life. . .”

Bull just dropped his head back down hard on the bed and groaned, “Oh fuck. . . this is gonna hurt. . .” Then he bucked and shot off another long fuckin’ load that shot straight up over his head and flipped over on itself before it headed down towards the ground and landed with a splat all over the floor right at the foot of the bed.

He bucked hard after he felt his full release jolt through his body, but the big man was relentless and kept hog-fuckin’ him as he growled at the man, “Yeaahh, fuck yeah. . . take some more of this fucker. . .” and ol’ Bull let off with another huge load.

He cried out in genuine pain as his long stream of spunk flew up past his head, and the sheriff got so concerned, he pulled his stiff, fat fucker out of my ass in a hurry and got to his feet right in front of Bull then bent himself over him as he soothed his whole body with his hands and whispered, “Take it easy little buddy. . . don’t hurt yourself. . .”

Bull was wide-eyed and his thick neck was arched back, and when he saw the sheriff’s fat, throbbin’ fucker come into view right above his face, he licked his chops all good an wet and shot off another load all over the big man’s hairy belly then groaned all full of dick-lovin’ fuck-lust as he took the ol’ boy’s stiff fucker deep down in his throat and swallowed the fucker all the way down into his gullet.

The big man just fuckin’ bellowed and dropped himself down on his outstretched arms right over the top of Bull and started fuckin’ his face like crazy.

His grandpa reached up and grabbed his grandson’s shoulders to calm him down some, but in the end, neither one of them could hold themselves back, and they both got to fuckin’ on Bull at both ends.

Bull’s whole body was trembling in uncontrollable orgasm and the sheriff just kept ejaculating down the man’s throat totally out of control. His big, hairy ass and thighs were trembling as his hungry fucker just ate up Bull’s hot gullet and the thunder and lighting just fuckin’ roared outside.

Bull’s fuckin’ cock was so fuckin’ throbbin’ hard as it fought like hell for more of his spunk, it hurt me just to look at the fucker, and when it finally managed to shoot off a small amount of it which shot up on the sheriff’s big ol’ hairy belly, his grandpa grabbed the stiff, throbbin’ fucker up in his capable hand and soothed it down for Bull as his grandson finished himself off inside of the man’s mouth.

I sat myself up and started pettin’ Bull and tellin’ him what a fuckin’ stud he was as soon as the sheriff had finished unloading the last of his nut down the man, and his whole body was still shakin’ strong and full of his orgasms.

He swallowed hard and opened his mouth back wide and groaned his desire to have the sheriff fuck his face again, and the big man slowly fucked his fat cock back down his throat just enough to where he could suckle on it while his grandpa kept soothin’ down Bull’s stiff, perfect penis.

The ol’ sheriff finally coaxed his stiff fucker out of Bull’s mouth and let him lick all over on the underside of his huge, hairy testicles until the man had himself fully settled down.

Once we were certain the man would live to fuck another day, the sheriff caught my eye and chuckled and said, “I told you the man was plum full of spunk, boss.”

His grandpa rubbed his lovin’ paws all over him and uttered deep to himself, “He sure as fuck is. . .” then he looked up at Bull and asked, “Are you ready for me to pull this fucker out of you?” and Bull just shook his head ‘no’ as he took a deep breath then said, “Not just yet. . . I think it’s the only thing that’s holding me up at the moment.”

The old boy gave him a lusty grin as he made his huge dick throb up all good strong inside of the man and then growled at him playfully, “I’ll hold you up good with it, little fuckin’ buddy. . .  You just let me know when you’re ready for me to pull it out of your hot ass. . .”

Bull just smiled at him all full of love and deep respect and said, “I will, big daddy, but in the mean time, I want you to think good and hard about movin’ in with us.”

The big man chuckled, then grimaced a bit as he made his huge, stiff fucker throb all good and strong up inside of Bull’s ass.

“I'm thinkin’ good and hard about it right now, little buddy, don’t you think otherwise. . .”