WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/B con, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 3
The story begins

I guess I sort of realized ever since I was a kid that most all mammals were driven as much by their sexual urges and a need to express them as much as any other drive they may have to simply reproduce. I’d seen all sorts of sexual behavior in nature, things I didn’t really understand, but by the time I was a teenager, I guess I realized us human beings had in spades whatever it was that made all mammals express themselves sexually at times without any real eye towards procreation. I guess what screws it all up for us is we try to control it, sublimate it, and even disguise it; and by the time we get to the point to where our need is so strong we have to express ourselves that way or go nuts, we no longer can control or disguise it, so we try and pretty it up and wrap it up in some kind of silly costume and then put it all on display like some deranged stage-mother.

I just wish I had a nickel for every pair of lace panties that was ever sold.

I remember reading an article in some medical journal while the wife and I were waiting at the doctor’s office that said the fact we muck up sex like we do was a sure sign of our superior intelligence. Now I ain’t no genius, but all I could think after reading that article, was how stupid that sounded.

I ain’t no writer either, but after reading that nonsense, I always figured I could probably do as good as the next man when it came to writing about somethin’ as simple as sex.

Then one day, I realized sex could be a hell of a lot more complicated than I ever thought it could be. That was the day my own grown son lost all control of himself while we was out fishin’ and started fondling my cock. He’d caught me at a weak moment and he knew it and I let things get out of hand until the next thing I knew I was watching him lick the last drop of gizm I had in me right off the head of my dick. It glistened on his tongue right before I saw him roll it around in his mouth and savor it as if it was his very first taste of honey. He looked me in the eye and his whole body swelled as his strong hands firmly gripped my manhood and rubbed it around on his chest. Seeing his thick neck and chest framed by his broad muscular shoulders pressed up against my stiff cock was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life and it tore me up inside for months and months after.

I’d seen all kinds of sexual horse-play between male mammals in my lifetime and I thought I knew what all was going on there, but what happened between me and my boy was far more complicated than simply establishing ground rules, or staking out territory or anything else I was capable of relating to. He had a need for me to pass something along to him, but what the hell it was, and how the hell he ever thought he was going to get it like that, had me completely baffled.

Once I realized he was trying like hell to get my whole damned dick down his throat and then begged me to feed him my seed and ‘make him a man’, I did the dumbest thing I ever did in my life. I grabbed his head and made him gag on it and taunted him by implying there was no way a man could be pleasured enough to blow his load by what he was doing.

I was in torment and confused about why he was doing what he was and I admit, I roughed him up pretty good, but damned if he didn’t hold his ground. He locked his eyes with mine and somehow I knew from his look, he had started all this as much to pleasure me as he ever did to satisfy his own needs.

He knew I had been feelin’ down on myself and was sexually frustrated. Hell, I even came right out and told him that was the case just a few minutes earlier. I told him what was going on between his mom and me, but he knew it long before then. He knew in his heart his family was breaking apart and he sensed all along how damn sexually frustrated I was and somehow he got into his head that if he could just take care of that for me, everything would be alright.

I felt awful for months after doing that - more so than for what happened afterwards. That was me letting my religious up-bringing speak for me and not the man I knew I was. I’d had my fill of desperate, hateful snake-oil salesmen espousing their religion and all their creed years ago. I remember a time when this whole community was all up in arms because a couple of them got in a dispute over some senseless minutia involving the scriptures. It got so out of hand around here for a while, I thought I might just open up my own funeral parlor until one Sunday, their flock of sheep finally saw the light and turned on them like a pack of wolves and ran ‘em both out of town.

Now I don’t want to lead you to believe I managed to figure all that out the instant he locked eyes with me - that was something he confessed to me years later and he said it took years for him to even admit to himself that was part of his motivation - but I did realize at the time that there was no good future for the two of us if I kept up trying to humiliate him so I stopped, and it was what happened after I did, that changed my life forever.

It took me a month to even come close to dealing with all my feelings after that day, but once I managed to get some inkling of what all was going on, I tried to rekindle some passion between me and the wife. I would eat her pussy for hours on end until she finally gave in to the pleasure. I did this for weeks before I ever tried to mount her up, but the night I finally did, once I felt the head of my crank split her pussy open, I knew there was no way that I would ever be able to enter her. I couldn’t help but feeling like she was fighting me from the moment I tried and I felt all those old feelings of anger and frustration starting to build up inside me. I trembled as I fought to get them under control and that was the moment I began to accept some of what my son had been trying to tell me that day.

I slowly lowered her back down on the bed without saying a word and laid down beside her. I put my arm around her and held her tight because I knew in my heart, her and I were never meant to be. She had endured this for as long as I had and even though we loved and respected one another, neither one of us could go on like this much longer. After she dozed off, I turned over on my side and stared at the clock beside the bed and I counted the moments that made up the memories of my life.

I felt my anger resurface and blamed her depriving me for what had happened between me and my son. I fell into a trance with my eyes wide open as I finally allowed myself to re-live every moment of what had happened that day at the river. I thought back to when I told him she complained I was too big and all the stuff he said about how she was referring to my cock and how big it was and how other guys would be thrilled to have a dick as big as mine and how I should face the fact that I was a man’s man. Hearing him say that had both repulsed and provoked me. I didn’t take much of it to heart back when he said it because I knew what he was saying, he was saying through the eyes of a youngster. I remembered how desperately I wanted him to stop what he was doing as if having him stop, would somehow ‘fix’ the underlying problem. I remembered how I taunted him about being too young to know anything about being a man and how there was no way he could satisfy me because of it. I laid there for an hour or more unconsciously handling myself as I re-lived everything that led up to that moment over and over again until eventually, I allowed myself to remember the rest.

My cock began to throb as I remembered that incredible burning sensation that swelled just inside the tip of it when he first got all of me inside his mouth. It was a feeling like none I had never felt before in my life. I covered my cock-head with my palm and squeezed it and massaged it in an effort to get that feeling back then spit in my hand and cupped it back over the head of my crank and let it pretend it was getting another taste of his hot, hungry mouth. The memories of the masculine way he went about working my crank and how he puffed up big and strong and grunted like a moose the moment I unleashed my spunk inside him all raced through my head until I spilled my seed into the palm of my hand.

I laid there breathless and still for a minute and felt its heat burn my palm and for the first time in my life, I lapped it up with my tongue and savored it’s taste just as he had done and thought back to how mesmerized I was as I watched him relish my gift of manhood.

When I finally licked the last drop of it from between my fingers, I curled up on my side and lay there and wept inside. I realized what an ignorant hillbilly I was - living in near isolation in the middle of nowhere with a wife I couldn’t satisfy and a son I didn’t fully understand. I felt weak and worthless and wanton, but I knew I could never let my son see the torment I was going through because he, on the other hand, was becoming bigger, stronger and more self-assured each day that had passed.

Why the very next morning after he had done what he did, he got up early and loaded up a trailer full of lumber, hitched it to the tractor and went off to replaced a fencerow that was badly in need of repair. He worked out in the hot sun all day, and by days end, he had finished the job alone. Every day he was up and out of the house before the break of dawn tending the crops, herding the cattle, servicing the equipment - whatever needed to be done, he did it, and he did it all on his own. Before, he just wanted to tag along with me and somewhat reluctantly went about doing his chores, but now he was attacking life as if each day was his last.

For a while, I thought he was just doing this to avoid me, but when I finally got up enough courage to talk to him, he didn’t shy away. He just stood there proud, met me eye to eye and never wavered - like the man he said he wanted me to make of him the day he milked the seed out of my depraved cock. At first I was afraid he was just putting on a show for me to hide his pain, but as the weeks turned into months, I realized he was well on his way to being a man and was showing a genuine interest in the farm. He’d worked his fool ass off that summer and by the time came for him to go back to school, he looked tough as a bull, was as strong as an ox and his entire body was covered with hair which made him look well beyond his years.

Watching him actually grow into a man that summer was what saved me from self-destruction because after that night, I knew I had to come to grips with myself, my marriage and my ignorance about what it was that had happened between my son and I.

It wasn’t like I got up the next day and tried to confront the world all at once like my son did, it was more of a gradual process for me. I know I’m not the brightest star in the universe so I just let things gradually sink in as I once again focused my efforts on the farm. I attacked my work with a different kind of vigor than I ever had before. I let it simply happen and didn’t fight things that went wrong like I used to do at times. Instead, I occupied my mind with other stuff as I worked, and out of that, I guess I became as philosophical as I would ever be.

I finally concluded that my son’s assessment of me was true. I was a man’s man. In general, I was more comfortable in the company of other men and I realized that many of them seemed to enjoy my company as well. Not that I had ever really spent that much time with any other men, I hadn’t, but considering how far away we lived from anyone, I began to take into account the number of men that had gone out of their way to pay me a visit even though I rarely, if ever, returned the gesture. I realized I was too much of a loner and a little shy about getting to know folks so I made a mental note to myself to change that from now on.

I made a lot of mental notes that summer, and that’s when I eventually began to believe that what my son had said about me was true. I made a mental note to try and check out best as I could what kind of equipment other guys were carrying between their legs. This had never come natural to me and the few times someone dropped by that summer to unload fuel or ask about helping out during harvest, I completely forgot about it. It wasn’t until sheriff Thompson passed by one day that I actually remembered to do so.

Ol’ sheriff Thompson was a big man - near as big as my son. Not quite as tall, but near as big around. I guess all the time he spent driving around in his patrol car had something to do with that. Which was why I liked him. I liked the fact he didn’t hide out in his office like the sheriff we had before but rather spent his time checking up on things to make sure no shenanigans were going on. He took his job seriously, and carried a little attitude with it, but not so much so that he was unbearable. He had a face of a boxer, accentuated by a prominent squared-off jaw that barely moved when he talked. He spoke softly, in a deep, gravelly voice that was hard for some people to understand, but I never had a problem with that. He’d always looked you in the eye when he spoke and maybe it was the uniform, but he always seemed very masculine and straight-forward to me which was why I’d had a hard time believing the stuff the boy had said about him - especially the part about him practically jerking off when he was around me.

He passed by down the highway one day when I happened to be way out at that end of our property checking on our fencerow. I was slowly herding the cattle this direction to graze the land and wanted to make sure it was sound before I led them out here. I saw him slow down and turn around. He pulled over and stopped not far from where I was and walked up near the fence to say hello. I led my horse over to him and stayed mounted while we talked. Somewhere in the midst of our conversation, I noticed he kept staring at my saddle or at least I thought that was what he was staring at. I had just bought it new the year before and I kept expecting him to comment on it until I remembered he didn’t have any horses of his own and probably didn’t know fuck-all about saddles to begin with. That’s when I remembered what my son had said.

We were both so close to the fence I couldn’t see his crotch from where I was sitting, but I realized from the way he had his arm down close to his side that what my boy had been saying could very well be true. I kinda lost track of his part of the conversation as I let it all sink in, I just sat there for a while until I caught back up with what he was saying then carried on with the small talk. Finally my curiosity got the best of me and I leaned over to look down at what he was doing pretending I was checking out the fence and sure enough I saw his hand move away from his crotch and could see the tell tale shape of his pecker-head pushing out against his uniform. I had to force myself not to stare at it. I couldn’t believe that could be the prick of a grown man. My own boy already had a cock more than twice as big as that. I sat back up and made mention of how pleased I was by the barbed wire I’d put up out along this row and went on about it as though it was the most interesting thing in the world, but in the middle of my dissertation on barbed wire, I nonchalantly leaned back and adjusted myself right where he could see. His eyes fixed on my crotch like glue as I hefted the shaft of my crank up and let it hang down the leg of my pants.

Once I was through talking, I made overtures to leave but he picked up the conversation letting on he had something urgent he wanted to say to me and while he talked, I saw his eyes drop back down to my crotch and his hand slide back under his belly and give a tug. I gently guided my mount away from the fence and could see clearly that he just kept playing with himself as he chatted on about nothing. He didn’t even noticed I was lookin’ at what he was doin’ because he was too busy starin’ at my crotch. His pecker-head was now startin’ to look more like it belonged to a man than it did before. I got so confused inside watching him I didn’t know what to think, so when he finished saying his piece, I begged off and let him know I needed to get back and finish up my chores before sunset. I didn’t want to be abrupt with him so tipped my hat at him and said, “It’s always good to see you sheriff. Drop by again sometime.” and moseyed off.

I thought that one over for weeks and weeks.

I realized then how little I knew about men and all the ways they might go about coping with their sexual urges. I thought about the sheriff quite a bit and came to the conclusion he couldn’t have been all that aware of what he’d been doing while he was talking to me. The way he’d just stood there gabbin’ away while he played with himself reminded me of my boy when he was young. He used to do that sometimes when he was excited about something and was trying to tell me all about it even though he needed to stop and go pee. I thought maybe the ol’ sheriff used to do that when he was a boy and still did it unconsciously when he was around someone he was comfortable with. Either that or he liked what he saw. That part I couldn’t figure out. The way he stared like he did, I couldn’t tell if he was just gazing out into space or just couldn’t keep his eyes off my crotch or saddle or whatever the hell he was lookin’ at.

I knew one thing for certain, when I leaned back and adjusted myself, I knew damn well what he was lookin’ at then. He seemed surprised as hell, almost shocked, and the more I thought about that, the less sure I was as to why he reacted that way. I didn’t know if he was impressed with what he saw, or just astonished I would do something like that right where he could see and I kinda felt bad and embarrassed for doing it when I thought about it that way.

I really was as ignorant as hell.

I didn’t know a lot back then I should have known, but I knew one thing for certain, I was tired of eating pussy and getting nowhere doin’ it. Hell, I was sick of pussy and after what’d happened between me and the boy, I knew damn good and well there was other ways for men to satisfy their needs. But I was green, and I knew it.

I knew I instinctively liked the looks of some men better than others, but I’d never thought it had to do with anything sexual. I guess partly out of sheer horniness, I tried to make the association between the two and every once in a while I caught myself thinking about what it would actually be like to partner up with another man. From that day on, every time I was in the presence of another man, I found myself trying to figure out if I thought he was sexy or not and every time, the answer was ‘no’.

I guess I started payin’ attention to men like I did my own livestock. I just watched how they behaved and tried to figure out what was goin’ on with them. I found myself checking them out and even wondered what they might be like when they were horned up. It almost came natural to me after a while but it never did lead me to ever think one of them was sexually attractive to me. I did notice one thing however, not a one of them would miss the chance to take a good gander at my crotch, especially when they thought I wasn’t paying them any mind. The whys and wherefores I still wasn’t sure about, but I did come to appreciate that men just naturally seemed to check one another out.

I always hired on a few hands to help out during harvest time. Most these guys lived nearby relatively speaking so I knew the majority of them from years past. I’d even built a small bunk house for them to stay in for the few weeks they were here and made sure there was plenty of provisions on hand to take care of their needs. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it had a proper shower and toilet and even the ones that lived relatively close, always chose to stay there rather than drive all the way back each night to their home.

In the past, I’d pretty much left them alone. I’d just check with them to make sure they had everything they needed and went about my business, but this year I decided it would be a good chance for me to be a little more social - try to get past my shyness and get to know them better. I was spending more and more time away from the house anyway and I realized it suited the wife just fine. In fact, I think she was down-right happy about it. She no longer felt obliged to have supper on the table since neither me nor the boy was ever back at the house by supper time anyway. She took to letting the boy drive himself to school and he was taking advantage of his new found freedom by staying out late. At first I was concerned about him coming home so late, but after talking to one of his teachers, I was assured that he was staying put after school to do his homework and a few extra-curricular activities and wasn’t out gallivanting around.

I ended up spending most my evenings down at the bunkhouse with the crew that harvest, and it was during that time that I realized my son hadn’t been bullshitting me about a number of things. First of all, I realized for certain I was far better endowed than most men. I had dinner with them the first night they showed up and by the third day, I got over my shyness and I took to showerin’ up with them after the day was done and hung around with them until after dinner. At first they were a bit uncomfortable about havin’ the boss right there with them until they went off to bed, but the afternoon I stripped down and cleaned up with them, they all warmed up to me pretty fast and eventually, the size of my crank came up during one of the evening’s conversation.

I was more than a little surprised the first time one of the guys made some reference to how big it was, but they all chimed in as though it was perfectly normal to talk about such things. It did all seem to be in good fun, so I tried to hide my embarrassment and just let it pass, but after hearin’ all these men poke fun at me about it and make comparisons between me and other guys they’d known, I realized they’d seen a lot more naked men than I ever had and I guess my crank was somethin’ they just felt they had to go on about. Hearing this kind of man-talk was new to me and by the time they packed up and moved on to the next farm, I found I was gettin’ my hand after myself a little more often than I normally did.

I’d also got a notion from a few of them that they wouldn’t have minded helping me out with that while they was here, but I was too unsure of myself to trust my instincts on exactly what it was they were hinting around at.

I always knew I was a man - didn’t have a problem with it - but I felt more virile and full of myself for all the attention those men had shown toward me. I now better appreciated what my son had meant when he said I was ‘a man’s man’. However, it was clear to me by then that if I was ever to try and partner up with a fella, he would have to be a big man - at least as big as my son - in order for him to handle what it was I had to offer, but I still never once found myself thinking about a guy whenever I used my hand on myself.  

I thought about it other times though; and tried to imagine what it would be like to just go after it with another guy and if it would actually be possible to work one another into mutual satisfaction.

In some ways, I thought it might be more fun and less emotionally involved - just a good mutual release of our manly needs - a shared understanding of what we craved and a willingness to help one another out with those cravings. I was well aware that they were just fantasies and the chances of me actually meetin’ up with someone like that livin’ way out here were slim, but I would think back to the sheriff, and thought the chances might be better than I’d imagined.

It was during this time that my son came to me to tell me he had received a scholarship to the University. I knew he was sending off letters and so forth, but I hadn’t been all that much involved. I found out that the same teacher I had spoke to about him staying out late had actually played a key part in helping him out and had written a few letters and made a few phone calls on his behalf to help him secure a scholarship. She even arranged for him to begin in the summer to sort of help him get a head start and prepare for the full fall schedule. When he mentioned to me he wanted to go to college, we both understood he was talkin’ about the local college in the next county, but when this scholarship came up for the state university, we both had to step back and take pause. I could tell he was as unsure about going there as I was about seeing him leave, but the wife was thrilled and so proud that she set about buyin’ stuff for him to prepare for it the very next day. That evening when she returned with all the stuff she’d bought, including a t-shirt that barely fit him with the university insignia on it, we both knew right then there was no turnin’ back, so by late spring, him and I headed off to the big city to get him enrolled.

  We really hadn’t talked all that much since that day at the river. I know we were both feelin’ a bit nervous about spending so much time together in the truck on the way there, but I was actually looking forward to havin’ the chance to catch up with him and share some of my thoughts and feelings. I wasn’t sure how he felt about everything now that he had some time to think things over for himself, but I had made up my mind that we would talk things through. We weren’t but a mile or two down the road when he started up the conversation.

“Dad, we’re gonna have to get a grater out here on this stretch of road. It’s hard on the equipment driving up and down here. I know it costs a pretty penny but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than having to shell out for equipment repairs.”

“I’ll call the county about it when we get back son.”

“You already know what they’re gonna say dad, but it seems to me we sure pay enough in taxes to have this road repaired when we need it. We sure as hell don’t use any other services of theirs. We provide our own power and water. What in hell do we pay them taxes for anyway?”

“That helps pay for the highways and roads son. Like the ones we’re gonna travel on today to get you to school. How do you know how much we pay in taxes anyway son?”

“I asked mom. She dug through the papers and let me look at them. It’s public record anyway dad. I could have just as easily looked it up at the courthouse. I love this farm dad. That’s why I’m doin’ this - goin’ to college and all - I want to learn what I can to help you out.

“You sure have taken a big interest in the farm since. . . well, since you went back to school last Fall.”

He looked over at me and studied me good, but I kept my eyes on the road. I thought it was as good a time as any for him to take a good look at his old man and think things over. He knew what I was actually referring to. He remained silent for a while and I could tell he was bracing himself to speak his piece so I just waited.

“You did right by me dad. Don’t ever think you didn’t. I can tell how tore up you’ve been about that, but I needed that more than anything else in the world. I love you dad and I want you to be proud of me. I wanted you to make a man out of me and you did. I want you to know how happy I am about that and how much I enjoyed the whole day we spent together and how proud I am of you.”

He watched as I wiped away my tears of relief. “I’m proud of you too son. That afternoon we spent together horsing around in the water afterwards has been the only thing that has kept me from going off the deep end, boy.”

“Well you should think more about that than what happened beforehand dad. That meant as much to me as anything we did that day. I’ve wanted to do it all over again, but I’ve been afraid of how I would feel if I brought it up to you and you said ‘no’. I could tell you was shocked by some of the things I told you after that, but I was right about everything I said.”

“You’ve been right about a number of things I wasn’t even aware of in my life son, and you sure surprised the hell out of me getting this scholarship, even though I always knew you was a lot smarter than I am. You should be lookin’ toward your own future now and not be worrying about this old farm.”

“You’re every bit as smart as I am dad, you just haven’t had the advantages that you’ve provided for me. This farm is my future dad. I want to be here with you. I want to do my part and hopefully learn some things that can help run it even better. I don’t know what all that might be cause you have done a good job with it, but I guess we won’t know until we see what they have to teach at the university.”

“My own son goin’ to the university. . .   on a scholarship no less. Who would have ever thought?”

He smiled and took a deep breath.

“You’ll do fine there boy. I know you will.”

He was silent for a long while. I figured he was reflecting on what it would be like for him living the college life. I knew I was gonna miss him, and in a way, I was a bit envious of him getting the chance to be on his own and learn all that he would.

“Dad, you said earlier that I was right about a number of things you wasn’t even aware of. What did you mean by that?”

“Well I meant that some of the things you told me that day I’ve come to realize are true.”

“Like what?”

“Well like for example what you said about me being a man’s man. I guess that’s true in a way. I never really thought about it before, but I believe you were right about that. I guess most men find me more appealing even though they tend to shy away from me at first than most women do. I can accept that. And I guess you was right about the ol’ sheriff. He does seem to play with himself when he’s around me, but that doesn’t mean he only does it around me son, that might just be somethin’ he does around anyone.”

He started snickering, “He does it while he’s starin’ at your cock dad, didn’t you notice?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Well yeah, I guess I did. . .”

He laughed. “I told you dad! Every time he sees that big bulge in your pants it drives him nuts. I’m getting a lot for stares like that myself at school now dad. Even coach Harmon comes out and looks at me while I’m taking a shower and shakes his head at me like he can’t believe it. I’m glad I’m growin’ up to be like you dad, I know my dick will never be as big as yours but I’m grateful for what you’ve passed along to me.”

“That’s the other thing son. I guess you’re right about that too. At first I thought you was just puttin’ me on, and you was right about me not really ever seein’ other men naked, so while the crew was here bringin’ in the crops I decided to spend time down there with them in the bunkhouse. I showered up with them and all and I saw that most of them were like you was saying. They all rode me high about my size for several days there which surprised the hell out of me, I must confess.”

He smiled and reached over and patted me on the shoulder. “I’m glad you did that dad. I noticed you was spending more time down there with them this year. I told you you was a man among men dad. I’m proud of you for doin’ that. You should be proud too. I didn’t like seein’ you all down on yourself because you’re big and all and you needed to be more sociable anyway.”

We drove in silence for a while till we came up on a truck stop where we pulled in to get some gas. The boy busied himself with filling up the truck and I went inside to use the men’s room and pay for the gas. There were quite a few men in the toilet and while I waited for a place to take a piss, I noticed that some of them were checking one another out while they were standin’ at the urinals. One of the truckers, near as big as my son, was lookin’ back at me and when the guy next to him zipped up and left, he motioned for me to take a place next to him. When I whipped out my crank, the guy just stared at it without even trying to hide the fact.

All this attention was making me nervous so I tried to ignore him and go about my business, but he kept lookin’ up at me then down at my crank until I finished pissing and before I knew it, he reached over and started milking the last few drops of piss out of my cock! I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there like a fool and let him. I swear he was headed down on his knees and almost had it in his mouth once the last drop of piss fell off my cock-head, but I turned away and put it back in my trousers. He stood back up and watched me with the most disappointed look on his face, so like an idiot, I thanked him for helpin’ me out, then got the hell out of there.

After I paid for the gas and went back to the truck, I asked my boy if he needed to go piss and he said ‘No’. He was standin’ beside the truck stretching his big, beautiful body in the morning sun and I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between him and the man that was standing next to me at the urinal. That set me to thinkin’ about a whole number of things.

I was grateful the boy didn’t need to go take a piss, but I knew I couldn’t protect him from this world all his life. The idea of my son trying to find sexual release in a truck stop toilet didn’t appeal to me at all. Once we were back on the highway I let my mind wander back to what had happened back there and I guess I sort of realized for the first time what the life of a trucker might really be like.

I had only made a few long trips in my life and I remember when I was out on those long stretches of roads how horny I got. On one of those trips, I figured it was as good a time as any to use my hand on myself so I did while I drove down the highway. I worked myself up and had a good strong orgasm that left spunk drippin’ off the dash and windshield. I was just a little older than my son at the time.

I remembered how I was always horny at that age. Thinkin’ back about all that and how that big ol’ guy back at the truck stop seemed to want to get after it with me made me start to get hard. I wasn’t even consciously aware of it at first because I was still relating all that back to my son and to my concerns about him ever getting involved with something like what I just experienced back there, but after I unconsciously reached down and tugged at myself to give it a little more room down there, a moment later, I noticed he did the exact same thing. He didn’t say nothin’ about it, but I realized then, he still had an interest in his old man and was watching every move I made.

It took all afternoon for the boy to get himself enrolled in school. I offered to go with him, but he said he was told it would mostly be a lot of time spent standing in lines, so he suggested I just walk around the campus and enjoy the day. There was a small bar near where we parked and we decided the best plan would be for us to meet back there around 4:00 in the afternoon. I walked with him to the administration building and sure enough, there was a line there about a mile long. They had people manning tables out in front of the building but it was clear that this was gonna take some time. I left him there and meandered around the campus until I found my way back to where we were parked. I checked out some of the stores and businesses along the street, but they mostly catered to the college kids so I finally decided to go inside the bar and just sit and wait.

The bar was relatively dark inside and it was done up kinda fancy with brass railings everywhere so I was glad I had decided to dress up some for the trip. The place was full of men and most of them were sittin’ around a horseshoe shaped bar. The majority of them were older than me by ten to fifteen years and some of them were sportin’ these jackets that had the school insignia on it. They was talkin’ it up pretty loud until they saw me walk in and they all stopped and looked at me like I was some kind of intruder. I said my hello’s and took an empty bar stool down next to a fella that reminded me a little of the sheriff back home. I introduced myself and he looked kind of embarrassed when he told me his name.

I found out a few minutes later that he was the head football coach for the university and most of the men in this place were avid supporters of the team and they was all kinda surprised I didn’t know who he was. A couple of them even thought I must have played on the team at one time or another due to my size and all, but I confessed I didn’t really know much about football. I had watched a little of it a few times on the television, but I didn’t find it all that interesting. Besides, it never did make much sense to me to waste time watchin’ something like that on television when a man could be out doin’ something a lot more meaningful in his life.

They all went on about how big I was and asked me if my son was a ‘chip off the ol’ block’ as they put it. I told them he was and that I was waiting for him to show up here once he finished registration. The coach said he looked forward to meeting him and asked if he played football and I explained to him that the school back were we was from was too small to field a football team, but they did participate in track and field some from what I knew. The talk went on about the upcoming season and I was surprised that these men seemed to know all the names of all the kids on the team. I found that a bit odd and wondered why grown men didn’t have anything better to do in their life than concern themselves with a university football team. After a while, I could tell the coach was growing as weary with the conversation as I was but for some reason he felt obliged to sit and talk with these guys. I just left them alone and let them talk their talk and turned away to look out the window.

I guess I started day-dreaming. I don’t really remember about what but when I finally came back from my reverie, I noticed that the coach was staring down at something on my barstool. I looked down to see what it was then it dawned on me he was probably lookin’ at my crotch. I guess I was kinda getting used to that so I didn’t say nothin’ and just let him get a good gander. The coach finally looked up and saw that I was watching him, but he didn’t seem embarrassed about what he’d been doing, he just turned his back to the rest of the men and started talking to me like I was the only man in the bar.

He had a gift for gab and seemed to know more about farming and ranching than I figured he would. The rest of the guys listened in for a while but eventually tired of the conversation and finally finished their drinks and headed off together to another bar. After they left, he didn’t hide the fact how relieved he was to see them gone. He explained to me that these men were all big financial supporters of the university mainly because of the football team. The university provided them with fancy seats and all to the games in return for their financial support. He could tell I didn’t quite believe all that and just let it drop when I told him I thought it odd that grown men like that didn’t have anything else better to do. He laughed and patted me on the back like I was his long lost friend and said he wasn’t surprised a man like me didn’t understand.

It kinda made me feel like he thought I was a little naïve when he said that, but he was very friendly and kept talking to me like I was the most interesting person on earth.

I don’t really remember what all we talked about, it seemed like we covered about every topic there was, time kinda flew by and for a while, I forgot why I was even there until my son showed up. I saw him when he walked in and when he spotted me talking with another fella, he smiled like he was proud I was being so out-going. He walked over to us and I stood up and introduced him to the coach. I couldn’t help but notice how big the coach’s eyes got when he saw my boy. He looked my son over like he was examining livestock at an auction and I thought for a moment there he was gonna reach in his mouth and examine his teeth. I stepped back and just watched and listened as the coach went on about how he was definitely my son and how I must be a mighty proud father and all. We all sat back down at the bar and I scooted over a seat to let my son seat himself between us. The coach order us all a beer and when he sat back down in his stool, he turned and face my boy and started talking to him just like he’d done me.

I began to realize where all this was leading to and frankly I had a feeling all along the only reason the coach had hung around talking to me all this time was to get the chance to meet my boy. He didn’t waste much time getting around to asking my son if he had ever played any football and whether or not he would be interested in playing for the school team. The boy was honest and said he hadn’t really played all that much - just some in school and told him what I had told him before about being from a small school an all.

When my son told him he was here on a scholastic scholarship, the coach couldn’t hide his surprise. He said flat out he didn’t believe it, and confessed that he didn’t picture my boy as being the scholarly type and that seemed to increase his interest in him even more. I just let them talk on and didn’t think much about any of it until my boy finally realized the man was dead serious and turned his bar stool around to face him. I couldn’t help but notice that the coach took that opportunity to size my boy up once again and I noticed his eyes wandered down at my son’s crotch just like he had done with me. Once he got an eye full, he said, “You really are a chip off the ol’ block!” and I had to keep from laughing cause I knew right away what he was talking about, but at the same time, it got me to thinking. . .

The way the coach talked to him made me realize that in the eyes of other men, my son was a grown, mature individual capable of making his own decisions about his life and it finally hit me that my boy had really turned out to be quite a fine young man in all respects. I didn’t care one way or another if the boy played football for the school or not, and I soon found out he didn’t much care about it either. He explained to the man the he didn’t want it taking up a lot of his time because he was here for other reasons but he would be glad to play for the school if the coach could arrange for him an additional scholarship to pay for the balance of his expenses while he was in school. At first, the coach was taken back by the boy’s brashness, and said he was just hoping that my boy might consider trying out for the team, but my son just met him eye to eye and said “Sure, I’ll come to tryouts if you want, but I already know what the outcome of that will be so I just want to know what the athletic department can offer me for my time, because I have no intention of making my living playing football so it doesn’t interest me otherwise.”

I thought the man would be pissed as hell when my boy said that, but instead, he looked over my son’s shoulder right at me like he had just seen me for the first time. I just shrugged like I could care less about any of this nonsense and made a gesture to him to just give it up. He looked back at my boy and said, “You’ve got a deal young man! And to prove to you I mean it, I’ll put you and your dad up in the best hotel in the city tonight if you’ll promise me you will meet me in the morning in my office.”

My son looked back over his shoulder at me like the thought all this had been planned out in advance, but he saw I was as surprised by the offer as he was. We had planned to head back home that evening, but I just shrugged my shoulders again and said it was up to him. He looked back at the coach, offered his hand and said he had a deal and the next thing I knew the coach was buyin’ a round for the entire bar and announced to the room that my boy was going to play for the school team. I hadn’t really noticed how many people were now in the bar, but quite a few men got up and offered my son and I their congratulations.

I never expected to be the focus of all this kind of attention in my life. We spent the next few hours in that damn bar drinking beers and talking to practically everyone. Just about the time things began to quite down and I thought we could get the hell out of there, that whole crew of alumni returned and when they heard the news they all gathered around us like we was royalty or something. It all struck me as being way too much and by then, I just wanted to get away from it all, and fortunately they were all pretty tired themselves and before long, they all decided to break up and head back to the hotel. As it turned out, it was the same hotel the coach had arranged for us to stay at, so we followed them over to it and checked in.

It was the fanciest damn place I’d ever been inside of in my life. They provided us with all kinds of toiletries and stuff since we hadn’t packed a bag, and said they would come and pickup our clothes to have them dry cleaned and ready in the morning. By the time we got up to our room, I could tell he was tired and having second thoughts about all this so I told him to go take a nice long shower and not think about it until the morning. I called home and told his mom what had happened, but I think she still doubted the truth of my story when I hung up the phone. I don’t guess I believed all this myself, but the difference was that I was in this fancy hotel room and that’s what made it seem real to me.

I laid back against the headboard of the bed after I hung up the phone and stared into space and tried to come to grips with everything that had happened in the past year. My own son had changed significantly and he had changed my life in ways I had never thought possible. I looked around the hotel room and thought all this was far too much for a kid who had simply decided to play a stupid game, but what did I know? The coach himself had tried to give me an inkling of the amount of money that surrounded college sports, but I guess I was too dumbfounded to believe him. It all seemed too silly to me.

When I heard my boy get out of the shower, I started to undress to get ready to go in after him. I found the laundry bag and folded up my clothes and put them inside. When he came out, he had his clothes folded up in his arm and handed them to me. I put them inside the bag and told him to call the front desk and have them pick it up while I was in the shower. That was the first time I’d seen him naked since that day at the river and I couldn’t believe how much he had changed in such a short amount of time. All of his baby fat was now thick, solid muscle and a fine manly outgrowth of hair covered his body from head to toe. He stood before me proud and strong, and he looked me over from head to toe just as I did him.

I couldn’t believe how much his cock had grown. I guess I was used to seeing my own cock hang down between my legs and it all seemed perfectly normal to me, but seein’ one nearly identical to mine hangin’ on another man made me realize just how well endowed we both were - especially after seeing all the other guys I now had seen. For the first time in my life, I had the urge to take hold of another man’s dick it was so full and prominent between his legs, and it beckoned to be manhandled.

I walked past him into the bathroom and shut the door as he closed up the laundry bag. I was surprised at my own feelings and desires as I busied myself with preparing the shower. There was a full length mirror in the bathroom - the first one I had ever seen in my life - I looked at the image of myself in it and saw how similar the two of us actually were, but the man I saw in the mirror had a cock that far out-sized the one that endowed the man outside. I stood there and watched that big son of a bitch in the mirror grab up his big ol’ tool and shake the motherfucker at me. He pulled on it a few times and held it up to let me see just how long and fat it actually was by comparison to any other I’d ever seen. I could tell by the way he acted he was needin’ to express himself with it in the worst way. He let it drop from his hands and let it sway back and forth like a pendulum on a grandfather clock just to give me a good idea of its mass and did it a second time before he turned around and stepped into the shower.

A feeling of calm contentment came over me as the warm water poured all over my body. All the fears and anxieties I had been through the last year seemed to melt away. I felt better about myself than I had in a long, long time I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but whatever it was, I knew I was ready to handle it.

After I shut off the water and stepped out of the shower, I heard the news on the television and listened to it abstractly while I toweled off and brushed my teeth. When I finished up, I took one last look at the man in the mirror and noticed his cock and balls were now neatly packed up under his groin. I gave him a wink and stepped out into the room.

My son was sitting up in the bed. He looked over at me when I walked out of the bathroom and examined me from head to toe. I noticed his full, thick crank danglin’ straight down on the bedspread between his legs and I could tell he had been pulling it out full and long for me to admire for when I came out of the shower. I walked over and turned off the television at the foot of the bed then went to the door and turned out the lights in the room. When I turned around to head to my bed, he lifted up his cock in his hand and looked down at it and made it throb and pulled on it.

I stopped at the foot of his bed and nodded down at his manhood. “Don’t think I didn’t notice that thing earlier today when we was driving into town because I did son. You’re near as big as your old man now.”

He held it up for me to see. “It has grown a lot dad since you and I. . .   well, since you made me a man dad, but it will never be as big as yours. You’ve got the most incredible dick I ever saw dad.”

I smiled. I could tell he was nervous. So was I for that matter, but my nervousness was calmed by my own sense of purpose of being the father to him that he needed. I lowered myself on the bed between his legs and took his full, plump cock in my hands. He didn’t say anything he just looked down at me with those big green eyes of his and watched as I admired his manhood. It felt smooth and silky. I lifted it up and pulled back his foreskin so I could examine the complete shape of his cock-head. It looked almost exactly like mine. I hefted the full weight of his crank in my hand and in many ways, it felt like an old familiar tool I had used hundreds of times. I suspected I already knew where all of its ‘good’ spots were as I felt it get heavy in my hand. I squeezed it firm, and he made it throb for me.

I pulled the blood up to his cock head and squeezed it off with my right hand as I gently stroked the underside of it with my left. I squeezed it once again near the base of his shaft and waited. He pressed his shoulders up against the headboard and forced another rush of blood up its shaft. He closed his eyes as he made it throb for me again and seeing his face fill with pleasure ignited my own desires.

“I want to pleasure you like you did me son because I know something now that I don’t think you yet realize.”

“What’s that dad?”

“You may never be able to partner with anyone that can handle what you got to offer other than someone like me, son. You proved that to me in your own right.”

I sucked his semi-hard penis into my mouth and let it slither down my throat. He thrust his hips up to my face and cried out as his cock came to life in my mouth. Feeling his manhood slowly stiffen down my throat was amazing to experience. I felt like I was a part of him. His cock swelled and wriggled deeper and deeper inside me until he was about half-hard.

I came off him and looked him in the eyes.

“I want you to feel what you did to me boy. I want you feel the intense pleasure you gave me when you sucked me bone dry. I haven’t been the same ever since that day son.”

His eyes were fixed on me like he wasn’t sure where I was going with what I had to say.

“I’ve jerked off a hundred times since that day trying to get that feelin’ back boy. I know the only way I may ever feel what it is you done to me is if you ever decide you want me again like you wanted me that day. I want you to feel it for yourself. You wanted me to make you a man and I did what you wanted, but now I want you to feel what you’ve done to me.”

He kept getting harder and harder in my hand as I talked. I shook his swelling crank and said, “I want you to understand the torment I’ve been going through waiting for you to come back for more, but not really wanting you to at the same time. Once you feel what it was you did to me you’ll understand. You’ll understand a lot of things you don’t yet know about being a man son and I don’t want you learning them from some stranger just because your dad wasn’t man enough to confront his responsibilities. I realize that now.”

He just sat there frozen listening to my words, letting them sink in. I could see he was surprised hearing me talk like that, but I don’t think he realized at the time that what I was saying was the truth.

I started licking the underside of his shaft down by his balls while I rubbed his crank all over my face. I knew he was watching me and I thought of the things I felt when I first saw my cock right up next to his.

I looked up at him. His eyes were fixed on mine. “First time I saw your face up to my crank I thought it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life. I hope you like seeing yours up next to mine boy.”

He shivered and his voice was hoarse as he spoke. “It’s fuckin’ beautiful dad. I want you to suck it some more for me. That felt so fuckin’ good!”

The smell of his musk came over me as he spoke. I licked his balls and then lifted them to get nearer to the source of his musky smells. I lapped at his prostate then squeezed his crank firm and held it tight. I could see the blood pump up through his thick vein as he made it throb big and strong for me. I loosened my grip and let it race through his shaft then I raised up and took it in my mouth and sucked it. He bucked his hips as his crank throbbed wildly in my mouth then he pushed my head down on him deeper and deeper as it swelled.

“Oh yeah dad! Suck that big ol’ fucker for me! You made that big ol’ dick with your own seed dad! That’s what you wanted wasn’t it? A big ol’ fuck-stick like yours you could suck on? Well here it is! Suck on that fucker!”

Hearing him man-talk me like that made me proud and I sucked on him like a hungry pig. His cock head swelled and I sucked tight around it until he was nearly full-hard. I pulled it out of my mouth and squeezed it tight in my hand and slowly milked it. It was beautiful. I couldn’t believe the similarities between his crank and my own.

I felt myself stiffen up as I admired the beauty of my gift to him.

“It’s a fuckin’ beauty son. You make me proud.”

“You make me proud dad, you made that big fucker. It’s gotten so big since you filled me full of your spunk that I can’t handle it proper by myself any more. I used to be able to satisfy it and blow myself a good hot load, but I can’t any more. I’ve been wonderin’ how you went about takin’ care of that huge dick of yours on your own and now I hear you tell me you can’t do any better than I can with mine. You really like suckin’ that dick dad?”

“It’s yours ain’t it? I love you boy. I don’t want you to go through what I have all my life. I’ve stopped worrying and wondering if all this is ‘right’ or not. You showed me how right it was.”

I shook his cock and took a deep breath and went all the way down on it. It was the first time I had let it slide past my tonsils to taste my hot gullet and he cried out.

“Aaah fuck dad! Shit!”

I kept pushing down on it until finally I managed to get it all inside me. His cock stiffened up good and I could feel his hungry cock-head pulsating deep down inside me. He began to shiver as his cock tasted the heat. I knew what he was feeling. I knew for the first time in his life he was getting’ that hot burning feeling up inside that beautiful knob of his and I wanted him to gorge himself on it like I did when he first did this to me. His big fat crank kept throbbing and swelling inside me. I licked down under the base of his shaft on his plump sac until I got my first taste of his sweet pre-cum.

I knew he was feelin’ it good now. His big furry belly started heaving as his hot, sticky honey filled my mouth. His thick meaty thighs started moving back and forth squeezing on his nuts. I reached down and felt his silken balls. They were beginning to tighted up so I pulled off him and squeezed his fat cock tight at the base and watched his bulbous cock-head ooze his flavorful lubricant. I could tell he was close to blowing his load so I pressed even harder on his big crank right up near his sack to prevent it from feeding on his seed. I looked up at him and saw the beautiful anguish on his face as he fought his urge to let it all go.

“Not just yet little buddy. I want you to feel that for as long as you can.”

Clear, long streams of his pre-cum was now dripping off his cock-head. I got up on my knees, hefted my crank up and stroked it a few times for him to see.

“You see that boy?”

He nodded at me as he devoured my manhood with his eyes.

“I can’t control it any more since you did that to me. I tried but I’ve given up tryin’ any more boy. I couldn’t wait any longer son. I don’t think you knew what you was doin’ when you did that to me. I just had to let you know exactly what this hungry fucker’s been cravin’ ever since you sucked me down like that. It’s fuckin’ hot ain’t it son?”

“Oh dad my cock is burnin’ hot! That felt so fucking good.”

“Yeah. Here you was doin’ that to me and I was tryin’ so hard to make you stop. It didn’t seem right to me at the time, but you was given me that feelin’ like that. I never felt that before. You tore me up boy.”

I kept pullin’ on myself for him to see how badly I was needin’ it. I wanted him to fully understand the consequences of what he had done. I knew the choice was up to him and I waited as he weighed what I had just said.

He motioned for me to get closer to him and I scooted up until both our cocks were touching then held them together in both hands. His hot, slick crank felt good on mine and I rubbed his pre-cum all over both of them. His eyes rolled back as he savored the feeling of our first man to man contact. It was incredible for me to watch his reaction. Having that much dick to manhandle and watching my boy savor my touch was empowering to me. I spit down on both of them and slicked them up then rolled them around together in my hands.

His head jolted up and he fixed his gaze on my hands. “I’ve dreamed about doin’ this ever since I was a boy, dad. The first time I ever jacked off all I could think about was rubbing my dick all over yours.”

“When was that son?”

“It was the time I ran into the bathroom and you was there toweling off after taking a bath. I couldn’t believe how big your dick was dad. Do you remember? I had to take a piss and you told me to go ahead and I could barely finish cause I started to feel myself getting’ hard. I didn’t really know why at the time, but after I finished I went out to the barn and began playing with my prick. It was the first time I ever jerked off and all’s I could think about was rubbing mine all over yours. I can’t believe I’m telling you this dad, but it’s the truth. I’ve been wantin’ your dick on mine for as long as I can remember.”

“I remember that son. I remember you looking back over your shoulder to look at me while you pissed. I knew you was wantin’ to see my cock again. I didn’t think much about it at the time. I didn’t realize at the time it would have such an effect on you son but I’ll tell you what boy.”

“What’s that dad?”

“If I knew then what I know now I would have let you. My attitude about all this has changed. I’m glad you saw me now boy. I’m glad it got you so horned up until you couldn’t stand it any longer and you did what you did to me cause otherwise, I don’t think I would ever know what it is I need to ever truly find sexual fulfillment. Now you know. Your dick’s near as big as mine is now. You know it ain’t possible to take car of that thing on your own. Try living with that for as long as I have. I don’t want you to have to go through it. We’re big men son. I recon only another man as big as us could help us out with what we’ve got and how often have you ever met a man as big as you or I?”

He reached around my buttocks and pulled me toward him as he slid himself down under me. “Come here dad.”

As I watched my boy take my crank into his mouth I could tell this was something that he had been strugglin’ with ever since the last time he did it. He took it in both hands and looked at it for a minute then started by suckling on the tip of my fat knob. My cock jumped and when he felt that big ol’ thing throb in his hands, it empowered him and made him feel good inside. He squeezed back on it and I made it throb big and strong for him and he smiled and looked up at me and began lightly rubbing the hair on my stomach.

“I like being under your big ol’ belly dad. I like looking up at you like this.”

“I like seein’ you down there boy. I won’t lie about that. It’s fuckin’ beautiful watchin’ you. Seein’ you get when you handle the dick that made you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happen to me in my life son. I want you to know that.”

I was so hot and needful, I had to fight the urge to just grab his head and force him down on me but after a moment, he dove down on it had most of it deep inside his mouth. I reared back and howled as that incredible burning sensation returned at my cock-head. Hearing me cry out like that drove him to go down deeper and deeper on me until he had the whole damn dick down his throat. He moaned his satisfaction as I gently pumped myself inside him. I reached back behind me and pulled on his thick, long crank and he bucked his hips up to make it easier for me to get at him. It began throbbing big and strong in my hand and I knew then how badly he wanted his manhood to get another taste of my hot mouth.

I pushed his head down on me and held it there and let my cock devour his heat as I ground it around in his gullet. I watched him intently, waiting for a sign he wanted me to let him go, but the boy just kept at it, intent on pleasuring me to the fullest.

Watching his big, broad, handsome face sucking on the source of his very life was the most beautiful thing I could image. I had to fight the urge to pull it out and christen his beauty right then and there. I finally coaxed him off me and he began grinding my meat all over his face while he lapped at my cock and balls with his thick tongue. Seeing his face pressed up against my cock and feeling him lapping at my man-sac drove me so wild, I had to turn away so I wouldn’t loose control.

I looked back behind me and I saw his cock was now standing straight up. His veins popped out all around his thick shaft and his cock-head was flared out wide and tight. It was fucking huge - I looked back down at my own crank and realized his shaft was now even thicker than mine.

“Damn boy!” I whispered, “Suckin’ my dick makes you fucking harder than a rock don’t it? Shit! Look at that thing! You get hard like that all the time boy?”

“I love suckin’ your big ol’ dick dad.”

“Well you got me beat now son. Let me feel that fucker!”

He let go of my dick so I could turn back and feel his cock. It was rock hard and dry like a piece of polished granite. I squeezed it as hard as I could, but it didn’t give at all. He smiled at me when he saw my look of disbelief.

“Son, I’ve never been that hard in my life.” I shook it, and it popped straight back up after I let it go. “That’s so fuckin’ manly son!”

Man-lust swelled up inside me as I squeezed his steel. It was a sensation unlike anything I had ever felt before in my life. All I could think about was his big, stiff dick. It was such a thing of beauty I couldn’t take my eyes off it. My own cock reacted to the feel of his stiff member by bobbing up and down and he reached out and squeezed it.

When he did, I realized my own throbbing cock was now harder than ever before. I turned back around and watched it throb in his hand until my cock head was flaring out big and wide just like his. His big eyes watched it throb until he couldn’t stand it any more and he raised up to it and began licking it with the tip of his tongue. A little drop of my pre-cum appeared at the tip and he licked it off and let it roll around in his mouth.

His eyes rolled back as he savored its taste and seeing his reaction made my own lust for his rock-hard manhood unbearable. I raised up and turned around on the bed and straddled him in the other direction and bent down and grabbed his steel. I’d never gotten that hard in my life, but what got me most was how fucking big the damn thing now was. Its venous shaft beckoned to me so I spit in my hands and went to work on it still unable to believe that any dick could actually get that hard. I became obsessed with it as I stroked it and worked it in my hands.

A chill of lust shivered through my body.

I became completely lost and unaware of my surroundings as I watched my hands slide up and down his pillar of manliness. I worked it with a purpose like I had never felt before in my life until I realized I was literally drooling all over it. I caught the string of saliva in my hands and rubbed it all over then slowly bent down and put my mouth on it.

It felt like granite as I slowly worked it down my throat. It was so fucking thick that I could just barely get it inside me. The boy bucked his hips and fucked my throat with short strokes as his body trembled with pleasure. I wrapped my arms around his firm butt and lost myself to the might of his thrust as more and more of his manhood filled my throat. I lowered my body down on him and wrapped my arms around his powerful fuck-machine and that’s when I felt my own stiff crank slide back down his mouth. He reached up and wrapped his arms around my ass and pulled me right down on him and that when all hell broke loose.

We took each other in a strong hold and rolled around on the bed sucking on each other until we were sweating like pigs. We sucked and fucked one another with a vengeance. It was as much a wrestling match as it was anything and we were both so fucking hard, I knew there was no way either one of us could blow a load until we conquered the manly beast that had engulfed us. He fucked my face hard and smacked me on the butt encouraging me to do the same to him. The harder I fucked his face the harder he fucked mine. Feeling the power of his hefty groin thrust his steel inside me and watching his hefty bull-balls power up to my nose, filled me full of abandoned desire. I became spell bound and enthralled by the beauty of the business-end of my boy as he bull-fucked the might of his manhood down my throat.

His musky odor engulfed me as I gorged myself on the beautiful, brutal realities of man-sex. I wanted it to go on forever but suddenly he stopped pumping and grabbed my ass with both hands and jerked me tight to him. I felt my cock slide all the way down his gullet. I made my cock throb for him and ground it around to get as much of that burning feeling as I could, then I sucked him down the same way and he ground himself around inside me just like I did to him. We held one other tight and remained still while our cocks tasted the depths of our hot throats. His rock hard shaft remained turgid for the longest time but finally, I felt it throb, and a moment later I a mouthful of his sweet tasting pre-cum oozed out of the head of it.

I savored its flavor and rolled it around with my tongue, aware I had already began to emit my own sweet stickiness because he was suckling on my cock loudly just like he had done the first time he got a taste of his dad’s juice. His throbbing crank continued to ooze his precious elixir inside my throat until I had plenty of it to coat his entire crank. I used it to lube him up good then I began to suck down on him long and slow.

He began to match my every move until it felt like I was sucking on my own cock each time I sucked on his. We got a kind of communication going between us and we both used it to instruct one another on what each of us wanted the other one to do. I would suck on him a certain way and he would follow and I would moan with delight and he would suck on me a certain way and when I did the same thing to him, he would buck his hips up and squeeze my furry ass. We just kept at it until we had driven one another beyond the point of pleasure. We were both close to loosing control as our sucking now drove us toward our final release. I saw his young firm man-sack start to creep up tight underneath his crank and he made a noise that told me he was about to unload. I fucked his face a bit harder to catch up and he encouraged me on by squeezing my ass tighter and tighter until he saw that my own low hangers were now up tight to my groin then he started fucking my face furiously.

We both stopped pounding our cocks into one another at the same time. I felt the rumblings in his cock just as I felt my own crank feed on its seed. We both went down on one another as far as we could and held our sweat soaked bodies tight as we began swapping spunk. He cried out when his first load blew down my throat. Feeling the machinations of his manhood as it brutally blew his hot seed inside me was an experience way beyond anything I could imagine. I felt my seamen race up my shaft and burn at the head of my crank as it blew out of me. He swallowed hard then thrust himself up and paid me back with another incredible load of his own.

His young, potent spunk was rich with life. I shot another long stream of my own hot seed and I felt it coat the outside of my shaft as it filled his mouth. He slurped it up loudly then reared back and thrust himself into me and fired off a load with such force that it felt like a fist had hit the back of my throat and I almost choked on it. I pulled off him some and let some of it escape my mouth - it almost looked like curdled milk it was so potent with seed. I stroked his crank a couple of times then went back down on him just as another forceful load blew out of his perfect cock-head. I shot another load exactly at the same time and we matched each other load for load and thrust for thrust until our balls ached.

I watched the firm, silky-smooth skin of his young, full sac wrinkled up as it expelled its seed and reached down and gently rubbed the leathery crevasses of his man-sac with my fingertips. Goose-bumps broke out on his orbs and they tightened up even more around the base of his thick, throbbing shaft.

We both grunted and groaned deep guttural sounds of man-lust that rang out like primal, earth-born music as we expelled the last of our seed inside one another.

The sheer beauty of this act engulfed me as our orgasms slowly waned. It felt so perfectly natural, I found myself wondering how anyone could ever think otherwise about it. I cupped his balls in the palm of my hand and massaged them, coaxing his fat crank to feed on the last of his seed. He squeezed his thick thighs tight against them and his huge body jerked violently once the last of his load finally erupted out of his crank.

I pulled his long crank out of my mouth and began rubbing its “sweet spot” just underneath his fat knob. He moaned as his beautiful cock-head flared wide and I was rewarded with a powerful spurt that shot all over my face.

He cried out from the unexpected discharge. “Oh god dad! Ohh!”

Another strong squirt blew all over my face and then another shot up and fell back down on his flaring cock-head. I began stroking his long fat crank with firm, long strokes and watched as the last of his seed oozed out of the tip of his crank I sucked hard on his knob to get the last of his seed out of the tip of his shaft then went completely down on it and held it in my mouth and felt it throb inside me.

He shivered and writhed and a moment later, he slid my daddy-dick slowly down his throat and for me that was the best feeling of all. I felt myself firm up and I squirted the last of my spunk deep down inside him. He suckled on me like a baby and I somehow managed to reward him with a few more shots of my gizm. I wish I could have fed him all of the man-milk that he wanted, but I was finally spent.

We rubbed our sweat covered bodies over one another as we felt our throbbing cocks soften in our mouths. When we were both satiated, I raised up and turned back around to face him. He watched me and smiled as I straddled him and slowly let my weight back down on him. As I did so, I grabbed up both our cocks in my hand and held them tight together. I was now face to face with him. He reached up and grabbed my head then began licking his cum off my beard and mustache. I moved my head around so he could lap up under my chin and on my forehead.

“I wish my spunk tasted as sweet as yours son.”

“I love the taste of your cum dad. Both times you’ve shot your load down my throat the taste of your hot spunk just makes me start cumming all over the place.”

“I think you shot off first this time son.”

“That was amazing dad. For a while there I felt like I was sucking on my own dick. Did it feel that way to you?”

“It sure did. I don’t see how you do it boy.”

“What’s that dad?”

“I don’t see how you can take all of me down your throat like you do boy. I was barely able to handle that piece of steel between your legs son. I hope I did it right for you boy.”

“Fuck, dad. I can’t believe how good that felt. No wonder you. . .”

“No wonder I what boy?”

“Well, I was about to say no wonder you was wantin’ it so badly dad. I had a feelin’ you was needin’ it bad, but I’d made up my mind not to say anything until you did. I knew for certain today you was wantin’ it when we was drivin’ up here when you got hard and all in the truck. I got hard too dad. I’ve been needin’ it bad myself, but after the first time, I didn’t want to let on cause I thought it might make you mad. I wanted you to be proud of me dad. I wanted you to see the man you’ve made of me.”

“I am proud of you son, don’t you never mind about that. I’m as proud of you as a father can be boy.” I winked at him. “You spunked me up good son! I loved tastin’ that sweet honey of yours. It’ll make a man out of me now for sure.”

He smiled and said, “I’ve never cum like that in my life dad. I haven’t felt completely drained like I do now since I was a boy.”

I reached down and massaged his balls.

“Are they aching boy?”

“They sure are, but that feels good havin’ you rub them and all.”

“Well be careful son and give ‘em a rest. Don’t start playin’ with that thing again until your sure you got plenty of seed to sow. You can hurt yourself otherwise.”

He smiled and studied me for an instant then said, “I won’t dad.”