WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 30
A Special Bond

I recon there comes a time when every man has to make life changing decisions he never suspected he’d ever be confronted with.

I certainly had been faced with more of them in the past several months than I ever figured would come my way, and as I thought back on them all, I realized I had essentially thought them all through long before they ever presented themselves in actuality.

Of course ever since I had met Bull, I had hoped and planned for the two of us spending the rest of our lives together, and even though the sheriff had been married when he and I first got physically involved with one another, I had entertained thoughts about what I’d do should the day ever come that he would be needing a place to live.

That big ol’ hairy son of a gun had so damn much man in him, that I always suspected it would be difficult for any woman to feel a hundred percent comfortable being around him for any amount of time -- much less sleeping in the same bed with his big ol’ fuckin’ hairy body, and once I got to know him the way I did, I always figured his marriage probably wasn’t all that stable considering the true nature of the man.

I’m sure a lot of why I suspected that, had to do with my own marriage and the fact that he was a man’s man through and through just like I was, so all told, it hadn’t been all that difficult for me to simply act on the decisions that had confronted me once he and Bull and I were faced with the prospects of the three of us wanting to live together.

But I wasn’t at all sure if the sheriff’s grandpa or ‘pops’ as we had all come to call him had ever figured he’d be facing the tough decision of uprooting himself that we were asking him to consider.

I suspected that the thought had at least crossed his mind by the time we had said our goodbyes to one another at the fairgrounds and he had been so adamant about planning to come pay me a visit in the near future. By then, he and I had forged out a relationship that went well beyond the mere act of all of the fuckin’ we had done, but the act of fuckin’ was where he and I communicated all of the things that neither one of us could put into words.

We were kindred spirits and the bond between us was so strong, I suppose the two of us would have been content getting together just once a year during the livestock exhibition and picking up with one another right were we left off, but there was so much more we needed to express of ourselves which we could only do with each other that the prospects of only seeing one another once a year just didn’t seem to be enough -- at least to my way of thinking.

I thought about all of this while I was fastening the barbed wire gate back up that allowed access to some forested property I owned on the opposite side of the mountain range that loomed several miles behind my house.

Because it was a simple barbed wire gate, the access to this bit of property was barely noticeable from the main road and I was grateful for that because I rarely had the time to check up on it to make sure no one was infringing on it and spoiling it in any way.

It had been one of my favorite places to spend a day relaxing back when I was a youngster because hidden back in that forest was a spring that cascaded out from the cliffs of the mountains into a good sized pool, and surrounding it was some of the most interesting terrain a man could ever see.

I wanted to share it with pops, and as hot as it was out, I figured we could spend a little time cooling ourselves off in it for a while if he felt up to it.

We’d taken my old Dodge pickup to spend the day looking around at all of my property while the sheriff and Bull spent the day out picking up some groceries and other supplies we were needing, and I could tell from the few things he had said about it that he was warming up to the idea of moving in with us, but he hadn’t yet come out and said as much.

When we first got in the truck, all he could talk about was Bull and what an honor it had been for him that the man had shown the kind of interest in him that he had. He’d said to me that had he of never considered fuckin’ a man in his life, the thought sure as hell would have crossed his mind once he had laid his eyes on Bull.

He went on and on about him and how the man embodied a maleness that would make any man want to fuck it all out of him for himself and told me he could see how the two of us had developed the type of relationship that we had.

I figured that I hadn’t heard the last of all of it from him - especially after I got the gate fastened and stepped back into my truck and the big old boy spread his legs out wide and pulled his huge testicles away from the inside of his thighs, so I was a bit surprised when all he said was, “Boy it sure has gotten mighty hot and humid after all that rain we had.”

I chuckled as I wiped the sweat off my brow and said, “Yeah it sure as hell has. That’s why I thought it’d be good for us to head on down this way. There’s a spring that breaks out of the mountain range a ways down here and it cascades down the side of it into a deep pool. It runs all through the land here and finally connects up to the river we swam in the day you first got here. The water is a bit cool, but on a day like today, I thought you and I could profit from it for a while if your in the mood for it.”

“That sounds nice. . . I can see you don’t come out here very often. I can’t even see a road or trail to follow.”

“No I don’t, but I’d sure like to be able to. Through the years, we’ve taken a few trees out to where we can drive near up to it, but for the most part it’s pretty much untouched.”

He looked out my window over at the land further west and said, “That sure looks like good, rich farm land out there, but I can tell you haven’t planted on it in years.”

“Well as you’ve seen already, I’ve got plenty of land I haven’t cultivated in a good while, but I plan to put the land out in front of my house to rest for several years starting next year and put some of the other to use. There’s only so much one man can do. . .   I could sure use your help here, should you decide to move in with us. . .”

“Well, it’s mighty tempting for a whole lot of reasons. When my son came to visit, he asked me how much longer I thought I’d want to keep running my place all by myself. I don’t have to tell you how hard it is for one man to keep up with it all. I don’t see how you’ve managed to keep all the property and fences you’ve got in as good of condition as you have. . .”

“It’s a full time job, that’s for damned sure, and to be honest, I know I’m loosing ground on it bit by bit. There’s never an end to all of the things that need to be done. . .   So tell me, how did it all work out between you and him?”

He chuckled a bit, then said, “Well first of all I have to admit I was fuckin’ hornier than hell by the time he showed up. Remember me telling you before we said goodbye to one another at the fairgrounds how I could feel all the fuckin’ horniness that was buildin’ up in the air?”

I chuckled myself and said, “I sure as hell do, and you sure as hell was right about that. Your grandson was hornier than fuckin’ hell when I got back here, and so was Bull when he surprised us by showing up at my place. Hell, I was half-way hard the whole trip back, and I have to confess that the first thing that crossed my mind when I first laid eyes on your grandson, was how much I wanted to fuck him good.”

He let out a lusty chuckle as I went on to say, “Hell, all three of us fucked one another practically non-stop for a good week there. We were all horned up beyond belief. . .”

“Well fuck, so was I. I was hornier than all fuckin’ hell by the time my son showed up at the house. I was workin’ out in the barn when he pulled into the drive, and he was already dressed to get right to work with me, so he just left his bags in his car and followed me on back out there.

I had been rearranging the hay and stacking it all up and sweeping up the place to make room for the new bales I’d have this fall, and he just jumped right in helping me.

It was getting mighty hot out, and after a while, my crotch was gettin’ all wet and sticky so every once in a while I’d have to reach down and pull my fuckin’ balls away from my thigh to give them a little breathing room.

After he caught me at it a couple of times, he finally stopped what he was doing and chuckled and shook his head at me and said, ‘You got a problem down there, dad?’

I just turned away and got back to stacking up the bales and said, ‘Awh, I’m just gettin’ all hot and sweaty down there son and it drives me fuckin’ nuts when my balls get to stickin’ to the inside of my thighs.’

He giggled a bit, then said to me, ‘Well as big as your fuckin’ balls are, dad, I guess I could see how that could get mighty annoying to you.’

I turned back to him and saw he was still shaking his head at me and chucklin’ to himself, and couldn’t help but notice that he was pullin’ around on his crotch, so I nodded down at it and said, ‘Well I normally don’t pay all that much mind to it, but I have to confess that I’ve been fuckin’ hornier than hell the past few days. How about you, son? Looks to me like you’re havin’ a bit of the same problem I am. . .”

He got a little red in the face and brushed his hand all over his manhood before he pulled it away from the crotch of his trousers and said, ‘Well I hadn’t thought about it until you brought it up, but I’m gettin’ a little sticky down there myself. . . and yeah, I have to confess that I’ve been feelin’ awfully horny the past few days myself. Why did you ask me that?’

I just chuckled and turned back to my work and said, ‘Cause I can’t help but think there must be somethin’ in the air. Fuck, I haven’t felt this fuckin’ horny in a hell of a long time and I was just curious to find out if anyone else was feelin’ it the way I am. . .’

He didn’t say nothin’ for a moment and I could almost hear the wheels turning inside of his head as he tried to figure out what the hell his ol’ dad was up to. I heard him get back to his work before he finally said with a bit of caution in his voice, ‘Well maybe you’re right about that dad, because to be honest with you, my fucker’s been gettin’ harder than a rock for no good reason at all the past few days. I almost feel like a fuckin’ teenager again. . .’

I chuckled and turned to him and nodded down at his crotch and said to him all gruff, ‘Yeah, I remember seeing that fat fucker of yours stickin’ straight up in your jeans most every day, when you was a boy. I know you probably thought I wouldn’t notice it the way you’d push it straight up right under your zipper, but I sure as hell did. You were a horny little cuss back when you was that age. . .’

He got all red in the face and then looked a little remorseful as he looked down at the ground and mumbled, ‘Yeah, I guess I was. . .’

There was a bit of an awkward silent moment between us, so I said to him, ‘Well it ain’t nothin’ to be ashamed of, son. I wasn’t tryin’ to put you down about it. Hell, I used to do the same thing when I was that age. I didn’t mean nothin’ by it. . .   I should of kept my mouth shut about it ‘cause I can tell it isn’t somethin’ you’re wantin’ to talk about. . .’

He raised his head up to me and looked me square in the eyes then took a deep breath and said, ‘It’s alright dad. . . I know I should never of done what I did that day, dad. . . but fuck, I was full of all kinds of questions about it all just like any boy that age is. . .   I guess in truth, I was just lookin’ to you for some guidance about it all, and I went about it all wrong. . .’

I wasn’t sure how best to respond to that and hesitated just long enough for him to lower his eyes down at my crotch and say, ‘But fuck, dad, you have to admit that big ol’ fuckin’ dick of yours would turn any man’s head if he ever had a chance to see the fucker.’

I just gave him a gentle smile and nodded and said, ‘Yeah, I’ve come to realize that through the years, son. It’s taken me a long time to come to realize a good number of things I should of known back then. . .’ then I told him about the time I stopped off at that bar and got caught pissin’ away at that trough in the men’s room with all of my goods hanging out.”

“You did, huh?”

“Yeah, I sure did. . .   I didn’t tell him everything I told you, but I told him all of the details about how my buddy kept joking around to me about the size of my fucker after he stepped up beside me to piss, and told him that the man and I talked some at the bar after that embarrassing experience, but I didn’t mention a word to him about what all happened between us afterwards and the fact that we had become good friends.

He chuckled a few times as I told him what I did of the story then said to me afterwards, ‘Well to be honest, I’m glad to hear that happened to you dad so you’d know just how right I was about what I said to you. I always figured you didn’t realize just how much better endowed you are than the majority of men.’

I couldn’t help but let out with a sheepish grin as I said to him, ‘Well I’ve come to realize that through the years, son. I have to admit I was a bit taken back by how straightforward he was about talkin’ about the size of it to me the way he did, but after I saw what all he had between his legs, I guess I could understand why he was so impressed by it.  

I could tell he wasn’t ashamed about the size of his fucker and how truly curious he was about mine, because he couldn’t prevent himself from glancing back down at my fucker while we was both pissin’ away and making one joke about it after another.

He just did it all in such a funny and natural way, it didn’t put me off none, but the real point of why I told you this story was because that was the moment I realized that what you did back then was perfectly natural, son. I was just too big of fool to realize it at the time. . .   I should never of put you off the way I did. . .   That was downright wrong on my part and I’ve regretted it ever since. . .’

He stepped up to me and gave me a big hug and said, ‘Well it’s all in the past now dad. I know I shouldn’t of run away and cut you and mom off the way I did, but I was just too young and hurt and embarrassed by it all to face up to it like a man. . .’

I have to admit, I started tearing up and I held him tight in my arms and told him how proud of him I was of all the things he’d accomplished in his life and what a fine man he’d turned out to be. I said how sorry I was, and how disappointed in myself I was for not being there for him and personally missing out on his career as a wrestler, but told him that I followed it some by reading the few magazines I could find about it at the local market.

We held each other tight for a good while and talked about it all a bit more before we eventually got back to our work. We didn’t say much of nothin’ else to one another after that because it was getting so damn hot, we knew we wouldn’t be able to work inside of that barn the whole day long so we hurried to get as much work done as we could before the heat became unbearable.

It was about three in the afternoon when I told him we’d done enough for one day. By then, we were completely soaked in our own sweat and pretty dirty to boot, so we stepped on out to the back of the barn where there was a bit of shade.

It was so damn hot outside, there wasn’t anybody out on the road and the whole landscape was eerily quiet, so I immediately started taking off my clothes and told him we ought to shower down and cool ourselves off a bit.

He followed suit, and I noticed he was a bit boned up when he first pulled off his underwear, but once he got himself under the shower, that fat fucker of his softened all the way back up, so I didn’t think much about it at the time.

I tossed our clothes in that old washing machine I still have out there and got it to goin’ then grabbed up a bar of soap and a couple of towels for us to dry off with, but we just stood under the water together for a good long while and cooled ourselves off before we started soaping up.

We scrubbed off one another’s backs for each other and then just stood under the water for a good while longer before we shut it off and sat down on the bench I have out there. I thanked him for all of his help and he patted me on the thigh and told me I was welcome and said he’d forgotten what back-breaking work it was to toss around those bails of hay, and then asked me how much longer I thought I could keep running the farm.

I got up and started hanging up our clothes and told him I thought I could keep the place running on my own for a good while longer, and if I need to, I could always occasionally hire on some help.

After I got everything hung up to dry, I sat back down next to him and thanked him again for taking a week off to help me around the place, and he patted me on the thigh again and said he was needing the time away from his wife.

I just nodded and grinned ‘cause I certainly knew what that was all about, but I went ahead and asked him how their relationship was holding up, and he just said that they got along just fine for the most part, but just occasionally needed a break from one another.

I forget what all else we discussed, it was mostly small talk about this and that and the other, but even so, just the fact that we was talking to one another was a healing process for us both.”

He shifted his considerable weight a bit and reached down between his big ol’ thighs and hefted up on his manhood as he turned himself a bit more towards me.

I glanced over at him and said, “I’m sure it was, considering everything, and I imagine the fact you two were sittin’ outside completely naked in front of one another helped that process along. . .”

He chuckled a bit and said, “Yeah, I’m sure it probably did. . .   I could feel a bit of sexual tension slowly building up between us as the conversation moved from one topic to another, but I can’t rightly say it was due to the fact we were naked at the time. In fact, I think if anything, it had an opposite effect on us both.

Sure, I noticed he’d glance down at my fucker every now and again while we was talkin’, and a couple of times he patted me on the thigh and would let his hand lay to rest on it for a moment or two whenever he brought up a new topic of conversation, but I can’t rightly say that I could tell for certain at the time if that was what he was wanting from me or not.

We were both pretty tuckered out from all the work we’d put in, so for the most part, we were just trying to relax and regain our strength, and got back under the shower several times to cool ourselves back off until our clothes were good and dry.

I guess it was around six o’clock when we soaped ourselves down one last time before we put them back on and grabbed up his suitcase out of his car before we headed on into the house.

It was a much cooler inside, but it was still warm enough to where we stripped back down to our shorts and t-shirts just to be a bit more comfortable. Neither one of us was all that hungry, so I just fixed us up a couple of sandwiches and we sat down at the kitchen table and talked while we ate them, then decided to take our drinks into the front room and turn on the news.

He sat himself close beside me on the sofa, so I put my arm up behind him on the back of it and he patted me on the thigh and gave me a gentle smile that told me how contented he was that we’d finally made our peace with one another, then rubbed his hand all over it before he simply let it lay to rest on it as we turned or attention to the television.

All through the news, he’d occasionally roll his fingertips over my thigh a bit and then pat it a couple of times, and I’d pat him on the shoulder each time he did it, but I kept my head turned towards the television.

I couldn’t help but notice however that each time he did it, his hand would end up resting further over on the inside of my thigh and a tad bit up closer to my crotch.

After he did that for the third time, I pretty much knew for certain he was wantin’ to get his hands on my fucker, and I have to admit I was ready to let him have at it.

I could definitely feel the sexual tension building up between us, and after everything we had said to one another out in the barn earlier in the morning, we both knew that we was both fuckin’ hornier than hell.

I figured he surely had understood after everything I had said to him that I wouldn’t ever put him off again if he still had the desire to get his hands on his old daddy’s dick, but I still felt that it was his place to either come out and say it, or demonstrate to me in some definitive way that he still had the desire to do it after all of these years.

I felt his hand begin to tremble a little right before the newscast was over, but he never did muster up the courage to go on ahead and grope around on me.

As soon as the broadcast was over, I turned to him and asked him if he wanted to watch anything else on TV, and he just shrugged and looked down at his trembling hand on my thigh and was barely able to utter ‘Not really’ to me, so I got up and shut it off, and then sat back down beside him facing him some and put my left arm back up behind him and pulled his shoulder in close to me and told him again how happy I was that he was here with me.

He smiled and leaned his head on my shoulder and rested his hand back down on my thigh and said, ‘Yeah, I’m happy too, dad. I’m relieved we’ve been able to talk about things some. . .” and we just stayed like that for a good while and gently petted one another a bit.

By then, the sexual tension between us was damn near unbearable, but I just kept rubbing his shoulder until I felt his hand slowly wander back up over on the inside of my thigh and up nearer towards my crotch.

I was sittin’ pretty straight up at the time, and my manhood was all tightly packed inside of my shorts and was pretty far down underneath my groin, so I knew he’d have to reach down pretty far under me before he’d ever get his hand all over it and appreciated how reluctant he was to make such a bold gesture as that.

So I looked down at his hand on my thigh and placed my right hand over it then curled my fingers around it and held it for a moment and rubbed my thumb all over the top of it before I put it back to rest on my thigh a bit further down on the inside of it and a good bit closer to my crotch right where my big belly was restin’ on my thigh.

I figured that would be more than enough to let him know that I was fine with lettin’ him grope around on me, but he didn’t volunteer to go any further with it for a good long while.

Fuck, I could feel my fucker startin’ to get hard down underneath me and noticed that his was swellin’ up as well, but I just held my ground and rubbed him on his shoulder until he finally slid his hand on down under me and started feeling around on the tightly packed bulge of my manhood.

As soon as he did, he let out what I’d guess you’d call a nervous, jittery, breath of relief, and all of a sudden the full intensity of our incest flushed through me like a hot bolt of lighting. . .”

He paused and patted me on the tight then looked up at me and said, “I remember how you went on about that when you told me how it had been for you when you got involved like that with your son, and I figured at the time that I already knew what all you was talkin’ about from my own experiences with my grandson, but I have to say that the feeling of it was a hell of a lot stronger and far more intense after having gotten only to this point with it with my own boy.

For one thing, there was a far greater sense of urgency to it all and we were both so fuckin’ swept up by it, we didn’t dare speak a word of it to the other.

My ol’ hog got to throbbin’ so strong, I could barely control the fucker and he just kept running his fingertips over it and dropping his head down closer to it like it was the most precious fuckin’ thing he ever touched in his life.

I swear in all my years, I’ve never gotten that fuckin’ hard that fuckin’ fast ever, and I don’t recon a half a minute had passed before I had to scoot my big ol’ butt out to give the fucker all the room it was needing.

He just kept his head down over me and his hand on my crotch as I slowly scooted myself out, and when the head of my fucker finally popped out from under my thigh, he rubbed his fingertips all over it and whispered to me how fuckin’ beautiful he thought it was.

I was feelin’ so fuckin’ nervous from all of the strong feelings of incest that had overcome me, I wasn’t capable of say nothin’ back to him. The whole of my chest shook as I nervously sucked some air deep inside of my lungs, but all I could do was watch the way he kept tracing his fingertips all over what he could of the head of the fucker.

Fuck, I could feel myself gettin’ harder and harder for him, but it was like I wasn’t even a part of it all.

My fucker was damn near bone hard for him in no time at all, but he never once volunteered to reach inside the fly of my shorts and pull the fucker on out for himself. He just kept rubbin’ his fingertips all over it and down under my testicles.

I could tell that for some reason the man just liked seein’ and feelin’ how all of my manhood was packed up inside of my underwear, and I tried to settle my fucker down so he could have all of the time with it like that that he wanted, but hell, I had no control whatsoever over it and soon enough, the fucker popped out through the fly of them all on its own.

He gently wrapped his hand around it about mid-way up the shaft and felt the warmth of it, then gave it a firm squeeze as he turned his head up to me and whispered, ‘It’s fuckin’ beautiful dad. . .’

Fuck, I was so fuckin’ nervous and horny and so fuckin’ swept up by all of the fuckin’ feelings of incest, all I could do was stare at him completely dumbfounded.

I felt his body shake a little from all of his own anxieties, so I rubbed my hand all over his shoulders, then slid it up over the back of his head, and he turned it back to my hard fucker and whispered again, ‘It’s just fuckin’ beautiful. . .’ then he let go of it and gingerly ran his fingers all over the fucker as though it was a precious work of art.

I don’t know how long he did that, but it was long enough to where I finally made the fucker throb for him a few times just to urge him on a bit.

He just shook his head at it like he still couldn’t believe the sight of the fucker, but finally scooted his butt out and away from me so he could get his face right down to it.

He took it back up in his hand and started rubbing the fucker all over the side of his face, then let out a groan that was so fuckin’ wanton as he gave it another good, firm squeeze, I knew right then an there just how fuckin’ bad he’d been wanting this for all of his life.

He closed his eyes and started simperin’ to himself as he licked and rubbed the fucker all over his face, and I could tell he was reliving all of his memories of how badly he’d wanted all of this back when he was a boy.

It took me back a bit seein’ the way he kept carrying on over it, but once my precum started dribblin’ out of it, that seemed to slowly bring him out of his reverie.

At first he just ran his fingertips through my fuck-juice and kept spreadin’ it all around over the head of it, but once it got to gushin’ out good and he realized just how much of the fuckin’ stuff my fucker can produce, he glanced up at me and uttered, ‘Fuuuuck, dad. . .’

I didn’t know what to do. My fucker was good and ready to fuck his ass, but hell, I had been so taken back by the whole experience of finally lettin’ him get his hands all over my cock, I’d been all but paralyzed by it.

I glanced down at his crotch and saw that he was as fuckin’ hard as I was, so I leaned over towards him and reached down and started gropin’ around on his manhood, and he seemed genuinely surprised that his old dad would ever do anything like that.

He kept his eyes right on my face as I felt around on his stiff, fat fucker, and after I pulled it out of the fly of his shorts and gave it a good, firm squeeze to let him know how proud of it I was, I looked back down at my fucker which was still gushin’ out my precum, then looked him square in the eyes and barely managed to utter all deep and full of conviction to him, ‘I’m ready to fuck, boy. . .’

He held my gaze just long enough to see how serious I was, then he lowered his eyes and turned his head down towards my throbbin’ fucker and stroked on it then swallowed hard and said, ‘I’d love that, dad. I’d love for you to teach me all of you man-ways. . . I always wanted you to. . .’

I waited for him to look back up at me, but he never did, so I finally just ran my hand up his back and said, “I think we ought to go on into the bedroom, son. . .”

He just nodded without ever looking back up to me, then got to his feet and headed on into my bedroom. I hefted myself up off of the sofa and left a trail of my fuck-juice on the floor from one end of the house to the other as I followed him on in there, and as soon as he stepped through the doorway, he stripped off his t-shirt and placed it on a chair I have beside the bed then dropped his underwear and got in the middle of it on his back without even bothering to look over at me.

I just went ahead and got myself naked then walked around to the foot of the bed and looked down at him as I stroked on my hard fucker and got it all slicked up good with my precum.

He spread his legs out wide for me and started squeeze-strokin’ on his stiff fucker and after I crawled up to him on my knees, I let go of my fucker and wrapped my hands around his cock and stroked on it for him until he slowly raised his big ol’ hairy thighs up over himself and offered his ass up to me.

He let out a little groan when he felt his testicles rub against the underside of the shaft of my stiff fucker then swallowed hard again when I ran my finger through the hairy crack of his ass to locate his tight, sticky pucker-hole.

I fingered around on it some before I bent my fucker on down to the crack of his ass and rubbed the head of it all over it before I stuck it down deep inside of his hairy butt crack-and got to slickin’ his pucker-hole all up good with my stuff.

He squeezed his buttocks tight around it then shut his eyes and whispered, ‘Oh yeah dad. . .   Fuck your boy. . .   Fuck me good and hard and teach me all your big man-ways. . .’

Fuuuck. . . After he said that to me, I knew he was as ready as he’d ever be for me to go on ahead with it, so I just put the pressure on, and damned if he wasn’t able to take my fucker all good and full up inside of himself in one nice, slow, easy fuck.”

His right hand slid up his big ol’ thigh and dropped deep down in his crotch and hefted his big ol’ hog of a dick up to where it was stickin’ up and off to his right, then he turned his head out towards his side window and shook it a little as he uttered, “Fuck, that felt good. . .”

I felt my nuts tighten up with a jerk, then my crank started throbbin’ and swellin’ up just from seein’ the way his huge fucker started to throb. He slid his left hand over the underside of it and pushed it up closer to his groin and just held it there as he kept staring out his window.

Just from the tone of his voice when he started in telling me all he had, I could tell how profound of an experience it had been for him, and once he came out and voiced how intense it had all been for him, I couldn’t help but begin to start feelin’ a good bit of that intense sexual tension he’d been talkin’ about myself.

I could tell he was tryin’ to calm down his huge fucker by the way he was holdin’ on to it, and figured perhaps that was all the old boy was gonna volunteer to tell me about it all, but he turned his head back to me and said, “I can’t even begin to tell you what all I was feelin’ inside of myself once we got coupled up like that. I guess ‘relief’ is the one word that comes to my mind the most.

The deed was fuckin’ done at that point, and I think we both felt relieved that we had gone on through with it. Hell, after that, I just dropped myself over the top of him and started fuckin’ his ass good and hard.

Like I said before, there was such a feeling of urgency to it all and we were both so swept up by it, neither one of us could utter a single word to the other the whole time we fucked.

We just fucked ourselves up into a good, strong sweat in a hurry, and after our bodies were so wet we could barely hold on to one another, we both started cummin’.

Fuck, after it was all said and done, I was so physically and emotionally spent, I just rolled over on my back beside him and gazed up at the ceiling dumbfounded.

Without question, that’d been the best fuck I’d ever had in my entire life.

He had been so fuckin’ ready and willing to receive me, and the two of us had fucked with such intensity, the whole act of it had seemed downright effortless in spite of how hot and sweaty we both got, and when I started cummin’ up in him, it was so fuckin’ intense, it felt like I was passin’ along to him everything I was made of. . . Hell I can’t explain it. . .   It just felt to me like the whole of my spirit had poured out of me and flowed all up inside of him.

I could feel my testicles shriveling up to damn near next to nothin’ and when I felt around on myself, my fuckin’ dick felt the smallest to me that it ever had in my life. I looked over at him and saw that he was feelin’ around on his manhood and was just staring at the ceiling as dumbfounded as I was.

I reached over and took his hand in mine and we just held on to one another like that for a good while before he finally spoke up and said, ‘Fuck that was way better than I ever imagined it would be. You fuck good dad. . .   I’ve never cum like that in my entire life.’

I looked down at the thick puddle of spunk he’d shot up all over my belly and ran my finger through it, then wiped it off on the side of my thigh and said, ‘You sure as hell covered me good with it.’

He growled to himself then said, ‘You fucked it out of me good, dad. That big ol’ fucker of yours will sure as hell made a man out of me. . . .’

I just said all gruff to him, ‘You was already a man, son, but yeah, I have to admit to you, that was the best fuckin’ your old dad ever had in his entire life. I sure as hell cum the most I ever have. . .’

He chuckled a bit and shook his head and said, ‘That big ol’ dick of yours sure as hell blows it out good and strong. I sure as hell felt it shootin’ up inside of me, but I can’t believe how fuckin’ much precum the fucker can produce. Does that fucker always gush out that much precum, dad?’

I told him it did and he just shook his head again then glanced down at my groin and uttered ‘fuuuuuck’ to himself like he couldn’t believe it. By then, I felt all of his hot spunk dribblin’ down over the side of my belly, so I got up out of bed and went in and showered myself down all good.

It was still mighty warm in the house so I just slipped back on my shorts and t-shirt and went back into the front room and turned the television back on while I waited for him to get himself cleaned up.

He stayed in the bathroom a good while longer than I did, and when he joined me in the living room, he sat himself close to me then reached down between my legs and felt all around on me and growled all gruff to me, ‘Yeah, you did cum good. Fuck, I’ve never seen your fuckin’ dick that small ever in my life.’

I just chuckled and mussed up his hair and said, ‘Yeah, I did, boy’ and that’s all the more we ever said to one another about it the rest of the evening.

We stayed up pretty late and ate another sandwich and watched what all was on the TV even though I don’t think either one of us was actually all that much interested in it. Every once in a while he’d have to grope back down around all over me, but I never paid it any mind.

I guess we went to bed around midnight and by then it was cool enough out to where we were comfortable being cuddled up together. My fuckin’ manhood was still all shriveled up and tight up under me, but he wasn’t satisfied until he got his big ol’ hairy butt up against it.

He slept good and sound that night after all of the workin’ and fuckin’ we’d done, but I kept havin’ these dreams about fuckin’ him back when he was a young man and they was so vivid, they kept waking me up. I don’t know if they had anything to do with what all I’d gone though with his son or not, or what it was but I didn’t fall off into a deep sleep until around four or five in the morning.

I wasn’t all that surprised when I woke up the next morning with a raging fuckin’ hard-on. The head of my fucker was already down in between the warm, moist crack of his ass, and I have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever woke up so fuckin’ ready to fuck somethin’ like I was that morning.

I pushed out my groin and fucked my hard fucker good and deep up inside of his hairy butt crack, and as soon as I did, he let out a deep, soft groan and wiggled his butt around on it.

I slid my hand down over his groin and felt that he was already harder than hell and realized he must have been like that for a good bit of time because the head of his fat fucker was all good and slicked up from his precum.

Well that got my fucker to throbbin’ good and spewin’ out my fuck-juice and as soon as I knew my fucker was all good and slicked up with the stuff, I went on ahead and corn-holed his fuckin’ ass.

I tell you what, his fuck-hole was hotter than holy fuckin’ hell. . .”

He slid his hand back over the underside of his fucker right up under the huge, swollen head of it and pushed it up against his big, wide groin good and tight, then rubbed around on it and went on to say, “I damn near started cummin’ as soon as I got it all the way up inside of him, and I don’t know how the hell I managed to keep from it, because I’d already given up tryin’ to prevent it from happening by the time I was half-way up inside of his hot ass.

The head of my fucker flared out so wide and tight, I thought for sure I was gonna blow my load any second, but the fucker never let loose with it, so I finally started fuckin’ him good and after a while, he just rolled on over on his belly all submissive like, and I tell you what, after he did that, I have to say I never fucked a man the way I fucked him that morning.

I don’t know what came over me, but I just let him have it. I don’t know if it was all brought on by all of the dreams I’d been having or whether it was all just motivated by wanting to take some revenge on him for all he’d put me through, all through the years, but I tell you what, I fucked him a brand new asshole and filled his hairy fuckin’ man-ass all good and full of his daddy’s fuckin’ seed. . .”

I don’t know why, but that reminded me of the first time my son had started groping around on my throbbin’ fucker and from the tone in his voice, I knew without a doubt that he’d given his son a good grudge-fuckin’ pretty much the way I had mine after he started suckin’ down on my dick.

I stopped the truck and shut it off because we’d gone as far as we could in it by then, and he opened the door and rolled his big self out of it and waited for me to lead the way.

I couldn’t help but noticed his huge, thick, half-hard dick stickin’ off over towards his right thigh and lookin’ all heavy in the crotch of his overalls, but he didn’t seem to be payin’ it much mind, so I just turned and led him on down to the spring.

We could hear the waterfall before we ever got to where we could see it through the forest of tress, but once we got there and he looked all around at the waterfall and the big, deep pool it had created through the eons and saw how beautiful and peaceful it all was, he raised his arm up and rested it over my shoulder and said, “Fuck, this is just beautiful.”

I let him get a good eyeful of it before I led him on down the stream a bit where the spring narrowed to no more than six feet in several places and was no more than a few inches deep, and he remarked at how much he liked the way you could see the thick base of the roots of the big tress that surrounded it, and how they almost seemed to be holding the narrow stream of water in place.

I figured that seein’ all of it would calm him down a bit, but after we hopped up on top of a thick old tree trunk that had fallen many years ago, he reached down in his crotch and hefted his huge, swollen fucker back up in front of him then looked down at it as he ran his hand over the underside of it and said, “Fuck, I shouldn’t of gotten into tellin’ you about how I fucked my son that following morning. Just thinkin’ about it all again has got me to feelin’ hornier than fuckin’ hell. . .”

I reached over and felt him up all good, and after he made his huge fucker throb good and strong for me, I said to him, “Hell, after all the fuckin’ you’ve done the past few days, I figured you might be ready to take a break from it all. . .”

“Awh, it’s just the fuckin’ opposite for me. The more I fuck, the more I want to fuck. . .   I tell you what, I’ve enjoyed the hell out of getting’ to know Bull. . .   That man is somethin’ else, and he sure as hell fucks good, don’t he?”

“Yeah he does big man, and I have to say I’ve enjoyed the hell out of watchin’ the two of you fuck.”

He grinned and shook his head a bit and said, “Well I have to admit I enjoyed the hell out of watchin’ you and my grandson fuck. It was a thrill for me to be able to watch how the big ol’ boy went about gettin’ himself some man-ass, and feelin’ all good with himself for doin’ it the way he likes. I especially enjoyed seeing him cum the way he did. . . Now that was what told me he truly had the need in him for it.”

“Yeah, I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the hell out of seeing him finally lettin’ the dominate male side of himself come all out and how much he truly enjoys dickin’ a man up good with that fat fucker of his.”

He chuckled and said, “Yeah, and I can tell he sure as hell has got a lot of pent up need for it too. . . Ol’ Bull sure as hell loves suckin’ on his dick, don’t he?”

I just smiled and shook my head and said, “Yeah, he sure as hell does. . . Have you noticed how his whole body swells up all big and stout whenever he takes that fucker in his mouth?”

He chuckled again all deep and lusty and rubbed his hand on my thigh and said, “Yeah, I have. . .” then slid his hand on down over my crank and rubbed the palm of it down the length of my swelling fucker and said, “I have to admit I sure as hell enjoyed feelin’ your long, stiff motherfucker up inside my big ol’ hairy ass. . .   It sure as hell got me to cummin’ real good up inside of Bull’s hot, tight fuckin’ ass.”

I put a firm grip around what I could of his huge fuckin’ dick and said, “Fuuuck. . . The first time you blew your load up my fuckin’ ass, I just knew this huge fuckin’ dick of yours had to make you feel things no other man would ever know, and when I felt the way the fucker loaded up all of your thick seed before it ejaculated it all out, I just started fuckin’ cummin’ like crazy.

I’ll tell you what, big man. . . That was the best fuckin’ experience I ever had. This big ol’ fucker of yours throbs and shoots with such a force, I now fully understand why you buck the way you do when you start cummin’. . .”

He gave me a lusty grin and vigorously rubbed my crank a bit then rested his hand back up on his huge thigh and looked down at mine all wrapped around his huge, throbbin’ fucker and out of the blue he growled, “Do you feel like gettin’ fucked, boy?”

Fuck, I could tell just by the way he said it that he was needin’ to fuck himself good and hard and get out with all of what had been building up inside of him ever since he mentioned how he’d fucked his son.

I ran my fingers all over his huge, thick shaft and said, “As long as you promise to fuck me good and hard, big daddy. Your boy’s been needin’ for you to fuck him good ever since you got here. . .”

His big ol’ fucker throbbed good and strong and he sounded all serious and half pissed off when he growled back to me, “Well then get up off your fat ass and drop your overalls, boy. . .”   then he took a hold of his huge fucker and rubbed his hand all over it so fuckin’ full of need, I just stood up and started unfastening the bib of my overalls.

He stood himself up and started doing the same and neither one of us said another word until I bent myself over and rested my hands down on that fallen tree trunk.

He reached between my legs and rubbed his hand all over my testicles and growled, “So you wanna be your daddy’s little fuckin’-boy huh?” then he slid it up through the crack of my ass and fingered around on my pucker-hole then shoved his huge, round cock-head through it and rubbed it all around on me and growled, “Is that what you’re wantin’ boy? You want you daddy’s big ol’ fuckin’ dick up inside of your ass?”

I just pushed my out firm against him and pleaded, “Fuck me daddy! Fuck me good. Make me a man just like you big daddy!”

His fuckin’ fuck-juice just gushed out of him and he kept tautin’ me with his huge cock and with his words as he rubbed the stuff all over me until I was completely wet and all slicked up good with it, then he grabbed the fucker right up close to the head of it and forced it on through my pucker-hole.

I bucked and broke out in a cold sweat when I felt the helmet of his flared out cock-head pop on through my tight sphincter, then felt him place his hand over the back of my neck and push down on it as he forced his way deep up inside of me and growled all gruff, “Yeah boy! Take your daddy’s big ol’ fuckin’ dick up your ass. . .   Take it like a man, son! Yeah! Yeaaaaah. . .”

Hell, I could tell he had a whole hell of lot of pent up stuff inside of him he needed to get all out of himself and he relentlessly slow-fucked me good and deep while he kept growlin’ at me to take it like a man.

Once he knew I could handle having that huge, thick end of his shaft fucked on through my sphincter, he fucked himself all the way up in me until his huge fuckin’ testicles were pressed firm up against my ass, then he ground himself around on me so I could feel his huge nuts rubbin’ all around on my ass, and growled, “You feel them big, hairy fuckers, boy? I’m gonna fill your hot ass full up with their seed. Yeah, you wanna learn all my ways boy. . . I’m gonna teach ‘em to you good. Yeaaah, boy! I’ll show how much your dad likes to fuck. . . I sure as hell will. . .”

He jut-fucked me hard, then slid the fucker out until the head of it was just barely inside of my pucker-hole, then he made the fucker throb good and strong right before he fucked himself good and hard back up inside of me.

His big ol’ wide hairy groin slapped up against my ass with a loud smack and he growled at me, “You like that boy? You like gettin’ fucked like that?”

I just nodded affirmative as he rubbed his hands all over my back like he was tryin’ to decide for himself how he was gonna proceed to fuck his load up in me, then he inch-fucked my ass several times and growled again at me, “Yeaaah, you’re my big ol’ fuckin’-boy, aren’t ya son? You just love gettin’ me all fuckin’ horned up and havin’ me fuck you good. . . don’tcha boy?”

I fucked my ass down on his huge cock and growled back to him, “I sure as hell do, big daddy. I love your big ol’ fuckin’ dick and them big ol’ fuckin’ balls of yours. Fuck me good and hard big daddy. Fuck your boy. Fuck it all outta yourself. . .” then lowered my head down and bent myself over as far as I could to show him how willing I was to submit to him.

He got to fuckin’ on my ass good and steady after that and didn’t say nothin’ more to me, but just kept grunting and groaning to himself as he kept fuckin’ and fuckin’ and fuckin’ on it with the determination of a man wantin’ to fuck out the best load he ever had in his life.

I looked down between my legs and saw his stout, hairy thighs get all taut and muscled up each time he fucked himself good and hard up inside of my ass, and seein’ our fuckin’ overalls wrapped around our ankles and stretched out on the ground all tangled up in the underbrush drove home to me what kind of fuckin’ country bumpkins we both were - out fuckin’ one another in the woods at the drop of a hat like we didn’t have any kind of control over ourselves.

He steadily fucked my ass harder and harder and harder until all of a sudden he plowed my ass good and deep and held on tight to my hips as his huge fuckin’ dick ejaculated a load up in me that wracked my fuckin’ guts.

I thought for a moment there that I was gonna throw up after I felt his thick, viscous spunk gushin’ all through my intestines, but he was reared back so far on his heels so’s he could get every last inch of his huge fuckin’ dick up inside of my ass and had such a tight grip on me, I was far more concerned about the two of us fallin’ backwards on the ground.

I grabbed a hold of that fallen tree trunk and held on to it for dear life as he bellowed that deep fuckin’ “UUUUGGGHH!” he always does after the feelin’ of his orgasm gets a grip over him, then he bucked and fucked himself forward and growled, “That’s my fuckin’-boy. . . Yeaaah!” and shot another huge stream of spunk up in me.

Fuck, by then my legs were tremblin’ as I felt my half-hard crank start to throb up several times before it shot off a load that hit hard down on the dried up leaves underneath me. It made that unmistakable dull thick splat when it hit the ground, and as soon as he heard it, he fucked and muttered, “Yeah I’ll fuck the spunk right outta you, boy!” and made that huge fucker of his blow another hot wad all through my guts.

I just collapsed and let him have his way with me after that, and he fucked out a few more good loads before he was through with himself.

I’d never seen the big man fuck the way he had takin’ it all out on me, and his fuckin’ half-hard dick was so swollen up and all covered with his spunk after he pulled the fucker out of my ass, it just looked fuckin’ wicked.

He bent himself down to the ground and muttered, “Fuck, I needed that” as he reached down in the crotch of his overalls and tossed a few twigs out of them before he pulled them up right under his testicles.

Then he hooked his thumb and forefinger around the huge, thick shaft of his cock and as he stroked his hand all the way up on it and over the head of it, he muttered, “Fuckin’ dicks. . .” like he was truly fed up with the fucker, then he wiped all of the spunk he had gathered up off of it on the thighs of his overalls.

He did that several times with both hands before he raised his overalls up over his broad torso and fastened up the bib of them, then he rubbed his hand all over his crotch and got his huge testicles all good and loose and growled, “Maybe that’ll satisfy the fucker. . . till the end of the day anyway.”

I just chuckled to myself as I tucked my crank back down in the crotch of my overalls, and as I fastened them back up, I said, “You are fuckin’ hornier than hell aren’t you?”

He just shook his head like he couldn’t believe his own self and said, “Fuck like I told you before, it seems like the more I fuck, the more I want to fuck, and ever since I’ve met you, the fuckin’ need in me for it is stronger than I’ve ever felt before. . .   I don’t know what’s come over me. . .”

I just patted him on his back as we turned and headed back up to the waterfall and thought to myself how no one else on earth would ever understand the unique dynamics between us that held the two of us so close together.

We perched ourselves up on top of a giant granite boulder that had fallen off of the cliffs many years ago and stared down at the big pool of water without saying anything to one another for a good long while before he finally spoke up and said, “You know I have to admit that all the while I was meeting up with my buddy I told you about, I always left that cabin he’d rent out whenever he came into town with the feelin’ that what he and I was doin’ wasn’t quite right, but after I experienced all I did with my own grandson comin’ out with all of his man-needs to me, I felt a bit more comfortable with it all just because I could tell how badly he needed it for his own good.

After he went off and got himself married however, I got to where I was feelin’ all kinds of mixed up emotions about my own self and the strong drive I still had in me to get physically involved with another man. And even though my buddy and I were still gettin’ together and fuckin’ like wild dogs every once in a blue moon, it just wasn’t enough for me.

Even though I had gotten to the point to where I accepted it all about myself, I realized that he still felt a little dirty about it all, and I’m sure a lot of that had to do with the fact that he was still married and was doing all he could to support his family and raise his son up to be the man he wanted him to be.

I understood all of that, but it didn’t keep me from feelin’ a little empty inside whenever I got up off the bed and got myself dressed to leave that cabin he’d rent out each time he came into town.

Right before I met you, I was seriously questioning what the hell it all actually meant to me and what exactly it was I thought I’d ever gain by getting involved with another man like that, but after you and I met up, all of that changed.”

He lifted his head up and looked me square in the eyes and said, “And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I can’t begin to tell you how much I do mean that, but suffice it to say that I never dreamed I’d ever meet a man who I could talk to and communicate with in all the ways we do.

I’ve shown you sides of myself I’ve never shown anyone, and you understand it all so well and allow me to express what all I need to get out of myself without me feeling the need to do any more than just that, because I can tell you fully understand it all. . . on every level.”

“Well I do understand it all because you and I are so much alike in that respect, and I just love the way you do express yourself to me, big man. You’ve allowed me the same, and you have no idea how much I’ve appreciated that for my own self.

I get a comfort in your company I’ve never felt with anyone before and I sure as hell would love it if I could have that company every day. I feel you and I together could make this place a whole lot better than it is.

I know that Bull and your grandson are willin’ to help me out with the place, but you know as well as I do that when they look at a herd of cattle, all they see is a bunch of cows and the same goes for when they look at a field of crops. It’ll take years before they’d ever learn what all a man needs to know to successfully run a farm.

So if nothin’ else, I just need another pair of eyes that knows what to look for to help look after it all, and I haven’t even shown you a quarter of all the land I have to look after. Hell, there are parts I haven’t seen in over five years simply because I just don’t have the time for it. . .

I guess what I’m tryin’ to say is that I want you here for all of the man you are, and I’m more than willing to share in the profits with you I know you and I together could make from expanding the operation.

Hell, I don’t expect either you or your grandson, or Bull for that matter to contribute to the place and just live here for room and board. Every man’s got to make his own money for himself so he can help look out for his own kin and all. I ain’t lookin’ to get rich from it all, I do fairly well with it as it is. I just don’t live like it, and I sure as hell never flaunt what little I’ve got.

If I hadn’t of met men like the three of you, I’d still just be down here by myself pluggin’ away at my life in the small place that I had before we added on to it. So I don’t want you to get the impression I have all of these grandiose ideas. In fact, I want to keep as low a profile as I can. I just want you here with me, and we’ll just take it all a day at a time. . . That’s all a man can do anyway.”

He just nodded a few times as I talked, and after I had finished saying my piece he stretched his big self out then stood up and said, “Well you’re right about all of that, but I think you and I ought to jump in the water here and cool ourselves off some before we start discussin’ all of that any further.”

I was all for that because we’d fucked ourselves up a good sweat and sittin’ out in the sun had made us start sweatin’ even more. The smell of him was strong, and after he took off his boots and stepped out of his overalls, he stood at the edge of the water and fondled himself as he looked out over it then raised his hand up to his face and rubbed his potent scent under his nostrils before he wadded on out in the water and started paddling around.

I could tell by that behavior he still mostly had his mind on fuckin’, and after we paddled around a bit, he got back to talkin’ once again about his son’s visit.

It was apparent to me tht he was just needin’ to get it all off of his chest, so I just listened, and discovered they ended up fuckin’ twice a day -- once in the morning and once in the evening for the first few days he was there.

He said neither one of them said much to the other about it while they worked all through the day, but eventually his son asked him if his boy had ever demonstrated any kind of sexual interest in him during all of the summers he had spent with him.

“I decided it was best just to keep him in the dark about all of that and asked him why he was inquiring about such a thing, that’s when I learned my hunch I’d had so many years ago about what might of occurred between the two of them, was right on the money.

He told me he’d caught him jerkin’ off one night with his eyes closed and his finger all the way up inside of his ass whisperin’ ‘Fuck me dad, fuck me good’ to himself, and said how surprised he was by it.

Well hell I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when he told me that considering how much he and I had been fuckin’ over the past few days, and when I asked him why that had been such a surprise to him, he got a little red in the face before he explained it all to me from his perspective.

He said that since his own motivations for ever wantin’ to get his hands on my cock when he was a youngster mostly had to do with the sheer size of my fucker, he couldn’t quite understand why his son would be so interested in his considering the fact that it wasn’t all that much bigger than his boy’s was at the time.

But he told me the reason he ever actually got up the courage to approach me way he had when he got older was because he eventually began to realize how sexually frustrated I was, and figured I was in a frame of mind to where I wouldn’t be all that adverse to letting him help me take care of some of my sexual cravings to some degree or another.

He said he figured that his son surely knew that he and his mom had a good, healthy sexual relationship and all of that combined was why he was so surprised by his own son’s behavior.

Anyway, to make a long story short, he decided it was time for he and the boy to get off by themselves and discuss a few things, so the two of them went on a camping trip someplace where he knew there wouldn’t be any other folks around.

He never came out and said anything about it to me directly, but from what I could figure from what all he told me afterwards, was that he’d already made up his mind before they ever headed out on that trip to go ahead and give his boy what he was wanting once he fully understood what all of his motivations had been for what he’d seen him doing that night.

The point being that he didn’t want his son to off lookin’ for it with some other older man like he had at that age.

Hell I knew in my heart after I had fucked him the first time that I wasn’t the first man he had ever let fuck him up the ass, and I have to admit that was why I fucked him the way I did the following morning. . . and the few subsequent times I might add.

But I recon in all truth, I was punishing myself as much or more than I was him, because the harder I fucked him, the more he liked it. . .”

He looked up a me and gave me a sly smile and I just grinned back at him and said, “Well it sounds to me as though you two made up for lost time.”

He chuckled and said, “Yeah, I recon we did. . . “ then shook his head as the thought back on it all and said, “He’s a stout son of a bitch, I’ll tell you that. Fuck, he’s still as strong as an ox, but I could tell he’d mellowed some from all of his years of married life. I have to admit I enjoyed the hell out of gettin’ him all manned up good and he soaked it all up like a sponge.

He told me the night before he had to head back home, that he’d been yearning for that kind of physical contact with a man for a good long while, then he vigorously rubbed me all over and said he always thought I was a man’s man at heart, and it did him good to see how I had proven to him that he’d been right about that all along.

I guess it was the way he said it and all that gave me the impression he too knew that he wasn’t the first man I’d ever gotten in bed with, so I finally decided to tell him about you.

I didn’t give him all of the details, but I told him you and I had just recently met while I had been at the state fair and how much I enjoyed the hell out of your company and how you seemed to enjoy mine, so I offered to share my room with you and as a result, one thing eventually led to another.

He seemed happy as hell to hear that, and wanted to know more about you, so I described you to him and told him my impressions of you as a man, and of course, about that prize-winning bull of yours.

I told him you was a man of the earth like I was and stout as all hell and what a true pleasure it had been for me to get involved with you on a physical level. When he discovered where you lived, he said he thought he might of met you before at some bar about a year ago. Were you ever at a bar just outside of the capitol city back last fall?”

“Well as a matter of fact I was, and come to think of it I did talk with a big fellow for a while.”

He chuckled and said, “Well hell that must have been you because he said the guy he met was a big tall man like you and he couldn’t help but notice that big ol’ long fuckin’ dick of yours runnin’ down the inside of your thigh.

Hell, after he indicated how long the man’s dick was that he’d met at that bar, I figured it had to have been you.”

He reached over and took a hold of my crank and man-handled it in that way that only he could do. I could tell just by the way he was doin’ it that he’d made up his mind about somethin’ but he didn’t say nothin’ until after he gave it a good firm squeeze then ran the meat of his thumb all over the head of the fucker like he was inspecting it for himself.

He kept his eyes focused on it as he spoke up and said, “You know you’re asking a lot from an old man like me to uproot himself and come spend the rest of his days with you, and I wouldn’t of given it a second thought had it been anyone other than you.

I have to admit I was smitten with you the first time I laid eyes on you. There was just something about you that told me you and I were meant for one another.”

I put my arm around his shoulder and said, “Well I felt the same when I first laid eyes on you big man. That moment you and I first made eye contact and gave one another the nod, I suspected you was a man’s man like myself, but I never dreamed that you and I would end up having so much in common and be as compatible as we are.”

He nodded his agreement, and I reached down between his huge, stout thighs and took a hold of his impressive manhood and said, “You know I can’t help but think of you as being a father figure to me, but the truth of the matter is that you and I have something I don’t think a father and son could ever have. . . it goes beyond that, if you know what I mean. . .”

“Yeah, I do boy. I feel it myself and the more you and I are together, the stronger those feelings become. I suppose if we lived closer together we could take our time about all of this, but we don’t, so I recon we ought to arrange to get me moved in as soon as I get all my crops in. I’m ready for a new challenge in my life and I figure I’d best get going with it before I get too old to live out these dreams.

I figure we might as well spend the winter together and plan out what all we’re going to do in the spring.”

“You don’t know how happy I am to hear that. I’m sure Bull would love to come stay with you during that time and help you get your belongings all packed up. I’m sure he’ll be able to arrange for all the necessary transportation. Just bring it all. All your animals and equipment, everything you want. I’ll pay for it all and if after a year or so you decide you’d rather be back were you are now, I’ll pay to move you back, so don’t get in any hurry to sell your place until you know a hundred percent that it’s the right thing to do.”

“You don’t have to do that and make those kinds of promises. . .”

“Yes I do. It’s you who is taking the chance and going to all of the trouble to uproot your life, and it’s only right that I stand behind you on that.”

He wrapped his big ol’ arms around me and held me tight and said, “You are one hell of a fuckin’ man, and I wouldn’t of made this decision had I not of already known that in my heart. You don’t have to make me those kinds of guarantees. . .”, then he pulled himself away from me and looked at me and shook his head as he held my shoulders in his big hands, then he chuckled and said, “You know, the fuckin’ truth of the matter is that you and I fuck so goddamn good together, I would of given up everything just for that.”

I chuckled and reached back down for his huge ol’ fuckin’ dick and said to him, “Well I love gettin’ fucked by you big daddy”, and he wrapped his arms back around me and rubbed his huge fucker all over mine and growled, “Oh yeah? Well you haven’t seen the half of what all I have in store for you, son. . .”

I felt my whole body just soak him all up and knew there couldn’t be nothin’ more perfect in the world than this.