WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M, M/b con, anal, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 31
Carnal Knowledge & Confessions and a Visit to the Parallel Universe

Spending the better part of the day following the sheriff’s grandpa back to his farm gave me plenty of time to think about all of the changes that had come about in my life ever since that night I met that older fellow back in the woods along the trucker’s rest stop up at the pass.

I thought about him often and wondered how he was gettin’ along because it was him telling me his story about the big ol’ fellow he’d worked side by side with repairing diesel tractors for most of his life and how happy he now was living with the man was what finally made me realize I wasn’t gonna be happy in my own life until I settled in with Hoss.

Of course I never anticipated all of the other things that had come about ever since the day I showed up on Hoss’s door step unannounced. It had been one thing to finally get to meet the county sheriff Hoss had told me about and discovering the relationship the two of them had with one another and finding my own self getting personally involved with him the way I had, but it was something else when I got to meet his grandpa and now found myself in the situation of following him to his place to help him move in with us.

So much had happened and had been revealed to me in such a short amount of time, I might not of hung around for very long had it not been for the way the sheriff and I had hit it off so well right at first and how comfortable ol’ Hoss was with it all.

He had changed quite considerably since the last time I had seen him and as much as I tried to figure it all out, I wasn’t able to comprehend it all until the sheriff’s grandpa showed up on the scene.

Fuck, I couldn’t get enough of that big ol’ bruiser.

He had me wrapped around his finger in no time at all with all of his ways and what all he had down between his thick, fuckin’ thighs, and it didn’t take me all that long to realize that he was the missing piece to the puzzle I was trying to piece together as to why Hoss had changed the way he had.

I didn’t know what to think about the fact that I was going to be spending the next month or so alone with the man because he had already put a change on me like I never thought was possible and as I followed him back to his place, I began thinking back to the day the sheriff and I got to talking about him right after he and Hoss headed out by themselves to look over Hoss’s huge spread of land.

The sheriff and I were getting ready to head out ourselves to pick up some provisions for our new hime when he asked me what I thought about his grandpa and all I could say to him was, “I don’t even know where to start sheriff, but I can tell you one thing for sure, it gets me fuckin’ hornier than hell just being around the man.”

He chuckled as I went on to tell him how it was all I could do to keep myself from staring down at his crotch even when the man is just walking around the house fully dressed.

“Fuck sheriff, I appreciate the fact of how big and broadly built the man is and how his huge fuckin’ dick and balls all fit down under him as natural as can be, but even so you can’t help but think that he must be fully aware at all times of how fuckin’ much meat he is packin’ down between his thick legs.

He never lets on about it, but I can’t help but think that with what all he’s has down there, it can’t ever be too far off in his mind. All I have to say is if I had that fuckin’ much meat hangin’ down between my stubby fuckin’ legs, I wouldn’t ever be able to keep my hands off of all of it.”

He just gave me a big ol’ grin and winked at me, so I had to admit to him that I had a hard enough time keeping my hands of myself as it was, then he stepped in close to me and rubbed his big ol’ paw all over the crotch of my pants and said, “Fuck Bull, if I had a fuckin’ dick as pretty as yours, I’d have a hard time ever wantin’ to put it out of my sight.”

I couldn’t help but blush at that, but I just shook my head as I looked down and watched him grope around on me and said, “Fuck, it ain’t nothin’ compared to your ol’ grandpa’s huge fucker. You gotta admit the ol’ boy’s got the prettiest, mean-fuckin’ dick you ever saw in your life sheriff - especially when that fucker gets full up hard.”

He just chuckled and said, “Yeah, I recon he does Bull, but I still like the shape of your fine fucker. The fuckin’ head of it just speaks to a man. I haven’t seen all that many dicks in my life time, but I sure as hell know a fine lookin’ dick when I see one.”

“Well I have to admit that I’ve seen more than my fair share during my time out on the road sheriff, and I’d dare say there isn’t another man alive with a dick as fuckin’ big and pretty as your ol’ grandpa’s.”

He just chuckled as he kept feelin’ me up, so I reached out and groped around on his fuckin’ crotch until I got my fingers around his short, fat fucker then I looked up at him and said, “Although I’d have to admit I sure as hell love suckin’ on your fat fucker. That boy’s an all day sucker if there ever was one.”

He rubbed his big ol’ hand over my head as I gave his fat pud a good squeeze then he said all gruff to me, “We’d best be gettin’ on down the road there little buddy.”

It wasn’t until we were back out on the highway that we got back to talkin’ about his grandpa and after I reiterated how I couldn’t help but think the man was always fully aware of all the fuckin’ meat he had between his legs, the sheriff said, “Well maybe you’re right about that Bull, but in all of the years I’ve known him, he never once gave me the impression that he was all that preoccupied with the size of all of his manhood -- not ever once now that I think back on it all. I sure as hell never caught him gropin’ around on himself -- not even to get all of his fuckin’ man-meat adjusted comfortable when he sat down or anything like that.

Hell, it wasn’t until the day he and I got so fuckin’ hot and sweaty and sticky-dirty from workin’ up in the rafters of his old barn that I ever knew for a fact just how fuckin’ huge his fucker was.

We were so fuckin’ filthy dirty from head to toe that he insisted we showered up out back of his barn, and I have to admit I was stunned when I first laid my eyes on his huge fucker.”

I snickered a little and asked him how old he was at the time and he said, “Awh fuck, I was just a youngster at the time Bull. I had just finished my second year of high school and was horny as all hell damned near all the time, and after I laid eyes on his huge fuckin’ dick, I knew I wasn’t gonna be right with the world unless I could figure out a way I could get myself fucked full of his huge dick. . .”

He paused for a moment then waited until he’d caught my eye to say, “I guess you’ve figured out by now that I ended up gettin’ my wish. . .”

“Yeah, I more or less figured that out on my own sheriff. . .”

He just looked down and didn’t say nothin’ for a moment, then he raised his head back up and said, “I don’t know if you ever got involved in any sort of incestuous relationship, but it was intense as all hell. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted and needed it in the worst sort of way. Sex was such a big fuckin’ mystery to me back then and I felt so insecure about it all. . . I guess I always figured it was the place for the older men in my family to teach me first hand about it all -- it just seemed natural to me. . .”

“I was the same as you when I was that age sheriff, and I have to admit that first night your ol’ grandpa let me get my hands on his huge fuckin’ dick, it took me back to the time when I was a youngster.

Fuck, I guess he could tell how I was feelin’ inside because he sure as hell took it slow and easy with me. It’s hard to explain sheriff, but the way he went about it all gave me the impression he was teaching me a thing or two about how a man goes about gettin’ himself a piece of ass.”

He just grinned real big and said, “That’s just his way Bull. He’s always been like that.”

“I can’t get over how methodical he is with his fucker -- the way he gets it all slicked up good with all of that fuckin’ precum of his and then squeezes the head of it in both of his hands to get it inside of you and how it fuckin’ feels once he pushes on through and it pops back out so fuckin’ big up inside of you. . .   That alone will make a man out of you in a hurry, but it’s just the way he first dicks you all up good with it that gets to me.”

He chuckled and patted me on the thigh and said, “Yeah, I know what you mean little buddy. . . I know exactly what you mean. It makes you wonder don’t it?”

“It sure as hell does sheriff. It makes me wonder what all he’s thinking to himself while he’s doing it, that’s for sure. I don’t question that the sheer size of his fucker has a lot to do with it, but just the way he slow-fucks himself up in you, you can’t help but get the impression he’s tryin’ to teach you a lesson every time he does - he sure as hell has made a believer out of me sheriff, I feel like a whole new man after experiencing all of his ways.”

He gave me a big ol’ lusty grin and said, “Well I can sure tell he loves the hell out of givin’ himself up to you little buddy. I’ve never seen the man cum the way he has with you.”

“Fuck, I’ve never cum the way I have with him sheriff. It just fuckin’ gets to me the way the man unloads his huge fuckin’ nuts -- the way he turns his head off to one side and grimaces as he fucks the last few inches of himself up in you -- I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. It’s just fuckin’ beautiful if you ask me -- it’s just so fuckin’ honest and true I just can’t help but cum right along with him.”

“Yeah I can’t argue with you there little buddy, but you have to admit that huge fucker of his packs such a hell of a whollop, I don’t recon he could ever hide what all he’s goin’ through with it if his life depended on it.”

“It sure as hell does sheriff. It felt like I was punched in the gut the first time he blew his wad up in me and I could sure as hell tell how it felt to him. That’s what I mean sheriff, it’s just fuckin’ bigger than life to watch the old boy get himself off.

Hell, it’s been a fuckin’ privilege to get to experience him and all of his ways. Gettin’ the chance to watch him fuck and the way he has to struggle with his big ol’ fucker to get it off good and proper sure as hell has made me appreciate what all it is to be a man.”

He just chuckled all deep and lusty. “You’ve got it bad, don’t you little buddy?”

“Fuck, I’m serious as hell about that sheriff.”

“I can tell you are. That’s what I mean. I like seeing all of that come out in you and gettin’ to know just how much of a man’s man you really are. It suits you well. . .”

“Well you sure as hell have played your part in bringing it all out in me sheriff.”

“What makes you say that little buddy?”

“It’s just the way you are. There’s just somethin’ about you that makes a man want to get down and dirty with you. You fuckin’ revel in it and I guess in that respect, you and I are a whole lot alike.”

“Well I have to admit that you’ve brought all of that out in me as well little buddy. You’re just a natural born man’s man is what you are. Why I wanted to swap spunk with you the first time I laid eyes on you, and I could sure as hell tell my ol’ grandpa was wantin’ to do the same when he first met you. Like I said, I’ve never seen the old boy blow his load the way he has with you little buddy. It’s like he’s fuckin’ hurtin’ to get it all out of himself.”

“I don’t know what to say to that sheriff. I just figured he always cum like that.”

“Not that I ever experienced with him Bull. Why even Hoss made mention of it to me and said he couldn’t believe how much the two of you cum together.”

I chuckled and felt myself gettin’ a little red in the face. “Well I can’t speak for him sheriff, but I’ll admit that I just love the way he fucks. Especially when he gets himself on down to the short strokes. I can’t help but wonder what all he gets to thinkin’ and feelin’ inside of his big self that finally gets him off the way it does.”

“Yeah I know what you mean little buddy. I’ve often wondered that myself. It’d be interesting to find out what all he’d say to you if you ever asked him about it. I tried to get him to talk about it once, but all he said to me was, ‘What the hell do you think I’m thinking about, son? I’m just tryin’ to get my fuckin’ rocks off just like you are boy -- that’s what fuckin’ is all about ain’t it?’ . . . I guess I caught him in the wrong mood.”

It was funny the way the ol’ sheriff could imitate his grandpa as well as he could, and we both started laughing to ourselves.

“Well I guess you can’t argue with that sheriff.”

“No, I recon you can’t Bull, but I’m pretty sure he’d be a whole lot more forthcoming with you. . .”

I thought about all of that as we drew nearer and nearer to the old boy’s farm, and even though he and I had certainly talked in depth about a whole host of things, we never had delved into talking frankly to one another about our mutual attraction to other men.

After getting to know the man the way I had and experiencing the way he fucked, I couldn’t help but believe that it wasn’t until much later in his life that he ever got sexually involved with another man. And even though the sheriff seemed to believe that it was he who brought his grandpa around to discovering the pleasures of man-sex, I just couldn’t buy into that.

I didn’t know the man all that well, but from what I did know about him, I couldn’t believe he would of ever offered himself up to his own grandson without having had some kind of previous homosexual experience of his own.

It was getting near sunset when we finally pulled into his place, and I have to say that his farm was damned near a picturesque as Hoss’s was. It didn’t have all of the crazy, complex fencing around it that was a tradition of Hoss’s family ways, and of course he didn’t have all of the carvings of birds and animals and everything else that made Hoss’s huge spread of land stand out from anything else you’d ever see, but it was very well kept and his big red barn was a sight to behold in and of itself.

I could tell the man took pride in his place and it wasn’t surprising to me to discover how sparsely furnished it was to allow ample room for his big, wide body to move around in. He made some room in his closet for me to hang what few cloths I had brought along, and after we unpacked, he checked up on his animals then called the fellow who had been looking after his place for him to tell him he was back and to thank him for everything he’d done, then he got busy fixing us up a nice dinner.

It was apparent to me how comfortable he was in his place, and so much so, it was difficult for me to understand why he had made the decision to give it all up as quickly as he had, I made comment of it to him while we ate, and he explained to me all the reasons he’d made the decision he had.

I guess I wasn’t all that surprised to hear how much of an impression Hoss had made on the man when they first met at the state fair, but it became quite clear to me the more he talked about him, that those two were kindred spirits in practically every way shape and form.

He said the fact that his grandson was now living there also played a big part in him making up his mind to give it a try and then he smiled to himself and said, “But I guess what made me make the decision was when I saw how the three of you have made such a firm commitment to one another to build a life together where you can be free to be yourselves.”

It was the first time he’d ever even remotely broached the subject of our mutual sexuality so I figured it was as good a time as any to ask him how old he was when he first realized he had any desires to become sexually involved with a man.

He looked down at the table as if he wasn’t sure how to answer that and said, “I don’t know Bull. To be honest with you, I never had any kind of homosexual thoughts or desires when I was young -- not like my grandson did. I guess it was just a gradual process for me -- given the circumstances of my marriage.

My wife always complained about how big I was and I have to admit that I never once ever felt fully gratified the few times we ever had sex. Hell, I didn’t know back then just how fuckin’ much bigger my dick was than what most men had. I guess in all honesty I figured I might have had a bit more equipment than the average guy, but it wasn’t until many years later that I began to realized to what extent that was true.

Anyway, to make a long story short, after my son was born she didn’t want to have a thing to do with me from a sexual standpoint, so I got so sexually frustrated I just took to workin’ my hand on myself sometime during the day when I was alone out in the barn. Hell I know for a fact that I spent a hell of a lot more time in my life workin’ my hands on my cock than any other man alive, and after all those years of doing it, I guess I just gradually associated having any kind of sexual satisfaction with havin’ a hard fuckin’ dick in my hand.”

He gave me a sly look and got a little red in the face after saying that, and I just knew without knowing a single fact of the matter that his first homosexual experience hadn’t ever been with his grandson, so I just jumped right in and asked, “So how did it all come about for you?”

He looked down at the table and shook his head and uttered, “Oh, it’s a long story Bull, but the short of it is that after my son moved out of the house, what was left of our marriage slowly deteriorated to the point to where my wife decided to go spend several months with her parents mainly to put some distance between us.

By then, I was jerking myself off damn near every day but hell, after fifteen years of it, I was so much in need of some physical humman contact, I was beside myself.”

He raised his big self up from the table and began clearing away the table and washing up the dishes as he told me how after a few days of being alone he decided he needed a break from his daily routine and ended up at a bar not too awfully far from where he lived.

I could tell he just wanted me to hear him out, so I just sat tight while he recounted how he and another fellow bumped into one another in the men’s room at this old bar and what all had played out between them as they both took a piss along side of one another and how, after they had got to talking for several hours afterwards, they ended up together at the man’s motel room.

He didn’t spare any details as he told his story and I was struck by how he kept emphasizing what all he felt inside from the moment the two of them started groping around on one another.

It was as though he was telling a tale of his journeys to some strange and far off land, and I couldn’t help but grab a hold of my fuckin’ dick and balls and grope around on them when he started talking about how he felt as though he had been transported off to some man-fucking place while he fucked the guy full of his thick spunk.

By then, he had all but finished cleaning up, and after he wiped his hands dry, he turned to me and placed his hand on the edge of the kitchen sink and said, “I’d never fucked like that ever in my life Bull. I just fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked, and there’s no way I could ever explain to you what all I felt inside as I had my way with him.”

He looked down at the floor and shook his head, then said with a bit of remorse in his voice, “I was so fucking lost to it I had no true sense of where I was or what I was doing, and I have to admit that at a certain point. I had just forced myself on him without any further regards for who he was or what he wanted, and it wasn’t until I finished ejaculating the last of my load up in him, that I had any sense of regret for having done what I did.

I just stared at the wall as I felt my fuckin’ cock throb and ooze out the last of my spunk up in him until I finally accepted the fact that it was over.

I was afraid as hell to look down at the man and was ready to get the hell out of there and pretend that none of it ever happened and I’m sure I would of had he not of rubbed his hands all up and down my sides and told me how fuckin’ beautiful it had all been to him.

When I looked down at him and saw he was lookin’ up at me as though I was the biggest fuckin’ stud there ever was, my heart just melted and I swear I almost cried as I dropped my head down to his and fucked his mouth full of my tongue, and suffice it to say, I was a completely changed man after that. . .”

He raised his eyes up to me and then gave me a sly grin almost as if he was embarrassed by it all and I just smiled and said, “Well you are the biggest fuckin’ stud there ever was.”

He just shook his head and growled, “Fuck, I guess what got to me the most was once it was all said and done between us and I finally raised myself up off of him and looked down upon his big ol’ hairy body and saw his fuckin’ dick and balls between his thick legs and saw my fucker still fucked up inside of his ass, was realizing the way we both had just laid bare to one another so much of what we were made of as men.

I remember I ran my fingertips over his tight balls and flaccid penis and took one last look at the two of us still fucked together before I pulled myself out of him and when I saw the head of my penis emerge from inside of his hairy ass, I started shaking inside.

I don’t know what it was about that that got to me the way it did, but I’ll never forget that moment as long as I live. . .”

He reached up and shut off the light above the sink then he turned back to me and said, “I don’t know what else to tell you Bull other than the fact that had I not been as fuckin’ horny as I was, none of it would of ever happened.”

I stood up, and as we headed off to his bedroom I said to him, “Well when you take into account how it all came about -- the timing of it all and everything else, you can’t help but think that it was all meant to be.”

“I guess so. I’ve often wondered about that myself. . . all of it to be honest with you. I could tell afterwards that he was every bit as surprised by how far we had gone with one another as I was, and I don’t know how many times he told me how honored he felt that a man with a dick as big as mine would ever offer to suck on his hard fucker.

I told him I just did what had come natural to me at the moment, but after he kept going on about how the whole experience of it had meant so much more to him than any time his wife had ever sucked his dick, it eventually made me realize how much every man truly wants and needs that kind of acceptance and appreciation by another man whom he admires and appreciates.

Hell, I knew how flattered I was by the way he had carried on about the size and shape of my fucker and couldn’t get over how curious he was about what all it felt like to me whenever I got my fuckin’ rocks off.”

I turned back to him and smiled and rubbed him on his belly and said, “Fuck, I’m not at all surprised to hear that. Hell, I’ve never seen a man go through all that you do when you start bustin’ your fuckin’ nut. I’ve wondered that myself. . .”

He just chuckled a bit and said, “Well I imagine it don’t feel all that much different than how it feels to you little buddy, it just takes me longer to get it all out of myself I guess. . .   Hell, I’d give anything to be able to shoot off my load nonstop the way you do.”

I slid my hand down over the crotch of his overalls and started groping around on him and he gave a lusty chuckle as he rubbed his big ol’ paw on my shoulder and said, “So you’re horny are you?”

“Fuck I’m horny all the time when I’m around you big man, and driving all that distance today has gotten me hornier than ever. I’m ready for you to fuck me full of your big ol’ hard fuckin’ daddy-dick. Why I’m so fuckin’ horny, I bet I could handle having you fuck this huge fucker full up hard in me tonight.”

“Fuuuck boy don’t start makin’ any promises you can’t keep to me because I’m horny as all fuckin’ hell myself. I sure as hell would love it if I could fuck you full of my hard fuckin’ dick. . . Don’t think I haven’t thought about it before. Why I bet you I could damn near cum up in you nonstop like you do if you were to let me have my way with you like that. Your ass feels so fuckin’ good and hot to me when I first get myself up in you, why I bet I’d fill you so fuckin’ full of spunk so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you.”

Fuck I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was serious as all hell and it was borne out by the fact that I could feel his huge fucker startin’ to swell up in a hurry.

There was a sudden sense of urgency between us like I’d never felt with him before, so I reached up and unzipped the fly of his overalls and as I reached in through the fly of his shorts and took the big, round head of his huge fucker in my hand, I uttered to him, “Fuck, I’d love that big man. You already cum so fuckin’ good, it gets me to cummin’ like I never have before and I’m so fuckin’ horny tonight, I’m ready for you to fuck me full of your big ol’ hard fuckin’ dick.

His huge fucker started throbbin’ so strong and swellin’ up so fast, I couldn’t believe it, and he just stood there and petted me and let me grope around on his huge fucker until he was straight up fuckin’ hard.

When I looked up at him, I could tell the big man was wantin’ to fuck me so bad he could barely control himself so I just unfastened my belt buckle and got myself undressed.

He didn’t waste any time gettin’ himself undressed either and I was damned near as hard as he was by the time I got out of my clothes. It felt good to get my fucker free from the confines of my trousers and after I stroked on my own throbbing cock a few times, I reached over and stroked on his.

I never wanted a dick up inside of me so bad in all my life and I could tell by how fuckin’ tight his huge balls already were up under him that he was as ready for it as I was.

He let me stroke him a few times then he pushed me down on the bed and got my legs up in the air as he mounted me up, and rub-fucked his huge cock through the crack of my ass before he got busy gettin’ me loosened up for it.

I just laid there on my back and slowly stroked on my fucker and watched him as he got his finger all slicked up good with his spit and rubbed all around on my fuck-hole, and when he finally got it up in me good and deep, his huge fuckin’ dick started throbbin’ so fuckin’ strong I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It just kept bouncing up and down like it was ready to devour my ass until it throbbed and spewed out so fuckin’ much precum all at once, the stuff flew out all over my nuts and his forearm.

I knew I was in for the fuckin’ of my life right then and there and he started finger fuckin’ me and reaming my ass out for himself in a hurry.

By the look on his face, I could tell he was wantin’ to fuck my ass in the worst sort of way, but he kept to his sure and steady daddy-ways with me until he got me to wantin’ it from him like I never wanted it before.

Fuck, by then I had already damned near cum a couple of times and was all but begging him for it, but he made damned sure I was good and loosened up before he got us both situated for his penetration.

Once he got my legs up in the air and resting firm on his huge, wide frame, he slicked up the shaft of his huge fucker with all of his fuckin’ precum then pushed the head it down to my fuck-hole and growled, “Are you ready for it little buddy?”

“I sure as hell am. Just fuck me good big daddy. . . Fuck it all the way up in me.”

He kept his eyes down on my fuckin-hole and rubbed the head of his huge fucker all around on it to get it slicked up good with all of the fuckin’ spume that was pouring out of it and then growled almost to himself, “Well I sure as hell hope so cause I ain’t gonna stop until I’m all the way up inside of you boy. . .”

I felt the knuckles of his hand push up firm against my ass as he got the huge head of his fucker lined up just right and then he fucked himself up in me with so goddamn much force there was no way I could of ever resisted the big man.

I felt a sharp, dull pain as his huge, blunt cock-head penetrated my sphincter then my whole body flushed full of heat in an instant when I felt the thick, hard shaft of his huge dick begin to pass on through it.

He wrapped his arms under me and grabbed the top of my thighs right down near my groin and put such a strong grip on me I knew the man was gonna plow my ass good and fuckin’ deep.

He pulled me in towards himself as he reared his big self back to get his big ol’ belly out of the way, and it felt like I was being pried apart by that huge fucker of his when he drove it all the way up in me.


I let out a deep groan and he grunted and growled, “Oh yeah boy! Oh YEAH!” as he felt his huge hard fuckin’ dick fuck itself through my hot, tight fuck-chute and when he finally had my ass right up tight against his groin, his huge fucker throbbed up so strong, I thought it was gonna bust right through my fuckin’ guts.

I could tell he was feelin’ it like he’d never felt it before as his huge fucker kept throbbin’ up inside of me, but I was surprised as hell when all of a sudden he just closed his eyes and slowly turned his head off to one side and growled and whimpered, “Oh fuck, boy! Here it comes, here it comes. . .”

That huge fucker of his throbbed up strong three full times before it blasted my ass so hard and so fuckin’ full of spunk, it felt like a jolt of electricity. I could feel the heat of it gush through me and the moment his huge fuckin’ dick finished ejaculating his long load and his huge body jerked, he let out a moan that sounded like it had come from a man-child, but he held his strength in his huge arms and hands and kept me fucked good and deep over his huge, throbbin’ cock and just made himself feel the full intensity of it all.

I felt my own fucker shoot off a load that was nothing more than sheer appreciation of what I was witnessing, and then he grimaced and gritted his teeth and shot off another long stream that felt so hot inside of me, I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it.

It was all happening so fast, I couldn’t keep up with what all I was feeling inside, but I knew one thing for sure -- I never felt so thoroughly man-handled and daddy-fucked in all my life.

My ass felt almost numb to me from the combination of the dull and sharp pain I had felt when he first fucked me full of his huge dick but after I felt his big ol’ fuckin’ nuts crawl up so tight under him they felt like two fuckin’ rocks against my ass and he hammered my ass full of another long, drawn out load, that just all went by the wayside and I just started cummin’ so strong, my fuckin’ spunk was flying all over the place.

My fucker just kept ejaculating out my fuckin’ load as I felt all of his hot spunk gushing through my guts and all of a sudden the whole fuckin’ room was full up with the sounds of man-fuckin’.

It went on and on and on and he was still fuckin’ cummin’ up inside of me after I was so spent and weak from it all, my whole body was all but completely limp, but I fought to keep my strength as I felt his huge fucker still throbbin’ like holy hell up inside of me and kept feelin’ the head of it flarin’ out and eatin’ up on my ass like a hungry fuckin’ pig every time he shot off another hot fuckin’ load up inside of me.

By then, I was so fuckin’ full of his spunk, I could feel it spewin’ out of my fuck-hole and dribblin’ down all over his nuts and through the crack of my ass, but he was so fuckin’ far gone, he didn’t even seem to notice.

Just the sight of the big man still gettin’ it all out of himself was the most amazing thing I ever saw, but when he reared his huge self way back and I felt his huge fuckin’ hog of a dick stand damned near straight up inside of my guts and then blast out another huge fuckin’ load, I was overwhelmed.

It was more than I could take. I dropped my head down on the bed and raised my ass up as high as I could and then I growled at him, “Yeaaah big daddy! Fuck my ass full of it!” and he looked down at me and shook his head and uttered, “Oh fuck boy! Your ass is so fuckin’ hot! I’ve never cum like this in all my life” then to my utter surprise, damn if he didn’t grimace and turned his head back off to one side and force out another big fuckin’ load.

My ass was so thoroughly fucked I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to walk right for several days, but I let him finish having his way with me and after he finally got the brunt of it all out of himself, he dropped down over the top of me and slowly fucked his huge self in and out of my ass until he had ejaculated every last drop of his thick spunk up inside of me.

It took him a good while to finally accept that it was all said and done, but then he rubbed his big ol’ meaty paw over the top of my head as he fucked himself good and deep inside of me, and after his huge fucker throbbed up inside of me again, he groaned and growled, “Fuck boy, I swear my fucker is still cummin’ up inside of you. . .”

I felt it throb several more times and he grunted almost as if he was in pain each time it did, then all of a sudden I felt the full weight of him on me as he all but collapsed over the top of me.

He panted and gasped for breath for a moment, then he mustered up the strength to raise himself back up on his arms, then I felt his huge fucker throb again and he fucked it back up in me good and deep and uttered all deep and low, “Oh fuck son. . . that feels so goddamned good. I ain’t never cum like this in all my life. It just all cum out of me so nice and smooth and it feels like I’m still cummin’ up in you. The fuckin’ head of my cock is so damn sensitive right now I can feel the inside of your hot ass like I’ve never felt anything before in my life..”

He made it throb again then he buggered it in me as deep as he possibly could, and as the head of it swelled and flared on out, his whole body jerked and he let out a sharp “Ugh!” as he shot another fuckin’ load up inside of me.

I cried out in disbelief, “Fuck big daddy! Fuck!” and after he sucked in a deep breath, he made the fucker throb again and growled as he rubbed his hand all over me, “I just can’t help it son. You’re the best butt-fuckin’ buddy a man could ever have and it feels so fuckin’ good to be inside of you, I just can’t give it up for myself.”

He just kept on pettin’ and fuckin’ me, and then started groping around on me when he was all but completely and fully sated, and by the time he got it all out of his system, he somehow had managed to blow out several more goodly loads of his thick hot spunk up inside of my ass.

Something had come over him. Something that I never would of expected from the big old bruiser and after we finally got ourselves uncoupled and on our feet, he looked down at the bed sheets all wet and thoroughly covered with our sweat and spunk, then he wrapped his big ol’ arms around me and growled, “That was the best fuckin’ I ever had in my life Bull.”

“Well you sure as hell fuckin’ cum like I’ve never seen you cum before.”

He softly chuckled as he rubbed his arms all over my back and said, “My fuckin’ nuts ache like hell and the head of my dick is so sensitive, it almost feels numb to me.”

He looked down at me as though he was so proud of me he didn’ know what to do, then he wrapped his arms up around my shoulders and pushed my head up firm against his broad hairy chest and held me tight to himself for a moment before he dropped his head down to me and kissed me on the top of my head and said, “That was the best ever, little buddy. That was the best fuckin’ orgasm I ever had in all my life.”

“Me too big daddy. You can see how fuckin’ much cum I shot all over the place.”

He chuckled as he petted me all over the back of my head and said, “Yeah I sure can, but I have to admit that at the time, I was so wrapped up in how fuckin’ good it all felt to me, it was a good while before I took notice and felt the way your strong fuckin’ prostate kept pumpin’ out all of your fuckin’ spunk.”

“Well fuck, that was because I couldn’t help but feel how your big ol’ powerful fucker just kept on unloading your thick, hot seed up inside of me. That big ol’ throbbin’ fucker didn’t ever let up, did it big man?”

“Boy you can say that again. I’ve never had an orgasm that just kept continually buildin’ up like that one did. It all just came out so nice and smooth and the tip of my fuckin’ cock got so damned hot and it felt so fuckin’ good. . . It sure as hell was like nothin’ I ever felt before.”

He was so fuckin’ sincere about it, and seemed so fuckin’ grateful to me I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.

“I’m serious Bull, that was the best fuckin’ orgasm I’ve ever had.”

I let my hand wander down under him until I got myself a handful of his testicles and felt the hefty weight of his spunk covered cock resting over my thumb. Them fuckers were so tight up under him and felt so fuckin’ firm and compact that I just had to step back away from him to get a good look for myself.

He chuckled as he let his own meaty paw wander down to them and then he cupped them both in the palm of his hand and said, “Fuck, them boys are shriveled up good aren’t they?”

I grinned and said, “Yeah, they’re the smallest I’ve ever seen them, but your fuckin’ dick is still pretty well swollen up there big man.”

He wrapped his thumb and forefinger around it and said, “Yeah, well, it always takes a good while for it to get back down to normal. . .” then looked down at it and said, “And I can sure as hell tell I need to get in the shower and clean the fucker off real good. You wanna get in with me?”

“You go on ahead. I need to get on the fuckin’ pot and dump this fuckin’ load of yours out of me first.”

He got a little red in the face as he said, “Oh yeah. . . I forgot about that. . .”

“Well don’t get me wrong, it feels fuckin’ good up in me, but I can’t hold it all up in there much longer. You fuckin’ filled my ass up like you never have before big man.”

He blushed, then slightly shook his head back and forth as he said, “Well I ain’t never cum like that before in my life Bull. . . Why don’t you go on ahead and take care of your business while I strip these sheets off the bed?”

“I think I will big man and then we can shower up together.”

Fuck, it seemed like it took forever for me to get it all out of myself and by the time I finished my business and turned on the shower, he had the bed completely remade.

He stepped into the bathroom as soon as he heard me start the shower and we both squeezed in it together and washed one another down.

After I got his backside all soaped up good, he turned his back to the nozzle and started swayin’ his big self back and forth to rinse it all off his back and I couldn’t help but detect a youthful vigor in him I’d never seen in him before.

He gave me a wink and motioned for me turn my back to him so he could soap me all up and after he ran his finger through the crack of my ass and made sure my fuck-hole was all good and clean, I couldn’t help but push my ass back firm up against him until I felt the soft flesh of his manhood all over it.

He grabbed me by the waist with both of his hands the he growled to me as he rubbed his fucker all over my ass, “Fuck we fit good together, don’t we little buddy?”

“Yeah, we sure as hell do. I love feelin’ your big ol’ fuckin’ dick and balls all over my ass.”

He chuckled, “So do I little buddy. So do I. . .” then he reached around and groped on me some before he had me turn back around to him so he could take me all in, and as he reached back for my fuckin’ cock, he said to me, “You’ve got the prettiest fuckin’ dick I ever saw Bull. I just love the size and shape of your fucker.”

I reached for his and said back to him, “Well I love the size and shape of yours big man.”

He chuckled and said, “It’s a big ol’ ugly fuckin’ hog ain’t it? The fuckin’ head of it is so big and rounded off, it don’t even look like the fuckin’ head of a dick to me.”

“Fuck, that’s what I like about it the most big man. In my book, you’ve got the most perfect fuckin’ dick a man could ever want.”

“Well I know you really mean that because I’ve never seen anyone take after it the way you do.”

I glanced up at him and gave him a big ol’ lusty grin then I dropped my eyes back down to his beautiful fucker, “Well I just love this big ol’ fucker. I wouldn’t change a thing about it, it’s a keeper in my book.”

He chuckled again as he rubbed and felt around under my tight balls with all of his fingers then he looked up at me and said, “That’s the way I feel about what all you’ve got between your stout, stubby legs Bull. It’s an honor for me to get to feel you all up like this. It truly is.”

We groped and felt around on one another as the water poured over us until he finally reached back for the bar of soap and lathered my front side all up good, and after that, we took our good time with one another until we were both squeaky clean.

Once we finally started drying ourselves off I couldn’t help but notice that for the first time I ever saw the man fully naked, the size of his genitals seemed almost normal to me. His fucker was so soft and shriveled up that his foreskin covered the better part of his round cock-head and his testicles were so tight and firm up under him that I couldn’t believe my eyes.

For some reason I just had to cup my hand over them, and when I did, I told him it was the smallest I’d ever seen his manhood ever get. He turned around to take a look at himself in the full length mirror he had attached to the back of the bathroom door and after he got a good look at himself, he fondled and fingered all around on himself as he said, “Fuck. I’ve never seen my fucker look so small ever since I was a youngster.”

I could tell the man was truly surprised by what he saw and after we crawled back into bed with one another, he felt around on himself then chuckled and made mention of it again before he rolled over on his side and cuddled his huge self up to me.

We both fell off to sleep in no time at all, and when we woke the following morning, he petted me for a while, but never once ever offered to grope around on me like he normally did before we got out of bed.

That’s when I was certain the man was truly as sated as he said he was, and after we got up and got his animals fed, we got in his truck and headed into town to buy some boxes to pack his stuff up in. Once we got out on the road, he looked over at me with the same kind of lovin’ eyes like ol’ Hoss would do from time to time and said to me, “Bull, I want you to know how much I’ve come to develop these strong feelings for you. I just hope you feel somewhat the same towards me. And I ain’t just talkin’ about fuckin’ and all, although I have to say that after the way you and I fucked last night, I’m not sure if that’s a hundred percent true.”

He gave me a sly grin and asked, “Do your fuckin’ nuts hurt as bad as mine do? Fuck, I ain’t never fuckin’ cum like that before. . .” then he reached down between his huge thighs and tugged up on his huge fuckin’ nuts and gave me a look like it was all my fault and said, “My fuckin’ balls still ache like all hell.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, and I guess in all honesty that was the very first time I ever looked at the man and got the impression that he was actually human. The sheer size of him and what all he had down between his legs was bigger than fuckin’ life itself, but for a brief moment there, he came across to me as being a regular guy.

I shook my head and said, “Yeah, so do mine. I can’t believe how fuckin’ hard we both got and the way we just kept cummin’ together like we did. I didn’t think it’d ever end. . .”

He shook his head at me and glanced down at my crotch and said, “Neither did I, and the harder you kept gettin’, the harder my fucker got. Hell I have to confess I just fuckin’ love gettin’ my hands on your dick. That beautiful fucker of yours feels so fuckin’ stout and muscular, it’s no wonder you shoot your load the way you do. I can tell it feels awfully fuckin’ good to you when that fucker cums the way it does.”

I smiled at him and reached down and gave the head of my cock a squeeze and said, “Yeah, it does, but I can tell that huge fucker of yours makes you feel a hell of a lot better. I can’t believe how hard and far it can shoot off those big ropes of your thick spunk. . .   Can I ask you a personal question?”

He gave me an inquisitive look, then nodded and said, “Why sure. . . go ahead.”

I blushed a little before I said to him, “Well first of all, I was wondering if you masturbated a lot when you were a youngster.”

He chuckled and said, “Well I guess I did. Why do you ask?”

“Well how often exactly. . . and at what age?”

He thought a moment then said, “Well I guess I started jerkin’ myself off when I was about five or six years old. Of course I didn’t cum or nothin’, but it sure as hell felt good to me even though it hurt just about as much. I didn’t do it all that often back then -- maybe once or twice a week, but once I started ejaculatin’, I have to admit that I’d do it maybe two or three times a day.

Back then, it’d take that many times for me to get it all out of me because my spunk has always been real thick and gooey. I guess that’s because I don’t produce all of the semen I need for all of the fuckin’ sperm my balls can create. . . Hell, I don’t know. . . All I know is that I never really could get my load full off until I started fuckin’ around with another man, and as you know, I didn’t start doing that until pretty late in life. . .”

He looked over at me and winked and said, “Maybe that’s why I’m the horny old fuck that I am -- I guess I’m still wantin’ to make up for lost time. . . How about you, Bull? How old were you when you first started masterbatin’?”

“I guess I was about the same age as you were. You know I had the same problem as you. I couldn’t get myself off good until started stickin’ my finger up my ass while I was jerkin’ off - that’s why I like gettin’ fucked the way I do. I had a hard time accepting that at first, but now I have to admit I enjoy the hell out of gettin’ myself fucked good and proper.”

He glanced over at me and smirked as he said all deep and lusty, “Yeah, I can tell that. That’s why I enjoy the hell out of fuckin’ your ass for ya. You fuck like a man should. . .”

I just grinned and said, “Yeah, well so do you big man. I can tell you fuck a man a whole lot different than you ever did a woman. . .”

He just chuckled and said, “Well my wife sure as hell never showed much appreciation for my fucker the way the men in my life have. It took me a long time to realize that what I have between my legs is far more appreciated by other men than it ever was by any woman I ever met.

Fuck, I don’t know about you, but that’s what gets me off good. . . knowing that my partner truly appreciates my big self and what all I have to offer. I can tell you like big men, Bull.”

“Yeah, I do. I never look twice at men that aren’t a bit hefty in build. I don’t know why that is, but that’s just the way I am. . .   Anyway, I was wantin’ to ask you something else. I don’t know if you can adequately explain it, but I’m curious to find out. . . When you cum. . .”


“Well I don’t know how to put this. . . When you cum. . . Well I’ve never seen or felt any man cum the way you do. You don’t ejaculate at all like any man I’ve ever seen. I mean it is so long and drawn out. Most guys can get their rocks off in a few seconds, but I swear it seems like it takes you a good two or three minutes to get yourself fully off. . . I was just wonderin’ if you could explain to me what all you’re feeling during that time.

I can tell it takes a hell of a lot out of you. . . I mean, are you in a state of orgasm during all that time, or what? And that fuckin’ dick of yours. . . How old were you by the time that fucker got as big as it is?”

“Fuck, I don’t remember Bull, to be honest with you. . .   I was already married by then and had a son. Fuck I guess maybe I was in my early twenties by the time it got to be the size it is now, but it was already way too big for my wife to handle comfortably by the time I was fifteen or sixteen.”

“Fuck, you got married young like Hoss did, didn’t you? No wonder you and he get along the way you do, you have so much in common in that respect.”

“Yeah, we do. . .”

“Yeah, and you both have big fuckin’ dicks too. . . So tell me what that fucker feels like to you when it’s cummin’. . .”

He chuckled and said, “Well fuck it feels good -- just like I’m sure yours does to you when you get to cummin’ good. But to answer your question. . . Yeah, I realize it takes me a whole lot longer to cum than it does most men, and yeah, I’m feelin’ in a state of orgasm the whole fuckin’ time. I can feel the fucker tuggin’ up on my load and I feel all of my thick spunk coursing through me -- even down in my testicles and all. . .

Hell, I’m pretty damn sure that if my fuckin’ dick hadn’t grown to be the size it is, I’d probably be dead by now from some sort of complication down there. Fuck when I first started ejaculatin’, my balls would swell up big and hurt like hell sometimes afterwards, and I just knew it was because my fuckin’ dick wasn’t able to drain my nuts the way it should.

At first that fucker would throb and tug and throb and tug on my nuts until it hurt so damn bad, I have to give it up and then slowly milk the fuckin’ stuff out of myself once it got all soft again. After I got married and had a place of my own, every morning after I got my animals all fed, I’d spend an hour or so jerkin’ myself off and milkin’ the fucker clean again.

Hell, it wasn’t until I was about twenty that I was able to shoot one good load out in front of me a good two or three feet when I was standing up, but by then, my fucker was so big around, that my hand wasn’t really adequate to get it all stimulated properly so it’d keep on cummin’ good.

Fuck Bull, I was jerkin’ off every day of my like back then and never felt satisfied or good about it. I just did it because I needed to. It wasn’t until I first fucked a man up the ass that I ever got myself off good and proper, so in a way, you and I are pretty much alike. We both need a man to satisfy our sexual needs.

I have to confess to you that I’ve never fucked as much as I have the past several weeks, and for the first time in my life I think my fuckin’ dick and balls all function the way they’re supposed to do.

I sure as hell have never cum the way I did last night. It felt so fuckin’ good to feel my fucker shootin’ off my load all nice and smooth, I can’t begin to tell you. . .

My balls ache like holy hell, but it ain’t the kind of pain that I used to feel back when I was young and playing hell to get all of my thick spunk out of them.”

He took his eyes off the road just long enough to catch my eye and said, “I don’t know if I answered your question to your satisfaction, but what all I’ve told you is truth” then he grinned and added, “I’ve never told anyone all of that before. . . I can tell you that. . .”

I just smiled and nodded and said, “No, you explained it pretty well if you ask me. I mean I can appreciate what all you said. I have to admit that I always figured a lot of what all you go through when you cum must have had to do with how fuckin’ thick your spunk is. I know I sure would have a hell of a time gettin’ off my load if it was as thick as yours is. . .

I can say one thing though. You may not produce all of the semen you need for all of the fuckin’ sperm those big ol’ balls of yours produce, but you sure as hell produce more fuckin’ pre-cum than any one man I’ve ever seen. Considering everything, I think you’re better off that you do. I sure as hell know I wouldn’t be able to handle gettin’ fucked by you if it wasn’t for all of the constant lubrication your fucker spews out.”

He didn’t say anything for awhile and when he finally did speak up, the tone of his voice was pensive and thoughtful.

“Yeah, when you put it that way Bull, I recon I truly was born to fuck a man. I’ve never thought about it like that before. . .

You know I was like you after I first got involved with the fellow I told you about last night in that I had a hard time accepting myself for it. I was partially in denial about it for months afterwards and I’m sure the main reason that I was, had to do with the fact that I had enjoyed it all so goddamned much.

At first I tried to convince myself that the only reason I did, was because I’d finally managed to get my fuckin’ rocks off the way a man should, but the truth of the matter was -- and the hardest part for me to accept I might add -- was that I felt a hell of a lot more comfortable having him in my arms than I ever did my wife.

You know, people can say whatever the fuck they want about it. They can call it ‘queer’ or whatever, but the truth of the matter is that men were just born to fuck one another. That’s all there is to it. It’s as simple as that. There’s nothin’ complicated about it at all when you really think about it. We understand one another a hell of a lot better than we ever will any fuckin’ woman, and for my money, I’d bet you there isn’t a man alive who doesn’t dream of havin’ himself a good fuckin’ buddy. . . It’s just natural.”

He glanced back over at me and from the look in his eyes, there was no question in my mind he was firmly settled in his convictions.

I guess that ever since I had met the man, I always wondered in the back of my mind where he truly stood on the matter, and I couldn’t help but get the feeling that he really didn’t know himself until after he met up with Hoss.

I think both of those men had truly discovered themselves through one another -- much like I had found my own way from what all I had observed during my time out on the road. I just nodded at him, and then he softened a bit and said, “I want to get back to what I was trying to tell you earlier Bull. I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with you as a man and what an honor it has been to get to know you the way I have.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I feel extremely attached to you on a personal level and I hope you feel the same way about me. . .”

I reached over and patted him on his huge thigh and told him how much I did feel the same towards him, then told him how much I’d come to have the same kinds of feelings for his grandson, and that I knew that the four of us were going to live an extraordinary life together.

He smiled to himself then said, “Yeah we are. . .” and that was about all he offered to say about it until later that evening after we put ourselves to bed.

We laid side by side on our backs and talked for a good hour or more about organizing the move and life in general before he rolled himself over on his side to face me and reached down and gently rubbed my testicles and asked how they were feeling to me.

I told him they were still aching quite a bit, then rolled myself over to face him and ran my hand all over his giant orbs and asked him how his were feeling to him. He told me his were still aching like hell and I figured as much, because they were still good and tight up against his groin and I had noticed how he had reached down and gingerly held them out in front of himself when he rolled himself over to me.

His big ol’ thick fuckin’ penis was all soft, and his huge, round cock-head wore his foreskin around itself like a turtle neck sweater. For as long as the fucker was, it should have been hanging down over his thick, left thigh, but it was just so fuckin’ big around, all it did was slightly droop down and the head of it just barely touched the inside of his thigh.

That fucker was just fuckin’ wicked beautiful to behold and I felt a slight chill run though me as gently ran my hand over it and thought about the fact that I had taken that hard fucker all the way up inside of my ass.

I guess he could read my thoughts because he rubbed his hand all over my side and said, “I don’t think that fucker of mine ever got as hard as it did last night little buddy. I tell you what, it sure as hell felt fuckin’ good the way it just kept cummin’ the way it did.”

I looked up at him and smiled when I saw the serious look he had on his face, then said to him, “It felt fuckin’ good to me too. Hell I never cum like that before either. It was like we were both just pissin’ our fuckin’ loads out, wasn’t it?”

He smiled and said, “Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I think it’s amazing that we both got ourselves off in the same way at the same time. I don’t know what came over us but it sure as hell felt fuckin’ good didn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s just too bad that our fuckin’ balls ache the way they do ‘cause I’d sure as hell would like to do that again, wouldn’t you?”

He chuckled and said, “Yeah, I sure as hell would myself, but it’s gonna be several days before I’ll be up for trying that again. I wanna make sure I’ve got plenty of spunk in me so my balls don’t end up aching the way they do now. . .”

We gently fondled one another for a little while longer before he reached up over me and turned off the light and said we ought to try and get some sleep. He rolled back over on his back and wrapped his arm around me and I laid on my side facing him with my left hand down in between his huge thighs.

He gently ran his hand all over my back and shoulders as he let me grope all around on him until we both fell off to sleep. We pretty much went through the same routine the following couple of nights but our conversations became more intimate and personal and direct about what all we liked the most and what felt the best to us when we was fuckin’.

I guess it was about the third or fourth night when told him that I personally liked it best when he corn-holed me because of the way he handled my cock while he was doing it.

I went on and on about how he strokes and handles a dick, like no other man I’d ever known, and after I said all I had to say to him about it about how fuckin’ good it felt to me, he thought for a moment before he finally spoke up and said, “You know Bull, I spent so many fuckin’ years jerkin’ myself off while I was married, like I said before, I’m sure I eventually associated sex with havin’ a hard fuckin’ dick in my hand. God know that I spent a hell of a lot of time workin’ my own fucker to figure out how to make it cum the best it could, so maybe that’s why you like the way I work on yours so much. . .”

Then he chuckled and added as he wrapped his hand around my fuckin’ dick, “I sure as hell love feeling another man’s hard dick in my hand, that’s for damn sure. I’ll admit to that any time of the day, but as for me, well I have to admit that I personally cum the best when I have my fucker all the way up inside of a man’s hot hole, and having my hand on his hard dick just kind of completes it all for me.

I’ll tell you something I’ve never told anyone else before, Bull. I never appreciated anything more in my life the first time that fellow I told you about let me go on ahead and get my hard dick up inside of his ass, and I guess ever since, all I ever want to do when a man is kind enough to let me get my rocks off in him the way I need, I just want to show him all of the appreciation I feel towards the man.

After all of the years I went though without gettin’ to fuck nothin’ on a regular basis, that’s just the effect it’s all had on me I guess. Hell, I don’t know. . . I just know one thing for sure. .   I sure enjoy the hell out of fuckin’ you.”

I felt his huge fucker start to throb and swell up after he said that to me, so I didn’t say anything back to him and just let my hand tell him how much I enjoyed gettin’ myself fucked by him. He petted me on my shoulders as he kept gettin’ harder and harder, and once I saw that big slurry of precum spew out of that giant slit at the top of his cock head, I just rolled my backside to him and told him to go on ahead and fuck it on up in me.

He grabbed up some pillows and propped them all under me before he lifted himself up and reached over me and shut off the light. Once he had me tucked into him the way he wanted, he stuck his huge fucker through the crack of my ass and greased it all up good with his fuck juice, then ran his finger all over my pucker-hole before he slowly stuck it on through.

He fingered all around inside of me some before he slowly pulled it back out and grabbed a hold of his huge fucker, then kept callin’ me his ‘little fuckin’ buddy’ as he slowly plowed the fucker on through my pucker-hole and coaxed me on to take the all of him.

It took a while for us to get all fucked together good and deep, but the collaborative effort of it bonded us in a way like never before.

He showed his appreciation with his hands and his whispered words until I was fully relaxed to where he could slowly fuck himself in and out of me nice and easy, then he cupped his hand around my manhood and slowly massaged my testicles until my penis started to swell and throb.

The harder I got, the harder he got and once we were both harder than fuckin’ hell, we passionately fucked for the pure hell of it.

It felt so goddamned good, neither one of us wanted to cum, so we relaxed a bit and he petted me for a while before he took my fucker back up in his hand, and as he stroked and manhandled my cock back up good and hard, he asked me what it was that he did that felt the best to me.

I told him that it wasn’t any one thing in particular that I liked so much as it was just feeling his big ol’ strong, calloused hand all over my manhood, then I told him I felt like a man-child every time he got me all wrapped up in his big arms good and tight against his big, wide body as he corn-holed me good.

He gave me a big ol’ bear hug and uttered, “I love corn-holin’ you little buddy” and after he put his hand back on my hard cock and got back to workin’ on it, I said to him, “I always feel like you’re tryin’ to teach me something every time you man-handle my dick the way you do. You just have that way about you.”

He didn’t say nothin’ back to me, but I felt his huge fucker throb up in me all good and hard, and then he started fuckin’ it long and full in and out of my ass and established his full dominance over me by letting me feel the full length and strength and size of his fully erect penis.

It felt so fuckin’ good to me, I got harder than hell myself all over again, and the way he kept strokin’ and feelin’ and squeezin’ my hard dick got my fucker all charged and ready to blow out my load.

I could tell just by the way he started workin’ on my dick that his knowledgeable hand could feel my fucker was gettin’ itself ready to ejaculate, so he fucked himself up in me good and deep and I felt his huge fucker start to throb with the need as he started rubbin’ his thumb over the head of my cock and milkin’ on my stiff fucker right under it.

I felt my groin tighten and pull up on my balls right at the same time I felt his huge ol’ fucker shoot out a load of his hot, thick spunk, then I felt myself begin to ejaculate as I felt his groin and testicles tightened up good and tight.

He fucked the last inch of himself up in me and started shootin’ out a long stream of his thick spunk, and by then my seed was flying out me and up all over the fuckin’ head of bed.

We both started groanin’ out our total submission to our orgasms, and it must of taken us both a good full ten seconds or so to complete our initial ejaculations.

By then we were fucked so tight together, it felt like he was a good two or three inches further up inside of me than he’d ever been. My whole body began to shake and I felt his huge fuckin’ dick slide near full out of me as it kept thobbin’ and cummin’ until he had every last inch of my fuck-chute filled full with his spunk.

I was so fuckin’ wet up inside of my ass, it felt to me like we were a mile deep under water, and when he fucked himself good and firm back up inside of me, his hot, thick spunk spewed out of my asshole and covered his groin and testicles.

I shut my eyes tight and heard myself cry out, “Oh fuck me big daddy!” and his throbbin’ fucker started shootin’ out another long load as he squeezed his big hand right under the head of my throbbin’ dick and milked on it until I was blowin’ out another long stream of my spunk.

He stroked it all full and proud as I kept cummin’ non-stop and growled to me in a whisper, “My sweet, fuckin’ boy. . .” as he slowly corn holed my ass and dumped his own fuckin’ load up in me.

It was far and away the best fuckin’ orgasm I ever had in my life and before it was even over, I was thinking to myself that there wasn’t another man alive who could even come close to fuckin’ me the way he could.

I was so stunned by the realization of it, I couldn’t move once I had finished giving up every last drop of my seed to the man, and I guess he must of felt the same, because he was nearly as dead still as I was.

I could feel his hot breath pouring down over the top of my head as he brought himself back from the throes of his own fuckin’ orgasm, and then finally, he slowly slid his hand up off of my throbbin’ cock and gently rubbed it all over on my hairy belly, then let out a breathy groan as he fucked himself as far back up in me as he could, then uttered, “Fuck Bull, I don’t know what to say. . .”

I guess in a way, that said it all, but when I realized I was feeling his huge fuckin’ testicles splayed out wide up around the thick shaft of his cock, I said to him, “It feels like your fuckin’ balls are as hard as your fuckin’ dick.”

“Fuck, they’re drained little buddy. There ain’t an ounce of spunk left in them. I never dreamed it was even possible for a man to cum the way you and I have done the last couple of times. It just feels so fuckin’ good, I could fuck you for the rest of my days. . .”

I folded my arm up over his and held him tight to me and said, “I wouldn’t mind that a bit’ and we just laid there totally spend and drenched in our sweat and spunk until we finally fell off to sleep.

I thought back to what I had said to him right after he had filled my ass full of his spunk and was going back up in me for more, and couldn’t believe those words had come out of my mouth once again.

I had always loved my own dad so much for all he’d done for me throughout my life, that I never would of dreamed that I would of called any other man ‘daddy’ the way I had him, but the fact of the matter was that the old boy was carrying out and fulfilling many of the expectations I’d had of my own father back when I was a youngster.

After I had first laid eyes on the man fully naked down at the river, my initial motivations for wanting to get involved with him mostly had to do with wanting to satisfy my curiosities of his big man-ways, but we had now gone so much further than I ever dreamed was possible, I wasn’t sure what to think of it all.

In the days that followed, our bond grew even stronger and at least twice a day, I’d just have to take a break from my work and go out and meet up with him where ever he was and grope around on him for a while.

He’d just chuckle and stand still for me until I got my fill of it and every once in a while he’d make a joke about it by hefting up on all of his stuff until I could see the shape of his manhood through his overalls then point to a certain place and say, “You missed a spot there, little buddy” but invariably, he’d stoop down and grope around on me after I got my fill of groping around on him to see if I had started to get hard.

Whenever he could tell that I had, he’d say, “Yeah, I think you’re gettin’ as close to wantin’ to fuck as I am Bull. You think you’ll be up for it tonight?”

Most of the time I’d tell him that I would be, but occasionally I’d have to confess that my balls were still aching so much, that it’d be best to hold off for another day or two.

Without question, corn-holin’ was our preferred way of fuckin’, and it got more intense and needful each and every time, but one day, right after he and I had loaded up all of his animals to ship them off to Hoss’s place, we got busy stacking and straightening up his bales of hay in the barn.

He didn’t offer to say much while we were working, but when we eventually took a short break, and I stepped up close to him and started gropin’ around on him while he was setting up on one of the bales of hay, he started gettin’ harder than all holy hell and ended up showing me a side of himself I’d never seen before.

He reached up and firmly placed his hand over the back of my head and uttered, “Yeah, boy get yourself that big ol’ fuckin’ dick” then pulled my head right down to his crotch as he made the fucker get all hard as hell for me.

After I unzipped his overalls and got his huge dick and balls pulled out of them, he dicked my face up good with it then pushed my head down to his testicles and growled, “Lick them fuckin’ balls, boy.”

Fuck, I was only happy to oblige, and he just sat there and watched me as I licked all over on them. After I got them all good and wet, I glanced up at him as I ran my tongue up the full length of his thick, long shaft, and I just knew by the expression on his face that he was gonna fuck my ass to hell and gone.

After I licked on the head of his huge hard fucker, he grabbed a hold of it and rubbed it all over my face before he got to his feet and grabbed my belt and unfastened it with a jerk then unzipped my trousers and pushed them halfway down over my ass and maneuvered me over the bale of hay he’d been sittin’ on.

He ran his finger through the crack of my ass as he pushed my trousers on down, then had me spread my legs out wide and commenced to slick me up with all of his fuck-juice. He took his time with it and finger fucked a bunch of it up in me before I felt his big ol’ thick knees press against the back of mine as he squatted his huge self down and line himself up for the fuck.

After he had a good three or four inches of his huge fucker up in me, he grabbed a hold of my waist and lifted me off of my feet and further over on the bales of hay as he raised his big self up and fucked the rest of his huge fuckin’ dick up inside of my ass.

He was growlin’ and groanin’ and mumblin’ all kinds of shit to himself as he did it all, and once he had me situated right where he wanted, he slow fucked me several times then got right on down to pummeling my ass like he had somethin’ to prove to himself.

He made damn sure I felt the full strength and power of his huge self by keeping a tight grip on me and holding the better part of my weight up in front of him as he fucked me to hell and gone, and once he had that huge fuckin’ dick of his right to the point of cummin’, he slowed down a bit, then jut-fucked himself up in me good and hard and growled, “Yeah, boy! That’s how your daddy likes to fuck!” before he blasted my ass full of his spunk.

He just kept cummin’ and dickin’ my ass up every which way he could and I know it must of felt damn good to him the way his big ol’ fucker was blastin’ my ass full of his load, but you couldn’t of told it by what all he was sayin’ to me as he fucked all of his nut up inside of me.

By the time he got through with himself, my ass was fuckin’ full to the brim with his thick spunk and I had to go outside and dump the stuff out of myself before I pulled my britches back up. I could feel the intense male energy pourin’ out of that big red barn, and I just knew that place had some serious history to it.

That all happened the day before we loaded his livestock up and I don’t know if that had something to do with it or not, but that night, he got back after it in the same fuckin’ way.

Fuck, I loved it, but my fuckin’ nuts ached for two days after, and I was grateful that he was busy the following day loading up the trucks that we’d hired to haul all of his livestock and other stuff across the state.

We’d played hell locating any available truckers to do the job because at this time of the year, they was all booked up with hauling out the harvest, and after exhausting damn near all of my contacts and resources, I finally decided to give that old fellow a call who had spent a week or so with me up at the pass.

He’d written down all of his contact information in my book before he headed out to go back home, and instantly remembered who I was as soon as he heard my voice over the phone

He seemed happy as hell that I’d called and said, “Hell, I was just thinking about you, and here you call. . .   How the hell have you been doin’?”

I told him I was fine and gave him a brief history of what all I’d been doing the past couple of months and told him that what he’d said to me that night before he headed out, had made such an impression on me, that I’d decided to move in with a big ol’ fellow that I’d been involved with before I met him.

He seemed delighted to hear that and asked me where I was, and after I told him, he said, “Well hell, you aren’t all that far from where we live. It’s only a couple of hundred miles. Why don’t you come pay us a visit? I’ve told my partner all about you. . . in fact, he’s standing right here next to me and he’s nodding that he’d love to meet you. . .”

I told him I’d love to meet his partner as well as see him again, then told him why I’d called. He said, “Well hell, I’m sure we can get you all the trucks you need as soon as we get some of the ones we have stacked up outside repaired and serviced. We’ve never been backed up like this ever before.

It seems like every damned tractor in the area all decided to break down at the same damn time. We’re playin’ hell just gettin’ all the parts we need, but we’re expecting a shipment tomorrow around noon. We could sure as hell use an extra hand. . . I don’t suppose you’ve got that fine unit of yours with you, do ya?”

“As a matter of fact I do. Hell, I could head out your way in the morning and give you guys a hand, especially if it means I could hire some of them on in a couple of weeks. Everyone around here is booked up with the harvest.”

“I’m sure that’d be possible. Do you have a map?”

“Yeah, I sure do. . .”

I drew out a map of his directions I could follow to get to their place once I got into town and then told him to expect me around eleven in the morning. After we hung up, I went out and told ‘pops’ what all I had planned, and he said it was a good time for it, because he was going to be busy with the harvest in the following days, and then would be thrashing and bailing hay right afterwards.

He said it’d be fine with him if I stayed with them for a week or so to help them out, and I told him I’d keep in touch with him by phone, and I pulled into their place around eleven thirty the following morning.

It was impossible to miss it because of all the diesel tractors that were parked all around it. The place looked like a major trucking company there was so damn many of them and as soon I pulled up, my friend’s partner stepped out of their garage as he wiped his big ol’ hands off with a rag.

I felt a chill run through my entire body as soon as I laid eyes on him. He was the spittin’ image of Hoss. Hell, if anyone ever saw the two of them standing side by side, they would of sworn they were brothers even though his fellow was a good twenty-some years older.

They were the exact same height and looked damned near identical in the face. Of course he had some gray in his hair and was a bit heavier and fuller in the face than Hoss, but hell, that made him all the more attractive in my eyes.

He gave me a big ol’ smile once he caught a glimpse of me through the reflection on my windshield, and after I stepped out of my truck, he offered his big ol’ hairy paw and grinned real sweet at me as we shook hands.

He told me his partner was inside fixing up some sandwiches, and then looked my truck all over. He rubbed his hand all over the side panels and the seams of the doors that held all of my tools and equipment, then he looked up at me and said, “Hell, I thought he was exaggerating when he kept going on to me about your truck, but hell he didn’t do it justice. . . This is amazing. . . Do you mind if I look inside?”

I opened the door for him and said, “Step on up in there and check it out”, and once he had his big self half-way back checking out the sleeper and all of the compartments in it, his partner stepped out the front door and shouted, “I told you it was one hell of a fuckin’ unit.”

I walked over to greet him and shake his hand, but he just wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug and said, “Hell it’s great to see you again, Bull. . .”

His partner shouted back to him from inside the truck, “Hell, you didn’t do it justice!” then he turned his big self back around to where he could see us and smiled when he saw we had our arms around one another’s shoulders.

He jumped down to the ground and took one last look inside before he shut the door, and then turned to us and just smiled and shook his head a bit then said, “Fuck, you two could be brothers. . .”

We went inside the house, and as we sat down to eat lunch, my buddy said, “Yeah, one evening I started tellin’ him about your truck and went into so much detail about it that I finally had to confess that it was damn near as perfect as that beautiful fuckin’ dick of yours. . .”

The big ol’ fellow just chuckled as I felt myself get all red in the face, then my buddy said, “Hell, I told him a man needed to suck a dick every once in a while and that his was just too damned big for that.”

The old fellow just shook his head at me and said, “Don’t think nothin’ of it. It don’t bother me none. I enjoy the hell out of suckin’ his beautiful dick and I understand the need a man has for that”, then he gave me a wink and said, “Besides, I can’t blame him one damn bit, now that I’ve met you. . .”

Just then, we heard a big truck pull into their drive and honk the horn, and they both stood up and headed out to it. I followed them on out, and it was the parts truck they’d been expecting, and after we unloaded everything they’d ordered and got it put up on the shelves, we hurried down our lunch and got to work.

I have to admit that I felt in my element there. It was nice to get back to doing what I did best and loved the most, and it made me wonder how I was going to be able to continue with that after all of the recent decisions I’d made.

It made me have certain doubts, but every time I took a look at that man, I could see my own future years away in him, and I knew that I’d made the right decision.

They had me workin’ on a tractor right outside their garage, and every once in a while, I’d notice the big old fellow lookin’ my way with the sweetest smile on his face as he wiped his hands off on the rag he kept handy in his back pocket.

I couldn’t help but remember the story my buddy had told me about the big man and how he’d catch him lookin’ at him like that every once in awhile through all of the years they’d worked together, and now that I had witnessed it for myself, my heart went out to them both.

There was so much of Hoss in that big man that it was downright uncanny, but I’d have to say that he showed the softer, sweeter side of his big imposing self a bit more readily than Hoss did.

Perhaps it was his additional years, and perhaps that was just the way he’d always been throughout his whole life, but even though he showed that side of himself more readily, you knew better than to ever get on the wrong side of the man.

I was so happy to be there and doing what I was, that I finished up the work I had to do on that truck in record time. When I told them I had it done and asked if they wanted to check out my work before we started it up, my buddy just smiled to himself and kept to his work as his big old partner put down his tools and walked on out to check it over.

He made a thorough examination of all I had done as I explained a few of the other things I’d spotted and repaired and tightened up, then he stepped down off the running board and put his arm around me as we walked over to get the key and said, “You haul butt, don’t you? I figured that job would keep you busy the rest of the afternoon.”

His partner said without looking up at either one of us, “I told you the man did good work”, then he raised his head up and gave me a wink as we passed by him.

After we fired up the tractor and watched it idle for a moment, I stepped back up in the cab and revved it up a bit while he checked it all out one last time. I put it in gear and parked it out of the way once he dropped the hood on it and headed in to call the owner, then brought the key back to him as he was telling the man he was back in business.

I could tell by the conversation the man was thrilled to hear that, and he and his wife were over to pick it up a half an hour later. By then, I was already workin’ on another one, but the big ol’ fellow wanted me to stop so I could meet the man and explained to him that I was looking to hire several trucks in a couple of weeks or so.

The man was so happy that he was able to get back to work because of what I’d done for him that he offered to call a few of his buddies and help me line up all of the transports I needed. I told him what all I was looking to haul and where and he wrote it all down and gave me his card and told me to call him in a few days.

I shook his hand and told him how much I appreciated him doing that for me, then after he left, I got back to work on that second tractor and was able to finish it up not long after sunset.

While I was putting all of my tools put away, my buddy went inside to fix us up some dinner while his partner called the owner to let him know his truck was ready to pick up. After he got off the phone, he walked out to me and said, “I really appreciate you helpin’ us out like this, I’m keeping track of the work you’ve done. We intend to pay you for all your help.”

I told him I appreciated that because I hadn’t worked for a couple of months, and then commented on all of the tractors they had lined up. He looked around at all of them and said, “I’ve never seen anything like this. We went for a couple of weeks without any work to do, then all of a sudden, we took in six of them in one day and the following day we took in ten more. The rest have been trickling in a few at a time over the past week or so.

I’ve tried to steer some of the work to the place we used to work at, but apparently it’s under new management and they’ve made a lot of changes that haven’t gone over very well, so several of the guys who worked there left to start up a place of their own. I finally was able to track them down to send a few customers their way, but they’re still in the process of getting themselves set up.”

He placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled and said, “You came along at the right time. I can tell you that. . .”

“I’ve enjoyed myself. It’s been great meeting you.”

“The same here. I figured you must have been a pretty interesting fellow for my buddy to have spent as much time with you as he did, but I have to admit that you exceeded my expectations. You really know your stuff, and this fuckin’ truck of yours takes the cake.”

He helped me put away the rest of my tools, then we went inside the garage and he started stepping out of his overalls. He was wearing a t-shirt underneath them and a pair of kaki work pants, and I could see that the man was damned near as stout in his upper body as Hoss was, but when he sat down on a bench to pull his overalls off his big legs, I was shocked to see that he was as well endowed to boot.

That thick, long fucker of his hung down his right thigh just like ol’ Hoss’s did and I couldn’t help but wonder if they looked as much alike as the rest of the two men did. After he stood up and folded his overalls and sat them on top of his work bench, I stepped out of my overalls and sat them on top of his as he finished writing out all I did on the repair ticket and added it all up.

About the time he had it completed, the owner of the truck pulled in with a buddy of his and after he paid up and left, he closed the garage door and we went inside the house.

My buddy had dinner ready by then, so we sat right down to eat, and they talked more about how odd it was that so many trucks in the area had broken down all at the same time.

I helped them clean up after dinner, then we went into the back room the big ol’ fellow had added on to his place and sat down together on the sofa. He sat right down in the middle of it and rested his thick arms up over the back of the cusions, so I took a seat to the right of him and my buddy sat down at the other end. They talked a bit more about what all they thought we could get done tomorrow, then expressed their interest in hearing about the man I had moved in with.

I didn’t figure it was the time to explain that I was actually moving in with three other men, so I just talked about Hoss and how we’d met. When they asked me to describe what he looked like, I just looked up at the big fellow setting next to me and said, “He looks just like you do. In fact, if it wasn’t for the age difference, I’d swear that you two were identical twins.”

The big man chuckled and patted me on the back and said, “Hell, I’d like to meet him. I can’t imagine that.”

“Well I swear you two are identical in every way. The same height, the same hair color and the same build from head to toe. I was surprised as hell when I first laid eyes on you. . .”

My buddy chuckled and slapped his partner on the thigh and said, “Fuck, I wonder if you two have the same fuckin’ dicks.”

The big ol’ fellow reared back a bit as he chuckled and said, “Hell, you never know. . . maybe we do. . .”

My buddy looked down at me and said, “Well what do you think, Bull? Do you think they might be identical in every way?”

I got all red in the face and then looked down at the man’s crotch and said, “It’s pretty fuckin’ likely”, then I looked up at him and said, “His big ol’ long fucker runs down his right thigh just the same way yours does. They sure as hell look to be the same thickness and all. . .”

He chuckled and said, “Awh hell, I bet his is twice as big as mine. I ain’t all that well endowed. . .”

I just grinned and said, “The hell you aren’t. Fuck, I can see for myself that that’s a lie.”

My buddy said, “Now you’ve got the man all excited, Bull. I can see his fucker startin’ to swell up from here.”

The big fellow covered himself with his right hand and said, “Hell, I ain’t used to all this much attention”, and my buddy said to him, “Awh hell, take you hand away from yourself and let the man take a good look at that throbbin’ fucker of yours. Hell, I already told him how fuckin’ big your dick is.”

He chuckled and pulled his hand away from it, then leaned back and raised his arm back up and laid it back behind me. I looked back down at his big fuckin’ dick and could see that it was in fact beginning to throb and swell up, then I looked back up at him and said, “Fuck, that’s a beauty. . .”

My buddy said, “Well it ain’t as fuckin’ beautiful as that fucker of yours is Bull”, then he laid his hand on his big buddy’s thigh and said, “Fuck, you ought to see his fuckin’ dick. It’s the prettiest fucker I ever saw. . .”

The big ol’ fellow wrapped his arm around my shoulders and said, “Fuck, I wouldn’t mind that one bit. . . I don’t supposed you’d be interested in a little three-way action tonight, would ya?”

I just laid my left hand over his throbbin’ fucker and ran it up the full length of it and said, “Hell, I’d love that.”

My buddy let out with a deep, lusty chuckle as he watched me grope all around on his partner then said, “Well what do you think, Bull? Do they feel a lot alike?”

I gave the big man’s cock a good rub and squeeze and said, “They sure as hell do”, then the ol’ fellow lifted up his left arm and leaned my way as he got to gropin’ around on my throbbin’ cock.

Hell, I was gettin’ hard in a hurry for the man and he kept feelin’ all around on it and rubbin’ his thumb over the shape of the head of my swelling fucker and said, “Fuck, that is one pretty fuckin’ cock-head. . .”

My buddy said, “Fuck, pull your fucker out for him Bull, and let him see how fuckin’ pretty it actually is. . .”

The big ol’ boy said, “Hell, I’ll take care of that. . .”, then reached up and unfastened my belt and pulled down the zipper of my trousers then reached down in my underwear and groped around on my fucker for a bit before he pulled the fucker out to look at for himself.

As soon as he got the head of it exposed, he looked up at me and growled, “Fuck, that’s a fuckin’ beauty, Bull. . .”

I made the fucker throb up good for him and he turned his head back down to it and started feelin’ and strokin’ on it good. I got full up hard in no time and then he rolled his big self off the sofa on his knees and got right down to suckin’ on my hard fucker.

My buddy just chuckled all full of fuck-lust as he scooted himself over next to me and rubbed his hand all over my chest. I reached down between his thick thighs and felt around on his stiff, fat cock as the big ol’ man kept suckin’ away on my dick.

He was one hell of a cock-sucker, and had me close to cummin’ in no time at all. As soon as he felt how close I was to it, he pulled himself off of it and held it off for me until he was certain I was back in control of myself.

His partner just chuckled and said, “Yeaaah, I told you you’d be down suckin’ on his fine dick as soon as you saw the fucker. . .” and the ol’ boy just kept his eyes on it as he slowly stroked on it with a firm grip and growled, “Fuck, it’s gorgeous. . .”

“Wait till you see this sonofabitch cum. . . That fucker of his shoots his spunk to the moon. . .”

The big man reach up with both his hands and pulled my trousers down off my butt then reached in and hefted out my testicles and after he got himself a good eyeful of all of my manhood, he raised his eyes to me and growled as he rubbed his hands over the top of my thighs, “You was born to fuck, big man. Yeaahh. . . Look at you. . . You was born to fuck. . .”

I reach up and rubbed my hand on one side of his handsome face and said, “I’ve never had anyone call me that before. I appreciate hearing that. . .”

He smiled and rubbed his hands all over my thighs some more and said, “You’re one hell of a big fellow. You’re fuckin’ beautiful to my eyes. . .”, then he dropped his head back down to my hard fucker and started suckin’ on it some more.

I just watched him suck on my fucker and couldn’t help but appreciate how fuckin’ perfect he looked with a dick in his mouth and knew he’d been a man’s man all of his life. My buddy petted me some and said, “He sucks a mean dick, don’t he? The man loves fuckin’ dicks. . .”

I turned my head to him and reached to unfasten his belt and growled, “I love fuckin’ dicks too. . .” and he grinned and said, “Yeah, I know how much you love a man’s dick. Wait till you see his huge fucker. It’s a fuckin’ beauty too. . .”

Things just got all fuckin’ hot after that, and I have to say that once I did see the big man’s huge fucker, I had to agree that it was a fuckin’ beauty. It wasn’t as long as Hoss’s was, but it was actually a bit thicker and the head of it was the most suckable lookin’ thing I ever saw. Hell, no wonder my buddy had to go out and find himself a dick to suck on every once in a while because his partner’s fucker just brought it all out in a man.

I licked and sucked on what I could on the beautiful head of his big fucker and the ol’ boy stood steady for me and gently rubbed his meaty paw all over the back of my head as I got after it for myself.

As I made my way down the thick, muscular underside of it, my buddy started fingerin’ around in the crack of my ass and whispered, “How would you like to have that big fucker up in you, buddy? Would you like for the big man to fuck you good?”

I was so fuckin’ much in heat for it, I just grabbed a firm hold of the fucker and looked up at the big man and growled, “Oh, I sure as hell would. I’d love to have you fuck me good.”

That fucker of his throbbed good and strong and he growled back to me as he pulled my head right up under his hairy balls, “I’d love to fuck you, Bull. . . I sure as hell would. . . Why don’t we all go into the bedroom so we can get after it good?”

My buddy led the way back to their bedroom and we all started getting undressed. He climbed up at the head of the bed reared up on his knees facing the foot of it, and I got on my hands and knees in from of him and started suckin’ on his fat fucker.

I couldn’t believe how similar his and the ol’ sheriff’s stiff, fat fuckers were in size and shape, and I was lookin’ forward to gettin’ myself another good mouthful of his sweet spunk.

The big ol’ boy started lickin’ on my ass and after he pushed his hard tongue good and deep through my sphincter and licked around inside of me for a while, he pulled his head back and rubbed the meat of his thumb all around on the sticky flesh of it and growled, “You’ve the most inviting fuck-hole I ever saw. I can’t wait to get my dick up in there. . .”

I felt the bed lift up a bit as he got back on his feet and got a tub of petroleum jelly to grease us up good with as his buddy chuckled all full of fuck-lust and rubbed his hand all over the back of my head and said, “I told you he did. . . I told you you’d want to fuck him more than ever once you saw his pretty fuck-hole. . .”

The man dropped his big, heavy self back down on his thick knees at the foot of the bed and walked himself on them right up to my ass, then he rubbed it all over with both of his hands and growled, “Fuck, I don’t have to tell you how much I like a man with a big, round, firm, hairy ass. . .”, then he ran his hands up over and around my big hips and grabbed me by the waist and added, “And I love how it’s all good and full and the way rounds down all nice to his waist just like yours does. . .”

My buddy rubbed his hands all over the back of my head again and as I heard the big man crack open the tub of lube and get himself a good glob of it on his fingers, he said to me, “Get ready Bull. . .   You’ve got the big man all fired up. . .”. The big ol’ boy sat the tub of petroleum jelly aside and then worked it all up in the crack of my ass and finger fucked me a few times until he figured I was good and ready to handle his huge, stiff fucker.

He scooted his big self up closer to me on his knees then he fucked the full length of his big, long fucker up the crack of my ass and up over my back until I felt his sac full of nuts press up against the back of my ass.

I’m sure he did that just to give me a good idea of what I was in for, ‘cause he rubbed his hands on each side of my ass and growled, “You ready big man?”

I just nodded the affirmative as I kept suckin’ on my buddy’s fat, hard cock, and then I felt the big fellow pull his groin back to himself as he reached down for the tub of petroleum jelly again. I could hear the slurpy sound of it as he greased his huge fucker up with it good, then he snapped the cap back on the tub and sat it at the edge of the bed and got himself good and lined up before he guided the head of it right up against my fuck-hole.

I felt the mattress drop down his way some more when he reared his big self back and fucked the beautiful head of his fucker on through my sphincter, then I felt my back arch as he fucked the full length of his long, huge dick up inside of me.

He growled out his pleasures as he fucked me full of his big dick, then he planted his big paws up over the top sides of my round ass where it tapered around to my waist and held me firm there as he fucked the last few inches of himself up in me until we were good and tight together.

I felt his long, huge fucker throb good and strong, and he kept it like that as he whispered all low and guttural to himself, “Fuuuck, you’re hot inside big man” then I felt his big dick throb down as he rubbed his paws all over my back, then felt him make it throb up good and strong again as he reared himself back up and added, “You’re a fuckin’ ball of fire. . .”

He slow fucked me two or three inches several times then slowly increased the lengths of his strokes until he was dickin’ me the full length of his big, long dick, and kept after for a while before I felt his right hand slowly wander around me towards my groin.

When the tips of his fingers touched the underside of my stiff dick right near my balls, he let out a breathy, “Oooooh yeaaahhh. . .” as he soaked up the affirmation that he was fuckin’ a man.

By then, his buddy was slow-fuckin’ my face and rubbin’ his hands all around on the back of my head, then he whispered all gruff to me, “Yeaahh you lucky fucker, you’re gettin’ dicked-up good at both ends. . .”

The two of them worked me up so good together, I was putty in their hands. They had gotten me so relaxed and full of dick and fuck-lust, it just confirmed to me everything I ever thought about older men and how they just seem to fuck a whole hell of a lot better and take their good time with it to enjoy it more than us younger guys do.

They dicked me up good, and took their full pleasures from my ass and mouth before they got on down to the serious business. I could tell my buddy was lettin’ his big partner take the lead on it all and when the big man finally got down to fuckin’ me good, I felt the beautiful head of his fat, suckable dick flare out in my mouth as he watched his big buddy take his pleasures from my hot fuck-chute.

The big man was fuckin’ me good and hard and tellin’ me how fuckin’ hot I was inside, and when that huge, long fucker of his finally got a good grip on him and he reared back and fucked me deep to just let it take on over for itself, his partner started fillin’ my mouth full of his sweet spunk.

Gawwd I loved the smell of that man and the taste of his genitals, and when that throbbin’ fat fucker of his let loose with his first load of his sweet seed, I gobbled it up like the spunk-hungry diesel grunt that I am.

I felt the big man’s huge dick squirt a couple of short, quick hot loads up in me and then it throbbed several times before it let loose with a good long stream of his hot seed. It got me to cummin’ like crazy as soon as I felt it blast through me but I just kept gobblin’ down his buddy’s sweet tastin’ spunk as if I there wasn’t enough sperm in the world to satisfy my man-lovin’ass.

They had both gotten me so hot for some serious get down and dirty man-sex that I couldn’t get enough of it, and the two of them kept fuckin’ and ejaculating so long and strong that I could tell that they hadn’t had any sex in quite a good while.

We were all moanin’ and groanin’ as our respective orgasms got a firm grip on ourselves and after we finally finished dumping out all of our loads, we slowly sucked and fucked ourselves back down to earth.

It took a good long while before the big man gave up fuckin’ on my ass and all the while, he kept tellin’ me how fuckin’ hot and good it felt to him. When he finally pulled himself out of me and saw how fuckin’ much cum I had ejaculated all over the sheets after I rolled over on my side, he uttered “Fuuuuck” to himself as he ran the palm of his hand all through it.

Our buddy chuckled and growled all gruff as he ran his fingers all through my hair, “I told you the man could cum like nothin’ I ever saw before. . .” The big fellow looked over at me and smiled and said, “Fuck, that had to feel good, lettin’ out with all of that. . .” and I petted his big, hairy thigh and said, “You fucked it out of me good big man. . . You sure as hell did. . .   Your sure as hell know how to fuck a man. . .”

He got all red in the face and said, “Awh shucks, I just do what comes natural to me. . .” and his partner said, “I told you you were born to fuck a man all along, big buddy. . . You sure as hell were. . .”

The big fellow grinned at him and said, “You were the only man I ever met that I ever wanted to fuck, but after I first laid eyes on this fellow here, I have to admit that I wanted to fuck him just as bad as I ever wanted to fuck your ass. . .” He rubbed his paw all over my hairy ass and added, “Of course you’ve both got the most fuckable man-asses I ever saw. . . and you’re both cuter than fuckin’ hell. . .   I’m one lucky sonofabitch, I am. . .”

He said that about himself again later after we all took a shower and they changed out the bedding so we could all sleep together that night. He laid on his back between us and groped around on us both for a good while before he patted his buddy on his belly and turned his head to me and said out loud as he continued to grope around on my cock and balls, “I have to admit that it wasn’t until I met this man here that I realized I had strong homosexual tendencies. I would of sworn to anyone that I was a hundred percent heterosexual right up until the moment we met, but the first time I laid my eyes on him and saw how he got around on those thick, stubby legs of his and how they joined up to his big, round fuckable ass, I knew in my heart that that wasn’t true. . .

I tried to put it all out of my mind all through the years I worked with him, but fuck, he was so nice and easy to get along with, it just made me want to get naked with the man all the more. . .

I remember the first time I got off by myself and jerked off thinkin’ about what it would be like to have sex with him, and I have to admit that I cum better than I ever had before when my thoughts got around to what all it would be like to fuck his beautiful round ass. . .

I felt a little guilty about it afterwards, but fuck, every day I saw him after that, I couldn’t control it. I must of jerked off a thousand times thinkin’ about him. And it’s the god’s truth when I tell you that and all through those years, he was the only man I ever saw in my life that made me think those thoughts. . . until today, when I first laid eyes on you. . . Hell, I was ready to get naked with you before we even shook hands. . .”

I reached over and grabbed his big fucker in my hand and said to him, “Well I was feelin’ the same when I first saw your big self. You look so much like my buddy Hoss, I can’t begin to describe it. You’ll just have to meet the man for yourself to see how much truth there is in what I’m tellin’ you. . .”

“I’d like that, I really would. . . but right now, all I can think about is what a lucky sonofabitch I am to have two men in my bed that bring out all of the man-side of me. . .   It’s a dream come true. . . Hell, I guess the fact is that that isn’t even true, because I never actually dreamed of anything like this. . .”

He then patted me on the belly and said, “I’ve been one lucky sonofabitch tonight. . .” and his partner chuckled and said all gruff, “Yeah, you have, and you owe it all to me. . .”

We all got to chuckling some then he asked me, “So tell me Bull, is your buddy Hoss’s dick and his identical as well?”

“Well. . . You’re just gonna have to come pay us a visit and find out for yourself, ‘cause I ain’t gonna tell you. . . But I will tell you one thing for sure, ol’ Hoss wouldn’t hesitate to let you find out for yourself once he gets a good look at you and your big round, hairy ass. They both have that common, without a doubt.”

He patted his big buddy and said, “We’re gonna have to take you up on that in the near future. . . We sure as hell are. . .” and the big man agreed wholeheartedly.

The following day, I couldn’t help but notice they were both feeling their oats. They got to horsing around some later in the morning and the big ol’ fellow started humpin’ on his buddy’s big, round ass when the man bent over to pull some tools out of his toolbox that he was needing.

It was hot watchin’ how the big fellow grabbed on to the top sides of his buddy’s big ol’ butt right near his waist while he dry-humped him good, then he rubbed his crotch all around on man’s big, firm ass and growled, “I’m gonna have to get me some of this tonight. . .”

His buddy fucked his butt hard against him and said, “Well you can fuck that anytime you want. You’d best get you some more of Bull’s hot, young ass while you can big boy. . .”

The big man looked over at me like he was ready to fuck me on the spot and said, “I sure as hell would like that, the big man fucks good, don’t he?”

“Yeah, he does, and he’s got one hot, tight, fuckin’ ass. . .”

He smacked his little buddy on the butt and growled, “Well I can tell you’re in the mood to get you some more of it for yourself. . .” and the old boy stood up and grabbed his crotch and felt all around on his manhood as he said, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind gettin’ my fat little fucker back up in him. We’re gonna have to get him on his back tonight so we can see just how far that beautiful dick of his can shoot a load.”

They were both lookin’ right at me and grinning all big, and the big man said, “Sounds like you’re in for some good fun tonight, Bull. . .”

I just shook my head at them both and said all gruff and ready, “Fuck, I’m ready for some more of what you two dirty old men can dish out. Don’t think I’m not. . .”

They both chuckled and the big man grabbed his crotch and felt all around on himself and growled back to me, “Fuck, I’m gettin’ hard just thinkin’ about it. We’ll dick you up good tonight big man, we sure as hell will. . .”

We all got back to work after that, and I noticed they stepped up the pace of their work. By six o’clock, the big man pulled down the door of their garage and we all got to gropin’ around on one another as we cleaned up after dinner.

I could tell they were both as ready to fuck as I was, and we went straight off to their bedroom and started in on some serious lovin’ and gropin’ as we got one another undressed and my buddy kept his promise about fuckin’ me good while the big man straddled my face and let me lick all around on his testicles as he kept strokin’ on his huge fuckin’ dick.

He was hot as hell for it all and loved watchin’ how his buddy fucked my hot ass. He kept growlin’ to the man, “Yeaahh buddy, fuck him good. . . I love watchin’ you work that big ass of yours. . .”

The old boy just looked down at me as he fucked himself some more of my ass and said all gruff, “I sure love fuckin’ him. His fuckin’ ass is so hot. . .”

They just kept tradin’ off all kinds of shit to one another as the old fellow fucked himself all full of my ass. The sweet smell of him got all good and strong as he worked himself up to a sweat the way he always did back when we had been fuckin’ in the sleeper of my truck.

God I loved watchin’ how he fucked. He put all he had into it, and big ol’ beads of sweat were all over his bald head and drippin’ off his brow when he finally let loose with his sweet spunk. I could tell his orgasm had a good grip on him ‘cause his whole body jerked in a big way every time he finished ejaculating a good long stream of his spunk up in me.

His big ol’ buddy got so fuckin’ turned on watchin’ how the man kept cummin’ that I thought he was gonna lose his own load all over the man, but I guess his own desires to get himself a good taste of my hot ass was what kept him from it.

Fuck, he had himself mounted up on me as soon as our buddy was finished with me and as soon as he fucked his huge, long, hard fucker up my fuck-chute, he bellowed out to his partner, “Fuuuck! Fuck, your hot, sweet spunk feels good on me”, then he growled, “Awgggh. . . Fuuuuck yeaaahhh. . .” as he slow-fucked the full length of his huge fucker in and out of me and soaked it all up for himself.

I got harder than a fuckin’ rock seein’ the expressions he made on his handsome face as he fucked himself full of my ass, and he dicked me so good and right, it was all I could do to keep from cummin’ all over myself.

He looked me square in the eyes and shook his head to let me know how good it all felt to him as his mouth dropped open forming a big grin all full of fuck-lust. I rolled my big butt up to him some more and smiled back at him and said, “Get yourself full of it big man”, and he dropped over me on his outstretched arms and started fuckin’ me with a singular purpose.

Our buddy got himself straddled above my face and I started lickin’ on his balls and his fat, cum-covered cock as the big man drove himself on home, and the closer he got himself to cummin’, the more kept tellin’ me how hot my ass felt to him until all of a sudden, he closed his eyes tight and growled.

His whole fuckin’ body arched up on his arms and then his big belly heaved and I started cummin’ all over it right before I felt his huge fucker ejaculate his hot spunk up my ass.

He squinted his eyes shut tighter than hell and turned his head off to one side as he unloaded a long stream of his seed up in me, then after his whole body bucked back from the all the good feelings he’d gotten from his prolonged ejaculation, he looked me square and growled, “Hell yeaahh!” then fucked himself good and deep up in me and unloaded another long stream of his hot seed up in me.

He bellowed out after his huge fucker finished ejaculating long and strong, but he kept himself deep up in me as it got to throbbin’ itself full of another load, then fucked me even deeper right before it let loose with all of his seed.

I never felt so full up with dick in all my life and our bodies writhed all good and tight together as we both emptied our fuckin’ nuts. My heart was beating a mile a minute and my whole body was flush full of heat after I shot out the last of my spunk all over the three of us, and the big old fellow just kept growlin’ to himself as his huge, throbbin’ fucker kept ejaculating every last drop of what the man had in him in short, strong spurts.

Our buddy whispered out, “Oh fuck, boys. . .” then quickly stroked himself off another load that landed all over the two of us. I could tell that fuckin’ orgasm of his hurt him some, but he just had to get it out of himself, and after that, we all just collapsed together and wallowed around in all of spunk that he and I had shot all over us. Hell, we all fell off to sleep all sweaty and caked-up with the stuff, and throughout the following day, I noticed that both of those old boys kept grabbin’ onto their nuts occasionally and complaining about how much they ached to one another.

I figured they might not be in the mood for any fuckin’ that night, but hell, they were ready to go by the time we closed up their shop. We fucked every single night I spent with them, and there was no lack to all of the ways they had in mind for dickin’ me up good each night.

The day I drove back to the sheriff’s grandpa’s farm, all I could think about was how much I’d become all fuckin’ dick-hungry ever since I had showed back up to Hoss’s place and had gotten involved with both he and the sheriff down at the river that day.

I know a lot of it had to do with the sheriff himself and the influence he’d had on me ever since I first met him. There was just something about that man that made me proud of who I was and embrace my sexuality in a way I never thought I could, and I now knew that a lot of why the sheriff was the way he is had to do with his grandpa.

Fuck, I was so ready to have that big man stuff me full of his enormous dick that I started gropin’ around on the man as soon as he opened the door and let me in. After being by himself for nearly two weeks, he was so ready to fuck me good, he was already half-way hard as soon as I felt him up.

He hugged me, then petted me all over my back as I got myself a good handful of his manhood, and then he fucked me like he hadn’t gotten himself a piece of ass in years. He just kept slow-fuckin’ me and lookin’ down at his huge, hard fucker gettin’ itself a hot piece of ass like he hadn’t seen the sight of that in decades until he got himself so fuckin’ straight up hard, he had to drop his huge self over the top of me to keep it up inside of my ass.

God the man was fuckin’ hard. That enormous fucker of his felt like steel in me and I could feel every fuckin’ vein on it as it rippled through my fuck-chute. It felt so goddamned good in me, I started cummin’ all over the two of us and he growled out his satisfaction as he did his best to fuck me completely dry.

I was exhausted, and all but fully spent by the time his wicked-hard fucker let loose with his thick, creamy seed, and I guess for that reason, it felt like cannon fire in me every time he blasted my ass full of his heavy load.

My stiff fucker started cummin’ all over again right as he unloaded the last of all he had inside of his huge testicles, and afterwards, he grabbed my fucker up in his hand and stroked it like only that man could.

No other man on earth can man-handle a dick like he can. Whether he’s strokin’ it up to get you off a good load, or strokin’ it down to prolong all the good feelings of your orgasm, once you experience the expert, manly touch of his strong hands, you know that he was simply born for man-fuckin’, and that’s all there is to it.

I slept like a fuckin’ baby in his arms that night and the following morning, he corn-holed me for a good two hours before he finally got us both off good. After that, I was in a daze the rest of the day as the trucks showed up and loaded up all the rest of his stuff.

We fucked and slept on the floor that night, and headed out to our new home the following morning, and by the time we arrived, Hoss and the sheriff had most everything of his set up in the house and for the first time, every single room we had added on to the place looked inviting as hell.

We didn’t get around to having dinner until late in the evening, then we all retired in his room and fucked the night away. I took all three of their hard fuckin’ dicks up my ass that night and made sure I was full of all of their spunk before I finally let loose with my own load.

It was ol’ Hoss who finally fucked it all out of me, and I have to say that after he got through expressing all of his many-ways to me, it got me so hot and fired up that I shot my load all over the fuckin’ room.

The sheriff and his grandpa were up on their knees on either side of me and kept pettin’ me and rubbin’ their dicks all over me as ol’ Hoss had his way with my spunk filled ass and after he and I shot off our loads, the four of us rolled around and hugged and groped on one another until damned near daybreak.

That was the first time Hoss and I ever saw the sheriff and his grandpa get so physically intimate with one another even though it took a good while before the two of them started gropin’ around on one another.

It all culminated when the sheriff crawled down between the big old boy’s legs and started lickin’ on his huge orbs and the deep underside of his thick shaft until the man got so fuckin’ hard we all knew he wasn’t gonna be able to sleep until he fucked himself some more man-ass.

Hoss and I just stayed out of the way and stroked on our own throbbin’ cocks as we watched the two of them get after it and I have to say that I never saw anything so fuckin’ hot in all my life once the ol’ sheriff rolled over on his back and raised and spread his big ol fuckin’ hairy thighs apart and held them in his hands while the big old boy mounted him up and fucked him full of his huge, stiff dick.

Just by the way they went about it, you could tell the two of them had developed a routine they had become comfortable with many years before, but when the big man began his penetration, it was apparent that the sheriff was no longer used to handling his grandpa’s huge, hard dick.

He groaned and sweat broke out all over his brow as the big man slowly fucked him full of his huge cock and it was only after the big ol’ boy got the sheriff’s thick hairy legs up around his broad chest and got himself mount up on him a bit higher and gave him the dick a few of times that the sheriff finally dropped his head down on the bed and growled to the huge man, “Yeah, fuck my ass good pops. Show me the way a real man fucks . .”   and after the big ol’ bruiser fucked his ass good and full a few times, he growled back to him, “Yeah, I’ll fuck you boy. I’ll fuck you good, son. I’ll teach you all the ways your ol’ grandpa likes to fuck. . .”

The big man just kept slowly fuckin’ his grandson full of his huge cock until he saw he was finally getting used to his huge fucker and was finally deriving his own pleasures from it.

Once he saw the sheriff was full up hard, the big ol’ boy quickened his pace and allowed himself to take his own pleasures from the man’s hot ass and I have to say from that point on, I never saw two men fuck the way they did. It was damned near brutal the way they went after it and as the sheriff got closer and closer to blowing off his load, the big man just kept mounting him up higher and fuckin’ him harder until his grandson was all but rolled up into a big ball.

It was apparent the sheriff was lovin’ the way his grandpa was pummeling his big, hairy ass, and by then, the sound of all of their man-flesh pounding together dominated the room, and when the big ol’ boy growled to his grandson, “Is that how you like it boy? You like gettin’ your fat hairy ass fucked good and hard?”, the sheriff blew his load all over himself.

He had his huge fuckin’ legs wrapped around his grandpa so tight and had his huge fuckin’ dick fucked in him so deep as he blew out his first load that the big bruiser growled out as he felt his grandson’s prostate throb good and tight against his own huge fuckin’ cock.

I knew by the sound of it that he was ready to ejaculate his own fuckin’ load and when I saw the crack of his big ol’ ass tighten up and his huge fuckin’ nuts crawl right up under him good and tight and the way the continuation of his huge fuckin’ dick at his perineum began to pulsate, I started cummin’ all over the man.

Fuck, I’d never seen all of the workings of the big man’s genitalia when he was fuckin’ out his load and it was all so fuckin’ huge and in plain sight of me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

I think he and I both shot our loads at the same time and after he felt my hot spunk land all over his big ass, he growled, “Awwh fuck yeaaah!” and ejaculated another big load up the sheriff’s ass and then the sheriff growled, “Oh yeah grandpa! Fuck my ass full of it!” and after that, the big ol’ boy’s huge cock just kept throbbing and unloading in him nonstop and the big ma would let out with a deep “Uggghhh!” that would last the duration of his ejaculation.

Every time he did, my fuckin’ dick would shoot off another load like it had a mind of its own until my fuckin’ nuts were all but bone dry.

My fuckin’ balls ached like hell, but my fuckin’ dick wouldn’t let up on them until the big man finally pulled his huge fuckin’ daddy-dick out of his grandson’s ass and began rub-fucking it all over the man.

By then I was so exhausted I rolled over on my back and dropped my head down on the bed and watched the two of them finish out their post-coital ritual out the corner of my eye, and I have to say that I never saw the sheriff so far gone and full of cock lust as he was over his grandpa’s huge fuckin’ dick.

The big man just groveled all over his huge fucker and couldn’t seem to get enough of it until he had his grandpa’s huge dick and balls licked clean, and by the time he got it all out of himself, the big old boy’s huge fucker was all but soft.

Once he knew the sheriff had finally gotten his fill of it, the big man rolled over on his back beside his grandson and wrapped his arm under the big man and it wasn’t until then that I realized ol’ Hoss had also contributed a fair amount of his own fuckin’ spunk to the melee.

The two of them just chuckled at how covered they both were with all of our fuckin’ spunk and after they wiped themselves up, we all rested and groped around on one another some more until we all gathered up enough strength to get up and shower off and put fresh sheets on the bed.

Even though we hadn’t slept the whole night long, we were all too wired up to sleep so we headed to the kitchen and fixed ourselves some breakfast then lounged around for a few hours before we finally retired and slept through most of the day.

It wasn’t until several days later that we finally got all of the fuckin’ and suckin’ out of our systems and managed to settle into a productive routine to prepare for the winter, but once we had everything taken care of and the first flurries of snow began to fall, the spunk began to fly all over again.