WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/M con, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 4
Guidance from an angel

On the way to the stadium I told my son he didn’t have to go through with playing football for the university if he didn’t want to. I have to admit I thought he might be getting a bit over his head since he’d never played it much in high school, but he just smiled and said, “Don’t worry none dad. I’m sure I can handle it. I just don’t want it taking up all my time and keeping me from my studies.”

“After you said what you did to the coach last night I figured he’d pass on you. I have to admit I was surprised as hell when he shook your hand and took you up on the deal.”

“I wasn’t dad. I always kinda figured I’d be approached by someone to try out for the team. Even coach Harmon told me I should just go and ask to try out for the team cause he figured the same thing would eventually happen anyway. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. It’s just as well though. I’m sure they will want to put me in some kind of training program for the summer to get me in better condition.”

“Well don’t’ over do it son. I know how you can be once you get it set in your mind you’re gonna do something.”

He looked over at me and grinned. “Yeah, I guess I got that from you didn’t I. You were pretty determined last night yourself.”

“Now that’s a whole other matter I don’t want to get into right now son. You was needin’ that as bad as I was. We’ll discuss all that after you meet with the coach. I’m not worried about you playing football son. I am a bit worried about what kind of shape your gonna leave their precious football field in once you start wallowing around on it. I’ve never seen a kid that likes to rut around in the dirt like you do son.”

He laughed and winked at me then said, “I like ruttin’ around with you better dad.”

“I’m well aware of that now son.”

I didn’t know what else to say. I wasn’t sure how he ever got the way he was until last night when he told me about when he was a little boy and he saw me naked for the first time in the bathroom.

After I saw myself in that damn full length mirror last night in the hotel room, I could see how he could have easily become fixated on my crank. It must have seemed like a separate entity to him when he was that age. Hell, most the time it seems like a separate entity to me - especially when, after all these years, I’ve had to go off by myself and try and satisfy it’s need on my own.

You tend to feel disassociated from it doing that to yourself all the time - you look down at it and have at it like it’s some kind of aberration you have to deal with just to make it go away and eventually, it wears on you psychologically. I was beginning to feel as though it wasn’t a part of myself I could share with anyone else - especially once I realized the damn thing was just too damn big for a normal person.

It’s strange. When I look down at myself and hold it in my hand when I’m taking a piss or even when I’m having a private session with myself, it doesn’t seem at all abnormal to me, but last night when I stood in front of that mirror and I saw how low that fucker hung and how thick and fat it was compared to the other guys I’d seen, everything my son had been trying to get through my thick skull all this time finally came home to roost.

I wished for his sake I’d never passed along to him that part of myself. I was grateful he wasn’t as big as me, but he was still considerably larger than any of the men I’d seen during harvest - enough to where the average person, male or female, would have a hard time ever handling what he had to offer and I didn’t want him to go though all the hell I’d been through in my life because of it.

I was aware that much of what I had suffered through the years was due to my own ignorance, but being aware of the facts, didn’t change matters much at all. It would damned-near be a miracle if either one of us ever found someone with whom we could have a fulfilling sex-life, but I sure as hell knew we couldn’t be turning to one another to satisfy our sexual needs for the rest of our lives.

He wasn’t aware of that. He was still a man-child and the child part of him wasn’t yet willing to free him to be a man until it’s suppressed needs were gratified, and it was now clear to me I was the only person on earth who could pacify that child enough to allow my boy to become a man.

Nothing in my life had prepared me to handle or cope with what was going on with my son. I felt confused, but most of all I felt isolated. Where the hell could a father like me turn for guidance when faced with a situation like this?

This just ain’t somethin’ that is ever likely to come up in regular conversation. . .

I parked the truck on the street about a block from the stadium and as we walked towards the entrance, a big bull of a man greeted us and introduced himself as the team trainer. He appeared to be in his mid-fifties and was chewing on a fat cigar stub. He broke into a big smile as he saw us approach and I immediately had good feelings about him before we ever shook hands, but when we did, I couldn’t help but notice his firm grip and feel how muscular his hand and fingers were.

He led us inside to a room that was obviously where he did a good amount of his work. It was shaped like an “L” and at the entrance there were about ten or twelve lockers that lined the walls on each side with a couple of benches in front of them. In the back, there was couple of sturdy looking padded tables, some cabinets and two doors - one was a bathroom and the other led into his office.

He motioned for us to take a seat on the benches on the right and began talking as he dug around in one of the lockers on the left.

“Coach just called and he will be here in a few minutes. I guess I don’t have to tell you he was out late with a number of our alumni, he told me that’s were he ran into you guys. Where the hell are you from?”

I let my son to the talking as I watched the man rummage through the locker until he finally pulled out a tape measure and a clipboard and sat them on the bench in front of him. He then raised his leg up high and stepped over it and took a seat beside them. For some reason, the way he reached down at his crotch and pulled himself up as he sat reminded me of my father. He used to do it the same way when he took a seat. He used one motion to pull up his testicles then reached down a bit further to pull up his crank with his index finger like he was pulling up on a rope.

He was shorter than either myself or my son, but he had a broad, stout build with a thick chest and huge shoulders and arms supported by a nice, firm middle-aged girth that he carried well. A comfortable feeling came over me as I watched him. I felt as though I was meeting back up with an old friend. He was animated and moved his big body to and fro as he talked which eventually caused his white polo shirt to unbutton on its own mainly due to the girth of his thick neck and chest. His chest hairs were long and thick and curled up under his neck and spilled out on to his shoulders. He wore a dark pair of loose fitting trousers, which were now gathered tight to his crotch and were filled out by his thick thighs and broad, sturdy knees.

My mind wandered off as I examined his handiwork. The shape of his bulge between his legs and the way his crank bent up near his groin then ran down his beefy thigh looked much like my dad’s crotch use to look. A funny feeling came over me as I realized how watching this man simply sit down had triggered all of these forgotten details I had cached away in my mind about my own father. When I looked back up at him, I saw he’d been studying me as well. He gave me a wink and wrinkled his nose in a funny way and I noticed for the first time, the steely gray color of his eyes.

We talked for a quite a while until he finally stood up and stepped up on the bench with the tape in his hand and asked my boy to come over to him so he could get his measurements. I excused myself to go use the men’s room and by the time I returned, he was in his office talking on the phone. When he finished the call, he came out and explained that he needed me to say here and go over some paperwork, and that the coach was waiting for my son in his office. Once my boy had left, he locked the door to the room explaining that he didn’t want to be interrupted while we went over everything.

He led me to his office and asked me to pull a seat up next to him at his desk then sat down and opened up a folder full of papers. He shuffled through them for a moment then turned to me.

“I can tell this is all new to you. You’ve got quite a fine boy. He reminds me a lot of my own son.”

“Well thank you sir. I’ve tried to do right by him but being a father has turned out to be a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. They sure seem to grow up fast once they get started.”

“They sure do!” he said with a laugh. “I don’t guess I have to tell you that your boy is the biggest kid I’ve ever seen come through these doors. That’s why I needed to get his measurements. I’m gonna have to special order his equipment for him.”

“You’re kidding aren’t you? The few times I’ve watched football on TV, I’ve seen plenty of fellers that looked as big as he does.”

He looked down and smiled then made a expression like he’d suddenly realized something. “I forgot to get his shoe size. Do you happen to know what it is?”

“He wear’s the same size shoe I do now. Size fifteen if I remember correctly. There aren’t many stores out where we live, so we order them out of a catalogue.”

I hefted my leg up on my knee and untied my shoe. I looked for the size myself, but I couldn’t find it so I took it off and handed it to him. He rolled his cigar around in his mouth as he examined it.

“Looks to me like it’s a six and not a five. I just need a general idea. The shoe company just sends us a bunch of sizes and lets the guys try them out until they find the ones they like best anyway. I just need to make sure they send some in his size range. Do you mind going over these documents and signing them? If there’s anything you don’t understand, just let me know. I’ll explain it to you. Take your time. Your son is going to be with the coach for a couple of hours so there is no need to hurry.”

Mostly the papers had to do with insurance and the school’s liability in case my son got injured while playing for the team. He was patient with me and explained in detail the parts I didn’t understand until I was comfortable with what I was signing off on. While we were doing this, I couldn’t help feeling that there was some kind of communication going on between us that transcended the spoken word. We traded a few stories about our sons and he was honest with me about the risks involved in playing the game and spoke of an injury his son had received when he had played. We took our time going over the papers together and shared stories about our boys along the way. By the time we were finished, I felt like I had known him and his son all my life.

It was strange. In that short amount of time we spent together, I felt a closeness to him like I used to feel towards my own dad and I got the feeling he felt the same about me. He picked up one last single sheet that had 'Student Housing Agreement’ printed on the top of it, but he put it back in the folder and set it aside.

He looked up at me and there was a pause in the rhythm of the routine we had established and we both just looked at one another as though we’d been long lost friends. He took the cigar stub out of his mouth and set in an ashtray, then when he looked back up at me, his face got a little red as he spoke, “I noticed when I was taking your son’s measurements that he seems to be pretty well endowed.”

“He has certainly grown the last year if that’s what you mean. He’s damn near as big as I am and I’m not sure if he’s done growin’ yet or not.”

He laughed and nodded down at my crotch and said, “It’s evident he takes after you in more ways than one. I didn’t want to embarrass him so I didn’t say anything to him, but I’m a bit concerned because I’ve got to make sure he’s properly protected down there. Would you say that you and him are about the same size?”

“Well, like I said, he’s damn near as big as I am. He’s grown a lot in the past year and you know how that is. He has a hard time keeping his hands off it nowadays. Hell, it looks to me like you know damn well how it is. I saw how you had to pull yourself up when you sat down. You reminded me of my father the way you went about doing that. I’d image if they make a jock to handle what you’ve got it’ll fit him fine as well.”

His face turned even redder as he realized I was turning the tables on him. I figured what the hell, at this point, there wasn’t any use in trying to ignore the obvious.

“So I remind you of your father do I?”

“Yeah, you do some. I think you two would have gotten along pretty good.”

“The way you say that leads me to believe he is no longer with us.”

“He and mom were killed in a car accident a few years after I was married. About fourteen years ago.”

He looked down at the floor then looked back up at me and said, “You seem pretty young. How old were you when you got married?”

“Nearly fourteen. It was arranged by our parents. That’s the way things were done back in their time. We live way out in the sticks so there wasn’t much opportunity for socializin’. Anyway, I didn’t mean to get too personal. It’s just that I feel you and I have a lot in common and I think you feel the same.”

“Yeah, I do. I can’t put my finger on it just yet, but yeah, you’re right. I feel it the same as you.”

“Well I can sure as hell tell you there is one thing we don’t have in common and that is football. I don’t know nothin’ about football, so you’re the boss. I figure workin’ around here, you see more naked men in a day than I’ve seen in my whole life so if you have concerns about my boy, go ahead and spell it out for me. You know more about this than I do. I’ve never worn one of those crazy lookin’ things in my life. Hell, I didn’t even know there was such a thing until my boy went off to high school and we had to buy him one. ”

He laughed and asked, “Does he still wear one now?”

“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen it hangin’ out on the clothesline for the past year or so. Maybe he’s out grown it. He hasn’t said nothin’ about it though. They surely make 'em big enough to fit him. Like I said, if they make one big enough to handle what you’ve got, I’m sure it’ll fit him fine.”

His eyes lit up and he smiled and seemed to reminisce, “You know, come to think of it, I haven’t worn a support since I quit playing ball myself. I have no idea if I could fit into one of those damn things now or not. You know how it is when you get up to be my age, your equipment starts hanging lower.”

“Yeah, like I said, you reminded me of my dad. He was about your age before he passed away and he used to grab his balls up then pull up on his crank a couple of times to get it all out in front of him before he sat - just like you did. To be honest with you, I never realized I’d remembered that about him until I saw you do it just like he use to. You remind me of him in a lot of other ways too though. He was a gruff old son of a gun and hairy as hell, just like you.”

He smiled and laughed then looked down at the floor a little embarrassed.

“You’ve got to be gruff around here or these kids will run all over you.”

“I’m sure of that. I’m having a hard time just keeping up with one.”

“I bet. I remember how it was when my boy was his age. He was a ball of fire and horny as hell too. We became real close right before he started college. I can tell you two are close. The way he looks at you, it is evident he’s mighty proud of you. Consider yourself lucky. A lot of men grow old and never get to know their sons intimately.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. It wasn’t just the words, it was the way he said them. I suddenly got the impression he had gone through a lot of the same stuff with his boy as I was going through. I almost poured my heart out to him right then and there, but I decided not to until I was a little more sure about what he’d meant.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll be glad to try on one of those supporters for you if that's what you’re hintin’ at. Just as long as you put one on with me. That way I won’t feel so embarrassed about it. Like I said, I’ve never wore one of those in my life. They look mighty uncomfortable to me. Hell, the first time I ever saw my son’s, I couldn’t figure out how the hell you was supposed to wear the damn thing. I never told him that, but come to think of it, I’m pretty damn certain he’s out-grown the one we bought him a few years back. He’s had to by now.”

He smiled and chuckled. “From what I saw, it looks like he’s out-grown the entire product line. That’ll be something if I have to special order him a jock! Your boy’s gonna cost me a pretty penny as it is with all the other equipment I’m gonna have to order for him.”

He led me out to the training room and pulled out a couple of boxes from a cabinet. “Think a fifty-two will fit you? It’s the biggest waist size I’ve got. It will stretch a bit.”

He handed it to me and winked. “This one’s got the 'jumbo’ pouch too so there should be plenty of room for your family jewels.”

“I’ll give it a try. What size do you wear?”

“I’m a forty-eight. You can leave the cup in when you put it on or take it out then slide it back in place after; whichever is the easiest for you.”

“Cup? What cup?”

“Oh. These have a plastic insert that covers you for additional protection in case you take a helmet in the groin.”

“It’s a damn foolish game if you ask me. I don’t know why all of a sudden he thinks he wants to try and play it.”

“You mean he has never played before? I can’t believe as big as he is his coach at school didn’t insist that he try out!”

“I told you we live out in the middle of nowhere. The school he goes to has less than fifty kids in it. They could barely field a team let alone pay for all the equipment. He’s played football, but not like they do in bigger schools.”

“Oh. I didn’t realize his school was so small. However, many of our best players come from small rural schools.”

We sat down beside one another on the bench and started undressing. Once we had our shoes off, we both stood up at the same time and slipped off our trousers and shorts then sat back down to pull them off. He started putting on the support first and I looked over at him to see just how it went on since frankly, I couldn’t figure out which strap went where. I had my leg nearest to him bent up as I tried to get my foot untangled and he looked over and saw that I was fumbling around.

“Put your feet through there. . . yeah, like that.”

When I raised up my other leg to get that foot through the opening, my cock flopped over on top of my thigh and hit him on the arm just as he stood to pull his up. He turned toward me and stopped what he was doing.

“What the hell! Why didn’t you just tell me you had a donkey dick and save us all the trouble! I don’t think there’s any way your gonna get all that in there!”

He reached down and pulled his up to his waist then reached down and lifted his crank up in his hand and folded it up then slipped it in through the side of the pouch. He didn’t seem to notice that half of his balls were still showing, but I sure did. He had the hairiest pair of nuts I ever saw in my life, you could barely see the skin of his sac the hair was so long and thick. He stood in front of me as I started to pull up the support.

“Hold on a minute! You’ve got the straps all twisted up. Take it off and try it again.”

I stepped out of it and tried to untangle it, but all I did was make matters worse. He reached out for it and I handed it to him.

“Man I knew you were packin’ some stuff but I had no idea. No wonder you wear your pants are so loose-fitting in the crotch, you need all the room you can get down there.”

“I noticed you wear yours pretty loose as well. You got that fucker of yours folded up in there pretty quick. Looks like you haven’t forgot how to get one of these things on.”

“I’ve had a lot of experience. I guess it’s like riding a bike. Here, try it now.”

I ignored the play on words and managed to get it on without getting it all tangled up. I squeezed my balls together and managed to get them covered, but a good bit of my crank was sticking out the side. I pulled it out and tried folding it up and sliding it in through the side like he did, but I didn’t do it right and one of my balls slipped out.

We both started laughing like a couple of school boys and he stood up and pulled his out of the pouch and let it hang then said, “Here. Grab a hold of it like this then lift it up and cup it in the palm of your hand then stretch it out with your other hand and slide 'er in there. Yeah, like that.”

“That feels pretty good, but it seems a bit snug.”

He tugged on the front of the waist band. “Yeah, it’s a little tight for you. You need a few more inches in the waist, but that isn’t going to give you any more room where you really need it.”

He winked at me and I smiled to hide my embarrassment. “How much smaller is he than you?”

“Oh, maybe an inch or so, but he’s damn near as big around as I am.”

“I could say the same about my son. You know, most dads never see their sons naked after they get to be a certain age. Sounds like you’ve gone through a lot of the same things with him as I have with mine.”

That stopped me in my tracks. I slowly looked up at him and he nodded at me in a way that told me for certain we’d both been through the same thing with our boys.

I weighed my words carefully and my voice was measured, but I knew I had to say what I was about to say. “I realize that, but I guess most dads don’t have what we do. I’ve found out that can get mighty intriguing to a young boy.”

He looked me in the eyes and nodded acknowledgement of what I’d meant then motioned down at my crotch and said, “That would be mighty intriguing to a grown man let alone a boy.”

“Sounds like you and I have had a lot of the same experiences. There’s no way you could hide what you’ve got from your son either I bet. Did he take after you in the hair department? You’ve got the hairiest body I’ve ever seen! Your balls are completely covered.”

“He sure did. Runs in the family. My dad was covered with hair. Looked like a gorilla.”

“So did my dad.   To be honest with you, this thing is beginning to get uncomfortable.”

“Well take it off. I can tell I’m gonna need to call the company and see if they can’t make up some a bit bigger for him. Before you do, do you mind if I get a measurement? You can’t play football worth a damn if your equipment isn’t comfortable. Especially the equipment between your legs!”

I laughed and said, “No, go ahead. It don’t make me no never-mind.”

He got the tape measure and squatted down in front of me and wrapped it around my bulge then pulled on the waist band as far as it would go.

“I’d say a couple or three inches in each direction would do the trick. Does that feel about right?”

“It feels a lot better, but I’m not sure how tight they should fit.”

He reached down and felt his own crank in his support then reached up and felt mine.

“That feels about right to me. Sorry, I didn’t mean to. .   .”

“Do what you need to do.”

“Why don’t you hold this out for me.”

I grabbed the waist band and held it out while he ran the end of the tape down under my crotch and up to the top then he stood up and went to write down the numbers on the clipboard he’d used to record my son’s sizes. I went ahead and pulled off the damn thing and stood up and when he returned he sat down in front of me and pulled his off too. He looked up at my crank which was about eye level to him and smiled.

“Damn son. That is one fine lookin’ piece of manhood. I bet that is one mean lookin’ fucker when it’s hard.”

“I was just thinkin’ the same thing about yours.”

“I don’t get as big around hard as you are soft. You don’t get that much thicker do you?”

“Actually, I do.”

He looked surprised. “If you don’t mind me asking, how did you ever manage to conceive? I’ve had a number of women turn me down in my life once they saw how big I was.”

I sat down next to him and decided to share with him a part of my life I’d never told anyone other than my son.

“Like I said earlier I got married when I was young. When my dad saw I was getting sexually active, he arranged for the marriage. We had the boy a year later and I was still growin’. By the time I was eighteen, my wife cut me off, said I was too big for her. Being the fool I was, I thought she was talkin’ about my body, not my dick. I never went to high school so I never really seen any other men naked. I had no idea I was bigger than most guys. I should have done the same with my boy but I guess that wouldn’t have been possible anyway. Folks have a different way of doin’ things nowadays. I’m beginning to doubt he’ll ever find a woman that can handle what he’s got to offer. I know how sexually frustrated I am and I’d hate to see him go through life the same. Besides, I know we aren’t the ideal when it comes to handsome.”

He put his arm around my shoulders and tussled my body some then said, “What do you mean? You both are fine looking men. At least in my opinion you are. I wouldn’t worry about that if I was you.”

I looked over at him and felt he was serious about that. I put my arm around his back and rubbed it.

“That’s mighty kind of you to say that. I think you are one handsome feller too. I bet you have to beat these city women away.”

“Well I get lucky once in a while, but I came to accept the fact I’m more of a man’s man many years ago.”

I looked away. There was that expression again.

“It’s strange that you described yourself that way because that’s what my son recently said about me. I didn’t know how to take that at first, but I’m starting to accept he was probably speaking the truth. Seems like I do have a lot of men that like to come visit me even though I live pretty far away from anyone. They usually come alone without their wives, I think my wife gets a bit upset about that but she’s never said anything outright.”

He turned to me and said, “Well like I said, that would be mighty intriguing to a grown man let alone a boy. I bet your reputation has spread far and wide where you live. I’ll tell you right now, you’ve got the heftiest equipment I’ve ever seen in my life by a long shot. I don’t guess you get a chance to get out much where you live, but I can tell you that I’ve been approached as many times in my life by men as I have by women when I go to a bar.”

“Have you ever taken them up on it?”

“I never did until. . .”

“Until what?”

“Until my son. . . well, he kind of made me realize what was going on. I’m guessing the same way yours did.” He reached down between my legs and hefted my crank in his hand. “It’d be mighty difficult for a young man to not be curious about that.”

I realized for the first time just how big his hands were as he fondled my cock. They were warm and meaty and fit around my crank better than my own. I reached over and took his in my hand. “You’ve got a beautiful crank yourself. It’d be mighty difficult for a young man to not be curious about that as well.”

We looked at one another with an openness that I had never felt with anyone in my life, and then he began to tell his story.

“My son had just turned twelve about a month before his mom decided she needed some time away from us - me mainly. She went to visit her family and the very first night she was out of the house he came and snuggled up in bed with me. She and I were having our differences at the time. We tried to hide all that from him, but kids just know when things are not quite right between their parents. I just figured he needed some reassurance and didn’t think much about it. I put my arm around him and he pressed himself closer to me and I felt goose bumps pop out all over his body. I figured the hair on my arm was tickling him so I kissed him on the top of his head and fell off to sleep.

Several hours later I woke up. I remember I was laying on my back as I woke and realized I had a hard-on. I knew something wasn’t quite right because I never woke up at that time of the morning with an erection. It took me a minute or two to figure what was going on. Finally I realized that he had slid down towards the foot of the bed and was slowly and lightly feeling me up.”

He looked me in the eye. I have no idea how I must have appeared to him, but the relief we both felt by getting this off our chests was apparent to both of us. Neither one of us was getting hard, but we continued to fondle one another as naturally as if it was an everyday occurrence.

He jiggled my crank and said, “I don’t know how it was like for you, but I knew boys started playing around with their peckers at that age and would often as not, experiment with a friend. Hell, my friends and I fooled around when I was a kid. I tried to hide it from my parents but my dad knew all along what was going on. He never said anything to me about it, but I’m old enough now to know he knew about it all along. He probably did the same when he was a boy - hell, it’s normal!

I didn’t want to ruin the boy for life by making a big fuss about it, so I just quietly lay there and let him have at it. I remember being nervous as hell at first, but I managed to get my wits about me and reasoned that he just didn’t have any friends he felt close enough with to feel comfortable doing stuff like that.

I remember the first time I ever popped a boner. I sure as hell was curious to find out if the same thing happened to my dad. It’s just part of growing up.

I swear this is the truth, after a few minutes of trying hard not to think about what was happening, I somehow managed to relax with it and believe it or not, I fell back to sleep! It was a Saturday night. We had played an away game and I’d taken him with me. By the time we got back to the house, I was exhausted but he was all wound up. You know how kids are at that age.”

I smiled and said, “I sure do.”

He looked down at my hands on his cock for an instant then looked back at me and smiled. “When I woke up I realized he had somehow managed to get me off while I was asleep. My chest and belly was covered with so much dried up spunk, I knew only I could have shot off all that. At least that’s what I believe to this day. He was sound asleep and I felt around the sheets down toward the foot of the bed and sure enough, I found a spot where he had ejaculated some, but who knows? He might have spent the night jerking off all over me. I’ve never mentioned that night to him so I don’t know the real truth about it all.

I remember slipping out of bed and taking a shower hoping somehow it would help me think straight about all this, but frankly, I came up with nothing. Nothing in your life really prepares you for something like that as I’m sure you know.”

I nodded, and as crazy as this may sound, I didn’t say anything. I just let my hand on his cock speak for me. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I remotely was aware of how unlikely it was that we were doing what we were together, but it all seemed so perfectly natural to me and I didn’t want anything ‘logical’ to get in the way of what we were sharing.

He smiled and communicated back to me in the same manner then continued talking.

“I knew, or at least I thought I knew, I needed to figure out a way to not let it happen again without saying the wrong thing or making him feel rejected. Hell, I knew I had a lot of fathering left to do with him and I didn’t want to have something as trivial as this come between us. I didn’t want things to end up to where he wouldn’t seek me out for guidance when he really needed it.

I knew with his mother being gone, I might be in for a tough two weeks but as it turned out, the next night he went to bed in his own bedroom without me having to say or do anything.

I was relieved as hell, but I had a hard time sleeping that night and about an hour later I could hear noises coming from his room. I knew what he was up to. I swear the little squirt spent the whole night playin’ with himself. His bed springs started makin’ noises and his head board began thumping against the wall and I knew he had to be in there humpin’ on something. The next morning I gathered up all the sheets and washed them and sure enough his pillow cases where covered with his spunk. I couldn’t believe that he was ejaculating so much at such a young age. Hell, I don’t think I remember shootin’ a good sized load until I was about sixteen or seventeen! I knew right then he was growing up a lot faster than I did.”

He hefted my crank in his hand and I looked down at it and said, “I was like he was. I was shootin’ off by the time I was his age. I guess that’s why my parents married me off. But I was a late bloomer like my boy. That thing didn’t start really growin’ big until I was sixteen or so.”

He smiled and caressed it in a way that showed me how much he appreciated it. I returned the gesture and he smiled again. We both knew how special and unusual this moment was for the both of us and there was no sense in even trying to acknowledge with words what we were experiencing. It all seemed so perfectly natural, that words would have just gotten in the way. We were communicating our understanding with our hands and saving the words to tell our stories.

“Anyway, to make a long story short, he confessed to me years later that he was pretending he was rubbing himself off on my 'big ol’ dick’ as he put it using those pillows, but at the time, I figured that was the end of it. I finally managed to put it out of my mind. It wasn’t until he was sixteen that he finally realized he couldn’t suppress his desires any longer without going off the deep-end. That was when he finally made it clear to me that it was I whom he wanted and needed the most.

He was near as big as I was by then. We had headed out on a week-long fishing trip that day and I could tell by the conversation and the way he was acting in the car that something was up with him. It was that first night in the cabin he just let it all out. We’d gone at it pretty hard that day. We’d hiked up the hills from the cabin until we got to this farm land. The guy we were renting the cabin from warned us not to go over on the guy’s land. He said to look out for bears, but he made it clear that it was the 'bear’ that owned the farm land we needed to avoid.”

He stopped and smiled at me apologetically, but I didn’t really think nothin’ of it.

“Anyway, the man that owned the place apparently had quite a reputation with the locals, but it seemed so isolated up there that we went ahead and slipped under the fence and kept hiking until we came up to the most amazing thing I ever saw in my life.”

“What was that?”

“At the top of this steep rocky hill was this pool of water that was fed by an underground spring. It looked like someone had decided to build a swimming pool in the middle of nowhere. It was completely lined with huge, flat sheets of granite and the water was crystal clear. Neither one of us could believe it. We spent the rest of the day right there. We finally got the courage to strip down and we horsed around in that pool till late in the afternoon. He got very physical once we were in the water and kept wanting to grapple around. He’d sneak up behind me and wrap his legs around me pretending he was trying to dunk me into the water but the way he pressed his cock up against my ass gave me a pretty good idea he had other things on his mind. I didn’t say anything about it, but I had a funny feeling that wasn’t going to be the end of it.

It was pretty late by the time we got back to the cabin. We made ourselves a sandwich then I went in the bathroom to take my shower first and damned if he didn’t come in and get in there with me. He said he just wanted to me to scrub his back for him. He was at that age where he’d break out with a pimple or two on his back once in a while so I got a clean wash cloth and scrubbed it for him.

The damn shower wasn’t all that big and we could both just barely fit in it and it was all I could do to prevent my dick from rubbing up against his behind. When he turned back around to face me he was sportin’ a pretty good boner. It was sticking out enough to where it was rubbing up against me. There was no way I could ignore it, so I made some comment about how he was growin’ to be quite a man and he said something to the effect that he didn’t think his dick would ever be as big as mine. Then damned if he didn’t squat right down in front of me and started carrying on about how big and beautiful it was and how he’d love to see what it looked like when it was hard.

It wasn’t just his body language, it was the way he said it that told me just how bad he was needin’ it. I don’t know what came over me but I just told him to go ahead if that’s what he really wanted. I figured I rather have him try it out with me than with some stranger.”

He paused to get my reaction.

“That’s exactly the way I felt. You can tell when someone is obsessed with something and that’s almost exactly what my boy said to me. There is no question in my mind that what brought this on for the both of us is the fact that they’d been around enough men by that age to realized just how much bigger you and I are.

Hell, I still don’t know what to make of it all, but all I know is when he got his chance, he was down suckin’ on it like a sugar-teat and sayin’ stuff like he wanted me to make him a man. I already told you I wasn’t getting any from the wife, so he really got to me at a weak moment. I thought I could taunt him about not being able to satisfy me and make him stop, but the more I did, the deeper he went down on me until he had the whole damn dick down his mouth. By that time, I was a goner. I don’t think I’ll ever blow a load off like I did that day. He sucked down every drop of it and licked the head like he was getting nectar from a flower.”

I felt his cock start to throb and I squeezed it tight for him and pulled the blood up to his knob and watched it swell. His face turned flush and his big old hand started working my crank in earnest.

He looked down at himself getting hard and said, “When I first looked down and saw my boy sucking on that thing, it struck me as being was the most beautiful sight I ever saw. All those other thoughts I had about it just went away. Just seeing how badly he heeded to get that man-stuff all over him made me realize the role I needed to play in his life. At first, I was thinking like you were and I did the same as you did. I ground this fucker in him until I thought he couldn’t take it anymore, but he just kept after it.

He never got it all down his throat, but he took care of the rest of it with his hands. I don’t know how long I just horsed around with him like that, slappin’ it on his face and on his mouth. I know it was quite a while, but somewhere along the way I realized he could go on like that forever and wasn’t going to stop until he had my spunk. I guess at some point I thought that once he got a taste of it, that might cure him for good, so I made sure I was really worked up before I let loose on him.”

He felt my cock throb big and strong in his hand and he stopped and looked down at it. I made it throb again for him and he grabbed it up near the base of the shaft with his palm down on the underside of it and massaged the big vein.

“You have big hands. If your son’s hands are as big as yours, I could see how he could get you off good.”

He kept watching my cock grow and I felt his stiffened up along with mine. It was a beautiful dick. Whereas the head of my cock is blunt and round, his was more elongated and penile. Just sharing our differences within the same likeness in such a way had a powerful effect on both of us. We fell into a lustful rhythm that drew us closer to one another until we were kissing one another passionately. He explored my mouth with his tongue in a way that demonstrated his seniority and his dominate role and I willingly acquiesced. He kissed me all over my face and told me what a beautiful boy I was. I’d never been called 'beautiful’ in my life but I knew from the way he said it, he truly meant it from the bottom of his heart.

That had a profound effect on me that I haven’t forgotten to this day. I melted in his arms and put my head on his chest and held him tight. He swelled and returned my embrace then ran his fingers through my hair and for some reason I got the notion I wanted to suck on his nipples. I let my hand slide up under his shirt-tail and felt the warm fur that covered his body. He kissed me on top of my head and as I raised up his shirt, he guided me to his round, prominent man-nipple and I began to suckle him like a baby.

He didn’t say nothin’ for the longest time, he just let me lick and suck on his man-teat then eventually raised his arms up to pull off his shirt. The smell of his man-flesh under his arms got to me and I buried my head in his arm pit and lapped at his fur.

“Heh heh. You like all that man-stuff too don’t you son?”

I exhaled, full of need and passion and was breathing heavily when I spoke.

“I sure do big daddy. Something came over me the moment I met you. Something like I’ve never felt before.”

“I felt it too son, but you’re the big fellow here. Why you almost make two of me young man, but I have to say I like the feel of your big body on me. Get all of it you want son.”

He clamped his arm around my head and I felt his big bicep flex and press against the back of my neck as he guided me back toward his other nipple.

“It feels good what you’re doing to me boy.”

He grabbed my hand and pushed it down on his crank so I’d know how hard I’d gotten him by sucking on his teat. I stroked it gently for him and felt it throb hard and he pushed my head down in his lap and I began sucking his beautiful daddy-dick for him.

I couldn’t believe the feelings that came over me as I did. I felt like I was his son and I became intensely focused on pleasuring him just as my own son had done with me.

He rubbed the back of my head with both of his hands and gently but firmly coaxed me further down on him. His man-musk engulfed my senses and I became intoxicated by it. I reached down and cupped his hairy balls in my hand and slid my tongue down his shaft to suckle on them, but I couldn’t bend down that far.

He coaxed me off him then stood in front of me and lifted up his crank and offered them to me.

“Go ahead.”

I began to lap on his nuts and he began to talk me through it.

“Yeah! That’s it boy. Lick them hairy old balls. That feels good. You like them hairy fuckers?”

I looked up at him and smiled, “Oh yeah big daddy! Them are the hairiest balls I ever saw in my life.”

He tousled my hair and said, “Then get 'em in your mouth and lick the sweat off the back of 'em boy. Get all that man-musk all over yourself.”

He ground his cock all over my face as I suckled on his testicles then he lowered his groin down to let me get them both as deep in my mouth as I could.

“Damn! You’ve got them both all nice and wet buddy!” He laughed with pleasure and said, “A man sure as hell couldn’t feel what your doin’ to me if he was with a woman, that’s for damn sure! You’ve been needin’ this for a long time haven’t you?”

I guess I did, but I didn’t bother to answer. I just kept sucking on his nuts and he began to stroke himself with vigor. I could tell he was getting harder and harder as his cock slapped up against my forehead. Then I felt his balls begin to tighten up against his groin.

I licked them good all over then let then let them slip out of my mouth. I reached up and grabbed his crank near his groin. He was strokin’ himself further up near his beautiful cock head and looked down at me when I took hold of his crank.

“Yeah! Work that part for me while I get after it up here.”

“Let me suck it down for you big daddy!”

“Naw, it’s better for me if you work that part down there.”

I stopped his hand and looked up at him and said, “I can handle it big daddy. I can handle all of it. Shove that fucker down my throat and fuck my face good!”

He looked surprised, but let go of the head of his cock and wrapped his meaty hand around the middle of it and fed it to me. He pushed about a third of it in my mouth and stopped. I looked up at him and put my hand on his hand to let him know I wanted more.

“You want more of it?” He sounded genuinely surprised, but he let go of it as he pushed himself deeper into me. “Well here, take all of it you can son.”

I sucked all of it down into my gullet at once, and he reared back and bellowed.

“FUCK! You’ve got the whole damn dick boy!”

I put my arms around his ass and pulled him towards me coaxing him to pump it inside me. He went slow at first as he got harder and harder, but when he realized I was able to handle it, he just let loose on me.

“Fuck, buddy! There ain’t nobody that’s ever been able to suck all of me down like that!”

He grabbed the back of my head with his strong hands and began having his way with me.

“Suck that fuckin’ dick you big, beautiful cocksucker!!

Get after it good boy. Yeah!”

He started grinding his crank around in my mouth and his big belly started heaving.

“Damn! That’s one hell of a pussy-mouth you got son!

Yeah suck it like that.

That’s better than any pussy I’ve ever had!”

He grabbed his shaft in his hand and rubbed his swelling, penile, knob all over my lips and just inside my mouth then let out a pleasure-filled guttural laugh that spoke volumes about our combined conspiracy. I wrapped my tongue around the tip of his crank and looked up at him. His steely gray eyes were fixed on me and he pursed his lips tight up under his thick, bushy, moustache as he fought to maintain control of himself.

His stomach heaved and he exhaled hard as his cock filled me with his sweet pre-cum in preparation for his seed.

“Damn! That’s so pretty!”

He rubbed his hands all over my face like he was examining a fine, marble sculpture then started fucking it like he’d never fucked before in his life. His thrusts were long and powerful and I could tell he wasn’t holding back for nothin’.

“Shit! You’re gonna ruin me boy lettin’ me fuck myself all the way down you like that!”

He pulled himself almost full out then grabbed my head and fucked himself all the way down me in one big violent thrust and held me down on it.

“Ahhh! FUCK!!!”

He unleashed his spunk down my throat with a fury that only an old bull like him could muster. I kept as much of it as I could in my mouth to let him get a good feel of his own hot spunk all over his crank, but I finally had to swallow deep, and when I did, I swallowed the head of his thick, long crank right down with it.

He cried out a boisterous, deep moan that made the metal lockers in the room vibrate as his cock started throbbing with abandon. His body began shivering and shaking out of control and I knew then that he was getting’ that hot, burning feelin’ my son gave me the first time he sucked me off.

I held him steady while he gorged himself on the pleasure and he patted me on the head in appreciation as he reared back and let his cock explode deep inside me.

Each time he shot off, he cried out his anguish under his breath. His stomach would then heave and he would try to fuck himself even deeper inside me to get another taste of my hot gullet.

He did this over and over greedily until he was finally spent and was finally able to speak.

“Ahhhh! Fuck that feels good!

Damn boy!

That’s some hot fuckin’ stuff buddy!

I could taste that heat all day long, , ,


He had spunked me up good before he ever loosened his firm grip on my head and went back to rubbing his meaty paws through my hair. Then he reared back and thrust himself back in me one last time and let out a guttural laugh that filled the room.

“Damn! Where have you been all my life big buddy? My nuts are fuckin’ aching!

Shit! I don’t fucking believe what you just did to me!”

He slowly pulled himself out of my mouth then pushed my head down to his balls. I licked and soothed them for him as he massaged the tip of his crank in his palm.

“You’ve ruined me boy. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

He patted me on the head then turned and walked into his office. He dug around in his desk and pulled out a bottle of massaging oil and returned with it and patted his hand on one of the padded tables just outside his office.

“Come over here and let me try to take care of that monster of yours.”

I walked over to him and he took my crank in his strong hands and began kneading it.

“There ain’t no way I can suck you off like you did me, but I want to return the favor the best I can. Lay down on that table and let me work on that big motherfucker! Take your shirt off and lay it over there.”

Once I got myself up on that table, he sat the bottle down on it and leaned over and kissed and licked my cock like it was a delicate flower. “You’ve got the biggest, most beautiful dick I ever saw in my life son. Look at that mean motherfucker boy! You’re son is right. You’re a man’s man if there ever was one! Hell, only another man could ever appreciate how fuckin’ beautiful that dick is. It’s too damn big and mean lookin’ for a woman to appreciate!”

He smiled and hefted it in his hands, it feeling it’s weight, then kissed it one last time before he worked the oil in his hands and rubbed it all over my manhood. The feel of his big hot hands all over my crank shot through me like fire and I laid back and savored his expert touch.

“That’s it. Lay back and relax and let your big daddy take care of you son. I thought I’d seen it all in my life time, but you’re a man among men that’s for damn sure. The biggest cock I ever saw wasn’t that much bigger than my own and you’re telling me your boy is damn near as big as you?! I find that hard to believe. There ain’t no way he was able to suck all of that off.”

“You remember how you just said I’d ruined you? Well he ruined me. I was tore up for months. I was wantin’ it again so bad, I was havin’ a hard time livin’ with myself. I was wonderin’ if I could pleasure a man like he pleasured me, but when you started shiverin’, that told me all I needed to know. I’m glad I was able to satisfy you. I really like you buddy. I’ve needed an older man in my life like you. I’ve just never realized it until my son did what he did. Do you and you boy still get together like this?”

“We sure do. He’s married and has a couple of boys of his own, but he still needs his dad ever once in a while. After the first time I was tellin’ you about earlier, I think I knew then he would always need it from me. When I finally unloaded, he drank up my spunk like it was mother’s milk.

Heh heh. . . that got you excited hearin’ that didn’t it? Or did I find a magic spot?”

“I think a little bit of both. That feels damn good!”

“Now don’t watch what I’m doing. Just lay back and feel it. I swear I think I could blow another big load just holdin’ on to this big, beautiful cock of yours! You got the biggest balls I’ve ever seen too. I bet you blow a big load!”

“I might not right now, him and I went at it big time last night. That was just the second time for us. I was more the aggressor this time, but I could tell he was wantin’ bad himself. He was playin’ with himself in the truck all the way up here. He didn’t try to hide it none from me.”

“I thought I could sense that about you two when I first met you. If you don’t mind me sayin’ so, he had that freshly fucked looked about him. I can always tell when the guys on the team loose their virginity. There’s that change in them you can’t miss. You said you was the 'aggressor’ did that mean you sucked him off?”

“Yeah, I let him have a taste of his own medicine. I wanted him to know what it was like. I’m glad to find out I did a good job for him. I’d never sucked a dick before. Now I’ve sucked two in less than a day.”

He smiled and giggled. “Damn! You’re a natural, that’s for sure! I’m still stiff just thinkin’ about what you did to me. I don’t guess I have to tell you it’s damn near impossible to get fully satisfied when you’re hung like we are.”

“You’re doing a mighty fine job on it right now big buddy. Yeah! That’s feelin’ real good! Your hands are fuckin’ amazing! I couldn’t help but notice them when we first shook hands. I can tell you used them a lot. You sure as hell know what your doin’ don’t you?”

“I sure do boy. Like I said, I figured out a long time ago I was a man’s man. I enjoy helpin’ out a man that can return the favor. Especially when he’s as beautiful a man as you are son. Yeah! That’s it. Fuck! That thing’s getting even bigger!”

“You’re getting’ me close to blowin’ it big daddy. Stay with me.”

“I’m right here buddy. Shoot a good one for me boy. Let her rip. Show me what you’re made of you big, beautiful stud!”

“Stroke it faster. Yeah that’s it! Stay on it you big bull! Work that fuckin’dick! Yeaaah! Ohhh! FUCK!”

“Oh man! Shit! I feel that motherfucker pumpin’! Damn! Your shootin’ all over the place boy. Fuck! That crank is haulin’ ass! Yeah! Give it to your daddy boy!”

I started buckin’ like a rodeo bull once he got me goin’. I realized right off this guy was an expert at doin’ this but I couldn’t believe how quick he was able to get me off. He had me blowin’ spunk all over the place I didn’t even know I had in me, but what got me most was how his steely eyes lit up bright as the sun as he watched me fire off my load.

Just seein’ how thrilled he was at watching my crank shoot off got me even more excited and I just kept blowin’ spunk all over him and everything else just for his own personal pleasure.

In that moment, as I shot more and more of my load for him, I felt like I had finally seen through to the man he really was. He was like a big kid with a brand new toy and he was enjoying every minute of it. He had thrilled at every throb and pulse of my crank from the moment he started and I knew right then and there he was a bull-fuckin’ cock-man at heart.

It was a revelation and a breakthrough for me to the other side of my own sexuality. I felt as though I’d just walked through a hidden door and there he was greeting me - the big bull-daddy that he was - showing me the way and letting me know it was perfectly fine to be a man’s man.

He kept massaging my crank expertly and spoke to me in a soft, deep, all-knowing voice as the last of my orgasm subsided.

“My big beautiful man, you did right by not depriving your son of this magnificent cock. He’d be obsessing about it for the rest of his life if you had denied him. I know how it is son. I know what you’ve been through, but believe me, you did the right thing. Because of you, and what you have done, he will be able to get on with his life and develop a full and complete sexual appetite.

As for you and I, well I think you like this man-stuff as much as I do. There’s some irony to it all when you think about it, but I worked through all that a long time ago. I see only the beauty in it now. For me it’s a form of expression that transcends anything I ever felt with a woman. I hope you feel that too.”

“I do feel it. . .   I feel like I am seeing right through to your heart and soul and not just the physical being that I’ve found so intriguing when we first met. I was just thinking on the way over here how impossible it would ever be to find someone to discuss the things I have been going through and now all this has happened and well. . .   I can’t help thinking you’re some kind of angel, an answer to my prayers. I hope someday we will meet again.”

He smiled the sweetest smile I ever saw and said, “I’m sure we will my friend. You plan to come see your son play football don’t you?”

“Well to be honest, it never has much interested me and I’m not sure that having my son play it will make it any more interesting to me, but I’m sure I’ll make it up here for a game or two just because I know he would like that.”

He let my cock lay down across my stomach and bent over and gave it a kiss near my balls.

“That is one fine fuckin’ cock son. You’re one hell of a beautiful man.”

“It’s nice to be appreciated. So are you.”

He led me to the private shower he had in the back of his office. We embraced and kissed with the same passion we had when all this started. He could tell I was needing all this affection in the worst way, and looking back, I realize now how well he handled me and the entire situation. While we showered and scrubbed one another down, he mapped it all out for me.

“Whatever you do, don’t let your son know about this. Not because it was me and I will have to face him every day, but because he isn’t ready to accept that about you yet. Right now he sees you in a totally different light and would only get jealous and angry, but eventually, once he is able to wean himself from you - which he will - he will feel guilty that he had something to do with changing you.

That is inevitable. Especially if you ever let him know how you now are. But I recommend that you do when the time is right. He will recover from that with your help.

But believe me when I tell you this - no matter how far he goes in life or how happily married he may seem to be, eventually he will need you once again. I wasn’t able to pick up on that at first, and my son and I fought for many years until I finally figured out what it was he was really wanting. It was difficult for him to admit that to himself after he had become a father and was raising two boys, and I guess he felt he couldn’t confront me with it until after we had our outs and then went through the process of making back up.

It was all his doing. There isn’t much of anything my son could do to make me not love him. I felt helpless at the time, but all I could do was stand by and let it all play itself out. He’s now the happiest he’s ever been. So am I for that matter because I know he’s finally become a real man, his own man and not someone else’s idea of what a real man is.”

He reached out and put his hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry you lost your dad at such a young age. You still need him. Hell, we all could use a father through most of our lives but unfortunately, that isn’t the way it always works out now is it?

You’re a fine young man and you have a fine son to boot. Don’t worry about him while he is here, I’ll probably end up seeing him most everyday. I’ll let you know if he ever starts getting out of line and I’ll help keep an eye on his development.

Oh shit! That reminds me, we’ve got to take care of his housing situation. I’m going to recommend that he stay in an apartment and not in the dorm with the rest of the team.”

“Why is that?”

“I just don’t think that would be good for him. He isn’t the only young man his age still developing and experimenting sexually. It becomes a peer thing and your boy could easily become the star of that show if you know what I mean. I just don’t think in the long run it would be good for him or for the team for that matter.

I’ve been at this a long time. I’ve had to deal with teams where all that boy-lust carries over to the locker room. It makes it a hell of a lot harder for us to do our job here. Often, we have to just let the ones involved go. I’d hate for that to happen to your son. I really like him. Hell, I liked both of you as soon as I met you. I know it may not make much difference to you, but I hope he turns out to be as big an asset to the team as he now is to his father.

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, but the coach is really taking a big chance by taking him on like this - especially considering how little experience he has, but hell, if I’d seen him walking around on campus, I would have done the same damn thing. We won’t actually know until he gets started, but I hope he takes to it and good things come out of it for him.”

“Oh I wouldn’t worry about that. Once he sets his mind to something, he usually gets what he wants and I think he really wants to play. To be honest with you I think he’s doing it for his own self esteem - the macho aspect of it all. Hell I don’t need to explain that to you knowing everything you know now.”

He laughed and slapped me on the back. “Hell, you aren’t as dumb as you look are you?”

“Now I know what you really think about how I look!”

He reached up and pulled my head down to him and kissed me passionately. “No, that’s how I really feel about your looks big fella. You are one big beautiful man and don’t let anyone ever tell you different.”