WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/B con, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 5
Bringing it all home

During the trip back home from enrolling my son into the university and getting him signed up to play on the football team, he and I began the long transition from being father and son to being best friends. We both sensed the change in the dynamics of our relationship and we now felt free to discuss any subject that came to mind.

Despite all the horsing around we did last night, he was still as horny as a young bull. Perhaps it was the movement of the truck and the fact he didn’t have anything else to do while I drove, but after we were on the road for awhile, he was at himself, and kept pulling at his crotch until his thick, long crank was full and firm. He was deep in thought the whole time and I was certain he wasn’t even aware of what he was doing because he didn’t try to hide it from me and never said a word all the while. He just sat there and slowly worked himself up as he gazed out the window.

He finally got hard enough that he became conscious of what he’d been doing to himself. He looked down at his handiwork - it ran down his thick thigh and angled up toward the top of his pant legs - then he slowly ran his hand down the length of his shaft and looked over at me.

“Damn. I’m getting all hard again dad.”

I looked over at him and he made it throb several times for me to see. “I used to get hard like that when I was your age.”

“What do you mean? You still do dad.”

“I mean, I used to get hard-ons several times a day. Half the time I didn’t realize it until it got uncomfortable in my pants. That’s what happened to you.”

“Yeah, but at least you were married when you were my age.”

“I told you before that your mom and I practically stopped having sex after you was born. That’s when she started telling me I was too big. I was still a growin’ young man when you was born. Just like you are now. By the time I was your age, we stopped havin’ sex all together. You keep makin’ that thing throb like that and you’re gonna have to undo your pants to give it more room!”

Watchin’ his cock throb made me aware of my own and how bound up it had become in my pants while I was driving. I took my hand off the steering wheel and pulled at my own crotch to get a bit more comfortable. He watched as I adjusted myself and after I finished, he reached over and felt me up.

I think he expected that I was starting to get hard, but I knew that wasn’t gonna happen any time soon. That team trainer of his had drained me good while he had been visiting with the coach in his office. I was still more or less preoccupied thinking about everything that had happened between his trainer and I.

I was smitten with that man. He had reminded me so much of my own father when he was alive that I began to understand my own son’s need to have me actively participate in his sexual development. In a way, I wanted nothing more than to be back there with him, but I knew I had a lot of other things in front of me to take care of - not the least of which was getting my son ready to be out on his own.

“Dad I’ve noticed you always have your dick off to the right. Do you put it there on purpose or does it just want to hang that way?”

“Now what kind of question is that? With some of the questions you come up with, you’d think you just grew a dick yesterday! You know damn well your dick ends up hanging where it damn well wants too!”

I looked over and winked at him. “Of course in your case you might not realize that since yours is sticking straight up most the time.”

He smiled and started tickling the underside of my shaft with the tips of his fingers just right up under my cock head.

“You’re not gonna be happy until your old man is as hard as you are, aren’t you? You don’t want me to cause a wreck do you?”

I glanced back over at him and he was now rubbing his cock with his right hand while he fondled mine with his left.

“I can’t believe you’re as horny as you let on especially after shooting off that huge load of spunk like you did last night. I figured that’d calm you down for a day or so anyway boy.”

“Seems like I’m horny all the time now dad. I try not to think about it but it’s hard not too when your dick starts jumpin’ around in your pants.”

“Yeah, that used to happen to me. I know how it is son.”

“So what did you do?”

“What do you mean?”

“So what did you do about it since you said you and mom weren’t having any sex?”

“Well, I’d use my hand on it like you do boy! What kind of question is that?”

“I was just wonderin’ is all. You didn’t try to find someone else?”

“Out where we live!? Back then, there wasn’t even half the people livin’ around us as there is now, and I don’t have to tell you how few people live near us today. Naw, I just used my hand on it. It’s hard to completely satisfy your needs like that though. I don’t guess I need to tell you that.”

“Where did you go to do it dad?”

“Oh, I’d go off to the barn or I’d just pull it out of my coveralls while I was on the tractor and have at it while I was plowin’ the fields. It’s not like anyone’s around to see anything, but like I said, it doesn’t completely satisfy me. Every once in a while I have to get off by myself and take my time with it to really get a good load off. I usually put some oil on it and really go at it with both hands when I get all horned-up like that. I usually have to go at it pretty serious a couple of times a day for several days until I finally get over it.”

He chuckled and gave my crank a tug. “What do you think about when you jerk off dad?”

“I think about a lot of different things son. I guess the more frustrated you get, the more mixed up your fantasies get as well.”

“Like what?”

“Well sometimes I think about your mom and other times I think about some fantasy woman that I’d pretend I had met somewhere far away.”

“Did you ever think about any other guys?”

“No. Not really. Once in a while I’d pretend I was some handsome stud that had more women than he could handle. Is that all you think about is other guys son?”

“Not really dad. Just you. You already are a handsome stud dad! I’ve jerked off for years just thinking about your big ol’ dick and what you’d be like when you are all horned up.”

“You know son, ever since you’ve told me how seein’ me naked in the bathroom had such an effect on you when you was young, I’ve wished I’d been more careful about locking the door.”

“Your hung like a horse dad. You can’t hide that fact. I would have picked up on it sooner or later.”

I could tell he was far from getting over his old man’s cock because he ran his hand up and down the full length of my shaft when he said that.

“You’re damn near as well-hung as I am now son, so I don’t really believe that you want to play with mine just because of that. Don’t you have any interest at all in the opposite sex?”

“Yeah, I do, but all the girls at school look at me like I am some kind of monster. They all say I look ten years older than I am.”

“Well you have matured a lot in the last year. I won’t deny that. That’s why I. . .”

“That’s why you what dad?”

“Well that’s why I just went ahead last night and well, you know. . .”

“No, I don’t know dad. Why did you do it? Tell me what’s on your mind dad. Just get it out. Last night you said it was because you wanted me to feel what it was I’d done to you.”

“Well I did want you to feel it son because I know how it must be for you. I just told you how it’s been for me all these years. It ain’t natural for a man to have to go off by himself all the time and try to take care of his sexual needs. Like I said, you never really get satisfied. It starts driving you nuts after a while. A man needs more than that. A man needs to be able to express himself sexually with someone else. It ain’t just about getting your rocks off boy. I just don’t want you to have to go through what I have all these years especially now that I realize what you’ve been saying all this time is true.”

“What was that?”

“What you said about me being bigger than most men and all. Hell boy, you’re damn near as big as I am. Have you thought about that?”

“Yes I have dad.”

“Well then you know you can’t be lookin’ to marry up with some petite woman like your mom son. When you get back to that university, you better think about dating a woman your size if you ever want to have any children of your own. Do you ever think about being a father?”

“Yes, I have. I think I’d like being married and having kids dad, but like you say, I doubt there are that many women that could handle me.”

“That’s for damn sure! And I ain’t just talking about your dick, son. You’ve been a handful the past year. I should have married you off when you was younger before your dick got so big, like my dad did me. My dad knew what he was doing. I’ve been such a fool about all this. I thought I was being more modern and up with the times. I feel like I have let you down in a way.”

“And that’s why you did what you did last night. . .”

“That’s right. I wanted you to feel what sex is supposed to feel like to a man. You may never get that thing a covered with pussy as big as it is now son.”

“Does pussy really feel that good dad?”

“It feels real good boy. But the first time you sucked my dick, I realized that felt just as good, but in a different way. That’s why I wanted to do the same for you. I wanted you to know how good it felt when you get it all hot and slicked up right and proper. I don’t want you to end up being a jerk-off for the rest of your life.”

“It felt really good dad . . . I almost shot off as soon as you started suckin’ on it, it felt so good. I had to fight hard last night not to cum too soon for you dad. I knew you was wantin’ it to last cause I could tell you was needin’ it bad too.

You know dad. I know the first time you didn’t think what I did was right. Now I see why all this has been so hard on you cause it does feel real good getting your dick sucked. I didn’t realize how sexually frustrated you were. I always figured you and mom had sex all the time. When I did that, I just wanted you to teach me stuff about sex and show me how a man goes about it. I have to admit I had never even thought about suckin’ on your dick until I first saw it getting all hard.”

“Well now you know your old man hasn’t had much more experience with the fairer sex than you have son. I’ve been real mixed up ever since you did what you did. You have know idea how I’ve had to change my way of thinking. I could tell you was needin’ it bad last night the way you was acting around me on the way up there yesterday, and you’re right, I’d been needin’ it bad myself. I won’t deny that.

I’m just worried about all the negative effects that this can have on us. I can’t be your partner like that all the time boy. It wouldn’t be good for either one of us in the long run. I love you way too much to let this get out of hand and ruin our relationship. I understand and accept the circumstances that have led to this, but I can’t be coming to you all the time for sex and you can’t be coming to me for sex all the time either.”

He nodded like he understood, but I could tell he really didn’t.

“I just wanted you to know what it felt like when you got your dick all slicked up right and proper and have someone who cares about you pleasurin’ you. I don’t want you to spend the rest of you life goin’ off by yourself and hiding your needs from the world. If you end up partnering with a man, then so be it, but I hope before you decide on that, you will at least try to give the fairer sex a chance.

Listen son, in every relationship there has to be a dominant and submissive partner or things just won’t work out in the long run son. Trying to make a relationship work between two dominate males will be a waste of time for you.”

“You don’t think two people can have a equal and balanced relationship? That’s all you seem to hear about nowadays dad.”

“These modern notions that both members can have equal say is a bunch of hogwash. Mr. Haney is a prime example of that. He makes no bones about the fact that his wife runs the show. I don’t think any less of him because of that either. They’ve been happily married for twenty years now. He’s a good man. They can talk all they want about both partners having an equal say in a relationship, but the simple fact is that one of them ends up making the majority of the big decisions and generally speaking, that person also has the dominant sexual role.

It’s a moot point when it comes to us anyway. There ain’t no way that either you or I could ever be submissive partners in a relationship with someone our own age. First of all, I don’t think it is in either one of our make-up to be that way, and secondly, I can’t imagine anyone who would ever be interested in us sexually, would expect us to be the submissive partner considering how physically dominate we are. It just doesn’t fit. We just can’t wear that suit and if we did, people would look at us like there was something wrong with us.

The point I’m trying to make is that you have been submissive to me mainly because I’m your dad. It’s your place in our relationship, just like I was submissive to my dad, but it doesn’t suit you when it comes to the rest of the world, son. That’s why we can’t let this get out of hand. You have your whole life ahead of you and I won’t always be here for you so I can’t, and won’t, let you become dependant on me like that or in any other way. You have to get out in the world and become your own man, boy.”

He thought that over for a minute before he spoke.

“I see what you mean dad but I really enjoy pleasurin’ you. I like how you just let it all go. I like seein’ all the expressions you make when you have your way with me. I like feelin’ your powerful body drivin’ your big ol’ crank down my throat. I get pleasure from all that. It gets me all horned up too. I don’t think of myself as being submissive, because I like it.

If I’d been completely submissive to you I would have stopped like you told me to the first time, but I sucked your cock anyway cause I wanted to. When you think about it, I took the dominate role and insisted I was gonna get what I wanted.”

“OK, you’ve made your point son, but that does nothing more than reinforce what I’ve been saying. If we went on like this, eventually one of us would have to end up being the dominant partner and I know damn well it wouldn’t be me. How would you have liked it if all I did last night was to make you suck my dick without even caring about your needs? You might think it’s fine one time, but you’d grow tired of that real fast and you know it. You’d end up hating me for making you do it for me without being concerned about your own needs. You know I would never intentionally do that to you, but the fact is that in the long run, one of us would just naturally end up being the dominate partner and we both know who’d that be. That’s the point I’m trying to get through to you. It’s a dangerous road and we’re not going down it.”

“But you deserve it dad.”

“What do you mean ‘I deserve it’?”

“I mean you deserve bein’ pleasured! I hate seein’ you get like you do when you don’t get a chance to express yourself sexually. I’ve known for years, back when I was a little boy, you wasn’t always happy with mom. I could tell. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized it had to do with sex, but I could sense it even when I was young.

Let’s face it dad. You and I are both are way too big for 99% of the world out there. Hell, you know as well as I do that most of the guys we know couldn’t get even the head of our cocks in their mouths let alone suck ‘em all the way down like you and I can do for one another.

I’ll always be submissive to you because you are my dad, but don’t think I’m that way with anyone else. You talk about how I should look for a lover my size that can handle me, but what about you? You’re still young too, you know. I understand you being concerned about all this - I’ve thought about it myself and I think it’s good we’re talking about it because what we’ve done has changed us both forever. It has already changed the way we relate to one another. I think it’s better now in all honesty. I understand you better. You would never have told me all the things you have about yourself if our relationship was still the way it was, and I’d still be jerking off in the barn fantasizing about you and wonderin’ who you really are.”

I knew it was my time to speak, but I was trying hard to let everything he’d just said sink in. I was surprised how one minute he could talk so lustful about my ‘powerful body driving my big ol’ crank down his throat’ and the next minute talk like an adult about our relationship and how it has changed for the better.

They seemed like two separate personalities, and I couldn’t put the two together in my own mind, but it all seemed to fit like a glove for him. I knew he was younger and had a more agile mind than I did - not to mention the fact that I knew he was a hell of a lot smarter than I was - but I’d lived long enough to know that often it is the smart ones that end up making a total wreck out of their lives.

I weighed everything he said by taking into account he still had a strong lust for my body, but what I heard from him was that he did it because he loved me and was concerned about my own mental well being. Hell, I loved him more than anything. I’d done what I did mainly because I loved him and wanted him to get past all this and I knew, or at least I thought I knew, that the only way that would ever happen was if he’d get enough of me to grow out of it.

I knew however, that due to our physical attributes, we were probably bound together in some sexual way or another for the rest of our lives and I couldn’t deny him his needs - especially right now, when he was needing to work through all this stuff. I’d thought that once I had admitted that I knew almost as little about sex as he did, it might help to burst his bubble and allow him to assess me in a more rational way; and although I think it helped some, I knew that every time he looked at me, he saw this big stud of a man - the man that had sired him with the biggest dick he’d ever seen in his life and was likely to ever see in his life.

I was now well aware of that fact about myself - thanks to the man that would soon be his trainer - and I was still trying to cope with it. I have to admit I felt prouder of what I had between my legs than ever before, but I also felt like some kind of freak.

“You know son, as I think back on everything. . . you know how ignorant I was about the size of my equipment and all, but now here you are, all grown up and you’re as big as I am.”

“Not quite dad.”

“Well damn near! I used to think you were saying that because you were just younger and smaller down there and didn’t know any different, but now I realize what you’ve been saying all along is a fact. But just because it’s true, doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone in the world or even someone in Johnson county for that matter that wouldn’t find making love to men like us pleasurable.”

“By ‘someone’ do you mean a man or a woman dad? Or both? I think another man is more likely to handle what we have to offer.”

“Well perhaps you’re right and perhaps not, women give birth you know, and even though it is painful to them, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t get used to, or might even want or need a penis as big as ours to really be pleasured. All I can tell you is that when you get your chance to show your stuff so to speak, you have to go gentle with it for a while. It won’t be easy cause once you feel just a little of it, you’ll be wanting to get the taste of pussy all over your dick, but you’ll have to resist trying to ram it all the way in the first time.

If she is able to handle the girth of it, that will be a lot all by itself. Even if she can’t ever take the full length of it, at least you could get the taste of pussy on that thing of yours and father a child and live a relatively normal life son. You can’t give up on the world before you’ve given it a chance son. You’re moving to a place where you can meet a lot of women, not just a handful of silly school girls. You’re a handsome son of a gun too, just like your old man.”

I winked at him and he smiled and reached back down over my thigh and took my manhood back up in his hand. He let his hand slide down to the head and squeezed it then rubbed his thumb over it following the ridge of its head.

“It ain’t all that different than your is son.”

“I know dad. I just want to hold it. I’ve spent most of my life jerkin’ off thinking about it and I just need to.”

“I won’t deny you son. For the short amount of time that’s left before you go off to school, there’s no sense in it. I’d like to think you might get your fill of it so you can get on to other things. Life isn’t just about sex you know. I know how it is at your age, but believe me, you can’t build a life around a dick, boy. They have no conscious and very little personality once they get what they want. You can tell how uninterested it is right now. See all the thanks you get after you did such a good job on it last night? It doesn’t seem all that appreciative if you ask me.”

He smiled at that and began rubbing his dick. “I just like it when you start talkin’ about your dick dad. You should talk about it. It’s the most beautiful dick in the world!”

He was startin’ to get pretty hard and it looked to me like he needed to do something about it before he ripped a hole in his trousers. I nodded at it and said, “That’s lookin’ mighty uncomfortable son - the way you have it all bent down like that. Especially after I saw how fuckin’ straight up your dick got last night. It was hard as a rock too. I don’t think I ever got as hard as you did last night boy.”

“I love feelin’ your dick when it’s soft dad. When I first started jackin’ off thinkin’ about you I always imagined that I was pushin’ my stiff little prick into your big fat soft cock. I’ve always wondered what that would feel like.”

I drove along without saying anything to that, but I could tell by the tone of his voice, that it really was a strong need for him to act out. I saw a dirt road up ahead that I knew led to a secluded fishing spot I used to like to visit and I decided to turn down it.

“Where are you goin’ dad?”

“I’m gonna let you find out what it feels like. No since in you wonderin’ about it any longer.”

When we got to the path that led down to the river, I saw there wasn’t any other trucks there so I parked and led him down to a private spot where he could have at it. To be honest, I was downright curious to see what sort of fantasy he’d been carrying around in his head all these years.

He was boned up to beat the band by the time we got down near the river and somehow had managed to get his cock pointed up in his pants. It was damned near comical looking at him because the head of it was sticking up past his belt and had oozed out a pretty good amount of his honey causing a prominent wet spot on his shirt right up near his navel.

He just stood there and looked at me for a moment like he didn’t know what to do then suddenly fell to his knees and buried his head in my crotch. I looked down at him right when he placed both of his hands on my right pants leg and wrapped his fingers around my crank. He looked up at me and smiled then said, “Gawd dad, it hangs down longer soft than mine is when it’s hard.”

I rubbed my hand on the back of his head while he squeezed it and felt it and ran his hands up and down the length of it. I figured he wanted to be on his knees because it put him near the height he was when he first saw it as a little boy. I just stood there and watched him tease himself with my package. He kept feeling on it like he used to do with his Christmas gifts weeks before he could open them up. Finally, he reached up at the top of my zipper and slowly lowered it like he was unwrapping his favorite toy, then carefully reached down inside my fly and lifted it out.

He examined it closely as though he’d never seen a dick before in his life then let it hang down and watched it dangle. I saw his head disappear under my belly and the next thing I know he started to suck on it. I raised my head up and tried not to think about it because I knew that if I saw his handsome face sucking my dick, I would start getting hard no matter how much I tried not to.

I heard him unfasten his belt and unzip his pants and could feel his body shake when he started stroking on himself. I looked down to see what he was doing and my cock began to throb at the sight of him.

“Hey! I thought you said you wanted to rub dicks boy.”

He looked up at me and let my crank slide out of his mouth then caressed it as he spoke.

“It’s just so big and beautiful dad. Every time I see it I want to suck on it.”

“Stand up here like a man and rub dicks with your dad, boy. Show me what you’ve been wantin’ to do all these years.”

He stood up and grabbed my dick up in his hand and started rubbing it all over his stiff shaft.

“How does that feel boy? I feels good to me. Go ahead and get both your hand on them fuckers. Feel ‘em good son. Get it all over yourself.”

He wrapped his hands around both of them and thrust his hips up then leaned back and squeezed them together.

“Oh gawd dad that feels so good!”

He looked down at them then wrapped mine around behind his and pushed it up against his belly then reached down inside my shorts and pulled out my nuts. He rolled them around in his hands and I could feel his heartbeat racing through his cock.

“Dad your balls are so big. I want to feel them on my cock.”

He backed away and I pushed my boxers down to my knees. I don’t know how he did it without hurting himself, but somehow he managed to bend his cock down enough to where he could slide it up under my nuts. He then slowly pushed himself between my thighs and then wrapped my crank around the base of his and held it in his hands. I tightened my sweaty thighs around his manhood and he reared back and started humping up under me.

He took it slow at first, but the heat of my body kept driving him to get more. It was wild watching him get after it. He never once looked up at me. He just kept looking down at what he was doing and kept squeezing my crank tighter and tighter around his as he pounded his groin into mine something fierce. I soon felt his sticky honey between my thighs and a minute later his head fell back and his eyes rolled back in their sockets.

A rush of blood shot up my shaft and I felt it course its way around his as it made its way up to my cock-head. He felt it too and I swear, just like that, he started shootin’ spunk all over the place.

His first load blew between my thighs, but after he shot it off, he quickly pulled his cock out and took it up in his hands then stepped back and proceeded to put on a fireworks display the likes of which I’d never seen before in my life.

His eyes rolled back again and he jacked a thick, long rope right out of him that flipped around once like a baton as it shot a good two feet above my head! He saw my eyes get big as I watched it defy gravity for the longest time and that just set him off.

His cock started throbbing wildly in his hand and he pointed it up at my face and an instant later, a big stream of spunk shot right out and hit me on the chin. I was too shocked to move and he cried out ‘Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy!’ like a little child then proceeded to step closer and cover me with his spunk.

I just stood there and let him shower me with it. I was still having a hard time believing any one man could blow a load that far, but it was the way he looked at me then down at himself right when he shot off and then back up at me to get my reaction that had me completely mesmerized. I knew he’d been wanting to show me this about himself for a long, long time.

He jacked down hard on himself until he was completely spent then fell to his knees and buried his head in my groin and started started gruntin’ and groanin’ like the young bull he was as his throbbing cock slowly began to soften up. I put my hand on his shoulders to steady him and he reached up and began rolling my balls around in his hands while he kissed and licked my flaccid crank.

Now we were both covered with his spunk and I knew I would have some serious explaining to do if his mom ever saw our dress cloths in the state they were in, but all I could really think about was how much he had just revealed about himself to me.

I just stood there and thought about it all as I rubbed his shoulders and patted him on the head without saying a word. I didn’t know what to say. I barely knew what to think, but I realized we had a long way to go to get him through all the years of fantasies and frustrations that he’d harbored since he was a child.

Eventually he stood up and buried his head in my chest and gave me a big hug. I could tell he was still weak from all the energy he’d spent so I steadied him until he finally stepped away and looked down at himself. He took his cock back up in his hands and milked the last few drops of his seed out of it. It slowly oozed out and strung down past his knees before it finally fell to the ground.

“Damn boy! I knew last night when you blew your spunk down my throat you shot a fierce load, but I had no idea that was a long range cannon you were packing between your legs!”

He smiled and chuckled as he looked back down at himself. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time dad. I loved feeling your big ol’ soft cock all over mine. That was the best!”

I began to strip off my clothes and motioned for him to do the same. “I’m proud of you boy. I think the most I’ve ever shot my load was a couple of feet or so. Do you always blow off like that?”

“Damn near dad, but that one was mighty powerful, even for me.”

I stepped into the river and had him hand me our clothes one piece at a time until I had them all cleaned them up. He looked so natural and virile standing by the water bare-ass naked. His cock was still swollen, and spunk kept dripping out of him while we worked on cleaning ourselves up.

“This is the second time I’ve had to clean up after one of your little escapades son. I’m beginning to think you’re trying to get me in trouble with your mom.”

He laughed and said, “I’m sorry dad, I couldn’t help it. I’ll be more careful from now on.”

By the time we got settled back into the truck and headed back down the highway, he’d leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes. I could tell by the contented expression on his face that little episode we’d just gone through satisfied him more than the balls-out wrestling match we’d had last night. A few minutes later, I looked back over at him and he was sound asleep.

I ran my hand through my beard right where he blasted his load of spunk on me and started thinking about everything that had gone on the last two days.

This get-away from our normal daily routine had brought out a lot of pent-up sexual stuff for the two of us. I’d been in the habit of suppressing my own sexual urges for so long, I was still somewhat surprised at myself at how I’d taken the lead with him last night, but I knew damn good and well he was needin’ it bad from me in the worst way.

All those signals he was giving me and the nervous energy that had built up between us on the way up to the college, were so strong, you could have cut it with a knife. I’d had all afternoon to think about it and had already pretty much made up my mind I had to do something about it, but it wasn’t until I met up with the coach of the football team that it became clear to me what it was I had to do.

The way that ol’ boy kept looking down at my crotch while we talked in that bar really got me to thinking. I figured if a grown man like him couldn’t keep his eyes off the bulge in my pants, I shouldn’t be all that surprised that my own son would find what I had down there just as intriguing. I felt like a fish out of water the whole time I was in that town and being in that bar certainly drove home to me just how ignorant I was of city-folk and their ways, but what still had me reeling the most was the animal attraction that his trainer and I felt for one another from the moment we met.

I had to admit to myself that that was one experience I’d never expected to have in my life. After all that time I’d spent trying to take a different look at men to see if I found any of them sexually attractive and always coming up with nothing, I was surprised at all of the feelings I had towards him in such a short amount of time, but what had surprised me the most was how it had all tied back to my own father.

It was now very apparent to me just how pent up all these childhood fantasies of my son actually were. He needed me as a friend and a buddy - someone he could feel comfortable with to explore and reveal his sexual identity. He had put on a show for me back there at the river for sure. I couldn’t believe how little physical stimulation it took for him to get off like he did, especially when I took into account how long we had wrestled around the night before.

The big difference was me and my way of handling the situation; and after what had passed between me and his trainer this morning, I now knew I had to just get in there with him and try to enjoy this for what it was and not make too much about it. I had voiced my concerns to him about it all and I figured what I had said to him would eventually sink in, but enough said, in the meantime, there was no sense in bringing that to the table while he was in the act of his sexual exploration.

I mulled over a number of things I needed to deal with before I got him off to school. I think the fact that I was driving down the highway helped me to think things through more clearly for some reason, but all of a sudden I realized I’d been fondling myself the whole time - and just like my boy had done earlier, I wasn’t even conscious I’d been doing it to myself until I my dick had got so hard, I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to ignore it until I got a load off.

I thought about where I might be able to pull off the highway and have a bit of privacy while I got after myself and remembered there was an old abandoned quarry not too far off the highway about ten miles down the road. My boy was still sound asleep, but as soon as I got there and shut off the motor, he immediately woke up. Once he realized where we were, he looked over at me to see what was up.

“Your old man needs to make a pit stop son, go on back to sleep, I’ll only be a few minutes.”

He looked down at my crotch and didn’t say a word. He just opened the door and followed me out of the truck behind some rocks. I unzipped my trousers and hefted my throbbing crank out of my fly and he got down on his knees right in front of me and started sucking on it for me.

My hungry cock gorged itself with blood as it slid down his mouth. It got so hard so fast it was almost devoid of feeling, and he sucked on it with such fervor, he did nothing but make matters worse.

“Ease up boy, ease up. That ain’t what I’m needing right now.”

He looked up at me with willing eyes as though he was eager to learn. I patted him on the back of his head and said, “You’re my buddy aren’t cha?”

“Uh huh.”

“Suck on it slow and sweet boy, just like it’d feel if I’d just slid it in some pussy. That’s it. . . that’s it, that’s what a man wants. I’ll teach how to suck your old man’s dick off right, son. That’s what you’ve been wantin’ to learn about me isn’t it?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well your dad likes to just stick it in and let it gobble up all those nice warm feelings at first before he gets after it son. Especially when I’m as hard as I am now.

Feel how hard it is son?”

“Uh huh.”

“Good. . . good. Just take it slow and easy boy, slow and easy until you feel it soften up a bit.

That’s a buddy. . . just like that.”

He closed his eyes, and after a moment, he was suckin’ on it just right for me. I reared back to let him have at it, but he couldn’t contain himself and reached up with both hands and started rubbing my belly and started sucking me once again with earnest. I was just too damn hard and worked up for that so I leaned back over him and pulled my crank out of his mouth.

“You’re goin’ at it too fast boy! If you want to be my buddy like this you need to learn a few things about your ol’ man son.”

He looked me in the eyes and I knew he was ready and willing for me to take control so I put my hand on his head and said, “Now here, just hold steady and let me drive. You wanna know how ol’ man likes to fuck?”

He shook his head like he was relieved and spoke under his breath. “Oh I sure do! Teach me how to fuck, dad.”

“Well then hold steady and just let me fuck your mouth boy.”

I grabbed my crank up in my other hand and fed it to him slow and easy like I was splittin’ open a pussy. He curved his meaty tongue up around it as I fed it to him and suckled like a baby.

“Now don’t suck on it too awful hard boy. Just keep it all nice and wet and warm for me.

Yeah like that. You got it.

You got it just right for me now boy.

Now hold steady and let me fuck on that for a while little buddy.”

He did too, and damn if his eyes didn’t light up like he was strapped into a carnival ride once I began pumping my crank down his throat. My cock was mean-hard and the head of it was unfeeling until about the fourth or fifth time I slow-fucked his hot mouth. Then all of a sudden, it softened up a bit and damn if the taste of his mouth on my crank didn’t rush through me like a bolt of lightening.

“Ohhhhhoho. . . YEAH little buddy. We got ‘er goin’ now! Damn!”

His hands started rubbing my belly all over and he let out a pleased moan of contentment at what I’d just said. I held his head firmer as I heeded the call of my throbbing cock and began fucking him steady.

“YEAH! Yeah boy. . . we got ‘er going now. . . fuuuck!”

By then, I was gone - I stepped in closer to him and let him have it good. I knew the little fucker could handle it so I didn’t pay that any never mind. I just fucked him like he wanted me to and let him get a good eye full of what it was like to see the business end of his old man pumpin’ away. I didn’t grind it into him or tease him with it, I just selfishly fucked his mouth to satisfy my own need.

“I’m about to blow it little buddy. Get ready cause I’m gonna ram it down your throat when I do.”

He rubbed the sides of my stomach with the palms of his hands and when I gave him one last deep thrust, he squeezed me tight in his arms as my cock slid deep into his burning-hot gullet and began to unleash.

I bellowed out my pleasure and his hands slid down around my ass and pulled me tight as I shot my spunk down his throat.

“Fuck little buddy! Damn!

Suck that dick! Suck it!


Yeah! That’s a buddy!

Suck that daddy-dick boy! Swallow all of it like a good boy.


Uuuhhhooo. . . .   shit!

He was relentless. He stayed right up with me until I had blown the last of my jism deep down inside him. It wasn’t until after I had fully pleasured myself that I finally ground it around and teased him with it.

He licked and loved on my crank, smiling all the while he did it, and when I hefted it up in my hand and slapped his pretty face with it, he grinned from ear to ear like that was the most fun he’d ever had in his life.

When he finally relented and got up off his knees, he looked so proud of me I was down-right embarrassed.

“Gawd dad! You fuck real good! Whow!

I hope someday I can learn to fuck like that!

That was awesome!”

He went on and on like that all the way home.

I could tell I had some challenging weeks ahead of me until I got him off to school.