WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(M/B con, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 7
Being Bull - (Part 1)

My boy came after my cock just before he turned three. My wife and I’d just settled down in the living room and he was playing on the floor with his trucks and suddenly he jumped up and ran right up between my legs and grabbed my crotch and squeezed it and laughed and squeezed it again like it was the funniest thing on earth.

My wife almost had a heart attack.

I was about to pick him up and set him on my lap when she reached over and smacked him on the butt and told him to stop. He pushed her away and said “NO!” so she jumped up and carried him off to his bedroom. My gut told me she was over-reacting to what he had done so I got up and followed them to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. As I approached his room I could hear her scolding him, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I saw him lash out at her right when I walked in and she started beating his little ass good without a second thought about it. By the time I got my wits about me and stepped in to stop the madness, the damage was forever done. That was the beginning of the end for us but I was too insecure about myself and stupid in love with her to realize it at the time.

I called my dad the next day and had a talk with him about what had happened. Dad and I are very close to this day and I have always considered him my best friend. I was working for a big diesel repair shop at the time and I usually called him every other day or so during my lunch hour.

He had an automotive repair shop situated just behind the house where I grew up and he took me under his wing when I was still in diapers. He would let me hang out with him in his shop until I got bored or tired then would walk me back through the small backyard that joined his place of business and our home and hand me back over to mom. I wanted to go to work with him when I finished school, but he discouraged it at the time because he thought I could do a lot better financially if I worked for a bigger outfit.

He wasn’t at all pleased when I told him what had happened the night before. “Hell,” he said, “that isn’t any big thing to get all upset about. It happens all the time. What made her fly off the handle like that? I can’t believe she could be so damn dumb!”

I asked him if he ever remembered me doing anything like that and he just laughed and said, “I sure as hell do! You used to get down between my legs and piddle with my pecker every time I got under a car when you was his age.”

“What did you do dad?” I was a bit shocked to hear this, but could tell his mood had lightened on the other end of the phone.


“What do you mean ‘nothing’?”

“Just that, Nothing! Do you remember me doing anything about it? Do you even ever remember doing it?”

“Well, no. . .”

“I bet you remember other things you did at that age. You remember playing in the garage with that little tow truck I bought you don’t you? That always was your favorite toy. You loved pushing it around and driving it up on the lift and having me raise it up for you so you could pretend you were working on it while I worked on the customer’s cars I had in the shop. I remember you spending many a morning doing that.”

“Well yeah, I remember that. That was fun.”

“Well I guaran-damn-tee if I’d made a big fuss over you doin’ what just came natural to you or done something stupid like she’s done, you’d remember every damn detail of it. You were a persistent little snot and you got so brazen you hurt me a few times, but you got over it after a while. You were just curious to know if I was like you - and since I never acted like it was any big deal - which it isn’t by a long shot - it never became one. You don’t even remember it!

Hell son, all little boys go through that phase. I don’t have to remind you what it’s like to discover you have a dick do I? What the hell was she thinking anyway?

You can tell me this isn’t any of my business if you want, and I’m only gonna say this once. She ain’t fit for you son. She’s too fixed on herself and what she wants. I thought all along she wasn’t right for you. You’re too good for her. I just wanted you to fuck her pretty ass and give her a taste of what it was like to be had by a real man. I tried hard not to show it at the time, but I was pretty upset when I found out you two was pregnant.”

I didn’t know what to say. This was the first time he’d ever come out and said anything like that to me about us getting married, but I’d always had an inkling that he wasn’t as thrilled about it as I was - or at least I thought I was at the time.

There was a long, silent break in the conversation as I tried to figure out what to say, and he finally broke it for me.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to speak out of turn. It’s your life and only you know what’s best for you. I’m sorry I rambled on like a fool. A customer just showed up. I’ve got to get back to work son, call me tomorrow.”

I made sure he knew I wasn’t upset by what he said before we hung up, but I was distracted the rest of the day by the incident and how my dad adamantly spoke his mind about it. I had to admit to myself I never thought there was anything wrong with what my son had done, which is why I’d called him to begin with.

As the day passed on, everything he’d said began to ring as true as a bell. I certainly didn’t remember ever grabbing his crotch, but I knew he had no reason to make up a story like that. I thought at the time that dad and I were as close as a father and son could be when it came to sexual matters, but the truth was, we weren’t.

When I got home that night my wife was as sweet as ever towards me and everything seemed back to normal, but when I realized my son hadn’t come out to greet me and I found him pouting in his room, my gut wrenched up and it stayed that way until I finally got the hell out of that house ten years later.

Things were never really right between my son and I after that. He would tense up when I hugged him and always seemed a little distant toward me like he was afraid to be around me. He slowly became rowdy and rebellious, and by the time he reached his teens, you could almost bet he would do the exact opposite of what he was told.

My wife started having an affair not long after he started school and like the fool I was, I was the one that felt guilty about it. It tore me up at first, even though I knew in my heart of hearts she wasn’t worth the pain, but I’d always felt a little sexually inadequate and discovering she was having an affair tore at my ego more than anything else.

I had always had some difficulty getting a full erection. Oh, I could easily get half hard and even blow my nut, but I wasn’t always able to get stiff enough to satisfy her. What made matters worse was I always felt the only reason she married me was because of my dick. I knew I was more than adequate along those lines. She loved playing with it and sucking on it when we first got married, and would tell me over and over again how beautiful it was. She’d had her fair share of other men before we was ever married so I knew she was speaking from experience and for that reason, I loved hearing her tell me that.

It wasn’t until I turned fourteen that I realized I wasn’t put together the way most guys are. When I first started jacking off, I’d spend more energy rubbing under my ass than I did stroking my cock. I’d go at it several times through the night, and more often than not, I couldn’t get myself to cum. I’d end up going for weeks at a time without getting a good load off, and as you might expect, I walked around school most of the time with my dick swollen up near half-hard.

All my classmates in gym would sneak a peek at my cock when we were getting dressed or taking a shower. I did the same thing - it’s just human nature plain and simple - but occasionally I’d see a few of the guys huddled together in the locker room like they were sharing some secret and one of them would eventually glance over his shoulder at me. I knew what it was all about and I did my best to ignore it, but it made me even more self-conscious because I knew my dick could get as small as theirs, once I got my load off.

I wasn’t all that popular in school. I just had a few friends who were in many of the same vocational classes I was, but having close friends didn’t matter that much to me because I loved my mom and dad more than anything and they provided me all the support I needed. Mom was the greatest and her and my dad had the most loving relationship two people could ever have, but for as long as I could remember, I spent almost all of my time in the shop with my dad. He still claims today that by the time I was five, I was ‘somewhat handy’, but most of all, I just loved being around him at that age. He was my very best friend and he raised me from day one as if I was his very best friend too.

I’ll never forget the day before my fourteenth birthday. He handed me several copies of some girlie magazines and said he figured I might find a use for them. He told me he knew I wasn’t getting’ much sleep at night and suggested I pull my bed away from the wall a little so as not to risk waking up mom, but he assured me that she didn’t know anything about it and that this was just between me and him.

I was embarrassed at first and denied I ever did anything like that, but he made me face up to the truth, and he did it by simply telling me he still jerked off once in a while himself. I’ll never forget how surprised I was to hear my dad confess something like that and how difficult it was for me to believe him when he told me that all men, married or not, usually had a ‘private session with themselves’, as he put it, about once or twice a week. I sure as hell don’t have a problem believing that now - in fact I’m willing to bet you most men jack off more after they’re married than they ever did beforehand, but back then, I was naïve as hell about stuff like that.

He could tell I was embarrassed by the conversation so he let it drop and just handed me several brand-new shop rags and told me to start using them to clean myself up with afterwards. He showed me a box he had in the bottom of a cabinet behind his desk and said to just throw mine in there with his after I was done using them. It was easy for me to make out the distinct milky-white stains of his dried-up spunk on the rags and he winked at me when I looked back up at him.

“I use them because I don’t have to worry about your mom finding out about it that way. Throw yours in there too son. I wash ‘em up whenever I know she’s going to be out of the house for the afternoon.”

He shut the cabinet door and looked me up and down with that ‘proud father’ look on his face he gave me every now and then and put his arm around my shoulder and led me out of his office. “You need to be more accepting of yourself son” he said. “When I was your age, I was at myself every chance I could get. No need to be ashamed of it. Us men aren’t like women son, most the time we’re ready to get after it at the drop of a hat.”

I remember that moment like it happened yesterday because it marked the beginning of a new chapter in my relationship with my dad and as it turned out, it was one that would far exceed anything I could have ever imagined at the time. What I didn’t know back then was that he was just beginning to discover a side of himself that he never really knew existed and it was changing everything he’d ever thought before in his life about sex.

I waited until I was alone in my bedroom to open up the magazines he’d given me. I’d never seen a girl naked before. All of the women in the pictures had big breasts but they almost always had at least one of their hands down on their shaved pussies. In a few of the pictures, they had their pussies spread wide open with their fingers, and in some, they had a finger stuck up in there and the expression on their faces told the rest of the story even to a clueless kid like me, but there was one picture I kept turning back to.

The woman had her knees bent up exposing her butt and she had her finger all the way up her ass. Her face was flush with agonizing pleasure, and that picture changed my life.

I waited until Friday night so I wouldn’t have to get up for school the next morning to try that out on myself. It took me a while to get used to it, but when I finally got my fat, stubby finger all the way up in there, I reared my head back and I just knew I must have had the same look on my face as she did.

My cock was the hardest it’d ever been, and a moment later, I shot off a load like I’d never done. It all happened so fast and my orgasm was so strong, I cried out and jerked my head down to see what was going on. I saw my cock-head stretch out wide as I felt my load throb up my cock and watched the tip of it open up and blow one long, milky stream after another all over my face and chest.

I rode my orgasm out like a bucking bronco and when it was finally over, it took three shop rags to clean myself up. Two of them were sopping wet by the time I was done and I wadded them up together like a giant softball then wrapped the third one around them and sat it on the floor. I fell off into a deep sleep after that, and didn’t wake up until almost noon.

Dad cracked open my door not long after I woke up the next morning and let himself into my bedroom. When he saw I was just waking up, he spoke in hushed tones. “Son, your mom went out shopping for the afternoon and well, . . errr, . . well I heard you going at it late last night and I thought I’d gather up your rags and wash them along with mine while she was gone.

I sat up in the bed and my skin was all caked up with spunk. I reached down to the floor on the opposite side of the bed from where he stood and lifted them up to where he could see them. The one that wrapped up the other two fell open and his eyes got wide then a big smile painted his face from ear to ear. He put out both hands palms up and I placed the package in his hands. The two balled-up rags were still moist and sticky. He unfolded one of them and big globs of spunk clung to it like wads of spit.

His eyes were full of disbelief and kept getting bigger and bigger until they sparkled. A twinkle in his eye glinted right at me when he looked up at me and whispered, “I never shot a load like that in my entire life, son. Let alone when I was your age!”

He touched one of the globs with the tip of his finger and watched it string out in a gooey thread then shook his head and smiled to himself.

“Get yourself cleaned up boy and meet me down in the garage. I could use your help for a few hours.”

I jumped out of bed as he left the room and went down the hall to take a shower. I turned on the water and noticed mom had gathered up all the towels to wash. She kept the clean ones down in the laundry room so I quietly slipped downstairs bare-assed naked to go get one.

I figured dad was already back down in the shop, but mom and dad had always been modest when it came to family nudity so I’d always been careful about it as well. I listened to make sure he wasn’t in the front part of the house then peeked in the kitchen and was about to open the door to the laundry room when I heard that distinct tinkling sound of his belt buckle I knew all to well.

The reason I knew that sound so well was that he often undid his pants and tucked his shirttail back in after working under a car. He had a big gut that he carried well, but it also made it difficult for him to neatly tuck his shirt-tail in without undoing his pants - and he’d always had a thing about looking presentable to the customers. There was a small alcove in the back of the garage where he stored parts and motor oil and he’d step back there where no one could see and quickly tuck himself in at least five or six times a day.

I froze and listened at the door wondering why on earth dad would be undoing his belt in the laundry room. I’d just seen him and he looked fine. The laundry room was also the passageway to the back door so I figured he was just wanting to tuck himself in before he went back to the shop. I waited for him to finish up, but when I realized he’d had ample time to get his shirttail tucked away, I decided to take a peek through a crack he’d left in the door.

I peeked in just at the moment he lifted his big, fat dick out of his pants and started pulling on it like he was milking it. He worked his cock in an urgent, manly way - milking it over and over between his thumb and forefinger until it was fat and throbbing, then he wrapped his big rough hand around it and began to pump.

I knew I shouldn’t be peeking in on his ‘private session’ like I was, but I just had to watch. He stroked it a few more times then looked down at it and shook it as he presented it to himself.

That’s when I noticed he had my spunk rags all laid out on the top of the washing machine. He stepped right up to it and picked one of them up and wiped it all over his cock-head until it was completely coated with my spunk. He then fisted the head of his cock in the palm of his big, meaty hand and began fucking it.

There was a sense of urgency in him as he got himself worked up, then he leaned his head back and started whispering to himself.

“That’s a boy! Git cha ‘a piece of ass! Fuck that pussy son! Fuck it good! Yeah! . . . Yeah!

Blow that fuckin’ spunk, boy! Arrrggggh!”

It happened that fast.

The expression on his face was so strong and masculine when he blew off, I thought I was going to cum all over myself.

I was as hard as he was and when long streams of his daddy-spunk shot all over the top of the washing machine and onto the rags I’d given him, I squeezed my cock hard to try to keep from blowing my load all over the floor.

He let out muted moans and kept whispering to himself as the streams of spunk shot out of him. Just about the time I thought he was spent, he leaned back and shot a load that flew straight up in the air and almost hit the ceiling, then he bent over some and shook his head and let out a long, “Sheeeewh!” like that was the best experience he’d ever had in his life.

I realized right then and there from whom I got my ability to blow a load all over the place like I did last night, and watching him shoot off straight up in the air like that, made me blow a hot, burning stream right in the palm of my hand.

I grabbed my cock-head tight and fought the urge to unload the rest of my nut. He caught his breath and just stood there looking down at his throbbing cock as I fought to regain control of myself. He milked the head of it then stood up straight and shook off the last of his load. Spunk flew out of the tip of his cock in streaming trails and landed on the rag he had laid out.

He looked down at himself then picked up the rag and examined it for a moment before wiping it’s contents all over his manhood and up underneath his balls. Then he gathered up the rags and threw them inside the washing machine with his and started it up. He started to tuck himself away but stopped for a moment and put his finger up under his nose and savored the smell.

I’d been frozen in place like a kid at a matinee movie while I watched my dad get himself off, but suddenly realized I needed to skedaddle just in case he decided to come back into the house instead of going on out to the garage, so I slipped away and hurried upstairs to the bathroom. I was still as hard as a rock, and my dick flopped heavy between my legs as I ran up the stairs and jumped back into the shower. The cool water helped me get my wits about me, but I was taken aback by how quickly dad had managed to get a load off like he did and how I had managed to cum without even jacking off.

I looked down at myself and began working my cock just the way he did. I got worked up pretty fast just thinking about what I’d just saw, but it wasn’t until I reared back and pretended I was fucking while dad stood beside me and whispered his words of encouragement that I blew a huge load all over the back of the tub, and I did it just for him. . . ‘That’s a boy! Git cha ‘a piece of ass!’

To this day, I remember that being one of the most intense and painfully pleasure-filled orgasms I’ve ever had in my life.


I was weak in the knees by the time I got through with myself and I shook the last of my spunk off my cock-head just like he’d done. I had to lay on my bed for a while after I got out of the bathroom. I just gazed at the ceiling and watched it spin above me as I tried to make sense of everything I’d just experienced.

When I finally got myself down to the garage, dad was flat on his back under a customer’s car. That was the first time I ever remember I just stood and stared at his man-bulge. I watched it move as he moved and saw it get squeezed tight between his thick thighs as he worked the wrench knowing all the while, that a good bit of my spunk was covered all over it.

When he realized I was there, he slid out from under the car and smiled.

“It sure took you a long time to get cleaned up! Did ya manage to get it all off of you? I saw all that spunk caked up all over your belly!”

He winked at me and nodded toward the house. “You made such a gooey mess out of those rags I thought I’d best add some of my special ‘solvent’ to them while you was taking a shower!”

He reached down and unconsciously squeezed his crotch as he stood up and nodded to the car beside him. “Now get over there and change the brakes on that car before the owner shows up. I’ll be right back. I need to get those rags out of the wash before your mom shows back up.”

He put his hand on my shoulder and smacked me on the butt grinning from ear to ear. “I need to order some more new rags the way you’re going to go through them!”

From that day on, the lines of communication were wide open between me and my dad, but never once did I mention anything to him about needing to stick my finger up my ass to get a good load off like I did that night until I was much older.

I just kept doing it, and eventually I got to where I’d take my showers at night before I went to bed so I could clean up inside my asshole real good so my finger didn’t smell after I jacked off.

I was soon able to get a good load off pretty regular without having to spend the entire night jerking off and a few months later, I discovered something in the ladies section of the drug store one day while I was picking up something for my mom that needed no explanation. I waited and bought one from another store away from our house that mom and dad didn’t frequent and tucked it away in my shaving kit. It really did the trick and from then on, I never really felt clean until I used it while taking a shower.

It took me a long time to get over that first experience of actually seeing my father’s dick. It was so much bigger than mine and was so thick and strong - just like he was. It seemed to me that it represented a physical culmination of his life rather than something he had inherited genetically.

I wanted mine to look like his, so I started spending even more time working with him after school and less time playing with my friends and after I helped him close up shop, we started lifting weights together.

He had an old bench press in back of his office and occasionally he’d work out on it whenever things were slow in the garage. He’d tried to get me to take an interest in it when I was younger, but I never really did until that eventful day.

I remember the first time he spotted me while I did some bench presses. I was looking right up at his bulging crotch as he stood over me and I began lifting the bar right up past it and into his large, firm belly.

Sometimes the bar would brush up against his cock and that motivated me even more. I just loved watching it slide up against his man-bulge and press up under his belly. He never seemed to take notice of what I was doing; he’d just spot me and encourage me to do one more repetition. It became a part of our daily routine and eventually, he went out and bought a few more weights because both of us were starting to get much stronger. Dad was always bulky in the neck, chest and shoulders, but he became even more massive as a result of us working out together.

I’ll never forget the day he put his bulky arm around my shoulders and said, “You’re getting as big and hairy as a moose son.” It wasn’t the first time he’d ever put his arms around me like that, but that day it felt different to me. It was his manliness I felt and not his fatherliness and when he pulled me tight to him like he always had done, I didn’t feel my body cave in from his strength like I did when I was younger it. Instead, our bodies press together tight and firm and warm and I felt more like a man than I’d ever felt before in my life.

This happened right before I headed back to school for my senior year. By then, I was actually starting to sport a pretty big bulge between my legs - even to where my friends would make remarks about it and laugh at times. They started calling me ‘Bull’ about a year before, but long before that, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I’d often thought I looked about as much like a bull as any human could.

I had a bullish looking face and the resemblance was even more so now after three years of regularly lifting weights.

My friends called me that mostly out of affection, but by my senior year, everyone in school was calling me that and many of the kids didn’t mean it in such a kind way.

I’d catch them aping me behind my back and I started walking around with hurt feelings not long after school had started. My dad finally caught on that something was bothering me, and he asked me to tell him what it was. When he heard what it was all about, he looked at me like I was nuts and chuckled then put his arm around me and squeezed me so tight I had to swell my body to keep him from crushing me.

His eyes lit up and he squeezed me even harder, so I puffed up even more and he looked at me with eyes that told me he thought I was the most beautiful individual he ever saw in his life. He said, “‘Bull’ huh? Well I’m not sure you’re quite deserving of that nickname just yet son, because in my book that is a major complement! They’re just jealous is all son. You walk proud boy, why there are men my age who would be fuckin’ proud to look as manly as you do at your age.”

That was the first time I’d ever heard my dad knowingly say ‘fuck’ in front of me. I took it as a right of passage and my love for him grew even deeper and stronger. From that day on I strutted through the halls of school like I was the biggest stud on earth and I began to notice the kids began to look at me in a different way.

Even my shop teacher took note. I noticed he came over to check out my work more often and talk and would always wink at me approvingly before he left. Then I began to notice other older men I would pass on the street would look me in the eyes and greet me as their peer even though many of them were total strangers.

My self-confidence grew from that point on, but I was still shy about meeting and talking to girls.

I’d pretty much gotten tired of the girlie magazines dad had given me by then, and even though he’d given me a few others since, I was more interested in scoping out the girls at school and wondering what they’d be like in bed. I began fantasizing about fucking them and right before I blew my load, I’d think back to the words my dad whispered that day . . . ‘That’s a boy! Git cha ‘a piece of ass! Fuck that pussy son! Fuck it good!’

Sometimes when I was jerking off, my fantasies would switch over to what I had seen that day in the laundry room. I still hadn’t fully processed through what that experience actually meant and what it meant to me. I knew I had witnessed something special - something I didn’t quite understand. I knew there was a big difference in the way I jacked off and what it was I saw my father do that day.

I jacked off because I had an aching need to relieve myself - to rid myself of the discomfort of being horny all the time and to get myself back to ‘normal’ - and at that age, ‘normal’ for me was still more about being a child than becoming an adult.

What I saw my father do was something different. It had been more of a means of personal expression - a way of communication. I knew the focus had been on me, but I sensed that the communication was directed at someone or something else.

It wasn’t till the end of this last year in high school that my wife-to-be came up to me for the first time in all the years we’d been attending school together and coerced me into asking her out for a date.

I was so surprised she even came up to talk to me, it took me a long while to catch on to what she was actually wanting. She practically had to spell it out for me, but when I went home and told my dad I had a date with the most beautiful girl in school, he was so proud, it brought me to tears.

He assumed we’d been seeing one another in school for quite some time and was full of questions about how we had met and what it was I liked about her. I struggled with that for a minute until I finally decided to tell him the truth. I told him she just came up to me that day and started talking and one thing led to another, but I didn’t reveal that she had to hint around for quite a while before I got the courage up to ask her out.

I loved my father so much, and once I realized that this moment in my life meant more to him than it did to me, I had to excuse myself. I went up to my room and began to cry. My father’s unconditional love through all these years finally had humbled me. I feared, more for his sake than mine, that she might back out at the last minute and the thought of the humiliation we both would suffer had me paralyzed.

As I think back on it now, I guess she got tired of her pretty boys and just out of curiosity, wanted to know what it would be like to get it on with a big brute like me. I was the only guy in school that spent most of his day in vocational classes she ever showed any interest in; and like many of the guys who went to school ‘in the back of the building’, I’d never been out on a date before in my life.

I think dad was ready to hand over the car keys and let me have at it, but mom wouldn’t hear of it. She’d been raised in a more conservative family and she said that wasn’t the proper way to court a young lady. She called her parents and arranged for us to pick her up Friday evening and was surprised when her parents didn’t offer to come along as well. As things turned out, mom came down with the flu and had to stay home and was horrified when she found out the three of us spent the evening at the local stock car races.

We had a great time. Nancy had never been before, but before each race, she picked a car she liked the looks of and cheered it on and held on to me liked we’d been friends all our life. Feeling her hands all over my body got me all worked up and I felt my cock pushing out at my pants like a hot summer sausage.

I sat between her and my dad and noticed he was watching us as much as the races. About mid-way through the events, she sat with her hand rubbing the top of my thigh and it was all I could do to keep myself from blowing a load right then and there. I glanced over at my father and I’ll never forget the expression he had on his face - it was the same one he had in the laundry room the day he blew his load all over my spunk rag.

‘That’s a boy! Git cha ‘a piece of ass! Fuck that pussy son! Fuck it good!’

It came on to me like a freight train and I leaped up and ran to the men’s room and locked myself in a stall. I started blowing my load down my pants before I could even get my hands on my dick. I pulled it out as fast as I could and tried to aim it at the pot, but spunk flew all over the place.

It was truly an out-of-body experience - I felt helpless as I watched my seed shoot all over the stall. The relief I felt when it was over wasn’t from the sexual release at all. It was due to the fact I was finally able to regained control of myself.

I wadded up some toilet paper and wiped the globs of spunk out of my underwear and cleaned up the best I could, but when I tucked myself back in my pants, my cock felt sticky in my underwear. I rubbed it all around down there with the palm of my hand just like I’d seen my dad do to himself in the laundry room that day, and before I left the stall, I remember putting my finger to my nose and savoring the smell just like he’d done.

The race ended just as I headed out of the men’s room. It was the last one before intermission and guys came flocking to relieve themselves just as I stepped out. I saw dad leading Nancy up to the concession stand and I met them there and apologized for not being able to wait to go to the bathroom before intermission. My crotch was so wet and sticky, I just knew people could see cum seeping through my pants so I kept covering my crotch until I was able to discreetly check and make sure I was alright.

I was pretty much an emotional mess the rest of the evening. My teenage hormones raged through me big time and it wasn’t until we dropped her off at the door and headed back to the house I was able to relax. As soon as we pulled out of her driveway, I fell back in my seat and my dad slapped his big paw down on my thigh and said, “You ol’ dog you! I think she has the hots for you son!”

That was all that he said.

The next morning while we were down working in the garage, dad said he needed to go run an errand or two. I figured he went to pick up a part or something, but when he returned, he was empty-handed and just went back to work without saying anything. We had a big diesel tractor we needed to finish up for a trucking firm that had been a regular customer of dad’s ever since I could remember. I loved working on them and I knew someday, that would be my specialty so I worked hard on it together with him to have it ready for the driver by noon.

I don’t know what it was, but I felt it as soon as he returned from his errands. We often worked together on these tractors to get them out as quickly for the clients as possible, but that day I felt more closely connected to my father than ever before and I could tell he was feeling the same. He just looked at me different and I could feel an animal magnetism building up around us.

Once we got the truck ready to go, dad ran up to check on how mom was doing and I started going over what needed to be done on an old sports car a customer had towed in. The guy wasn’t in any big hurry for it and it needed a lot of work so I was mainly just checking it out and making a list of parts we needed to order.

When dad returned, I showed him what I had discovered on the car, and while we were going over the list, the driver showed up to pick up the truck. After he left, dad suggested we close shop for the day and go have a good workout. He said that mom was needing her rest and it might be best if we just stayed away from the house to give her some peace and quite.

He’d also been taking care of the weekly laundry for mom since early that morning and had brought down our gym shorts and t-shirts from the house. It was the first time we’d ever changed clothes in front of one another. He’d always been modest around me even when mom wasn’t around and I’d never seen him naked before in my life. I followed his lead, stripping down the exact same way he did and as we both stood naked folding up our underwear, he looked over at me and examined me from head to toe.

“You’ve turned out to be quite a man son.”

“Well I’ve still got a ways to go to catch up with you dad.”

I was a little bit embarrassed after I said that because I realized I had just made an innuendo that I really didn’t intend to make, but he just laughed and just kept looking me over. I guess he was so proud of what he’d passed along to me, he just couldn’t resist looking at my naked body.

He shook his head and chuckled, “You’re a chip off the ol’ block if I say so myself!” He then reached down under his balls and loosened himself some and said, “You don’t have much more growing to do down there to catch up with me - if that’s what you meant.”

I felt my cock leap up and I quickly pulled up my gym shorts to hide it, but all he did was watch me and snicker as he pulled up his trunks.

Dad went after the weights that day like I’d never seen him before. It was the first time I ended up spotting him more than he did me and by the time he was done, his whole body was a bulging mass of muscle. I was really impressed with how he looked and told him so. He smiled as he sat on the bench and caught his breath then made a muscle for me and told me to feel it.

His biceps were rock hard - the biggest I’d ever seen them and his big belly seemed firmer and more massive than ever before. It looked like a stout, well-sculpted joist designed to support the hefty equipment that hung below it and that equipment looked bigger than I ever remembered.

I think he noticed me checking him out down there because he reached down and adjusted himself and when he was finished, the outline of his thick cock-shaft running down his thigh was more even prominent.

“Let me feel yours son.”

I made a muscle for him and he stood up and put his rough hands around it and squeezed it and rubbed his thumb on it in that same milking motion like I saw him do to his cock that day in the laundry room.

“It’s grown a lot in the past year hasn’t it.”

“Yeah, and so has yours dad. I don’t guess I will ever catch up with you now.”

He smiled and walked over and opened a cabinet in the corner of the room. “Well I know one thing you’ve got me beat at.”

“What’s that dad?”

He pulled out a small sack he’d gotten from the drug store and looked me in the eyes and said, “This is just between you and me son. In fact, I want to make it a rule that what we say and do in here from now on is our business and no one else’s. That applies to anyone and everyone. Not your friends, not my friends, and especially not your mom. This is the kind of stuff only a father and son share with one another, got it?”

A nervous pang hit me in the belly as I nodded my acknowledgement.

He smiled and winked at me. “Especially your mom.”

He pulled a small package out of the sack and held it up.

“You know what this is?”

I shook my head ‘No’, and he tore open the package. “It’s a condom son, a ‘rubber’. It let’s you blow your load while you’re inside a woman without worrying about getting her pregnant, but I’m worried that they may not work for you. Those rags you leave down here tell me you’re a hell of a lot more virile than most men. Are you shootin’ that much stuff all at once, or is that the result of you shootin’ off several times a night?”

He could see I was embarrassed.

“This is just between you and me son. Don’t mince words. I’m sure as hell not going to.”

“Well dad, I usually blow it all at once, but not always. When I do, it takes me a while to get to the point to where I even feel like I can cum - it kinda keeps slowly building up. I usually get this real hot burning sensation right under my dick-head whenever I shoot it off all at once.”

“This burning sensation. Is it painful?”

“Not really dad. It takes me a long time to shoot everything out, but it feels good while I’m doin’ it.”

He chuckled and said, “Fuck boy! . . . sounds to me like you blow your nut the way we’d all like to!”

He mussed my hair and grinned then pulled down at his crotch before he tore open the small packet.

“Look, you take it like this, make sure you have it turned in the right direction so you can just roll it down over your cock like this.”

He rolled it down over his finger and wiggled it at me like it was a puppet and smiled.

“See this part up here at the top? That’s there to catch and hold your spunk. It isn’t very big is it? Try and leave yourself extra room up there. As virile as you are I’m afraid you could easily blow one of these apart. I don’t want you getting a girl pregnant until the time is right for both of you.”

He smiled, but I just nodded and sat down on the bench. The seriousness of what all this implied was beginning to sink in and his demeanor changed when he saw my reaction.

“It’s part of growing up son. I know why you jumped up and ran off to the men’s room like you did last night, Nancy didn’t, but I did. I saw that fat pecker of yours fightin’ to get at her! Hell, I started poppin’ wood myself after I saw your dick pushin’ at your pants like it was.

She’s quite a looker son, and she was all over you last night, feeling your muscles and rubbin’ your chest like she couldn’t wait to get you naked, but go easy son. Play it cool. Give it some time, because its what you two have before and after the fuckin’ is over that counts in the end. You’ll eventually know if she is right for you, but don’t let that stiff dick of yours make the decision for you.”

Hearing my dad, whom all his life had never said a profane word in front of me talk about sex so frankly and bluntly, got me feeling hornier than ever. He nodded down at my crotch when he said the last of his piece and it leapt in my pants when he did.

I couldn’t help it; and I knew right away he noticed it cause I saw his eyes get big. I reached down and pulled myself up in my pants some to give it some room, then covered it with my hand.

“I’m sorry dad, but hearing you talk like that got me worked up.”

He chuckled and watched as I pulled myself up in my shorts. My cock started throbbing faster and harder and kept swelling until the head pushed right up to the waistband.

“Don’t be embarrassed son. If I remember correctly the same thing happened to me the first time your grandpa started talkin’ man-talk with me.” He paused and his face slowly flushed as he thought back to those days.

He reached down and adjusted himself again.

“Yeah, thinkin’ back on it, I almost forgot how it was when I was your age. I forgot how fuckin’ horny I was, but I never shot a load like you do son. So you just blow it all out at once huh?”

My cock throbbed up even more. I fumbled around to try and hide it when I answered. “I guess so dad. It doesn’t come out all at once. It comes out in a bunch of spurts.”

He laughed and said, “Well I should hope so boy! I didn’t think that was a fire hydrant you was packing down there.”

My cock throbbed hard again and he waved his hand at my crotch and smirked in a way that said ‘Don’t worry about getting a hard-on son. It’s no big deal to me.’

“I remember the first time I ever got pussy around my dick. I started cummin’ before I even knew it. I was just lucky it wasn’t her time of the month to conceive. I worry that might happen to you son. You get that first taste of hot, wet pussy on that hard dick of yours and you could easily start cummin’ before you even know you are - and frankly, I’m afraid you could easily blow one of these things apart. That wont do you any good. . .”

“Fuck dad!”

Hearing him talk about me getting a ‘taste of pussy’ on my dick just sent me off. My cock shot straight up and pushed past my waistband where he could see.

He snickered and tugged at his crotch. “Hearing your old man talk about sex is really getting you all horned up isn’t it? Are you really all that surprised that your old man knows a thing or two about sex son?”

I smiled and looked down at the floor embarrassed as I shook my head ‘no’.

“Well hell, I like sex as much as the next man son, believe you me. Don’t think just because your old man is so much older than you that I don’t still need to get my load off every once in a while. Trust me son, it doesn’t go away with age and we men get to feelin’ the need a hell of lot more often than women do. I told you that once before. We all have to take matters into our own hands every now and then. It’s natural son.”

His cock had swollen up and grown to the point where the head of it was sticking out past the leg of his gym shorts. He caught me looking at it and his hand moved down to try and hide it, but then he stopped and let it fall to his side.

“I figured you might need the extra large ones like I did in my day when I used them. I’ve been noticing that bulge in your pants has been getting bigger and bigger lately. You’re damn near as big as I am when I get that way.”

Having my dad shower so much attention on me and my cock got me all confused. I was full up hard and all of a sudden, an uncontrollable urge came over me to play with it right in front of him.

I looked down at my cock and started stroking it in a way I’d never done before. I grabbed it with my thumb pointing towards the base of my shaft and tugged and pulled on it. As soon as I touched myself, I was immediately engulfed with pleasurable feelings and I knew wasn’t going to be able to stop until I got my load off. I took a deep, shivering breath and just went at it, but I didn’t change my grip on it to the way I normally hold it when I jerk off. Instead, I just kept working it like I would a crank, rolling it around and round while my fingertips massaged and teased the sensitive underside.

I was flush with lust when I looked back up at him. His cock was now hanging well past the legs of his shorts and when our eyes met, he offered me the sack of condoms and said, “Here, looks to me like your ready to try one of these now. Let me get out of your hair so you can have at it boy.”

The next thing I remember I was holding and squeezing my dad’s cock in the hand I just used to pleasure my own. I looked back up at him and he was just watching me devoid of expression.

It was a new experience for me to feel a cock without feeling what the cock felt and I suddenly realized how silky-smooth the skin of a penis actually was.

He just stood there dead still as I fondled him for what seemed to me to be the longest time. There was a nervousness in his voice when he finally spoke up. “You didn’t have to do that boy. I could tell by the way you were expressing yourself with it you was wantin’ me to join in. . .   What do you think about when you jerk off son?”

I figured by now there was no reason to hide anything from him. It was now fully evident his promise of being there for me in any way, had no bounds.

“Mostly fuckin’ girls dad, but I sometimes think about you. I have ever since that day you came up to my room to gather up those shop rags you first gave me. When I got up to go take a shower, there wasn’t any towels in the bathroom so I ran down to get some and I saw you and watched you jerk yourself off and blow your load on my rags before you put them in the washer.

That was the most incredible thing I ever saw dad. You looked so strong and authoritative the way you handled your dick, and it seemed to me like you did it for a different reason than I do because of how you handled yourself and expressed yourself with it even after you came. I’ll never forget how you shook the last of your spunk off it.

I think about that day often. I saw a side of you I’d never seen before. You were so forceful and really exhibited your brute strength and your manly ways. I knew it was about me somehow because of what I heard you say when you shot off, but I realized that all that display and expression wasn’t something you was comfortable with showing me personally.

I wanted to see more of that side of you dad, because you had never shown me that side of you before in all my life. I didn’t want you to feel like you had to hide it from me. That’s when I decided to start lifting weights with you, remember? I wanted to spend more time with you. I wanted you to become more comfortable with me so you would show that side of yourself to me.

I knew you never showed that side of yourself to mom because I know her, and I know she would never understand anything about what I saw you do, but I did. I believe that only another man could really appreciate what it was that you were doing and the way you did it and why you did it. I’ll never forget that ever.”

His cock immediately went soft when I started confessing what I did. I didn’t want him to interrupt me until I was through saying what I had to say, so I started talking fast and by the time I told him I understood what it was he had done and that I thought only another man could understand it, I felt his cock begin to stiffen back up in my hand.

He motioned for me to scoot over on the bench to make room for him and sat down beside me. It was obvious he was struggling to gather his thoughts so I just sat silently and waited for him to speak.

“People can be a lot more sexually complex than society ever wants to let on son. I have struggled with this in my life some son, but the truth is that it’s natural for men to want to show and demonstrate their sexuality in ways that only another man can understand and appreciate. We do it in a lot of different ways. Through sports, our professions and so forth, but because of the way homosexuality is characterized in our society, it’s damn near impossible for us to publicly admit to having a need to express ourselves in that way. I would bet you though, that the majority of men in the world have that need, but most all of us spend most of our lives suppressing it.

We all have a side to us that is strictly off limits to members of the opposite sex. When it comes right down to it, men often prefer the company of men and women often prefer the company of women. It’s rare that we express those types of feelings in a sexual way, but when the chemistry is just right, two men can share and nurture that strictly male side of one another and express it in a sexual way, and it isn’t surprising that women would find the expression we reserve and feel towards one another to be weird and repulsive. They just don’t know what that’s all about.

I’m not saying that all men are like that, or that they feel the need so strongly they ever do anything about it, but if you are aware of that side of yourself, like I think you’re saying you are, I don’t have to tell you that it exists and what it’s all about now do I?”

I shook my head ‘No’ and looked down at my crotch and tried to cover myself.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed about son. It’s as natural as the rest of our sexual needs. It’s just special, very special, but it can also be extremely complex. If you have that kind of need, I want you to feel free to talk about it with me, but only if you want to.

I always want you feel like you can discuss anything with me, but I also want you to know that isn’t what I wanted from you in any way when I started this discussion. I just worried you might get a girl pregnant and have to get married because of it. It’s serious business boy when that happens. It can get awfully messy and more often than not, the marriage ends up in a nasty divorce.”

“I understand that. I’ll be honest with you dad. I don’t see how that rubber could hold all the stuff I shoot.”

He laughed heartily, and his laughter broke the tension between us. “I don’t think so either. That’s why I want you to give it a try beforehand and since you’re already hard and raring to go, why don’t you go ahead and give it a try and see what happens, boy. You need to know. You can’t just trust that it’ll work for you.”

He handed the sack to me.

“Now since neither one of us thinks this is going to work for you, I want you to pay close attention to something else too. I want you to pay attention to what you feel just before you shoot your load.

The only reason I say that is your old man sometimes doesn’t even know he’s cumming right at first. That good fuckin’ feeling doesn’t hit me until I’ve already shot enough seed to get a girl pregnant. I don’t think most men are like I am but I’m not really sure about that - that goes back to what we was talkin’ about earlier - about sharing that strictly male side with one another - but since you’re my son, you may be the same. Just be careful boy.”

He stood up in front of me. His cock and balls were sticking out of the bottom of his gym shorts and his cock was still as hard as it was when he sat down. He pulled out on the elastic waist-band of his shorts to try and tuck it away but his equipment was just too big and cumbersome for him to go at it that way so he lowered them down to give himself more room. His cock throbbed hard to his touch as he struggled to get it back up and through the leg of his shorts, and even though he tried to act as though it was all just a temporary nuisance and of little concern, I sensed he was struggling with the same lustful feelings as I.

I knew full well we had somehow managed to get into a situation that he never expected would happen when he started with his lesson, but after the conversation we just had, we were being drawn toward one another sexually. I could feel it, and he could feel it, and it felt to me like it was an outside force building around us of which neither one of us had any control.

He finally got his cock put away as best he could, but the only way he could keep it from pointing straight out at me, was to have the end of his dick sticking out of the top of his shorts just like mine had been earlier.

I reached in the sack and pulled out one of the packages and tore it open and pulled my shorts down further and tried putting it on.

I was so nervous, I fumbled around with it for a while without much success until I finally looked up at him with a sheepish grin. He smiled back at me and squatted down in front of me and held out his hand. I handed the thing to him and he had me steady my cock for him while he once again showed me how to do it.

As soon as he touched my dick, it started throbbing and I felt a desire and need in me the likes of which I’d never before felt. His cock started bobbing right after mine did and that just set me off. He didn’t say much while he rolled it down over my shaft other than to point out for me to make sure I had the tip of it ‘nice and loose’ as he put it.

He stood up after he finished putting the condom on me and the pressure of his stiff cock made his gym trunks slide all the way down the underside of his shaft. His cock started bobbing up and down but he ignored it and nodded down at mine and said, “Now why don’t you get a good wad of spit in your hand and rub it all over that thing to get an idea of what it feels like.”

I spit in my hands and rubbed it all over my cock. The condom felt strange and alien to me at first, but I was so fired up with desire I didn’t pay any attention to it after a moment.

I looked up at my dad after I began stroking myself.

His cock was throbbing so fast and hard and he was trying so damn hard to ignore it, I could see the pain in his face as he struggled with his feelings.

He finally allowed himself to make eye contact with me and the look in his eyes, and expression in his face, made it clear to me he was seeking my guidance as to what he should do with himself.

My heart filled with a love for him like I never felt before.

I put my arms up and said, “Come here dad.”

He hesitated for an instant but when he saw the love for him fill my eyes, he stepped up to me and I grabbed him around the waist and buried my head right into his crotch.

I remember thinking at the time as I did it, “This is my dick. The one that made me.’ My mind wandered off, and I became lost in my own world, conscious of nothing else until he put his loving hands on my shoulders then around my head and caressed me in a way I’d never felt before from him in my life.

“I love you so much son.”

I rubbed the side of my face all over his groin and said, “I love you too dad.”

The feeling of his fat, hard dick pressed up against my ear in contrast to his soft, tender balls on my cheeks, made me shiver. His legs began to tremble and I pulled his shorts down to expose his plump balls and began licking him right where the underside of his shaft met up with his man-sac.

He gently placed his loving hands on the back of my head and pulled me tight to him to where I almost couldn’t breath, then slowly released the pressure ever so slightly, bit by bit then rubbed the back of my head once again to let me know everything was alright.

From that point on, I was only vaguely conscious of what I was doing. I just loved on his man-stuff for the longest time - thinking of what I could do to show my appreciation for everything he’d done for me in his life.

He didn’t say anything at all. He just caressed me and massaged the back of my neck but the love he was communicating was irrefutable.

He slowly kept getting harder and harder until his cock was sticking straight up in the air and when I felt his pre-cum drool down on the side of my face, I looked up at his throbbing cock-head and the forbidden heat of incest overcame me.

I simpered like a little child, and without a conscious thought about what I was doing, I raised my head up to it and began sucking it like a bull-calf at his mother’s udder.

His whole body jolted as I took him in my mouth and the grunt and cry he let out under his breath, revealed his torture to me. He jerked back and took it away from me, and my eyes shot right up to his.

The torture in his face made me take pause as he fought with his inner feelings. I don’t know what it was he saw when he looked at me, but something made him realize he had to do the right thing by me.

He grabbed up his cock like it was a hammer and slapped my face with it then ground it into my eyes and nose and teased my lips with the tip of it as if to say, ‘Look at it boy! Look at what the fuck you are sucking on. Pay homage to me, boy. Pay homage to me and my beautiful dick.’

The most incredible feeling of acceptance came over me and I kept crying out ‘Oh!. . .   Oh!’ as he continued to christened me with his cock. I dove my head down under him and began licking up underneath him. He spread his legs wider and wider until he was spread wide enough to where I could lick up under his balls. The smells of the underside of his body were strong and exhilarating, and I couldn’t help but associating them to the first time he ever let me slide up underneath a car to work on it.

He pushed his dick down and held it firm against the top of my head and ground it around as I visually and orally examined his working parts. I marveled in the glory of it all and felt proud and fortunate to have been born from such a fine assemblage of man-stuff; and when I pulled my head back out from under him and looked into his eyes and smiled, he proceeded to have his way with me.

His dick was the biggest I’d ever seen it - bigger than it ever was when I saw him jack-off that day. It’s stood straight up hard, swollen full, and the skin stretched tight against it.

He put the head of his dick right up to my lips and said in that tone of voice he used whenever he was urging me on to gather my strength, to be a man - “Suck the whole goddamn dick, boy, if that’s what you really want. Take it like a man!”

Hearing him break through the uneasy silence and talk to me like that, ordering me to be a man about it if I was going to do what it was I wanted to do, just sent me off. I opened my mouth wide and he rammed it down my throat then pulled it out and shook it right in front of me exactly the way I saw him do that day in the laundry.

I raised my smiling eyes to him and he grinned and nodded like he knew it all along. I could still sense his own doubts, but after that, I had none. I knew what I was supposed to do and I knew I was supposed to do it.

This was mine - the source of my creation, and I went down on it and gorged myself on my daddy-dick. I pumped my mouth on his cock, driven by a lustful passion and a need I could neither control or comprehend, I just knew, for some reason, I needed to swim back upstream to the place where I was born.

Little by little I made my way; past the rushing waters to the thick, viscous bog of his pre-cum. My throat was soon completely coated with the stuff - and that’s when he stepped in to help me in my quest.

He held my head firm and started fucking himself down me - pumping hard and strong and together, we made headway towards my final destination. He fucked and fucked and fucked then ground himself down in me good with such force, I was certain I was close to reaching my goal - my holy grail.

I reached down between my legs and took my cock up in my hand and started stroking it urgently when I knew his life-giving fountain was about to erupt; and as soon as I did, he began fucking my face in long, deep, manly thrusts.

I looked up at him and the torture of his pleasure painted all over his face set me off. My head fell back and our eyes locked and I started cumming before I was even aware of it.

As soon as he saw my spunk rush into the tip of that condom, he grabbed my head and fucked me deep, blasting the source of my life down my throat. My ejaculation was so strong and lasted so long, it felt as though half the spunk I had released from my nuts was still down inside my rod. My nuts ached as soon as I shot it off and when I felt my cock greedily start pumping for more, I cried out.

He let go of my head and fought to control himself, but he was too far gone. He reared back and slowly and forcefully fucked himself down me as an unworldly ‘Ohhhhuuuh’ emanated from the depths his being.

His cock throbbed strong and hard, and this time I felt the load course it’s way up his shaft before his cock-head unleashed the full fury of its power down my throat.

My entire body quaked in full orgasm from the experience, and while he blasted his seed inside me with one forceful jolt after another, that damn condom blew wide open and my hot spunk splattered all over his legs.

He yelled, “FUCK BOY!” and started cumming so fast and hard, it felt almost like he was pissing down my throat. I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could, but he was shooting off more than I could handle and it started dribbling down my chin. I felt his hand slide up under it and gather it in his palm as his cock kept blasting his long streams of seed down my throat.

I sucked and suckled every last drop out of him while I shot off long ropes that splattered all over his thighs and even after he was spent, he fucked my faced for me and encouraged me on as I continued to shoot off the biggest, messiest load I’d ever shot in my life. I didn’t ever think I would stop cumming, but once my orgasm finally waned and I eventually managed to wean myself off his dick, I looked up at him and he smiled and offered me what he had in his hand. I greedily licked it out of his palm then sucked his fingers down my throat and let him feed the last of it to me like I was suckling bull-calf.

He stepped back after I licked his fingers clean but I was unwilling to relent and that brought a smile to his face like I’d never seen before. He forced me back down on his cock and made me take it his way. It got rough and violent, then tender and loving until we finally completed the ritual.

He tested the full being of my strength in every way as he allowed me to explore his full being. I couldn’t get enough of it, and by the time I regained any real sense about what was going on, he had me pinned down to the floor caressing and petting me with his loving hands as he tried to calm me down.

“My sweet, little bull-boy. You didn’t have to do that for me, but I’m glad you did son. I’m glad you did.”

I reached down between us and took our cocks in my hand and held them together. He chuckled in an all-knowing way that told me he understood everything this meant to me.

We continued to horse around reveling in our shared manliness during the hours that marked that afternoon, and it culminated by him straddling my chest and watching me with the most loving, tender eyes as he fed his stiff dick to me then fucked me once again in the face.

“This is the most beautiful thing I’ll ever see in my life son. I want you to know that.”

I took his dick out of my mouth and smiled, “I love watching you fuck, dad.”

He rubbed my head all over with his meaty hand and smiled and chuckled, “Heh heh heh, I’d love to see you fuck too boy. Do you think you could do that for me?”

I slowly slid his cock back down my throat and he shook his head at me like he couldn’t believe what a little cock-hound I could be, then began his final drive toward our mutual ecstasy.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and held on tight so I could feel every bit of his unbridled power. He didn’t say another word. He just selfishly satisfied his hunger and fucked me without showing any concern about my own well-being. It took everything I had in me to handle his wrathful need. He fucked with such force, all I could think of was my mom and wondered how on earth she could ever handle being pummeled like this.

He finished his fuck by falling over my head and supporting his weight like he was doing push-ups. His big, furry belly pressed against the top of my forehead and all I saw was his pubic bush slamming into my eyes. Then suddenly he stopped deep inside me.

He grunted and forced harder down my throat.

“Swallow it boy!”

I squirmed and writhed and somehow managed to do as I was told and he roared when he felt the heat of my gullet.

“Awwwh FUCK YEAHHhhh!. . . OH! . . . SHIT!”

I had my fingers pressed right up against his prostate and the pulsating rhythm of his throbbing prostate compared to the moment I felt his spunk throb through his shaft, and the instant I felt the heat of his wicked load blast down my gullet juxtaposed to the moment he fucked me deeper and cried out, all seemed crazy and out of sync.

My head reeled and I almost lost consciousness as one of the great mysteries of life was revealed to me. He didn’t relent, he just had his way with me until he had obtained every bit of pleasure for himself he could from me.

“Fuck yeah boy! That’s the way to suck a man’s dick. You do me proud son. Now get up here and pay me back boy. Don’t be afraid, fuck like a man!”

I was too far gone to remember all the details of what happened afterwards. I just know I fucked my dad in the face with such wrath and vengeance you would have thought I hated the man. When I finally succumbed to the pleasure and realized how he went about making sure I had the best orgasm I ever had in my life, my love for him was absolute. I was in a total daze afterwards and we laid side by side on our backs for the longest time once I blew my load down his hot mouth.

Our incest was complete.

So many thoughts raced through my mind so fast, I wasn’t able to keep up. Eventually dad turned over on his side towards me and ran his hands through my hair. I was shivering feverishly, but when he took me in his arms and caressed me in his warmth and I saw how clear and confident he was about it all, I was as near back to normal as I would ever be that day.

“Now you know little buddy. Now you know.”

I shivered and buried my head in his chest and he continued to pet me until I eventually said, “Dad, do you have a special friend like this?”

I raised my head to him and he met my eyes and kissed me on the forehead then nodded and smiled like he already knew the question was coming. “Yes I do son. I have to be honest with you boy. If you had gone after my cock five years ago like you did today, I don’t know what I would have done exactly, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to give to you what you needed.”

“Is he someone I know?”

He smiled and nodded.

“Yes, you’ve seen him around. He’s one of the fellows that likes to stop by and chat every once in a while. I never felt that way towards another man until I met him.

We both felt a special attraction between us the first time we met, son. It took us many years to actually get around to admitting to ourselves it existed and the accepting the true nature of it, and it took many more years before we ever admitted to one another that we each had these strong feelings toward each other.

Like I said, it’s special, son. It’s hard to explain and it is nothing like, or has anything to do with the feelings you just expressed towards me. I went through a lot of years of denial about my feelings towards him, and he did the same, but the mutual attraction and the need was just too strong between us; and one day, while you and your mom was off visiting your grandparents, he came by right when I was closing up the shop, and we got to talking like we normally do.

When I mentioned to him that you and your mom were gone for the week, he said his wife had also left town to visit her grandparents so we decided to go have dinner together. We have a lot in common son. We knew that after the first time we met and it’s been good for both of us to have someone to share those experiences with through the years. Nothing happened that first night we went out together, but it was evident to me afterwards that we both wanted and needed to somehow find a way to break through all the social barriers that stood between us.

It goes way beyond any kind of physical attraction son. It touches our spirit and our soul. All I can say is if it ever happens to you, you’ll know it without a doubt.”

“So what did happen?”

“Well, the next day after I closed up shop, he was standing right there as I stepped outside to lock up the office and I just knew. We both knew. Neither one of us said a thing the best that I can remember, I just opened back up the door and let him in and we came right in here son and, well. . .”

He looked away and rolled back over on his back and stared up at the ceiling. “I guess this room has some powerful something to it son. I don’t know what to think about it now, after all this, boy.”

He rubbed his eyes and stared straight up at the ceiling as he spoke.

“He’s married too. . . That was the first time either one of us ever shared these feelings with someone of the same sex son, it took us a long while to get it all out and even after we did, we just stared at one another dumbfounded like we didn’t know what to do next. I am certain he will be the only man I will ever feel this way towards, son, and I know for a fact he feels the same towards me.”

He rolled back toward me and reached down at his cock and adjusted himself as though he was trying to hide it.

“It goes way beyond anything sexual son. Like I said before, it touches that very private essence of our maleness - the strengths, but perhaps more importantly, the weaknesses as well. That is something that no man ever wants to willingly share with anyone - it is very special and private - but doing so has bonded us together in a way that has now made us inseparable.

We avoided one another for months after that first time.”

“Why was that dad? Did you feel guilty about it?”

“Oh I felt guilty about it, that’s for damn sure. I felt guilty and embarrassed about it in so many ways it’s hard to tell you what all I felt at that time.

I felt guilty about it because I felt like I had betrayed your mom even though I knew it had nothing to do with her and me and how I felt about her - how much I loved her.

I felt embarrassed because I felt like I had exposed my weaknesses to this man. Society characterizes homosexuals as ‘pansies’ and homosexual behavior as weak and depraved. I had a hard time coping with all that crap.

I will tell you this son, he’s no fucking pansy and you know damn well I’m not one either. Once we got started late that afternoon, we went at it with a lust and vigor and gusto that I hadn’t felt in many a year. We reveled in our manliness and we gave each other a good taste of our own individual maleness - more than a good taste. It got pretty rough at times, but our lust for one another kept it within bounds.”

He paused and smiled at me.

“Barely. It was all in good fun though son. Neither one of us had anything to prove to the other. We already had one another’s mutual respect. We just reveled in our own manliness - just like you and I have just done son. There’s nothing wrong with that. I know for a fact it has helped both of us to be better husbands and, I hope it’s helped me to be a better father to you.”

I put my arms around him and we pressed our bodies close together, firm and tight.

“You’ve been the best dad in the whole world.”

“I love you son. I couldn’t have done what I just did with you if I didn’t love you with all my heart. You have to know that.”

“I do dad. I do. So tell me, what happened after you avoided one another for so long?”

He looked into my eyes and smiled that certain way he did when I was a child and was prone to ask too many questions at once of him.

“The need was too strong son. We’d brought out in one another a side of us that we had suppressed for far too long. He loved everything about my big ol’ ugly hairy body and I felt the same about his. We both needed that kind of unbridled admiration we knew we’d never get from anyone else.

We just came back around to one another. We’d had plenty of time to think everything over and what it meant to each of us individually, and frankly, we were man enough to talk things through and set boundaries on ourselves and to not let it interfere with the lives that we already had established.

Our relationship. . . well, I don’t want to go into that.

I love you son and no one could ever take me away from you - I want you to know that in your heart and soul. I would never have told you this if I felt otherwise.

He paused and let the undeniable truth of what he’d just said, sink in. Once he saw that I got it and understood, he smiled and playfully poked me in the stomach.

I want to tell you something else, and you’d better not get a big head after I do.”

He pushed himself away enough to where he could look me in the eyes.

“What’s that dad?”

“You’ve got the prettiest damn dick I ever saw in my life boy!”

That made me laugh and I felt the tension pour out of my body.

He started tickling me then grabbed my dick and shook it like he was trying to wake it up.

“No. I mean that son. You’ve got the most perfect dick I ever saw.”

I never asked who it was. He was so open and frank with me, I was afraid he might tell me if I did. I didn’t want that. Not because I was afraid to find out who it was, or afraid I might end up hating that person. I didn’t want to know because I wanted dad to have something in his life that was his and his alone. He’d already given enough to me and mom - far more than any lesser man would.

He had been giving all his life. This special relationship of his was clearly something he cherished and needed and he deserved to have it all to himself.

My whole life had centered around my dad up until that day and I had never been aware of it or what it actually meant to me until then. He had watched over me and nurtured me every step of the way in my life and our relationship had now gone as far as it could ever possibly go until I was out on my own.

We were now standing at a crossroad together, but I knew the roads that lie ahead were mine and mine alone to travel. He was just standing beside me now waiting to see me off once I decided to take the first step down the path of my choosing.