WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sex between adult males and minor boys. Please do not continue reading if you find this offensive, if you are underage or if this type of story is illegal where you live.
(B/G M/B con, oral, bi, bear)

  Country Ways
Chapter 8
Being Bull - (Part 2)

After the Saturday my dad sat me down and began his lessons about sex and the use of condoms, I walked around bewildered for the three days following. I felt as though he had handed me a mystical baton in the relay race of life, and I discovered it was a much bigger burden than I’d ever imagined it would be. I tried to hide in my bedroom the next day, but he didn’t allow it.

He forced me to get out of bed and face the day with him like a man. At first, he had me help out around the house since mom was still battling the flu and once we had everything done and we were sure mom was comfortable and had fallen back to sleep, he and I went for a long walk where we could talk in private.

I don’t remember everything in detail we discussed that Sunday afternoon - it was all a blur to me then, as much of it is now - but I do know that was the day we began the transition from being father-and-son, to being best friends. I remember that transition clearly, because by the end of the day, I had a completely new perspective of him I had never had before in my life. He was more human to me and seemed at once to be younger and more naïve, and older and more sage. I sensed a hint of vulnerability in him that day as well because of how he was reacting to mom’s illness, and I have to admit that sensing that in him for the first time in my life frightened me some, but it was overshadowed by the way he made me face up to what we had done together the day before.

I felt like I had somehow corrupted him by making him do something he really didn’t want to do and he admitted that he was still surprised by what I had done yesterday, but I could tell he had no feelings of self-doubt about any of it. Instead, his focus was on me and my feelings and reactions to everything that had happened. He tried to drill into my head that day that I should be more accepting of myself, just as he did four years ago when he made me fess up to the fact that I was masturbating, but unfortunately, it would be many years before that lesson would finally ever sink into my thick skull.

I almost cut off a finger in shop class the Monday I went back to school. My shop teacher saw it happen and he rushed over to me and shut off the band saw I was working on and told me to follow him into his office.

The meeting was short and sweet.

“I don’t know what’s bothering you Dan, and you don’t have to share it with me if you don’t want too, but I could tell from the moment you walked into class you were deeply distracted about something. You are the best damn student I have ever had in all my years of teaching and I’d hate to see you ruin a bright future by injuring yourself. That was the dumbest thing I ever saw in my life I just saw you do, and you know it as well as I do. Your father would have both our heads if he ever saw you pull a stupid stunt like that in this class.

You’re a lucky kid Dan, your father has taught you well. All I’ve had to do is allow you to grow and develop your skills, but I now think I can teach you something that perhaps he never has. This is dangerous work, and when you get the way you are now, the best thing you can do now and in the future, is to stay away from it until you have your head on straight.

I want you to gather up your things and leave here now. Go do whatever you want or need to do until you get things sorted out and don’t come back until you’re right with the world. I’ll take care of it with the front office. I want you to come to school in the morning and attend your regular classes, but afterwards, all I want you to do is come back here and check in with me then just keep walking out that back door.

It’s part of your education, and it’s a lesson that may very well save your life down the road. Real men don’t play with dangerous toys when they aren’t feeling up to snuff, Dan.”

He smiled and winked at me then said, “And of all things, you almost lost a finger to a stupid band saw.”

I was really embarrassed after he said that, I smiled sheepishly and got up, put my books away in my locker, and left school. I hadn’t had any unstructured time like this for as long as I could remember and I just wandered around aimlessly that afternoon still in a daze.

The next day, I did the same thing until I happened to pass by a children’s playground that my parents used to bring me to when I was a toddler. I stepped through the gate and sat on one of the benches and abstractly watched the children playing on the swings and sliding boards and the jungle gym.

I always liked the jungle gym the most, it was the least threatening to me when I was young and I laughed at myself when I thought of how terrified I was when dad put me on top of the sliding board now realizing that it was only about four feet off the ground. I figured it was just normal for a bull to not want to have much to do with heights, but I had to wait all these years to realize that I was one.

I didn’t want to grow up. I wanted to be a kid for the rest of my life, but I knew how impossible that was. I put my head in my hands and stared at the ground and just thought over and over again the same thought, ‘What are you going to do with your life, Bull? What are you going to do?’

A giant pair of shiny black shoes and slate-blue cuffs appeared in my vision, and I knew without looking up who it was.

Officer Liam Callaghan was well known by everyone in our neighborhood for being the biggest, toughest, meanest son of a bitch that ever walked a beat. When he lumbered down the street, you could see him a block away towering over everyone else. I’d known him all my life, and he knew me just like he knew every other kid that had ever played on the streets and sidewalks of our neighborhood.

He was all business, and he was the law; and he commanded the respect, if not terror, out of every kid that had ever grown up in his territory. The crime rate in our neighborhood was nil. There was no thefts, burglaries, or vandalism - not even graffiti - which was saying a lot when one took into consideration that it was an old, nearly forgotten working-class neighborhood jammed in the middle of near-endless urban sprawl.

He was the king of the neighborhood, and some of the locals thought he was corrupt because he didn’t seem to ever pay for anything in the shops, but my dad once said to me when I happened to bring it up, “He shouldn’t have to pay for anything. They don’t make enough money as it is and there is no amount of money that could pay for how he alone has managed to turn this neighborhood around. If he owned a car, I’d do the same.”

It was clear to me there was no room for argument in my dad’s mind - end of story - case closed, and as I grew older, I learned that all of folks that lived and owned businesses in the neighborhood felt the same way.

I remember one day I walked in the hardware store to pick up some things we needed around the house and he was standing at the counter with the tiny old woman who owned the shop. She had been running it on her own ever since her husband died, and she was looking up at him with the most loving eyes you could imagine.

The differences in their stature was comical and I felt an urge to laugh at the sight, so I headed down one of the aisles to hide my amusement and heard her say, “Well officer Callaghan you have two choices, you can either go put everything back on the shelf and leave here and buy it elsewhere, or you can just let me sack it up for you and walk out the door with it. I’m not taking your money no matter what you say. I’m doing fine, and it is the least I can do after everything you have done for our community.”

All I heard him say was, “Well I appreciate that Mrs. Walker. I try and do my best. Thank you so much.” I could hear the humility in his voice and even his footsteps as he sauntered out the front door, and from that day on, I had a different perspective of the man even though at the time, he still hounded me once in awhile about where I parked my bicycle.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

I looked up at him and saw that he was looking at me like he already knew the answer to that.

“My voc-tech teacher said he didn’t want me in class until I could pay better attention.”

He reared back and laughed, “I’ve heard it all now.”

“He did Officer Callaghan, you can go ask him if you want.”

“Well, I skipped school a few times when I was your age, and a few times more than usual my senior year. My duty is to take you back there son, but it’s getting late, so I tell you what. You’re going to follow me to the ice-cream parlor down the street and be in my custody until school is out.”

I looked up at him like he was crazy. He forced a smile through his gruff face and said, “What? Are you embarrassed to be seen having an ice cream with a cop? Come on boy, before I change my mind.”

He escorted me up the street and put me in a chair outside away from everyone else and returned with two ice creams. His huge body could barely fit in the chair, but he finally managed to get himself comfortable and leaned back and took apprize of me as if I was his own son.

“I don’t know your parents all that well Dan, but I’ve talked with your dad enough to know how disappointed he would be to find out about this, so that’s why I’m making this special exception in your case. I don’t want you to get the satisfaction of embarrassing him in front of me.”

The silence hung as he let that thought sink in deep.

“I do know one thing, he loves you a bunch, boy. I knew that a long time ago when you were a little tyke and he let you hang around with him. I kept a wary eye on you two back then because I wasn’t sure what to make of that. I don’t see how he ever did it to be honest. I just knew you’d end up dead in the street - run over by a car. But I’ll have to hand it to him, you’re still alive. . .”

He leaned back even more then folded his arms up in front of his chest.

“He’d do anything for you. Anything you wanted son. That’s how he is. I want you to think about that and think about it good, because if you don’t have enough self-respect to finish up school for your own sake, then try to be man enough to at least do it for him.”

I threw him a challenging glance and he cut it off immediately.

“Oh I’ve seen enough through the years to know that much about him. That’s what I get paid for - to watch and observe. You want me to tell you about the kids that haven’t been as lucky as you? I have plenty of stories like that I could tell, but from what I can tell, I wouldn’t be surprised if your dad would lay out flat in the middle of the street if you asked him to.

Just be careful young man. That kind of love is hard to come by, and I’m beginning to think he’s spoiled you so rotten you don’t even know it - or appreciate the power you have over him because of it. I meant what I said Dan. I don’t want to see him embarrassed in front of me, so straighten up and fly right. You owe him that much, and you know it.”

“I swear to you Officer Callaghan, my teacher said he didn’t want me back in class until I had my head on straight.”

He reared back and laughed again then said, “Now don’t start telling me all about your girl problems. I ain’t no marriage counselor.”

He laughed at his own joke, but saw straight away he’d hit a nerve. He leaned forward and put his elbows on the table and his face softened so much, I barely recognized him.

“We all go through that in our life Dan. Well I remember when I started getting interested in girls, why I was so big and ugly when I was your age, I didn’t ever think any of them wanted to have a thing to do with me until I met my wife; or is your problem just the opposite? Do you have so many chasing after you it’s getting you into trouble with them all?”

I looked down embarrassed.

“So that’s it huh?”

“No. . .   I. . .   well. . .”

“Well what boy? I sure as hell know you ain’t being bullied in school as big and tough as you are. . .

You ain’t queer now are ya?”

We locked eyes and he saw the anger surge through me.

He sat back and put his hands up like he was surrendering and laughed, “OK, OK so I guess you aren’t queer. It wouldn’t matter to me if you was - it’s your own damn business anyway - but if you are, you accept it like a man and carry yourself like one like I’ve seen you do for the last several months now. You understand?”

He glanced at his watch and stood up. “Get up!”

He led me out the tiny gate of the ice cream parlor and I turned toward home. He put his arm around me and turned me the other way forcefully, “Nooo, now it isn’t quite time for you to be showing up at home.”

His grip loosened after he got me turned around, but he kept his arm firmly around my shoulder as he led me down the street. I was suddenly terrified he was leading me to the precinct since it was in that direction.

“Where are you taking me now?”

“Back where I found you young man. You have things you need to think over? Think them over, but think about this while you’re at it - I have a funny feeling you don’t have any control over whatever it is that’s bothering you so you’d best think about accepting that fact and just getting on with your life.

If she doesn’t want to go out with you anymore, then fuck her. Move on. There’s plenty of other fish to fry.”

I looked up at him and he winked at me in a conspiratorial manner then gave a big shit-eating grin and jiggled my shoulders in his arms.

Don’t ask me why I did it or even why I felt I could do it, but I put my arm around his back and squeezed him tight to me and he looked me in the eyes then pursed his lips and squeezed me back as though everything would be OK.

He left me at the gate of the playground and turned and left without saying another word and as I watched him walk away, I swear I saw him raise a fist and wipe a tear out of his eye, but everything I knew about him wouldn’t allow me to believe what I saw.

I stood there for the longest time and watched him - he never once looked back at me like I thought he might, he just ambled down the street nodding to a few people that passed his way and carried on with his duties until he disappeared out of sight.

When I finally turned away, I looked toward the playground and watched the children play for a moment through the gate. What I was trying to hold on to by going there in the first place wasn’t even within my grasp, and I now realized it - all because of one single embrace by officer Callaghan.

I ended up marrying Nancy. The only girl in my life. We dated for almost two years before we tied the knot, but we started having sex on our second date. I think the reason she ended up marrying me was that I was the only boy that actually made love to her, instead of just fucking her.

Dad let me have the car the following weekend and we went to a drive-in movie she said she wanted to see. I no more than got the car parked and she was all over me. I did like my dad told me and played with her cunt and clit until she was so wet, the juice was dripping out of her. That’s when I finally let her get in my pants and when she saw my dick, she started cock-worshipping like I couldn’t believe.

Up until then I was having my usual problem of getting hard, but when I saw my dick slide down her pretty mouth I got stiffer than a rock in no time without having to finger my ass all that much. She just kept saying “Oh God!” over and over again as she suckled the head and watched it grow. I pulled her up to me and hugged and kissed her and we made out in the front seat while feeling one another’s sex until strings of pre-cum was dripping down on my pants.

I don’t remember how we got to the back seat, but I do remember thinking what dad had said about the first time he got the taste of pussy on his dick, so when I pushed the head of my cock past her sweet pussy-lips, I stopped and waited to make sure I wasn’t going to cum.

It took her a while to get used to my size, but once she did, her mouth opened up wide just as my cock split her vagina wide open. She panted and heaved then jutted her cunt up at my groin begging for more, but she was too tight to handle my girth.

By then, I was as hard as steel and I knew I wasn’t going to cum anytime soon so I slowly lowered my big body down on her as I forced my shaft down her canal. Her eyes got bigger and bigger as I lowered myself to her and when I forced my steel past her pelvis, she arched her back and cried out in painful ecstasy as she writhed underneath me.

I felt her cunt orgasm and I couldn’t believe it when I felt her love juices dripping down my balls. I raised up and put my hand on them to make sure I was feeling what I thought I was, and when I saw her hot juice dripping off my fingers, I rubbed it all over her clit and she fucking exploded.

She dug her fingernails into my back and hung on to me like I was a jungle gym. I got so tense from the pain of her clawing me and so fuckin’ hard by the feel of her hot, wet cunt, my dick felt like it was about to burst wide open. I was damn certain I wouldn’t be able to cum at that point, so I began to fuck her even deeper.

The words of my dad instantly came to my head when I did.

‘That’s a boy! Git cha ‘a piece of ass! Fuck that pussy son! Fuck it good!’

I forced her to take the full of my cock and when I nearly had it all in her, she reached down and gently ran her finger tips over my man-sac then put her hand on my shaft and let it slide down to her pussy and cried out in laughter like she couldn’t believe that fucker was up inside her.

I ground my dick around inside her, then kissed her brow.

“Yeah baby! That’s my girl. You got the whole fuckin’ dick in you, didn’t you baby? Yeah! You got it all nice and hot and wet for me. Now I’m gonna fuck you good with it.”

And I did. I fucked her the way my dad had first fucked me down the throat after he commanded me to suck his dick like a man. I fucked her to the point I forgot who she was. I didn’t care who she was, I just wanted to fuck, and fuck, and fuck, and I did until she finally pulled her claws out of me and cried out, “Oh yeah baby, fuck me good!”

I had my way with her, plain and simple after that. My dick was still as unfeeling as steel, and I fucked her with deep, long, hard thrusts and looked her in the eyes each time I felt our groins slam together, and for that one night, she was accepting of my ways.

Instead of trying to diminish my size and girth, I displayed it to her and let her get a good eyeful of the man who had her pinned to the back seat. She’d never had a man that would play with her and show her all the ways in which he was a man and she loved it, and needed it and reveled in it.

My body swelled with pride at her acceptance and I lowered myself to her and we began to make love.

I fell into a liquid state the moment we kissed. The feel of her tongue in my mouth and my cock in her hot, wet pussy sent a warm chill through my body and my rock-hard, unfeeling cock began to acquiesce to the sheer pleasure. We began to fuck like we were rolling on waves and she began cumming in waves, squirting her love-juice all over my cock until our pubic hairs were sopping wet.

When I raised up and took command of my own burning need, her eyes got huge. I reached up under her ass pinning her legs around me with my arms and took charge of her body and fucked her like that was all she was good for. I watched my cock split her open each time I fucked myself into her and that was all I concentrated on. She was just a cunt, and I was just a dick and I fucked it and fucked it and fucked it to gratify its own greedy desire.

I pulled out of her right before I came and my first hot load shot all over her pretty face. She screamed when it hit her and seeing my cum dripping down her face like it did, reminded me of the time I accidentally blew a load all over a picture in one of the magazines my dad had given me years ago, and I lost all control.

I aimed my dick right at her like she was a target on a firing range and I spunked her up good. My mind reeled at the sight and images of my dad blowing his load in the laundry room came back to me.

‘That’s a boy! Git cha ‘a piece of ass! Fuck that pussy son! Fuck it good! Yeah! . . . Yeah! Blow that fuckin’ spunk boy! Arrrggggh!’

I aimed at her face and tits and belly until she was covered with it, and by the time I was finished with myself and was shaking the last of it on her velvet bush just like I’d seen dad do that day, she was laughing a terrified, horrible laugh like she was trapped on a deadly thrill ride.

She was delirious, her eyes huge and watchful as I finished with myself then grabbed up the shop rags dad had put in the back of the car and began cleaning her up.

He was waiting up for me when I returned home, and the instant he saw me, he knew. I saw a varied flood of emotions come over him as he walked toward me. He put his hands on my shoulders and looked at my face like he’d never seen it before then made a gesture to stay quiet so as not to wake up mom and led me back down to the garage.

He shut the door behind us and smiled and spoke in a low tone. “I smell pussy all over you son.”

I just grinned.

He gave me a hug. “I’m proud of you son. You didn’t cum in her or nothin’ I hope?”

“Naw dad, I didn’t cum in her. She started suckin’ on it before she got it all the way out of my pants dad! I thought I was gonna blow my load right down her mouth at first, but I managed not to because I wanted to feel it inside her pussy in the worst way.”

He snickered quietly and whispered, “Heh heh heh, I’m not surprised to hear that boy. I told you you’ve got a fine lookin’ dick son, it’s so fuckin’ pretty, I bet she couldn’t decide whether to suck it or fuck it.”

“She wanted to suck on it dad. If I hadn’t of taken it away from her, I don’t think she would have ever let me try and fuck her. After we got dressed and I was about to drive off, she leaned over in my lap and unzipped my pants and sucked on it again for a while until I started to get hard again. She put it away pretty quick when she felt it stiffen back up like she didn’t want any part of that.

He chuckled deep. “You must have fucked her pretty good boy. How’d that first taste of pussy feel to you son?”

“She was tight dad. I could barely get the head of it in her until she got used to it. By the time she did, I’d gotten so fuckin’ hard that I couldn’t even feel nothin’ for the longest time.”

“Heh heh, I know what your talkin’ about son. I get that way sometimes too. It seems like you can fuck for hours when you’re like that don’t it?”

“I fucked her good dad. I fucked her just like you taught me. I went slow at first and played with her and got her all hot and wet until she was beggin’ for it.”

Dad grabbed the crotch of his warm ups and howled in a low tone of voice. “Careful boy. All your man-talk is startin’ to get me all horned up.”

I looked down at him holding himself and there was no hiding the fact that he was starting to get a hard-on, and seeing him all excited the way he was, got me horned-up all over again.

He walked to the car and opened the back door. It was good that he’d taken the precaution of giving me a big cotton blanket to lay in the back seat and had left those shop rags in the back on the floor. She told me the next day that she enjoyed having ‘her big man’ clean her up with those shop rags - that’s what she started calling me in private after that night, ‘my big man’.

Dad pulled everything out of the back then paused to unfold one of the rags and looked at the load I’d wiped off of her. He smiled and shook his head like he still couldn’t believe how much spunk I was able to blow then folded it back up and handed it to me along with the blanket and the other rags.

We quietly left the garage and opened the shop then tossed them all into the cabinet in his office.

“Your mom just isn’t recovering from that damn flu as quickly as I think she should be so we’re planning to go visit the doctor first thing in the morning son. While we’re gone, why don’t you launder up everything before we get back? Also, a customer called and said he wanted to drop off his car for routine maintenance around nine. Can you handle that for me?”

“I sure can dad.”

He put his arms around me and held me tight. I could feel the emotions swell inside his big body and I began to shiver involuntarily.

He held me even tighter and said, “My big, sweet, little bull. I love you more than I could have ever imagined the day I sired you son.”

A big tear began rolling down his cheek and I followed it as it coursed it’s way down the rugged face of the most beautiful soul that ever stepped foot on this planet.