Cowboy Christmas
Chapter five
By John Yager

This is a work of gay erotic fiction. If such stories are not to your liking or if you are not allowed access to such stories according to the laws under which you live, please exit now.

Last spring I posted a story titled Cowboy Blues. Many of you have written asking if I'd continue the story. Until now, I've not been inclined to add to it, but with Christmas upon us, I decided to add another chapter to the saga of Jake and Tom. I hope it brings some cheer to your holiday season.

I want to express very special thanks to Andrew, who has again done proofing and editing for me.

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Back in his room, Tom lay alone in the big old cast iron bed. The fact that he was naked under the sheet was not in itself significant; he always slept nude. One table lamp glowed softly in the corner of the room and the door to the hall was slightly ajar.

There had been a brief moment of awkwardness when he and Jake had come back into the house. As they had mounted the rear steps, Tom had asked which bedroom they were using and immediately blushed with embarrassment and apprehension. Had he presumed too much? Perhaps Jake's new openness didn't extend as far as actually sleeping together. It was possible that his forwardness would frighten Jake off.

Tom's fears were allayed quickly enough, however, when Jake said, "go on to your room and get in bed. I'll join you in a few minutes."

Now over half an hour had passed and Tom was beginning to wonder. Perhaps Jake had lost his nerve. Perhaps he'd just decided he didn't want to deal with all the issues that having sex with Tom entailed.

After another ten minutes Tom's apprehensions were dispelled when Jake opened the door a little further and stuck his head in. "Are you in bed?" he said softly.

"Yeah, waiting for you."

There was a long silence during which neither man spoke. Jake continued to stand just outside the door, hidden in the shadows of the dark hall.

When he finally spoke his voice betrayed his nervousness. "Are you naked, Tom?"

"Yeah, Jake, you know me, I always sleep nude."

"Do you want that light on?"

"Not if it's going to bother you."

"Oh, hell," Jake said at last, opening the door and walking quickly to the bed.

Tom saw at once that Jake was fully erect. That anatomical fact was obviously the source of his embarrassment, not just his nakedness. Tom had, after all, seen Jake naked many times, but he'd only seen him fully erect once,  that day the previous summer when they'd gone skinny dipping together.

Tom had taken the left side of the bed, the side furthest from the door, so Jake would have the least distance to travel. In a split second Jake was in bed and had pulled the sheet up over himself as far as his waist. He rolled onto his side facing Tom who, having been on his back, rolled over to look directly at Jake."

"So what took you so long?" Tom asked.

"I took a quick, shower," Jake said, blushing a little.

"Should have told me," Tom grinned. "I'd have joined you."

"That's what I was afraid of."

"Yeah, I'm a pretty scary guy," Tom grinned, reaching out to put his left hand gently on Jake's bare shoulder. As soon as he touched Jake, Tom sensed his nervousness. A slight jolt seemed to run through the older man's body, followed by a slight but discernible tremble.

Tom stroked Jake slowly, in the most gentle way possible, trying to calm him the way he'd still a nervous colt.

"We're going to take this very slowly, Jake," Tom said, his voice almost a whisper. "We've got all the time in the world and no hurry at all."

"Thanks, Tom," Jake sighed. "I've really wanted to be with you, especially since I convinced myself that it was pretty normal for two men to express the feelings they held for each other." He paused, but then added, "but I still need to take it slow, one step at a time."

"Understood," Tom whispered, looking deeply into Jake's eyes. "What made you change your mind?"

"Lots of things," Jake said. "Mostly just admitting how deeply I felt for you."

"What else?"

"Well, Dave helped a lot. He more or less laid me out for being such a 'thick skulled dope.' Those are his words, by the way."

"I'm really sorry to miss seeing him and Billy," Tom said.

"There's something I need to tell you about them," Jake said as he worked up his nerve and reached out to stroke Tom's shoulder, just as Tom was stroking his.

"That they're lovers, you mean?"

"Shit!" Jake groaned and rolled over onto his back. "Was I the last person to figure that out?"

"I don't know if you're the last or not, but I had my suspicions the night I first arrived at the Lazy Pitcher last March and knew for sure a week later."

"How the hell did you figure it?" Jake groaned again as he stretched out and locked his hands behind his head, stretching the hard muscles of his chest. His fully erect cock was causing the sheet to mound up in a distinctly suggestive way. A damp spot was quickly developing at its pinnacle.

"Well, just the way they looked together, the way they talked to each other, like the other man counted for something more than just a fellow ranch hand."

"But they don't look or sound like a pair of fairies, Tom."

"Nope, but you're so hung up on stereotypes you only see the mincing queens as queer. There are a lot of perfectly straight acting guys out there doing it with other perfectly straight acting guys."

"Yeah," Jake said. "Like you."

"Yeah, like me." He figured it was time to take a few risks. After all, Jake had gotten into bed with him, and gotten into bed naked, to boot. Tom reached over and laid his hand squarely on Jake's chest.

Jake looked down at Tom's hand and then over at the younger man's face. Neither of them said anything and slowly, very slowly, Tom began to move his hand, gently stroking Jake's honed pectoral muscles.

"And like Ryan," Jake whispered.

"Yeah," Tom said, flinching slightly at the mention of the other young ranch hand's name.

"Well," Jake said after a long pause, "I guess I have a lot to learn."

"Than maybe we'd better get down to the instructional part of this evening's activities," Tom grinned, letting his hand slip down a little further over Jake's hard abs.

"I want to learn, Tom," Jake whispered. "Just go slow, okay?"

"As slow as you want, Jake," Tom said softly. "If I ever go too fast, just tell me." With that he let his hand slip lower still, under the edge of the sheet and on until his fingers found their way into the thick patch of hair above Jake's cock.

Jake closed his eyes. His hands were still locked behind his head, his fingers linked together. He moaned a little, wanting, dreading what he knew would come next.
Tom moved his hand further down and Jake felt his warm hand grasp his cock, holding it loosely at first, then beginning to slowly stroke it.

Jake groaned.

Tom loosened his grip on Jake's hard rod, rolled over, supporting himself with his right hand as he lowered the sheet with his left, removing the last vestiges of Jake's resistance and fully exposing his rampant cock.

Returning his hand to Jake's pulsing cock, Tom began to stroke it with a slow, steady motion as he lowered his lips to Jake's chest and kissed him again and again over the mounds of his chest and finally on his hard nibs.

Jake's moans were involuntary now. He realized that he'd never been loved like this by any woman. He'd never felt his body quiver with such exhilaration as Tom moved his warm mouth lower.

Tom's tongue traced the valleys and ridges of Jake's hard stomach, exploring each grove, kissing each hard mound. He licked and sucked and probed Jake's navel, sending Jake almost over the edge of delight, only to stop to look up into Jake's hungry eyes.

"I want to suck your cock now, Jake," Tom whispered.

Jake said nothing. His eyes widened, his pupils dilated fully.

"Don't bolt on me, guy," Tom whispered as he lowered his mouth to Jake's wet, pulsing cock.

Jake moaned more loudly as Tom's lips slipped over his drooling cock, encircling the head as his tongue did little laps around its ridge.

"Oh, god, Tom!" Jake moaned as he quickly moved his hands from behind his head to rest on the back of Tom's head, running his fingers through his soft, short hair.

Slowly, very slowly, Tom consumed Jake's cock until the entire pulsing length of it was embedded in the depths of his experienced throat.

Jake, for his part, continued to moan at the amazing pleasure Tom was giving him. He also, unwittingly, increased his pressure on Tom's head, coaxing him, finally forcing him down.

Tom didn't mind the pressure of Jake's hands at all. He knew he could easily take all of Jake's cock. The fact was, he'd consumed bigger cocks before. His elation came from the realization that Jake really seemed to be yielding to this new experience, really giving himself over to Tom and all Tom wanted them to do together.

Slowly, slowly, Tom reminded himself. At any point, he reasoned, Jake might recoil from what was happening and flee in guilt and repulsion. What Tom failed to realize was that Jake had already fought those battles in his own mind. He'd come to terms with his growing love for Tom, and was willing to do anything to assure their closeness.

With Jake's cock fully embedded in his throat, Tom began to hum. It was a little gambit he learned from a fellow student and one he loved having done to him. Jake, he reasoned, would enjoy it too.

Jake not only enjoyed it, but was so overcome by it that he suddenly erupted deep in Tom's throat. Tom had only a second's warning as he felt Jake's cock suddenly swell. He backed off quickly, but not before the first volley of Jake's hot sperm bolted down his throat. By the time the second volley erupted, Tom had backed off enough that he held only the head of Jake's cock between his lips and the savor of Jake's seed pooled on Tom's waiting tongue.

"Oh, god, Tom," Jake gasped. "I'm so sorry, man. I intended to warn you,"

Tom continued to gently suck the last of Jake's seed from his slowly softening cock as Jake, for his part, almost swooned, his head falling back against the pillow. When Tom looked up to check on him, he suspected that Jake was probably in an only moderately lucid state.

When Tom finally left Jake's cock with one final lick and a kiss, he turned onto his side and watched as Jake slowly returned to a fully responsive condition. Then Jake also rolled onto his side and looked dreamily into Tom's incredibly blue eyes.

"That was amazing, Tom," he whispered. "I never knew sex could be so good."

"Well, let me warn you, fellow, there are better things to come."

"I have so much to learn."

"You'll learn quick enough."

"But you don't understand, I've never had much sex at all, Tom.  I've never had sex with another man, and not much sex with women either."

"There are a few differences."

"Damn right. I mean I never had oral sex like that."

"A blow job, Jake. Just use the ordinary terms; neither of us is going to be shocked by them."

"Okay," Jake grinned, "a blow job. I mean, I've had a couple of girls suck my cock, but neither of them stayed on me 'till I came or anything."

"I don't think many women really get off on sucking cock. It's more a man to man thing."

"Yeah, that's what I mean. I knew about oral . . .blow jobs, but I never realized it would be so incredibly different, so much, much better with another guy than with a woman."

"There are a lot of things that are better between two guys. There's so much I want to show you."

"We're going to take is slow, though, right?"

"We'll just go at whatever speed you want, Jake. I promised you that."

"Well, I have an idea," Jake said, reaching out to touch Tom's chest with some timidity.

Tom looked down at Jake's hand and then looked at his face and smiled. "You're getting a little bolder on me."

"I'm trying," Jake said. "Is it okay for me to touch you like this?"

"Jake, you can touch me anywhere you want, but what's this idea you have?"

"Well, I've been thinking about this ever since I knew you were coming." He paused, considering his words. "I mean, you've been with other guys."

"Yeah," Tom said, wondering where this was going.

"And you know stuff. I mean, what you just did was amazing."

"Yeah, I know stuff."

"I want to learn, Tom. I want to learn fast."

"You'll do fine, Jake. Just relax and let nature take its course."

"Yeah, I know, but here's my idea." He paused again then let it all sort of come pouring out of him. "When we do something, I mean like what you just did, giving me a blow job, I want to do it too. I mean, I want to do to you everything you do to me, copy what you did, get to know how to do it, but also get to know what you like in the process."

"So you're saying you want to suck my cock?"

"Yeah. It sort of scares me and I don't know how good I'll be, but I really want to try."

"Okay, but one step at a time, Jake. Don't try too much too fast."

"Yeah, I know, but I want to keep plodding, slow, but steady, right."

"Okay, boss, whatever you say." With that Tom decided to risk doing what he'd wanted to do ever since he arrived at the Lazy Pitcher. He leaned slowly forward, giving Jake lots of warning of what was coming, and then gently pressed his lips against Jake's. I was a soft, even timid kiss and Jake didn't pull back. "Like that?" Tom whispered when he finally moved back.


"It didn't spook you or anything?"

"No, how could a kiss spook me when I've just been talking about sucking your cock?"

Both men laughed and the laughter brought a new level of comfort between them. Tom moved his arm over Jake's shoulder and pulled him gently to him.

They kissed again and this time there was greater pressure, greater intimacy. Tom became bolder and parted his lips,  just a little, but enough to let the tip of his tongue escape and dance lightly over Jake's lips.

Jake moaned and pulled back a little.

Again Tom wondered if he'd gone too far.

"You know what I'm really looking forward to?" he whispered.

"No, what?"

"Well, last summer after I saw you and Ryan together, that time we were talking in the barn . . ."


"Well, you made me an offer . . ."

"Yeah, I remember," Tom said. His voice was suddenly lower, full of sexual tension, full of lust.

"You said you'd bottom for me any time I asked."

"I remember, Jake." He paused and then added, "the offer still stands."

"I want that, Tom," Jake said. "Not tonight, maybe not for a few more nights. I really do have to go slow."

"Whenever you're ready," Tom said, leaning forward to lightly kiss Jake on the lips again.

"And my idea applies. I want to fuck you but I want you to fuck me, too."

"As I said, lover, whenever you're ready," Tom smiled, thinking to himself that it really was going to be a wonderful Christmas.

To be continued.