Cowboy Christmas
By John Yager

This is a work of gay erotic fiction. If such stories are not to your liking or if you are not allowed access to such stories by the laws of the area in which you live, please exit now.

Last spring I posted a story titled Cowboy Blues. Many of you have written asking if I'd continue the story. Until now, I've not been inclined to add to it, but with Christmas upon us, I decided to expand the story of Jake and Tom. This is the last part of the new story and I hope it brings some cheer to your holiday season.

I want to express very special thanks to Andrew, who has again proofed and edited for me.
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Tom lay in the crumpled bed, waking slowly from a sound, dreamless sleep. The soundness of his sleep was understandable. He'd been exhausted when he'd finally gotten to sleep the night before.

Tom stretched lazily as he heard a phone someplace in the house. It only rang once so Tom assumed Jake had gotten it.

A few minutes later Jake came into the room carrying two steaming mugs. The smell of rich, freshly brewed coffee filled the room. Jake was naked, as was Tom, and looking forward to getting back in the warm bed.

"Good morning, lover," Jake said, setting the mugs down in the bed side table. "Did the phone wake you?"

"No, not really," Tom said. "You must have jumped right on it. It only rang once." He sat up in the bed and arranged the pillows for himself and Jake so they could prop themselves up a little and drink their coffee.

"Yeah," Jake grinned, sliding into the bed. "I wanted you to sleep as long as possible."

"Was the phone call from Susan?"

"Yep, she and the kids are safely home. She said they got in just before midnight but she was hesitant to call until this morning." Jake grinned again and added, "I didn't tell her that we were up much later than that."

"Up in more ways than one," Tom smiled, remembering the night before.
"I hope I didn't do you in."

"No, but you certainly have come a long way in a week. At times I feel as if I'm in bed with some sort of sex monster."

"A good monster, I hope."

"The best."

"It was great having them here and they certainly took to you, but I'm glad to have you all to myself again."

"Yeah, the kids are great and Susan is wonderful with them, but I know what you mean about having the house to ourselves."

"The kids seem to think they've got a new uncle," Jake said, putting his coffee mug back on the bedside table. "And Susan told me she felt like she'd gotten a new brother."


"Yep. She said if I goofed up and lost you she'd be back with a shotgun or maybe it was a bull whip."

Tom laughed as he also sat his mug aside. "Well, I guess we have your family's blessing."

"I'd say so," Jake said, taking Tom in his arms and pulling him down in the bed.

"It's odd," Tom said, nuzzling into Jake's muscular chest. "I feel like there are a lot of things we need to talk through and yet it seems like they've all been decided without our really discussing them."

"I know," Jake agreed, as he ran his right hand over Tom's back and began to slowly stroke his rear. "You're coming back over spring break, so I guess we'll just take things one step at a time."

"Yeah, I'll be here over spring break, and between now and then, I'm going to submit my proposal for a summer research project, which just by chance will require a lot of field work."

"I can't think of any better place for field work than the Lazy Pitcher," Jake chuckled as his fingers slipped into Tom's warm crack.

"That will get us by 'till fall."

"Maybe I can manage to get up to College Station a few times between your trips out here." He removed his hand from Tom's backside, sucked his index finger a little, leaving it very wet. Then, returning his hand to Tom's rear, he gently slipped the wet fingertip into the warm confines of the younger guy's ass.

"Um," Tom moaned. "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yeah," Jake growled, "if you're not too tender back there."

"I'm no more tender than you must be," Tom said, rolling agreeably onto his back and spreading his brawny legs. "Besides, I can't get enough of you."

"Good thing," Jake said as he rolled over to retrieve the lubricant from the bedside table and then quickly positioned himself between Tom's legs.

That first night Tom was there, they'd decided not to use condoms.

Tom had been tested at the university clinic and knew he was completely healthy and free of any disease. He had been with other guys over the last few years but he'd always been very careful and never, until Jake, had had unprotected sex.

By coincidence, Jake had also been tested the previous October as part of an insurance exam and was also totally fit and infection free. In addition, he assured Tom, he hadn't been with anyone sexually for over two years. It was a relief to both of them to know they were safe.

Now, just over a week later, they had also agreed that they were going to remain faithful to each other and shun sex outside their relationship.

They hadn't talked yet about the long term implications of their relationship but, in both men's minds, they were moving quickly toward a life-long commitment.

Jake squeezed a generous glob of lube onto his finger and gradually worked it into Tom's willing ass. A second finger joined the first and very soon Tom was ready. He was thrusting himself up against Jake's fingers, clearly set for more.

"Ready for my cock?" Jake asked, his voice low and gravely with lust.

"I'm always ready for you, Jake," Tom moaned.

Jake lifted Tom's legs up onto his broad shoulders and positioned the drooling head of his shaft against Tom's waiting ass. In one smooth, fluid motion, he sank in.

"Oh, yeah," Tom moaned, marveling again at the wonderful fullness he felt every time Jake came into him.

Once in, Jake lowered himself, pressing his chest against Tom's, as their mouths met and they kissed deeply.

Tom repositioned his legs, locking his ankles around Jake's hips, and began the slow rhythm of their love-making. Their bodies were one, locked together in a warm, loving union. Jake began to thrust.

This was the third or fourth time they'd made love since the previous evening and the urgency of their lust had been relieved.

Now, wanting that joyous union which only true lovers can achieve, they labored together toward the distant goal, happy in the slow progress of their journey, happy to make their joining last.

For Tom, making love with Jake was a mind expanding experience. Despite his greater sexual sophistication, he'd never before given himself to another man in such complete surrender. For the first time he understood the real meaning of making love. This was no longer just about sex. It was about the merger of their beings, body, mind and soul.

For Jake, the last few days had been like a journey into some new land. He'd overcome his fears, laid aside his hesitancy, and come to terms with a far greater new truth. The truth he'd found was the certainty of his love for Tom. He realized now that this man was his fate, and loving him completely was his destiny.

Both men were happy in their new state. They had both realized they were no longer alone. They were no longer solitary, single, unconnected. They had come to see themselves as a couple, as part of a whole.

There were a thousand issues to be resolved but they knew they could face each one, deal with each one. Together they could face any obstacle, overcome all prejudices, ride out any storm.

Tom felt the first signs of his approaching climax and pushed his tongue deeper into Jake's welcoming mouth. Jake understood Tom's meaning. They'd begun to learn that unspoken language which only lovers share.

Jake increased the power and speed of his thrusts, driving himself and Tom to the threshold of release.

Tom moaned. His body became taut and his muscles contracted like spring steel. His cock exploded, gushing out his seed between them. The contractions of his sphincter put Jake over the edge. Tom felt that wonderful fullness as Jake's cock swelled. Then, an instant later, his body was flooded with a wave of warmth.

They lay together in the rumpled bed, their bodies twisted together like two inseparable vines.

"It's been an amazing Christmas," Jake whispered.

"Yes," Tom sighed, "the best I've ever known."

"How long do we have?" Jake whispered.

"You know."

"Tell me again."

"I have to leave next Sunday."

"Just five more days."

"Five days," Tom said, gently stroking Jake's chest.

"How long do we have?" Jake whispered again.

"You know," Tom whispered.

"Tell me again."

"We have eternity."

"Yes," Jake sighed. "That's what I need to hear."

The end.