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Chapter Twenty Two

- Ryan -

I sat on the corral fence with my feet hooked under the lower rail watching Sir Arthur prance around the field. He was the first of three foals delivered this spring and he was the oldest by nearly two weeks. Virginia Dare and Devil May Care were less than a week apart. Quickly, Virginia and Devil caught up with him and the trio trotted around.

"They sure do seem to be enjoying themselves," Will said as he walked up beside me.

"Yup, a carefree life. Eat, sleep and run around."

Will climbed up on the fence next to me.

"Careful," I warned.

"I'm fine," he said defensively.

"OK," was my only response.

"Look, I'm following all the doctor's orders. This damn thing will heal eventually."

"I know. You've been really good. I was just worried that you might slip," I replied.

"Um. We need to talk."

I didn't like the tone of that. "What's wrong?"

"Let's walk towards the woods, further away from everyone," Will suggested.


We walked quietly. Will reached over and took my hand in his left hand. As we neared the entrance to the inner trail, Will pulled me a bit closer.

"I love you a lot," he started.

"I hear a `but' in that," I warned.

"There is one. `But' you're mothering me and smothering me right now. I'm injured and I'm in pain, but that doesn't mean I need a nurse watching me day and night."

"I was just trying to help out."

"I know, but you could put your arm around my shoulder from time to time. Or snuggle up beside me when we sleep. I know things aren't the same, and you're trying to be cautious -- just don't push it so far."

"OK," was all I could manage to get out.

"Ryan, we haven't had sex in nearly four weeks. Every time I start to play, you pull away."

"What?" I was torn between being hurt and bursting out in laughter.

"Well, I've tried a couple of times to start things and you just let it die."

This time I did laugh. Wrong choice I guess. Will looked at me with hurt eyes.

"I'm not laughing at you," I said in quick defense. "I'm laughing at me. Yesterday, I had a talk with Dad about us, um, not having sex."


"Look, it's not just bothering you. It's bothering me too. He reminded me that we could do different things that wouldn't hurt your arm. I was gonna last night, but you conked out early."

By this point we were deep in the woods on the inner trail. I took Will's arm and led him off the trail and back into the deeper woods. After about five minutes of winding through the trees, we came to a small clearing.

"I've never seen this clearing," Will said.

"I found it when I was little. To my knowledge, I'm the only one that knows it's here," I replied. "It's the place I go when I need to be really alone and collect my thoughts."

"I'm honored you're sharing it with me."

"I'm gonna do more than share it with you," I answered.

I reached over and started undoing the buttons on Will's 501s. I pushed them down around his ankles and then pulled his briefs down. I stooped and lifted first one foot then the other, pulling off his boots, jeans and briefs. He looked a bit funny standing there in the woods, naked from the waist down - with nothing but his tee shirt, sling and baseball cap on.

Still down on my haunches, I leaned forward and took his dick into my mouth. As I sucked his dick to full hardness, I reached down and undid my jeans. I raised up my ass and pushed my jeans down around my boots, never taking my mouth off his cock.

"Fuck, I've missed this," Will moaned.

I pulled off Will's dick. "You and me both!" With that I resumed my sucking. I settled back down on my haunches and started fisting my dick.

"It's not gonna take me long to blow," Will warned.

"Go ahead, Dude, but I'm gonna get you hard and get you off again real soon."

"Oh, damn!" Will yelled. With that he flooded my mouth with cum. As I swallowed the cum, I painted the grass between my legs with my sperm.

"Fuck, that was what I needed."

"Well, we proved I can still function!" Will exclaimed.

"Damn right you can function," I answered.

"I need to sit a minute."

I stood up and helped Will lower himself to the ground. As I stood there, I finally removed my boots and jeans. Next I shed my tee shirt, socks and underpants.

"Naked outside," I commented. "Feels good."

"Yeah," Will answered quietly.

I sat next to him and he leaned against me.

"Want me to help you take your shirt off?" I asked.

"Naw. It keeps the sling from scratching my body raw."

I sat there with him quietly and he leaned against me.

"Love you, Babe," I whispered into his ear.

"Love you too."

I looked around the forest a bit. Finally spotting what I was looking for, I stood up and left the little clearing.

"Where you going?" Will called after me.

"Just a second."

My first target was too large to move, but the third tree trunk I found was small enough for me to drag to the edge of the clearing.

I walked over and offered Will a hand.

"What are you up to?" he asked.

"I'm going to get royally fucked. As I recall, you owe me an entire week of topping my ass. I let you delay the promise due to injury. Now it's time to pay up!"

"I'm not so..." is all he got out.

"Shush," I interrupted.

I dropped to my knees and started slobbering on his dick. It didn't take much work to get his cock back to full mast. As I kept sucking and slobbering, I'd periodically work my hand over his shaft removing some of the spit and pushing it into my hole.

Once I thought I'd gotten my ass open enough, and his dick wet enough; I stood up, turned around and put my hands down on the log.

"FUCK ME!" I said forcefully.

I heard Will hawk up more spit and then I felt the slick head of his dick pushing into my hole. I felt his left hand on my hips pulling me back as he pushed in.

Within moments, Will had worked up quite the fuck motion. He moved his left hand to the base of my spine using it to steady himself as he worked in and out!

I kept both hands on the log, knowing that my balance needed to be good.

"Talk about missing something," I grunted as his dick plowed deeper and deeper into me.

"Damn right. I'm gonna own this hole for the next week!"

"It's been yours for a long time, Baby."

He continued to fuck me for longer than I think he'd ever fucked me. I tucked away in my memory to get him off more often before he fucked me -- a much longer fuck!

After he blew his load deep in my ass, I carefully decoupled and grabbed my jeans. I draped them over the log and we sat next to each other. He leaned into me with his left shoulder. I nibbled on his ear and kissed his neck.

We were a mess when we finally got back to the house -- dried cum and dirty clothes. We were careful to avoid the barn and stable. I thought we'd made it without getting caught until we ran into Dad as he came down the stairs. "Boys," was all he said as he passed us.

"Caught," I giggled to Will.


"Probably not the last time in this house either," I replied

We went upstairs and cleaned up.

Nearly two weeks later, we were loading my truck up for the trip to Washington DC. Dad had worked with the guys to arrange a schedule that would give us five days off. The nearly seven hour drive was uneventful with Tracer and me trading off driving. About three in the afternoon, I pulled the truck in front of the Radisson Barcelo on P Street.

It wasn't my first time in the DuPont Circle area; however, it had been a long time. Will and I were watching the folks as they walked by -- quite a different atmosphere from the rural life of the farm.

We had dinner that night at Annie's over on Seventeenth Street. Will's jaw seemed in a permanently dropped position all evening long.

After dinner, we walked around the circle and eventually ended up at the Lambda Rising bookstore on Connecticut Avenue. It took us over an hour to get through the small bookstore as we looked at so many different books, CDs, calendars, magazines and more.

It was about ten p.m. by the time we got back to our room. Dad had decided to save a bit of money on the trip, so we were all sharing one room.

"Y'all going out to any of the clubs tonight?" I asked.

"We can't. Tracer isn't old enough either," Dad answered. "He'd need to be twenty-one to enter and that's not for another three months."

"I'm sure you could sneak him in," Will offered.

"Maybe another night," Tracer answered. "I'm ready for bed."

Friday morning, we went down the street to a little bagel shop for breakfast. For a boy used to life on a farm and a town of four thousand as the nearest metropolis, P Street in DC was quite the change.

As we sat at a little bistro table in a corner, I asked, "What's the game plan for today?"

"Tracer and I are going over to the Whitman Walker Clinic for an HIV Test," Dad replied. "After that, I'm open; we could go to the Zoo or down to the Smithsonian. In the meantime, why don't you two hang around the DuPont neighborhood?"

"Not happening; we're coming with you," Will answered.

"There's no need for that," Dad replied.

"Dad, we're coming. End of story."


The four of us walked over to Fourteenth Street and found the clinic. Will and I sat quietly in the waiting room throughout the entire period. About an hour later, both Dad and Tracer had been cleared.

"Excuse me for being bold here, but I guess the condoms come off tonight," I said.

"Well, not tonight," Tracer responded. "Unless you two are going to sleep in the truck?"

We all laughed.

Will and Tracer had never been to DC, so Dad asked them which sites they most wanted to see.

"I'd like to see all the memorials -- Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Vietnam," Will put in.

"I'd like to see the Air and Space Museum," Tracer added.

"Sounds like a day on the National Mall," Dad said.

We took the Metro down to Smithsonian station and then walked around the mall seeing the sights. I finally got to go to the top of the Washington Monument -- not as great a view as I expected.

After seeing all the memorials we started towards the Air and Space Museum when I heard a loud stomach rumble.

"Who's hungry?" I asked.

"That was me!" Will answered.

We stopped a woman on a corner and asked about a place for an early lunch. She pointed us to the Old Post Office Pavilion a few blocks up from where we were.

Will and I both tried our first Indian food, delicious. Dad and Tracer stuck to pizza. After lunch we rode the elevator up to the clock tower on the building. While lower than the Washington Monument, the huge open windows allowed for a fantastic, unobstructed view of the city. On our way down we passed the Congressional Bells.

"The Congressional Bells were presented to the US by a private group from England to celebrate the Bicentennial," the guide explained. "They found a home here in the clock tower in 1983."

"How big are they?" Will asked.

"There are ten bells ranging from 500 to 3000 pounds," the guide responded. "They are replicas of the bells in Westminster Abbey."

We finished up our afternoon checking out the Air and Space Museum. Trying to get onto the subway at the Archives Station was tricky since it was near rush hour. The locals knew where they were going and moved with a fast and determined pace.

Each of us grabbed a chance to clean up and change before we headed over to a small bistro, La Tomate. Our outdoor table gave us a view of all the people streaming up and down Connecticut Avenue. The diversity of people was amazing to me.

As we left the restaurant, these two guys walked by us heading up the street. One was wearing leather shorts, leather combat boots and a tee shirt that read `boy'. The other was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans, leather motorcycle boots and a tee shirt that read `Daddy'. A quick glance made me realize that both Tracer and Will had not only seen them but were watching them, too. They stopped a few doors up from the restaurant and entered a doorway.

"Which way do y'all want to go?" Dad asked. His tone made me realize he hadn't noticed the guys.

"That way," Will said, with his finger pointing up the street.

"OK," Dad replied.

We trooped off with Will and me in the lead. We window shopped as we walked, and as we approached the doorway the two guys had entered, I looked up and saw the store's sign. It read `Leather Rack'. Through the glass door, I could see stairs leading up.

"Can we go in here?" I asked.

"Sure," Dad answered. "This weekend is all about exploring."

I ran up the stairs with Will close behind. As I reached the top, the sights and smells of the small shop were amazing. Everywhere I looked - black leather.

"Ryan, look!" Will exclaimed. He was pointing to something in a glass case.

"What are those things?" I asked.

"No clue, but look at that," Will answered.

"Can I help you boys?" the clerk asked.

"What's that?" Will asked pointing to a strange looking set of metal rings.

"That's a cock cage," he replied.

"What's it do?" I asked.

"It's designed to keep you from getting an erection," the clerk answered.

I was about to ask why, but held back my question.

"What's that?" Will asked. This time he was pointing to a black leather ring with snaps.

"That's a cock ring," the clerk responded. "It restricts the flow of blood out of your dick making your erection harder."

"Wow," Will said.

The questions went on a short while longer and then the clerk excused himself to help another customer. Will and I continued to look at the devices in the case, wondering out loud what they might be. The guy wearing the `boy' tee shirt walked over and started explaining things to us.

"You two new to all this?" he asked after a time.

"Well, it's our first time in DC," Will answered.

"Your accent tells me you're from the South," he replied.

"I'm from Tennessee, he's from Virginia; but we live together now," Will answered.

"How long have the two of you been together?"

"Umm. Well, we had sex, the first time, about a year and a half ago. But we didn't really start being together till last summer," I answered.

"You two started young, I guess."

"I guess, Will turned eighteen last month. I'll be eighteen in August."

"Whoa, jail bait," he said.

"Huh?" Will said.

"You're too young for a guy like me to play with."

"Oh," I answered. "We're a couple." I was hoping he got the point that we didn't play with others.

"I'm Thomas, by the way. That's my `Daddy', Mark, over there looking at the toys."

"I'm Will."

"And I'm Ryan," I finished. "That's my Dad over there looking at the shorts, and that's his boyfriend Tracer with him."

"Your `Dad'? So there's four of y'all together?"

"No. Wait. Yes. But no," Will started. "Erik is Ryan's real Dad; Tracer is my real brother. They're a couple. Ryan and I are a couple. But the four of us aren't a `couple'," Will said. He moved his arms in a big circle as he said the last.

"I think I got it, you two are related to those two; y'all live together, but you're two separate couples."

"Yeah," I answered.

"Wild," Thomas said. As we finished discussing this, Mark came over and joined us.

"Who are these fine young gentlemen?" Mark asked Thomas.

"They are Ryan and Will, Sir. They are lovers," Thomas responded formally. "That's Ryan's Father over there, and that's Will's Brother," he added pointing to Dad and Tracer. "They are also a couple, Sir."

The conversation quickly devolved into another long explanation of the interlocking relationships in our little family. As this continued, Dad and Tracer joined us, and then the focus of conversation shifted so that Mark and Thomas were focused on Dad and Tracer. With that, Will and I drifted away and finished exploring the store.

"What are you going to buy?" Will asked.

"I definitely want one of those cock ring things," I answered. "I also saw a tee shirt that says `Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy'. I was also thinking about a pair of those leather shorts. What about you?"

"I want a cock ring, they sound neat. I like the tee shirt that said `I Love My Gay Brother' and I thought I'd get a pair of the leather shorts with the blue stripe down the side."

We picked out our purchases and paid the clerk. Dad looked at the bags as we walked up beside him. He and Tracer were still talking to Mark and Thomas.

When the conversation stopped for a moment, I asked, "Were you two going to buy anything?"

"I'm going to think about a few things," Tracer answered.

"Same for me," Dad added. "I guess it's time for the four of us to take off."

"It was nice meeting the four of you," Mark said.

"Nice meeting you both," Dad replied.

With that we headed out of the store and walked around the neighborhood a bit more. Not finding any other places to explore, we ended up back at the hotel.

"So what did you boys buy?" Dad asked once we got to the room.

"I bought a cock ring, two tee shirts and a pair of shorts," Will said.

"I bought the same things, but different models," I answered.

"What shirts and shorts?" Tracer asked.

"I got these leather shorts," I pulled my pair out of the bag. "I got this shirt for me," I said holding up the `Save a Horse' shirt. "And this one for you," I said handing a folded black tee shirt to Dad.

"Thanks," Dad replied. He looked at it and laughed, then he turned it so Will and Tracer could see.

"Hmmm. `Real Gay Dad', pretty cute," Tracer admitted. "What about yours Will?"

"I got these shorts, pulling out the pair with a blue leather stripe down each side and these two shirts." With that Will pulled out identical `I Love My Gay Brother' tees. "One for each of us on Sunday during the festival," Will finished.

"Very nice, Boys," Dad admitted.

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