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Chapter Twenty Three

- Tracer --

Curled up against Erik with the sun streaming through the separation of the two curtain panels was how I woke up. Lifting my head a bit, I could read the clock on the nightstand -- it read 7:14. The latest I'd awoken in a long time.

The other bed in the room was empty and I didn't hear any loud noises coming from the bathroom. I guessed Ryan and Will were finishing up after a shower.

I rolled away from Erik, trying not to disturb him -- nature was calling, so I walked to the bathroom and found it empty. After taking care of my needs, I walked back into the room and noticed a note on the desk. It read, `Erik and Tracer -- We are gone for the morning. We figured you two need to celebrate yesterday's test results (HINT!). We'll meet you for lunch at noon in front of Lambda Rising. Love you both! -- Ryan and Will.' The note was obviously in Will's handwriting, but Ryan had signed his own name. A chuckle escaped my lips.

"What's so funny," Erik said quietly.

"This note," I replied, and then read it to him.

He laughed a little as well.

"Well, do you want to take their advice?" Erik asked.

"I do, but I'm also hungry," I answered.

"That's why they created room service."

I grabbed the menu and we made our selections. I called in the order while Erik took care of things in the bathroom. I was lying naked on the bed when he returned.

"We've got forty-five minutes to kill," I said. "Any ideas how to kill it?"

"Damn right! A little appetizer before breakfast sounds good."

With that Erik moved over to the bed and positioned himself between my legs. He pushed my legs up till my knees hit my chest. He pushed my ass cheeks apart and dove in. Erik proved his skill at rimming -- teasing, probing, opening and otherwise lubing my hole.

"I think my ass is wide open," I said after about five minutes of his attention.

"Is that an invitation?" Erik asked.

"Spit on your dick and fuck me till I feel cum deep in my ass! How's THAT for an invitation?"

"Your command is my wish!" he laughed back at me.

Erik hawked up some spit and slicked up his dick. The heat from his dick as it entered my hole was amazing!

"This is the way fucking was meant to be!" Erik moaned.

"Fuck yeah!" I groaned in reply.

I wrapped my legs around Erik's ass, keeping him buried in my hole. I didn't want to lose this feeling, ever.

"If I'm going to fuck you, you'll have to let go," Erik chided.

"It feels so good, feeling `You' in me!" I replied. "I want to savor the experience."

Erik used a series of long strokes which rubbed my prostate good. My dick was rock hard and I hadn't touched it at all. He was staring down at me, his eyes locked on mine as he fucked me.

"I never thought fucking your ass could be better than it has been for the last few years, but it really fuckin is!"

"This is the way sex is supposed to be, Babe," I moaned back as Erik changed his stroke pattern. "You, me and nothing in between!"

Erik pushed his dick into my ass deeper, then he reached down and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. His efforts allowed him to lift me up off the bed, speared on his dick. He set me down, once my ass was at the edge of the bed and he was standing.

He recommenced fucking me with vigor. Each stroke felt deeper and harder than before.

"I love your ass. I love fucking your ass. I just plain love you!" he groaned.

"Love you too, Stud."

After a few minutes in this position, Erik pulled all the way out. He lay on the bed with his dick pointing to the ceiling. I took my cue and sat my ass down on his prick.

I milked his cock with my ass muscles and my efforts were rewarded with a series of deep groans and moans.

After bouncing on his dick for quite a while, I'd had enough! I pulled my ass off his dick and lay on my back. Erik moved back into position and started fucking me deeply.

"Show me how much you love me. Shoot up my hole, Baby. I've waited long enough for that load!"

Erik pounded into me deep.

"Fuck yeah!" I moaned.

"I'm gonna shoot so hard!" he bellowed. "FUCK!"

I felt his cum shooting inside me. As he spurt more and more, my dick cut loose, spraying cum across my chest.

As the last of the cum dribbled out of my dick, Erik leaned down and kissed me deeply.

"I don't want to let that dick of yours out of my ass, ever!" I said.

"Well, I think the waiter from room service might not appreciate it if we went to the door coupled."

"Oh, shit. How much time do we have?" I asked.

"Food should be here any time now."

Erik eased up, pulled out of me, and rolled onto the bed next to me. With that, we heard a knock at the door.

"One second," Erik stated loudly.

We both scrambled to find and put on shorts. Semi-decent, Erik walked over and opened the door. The waiter at the door appeared to be about my age.

"Where would you like this?" he asked.

"You can put it on the desk," Erik replied.

As he walked into the room, I realized three things -- I still had cum on my chest, the room smelled of sex, and the waiter was aware of what he'd walked in on. The last I was sure of, based on the broad smile that formed on his face as he walked into the room further.

"Here's your check, Sir," the waiter said.

Erik took it, added a tip and signed it.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" the waiter asked. The way he said it, I thought he was propositioning us.

"No, that's all. Thanks," Erik replied.

"When you're done with your food, please set the tray outside your door. Have a wonderful day, Gentlemen."

With that he turned and exited the room.

"Oh my fucking word," I said.


"Erik, look at me," I laughed.

"Oh, SHIT," he said as he saw the cum running down my chest.

With that we both burst into laughter. By the time I settled down, my sides hurt!

We took off our shorts and climbed onto the bed to eat. Breakfast was delicious. Or maybe it was just the fact that I was eating breakfast naked in bed with the man I loved.

"That was good," Erik commented as he cleaned the last bite off his plate.

"Yup, very good."

"Want to get cleaned up?" Erik asked.

"Not really. I think I'd rather get fucked again. We have nearly three more hours before we have to clean up to meet Ryan and Will."

"I don't know if I can fuck for three more hours."

"Well, let's go for an endurance record and see how far we get!" I pulled him on top of me and started kissing his neck.

After a few kisses, Erik lifted off me a bit and reached down to the floor. His hand came up with the little syrup pitcher.

"Oh, no!" I exclaimed. "Don't pour that stuff on me!"

"Why not? And what are you going to do to stop me?" Erik said with a devilish grin.

I bucked a little, trying to throw Erik off -- but though only two inches shorter, I'd never attained the muscles that Erik had from his years of farm work. I kept trying unsuccessfully.

"OK. I won't pour it all over you," Erik relented. "Just one spot."

 "Fine, one spot," I agreed, figuring he meant to pour it on my dick.

Erik moved down between my legs and pushed them up to my chest. A moment later, I felt the syrup running down my ass crack. Almost immediately, I felt Erik's tongue working up and down my hole.

He lifted off my hole a moment, "Glad I'm not a diabetic -- between the sweetness of the syrup and the natural sweetness of your ass, I'd be in a coma quick!"

I laughed at his comment.

"Ready for round two?" he asked.

"Damn right! I'm proud to be a bottom!"

Erik drooled some more spit right on my ass and then started working his dick into me. Between the syrup, his spit and whatever cum was still in me from last time, I figured I had a lot of lube.

Our first fuck of the morning had been lust-filled, high-speed, and heavy pounding. This fuck was almost leisurely. Erik's strokes were slow, comfortable - and hit all the right spots. What they lacked in power, they made up for in finesse.

"Fuck that feels great," I groaned.

"Damn right," Erik moaned back. He bucked his dick in my ass a bit deeper and leaned over and kissed me passionately. As our kissing continued, he started pushing and wiggling his dick in my ass. Each movement seemed to hit another sensitive spot!

After a few more minutes, Erik repositioned himself into the missionary position and resumed the slow, intense fuck!

"I could keep this up for hours," he grinned.

"Be my guest!"

His mission seemed to be to make sure every part of my ass got hit by his dick. I lay back and enjoyed the fuck.

About eleven-fifteen we were lying on the bed with our limbs intertwined.

"That had to be the most phenomenal sex ever!" I said quietly.

"I didn't think I could fuck that many times, but you sure know how to keep me going. Not bad for an old man!"

"Thirty-seven isn't old."

"Well, compared to twenty -- sometimes I feel ancient."

"Trust me, I won't be trading you in for a newer model. Ever!" I told him enthusiastically. I sealed the statement with a kiss.



"Yeah. Sounds good."

A few minutes later he was scrubbing my back in the shower.

"This morning was wonderful; we need to thank the boys," Erik said.

"Agreed! This is the most time I think I've gotten to spend with you, alone and awake, since West Virginia."

"We'll be getting more private time soon enough."

"True. That's going to be a big change."

"Just another stage of life," Erik replied. "I've gone from child to married, to single parent, to partnered with child, to father-in-law. Now we move to the next stage, you and I living together alone."

"What do they call it when your kids leave home?" I asked. "You know what I mean."

"Empty-nesters," Erik answered.

"Wow, I'm an empty-nester at twenty years old!"

Erik started laughing hard. "And a step-dad? At least I won't have to face the future alone. I always figured I'd be alone once Ryan left for college."

"Never alone if I can help it, but it sounds like it's only going to be a four year change," I admitted.

"Yep. Ryan started talking about coming back to live in the area and working on the farm years back."

"Will told me Ryan is talking about moving back to the farm, not just the area."

"I figure that will change with Will in the picture. You know, a place of their own," Erik replied. "Things can change in four years."

We finished our shower, dressed and walked over to Connecticut Avenue to meet the boys.

"Thanks!" I said as we walked up to Ryan and Will. I gave each of them a hug.

Will blushed. Ryan got a cheesy grin on his face.

"You're most welcome," he said with a flourish. "Anything to be of service."

"Careful what you offer, or you two may be sleeping in the truck for the next two nights," Erik said with a laugh.

"Well, almost anything," Will added.

"We did appreciate you two disappearing this morning. What do you want to do for lunch?" Erik asked.

"We were asking around for a few ideas," Will replied. "If you two don't mind a walk, several people recommended Ben's Chili Bowl. It's about ten or twelve blocks from here."

"What makes it so special?" I asked.

"It's been around for forty years and everyone said they make a great chili-dog," Ryan replied.

"Sounds fine with me," Erik answered. "Let's walk."

After a good lunch, we walked back through DuPont Circle and over to Georgetown. The area had an interesting vibe -- mostly places to shop or drink. We window shopped on M Street and then walked north on Wisconsin.

A few hours later we were back at the corner of Wisconsin and M Street.

"Let's walk down to the river," I suggested.

We walked down the slopping Wisconsin Avenue sidewalk to the Potomac River and then along the riverbank for a short distance.

"Anyone up for a snack?" Erik asked as he indicated a restaurant with outdoor seating along the banks.

"Sure!" Ryan replied.

"You're always up for eating," Will teased.

Erik walked up to the entry doors of the restaurant, Sequoia, and was back soon with a host. We were seated at a table just a few yards from the river.

Erik and I ordered sandwiches while Will and Ryan each picked a decadent chocolate desert. The conversation was lively and jumped around from architecture, to the view of the Watergate and the Kennedy Center, to the view of pleasure boats out for a peaceful day on the river and, of course, to the handsome, hunky men walking or jogging passed us on the riverside trail.

While Ryan and Will seemed to go for the same guys as Erik. I kept picking out the older guys.

"Got a `daddy' thing going on there?" Will asked me.

"No more than Erik has a `boy' thing," I replied.

"Or you two have a `young guy' thing," Erik added. "Everyone gets to have their own taste in men."

"Hey, I'm not knocking Tracer's taste in men -- he's been pointing out some hot studs!" Ryan commented.

We continued our critique of the local scenery for a while. Finally, we walked back to the hotel.

"Nap?" Erik asked.

"I'm fine," I responded.

"Not me," Will answered.

Ryan just shook his head `no'.

"What's next then?" Erik asked.

"We have one other surprise," Will said.

"I liked your last surprise. So what's the next one?" I asked.

"We got four tickets to see a show at the Kennedy Center," Ryan explained.

"Whoa, I don't have anything to wear for the Kennedy Center," I replied.

"You've got khakis and a dress shirt. That's all you need," Will responded.

"I thought the Kennedy Center was formal."

"The show is in the Theater Lab, so it's not suit and tie," Ryan answered.

"So what are we seeing," Erik shifted the conversation.

"It's called Shear Madness. It's a murder-mystery-comedy," Will answered.

"Sounds like it might be fun," I admitted.

"We thought we'd have dinner at the rooftop eatery at the Kennedy Center before the show," Ryan stated.

"Nice plans, Boys," Erik commended.

We cleaned up, dressed and took a cab down to the Kennedy Center. The roof-top cafeteria had very good food. It certainly wasn't your typical cafe.

After finishing dinner, we walked outside and enjoyed the view from the terrace, so many stories up. The boats on the Potomac were all lit up and the Virginia shore skylines twinkled.

Shear Madness was a riot. We laughed so much -- the bitchy socialite, the gay hairdresser and the hot under-cover cop kept us well entertained.

After the show, we opted to walk back to the hotel. Walking along P Street about eleven p.m., we were all amazed at the amount of activity. They sure didn't roll up the sidewalks at sunset!

We walked past several gay bars on our way back to the Barcelo. All of us wanted to go in and explore, but none of us wanted to deal with getting carded. Maybe a later trip would work out best.

Sunday morning we got dressed, each wearing the appropriate tee shirt. We walked out of the hotel and headed to the parade route to find a place to watch.

"Wow, look at that!" Will exclaimed.

I looked where his finger pointed and saw a large float with a number of very buff guys in tiny speedos and thongs.

"What about that!" Ryan said excitedly, pointing to the next group moving down the street towards us.

Behind the first float was a group of guys in leather on motorcycles. Some of the guys were extremely sexy in their outfits.

"Oh my gosh!" Will nearly yelled as a float with a group of drag queens came into view.

"Pretty good, aren't they," I replied.

"I've never seen anything like it," Ryan admitted.

We continued to watch the parade and comment on different groups, floats and of course on other spectators that we noticed.

"What's PFLAG?" Ryan asked.

"Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays," I answered. "It's a group of non-gays that help each other and provide support."

"Cool," Will answered. "We should get information for Mom!"

"I'm sure they'll have a booth at the festival," Erik added.

As the parade came to an end, we walked down to Pennsylvania Avenue for the festival. The thought of a gay festival about halfway between the White House and the Capitol brought a smile to my face.

The array of booths at the festival was amazing. I'd never realized there were so many different groups out there. Ryan and Will were like kids in a candy store, picking up flyers, pamphlets and other freebies. Having already shopped at Lambda Rising and the Leather Rack, we avoided the crowds at those booths.

"Tracer, look who I see," Erik called out to me across a booth.

I looked up to see Nick and his partner Matt across Pennsylvania Avenue eating food at an outdoor table. Erik started walking towards them, so I followed. I nudged Will as I passed him so that he'd know where we were headed.

"Nick. Matt. Nice to see you both," I said.

"Good to see you both," Nick agreed. "We haven't seen you since Jake and Gavin's Halloween party about two years ago."

"It has been a while," Erik admitted.

The four of us chatted for a few minutes and then Ryan and Will walked up.

"Do you two remember Ryan? You probably haven't seen him in five or six years," Erik said.

"Whoa, it has been a long time. Good to see you again, Ryan," Matt said.

"Nice to see y'all again," Ryan replied. "This is Will, my lover."

A stunned look spread across both Nick's and Matt's faces.

"Like father, like son," Erik acknowledged.

"In more ways than one," I added. I put my arm around Will.

"You're kidding," Nick laughed.

"What?" Matt sounded puzzled.

"Read the shirts," Nick nearly snorted.

"Oh!" Matt sounded surprised. "You're brothers?"

"Yup, this is my baby brother," I confessed.

"Wild," Matt added. "How long have you two been together?"

"About a year now," Will responded.

"Have ya'll been over to the Atlantic States Gay Rodeo booth? The ASGRA guys have a small dance floor and a bucking bull ride," Nick explained.

"We haven't made it quite that far, I guess," Erik admitted.

"We'll walk over with you," Matt said. "We've finished eating and should get back over there."

We walked down about a block and into the ASGRA area. There were cowboys galore -- some on the dance floor, some trying to stay on a manually operated bucking bull, and others just milling around having fun.

Nick and Matt introduced us to a number of different members. A few seemed keenly interested in our family and farm. Erik explained to me that a few of them had been down to the farm years back, during the early formation of the Association. As with any group, the comings and goings of members change things, and they'd stopped visiting the farm before I'd moved there.

We all watched the dancing for a while. Seeing two guys, or two gals, dancing with each other seemed odd, but I liked it. Several people asked one of us to dance. We each politely declined, as none of us knew how to two-step.

"Getting hungry?" Ryan turned and asked at one point.

"Yeah," I replied. I looked at my watch and realized we'd spent nearly two hours at the booth. I turned to Erik and waited a moment to interrupt his conversation with some guy standing beside him.

"Want some food?"

"Sounds like a good idea," Erik replied.

He concluded his conversation, and the four of us walked over to a grouping of food booths. We each got a small lunch and found some seating in the shade.

"Hey, Dad. What do you think about me competing in the rodeo?" Ryan asked.

"What do you have in mind?"

"One of the guys in ASGRA mentioned that they have a rodeo in our area each September. I bet with practice I could compete in some of the horse events."

"Which ones were you thinking of?" I asked.

"Pole bending and barrel racing were the ones I thought would be good," Ryan answered.

"Well, it'll take a lot of hard work and practice," Erik said. "But if you get to the point somewhere down the line where you're ready to compete -- do it. With college coming up, I'm not sure how practical it is to think you'll be competing any time soon."

Ryan looked a bit upset, but then a look spread across his face. "Well, I can practice this summer and see what happens."

"If you like," Erik sounded dubious.

We finished up our day at the Pride Festival and decided to walk from Pennsylvania Avenue back up to the hotel. After cleaning up, we chose to have dinner at Sala Thai down the street from the hotel.

We went to bed early, and were up early the next morning for the drive back to the farm.

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