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Chapter Thirty-One

- Erik -

I pushed myself to get the paperwork done for the day. Since it was only two weeks before Christmas, the sun was setting earlier each day. Instead of doing paperwork during the limited daylight, Tracer and I now split it -- he worked in the office during the morning darkness; I worked after the sun set.

Tracer, with the help of Janet, had pulled off the farm's Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone complimented him on his menu. He'd put his own touch on the entire event -- not major changes, just tweaks. In fact, Tracer and I had been putting our touch on a lot of things of late. I had to push him to voice his opinion at first, but now we were working as a team. I guess I still led a lot of the discussions and initiated new projects, but Tracer was pushing his perspective more than before. Life on the farm had found a new equilibrium - as I hoped I would eventually.

I was raised by an old-school father -- he never showed emotions and made it clear that it was wrong for a father to do so. Oh, he might laugh lightly at something funny, but it was controlled and subdued. Emotions, like pain, anguish, and fear, were things I was taught to hide. Even the positive feelings, like joy and delight, were required to be subdued.

I decided early on to raise Ryan with the ability to show emotions, making sure he understood the right times and the wrong times to do so. I even took a parenting class just after my wife left to help me with this. I guess, for the most part, I succeeded. But Ryan wore his emotion on his sleeve. Sometimes, I think I over compensated.

After Ryan and Will left for college, I bottled up all my feelings -- until they boiled over. I felt bad about losing control like I did. Fortunately, Tracer snapped me out of it. I got the mask I wore each day back in place. Tracer kept trying to peek under the mask, and I often wondered if Dad ever let Mom see his feelings.

Lately, the funk I'd felt earlier in the fall was coming back. The boys had not visited at Thanksgiving so it had been over six weeks since I'd seen them. Worse yet, it would be two more weeks before I got to see Ryan.

The boys had talked it over and decided to alternate holidays between the farm and Tennessee. To start off the process, they had gone to Frank and Shirley's for Thanksgiving and would come to the farm for Christmas. Next year they would switch.

The door from outside opened and Tracer walked in.

"The guys just left and everything is shut down for the night," he said. "I'm going to start dinner."

"No, go get cleaned up," I responded. "I'm going to take you out to dinner tonight."

"No need. I've got dinner planned and it won't take me many minutes to get it on the table."

"Understood, but I want to take you out to dinner. Scoot!" I pushed.

"OK. I won't argue," he said. He passed through the office and opened the door into the house.

I finished up the last of the invoices, wishing that I had enough paperwork to hire someone full time to do it. I turned all the lights out and went into the house. I'd always been a stickler about calling the office -- "the office" and calling the house -- "the house". It made the fact that we worked out of a room added to the side of the house much easier.

When I got to the bedroom, I found Tracer sitting on the bed wrapped in a towel.

"If I wasn't so hungry, I'd tackle you, pin you to the bed and ravage your body!"

"That's quite an offer, but I'm pretty hungry too. Hold that thought till after dinner," he laughed.


I slipped into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Clean and dressed, we drove into town, getting to the restaurant a few minutes before six. I spoke quietly to the hostess and she led us to a table. A gentleman was already seated there.

"Jim, good to see you," I said. "Tracer, this is Jim Innis. Jim, this is Tracer."

"Tracer, I've heard a lot about you," Jim said. "Do you want to talk business first?"

"Erik? What's going on?" Tracer asked.

"Another surprise. Sit," I said. "Jim, I think Tracer will burst wondering what business we're to discuss if we wait till after dinner. You see, Tracer, Jim's an architect. He's got a set of preliminary drawings to show us tonight."

"Huh?" Tracer grunted.

"Let him show you," I replied.

Jim pulled out a stack of drawings from his portfolio.

"It's probably best to start with these. Here you see a front elevation of the stables with the new office attached."

"You're moving the office out to the stables?" Tracer asked with a bit of alarm.

"Just let Jim show you everything. I think it will all make sense," I said trying to calm him a bit.

"I kept the main entry door to the stable where it is. Erik stressed that the large opening provided good traffic flow in and out. What I did was position the office structure to the left of that opening. There will be a door from the outside, here, on the right side of the structure. The addition will also attach to the stables along this wall, with a door directly from the office into the stables."

"Wow," was all Tracer could say.

"Now, this drawing shows the floor plan. I took budget, space constraints and the desire to have five individual work areas into consideration," Jim explained.

Tracer raised an eyebrow and glanced at me. I kept my face expressionless and let Jim continue.

"As customers enter the front door, they are greeted by a receptionist-style work space. There's a small sitting area off to the left -- you mentioned that you do have a few short business meetings with potential boarders and the like. Then in this area here I sketched in space for four modular workstations to be installed. Files and other common paperwork will be housed in file cabinets in this area," Jim said, then paused. "I want to have an electrician come out and check the service to the stable. It may need to be upgraded to handle the office equipment."

I nodded my head, `Yes'.

"What do you think?" Jim asked.

"I like it," I answered. "It does what I've always wanted - separate work from home. What do you think, partner?"

"Ummm... Uh... I'm surprised. Why five desks?" Tracer asked.

"Eventually, after Ryan and Will return, I want each of us to have his own workspace. The fifth desk is for that far off day when we can afford to hire an office manager."

"OK," he responded.

The three of us talked a bit about the general space layout and a few specific details. Jim had done a great job of interpreting my ideas.

"Tracer, this is just an initial draft. I want to give you time to look it over. Plus, I'd like to show it to Ryan and Will as well."

"Cool. It's a lot to take in all at once."

"Ready to see the rest?" Jim asked.

"There's more?" Tracer sounded puzzled.

I just grinned. "Let's order our dinner first." I signaled the waiter and we ordered.

"This is a front elevation of the house as proposed."

"You're remodeling the house?" Tracer's question came out a lot louder than I think he'd planned. "You're remodeling the house?" he asked a second time much quieter.

"Yes," was my simple response.

"You'll see that the design calls for the house to retain a farmhouse look. The current office space is torn down to allow for the addition. All the windows will be upgraded to improve energy efficiency, but the replacements will look the same. The addition will be covered in cedar shake siding and the plans call for staining everything for a consistent look."

"It looks huge," Tracer commented.

"The house goes from 2,100 square feet to 3,400 square feet of finished space. The basement adds roughly 1,000 square feet of unfinished space," Jim responded. "Here's the first floor. You'll see that the foyer is expanded slightly to provide better overall traffic flow."

"What's that?" Tracer asked pointing to a large square on the plans.

"That is the kitchen-great room," Jim answered. "The current eat-in kitchen and adjoining den are opened up to each other. The kitchen work area is greatly increased."

"I figured the three of you needed more space to cook. You, Ryan and Will all enjoy it, so why not give you room to do it right," I explained.

"A formal dining room is added over here," Jim continued pointing to the plan. "A second living space -- could be a formal living room, a den or a library is placed here. The front stairs remain where they are while a second set of stairs are placed here in the addition."

"Looks good," I commented.

I looked at Tracer and could tell he was very focused on the plans.

Jim shifted the paper around a bit. "Here's the second floor."

"What the..." Tracer started.

"Essentially, we gut the second floor and start over. There are two master suites -- identical in size. Each has a private bath and a walk-in closet. One is placed at this end of the house, the other at the opposite end of the house. In between there are two smaller bedrooms connected by a jack-and-jill bathroom."

"Wow," Tracer let escape. "This is amazing."

"You like?" I asked.

"Yeah! Who wouldn't like this?" he responded.

The waiter arrived and Jim quickly packed the drawings away. We spent the rest of the meal discussing the plans. After the food had been cleared away, Jim pulled the drawings back out so that he could answer some of our questions.

"Take these," Jim said. "I know you want to show them to Ryan and Will. Give me a call once you're ready and I'll incorporate any changes you like. Then I can come back for a final visit."

"You're not local?" Tracer asked.

"No, Jim's from Greensboro." I answered.

"Gavin knew Jim and gave me a referral. I wanted someone that could deal with the unique family dynamics that we have. In fact, he's staying in the spare room tonight and driving back tomorrow."

A puzzled look spread over Tracer's face.

"Jim's gay and knows about Ryan and Will and how our house will be two couples living together."

Jim followed us back to the house, and left for Greensboro the next morning. After Tracer's reaction, I grew a bit concerned about Ryan's. Tracer was enthusiastic and excited, but the shock of the surprise had been huge. Ryan was more resistant to change and that worried me.

Late that afternoon I was in the office when the phone rang.

"Good afternoon. How may I help you?" I answered.

"Hey, Dad!"

"Ryan, good to hear your voice. Something wrong?"

"No, Dad, just calling to let you know our plans. Will's last exam is a week from Friday from nine to twelve. I'm done the day before. I'll have the truck loaded when he gets back to the apartment and we'll be home by four."

"Sounds good. Looking forward to having you two home."

"We'll be glad to be home."

We talked about his classes a bit and what his concerns were going into exam week. I told him I loved him and he hung up. While I'd been on the phone, Tracer had gone through the office and into the house. Done with work, I went in and called to him.


No answer. I figured he might be taking a shower, so I went upstairs. No water running.


No answer. I walked into our bedroom.

"Whoa!" I barked.

"Surprise!" Tracer laughed.

"What a surprise!"

"Well, last night you were supposed to `hold that thought' and ravage my body," he said deviously.

"So you came up here and sprang your surprise."

"Yup. What do you think?"

"I think I have to take advantage of the naked man that's all tied down to my bed!" And with that I started stripping off my clothes.

"Hmmmm..." I said with a lecherous tone. "What all can I do to your helpless body." Done stripping, I climbed onto the bed and paid close attention to how he'd tied himself to the bed. Lengths of rope were tied under the four corners of the bed. I assumed they were attached to the legs. The rope ended in a loop which evidently could be loosened up some if he stretched or tightened down if he lay normally. Ingenious, actually.

"So what about the ravaging part?" he asked.

"Oh, I was just impressed with your rope work."

"I found it on the Internet!"

"I'm going to have to use that thing more. But for now, time to ravage!" I laughed.

Knowing how ticklish Tracer really is, I ran my fingers lightly down his sides.

"Fuck!" he grunted.

"Hey, you're the one that left yourself exposed."

I continued stroking and teasing his body. He jerked and twisted, but the ropes were actually tight enough that he couldn't get away.

"I like this," I teased. "I can do whatever I want and there's nothing you can do about it!"

"Oh, I can do something about it," Tracer warned with mock seriousness in his voice. "Just not till you untie me."

"I can go watch some TV all alone and leave you here helpless. All I have to do is snug up these knots a bit." With that I reached down and pretended to play with one of the knots.

"ERIK!" Tracer yelped.

With that, I pounced on top of Tracer and kissed him deeply. Then I said, "Just kidding; I'm not going to miss this opportunity to have some fun!"

I took my tongue and ran it across his neck and down to this stomach. As my tongue worked around his torso, my fingers played with his sides. Tracer started jerking left and right trying to avoid the light, torturous touches.

As I scooted down a bit on his body, my stomach bumped into confirmation that he was enjoying it -- his dick was standing straight up. I moved my tongue further down and worked around his cock and balls without touching them. My efforts took me down to his feet where I let my fingers stroke his soles.

"Argh," Tracer grunted.

I looked up to see that his dick was starting to leak pre-cum. "You're fuckin loving this, aren't you?" I asked.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" was his reply.

I stopped stroking his feet and focused on his dick. I started licking the tip, my tongue lapping up his pre-cum. His dick literally gushed out more fluid as my tongue worked around the head.

"FUCK!" he moaned.

Continuing my ministrations on the head of his shaft, I ran my fingers lightly over his chest -- tweaking, twisting and flicking his tits.

"Oh, God! Oh! OH!"

I plunged my mouth over his cock and took him to the base.

"FUCK!" he screamed.

I kept one hand up on his chest, alternating between his tits. The other I moved down and started playing with his nuts. I began to bob my head up and down his dick using all the suction I could.

"I'm, I'm, I'm..." he stuttered.

He never got the rest out. Instead he flooded my mouth with cum.

"Fuck!" he moaned as cum continued to spurt out of his cock and into my mouth. I swallowed to keep up with his production.

Tracer sagged into the bed -- all the tension gone from his body.

I reached under the bed and untied both his feet. I left the ropes around his ankles.

"That was fast," he commented sounding a bit disappointed.

"I'm not done with you yet," I tried to make my voice sound ominous.

I pushed his feet up towards his chest. I took the rope and attached it to the head board.

"Now, young man -- your ass is MINE!"

"Oh, FUCK!"

"FUCK is right!"

I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and slicked up my dick. I put the head of the bottle up against his hole and squirted a goodly amount.

"I think someone mentioned `ravaging'?"

With his ass held at the perfect angle by the ropes, I pushed my dick into it. I sank all the way in very quickly. I pulled back up, the head popping out completely. I quickly pushed down, plunging it right back in.

I started to get a rhythm -- plunging into his ass and then pulling all the way out. Tracer began squeezing down on my shaft as it worked its way down.

"Fuck," I grunted in response to his milking efforts. "You do have one talented ass."

"It likes your dick. It likes to make your dick shoot!"

I pulled out one last time and then buried myself in his ass. With my dick in him deep, I started rabbit-paced thrusts -- rooting around the depths of his hole.

"DAMN!" he moaned. "That's scratching some deep itches!"

I leaned down and kissed him as I continued to thrust. My stomach felt his dick, hard and throbbing underneath me.

"Mmmm..." he moaned through the kiss.

I kept up my kissing and the thrusts while the hair on my stomach teased the underside of his dick. I looked into Tracer's eyes and could tell he was overstimulated! His breathing got ragged and, shortly thereafter, I felt his dick start pumping a second load between our bellies.

"Mmmph..." he sighed.

As he continued to shoot, his ass spasmed around my dick. I broke the kiss and bellowed, "FUCK". Cum gushed out of my dick, flooding Tracer's ass.

"FUCK, Fuck, fuck!" I groaned.

Finally spent, I collapsed on top of Tracer. I lay there for a few minutes.

"Ummm, Erik?"


"I hate to be a spoil sport but this is getting uncomfortable."

I lifted up off Tracer and looked down at him. I had to laugh a bit... it was a mighty awkward position.

"How about untying me?" he asked.

"I was thinking about letting you sleep like this tonight!"

I got up off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up.

"ERIK!" he shouted.

I kept wiping the cum out of my stomach hair with a washcloth and poked my head out the door. "Yes?"

"Let me go!"

"Why?" I replied with as much seriousness in my tone as I could muster. I was just shy of laughing.


I walked over to the bed and sat down next to him. "And what do I get out of untying you?"

"Hmmm... the right to do it again some time?"

"Not enough," I replied.

"The right to do it as often as you want?"

"Not enough."

"I promise not to cut your dick off one night while you sleep!" he said.

"OK. I think I'll untie you now!" I laughed.

I untied all the ropes and let his legs down.

"Why don't you run and take a quick shower. I'm going to change the sheets -- I made a mess with the lube!"

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