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Chapter Forty

- Ryan -

Will drove me into town Monday morning. He had physical therapy for his shoulder and I was getting the cast off my wrist. This was HUGE! I'd had friends in high school that sprained or broke their wrists, so I figured six weeks in a cast at most. But the accident had broken both my distal radius bones as well as my scaphoid. The doctor originally expected me to be in a cast for at least four to six months, but I guess youth played its part –twelve weeks after the accident, I was supposed to get the damn thing off.

I walked over to the PT facility after the doctor removed my cast and waited for Will to finish his session. The lady at the front desk knew me well by then, and let me go into the back to use the machines for my knee. I had specific exercises to perform and this would give my knee a bit of a boost. I was still using the knee machine with light weights when Will walked up.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

"Yeah. Let's get out of here. I've spent way too much time in this place!"

"You and me both," he agreed. "Any place you need to go while we're in town?"

"Naw. Tracer and I put in the order for the Thanksgiving party on Saturday. They'll have things ready on Thursday. I'm assuming we'll do some serious grocery shopping then, too."

"That's fine. I'll be glad to help out with pushing all the carts."

"Cool," I replied. I thought for a moment. "There is one place I'd like to go. Let's drive over to Lebanon. I want to go to the Dodge dealership and look at trucks."

"I was wondering when you'd be ready."

"Well, now that we have the insurance check, I figure I can be serious about shopping."

We chatted about what I wanted in a new truck as we drove down Route 19 into Lebanon. We pulled onto the dealership lot and Will parked us near the trucks.

"What color were you thinking?" Will asked, as we climbed out of Tracer's truck.

"I don't know. They change colors every year. I guess I'll know when I see it."

We were looking at the selection when I heard, "Can I help you boys?"

I turned to see an older gentleman walking towards us.

"Just looking at trucks," I replied.

"Looking to trade-in?" he asked.

"No, that's my brother's truck," Will answered.

"Got a price range in mind? I've got some nice used Rams over on the other side of the lot."

"Nothing used," I replied. "I'm thinking a 2500 SLT Quad-cab with the Cummings diesel in it."

"That's an expensive truck," the salesman responded.

"Yeah, it is," I replied a bit sarcastically. I was a bit irked by his tone and attitude. I might be young, but I had the money to buy the truck I wanted. I decided to ignore it for now and continued, "I understand the 2002 models got a big update."

"Eh? Oh, only on the 1500 series. The 2500 and 3500 models won't get it till next year."

He continued to seem unenthused about helping me find a truck.

"Oh, OK. You have many 2500's in stock?" I asked.

"Just two at the moment," he replied. "That black one there and the green one."

I walked over to the black truck he'd indicated and took a look. It was a two-door and had a cloth bench seat. It wasn't anywhere as nice as my old truck.

"What's wrong?" Will asked.

"It's bleck," I replied. "And I don't like the green."

"You don't have to get a truck today," Will reminded me.

"What would I need to do to order a truck," I asked the salesman.

"Order one?" he sounded a bit startled.

"Yeah, I don't like the green color and this black one here is only a two-door."

"Well, I can search other dealer's stock to see what they have if necessary."

This time his tone and words made it clear he really wasn't interested in helping me.

"Never mind," I replied. I glanced at Will and nodded toward the truck.

We started walking slowly back along their models, headed for our truck.

"Thanks anyway," I said. "I'll come back this weekend and see if someone really wants to sell me a truck."

The salesman started to say something but I ignored him and climbed into the passenger seat of the truck. Will already had the motor running and we took off for home.

"That fuckin' pisses me off!" I seethed.

"Look at it from his point of view, two young guys show up and want to buy a very expensive truck. Hell, we're not even dressed particularly nicely. Would you believe us?"

"Eh, probably not. But I'd find out what I was dealing with instead of being so dismissive."

"Well true. Anyway there are other Dodge dealers – maybe one of them will have what you're looking for."

"Yeah," I replied.

Will pointed us home. As we drove up our driveway, I got an idea.

"I know exactly what I want to do," I stated.

"What's that?"

"Let's go riding! I haven't been on a horse in five months."

"Did the doctor say it was OK?"

"He didn't say it wasn't OK."

"Did you ask him? Discuss it with him?"


"I don't think it's quite the same," Will answered with a bit of concern in his voice.

"You want me to call?" I said defensively.

"No. No, that's OK. Just take it easy."

"I will. I promise. I don't want another cast right away!"

"OK. Let's go for a ride," Will said cheerfully. "We might wanna make sure your dad doesn't see us."

"Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. He'd pitch a fit!"

We walked quietly through the stable and slipped into Lucky Lady's stall. Will helped me get all the tack on her and then led her out of the stall. I walked her towards the back doors as Will saddled Cotton-Eye Joe. I was mounted and riding circles just outside the stable when Will emerged already mounted.

I headed Lady towards the far trail and Will spurred Joe a bit to bring him along side. We trotted out to the trail and kept the pace extremely leisurely as we entered the woods. We rode silently through the trees, the only sounds coming from occasional bird and the clomp of eight hooves crunching into the fall leaves on the path.

When we came out of the woods up at the far end of the farm, I saw Dad and Tracer working on the fence.

"Shit," I said loudly.

"Oh well, they'll probably give both of us grief for riding. But we're both big boys," Will replied. "Let's just ride over and say `hi'. If we aren't frazzled by seeing them, maybe they won't give us grief."

"I hope so."

We trotted over slowly.

"Hey," I said, trying to keep my cool.

"Well, I see you didn't waste any time getting on a horse," Tracer said. A grin spread across his face.

"Yup, it's been over five months!"

"Taking it easy?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, we kept to a working trot from the stables to the woods, a walk through the trails, and then back to a trot from the woods to you," I replied, hoping my tension wasn't obvious.

"That sounds smart," Dad commented. "I bet it feels good to be back in the saddle after so long."

"Yeah, it really does," Will chimed in. "I didn't realize how much I missed it."

"Going back on the inner trail?" Tracer asked.

"Uh huh," I answered. "I'm starting to get tired. Maybe we should head back."

"See ya'll back at the house. Don't overdo things," Dad nudged.

"We won't," Will replied.

We both turned our horses and trotted over to the trail. By the time we got back to the stable I was worn out.

"I'll take care of putting everything away," Will volunteered. "Go inside and rest."

I didn't argue with him. I went inside, and plopped down on the couch in the den. Next thing I knew, Will was waking me up.

"You want some lunch?" he asked.

"Yeah, I am getting hungry," I replied.

Will and I pulled together some sandwiches and chips and went back to the den to watch TV while we ate. We stacked our plates on the coffee table and Will cuddled up next to me. It wasn't long before I heard his breathing settle into a steady rhythm and then a light snore commenced. I leaned my head against the pillow and just watched the show. I drifted off to sleep also.

When I woke, Will was no longer snuggled up to me. From the shadows in the room, I guessed it was getting close to sunset. I got up and wandered into the kitchen. I found Will starting to prep food for dinner.

"Want some help?" I asked.

"Sure. Why don't you chop up those peppers and onions."

"What'cha making?"

"I thought a little stir-fried beef would be good."

We kept working and had dinner ready as Dad and Tracer walked through the back door.

"That smells good," Tracer commented.

"Wash up and get to the table," Will ordered. "We'll have everything on the table in a minute."

As we all sat down, Dad asked, "Where'd you come up with this one?"

"I saw it on that Chinese cooking show on PBS. It sounded good. The only problem is that the store doesn't sell all the ingredients or the right type of rice. So I improvised."

Tracer finished a big bite and said, "I'd say your improvisation worked well!"

We quickly devoured the entire dinner.

"You two go on and rest," Dad said. "We'll clean up."


Dad and Tracer joined us a bit later in the den and the four of us watched TV until the yawns started.

"Night, guys," Dad said as he and Tracer headed upstairs.

"Night," Will and I replied.

"Ready for bed?" I asked Will.

"Actually, I was thinking about taking a soak. I feel kinda dirty."

"Care to share the tub? I don't have to worry about getting the cast wet anymore!"

"Now that sounds great!"

We went upstairs, stripped down and Will started filling the bathtub. He sat down in the tub as the water continued to pour in.

"How many guys do you think we could fit in this thing?" Will asked.

"I'd guess three total, but I only want to share it with you."

"Aw. That's sweet. You want the jets on?"


I grabbed fresh towels out of the linen closet and plopped them down on the floor next to the tub. Will turned on the jets as I climbed in. I let my body settle into the hot water and leaned back letting my legs stretch out.

"I'm glad Tracer talked us into picking this tub," Will said. "It fits us both."

"Yeah, the shape is odd, but it lets us both have our own place to sit."

Will let his legs unfold and his feet tangled up with mine at the corner. He started rubbing his feet over mine and let them stray up my legs a bit.

"This is really nice," I said.

We sat in the tub letting the bubbles tickle and excite.

"I could turn into a prune sitting in here all night!"

"You and me both," I replied. "Flip around here."


"Come sit with me."

"Oh." Will got up and moved around so that his ass dropped between my legs. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him closer to me.

"Now this is the way to enjoy a bath."

I let my hands rub up and down his chest, stopping to tweak his nipples, and then letting my fingers run down to his bellybutton. I felt Will shiver a bit as the tips of my fingers danced over his skin. He leaned his head back a bit and I licked the ear facing me.

"That tickles," he sighed quietly.

I ran my tongue across his lobe and onto his neck. He shifted his head a bit, giving me better access, and I started nibbling along the protruding muscles down to his shoulder. His muscles quivered at that, and I let my teeth sink in a bit harder.

"Oh," he groaned.

With my teeth holding his neck lightly, I let my tongue move around on his skin, sending quakes through him with each touch.

Will pushed his body back into mine more as I continued my assault. I let my left hand wrap back around his chest and found his tit while letting my right hand drop into his lap. Finding his hard dick pressed against his abs, I took hold of it and started moving the foreskin up and down over the head.

"FUCK!" he yelled.

I finally let go of his neck and started working my tongue back up towards his ear.

"I think we need to find a place to put that new nozzle."

"Nozzle?" I asked, a bit puzzled.

"Yeah, the one poking me in the ass!"

"Hmmmm... a nice deep hole for it to fill."

Will started rising up and I let go of him. He quickly climbed out of the tub and ran across the bathroom to the vanity. He dug around for a minute and returned with a tube of lube.

"Lift up," he ordered.

I pushed my dick out of the water and he quickly coated it with lube.

"I'm not sure this is gonna work," I said.

"Oh, yes it will!"

He quickly pushed some lube into his ass and then climbed back into the tub. He positioned his ass over my dick and started sliding down on it.

"Push up," he commanded.

I pushed up as his ass slipped down over the head of my dick. As he lowered himself further down on my shaft, I started to lower my ass back into tub.

"I really only need the lube to get you in me; beyond that, we're good!"

"Well, I'm in." I felt Will's ass against my crotch. "All the way in!"

He sat still a moment and I wrapped my arms around him. As I squeezed, he pushed down harder, taking me deeper than I ever remembered being.

Will put his hands on the sides of the tub and started pushing up. He lifted off me a few inches, then dropped back down.

As he continued to bounce fuck himself on my dick, I reached around and started stroking his. My stroking upped the volume of Will's groans.

"You keep that up and I'm gonna cum," he warned.

"Nothing wrong with that!"

I ran my hand down his shaft and then as it came to the top, I shortened my strokes focusing on moving his skin over the head rapidly.

"I'm gonna..." Will started to warn. He didn't get anything more out as he let out a groan and I felt the cum pumping out of his dick. As the last spurt short from his cock, he sagged down in the tub – effectively sinking his ass all the way down my shaft.

"Oh, Man," he panted. "That was good!"

I looked over his shoulder and saw strings of cum floating in the churning water. I reached over and hit the off switch and the jets died down quickly.

I kissed the back of his neck as his breathing returned to normal.

"Lift up, Baby. I think it's time we get out of the tub. I know I'm turning into a prune.

"You didn't cum yet," Will's voice sounded a bit concerned.

"No worries. I'm sure we'll think of something."

Will lifted off my dick and then climbed out of the tub. I got out and reached for my towel from the rack. I wasn't paying attention to Will but suddenly I found his mouth wrapped around my dick.

"Oh, YEAH," I moaned.

He started bobbing his head up and down my semi-hard dick and it sprang back to life quickly. Will put his hands on my ass and pulled me into him. I put my hands down on his head and let my fingers run through his curly blonde hair. He let go of my ass and I let my hands start directing the pace as I fucked his face.

"I'm getting close," I groaned. "FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK!"

The first shot blasted while I was buried deep in his mouth. He pushed back hard with his head till only the very end of my dick was in his mouth.

"Aw, damn..." I moaned.

Will kept sucking and licking the head of my dick till the cum stopped oozing out.

"Yum," he said after swallowing.

I just chuckled in response. I offered my hand and helped Will stand up. We kissed deeply and I tasted my cum in his mouth.

We dried off and climbed into bed. For the first time in months, we were truly able to snuggle up with no casts, straps, or other devices between us. It wasn't long till we were both asleep.

Thursday morning, Will, Tracer, and I drove into town and picked up the butcher order at the market. In addition to the meats, we each pushed a cart through the store loading up on supplies, both for the party and the house. Will let out a low whistle when the cashier hit the total bill; he'd never gone party shopping with Tracer and me in the past, so he didn't have a clue how much it all cost.

After we each carried one set of bags into the house, Tracer and Will went back out to the truck for more while I tried to fit as much into the fridge as I could. The new built-in unit was much larger than the old standard model so I was able to get most everything into it. After it was full, I asked the guys to carry the rest of the cold stuff downstairs and load it into the fridge in the basement. While they did that, I tackled putting all the stuff away into the pantry.

"The kitchen's going to explode!" I teased.

"There is a lot of food in there," Tracer replied. "I need to get out to the office. Got everything under control?"

"Yup. I figure Will and I can start on the pies."

"Sounds good. Catch ya later."

After he left, I caught Will looking funny at the great room.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Oh, I was just thinking..." he replied.

"That's dangerous."

"What? Think my head will explode?" he laughed.

"No. I meant dangerous for me. Your ideas always mean lots of work for me," I teased.

"Uh, huh. Seriously, though. I was thinking we could hold the dinner in here."

"It's not enough space."

"Yes, it is. Look we can set the table like a big square."

"But it won't be big enough..."

"Hold your horses," Will cut me off. "I was gonna say, we set it up like a big square and put all the adults in here. Then we set up a kids' table in the den. That way they have their own space, and the adults don't get interrupted all the time."

"Who's gonna keep an eye on them?"

"There are some older kids that can watch the younger ones and call for an adult if necessary."

"OK. Sounds fine. We'll have to run it by Dad."

"And Tracer. Remember they co-own the place."

"Yeah. Real soon we will too."

That put a smile on Will's face.

"You start on the pie crusts and I'll start on the apples," I suggested.


We spent the rest of the morning making pies. I peeled and cored tons of apples. Then I moved to getting the bananas chopped up. After he got all the crusts ready, Will switched to slicing the apples and then mixing the filling. We worked together well, and we both took time to kiss or touch.

By late afternoon, we had all the pies – banana cream, apple, and pumpkin – ready for the party.

"You two look like you had a busy day," Dad said, as he entered the kitchen.

I looked over at him and replied, "From the looks of it, you had one hell of a day."

"Well, we were out along Sugar Run and I slipped in."

"Damn, that must have been cold!" Will said. "Why didn't you come back and change?"

"Well, it happened about thirty minutes ago and it didn't make sense to come back, change, go back out there and finish up," Dad replied.

"Well, go get cleaned up and Will and I'll start dinner."

"Sounds good. Tracer should be in in a few minutes."

Dad disappeared upstairs, Will and I cleaned up the kitchen from pie making and turned to making dinner.

It was great to be fully functioning once again – even if I wasn't at full strength.

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