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Chapter Forty-Two

- Tracer -

Christmas was a blast. Mom and Dad arrived on the twenty-third, bringing a carload of presents. On Christmas day, Mom and Ryan teamed up to cook a fantastic holiday feast. I'd figured Will or I would help Mom, but she whispered something in Will's ear, and almost immediately, he offered to help Erik and me take care of the horses. Later, Will explained to me that Mom had wanted time alone with Ryan - what better way, than to cook a meal together.

Late in the afternoon, the day after Christmas, Patrick and Tiffany arrived from Tennessee. I hadn't seen Tiffany in a long time; and Patrick not since Mom's surgery. After we unloaded their car, everyone started walking into the house. Patrick pulled Will and me aside before we got to the back door.

"We need to talk," he told us. "Privately."

The three of us turned and walked out towards the stables.

"What's up?" Will asked.

"I wanted to show you something," Patrick said. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small box.

"Oh, shit," I said. "You're gonna pop the question, aren't you?"

"You're gonna ask Tiffany to marry you?" Will exclaimed.

"Yup, I'm gonna pop the question officially. We've been talking about it for the last few months, and I'm planning to do it right - down on one knee and all."

"Mom and Dad will flip!" Will warned.

"Naw, Tiff and I both agreed that we won't get married till after graduation. She wants a June wedding - we'll do it about a month after we finish school."

"That's great," I said. "I'm sure Mom will want to help plan."

"Oh, I'm sure. Tiffany will be glad to listen to all the suggestions - but I'm sure she'll do exactly what she wants."

"Just like most any bride would," Will agreed.

"So, when is the official proposal going to happen?" I asked.

"I'm going to ask her tomorrow. I thought we'd go for a ride on the trails, and I'll find a quiet place to surprise her. I bet she expected the proposal on Christmas day. I figure this will be my way of surprising her."

Will mumbled something under his breath.

"Huh?" Patrick asked.

"Nothing important," Will replied.

"So, when do you tell Mom and Dad?" I asked.

"After Tiff says `Yes'. I don't want them to know about this in advance."

"They won't hear about it from me."

"Me either," Will added.

The three of us stayed in the stable - talking. Our conversation drifted from Patrick tying the knot... to Mom's health... to school. We'd been talking about fifteen or twenty minutes when Ryan appeared.

"We figured you three were up to no good. So, I got elected to come find you," Ryan said.

"You caught us," Will said. "We were scheming on how we could take over the world."

"We're all like Stewie Griffin, without the matricidal tendencies!" Patrick added.

"Machiavelli! You've told me nothing I don't already know! Ah Sun Zhu's The Art of War!" Will said in his best `Stewie' voice.

"Those books aren't for babies," Ryan quipped in reply. "Watch the Teletubbies!"

The four of us burst into laughter.

"So, now that I've thwarted your plans; how about being social with the rest of us and coming into the house?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah, I guess we should," Patrick answered.

The four of us ambled into the house. It was good to have the family together.

The next evening, I saw Patrick and Tiffany heading from the stables to the house as I came out of the barn. Tiffany ran over to me and hugged me. Breaking the hug, she showed me her left hand.

"Look!" she said. "He's gonna make me an honest woman!"

"Congrats! But are you sure you want him?" I teased.

"Oh, well. I guess," she replied with a wicked smile. "I've got him wrapped around my finger. Just like the string of a yo-yo."

"That's not the first time Patrick's been compared to a yo-yo," I laughed.

"Nor the last, I'm sure," Patrick said dryly.

"Seriously, congratulations to both of you," I said.

"We're gonna go let your folks know," Tiffany said.

The two of them continued into the house. I headed for the stables instead, figuring Mom and Dad would want a few minutes alone with them. When I finally did go into the house, Mom and Dad were in a really good mood - I guessed that the wedding date set beyond the end of college did the trick.

That evening, I was helping Ryan clean the kitchen after dinner when Will and Patrick walked in.

"Hey, Ryan, I wanted to say thanks," Patrick said.

"You're welcome," Ryan replied.

A puzzled look must have shown on my face.

"Ryan showed me this cool clearing in the middle of the woods this morning. It was Will's idea for me to use that as the place to ask Tiffany to marry me."

"That was nice of you," I said. "So when do I get to know where it is."

"You'll have to find it yourself," Ryan replied. "It's really not hard, but I do like it as my private little place."

"No worries. I'll leave it to you... and Will... and Patrick... and Tiffany...and..."

Everyone burst into laughter at that.

"Did we finally settle on plans for New Year's Eve?" Will asked.

"Well, Erik said he'd make dinner reservations for eight. Other than that, I think it's counting down the minutes with Dick Clark here at the house," I replied.

"Yeah. With three under-aged folks, a bar or club is out. Plus, there aren't a lot of hot spots in the area anyway," Ryan answered.

"Well, it's not like any of us hit the hot spots on a regular basis anyway," Patrick added.

"The kitchen's all cleaned up," I said. "Why don't we join everyone else in the den."

The four of us traipsed into the den, and settled down with the rest to watch TV.

Tuesday morning, after a late New Year's Eve night , I helped carry suitcases down to both Dad's and Tiffany's cars. Dinner had been fun and as predicted, we'd wished each other a happy New Year as Dick Clark's voice rang out of the television. Once loaded up, we all said our goodbyes -and they headed west. They hadn't been gone five minutes when Will and Ryan started bringing stuff down to load into their Jeep.

"It's gonna be weird not having you two here," I said.

"Hey, it will give you two time to play house for a while. We'll be back and living here full-time before you know it," Ryan replied.

"Well, y'all have three years of school to go," I remind them both.

"I'm hoping we can trim that down a semester," Ryan interjected.

"Don't push it," Erik replied. "I know you want to get back to the farm as fast as you can, but you just lost a semester. Take it slow and easy."

"Dad," Ryan's voice was almost a whine. "Trust me, Will won't let me push too hard."

"Good!" I answered.

We finished loading their Jeep, and they drove off.

"I'm going to get a few things done out in the barn. Wanna help?" Erik asked.


We worked through a number of chores and by lunch-time we were done.

"Getting hungry?" I asked.

"Yeah. But I need to do a few things in the office."

"That's fine. I'll fix lunch - it'll be ready in about fifteen minutes. OK?"


As I pulled together a hearty lunch, I thought about the last few weeks, and the last few months. It was really great having everyone at the farm for a while, but it was equally great to see the parking lot empty, and all the other vehicles gone. Erik and I hadn't had a lot of quiet, private time, and I was ready for it.

"Soup's on," I said to Erik as he walked in the back door.

"Smells good. What's for lunch?"

"I heated up bowls of the left over beef and vegetable soup. And I fixed two grilled ham and cheese sandwiches to go along with it."

"Sounds great. Let me wash up."

We sat at the kitchen table eating lunch.

"What do you want to do this afternoon?" Erik asked. "In fact, what do you want to do for the next few days?"

"I hadn't thought about it. Well, we have the usual chores each morning."

"Yeah, but with the farm closed till next Monday, we have all the afternoons free."

"Well, what did you have in mind?"

"The weather's supposed to be nice the next couple of days. How about some hiking?"

"That sounds like fun. I've heard about some of the trails around here, but have never gotten to hike them."

"Want to go this afternoon?"

"I was thinking of some other recreational activities for `this' afternoon," I said with a devious grin.

"I like the sound of that! Race you upstairs?"

"Who said anything about upstairs? We haven't gotten to christen the rest of the house yet!"

"I'm liking the sound of this," Erik said.

I pushed away from the table, dropped down to the floor, and crawled under. I stroked Erik's bulge through his jeans, and then started popping open the buttons. I worked my hands in, and pulled his cock out. I licked at the head of his shaft as he spread his legs more in the chair.

It didn't take many seconds for Erik's cock to reach full mast. I continued to lick and tease his dick until it started leaking precum. I lapped at the tip a few times, then wrapped my lips around it and started working downward - enveloping it all with my mouth. When my lips hit Erik's pubic hair, he let out a deep moan.

With his dick deep in my throat, I worked my tongue around and sucked in hard - trying to get Erik to moan some more. As my efforts continued, Erik's hands started playing with my hair. I'd gotten a short, four-guard cut on the top, and he seemed to enjoy playing with the bristles.

I pulled off his cock and moved my attentions to his balls. First, I licked each orb, and then, I sucked both into my mouth and ran the tip of my tongue gently over them. Erik's moans increased as I increased the pressure on each nut.

I reached my hands up and started tugging at Erik's jeans. He lifted his ass off the chair enough that they pulled down. I slipped them down over his knees - giving me better access to his crotch. I moved my tongue around freely, licking and teasing. Erik took his hands and gently directed my head back to his dick.

"That's it, Baby. Suck it deep!" he urged, as I took his cock all the way to the base.

I moved my head up and down on his shaft as I increased my suction.

"Aw, fuck. That's the way," he moaned in response.

I let him set the pace as his big hands moved my head up and down. "Fuck... Fuck... Fuck!" he groaned, as he started unloading in my throat. I pulled up on his dick to get the cum in my mouth. I got several spurts in my mouth before he stopped.

I swallowed the cum, then pulled off more - licking the last of the cum out of the tip of his dick.

"I'd say we christened the eat-in space," Erik chuckled.

I licked my lips and smiled from under the table. "One down, and lots of rooms to go." I said, as I climbed out from under the table. "I'm looking forward to a lot more christenings."

Erik wrapped his arms around me. "How about we move to the kitchen and christen it next," he whispered in my ear.

"You're on!" I replied.

Erik slipped his boots off, and let his jeans drop off his feet. Half-naked, Erik led me over to the kitchen island. He pushed me up against it and unbuckled my belt. He unbuttoned and lowered my jeans. Kneeling, he lifted first one foot, then the other, removing my boots and my jeans.

It made me laugh a bit, both of us wearing only shirts in the kitchen. Still kneeling, Erik starting teasing my crotch with his goatee. His recently trimmed facial hair was bristly against my balls. I started squirming as he continued his attention, but he had me trapped against the island.

Finally, he relented and started licking my balls with his tongue. While his tongue worked around my crotch, my dick expanded to full mast and slapped into my belly. Erik followed my hardening dick with his tongue, ending up at the tip.

He wrapped his lips around the head of my cock and slowly sank down it.

"Oh, YEAH!" I groaned.

Erik started bobbing up and down my dick, his head corkscrewing as he went from tip to base.

"FUCK!" I yelled. "That's fuckin good."

He kept up the assault on my dick as his hands worked around and grabbed my ass. I hadn't realized that one of Erik's fingers was spit-slicked till it slipped between my cheeks and started working its way into my hole.

Erik worked his finger around in my ass for a few minutes, while performing an expert blow job. He brought me to the edge a couple times, then backed down enough to stop me from cumming.

Suddenly, my ass was empty and his mouth left my dick. He stood up in front of me, his rigid dick pressing into mine. Without saying a word, Erik put his arms around my waist and lifted me up so that I was sitting on the island.

"It's time to fuck that hole," he ordered.

He pushed me back till I was lying flat out on the island. Then he lifted my legs and moved his face to my hole.

Erik always seemed to enjoy eating my ass, but this time seemed even more special. Even as his tongue worked its way up and down my crack, his nose sniffed.

"Fuck, you taste and smell good!" Erik moaned as he pulled his face back a moment. He immediately returned his tongue to my ass trench and continued licking.

I guess by midday, I'd developed a bit of musk and sweat without becoming rank.

His up and down motions suddenly changed to a steady push on my ass lips. The persistent pressure easily succeeded in letting him get his tongue deep into my hole. I let out a deep groan as Erik's goatee scratched up against my ass ring.

My hole started to really open up for him as he worked his tongue in and out, swirling it around as he pushed.

"Fuck me!" I said quietly.

"What was that?" Erik asked forcefully.

"FUCK ME!" I ordered. "FUCK ME... FUCK ME... FUCK ME!"

Erik stood up putting his dick against my ass crack. I hadn't realized that my ass, hanging slightly off the island would be the perfect height for him to fuck. He teased my hole with the head of his dick a bit.

"Stop teasing me - and fuck me!" I begged.

Erik reached up past my head, and grabbed something. As his hand came back into view, I realized it was a bottle of olive oil. He poured a small amount down my ass crack, and then another good dollop on his dick. He smeared the oil onto his shaft and started pushing it in.

"That's it, Baby. Fuck me!"

Erik kept a steady pace, pushing his dick deeper and deeper into my hole.

"Ahhhhh..." I groaned as his dick hit bottom.

Erik pulled all the way back out, and then plunged back in.

"Ummph," I grunted as he hit bottom.

He repeated the motions, garnering more grunts. He started picking up the pace, the head of his dick coming right to the edge of my ass ring, before slamming back in. Erik had my legs in his hands, and was using them to pull my ass down onto his dick, on his in strokes. The force of his hitting bottom each time kept me grunting constantly.

"Fuck... Fuck... Fuck." I stuttered.

"Damn right! This ass was made for being fucked!"

"Then fuck it, Man! Fuck my ass!" I commanded.

The fuck continued at a hard, strong pace, and my ass was feeling really good! It dawned on me that Erik had already cum once, and this was going to be one of those long, drawn out fucks that I loved!

His intensity never faltered; he kept slamming his dick in and out of my hole. My cock kept bouncing off my stomach as he fucked. Suddenly, I realized I was about to cum.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck! Cumming!" I yelled as cum shot across my chest and onto my face.

Erik's pace never faltered as I shot. As my dick started to deflate, he pulled out of my ass and stroked his dick.

It didn't take many strokes till he groaned, "Fuck, yeah," and his second load shot across my crotch.

As the last of his cum coated my dick, Erik leaned down and started licking my cum off my chest. He scooped up some of his own, offering it to me. I sucked each finger clean of his cum.

"I'd say we thoroughly christened the kitchen."

"Yeah, and now we know the island is the perfect height for a great fuck! You don't even have to bend your knees."

"I'm sure we'll discover other good places as we go through the house."

"Yeah!" I replied. "Ready for a bath?"

"That sounds great."

We picked up our discarded clothing and padded upstairs. I dumped all our clothing in the hamper while Erik went into the bathroom and started filling the tub.

When I got into the bathroom, Erik had just grabbed fresh towels from the linen closet and put them by the tub.

"Will mentioned that he and Ryan have enjoyed a few baths together in their tub," I commented.

"I can see now, why you were so adamant in getting the corner tub," Erik replied.

"Well, the seating area is nearly heart-shaped, so we each get a place to sit."

"Had you seen one of these before?"

"Yeah. I was house-sitting for some friends of Scott's one time. They had one of these; it was a real treat."

We each settled down into the tub, then Erik flipped the switches, turning on the jets. What a way to relax. Our feet intertwined at the point of the tub while we both sat there and talked.

Wednesday, late morning, we went to Jefferson National Forest and started up the Bark Camp Loop trail. We headed across the dam at the start of the trail and up around the lake. We didn't push ourselves, and took the time to enjoy the views.

Erik had brought his 35mm camera with him and stopped pretty regularly to take shots.

"Umm, Erik, I don't want to be in every shot."

"Why not? I don't have a lot of photographs of you."

"Well, if you want some pictures, how about taking them when I'm dressed nicely and not half-covered in brambles."

"But these aren't staged."

"OK. OK. I give. But these are for you and me only."


Erik continued to take shots, but I was able to duck out of the shots more and more. When we finished, we drove into Coeburn and grabbed a late lunch.

Thursday and Friday, we hit other trails in the forest. Forewarned, I made sure I dressed for all the other photos Erik took. At least, in these, I didn't look like a bum.

The farm reopened on Monday, and things were expectedly slow. I was concerned that business would continue the slump from the fall. I just kept my fingers crossed.

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