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Chapter Forty-Three

- Erik -

I reached over and turned the volume down on the stereo. Toby Keith's lament that she shouldn't kiss him like that faded out.


"Hey, Dad!"

"Well, hey, Kiddo. What's up?"

"I wanted to give you the plans for our trip."

"Let me grab a piece of paper. You excited?"

"Yeah! An entire week in Fort Lauderdale, who wouldn't be excited!"

"OK, I've got a pad and pencil. Shoot."

"We're leaving at nine p.m. tonight, and taking turns driving down. We should get there about noon tomorrow."

"Got it. How many of you in the Jeep?" I asked.

"We're not taking the Jeep. We're going in Cory's Explorer."

"OK," I responded. I was trying my best to be as `un-parental' as possible.

"It's just Will and I, Cory and Josh. They're a couple too, although they've only been together eight months."

"You just met them since you got back?" I asked, a bit concerned.

"Naw. We've known them both since the first couple weeks of our freshman year. They didn't get together till last fall."


"We're staying at a place called the Sea Club Resort. It's right on the beach."

"Sounds swanky!"

"It looks alright in the pics. It's way cheaper than most of the stuff right on the beach, so we're not expecting too much. With the four of us sharing a room, let's just say we can swing it."

"That's good."

"You have our cell phone numbers, but we'll probably leave them in the room when we're on the beach. Just leave a message if you need us."

"Will do. Call us if you need us. Have fun."

"Thanks, Dad. Talk to you later."

With that, Ryan hung up.

I reached for the stereo remote and turned the music back up. Trace Adkins' I'm Going Back' struck an appropriate note for me. While I'd been born and raised in suburban middle-America, I couldn't see myself living anywhere but on a farm. However, Ryan's trip made me think for a minute -- well, maybe on the beach in the Florida Keys.

I heard the back door open and close.

"I'm in the den," I called out to Tracer.

"Hey," he said, as he walked into the den.

"I was talking to Will; he called the office. That's why I'm so late getting in."

"Funny, I just got off the phone with Ryan."

"So, you have all the details for the trip as well?"


"Good. I'm gonna get started on dinner," Tracer said.

"What can I do to help?"

"Start with getting the greens ready for a salad."

We went into the kitchen and I grabbed the container of greens. As I filled two large bowls, Tracer grabbed a cutting board and started slicing up vegetables.

"Grab those two leftover barbequed chicken breasts out of the fridge."


I handed them to him and he chopped them up quickly. I grabbed a bag of shredded cheese, and within five minutes we had a hearty, filling chicken salad. We sat at the kitchen table munching on salad greens.

"It's funny to think about Ryan going on spring break," I said.

"And not Will?" Tracer asked me.

"That's not what I meant. Funny to think my little boy is all grown up. I guess it's hard for any parent to let his child grow up. I should dig out some of the old video-tapes showing him up on a horse as a five year old."

Tracer chuckled at that.

"I think you need to pull those out next time Will's home, too. He'd love to see them. Any of a young Erik in the pile of tapes?"

"Not really. Remember, a single dad keeps the focus on his son. Really, there was no one else to hold the camera. Let's just say I wouldn't let the staff have the camera, as I didn't want a record of all my mistakes!"

"That, I can believe," Tracer let out over a long laugh.

"Back to spring break," I said, steering the conversation away from me on a horse in the early days. "It's just hard to picture."

"Yeah. I can't imagine what it's like to watch your kid grow up, but I can imagine it's a bit tough."

"Too true, but I'm proud of Ryan and of what we accomplished in getting him to this point. I hear parents talking about how they succeeded in raising a good child, and I remind them that the kid did a lot of the work, too."

"Very true. That's the old nature versus nurture argument, isn't it? In reality, it's both."

We both got up and cleared away the dishes. Within a few minutes, the kitchen was clean and we'd moved into the den to watch a bit of television before bed.

Tracer snuggled up to me on the couch, and started clicking the remote in the typically vain effort to find something worth watching.

"Want to watch a movie?" he asked.

"You gave me an idea. Sit up a minute."

I climbed off the couch and went over to the hutch. I dug around for a few minutes and finally found my target. I slid the video-tape into the player and switched things over to watch the movie.

Within moments, the screen was filled with a five year old Ryan on horseback.

"He was cute!" Tracer said. "As in serious lady-killer kinda cute."

"Yup, and he grew up to be a handsome young man," I agreed. "That he gets from his mother's side of the family."

"Don't go disparaging yourself," Tracer said seriously.

"I'm not, but Ryan looks more like his Mom than me. Oh, I can't disown him, but..."

As we lay there watching the video, the memories flooded back.

"Oh, my gosh!" Tracer exclaimed. "Is that Ezra?"

"Yup. Ezra with a full head of hair and no beard!"

"Now, that is a priceless picture!"

"Just wait, you'll see all of the guys I'm sure. Randy was a summer employee of the farm when I took over. Hank and Marty had been with the farm a number years at that point."

We watched about fifteen minutes.

"Oh, shit," I muttered.

"What's wrong?" Tracer asked. "Oh, I see..."

We watched as the camera was put down, still running. It was picked up and I was in front of the camera.

"You're just as handsome now as you were then. How old would you have been?"

"I was the ripe old age of twenty-four in that video."

"So, you were a year older than I am now."

"Yup. Oh, no!" I cried out.

"You're getting on a horse!"

I watched in horror as the camera focused on my awkward attempts to get on and ride a horse.

"I don't recognize your mount," Tracer said.

"Sheeba's Folly," I commented. "She was a good horse. But she was old and sedate by the time I got here. I rode her for the first couple of years I was here."

"I hadn't thought about it -- there must have been a ton of horses through the years and now gone."

We watched the rest of the video, me being thoroughly embarrassed in several segments. Who said there wasn't a good comedy on TV these days!

Saturday morning I got out to the office first, and noticed we had a message on the answering machine. I hit play.

"Hey, Dad!" Ryan's voice came out clearly. "Thought I might catch you in the office. It's five a.m., and we just stopped at a rest area as we crossed into Florida. We're exactly on schedule and should be at the beach at noon. Just didn't want you to worry. Bye!"

When Ryan mentioned me worrying, I smiled. I couldn't be more worried if I tried. Since the boys planned their trip to Florida, all I could think about was the accident last summer and repeats of the same. The overnight drive it made me even more nervous. At least they were almost there.

I checked the schedule for the day -- no reservations for large groups, only a few families coming to ride. It looked like things would be quiet enough that Tracer and I could get some free time in the afternoon.

The door to the office opened, and Randy and Tracer walked in together.

"Morning," I said to Randy.

"Morning. How's things?"

"Not too bad. Did you have a good two days off?" I asked.

"Yup. Refreshed and ready to work."

"Should be quiet today, nothing much scheduled." I replied.

"Well, let's get the chores finished," Tracer chimed in. "I need to get into town and get supplies."

The three of us strolled out of the office and into the stable to start the daily chores.

"Since things are going to be quiet today, I'll ride into town with you. That is, if you don't mind," I said to Tracer.

"That'd be nice."

"I figure we can do some grocery shopping as well as going to Southern States."

"Sounds good."

The morning went by slowly. A few of the boarders showed up to ride, and by lunch time we'd had two groups of two for rentals.

At noon I went looking for Tracer. I found him at his desk in the office.

"Ready to go into town?" I asked.

"Let me finish this one invoice."

"OK. I'm going to run into the house a minute. I'll meet you at the truck."


In town, we stopped by the feed store and loaded up the supplies we needed. Tracer also placed a large order for delivery mid-week.

As we got into the truck, my stomach growled loudly.

"I think we need to feed you," Tracer laughed.

"From the sounds of it, I'd have to agree. I'm in the mood for some fried catfish, what about you?" I asked.

"Hmmm... how about we go over to Cuz's. I can get some barbeque. We're not that far from Pounding Mill anyway."

"Sure, it's not like we have to be back any time soon. What time do they open?"

"I think they open at two or two-thirty. So either they're open, or will be shortly."

Going to Cuz's was a treat, they had great pit-smoked barbeque. The restaurant had been around as long as I could remember, but it was a bit out of our normal travel paths.

After lunch, we swung by the grocery store and filled up a cart. We pulled up to the house a bit before five as the sun hung low in the sky. We got the food into the house, and Tracer put all the cold stuff in the fridge and freezer while I moved the truck over to the barn. I had it half unloaded when Tracer showed up to help. With his help, we made quick work of the rest of the load.

"I'm going to check the office for any messages," Tracer said. "I'll meet you in the house in a few minutes?"

"Sounds good," I replied. I climbed into the truck and pulled it over to the parking space. Walking into the house, I glanced over at the answering machine and was glad to see the light wasn't on.

I grabbed two beers and dug around in the pantry. I was still digging when the back door opened.

"There was a message on the office machine from Will. They safely arrived and were headed to the beach."

"That's good to hear. Where'd you hide the chips?" I asked.

"Top shelf. You're hungry already?"

"Hey, I just had a fried catfish sandwich. You're the one that had the barbecued-beef platter with all the trimmings."

"How about I make you some loaded nachos?" Tracer offered.

"That sounds great."

I grabbed a cookie sheet while Tracer rummaged through the pantry. He came over to the island with his arms loaded.

"What all you got there?" I asked.

"Chips, jalapenos, chipotle peppers, and black olives," he replied.

He dropped it all on the counter and went over to the fridge. He returned with a second arm load.

"Here's some cheese, a couple leftover hamburgers from the other night, and salsa."

He spread the chips out on the cookie sheet, and then went about pouring ingredients on top of them.

"Crumble the hamburger as best you can," he requested.

I sprinkled the meat on top of the pile, and he finished things off with the shredded cheese.

"OK. A while in the oven and you'll have your snack."

"Thanks. I hope you plan on eating some of it. That is a big pile!" I said.

I grabbed two plates and Tracer put two placemats and napkins on the island. I sat on one of the stools and he climbed onto the one next to me.

"So, what would you like to do on a wonderful spring night?" I asked.

"We got a couple new DVDs from Netflix. How about we snuggle up on the couch and watch one?"

"What did we get?"

"Defying Gravity and But I'm a Cheerleader just arrived; we also have X-Men. Defying Gravity is kinda a gay love story -- but with one guy in the closet. Cheerleader is listed as a comedy, and you know about X-Men."

"Let's try the Defying one," I said. "It's gonna get cool tonight. How about I build a fire and get the DVD loaded up and ready to play while you get the nachos on a platter."


Shortly, we were curled up on opposite ends the couch with a roaring fire going in one corner of the room, the movie starting on the TV, and a big platter of nachos on the coffee table in front of us. I'd grabbed a couple beers and the napkins from the island and our evening was off.

As the movie progressed, the nachos disappeared, Tracer flipped around and snuggled up in front of me on the couch. While Tracer was correct that it was somewhat a love story, things got rather serious.

"What's wrong," I asked

"It's just sad, or touching, or whatever you want to call it," he replied.

I put my arms around him as things got more serious. He snuggled in closer in response. As things got more serious, I kissed him lightly on the neck.

"I wasn't expecting this to be so sad," he said.

"I'm sure it's gonna work out," I whispered back to him.

Tracer snuggled back into me a bit more and we watched the end of the movie.

"Wanna watch another one?" I asked.

"It's awfully late. Why don't we go to bed?"

We climbed up the stairs and got ready for bed. I climbed in under the covers and waited for Tracer to finish getting ready. He finished up in the bathroom and crawled under the covers with me.

"I just want to be held," he said.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him tightly to me.

"That was a moving story, wasn't it?" I asked.


"What's wrong?"

"It's just..." he stopped.

"Just what?" I asked.

"It made me think about what happened to Ryan and Will, and what I'd do if something happened to you. It scared me."

"I can't promise you that nothing's going to ever happen. However, I'll do my best to stay with you for as long as you'll have me."

"Thanks," Tracer whispered to me.

He moved his face slightly and kissed me gently.

"I love you."

"I love you, too," I told him.

I ran my hand gently down his face and pulled his lips to mine. They brushed lightly and then harder, as I used my hands to make the kiss deeper. Tracer's tongue pushed between my lips and started dueling with my own.

I let go of his head, no longer needing to keep him in the kiss. Instead, my hands started wandering down his body. At twenty-three, Tracer's skin retained the softness of youth. All the time we spent outside had not, as yet, caused any damage.

I let my hands linger at certain points. One tweaked his left nipple, the other stroked his side. I ran my hands back up a bit, and decided to take further control of the situation. I used my body to push Tracer so that he rolled over onto his back. I followed the motion with my body and rolled on top of him, pulling my knees up under me more, so that I pinned him down.

I broke off the kiss and started licking from his lips down through the hair of his goatee and onto his neck. There I let my teeth nibble at his skin. I pushed his chin upwards -- tightening his neckline, and letting my teeth have a better, firmer place to nip.

Little whimpers started coming from Tracer's mouth as my bites excited him. His dick slapped into my balls as it hardened to full mast.

Leaving his neck, I let my tongue trace a line to his right tit. I licked it a few times causing it to harden like a pencil eraser, then I let my teeth graze over the top of it.

"Oh..." Tracer moaned.

I started an assault on his tits, my mouth chewing, nipping, nibbling, and licking one while my hand twisted, pinched, and flicked the other.

Tracer's body jerked and spasmed as I continued teasing his nipples. His dick was rubbing against my belly fur and getting it wet with precum.

"You're not enjoying this at all, are you?" I teased while switching from one side to the other.

"No, not at all," Tracer said, trying to dead-pan back to me.

I let my free hand slip down between our bodies and grabbed hold of his dick. I used the precum he was oozing to slick it up, and let my hand start gliding up and down the shaft.

I had to let go of Tracer's tit so I wouldn't fall over. But the combination of hand on dick, and mouth on tit was getting him revved up good.

"Oh, fuck," he moaned, as I bit down a little harder on his tit.

With that last bite, I ended my efforts on his nipples and let my tongue work down his belly. His dick was pumping out precum and some had leaked on him before I started using it as lube. I licked those drops up and then licked further down.

"That's it, Baby" Tracer groaned, as I let my lips wrap around the head of his shaft. I licked the sticky precum lube off his cock as I let it slide in deeper and deeper.

"Damn!" Tracer yelped, as my lips ran into his pubic hair. "Fuck, Erik, that feels so good!"

I could only grunt, with his dick buried in my throat.

I started working my mouth up and down his shaft. I let the saliva flow thick as I gave him my best blow job.

Eventually, the liquid started flowing down below his balls, and I used it to slick up the outside of his hole. I put two fingers into my mouth and wet them well on an upstroke, and then started pushing them into Tracer's ass as I slid my mouth back down over his shaft.

The moans, groans, and whimpers coming from Tracer got louder as my two fingers slipped past his ass ring and started working into his hole. I used the two fingers to open his ass up -- spreading them out as I teased and tormented his ass.

"Fuck me!" he started begging. "Pull those fingers out, stop teasing my ass, and FUCK ME!"

"Your wish is...," I started.

"FUCK the sayings, and FUCK ME!" Tracer demanded.

I pulled my fingers out of his ass and lined my dick up with his hole. I spit onto my hand and slicked my dick up. I did it again to make sure I was good and lubed up, and started sliding in.

"That's it, Erik, fill me up!" Tracer coached.

I kept pushing my dick in slowly, ever so slowly, until I felt my pubic hair bump into his balls.

"Ah..." Tracer let out a contented sigh. "That's the way I like it -- nice and deep!"

I started pulling backwards and Tracer wrapped his legs around my back, pushing me back in.

"No, you don't!"

"I can't fuck you if I can't move!" I reminded him.

"Well, just stay put a minute or two."

I sank back into his ass and stayed there for a short time. Then, finally, I decided to retake control of the situation.

"It's time to FUCK!" I said forcefully.

With that, I pulled back till only the head of my shaft was in his hole. Then I plunged back in. If he wanted a FUCK, I'd give him a FUCK!

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