Farm Boys

This story contains male-to-male sexual contact. If you are offended by love between males or are under legal age in your state or country, then leave now. Otherwise read and enjoy.

Story written by Richard Dick Richards

Part 1

I could hear the tractor coming up the road towards my house. My heart pounded as it neared because I was waiting for the neighbor boy to head to the nearby fields where he worked everyday. I stood by the window hoping he would see me drying myself after my shower. As soon as he was close enough I casually pulled my towel off my waist and dried my back and pretended I didn't see him looking my way.

I had seen one of the Rickie brothers going by my place for several days now. I knew he drove by here each day on his way to one of the nearby fields to plow. I was usually all alone on Saturdays because my mother always had a women's meeting at the church and my dad was at work and my older brother was still at school at football practice.

I was still in high school and my cock seemed to be always hard and ready to go. I knew I had an attraction to men because I already had sex with several of the boys my own age, a few cousins, my brother-in-law and a few of the boys in my church youth group. I was very active at this age but was always looking for a new adventure. Now I was cruising one of the hot young high school boys that lived in my neighborhood. I went to the public schools but the Ricky brothers went to the catholic school. The one that pass my house each Saturday was one of the older ones. Now I was trying to get his attention and I was nervous about it.

I let my towel move away from my body and exposed my hard cock to him as he drove by in the tractor. He glanced quickly and saw me standing there completely nude then he was gone. I was trembling at the excitement and immediately jacked off and shot my load all over the floor.

Later on that day I heard his tractor coming up the road from the other direction and once again my body temperature went up as well as my cock but this time I was dressed. I heard the tractor slow down and saw him glance again at the house where I had been before. When he didn't see me he once again speeded up his tractor and went home.

The next Saturday I waited for him to come by again but thought I would keep on my cloths and set on the porch to watch him. Here he came up the road once again with his tractor and this time was pulling a field cutter. As soon as he got even with the house he slowed down to a stop and hopped off his tractor and went to the field cutter to adjust the blades. He glanced over to me then nodded slightly. I nodded back as my mouth became dry with anticipation. He messed around for a few minutes then motioned for me to come out to the tractor. I wondered what he wanted. Perhaps he was going to call me names or hit me so I slowly came up to him and waited.

"Hey there. How ya doing? You don't suppose you have some water I could fill my container. I forgot to do it before I left the house. I see you have a hose right there so if you don't mind I will help myself." He said as he took the water container from the back of his tractor and headed towards the hose by the front of the house.

"Sure. Help yourself." I said very nervously as he swaggered over to the hose and I turned it on for him.

I hadn't seen him up this close and he was really better looking than I thought. He was a senior in High School. He stood about 5 foot 11 inches tall. His hair was a dark brown and he had dark brown eyes and a deep dark tan. I knew he was one of the 6 brothers in his family. I heard he had 2 older brothers in a Catholic seminar that were studying to be priest.

"Well that should be enough water to hold me today." He said as he headed back to the tractor. He looked back at me standing by the roadside and said.

"So what are you doing right now? Would you like to drive over to the field near by while I drop this hoe? It's near by so we will only be gone for a brief time. What do you say? Come on. Hop on the side here and hold on." He said as I pulled my way up and stood close to him as he sat on the tractor seat.

He started the tractor motor again and we headed out. We didn't say much along the way because of the noise of the tractor and the sound of the wheels on the hoe. We drove a short distance up the road and then into an open field and down a dirt road to the edge of some trees. He pulled the tractor close up to the trees and hopped off the tractor quickly to unhook the machinery as I got down to watch.

It was a warm summer day so he quickly pulled of his shirt and tossed it on the tractor. His body glistened in the noonday sun. I watched the movement of his abs and back muscles as he strained and pulled at the attachments until they were undone and let it drop to the ground. Then he moved the tractor forward and hopped down once again to the ground. I was standing in the shade of the nearby trees and he came over to join me now caring the water container. He set it on the ground and looked up at me.

"Now see, that wasn't so bad but I can sure use some water. What do you say? Will you join me?" He said as he poured the water in a cup and took a quick drink.

Then he handed me the same cup after he filled it up once again. I took a quick sip and handed it back to him.

I was in awe over this hunk's body. These farm boys worked hard and most have well developed bodies. His body was so dark from the sun that it was almost brown. He must not have hand any underclothes on because I could see the impression of his cock and the outline of his ball hanging down the right side of his tight jeans before he sat down besides me. I guess he sensed I was nervous and shy and tried to relax me with small talk. He suddenly stood up and walked over to the clump of bushes under the tree and started to unbutton his pants. He reached in and pulled out his cock to take a piss. He was so hot looking that I must have had my mouth open as the first stream of piss started to shoot out of his cock. I tried not to be too oblivious and tried not to stare. He looked down at his cock and pulled back the foreskin so as not to piss on himself. I could see about 6 or so inches hanging out of his jeans. I wanted to touch his cock but I was standing about 3 or 4 feet from him. He started to talk as he watched his golden piss hit the tree.

"Oh boy it feels good to piss in the open air. Won't you join me? Come over here. Don't be shy. Let me see if you can piss as far as I can." He said as I slowly waked closer to him, struggled to pull out my semi-hard cock to join the piss ritual. I was too excited just watching this older boy pee that nothing came out of me. He continued pissing until it came to a slow trickle but he didn't bother to put his cock in his pants instead he said to me again.

"Do you like to look at older boys cocks? Let me show you how big you might be someday." He said as he opened the top buttons of his jeans and pulled them down more over his hips.

His cock started to get hard. He continued to pull out his hairy balls from between his legs. It was getting bigger and I was fascinated. Not that I hadn't seen big cocks from older boys and men, because I had, but I was hot for this guy. He reached for my arm and pulled me closer to him. Then he put my hand on his cock. I thought I would cum right then. My hand trembled as I caressed it carefully and watched the cock head come out of the foreskin. I hadn't seen too many uncut cocks before and this made it even more exciting for me. He put his hands on his hips and closed his eyes as I played with him.

"Pull it back and forth. Make it feel good. I know you want it. Why don't you put your mouth over the head and taste it? Go ahead. I won't tell anyone. Just tongue it a bit." He said as I gradually bent over to taste his manly cock.

His cock was growing to full size and the head was now pulling away from the foreskin. Small droplets of pre-cum were now oozing from his penis head. I slowly bent over and put my mouth to the tip of his cock. He let me gently place my tongue on the head as I quickly ran my tongue over the large growing cock. His hand suddenly pushed my head down on his cock. I fell to my knees in front of my farmer stud and started to lick his cock. It was bigger than I had dreamed of. He was forcing me down on his cock causing me to gag. I pushed away at first until I relaxed my lips and throat so I could go down on him easier.

"Yeah. That's good. I like getting my cock sucked. You are doing a great job boy. Go ahead. I won't tell anyone. Just tongue it a bit." He said as I continued to suck on his manly tasting cock.

I started to place my hands under his low hanging balls and feel the hair that was growing there. I had started to relax and could take his cock even further and with the guidance of my hand. I was giving him pleasure. He was sighing with each movement as his cock slid down my throat further and further. He still held my head with one hand to guide my movements. I took a deep breath and then headed for his balls so I could lick on them.

"Oh Yeah. That's a good cocksucker, lick my balls, and lick em clean. You are good at this. You must have some experience at this. Yeah, boy, lick those hairy balls. You are making me so hot. Get back to my cock cause I am going to shoot my come down your sweet hot throat. That's it. Do as I ask and I'll let you do this again. He said

His body was moving faster as he shoved his cock down my throat once more. This time he started to come and held my head all the way on his shooting cock. I could feel the warm cum shooting down me as I tried to swallow every bit of his hot sperm. I needed air and he released my head just long enough to let me catch my breath. I went right back down on it and held it there as he continued to cum. He shook and moaned as his hot cock emptied his juicy sweet load into my mouth. I breathed again and let his cock start to soften in my mouth, as I tasted the last few squirts of cum. My tongue continued to lick under his foreskin as I cleaned up every drop. He sighed then slowly pulled his cock from my mouth and took a step back from me to put his cock back in his tight jeans. He buttoned a few buttons then looked down at me still on my knees.

"You are a hot cock sucker. You don't know how many times I have tried to get a girl to do that. They never seem to want to put it in their mouth. One even told me it was dirty to do that. Stupid bitch. I guess it takes another male to know how another male likes to get sucked. "Yeah. That was good. I like getting my cock sucked. You like sucking that cock too didn't you? I want you to be my regular cocksucker. Do you think you can handle that?" He said as he reached his hand down to lift me from my ground position.

I was a bit surprised at his suggestion that I become his regular cocksucker, but the idea really turned me on. I wiped my mouth from the last drops of his cum and halfway smiled while trying to adjust myself and put my semi-hard cock back into my jeans. I had gotten so excited sucking his cock that I had shot my load on the ground without even touching it.

"Well? What do you say; I don't even know your name. Mine is John and yours is? He asks as I stuttered my name out.

"Clint." I said nervously trying to look into his handsome young face.

He smiled at me again and turned to go back to the tractor.

"Pick up the water container and throw it on the tractor. You might as well make yourself useful after all you are my cock slave from now on and you must do as I say. Is that understood." He said as got back on the tractor.

Did I hear correctly? He said I was his cock slave? What did he have in mind? I followed obediently and hopped back on the tractor next to him. Before he started up the noisy tractor he said to me.

"I told you I would not tell anyone your were a homo cock sucking slut but only with one condition. You must do as I say and suck my cock whenever I need it, which is almost every day. Now that I know where you live and what you like, you are mine to command. Do you understand that?" He said in a demanding voice. Then he started the tractor and we headed back to the main road.

I wasn't sure exactly how to take this new position in life. No one had ever insisted that I suck their cock or be their cock slave. It was rather exciting to me but yet I was frightened at the out come. I though he wanted to play this game so I would go along with it but I didn't know what was in store for me over the next few months.

John dropped me off a few yards before my driveway and made me walk the rest of the way. I assumed he didn't want anyone to see us together. This didn't bother me because I didn't want my family to know I was with him either.

Continued; If you want to read more about Clint and the other Farm Boys, contact me at Richard

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