Farm Boys

This story contains male-to-male sexual contact. If you are offended by love between males or if you are under legal age in your state or country, then leave now. Otherwise read and enjoy.

Story written by Richard Dick Richards

Part 3 The Patrol Car Pickup

Here I set naked in the back seat of the County Patrol Car with 2 hot looking officers of the Law. The younger officer in the front seat still had my cloths I had taken from the fence where the 3 boys had thrown them after I was forced to suck each of them off. Then to make things worst, I was stripped and humiliated by being pissed on, and left to walk naked to then main road. Now I was pursued by 2 officers and made to set quietly as they had their jest with me. The older officer got back into the car and looked over at his partner and smiled.

"What do you think our young pup was doing down this deserted road?" He looked back at me as I stammered out my answer.

"I was walking home when 3 boys from school gave me a lift. They brought me to this deserted road and made me strip and kicked me out of the car for me to walk home. It was just a joke they played on me and no harm was done, so why don't you give me my cloths and take me home? Please!" I pleaded to the cops.

I didn't want to tell them the exact truth of the sexual abduction and use of my mouth to give them a blowjob. Perhaps they didn't want to believe me because they started the car and headed down the same road where I just came from.

"I think we will just drive down here to see for ourselves." The driver said as he headed down the dirt road until we came to the shade trees where it had all happened.

Right there in the middle of the road was the piss stained remains of the 3 boy's urine. I was hoping they wouldn't see it and continue on but they stopped right by the wet dirt.

"Looks like someone had a pissing contest. What do you say we get out and look around here? You get out too and show us what happened here." Jerry said as he opened the door and roughly pulled me out of the back seat onto the road.

" Looks kind of strange." One of the men said.

"I think there was some `hanky, panky' going on here. Did you get that pretty bubble ass of yours fucked?" I was tossed against the hood of the patrol car.

"Bent your ass over that hood. I think you should check him out, Jerry. What do you say? I think our pup here has been giving away some ass to his buddies."

To my surprise Jerry shoved me hard against the hood and kicked my legs apart. His hands wondered over my naked buttocks and his finger rubbed up and down my ass crack. I was scared and once again being humiliated as these 2 strangers were exploring my body. I had never though of anyone playing with my ass though on occasion I would finger myself when I was jacking off. As Jerry was exploring my naked body, I saw the driver, Robert, rubbing his crotch. Are these cops molesting me? The fear left me and I was starting to get turned on while the young cops continued to explore my ass crack with his finger.

"Come on Jerry. Get down closer to see if he has any spunk dripping form his butt. Put your finger in there to see if it is moist."

I felt Jerry's finger touch the edge of my butt hole as he a slight penetration entered me. I jumped at the slight tinge of pain. He pulled his finger out and put it in his mouth to taste my butt.

"Naw, all I can taste is a musky sweaty flavor of a nervous virgin. But it taste nice. I think I need to get a closer look." Jerry said as he dropped to his knees, spread my butt cheeks and took another look and whiff of my ass hole. I couldn't believe what was happening.

Now get your tongue in that asshole and see if you can taste anything else." Robert said to my surprise. "Maybe his buddies left a deposit of boy cum in his boy pussy. He looks like a fuck slut to me, if not he should be broken in properly.

Jerry gently spread my hard firm butt cheeks. I tensed at his unusual maneuvers but he slapped my ass hard with his hand. It was shocking but the sting was stimulating. He slapped me once again and instructed me to relax but it was not easy to comply. Jerry started kissing my ass as his searching tongue found the opening to my tight asshole. I was new at this sort of experience but it was exciting. Jerry buried his face in my tight young ass and his tongue started to go in and out of my hole. The feeling was sensational and I wanted more.

Robert moved closer to me and proceeded to unzip his uniform pants. As he opened his pants, I was in aw to see a large thick uncut cock protruding between the opening. Wet pre-cum was oozing from the piss slot of his hard cock. I wanted to savor the taste but he was concentrating on Jerry as he continued to eat my asshole. I leaned over the hood of the car and spread my legs even further so he could go deeper.

"All right Jerry. You've had enough of this sweet young `boy pussy'. I think it might be lubricated enough for me to bury my shaft in his tight little pussy hole." Robert said as he moved behind me.

" I think he is ready. Sir. He is lubed enough so you can pleasure yourself but I think this one might be virgin territory." Jerry said.

"Oh no!" I said to myself. "This cop is going to try to fuck me with his big cock. I had never had a cock up my ass before, and he was very large. That cock will rip my asshole open." I tried to move away but Jerry grabbed my arms and held me down on the hood. My struggle was useless. I had to try to relax and enjoy his penetration. I knew I wanted to try to get fucked but still feared the new experience.

"Hold that bitch down!" Robert said. " I want to break this sweet thing in for later use." He said to Jerry. Then he placed one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip as he firmly leaned against my butt and said to me.

" I will be gentle, young man. Just relax and I will make you feel real good. Relax!" Robert assured me. "That's it boy. Your daddy is going to feed you some nice thick cock. Just relax! It might sting for just a few inches but then you will feel a nice warm sensation as this man meat settles in your sweet fuck hole. Then I will move in and out slow and easy as you get use to the pleasure. That's a good boy. Now I am going to move in more and let my cock head slide into the opening of your boy pussy. Oh, yeah. Can you feel that? It's right there in the opening of that tight brown hole. In a bit more, a bit more." Robert kept talking to me as he was starting to get his dick into my ass hole.

Robert seemed to have a calm but demanding voice as he began to proceed to rape my virgin ass. It was a new experience for me but he seemed to be an expert at fucking ass. Perhaps experienced was a better word for it.

I tried to relax and let him have his way with me. I knew I had no other choice, besides I was beginning to like it. It didn't hurt like I though, at least yet, but it did feel like a large 'turd' trying to go in, instead of out. Robert moved into me slowly as he promised. I was starting to relax even more trying not to think of the slight pain I was feeling.

Jerry's hand reached under Robert as he searched for my balls. He undid Robert's belt buckle and pulled his pants down giving him more room to move about as he entered me. It was not the first time they had done this together. His cold belt buckle hit my leg as they slid around his ankles. I could now feel his hot body pressing against my butt as he moved in slower and deeper.

I suddenly felt a blunt entry into the opening of my butt hole. I jumped as I felt a quick sharp pain but Robert held me study. Then his cock slid all the way into me. I gasp as the pleasure of surprising orgasm caused my hard cock to shoot a load of cum on the hood of the car. He had made me cum without even touching my cock. It was a fantastic sensation. He sensed my orgasm as my ass tightened around his hard cock now buried in my love cannel. He laughed slightly as I came but held me so I would not pull away. After a few seconds he started to ass fuck me again. My insides started to relax as I moved back to get more of his dick in me. Robert pulled my body back against him as he spoke.

"See young man. That was good, huh? You sure shot a big load all over the hood of my car. Wow. You were full of spunk there. Now once again relax as your daddy fucks your sweet tight ass. I gave you the pleasure of cumming now you must give me pleasure too. Hold on, babe. I am going to work it in and out again. You are going to make my cock feel good. Yeah, make it feel good. That's it babe, move your hips back on that meat." Robert said as he started to pleasure himself with my ass. I must say I was swimming with pleasure. Why hadn't I done this before? I loved this fucking thing.

I continue to move back on Robert's cock. My own cock was getting hard again as he rubbed my insides and my prostate with his big cock. I lie across the hood and spread my legs so he could use me as he pleased. Robert was really starting to plow my ass. The Patrol car was beginning to sway back and forth with his hard plunging action again my body. I started to feel his big hairy balls pound against my butt. I tried to reach under to feel his cock plunging into me. I managed to get my hands to my asshole and feel his monstrous meat pleasuring me. There were pre-cum juices dripping from my balls as his cock penetrated me.

While I was being royally fucked by this daddy cop, the younger cop, Jerry was down on his knees watching his partner's shaft going into me. He had managed to pull down his pants and was now jacking off. His cock wasn't as big around as Robert's but seemed much longer. I wanted to suck on it so I motioned for him to come up to me. He stood next to me as I leaned over to lick the juices from his large tulip shaped cock head. He gave out a gasps as I managed to put his cock head into my mouth and run my tongue around it. Robert pulled my body away from the hood of the car and bent me over so I could suck on Jerry's long hard cock.

Robert continued to fuck me hard as I balanced myself against the fender of the car and Jerry's cock. Robert leaned forward and started kissing Jerry in deep passionate gasps. I was surprised at first but sensed a close relationship between the two men. I knew any time now that both men would be reaching a crescendo of ecstasy. Body sweat and saliva was dripping on my bare back. Then Robert started fucking faster and faster. Jerry's cock was beginning to swell to its fullest and the taste of sperm was very prevalent in my mouth as his first gushing squirts emptied into my mouth. I started to feel Robert's cock expanding in me and release his love juices in my ass. I thought at first he was pissing because of the large gusher of cum. He pulled on my ass with both hands and buried his big cock deep into my asshole while holding it there as he emptied his nuts. He had released so much cum in me that it was starting to drip from my hole, down my balls and onto the ground.

Meanwhile Jerry was releasing a large load of cum into my mouth and down my throat. He held the back of my head forcing his cock to go in all the way. The two men were still kissing, panting and sighing with pleasure. I had gotten so excited in the 3 way that I shot another load while I jacked on my cock. We all came within the same few moments. It was unbelievable at our timing but it was great.

There was a short pause as everyone caught another breath of fresh air. Robert leaned over my body and nibbled on my ear.

"Baby, that was a good piece of ass. You are going to be in great demand. You already know I want some more of that. Now, I'm going to pull out slowly while you try to hold the cum in your ass. Jerry is going to lick off my cock from your ass juices then he is going to suck out the remainder of my cum left in your ass. So now just relax and enjoy it while Jerry cleans us up. Stay in that position and you will be taken care of. O.K. babe? Your new daddy cop treats his boys right." Robert continued to tell me as he backed up and slowly pulled his dripping cock from my ass hole.

I didn't want it to end but I had to do as he said. He slowly pulled out and I felt a sudden emptiness. I heard a soft slurping sound as it left my anus. Jerry immediately dropped to his knees in front of Robert and eagerly went down on Robert licking and savoring my ass juices and the remaining cum from Robert's cock. I leaned against the car once more trying to keep my legs from shaking. I had come three times during this session and felt weak.

Jerry continued to clean Robert's cock until Robert slightly nudged him away. I got a good look at Robert's cock when Jerry pulled off his semi-hard cock. It was a beauty and I would love to have been down there sucking on that hunks meat. Jerry moved over to my ass hole as I leaned again the car once more. I never thought anyone would suck the cum out of my ass but I was looking forward to the experience. Jerry was an old hand as ass sucking and had me cleaned out in no time at all. I was amazed at his love of my ass. He gave it one more kiss and patted me gently as he got up from his knees.

Robert was redressing himself while my ass and balls were being cleaned by Jerry expert tongue. He finished and I straightened up once more hoping to find my cloths. Robert reached in the front seat to get my shirt and pants and tossed them to me. I quickly dressed while Jerry dressed himself and opened the door for me to get in the back seat again. Everyone was silent for a few minutes as Robert started the car and turned it around to head back to the main road again.

"Where do you live, my young pup?" Robert said breaking the short silence. I gave them instruction how to get to my home.

"Before we drop you off I want you to realize this is just between the 3 of us." I shook my head as he eyed me in the rearview mirror. Then he winked at me and smiled.

"If you want to contact me for another session, Jerry will give you a way to reach us. We patrol this area all the time and we also live close by. Any questions or comments before we let you off?

"Yes, I have one question. I noticed your nameplates have the same last name. Are you related to each other? I ask.

There was a sudden round of laugher as Robert and Jerry looked at each other. Jerry then turned around to me as said.

"I thought you knew! This is my father. I am his oldest son. We are very close, as you can see, and we love each other very much. I guess you would call it incestuous love. Does that answer your question?" Jerry said.

"Yes, Thank you." I said not trying to seem shocked at their Father-Son relationship. I thought it was kind of cool, now that thought about it.

"I just live about one half mile down this road, Sir. You can just let me off here and I will walk the rest of the way." I said not wanting my family to wonder or question why I was being driven home in a County Patrol Car with 2 hunky cops.

When the car stopped Jerry handed me an address card with their home and work phone numbers and their call letters when on Patrol. They both gave me a nice farewell and Robert winked at me once again.

"So long, my little pup. Go soak that sweet ass of yours in some warm water. I am looking forward to our next meeting and I want you to be ready for more action. I might even introduce you to a few of my other buddies that like a young sweet ass like yours, so take care." Robert said as they quickly drove away and down the road towards the high way.

I headed up the road to my home hoping that no one was home yet. I wanted to take a nice warm bath and ponder on the great time I had with my two-hunky cop friends. Wow, that was fun.

End of Farm Boys, Part 3 by Richard Dick Richards.

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