Farm Boys

This story contains male-to-male sexual contact. If you are offended by love between males or if you are under legal age in your state or country, then leave now. Otherwise read and enjoy.

Story written by Richard Dick Richards

Part 04, The Barn Party

I went about my business at school for the next week but still was wondering why I hadn't hear from John about the party they were going to have this coming week-end. Perhaps it was still in the making or it was just a big bluff. Sometimes high school boys have fantasies about their sexual escapades yet I had the feeling John, Abe and Josh were up to something. If nothing else I was hoping to see John again. He was such a hot dude with his rippling abs and his perfect shaped cock. I was also intrigued with way he controlled the action and still projected a gentle attitude somewhere under his hunky body. I know he had me under his control and I would do anything to please him. I would just have to be patient and wait for him contact me.

Since my encounter with the County Patrol officers Robert Johnson and his son Jerry, I had also come to the conclusion that I love to get fucked. I felt lucky that Officer Robert was the one that broke me in. He treated me so well on my first encounter. He knew how to use my virgin ass and gave me reason to want more of the same action. This was my first introduction to father-son sexual relationship and was intrigued by their love for each other. Besides they were both very good-looking well-built men and good sex. I was also looking forward to meeting them again soon for another encounter. I just had to figure out a way to meet with them without my parents suspecting anything unusual. To them, I was just their athletic and religious young blond boy who was popular and had lots of male friends. Little did they know how popular I had become with my male friends! I liked having sex with my buddies and they liked having sex with me. I didn't know I was homosexual nor was I even aware of the term until I was in the Navy years later. I just assumed it was a natural way of life. I never every thought it was wrong and wondered why others had problems with it. I guess I was one of the lucky ones that adjusted to my desires and myself.

I was setting on my porch today reading some assignment in English Literature when I heard John's tractor coming down the road. My heart began to race with the thought of being near him again. Perhaps he would ask me to take another ride with him to the field where we had our first contact. The place where I sucked his cock and became his, `boy', as he liked to call me. I wasn't that much younger than he, perhaps 4 years, but I was flattered at his attention and felt like his younger brother. A brother I never had.

As his tractor approached I slowly walked to my driveway hoping he would stop. He slowed down them came to a complete stop on the road and motioned for me to come over to him. I eagerly approached him as he called out to me.

"Hey, Clint! I want you to be ready when Abe picks you up this week end for the party we told you about. It will be Friday night after the football game. Be at the side entrance at 9 PM and be alone! See you later." John quickly started his tractor again and put it into gear. He winked at me and took off.

I was excited at the invitation yet disappointed that John hadn't taken me out to the field for a quick encounter. I stood watching John's tractor going down the road, and then he stopped, looked around at me and gave a quick motion for me to join him. I quickly ran down the road to the tractor. John reached down offering me his strong arm and then pulled me up next to him as we drove off together. We didn't say anything but he quickly looked up at me standing by him then winked and smiled. I knew right then a bond had developed between us.

We soon arrived at the empty field where John had to pick up a piece of equipment he left at another time. I enjoyed watching his masculine body move as he worked. He seemed flattered at my admiration. Men don't always like to admit being admired by other males but it is true. They are especially proud of the size or their penis, but that is well known. He quickly fastened and chained the equipment to the tractor and wiped the sweat from his forehead. His shirt was all ready opened as he quickly pulled it off and tossed it on the metal seat of the tractor. He walked over to me standing under the shade tree. The swagger of his body movements was like a stalking cat. I was admiring his tight rippling abs of his torso. His strong thick arm muscles glistened in the sun. A small trickle of sweat formed on his hairy chest and slowly moved down the center of his pecks and down the fuzzy `V' shaped part of his body to his navel. " God was he sexy!" I thought to myself.

John walked over to the near by tree, opened the top few buttons of his tight jeans and pulled out his semi-hard stud cock. I was so anxious to taste his manly meat that I reached for him at once. He grabbed my eager hand and said to me.

"Whoa there boy! I need to take a piss first so unless you want a mouth full you better wait. Perhaps we'll hold experience for another time. One pleasure at a time. Boy, you are a real cock hound aren't you? Don't get me wrong, I love it, but wait until I take this piss." John said as I lowered my head in embarrassment. Then John saw my disappointment and said "Here, you can hold it if you want. Never had anyone hold my dick as I pissed." John said as I placed my fingers carefully around his big dick.

He paused for a few seconds then let loose a small stream of piss as I gently aimed his dick towards the ground until he finished. His dick started to get hard as I squeezed down his last few drops of golden piss and shook it lightly. He quickly went from soft, to a semi-hard, then to a full hard dick, ready to be sucked. I dropped to my knees as he leaned against the nearby tree to enjoy my eager cock sucking mouth around his cock. He was horny today and within a few minutes he was releasing his love juices in my mouth. I eagerly gulped down every drop and milked out the sweet savoring juices. I faithfully licked all the cum from under his foreskin before releasing his cock and gave it one more kiss before he put it away. He signed, and rubbed my head as I stood to my feet and wiped off the remaining moister from my chin. He buttoned up at once and we both hopped back on the tractor to head back to my place.

As we was almost at my home he once again reminded me to be at the gate after the football game Saturday night and to wait for Abe and Josh to pick me up. Then I jumped off the slow moving tractor and he headed on down the road.

After the Football game.

Saturday night came around much too slow for me but as planned, Abe and Josh drove up in Josh's old pickup truck. I was nervous and wondering what was in store for me. Abe and Josh were nice guys and treated me like one of the gang. They smiled and chatted with me all along the way until we came to the county road where they stopped the truck to take a piss. Then they told me they were taking me to a secret location and I was to be blind folded. I was assured it would be removed once we were inside the barn.

We headed on down the road until they pulled into another rough dusty road. We drove a short distance then slowed down to a stop as Abe helped me from the truck. We walked a short distance where the sound of squeaky barn doors was heard as we entered. Josh took off my blindfold. I found myself in the semi dark room of a small barn stable area. There were bales of hay lined up against the wall for seating. I was told to set down and offered a bottle of drinking water or a beer. I head the sound of another truck or car pulling up next to the barn. At that point the guys told me to take off my shirt and shoes. Josh placed another mask over my eyes but one had small openings for my eyes. Josh told me my identity would be a secret but I would be able to see the other members. Soon John came into the room, looking as sexy as ever wearing his body shirt and tight fitting jeans.

"Hey, there buddy. Ready for some action? We have a few of the athletic members of my school that need to be serviced by your hot cocksucking mouth. Most of these `characters' have never had a blowjob in their `miserable' lives so you are going to show them what a good cock draining feels like. Now I must warn you, most of these dudes are horny and loaded with cum. They'll probably want a second or even a third round once they experience your expert mouth." John laughed then continued.

" I promise you no one will harm you so you can enjoy yourself as well as getting their nuts off too. So, what do you say to that? I told you I would treat you with some good dick this week." John said as he gripped my shoulder as I sat on one of the bails of hay.

"I have to admit I am nervous about this. How many guys are going to be here? I'm not going to be forced to do anything I don't want, am I?" I ask John.

"You don't worry about that for now but we are expecting about 12 more. Josh, Abe and I will watch over things so they don't get out of hand. We don't want to loose our best cocksucker, after all, who would satisfy our horny needs? Our girl friends can't suck cock worth a damn, so you are our good buddy. O.K.?" John said as he looked over at Josh and Abe as they smiled then nodded in agreement.

The four of us set around chatting until the sound of several cars and trucks were heard parking outside the barn. The doors opened and in came a few hot looking, well build boys from the school. I had seen a couple of them in town at the drug store, at the garage and at a few of the local places, but didn't know any of them personally. I must admit I had desires for several of them before but no contact was ever made. Perhaps tonight would be more interesting that I had expected. Josh motioned for me to follow him into the other room. It had several coolers full of cold beer, sodas and water. I was instructed to hand out the drinks s and try to relax around the guys. John was telling them about the movies they were going to show and for them to get comfortable take off some of their clothes, if they wanted and get ready for a pleasurable night. He even told them they had a fag cocksucker that would satisfy their needs. A few comments were made then one boy said.

" I sure hope he is better cocksucker that the cunt we had last time. She couldn't suck cock worth a dam...and her pussy was so loose, I almost fell in." Then one other boy said that it was probably because he had such a little dick. This made everyone laugh, and then the boy opened his pants, pulled out his dick and said. "Oh yeah, well let me see if you can take my 8 inch dick." Then he shook it as the others laughed. I could see this was going to me a lively crowd.

I gather up a few beers to serve to the guys and headed into the room. A few heads turned to check me out. The boys continued their jesting and teasing each other. A few had taken off their pants and setting around either naked or in their shorts or boxers. One of the boys reached up and padded my ass as I handed him a beer.

"So is this the fag cocksucker for tonight's entertainment? He has a nice ass. Hope he can take my big cock. Haven't fucked any ass since one of my coaches at Junior High. You can come over and set by me, cocksucker." Then he pinched my tit lightly as I walked on to the next boy.

John had set up a movie projector and was starting to play some x-rated fuck movies. The guys loved that part and were already started to make a few `cat calls' and suggestive remarks.

Josh and I continued to pass out the beers. I felt at ease because my face was covered with the mask and no one knew who I was. I felt a twinge of excitement as I eyed the 12 other guys. Not a one of them was a dud. They were well build athletic farm boys. I was in awe at some of their builds. Most had solid hard abs and nice firm bodies. A few had already taken off their shirts and pants and even manipulating their semi-hard cocks. Most didn't seem a bit shy about yanking on their dicks and playing with their balls. I tried not to stare but couldn't help notice the size of some of these young boy's cocks. They could put a few men up to shame. I was getting excited just watching around the room at them. I think the party was going to get started very quickly and the movie helped to get these hot horny teenagers in the mood even faster.

John was standing in the front of the barn close to the sheet hanging from the rafter used as a movie screen. He motioned for my to come to him and get on my knees. I did as he said. I nervously opened his jeans and pulled them down around his hips and down his firm long legs. He had already removed his shoes making it easier for me to strip him. I looked up at his firm lean body as he looked down at me waiting for me to perform oral sex on his big uncut cock. I slowly caressed his low hanging balls and nuzzled in closer to whiff in his musky body smell. My other hand was already guiding his semi-hard cock to my mouth. He was oozing clear juices from his cock head. I moved the foreskin back gently to ease the tangy tasting cock head. My tongue searched under the tightened skin, as I tasted his moister of pre-cum. A hint of beer and piss was also present as I moved my tongue around the cock shaft. John moaned out a sensuous sound as I went down on his hardening cock. I took his cock all the way down my throat feeling the pubic hair touch my nose around the base of his shaft. Then I held it there for a few seconds and tightened my throat as I moved my tongue once again moving back to take a short breath. John sighed once again.

"Oh yeah. That's the way to do it boy. Work that cock. Make your man feel good. Awwww yeah. That's good." John continued to enjoy my service. Another voice was heard as we preformed before the other boys.

"Look how that cock sucker takes that cock. Fucken yeah!"

Some one said... "That boy knows how to suck a mean cock"

"That's really hot. That fucker sure loves that cock."

"Look at em lick John's cock. He's a cock slave if I ever saw one." "

Shit! This might turn out to be a good one after all." The boys kept saying to each other. Then I heard my `ass patter' make a comment."

" If he is as good a piece of ass as he is a cock sucker, I might be in love."

Then there was laughter again by several of the boys. I was so engrossed in sucking my man's cock that I was in a daze. I was beginning to enjoy their comments and them watching us as we continued our exhibition.

This was all the encouragement the boys needed. Abe was running the movies and had already started on the second sex film. I could smell the scent of marijuana in the air and the musky sweat of some of the guy's bodies. John continued to enjoy my cock sucking by the screen in a well-lighted area. I proudly preformed before the boys giving John a loving blowjob. I knew this was getting the others a way to relax and to feel free to use my mouth as they pleased. John started to talk to me once again as I sucked his cock.

"Yeah, cock sucker, suck your master's cock. Lick those balls. Oh yeah, that feels good." He continued as another boy walked up closer to us as he jacked on his cock. I could feel the warmth of his body as he placed his hand on my head forcing it down onto John's hard cock.

"Look at that dude suck your cock!" he said. "Man, you have a big cock and he is taking it all the way. Let him work on me for awhile." At that he pulled me from John and forced his hard wet cock between my lips.

He had a big cock, even bigger than Abe's cock. He was forcing me to move up and down his cock in fast movements almost causing me to choke. John watched him carefully as if to protect me from any harm. Another boy had come over to the site where the 3 of us stood and placed his hand to my mouth feeling the cock's action. The guy I was sucking started to move faster and gave out several gasps and said.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck." He repeated. "I'm going to cum in this cock sucker's fucking mouth. Oh fuck! Here it comes. Take that load. Oh yeah I sure like to cum." He said as he shot his hot load into my mouth.

I was quickly drinking down his juices when the other boy got so hot he started shooting on my face. I quickly turned to catch his gushing load but most of it hit my cheek and some on his buddies cock. I went back to the first cock and lick off the cum from both boys. I saw a few guys setting on the bails of hay still watching the movie and jacking off. I realized if I were to get them before they shot, I would have to move fast. I approached the closest one to me and crawled between his legs. He quickly guided his cock into my mouth and set back to enjoy some head.

I heard one boy say. "Look at that hungry homo. He sure loves to suck up that cum. Whoooeeee. You can suck on my dick anytime you want. I got a big stud cock load for you." Then another walked over to me when I was sucking a dick and watched me while he jacked off. I felt him lean over my back and shoot his cum on my back. Some of the cum shot over my head and onto the stomach of the one I was sucking. I quickly licked it up and went back to sucking his cock. This got the guy hot and he started to cum too. He held my head all the way down on his cock as he shot his full load. I slowly pulled up from his cock, licking and cleaning it as I went. He gasps again and pushed my head down on him again for one more feeling of my mouth. Then he said. "Thanks Fucken fag. I'll give you another load later." Then he released my head.

I took another deep breath and another swallow. I could still taste the cum of the last one when another guy turned me around and stuck his dick into my mouth. It was a thick uncut cock but was nice and juicy from his pre-cum. I tongued around and around his cock head until I found an opening under his foreskin and went in deep. He seemed surprised at the pleasure I was giving him. I wondered if any girl had ever explored his beautiful uncut dick. It tasted a bit salty and like the beer yet it was good. I was having the time of my life and had become intoxicated with the beautiful guys and all the hot willing cock that I was sucking.

Abe had left the projector running and wanted to get in on the action. I continued to suck off this guy with the uncut cock until he let out a moan and shot his load into my mouth. I had already taken off 4 or 5 guys but was still ready to take on all of them. When I finished off this guy, Abe reached down, lifted my head and poured cool water over my sweaty head then handed me the rest of the water to drink down. I looked up to thank him as he rested his semi-hard cock on my shoulder. Abe had a beautiful cock and balls. I turned my head to put it in my mouth when he bent over to me and said.

"I've been wanting to fuck your beautiful pussy ass every since I first met you. Let's give these dudes a something to watch. Bend your ass over that bail of hay and between that guys legs. Suck his cock while I shove my 8-inch cock up your tight ass." Abe said as he moved me to the nearest guy, pushed my face in between the guys legs so I could suck on a cock while he fucked me.

I was surprised that Abe was hot to fuck me but since I had enjoyed the two County Patrol Cops rape last week, I knew I would enjoy his cock too. In fact I had fantasized about my 3 buddies gang fucking my ass like they had face fucked me last week.

I was in position but worried because I wasn't lubricated and might have a hard time taking Abe's 8 inches. Suddenly I felt a cool beer being poured on my butt crack and Abe's hand rubbing my asshole with a wet finger. His fingers had already found my tight hole and he gently pushed in two fingers. I felt a slight pain at first but before I was being penetrated, the guy in front of me put his dick into my mouth and pulled down on my head. This caused me to forget about most of the pain at my ass and to concentrate on the big cock that I had in my mouth. His balls smelled so good and his cock was even bigger than Abe. Where had all these big cock farmers come from anyway? I was already thinking about being fucked by this young guys big cock even before Abe had his cock in me. Boy, I was becoming a male nymph I just wanted more and more cock.

Abe had managed to put the head of his cock into the opening of my anus. The he pushed one more time and it popped right in. All the way. I gasp and realized I had almost cum. I wanted to hold back and enjoy his fuck before I released my first load. Abe started to move slowly at first then he moved in and out in a steady hard rhythm. He slapped my backside a couple times and then said.

"Damn, baby, that is good boy pussy." Then Abe called out to John. " Hey John! You haven't tried this ass yet have you? Man what a fucking tight piece of ass. Fucken yeah! Fucken yeah! Oh baby. I'm going to cum real fast. Oh fuck! Too soon...but I cant resist your tight pussy. Awwwwww. Fuck. Awwwwww yeah. Ugggnnn" Abe almost shouted out as he shot his load into my ass.

I could feel the warm cum hitting my insides as he shot load after load into me. Then he stopped, pulled my body closer to him so his cock was all the way in me. I could still feel his throbbing penis still pulsating in me as he shot his last load. He gasps a few more times then leaned over my body and nibbled on my ear. Still breathing heavy he whispered to me.

"That was a good fuck and the best piece of male pussy ass I have ever had. You liked that, didn't you? You are a real slut! Now that I've got you lubed up with my cum, we'll let a few more cocks use that tight ass for their pleasure. You ok?" I nodded yes. Then Abe pulled out of my ass and slapped me one more time before leaving me empty and wanting more.

I kept sucking on the big cock in front of me as I felt another cock ready to enter my cum filled ass. The action of Abe fucking my willing ass had turned on a few other horny guys and they were lining up ready to try me for their pleasure. It was an ideal situation for these guys to pop their nuts in my ass.

As the next guy moved behind me another guy was feeling my ass and touching my ass crack. Sometimes letting his fingers slide down to feel his buddies cock shoving into my ass. The guy was so hot that after only about 10 humps of my ass, he started to cum. He came then stops to enjoy the warmth of the ass. He pulled out quickly as another guy immediately put his cock into my wet hole. He was too hot and shot within the first 3 or 4 moves.

"Aww shit. I came too quickly. Let me fuck some more." He said but another guy waiting his turn at me said.

"You can come back later. We want some of that ass too so move you ass over or I'll shove my dick in you. We want to get our nuts off too." Another guy said as he almost pulled his buddy off me. He quickly shoved his hard cock into my ass. This one was pretty well hung and I felt him hit my prostate gland. I knew this one was going to make me cum. He continued to fuck me with long hard strokes. He would slap my butt every other lunge and talk dirty to me. By this time the shyness had disappeared from all the guys and they were ready for some ass or a cock sucker's talented mouth. Soon as one would cum in my mouth, another was ready to give me his load. Sometimes two were trying to shove their dicks in my mouth at the same time but usually ended up coming on my face and I drank down the one in my mouth. I had so much cum shooting in my mouth and on my face that some was now running down my chin and onto the bail of hay beneath me. Meanwhile my ass was being filled with young cock cum. I balls were wet with their sperm and now dripping down my leg.

I was being used over and over again. I had already lost track of the dicks I had sucked or the dicks that had emptied their young hot sperm into me. This last dude was fucking the hell out of my ass but I could feel he was about to pump his load into me. It was swelling and then he hit my prostate just right and I shot all over the place. My asshole tightened and gripped his big cock even tighter. That sent him over and he started to slap my butt cheeks harder and pump harder into me. I could feel his balls pounding against my balls. He continued to pump and talk to me.

"Oh yeah, pussy boy, you are going to get all my fucking stud juice, all the way into you gut. You fucking asshole, you don't deserve my cock, punk fucker, cocksucker. Yeah, here it comes, here it comes. Awwwwwwwww yeahhhh, awwwww yeah, yeah, yeah...yeah." he said as he continued to pump my ass as hard as he could. This dude really needed some ass and he was taking mine and enjoying every Fucken thrust.

I could feel the juices of the guys now oozing out of my ass hole. I didn't think I could hold in any more but I didn't want to release it now. I squeezed down on his cock hoping to hold all of the cum in. " I had felt so good. Wow! " I thought to myself. I sure am enjoying the fucking more than I realized. I had become a real asshole slut. I just couldn't seem to get enough. I was starting to feel a bit weak and dizzy from all the fucking and the marijuana smoke in the air.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and then John leaned over to me and ask if I wanted to take a breather. Meanwhile a couple guys were ready to shove his hard cock into my overflowing ass. John reached down and lifted me up slowly and handed me a towel.

"There is a toilet over in the other side of the barn. Come on I will lead you. It has some water where you can freshen up and get ready for another round or two. Do you think you can continue?" He said as I leaned on his arm hoping not to let any of the sperm ooze from my cum filled body. I looked over at John and smiled as I leaned my head on his shoulder and walked with him.

"Take a break while we put on another hot movie. Have some more beer and light up those joints. We have a nice long evening still ahead of us." Josh said to the other guys as John showed me to the other room.

I was escorted to the toilet and got there just in time to let the fluids of several loaded cocks drain from my ass. I had gotten use to the fucking by now and learned how to flex the muscles of my insides so I could give the dicks that were fucking me, the best of pleasure. Besides I loved the feeling of a warm hot male body pounding against my body. I was ready to try different positions now like some I had seen in a gay book. I thought it might be interesting watching the face of one of these guys as they fucked me and released their sperm up my ass.

I finished unloading all the cum I could and had washed myself clean. I was still naked and my cock was now at a semi-hard state just thinking about getting fucked again. John had patiently waited for me near by and put his arms around my shoulder while sipping his beer.

"You o.k. little buddy? Here take a big swig of water and a nice puff on this joint. It will relax you more and you will like the feeling." Then John paused and said to me.

" I would like a piece of that sweet ass of yours now. Are you in the mood to go yet? I want to take my time and make love to your ass."

John said as we walked into the other room where Abe had put on another movie. All of the guys were still horny and waiting for more sex. I think a few had jacked off during some of the session but young men seem to have stamina for multiple orgasms.

John had covered four bails of hay with a large blanket located in the center of the room. It resembled a small stage. He guided me to the area and pushed me down to start sucking on his already hard cock. The light from the projector lit up most of the room for better viewing. I knew what John had in mind. He was going to fuck me right in front of all his buddies. John had a great body and a good size dick and had nothing to be ashamed of. I continued sucking on his beautiful cock until he lifted me from my knees and pushed be back on the bed he had prepared for us to make love. I lay on my back in the center as he positioned himself on top of me. He lifted first one leg, then the other placing them on his strong wide shoulders. I eased up so he could direct his cock into my love channel. His cock seemed to know just where my asshole was and soon the cock head was right at the tip of my anus. He lifted me more as I reached around and guided his cock directly into my hole. His eyes never left mine. I was looking forward to a good fuck from this guy.

I relaxed as much as I could as his cock started easing into my tense hole. Then my ass seemed to open up to him and his cock started to slide right in. He paused for a second, and then pushed in a bit further still eyeing me. Then he leaned into my body as his cock went all the way in. As he entered me he rubbed prostate and I shot all over myself and right past my head. He smiled and waited as I enjoyed this sudden unexpected orgasm. I shook and he smiled again and then started to pull his hard cock out of me until he reached his cock head, then he lunged back in causing me to flinch. Then he took over and started to fuck me like the first time he had ever fucked anyone. He sure knew how to fuck and knew how to make me enjoy it too.

Meanwhile we were both enjoying ourselves so much that we had forgotten about the other guys watching our procedure with interest and excitement. I saw several guys standing just close enough that their cocks would sometimes touch my arm or face. John had leaned into me lifting my legs high enough so our backside was in good view of everyone. His cock was penetrating my asshole while an occasional hand would explore the area. John's balls were being caressed by one of his buddies as well as mine. Someone had gotten so close to my face that I turned to suck in his long shaft causing a sudden sigh of pleasure. John's face was closer to mine as we both were breathing hard and sighing with pleasure.

His face was suddenly next to mine. His lips almost touched the cock I was sucking. I nuzzled under his musky balls to lick them. Then I went back up his long cock to taste his cock head once again. The long cock suddenly shot a warm stream of cum into my mouth and on my face. John didn't move but watched closely as I drank down the load. Some of the guys cum had splattered between our faces but John didn't move away, instead his mouth moved over to mine and he started kissing me. I eagerly kissed back. My mouth still had some remaining cum that I shared with John. I felt his already big cock starting to swell as he pumped harder and faster into my ass. He was going to cum soon. He continued to fuck me hard. I could feel his big low handing balls pop against my ass. Another hand was caressing them as I waited for them to shoot the sperm in my wanting asshole. Then I felt the warm oozing cum shooting inside me. Another guy started to shoot his cock on us as we fucked, then another and another. Cum from several cocks had simultaneously shot cum onto us like offerings to a pagan god. Sperm was running down John back, on his ass, down his balls and onto my face and lips as we kissed. I was in ecstasy as my farm boy lover had his dick in my ass and his sexy tongue in my mouth in a deep and passionate kiss while several of his buddies cum was dripping off our hot sweating bodies.

The rubbing of his body against mine and the feel of his shooting cock caused me to cum again. My cum shot between our bodies mingling with my last load and our body sweat. I was enjoying our orgasm so much that I thought I was going to pass out. John mumbled and moaned as he kissed me occasionally tasting and licking some of the cum from my face. I had never really kissed a male before in this manner and it was exciting. His lips were so firm and his tongue continued to explore my mouth. Then we both took a few deep breaths and eased up on the passionate fucking. John lay against my cum soaked body panting and relaxing. He pulled up from me, then looked down into my eyes and winked again as if to say, "I love you, Clint" but nothing was said out loud, but understood. His dick started to slowly pull out and he rested on his knees and shook his head as the sweat splattered the near by area of onlookers. He held my legs up in the air and looked over at Josh that was ready to take the next ride.

Josh moved in quickly as John moved off the bed of hay. He took my legs in both hands and moved into me. I guided his cock into my wet hole and pushed his long uncut cock all the way in. I gasp at the sudden entry but Josh held on to me before his movements started. My body was still wet from the other guys cum but he was so hot that it didn't matter to him or anyone else around us. Our bodies seem to cling together and moved easier with all the cum. Josh lay on top of me but very seldom looked into my eyes. He was enjoying my ass to the fullest. His hands cupped my buttock as he pulled his cock deeper and deeper in me. Surprisingly I could feel his cock touching my insides and he too was rubbing my prostate. Josh's cock was longer than most but not as thick as John or Abe but the feeling of this hot young man against me was very pleasant. Josh continued in quick and long strokes then he too gave out a sight of pleasure and emptied his warm sperm load deep in me. After he came, he lay quietly on me, took a few deep breaths, and then started to pull out of my ass. He looked into my eyes and said. "Later dude." Then he got up from me, reached for a pair of someone's boxer shorts nearby and started to dry first my chest, then his.

I put my legs down to rest. Another hot looking guy with a nice size curved cock pulled on my ass and told me to turn over. I did as he suggested. Abe came over to us and put a small pillow under my body lifting my hips into the air for better penetration. I adjusted myself, got comfortable as this curved cock dude crawled on top of me and slowly put his cock into my asshole. It was another exciting sensation. I guess because of his slight curve, it rubbed in a different place giving me a new feeling. It was good too.

The guy put each leg on both sides of me then leaned forward, took my wrist and held me down while he fucked me. He continued to fuck me this way for a short time still holding me down. Some one got an idea to tie up both my wrist and ankles. They found four used jockstraps from the guys and tied me securely. The idea of me being bound was another new and interesting experience for me and once again, I liked it. I was now their bound male whore that they could use as they pleased.

One at a time each and every guy fucked me, came in my mouth or shot their warm sticky sweet male sperm somewhere in or on my body. Once again I was in complete ecstasy and dizzy with all that was happening. I eventually either passed out or fell asleep with exhaustion. All I remember was waking up setting in a large porcelain tub and feeling warm piss washing down my cum stained body. I had to admit at this point it was like a refreshing warm shower. It felt great. Piss was coming from both sides of the tub. Sometimes I could feel 2 or 3 streams of warm piss on my body, then even 4 or 5 at one time. It had a sweet smell of beer. I was letting them use me to urinate all the beer they had drank the night before. I looked up after almost all the boys had released their last squirt of golden nectar on my naked body to see my good buddies and farm boy lover standing over me.

"Well my friend. You had quite a night in fact we all had quite a night. Have you rested from your sleep? You passed out last night after we all had our way with you. Are you all right?" John said in a concerned voice.

"Yes. I am a bit tired and thirsty, but I am surprisingly fine. Thank you sir." I said as I still remained in the tub of boy piss. About that time Josh and Abe come over to John and I. John turned to his friends and said.

"He says he is fine but thirsty. Shall we give him something to drink?"

"I think we should give our favorite cocksucker, pussy ass boy something to drink too. Do you agree, Abe?"

"Sure. He deserves the best. Now what do you say we give him some sweet warm golden beer piss from our cocks?" at that my 3 favorite buds got closer to the tub and each in turn aimed their soft penis' as me.

"Now open up and it will make it easier for you to drink." John said as he took my face and squeezed my jaws forcing me to open.

I struggled at first but knew it was inevitable that I would have to drink at least some of their piss. Besides I was very thirst and the thought of it might be o.k. if I set my mind to it. I should have known they were not finished with humiliating me. I was their male whore, their cocksucker, cum drinking slut, pussy ass boy and now their piss retainer. They needed this and I was willing to do, as they wanted because it also pleased me. I was still young and now I was theirs to command and to use whenever they pleased. I didn't know just how far they would go with this, but felt compassion even during their use of me, especially John.

I set waiting for the first gush of piss to hit my mouth and tongue. I also felt a sexual twinge in my loin. My cock was starting to get hard again. Abe was the first to notice my hard cock.

"Look at our slave boy. He is beginning to get a boner. This cock sucker likes this. Man we have picked ourselves a real winner here. This is going to be a good summer," Abe said as I felt the first steam of warm piss hit my face from John. I reliantly opened my mouth and took in his urine. I thought I would heave at first but I must have been very dehydrated because it tasted good. I closed my eyes and let them piss in my mouth as I eagerly drank it down. This continued on for a few minutes until I though they had all finished. John pulled my head to his cock and forced it in my mouth. He was not finished by any means. He told me to hold it there and swallow. Which I did. He gave me several squirts at a time giving me a chance to swallow. I had adjusted to his pissing cock until he finally pulls out to give me another chance to take a deep breath.

"There. We have marked our territory. You are ours now and you will do as we wish. Do you understand that punk piss drinker? You are ours." The 3 boys laughed and squeezed down the last few drops of piss from their cocks.

I nodded yes as I lowered my head in humiliation. One of the boys handed me a small hose connected to a water connection. I was told it was to hose out my ass and clean out all the left over cum. The 3 boys left me alone as I stuck the small hose into my asshole and turned on the water. I was a bit sensitive but not sore or injured in any way. I guess I was lucky and was build for this type of abuse or pleasure, whatever you wanted to call it. I had a solid firm body and was very athletic in school so that must have helped. I continued to hose out my insides and then wash all the remaining piss from my body. I drank down some clear fresh water and filled my insides with water. I found a towel near by and dried myself. When I finished I found my bearings and walked back into the other barn room where I heard voices of some of the boys talking.

John, Abe and Josh looked up at me standing naked before them. All of the other boys had taken off for home in the early morning hours. The place was still messed up from the beer bottles, paper cups, cum filled condoms and towels. John was lighting up a joint and sharing it with his buddies.

"Well, punk ass cocksucker, slave. Clean this place up and we will take you home. You will find some garbage cans over there and when you finish come back here." One of the boys said to me.

I knew what was expected of me so I immediately picked up all the trash and bottles, pushed the bales back in place and had the place looking good in about 15 minutes. I looked around for my clothes but knew they were holding them from me until they were ready.

"I am finished cleaning up the place. May I have my clothes now sir? I said to them.

"Come over here and let me look at you. You know what we expect of you each month at our barn parties now? We will pick you up and you will entertain our friends as we wish. You will service each and every one of them until they are satisfied. Now you need to do one more thing before we leave. Get you ass over here. I am going to give you another good fucking while my buds here shoot their cum in a rubber for you to drink down." John said as he came up behind me, and started to finger my asshole with 2 fingers.

Josh and Abe were putting fresh condoms over their semi-hard cocks. I was getting hard just watching these 2 butch young men getting ready to jack off just for me. Meanwhile, John had managed to wet my ass with some sort of lubricant and was placing his cock head into me. I backed into John as I stood waiting for his fabulous cock to fuck me again. After all the sex and cock I had the past 18 hours I was still looking forward to John's cock up my ass. My cock sprung into a solid hard on once again. John gave his hard cock a push and in it went. I breathed deep and received him gratefully. Josh and Abe came close to me and started to jack off their cocks as they surprisingly leaned against my body. John started nibbling on one of my ears and Abe started to put his tongue in my other ear. Josh took my hard cock in his hand and started to jack me off in rhythm with John's fucking motion. Josh started kissing me on my lips. I was once again in second heaven. My 3 favorite buddies were making love to me.

Our bodies rubbed together in perfect harmony until I felt I was going to cum with Josh's perfect jacking off method. I knew John was getting ready to cum in my willing ass as he passionately fucked me and kissed my ear. I could feel Abe was nearing his orgasm as well as Josh's. Then as expected we all came at almost the same moment. Every one was moaning loudly, sighing and kissing in deep passionate movements. I started shooting my load into Josh's hand as everyone else came in their planned areas. We were all breathing deeply as we molested each other's bodies in complete ecstasy. Josh and Abe took the cum filled condoms from their semi-hard cocks and placed them up to my mouth for me to drink down their love offerings. I gladly slurped down the warm sweet cum. We all stood in the middle of the barn naked as our bodies came to a relaxed and satisfied ecstasy of sexual release.

Then all of a sudden the double barn doors opened with a terrific bang as they slammed against the side of the barn. The four of us jumped from the shock of the sudden noise and entry. Standing there before us were two County Patrol Cops, Robert Johnson and his son Jerry in full uniform with guns drawn.

"What the Hell? We could hear the moaning and groaning clear out side and thought someone was being tortured." Robert said as he looked us up and down."

I be damned if you boys aren't a sight for my horny cock. Whooeee! Would you look at them sweet little buns? Now against the wall, and spread them while I find out what's going on here? Spread em I said." Robert said as we stood there in complete shock as the 2 officers directed us up against the barn wall.

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