Farm Boys

This story contains male-to-male sexual contact. If you are offended by love between males or if you are under legal age in your state or country, then leave now. Otherwise read and enjoy.

Story written by Richard Barber

Part 5 Firemen To The Rescue.

(Refresher from part 4 )

All of a sudden the double barn doors opened with a terrific bang as they slammed against the side of the barn. The four of us jumped from the shock of the sudden noise and entry. Standing there before us were two County Patrol Cops, Robert Johnson and his son Jerry in full uniform with guns drawn.

"What the Hell? We could hear the moaning and groaning clear out side and thought someone was being tortured." Robert said as he looked us up and down."

I'll be damned if you boys aren't a sight for my horny cock. Whooeee! Would you look at them sweet little buns? Now against the wall, and spread them, while I find out what's going on here? Spread em, I said." Robert said as we stood there in complete shock as the 2 officers directed us up against the barn wall.

"My, my, if it isn't my favorite piece of ass, Clint. Now don't tell me these farm stud boys are having their way with you? I can't say that I blame them, but do you know whom you are dealing with here? These are 3 of our local studs. Looks like you are still in one piece. Get over there, while I decide what we should do with this bunch." Officer Robert said, as he put away his gun and motioned for his son, Jerry to do the same.

"Jerry, I think we will have to hand cuff them, but just the left hand for now. Clint, you see that rope hanging there? Take it and tie it from one wall to the other against that side of the barn." Robert instructed us.

He moved 2 large bails of hay close to the wall and had Clint throw the large blanket over the bails. After Jerry had handcuffed each of the 3 boys, Robert had them cuff the other hand to the rope hanging securely in front of them, as they faced the wall. I was wondering what Robert was up to, but I knew he was a horny dude and probably was going to play some sex games with the boys and me. I wonder what part I was going to play in this game?

"I think I am gona have ta teach you boys a few lessons before I let you go. I want the 3 of you to get into a `doggie position' facing the wall. Your buddy Clint, and my son Jerry, are gona lick your asses clean before we go any further. Jerry you start on this side, with this hot little ass of Abe's, while Clint will work on John's hot looking ass. I want you boys to lick em real nice and get em nice and wet. " Robert said to us as we took positions behind the 3 boys.

Jerry was eager to do his dad's bidding. Spread out before him were 3 of the hottest young high school boys, that he had desired for years. Now, the opportunity was here, and he quickly dropped to his knees behind Abe's ass.

The boys had been pretty quiet up to now. The were so embarrass to let Officer Robert know they were out here drinking and smoking in John's dad's barn, and doing sexual activity with other males. They had the reputation of making it with any of the girls or women they desired, but here they were, naked and fucking around with each other. Unbelievable. They were mumblings back and forth to each other but hadn't protested yet, because they were still in question of what was to become of them. When Robert instructed us to get behind the boys, lick their asses to get them wet, they were getting a bit nervous. Sure they liked getting their asse's rimmed by Jerry, and me, but they didn't know what else Robert had in mind, or just how far he was willing to go with them. They were pretty much at his mercy still being naked and handcuffed to the rope.

"Hey Mr. Johnson. This has gone far enough. Please let us loose and we will head on home and never mention this again." John pleaded and was quickly joined in agreement with Abe and Josh.

I looked back at Robert and he was already checking out Josh's ass and rubbed his hand up and down his ass crack. His hard cock was already visible under his uniform. He rubbed it a few time then started to release his gun belt and placed it on a post near by. He looked on the wall and hanging there were two horse training leg setups they place around their hind legs so they could not kick. He pulled them off the wall and tossed them on the straw next to the boy's legs. He was going to put them on the boy's legs so they would be more secure. This would also spread their legs further apart so their asse's would be more accessible.

Meanwhile Jerry and I were enjoying our task of rimming Abe and John the 2 end boys while Robert was lubing Josh's ass with spit. I think they were realizing they were going to be fucked by someone. Robert had pulled out his cock and was beginning to jack it while enjoying the feel of Josh's ass.

"That is enough ass eating!" Robert said to Jerry and I. " Stand up and stick your cock's up their ass and fill them with your cum. This will let them know how good it is to get fucked. I will take this sweet one here, Josh, and Clint you use John's hot ass while Jerry enjoys Abe's hairy asshole." Robert said as he positioned himself behind Josh for a deep penetrating lunge with his big cock.

I looked over at Jerry and his dick was already out of his pants and was rubbing the edges of Abe's ass crack. Then Robert had the head of his cock already in the sphincter of Josh's hole. I heard Josh cry out in pain as Robert went in further. I touched John's firm ass and hoped I would not hurt him with my 7- inch dick. I liked John and now I was using him, like he often used me. He looked back at me as he remained on his knees. He gave me a quick nod then he whispered to me to go ahead. He knew we both had to do this. I knew I was going to love fucking John, but wondered if he would perceived I would loose respect for him.

I was easing in John's tight hole and discovered John had a hard-on as I got the head of my cock in his tight hole. He suddenly backed into my cock and took it all the way in. He groaned with slight pain. I stop to let him get use to my hard cock in him. Meanwhile Josh cried out once more as Robert had gotten his thick cock all the way in. Jerry had no trouble or complaints from Abe. We were all in the assholes and started to fuck. Needless to say it was exciting, as the 3 of us fucked. Sometimes we were in unison going in and out at the same time. Our `fuck boys' were relaxing and enjoying it more than I ever thought they would. Each of them had a hard-on, and Josh was now backing into Robert's cock.

I could feel the tension rising and the sexual releases starting to grow. I knew I could not hold out much longer. Robert was wild as ever and would occasionally slap Josh's ass as he started to pound him hard. Josh and Abe were now leaning against each other as they got fucked. Their faces moved closer and closer to each other until they started kissing one another. John was jacking on his cock and gasping as I gripped his buttocks. Robert turned towards me and started kissing my cheek until I turned towards him to find his eager mouth. Jerry had already indicated he was going to shoot and had let out several pleasurable moans and started pumping his young hot cum into Abe's ass. This gave Robert and myself our queue to release our cum into the fuck holes of John and Josh. Our kissing became deep and passionate and them we came. Our bodies stiffened as we released load after load of cum. Then it was over too soon and we started to relax before pulling out of the cum filled ass.

I was the first to pull out of John, then Jerry and last was Robert. When he pulled out of Josh stream of sperm was dripping down his balls and onto the hay. Robert motioned for Jerry to clean Josh's ass area and balls. Even though Jerry had just cum, he eagerly started licking and sucking on Josh's asshole to get his dads cum. He was an obedient son and slave to Robert. He was trained well.

I set down to relax and watch Jerry eat Josh's ass. Then he went to John's ass and last to Abe. It was kinky to watch, and I was still partially hard when Jerry dropped to his knees in front of me, and went down on my cock to lick and clean my cock and then he obediently went over to his dad's low hanging cock to clean it. Jerry carefully finished off his dad's cock then carefully put it back into his pants.

Robert made no effort to release the boys from the rope. The boys had lain down on the blanket together to rest after their first fuck. I looked around for our clothes, but realized we had put them in the stable before our 4 way. Jerry was dressing again while Robert went back outside to the Patrol Car. I could hear him talking to his dispatcher, but couldn't make out what they were saying. I assumed he was checking in. I hope he wasn't going to take the boys and myself in to have us booked. Robert came back in the barn and told me to give the boys some water to drink. I went to the back to get the water and returned with water bottles for all. Meanwhile I found my clothes and put them on and brought the other guys their clothes too. Robert saw me with the clothes and shook his head while motioning me to put the clothes down.

I saw the truck from the firehouse pull up next to the building. What were they doing here? I thought to myself. Robert didn't seem surprised and immediately went outside while three men got out of the truck. They stood and talked and on occasion would laugh. I still could not make out what was being said but by this time I figured Robert was up to something. For a cop, he was a mischievous character. He was always doing something weird or strange, yet was never called down or questioned by his tactics or behavior. I think he must have had some special friends in high-office or just lucky at not being caught. He must have told the men something because they waited outside by their truck as Robert came back inside and said something in Jerry's ear. Jerry must have been given instructions because he went over to the boy and placed bandannas over the boy's eyes. Robert motioned for me to come back over to the area with the boys and said.

"Alright boys let me have your strict attention. I think you boys are such good ass, that I want to share you with some of my buddies. You young studs had your fun last night, now it is time for the adults to have some fun." Jerry was saying just before one of the boys started to protest.

"Hey, Mr. Johnson. You can't do this to us. We gave in to your rape, and now you expect us to willingly take on some of your friends? No way! Fuck! Let us out of here or you will be sorry.

That might have been the wrong thing to threaten Robert. I thought to myself. This cop is a stubborn asshole, even though he was a hot looking dude. He kind of laughed under his breath and continued to talk.

"Now here is the way we are going to continue this game! I have placed a blindfold over your eyes and head so these men can't see whom they are fucking. After all you wouldn't want any of them to know who you are. It might ruin your reputation as studs, so I would advise you not to talk while they use your asses. They could recognize your voice, now wouldn't that be embarrassing?" Robert and Jerry laughed as the boys mumbled to each other.

"What the hell can we do? Let's let them fuck us and get the hell out of here, besides that first fuck wasn't so bad." Josh said. "And I had that asshole cop Johnson.

"Yeah, you might be right. I have to admit I began to enjoy it after the first entry and almost came when his son, Jerry fucked me. I don't hear John complaining either, getting fucked by our boy, Clint. So boys, let's take it like men and enjoy it to the last drop of cum goes up our ass. I think Robert wants to make us suffer but let's not give him the pleasure of seeing us whimper like little girls. Let's give his buddies the best ride of their lives. O.K. men?" I over heard the three boys discussing as Robert went outside again to get his fuck buddies.

I was to put my mask back over my head and stand by for instructions. I was excited thinking of watching 3 men from our volunteer fire department fuck these hot young high school studs. I just hoped they were not too rough on them and would use them carefully. I waited as three older men still dressed in their firemen's jackets, long boots and helmets slowly, but confidently strutted into the room. They too, were instructed by officer Johnson not to talk, but to take their pick of a sweet hot ass and fuck the hell out of them. Each in turn looked at each other, looked at Robert and Jerry, then over to me standing against one side of the barn. Robert nodded and directed his hand over to the three aesthetically pleasing asses waiting their pleasure. Once they relaxed and knew it was going to be enjoyable, they walked behind a boy of their pleasing to enjoy this moment of unexpected outcome.

Officers Robert Johnson and his son, Jerry, wandered out the door unnoticed. They left the 3 Volunteer Firemen, Clint, and the 3 well-positioned teen-age boys, to enjoy the new experience of male-to-male sexual encounter. Perhaps this was a first time for some, and perhaps a new and satisfying experience for others. Robert told to the boys earlier he was going to teach them a lesson, but he just really wanted the men to experience each other. Men loved sex so why not enjoy it when and how every they could. Robert and his son, Jerry had learned that long ago when Robert's dad had taught him to enjoy man-to-man sex even before he was a teenager. Now the 2 of them would leave to men to enjoy the boy's asses, or whatever they wanted to enjoy.

One of the firemen was about 45 with a hint of gray sideburns. He had a rugged face, showing signs of weather from the hot Kansas sun. He, as well as the other 2 firemen, was no doubt local farmers that volunteered for the fire department during emergencies. They probably deserved a bit of reward for their service to the community.

He still retained his fire protective gear, but removed his rubber gloves, as he perceived of one of the boy's ass. He eyeballed in lust and excitement, as he fondle the round ass before him. A faded tattoo of an anchor was visible on his left hand, as he lovingly slid his hand up and down the ass crack. He was thinking how this `ass fucking', reminded him of previous days, when he was a single young sailor.

While one hand was fondling the beautiful ass before him, he quickly unbuttoned his rubber coveralls seeking for his pecker. Once it was uncovered beneath several layers of clothing, he rubbed his thick juicy cock head against the asshole. One hand was still pressed against the buttocks as the other hand guided his pecker into the moist pleasure hole he was about to penetrate. He concentrated on his presentation and eased into the warm crevice of the boy. His eyes closed, and a big smile come over his rugged face as his thick 8-inch pecker slid into the pleasure hole. A moan of pleasure was also heard from the boy as he willingly grasps the cock in his alimentary canal. The fireman paused to enjoy a feeling of sensitive pleasure that he had forgotten over the years. The boy paused for only a few minutes, and then moved out slowly, then back down on this new pleasure. The fireman moaned softly so not to let his familiar voice be heard. A grunt was heard from the boy and he started to move his body on the shaft of love, to pleasure the fireman, as well as himself.

The next fireman moved to the center boy, Josh. He was still attired in his fireman uniform, except he had removed his helmet and tossed it to the barn floor. I had seen this man before at the local garage when my dad had taken his car in for service. I remember taking a long look at him when he stood under the adjacent car. He was wearing tight garage mechanic coveralls and the impression of his cock and balls were very prevalent to my liking. I think he caught me staring and daydreaming about putting my lips to his cock and sucking the man juices from his long cock. When I was aware of his eyes looking me over, I lowered my head and continued to read my comic book.

Now here was George, the garage mechanic, before me, preparing to fuck one of my friends. I envied him to say the least. I would like to be the one getting fucked by this hot number. I would say he was about 40 years old. It was difficult to judge age when you are still a teenager, but I was not one to turn down any man, no matter what age. He also had his head shaved, which made it even harder to know his age. I know he had fantastic deep penetrating eyes that would look right into you.

I must have been staring again at his tall slim body when he suddenly turned to me and motioned for me to come over to him. He still had not taken out his cock from his uniform. I stood close to him wondering what he wanted, and then he leaned over and said softly in my ear.

"I take it you are the `fluff boy' "? He whispered softly into my ear. I trembled at his closeness. I was still naive and didn't know what a `fluff boy' was. So I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders in a questionable response.

He took my hand and moved it to his crotch area. I gathered he wanted me to get his cock out and get it hard. I managed to find his semi-hard cock thru a few layers of clothes. He took off his rubber jacket, dropping to the floor then pulled the suspenders from his shoulders releasing his baggy rubber fireman pants. They dropped to the floor as I continued to nervously search for his cock. He was wearing tight Levis but no underclothes. I was so excited to finally get close to one of my heroes. I had fantasized about him more than once. I always managed to go with my dad or brother when they went to `George's Garage'.

His daughter was in one of my classes and my brother and Dad thought I had a `crush' on her because I mentioned one time she was pretty. Little did they know that it was her dad that I was more interested in?

I wondered if he knew it was I standing nervously before him. I finally found the opening to his jean and quickly pulled them down over his hips. I could sense his eyes looking down at me before him. I waited for a moment but realized he was waiting for me to release his cock from the tight jeans. His cock had begun to harden, as I gently pulled a nice uncut cock out for my admiration. I looked up at him once again as he smiled and nodded for me to suck on it. I immediately dropped to my knees and took his hardening cock up to my lips. His uncircumcised cock had a long covering of soft moist skin over a pale pink nub. I stuck my tongue into the small opening of the foreskin and tasted his salty pre-cum juices. I loved the manly taste and scent of his musky body. I released his ball so I could cup them in one hand as I licked down his cock to his hairy balls. My cock was throbbing with excitement. I wanted to pull it out of my tight pants and cum right on his rubber booths but I knew my present job was to get him hard enough to fuck one of my buddies. I put my mouth over his cock as he pulled my head completely down on him. I gagged slightly as it grew to a good 7 inches in length. It wasn't as thick as most but fit so nicely in my throat. I continued to suck on his cock, forgetting I was just here to make him good and hard. He motioned for me to move closer to the ass he was about to fuck. Now his cock was very hard, and I think he was too close to cumming, otherwise I could have continued to get his load. So I was a `fluff boy'? I wasn't sure I liked the name, but I liked the action I was to perform.

He moved over to Josh, and motioned for me to guide his cock into Josh's hole. It was my pleasure to do it, even though I wanted to be fucked by George, the garage mechanic. I think he knew all along who I was, and wanted to give me the thrill of sucking on his penis. I stayed on my knees and directed his hard cock to Josh's hole but it was too dry for entry. I moved my face to Josh's asshole and began to tongue fuck him to make him moist for George's cock. This was a real turn on for George and he started jacking on his cock and placed one finger to my mouth now pressed against Josh's asshole. I heard a small grateful whimper from Josh then I once again guided George's cock as it slowly slipped into Josh. Josh had taken a ruff ride from Robert the cop, earlier so he had no problem easing the mechanic cock into his anus.

George raised his head and lifted his body shirt exposing his bare chest and hard pink nipples of his manly pecks. I automatically reached up to caress and pinch at his hard nipples. He opened his eyes to look down at me, then closed his eyes to continued to enjoy Josh's warm pussy asshole and my fingers on his sensitive nipples. I stood to place my lips on his chest and nibbled at his tits. It is wonderful that men can enjoy having their nipples pinched and chewed on, even more than most women.

While the 2 men were enjoying their `boy fucks', the other man moved behind John's firm well-tanned ass. This fireman farmer was younger than the other two and seemed a bit shy. Perhaps he had never fucked another dude but he was going to give it a damned try. He quickly removed his fireman helmet, and gloves then he continued to remove this boots and pull the suspenders from his shoulders to remove his baggy rubber pants. He stood there in nothing but his white under shirt and boxer shorts. His well-toned body was rippling with well-developed muscles. His upper body was tanned from the summer sun. He quickly eyed the situation and placed a finger to John's asshole. He wet his finger and started to play with his cock as he massaged one finger in John. He may not have fuck a boy's ass before, but he was preparing himself for a good piece of ass. He maneuvered his body as he jerked on his cock.

As I was nibbling on George's nipples, I was eyeing his movements. George knew I was watching the young stud and motioned for me to go help him out. I reluctantly moved away from George and to the young man who was feeling John's ass. I dropped to my knees beside him. He looked at me rather surprised and a bit puzzled. I pulled down his white boxer shorts exposing his fantastic firm round buttocks. He kept looking John over and still playing with his asshole like it was a pussy. His cock was really thick around and a good size in length. I thought John might have a hard time taking this cock up his hole even though I had lubricated him with my load earlier.

The young man seemed to wonder what to do next and kept glancing at the other 2 men as they continued to enjoy the young boys before them. Each of them was sighing quietly with pleasure and would occasionally give a love tap to the boys. The first older man had both hands on Abe's firm ass and using his own thick cock like a battering ram. George still had his eyes closed and was easing in an out of Josh with long deep strokes.

I though this young stud needed more help so I got under his balls and started to lick them while he fingered Johns ass and jacked on his own hard cock. He finally relaxed at my presents and spread his legs apart giving me more access to that sensitive spot under your balls and close to your asshole. He gasps with pleasure, so I knew he was now all right with my presents. I looked up at his magnificent youthful body that reminded me so much of John. They looked enough alike to be brothers. Even the cocks were similar.

George kept fucking Josh but for some reason pull out of Josh's moist hole and moved behind John's ass. He wet several fingers then stuck them directly into his tight hole. John jumped at the sudden entry but just tightened his body even more. George leaned over to the young man and directed him to move over to Josh. I could hear him quietly say to him. "David, go fuck that sweet pussy. It is nice and moist for your thick cock. You will be able to get it in without any problem."

Then George looked down at me still between his legs and motioned for me to get the young mans dick wet. I went next to him again as he stood behind Josh's ass. I took his cock in my hand as he released it to me and I went down on him. He gasps at the feeling of my talented cock sucking mouth. I tasted the sweet wet pre-cum juices from his cock, so I knew he was hot to go. I know this young man had never had a blowjob or a boy ass to fuck. I don't know why, because he was a real hunk. I assumed he was about 21, single and was working on one of the nearby farms. His body was as perfect as I could see. His arms were solid and his pecks were about 15 inches around with no body flaws, no tattoos or body piercing. His face was very handsomely masculine and his body with mostly without hair except for his armpits and the hair on his balls and ass hole. I was anxious for him to stick his thick cock into Josh to see how he would react. His body was so firm and strong that I knew he was going to give any ass or pussy a solid wild ride. He looked down at me sucking his cock and then threw his head back, closed his eyes and quickly started face fucking me. I let him use my mouth for a while but before he was to cum I wanted to guide his cock into Josh. I guided his hot hard and thick cock to Josh's hole and guided the large tulip shaped head into this moist hole. The young man, David, grabbed at Josh's buttocks and quickly shoved his cock all the way in. Josh let out a deep moan but relaxed as David fucked deep and hard into Josh. Like I had expected, he was ruff and violent. He pumped hard plunged in fast and hard. Fucking like a man that hadn't had sex in a year.

I left him at his pleasure and set on the floor watching all the hot action. The first older man had already cum in Abe a couple of times but continued to fuck him still wanting more. His cock was shooting load after load into Abe until cum was oozing down his balls and into a puddle on the straw beneath him. Abe had cum at least once but was jacking on his cock again. He was feeling around at his fucker's balls and rubbing them as they slapped against his bare ass.

George directed me to rim John's ass before he put his cock into him. John knew it was I, and reached around to pull my head into his asshole. When it was nice and wet I pulled George's delicious uncut cock to John' wet hole. George plunged in with one full swoop and let out another deep sigh, as did John.

Josh's ass was getting royally pounded by David, and was about to shoot deep into his hole. Josh had really begun to back into the penetrating stud cock, and was taking it like a man. All of the boys were taking it like a man. This was their purpose to show Mr. Johnson, the asshole cop, they could get fucked and give his buddies the pleasure they wanted. Little did they realize at the time, they were enjoying their ass rape as well at the men fucking them?

David could not hold out any longer, so while he was fucking Josh, he started to let out some deep moans of pleasure of his forthcoming orgasm, and then he started to talk as he released his aching balls full of cum.

"Oh god! I'm cumming in your hot warm pussy ass. Oh, fuck, man. Take that load. Take it deep. Oh Yeah. Fuck! Awwwww yeah. What a fuck!" David yelled out as he plowed deep into Josh.

Josh responded in return. "Oh fuck me, fuck me. Cum in that ass, Fuck me. Harder, Harder" Josh cried out.

Just as the two were responding to their pleasure, John shook off his bandanna and looked around to see David, one of his older brothers using Josh's ass. He called out to him.

"David! What the fuck are you doing here? Get the fuck out of Josh's ass. Stop it right now!" John said.

Josh responded back to John. "Shut the fuck up. He is giving me a good load and a good hot fuck. Shut up or they will know it's you." But it was too late. John's brother now fucking Josh was releasing his pleasure into Josh's ass and was not about to pull out now. David kept pumping and moaning.

Josh had given himself away and by talking to John. The first fireman fucking Abe suddenly called out. "Josh? Is that you? Oh my god, son...It's your dad! Over here, with my cock up this sweet young ass. Oh my God, son. How did you get in this position?" Then he nervously laughed again as repeated. "In this position!" The he laughed. "What the hell. This is the best piece of ass I have had since I was in the navy. By the way. Who the fuck am I fucking anyway?

Then Abe realizing he would be found out eventually, shook off his bandanna and looked back at his fucker, Josh's father, and said. "It's me Mr. Smith, Abe. And I might add, thanks for the compliments. You are such a good fucker. I think I came 3 times while you were fucking me." Then Abe shockingly looked back at John's fucker and said. "Uncle George! You here too? Oh my god! You are fucking my best friend John."

Meanwhile David was still quivering as he released his final shot of cum up Josh's ass. Josh was shooting his cum while trying to respond to John. He was in shock realizing that his Dad had been fucking one of his best buddies, Abe. When he realizing they both was having a sensuous good time fucking, it didn't bother him as much as he thought it would.

George was still pounding away at John but knowing how much Clint wanted his cum, he pulled out just before he came and motioned for Clint to take his orgasm. Clint eagerly jumped at the chance to drink down this hot garage mechanic. He was still on the floor near by watching everything going on. There was so much action and conversation going, yet Clint immediately placed his mouth over George, Abe's uncle, and swallowing his dick, as he released his juices into Clint's throat.

Josh's father gave one or two more lunges into Abe and released another sperm load, while talking to his son. Abe knew what he was doing and squeezed on his balls once more before he was to lose his fucker. Mr. Smith gave out a sigh and planted a nice love tap on Abe's buttock, then bent over and kissed it. Both had enjoyed this session and hoped for a repeat someday soon. Abe had never been fucked until today and loved the feeling and movements of Mr. Smith as he planted his seed into his young athletic firm ass. He seemed to hit his prostate almost every time he came, causing Abe's cock to shoot out at the same time. It was an unusual experience for Abe, and it was sensationally satisfying for this young man to get his nuts off so many times in a row.

Mr. Smith still let his cock remain in this warm hole but knew it would soon be over. He hadn't cum this many times in a row, for years. Once again his memories flashed back to his younger years in the Navy. He had a favorite friend or boy pussy, he would fuck whenever they could get together, either on the ship or during shore leave. The two boys never considered it Queer. It was just warm sexual relations between the two young horny boys. Later years, they both married and never had the chance to get together again. He had never mentioned it to anyone else but when he was fucking Abe's tight ass, it had reminded him of the good times he use to have fucking the other boys ass. Now that he and Josh had broken the ice, he thought the two of them might get together for some good father-son fucking.

Josh had enjoyed the fucking he had just received from David, John's older brother. Wow! What a wild fucker, he thought to himself. Hope we will do this again. Josh knew David but hadn't had too much contact with him because he had been away to college and when he was home, he was always working on John's father's farm. What a hot stud, he was thinking as he look to his right and noticed John waiting for a reaction from Josh. Then John just smiled and shrugged his shoulder. He was beginning to think it was funny. His brother had almost fucked John's ass and if George hadn't switched at the last moment he would have had his brothers thick hard cock pumping up his ass instead. John had seen his brother's naked body many times and had to admit he had checked him out a few times when David wasn't looking. He wasn't sure now how he and his brother, David's, relationship would go from here. Perhaps it would bring them closer or perhaps it would be as though it never happened. John wasn't sure yet how he felt about it now but time would tell. He knew his brother would never say anything about this to his father or other brothers. It would be their secret.

Clint was still savoring the hot juicy cum from George's cock. His nephew, Abe still had Mr. Smith's big cock up his ass but was watching Clint carefully as he milked down his Uncle George. He had often wondered if Uncle George ever played around with other dudes. He was sure a hot looking man, and his sister was always pregnant, so he was a potent stud. He also seemed to like the attention Clint had been giving him. Abe was sure George and Clint would become good sex partners now, especially when he discovers how good piece of ass Clint was. Perhaps he would stop fucking his sister so much and let her rest. Abe thought perhaps they might get into a three way sometime and do some experimenting.

George looked directly at Abe and gave him a big wink. He always thought his wife had a good looking younger brother, but never realized how inviting his young teenage ass looked. He looked even better with that big cock up him.

George enjoyed the service and attention Clint was giving to him as he continued cleaning and licking his cock. He knew he had a new mouth to feed his cock to and perhaps a sweet young tight ass as well. Clint had always looked liked a nice clean-cut boy and realized Clint had the `hots' for him. Even though Clint was wearing the mask over his head, he could still see those hot blue eyes; and the blond hair was a sure give away. George always had a thing for blue-eyed blonds. George couldn't help notice the way Clint always looked at him when he came in with his dad or brother. Even then George couldn't help desiring an hour or so alone with his admirer. Now the barrier had been broken, perhaps Clint would come over to the garage by himself instead of being escorted by someone from his family.

End of Part 5, Farm Boys, Firemen to the Rescue.