Story by Richard Barber

This story is about man-to-man sexual contact. If this type of offends you love, or you are under legal age in your state or country, then stop now.

Part 6, Turn about is Fair Play

“O.K. men. Now that we have all become officially introduced,” George said jokingly. How’s bout we have a cold beer. I know you boys have some stashed away here somewhere in the barn.”

The boys tried to compose themselves from the awkward position they had been in. They tried to turn around and faced their individual man fuckers. George still had his shirt opened but his pants were still down to his hips with his semi-hard cock still dangling in the open. He kicked off his boots and proceeded to pull his pants completely off. He looked even sexier with just his open shirt covering part of his body. David, John’s brother, didn’t bother to put his clothes back on either and found himself a seat on the blanket next to Josh. Josh’s father, Mr. Smith tried to comfort his son by lovingly patting him on the head. Then he kicked off his boots, pulled off his pants and threw them in the pile with his other firemen’s rubber pants, coat and helmet. He didn’t seem shy of his body and reached down to scratch his nuts and pull on his uncircumcised big cock. This was the first time any of us had the chance to see Smith’s cock and it was a beauty. No wonder Abe came every time Smith did. His cock was about a good 9 inches long and thick as a beer bottle.

I had taken off my mask figuring the games were over and everyone knew everyone else anyway. I went to the side of the barn, opened the refrigerator and pulled out 6 cold beers. I tossed a few to the men, then gave John, Josh, and Abe a beer as they remained on the stacks of hay with one hand still connected to the handcuffs that Officer Thompson had attached to their wrist earlier. Then Smith suddenly asks

“Where the hell is that Office Thompson and his punk ass son anyway?”

George stood and looked out the barn window to see them setting in their patrol car. Then he pointed at them for the benefit of everyone present.

“That son of a gun knew we all were kin to each other all the time and, that is why he set this whole thing up. Wait until I get my hands on him. I’ll, I’ll, what the hell will I do? This was one of the best times I’ve had in a long time.” Mr. Smith said as we all laughed and took another sip on their beers.

“Yeah, but we can’t let him know it. I think this calls for some real thought on our parts.” George plotted. “What do you say we all get back into position while I go get the keys to the cuffs to release you boys. Then we’ll lure them in here and tie him up and see how he likes it?”

“Yeah, that is brilliant, but I think we should all fuck the shit out of him and teach him a lesson. What do you say? Someone said. Everything was in the planning as George, still without his pants, went outside to the patrol car to get Officers Robert and Larry to return to the barn. Meanwhile everyone got back into the screwing position like before. The boys put the bandannas back over their heads and I replaced my head mask and stood in the side wings ready for the action. They were planning on getting them to come closer to them as they were pretending to fuck the boys again. Everyone waited. Mr. Smith teasingly placed his finger in Abe’s hole and placed his other hand on his son’s buttock for a feel. I moved over closer to John and rubbed his back as we waited. John’s brother had gotten over the shock of fucking another boy in the presents of his younger brother, and was now leaning against Josh. He shyly put his other hand on John’s ass. We all waited

George had talked Larry into giving him the cuff keys and returned alone. He quickly released the boy’s cuffs and got back into position as if he was fucking John again.

Just as we heard them coming in, the men started in their fucking movements again and the boys moved back and forth as if in agony. David presented a few slaps to Josh’s ass, and he jumped in surprise. I almost had to laugh at the scene.

Just about the time they were close enough to watch the fucking, George yelled out.

“Oh yeah, this is the best fuck I have ever had. but I think I want to fuck you now, Larry.”

Then everyone pounced on the two men pinning them to the barn dirt floor. It came as such a shock to them that they were completely caught off guard, and gave in to the 6 men now holding them down. It was a sight to behold. All the boys were still naked and Smith, David and George were partially dressed. Asses and cock were everywhere and it was very hot and sexy. They immediately placed the handcuffs on the 2 men and started removing their uniforms. One person was working on their boots, and the others were tugging at their belts and pulling down the pants. Robert struggled the best he could but, his son, Larry liked the molesting of his body and started to laugh. Robert stopped struggling and relaxed as his uniform was being removed. Some one grabbed his balls and told him to lay still.

“All right men, you’ve had your fun. Now let me up and lets talk about this. What do you say?” Robert said as the men pulled him up while someone place the horse leg irons on his legs and moved him toward the center of the bales of hay. His hands were cuffed to the rope that he and Larry had prepared for the rape of the 3 boys. A bandanna was placed over his eyes. He was now naked, spread eagle over the bales of hay, blindfolded and ready to be used. I suggested that his son, Larry rim his dads ass to get him nice and wet before anyone fucked him. Larry was more than happy to lick out his dad’s ass. It wasn’t anything new to him. He had done it many times and still loved to lick his dad’s brown hole.

Larry gladly dropped between his dad’s legs as George and Smith set to each side of him, and spread his butt cheek apart, giving Larry complete access to his asshole. Larry smiled and buried his face into the firm hairy buttock of Robert. A sigh of delight was heard from Robert as he still thought this was just a joke and that the men would release him at any time. But until then, he enjoyed the tongue fucking he was so familiar with. He knew he had trained his sons well and they were very talented and proficient sex partners.

After a few minutes most of the boys had another hard-on, and was looking forward to fucking this cop bastard’s ass. He had made life uncomfortable for them at times and it was their time to get even.

George was the first to suggest anything. He told Josh to fuck him first because he had been so ruff on him when he fucked Josh. Josh was already and had pre-cum dripping cumming from his cock. When Josh positioned himself behind Robert, his son, Larry pulled his cock to his mouth to get it nice and wet before he entered his dads asshole. He was serving as a ‘fluff boy’ for the men. I felt deprived because that had been my job earlier, but there was enough cock to go around to be fluffed.

Josh had no mercy and as soon as he found the right opening, he plunged right in. This caused Robert to grunt out and swear at his intruder. “You fucker, take it easy, take it easy. I might want to use that again sometime.” Josh slowed his pace and started to enjoy a nice warm fuck from the man whom had raped him earlier.

Josh fucked for a few minutes then gave out a sigh of pleasure and released his warm cum load into Robert. As soon as he pulled out, John was ready to fuck. He was a bit gentler than Josh, but entered him with a slow but firm action of penetration. John’s brother, David, set on the side of John and placed his hand to the location where John’s cock was entering the Cop. It was a surprise to John but he was glad his brother had joined in the fun. David looked into John’s face to watch his young brother pleasuring himself. John leaned closer to David and David looked at John and met his lips in a warm kiss. This was so warm to see the two brothers passionately seeking each other’s affections. This caused John to quickly plant his sperm into Robert’s ass. They both paused as John pulled his wet cock out.

David immediately crawled in-between the legs of the cop and shoved his cock in with one full sweep. Robert once again gave out a grunt but this time it was a pleasure moment. David’s big cock had hit Robert’s prostate and he shot his load. David waited only a few moments to let Robert enjoy his moment, and then David started his plunging motions. John took his place beside his brother and they started their brotherly kissing once again.

As soon as David spent a few passionate and wild moments cumming, he quickly pulled out, as George was about to take his turn using Roberts cum filled ass. He quickly looked at Larry and motioned for him to suck out some of the cum before he fucked his dad. Larry was more than happy to be a cum slut for him.

I went to get the men some more beer and water to drink. When I came back Larry had suck out most of the overflowing cum from his dads asshole and George had released the horse leggings from Robert, took off his blindfold, and had positioned him so that George could lift his legs to fuck his ass better. He motioned for me to come over to him. I thought he wanted me to get him hard again before he fucked Robert but that was not what he had planned.

“I want you to set on Robert’s face while he eats that pretty ass hole of yours, while I plant my cock up his ass. Come closer to me so we can kiss.” George instructed me.

I was glad to oblige but surprised. I spread my legs over Officer Roberts face and slowly lowered my body to his face. He guided me, as I directed myself so I was facing George. George had placed Roberts legs on his shoulders and his cock was halfway in his ass. Robert didn’t protest at all, but immediately started searching for my asshole and quickly tongue fucked, and licked my ass. George was now all the way in the treasure hole and pulled me close to his strong muscular body. His hands pulled my head to his and his tongue quickly dashed into mine searching the crevices of my mouth. His lips were thick and soft. We passionately kissed and made love while I jacked on myself and George fucked with slow and firm motions.

Larry laid his head between us and placed his mouth around his dad’s hard cock. While the 4 of us were enjoying sensuous moments of sex and love, Josh’s father, Mr. Smith came up behind Larry exposed ass, and started to ease his enormous cock up the man’s ass. After a few good tries, it went right inside his welcome ass. Abe didn’t want to be left out, so he came up to watch Smith fuck Larry. He started jacking off while watching the cock that he had taken earlier, now fuck another. Josh stood to one side watching his dad fuck Larry and started to jack off.

On the other side of the bails of hay, were John and his brother David, in a wild passionate petting session. They were exploring each other’s bodies, releasing hidden desires they possessed since they were young. It was fantastic to observe their hot sweaty muscular bodies tossing and turning against each other. Their hands and mouths continued to explore each and every crevice of their bodies. They tried every position imaginable and eventually ended in a 69 position with their exploring mouths around each other’s hard penis. Their tongues and mouths explored their inter-thighs, down to their balls, cocks and assholes,

They looked so much alike; it was hard to tell them apart, even their cocks looked alike. David started licking and kissing John’s asshole, plunging in the hole with darting tongue. Soon David had John’s legs wrapped around him as he directed his hard thick cock into his lover brother’s anus. They commenced fucking in a wild animal like procreation.

I could not hold my orgasm much longer as I kissed George and Robert continued to tongue fuck my hole. Smith was fucking the daylights out of Larry while Larry sucked on his dad’s cock. Josh was getting close to cumming again and as soon as he was starting to spasm and release a load, his dad pulled his son’s shooting cock to his face to drink down his sweet load. Josh was surprised, yet gave out a wild cry of pleasure. Abe squirted long shots of cum over the back of Larry as he grabbed Josh to plant a deep passionate kiss on him, as he came in his dad’s sucking mouth.

The intense passion and emotions was over whelming. George shot his load into Robert and I came all over Robert’s stomach and Larry’s face. I watched David fucking his brother John on the nearby bail. They fucked like crazy and both brothers came at the same time. Cries of ecstasy filled the barn as everyone came in their designated places. It was unbelievable and couldn’t have been any better as everyone was gasping and making love and giving love; each man in his own compassionate man-to-man way.

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