Story by Richard Barber

This story is about man-to-man sexual contact.  If this type of story offends you, or you are under legal age in your state or country, then stop now.
Part 7, The New Farm Hand
Better Relations

Things were never the same after our Barn Party.  I can't say it was worse than before, but knowing what happened that day caused the people involved, to look at life a bit different.  I could sense everyone had a certain bond between the other men, so in the long run; things were much better and more fun.

 John and David Rickie were much closer, and had a certain hidden brotherly love and respect that only we could understand.  Now they were always seen together whereas before, they were not this close.  They both liked sports so they would go to some of the out of town sports events and spend the night somewhere.

 The same could be said for Mr. Smith and his son Josh.  The Father-son relations grew in a much better and closer direction.  They would go on fishing or hunting trips together, and stay away for days at a time.  They said they had a favorite camping spot where they could be alone and enjoy nature.  We all knew what they were enjoying and we thought it was great.

 George, the garage owner, and his brother-in-law's brother, Abe, was not obvious about their sudden friendship to others, but they would `hang out' together more and would go to racecar bouts in nearby cities and stay overnight at some motel.  I was invited to go along with them several times, and once we got them into the motel, we had other things on our minds besides racecars.

 Officer Robert and his son Larry were a bit more lenient and humble now that the men and the boys had their way with them, at the Barn that day.  Now and then a few of us would invite them to one of our `men only' nights at the barn to play and have a few drinks.  It would always end out in a nice session of man-to-man action. 
   Over all I would say we all learned something about each other, that day that lingered long after everyone had finalized their chosen lives.  I was lucky to remain friends with each and everyone and was never let out of the Barn Parties or even their camping trips, sports event trips or even the racecar adventures.  We all enjoyed each other's friendship and special talents we possessed.  Everyone was always willing to try something different in our man-to-man relationships and no one ever forced anyone again.

The New Farm Hand, Shawn Mc Finney

My father always wanted a farm, so over a few months of negotiating the purchase of a 160 acres of farm and grazing land, we were going to move.  I was happy only because it was still within the same area of our town home, I still went to the same schools, and shopped at the same small town.  I could still be a friend with all my boy and men friends that I had become intimate with over the past years.  I would have less time to spend with them now, because of my new workload on the farm.  I had to do chores, milk cows, feed pigs and chickens and mollifiable things of activity. 

  My father realized right away that we needed more assistance.  That is when Shawn Mc Finney, our new hired hand, came into my life.  Shawn was a handsome man in his late 20's of Irish ancestry.  He still had a Celtic accent from his upbringing.  I loved to hear him talk.  He projected a certain rhythm like the sounds of music or poetry.  Of course, he did his share of singing as he serenaded the animals as he worked.  This man fascinated me the minute he spoke to me when he told me I had the eyes the color of robin's eggs and my dimples would make the angels smile.

 He had a firm body and bulging biceps from his heavy work and previous amateur boxing activity.  He exercised daily in the barn with a makeshift punching bag he made from old gunnysacks filled with straw.  I would sit for the longest time watching his body movement as he danced around the room.  He would punch at the bag and snort until the rippling muscles on his stomach would be covered with sweat rolling down into his shorts.  He wore no jockstrap and the bounce of his dick would roll from one side to the other.  I think at times he would get a semi-hard on knowing I was watching him exercise.

 He was provided with a small room in one wing of the dairy barn to sleep.  Nearby were a shower, toilet, and sink where he could clean up and a small gas stove for heating and light cooking.  He was always invited with the family for eating but he would sometimes make a snack or toast some bread before sleeping.  It was a nice clean room with a good double bed, dresser, lamp, and a few things of comfort.  My mother was always good about providing the essential things to make him comfortable.  He said he never lived this well since he arrived from Ireland.  He would tell me stories but never seemed to complain about his previous life.

One day I came into the barn to feed the calves.  No one was around but I could hear the shower running in Shawn's wing of the barn.  I walked over to the door to see Shawn shower.  The shower was in the open section of the hallway and had no curtain or wall protecting it.  I thought this was my chance to see him completely nude.  I peeked into the room and there he stood under the shower in all his handsome glory.  I had seen most of his body during his workouts and his boxing practice, but to see his well-formed buttocks and his cock hanging under the running water was awesome.  I stood quietly, eyeing his body, when he suddenly looked up and waved to me.  I looked down in embarrassment but before I could move away, he yelled at me to come on in.  I hesitated for only a few seconds because I was anxious to take a closer look at my man friend.

 As he showered in the warm water, the steam billowed up around his well-formed body giving him a special wet shine.  Then he dropped the soap, either by choice or by accident.  I was excited to see his long muscular arms reach down to slowly try to secure the bar exposing his firm buttocks, his hairy ass crack and brown puckering ass hole.  I had seen asshole before, but the sudden excitement of this hot stud, caused me to slightly shutter.  Instead of quickly obtaining the soap he kicked it with his foot and it went flying right towards me on the floor.  I quickly picked it up to give it backs to him.  As I started to hand it to him, he grabbed my arm and pulled me right into the wet shower, clothes, and all.

I struggled to release myself from the wet shower but it had already soaked my shirt and pants.  Shawn laughed and grabbed me securely in his arms causing my shirt and jeans to get a good soaking. 

"Well, my lad, ye might as well join me now that you're good and wet.  I need me back soaped down anyway.  That's what a good lad is for."  Shawn said in his Irish accent.

I laughed along with his playful gesture then took off my clothes and gladly joined him under the shower.  He handed me the soap and gave me instructions to soap down his backside.  I did so with enthusiasm and excitement and found myself immediately getting aroused.  My cock was coming to full attention.  I could not help myself.  Here I was in the shower with my latest `man god', rubbing his firm back muscles and hard buttocks.  He turned to quickly notice my hard on and smiled and said.

"My, My, The lad is not just a lad but, a full size man.  Look at the staff ye are carrying there, me boy.  Better not let the calves eye that one.  They might try to suck some milk out of ye rod.  Looks like ye has a need to get it drained though.  Shall we jack on ye rod to release ye load?"  Shaw said as he admired my good size boy cock.

I was proud to say I had a good size 7 ½ inches of cock and I was still growing.  I must say I was surprised, but happy at his brazen approach.  He wasn't shy about looking and admiring my cock and balls.  He reached down to caress my balls as he maneuvered his own growing cock.  His cock grew fast as the excitement grew.  The awareness of our naked bodies in the shower together caused our dicks to grow more rapidly.   I was already so excited by his touch that if he pulled on it much more, I would shoot my load right then and there.  I didn't want to cum so quickly but my teenage hormones were stirring in my young body.  My cock started to throb a few times then I shot my cum into the air and on Shawn's leg.  He didn't pull away, but held onto my balls as I released my load all over his wet body.  He seemed to be fascinated at my sudden ejaculation and just smiled and looked me in the eyes as I came.

"You're a hot one, aren't you?  Want to see if you can help me get off too?  My juices are stirring and the balls are ready to pump out a load.  Put ye hands on me balls, while I pump me rod.  Better still; give it a pump on the shaft there.  Lad."  Shawn instructed me.

I gladly wrapped my hand around his large uncut cock.  It hardened quickly and the large tulip shaped cock head had already come from beneath the foreskin.  I knew he had a large cock, but I didn't realize it was so thick around.  I couldn't get my hand completely around the firm cock shaft of this hunk.  He gave out a sigh as I adjusted myself in position to give it a firm tug.  What I really wanted to do was lean over and suck on his cock but I was hesitant on my first adventure with this man.  I didn't want him to shun me away, but he was enjoying the jacking of his cock so much that I just couldn't contain myself.  I leaned over to place my lips over the head of his oozing cock, while placing my other hand under his balls.  He looked down in awe and wonder, and then placed his strong hand to my head pulling me towards him.  I knelt to my knees on the concrete shower floor.  I placed my lips over the cock head and then placed my mouth over his thick shaft.  I went down on his thick cock as well as I could.  He sighed in amazement at the pleasure I was giving him, and the talents as an experienced cocksucker. 

"May the saints be praised?  Me lad is a `fluff boy'.  How lucky can I be?  Oh, my sweet lad, do what ye do best.  Suck it and make love to me sperm maker.  Oh yes!  Oh yes indeed!  That's it, me lad.  Love that cock to me delight, and drain ye the nectar of the gods.  Awwww Yes, me boy."  Shaw spewed out his love calls to me as I sucked his beautiful cock.

  His cock was firm and muscular just like his well-developed body.  The hair around his pubic area was dark and curly matching the hair on his stomach and chest.  I rubbed my hand up his firm rippled stomach, through his hairy mass and to his round pecs to caress his hardening nipples.  His body muscles taunted as he started to shoot gobs of nectar from his hard thick cock.  Gushers of sperm squirted into my welcome eager mouth as I swallowed his manhood.  He held my head as he guided his cock into my mouth making sure I didn't pull away.  I eagerly continued to drain his cock slurping down each and every drop of my man's cum.  It was astounding and exciting.  I joined him as I too released another load of my boy juices on the floor of the shower area.

The water continued to splash over our naked bodies as we remained in the shower.  Shawn shook with one more last release of pleasure from his exciting orgasm.  Then he pulled me up from my kneeling position, and pulled me tightly to his naked hairy body and planted a loving warm kiss directly on my lips.  The roughness of his beard pushed against my face like sandpaper, but I responded with a loving lingering kiss until we both became more aware of our boy-man contact.  Shawn released me and looked into my eyes for some sort of response from me.

"May the saints be praised"?  He responded once again.  "Me lad, Clint, is truly a gifted one.  Never have I had such a satisfying release."  Then once again Shawn kissed my forehead and turned off the shower.  We rubbed the remaining water from our bodies.  Shawn pulled a towel from the wall rack and tossed it to me, and continued to dry himself with another towel.  There was a noticeable silence from us as we pondered our recent lovemaking in the shower until Shawn started singing one of his native songs to me.  I laughed with ease and a relief and started to put back on my damp clothes to finish my morning chores.

Visit to the Dairy Farm

I continued my daily required chores but continued to see Shawn either early in the morning during his shower or later on when I got home from school.  It was a good time for the both of us, because we were alone.  My father kept his other job and would be gone.  My mother rarely came down to the barns at the lower level.  It was an exhausting jaunt up the hill and the stairs back to the house.  She kept busy doing things around the house anyway.  If she needed me, she would ring the yard bell for attention.  The only time we were not alone was either on my father's day off or a visit from the neighbor men.

One day when I was on summer vacation from school, Shawn said we were invited over to the Bross Brothers Dairy to see the new automatic milking machines they were going to try out.  The Bross' had a large dairy farm next to our farm and were milking about 50 milking cows 2 times a day.  They had all the latest and up-to-date equipment to help in their duties.

The Bross Dairy Farm employed several men, but the Grandfather, or Bo, as we all called him, his oldest son, Levi, and his grandson, Victor ran the Dairy Barn and the milk business, while the other hired hands ran other parts of the farm.

 When you are a teenager, everyone over 30 seems old, but grandpa Bross, Bo, was probably in his 60s, Levi, his son was about 40, and Victor was 20.  Levi had another son a bit older than I, Aaron.  Aaron went to the Catholic High school so we were not that well acquainted.  He did know my friends, John and David Ricki, Josh Smith and Abe Anderson because they were also in his high school.  I didn't know if they had mentioned knowing me to Aaron, but nothing had been said at least yet.  Aaron and I were to become close friends later that year, but at the present time, we were still new acquaintances. 

Shawn and I walked thru the fields from our place to the gravel road leading down the hill to their house, and then on to the dairy barn, where we were to find Levi and Victor Bross.

 Inside we were amazed to see the cleanliness of a large milking barn.  At the main entrance of the barn was an enclosed glass room where a large steel kettle was receiving milk thru long hoses leading from the main dairy barn. This was where the milk was pasteurized before being sent into to another room.  In this other room, the pasteurized milk was poured into glass bottles, capped and a conveyer belt sent the bottles into another room where several people would place the bottles into other milk boxes ready for shipping to various stores.

  Inside was the enclosed large dairy barn with dozens of milking cows eating while automatic milking machines were pumping milk from the cow's udders, into the hoses and into the steel kettle. It was quite a sight for my young eyes.  I was fascinated by the procedure.

Levi Bross came over to the glassed in area where we stood watching all the workings.  They had completed the last milking for the evening and were already hosing and cleaning the floors and feed troughs getting it ready for the next morning, where they would start the proceedings all over again.  They seemed to have it down to a fine science. 

Levi Bross introduced himself and motioned for his sons, Victor and Aaron to join us.  Levi was a handsome man with a hint of gray hair along his temples.  Victor was a clean cut 20 year old with a great farmer muscular body.  He was wearing a pair of overalls over his shirtless body.  I notice one side of his overalls were unbuttoned and when he leaned over the bare parts of his hip was exposed.  This made me realize he was naked under the overalls.  My hormones stirred as I eyed his strong young body.  He worked like a man who was secure and yet knew he was sexy.  His sparkling white teeth were proof of a healthy farm life with plenty of milk.  Aaron, the youngest son was a good-looking boy too.  He was shy and a bit bashful.  His straight sun streaked hair hung over one eye and his eyelashes were as long or longer than most women.  He had a plain flawless complexion and a firm trim body.  I liked both the men and Aaron right away. 

As soon as all of the clean up was completed, we were shown a new milking machine that might be replacing some of their older machines.  It was not a machine but metal round tubes connected to the hoses that led to the steel kettle inside the other part of the building.  The actual motor was in a small shed at the end of each milking aisle.  All it did was pump, squeeze, suck and release, and then repeat itself over and over actually causing a squeeze, pump and sucking motion to milk the cows udders.  We were informed of its performance but the new tubes were lined with a different softer liner that would be more comfortable to the udders.

As we were absorbed in the explanations of it functions, Levi placed his thumb into the tube to show how it worked, and then he smiled.

  " I don't think my thumb is as large as a cows tit but it gives you the idea."  He directed it to me and told me to put my finger inside to feel the action.

As I placed my finger inside I could feel the pump, squeeze, sucking action.  It was soft and nice to the touch.

 "Why don't we all try it to see exactly how the action feels?  If it feels alright to us, then you know the cows will like it too." Levi said. 

"I thought you'd never ask."  Victor said.  "But we only have 4 tubes and there are 5 of us.  Dad, why don't you start and we can all join in.  You know how shy Aaron is anyway.  He probably won't do it.  He is chicken."

"I will too.  I did it before; when you and the other farm hand were doing it last week, remember?  I liked it too.  Can I join you dad, to show Victor I am not chicken?"

"Sure son, but I think I have a better idea.  I have another hose connection near by.  I can stick another tube on this one and all five of us can try it out at the same time."  Levi said. 

I was still wondering what they were talking about.  How could sticking your finger into the tube be any fun?  Then I looked at Shawn and he smiled at me and said.  `It's not your finger that goes in there, me lad, its your penis."

Then I thought how naive can I be, but are all these hot men going to stick their dicks into the tubes to get the sucking feeling of the milking tubes?  I still thought they were just kidding me, until Levi dropped the shoulder straps off his overalls and let them drop to the floor.  My eyes stared as he stood naked before us and put some Vaseline on his soft cock.  His other sons Victor and Aaron started to undress.  After Levi put some Vaseline on his cock, he handed the jar to Shawn.

The tubes were very close together, so we all had to face each other in a circle with our hips touching.  It reminded me of the `circle jerks' I did a few times with John, David, Abe, and Josh.  Only I was the receiver and laid on the ground or floor to receive their loads on my face, mouth, and body. 

 "You might as well join us.  It is almost as good as having a cocksucker sucking you off, and this one never gets tired."

Shawn started to unbutton his jeans and looked at me and said for everyone to hear.  "I doubt if it is as good as me cocksucker Clint, but I am willing to give it a try.  Here Clint, Hold this and ye get the one next to me in case ye pass out."  Then everyone laughed as I held the jar.  Shawn took down his pants and looked at me and said once again.  "Well, lad, don't just stand there, put some lube on me cock, but don't pump it too much or I will come again for ye.  I will save a few loads for my lad."  He continued.

I was surprised at Shawn letting out our entire intimate secrets of our male encounters.  I must have turned a deep shade of red and lowered my head.  Then Levi and Victor laughed and Levi said. 

"Don't be embarrassed.  It is nice to have such a good male friend that you can enjoy sex with.  I do it all the time with my boys and even my pop.  It is one of those things that bring the family closer together.  Shawn and I already talked about this last week.  I hope we can become more intimate too.  I love a good blowjob but I must say, my boys do their dad well.  Perhaps we will share our fun with you and Shawn sometime, but right now, Clint, drop your pants and stick that cock into the soft lining of the hole.  You might be surprised how good it feels.

I thought, `what the heck?'  I might as well enjoy this too.  I took some lube from the jar and rubbed it on Shawn's semi-hard cock.  While I was lubing Shawn, I glanced over at Levi to see his nicely shaped hard cock, waiting for the rest of us to get ready for the ultimate suck from the milk tubes.  I was hard yet my pants were still on.  Victor, who was standing next to me, started unbuttoning my jeans until I finished lubing Shawn's cock.  I pulled them down and started to put some lube on myself when Victor took the jar away from me, scooped out a small gob of the stuff, and started to lube my cock.

 Just the feel of a stranger playing with my cock was exciting enough.  Shawn warned Victor not to play with me too long, because I was a hot pistol and I might go off quickly.  Then he put lube on himself and his younger brother Aaron.  I was surprised at the relaxed atmosphere amongst the men in this family.  Evidently this was not the first time they had done this sort of thing together.  I felt honored they had asked us to join in this adventure.

"Alright men.  I will start it slowly while you all place your dicks into the tubes.  Then I will increase the milking action as we go.  We must fill all the tubes otherwise it will not work correctly and it will lose suction.  These clear hoses connect to the tubes, so we can watch the milk being sucked from the cow's tits.  Each time one of you cum in the tube, we can see it go thru this hose and empty into the steel drum in the other room."  Levi said as he maneuvered his large cock into the hole.

 He was pretty well built and was probably the largest here.  I noticed he had a nice set of balls on him too that hung down a few inches.  I was always partial to men with big low hanging balls.  They seemed to produce more cum for me to swallow. 

The next one to put his cock into the hole was Shawn.  His cock was sucked right into the tube causing him to twinge from the sudden vacuum action.  I was guiding my smaller dick into the hole but was watching Victor with interest.  He had a beautiful long cock, not as thick as his dad or Shawn, but had lots of foreskin, which made it look even longer.  Then the shy and cute Aaron carefully put his cock into the tube.  His cock was about the same size as mine but with more foreskin.  He was a 'hottie' and I looked forward to getting him alone to make passionate love to his body, cock, and sexy thick lips.  His ass was very inviting too and I had hopes for a good penetration of his tight young asshole someday soon.  The thought of fucking him, made my cock throb as I put it into the tube.  In I went and it felt awesome.  I just hoped I didn't cum too quickly.

Levi looked at all of us and made sure we were all securely into the tubes.  Then he nodded at everyone and he started to increase the action.  The tube first would squeeze slowly then release and you could feel a slight suction action, then it would squeeze and suck, squeeze and suck.  It was awesome.  Shawn nervously laughed and sighed out in pleasure.

I finally had the nerve to look up into the other guy's faces as they began enjoying the mechanical sucking of their cocks in the milk machine.  Everyone was experiencing a fantastic sensation of the continuing squeezing and sucking, over and over.  I could tell I was not going to last very long but didn't want it to stop.  I started breathing heavy and as I looked at Aaron, I sensed he was going to cum too.  That turned me on and I gasped as Shawn squeezed my arm knowing I was about to shoot my first load. 

"Give em ye milk, my lad.  Shoot off your boy sperm into that suck hole."  He said to me as I let out a deep gasp and I started to cum.

 Aaron let out a sigh at the same time and suddenly leaned over the tubes and kissed me directly on the mouth.  The cumming sensation was exciting enough but when he kissed me, I was surprised but in sexual heaven.  Then Levi started to breathe heavy and starting talking and giving out verbal grunts.

"Oh yeah.  My boys are enjoying the ecstasy of sex.  What a feeling.  I'm gonna cum too.  Oh yes.  Awwww shit. What a suck machine! " I pulled away from Aaron's sensuous lips to watch his father, Levi's face as he came.

 I could not pull my cock out of the machine and it kept squeezing and pumping.  I loved the feel of this new sensation, but was enjoying watching these 4 men getting their rocks off.  Just as Levi started to cum, he leaned to Victor and started kissing his son with wild deep passionate kisses as he shook and shot his load.  This set off Victor and Shawn and they started to moan as they started their orgasms at the same time.  I got so excited watching and holding Shawn that I could feel another orgasm was about to happen with me. 

Shawn and I hadn't kiss before but the excitement and the feeling of cumming caught him off guard and he started kissing me.  I loved his kisses and then I started to cum again.  Aaron was building up to another orgasm and it wasn't long before he gave the tubes another teenage load.  Levi kept his cock in the tube letting it continue sucking on his cock until he was going to shoot off his second load. 

This continued until all of us had cum several times into the tubes.  Finally, Victor told his dad he couldn't take it any more and was getting weak.  His dad said for us to cum one more time, and then he would turn off the machine.  Instead of stopping, he turned the sucking up until we all shot another load into the tubes.  I think I had cum 4 times as well as the other guys.  That made it about 20 loads of cum that had been emptied into the machine, maybe more. 

The sucking finally slowed down, and one by one, we released our cocks out of the tubes.  Exhausted, we all collapsed on the concrete floor, most of us butt naked.  A sigh of relief and pure pleasure had overcome us.  Gradually one at a time we stood back up and replaced our garments.  Before I got my pants up, Levi slapped me on my bare butt and rubbed his finger up my ass crack and touched my asshole.  It was so quick and sudden that I had no time to respond except look around at him.  He winked and gave me the thumbs up in approval.  I was flattered that he gave me this special attention, after all he had 2 very hot and sexy sons, and yet he wanted my ass.  I knew I wanted him the first time I saw him, so it would be a mutual fuck whenever we could get together. 

Before we left our new friends I had to ask Levi what happened to all of sperm that we all unloaded into the milking machine. He smiled sheepishly at me and pointed into the other room at the steel container.

"Why do you think we have a high grade of protein, and the best creamy milk in the county?"

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