Story by Richard Barber
This story is about man-to-man sexual contact.  If this type of story offends you, or you are under legal age in your state or country, then stop now.
Part 08 My Two Lovers 


The week went by smoothly and my school break was about over. I would be returning to the routine of school as well as helping do the chores and work around the farm. Thank the wise choice of my father for choosing Shawn as our farm hand and helper. There was no question that we had become very close and had an exciting sexual contact each day.  

My father was amazed that I was so willing to help Shawn when he had to go to the back field to repair a fence, or pull an old rooted tree from the ground to make way for more farming land. It was an excuse for Shawn and me to be alone. We would always find some clump of bushes, a private gulley out of sight of anyone, a small-unobstructed cave near a cliff to make love and have sex. It seemed like the two of us were at it all the time. He could cum many times and was just as horny as I was in my present teenage youth. I think he was making up for lost time since he left Dublin Ireland. He told me he and his older brother played around a wee bit when they were lads, but it wasn't anything like the two of us. I felt a very strong feeling for this man and hoped he felt the same for me.  

Our special place was at a fresh watering hole down by the creek that ran thru our back acreage. We would always swim naked and ended up on the bank having sex. I finally got him to fuck me. That was a day we both would not forget. We had had a hard day and when we finally finished fixing some fence and posting some `No Hunting' signs on the property line, we went for our normal swim. Only this day would be different in more ways than one.  

Shawn and I had played around in the water for a short time and then lay upon the bank of the creek on our favorite grassy knoll. I had brought some oil with me this time to massage his sore muscles with the idea of getting him aroused enough to fuck me. We had never attempted anything like this before and for some reason it had never even come up. I started to rub his body and as he turned over, I oiled down his dick as well. He thought I was just going to give him a hand job like I had done a few times before, but while he had his eyes closed, I had lubricated my asshole real well and I was going to straddle his body and sit on his hard cock.

Shawn's cock was a good fuckable size for my ass. He was uncircumcised like most European men, with a nice bulb shaped cockhead and a very thick shaft. I loved the way the hair formed around his pubic area and covered his big low hanging balls. He was hairier than most of the boys/men I had messed around with. I guess that was the part I liked best. His body hair was mainly on his chest and down to his cock, but the formation and length on him was so perfect. I would sometimes brush it with my hands or the small soft bristle brush he kept in his drawer.

I looked up into his face as he rested still anticipating to be jacked off. I made my first move, straddled his body, and directed his cock head into my well-lubricated ass hole. The minute his cockhead touched the warm pink sphincter of my asshole, he realized what I was doing. He opened his eyes and gave me a startled look. 

"Me lad? What are ye doing? Ya gonna try to engulf me manhood into ye precious rose bud?" he said in his Irish brogue. 

"Have ye thought of the consequences ye are about to partake? Once I get me shaft in ye tight rose bud, I could just turn into a wild man. I may just abuse ye rose petals. I have never plugged the rose bud of a lad before, yet the desire had crossed me mind. Have ye been de-flowered before, me lad?" Shawn asked.

"I am wanting to take your manhood into my love garden but I must tell you, it has been visited before. I have been de-flowered." I said with a smile on my face.  

There was a short lull of silence, and then Shawn quickly followed with. 

"Good. I like my flowers to be seasoned before I plant my seeds into ye garden. Now let me sit back while ye once again surprise me with your hidden talents. It is yours to plant in ye garden."  

I laughed inside by the way Shawn phrased our next step of lovemaking. Why didn't he just say, " Oh yeah, baby. Take that cock up ye ass and let me breed ye." But I realized that was just the way he talked. He was a romantic, even as we sucked in every place, and in every position we could think of. Now we were going to fuck, and he still made it sound romantic. He was such a character. Couldn't help but love the guy.  

Now we got serious as he put his hands behind his head and looked into my eyes as I directed my cock slowly into the depths of my rectum. I hadn't been fucked for several weeks now. Not since the last time we took our truck into the garage to be fixed. I was lucky to have some time away from dad. George, the garage mechanic, motioned me to follow him to the back storage room of the garage; he locked the doors, quickly bent me over the 50-gallon oilcan and fucked the hell out of me. He was so passionate and rough that day, that I knew he hadn't had a piece of ass for some time. But I remembered from other sessions that he was always rough with me, but I liked it that way with him. 

He was such a hot dude. Most of the women in town were panting over his hot body. I think it was that sexy shaved baldhead, and that big bulge he projected, even in his tight coveralls that got them horny for him. I knew most of them would be so envious of me, if they knew I was getting this straight stud's dick up my boy pussy.  

He hardly gave me a chance to pull down my jeans, when he was spitting on his cock and was quickly shoving it in my asshole. Boy, did I feel him that day. I even gave out a whimper when he entered me so roughly. After I got used to his large cock in me, I always enjoyed it. When he came in my ass, he hit my prostate and I shot all over the oil can. My sperm shot out of my dick, ran down the side and onto the floor. I often wondered if anyone ever noticed the cum stains on the oilcan and on the floor. He never said anything to me before the fuck, but afterwards, he leaned over to kiss the back of my neck and said. 

"Hi Clint. I sure needed that. Your dad's truck is probably fixed by now, but I told his mechanic to tell him he should bring it back in again next week for an oil change. I want you to come without him if you can arrange it and we can go next door to the motel for a good fuck. Okay? Now get your sweet ass out of here before your dad wonders where you are." He said as he slipped twenty dollars into my pocket and patted my ass as I left the storage room. 

Now I was ready to take my man Shawn, and I think we were both in for a treat. His large cock took a bit to open me up, but once it popped into my opening, I engulfed the whole eight inches, right down to his balls. He gave out a gasp as he lay on his back, and I slowly moved up and down on his cock.  

Oh, man. It felt so good. I was so glad he wasn't upset about me getting fucked by other dudes. Perhaps he was glad I wasn't cherry. I know most men would rather have a woman that was not a virgin, even though they don't always admit it. Yet they always want the woman they are about to marry, to be a virgin. Go figure. I think it is because they want to break them in to think they are the best fucker in the world. How else would they know, if they were still virgin?  

Shawn was expressing his delightful fuck with a moan and a groan. He placed his hands on Clint's hips and lifted him up and down on his hard shaft. He was in ecstasy and knew he would cum with a few more entries, but he decided he wanted more control over his movements. He told Clint to turn over slowly and get on his back. Soon they had switched positions and now this hunk had his sweet young boy in a position where he could look into his face as he made love to him and planted his seed deep into Clint's sweet ass.

Shawn had never fucked a lad's ass, or anyone else's ass, not even the women he had fucked. This was more exciting and tighter than any cunt he had ever experienced. Clint's ass seemed to have muscle control and would squeeze Shawn's cock as he moved in and out. It felt so great that he wanted it to last forever, but that was not going to happen. Shawn could not hold back his orgasm any longer and looking down into Clint's loving face, sent him over the edge.  

He pumped harder and harder with every thrust. He first feared he would harm Clint, but the rougher he got with Clint, the more he seemed to moan out and say how much he wanted Shawn to fuck him. And fuck him he did. He held Clint's legs up into the air like a wishbone while he used Clint. He was about to release his hot Irish cum deep into Clint's ass. 

"Ohhh, my wild Irish rose. You are the best. I didn't realize sex could be so fantastic. Lad, I am about to cum. Oh yeah. I am planting my seed in your garden and it is great…Oh fuck. I'm cumming." Shawn let out a sigh of pleasure as he deposited his load deep into Clint's warm ass.  

Suddenly Shawn was aware of the sweet juices of Clint's cock shooting into the air and landing on Clint's chest and face. It was as if Shawn's cum had gone into Clint's ass, and out the other side. Clint and Shawn were climaxing at the same time. The timing was perfect.  

Shawn moaned out at the new pleasure he had experienced with his farm boy lover. His body twitched uncontrollably several times more as the sensitivity of his cockhead was engulfed by the tightness of Clint's asshole. Shawn gasped one more time, and then fell forward, and lay over Clint's moist body, now covered with body sweat and love deposit of boy ejaculation. It was good sex and now they had to compose themselves from their passionate lovemaking.

Shawn was first to slowly withdraw his semi-soft cock from Clint's moist cum filled love canal. Then as Shawn stood he offered his hand to Clint, and pulled him to a standing position. Their eyes met and a kiss was returned. Clint slowly kissed Shawn's strong thick neck and continued down his pecs, to his nipples, down his abs and to the sensitive cockhead of his man. He slowly dropped to his knees in the dirt, and sucked in the soft cock, taking it all the way down his throat. Shawn was taken in by the sudden love making of his boy. Shawn could not resist the expert cocksucking of Clint and soon he was hard and ready to shoot another load of cum into Clint's mouth and down his gullet. There was no question in Shawn's mind that this boy was already an expert in lovemaking and sex. He thought to himself how lucky he was and was realizing he was falling in love with the boy.

Both Clint and Shawn jumped back into the cool stream to wash off once more before returning to the farmhouse and barn. It had been a productive day and a good day of sex. What a way to spend one's workday and both hoped it would never come to an end. 


The next day the teenage neighbor boy, Aaron, came over to ask Clint if he would like to take a camping trip with him while he did some fence inspecting along their back acreage. They would start out early in the morning and walk completely around the full acreage of the farm. They would be expected to fix any area of the fence that needed minor repair, and mark any area for the other men to fix later. It would give Aaron and Clint a chance to spend some time alone together. They would take some tools, camping gear and a small amount of food and water.  

If they planned it right, they would spend the night in the small cabin built by Aaron's grandfather years ago. Aaron's grandfather and dad would spend some time there hunting. He found out later that they got away to spend some leisure time making love and having sex. Aaron had never stayed there overnight but even as rustic as it might seem, it had an artesian spring well and a small fireplace that was always stocked with firewood.  

Clint readily agreed and after getting permission from his dad, they would start out the next morning early. He packed his backpack and left the house early the next morning. Shawn told Clint he would take care of all his chores until he got back, but he would owe him, big. Then Shawn smiled. Clint knew what that meant and he would be looking forward to `paying him back'.  

When Clint arrived at the Bross Brothers' Dairy Farm the next morning, Aaron was waiting on the steps of the work shed where they were to meet. Off they went on a work adventure and a stay at the cabin where they were to be alone for the first time. Aaron's father, Levi, gave the boys instructions and a walkie-talkie to take along incase of any problems and a few `NO HUNTING' paper signs to post along the property line. They had been told some of the city folk hunters were seen on some of the back roads. His dad said they would shoot anything that moved and he didn't want to lose any livestock because of some careless hunters.

The older boy, Victor, Aaron's 20 year old brother had saddled up a couple of their young colts that we were going to ride as we checked the fences. Over the years of fence checking, a small path and a clearing had developed next to the fence, making it easier for viewing as they rode the horses. Aaron took his horse and Clint was to ride one of the other ones. Soon the boys were on their way. 

We rode slowly most of the morning along the fence side paths, and only stopped to take a morning piss and grab a swig of water. We were anxious to get to the cabin before nightfall. Most of the fence was still in good repair so as soon as we entered the more wooded area, we would stop only briefly to post "NO HUNTING" sign on one of the trees facing the fence.  

We talked as we rode. It gave me a chance to observe Aaron's nice young body as he nestled on his horse. Aaron was the same age and grade in high school as I, but he went to the private Catholic High and I went to the county 4-year parochial school in our district. We never saw much of each other except for this past year. I met the whole family during the milking machine experiment early this summer. (See prior chapter, `The New Farm Hand.) On occasion I would go with his family to their church bazaars or local ball games but this was our first chance to be alone.  

We finally arrived at a small clearing and followed the path to the log cabin where we were to spend the night. There was a small lean-to next to the cabin where we tied, unsaddled and fed our horses. Once they were secure, we went inside to find a 2 room furnished cabin and a small fireplace where we quickly started a small fire to take off the evening chill. I got the fire going while Aaron found us a few cans of baked beans, some canned spam meat and made some fresh coffee. I was surprised that it was well equipped with metal plates, cups and flatware. A small well pump was soon in working condition after a few primes of water. We were all ready to settle in for the evening. Aaron found a 'popcorn-making screen' that was used by holding over the fire to pop corn, and then we found some ears of popcorn and shelled off a few grains to pop.  

It was an interesting day and pleasant evening but now we were tired and ready to get some sleep before we finished up the fence check tomorrow.


The cabin had 2 rooms. One was the kitchen and living area and the other was a small bedroom off the kitchen. The room had one window in the center of the back wall over the bed, looking out to the nearby wooded area, Another door led off the room to the outside to a small porch connected to a covered walkway to a wooden outhouse toilet. I always hated the idea of using them but it was a necessary evil. I was thankful as a male, I could always find a secluded place to take a piss while standing up.  

We found some clean blankets in a nearby cabinet to put on the bed, even though they still smelled like mothballs, they were a welcome sight. We lit a bedside lantern and stripped off our clothes and crawled under the thick comforters. I think I knew how people felt on their first night of their honeymoon. I don't know why we were shy around each other. We had taken part in that milking machine orgy and had experienced several orgasms during that session, yet we had not actually felt our bodies this close together.  

I had to make the first move. We left the light dimly lit, yet enough to see the room in a golden glow. I turned towards Aaron in the bed. He seemed more nervous than I. His breathing was heavy but soon subsided as I placed my hand on his taut firm stomach. I gently massaged his abs and directed my hand to his small penetrating nipple, then up to his neck and face. He turned towards me and our lips gently touched. His eyes closed then he put his hand to my face. His face was smooth as though it had never been shaven. We continued to kiss with more passion. He seemed to crave the loving I was now giving him and soon he was returning mine with deep warm kisses. Occasionally his tongue would dart out between his teeth to explore my lips or the inter-depths of my mouth.  

I placed my right leg over his body as my right hand moved down his torso to touch his hard-uncut 7-inch cock. I felt him tremble, and then his kisses became even more passionate as I continued to explore his firm body. I explored his warm smooth testicles and became aware of his almost hairless body. It was a far cry from the hairy body of Shawn, but I liked it. My hand continued under his balls and to the warm moistness of his ass. He spread his legs apart as my finger explored that place of sensuous desire. I moved on top of his body in a slow but deliberate move. Our hard cocks touched. I could feel the pre-cum oozing between our bodies from the excitement of our physical sexual contact. I kissed his neck, over to the tender spot under his armpit. I took a few short whiffs of his boyish body scents, a few licks of his underarm, and back to his smooth hairless torso. My mouth explored his tender small nipple on his chest. He sighed out quietly. I don't think anyone had ever explored his body or made love to him as I was doing. He breathed heavier as I continued down his stomach. I kissed around his groin and pubes, then my tongue licked up his hard shaft until I found the opening of his cock. I continued searching the cockhead until my mouth could taste his sweet wet pre-cum juices, and then I encircled his cock with my warm mouth and went down on him in one slow movement.  

I thought Aaron was going to cum on my first downward movement so I went all the way down on his thick cock and held him deep in my throat. He gasped out once again and placed his hands to the back of my head holding me while he enjoyed the warmth of my mouth. I pulled up to catch a short breath, and then I went to work on his cock to give him full pleasure of my expert cocksucking. I had maneuvered my way between his legs; with one hand firmly caressing his hairless balls, and a finger explored the depths of his ass crack and the moisture of his asshole. 

I began to taste the sweet oozing of his cock and knew he was going to give me his wonderful boyish sperm. He began to move his hips up to meet my movements, his hands rubbed my head, and he arched his body upward as I slid my knees under his firm buttocks. He moaned out in animalistic pleasure and a gush of his cum was squirting into my mouth and down my throat.  

I paused to let him enjoy the release, as I quickly swallowed and took another deep breath, while I continued to drink down squirt after squirt of his love juices. He was cumming so much and so quickly that I wasn't sure I could drink it down fast enough. He arched his body once again, and then shook with smaller and smaller spasms of delight. He relaxed and closed his eyes while I milked down every delightful drop of his boyish cum.  

My cock touched the tenderness of his warm ass crack. I was anxious to lift his legs, put my dick deep in his love canal and fuck the hell out of this sweet young man, but I held my lustful desires for a better time. I didn't want to push myself on him, or fuck his virgin ass until he was ready. I assumed he was still virgin, but as open and sexy as the male members of his family were, I wasn't sure that he was still virgin. 

I gradually moved my legs from beneath his body and rested my head on his stomach. My tongue would tease his balls and lick off the remaining cum that had escaped my mouth during the wild orgasm. We both lay still for a few moments reminiscing on the pleasure of the orgasm until he moved, and looking down at me he spoke. 

"Clint. That was the first time I ever had someone give me a full suck job. My dad and brothers have jacked me off before, but no one ever attempted to suck me off like that before. Wow. What a sensation. I loved that, and hope we can do it more and more. Wow. Dude, that was fantastic. I think dad sucks Victor off all the time but I guess he thought I was too young for him to mess around with.  

Is that what you and Shawn do all the time? I think you are lucky to have Shawn around. He is so hot. But I think he is lucky to have you around too. He sure has a big dick. Can you take that beauty in your mouth like you did to me just now? Oh, I am sorry, listen to me asking all these personal questions. Its just that this is all kind of new to me and I am at that age where I am horny all the time. I must beat my meat 4 or 5 times a day. Damn. There I go again. I'm sorry." Aaron apologized for talking too much. 

I laughed and sat up in the bed to look directly at Aaron. I looked upon his most perfect body, beautiful dick and handsome face. The golden glow of the lantern light gave him a certain glow. He was a real hunk. I felt proud to be the first one to pleasure his body with a lovemaking oral sex. I wanted more of this boy, and tonight I would explore more ways to make him enjoy the full experience of male-to-male lovemaking.  

He looked up into my face and must have felt the connection of our souls and desires. He took my hand and pulled me up next to his body. I rested my head on his chest as he kissed the top of my head. We rested peacefully and fell asleep. 

Later on that morning I felt him stir and slowly ease himself out of my arms. He sat up on the edge of the bed, looked around at me and winked. He headed towards the side door towards the porch. I watched his firm buttocks as he walked across the floor. His body moved like a stalking leopard. Each of his firm buttocks emphasized the deep dimples on each of his cheeks. Man, he had an awesome tight looking butt. I am going to work that one over before we leave this cabin today.  

I quickly got out of bed to join him in an early morning piss ritual. He was standing on the side of the wooden porch waiting for his piss to be released. His cock was hanging a semi-hard-on and it was so sexy looking. I waited until he started to piss, then I too began to release my urine. Our streams met forming a large puddle on the ground. He put his arms around my hips, pulled me closer to him and kissed me as we pissed in the dirt. After we had drained our bladders, we gave our cocks one more shake, then headed back into the cabin.

Story by Richard Barber at 3/4/2004

Edited by Ernie