Story by Richard Barber
This story is about man-to-man sexual contact.  If this type of story offends you, or if you are under legal age in your state or country, then stop now. 
Part 09 Surveying The Situation

Aaron and Clint walked back into the cabin after their early morning piss rituals and relief.  Instead of replacing their clothes, the boys remained naked and went into the living area to make coffee and throw some wood onto the fire.  They sat quietly on the thick Navajo Indian rug in front of the fireplace while drinking their coffee.  Clint snuggled next to Aaron and shortly the two young men were kissing and becoming sexually aroused again.  Soon Clint had Aaron on his backside and began to explore his body, as he had done the night before, but this time, Clint planned to bury his hard throbbing cock into Aaron's virgin asshole.

Down Aaron's taut stomach muscles, Clint kissed, and licked his newly discovered lover.  After their session of kissing, his next tongue action was all over each of Aaron's stiff nipples, then down his abs to nestle his nose into his soft nest of pubic hair, then up his hard boy shaft to the cockhead, savoring the taste of Aaron's clear oozing pre-cum. 

Clint engulfed the firm cock until the flexible shaft arrived at the back of his throat. Then Clint moved gently back to the oozing cockhead again.  He continued to pleasure his love, kissing his ball sac and inhaling the musky scent under the scrotum and to his perineum, that tender loving area between his balls and his anus. Clint's sensuous exploration has definitely aroused Aaron once again. His body is ready for anything Clint may induce on his senses.  He is preoccupied with pleasure. 

Clint is in control.  He gently lifts Aaron's legs and places them over his shoulders but continues his lovemaking, under the balls, past that tender perineum spot again, until his warm wet tongue enters Aaron's tight anus.  A sudden gasp of delight is heard from Aaron.  A new sensation has penetrated his tender berth, and he submits to the pleasure.  Aaron's feelings are hard to define, but he desires to experience anything that Clint has in store for him. 

Clint rimmed Aaron's ass for a few minutes until his partner was into a hypnotic ecstasy of pleasure.  Never had he felt anything like this before, His whole body tingled.  His cock was throbbing and oozing pearly drops of clear pre-cum. His hand grasped his cock to begin masturbation, and the desire to release the load of hot cum stored within his scrotum. Clint removed Aaron's hand from his cock, fearing he would ejaculate too quickly. He forced both arms to the floor taking control of the struggle for a quick sexual release. 

He ceased the tongue fucking of Aaron's tasty hole, and moved his body upward to rest his cock against Aaron's moist asshole.  He guided his cockhead to the entry of the anus, moving slowly but deliberately into the opening of his lover's moist asshole.  

It was a lovesome tender berth, but Aaron was willing to pleasure his partner of love. He believed he would experience tenuous pain during Clint's entry, but he was willing to try anything at this phase of lovemaking.  

Suddenly Clint's large cock entered the warm anus canal causing Aaron to flinch and tense his body. When the cock first entered Aaron, it stung as it stretched the anus, but it continued to slide and eased in deeper and deeper until it was completely buried within his body.   

Aaron gasped, as did Clint, as the pleasure overcame the two boys as they embraced.  Then suddenly the erotic sensation of a physical object impaling Aaron's body and the massaging of his prostate gland, caused loads of cum to shoot out of his cock, onto his stomach, face and lips.  The sudden burst and the thrill of ejaculating without even touching his own cock surprised him. His body was electrified with pleasure. 

Aaron gazed into his partner's face to see a proud and gratified smile on Clint's face. The idea of making your partner ejaculate during the entry, was an experience Clint had perceived many times, and he understood the surprise, and thrill of an orgasmic experience caused by someone's placing his dick into the depths of your ass.  It was an indescribable experience.  Aaron drew Clint's face to his own to share an affectionate kiss and the stream of sperm that continued to trickle down his cheek and lips.  They both laughed softly and held each other closely. Clint's cock still remained rigid and throbbing, preparing to fuck his lover, but he would allow him a moment to control his spasms and joyous sensation of the remaining orgasam. 

"Oh yeah! That was something else."  Aaron said excitedly.  "Let's do that again!" 

Clint kissed Aaron again on the lips and began to slowly fuck his newfound virgin ass.  Aaron caressed Clint's firm buttocks, pulling him closer to silently impart his readiness to satisfy his partner.  The feeling of Clint's cock did not anguish anymore, instead it caused him to shutter with the thrill and the knowing of more pleasure to come. 

Clint felt Aaron's ass muscles tighten around his cock as if testing his control.  The first time he squeezed his ass canal, Clint responded with the utterance of a sigh.  He knew he had created, and unfolded an `asshole' that would desire to be used more each time he got fucked.  Clint was mindful of that feeling, because he too would feel that `inner itch', He discovered the only way to satisfy that feeling was to get fucked rough and hard by several cocks during one continuous session.  Aaron was going to be a `damn good' fuck. Aaron's brothers and dad should be pleased that Clint had saddled the young colt and broke him in.  Now they would be able to fuck him without hesitation and complete satisfying enjoyment. 

Aaron was now being fucked, and he loved it. He was addicted to this new experience of man-to-man sex.  He willingly lifted his long firm legs, wrapped them around Clint and locked them.  He began drawing his partner into him, matching each thrust of Clint's body movements.  Aaron experienced the thrill of being used and manifesting pleasure as well.  Clint's ball sac hit against his buttock causing him to utter a soft muffled sound. Aaron could feel the cock impaling him, began to expand and swell.  His partner began rhythmically pounding roughly against his body. His breathing became heavier; his lips pressed hard against his partner's, their tongues searched for more tongue and then the soft whimpering began, then deeper grunting noises as though he was in pain.   His partner started gripping and pawing at his body as if he was trying to get inside of him.  His partner began to reach his orgasam, sounding out like a howling coyote, calling to his mate.  He gasped and cried out once again, only softer, this time. He had come! He collapsed onto Aaron, gasping and still enjoying the last few moments of his orgasam. 

Once again as Aaron experienced Clint's cock massaging his prostate during the wild and sensational fuck, his cock released his love juices between their hot and sweaty bodies. Their bodies embraced as softer, but passionate kissing continued.  It was wild and awesome coming together like that in your lover's arms. 

The boys rested for a few minutes after their sexual encounter.  Aaron got up from the rug and went to the bedroom to find their boots and hats.  It was time they checked on the horses.  Aaron and Clint proceeded to the small stable near the cabin to water and feed the horses.  They looked so sexy naked, and wearing only their boots and cowboy hats as they were doing their chores.  Soon they were sitting on the bales of hay in the open shed.  Clint had positioned himself on one of the bales as Aaron stood between his legs.  They kissed again and soon Aaron was down between Clint's legs, caressing his balls and sucking on his cock.  Aaron was still new at cocksucking, but for an inexperienced young teenager, he did pretty well.  Aaron departed from the cocksucking and stood again to kiss Clint.  He looked at him and said to him. 

"Clint.  You made me feel so good these last few hours by sucking my cock. I don't need to tell you how much I loved the ass fucking, so now I want to make you feel as good.  I am going to fuck your ass now to see if I can make you cum like you did me.  I am new at this ass fucking, so be patient with me.  I think I'll get the hang of it quickly.  You are so hot that my cock is all ready oozing cum so I'm lubed enough to put my' boner' into your ass.  Are you ready to take it?  I want to fuck you right here in the open barn." Aaron continued talking as he pulled Clint closer to him so he could ease his dick into his love.  

"You want to fuck me right here? Well, sure."  Clint thought to himself.  

"That sounds okay with me.  I am sure the horses won't mind.  Hand me that blanket and let me lay back on this bale of hay. Pull me towards you and use my ass, my hot young stud.  I have done this before; so don't be afraid to rough fuck me. The harder and rougher you are, the better I like it." Clint instructed.  

After a few more moments of love making, Aaron had place Clint securely on the bale and as he stood on the straw floor of the shed. He placed his hard cock to Clint's inviting asshole and made his entry.  Both boys moaned with delight then paused briefly before Aaron started making his fucking moves.  He griped Clint's legs, holding them apart and continued to fuck his first piece of male ass.  

It was a warm and delightful feeling with his dick plowing into the depths of Clint.  He knew this was going to feel good.  He fucked and fucked, pausing a few times so he would not cum too soon.  Now he wanted to release his nuts and started pounding faster and harder. His cock was working itself in and out until Aaron released his load.   

"Awe, fffuuuccckkkk.  That is such a good feeling.  Oh yeah, Oh yeah." Aaron moaned out in pleasure. "I'm going to cum. I'm cumming, Oh shit.  That feels so good. Man. I sure like to cum.  Oh Clint.  I love this fucking.  Oh yeah." Aaron said as he pumped away at the ass.   

"Yyyeeesss, Yeesss stud, fuck my ass! Fuck me! Fuck me!  Yeah give it to me stud, Fuck me." Clint responded to Aaron as he roughly fucked away at Clint.


Just as they were reminiscing on the last few moments of their erotic pleasure, the noise of the stable gate was heard and as the stable fence gate opened a man's voice said.  

"My God. What's going on here?  Hey Rod." The man called out to his partner. "Looks like we've got us a couple of fag boys doing their thing."   

"Sounded pretty good to me."  The other man's voice said to the first one as they entered the gate. "Maybe we should get some of that."   

The sudden sound of the men's voices startled the boys.  They had been so preoccupied with their pleasure fucking, that they didn't see or hear the men approaching.  Aaron immediately withdrew his hard cock from Clint's oozing ass, and facing the two men, he turned quickly and said.

"What the hell are you guys doing on my property? Get the fuck out of here!" Aaron yelled out to the men. 

Before Clint could sit up, one of the men pushed him back down on the bale of hay and the other man grabbed Aaron's arm and threw him against the other bales of hay.   

"Now, Now. My young fag boys. We are not here to cause you any problem; we were just in the woods doing some surveying for the county, and lo and behold, what did we find, but some young pussy boys. Sounded like you two were having a good fucking time.  How about giving us some pleasure?  You are all naked and ready, so how about it?"  The older man said as he rubbed his hands over Aaron's ass.  

Aaron quickly shoved the man away from him while the younger man grabbed his other arm and pushed him on the bale of hay.   

"Come on boys.  We've been out here in this valley and woods for two weeks without any pussy.  I am tired of beating my meat every night.  I could sure use some sweet young pussy ass boy to pop my nuts.  How about you Rob? I know you never had any of this sweet stuff before, but even a young boy can feel pretty good with your dick up his asshole." 

One of the surveyors was an older man about 45 and his partner was about 30.  They were both dressed in red coveralls bearing the county emblem on a front right pocket, with their names, and a large printed letter, `Surveyor', on the back. The older man's name was Jon and the younger man was Rob.  Neither man was shabby looking at all except for a few days of unshaven facial beards.  As they were conversing with the boys, another two men appeared outside the gate. They too, were dressed in coveralls and caps from the same company.   

Clint had experienced the forceful approach of men like this before.  They meant no real harm.  All they wanted to do was get their nuts off.  He didn't want Aaron to be harmed, so he knew he would volunteer his body, and hopefully they would leave Aaron alone. It would be no problem for him to handle the four of them, besides it might be fun.  He had taken on more guys than four at one of the Barn Parties earlier this year.  Aaron was still inexperienced at being fucked but who knows, he might enjoy it once he gets over the fear of being raped.  We just had to play this game by ear. 

"You're not serious are you Jon?  This kid is not much older than your son at home."  Ron spoke out. 

"The fuck I'm not, besides what makes you think I haven't plugged my son before.  This young farm boy looks like he could use a man size cock anyway." Jon said as he moved between Clint's legs, as he lay on the bale.  

"Come on boy, spread your legs and take my daddy dick, and if you're a good boy, I'll let the other men cornhole you too. That's it boy. Open up wide.  I've got a fat dick to plant in ya."  Jon said as he unbuttoned his jumper and let it fall to his boot tops.   

Jon grabbed his semi-hard dick with one hand and placed a couple of his thick fingers in Clint's asshole causing him to jump because of his sudden entry.  Clint looked up at Jon to observe his naked body for the first time.  Jon was a stocky solid built man with a hairy body and not an ounce of fat on him. He was not overly muscular but looked like he could lift a large log and throw it a few feet. He had sparkling brown eyes and a crooked, and almost snarling smile.  Clint got only a quick glimpse of his dick before it was completely hard. It was difficult to clearly make out, because of his hairy crotch surrounding his dick.  

Jon was not bragging about his large thick dick for no reason. It was big and was about the width of a beer can.  Clint was thankful his asshole was already lubricated with Aaron's cum.  It would be much easier to take.  He knew this Jon was not going to be gentle.  He was too horny for that, besides Jon had to show his fellow worker he was a man by raping this young boy.  Clint knew this exhibition before his buddies would be exciting to Jon as well. 

Clint braced himself for a fast entry but surprisingly Jon eased the head of his large cock into Clint's ass, parted his legs for better entry and moved in slowly.  He started in slowly but when Jon knew part of it was in, he didn't stop and shoved the whole thing deep into Clint. 

"Awe.  Fucken yes.  What a sweet piece of boy pussy.  Oh Yeah.  I think we've found us some good stuff here today men.  Oh, fuck.  That is nice boy.  You are my new sweetheart for today.  I think I might be in love again." Jon said as the other guys laughed.  

Meanwhile Aaron was being held down on the bale of hay next to Clint.  He observed the huge cock of the surveyor plunging into his friend.  At first he was furious but realizing he could not change the situation, he started to relax.  He was also amazed how easily Clint let the man fuck him and also how easy it seemed for Clint to be impaled by that monster cock.  He found himself getting aroused again as his cock started to harden.   

Ron, the other surveyor, noticed Aaron's hardening cock and placed his rough hand tightly around his cock and squeezed it.   

"Look what we've got here, Jon.  This boy likes watching you fuck his buddy's ass.  Perhaps I should turn him over and give him a sample of my dick."  Ron said. 

Aaron get Raped by Ron

Aaron was suddenly aware of his situation.  He was going to be fucked too whether he wanted it or not.  He started to struggle, but was joined by one of the other men that had been watching Jon fuck Clint.  Aaron struggled but the two men over come him. It was useless.  Although he didn't want to get fucked by any of these strangers, he knew it was going to happen anyway.  He tried to follow Clint's attitude by relaxing and letting the men have their way with him. He had to control his fear and give them what they desired.  Perhaps it might not be too bad; after all, he did enjoy the sensation of penetration when Clint fucked him last night.  Now he just had to take it like a man and hopefully enjoy it again.  

The men had physically over come him and made Aaron get on his knees on the barn floor and bend over the bale of hay next to Clint.  He looked over at Clint, who seemed to being enjoying his intruder. Clint looked to Aaron and gave him an encouraging smile and nodded his head, assuring Aaron it was going to be okay.  

One man was holding Aaron against the hay face down, while the other unbuttoned his jumper, spread Aaron's legs and placed his hand on his buttocks.  He gave Aaron a hard slap on first one buttock, and then the other causing Aaron to utter out.  

"You fucken asshole! Take it easy.  Take it easy.  If you're gonna use that ass you should treat it with respect. Kiss it, you fucking prick! "  The men all laughed out at Aaron's comment.  

"Yeah, Ron.  If you're gonna use his ass, you should make love to it first.  Here use some of my juices to lube his pussy unless you think you should eat it like you do your old lady." Jon said as he pulled his cock out of Clint and gathered some of the wet juices lingering around his cock.  Then he placed his hand to Aaron's asshole and placed a wet finger into his anus. He was lubricating Aaron's ass with his own cum, the same cum he had deposited in Clint's asshole earlier. It was kind of kinky, he thought. 

"No way am I gonna eat this farm boys ass.  I don't even like to eat pussy." Ron said as he spit in his hand and mixing his own pre-cum juices from his cock, he lubricated it, aimed it to the wet asshole and placed one finger on Aaron's butt, parting the firm ass cheeks and guided his dick to Aaron's tight pink hole.  He rubbed Aaron's butt again showing more respect for the farm boy he was about to penetrate.

Ron had a large cock as well, but his cock was not as fat as Jon's, but about two inches longer.  He was proud of his 10-inch dick.  He had made many a cunt squeal as he fucked his women.  Most of them complained about the size his large dick, and many times. he had to pull out of a `bitching woman' and ejaculate on her tits.  He hoped this pussy boy could take his cock and satisfy his needs.  It had been about 3 months since he fucked his girl.  He wondered if this punk could take his cock without complaining. That asshole looked very small, but nice.  No matter what, once he got it in him, he was going to keep pumping his ass until he came, even if this boy yelled out for him to stop.  He needed some tight hole to deposit his cum.

Even though he had never fucked a young boy's ass before, he found himself very excited over the prospects of a new sexual release. Maybe Jon would let him fuck his cute young teenage son. Jon, Junior, sometime. He felt an unusual desire to touch him when he was near, and admired his firm muscular ass. He thought something sexually might be going on between Jon and Junior. There were just certain moves and looks between the two, when they were together. He began to think they went on too many fishing trips alone, and he never saw them bring home any fish.  

Meanwhile, Ron had managed to get the head of his dick partially into the boy's ass.  It was exciting, and he was going to take his time.  He was turned on by this young man, and didn't want to harm him, he just wanted to get his nuts, and perhaps please the young man at the same time.  Inch by inch his hard cock slowly slipped in.

Ron could sense the boy relaxing and slowly started backing into his hard cock.  He decided to let him move into him, instead of shoving his cock violently into his hole.  He realized his own cock was large, but it was all the way in the ass already, and it felt great.  He poised himself and gripped his hands on the firm buttocks before him. He looked down to see his cock buried all the way in the ass.  It was amazing, He didn't think the boy could take it, and now he could sense the boy was enjoying his cock. A slight body shutter and sigh of pleasure was heard from the boy. No complaints, no squealing in pain, and no one trying to push him away. This ass was his to fuck.   It was pleasurable and he was going to fuck a nice tight ass boy pussy, and shoot his cum deep in his love canal.  He didn't even have to worry about getting this punk boy pregnant. He was going to enjoy fucking someone that appreciated his large dick. 

Aaron opened his eyes and directed his attention towards Clint. He was rubbing his fingers thru the man's hairy chest and massaging his firm pectoral muscles.  His eyes were glazed over and almost shut.  The monster cock buried in his ass mesmerized Clint.  Aaron could relax, knowing Clint was basking himself in pleasure.   

Aaron could feel the large cock easing in and out of his sphincter.  This guy Ron must have big balls as well as his cock, because he occasionally felt them touch against his as he pressed closely to his butt.  His cock felt good too. He adjusted to the idea of being used by this stud and it wasn't as bad as he feared; in fact it was beginning to feel extremely sensuous.  

He turned his head away from Clint to see the other man, Bill, directly by his head. Bill had opened his jumper, released his cock from the opening, and was manipulating his semi-soft cock.  It was a nice, larger than average, uncut cock.  Pre-cum juices were oozing from the foreskin covering the cock. He had never seen this much foreskin on a man before.   Aaron began to explore the opening with his fingers for a short time, and then leaned closer to place his tongue into the opening of his throbbing cock. The taste was different than he had imagined.  He found it salty yet sweet. As the cock became harder, the loose foreskin began moving back on its own exposing a large tulip shaped head.  A hint of sebum aroused his senses, and he found himself wanting to place this penis in his mouth to give suck to the stranger's hardening cock.  With his free hand he drew him closer, caressing his balls as he guided the cock into his mouth. It tasted nice.   

Clint was enjoying the pounding fuck he was receiving from Jon.  The two of them acquired a definite rhythm of movements and soon Jon was going to plant his seed in Clint.  Jon's cock began to expand and his nuts were reducing and disappearing into his body. He was definitely going to ejaculate.  Clint pulled his fucker closer wanting every inch of his dick in him.  Jon started mumbling and talking to Clint; how he was enjoying the pleasure of the fuck, and proceeded talking as he spew his seed into his pussy boy's body. He pounded harder and faster until he came but continued to talk to Clint as his juices flowed into Clint's welcome asshole. 

"Oh yeah, baby.  You are pleasuring my cock and making my body feel so good. Shit baby, you are a great fuck.  My cock was begging for release.  Oh baby, it's going to cum. Oh my baby; you are so good to my cock.  Awe, awe, right there, now boy, tightened that asshole around my meat and milk me dry, Oooohhhhh baby.  Oooohhh. What a feeling …shit.awwww. " Jon yelled out in pleasure as he quivered and gasped, He gripped his hands around each of Clint's ankles, spread him like a wishbone and came into his new found boy cunt.  Then he shook his body like a wet dog. Shimmering droplets of sweat splattered throughout the area.  He stopped, took a very deep breath and then looked pleasingly into Clint's face, leaned over his body, placed his arms to each side of Clint, and kissed him on the chest, 

"What is your name, baby.  He said in a low voice.  I'm going to make contact with you again. Very few people can take my thick cock to my satisfaction. You are a good piece of ass and I want to plug you on a regular basis.  I only live a few miles from this area and can be here in no time flat.  Are you willing to do this again?" Jan asked as he slowly pulled his wet cock out of Clint's cum filled hole.

"Sure Jon.   My name is Clint and I live over on Beacon Road about 2 miles from here.  I will give you my phone number and we can meet again.  You are a good fucker. Jon, and you know I enjoyed it as well." Clint replied to Jon.  

Jon looked to the other man, Bill, who was getting sucked by Aaron who was still getting fucked by Rob.  He motioned for him to come over to Clint and take his place in the fuck hole.  

"Hey Bill, I know that farm boy is sucking your prick, but you have to share this young punk's ass.  He has so much muscle control in his ass, that you'll pop your nuts in no time flat.  Come here and get some of this ass.  I've filled his pussy hole with a big load of my cum, but that will make it even better. A juicy hole is better than a dry one.  I know you won't mind seconds or perhaps thirds on this one. He is a hot fuck." Jon said to Bill as he slowly pulled his fat wet cock from Clint's hole. Jon licked Clint's leg and kissed his feet before moving from his present position.   

Reluctantly Bill released his cock from Aaron's cocksucking mouth. He was very close to cumming but wanted some ass to cum in at least this time.  He positioned himself between Clint's legs.  Clint reached down to guide his cock in his willing hole.  Bill's cock was not as big around as Jon but he had a nice 10-inches of uncut meat and could probably cum several times in a row.  Hopefully he would fuck Clint more than once in this session.   

Bill was a handsome looking man. The trim beard and mustache was very appealing to his trim firm body. There was a small tattoo of a Marine emblem on the left shoulder of his darkly tanned upper body. The firm trim body was evidence of physical care and exercise. His hair was cut short and blended in with his short bearded face. The eyes were closely set and soft like bedroom eyes. The roughness of his hands indicated he was a hard working person. But he was gentle as he firmly gripped Clint's legs and placed them on his shoulders.   

Bill allowed Clint to guide his firm cock into his wet ass.  It felt nice, and he hadn't fucked a male ass since he was released from the Marines 2 years ago.  Bill was remembering how his Marine boot camp, Sergeant Robins, caught him in the head, beating his pud.  The Sergeant yanked him from the stool and he was instructed to come into his office. He thought he was going to get a lecture on masturbating, but instead the Sergeant instructed him to get on the floor and eat his ass, then fuck him.  He was grossed out at first, but found the sergeant had a tight clean edible ass. He was `forced' to fuck his sergeant that day and discovered, at the age of 18, how appealing a man's ass was for fucking.  He looked forward to eating the sergeant's ass almost every day, and fucking him was kinky and wild.  He became more aware of men's ass during his stay in the Marines and boot training.  During his boot camp he enjoyed fucking the sergeant almost everyday until he left for another location.  He was fortunate to find another fuck buddy later on, but he still remembered the hot sergeant's ass, and hoped he would run across him again sometime. Meanwhile he was about to enjoy a new piece of ass.  He had never fucked in front of his work buddies before, but he was so horny watching Jon and Ron fuck these 2 young farm boys that nothing bothered him now.   

Bill move into position and with one full swoop shoved his cock deep into the boy Clint.  It was so warm and exciting he had to remain motionless for fear he would cum too quickly.  Clint must have known he was excited so he just waited until Bill relaxed and retained his composure. Bill moved out and then back into Clint's asshole with slow deep moves.  Bill thought Clint was a hot masculine young boy and wondered how he became such an expert ass fuck. There was no doubt he had done this before.  You often think of a male pussy boy fuck as being a fem boy, but Clint was anything but that.  No wonder Jon wanted to renew acquaintances again soon. 

After Jon had fucked the boy, Clint, he went to the end of the barn and took a long piss.  He noticed his nephew, Randy was still standing by the horses just watching the activity of the other men and boys.  Randy was still a boy himself.  He had just turned 19 this past year and was in his first year of college. Surveying was a good summer job for him especially since he was going to go into architecture. Jon had to get his nephew involved in this sex activity. He didn't realize what a good time he was missing.   

"Randy.  Come over here and get in on this good thing.  Don't you like sex or are you just shy around your uncle?  I'll tell you what; I was about to go back to our camp to check on our gear. I want to see if the two Rangers there would be interested in using some good boy pussy too.  Why don't you go over to Bill and watch him fuck that sweet ass.  You seem comfortable around him.  If that doesn't get you horny and excited watching him fuck that boy, I don't know what will.  I see that hard cock of yours pressing against your jumper. You need to get your nut.  Go and have a good time.  Tell the other men I will be back in about half an hour so take your time and enjoy yourselves.   See ya later. Now go!" Jon said to his young nephew that worked with the crew. 

Randy slowly and shyly came closer to the other guys.  Sure it turned him on to see Bill and Ron fuck some dudes.  They were two of his buddies.  Bill always treated him kindly and would wrestle with him on occasion.  He liked the feel of Bill's firm hard ex-marine body against his, but would never let him know it.  It was just one of those macho things that men don't do.  It was forbidden to show affection to another male.  Not the American thing to do.   

Bill saw Randy approaching and wondered what this young college boy thought about him as he was fucking this farm boy.  Was he upset or just nervous and shy being around other men as they had sex?  He often wrestled with Randy and was aware of his hard-on when they touched.  Bill bit him on his bare ass one time in jest. And Randy turned all shades of red, but I think he liked it.  How was he going to get Randy to join in on the sex orgy?  Then he thought he would ask Clint if he would motion for him to join them and see if he could suck Randy's dick.

Clint understood what Bill wanted and motioned for Randy to get closer so he could suck on his cock. Randy moved closer and pulled his hard cock out of his jumper. Randy's cock was an average 7 ½ inches in length and average thickness.  He had a beautiful round pink cock head and a large piss slit that was moist with precum.  

"Take your jumper off and get closer to my mouth so I can suck the cum from that beauty." Clint said to Randy. 

Randy shyly pulled off his boots and jumper and his white Jordan shorts. He moved closer as Clint encouraged him to get up on the bale of hay and place his cock to his mouth.   

The scent of his clean college body delighted Clint but he wanted more of his body and pulled Randy up closer, He guided him over his head to kneel over him.  Clint started to lick his shaft then down to his balls. The scent of the male musky balls was nice but Clint centered Randy's firm buttocks over his face.  Much to Randy's surprise, Clint pulled his butt hole directly over his mouth and started licking his butt crack.  His tongue licked the pink puckering lining of his ass ridge. He gripped the boy's body and pulled him down closer until his searching wet tongue entered the tight pink hole.  Randy was shocked that anyone would lick his asshole and then tongues him deep inside his sphincter.  He was embarrassed at first knowing his buddy, Bill, was watching his face as he was getting his ass delightfully rimmed by this farm boy. He closed his eyes to enjoy this new sensation and started to jack on his cock.   

Bill enjoyed watching his young buddy getting his ass rimmed.  It was making his fucking even more enjoyable.  He had wanted to rim Randy's ass several times as they wrestled but didn't know how he could get around to it.  He was thankful that Clint had broken the cherry, so to speak.  Bill's cock was expanding and ready to explode but now he held back so he could enjoy watching Randy get his nut too.  

Aaron and Ron had changed positions and now Aaron was on his back with his legs in the air and getting fucked hard by Ron.  It was exciting to see Aaron having his ass fucked next to his lover, Clint.  The closeness of their bodies on the bales of hay, and the sounds of love making, was awesome. Aaron was in a sexual frenzy, enjoying the deep hard fucking of Ron. Ron would often pull his cock almost all the way from his hole, and then shove it in with all his might.  Aaron had already cum 2 times as Ron was fucking him.  He knew what Clint was talking about when he said that it was better when it was rough and hard.  

Ron was enjoying a good fuck for the first time that he could remember.  He never thought he would be fucking a dude, and liking it, but this farm boy was a hot fuck and Ron had cum one time already.  It was so good that he left his cock remain in him and now he wanted to cum again.  The boy was a fantastic fuck and never complained about his cock being too big.  He had gotten the guy off 2 times already and the boy wanted more of his cock.  He realized what he had been missing all these years when he tried to get off with many women.  This farm boy was going to be on his agenda from now on.  Man, this was great.  Now he could fuck and be satisfied.  Clint was surely just as good and he planned to try him out sometime soon too.  Definitely these two farm boys were going to see more of him.  

Randy was enjoying the tongue fucking as he sat on Clint's face.  He was aware of Bill's presence and the deep heavy breathing. He opened his eyes to watch Bill enjoying the farm boy's asshole.  He had never fucked a guy but these macho men seemed to be enjoying it, so it must not be so bad.  

Bill looked up into Randy's eyes and then leaned over closer to him and gripped Randy's cock. Randy looked a bit shocked but the feel of his rough hands around his penis was exciting.  He knew any time now he was going to shoot his cum, but where? Then Randy moved in a bit closer to Bill and touched his shoulder bracing himself.  Bill leaned into him and soon the two were resting their heads on each other. They both moved closer until Bill started kissing Randy's neck and then nibbled on his ear.  

This was more than Randy could stand. He turned his head to meet Bill's soft lips and soon they were into a deep kissing session.  This was an extra turn on for the both of them.  Bill started humping harder and harder on Clint's ass and jacking on Randy's cock at the same time.  Randy's cock started shooting gobs of boy cum directly on Bill's chest and on Clint's stomach.  Bill was pounding hard and shooting his juices into Clint's hole.  Clint got excited and grabbed his own cock. He was still burying his tongue deep into Randy's twitching asshole and shot his load joining his with Randy's. 

Cum was flying everywhere. The moans and groans of Bill, Randy and the muffled sound of Clint still buried beneath Randy's rimmed ass, caused Ron to cum again for the 2nd time. Soon Aaron joined in with his sounds of pleasure as his sperm spewed out on his body, Ron, forgetting his masculinity, laid his body onto Aaron's wet sperm covered body and kissed him with deep passionate kisses. Aaron responded with loving passionate kisses in return.  

Everyone was pleasantly sexually exhausted. All that was heard for the moment was heavy breathing and a neigh of one of the horses.  This caused someone to softly laugh, and then everyone joined in as someone said we were scaring the horses.  

Calmness continued as one by one, the men made their moves.  First Bill pulled away from Randy as he slowly pulled his wet cock from Clint's well used cum hole.  Randy couldn't resist touching Bill once more and touched his wet cock after he pulled it from Clint's fuck hole.  Bill moved because of his sensitive cock. Then Randy got off Clint's face but not before Clint gave his asshole one more kiss.  Ron gasped as he pulled his large semi-hard cock from his new-experienced sex partner.  Aaron reached over to feel Clint's cum covered stomach then moved over and licked his body to taste the cum and came up to kiss Clint on the mouth.  

Aaron was the first to speak.  "There is an open shower behind the stables, but it only has a few gallons of rain water in the barrel.  If you men want to shower, we all have to shower at the same time.  I know no one is still modest after all we've been thru, so let's head that way and get cleaned up. What do you say? But first I have one important thing I have to say to all you men.  It was a good day and we all had fun, but just remember when you are on our property,

"`No Hunting or no more sex! Do you pricks understand?  Then everyone laughed and headed towards the showers. 

Story by Richard Barber at