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I've used some southern-slang... dialog in this story. If you don't like it, too bad.


Farming With Jason

At age thirteen I had already had many sexual experiences with other boys. Yeah... I was a little, queer boy back in the early 70s, but I had found several other queer boys to play `dirty' with me. It was hard to find a girl at age thirteen that would suck a boy's dick, ( isn't that what all thirteen year old boys want? Getting their dicks sucked, even if it's getting sucked off by another boy? ) but given the right circumstances some boys are easily persuaded to play naughty with another boy. After all, boys like to keep in check with other boys as how their growth is developing and if they measure up to their peers.

I was a small boy. At thirteen I stood about four feet, ten inches and weighed about one-hundred pounds. Even though I was small, I was a lean boy. I worked for local farmers during the summers and wrestled at school during the winters. I could bench-press almost double my own body weight.

I began puberty just after my twelfth birthday, so at age thirteen, my stiff boner was about four and a half, cut, inches long. I had a sparse growth of soft, brown pubic hair growing in the center of my pubic area above my penis. In the showers after wrestling practice I had taken notice of other boys and how they were also maturing. Some boys didn't have any pubic hair, where as some had a lot. Some boys like me had a light patch of hair in the center of their groin and some had two small patches on each side. I was pleased with how I looked down there. My balls hung slightly, but of course I didn't have any pubic hair on my scrotum yet. Even the bigger boys that had a lot of pubic hair didn't have any on their sacks yet either. So I felt that I was growing up on an even-keel.

The summer of my thirteenth year I met a boy named Jason. It was a hot July morning when I first met him at his grandpa's farm. Jason was the grandson of one of the farmers I worked for. Jason was also thirteen years old. My heart skipped a beat the first time I saw him. He was built just like I was. It was lust at first sight.

Normally when I helped bale hay, it was just me and a young neighbor guy about twenty-five on the hay wagon in the fields, but this time the farmer was going to use two tractors and two teams in two different fields. I was pleased to learn that me and Jason were going to work together on the same wagon.

Jason and I hit it off right away. We had plenty of time to talk and get acquainted with each other as we worked hard stacking the bales of hay on the wagon as they came out of the hay-baler. It didn't take long in the July heat, that we both shed off our shirts.

Jason looked stunning. He had shoulder blade length hair, straight and sun-bleached light, brown . He was wearing a baseball cap and a small silver chain around his neck. His chest was thick, tanned and had firm, muscular, boy-tits with big, brown areolas. His nipples poked out from the centers like hard, pink, pencil erasers. His abdominal mussels were also firm and well outlined. His belly-button was an inie, where as mine was an outie. He laughed and made a joke about my belly-button, how it looked like a little dick poking out. I laughed too, as I had been teased about it many times before. I took the teasing as a complement. I told him, "That's just the tip of it... the rest of its down here." as I pointed toward my crotch. He just giggled as he looked at where I was pointing.

We watched each other as we carried the bales to the back of the wagon and slung them up to stack. I loved seeing his mussels pumped up and was proud when he saw mine.

We worked hard in the July sun and we were both sweating pretty heavily. The shimmer of sweat running down his chest and tummy made him look sexy as hell in my perverted, young eyes. I just wanted to lick his smooth chest and boy-tits.

Jason had a little arm-pit hair, just like I did. As we walked back and forth past each other on the wagon, I tried to get a whiff of his scent. He was definitely all boy. His sour, musky, boy-odor was turning me on and I had to try hard not to spring a boner. At times we would brush against each other as we worked the wagon. The hot, wetness of his sweaty arms or chest as we touched sent electric chills through my body. As the wagons got fuller our body contact became more frequent as the room on the wagon floor decreased.

By two o-clock we had baled forty acres of hay. We all stopped and ate a good farmer's dinner. After resting for an hour, it was time to stack the new hay into the barn's loft. ( if you've ever stacked hay in a hay-mow, you know it's hard, dirty, sweaty work ) When the farmer would change wagons, Jason and I would lean back on the hay bales and rest.

"Jesus Christ... Jason. It's hot as fuck up here!" I told him. "I'm starting to get dizzy and feel like I might pass out."

Looking worried, Jason reached over and put his hand on my chest, brushing against one of my boy-tits as he did so. I felt my cock stir from his touch. "Your heart rate ain't rapid." he said. "Let me look at your eyes."

He bent over me to study my eyes. His face was real close to mine. I looked into his eyes as he looked into mine. "Fuck." he said. "It's too dark up here. I can't really see. Let me smell your breath. Grandpa told me, if someone is having a heat stroke, their breath smells like bleach."

He leaned in closer, his nose was almost touching my lips. I opened my mouth and exhaled. He inhaled my breath through his nose. "You smell okay to me." he said, then he put his lips against mine. I thought this was some kind of another test to see if I was having a heat stroke, but I quickly realized that he was kissing me when I felt his tongue slip into my mouth to play with my tongue. I wasn't having a heat stroke, I was having a fucking heart attack! Of all the boy sex I had had, I had never kissed a boy before. I had never even kissed a girl before, as far as that goes. I started getting dizzier. Not because of the heat in the loft, but because all of my blood was rushing down into my cock. It was so exciting to feel his tongue wiggling around inside my mouth, touching my tongue and teeth. I pushed my tongue past his to feel the inside of his mouth and teeth. Within seconds I had a boner in my jeans. I felt so naughty kissing another boy.

During most of my boy play, I had always been the aggressor, but now, a boy I hardly knew was laying on top of me in a hay-mow. Sweaty chest to chest, sticking his tongue in my mouth. I was suddenly the recipient of his lust for another boy... Me. And I loved it!

We kissed passionately for several minutes until we heard the tractor pull back into the barn. He rolled away from me and said, "You'll be okay boy. You ain't go-win to die on me." My heart sunk. I wanted to keep kissing him. How could this hot, young boy turn me on so much and I had no idea how I would ever get a chance to really have sex with him.

He said, "Come on boy. Just two more wagons and we be done for the day. Then we gets the rest ah the day to play." That lifted my hopes of really getting a chance to be naughty with him.

When we were done stacking the hay into the loft, we descended down to the main barn floor using the old, wooden ladder on the side. Jason asked his Grandpa, "Hey Grandpa, can we take one ah dah tractors and go down to the river and go swimming? We`re all sweaty and dirty."

"Thay's a good ida. You-ns looks like twos litt-a, nigga-bozs." My chest tightened at the thought of going swimming alone with Jason.

Jason climbed up into the seat of one of the old, John-Deer tractors sitting in the barnyard. "Come on.' he said. "You can ride standing on the axel." I quickly jumped up and stood beside him. He cranked up the old tractor and off we went, with me holding onto the wiggly fender.

As we rode down the dusty, field-road, I looked down and noticed that Jason had a pretty nice lump in his Levis. He saw me looking and smiled. With his voice raised above the tractor's engine noise he asked, "You ever been skinny dipping before?"

"Hell yeah!" I told him boldly. I had really only been skinny dipping a couple of times with my older brothers when I was little, but I didn't want to say that and sound like a baby.

At one point during our ride, I was just standing on the axel with my feet wedged between the fender and the transmission, lightly holding onto the fender and the back-rest of the tractor seat. We hit a little bump in the path and I was bounced off-balance. I threw my hands up into the air, then quickly lowered them to grab hold of Jason`s shoulders to keep from falling off.

Jason laughed and told me, "Hold on boy." I giggled but I kept hold of his shoulders. His tanned skin felt smooth but tight against his mussels.

I leaned down closer to him. I smelt the strong scent of a working-boy and fresh hay. I spoke into his ear, "Why did you kiss me?"

He didn't say anything for a moment then leaned back and said, "I like kissing. I don't know... I just did it. First time I ever kissed a boy though. You got really nice lips."

My heart sped up and I was pleased that he thought I had nice lips. I pushed his chin to turn his head toward me and he looked up." I liked you kissing me. I never kissed before." I told him.

I put both my hands on either side of his face and I leaned down farther as I pulled his face closer to mine. I put my lips against his. I wanted to touch his tongue with mine again so bad!

We tongue kissed as we rolled down the dusty road for several seconds before he broke our kiss and turned away from me. "Whoa Boy! I got ta steer this thing." he said, as he jerked at the steering wheel. I had already sprung a boner. I wanted more of him. As we finished our short journey to the river, I rest my hands on his chest, rubbing his hard, little, boy-tities with my finger tips.

When we got to the river bank we stopped and he killed the tired, old engine. "God damn boy!" he said, "You got me hotter than a firecracker on the 4th ah July!"

I smiled to myself. Yes! This was going to be good. No way was I not going to get to play with his dick.

We both climbed off of the tractor and just looked at each other for a few seconds. "Come on." he said. "Let's go down to the river and play." He took hold of my hand and lead the way. We came to a sandbar in a curve of the river. He sat on a big rock there and took off his boots and socks. He stood up as I watched him start to unbuckle his belt. It was show time!

I took his place sitting on the rock and took off my boots and socks too. There was an awkward moment between us. "Let's just do it." he said. "After all we're both boys. At the same time, we watched each other unbuckle our belts, then opened our jeans button, zipping down our flies. We pushed our jeans down our legs and stepped out of them. He looked so hot standing there with his dark tan contracting against his white briefs. I saw a nice size bulge under the cotton. We both giggled like little girls as we both pushed our panties down and off. Jason looked at my hardening dick. "Nice dick." he told me.

Seeing his boner raising I said, "Thanks... you too." He was circumcised like I was and also had a small triangle shaped patch of thin, light, brown pubic hair above his dick. His balls slightly hung down in his hairless scrotum.

Without asking, he reached over and grabbed my cock. A shock shot through my body at his touch. "Damn. It's so hot and hard." he said. "Do you jack-off?"

As I reached over and felt his boner too, I told him, "Yeah... a couple times a day."

He giggled and said, "Yeah me too, sometime more. It feels good to jack-off and shoot. I like feeling your dick too. Ever sucked another boy`s dick?" Before I could answer him he said, "I'll suck your's if you suck mine."

Fuck yes, I wanted to trade blow-jobs with this hot, fit, young, country-boy. I didn't want to look like a slut, and shyly nodded my head, knowingly I wanted to rape him right there and then. "Where should we go?" I asked.

Looking around, seeing only the trees at the edge of the river and farm fields, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Right here."

I was thinking of somewhere more secluded, but as I also looked around. There was no one within sight that could see us.

"Look." he said, as he pointed. "We can do it over there under that Maple tree, the weeds are tall there and no one will see us."

It looked alright to me, and I was ready for some hard, hot boy-cock in my mouth. ( did I tell you that I liked sucking a boys dick, as much as I liked having a boy suck my dick? ) I really wanted to suck his hot, teen-cock. But I didn't want to suck him off first then not have him suck me off too. ( I had been with too many boys to know how they can get sometimes once they cum ) He took hold of my hand and lead the way.

It was nice under the shade of the maple tree. We looked around one more time, then stepped closer to each other. I grabbed him by his firm hips, pulling him tight up against me. Our boners touched and I thought I was going to shoot right then. He leaned in and tilted his head and put his lips against mine. He pulled at my bottom lip with his lips, sucking it into his mouth, rubbing it with his tongue. We started to push our hard, teen-boners against each other's, grinding our meat between our hard tummies. We took turns probing our tongues in each other's mouths.

After several minutes of making out and humping each other, he broke away from our embrace and knelt down to the ground in front of me. "I like your dick." he said, as he studied it up close. He moved my hard boner all around, looking at every part of it. He gently stroked the head of my dick with his fingertip feeling the ridged crown-band. He rubbed his fingertips through my thin pubic hair. Using his thumb and finger, he spread opened my pee-hole to look inside and see the smooth, shiny, wet lining of the end of my urethra. He leaned forward and tried to stick his tongue inside of me. My legs started to tremble. He licked my blood engorged penis gland a few times then backed away to feel the weight of my boy-balls. As he rolled my nuts around inside my smooth bag with his fingertips he said, " You got nice balls too. Can you shoot?"

I moaned, "Ah huh." He licked my sack and sucked one of my nuts into his mouth and tugged at it with his lips. He swirled his tongue around the soft skin, then he did the same thing to my other nut. He finally let my nut slip from his wet lips and licked up the underside of my hard shaft. When he got to the top of my dick he opened his mouth and closed his hot, wet lips over the end and swished his tongue around it. He slowly slipped his mouth down the length of me boy-pole. He took it all the way into his mouth until his nose rested in my short pubic hairs. The suction of his tight, hot mouth felt like he was trying to swallow me. It was incredible! He sucked me up and down several times using his soft, wet tongue to massage the underside of my dick. I felt myself getting close to orgasm. I didn't want to cum yet and I backed away from him making a popping sound as my curved boner escaped his lips.

"Fuck Jason... That feels so awesome, I was getting ready to squirt, but I want to suck you some too."

He stood up and I knelt down onto my knees. His hard boner stood up straight, almost touching his tummy. There was a small drop of clear seminal fluid pooled in the crease of his pee-hole. I stuck my fingertip in it. It was sticky and slippery. I rubbed it around the end of his gland head. It made the end of his dick look shinny. I went on to study his dick like he had done to mine. I pulled his hard shaft away from his tummy. It was so stiff I thought I might break if off. His penis and scrotum looked almost like mine, but a little different. His was about the same length of my boner but his was a little thicker. The head of his cock was more tapered, where as mine looked more like a plump button on top. Just like mine, his gland head had little wrinkles covering it. They looked like a finger-print. There were some fine, little, blue veins running the length of his shaft like mine did. The scent of his boy-hood was strong, it smelt good. I felt his balls in his smooth sack just like he did to me. I licked at his wrinkled scrotum. He tasted salty but still tasted like a boy. I sucked each of his testicles into my mouth one at a time, feeling the size of each one with my tongue. I slobbered all over his groin, tasting and smelling everything I could. I licked up the underside of his shaft and flicked my tongue at the underside of his frenulum. He let out a low moan. I covered my teeth with my lips and slipped the head of his boy-cock past my lips. It felt almost hot as I studied his penis gland with my tongue. It felt hard but soft at the same time. I pushed my mouth over more of his boner until he was all the way into my hot, wet mouth. I squeezed his balls as I bobbed back and forth on his ridged meat. I felt his nuts pull up tight to his groin and knew he was about to bust his nuts. I backed away from him, letting his cock slip from my lips. His boner sprang up and slapped against his hard tummy. "God damn boy... you just about made me shoot. You suck a dick pretty good!"

I was happy that I had pleased him. "Let's lay down and suck each other together." I suggested.

We laid down in the soft grass, head to toe. "Don't shoot yet." I told him. "If you're about ready to shoot let me know. We'll stop sucking and wait until the feeling goes away, then we can suck some more. Let's make it last."

"Okay." he said. "That's the way I like to do it too.

We laid on our sides facing each other with one knee cocked up, opening our groins for each other. I took hold of his stiff boner and pulled it down and gobbled it into my mouth. He did the same to me and we bobbed back and forth on each other's hard, teen-meat.

His tight, hot mouth working on my cock felt awesome. We were both moaning with pleasure as we sucked on another boy's cock. We played with each other's balls as we sucked. I pulled his hips tighter to me as he did the same. Soon we were both humping our hips, sliding our short, teen boners in and out of each other's sucking mouth, face-fucking each other.

I was getting close and pulled away. "Oh man. I was just about there." I told him.

"Yeah. Me too." he said.

We laid there for several minutes just playing with each other's cock and balls, keeping each other hard. After about three or four minutes I looked down at him playing with my boner and asked him, "Ready to do it some more?"

He sighed, "Yeah, but I don't know how long I can last. I want to shoot so bad!"

"Just don't do it yet. Squeeze my butt if you get close and we'll stop again and wait a while." I told him

He nodded his head and we went back to blowing each other. What a sight it would have been if someone would have came upon us. Two young boys enjoying sucking each other's dick under the shade of a maple tree beside the river. I was so worked up I wouldn't have cared if Christ walked upon us. I knew he must be watching us from heaven. He was probably jacking off watching us blow each other. After all, he is a loving God. And I sure was loving sucking Jason's hard cock at the time.

After about two minutes He squeezed my ass. We pulled off of each other's dicks again.

"Fuck!" he said. "I don't think I can hold out much longer. It feels like my nuts are going to explode."

Panting I told him, "Let's just wait a little longer. Next time we'll go all the way."

"Okay. Can I shoot it into your mouth?" he asked me.

"If I can shoot in your mouth too. I like for a boy to squirt it in my mouth. It makes me feel so naughty, and I like the taste of it.

"I do too." he told me.

We played with each other's dicks some more but not really jacking each other off. After another four or five minutes, I asked him, "Okay. Are you ready yet?"

"Yeah." he said. "Let's do it this time. It won't take much. My nuts are aching."

We went back down on each other, sucking fast and hard. After only about a minute Jason grunted. "Ugh... Ugh... Ugh!" I felt his nuts pull up tight under the base of his cock and begin to pump his sperms through his sex organs to mix with his seminal fluid before filling his urethra tube. I was there too. I felt my sperm laced semen blast out of my pee-hole as his first blast shot out and hit the back of my throat. I was supprised at how strong his squirts were. I held his sperms in my mouth, while he thrust his spurting cock through his own cum. My mouth was full after his third squirt and I had to back off his cock some so I had more room in my mouth. His hips and body jerked as he fed me his seeds. I too was retching with my own intence orgasm, spewing my cum into his mouth. We both got off six or seven strong ejaculations. It was the hotest orgasm I had ever had.

We both swallowed each other's cum and miked our dicks for all they were worth, until we were too sensitive to keep sucking. I pulled away from him and he from me. We were panting like we had just ran a mile, we fell back onto our backs, savoring our wonderful orgasms.

After regaining our breathing, I turned around to lay face to face with him. I told him, "Damn Sam. You sure got some strong balls. You bout choked me. You bout shot my tonsils down my throat."

Jason giggled. "Me?" he sniggered. " I though your stuff was gona come out a my nose." We both laughed. I looked down at his flaccid wiener and there was a creamy drop of semen on the tip of his dick. I reached down and wipped it off and brought my finger to his mouth. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. I smeared the glob of his sperms on his ridged pink tongue then he pulled his tongue back into his mouth. "Umm." he moaned. "I think I like your's better though."

He looked down and a drop of cum had oozed out the end of my dick too. He wiped it off with his finger and fed it to me too. "Your right." I told him. "I like your's better too."

"You know." he said. "You could spend the night with me at Grandpa's. I have my own bedroom to sleep in when I'm here. I have my own clothes there too, You can use some of my clean clothes. That way Grandpa won't have to drive you home and then come get you again in the morning. We still have the other forty acres to bale tomorrow. Grandpa and Grams go to sleep before dark. We can play with each other all night, just as long as we get some sleep so we can work tomorrow."

"Fuck yes boy! That would be awesome. How many times can you squirt?"

He said, "One night I jacked-off eight times. I had to quit because my dick was starting to get sore. I like how we did it today. Start and stop. That was awesome! I don't think I ever shot that much at one time. Thanks."

"You were pretty good too. I'll call my mom when we get back to your Grandpa's. I know she won't care if I spend the night. Let's go for a swim and rinse off. We can suck each other again before we go back to the farm."