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Farming With Jason chapter two


I couldn't believe my luck meeting Jason. It was just too bad that we lived twenty miles apart and went to different schools. But I was going to make the best of the time I had with my new friend while I could.

After we went for a swim in the river, we sucked each other off under the maple tree again. It was almost a repeat of our first encounter, so I'll spare you the same details and tell you about the rest of our evening together.

When we got back to Jason's Grandpa's farm, his Grams was cooking supper. It smelt awesome, and I was starved. Jason asked his Grams if I could spend the night with him and she was more than happy to have me. I called my mom and asked if I could spend the night. She wanted to talk to Jason's Gram to make sure it would be alright. Duh! But you know how moms can be. I think she just wanted to talk on the phone. She didn't talk to Jason's Gram very often, even though we were neighbors back at home, Jason`s grandparents didn`t live on the farm. Jason's Grandpa inherited the farm when his Pa pasted away several years earlier. Even though it was twenty miles from his home, he drove to the farm almost every day.

Jason and I sat at the kitchen table and listened while they talked.

"Oh yes dear, it's fine with us. It'll give Jason some one to play with." ( If Grams only knew how Jason and I were planning on how we were going to play with each other, she might have had a different opinion. )

"Oh, Jason has plenty ah clothes he can wear. Them bois is just the same size."

"No bother at all dear. He's such a good boy, and a hard worker too. I'm fixin supper for um now... Oh, I'm sure he can, he's a growin boy. Don't you worry none, we has plenty."

"Okay hun, I'll let you talk to him."

I looked over at Jason and just rolled my eyes. Grams handed me the telephone receiver.

"Yeah... Okay... I will... I won't... We will... We won't. He said he'd bring me home after supper tomorrow... About five o-clock. Okay mom, I love you too. Bye." I hung up the receiver. I smiled at Jason and gave the thumbs-up. He nodded his head with equal excitement.

"Okay." Grams said. "You bois get outside an play whilst I finishes supper up. I'll call yous' in about an hour. Don't go runnin off so far yawl can't hear me now."

"We won't Grams." Jason told her. And out the door we went.

We just kind of walked around the farmyard, kicking rocks and talking. There really wasn't much to do since we couldn't go far, and we only had about an hour before supper.

We stopped and watched Jason's Grandpa in the barn do some work on one of the hay-balers for awhile. "You boz did me good today. You worked mighty hard. How'd yous' like a cold beer?"

This was not uncommon for Jason's Grandpa to give his help a beer or two after they had helped him. It wasn't like the guys sat around after work and got drunk, but a couple of beers for me would give me a little buzz. Jason and I readily excepted his offer. We walked over to the old, Frigid-Air. Jason opened the door and we both gasped. It was plum-full of Old-Milwaukee in bottles. We looked at each other with wide eyes. What could two young boys do with an icebox full of beer after hours? We each got one.

We sat and sipped our beer as we listened to Jason's Grandpa tell us stories while he worked. The beer tasted good and when we finished it, Jason asked, 'Can we have another beer Grandpa?"

"Yap, You boz hep yo selves, Ma'll call us soon for suppa. Don't yous' get silly now." he warned.

"Ah Grandpa... we won't. It's just a couple ah beers." Jason told him. His Grandpa just chuckled.

Just as we finished our second beer, Jason's Gram hollered out. " Bois... Paw. Suppers ready!"

I was already hungry, and with the two beers in me, I was really hungry. When I stood up, I felt just a little buzzed and I giggled. Jason stood and giggled too.

Jason's Grandpa just laughed at us. "Come on boz. Maw's fixings will take care ah those giggles." he said.

Once we men washed our hands, we all sat down at the kitchen table and Jason's Grandpa said the blessings. As Jason and I ate like we had never eaten before, his Grandpa and Grams sniggered as they watched us.

"You Bois betta save some room. I made apple-pan-doughty fo desert. It`s so good, it`ll make yo tummy holla howdy." Grams told us with a laugh. We just nodded with our mouths full.

After supper, with bellies full, we all thanked Grams for such a wonderful meal. Unfortunately, Jason and I had to tell her we would have to wait awhile for the pan-doughty. She just giggled.

After supper Jason and I went outside. It wasn't much cooler outside but it was better than staying in the house. "What do you want to do?" I asked him.

"I don't know." he said. "Want ta pass the football around?" ( Remember, this was a time before Internet and home video games. We were lucky to have Pong. ) ( If you don't remember Pong, you might be too young to be reading this story. )

"Naw, it's too hot for that. Besides, I'm too full."

"Want ta take my riffle and try ta shoot some crows?" he suggested.

"Naw, I'm not a very good shot." I told him.

"We could go to the pond and go fishin if ya want."

"That'd be okay." I said.

Jason went back inside and told his Grams what we were going to do. He came back out and we went into the barn and got a couple of cane-poles and an old coffee can for worms. We stopped at the compost-pile and gathered a few worms to take with us.

The pond wasn't much. Not much more than a watering hole for cattle, but there were fish and frogs in it. There was an old willow tree off to the edge of the pond. It was shaded there. We sat at the edge of the pond under the willow and threw our baited hooks into the water. We sat there talking while we watched the little bluegills steal our worms. We talked about our families and school. Our friends and girls. And sex.

As our talk about sex evolved we both started getting boners. Now clad only in cut-off blue jeans and tennis shoes, I admired his stout, firm, young body. As we lay beside each other in the grass under the willow, I reached over and rubbed his left nipple with my finger tip. He sighed, relaxed and laid back to rest against his elbows. His nipples quickly became erect. I toyed back and forth between the two of his pert, boy-tits and felt the grove of his firm, smooth chest.

"So." I asked him. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Nah. Girls are a waist of time. They want you to spend all your time with em. Go ta dances and stupid girl stuff. If I found a girl that liked the things I do, maybe. You know... fishin and shootin and other boy things, like sex stuff." I only knew too well what he was talking about.

As I rubbed my fingers down over his hard tummy I said, "Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel the same way. Boys can suck each other or jack-off together, then go fishin and stuff, just like we're doing now." He giggled and I felt his abdominal muscles tighten as his tummy jiggled.

"How long you been doing... you know... boy stuff?" I asked.

I continued to rub his smooth tummy as he told me his story. "Since I was about ten." he replied. "I caught my older brother on his bed naked, jackin-off one day when he was thirteen. I asked him what he was doing and he told me about how good it felt to play with your dick. He talked me into jackin his dick for him and I couldn't believe it when he shot out his sperms. I never knew about stuff like that. He told me to get naked too and get into bed with him. When I did, he tried to jack me off too, but my dick was too small then. He was a little rough on my pecker and I told him it hurt. He told me he knew something that would feel better and leaned down and started to suck on my wiener. I knew right away I liked it. It didn't take long and the bed started spinning around. I felt all tingly inside and I told him to stop, but he didn't, he just kept on suckin me. Before I knew it I couldn't breath. I never felt anything like it. After he stopped sucking me, he told me I had had an orgasm and explained things about boy stuff to me. That night after we went to bed we played around some more and I sucked his dick. It was big and he shot his stuff into my mouth. I was grossed-out at first, but it didn't tasted too bad. He told me, that swallowing his sperms made us that much closer. It really made me feel good when he hugged me and told me he loved me."

Wow! was all I could say. "Do you guys still do it?"

"Sometimes, but not like we used to. We used to do it every night, but now he has a car and goes out with girls. Sometimes when he comes home from a date, he's all horny and stuff and gets all lovie-dovie with me. I like it. It`s just like the old days."

I let my finger tips slip under the elastic of his white, Fruit Of The Loom underwear. I felt the thin layer of soft pubic hair he had. His gland penis head was plump, warm and moist under the thin cotton. I gently squeezed the swollen tip of his prick. His hips jerked and he let out a slight moan. "Damn boy. You like playing with my dick don't ya?"

"Uh huh." I sighed.

"So, you ever mess around with other boys too?" he asked.

As I continued to play with his hard, boy-dick inside his shorts, I told him my story. "I've messed around with a few boys." I told him. "First time, I was ten too, with my cousin. At first we just looked at each other's hard wieners. Then we started to feel each other up, than he put his mouth around my dick and sucked on it. He told me to suck his too, so I did. It felt so wicked!"

"After that." I continued, "I started to mess around with my neighbor. He liked me suck'n his dick and he didn't have any problem sucking me too. We've done it almost every day since. He's got a big'n. He's my age. I also play around with my younger cousin too. Not my one cousin's brother, but a different cousin. He's just nine, but he likes to mess around with me. He`s just got a little, boy-dick"

"Damn boy, you sure are a horny-toad ain't ya?" I giggled. "You got me hornier than a two puckered billy-goat. You keep playin with ma dick like that, an I'm goin ta brake my eggs." I pulled my hand out from his under pants.

"You can't shoot yet." I told him. "You got ta play with me too."

"Let's take our clothes off." he told me. My cock was already as hard as could be, with all the dirty talked we had said.

We both stood up and pushed our shorts and under-pants off. He wasn't shitting. He was as hard as I was. "Don't look like I'm the only horny-toad here." I told him.

Standing in front of each other, we both reached out and started to pull on each other's boners. His pecker was hard, yet soft in my hand. We inched closer until our boner-tips touched. Both of our bodies jerked at the contact. We pushed our swollen dicks together as if they were kissing. Pee-hole to pee-hole. My knees trembled.

I reached my hands behind him and grabbed his butt, pulling him tighter into me. As our groins meshed, so did our young, firm chests and tummies. Jason wrapped his arms tightly around my back pulling me even tighter into him. As we ground our hard dicks against each other, our lips met and we kissed lips hard together. Standing under the willow tree making love to this beautiful boy was all I wanted to do. Our gentle grinding became a brutal humping of teen lust.

Our kissing stopped and we just held each other with our chins pressed into each other's shoulders as tight as we could, standing on tip-toes, thrusting into each other like dogs in heat. Wiggling our hips from side to side and forwards trying to get the most body contact as possible.

I felt faint as my orgasm built. "Oh... Fuck Jason. I'm going to shoot." I warned him.

"Yeah boy. Do it. Do it! Squirt for me baby. I'm... I'm... I'm, goin ta shoot too."

Grunting like wild hogs we spat out sperms together between our tight, damp tummies. The heat of our young bodies clenched tightly together with our cocks slipping and sliding against each other through the slimy mess was awesome. We humped each other until we had became flaccid again. We both squatted down and laid back onto the ground and enjoyed the after-glow of our orgasms as our heart beats and breathing slowed.

After we recuperated we got up and walked over to the edge of the pond and rinsed the cum off of ourselves. Jason's lean, naked frame looked so sexy to me as he squatted near the water`s edge. Squatted down, his sides flared wider at his hips to form a beautiful, white, bubble-butt. The soft, half globs of flesh hiding his inner parts. I thought how nice it would be to stick my cock in his ass and fuck the hell out of him. Even though we had kissed, sucked each other off and dry-fucked each other, I was too afraid to push my luck. After all, butt-fucking was really queer. Maybe he wasn't that queer. I might get my chance to find out just how queer he was when we went to bed that night. Evening was on the horizon as we walked back to the house.

When we got back, I really needed to take a dump. Jason grumbled as I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I think he needed to go too and now he would have to wait until I had my time alone. I always felt embarrassed to poop at someone else's house, but it was a job that had to be done. It was a small bathroom, if you want to call it a bathroom. There was only a commode and a sink. At least there was a ceiling-vent to exhaust the smell.

Having finished the paper work, I felt a whole lot better. I washed my hands and walked back out to the kitchen where Jason was sitting at the table looking at a Field & Stream magazine.

"Check this out." he said. I looked over his shoulder and there was a picture of a teenaged girl posing with a big bass she had caught. The girl looked to be about fourteen. She had on a green, baseball cap that had the John-Deer logo on it. She had long straight, brown hair that went past her shoulders. She had a rather `plan-jane' face with some freckles across the bridge of her nose and a big, proud smile. She wore a tight, white T-shirt that showed off her budding, young tits. The tight cut-off blue-jeans she wore nicely showed off her tanned thighs and smooth legs. "Now that's the kind of girl for me." he said. I grunted with agreement. With no avail, my eyes tried to undress her so I could see her naked. My mind wondered to what it would be like to fuck a girl and lick her pussy.

"Yeah." I told him. "She almost looks like a boy. I wish I could fuck a girl like that."

"She's too much of a tom-boy. She'd probably bite your dick off if you tried to fuck her." he chide.

"I'd take my chances." I told him. "Once she saw my big dick, she'd be all mine."

Jason laughed. "In your dreams little boy."

I whispered into his ear, "You didn't think I was so little when you were gagging on my cock earlier."

"Save it horny-toad." he snickered.

He pushed himself away from the table. "My turn to go shit." he said. "I hope it don't still stink in there."

"Just hold your breath." I told him.

While Jason was it the toilet, I sat down and stared at the picture of the girl in the magazine. I wondered what it would be like to caress her soft, smooth, naked body. Before I knew it, I had a boner straining in my shorts. I had never even came close to any sex play with a girl. I shook it out of my mind. I was just too shy around girls, but I could hold my own around other boys. Even though I knew sexing with other boys was queer, I liked it.

While Jason's grandparents watched the evening news in the living room, we played a game of Monopoly at the kitchen table. It just wasn't much fun with only two playing. Although, having taken off our shoes and socks it was fun playing footsie under the table with Jason. We heard footsteps coming from the living room and quickly pulled our feet back and put them under our chairs. Jason's Gram walked into the kitchen. "You bois ready for your pan-doughty?' she asked us. We both looked up, nodded our heads and readily excepted.

She dished us each up a big bowl of pan-doughty then got some vanilla ice cream out of the freezer and put two big scoops on top. Jason's Gram was a good cook and the desert was great. She went back into the living room to watch Hee-Haw while we ate.

When we were finished eating, she came back into the kitchen to gather our dishes to wash. "You bois smells a bit ripe. Swimin in that dirty, ol river didn't wash the stink off yeahs. Head on downstairs and wash up before bed. No need to soil the linen. We thanked he for desert and agreed to go down and take a shower.

I followed Jason upstairs to his attic bedroom were we each picked out a pair of pajama bottoms and two towels, then we went back downstairs to the basement where the shower was. The shower wasn't much. It was just bare pluming on the wall with a shower head. There wasn't even a shower curtain, just a drain in the floor.

We both striped down our shorts and looked at each other standing there naked. Even though we had already seen each other naked that day and had cum three times together, we started to bone up.

Jason stepped closer to me and wrapped his hand around my stiffing meat. "Damn boy... I like your dick. You get a boner fast."

I giggled, reached out and took hold of his teen-boner too. "I like your dick too." I told him. "They booth look the same."

"Have you ever seen one with the skin still on it?" he asked.

"I've seen a few older boys with skin in the showers after gym class but never up close."

"My neighbor still has skin. We mess around some. It's really neat to play with his skin. But he's only twelve and his dick is still small." My cock thickened in his hand at the thought of him messing around with his younger neighbor boy.

"What all do you guys do?" I asked.

"Stuff like we did today." he told me. "Rub, jack and suck." I was getting hornier by the second. I started to jack him off but he said, "Not yet. Let's clean up and wait until we go to bed." Hesitantly I let his boner slip from my hand. We played a little grab-ass as we washed and took turns washing each other's cock and balls. When we were clean we rinsed and dried off. We put our P J's on and went back upstairs.

Jason's Grandpa was already sound asleep, snoring in his recliner and Grams was nodding off sitting on the couch. Jason prodded his Gram awake. "We're goin ta bed now Grams, we're tired."

Groggily she said, "I reckon you bois are. Yous' worked hard today. You bois go on and get some rest. I'll wake yous' in the mornin." Jason and I bid her goodnight and went upstairs.

I really was tired but I wanted to play with Jason's dick some more. We hadn't had our P J's on for four minutes and we were both naked again. Jason fell back onto his bed. He scooted toward the middle and drew his feet together, splaying his knees wide open to reveal his manhood for me. As young boys do, both our dicks sprung to action quickly.

I climbed over the top of him so I could lay on top of his young, hard, smooth body. When I did, my boner got caught between his clasped feet. It slipped right between them. Wow! That was a different feeling. His feet were warm and his soles were super smooth. I giggled because it tickled my hard wiener. Jason giggled too because my boner tickled his soles. "Hey. That feels good." I told him.

`Yeah." he said. "It feels weird." He started to wiggle his toes, stroking my cock. Wow! I couldn't believe how it felt. He was jacking me off with his toes and feet.

"God... Jason. If you keep doing that, it'll make me shoot."

Surprised he asked, "Really? It feels that good?"

"Hell yes. " I told him, as I started to push and pull my boner through the soles of his feet. He kept working his toes, pulling my foreskin back and forth along my shaft. It felt like I was fucking. It was so erotic to watch my cock slip between his feet. I only humped his feet for a couple of minutes while he was jacking his boner. I felt my orgasm begin. "Fuck Jason, I'm goin ta shoot."

He seem just as excited as I was. "Me too." he told me. I leaned forward, bent down and took his boy-cock into my mouth and started sucking him as I kept fucking his feet. It felt so weird and exciting. I never thought you could fuck someone's feet like this. We both started grunting and bucking our hips. I felt a couple warm squirts of his cum hit the back of my throat. I was there too and I shot a couple of squirts of my boy-cum between the soles of his feet. It wasn't much but it felt like I cum a gallon. Tired, I laid down on top of him, sliding my slick boner against his wet cock.

"Wow! " I told him.

"Yeah... I know. That was wicked."

We kissed lightly and rolled onto our sides hugging each other, tummy to tummy, dick to dick. I woke sometime during the night, finding myself spooning against his naked butt and back. He felt so warm and smooth. I reached over him and felt his soft dick. I cupped his balls and drifted back off to sleep.

At 8:00 AM. Jason's Gram called up the stairs to wake us. We woke and for several minutes we played with each other's morning woodies and talked about how much naughty fun we had had.

Jason asked me, " After we get done today... do you think you would be allowed to spend the night with me at my house? I have a tent set up in my backyard. We could sleep outside ."

The idea of spending another hot night of sex with this horny, young, farm boy excited me. Oh, I knew I wanted to, but I doubted that I would be aloud. "I don't know." I told him. "My mom don't drive and my dad don't like to drive to take me places or to come get me."

"I'm sure my mom would take you home in the morning. You have to call your mom and ask her. It would be awesome. We could suck and play all night."

"I'll call her." I told him. "But I doubt if she'll let me."

After breakfast Jason called his mom and asked if I could sleep over with him and take me home in the morning. She said it would be alright and would drive me back home the next day.

My heart was pounding with anticipation as the phone rang at my house. After some begging, my mom agreed that I could spend another night with my new friend. I couldn't wait to get the rest of the hay bailed so Jason and I could go to his house.