After Hours at the Skating Rink

By Æros

To my friend Kellen in Montana....Enjoy


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    • This story contains profane language
    • This story contains explicit homosexual content.
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This is the third story in the Lakeville Chronicles.

The stories may be first four may be read in any order.

Other titles include: "Because I like the View", "From Afar" and "Another Perspective"

I am a Dj.

I used to work for a gay bar, but they just hired some fucker that I am sure is sleeping with the owner. Things are so tight in this small lakeside town; the only gig I could get is at a skating rink. Besides the skating rink the only places that have work for DJs are two country music dance bars, one techno dance club that is rather gay-unfrendly, a teen club that alternates weekends between country and rave music and there is the gay bar that just let me go. Lakeville is bigger then what some people who just visit in the summer think, but it still isn't huge. There is talk of someone putting together a hang-out for students at the local college but it is just talk at this point, and I need the money.

The skating rink really is a nice facility with a great sound system, rink, food bar and one of the largest tube and slide complexes I have ever seen. Everything is clean, and well maintained, but it still isn't exactly what I had in mind when I started to spin. I mean, it's nice and all, but I would prefer a place where the patrons were closer to my own age, and working at a gay bar increases the chance of meeting someone you want to date while reducing the chance of falling for a straight guy.

I'm only about four foot six, with light blond hair in a bowl cut I part down the side. My bangs flop down in front of my right eye half of the time, but my hair is short in back. I have bright blue eyes, and a boyish face. I even get carded on the rare occasions that I buy cigarettes for a friend, not to mention when I want a drink. So... you can see why I don't like getting any wires crossed with straight guys. I am too easy to pound.

I have only been working here for the last couple of weeks, and have not met the whole crew. The manager prefers to always schedule you on the same nights every week. It not only makes scheduling easy for him, it assures that the team of employees are used to working together and the operation is a well oiled machine. The patrons go through the cashier line to get in, music flows, skaters skate, the lines to get a drink or food keep moving and no fights. Changes in schedule are only made when demand needs it, and then he attempts to make it happen only two employees at a time. Gustaav is very meticulous.

The people I work with most are Andy and Casper, the two "referees" that keep things safe out on the skating rink. Andy is taller then me but then, who isn't? He stands about five foot nine, has a big chest like a farmer or a weight lifter. He has dark hair and brown eyes. He doesn't say very much, but comes over to the booth frequently and watches the skaters from there. Casper is taller yet; he stands about six foot two. He has blond hair that is cut about like mine, except that his bangs don't fall in front of his face. Casper is skinny as a rail, and there is no one faster on skates, in-line or otherwise.

Last week Alice, the supervisor over the food area fired Hugh for something; I don't know for what. So canteen was busy as hell Thursday with one man down. She and Gustaaf, the owner/manager hired a new guy to work at the beginning of this week. He could barley keep up with the drinks and such for the first night or two but he just got faster and faster and was up to speed by his third night.

The new guy came up to me the second night he was working and introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Balthazaar, but my friends all call me Czar".

"Hi, I'm Alvin. Is there anything I can play for you?" I wanted to keep him over at my booth for as long as I could. He was cute. He had straight dark hair, sort of short parted at the side, and a pretty smile. He was about my height, and I couldn't help but be interested.

"Sure, Can you play 'Tainted Love' by umm..."


"Yeah! Softcell"

"I have it, but I can't play it till after all the kids are gone. Not exactly age appropriate."

"Oh. How 'bout 'Pan Blue' by Yello?"

"Sure! " I couldn't resist those green eyes looking up at me. I not only played 'Pan Blue' but used 'Resistor' and 'Bubbling Under' for a triple play of Yello.

Later, when Balthazaar was on break he came over.

"Got any Tangerine Dream... Catwalk perhaps?"

"For you, anything" escaped my lips before I realized what I had said. Balthazaar only smiled and intently watched as I beat mixed the next song. It was really too loud to have any sort of meaningful conversation. We ended up going through the music collection, pointing at titles nodding or shaking our heads, and making faces when we saw something that we really disliked, and smiling a lot at each other. At the end of his break he went back to work.

Casper came over and asked, "Can you play 'Confusion' ?"


He raised his eyebrows. "Who else is invited?" He winked, paused a second then said, "Actually I like the one by New Order better!"

"There are several...The 'Pump Pannel Reconstruction Mix' ?"

"Is that what it is called?"

"I'll put it on when I get done with this set, and if it isn't the right one I'll play the other versions during clean-up"

Casper taunted, "C'mon... Czar didn't have to wait... How come I do?" he winked again and skated away before I could respond.

I blushed and worried a bit. Not that I am deep in the closet, but the public knowing that I am gay could cause problems with my continued employment in a skating rink with kids. Living here in the mid-west, things aren't as casual as they are in some cities. I cut some corners and put on the requested New Order. I didn't think that Casper would make my life hell the way he winked, but I decided that I wanted to keep him happy anyway.

As Casper skated past the next time he made a thumbs up indicating that this was indeed what he wanted to hear. It looked like it was a hit by most of the workers; Andy was smiling more then usual, Balthazaar was rocking out behind the counter serving drinks to the beat, Gustaav even had a funny spring in his step as he walked around inspecting everything. Only Alice seemed to not be enjoying herself. She rolled her eyes and went back into the wash area.

At close that night I played soft-cell as Casper and Andy swept the skating rink and Balthazaar bussed the picnic tables. I didn't have as many clean up duties and was finished before everyone else, but I stayed behind off the clock and provided music for everyone who was working. I went to the canteen and asked Alice if there was anything that I could help her with hoping to work a bit closer with Balthazaar but she said, "Sorry, Balthazaar is pretty quick we're all done." I looked around and didn't see him anywhere, "He's already gone hon."

Caspar and Andy came over and asked if I wanted to go to the bar next door. It is a straight bar that plays jukebox country music, but the booze is cheep and it is close so I said, "Yes". We didn't talk much, just played darts and shot some pool.

After that night, I have stayed late every night playing music for the crew. Gustaav told me that he appreciated it, because it seemed that the employees liked it and actually worked faster.

It wasn't until Wednesday I finally got to speak with Balthazaar afterward. He and I sat at one of the tables there and drank coke. I found out that he wasn't jail-bait, and in fact he was to be a senior this fall in high school. Though he was a bit younger then I normally go for, there was a good chemistry between us, and I don't mean just similarities in taste in music. I didn't find out whether or not he was interested in me or not, and wouldn't get to find out any more until Friday since we both have Thursday off.

Friday is our busiest night, and Last night was no exception. Things were so crowded, and the place was so busy that when the doors closed, it looked as if a tornado had hit. I surveyed the mess and concluded that we were going to be cleaning all night. Luckily we don't work the day shift. Last night, I continued to play music, but stayed on the clock and helped Balthazaar sweep and clean tables.

With all the work, we all seemed to finish at different times. Casper and Andy were done first and they slipped off to the bar. Alice finished next, apologized that she couldn't stay to help with some of the other mess and gave instructions to Balthazaar of what she wanted him to do before he left. The guys that run the front desk who vacuum a lot of the carpet were done next and they split. Half way through the additional work, Casper and Andy popped back in.

"I know you guys aren't going to get out of here in time to enjoy the bar, so I got you something" Casper said quietly.

"What?" I asked quietly.

Casper looked around to see who was and who was not around. Then produced a 750ml bottle of Schnapps and placed it under the counter where any casual observers wouldn't be able to see. Andy smiled a devilish smile and said, "Have fun kids" as they both headed back toward the exit. I thanked Casper and threw a wadded up towel at the back of Andy's head. He knows that I am sensitive about age jokes; I hate being carded.

One by one the other workers filed out. Gustaaf came over and commented on how good of work we were doing, and asked, "Do you mind locking up? "

"No" I replied.

"Are you sure? I can wait if you want someone to make sure that you two made it to your cars safely"

"It's okay, we can watch each other's backs"

Balthazaar nodded.

We worked for about another forty-five minutes, and then completed the list of additional tasks that Alice had formulated. By that time we were all alone. I asked, "Pour you a drink?"

"How will I get home? I won't drive drunk."

"You can crash over at my house. I live about four blocks from here. I have a hide-a-bed"

"Cool.. then let me have it"

I poured two generous drinks of the cold schnapps in the paper cups used for soda, and we moved over to the picnic tables in the main eating area. The atmosphere was completely different with just the security lights on. The music was still playing. In the last part of the marathon cleaning, I set up a pre made stack of CD's with several hours of music that I knew Balthazaar would like.

We talked about music, about Alice, about Gustaav and lots of stuff over the next hour or so. I think we had two or three, maybe four glasses, so we were feeling rather tipsy. Balthazaar stood up, turned towards the tubes and slides and said, "I have NEVER been in one of those. They didn't have them in the town where I grew up, and I have ALWAYS wanted to go in one."

"Never have I. Gustaav came to live here at the lake after I graduated to be with his grand kids. He is retired and saw this as a way to keep a flow of cash coming in."

"It's huge. He could have built one a quarter of the size and kids would still come."

"He loves is grand kids. I'm sure he did it for them. I've been all over and I have never seen one four stories high, that long or that wide!"

Suddenly Balthazaar sang, "Nee-ner Nee-ner Nee-Ner... You can't catch me!" and he ran into the monstrous network of tubes, slides, cargo nets, rock-climbing surfaces, mats, trampolines and such. Before I could get out from in-between the picnic table and the attached bench, he was gone.

I went in after him but there was no trace of him. I crawled up a tube that had footholds that led to a small room with three exits. The hole I chose led down a tube that was intermittently tube and nylon tethers, and as I crawled I noticed that some segments of tube were on a fulcrum so that it teeter-tottered as I crawled along. I was both excited and scared. It was so dark, but it was fun nonetheless.

At the end of that tube was another small room with two other holes, one that led to a slide, and another that led to another pathway up higher. I felt that I would have a better vantage point up high to see where Balthazaar was so I proceeded up the second tube with footholds, much like the first tube I went into. At the top, there was a sort of hallway with a set of punching bags to hinder your way from walking on a four-inch plank. A couple of feet below the plank was a thick foam rubber mat covered in vinyl.

On the other side was an opening for a slide, so I stood there to look around a moment. I was a bit tipsy, so I grabbed a hold onto the netting to stop from falling and rested as I peered through the dim lighting to see a sign of someone's movement in another section. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands on my butt pulling me forward toward the opening of the slide. One remained on my ass as the other sensuously moved around my leg to my crotch. The hand then firmly held me as my cock grew harder. I held on tightly to the netting as the hand pulled down my sweat pants and underwear, and as I felt the wonderfully wet sensation of someone's warm lips wrap themselves around my dickhead. You may wonder why I was wearing sweats in the middle of summer; the air conditioner makes it quite cold in the skating rink.  I gasped as I felt the tongue lovingly moving back and forth on the underside of my cock as he took me deeper and deeper into his velvety mouth.

I continued to hold the netting tightly, the blow job was taking my breath away, not to mention making me weak at the knees. It felt so good. I felt him pull off, and start to lick my balls, then up and down my shaft in a series of one and two-inch licks all the way up and all the way down. He then started to lick slower, with pauses in-between each intense lick. Slowly he worked is way back to my balls, slowly he licked each one several times, and then slowly he worked his way back up the shaft. Each lick a little slower, each pause in-between a little longer raising the anticipation of the next lick higher and higher.

I waited in anticipation of the next lick, but it never came. Suddenly I was there all alone standing at the top of a slide grasping the netting tightly with my hands with my dick hanging out. I adjusted myself back into my briefs, pulled up my sweats and quickly went down the slide. I eyes were more adjusted to the dark, but there was still no sign of which way he went. I intently scanned the darkness for my newfound lover.

Suddenly I noticed a small ball rolling toward me. I looked over, and I was not far from a small room made of netting and filled a foot or two deep with these little plastic balls. A thousand things went through my mind as I approached the stairs that let up to the entryway to this room; including the fact that this would be the perfect place to hide. I scanned the room from a closer distance, it was divided into two parts, apparently to not only provide two areas for play, but for there to be two sides for a "snowball fight" of plastic balls. I tried to discern which side, if any, someone was hiding. After I couldn't decide I took a leap of faith into one side.

I landed and bounced. The floor under the balls was basically a trampoline except that the netting walls were connected to the floor. Then I moved around a bit, and though it was fun in my drunken stupor it was a definite let down to not find anyone hidden waiting for me. I sat up, only to be pelted with two balls on one side of my head. I dove back under the protective cover of the balls, grabbed a ball in each hand, and sat up. I scanned once again, but was hit before I could focus on where to throw accurately. I let the balls fly almost aimlessly into the darkness and continued to pick up and throw balls as fast as I could. I am sure that I was hit more times then I hit anything, but it was fun.

I changed my strategy. I started moving to the other side, to tackle my invisible assailant. I dove into the other side, and grabbed him by the torso and began to unzip his fly. Suddenly, I felt the strength of my opponent as he lifted me and spun me around and started to pull down my sweats. I did a basic martial arts sweep and rolled on top of him and sat there as I finished unwrapping my prize, but before I could return the favor of the blow job, I was once again tackled and manipulated by some obscure wrestling move so that I was once on my back, half buried in plastic balls. I felt the cold air and plastic balls against my dick.

Though I could use the second half of the blowjob I received earlier, I wasn't about to give up. I wanted to taste him as much as I wanted to get off. I sat up and once again began to wrestle, but half way through several transitions, we both found ourselves in a sixty-nine position with me on the bottom, which seemed amenable to us both. Passionately he enveloped my cock with his hot mouth, and desperately I took his beautiful prick into my own hungry mouth. His cock was about the same length as mine, with a little curve to it. Not so much curve that it made it difficult to suck, but enough curve that it would feel great to ride. My dick is straight. His prick was about the same thickness all the way up and down the shaft, mine gets a bit narrower around the base and thicker at my circumcision mark. I like the shape of my cock because once I get it in, it isn't gonna come out till I am done, but that's getting ahead of myself.

We sucked on each other's dicks for what seemed like hours, and then we rolled onto our sides and sucked each other some more for another long while. I felt Balthazaar pull at me to get me to get on top, and I complied. I continued to hungrily suck him as I myself was so close to orgasm that I couldn't decide to let loose or to try to stop myself. He pulled me into him with his hands upon my ass, guiding me to face fuck him. So I started to slowly thrust into his mouth and pull back at the rate his hands guided me, and I continued to suck his cock. I could tell that my gyrations turned him on because his cock started to spasm, though I had not changed the way I was sucking on him one bit. The taste of his sweet cum, and the smell of his excitement drove me over the edge. I started to cum, and I could feel Balthazaar swallowing has I ejaculated again and again into his wet mouth.

When we finished I rolled onto my side with him still in my mouth, and I gently licked him as I sort of drifted off in a sort of dreamy bliss.

We cuddled there for a while, each licking each others cock every so often, then without warning, he got up and ran out of the little room while pulling up his pants. The game was on again. Could I once again find him in the dark, and what sweet prize would be waiting for me if I did?

I pulled up my sweats before I even started to get up and go up the tube in pursuit. At the top of the tube was a small room with several exits, I examined the edifice to see where each hole would lead, and thought to myself what way he would probably have gone. I gave up on the idea of spotting him in the entanglement of tubes, rooms and slides, rather I started thinking more about where would he want to be next. If I were Balthazaar, where would I hide, or where would I want to be found.

Then I noticed the section of the structure with the punching bags supported from the ceiling, and a balance beam just below them. The bags were swinging enough that I got the idea that he might have come or gone that way. I looked a moment longer to discern which bags were moving more to determine which direction he went. Then I studied the structure more to try to figure out what was the closest way to get there, and then I tried to figure out a path that I thought would be a short cut to where he might be hiding.

Half way through the tube, it bent upwards and there were footholds, so I climbed. At the top it bent around and I caught a glimpse of him coming toward me. Balthazaar laughed and changed direction into a side tube. I was close to another side tube and took the chance that it might lead to the same place, however, it led to a room with a trampoline separated in the middle with fine netting. There was a hole in the netting about half way up the room. I got the idea that this was for playing some sort of game where you tried to jump up using the trampoline and throw a ball through the hole to the other side. While this sounds like fun, the netting was preventing me from reaching the object of my desires.

Balthazaar stood there on his side of the trampoline on the other side of the net in the dimly lit area, and slowly stripped his clothing off in a suggestive manner. He taunted me by coming closer to the netting, only to smile and back a way. Then he started to bounce up and down in the nude. It was fun to watch his erection bounce up and down as he jumped, and sort of jiggled when he landed. I didn't know whether to join him and do a strip tease, or try to figure out the shortest way to get to him. The funny thing about some mazes is that the closer you seem to be to someone, you could be the farthest from them. I stared in awe of his trim body bouncing, his physique was breath taking. I couldn't wait to feel what it could do in bed.

I thought that I saw the way to get there, and so I tore myself away from the gymnastics display and began to crawl through tubes. As it turns out, the tube that I thought would lead me there, ended up leading me to a spiral slide. When I reached the bottom, I went over to a series of staggered padded platforms that you can climb all the way to the top. Each platform was about four feet from the next, and was staggered about two feet from the adjacent platform, so climbing was easy. Once at the top, I tried to get my bearings straight and figure out a way to make it back to the trampoline. I could see the trampoline, I could see Balthazaar's clothing still on the trampoline, but Balthazaar was nowhere to be seen.

I basically said "what the hell" chose a tube and started crawling. I anxiously crawled, hoping to catch a glimpse of him once more. At the end of the tube I selected was a long room with a padded floor and a rope loop hanging from a track that you could swing back and forth on. There were two padded stairs leading up to a platform so even children could reach the ropes, but there were no steps in the center section where you slide along hanging from the rope, and there was a matching set of steps to another platform on the other side. I looked around the room, and for the fun of it I grabbed the rope and slid to the other side. It was fun, but not as fun as finding Balthazaar; so I slowly walked on toward the next set of tubes. As I started to bend down, I heard the rollers on the track behind me. I turned around and saw Balthazaar swinging on the rope and flying through the air toward me. He was still in the buff.

I couldn't catch him, and we fell to the padded floor laughing. We rolled around and kissed a few moments before I picked him up, and gently carried him over to the platform. I carefully laid him down and kissed him gently on the lips. His butt was on the edge of the platform facing the center area where there were no stairs. I knelt down on the floor facing the platform, my knees against the edge of the platform. Balthazaar sank into the foam rubber just enough so his ass was perfectly in line with my prick.

I massaged his legs as he pulled his knees to his chest into a little ball. I rubbed his legs and landed forward and felt my dick head press against his ass as I kissed him deeply on the lips. I then sat back down so that my face was closer to Balthazaar's torso and began to gently lick his balls, and then worked my way down and gently ran my tongue over his sphincter. All the while I ran my hands up and down his legs. I slowly licked my way up his balls and gently took each ball one at a time into my mouth before proceeding to lick his shaft and suck some more on his delicious cock.

Then I leaned forward and kissed him once more. Once again, my cock naturally found its way to his entrance, and it gently pressed into him as I leaned forward and licked Balthazaar's nipples. His body felt so warm as I kissed him, especially his ass begged my dick to come inside. I didn't apply any more pressure, I just continued to lick one nipple then the other. Ever so slowly, my dickhead slid its way into Balthazaar's hot ass. I continued to not push, instead I shifted the angle of entry first by pressing gently down on his legs making him sink deeper into the foam platform so that I would be higher, then releasing this pressure, and moving myself side to side. Slowly Balthazaar relaxed and smoothly my dick went all the way into him.

Holding my cock deep within his tight ass, I started kissing him on the lips once more. Balthazaar started running his hands up and down my back under my shirt and I felt the urge to start to pull back. I reached forward and grabbed his cock and gently stroked it as I pulled back and Balthazaar let out a low moan, and he pulled up my shirt. I continued to stroke it as I slowly drove my cock back in till my hairless balls rested against his smooth ass. His cock was still wet from me sucking him, so I lightly squeezed and pulled as I stroked him. Every other stroke Balthazaar moaned or just let out a low "MMMMM". I sped up the thrusting of my torso a little, and it felt like lightning struck. My ears were ringing. Electricity seemed to vibrate up and down my body, even though I wasn't quite ready to cum.

I then straightened up and looked down at my beautiful lover as I pumped in and out of him, and as I stroked the firmness of his legs, and masturbated the hardness of his cock. Balthazaar's moaning and humming became louder, long low-pitched sounds of pleasure. I started to reciprocate by humming myself, but the sound that I found myself making was short low-pitched breathy hums in time with each thrust. A second wave of electricity shot through me and my ears rang like I had just heard feedback from the amplifier. This time, I felt my balls grew taught and my dick begin to pulse deep within him.

I started coming so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Balthazaar's eyes opened wide, as he said softly, "I feel it.... Ohhhh god... I feel it!!" I tried my best to not very the speed of my thrusts or the speed of my hand on his prick, but it was difficult. My ears were ringing, and it felt like electricity from my solar plexus all the way down to my balls, and then the wonderful feeling of my dick pulsing. Each ejaculation made my cock more sensitive, each electric ejaculation almost screwed my pace, each intense ejaculation made me want to feel the next. Balthazaar's breathing became deeper and he gasped, "Oh... yes... my god your dick feels so good... it is so hot". I couldn't believe that I was still coming, nor how intense the orgasm was. He continued his praise, "Don't stop.... I'm gonna cum... I need you deep in me!"

I continued coming, but could tell that I was about spent when I felt his anus clench me tightly and his dick begin to pulse in my hand. His semen shot across his chest, then across his chest and shoulder, then across his chest and neck, and across his chest, chin and face. I felt a tingling sensation within my balls as his anus relaxed and tensed up again as his second volley of ejaculations shot more cum across his chest and the cushion platform. I had stopped thrusting when his ass clamped down the first time, but I felt the urge to push deeper during this second squeeze. As I pushed deeper Balthazaar let out an "Uhhhh" that excited me. I pulled back and pushed a second time. His well lubed anus offered little resistance and my cock easily slid deeply into his extremely tight ass and he yelled, "YES!!" as he shot a third volley of ejaculations across his chest. Balthazaar's body began to twitch in between orgasms and I felt my cock stiffen and once again begin to erupt within him and my own body once again seemed electrically shocked as I filled him. I was probably twitching as much as he was.

Balthazaar shouted, "Faster!" and though it was difficult, I complied. Each ejaculation as intense as the last, each electrifying release was satisfying. I pounded harder and harder until I could pound no more. We both stopped coming as I slowed down. I slowly withdrew and leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips, his semen smearing across my bare chest. I don't know how long we lay there in the state of bliss admiring each other.

I was the first to speak. I whispered, "We should probably get over to my house before the sun comes up"

"Where did I leave my pants?"

"On the trampoline"

Balthazaar laughed a sweet laugh and kissed him once more. I hugged him and helped him to his feet. We crawled through the tubes toward the trampoline when we heard a squeaking noise. We took a side tube to get to a chamber that had windows, but was not totally exposed so that if someone really did come into the building, they would not see Balthazaar in the state of undress, but we could see who ever it was. We both looked out the series of windows but saw no one. The only hint that we might not be alone was that there was a slight movement in a large tube shaped room that was supported by six thick rubber tethers that made it swing and bounce when someone was in it. It's motion increased as we watched.

I started to crawl toward the chamber first; with Balthazaar behind me so that if it really was someone he could retreat while I gave some story about extra cleaning duties due to the report of someone throwing up in one of the upper tubes. As we rounded the corner, I caught a glimpse of another necked body. I crept closer even more quietly. I couldn't believe my eyes. Casper was lying with his back against the side of the tube, and Andy was on all fours sucking his cock.

I sat there and stared in awe of Casper's enormous straight cock above his smooth balls. He looked as if he waxed his balls like I do. Even though I was very satisfied with my new lover, I couldn't help but drool when looking at the huge thickness that dangled between Adam's legs. Adam too looked as if he shaved or waxed. Balthazaar crawled up next to me and wrapped his arms around my stomach. He then gently tugged at my waistband pulling my sweat pants down, and then he kneaded my buns and passionately ran his hands up and down my back. I felt him move closer and I felt his hardness dangling between my buns. I waited in anticipation as his hands swirled around my back and his cock began to press against my sphincter.

I let out a low moan as I felt my anus give way and Balthazaar slowly slid deeply within me in one even motion. This got the attention of Casper who looked directly at us as he placed his hands upon Andy's head urging Andy to deep throat him. I watched Casper's cock go deeper and deeper into Andy's mouth as I felt Balthazaar pull back slowly for the first time. Casper's eyes rolled back into his head as Andy started to quicken his pace. Balthazaar pushed forward as I felt tingles go up and down my spine. He didn't waste any time pulling back the second time. Balthazaar within a few strokes was going faster then Andy was bobbing up and down on Casper's ample prick.

"Ahhhhhh!" I exclaimed as Balthazaar went faster.

Andy suddenly stopped and looked over. He stared at us from all fours, his face still inches away from Casper's monster. Andy smiled and watched as Balthazaar took even longer strokes. Casper repositioned himself behind the mesmerized Andy and started to press his wet cock against Andy's ass. Andy was watching us so intently, he seemed almost surprised as Casper jabbed forward an inch or two. Andy closed his eyes for a moment as he focused on relaxing, and Casper slid his cock deeper and deeper. When Andy opened his eyes he looked at us once more, his breathing heavier and heavier as Casper started to take longer and longer thrusts.

From behind me I heard Balthazaar start to take shorter breaths, then I felt him take shorter strokes, and he held onto my torso. I felt his prick explode and his love begin to pour into me. His rhythm continued to be erratic, but he did manage to cum for a long while. I was very turned on, but wasn't quite ready to orgasm.

When Balthazaar stopped coming, he pushed it in all the way and left it there for a while before starting to slowly push in and out of me again. Then he whispered, "You wanna go suck Andy's big cock?"

Lost in the moment, I said, "Yes", then regretted that I had said it. I was really feeling in love with Balthazaar, and didn't want to hurt his feelings.

"I would like to watch you suck him off as he gets fucked" Balthazaar whispered.

"I could do that... and you could fuck me again... "

Balthazaar gently withdrew.

I crawled on all fours toward Andy, and I felt Balthazaar tug at my sweats that came off from around my knees and ankles as I crawled forward.

I crawled closer, and the "room" that Andy and Casper was in moved. I hadn't noticed that the whole room swayed with each thrust that Caspar took until I crawled into the room. I moved forward and got on my back and slid under Andy much like one would slide under a car to look under the engine. My face was now inches away from Andy's impossibly large prick. As I stared at it wondering how much of it I could fit in my mouth, I felt Andy envelope my whole prick in his mouth. I reached forward and wrapped my fingers around Andy's girth and pulled his prick toward my mouth. His cock looked even bigger inside my small hands. I could see Casper thrusting in and out of Andy as I took the first few inches of the long prick into my mouth.

I felt the familiar touch of Balthazaar's hands upon my legs, as he began to rub them up and down, and raise them into the air against his chest. Balthazaar pushed his prick back into my well-lubed hole and began to resume a slow methodical pace in and out and in and out. Andy's hot tongue swirled around my cock and my head began to spin. The bliss was almost too much.

I worked at trying to give Andy a good blowjob, but his prick was too large. I ended up licking up and down the shaft and stroking it, every so many times I would take the head and two or three inches into my mouth, but for the most part, it was a moistened hand job. Thought it was nothing like the blowjob that I gave to Balthazaar earlier, it seemed to be an adequate job enough. I felt the urethra bulge, the shaft stiffen so much that I couldn't bend it to my mouth, and watched his balls start to raise up closer to his body. I leaned forward and licked the middle third of his shaft as I continued to stroke it with my wet hand, and I felt his hot semen streak across his torso and drip down onto mine.

By the second or third ejaculation, I heard Casper make a sound that I can only describe as a growl. It was a low raspy sound that got louder and louder. With my free hand I reached between Andy's legs and gently rubbed Casper's balls as he thrust forward into Andy. I felt Casper's prick pulse and pulse as it pumped Andy full of juice.

By this time I myself started to cum. Almost without warning, my dick started to spasm and fill Andy's hungry mouth full of jism, which seemed to be what Balthazaar was waiting for because he started to cum at almost the same moment. I could feel each of us pulsing at a different rate, vigorously filling each other.

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, our ejaculations slowed or stopped, and we collapsed into a pile of exhausted flesh. We lightly caressed each other for a long while. I was the first to begin to crawl out of the room. I got up on all fours, and the room swayed a bit, both from the intoxication and from the design of the room. I had to get my bearings straight and so paused for a moment.

Me on all fours must have got Casper excited, because the next think I knew, he was behind me pushing his extremely long cock against my ass. I have heard of misinterpreting body language, but never had I guessed that crawling out of a room could be taken wrong. Before I could say no, three inches of him were already inside of me, and it didn't hurt as much as I had imagined a prick that big would. I let out a low moan as he pressed forward another two inches. I took a deep breath and braced myself before he pushed in another two inches; he was now in deeper then Balthazaar could go, and with no immediate sign of stopping. I groaned as he pushed in the last two or three painful inches. I couldn't speak.

My head spun as he pulled back half the length quickly, and then slowly drove it back all the way and pressed his warm hairless balls against my ass. Casper held it there inside and crooned in a low voice, "Relax... ". He then pushed against me tighter before withdrawing back half the length of his cock, and then slowly pushing all the way back inside. Casper's cock was so long and was sort of shaped like mine. It felt good all the way inside of me, and felt huge as he pulled it out, making me want it back in, all the way.

My ears started to ring and my head was swimming when he pulled back three fourths of the way out quickly, and drove it back in a bit faster then he had the first few times. My body was a wash of both pain and pleasure, my cock so hard that it ached. I didn't even notice what Balthazaar and Andy were doing behind us, not until I felt four more hands on my back and sides, sensuously massaging me two on either side. Casper sped up faster and faster, taking longer and longer strokes as my body relaxed and conformed to his wishes.

Balthazaar knelt in front of me, his erection begging to be sucked. I obliged and leaned forward and took him into my mouth like a hungry animal and passionately went down on him. The ass reaming had me so hot, I really needed something to suck on. Andy's hands continued to move all over my and Balthazaar's bodies as Caspar started to fuck me no-holes-barred. With each thrust, he pulled back so that only his head was left within my ass; before he mercilessly drove it all the way back in. My own balls began to tingle, and I felt a twinge in my solar plexus that seemed to move down my torso to my balls like someone torturing me with a peacock feather. My dick exploded semen across my chest three or four ejaculations and then went dormant. On my second ejaculation, I felt the underside of Casper's cock grow thicker as he drove it all the way in and held it there. I felt cock begin to pulse deeply within me just as my small orgasm was ending.

With the added lubricant, Casper started to take even bolder strokes, and he totally withdrew with each stroke. His dick-head made a quiet popping sound as it left my ass. Casper shot his hot semen over and over again; in my ass crack as he withdrew fully before penetrating again, deep within me on the thrust forward, at full depth and as he withdrew to do it some more.

Balthazaar withdrew from my mouth, rolled onto his back and slid between my arms beneath me and started to suck my cock, I leaned down and began to sixty-nine him while Casper continued to cum more virulently then I have even seen on any porno. It didn't take long for Balthazaar to cum since I had already been sucking on him, and I once again shot, but this time I came much harder. I think that maybe the first time I may have been distracted either by the pain, or by Balthazaar and Andy.

Once again, we fell into a molten pile of flesh; this time more spent then the last. Casper gently withdrew every so slowly, allowing my body to regain its composure. I don't know how long we lay there before Casper and Balthazaar crawled out of the room and stood up in the next room. A few moments later Andy followed, and then I crawled out, this time quickly as to not provoke another round.

When I started to stand in the next room, I was still dizzy, and lost my balance. Andy was there to catch me.

Instead of setting me down, he demonstrated his strength and picked me up fully and carried me out in his arms. I could see Balthazaar and Casper ahead. The room we were in was a long hall with padded floor with ropes hanging from the ceiling with rings that one could attempt to cross the room hand over hand, or play on them like gymnast rings. Half way through the room, I could tell Andy was becoming aroused again, because I felt his dick head poking me in the back.

Suddenly Andy lifted me and repositioned me so that my legs were around him. I didn't want to fall to the ground, so I reached around him. Before I knew it, his cock was beginning to enter my already lubricated ass. "Uhhhh!" I shouted as the Andy slowly supported my weight less and less causing his gargantuan cock to probe deeper and deeper. "Oh God!" I moaned as my body writhed against his girth and I began to feel his length enter deeper and deeper. It was pain and ecstasy at the same time. He was so very much bigger then Balthazaar. Not as long as Casper, but what it lacked in length it more then made up for in girth.

I started to pass out, and let go my arms from around his neck, and I started to fall backwards. Without my holding myself up, there was nothing to stop myself from being totally impaled upon Andy's prick. I was caught by Caspar who gently held my shoulders as Andy held my hips tightly and started to slowly fuck me. Caspar held me there for a while letting Andy take a few strokes before he gently lifted me back to an upright position, and Andy backed me against the wall made of netting. He thrust and pulled back harder and harder. Each thrust was less painful and more pleasurable.

Andy fucked me against the wall for a long while, and then he started to turn away from the wall. I reached around his neck and held on. I hung there while Andy continued to slowly buck in and out of me. Then I purposefully let go slowly, and let Caspar catch me again. I reached around Caspar's hips and took his erection into my mouth. From this angle, I was almost able to totally deep throat him.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Balthazaar slowly jacking off at about the same rate that Andy was fucking me. He moved closer and started to gently suck my throbbing cock. Within moments my body went into convulsions as my dick exploded inside of Balthazaar's mouth. I felt Andy's cock begin to spew semen deeply inside of me. Andy pressed it deeply and slowed down. I could feel every pulse with it buried deep into me. Caspar withdrew his cock from my mouth has he started to cum. He shot semen across my chest from above as Balthazaar came on my back from below.

When I thought it was over, Andy started to raise one leg and lower the other leg. I felt myself turn around the huge cock that was still buried deep within me. "Ahhhh... Uhhhh" I grunted. Soon he had on hand under each thigh, and he was fucking me again, faster and faster. Balthazaar's eyes grew wide as Andy went faster and faster. Sooner then I would have thought possible, both Andy and I started to cum again. I shot all over the floor as I felt Andy pulse deep within me. When we finished, Andy picked me up off from his cock and set me down on the floor.

Balthazaar steadied me as we walked forward to a slide. Balthazaar handed me my sweats. I put them on and slid down the slide and waited for the others below. Andy and Caspar soon followed half dressed, and then Balthazaar emerged fully clothed from another slide that was close by. Andy and Casper smiled, and waved but left without another word. I took Balthazaar by the hand and made for the door, stopping briefly to retrieve the bottle of schnapps we left under the table, but it was already gone.

We walked to my apartment silently. We smiled at each other, but not saying a word.

When we entered into my apartment, Balthazaar quietly walked around the room examining the artwork hanging on the walls, and the collection of Illadro statues of young men on the mantle, and of my dragon collection. Lovingly he looked at each item quietly. I went into the kitchen and poured two tall glasses of orange juice.

"Ha… this one looks like me" he said pointing at the magician between the conductor and the fisher man.

I smiled back at him.

"and this one looks like you!!" he said pointing at another Illadro.

As I sat down, I turned the switch to start the gas fireplace, and we sat on the couch staring at each other.

I placed my empty glass on the coffee table and reached out and started to gently stroke Balthazaar's thigh. I moved closer as Balthazaar placed his three quarter empty glass on the end table. When he turned back toward me, I quickly kissed him on the lips. The kiss was very passionate, but was soon broken by Balthazaar.

"Before we go any further... I have to know."


"You can have Andy, or Andy and Casper. They are both very handsome, strong and virile men. Both closer to the age of guy I bet you have been searching for. They both like you. Why are you interested in me?"

"That is simple: because I like you."

"You aren't just saying that because you are nympho...I mean... It is okay if you are... I mean, I will oblige your appetite, but I don't want to fall in love with you if you are just in it for the sex."

I laughed. "No, I like you. I really do. "

"But Andy and Casper... they are closer to your age, cuter then me, better equipped and...."

I cut him off, "For one, I really like you. For another, Andy has Caspar and Caspar has Andy. Lastly, while it is fun, even fascinating, to watch someone as endowed as they are; it does hurt. You are more gentle, even when you are forceful. Your body seems to be built for mine as mine is for yours, and believe it or not, I find you more attractive"


"Hell yeah. You have a wonderful smile, eyes I could stare into all day, and your cock may not be as big, but it sure does do the job. Your dick is above average size, even though you have a small body which makes it look huge on you, without the painful side effects."

"Ha ha" He laughed.

"I wouldn't have even crawled over to them, had you not told me to." I said as I straddled Balthazaar's lap. "Sure, when I first met them I thought to myself, 'geez, wouldn't it be great if one of those guys were gay because most men my age aren't interested in someone who looks my age, and the only men that have perused me lately are older men... ', but that was before I met you. Sure you are a bit younger then I normally date, but you are very mature and we have a lot of things in common". I unzipped his pants. "Do you find Andy and Caspar desirable?"

"Physically, they excite and scare me. It turned me on watching you with them, and then I thought it would be over between us. What was it like? You seemed to like it, did you it?" he asked reaching around me.

"It was intense. Pure sex. It felt good and painful at the same time. " I said while manipulating his three-quarter hardness out of his briefs, while it started to get harder. "Truth is… I didn't mean to get fucked once by them… much less twice… I was just crawling across the room when I got jumped"

"Will you do it again?" he asked while tugging down my sweat pants and firmly squeezing the bare flesh of my buns.

"I'm sure you can keep me satisfied," I said positioning myself over his now totally hard cock.

"Well, if I can't I would sure appreciate getting to watch again" Balthazaar said with a devilish look as one hand continued to kneed my right ass cheek and the other began to run it's way up my back under my shirt. Then suddenly Balthazaar lifted the shirt off of me.

"Count on it" I said with a laugh as I started to ease myself onto his cock.

"Ohhhh God!!!" Balthazaar breathed heavily as I slid down onto his rock-hard prick. "You're so hot, and your ass is still so tight??!?"

"So I'm not over-used goods?" I said starting to move up and down.

"Oh... god... no... You are so hot!! I would have thought for sure that Casper... and Andy... but..... Oh god!!!!"

I started to rock backward and forward as I moved up and down, and soon Balthazaar was matching my motion with a slight thrusting, his cock felt so good. "Ummmmm.... I could ride your cock all day"

"But then ..... I wouldn't get...... to ride you... " Balthazaar said, short of breath.

"That's okay... there's.... always…. tomorrow.... " I said with a slight chuckle that was soon replaced by heavier breathing on my part as Balthazaar started to thrust more vigorously changing the pace slightly.

"Oh God! I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes... do it... I wanna feel you cum in me again!"

I felt him start to ejaculate vigorously deeply within me, and my own juices start to get ready to shoot. Balthazaar was almost done when I started to cum, he arched his back and actually was able to start to suck my dick with his own cock in me. I couldn't believe that he was sucking the first couple of inches, giving me a hand job, and fucking me all at the same time. I think I came harder that moment then I had all the rest of the night it was so intense. I continued to feel Balthazaar cum through most of my own orgasm.

When we finished, I slid all the way onto him and rolled us over onto our sides and held him tightly.

"I can't believe that this is all happening.... " Balthazaar said quietly. "I wanted you from the moment I laid eyes on you"

I kissed him lightly on the lips, then passionately, and deeply. "You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that" I responded in a whisper directly into his ear.