Another Perspective

by Æros

This story was written for my good friend Aaron who is now in the United States you are missed but not forgotten.

  • This story contains explicit heterosexual, bisexual and (mostly) gay sexual content.
  • This story contains swear words. Lots of 'em!
  • This story contains some mild violence.
  • This story is intended for an adult gay or bisexual audience.
  • If you are not of legal age to read this sort of material where you live; either move to where it is legal or wait until you are old enough to read it.
  • If this sort of material does not turn you on, please leave. There are plenty of other web sites that should be more to your taste.

This is the fourth story in "The Lakeville Chronicles".

The first four stories do not necessarily need to be read in order.

This story contains references to " Because I like the View " and "From Afar " but reading them before this story is not required.

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My name is Mike.  I live in Lakeville. It used to be a series of small townships around a natural lake, but over the years several of the townships have grown together. It isn’t a huge town, but we have a few restaurants, grocery stores, a skating ring and a few bars. One or two of them have after hours though I can’t say much about that since that isn’t my sort of scene.  My scene is the beach in the summer, and the indoor pool in the winter.  I live to swim.  

It was a hot and muggy the day my best friend left town. He and I had spent most days of the summer sunning ourselves on the beach, swimming laps or races to and from the diving platform, fooling around on the diving boards, and secretly eyeballing other guys. Sometimes we went home and sucked each other off mid-afternoon before going back to the beach. On the weekends his dad would have his boat and we would go water-skiing. 

That morning was no different, other then the fact that Tom's dad had his boat at the lake on a weekday.  We went water-skiing for a while in the morning and were having so much fun we skipped lunch.  We skied and swam until three, when his dad came by and said it was time to say our good-byes because they wanted to get on the road for their vacation road-trip that would land them in Northern California where they are going to live.  God I'll miss him.

Having skipped lunch I was quite hungry and wasn’t in the mood for concessions or vending machine food so I went to change at the beach house so I could grab something in town.

So I'm sitting there on a bench on my towel in the cool air a moment before getting up and grabbing my gym bag and in walks this guy wearing gaudy orange and white Hawaiian-esque print swim shorts, the kind that hang loosely all the way down to the knee. I had seen him earlier today, but I guess I just looked past him. There were so many drop dead gorgeous guys on the beach that day.

He opened the locker next to mine and started looking through a gym bag that was hanging by a strap in the locker.

As I sat close to him, alone, I sort of sized him up: long thin legs, sort of average height for someone a year or two younger then me. I've seen bigger bulges in the shorts of the female lifeguards. He had a strong lower torso, but not a lot of muscles in his upper torso, short sandy blond hair that looked neat even after being wet and drying with the wind and sun. His best feature was his smile. Full lips, but not huge, straight white teeth, and his crystal blue eyes had just that certain je' ne sais pas.

When I finished the critique, I started to open my gym bag, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him pull down the ugly orange swim shorts to reveal a beautiful blue, indigo and cyan pair of Speedo's. They were very tight, and the three tints of blue swirled around a beautifully curved butt and a perfectly shaped bulge in the front. When I had studied him in the ugly orange shorts, I had not taken into account a tight undergarment to keep such treasures hidden behind the orange curtain.

I didn't mean to stare, but I couldn't help it. He was so cute in them; I almost didn't want him to take them off.

"What are you looking at" he said as he pulled down the  Speedo's revealing a slightly above average sized circumcised cock that appeared as if he was either aroused earlier or was it getting aroused? I couldn't depend on the fact that the semi-hard state was on account of an attraction to me or just the excitement of being looked at. For that matter, my dick gets hard as the blood rushes back into it after removing something tight.

I was totally stunned. I didn't have time to think, I didn't know that I was staring, much less did I have a lie ready, "um, your , Speedo's where did you get them?"

"Oh, um, my brother sent them to me from Paris... He's an exchange student over there right now".

"Why do you cover them up? They are really cool."

"Well, I need to add some drag in the water if I'm gonna get any faster"

"I know what you mean."

"And" he lowered his voice, "These are so tight, I can't hide my excitement."

I laughed, and he seemed embarrassed he had said it. I noticed he was getting a bit more aroused, and so was I. Then two other guys I had been watching earlier walked in the locker room.  From a distance, they were gorgeous.

The first guy had lightly tanned skin, dark brown hair and wonderful smile. He had been diving all day. I think I have seen him at the school diving team. His torso was rippled with muscles that instead of looking "chiseled" like a weight lifter, yet they seemed softer somehow.  He had the muscles of a diver.  His dives today were powerful and perfect, as was his tight butt that was covered by some long form-fitting shorts made of several colors of green, which matched his emerald eyes.

The second guy had blond hair, muscled chest, tight butt, and a huge bulge showing through the long black and blue swim shorts that fit tightly around his thighs. Then he opened his mouth and proved that one must never judge a book by its cover because in one sentence he became the ugliest guys I had seen in months.

The blond came closer to us around the corner of lockers followed by the brunette. "Damn, shouldn't you fagots get a room? Waving your gay hard-ons at each other; you’re gonna make us straight guys vomit."

The brunette sort of blushed and started to laugh.

My new friend turned his head, moved his towel to hide his dick and said, "We were just talking about what your girlfriend let us do to her last night, and were trying to decide if we want to switch sides when we do her again tonight... "

The brunette bit his tongue but continued to snicker.

"I'm gonna beat the shit out of you!"

"If your mad about the fisting thing, we weren’t the first ones to do that to her. She begged us to."

The brunette howled with laughter.

"You're fuckin' dead!" The blond raised his fist and cocked his arm.

Instinctively I stood up between them, and before I knew it I had placed my hand on his chest, extended my arm, and shoved him into the locker. "You aren't gonna beat anyone."

He struggled against my arm, but all of those laps I swam paid off, or maybe it was the adrenaline and I was a bit more in lust with the guy who was wearing tight  Speedo's then I had thought. As he moved toward me a few inches I pushed a second, and his head hit the lockers with a 'bang' as I added, "Are you?"

"No." he said defeated. I was lucky his friend didn't decide to help out. Shit, this guy was strong I was lucky he decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble.

"Now leave, before I get mad!"

The blond started to leave at a semi-fast pace. The brunette looked at me and smiled, then turned and sauntered out of the locker room.

As they left, my new friend said "Wow! Thanks! My name is Jeff"

"I hate guys like that..."

"You saved me from a third beating."

"If I had known he had hit you before, I probably would have slammed him harder… Fucker!"

"So um…what school do you go to?"

"South… and sorry… my name is Mike."

"Cool, I'll be going there next year. It will be nice to know someone. I just moved here from Dallas."

"Dallas?" I asked heading for the showers.

"Yeah, I've lived all over. My Dad works for a company that manages vacation homes and stuff. He buys and sells homes for the company." Jeff replied as he lathered up his hair.

"Vacation homes?"

"Yeah, the company he works for offers specialized real-estate services.  They purchase homes in places that are good to get away from the hustle and bustle.  They fix 'em up.  Some they sell as retirement or vacation homes.  For the vacation homes they provide maintenance services and check on them while you are not living in them to be sure they aren’t vandalized and stuff.  They hold on to the better locations and use them like a time-share for those people who want to stay in a home instead of a hotel on vacation.... for people who don't want to buy a vacation home and be tied to one vacation location."

"Never heard of such a thing." I said stepping out of the shower.

"Well my dad has been buying, deciding how to fix up a few houses, contracting the work out, recommending to the parent company if the house should be kept or sold, and he functions as a real-estate agent if they decide to sell."

"Ah… So, you wanna get somethin' to eat?" I asked as I headed for the urinals and Jeff started to dry his hair.

"Yeah. You can hang out at my house," he called out loud enough for me to hear.

"Um... Okay." I called back loudly.

When I got back to the locker I slipped on a clean pair of  Speedo's because I forgot to grab underwear.

When we left the beach house we grabbed our bikes, and he directed me down the road to some upper middle class homes. We went about six blocks and for a moment I thought we were going over the next hill to where the really rich people live but we turned to arrive at a light blue house with a average yard and a great view of the lake.

The front door opened into a great-room with a large living area, a dining area in one corner and a kitchen in the other. Half of the dining table looked more like an office then a place to eat with stacks of important looking papers, stacks of torn open envelopes and a couple of note pads with scribbling on them. Extra wide sliding glass doors provided a nice view of the lake across a small deck. On one end of the room there was an alcove which I could see two bedrooms and a bathroom. On the other end of the room was a second alcove, which had a door that led to the garage and a bedroom larger then the other two.

"There is no swimming on this part of the lake" Jeff said as he reached into the fridge, grabbed a coke and threw it to me.

"It's a great view though."

"Yeah… especially with binoculars."

"What do you mean?"

"Um… we'll go for a walk and I'll show you," he said with a devilish smile.

Jeff turned around and he had a stack of several varieties of deli lunchmeat wrapped in white paper, some lettuce and some mayonnaise. He carefully edged closer to the island on the edge of the kitchen and set the food down. There was already some French bread in a bag on the breakfast bar.

"So… You like it here?" I asked as I started to open the bread.

"Yeah. Living on the lake is great. I love to swim and stuff."

"Don't you miss the big city?"

"Sometimes. And my friends."

"I bet that is rough."

"It can be, but I meet new ones." He smiled.

After we ate he grabbed a pair of binoculars and we went out the sliding glass door and started walking down a path on the edge of the lake through a few back yards and into a small wooded area. The winding footpath brought us over a hill to a small inlet where there were several large houses each with their own little dock. We weren't over where the extremely rich live, but these were expensive homes.

Jeff quietly walked off of the path into some bushes and I followed. He sat down and raised his binoculars aiming them at the houses one by one until he examined the third house where he paused for a long while. I think I saw the beginnings of an erection in his shorts as he handed me the binoculars.

"Second floor, first window on the right"

I peered through the powerful lenses as directed into the window to reveal a voluptuous undressed female sitting on the edge of the bed while fondling the erection of an a man who looked in his mid twenties. He looked like a body builder as she started to go down on him. His big hands gently grabbed her long brown hair.

Being gay I wasn't very interested, except that the guy was a hunk. He sort of looked like superman with his dark wavy hair and cut chest and powerful six pack. His cock was pretty big too, but not so large that it didn't fit nicely into the woman's mouth. I watched for a few more moments, tried to imagine the woman as being a guy and handed the binoculars back to Jeff.

Jeff watched the progression of the slow fellatio as I surreptitiously watched Jeff watch them. Jeff's hand slowly crept up his leg and began to move up and down the outline of an underlying hardness that went diagonally from between his legs to the point where his waistband met the edge of his pelvis.

Suddenly Jeff handed me the binoculars back to me and he may have seen what I was watching because he looked sort of self-conscious as I started to zoom in on the action across the inlet. She was bobbing up and down quickly and his head was tilted back. Just as I was getting focused on it they both crawled into bed and out of view. I could only see their feet.



I handed him the binoculars.

Jeff adjusted them and exclaimed, "Fuck!"

"Ah well… Thanks... That was intense!"

Jeff re-focused his binoculars and examined the other houses, then stood up and started to walk to a lower footpath that I had not noticed before. I got up and followed him quietly. He said in a low voice, "Don't give up so easily. This way, there is bound to be better sights up ahead"

The narrow path trailed through more back yards of huge houses and around the inlet and up and over another hill where it disappeared in a well manicured lawn. We went through that yard, across a street, quietly across another lawn and part way down another hill before we picked up another trail.

I glanced at the footpath and wondered if we went in the other direction around the small peninsula we would meet up with the same footpath we had left in the back yard of the other house. We followed this path for a short while before it faded into some tall grass. From there I could see another public swimming area and another cove, and a large house next to the public beach. Then I realized we were standing in the back yard of a very large house.

"Um… I don't think we should be here"

"Don't worry about it, my dad is having some work done on this house before he tries to sell it. It is unoccupied."


Jeff sat down behind some ornamental plants that were still short enough to see across the cove while being wide enough to obscure our voyeurism. I sat next to him and he handed me the binoculars.

I first looked across the water to the beach for a moment before scrying into the large beach house with huge windows. I was stunned to see an attractive guy about my age with straight brown hair wearing  Speedo's while dancing across the large room with a glass of orange liquid in each hand. I waited in anticipation as he danced toward a guy sitting on the couch. The dancer teased the guy on the couch by offering one of the drinks only to steal it away and gulp it down.

The older guy on the couch took the other drink as the Adonis pranced in his swimwear further away then closer to the man. It didn't take long before the man reached forward and pulled down his shorts and he danced around the room some more totally necked with his dick giggling side to side. His beautifully curved cock was fully erect as he approached the shirtless curly brunette sitting on the couch who reached around and grabbed his butt.

My dick got so hard it hurt. I giggled my hips to try to re-adjust myself without using my hand, which I needed to steady the powerful lenses. The guy who couldn't have been more then a year older then me grabbed the guy who looked in his early twenties by the hair and thrust his pelvis toward the man's face. I was enthralled to watch the man take what appeared to be the whole above average sized cock into his mouth.

I was mesmerized as I watched his lightly muscled chest as he breathed deeply and thrust faster and faster. I wanted to jack off so much and my dick hurt so much because it was straining against the band of the Speedo's I had on under my shorts. I gyrated my hips more to try to relieve the pain as I watched a small trickle of cum drip down the man's chin and onto the floor.

I felt self conscious, like Jeff was watching me. Observing my dick try to break free of the confines of my shorts. Then I realized. If I handed the binoculars to Jeff, and he looked in the sliding glass doors of the big house, the only house within range, he would know that I was gay. I thought fast.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed.


"They moved"

"Damnit… what were they doin' "

"A blow job… "

Suddenly Jeff stood up, ripped down his shorts revealing another beautiful pair of tight Speedo's, this time swirls of yellow, green and indigo swirled around his tight butt, which was moving quickly to the edge of the lake. He was in front of me when he pulled them down and moving away quickly enough that I could not observe if he had a hard-on or not.

"Race you to the beach!" he said almost running toward the shore.  "Leave the binoculars" he said as he made a racer's dive into the water.

I quickly set the binoculars down and adjusted my hard-on as I pulled down my shorts. I ran for the lake and dove in and began to swim as fast as I could. The cold water made my balls ache, but got rid of my erection.

I could see that I was gaining on him, but maybe not enough to beat him. I could see the floats that denoted the alley where someone could bring a boat from the docks of the two houses on the small cove out to the middle of the lake. We were past half way to the beach. I put the burn on and we seemed to tie as we reached water too shallow to do the over-hand crawl.

We both laughed as we sat in the shallow water out of breath with the sand between our toes.

Jeff asked, "Do you come over to this beach too?"

"Not often. I like to do some diving and well… no platform"

"Yeah… Diving is fun."

"And there are concessions at the other beach. "

Just as I was about to catch my breath, Jeff stood up and shouted "Betcha can't catch up this time!" He dove forward and started to race forward. This time I was more prepared and swam after him. But he was right, by the time we reached the markers I was a length and a half behind. I had burned up too much energy going to this beach, there was no way I could muster catching him now on the return trip. I guess I have trained too much for speed, and not enough for stamina.

When I reached the shore he was already up the hill behind the foliage. I had butterflies in my stomach as I realized he was already looking into the large house. If those two were still at it I was a goner. All sorts of feeble attempts at lies flew through my head as I searched for a plausible explanation: 'there was a girl there earlier... That wasn't who was there before.... I thought the shorter one was a girl' but it was hopeless. My cover was blown.

I sat down beside Jeff and observed his erection straining against his wet ,Speedo's and the back of his hand gently rubbing the length of it. Then new thoughts flooded my head: 'what a relief... Oh my god that means he's gay too... Wow his dick is even bigger then I thought, I can't wait to… what am I waiting for?!?'

My heart was pounding as I reached over and ran the back of my own hand up the length of his shaft starting at his balls and going all the way to his head. Instead of letting my hand meet his, he raised his hand and used it to help steady the binoculars that were still trained on the house. I wondered what he was seeing.

I ran my hand back down the slick material that tightly held the object of my desire. Slowly my hand went up and down, back and forth until I worked up enough courage to reach over with the other hand and retrieve the string to untie the package. Slowly I tugged at the cord to un-knot the bow. Then I hooked my finger through the inner loop to pull the knot from the string.

Almost immediately his dick flexed and emerged from its tight enclosure. It seemed to plump up like it had not been allowed to fully inflate with the pressure of the lycra holding it firmly against the stomach. I resumed slowly running the back of my hands from his scrotum all the way to the now-uncovered top three inches. The soft moist skin felt good to the touch. After a few times I let my thumb catch his waist band and pull down the Speedo's a bit more revealing more of Jeff's ample member.

I leaned over and began to lick the front side of his cock gently at about the same pace as the back of my hand had gone, back and forth lightly again and again sometimes spending more time licking at his balls which I had not noticed before were hairless. Sometimes I spent more time running my tongue around the cap of his head.

With each added effort Jeff let out a low moan to encourage me think up new ways of making him moan. His youthful growl was so pleasant to listen to.

I was thoroughly enjoying every inch when I decided that I wanted more. As I ran my tongue around the front side of his cock I tilted my head forward and took his head into my mouth and relaxed my throat as I took more and more of him in with each successive motion up and down. Soon I had three fourths of it in my mouth and I was grasping the base with my hand jacking him off as I sucked.

"Ohhhh God" Jeff whispered, "That… oh.. yeah!"

One of his hands left the binoculars and started to rub up and down my back and through my hair. Gently but passionately attempting to set my pace a bit faster. When I complied his breathing got deeper, "Oh… Yes… Oh… " he moaned.  I wanted to taste him cum.

"Oh… God… Yes… Oh…. Oooooh!" His breathing was getting deeper, and his words fewer and farther between when suddenly his head swelled inside my mouth seconds before my mouth filled with sweet tasting liquid that reminded me of honey-dew melons.

His hand returned to my hair attempting to slow my motions, but I wanted to drink every drop.

"Oh… God… Stop… that … oh… that is too good… Stop…. "

I stopped bobbing up and down but kept him in my mouth until his ejaculations subsided. When I sat back up, I am sure I was smiling like a cat who had just caught a mouse. Jeff looked at me with a smile that could melt a glacier.

"That was so intense" he said as he handed me the binoculars.

I had been wondering what was so visually stimulating that he didn't put the binoculars down. I focused on the sliding glass door, and I saw the twenty year old on top of the guy who was about my age with his knees to his chest. As the man leaned back the youth grabbed the back of the couch with one hand to pull himself forward to a sitting position.  They did this maneuver with the man's thick cock still firmly planted within him. He started to rock back and forth up and down steadying himself with one hand on the back of the couch and the other on the cushion.

As I watched I felt Jeff reaching into my Speedo's. My first reaction was to put the binoculars down, but then I thought that it might be fun to let Jeff pleasure me as I did him while I watched the live porno. I watched as the slender body moved up and down faster and faster. Alternately he would let go of the cushion and jack off while he moved up and down only to let go and hold onto the cushion again and move up and down some more. Some times he would rock back and forth like a cowboy riding an electric bull.

Though I had been feeling the intense pleasure of my cock being touched I was so distracted that I don't remember Jeff pulling off my swimsuit. One moment I was feeling Jeff fondling my shaft and my balls both through and inside my Speedo's, and the next the warm moist feeling of Jeff's mouth enveloping the top half of my prick.

It was then that I noticed that a guy was coming out of the water and onto the deck.  He was looking around a bit nervously.  He was really cute.  Blond hair parted at the side.  He looked so small on the oversized deck, but I guess he stood about 5'6".  Then as he went toward the sliding glass doors at the back of the house he turned toward me and I got a good look at his face.  It was Adam, the captain of the swim team.  

It was then that I realized that that I recognized the ‘cowboy’s’ face, "but that can't be!!" I mumbled. It was Chris from the swim team. I had wondered about a couple of other guys on the swim team, but had never guessed that Chris was gay! "Oh my God! That's Chris".

"Mmm?" Jeff asked.

When I saw Adam there I figured out it was Chris.  "The guy getting the ride of his life is on the swim team. He's like the second fastest on the team."

"Mmmm!" Jeff remarked.

I zoomed back out to observe more of the action. They were really into it. Each thrust was so passionate, each movement so sensual. I gently ran my fingers through Jeff’s hair, as I watched Chris the brunette cowboy start to breathe heavily and tilt his head back. Jeff was going to town on my dick. He was really good at doing deep throat. Hell, he was good at everything. It was so intense, live action pornography and the best blowjob I had ever had.

Adam peered into the window and from the body language he didn't like what he saw, but then one of his hands reached down and started to stroke himself through his Speedo's.  He looked around as if to check if he was in a spot where no one could see him, then he pulled his dick out and started to masturbate at about the same rate as Chris and the homeowner were fucking.

Jeff seemed to know that I was getting close and started to speed up gradually as to not loose the orgasm. The rodeo rider was also about to cum, he held the couch tightly with both hands as his dick started to shoot semen all over the other guy's chest and onto his face. Seeing it was too much, I felt my balls get taught and Jeff start to coax me into cuming. My ears started to ring as I shot my load, and Jeff milked me till I was about ready to scream.

Adam's hand was a blur on his cock as he peered into the back window like he was making up for lost time because he arrived late.  All of a sudden Adam spewed semen on the sliding glass window in copious amounts.  My own orgasm continued and Jeff continued to suck me and rub my balls.  

I couldn't believe how exhilarating it was. It was more then just receiving a blowjob, more then just spying on someone. I felt a strange connection to the live actions that were taking place in that house, like I was a part of it somehow even though they had no idea we were out here. Not to mention this was the first time I had fooled around in the out of doors, almost in the open.

When I finished Jeff sat up and said, "This is the best summer ever!"

Suddenly I remembered that I had promised my mom that I would mow the lawn before sundown and it was about that time. "Shit, I gotta go home".  I thought to myself, 'isn't it funny how sex can jump-start your brain and make you think of stuff at the most inappropriate time?'.

"You aren't having second thoughts...Are you?"

"No... "

Silence ensued as we slipped back on our shorts to attempt to cover the fact that we were both as erect as hell. I felt that I had to reassure Jeff that everything was cool. "No, I'm not having second thoughts or any regrets. I just promised my mom that I would cut the grass before sundown and I don't want to let her down again. I am so glad it worked out that we saw a couple of gay guys instead of more straight sex, and that you beat me back.".

Jeff laughed, "Well...that was the plan," he said with a smile as he turned to take the long path that followed the water's edge around the peninsula that we had cut across earlier. The strange almost thick silence continued between us. It made me want to reassure him again that I found the encounter enjoyable.

"Can you come out after dark?" I asked.

"Not tonight"

Now I was worried that I had offended Jeff. "Are you having regrets?"

"Hell no!"

I smiled at the response, but wished he gave further explanation and was too afraid to ask.

It is strange how a new relationship can turn into a game of 'if I do this or that it will look like I am getting possessive or that I am too naive or even too experienced--slutty'. Granted, I didn’t even know if he wanted a relationship. We had just shared one sexual experience, but I did want more. New relationships are so odd in that there is no easy way to start. You fall in love too soon you get burned or second-guess yourself and nothing ever happens. How does one strike that balance?

The odd silence continued as if both of us were too afraid to speak, either from the normal anxiety of new relationships, or from that odd feeling that you were being watched or listened to, as if someone could hear what we were saying across the lake. I suppose after being a voyeur one can get a bit paranoid.

Once we were back in the woods Jeff spoke, "I can't tonight. Dad and I are supposed to go to the movies, and he got real pissed last time I brought someone along without asking… granted that was with dinner too…. But… "

"Tomorrow then?"

"Bet!" Jeff said with a smile. "Meet me at the beach tomorrow morning and we'll take it from there".

We parted ways at Jeff's house and I picked up my bike and rode home. There was enough time to finish the lawn before dark if I hurried. I didn't have time to change into jeans, but I did grab my tennis shoes before I got out the mower, topped off the gas and started it up. I went at a pretty fast pace in the front yard but continued to think of Chris in the big house, and Jeff, and what Jeff and I were planning to do tomorrow. When I did the grass in the back thoughts of Jeff filled my mind excited that I had met someone about my age that was gay who was hopefully as interested in me as I was in him. He would never replace Tom, the guy who had left earlier that day. But I thought it would be impossible to find another lover in this odd town.

The work was done before I knew it and I took a shower and went to bed with much anticipation of what the next day would hold.

The next day I woke up at dawn still excited by the pre-arranged rendezvous, but stopped myself from going to the beach too early. I did household chores that I normally put off, and left for the beach around nine. With the other chores done there would be less chance that I would have to come home early on another day.

When I got there my heart sank because I didn't see Jeff anywhere. I walked up and down the beach before I swam to the diving platform to wait for him.

I didn't notice Jeff was sunning himself in the morning sun on the lower deck that is not visible from the shore or front of the platform. I was bouncing on the diving board of the high dive when I saw him lying there. He was wearing yet another pair of tight Speedo's beautifully made from a cloth that resembled fish-scales made of indigo, black, iridescent blue and bright green. It made me think of tickling him with peacock feathers. I was so distracted by seeing him that I screwed up my dive and did a painful belly flop. I was so happy to see him that I wasn't even embarrassed when the brunette friend of the guy was bullying Jeff gave me hand out of the water.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the guy who was giving Jeff a hard time the day before smirk at me before doing a perfect reverse dive complete with pike. First I was pissed off a bit, but then I saw Jeff coming toward us, then my mind took off in different directions again like; 'Damn Jeff looks good in those Speedo's, and he isn't covering them up today', 'the bully's friend is pretty cute up close', 'shit, the bully still looks good too, and with the way he does that pike I bet he could thrust for hours', 'oh my, but does the guy that pulled me over look good in simple black and white vertical striped Speedo's -- it shows off that bulge so well' and 'fuck I had better get back into the water before someone notices my dick pointing due North'.

We swam for a few hours, ate a hamburger at the grill on the beach, laid on the beach getting a tan for a little while before we raced each other a while.

At about three o'clock Jeff said in a quiet voice, "It was about this time yesterday that the um... bird watching got interesting".

"Yeah, that would be fun."

Jeff started toward his bike without changing or anything, I followed, and before long we were racing to his house to get the binoculars. We went in, Jeff ran to his room, grabbed the binoculars and was opening the sliding glass door before we noticed his dad sitting in the living room asking, "Who's your friend Jeff?"

"Um... this is Mike"

"Hello sir."

"And where are you boys going?"


We then both said in unison, "bird watching."

"Okay. I'm so glad you were able to find a fellow bird watcher so easily in this town... but don't be out too late."

"Thanks dad!"

We slipped outside and made a run for the trail, not wanting to miss a moment of whatever pageantry might be going on just two hills away. As we slipped behind the empty house into the bushes my heart was pounding.


"What ?"

"All the lights are off."

"They were off yesterday"

"Not all of them."


"I don't see.... anything."

"Lets swim over to the other beach, fool around for a while and then come back. We can see from there if any cars drive up.

"Good idea"

We swam across, horsed around on the beach while watching to see of any lights went off or on in the big house. Though we were racing, and goofing off, we kept an eye to see if any cars arrived or left the big house. After an hour or two we went back to the other shore and double-checked with binoculars for any signs of life.  There were none.

"Where to next Mr. Marco Polo?"

"Fuck you!"

"I'm not raggin' on ya. I'm just sayin' your the guide on this expedition."

"Oh.... Well... Back this way I suppose" We climbed over the hill, and examined the windows of each of the houses on the opposite side of the water.

Jeff shook his head and put the binoculars down. "We don't want to go back into my neighborhood because the yards are too small and it is too hard to get a good spot without being so close that it easy to get least in the daylight." He hung a left and I followed him deeper into the rolling hills where the larger homes are, and to where there is a smaller private lake.

I had never been here though I have lived at the lake all my life. Jeff seemed to know his way around and before long we were rounding a big house and slipping beneath the wooden deck that over looked a sunny dale and the lake. From there we were able to look at several of the houses with little chance of being seen. Jeff took the first look and didn't find anything of interest.

When it was my turn I noticed some movement in some bushes by a big house so I zoomed up and I could make out the hind end of the guy who had helped me out of the water. I recognized the distinctive black and white stripes of his Speedo's, but what was he looking at? "Jeff... Look" I whispered as I handed him the binoculars.

Jeff looked where I was pointing. "Oh my God! That is Scott's black and white swimsuit... this might be interesting..." he said creeping under the staircase to get a better angle. He quietly giggled, whispered, "Very interesting...." and handed me back the binoculars.

From the alternate vantage point under the stairs I could see that he wasn't alone. The guy who had given Jeff the hard time was with him, both of them were jacking off and looking into a corner window. With the binoculars I could see that they were both hung, not that I didn't know that from their swim suits anyway. I could see that they were both circumcised, and were jacking off slowly. I could also see into the corner window of the spacious house into a large room with a king sized bed with a mass of moving flesh. It took me a moment to figure out what I was seeing because I didn't expect to see the backside of a woman with long wavy blond hair straddling the torso of one man, and leaning over and kissing another man on the lips.

The man she was straddling was very muscular, like a weight lifter. His muscled arms were around the torso of the woman and were lightly rubbing her back from her ivory neck all the way down to the small of her back. Since the woman was leaning over to the other man, I could only see his dark curly hair. She moved a bit and I could see his strong jaw line and nice smile. He seemed familiar, but without seeing all of his face I couldn’t figure out where I had seen him before.

"Look at the guy with the dark hair... Isn't that Greg... damn... what is his name? He took first place in the state college wrestling championship last year as a freshmen."

"How would you know? You didn't live here last year."

"Last year my dad wanted to show me three houses he was buying for the company, and wanted to know which I liked the most if we moved out here this summer. That was before he bought that big house across from the beach or I would have said I wanted that one even though it is too big for just the two of us. Dad and I went to the collage state championship before we left. I had not noticed that he was from Lakeville though. We are both avid college wrestling fans."

"He's hung like a horse"

"Yes..... and he's not even totally hard yet!"

As I watched the Woman moved a bit closer to the other man long enough for me to catch a glimpse of his face confirming that Jeff was correct.  It was Greg the wrestling legend heartthrob that graduated last year or the year before. Then I started to wonder who the other guy could be.

I focused in on the other guy. He was much thinner then the wrestler, and taller. He had a broad chest and strong arms and an extremely long hard cock. He was reaching over and tweaking the nipple of the woman who was running her long fingernails up and down his chest and lightly up his thigh lightly scratching his balls. Her long wavy hair obscured his face, from what I could make out he had curly blond hair was about average length. His dick seemed like it was still growing longer. He was not thick as his friend's but thick nonetheless. Oddly, his cock looked familiar. Though I knew I had never slept with someone with a cock that huge. But I had seen it somewhere. ‘Was Greg sleeping with a porn star?’ I thought to myself.

"Where have I seen the blond-guy's chest before?" I asked.

"Hummm.... Maybe in a sears catalogue... selling underwear or some shit?"

"I dunno.. "

I handed the binoculars back to Jeff, and waited to see how turned on he was getting. His cock began to slowly grow and strain against the tight peacock-colored Speedo's, yet he did not coax it with his free hand. "Looks like Kevin is having a good time" he whispered quietly. After a sort while he passed me back the binoculars.

Both voyeurs continued to slowly masturbate outside the window, while everyone's position within the bedroom changed. The woman arched her back letting her hair fan out between the larger man's legs. Then she put her arms over her head lifting herself into a wrestler's bridge, her ample breasts parting slightly as gravity rolled them into a new position. The thinner man sat up and watched intently as Greg leaned forward and began to perform cunnilingus on the woman whom I could tell moaned in ecstasy from the 'O' shape of her voluptuous lips and the heaving of her chest. She too looked familiar, but once again I could not place the face without context.

I looked at the tall blond man as he crawled around and knelt beside the woman. He placed his large member just within reach of her mouth, and left it there. His body kneeling there was quite impressive. I looked again at his face. "Oh my God... that is Steve".

"Who's Steve?"

"Um... he went to my school... Graduated a year ahead of me. He ran track and field, swam, and was on the gymnastics team. He couldn't swim for shit, but he was in the state finals for track, and was second in regional gymnastics"

"What events"

"Shit.. he was first in rings, eighth in parallel bar, fifth on the horse... "

"God... I bet he could fuck like a jack-hammer for hours!"

"That is what I fantasized when I used to watch him shower after swim team."

"Shit… that’s dangerous… Getting busted with a hard-on in the locker rooms…"

"I managed to get a locker near the showers where I could see what was going on while dressed and waiting for my ride."

The beautiful woman tilted her head and began to lick Steve's balls. After a short while he began to flex his cock slapping her face and breasts with the long shaft. She opened her mouth wide and licked his foreskin each time it flopped in her face. He reached over and began to massage her breasts as she started to take the first few inches of his long tool into her mouth.

I could see Kevin ejaculate several volleys of cum onto the side of the house, and Scott begin to laugh. Both guys ducked down just in case someone inside wasn't so involved that they would hear, but the ménage a trois continued. The woman rotated so that she was on all fours without taking her mouth off of the long member. Greg got up on his knees, and grasped the woman by the thighs as he started to position his thick horse-like appendage between her legs and up into her vagina. He slowly thrust and pulled back. Steve started to thrust almost in time with Greg.

I handed the binoculars back to Jeff, who quietly watched for a few moments before commenting, "It was pretty funny when Kevin shot his load early!"

I laughed. "I guess the blond sucking Steve's cock as she rolled over was just too much for him". Though I could see Scott, Kevin and the three inside, I was more interested in Jeff. I wanted to taste him again so bad.

Jeff's erection started to strain more against the Speedo's and I decided to help it out of the tightly wrapped package. I pulled them down enough to lick his balls. He quietly watched through the binoculars in between the stairs as he gently ran his fingers through my hair. I licked the front side of his cock higher and higher till I reached the top and began to suck as deeply as I could without choking. I ran one hand between his legs and squeezed his ass, ran a finger between his buns and fondled his balls. The other hand I rubbed his calves, hamstrings, the back of his thighs, buttocks, and then back down.

"God... You are so good!" Jeff whispered. "ah... ah... and...They are really goin' at it...too... "

I took my mouth off of Jeff's cock long enough to ask, "Who?"

"All of 'em. "

"Umm" I mumbled as I resumed attempting to swallow what was for me a perfect sized member.

"Oh... I'm gonna... "

"Um... " I mumbled as I continued to suck and prepared to drink him in.

"Ah... Yes.. Don't.... Stop... " He breathed heavily.

I continued to pay additional attention to licking the underside of his cock and started to twist my head a bit with each stroke while not speeding up or slowing down.

"Oh... there.... Oh... Yessssss!!" he hissed.

I felt the underside of his dick flex and the sweetness filled my mouth once more.

"Mike.... Scott....... is coming too..... " he managed to get out between deep breaths.

"Ummmmmmmm.... " I exclaimed, knowing what it is like to watch live sex and climax at the same time as the one's you are watching. I drank him dry, and continued to slowly suck as his dick went slightly soft. It wasn't until I sat up did I realize that Jeff was watching me suck him, not the others. I don't know when he started watching me instead of them.

I felt a little self-conscious, being watched.  Tom often watched me, but it was different when Jeff watched me because I knew what else he liked to watch.  I knew what he had the choice of watching, and he chose me.  He smiled back self consciously, like he had been caught breaking an unwritten rule.  I stood up and he handed me the binoculars.

I stood there next to Jeff, and peered through the binoculars. As Jeff had done, I steadied the binoculars with one hand aided by bracing the top of the binoculars against the bottom of one of the steps we were looking between. Jeff put his arm around the small of my back as I started to zoom in on Scott cleaning himself on a T-shirt, and Kevin beginning to jack off again. Inside the bedroom the configuration of the contortionists had changed so that Steve was laying on his back, the woman was straddling him and starting to lower herself onto his long member. Greg was kneeling beside them, and the woman was licking his balls and shaft. Slowly she eased herself down onto the long thick cock letting it go deeper and deeper. At one point she grabbed Greg's cock and took him into her mouth.  It looked as if she was trying to deep-throat him, but she could only get the first few inches of the very thick cock into her mouth.

It didn't take Scott very long to recover from what Jeff later described as a huge load that he shot three-fourths of the way up the window. Scott watched the woman rock back and forth and he began to stroke his once-again hard member. Kevin was starting to pump faster and faster too as he watched Greg move behind the woman  and position himself to penetrate her from the other side. Jeff's other hand reached down and untied my  Speedo's releasing my throbbing member, but he didn't stroke me, instead he gently ran the palm of his hand up and down my chest and stomach. Chills ran up and down my spine without him even touching my prick.

Through the binoculars I saw Steve deeply planted within her as Greg started to flex his muscles and his dick started to bob up and down tapping the woman on the ass.  Slowly she lifted up half way up the long prick and Steve raised up pushing it back into her.  Greg moved closer, and as Steve pulled back Greg pushed his thick member into her.  She raised her head and I could see Steve continuing to tweak the woman’s nipples.

Greg pulled back as Steve started to push up from underneath.  The woman’s head dropped forward resting her forehead against Steve’s chest.  Steven and Greg repeatedly syncopated their thrusts over and over.  The woman raised her head once more and started to kiss Steve.  Her wavy hair bounced with each vigorous thrust.

This was too much for Kevin, who shot his second load onto the side of the house. Followed soon by Scott who this time turned a bit and shot cum into the bush that obscured them from the other neighbors.

Greg reached around the woman's torso and started to thrust faster and faster.  It was difficult for Steve to speed up from underneath so sometimes both cocks were deeply within her at the same time.  It looked as if she was starting to orgasm, and as if both men were about to cum.

Jeff continued to caress me, and my dick started to throb.

Suddenly I saw Steve thrust from underneath, followed by Greg from behind.  Both men held it deep within her for a long moment.  Moments later she urgently lunged forward and pushed herself back onto both cocks.  She needed to feel both of them thrusting in time with each other.  I could tell Greg and Steve were ejaculating really hard. After a several impassioned rocking motions the guys obliged her by thrusting to the pace she was setting.

I gasped as Jeff reached down and began to gently tug at my throbbing cock. The massage had felt so good, and I was staring so intently on the menagerie in the room.  I wasn't expecting Jeff's hand to feel so good. "Mmm " I said in approval.

Within the room, the woman leaned back into Greg behind her turning her head enough for their lips to meet with a minimal amount of hair in the way. The thrusting slowed more and more.  Suddenly she wiggled her butt side to side and lifted off. I could see Greg continuing to shoot his load across her back, as Steve shot his load from under her onto her breasts and onto his own face.

The three melted into a mass cuddle of kissing and caressing. Scott and Kevin shot quite a few more volleys of cum on the house and bush as the loving embrace inside the room continued.

Though Jeff's hand felt fantastic, I was in no way close to cuming. He was not yet masturbating me.  I think he was just seeing how excited he could make me, to see how hard he could make me cum.  I think that he was also wanting to watch everything across the way.  Though I could see better with the binoculars, I knew that Jeff could easily see what was going on outside.

The woman got up from between them and went into an adjacent bathroom that I could see into, but Kevin and Scott could not. She turned on the water in a shower stall and waited for the water to become a more desirable temperature while she got a towel out from a linen closet. She put the towel down on top of the hamper and climbed into the shower. The two men lay on the bed beside each other looking totally worn out.

Scott and Kevin continued to look into the window, probably waiting for the blond woman to return. I didn't expect the two men in bed to resume caressing. Kevin and Scott seemed downright startled to see Greg and Steve kiss. I watched in anticipation as the men changed positions so that they could sixty-nine each other. I don't know if Scott realized that he was still jacking off or not, but when Kevin looked at him he shouted "Fagot!" and kicked him between the legs contacting him squarely under his unprotected balls.

"Owww!" Scott shouted as he doubled over releasing his shaft and grabbing his scrotum as Kevin pulled up his Speedo's and started to run off. Scott lay there moaning. The men inside must have heard something because they immediately broke the sixty-nine, grabbed white terry robes, and ran for the back door. When they came outside, one looked to the left to see Kevin's backside running into the woods, and the other looked to the right to see Scott lying helpless grabbing at his crotch.

They both walked over to him. Steve immediately crouched down to see how Scott was hurt as Greg surveyed the semen markings on the window, wall and evergreen. Greg smiled and then kneeled down beside Steve and Scott and seemed to say something quietly. They both helped Scott up and each lifted a leg to carry him awkwardly in a doubled over state. I say awkward, because Steve stood about 6’2", and Greg was about 5’6", which made them carry Scott quite lopsided.

As they entered into the bedroom, I could see that Scott's striped Speedo's were up, but the partially soft shaft of his cock was sticking out. They sat him on the edge of the bed, and he curled up holding himself once more. He was saying something as the Steve stroked his hair. Greg sat down beside them and rolled Scott onto his back and eased his legs out into a straightened position. He then ran a finger inside the leg of Scott's  Speedo's and pulled them away from his scrotum, as the thinner man seemed to genuinely inspect for damage. Greg gently reached down and seemed to run his thumb around the underside of his scrotum and then he squeezed lightly. The blond man gently ran his fingers through Scott's hair, and Scott's cock started to get hard.

Slowly the gentle care giving melted into sensual caresses and kisses and licks. The sensual caresses slowly transformed into passionate rubbing and tonguing. Steve moved from Scott's nipple down his torso to his cock with small kisses. Scott reached out and ran his hands through the curly brown hair as Greg licked his way up from Scott's balls to his other nipple and onto his neck. Scott and Greg kissed as Steve started to lick Scott's now engorged member that rose off his stomach at a forty-five degree angle begging to be sucked.

Steve moved up on all fours as he continued to suck on Scott. His white terry robe fell open revealing his long prick parallel to his beautifully formed six-pack.

After the long kiss Greg started to kiss his way back to Scott's penis. As he moved his robe opened showing off his muscled chest. Scott tugged at it and suddenly Greg was necked on all fours beside him, like a Greek statue. He licked and kissed Scott's chest. As he neared Scott's dick, the blond moved over and then suddenly crawled around Scott and lay down and took Greg into his mouth. The three of them now formed a triangle, and Scott looked over and surveyed that the long cock attached to the gymnast was unoccupied. Scott leaned over and timidly started to look Steve's long shaft in his hand and studied it. First he took a little lick, then a longer lick.

I had not even realized that Jeff was no longer standing next to me. Suddenly I felt Jeff's hot mouth taking as much of me in as he could. I gasped but continued to watch Scott lick higher and higher till he reached the head where he hesitated until the body builder reached over and firmly pushed his face forward onto the long member.

Once Scott had a taste, he took off and really started going to town on the blonde's cock. He sucked on four or five inches then licked its length. So did Jeff. I was in ecstasy as I watched Greg the body builder suck on Scott, the gymnast Steve suck on the body builder, and Scott begin to masturbate Steve with both hands while sucking as much as he could fit in his mouth. Jeff started using his hands as well; he ran them up and down both legs, across by buttocks an over by balls. I was running my hands through Jeff's hair, but I had to reach out and steady myself by grabbing the underside of the stairs.

The woman came out of the bathroom and smiled as she looked down onto the bed. She seemed to say something to them. Steve took his mouth off of Greg, nodded with a smile, and sort of waived his hand as if to say "Yes, yes... talk to you later", then returned to sucking on the extremely thick member.

Jeff was doing such a number on me I didn't know if I could hold out as long as the guys in the bedroom, but apparently Scott was doing quite a number on Steve himself. From where I was standing, it looked as if it was something that Scott had wanted to do for a long time, but had been afraid to. Scott was stroking, licking, sucking and licking some more, but maintaining enough of a rhythm that it looked as if Steve was about to blow his stack. The excited gymnast in turn was passionately rubbing Scott with one hand and Greg with the other as he impaled his face on the oversized member.

Like a wave that started with Scott, I saw Greg start to bob up and down as the talented gymnast started to push his buttons with more fervor. Then yet another wave of passion began as Scott received more attention from the weight lifter. It was like a feed back loop and they were all about to explode, and so was I.

Steve was the first to shoot his load. Scott was licking his balls at the time and stroking the long wet shaft when semen spurted high into the air sending several ribbons of the white fluid across all three of them. Scott was next; I could see the beginning of his orgasm as he stopped licking the gymnast's balls and he arched his back lifting his torso off of the bed. Greg wasn't expecting that and Scott's dick slipped out of his mouth and shot semen across Scott's chest the Steve's. My own balls started to tingle and I let out a low moan.

Jeff responded with a quiet, "Mmmmmmm".

I felt a second tingling going down starting at my solar plexus and a third tingle start in-between my thighs and moved up my legs. My ears started to ring again. The tingling going down my torso and up my inner thigh seemed to meet up with the tingling in my balls and my knees gave out as I started to ejaculate harder then I think I ever had before. My one hand was already holding onto the stairs, and the one that was holding the binoculars also held tightly onto the underside of the stairs. The binoculars fell from the step and dangled around my neck inches above Jeff’s head. Jeff was drinking almost every drop I was feeding him, only small trickle escaped the corner of his mouth and dripped down his chin as I looked down at him.

As I tried to regain my balance I could make out Greg shooting his thick creamy load onto his own torso as Scott and Steve licked his balls. I had missed the transition, but my orgasm was worth it. My head was spinning and my dick still throbbing, still pulsing though I had been drank dry. Jeff's lips were so hot and felt so good, but my balls were starting to ache and his tongue was starting to tickle.

"I... I can't.... Oh.... "

"Ummmm Mmmmm"

"Stop... it is starting... oh god.... stop... "

Jeff stopped, wiped his chin and looked a bit embarrassed. I offered my hand to help him to his feet. To make sure that he knew what I felt about it, I kissed him passionately on the lips. Tasting myself on someone else's tongue was something that I had never experienced either. Tom didn’t like to kiss much. I kind of liked it, almost as much as I liked feeling his tongue in my mouth, almost as much as I liked the feeling of his breath on my face, and hot velvety feel of the inside of his mouth. I broke the kiss and whispered in his ear, "I'm sorry.....I just can't handle any more....."

"It's okay" he whispered back.

We kissed again a long deep kiss. When we came up for air I still seemed to want to explain.

"It was so good.... It started to feel good that it hurt....."

"There is always later"

"I hope so... but  it is my turn to suck you."

Jeff laughed.

I looked once more and the trio was in the shower together. We pulled on our shorts and started to slip back through the woods the way we came.

"Meet me tomorrow at the beach by the big house at noon?" Jeff asked.

"Sure thing"

The next day I couldn't wait for noon to roll around. I left early on my bike and arrived at about eleven o'clock. Scott was on the beach. He was wearing some almost knee-length Nike shorts made from a light yellow cloth that was almost see through. Underneath I could tell he was wearing some dark colored Speedo's, probably green or a deep blue. He was throwing a Frisbee up in the air, catching it, and looking board.

I felt so sorry for him because I knew he had lost a friend yesterday, probably his best friend. I wanted to go up to him and give him a hug, but it was awkward even being on the same beach with him. He really looked like he needed a friend. It was awkward knowing that he was gay or bisexual, awkward knowing that he had been kicked in the nuts by someone he knew as his friend... knowing things about him that nobody should know. It was awkward because I knew all these things because I was spying.

I walked to the water, and Scott smiled at me as I passed him. I didn't have the guts to say anything so I just smiled back and jumped into the water. When I got to a comfortable depth, I started floating on my back. Soon my mind began to fill with thoughts of Jeff, the trio of Scott, Steve and Greg, thoughts of Chris and the guy who owns the big house by this beach. I lost track of time floating there; my mind making erotic images out of the clouds passing overhead.

Suddenly I was flipped over, startled and disoriented I gasped, tried to get a breath and tread the water and tested for the bottom to see if I had to stand up or continue to tread water.  As I planted my feet in the sand I looked for my attacker. It wasn't hard to locate Jeff who was laughing so hysterically he almost couldn't stand up in the neck deep water. I smiled, and started to laugh. Strange how you can be ready for a fight one moment and so relaxed the next. Jeff came closer and whispered, "I know what you were thinking about"

"And what is that?"

"Bird watching!"

"How did you guess ?"

"Well... it must have been something good for you to have a hard-on long enough for two inches of your dick to be sticking out of the top of your shorts in this of cold water!"

"Oh shit!... I hope nobody… "

"I don't think anyone saw but me."

I blushed and looked around the beach to see who could have seen my hard-on sticking out. There were plenty of people on the beach and in the water, but all seemed to be absorbed in their own activities. Then I noticed Scott sitting on a towel staring out in our direction. I wondered how long he had been watching me.

"And," He got closer and lowered his voice again even more. "if they did notice they’d probably think you were thinking of a pretty girl… it isn't like they can read your thoughts like I can."

I laughed out loud.

"Tag your it" he exclaimed and started to swim away from me.

I chased after him, and we swam back and forth many times. Sometimes it would be a lap or two before I could catch him, or before he could catch me. It was very fun. We did this for quite a while, then one time right after he tagged me he darted for the deep water, and kept going. I chased after him, and he started to swim past the lane markers. I was able to tag his foot just before we reached the other shore and collapsed laughing on the beach.

From there we started to walk up the hill as if to go to Jeff's house, but when we disappeared behind the bushes we changed direction and crept along the property to see if there was any activity in the large house. When we got to our favorite place, Jeff showed me where he had hidden the binoculars before he came over to the beach. I lifted the binoculars and started to peer through the windows searching for any sign of movement.

Suddenly Jeff said, "Oh my God!!"

"What ?!?"

"Look on the beach"

I looked on the public beach, and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"No! To the right of the house!"

I looked to the right of the house following the shoreline till I came to a private beach that could only be seen from one wing of the guy's house, from this yard and the house that sits on it. I was zoomed so closely that I didn't see what Jeff was talking about at first. Then I caught a shock of blond hair in my sights and I zoomed out a bit to reveal the familiar face of one of the guys on my swim team. It was Adam, who I had watched undress hundreds of times while trying to not get caught by other members of the team. I followed the familiar ridges of his chest and six-pack to the tan butt. I zoomed out further to see that Adam was behind Yi, another guy from the swim team that I had had many a fantasy about.

"God.. that blond guy is fucking the Asian guy like a rabbit!!"

I watched Adam thrusting faster and faster till his ass was a blur, and I watched Yi's head drop down and lift it back. I looked and beside them was Chris. Chris was sitting on the ass of a guy with fair skin, brown hair and blue eyes and rubbing his back. It was the homeowner. While Chris massaged his back his erection got longer and longer and then he leaned forward and rubbed his long prick between the homeowner's buns.  After a few sensuous strokes he started to penetrate the brunette who I had watched suck him off the day before yesterday.
I felt Jeff's hands upon my erection through my Speedo's lightly tracing around the edge, and then he slipped his hand into my shorts and started to grasp the length of my shaft and tug a little. Though it felt amazing, I got the feeling as if we were being watched. I continued to watch the four on the beach and was flabbergasted to watch Yi raise one leg and start to turn on his back with Adam's cock still deeply up his ass. It was so erotic to watch Adam fold Yi's knees to his chest and resume a fast pace pounding faster and faster. I was about ready to cum from the minor stimulation of Jeff's exploration of my length plus the visual stimulation.

I handed him the binoculars, "Remember, it is my turn..." I said with a quiet giggle.

Jeff focused the binoculars and quietly commented, "... and I wanted to be on swim team before seeing these guys..." I leaned forward and started to untie Jeff's shorts, and eased them down revealing his erection, that today was not held back by colorful Speedo's. Jeff added, "Do you think I will get a hazing by these guys ??!?"

"Well, I didn't"

"I can hope"

I laughed and leaned a bit closer, but felt almost self conscious about taking the long round shaft into my mouth. I was so horny and wanted to taste Jeff's cum. I started to work him faster and faster, but couldn't shake the feeling that we were about to get caught. I took my mouth off of Jeff's cock and asked, "Can we get into the house?"

"Sure... Why?"

"I have a funny feeling"

"Ah... and you want me to take care of it? I think I could oblige you. There's even a mattress in the house."

"No... I mean yes... but... I mean I have the feeling that we are being watched. Maybe it is because there is no glass between them and us. I don’t know."

Jeff grinned, adjusted his shorts covering himself, and started to walk toward the back door. There was a pad that looked like a touch-tone telephone beside the door and he punched some numbers and the small red light went out and a green light lit up. He opened the door beside the sliding glass door and stepped inside. I followed quickly behind so that no one would see us enter. He said quietly, "The windows upstairs will give us a better view then here."

I followed him, looking around the almost empty house. We had entered through the back door of the room that I could tell was once a diverse game room. I could tell not just because there was a foosball table left in the room, but because there were indentations in the indigo carpet that indicated where a pool table, pinball machines, air hockey, and possibly a small weight machine had been. There was a workbench with some cans of paint, brushes and rollers on the far side of the room. I looked around the room as we approached a staircase and noticed an open tool case with some drywall tape, rope, measuring tape, putty knife and such.

The small set of stairs that we went up had a dark cream carpet and we came into a large living room with the dark cream carpet. There was a large picture window on either side of the huge room, one looking over the forest on the land side of the property, the other looked over the lake and cove. I could see the dining room between the cove doors, and the door that should lead to a kitchen.

We quietly walked toward the large picture window that should give us a view of the opposite beaches. I stumbled on a cut in the wall-to-wall carpeting. Evidently the workmen were doing something that required them to cut a four-foot slit in the rug but I couldn’t tell if they were going to repair the hole or replace the whole carpet. We passed a set of stairs that led up to another level that probably contained bedrooms and came to the large window. The curtains were left by the previous owners and we parted them just enough to see the activity on the beach.

Once again, Jeff let me use the binoculars first. As I focused on the beach it took a moment to figure out what I was looking at. I had to zoom out to see that the brunette was lying on his back and doing a sixty-nine with Yi. Chris was beginning to fuck Yi, and Adam was beginning to fuck the curly hared brunette homeowner. As I watched them Chris and Adam pumped faster and faster and soon their asses were a blur, I also felt Jeff's hand push its way down the font side of my shorts and start to lightly tug at my shaft as his other hand started to grab at my ass. I was torn because I wanted to watch, and wanted to feel, yet wanted to suck on Jeff.

"Jeff... You gotta see this" I said handing him the field-glasses.

He took the binoculars and focused them. "Oh.. Yeah... That is fuckin' hot!!"

I leaned down and untied his shorts and pulled them down before starting to suck. Jeff helped by maneuvering out of them so he was totally nude. I got closer and started by licking his shaft, and then I started to suck turning my head slightly to the left or right with each stroke. Now that we were inside, I was a bit bolder with my motions, and also unafraid to pull down my own shorts and jack off slowly while sucking on Jeff’s prick. Granted; Jeff was so hot that I grabbed his right butt cheek with my left hand, and his left with my right and started kneading his buns as I moved my lips and tongue up and down the round shaft.

Suddenly I was surprised to feel the warmth of someone else's tongue against my cock. Startled, I looked down to see Scott on all fours starting to go to town on my cock. I took my lips off of Jeff long enough to say, "Jeff, look…. Scott", and then resumed sucking on him and fondling his tight butt. I watched as Jeff looked down and then looked back into the binoculars, and then down again.

I withdrew his length from my mouth and started to gently lick his balls and lower parts of his shaft. He looked down at us, and I made better eye contact then before. It was so intense I could almost read his thoughts, and he mine. In the event that it was an illusion, I nodded giving him the go-ahead and he changed positions to get his face closer to Scott's torso.

Scott was still wearing the light yellow see through Nike shorts that reveled that the Speedo's were barely keeping his erection inside. A huge greenish pattern was straining to be at length.   Jeff reached down and pulled the yellow Nike's down revealing the indigo cup that was holding back the throbbing member which looked green through the yellow mesh. Being uncovered and this close they looked like a cross between a bright blue g-string and Speedo's. Jeff tugged at them and freed what looked like an eight and a half inch cock with a disproportionately large cock-head on the end of the obscenely engorged shaft. The whole dick looked so engorged that it looked painful, like it needed oral stimulation to provide relief. Jeff stuck his tongue out and ran it around the edge of Scott's dick-head. Scott let out a low moan and started to deep throat me. Jeff continued to drive Scott nuts a bit more before he started bobbing up and down on the beautiful shaft.

I felt Jeff's balls raise up as I fondled them, and the underside of his shaft spasm and flex. Jeff let out a whimper and within seconds my mouth was full of the sweet cum I had grown quite fond of the last couple of days. Jeff let out another whimper as his ejaculations subsided, and I continued to suck. I liked his shaft and his balls and then his stiff shaft again. I took his head back into my mouth desiring another taste and Jeff let out a moan somewhere between ecstasy and pain. I drove Jeff crazy a moment before talking a break to watch Jeff suck on Scott.

Jeff was struggling to get all of Scott’s cock into his mouth. He licked and attempted to suck, and he licked again. He ran his hands up and down the saliva-slick member as he continued to lick the head like a big red blow-pop. Scott continued to suck on me, and though it felt wonderful, warm and wet, it lacked the rhythm required to get me off. I eased myself around into a sixty-nine position and nuzzled in next to Jeff and started to lick Scott's balls as Jeff licked his head.

After a while I started licking my way up the shaft and Jeff started licking his way down Scott's shaft and our lips met at about the middle. I continued my way up, Jeff reversed and we French-kissed with Scott's dick-head between our lips and lashing tongues. We pressed our lips together as much as we could with Scott's over-engorged hard-on between us and we slowly slid down Scott’s cock. One third of the way down Scott let out a low moan, and started to suck on my cock with added fervor. We slid the rest of the way down and then started back. At the top I sort of took Scott's head into my mouth a moment before turning my head to the side for Jeff and I to repeat the performance.

With Scott speeding up, it didn't take long before I felt a tingly sensation move from just below my ribcage. This sensation that I can only describe as something between electricity and pins & needles moved down my torso, past my belly button, and settled a moment in my balls that felt like they were totally retracting into my body. Then half of the energy went up my shaft and tickled the most sensitive part on the front side of my cock. I felt my cock swell a bit in size before a second wave of energy passed from my heart down my stomach and into my balls. I started to cum, and not only was my cock throbbing, but my whole body got into the act. With each ejaculation my body sent out a little spasm. I couldn't see the semen dripping from Scott's lips, but I could feel the warmth oozing onto my ball-sack.

I felt Jeff pull away, and suddenly I felt the need to suck on Scott all the more, the need to take as much of him into my mouth as I could. My body still spasmed as I impaled my face on his prick, licking the enormous head as it passed over my tongue into my throat. I was still coming as I felt Jeff's hands on my buttocks starting to pull me into doggie style. I was so turned on that I didn't even care when I felt Scott's lips leave my own cock as he started to slip out from underneath me to kneel in front of me. I felt his cock spin inside my mouth, gently turning, allowing me to massage the sensitive front side with my tongue. Scott crooned with a low, "MMM" before quietly saying, "He's really hot... He wants it so bad… do it.."

Then I felt Jeff start to position his cock between my ass-cheeks and rub the length back and forth a few times between my buns. My body was still experiencing aftershocks of my intense orgasm as he started to push his way into me. His cock felt so hot as it started to penetrate me. It had been a long time since I experimented with anal sex that I had forgotten how it can burn like fire. Tom and I normally just sucked each other off. Jeff sensed my body relax and started to pull back as I pushed forward, and thrust forward as I pushed back. I found myself pushing back faster and harder like I was in heat. My body still jerking every ten or fifteen seconds, which seemed to give Jeff an extra measure of pleasure because after my body spasmed Jeff would let out a deep "mmm".

I could tell that Scott was close, but Jeff had a ways to go, so I changed the rhythm slightly. I reached forward placing my arms around Scott’s torso, using Scott to balance myself instead of having my hands firmly planted on the floor, and I grabbed Scott's buttocks. Jeff was working up to a merciless speed, not quite what I had observed on the private beach on the big estate, but adequate speed and positioning to be hitting something inside me that made me want to cum again.

Scott crooned, "What ever you are doing Jeff... Don't stop... You got him goin'!!!!"

Even the sounds of Jeff’s balls hitting my ass was turning me on all the more.

"No..... In... in... in... intention... of.... stop... stop... stopping...." Jeff managed to reply in-between strokes.

I only replied with an "MMM...MM!" as my body continued to aftershock.

"Oh... Yeah... he sure does like that..." Scott added.

Suddenly I felt the electricity start to move from below my heart down my stomach and into my balls. I felt Jeff's cock-head begin to swell more within me. I wanted so much to make Scott to cum at the same time. I threw myself into the moment, held Scott tighter and thrust my head back and forth harder and faster.  Soon Scott's body seemed to instinctively reply in rhythm thrusting and pulling back faster and faster. I felt the second wave of intense energy move down my torso joining the energy that was tickling my balls, and I felt Jeff's shaft start to thicken. Without warning Scott started to ejaculate, my mouth filling with a new similar yet different taste. My own shaft hardened even more as I felt Jeff start to pulse deep within me. "MMM!" I cried as a third wave swept over my body throwing my whole body into intense spasms.

"G...G... God!" Scott exclaimed.

"Oh... oh... Oh... Fuck!" Jeff crooned in between.

"Um... ummmm.... MMMM!" my body purred back to both of them.

I could feel Jeff and Scott both ejaculating at different rates. They seemed to call to each other, like in a conversation or two drummers tapping out an erotic dance beat to each other. But it wasn't just my dick that was syncopating between them, it was my whole body. My whole body shook with each ejaculation. I felt the heat of my passion spewing across my chest.

I felt Jeff push his way all the way in while still ejaculating. He held it there as his orgasm subsided over the next three or four minutes, but my body continued to spasm, coaxing another ejaculation or two out of him, over and over. Milking the last drop my body could take.

Scott got louder, " Oh... Oh... OHHH.... Ahhhh...... AHHHH!" and pulled his prick from my mouth spewing semen across my shoulder and back. I watched Scott hold his cock firmly. He gripped it tightly as it continued to spew it's heat across my back. I leaned forward and licked his balls as Scott's passionate crescendo continued, "AHHH Oh... GOD!.... YESS! Oh... Stop! Oh... God!"

I obeyed and let him go, falling down on my hands with my ass still in the air, Jeff still planted within me. My body still attempting to milk yet another ejaculation from Jeff, who was now holding my ass still with both hands. Jeff quietly said, "Oh... Mike... " Jeff caught his breath and continued, "Mike, that was the most intense..... "

Scott interjected, "The best…"

"Most intense... best... " Jeff fumbled still out of breath, as he started to withdrawal his prick.

"Oooooooo!" I exclaimed

"Oh God, are you okay?" Jeff queried.

"I'll...... be.... fine.... " I said still out of breath, and still having minor aftershocks.

"I have never.... " Jeff continued to fumble.

"Never!" Scott interjected.

"What I am trying to say.... " Jeff trailed off.

"It's.... Okay...." I managed as I rolled onto my side and started to curl up a bit. "I just want.... to rest.... a bit..." I said with a little sigh.

I drifted off, and when I woke up Jeff and Scott were fully clothed and looking out the window with binoculars. I sat up and asked, "Are they still going at it ?"

"No... just lookin’ around" they almost said in unison.

From the light I could tell it was quite a bit later. "What time is it?"

You've been out for an hour or two. Scott waited here while I ran home and got some clothing.

"Doesn't fit too bad does it?" Scott asked showing off how sexy he looked in slightly tight shorts and oversized tee-shirt.

"No... it doesn't" I replied getting up slowly, and stretching. "Oh my... I'm a bit dizzy.." I said catching my balance.

Jeff came to my aid, quickly followed by Scott. They eased me over to another window seat that looked over the woods.

"Take it easy" Jeff said.

"We weren't too rough were we?" Scott asked.

"I'm fine. I just got up too quick." I sat down in the window seat. "If anything... I'm starved!"

Jeff walked over to a back-pack and produced a can of Coke and a submarine sandwich wrapped in white paper.


"I grabbed lunch for everyone when I went home to get the something to wear."


"'cause we were hungry"

"No. I mean why did you get something to wear? Why don't we just swim back and get our stuff from the locker room?"

"Oh. Well Scott was tellin' me about what a good vantage point he has from his house at 5:30PM."

"What happens at 5:30PM?"

Scott smiled, "You'll see. Get dressed or we'll miss it."

When I was asleep, Scott went and got his car after Jeff got him some clothing. I should have known he would drive a black Trans-Am. The firebird looked like it was in pretty good condition for a 1989. I imagined Scott driving some fast sports car, and he did. The inside of the car was clean and the stereo was loud. I rode in back, Jeff in front. He wanted to ride in back with me, but if someone saw us, that would have blown our cover.

Scott drove rather fast for the winding residential side streets, but I suppose that was as expected as the firebird.

We drove around to the East side of the lake to a large town-home complex, and we parked in front a 2-car garage attached to the end-unit. The building faced the backside of a lakefront building, but the view was still nice since it was an end unit angled to take advantage of the adjacent forest. In-between the garages was a well groomed lawn, a flower beds against each of garage, and a big barrel overflowing with petunias sat between the front doors of the two apartments. We went into the one on the right.

The door led to a staircase and a hallway. Down the hallway I could see a living room, and a dining room around the corner. We went up the stairs that led to a landing and a second set of stairs. Through an archway on the landing, I could see a large family room with a fireplace at the far end, and a large sliding glass door that led to a sunroom and a deck on top of the garage. We continued up the stairs to find two bedrooms. We went to the one on the left which looked a little smaller then the one on the right, but it did have it's own bathroom.

Jeff took out his binoculars. Scott raised the blinds and said, "Check these out Jeff" handing him a pair of binoculars. Jeff set his down and took Scott's expensive looking pair. Scott then handed me a small lightweight pair, and sat down on the bed. Jeff started scanning the apartment building on the edge of the lake, and asked Scott, "Which one?"

Scott looked at the clock and said, "the show in the apartment on the far left isn't for another fifteen minutes, but you might catch some action somewhere else".

Scott sighed and kicked off his shoes. He looked so sad.

"What is the matter?" I asked.

"Kevin and I had a falling out"

"That was so cold of him to kick you like that," Jeff said.

"I didn't expect.... wait a second, how did you?"

I sort of blushed "Um... we have a confession to make."

"You weren’t."

"We were..." Jeff and I said in unison.


"Next door under the deck," I admitted.

"And you saw... "

"Everything!" we said in unison.

We all laughed.

"But I do miss him as a friend."

"He's such a jerk." Jeff said.

"Yeah, but... we've been friends for such a long time."

"It must hurt a lot" I added.

"I don't know what I should feel right now. I had always thought I was straight. Then Kevin got me the small pair of binoculars for my birthday last year. We started looking through windows in different apartments, then we started looking through windows here and there. We were always looking for women. Always women. "

"And?" I queried.

"Well... Earlier this summer I was looking across the way here late at night and I saw two guys doin' it for the first time."

"Yeah... and Kevin."

"Kevin wasn't over that night. He and I continued peaking into anywhere with necked women, but when I was alone I started lookin' at guys. For me, watching guys became an obsession. I lost interest in women undressing, unless they were in the company of a man. I watched Kevin as he jacked off. I even started watching other guys in the shower room. I hurry home almost every day to watch these two lovers across the way. I even purchased an expensive pair of binoculars to see better."

"Was yesterday a fluke?" I asked.

"No. I had spied on that triobefore. I was setting Kevin up to see what he would do when the chick leaves.  She always leaves before the guys are done. I didn't expect him to totally freak."

"What did you expect?"

"Well, I had seen him watching me jack off a few times. He always seems more interested when there was a guy and a girl, even if the girl was totally clothed and the guy was getting head…. More excited then when we saw a woman masturbating, more then seeing two lesbians. He really liked watching guys get head."

"Yes, but with the hard time Kevin gives Jeff, didn't you have a clue?"

"I still think he's bi."


"I think he is in denial"

Jeff laughed, "I think you're nuts."

"Will you guys help me?"

"Help you what?" Jeff asked setting down the heavy binoculars.

"Well... If I could catch him... "

"Watching guys ?"


"What have we got to loose? " I asked.

"Besides our two front teeth." Jeff said almost mockingly.

"and if we don't catch him, we'll be your new friends." I interjected.

"Deal!" Scott looked very happy to have at least one of us on his side.

Jeff looked reluctant, then added, "I suppose that we could take pictures and threaten to embarrass him if he doesn’t leave us alone".

"Shit, it is almost five-thirty!" Scott exclaimed.

I picked up Jeff's pair of binoculars, and asked "So... what are we looking for?"

Scott got up and I handed him the small pair of binoculars he had handed me earlier .  He looked out the window. He looked for a bit and then said, "The upper left hand window."

I looked closely, and saw a skinny tallish guy that I thought I recognized from school coming into the bedroom. He looked around the room. He had straight blond hair that was long on top and short in back and around the ears in sort of a bowl cut.  I caught a glimpse of his crystal blue eyes as he opened the mirrored closet door.  He shuffled some of the clothing in the closet then removed a big box. At first I thought he was looking for something to steal, but when he carried the box into the guest room, and set it down beside the bed. I realized that theft was not his intent, but what was he up to?

He came back into the bedroom, just as I noticed movement on the main floor.  I looked in through the downstairs window and saw a average business like guy walk in the front door on the lower level. He came in and loosened his tie. As the businessman poured himself a small drink, the tallish youth reached under the bed, grabbed a bottle of something from the dresser and crouched down in the closet and pulled the door closed.

The businessman took his suit jacket off and started to walk up the stairs. A few moments later he came into the bedroom with his shirt unbuttoned. He walked over to a hamper beside the dresser and removed his shirt, and his tee shirt. Next he took the belt out of his trousers and placed it on the dresser before he took off his trousers, and placed his underwear in the hamper. He was rather cute, with his wavy sandy brown hair, and trim body. He wasn't heavily muscled, but I could tell he works out from time to time. He then disappeared into the bathroom.

Slowly the closet door opened, the young man stepped out, peeled off his shirt revealing a decent chest and a nice six pack. He unfastened his shorts which dropped to the floor. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and his huge cock was already partially hard. Actually, the word 'huge' doesn't do it justice. It was gigantic, unbelievable, obscenely big, like a foot long!

He crept into the bathroom, and returned with two large towels. He set one on the edge of the bed, and dropped on the floor. He then entered the closet backwards, knelt down and slowly closed the mirrored door.

Moments later the businessman emerged from the bathroom with wet hair. He looked refreshed, and he had a smile on his face. He looked down at the towel, started to bend down, stopped and then started looking around the room. He reminded me of someone playing hide & seek.  He first looked in the second side of the closet, then behind the curtains, then he crossed the room and looked behind the door. Lastly he walked back to the bed, crouched down, and started to look under the bed. Suddenly the closet door opened, the necked youth moved closer.

Through the binoculars I could tell the young man's cock was shiny-wet. He knelt down, and suddenly plunged the monster prick between the man's buns. The man sort of sat up, and the youth thrusted a little more. The man leaned forward again. I saw the young man pull back, and drive it forward a few more inches. The man leaned back, turning his head and reached around the youth to receive a kiss and a few more inches. The man next eased himself back onto the long pole some more before breaking the kiss, leaning forward with his face against the floor. The youth started pumping, and pumping. It was so hot, the buttons of the tight cut-off 501 shorts I borrowed were about to bust off.

I continued to watch as the man totally yielded to the monstrous prick as it penetrated deeply, and was pulled all the way out, only to plunge deeply within again and again and again. I held my binoculars as steadily as I could as I reached down and started to unfasten Jeff's shorts. I felt Scott reaching down to unbutton the 501's I was wearing as I watched the huge cock thrust faster and faster. I switched hands and reached over to unfasten Scott's shorts, only to touch his bare erection. He had already taken his shorts down and was rubbing himself.

Right then I wished that I could hold the binoculars and jack both Scott and Jeff off at the same time. I started to gently tug at Scott's cock as Jeff started to manipulate mine. In the bedroom across the way, I saw the man lean back into the youth and kiss him once more. Then when he broke the kiss he pulled forward lifting himself off the long member, and walked over to the bed. The youth got up and grabbed the man's feet as he lay down on his back with his ass to the corner of the bed. The youth lifted the man's legs higher and higher and then let go as he leaned forward. The man's legs came to rest on the youth's shoulders as he came closer and closer till his cock started to penetrate the man deeply once again, this time in one slow forward motion. The guy's dick was bigger then I had ever seen in any porno magazine or movie.

I switched hands again and reached out for Jeff's cock. My hand met Jeff's and I took over pulling slowly as we watched the guy our age speeding up faster and faster, reaming the ass of the good looking business man. Suddenly I felt a hot tongue lick the underside of my cock. I looked down to see Scott kneeling between Jeff and I. Scott leaned over and licked Jeff's cock too. I looked back into the room and watched the businessman curl his toes and start to spew semen across his chest. Scott started to suck Jeff and I alternately, but we weren’t ready to cum before the youth finished.

The guy started thrusting even faster. He tilted his head back and his chest heaved as he slowed his strokes. His body quivered a little in small spasms as the powerful orgasm unfolded. He was so hot to watch. If I wasn't watching this live and it was a movie I would say they found a cute skinny guy and glued an extra large dildo on him. His skinny waist made the monster cock look even bigger. The businessman looked like he was used to it, even though the youth thrusted rather mercilessly.

Scott started to try to suck both Jeff and I at the same time as the youth across the way pulled his long cock out of the man. I divided my attention between Scott and the two leaving the bedroom and going into the bathroom. Scott was having a hard time getting both dicks in his mouth at the same time, he would alternate between Jeff, myself and made a couple attempts at sucking us both at the same time. When he sucked on me alone, it felt so good that I almost lost my balance.

One time when Scott spent some extra time on me I lost track of the bedroom window and I accidentally focused on the wrong window and saw another couple of guys that I had not noticed before.

Through the different window I saw a guy maybe a year younger then Jeff's age standing on the bed lifting his shirt, and another guy about my age with red hair leaning forward and beginning to lick his cock. The red hared  guy had his shirt off and had very fair skin, straight hair almost shoulder length, and green eyes. I recognized him from school. He was sort of an outsider. He hangs out with some skaters, but doesn't skate. He hangs out with some of the stoners, but doesn't get high. He's smart, but doesn't hang out with the nerds. He isn't athletic. He always reminded me of an older version of the red-hared kid who played on 'Salute Your Shorts'.

"Jeff, look two windows over... I think the guy giving goes to our school... If I'm right his name is Gary."

"Oh yes... God... they are hot! Who's the guy on the bed"

"I don't know."

The skinny guy standing on the bed was blond, very blond. His hair was almost white, short except on top and combed back like the guy who plays the lead on 'Thunderstone' but he was much cuter, thinner, shorter and cuter. He had a similar nose, jaw-line and similar cheekbones.  He had beautiful blue eyes. His cock had very round balls and a tuft of very blond hair above a long slender shaft that stood at a ninety degree angle to his body, but was growing longer and longer, standing straighter and straighter. If it wasn't for the size of his cock and the tuft of hair I would say he was a couple of years younger then the guy on TV, but he was too hung to be that young.  

Gary would lean forward, lick the blonde's balls or shaft a few times, and wait a moment while watching the blonde’s cock get longer and point higher and higher. When the blonde’s cock was standing thirty degrees from his stomach, almost straight up, Gary leaned forward and took the blonde’s cock into his mouth. First a couple of inches, then slowly he took more and more. Then he reached around grabbing the blonde’s buns and pulled him forward taking the whole thing into his mouth.

Gary reached down with his other hand, and started unfastening the button and unzipping his pants which dropped to the floor revealing a pair of black low-rise briefs. He continued to move back and forth on the other youth's cock starting to tilt his head clockwise while taking the dick into his mouth, and tilting his head counter-clockwise as he withdrew. The blond pealed his shirt off and then reached down and ran his fingers through the straight red hair.

Scott's mouth was so hot against my cock, and it was exciting to feel Jeff's cock against mine when Scott had a hold of both of them. I watched Scott as he had a ball sucking more dick then he had ever had in his life. I switched hands on the binoculars and reached down and grabbed Jeff's ass. Looking across the way the blond was alternating between stroking and pulling the longish red hair. Gary had his dick out and was jacking off about half as fast as he was sucking. Suddenly the blond held onto Gary’s head by grasping his hair tightly and he began to face fuck Gary, who sped up jacking off to about the same rate that the blond was pounding his balls against Gary's lips.

I was getting so hot that I wished that Scott would concentrate on one or the other of us, but I continued to enjoy the torture, and like Jeff; I continued to divide my attention between Scott and the guys across the courtyard. The blond was really pumping Gary's head back and forth at a good rate, and Gary's hand was a blur on his own cock, with it's red curly hair, well shaped balls, and a shaft that looked like it would be a fun ride. Even from here I could tell that it was sort of flat shaped, like an oval. It was thinner at the base and got thicker and rounder at the circumcision mark about two thirds the way up his shaft. Then it tapered back down to the average size just below the nicely shaped red head. Though I was starting to have feelings for Jeff, I could really stand to suck on Gary.

Suddenly the blond held Gary's head still with his cock two-thirds the way in. He looked like his knees were going to buckle and fall to the bed. His face was a mixture orgasm, pain and bliss. A moment later Gary shot a volley of semen across the bed in a big white arch. Arc after arc he shot, and as he did he started to move back and forth on the blonde’s cock making his whole body quiver with intense orgasm as Gary milked him as if he needed very drop to live.

At that same moment, Scott happened to be sucking on my cock deeply. I looked down and I had not realized that my free hand was holding the top of Scott's head by the hair, and I was thrusting his face up and down on my cock. Jeff was jacking off, looking at me, into the binoculars and back at Scott and I. Before I realized what I was doing, I was cuming very hard down Scott's throat. As soon as I realized what I was doing I let go, and Scott maintained the rhythm I had set. I was so embarrassed to have, if you will forgive the expression, 'taking things into my own hands'. I was so relieved when he grabbed my hand and placed it back on his head where it had been.

When I finished Scott stood up and put his arm around Jeff and I. Scott got closer, and we kissed. As we kissed Jeff placed his arm around me and held me tighter and moved in to make a three way kiss. I shifted and started kissing Jeff more passionately. As we kissed I felt Scott start to lift my legs out from under me. Jeff held me tightly as they carried me over to the bed and gently laid me down. I reached down and grabbed Jeff’s cock as I was set down and I tugged at it a few times before he got the message to get closer so I could lick it.

After setting me down, Scott didn’t let my legs go. Instead, he rested my legs on his chest and positioned his thick cock between my buns. He balanced my legs on his chest as he reached into the pocket a pair of dress shorts that were lying on the bed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him rolling a pre-lubricated condom onto his big dick.

I felt the heat as he gently pushed forward, a heat that rushed into my cheeks and made my ears ring. He eased it forward a centimeter at a time.  I let out a low moan of approval as I took Jeff into my mouth. Jeff crooned, "He likes it…" Jeff repositioned himself by getting down on all fours and crawling over my face so that I didn’t have to lift my head off of the bed to take him all the way in.

"Oh God… your ass is sooo… So Hot!" Scott said excitedly before he pushed a bit faster.

I ran my hands up and down Jeff’s back and tickled his sides. Jeff grabbed my wrists and held them to the bed as he started to slowly thrust in and out of my face.

Scott moaned, "Oh… I want to fuck you so bad…" as he thrust it another two inches.

"Mmm" I whimpered as it was a bit more then I could handle.

Jeff was starting to fuck my face from on top of me and Scott thought that the noise was a sound of approval and not pain, so he started to thrust it the rest of the way in. I tried to move my head to the left or the right to get Jeff's cock out of my mouth to ask Scott to take it easy.

"Oh god... that is so fucking good Mike!"  Jeff exclaimed.

All me moving my head back and forth managed to do was to excite Jeff.  Jeff started to fuck my face faster as he held my wrists tightly.

I struggled to get free but only excited Jeff and Scott more. My arms were held tightly by the weight of Jeff leaning forward. Scott had thrust it the rest of the way and was beginning to pound my ass. The more I struggled the more excited they became. Soon I realized that I was still struggling even though the huge cock up my ass no longer hurt. As I realized this Jeff’s sweet cum started to fill my mouth, and I felt Scott begin to pulse deeply inside of me as well. I got my right arm free, but was no longer needing to get away.

Jeff came really hard and I drank every sweet drop, to the point that he was gasping, "Oh God! Oh… Oh… Oh… Yes… Oh!!" which seemed to excite Scott and kept him going harder and faster. Scott kept pulsing for a very long time. I freed my left arm.

Scott started to change his angle as he pulled back, but always pushed it back in straight. In fact, Scott’s gyrations were starting to feel so good that I lifted my ass a bit off the bed to give him better access.

Jeff was no longer thrusting his way into my mouth. He rested at a comfortable depth as he savored the end of his copious orgasm. I started to use my tongue more on him and Jeff started whimpering, "Oh… OH… damn… oh… "

With the different angle Scott started go double time me like he was in a race with himself to have another orgasm. He leaned forward and each stroke he took dragged his ridge board stomach across my hard cock. It turned me on so much.  I started to move up and down on Jeff’s cock more passionately, more instinctively. Jeff started to almost howl with pleasure, "Oh fuck… Oh… Scott he could suck… a golf ball…. Through… a garden… hose…. Oh! Ah… " He started to pull back, but I latched onto him with both arms. If I couldn't get free earlier, Jeff wasn't about to get away now.

Without much warning my dick started to pulse shooting semen all over Scott’s chest and Jeff’s ass. Scott growled, "Oh yeah… squeeze my cock…." and then I felt him blast another hot load deep inside of me. I reached up and ran a finger up and down Jeff’s crack. Scott moaned, "Oh yeah.. Milk me… Take it all… You need it" and he was right. I really did need to feel him pulsing inside of me. It made my own orgasm so intense, but I also needed to taste Jeff once more.

"Ahh… Oh… " Jeff panted. "He's out…. out… out of…. control."

To urge Jeff to cum before Scott and I finished; I started to do things with my tongue that seemed to get Jeff off the other times I had sucked him and I slowly worked my finger into his tight ass. Just as I made it to the second knuckle of my pointer finger Jeff started to fill my hungry mouth once more. I continued to shoot semen across the three of us.

After a few more moments of mutual orgasm, I was spent. Scott slowed down and I felt the last of his orgasm sweetly fade. I finished drinking the last of Jeff’s sweet cum and let Jeff go. Jeff rested a moment before he lifted off of me. Scott started to pull out, but I wasn’t ready yet, "Wait Scott. Not yet".

Scott smiled knowingly and held it there for a moment until I nodded. He slowly pulled the three quarters hard member out. Slower then he had thrust it in. He reached over and grabbed a towel out of the laundry basket and handed it to me. I laid there staring at the ceiling as I quietly cleaned myself. I could see Scott and Jeff smiling at each other as they cleaned each other off.

I was brought back to reality when Scott asked, "Do you guys wanna spend the night?"

"Sure I replied" and Jeff nodded.

Then Scott said in a low voice, "But you guys can’t get that loud when everyone else is asleep.

We all laughed.

I called my Mom at work. Jeff called his Dad’s cell phone.

We ordered pizza and ate out on the balcony which was situated over the top third of the single car garage. While we were eating Scott’s dad came in carrying three big sleeping bags and two pillows. He dropped them on the floor of the screened in area in-between the family room and the deck. He smiled at us and asked, "Will Kevin be over later?"

"Nope…" Scott said sadly.

"Well…. You guys have fun tonight… We’re going to bed early tonight."

"Good night" we all said almost in unison.

After he had gone Scott asked, "So you guys are gonna help me right?"

"We said that we would" I replied.

"Well when Kevin is with me, we normally sneak out after sundown. We can leave a little early and follow him."

"Well sundown isn’t for a while yet." I said softly.

"Let’s play some Nintendo until then" Jeff said enthusiastically.

So we went in and played some video games for an hour. Two of us would play while the other watched. After we were sure that Scott’s folks were asleep I started another game. As Scott and Jeff were playing I sat between them, and reached out and started to fondle both of their cocks at the same time to see who started screwing up the game more.

Both of them ended up dying at the same time more times then not.

We decided this was a good omen that it was a good time to go hunting. We first laid out the sleeping bags and Scott got his pillow from his room. We quietly left and got into Scott’s car.

Part the way down the road Jeff said, "We need to go by my house."

"Why?" Scott and I asked.

"Because we can’t take digital pictures of Kevin if we don’t have a digital camera."

We diverted his course and pulled over at the side of the road near Jeff’s front yard. Jeff slipped in and back out without waking his father. He got back in the car with a big smile.

"Dad won’t even miss it…. Check it out!"

Jeff was holding a big camera bag and pulled out a camera like I had never seen before. He proudly showed the camera to me after he got into the car. It looked like it had interchangeable telephoto lenses like a lot of the 35mm still cameras used to use, but this was different. It had a screen in the back besides a viewfinder and it had a thickness on one side. "It uses 8mm tape to store either regular tv-quality movies, or hi-definition tv-quality." He said opening and closing the thick part showing a small tape. He opened another compartment on the side of the camera and pulled out a wafer thin square. "and it uses smart media to store high quality stills up to 7-megapixel"

"That’s some camera" I said awestruck.

"Yeah, my dad uses the wide-angle lenses for taking pictures of houses, but he got this high-power telephoto lens for my birthday."

"He let’s you use it?" Scott asked.

"Sure, for ‘bird watching’!!"

Jeff and I laughed at this private joke. Scott flipped us the bird and we said in unison "Exactly!" and the three of us laughed.

"I like this one so much better then the old one because you don’t have to stop filming the movie to take a still. I can also duplex a 30 second movie to the smart media card too. And instead of having just one trigger, it has three configurable buttons that I have set up to take a 3 mega-pixel picture, 7 mega-pixel or movie, and I can convert a high-resolution picture down to 5 or 3 mega-pixel without downloading it to a PC too if I am running out of space or something."

"Have plenty of film?" I laughed.

He reached into his pocket, took out a small  plastic box and opened it displaying five or six 128 meg smart media cards. "Yep" he said proudly.

"Can we load the movies onto a PC?" Scott asked.

"Sure, it has USB2 which is faster then fire-wire"

"Damn that’s sweet!" I said.

"No, what’s sweet is gonna be catching Kevin rosy-handed on film while he is watching a guy. He'll never punch me again."

Scott drove through some back streets a few blocks from the beach. He parked it what he said was a few blocks from Kevin’s house.

We walked along the side of the street a ways before we came to a place where the houses were further apart with more trees in-between them. Scott showed us where there was a footpath and we went into the trees. We skirted a few houses and then Scott whispered, "Wait here."

Scott climbed a tree and looked through his binoculars. Jeff and I sat down under some bushes wondering what was going to happen next. After a few more minutes Scott quietly climbed down and whispered, "He’s headed back over to Hidden Lake"

The three of us started to quietly walk to the house where Jeff and I had first seen Scott and Kevin playing the part of voyeur. We walked through the woods through the winding paths for a long while before we walked into the back yard of a very large home. Jeff led the way in-between and around the large houses making our way to the staircase that made such a good place to spy from.

When we arrived, sure enough Kevin was there peeking into the window. Greg, Scott and the Woman were already making out. Kevin had not been there long, because he was just starting to unbutton his blue jeans.

"Damn, Samantha is there…It will take forever to know if Kevin is there for her or for Greg and Steve".

"Is that her name?" I asked.

"Yep.  Don't you recognize her?"

"I don't know from where." I said quietly.

Jeff and Scott laughed.

Scott said, "Well I'll let you think about it for a while then."

Jeff laughed.  I rolled my eyes.  I'm not about to worry about where I have seen this woman before when there are sexy men to be watched.

Greg was lying on his back; Samantha was crawling on top of him. As they began to sixty-nine Scott moved in behind Samantha and started to penetrate her. Kevin stepped out of his blue jeans, pulled his erection out of his boxers and started to masturbate as he watched Steve slowly push his full length in and out of Samantha.

I heard the soft beep of Jeff’s digital camera as he started to document Kevin’s voyeurism. Scott and I watched through the binoculars as Greg began to work his tongue into Samantha’s vagina along side of Scott’s long shaft. Kevin seemed to take notice, but continued to jack off at about the same rate that Steve was thrusting. Without someone to pretend to be macho in front of, he didn’t even stop when Steve purposefully withdrew completely to let Greg deep throat him. Kevin stopped for a moment, pulled the front of his shirt over behind his head, just to continue to watch wide-eyed as Greg took almost the whole length over several strokes, and then liked the shaft as Steve returned it to Samantha’s pussy.

Samantha seemed to be enjoying herself. When Steve started to penetrate the second time she raised her head a moment, closing her eyes only to lower her head and hungrily envelope Greg’s thick cock once more. As Steve started to speed up Greg began to work on Samantha’s clitoris once more.

‘Beep… Beep’ went the camera as Jeff documented both what Kevin was watching and Kevin’s reaction.

"I am taking all of this on video too…" Jeff whispered enthusiastically.

Scott and I laughed, and then I felt Scott’s hand upon my erection beginning to peel off my tight shorts. I too held the binoculars with one hand and reached down to unfasten Scott’s pants. I didn’t want to giggle Jeff if he was filming the goings on.

Suddenly Scott knelt down and started to suck on my cock. I continued to watch Kevin speed up faster and faster in time with Steve as he began to really pound Samantha. Sweat dripped down Steve’s brow as he got a work out that probably expended as much energy as a workout on the horse or on the rings. Samantha was covered in sweat too. I wondered what sport besides sex she must be into. She was fit, not overly muscled like a weight lifter.

Scott was doing a number on my cock that was going to get me off, but not before Kevin, Samantha, Steve and Greg. I watched, the camera beeped, Scott sucked, and suddenly Steve started taking shorter faster strokes leaving most of his cock inside of Samantha. Samantha raised her head and smiled as she continued to masturbate Greg who shot his load across her face and breasts before she resumed sucking his meaty prick. Kevin suddenly shot several arcs of semen across the bushes.

I braced myself with my free hand as I prepared for my body to release. I held the step firmly and let out a "ahh!" as my cum started to fill Scott’s hungry mouth. I watched Jeff pull his face away from the camera to watch a moment, before he refocused the zoom on Kevin who was still shooting a virile load across the bushes. I hoped that the noise I made didn’t alert Kevin to our presence.

Inside the house Steve withdrew his cock and Greg began to lick it. Samantha said something and crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom and started the shower.

Kevin continued to slowly masturbate as Greg spun around, lifted his legs and offered his ass to Steve who drove his glistening wet prick into Greg’s ass. Steve slowly pushed forward until his long cock was buried deeply inside of Greg. Then what I didn’t expect: Steve bent forward and took Greg into his mouth without pulling his dick out of him. It was amazing to see the limberness of this fellow suck and fuck at the same time. I wanted to fuck Jeff or Scott so bad at that point I could scream.

Kevin seemed to like the show, jacking off in time to Steve’s motions which seemed to be going faster and faster. Jeff continued to get more stills and video footage of Kevin and the guys in the house. I decided to risk making the video shake back and forth, and I reached down into Jeff’s shorts and began to slowly pull on his erection.

Scott stood back up and focused his binoculars. I rested the binoculars on the step and let go with my other hand and started to masturbate both Scott and Jeff at the same time. Across the way Steve was pounding Greg rather fast as he sucked on his thick meat. As Kevin jerked off he reached behind himself with his free hand and began to fondle his buttocks. I couldn’t see, he may have been fingering himself. Suddenly Kevin’s body tensed up and he shot several more volleys of cum across the bushes. I could hear Greg and Steve begin to yell as they came inside of each other. It was a beautiful site that I am happy to say Jeff had the patience to film very well.

When they finished they started to go into the shower and Samantha got out and left to another part of the house. Kevin started to pull up his boxers and put his shirt back on correctly. Kevin was searching the bushes for his jeans when I got down on my knees and began to suck on Jeff’s cock. He must have not been expecting it because he let out an "Oh God!" that was loud enough for Kevin to hear. He looked around and then straight at us.

I got up and fastened my jeans as quickly as possible. Scott grabbed the pair of binoculars I left on the step and we all ran around the house into the darkness of the woods. We almost lost each other as we ran down the winding paths, all certain that Kevin was right on our heals ready to catch us.

Scott was leading the way, he knew these paths better Jeff or I. My heart was pounding as we ran and soon I was out of breath. Then I realized, ‘why an I running? I was the one who stood up to him in the first place.’

"Wait…Slow down…."

They stopped to and I walked up to them. "Why are we running… three of us… one of him…besides we got the footage… He's busted!"

Jeff and Scott looked at each other, as if to be expecting a logical answer. Then they both shrugged and we all three laughed.

We walked a bit further and I realized where Scott was headed. We were going to the vacant house, and we were almost there. We slipped around back and Jeff typed in the access code. Once inside we went upstairs and laughed.

"What did you get?" Scott asked

"Everything" Jeff said as he produced the camera. We gathered closely with Scott on one side and me on the other. Jeff turned on the camera and started to display some of the first stills on the small screen on the back of the digital camera. As the pictures automatically scrolled by I noticed Jeff getting an erection. Jeff fiddled with the camera a bit and it started to display a video of Kevin jacking off.

I reached over and freed Jeff’s cock from the confines of his shorts. I rolled onto my stomach and began to go down on him as he and Scott continued to watch other videos of Greg, Steve and Samantha. I reached out and started to rub up and down on Jeff’s legs as I sucked him. Jeff gently grabbed a hold of my hair with both hands coaxing me to take him deeper without forcing me to deep throat him. I tried to deep throat him, but could not from this angle. I moved around between his legs all the while sucking on his hard-on. Once between his legs I could get him a lot deeper.

Scott started to jack off as he watched more footage of Kevin jacking off as he watched the trio.

Suddenly I heard Kevin’s voice, "What the FUCK!"

I lifted my face off of Jeff to see what was gong on and saw Kevin standing there wearing only his tee shirt and boxers watching Jeff receiving my blowjob, Scott jacking off and both of them watching video of Kevin jacking off. He was red with anger as he started to move quickly across the room toward the camera. I started to stand up preparing myself for the inevitable fight. I could see in Kevin’s eyes he wanted to smash the expensive piece of equipment, but half way across the room he tripped on the piece of carpet that I tripped on the other day. Since he was moving a lot faster then I was, he was sent flying face first.

I immediately jumped over Jeff onto Kevin’s back and grabbed his arms twisting them slightly. "Get a rope!" I exclaimed as I sat on his back holding his wrists tightly. As Kevin struggled I twisted his arm a bit more till he stopped struggling.

Jeff ran downstairs.

Kevin struggled a bit more before, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle before Jeff returned with a ball of twine in one hand and the tool chest he got it from in the other.

"We’ve got to talk Kevin," I said.

Kevin’s face was pressed against the carpet "I’m gonna kill you fuckin’ fags! You can’t hmmm mmm ug mmm" he yelled as his face was pressed harder against the floor.

"We can’t talk with your face in pressed in the carpet." I said calmly in a sort of singsong voice. Come to think if it I had the tone of C-3PO from Star Wars. I was enjoying this. "I’m going to move you to a chair. The way you are tied it will hurt if you struggle. Do you understand?" I said in a tone that many adults take with small children.

"Yes you stupid fagot… It hurts now!"

"Very good!" I replied like an English butler.

I nodded at Scott for aid in getting him to a chair that Jeff got from the far side of the room. Kevin struggled a little, but not enough so that we couldn’t hold on to him and ease him into the folding chair with his arms under the backrest. Once seated, Jeff tied the long loose ends to the chair holding his hands firmly in-between the sides of the chair and away from the ends of the rope.

Kevin looked at each of us with fire in his eyes.

"Looks like we have a problem Kevin" I said in a steady tone.

"Not a problem… I’m gonna kick all of your asses"

"Not if we don’t let you go." Jeff said with a sly smile.

Kevin looked a bit worried at that statement, knowing that Jeff could be serious due to the pain and trouble he had caused Jeff. He looked to Scott who looked a bit worried and then back at me.

"Look… We have some incriminating video footage of you that could get you arrested in some circles, and laughed at in others." I calmly said.

"Fuck you"

"No, fuck you check and mate!" I said raising my voice slightly. "We’re going to leave you tied up a bit while you consider the possibility of being the laughing stock of Lakeville… Looking in windows and jacking off when guys are making out."


"When you calm down and promise that you aren’t going to do anything violent we’ll let you go, and the video is insurance. If you lay a hand on any of us; It goes to Channel Four News! Or better yet, the INTERNET!!"

"You wouldn’t!"

"Fuckin’ watch me! You hypocritical PRICK!"

Jeff smiled and added, "yeah… jacking off watchin’ two guys sixty-nine and callin’ us fags! Ain’t that the pot callin’ the kettle black"

Kevin scowled but said nothing more. I sat down by the window to see if there was any activity in the big house across the inlet and sure enough the cute curly-hared home owner sat on a large easy chair with Yi laying on his lap with his legs on either side of him and he was leaning back with his head dangling in-between his knees and giving him the lap dance of his life. A few moments later the homeowner unzipped Yi's fly and as the homeowner  began to suck on Yi's cock. Chris was standing between the homeowners’ legs with his big dick hanging out slapping it against Yi’s face. With the sun down I could see perfectly into the huge windows. I grabbed the binoculars that were on the floor and focused them.

"Oh yeah!" I exclaimed.

Scott came over to the window and squinted a second. "Jeff, do you have another blank tape for that thing?"

Jeff bent down and got a tape out of his camera bag that were on the floor. "Yeah, why?" he said stepping over to the camera.

"Quick!" I exclaimed.

Scott went and grabbed the second pair of binoculars as Jeff exchanged tapes. They both got back to the window in time to see what I was seeing. Suddenly Yi reached around Chris’s torso and pulled him forward enough so that he could catch Chris’ dick in his mouth. He began to suck. I am sure Jeff caught the whole thing on tape.

I pressed my face into the binoculars pinning them to the window to steady them so that I could take one hand off and start to stroke my hard member as Scott and Jeff were beginning to do. Yi started to buck forward face fucking the homeowner from below as the homeowner continued to run his hands all over Yi’s chest. Chris started to push in and out as Yi started to pull up and down in the lucky homeowner’s head. It was so erotic I was sure I wasn’t going to last long.

Then Chris started to move back and Yi started to slide down the homeowners’ legs. The homeowner put the palms of his hands on the smooth Asian’s chest slowing his graceful decent to the floor. On the way down he spun around so that he was on all fours, all the while lever letting his lips leave Chris’ ample member.

Once on the floor Yi reached down and pulled his Speedo's the rest of the way down revealing his cute bubble butt. It was almost more then I could bear watching the homeowner kneel down between his legs and slowly penetrate him. Evidently it wasn’t fast enough for Yi because he pushed back into the homeowner taking the full length of what looked like an eight-inch cock. I was jacking off full speed now, and starting to feel like I myself was being watched.

I turned around and Kevin had his eyes fixed on my cock. He turned away as I turned around, but I could tell he was hard as a rock because his shorts were tented up pretty bad. I ignored him and turned back to the orgy across the inlet. I saw another guy from swim team step out of a dark room and look down wide-eyed from the balcony. I could see his cock grow instantly hard under his Speedo's all the way from where I was. Immediately he pulled his shorts down and started to jack off even faster then the three of us.

Suddenly Chris tilted his head back and I saw a few droplets of cum escape Yi’s mouth. The homeowner started to buck rather hard as he tilted his had back too. I could tell that Chris was still coming as the homeowner slowed leaned forward over Yi. The guy on the balcony sped up even faster his hand was a blur. Yi started to spew cum all over the floor even though he wasn’t jacking off. The homeowner leaned back and his head tilted back in ecstasy.  It looked like Yi’s ass was doing a number on the homeowner who looked a little too excited.

I started to ejaculate onto the window the same moment that the guy on the balcony started to shoot volleys of cum over the railing upon the lovers below. I came so hard that I almost dropped the binoculars. Though I was interested in what was going to happening across the way, what I had seen so far had me so turned on that I really wanted to suck someone off.

I got down on all fours and started to lick Scott’s balls, I didn’t want to jiggle Jeff as he filmed what was going on. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Kevin intently watching as Scott reached down and started to run his fingers through my hair as I licked up his shaft. Suddenly I felt like I wanted to perform for Kevin. I watched Kevin watch me as I took Scott into my mouth. I first took the plump spongy head into my mouth and licked it all over around and around, but stopped before Scott’s knees gave out. I could tell that Kevin was going crazy seeing me take the first half of Scott’s dick into my mouth not being able to jack off or anything.

I must have turned on Scott something fierce because he set the binoculars down on the windowsill and grabbed my head with a second hand. I was expecting him to push me deeper, faster or to face fuck me mercilessly, but instead he slowed my fellatio holding my head at about one third in begging me to swirl my tongue around the front side over the scar of his circumcision. I looked up at Scott and he was switching between watching me and watching Kevin watch us. He too seemed to be performing. Though the expressions on his face didn’t seem forced, they did seem a bit more expressive then the first few times I watched him in ecstasy.

Kevin’s eyes were wide as Scott started to push and pull my head back and forth while thrusting in and out of my face. I could see Kevin's erection straining more against his boxers. I reached around and squeezed Scott’s butt with one hand and fondled his balls with the other as I let him face fuck me faster and faster, not that Scott was being rough or anything. I started to split watching Kevin watch us, and watching Scott watch Kevin Watch us.

After Scott sped up, it wasn’t too long, maybe fifteen minutes, before Scott cock exploded deeply within my throat. He was breathing very hard when he came I would have not been surprised if he hyperventilated and passed out on the spot, but he continued to fill my mouth and stroke my hair as Kevin watched wide eyed as if had never seen two guys make out before. After a minute or two the time in-between Scott’s ejaculates increased and his cum became easier to swallow, and he slowed his gyrations.

I was fairly well satisfied between my own orgasm and drinking in Scott’s, but was rather intrigued by Kevin’s reaction to what had passed between Scott and myself. Scott walked over to Kevin and knelt down and examined the tent in Kevin’s boxers. "Geez… you must have liked the show… " Scott said sarcastically. Scott ran his hand up Kevin’s leg and up into the leg of Kevin’s boxers. Kevin sat silently with wide eyes as Scott ran his other hand up Kevin’s other leg and began to grope through the boxer material. Suddenly Kevin’s prick popped through the fly of his boxers and stood up at an impressive angle. The look in his eyes was half terror, and all excitement.

I stood there and watched as Scott started to go down on Kevin’s huge cock. He started by slowly licking up the length, enveloping the first half, only to withdraw from it and make small licks down the front and sides.

"Oh God!" Kevin exclaimed.

Then Scott turned his had and started to run his lips and tongue up and down the front side of his Kevin’s cock tortuously slow. Up and down and up and down.

"Oh… Yes…. Faster…."

But Scott continued at the sensuously slow pace. Slowly he ran his hands over Kevin’s legs.

"Ahhh… I can’t take it!!" Kevin exclaimed as the lower half of his body attempted to buck forward.

Scott just stopped for a moment, smiled… and resumed the agonizingly slow fellatio. Slowly rubbing his hands over his torso and chest.

"Oh…. Fuck… I’ve never…. Oh!"

Scott slowly moved his lips and tongue up the shaft, took the first half into his mouth, lifted off and then moved his lips and tongue down the front side of the shaft passionately over and over.

"Ahh!… that’s… that’s it… ooooh!"

Scott stopped again, stood up, grabbed the front of Kevin’s shirt and lifted it over his head, the way Kevin had done when he was peaking in the window over by Hidden Lake. Scott then knelt down, stuck his tongue in the fly of Kevin’s boxers and started to lick his balls.

"Oh god… that is sooo good! More?"

Scott licked up the front side of his cock and resumed what he was doing before he adjusted Kevin’s shirt.

"Oh… Oh…. Damn… Faster… please… Oh… Fuck"

Up and down… slower… sucking the top of his cock twice before running the length of the shaft.

"Ah… Ahh… Fuck…. That is… Oh… Oh… Please…. Ah… Oh…. "

Kevin started to twitch his feet. Scott slowed down even more one hand rubbing Kevin’s right leg, the other lightly running over his chest and torso.

"Oh!… Damn… Oh… fuck!!"

Kevin’s feet twitched even more, his eyes grew even more wild.

"Ah… Ah…. God…. I’m gonna…. Ohhhh"

His feet stopped, his whole body went limp. Suddenly Kevin’s whole body began to twitch. With each twitch semen shot from the tip of his penis onto his taught abdomen. Scott didn’t stop the pattern: he would lick the front side of Kevin’s cock while it shot cum across Kevin’s chest, then he would suck on the first half his dick drinking in the hot juice.

"Ah….. Um… Ah!… Oh…. Oh…. Ooooh….Ohhhh!"

Slowly Scott ran his left hand into the leg of his boxers and massaged his balls, and slowly Scott coaxed the orgasm to go longer.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jeff adjust the camera and set it on the windowsill. I could tell he was still recording because small red light was still on, but Jeff had balanced it still trained on the living room of the big house across the inlet.

"Ah… Ah…. Oh… my god… Stop…"

Kevin’s legs begin to twitch again. Jeff smiled and put an arm around me as we watched Scott torture the last few ejaculations out of Kevin. Moments later Scott stood up and wiped his mouth. Kevin lay there appearing rather spent trying to catch is breath "Oh… oh… god…I can’t believe… "

Scott looked over at Jeff and I. "He may look spent, but I am sure he’s good enough for another go."

Jeff walked over to the toolbox and picked up a wallpaper knife, sort of like a utility knife, but instead of using a retractable standard razor blade it uses a long scored blade that you break off the tip when it gets too dull to accurately cut wallpaper and extend the blade a bit more. He looked at it a moment, and then extended the blade out so it was four or five inches long, much longer then the tool was meant to be used.

Kevin’s eyes were fixed on the blade as Jeff approached him. "Are you afraid that you punched me one too many times?"

"uhh… umm…"

"Well…."Jeff knelt down and lightly touched the side of the razor sharp blade to Kevin’s leg. "I would be…"

"um… ah… I… I…. I’m…."

Jeff slowly moved the blade up Kevin’s leg. I glanced at Scott who looked almost as terrified as Kevin, but I wanted to see what Jeff was going to do next. Jeff didn’t cut him. He just slowly glided the razor sharp instrument closer and closer to Kevin’s Groin shaving some leg hair along the way.

"I… I’m… I’m s-s-so… so s-s-s-sorry!!" Fresh sweat began to pour from his brow.

Jeff looked Kevin squarely in the eye as the blade went inside the leg of Kevin’s boxers. "So… you wouldn’t mind me licking the cold sweat from your balls?"


"Good!" Jeff said as he turned the sharp side of the blade away from Kevin’s leg and pulled up cutting the boxers clean away from Kevin’s once again hard member. Funny how things that scare you can get you hard. Kevin’s eyes were huge. "I hope you don’t mind me getting rid of those boxers. I’m not as patient as Scott."

"N-N-Not at t-t-t-tall" Kevin almost shook as he stuttered.

Jeff knelt down and began to lightly lick the underside of Kevin’s scrotum. Kevin’s eyes were still very wide, Scott was grinning from ear to ear. So was I in fact. I wasn’t sure what Jeff was going to do. I didn’t want to be an accomplice in anything violent.

I walked closer. "So… you aren’t going to be bothering any of us anymore?"


Jeff started to go up and down faster and faster, and I asked, "And you and Scott can be friends again?"

"Y-Ye-Y-Yes!… Oh… Yes!"

"Is that ‘yes’ to being friends with Scott, or ‘yes’ to what Jeff is doing?"

"Ah… ah… Uh… B-b-b… B-b-b-both!"

Suddenly Jeff stopped, wiped his mouth and said, "Good… that’s all I need to hear." He got up and went to check on the camera. I couldn’t help but laugh. Scott began to chuckle as well.

"Oh… god…" Kevin said between heavy breaths.

I looked over at Jeff who had a really big smile on.

"oh… fuck do my balls ache" Kevin pleaded.

"At least you have them." Jeff said with a wry smile as he looked back over at us. Jeff suggestively pulled down his shorts slowly revealing his hard-on, and then got down on all fours and crawled over to Scott and myself. Jeff was performing now, not only for us but for Kevin as well. I think he wanted to torture Kevin as much as he could. Returning pleasure for past pain. He started to lick my balls. I ran my fingers through his hair begging him not to stop.

Scott reached into his shorts laying on the floor and produced a pre-lubricated condom and slid it on only showing a little effort getting it over his ample dick head. He then knelt down behind Jeff and positioned his big prick between his legs. Scott ran his hands softly down Jeff’s back and gently parted his buns as he gently thrust forward. Jeff grunted softly. Scott started massaging Jeff’s back as he leaned forward pushing gently inward. Jeff started to suck my cock more passionately.

Scott leaned over, reached around and started to masturbate Jeff as he started to slowly thrust is long plump member deeply into Jeff. Scott’s hand made a totally different rhythm then the one he was pumping in and out of Jeff. It wasn’t quite double time, but between the hand job and the anal intercourse Jeff was so turned on he started to deep throat me. He then picked up one hand off of the floor, wrapped it around me and started to squeeze my buns. Then he lifted himself off of the floor and started to fondle my balls with his other hand. At this point Scott started pounding Jeff’s ass a bit harder then I imagined his skinny body could take; it was so erotic I wanted to cum right then and there.

"Oh my god" Kevin said. I looked over at him, his erection visibly throbbing, begging for attention. Kevin licked his lips like a person on a diet eyeing apple pie, his brow dripping with sweat.

"Damn…. Scott… He likes it…. as much…. as I did"

"He feels… so… fuckin…….. I… can't …. Oh… help it... Fuck… "

Scott’s ass was a blur, as was his hand. Jeff passionately fondled my balls and licked my cock as he sucked it. His arm wrapped around me tightly. Jeff sucked me with a three fold purpose: he liked it, he wanted me to like it, and to make Kevin want it all the more. I felt my balls start to tingle and Scott let out a loud moan and stopped moving. Scott closed his eyes and tilted his head back. Jeff’s cock started shooting cum wildly over the floor, Scott’s idle hand, Jeff’s chest, my legs it was so hot. Jeff continued to fervently lick my cock as he bobbed up and down, my own ejaculations started in torrents down his hungry throat.

Scott was still motionless as Jeff’s ejaculations slowed, but Jeff wanted more. Jeff started to push back into Scott and pull forward thrusting himself onto the hard and over sensitive member. Scott almost screamed, "Oh GOD! OH… YES!!"

My own cock was getting ticklish as he continued to suck me past the life of my own orgasm. I couldn’t tell if Jeff was trying to make a point or just horny as hell at what he saw across the inlet. I continued to let Jeff work his magic though it started to border on being painful.

Jeff coaxed the last out of Scott and me. Scott slowly withdrew and Jeff released my cock from his velvet mouth. Then Jeff crawled over to Kevin.

"Do you want me to finish you off"

"Oh god please"


"Oh … please… You are so hot…"


"Please…. My balls ache… I’m sorry I hurt you… I need to feel your hot lips on my prick… I promise to never hurt you again."



"Maybe you should suck my dick first…"


Jeff stood up and offered his long slender member to Kevin. Scott and I watched intently as Kevin opened his mouth and attempted to catch Jeff’s dick as he jiggled it in front of his face. Jeff then stopped teasing and positioned it closer, and Kevin took in the first three inches, wrapped his lips around it and then pulled back. Then Kevin opened his mouth and took the first four or so inches, closed his lips around it and pulled back again, but this time instead of opening his mouth again he left his lips tightly around Jeff’s member as he pushed his face back onto it first slowly, then faster, and then faster again.

"That's it… Ooooh… Yeah…Yes…. Oh…ohhhh yes… " Jeff crooned.

I decided that Kevin had suffered enough and I knelt down and took the large erection into my mouth and began to suck in it. Both Kevin and Jeff started moaning. I ran my fingers up and down the strong legs, over the strong ridge board stomach and strong pecks.

Kevin started to syncopate hums between Jeff's crooning. So I was hearing "Oh god… MMM…Yes… MMM… More… MMM" back and forth.

I reached out and ran my hand up and down Jeff’s soft backside, then started to fondle his balls just as Kevin brought Jeff to climax. Jeff let loose quite a load inside of Kevin’s mouth, and surprisingly he didn’t choke, he didn’t spit it out… he swallowed.

By this point I was excited by Kevin’s body more then anything else. As Jeff stepped back I stood up, sat on Kevin’s lap and eased myself onto the saliva-covered member. Slowly I took him in, and inch at a time. I looked into his wide eyes and smiling face. I could tell he wanted to reach out and balance me, but his arms were still tied. His cock was bigger then Jeff’s, Scott’s even bigger them mine. It took me a few minutes to get it all inside of me so I rested on his lap with my arms around his shoulders for balance.

"Ohhhhhh…. Ohhhhhh Yes…" Kevin crooned.

I just smiled and I wiggled my butt from side to side and then started to lift a bit and then I felt a falling feeling. I realized too late that it wasn’t a sexual feeling; the chair was falling over. I fell on my back with Kevin on top of me and the chair still plastered to his backside. Once on the floor with his knees firmly planted on the carpet, Kevin had the leverage he needed to start to fuck me. First he took one four-inch stroke, then two. Then one six inch stroke, then two, then three. He smiled a devilish smile and then started to fuck me as fast as Chris had fucked Yi on the beach the other day.

"Oh… Oh!!" I yelled.

"Fuck… Yeah… Oh… God!" Kevin shouted.

We started a duet, "OH…Fuck… OH… Yes… OH… how is… OH… this?… OH… Baby… OH… Yeah…. OH!"

I was surprised that Kevin had not broken his arm or torn a ligament in the fall, but I guess he landed just right. He continued to pump harder and harder. I looked into his eyes trying to read his thoughts and suddenly I felt him change position. Jeff and Scott cut him loose and he rocked back, gently pressed my knees to my chest and placed my ankles on his shoulders before leaning forward and resuming the lighting fast fuck. When he started he started fast with short one-inch strokes, and he lengthened each stroke minutely with each jab. Feeling his power was intense.

"Ah… Oh… Ah… Ah… Ah… Fuck" I panted.

"Ummm… mmm…Oh… ummm… yes….oh… " Kevin syncopated.

His smile was wonderful. It was no longer the smirk that he normally wore. He suddenly looked like a different person, not mean, angry, judgmental nor condescending. He looked like a beautiful man having the time of his life.

"Ahh… Ahhhhhh…. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!" I shouted the same time as Kevin yelled, "OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh" and I felt his prick begin to spasm and his strokes slow down. Kevin held it still deep within me. I felt every ejaculation as he emptied himself into me. My own balls began to tingle though no manual stimulus had occurred. I ejaculated three times across my chest and then stopped, but my ass squeezing Kevin coaxed new life into him. Kevin pulled back and started to slowly pump me again, trying to finish using my body to milk himself dry. As he started to move, my dick began to spasm again shooting six more ribbons of cum across my chest.

"Ah…OH… Ah… OH… Ah… OH… Ah…" our yells and ejaculations syncopated to each other.

I lay there, spent. As I turned my head I saw Jeff fucking Scott slowly and methodically and I wondered to myself how long they had been at it. Kevin collapsed beside me and we watched Jeff and Scott as they came to mutual climax.

The next morning we met at the beach by the big house with plans to go across the inlet to the abandoned house. All morning we swam, played Frisbee, raced and played water tag. At lunchtime we decided to take a food run to the diner down the street, so we had to get dressed in street clothes.

In the locker room when we were getting undressed to get into dry street clothes, there were two guys getting undressed to go swimming. We quietly grabbed our jeans, but couldn’t help but look at each other necked thinking about what we were going to do later at the house. Scott and I got about half hard, Jeff and Kevin got totally hard. Kevin quickly covered his by putting his shorts on. Scott and Jeff giggled at how embarrassed Kevin seemed.

One of the guys was putting on a pair of forest-green  Speedo's said to the other louder then necessary, "So these two fags are in bed and the alarm clock goes off. One jumps out of bed and starts getting dressed. The other says ‘what are you doing’. The fagot getting dressed says, ‘getting ready for work’. The homo that is still in bed immediately starts jacking off. The fag getting dressed asks, ‘What are you doing?’ Just as the fagot is about to cum he says, ‘I – I – I’m makin’ …. Your…. LUNCH!"

The guy putting on a pair of knee length black swim shorts says, "Ewww!"

Jeff started giggling loudly.

Scott bit his tongue.

Kevin laughed.

The guy with the black swim shorts came over to Kevin, "What's so funny, are you a fagit?"

"I hadn’t heard that one." He laughed some more.

"If you aren't a fag, how come you're hanging out with these cock-suckers."

"I don't know what you are talking about. I don't know these guys."

I was so mad my ears turned red.

"Tell me a joke then"

"Did you hear about the gay guy crying on a bench in the park?"


"well this guy comes up and asks what’s wrong. And the fag says, ‘my lover died of AIDS and these are his ashes. This park bench is where I first gave him a blowjob. He wanted me to sprinkle them under this tree, but I can’t do it’ The other guy says, ‘I can do it for you’ The fag says, ‘okay’. So the other guy starts the eulogy with, ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if he stuck to pussy, he’d still be with us!’"

Kevin and the two other guys started laughing.

I started getting dressed faster.

The guy with green Speedo's says, "Why do fagots like to work on the loading dock?"

Jeff and I left without a word. Scott looked at us, Kevin, and us again. Scott quietly stepped out with us.

As we left I could hear Kevin and the guy wearing the black shorts ask "Why?" in unison.

I could hear the three of them laughing even before he said the punch line. "Because they like all their deliveries in the rear!"

We left without saying ‘goodbye’. The three of us got into Scott’s car and were leaving as Kevin came out side.

"Scott, just go"

Kevin jogged to catch up, "Wait up!"

"Go fuck yourself Kevin!" I yelled out the open window.

Jeff floored it, and instead of going to the diner, we went and got BK drive through and went over to the abandoned house to eat. There was no activity in the big house across the inlet by the beach, but Jeff still had his dad’s camera and the 8mm tapes. We watched more of the three-way plus Kevin, and the free-for-all in the big house.

We were done eating and watching the homeowner give Adam’s beautiful cock a blowjob, something that I missed after seeing David cum from the balcony. David ample thickness was being sucked off by Chris. Yi continued to suck on Chris while he was being masturbated by the homeowner. We watched them all cum and trade partners and we were starting to fondle each other through our clothing.

Just as Jeff’s hand went down both Scott’s and my shorts I saw Kevin enter the room. I ignored him and watched the video of the five partygoers fondling each other and David moving over to the homeowner. Kevin came into the center of the room before he spoke.

"I’m so glad I found you guys here. I’m so horny"

Kevin pretending that nothing happened made by blood boil but I said nothing.

"I tried to jack off at home, but It just isn’t like being tied up"

"I’ll tie you up." Scott said in his most sultry voice.

Jeff looked over at me with anger in his eyes.

Kevin smiled a big smile and willingly went over to the chair.

"Oh no, that’s too boring. Lay down with your wrists next to the banister." Jeff suggested.

Kevin got back up and lay down with his hands over his head offering them to be tied to the vertical posts holding up the railing by the staircase leading to the former game room downstairs. Scott went onto the staircase and firmly tied his wrists to the posts. Jeff walked over and smiled a suggestive smile and started to rub Kevin’s legs up and down.

Kevin responded by moaning and lifting his legs into the air. Jeff smiled and lifted Kevin's leg over his head and closer to the banister. Jeff tied Kevin's ankle to the banister making Kevin curl is back a bit, but Kevin didn’t seem to mind. Jeff then did the same to the other leg.

Scott came around and started to rub Kevin’s legs up and down as Jeff went over to the toolbox and retrieved the wallpaper knife that had worked so well the day before. He approached Kevin and extended the blade to its maximum length and smiled. Kevin smiled fearlessly and excited smile. Jeff lightly ran the cold steal up his leg slowly leaving a trail of hairlessness in the razor’s wake closer and closer to Kevin’s groin.

Jeff smiled and asked, "You don’t mind if I ruin another pair of shorts do you?" but before Kevin could answer he tore through the front side of the shorts revealing a pair of white cotton briefs and Kevin’s excited state.

"You insist on making things difficult for me?" he said carefully running the blade into one of the legs of the briefs. "I could cut you" he said making an incision in the cloth half way up the leg. He inserted the blade under the part of Kevin’s underwear in-between the legs so that Kevin could feel the blade against the tender underside of his scrotum and pulled cutting the underwear to shreds. "And we wouldn’t want that to happen!"  he added in a sarcastic voice.

Kevin’s prick looked more engorged then the day before and leapt to life begging to be stroked and sucked.

"Oh yeah!" Kevin moaned.

Jeff waved the blade around a few more times cutting the rest of the fragments of what was left of Kevin’s briefs off of him.

"Touch me" Kevin begged.

"What makes you think that I would want to touch a self hating gay-basher like yourself?" Jeff laughed and stood up.

Kevin did a double take, eyes got wide, shook his head and looked a bit worried. Scott and Jeff laughed. Jeff’s laughter sounded a bit sinister as he added, "So, should we leave him here for a day or two and then call the police reporting a break in".

I laughed and Scott went silent. Kevin went pale.

"Wait guys… I can explain"

"We’re listening" I said.

I was… um… I’m not… uh…" Kevin stammered

"Not only was that joke not funny, and socially irresponsible, it was hurtful"

"I’m sorry… I … I …. I just…"

"Sorry doesn’t cut it. AIDS is not just a gay disease, and it is definitely not a funny subject"

"And you couldn’t defend us?" Jeff said sort of quietly.

"Defend you?"

"Yes… he called all of us fags."

"But.. um…"

"Look – none of us are out of the closet. We have to protect each other’s reps," I said.

"And watch each others backs" Jeff added.

"Shit… I didn’t mean…" Kevin trailed off

"C’mon guys let’s go" Jeff said and started for downstairs.

Scott hesitated a moment but followed when I went downstairs as well. I went to the back door, Scott shook his head. I smiled, and quietly said, "Shhhhhh". I opened the door and then slammed it loudly without leaving.

Jeff bit his tongue to keep from laughing. Scott just looked at me with wide eyes.

Upstairs we could hear Kevin start to swear, "Damnit!… Uh… Ug…. FUCK!"

This even gave a slight smile to Scott’s face.

"This isn’t happening!" echoed through the upstairs.

I said softly, "How long should we let him stew?"

"I dunno" Jeff answered.

"Ow! Fuck!" Kevin yelled with a bit more desperation in his voice.

Jeff whispered, "Don’t let him go just yet. I’ll be right back. I need to get something from Scott’s car." And he quietly slipped out the back door without making a noise. He returned in about four minutes with his gym bag. He reached inside and grabbed a small bag that looked like a shaving kit.

"Damn…. Damn….. Oh….. damn" Kevin wept.

We all filed up the stairs

Kevin looked relieved as we entered into the room.

"You didn’t really think we’d leave you here?" Scott asked.

"Well… um… I did piss you off."

"Do you think you have suffered enough?" Jeff asked tauntingly.

"I am sorry. I promise to try to change."

Jeff walked over to Kevin and chided, "Let me help you" and then started to spray shaving cream all over Kevin’s legs and groin. Kevin began to struggle a bit but stopped moving as Jeff got a razor out of the bag and said, "Hold still"

"You are’t gonna"

"Aw… you shave your legs during swim season anyway. I just want to shave them now."

"Okay" he said hesitantly.

"You’ll like it… besides, I hate to lick hairy balls"

Scott handed me a rope and said, "I wanna try being tied up too!"

I accepted the rope, and Scott laid on the floor next to Kevin so that he could be tied in the same manner. I gently complied as I watched Jeff run the blade slowly yet confidently down Kevin’s leg closer and closer to Kevin’s scrotum. Kevin started to get an erection once more, even though Jeff stopped to take another pass up the leg instead of touching Kevin’s genitals.

I removed Scott’s shorts before tying his legs to the banister, but did not remove my own shorts before bending over to start to suck on Scott’s ample erection. I licked and kissed it and the licked and kissed Scott’s stomach up to his chest, and looked over to see Jeff pulling the skin of Kevin’s scrotum tight as he gently removed the straggly hair from the bottom of Kevin’s ball sack.

I moved forward and gently kissed him on the lips. Scott’s tongue began to probe my mouth making me feel waves of hot passion over my whole body. I pressed my hardness tightly against his ass and wished I were without clothing. I did not want to stop the embrace, nor did I want the clothing to hinder me further. Suddenly I felt Jeff’s hands on my shoulders, running down my back and grabbing a hold of my shorts pulling them down my legs and off of my body.

I continued to kiss Scott deeply and moved closer and suddenly felt the coldness of lubricant being squirted onto the tip of my prick and onto Scott’s asshole. I felt Jeff's hand smear the lubricant over my shaft and carefully on my head. I pushed forward and felt his tight ass give way to my gentle but firm thrust forward and down. I pulled back and thrust a second time burying it all the way in. Scott’s whimper was caught by my mouth as our tongues danced around each other.

I felt one of Jeff’s hands on my balls as I began to slowly thrust; his other hand reached around and stroked Scott’s over engorged prick. I was so turned on I sped up. Scott began to struggle a little, I don’t know if it was because I sped up or because he wanted to wrap his arms and legs around me. I pulled away from his kiss only to have him beg, "Don’t stop". So I resumed the kiss and sped up even more.

I felt the departure of Jeff’s hands as I became lost in ecstasy pumping in deeper and harder. I vaguely remember looking over to see Jeff licking Kevin’s now hairless asshole. It was so hot watching Kevin writhe against it. I could tell he liked it and didn’t want to like it. Scott’s ass felt so hot and his and Kevin's moans were intoxicating.

As I was fucking and kissing Scott deeply Kevin started yelling, "I can’t take it anymore, Fuck me!!" I slowed down enough to watch Jeff push his long thin prick into Kevin’s virgin asshole gently. Kevin struggled a little as he yelled, "Yes… Oh baby… that’s nice !"

Scott started arching and relaxing his back begging me to speed up. I complied but started a new sensuous rhythm by repeating a sequence of taking a couple of long slow strokes, kissing him deeply, taking another two long fast strokes, pulling back and waiting a moment or two before doing it all again.

Each time I paused I looked over to watch as Jeff went faster and faster. He was beginning to ravage Kevin, making him shout, "God yes…. Harder… Deeper… Like that… Oh… Oh yes!"

As I could tell that Jeff and Kevin were getting close I started to take less and less pauses and soon was going faster and faster, like Jeff and I were in some sort of perverse race of how fast we could go without feeling rapture. We were both going lightening fast when suddenly it happened. I ejaculated so hard that I almost passed out. Jeff came at the same time and let out a growl that I didn’t know he had in him.

I kissed Scott as I slowed down a bit and watched out of the corner of my eye as Jeff did pretty much the same. It was so intense. I was not only feeling myself cum, but I could also sense every ejaculation that Jeff was having. Suddenly I felt Scott’s ass clench my prick and a warm sensation dripping across my chest. It was too much. My prick got so sensitive that moment that I had to stop moving.

I was still ejaculating harder then I think I have ever done, still sensing each pulse from Jeff, feeling each of Scott’s ejaculations from within him and across my chest. Then I sensed Kevin begin to come. It was so erotic. Then suddenly Scott’s legs wrapped around me and then his arms around my neck. I was so intoxicated by the situation that I didn’t question at the moment how he got loose. All I knew was that Scott was hugging me with his legs and starting to pull himself off of me and push himself back down onto me, milking my oversensitive cock.

I laid on top of him letting Scott milk every drop out of me. Scott came a long while too. We were pretty much stuck together by the time we attempted to pull apart. Kevin was also free, but instead of hanging from Jeff. Kevin had rolled over and was riding Jeff’s prick rodeo style as Jeff stared to the ceiling with a glazed look on his face flinching a little with each ejaculation.

Jeff looked pretty spent as he and Kevin uncoupled.

I smiled back at Scott and it was only then that I realized that the rope around Scott’s and Kevin’s wrists had been cut. They were sliced with one quick strike.

"Oh my God… who cut the ropes?" I said aloud.

"Um…" Jeff went pale.

"Oh shit… My dad is a painter… and is working on this house!" Kevin said.

"Damn… My dad is the one coordinating the sub-contractors so he can sell this place." Jeff shook his head. "Damn… Damn… Damn…"

"Fuck… my mom is the interior decorator your dad hired" Scott added.

All I could do is shrug and feel sympathetic. My mom is an accountant.

An awkward silence came over us as we slipped up to the master bath with oversized shower and washed ourselves off and dried ourselves with our beach towels.

"C’mon guys… maybe it isn’t any of them. There have got to be other guys who work here, like the dry-wallers, the carpet layers, it looks as if they are putting on new cabinet faces and counter-tops in the kitchen and the fact that they cut the ropes instead of interrupting says that they may have liked what they saw enough that they won’t be telling any of our parents." I said breaking the silence.

They all looked at me with unconvinced eyes.

"Somehow I think my dad would have kicked some ass if he found me in that position," Kevin said in far off thought.

His words didn’t comfort Scott or Jeff as he spoke them; in fact it worried them more. I guess they were thinking more that Scott’s Mom or Jeff’s dad would have cut the ropes and left without a word.

"C’mon guys there is nothing we can do about it now. Let’s get on with our lives and face the music." Kevin said.

"Easy for you to say!" Jeff said angrily.

"I don’t know if I want to go home tonight." Scott said in dejected tone.

"Damnit!" I said at a loss for words. I didn’t know how to comfort them, or how to advise them. I walked over to the window and sat down looking across the lake at the big house and the people playing on the beach. I longed to be there, but knew that nobody was prepared to leave just yet. I longed to be in the state I was in a few hours ago. Not necessarily in bliss, though that would be nice. I longed for being in that "sweet spot" in life where nothing can go wrong and you are happy and your friends are happy, and everything is going great with no end in sight.

A few moments later Jeff came over and sat down in front of me. Just as I was about to reach out and put my hand on his shoulder he leaned back into me. I hugged him and held him. He was silently crying. He was worried, confused and didn’t really know what to do. I moved closer rocked with him. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Kevin and Scott were walking downstairs.

I whispered into his ear, "It will work out." I continued to hold him as we rocked together. I added "everything is going to be okay," and I hugged him tightly.

We sat there a long while, then Jeff turned around within my arms and we kissed. When we broke the kiss Jeff got up and helped me to my feet. We walked downstairs to find Kevin and Scott staring out the back window with an arm around each other. We walked over and stood next to them with me in-between Scott and Jeff. Scott but his arm around my back and I did likewise.

"Damnit! When you’re right; your right!" Scott said.

We all looked at him.

"I’m going home. I’m gonna find out. The suspense is worse then anything they could do to me."

Jeff forced a smile. Kevin give him a little hug and a look of understanding.

"It will be okay…. Trust me!" Kevin said to Jeff.

"Yeah, if your dad freaks out or anything you can crash out at my place till things calm down." I added.

"Or at mine" Jeff and Kevin chimed almost in unison.

We formed a circle for a group hug and headed out the door being careful to not leave anything that we had brought into the house behind. Scott took Jeff home first, then me.

When I went into the house I tried to watch television, but for 200 channels of satellite, there wasn’t shit on. I was climbing the walls for something to do so I did the dishes, vacuumed and did a load of laundry. Scott was right; the suspense is awful. If me not knowing what was happening to him was driving me insane, how much more was Jeff going through at the house.

Suddenly the phone rang. It was Jeff.

"It wasn’t dad" he said softly.


"At least I don’t think so."

"I wonder if Scott’s mom…"

"haven’t heard form him… and it is driving me nuts."

"I hope ‘no news’ is ‘good news’."

"I can’t stand the suspense. Meet me at the beach for a late afternoon swim?"


After I hung up the phone I left a note for mom to let her know that I would be home after sundown when the beach closes. She wouldn’t care since so much of the housework was done. I took some steak out of the freezer and put it in the sink so it would be thawed by the time she got home. I rode my bike as fast as I could and Jeff and I got there at about the same time.

There weren’t that many people there so there was plenty of room to race the without bumping into anyone. Soon it was as if nothing bad had happened and Jeff was laughing and we were having a good time. Upon returning to the beach for a rest I noticed Yi and Chris were on the beach playing Frisbee. I turned toward Jeff and rolled my eyes in their direction so that Jeff would notice them.

"Oh my god" Jeff said nervously

"Calm down and don’t act funny."

"Sorry… it is so weird" he said softly.

Without warning to me an errant Frisbee was flying straight for the back of my head. Jeff warned me just in time. I ducked and Jeff caught it.

"Sorry Mike!" Chris called out.

I was stunned, I didn’t even know he knew who I was.

"Who’s your friend?"

"Um.. Chris, this is Jeff… Jeff, Chris and Yi"

They walked over.

"Uh… pleased to meet you." Jeff said extending his hand in greeting.

Chris shook Jeff’s hand. "I saw you two racing. You’ve got to try out for swim team!"


Yi broke in "yep, there are a few of us who race here during the summer to keep ready for swim team." He turned towards me, "And I want to know why you haven’t been showing up."

I blushed, "Um… honestly… uh… I didn’t know you thought I was that good."

"Well, you look a lot faster then you were last year." Chris said. I got the distinct feeling that when he said it that he was looking me up and down. I felt his eyes on my dick, and I was getting an erection.

"Do you want to race now?"

Yi looked at me, "Sure, I’d like to see how fast you can go."

I was in trouble. I felt like my dick was about to pop out of my shorts with two guys staring at my crotch and after a comment like that. I hurried into the water. Jeff followed, so did Yi and Chris.

After racing a while I saw Kevin on the beach.

"Kevin" I called out. I was anxious for news of Scott.

"Mike!" he responded as I swam for shore.

"Any word?" I said softly.

"Wasn’t my dad or Scott’s mom… At least neither of them acted funny when we went home."

"Where’s Scott?"

"He said that he didn’t feel like goin’ out to night, and that he and his parents were goin’ to the movies later"

I turned towards Jeff and gave him the thumbs up.

Yi and Chris came over, followed by Jeff.

"Who’s this?" Yi said looking Kevin up and down (a little more down then up).

"Kevin, this is Yi and Chris… Chris this is"

Chris cut in, "I know Kevin… He beat me last year when he swam for North"

"Not by much" Kevin said almost blushing.

"Rumor has it that you are going to South this year ?"

"Yep… Between you and I North ain’t got a chance."

"Let’s not forget Jeff here" Yi said with a smile.

"Only if we practice."

Feeling another hard-on in the make. I headed for the water the other four followed.

We raced in the water until sundown. It was the most fun I had swimming in days. We collapsed on the beach until the lifeguard told us that we need to hit the lockers. I took a shorter shower then Kevin, Yi or Jeff. The hot water felt good on my skin but I knew that if I dwelled too long I could not maintain a soft cock, not that I was that worried about Yi or Chris, but we were not alone in the locker showers, much less the locker room. I think Chris may have felt the same way because he left the shower just a minute after I did.

I took my time drying off to wait for the others, but started to feel self-conscious because the guy with the green Speedo's and the guy with the black swim shorts came out of the showers. They seemed to be talking quietly to a rather large guy with a huge ape-like chest and huge football player thighs. Most of the other people in the locker room had cleared out by the time I was dressed and the guys were out of the shower.

I was so uncomfortable I hurried putting on deodorant and my t-shirt. I told the guys that I would meet them outside. Chris got up and walked out at the same time I left.

The cool air felt good after the musty hot air of the locker room. Just as the thick steel door with the thick plate mirror-glass that was supposed to let you see out to prevent you from slamming the door into them but not let someone see into the locker room slammed shut, I remembered that I forgot my gym bag. At night the mirror-glass worked the opposite way allowing me to see Jeff with Kevin to his right and Yi to his left. I thought to myself that I had placed the deodorant back in it, then the towel, told the guys I was headed outside, and left the damn thing in the locker. I tried the door but it was locked.

I knelt down and yelled through the vents in the bottom of the door, "Jeff… My gym bag… Can you let me in?"

I stood up and listened for a response, but didn’t like what I heard.

The guy who was wearing green Speedo's earlier turned towards Yi and loudly said, "If you look over here again you little faggit I’m gonna kick your ass!" as he slipped on blue jeans over his dirty jock strap.

"Asshole! Nobody’s looking at that pimple between your legs you call a dick" Yi called back as he finished putting on his tee shirt. He had not yet put on his shorts and was wearing only low-cut briefs resembling white cotton Speedo's.

Jeff still shirtless laughed as he slipped pulled up his knee-length shorts.

A cute guy about Jeff’s age that I had been looking at earlier today with tight blue Speedo's and longish blond hair walked over and opened the locker next to Yi and started to grab his shampoo to get ready for a shower. He stood about half way between Jeff and Yi’s height and was very slender.

The guy wearing jeans got up and walked towards Yi, "you’re dead meat sperm breath!" He yelled grabbing Yi by his tee-shirt and banging him into the guy with long blond hair. They both banged against the lockers loudly; Yi hitting the back of his head, the other young man somewhere on his face. The blond guy was hit hard enough that he bounced off of the locker and fell backwards hitting the back of his head on the bench.

Jeff stepped closer, "Cut it out asshole!" he yelled as he got in the guy’s face.

"What’s it to you? Are you his butt-buddy?"

"If I’m a homo, It’s gonna be pretty funny when you have to explain to your friends that you got your face pounded by a fairy." Jeff responded getting into a poor imitation of a boxing stance.

The guy in blue jeans laughed and turned to Kevin. "Wanna help kick their ass? Or are you a fudge-packer too?" He threw Yi up against the lockers with a loud bang a second time, let go, and Yi fell to the floor as the guy turned towards Jeff.

Chris was half way to the car. I called out, "Chris! There is a fight, Yi and another guy look hurt!" I struggled against the locked door as I watched the guy wearing long black shorts that we saw at lunchtime walk over to the budding altercation along with the big dude.

"No, I don’t want to kick anyone’s ass you stupid mother-fucker!" Kevin pushed the guy out of the way, kneeled down and quietly asked Yi and the other guy, "Are you okay?"

Yi rubbed his head has he nodded. The blond did not move.

"You are a faggit!" The guy who had hit Yi said.

Kevin got back on his feet to respond. "I don’t even know the guy you knocked out and I just met Yi today, and I don’t think they are gay… but if they are … I don’t give a shit!"

"Just ‘cause you’re a fag too." the guy wearing black shorts said pushing Kevin a bit.

"Fag-lover!" The first guy said to Kevin while he gave Jeff a shove since Kevin was not standing. Jeff lost his balance and hit his head pretty hard on the locker, but he didn’t go down. Jeff threw a punch that landed squarely in the chest of the guy who had just hit Yi. The guy punched back hitting Jeff in the stomach. Jeff doubled over clenching his stomach.

"Yeah, you just want to suck the chink’s dick while Blondie fucks you!" The guy wearing black shorts said pushing Kevin again.

Kevin raised is voice, "No, because nobody deserves to be beat up because…"

He was cut off by the football dude pushing him into the locker as he gruffly said, "Cock sucker!"

Kevin’s left shoulder banged into the locker, but he was prepared for it and didn’t slam hard. Instead he bounced back and punched the football player in the stomach. As hard as he was hit the football player did not double over. Instead the football player grunted and threw another punch at Kevin’s head. Kevin waited till the last second and then ducked. The giant fist banged loudly into the locker making a loud crash.

Just as Kevin ducked the guy in blue jeans who had hit Yi was grabbing Jeff’s hair who was still doubled over. He held Jeff’s head and was cocking his leg back to knee Jeff in the face. Kevin being bent over ducking saw what was about to happen and grabbed the guy by the ankle and pulled as hard has he could as he stood up throwing the guy in jeans at the football player.

As the guy in blue jeans was beginning to be whipped around backwards over the locker room bench he didn’t let Jeff’s hair go immediately. Jeff in almost knee jerk reaction punched forward against the force. The solid punch landed squarely between the guy’s legs. He let go instantly. The guy fell limply over the bench into against the football player who caught him even though it looked as if he would have rather been holding his hand that was probably broken.

Kevin was once again in a standing position and punched the football player in the face. With the hulk’s hands occupied and the hits unblocked they landed squarely in the football players left eye and jaw.

The blond guy sat up rubbing his head and Yi had had crawled over to the left of Jeff before he stood up but was met by the guy in black shorts. "You aren’t gonna let your other fuck-face friends in here!" he said grabbing Yi by the front of his shirt the way the guy in blue jeans did, but this time Yi was ready.

Yi grabbed the guy's wrist and twisted it sideways in some sort of dubious martial arts hold. As the guy bent down to avoid his arm being twisted further, Yi asked "Who’s the cock sucker?"

The guy shouted back, "Fuck you!"

Yi punched him once in the face, and twisted more to force the arm behind the guys back as he asked again, "Who’s the cock sucker?"

"Ow! Damnit… FUCK!"

"Wrong answer shit-breath!" Yi shoved him forward making him bang his face against the vents of a closed locker.

Just then the lifeguard came around the building and saw Chris and I at the door.

"What’s going on?" she asked.

"That fucking dude with the dark hair that always wears those green  Speedo's and his friend in the long black shorts started a fight."

She grabbed her keys and started to unlock the door as Chris continued. "Yeah, and that big football player joined them."

The lifeguard opened the door, "What the fuck is going on in here!" she shouted.

A red-hared guy who was watching the fight on the corner who was holding a towel around his waist was so stunned to see a woman in the locker room, he dropped his towel revealing a nice shaped dick with curly red hair above the erect shaft.

"Pick up the towel." She said wryly. "I don’t need to see your wares just now."

A few snickers came from other corners of the room.

It was at that moment that I realized where I recognized the lifeguard from. She was the third woman in the trio with Steve and Gary that Jeff and I had watched. The trio that Scott and Kevin had watched. The trio in which Scott had replaced her after she went for a shower. I had to smile to myself because I had seen her many times on the beach and never made the connection.  Scott knew who she was, and Jeff had figured it out when Scott teased me.

"Is anyone hurt badly?"

Kevin went over to the blond guy and balled up a towel, prompted him to lie back and put it under his head. The other five mumbled that they were not hurt even though the football player was still rubbing his hand, Yi and the guy in the black pants were rubbing their heads and the guy in the blue jeans was still holding his crotch.

"Who started it?"


"Well ?" She said in demanding tone.

She pulled out a cell phone, dialed and a moment later spoke. "Yes, I need an ambulance and a patrol car at the North beach men’s locker room…. Yes…. Yes…I fight… Four or Five…Yes… he… yeah… Seven… Probably a concussion or two…A broken hand… Okay… Yes… Thank you."

Everyone quietly looked at each other, wondering who was going to lie, tell the truth, or not say anything.

"You can tell me or you can tell the police, but someone is going to say what happened."

The guy with longish blond hair sat back up and began to say, "I… It…"

"Go on Simon…" the lifeguard said reassuringly. "I’m pretty sure I know who did it, but I want to hear it from more then one person"

"The b-b-b-big d-dude and h-h-his t-two f-f-friends were g-gonna b-beat up those g-g-guys guys!"

"And you got caught in the middle?"

He nodded.

"Which three started it?"

He pointed at the three.

She looked over at the guy who had dropped his towel. "Is this true?"

He stared back the way a deer who is about to be hit by a semi truck looks.

"Nobody is going to lay a hand on you." She said looking first at the football player, next on the guy in black shorts, and last on the guy in blue jeans. "Nobody! I just want independent confirmation from an uninterested party."

The guy with the towel nodded nervously and said, "Yes, that’s them."

She nodded and turned towards the three who had moved to one side away from Jeff, Kevin and Yi. "You are not to show your faces at this beach for the rest of the summer irregardless of what the police and your parents do with you. I will also contact the lifeguards at the other beach to warn them that you are trouble makers and they can decide if they want to ban you as well."

All three had astonished looks on their faces.

"So what was the fight about?" She asked sternly.

Once again, Silence.

She waited a moment and then turned to the stuttering young man, "Out with it Simon… I want to know."

"Th-they were callin’ th-the other th-three g-guys f-f-fagits."

"Ah…" she said with a wry smile. She looked at Kevin, Jeff and Yi, then over at the other three. "Looks like you either made a big mistake and they aren’t gay, or you just gut your asses canned by some homosexuals."

A few snickers came out from other spectators.

"You know how to tell the difference between a gay guy and a straight one just by looking at them?"

Half the room was quiet expecting a funny joke, the other half was quiet nodding, expecting her to confirm some wisdom that they thought they knew.

"The fact is, you can't. Outside of a homosexual coming on to you, it is just a guess. Just because someone is smaller, not athletic, soft spoken, talks with a lisp, walks funny, can't maintain eye-contact during speech and seems to be looking at your crotch or even gets a hard-on in the showers – Just because someone looks gay, doesn't mean they are!"

The guys in the room quietly looked at each other.

"You guys must be really stupid. I know a gay guy and a guy who is bi, and they are a couple of the strongest men I know. If you had picked a fight with either of them they would have pounded all three of you ten times as bad as these guys. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with strength or fighting ability."

The room remained quiet, but I could faintly hear a siren outside.

"If they are gay they are attractive enough that they can do better then your unpleasant mugs, and if they are straight they wouldn't be grabbin' you. Somehow I can't imagine these guys were trying to grab your ugly butts in either case…"

This drew some more laughter from the spectators.

"And if they were keepin' their hands to them selves you have no business picking a fight with them. "

Then she turned toward the other spectators. "And all of you! You should have got a lifeguard or other adult immediately, or tried to stop the fight before it ever happened. Someone could have – shit maybe has been hurt seriously. As it is, it looks as if one or two of these guys have a concussion."

The siren was out side. She shook her head and went outside to let the paramedics in.

I went over to Kevin and asked, "How is the shoulder? Are you okay?"

"Shoulder is okay, but I hurt my hand on the ape’s jaw."

"I bet it doesn’t hurt as much as dumb-shit's hand does."

"I’m sorry that I didn’t…uh… couldn’t"

I cut him off, "Thanks for stopping Jeff from getting stomped worse then he was. You stood up for the team."

Kevin gave a meek smile.

"Are you okay Jeff ?"

Jeff nodded.


"I’m okay"


"My head still hurts"

About then the patrol car arrived. The paramedics pronounced the football player’s hand broken and ordered that Simon, Yi, Jeff and the guy in black shorts go to the hospital to check for concussion especially Simon and Yi since they had a short blackout after Ye hit the locker and Simon hit the bench. The lifeguard recommended that the hospital put the guy in black shorts in a different room then Yi , Simon or Jeff.

The police asked us a bunch of questions before I got a chance to ask the lifeguard if I could borrow her cell phone to call home and let my mother know why I was so late. I called my mom and Scott and he said he would meet Kevin, Chris and I at the hospital when we were done with the police.

I was glad that the three guys who started it all were in trouble, but wasn’t pleased that we all had to waste a day of summer in court if they didn’t confess to at least assault.

After the police were finally done asking questions Chris took Kevin and me to the hospital.

We asked information for their room number and went up to the fourth floor to find them. As it turns out, they were in adjacent rooms at the end of the hall. We came to Yi’s room first. As with most rooms in the hospital, there were two beds, one lavatory and one water closet. Yi didn’t have a roommate, but David and Adam were visiting. I waved from the door and Chris went in.

Kevin and I walked onto Jeff’s room. Jeff was sharing a room with Simon. Jeff’s dad was just leaving and Scott was already there. Jeff’s dad smiled a hello to me when I walked into the room but said nothing. He just kissed Jeff on the forehead and quietly left the room.

Kevin stood at the foot of the bed. Scott was in between the window and the bed on a chair, I moved in between the two beds.

"So what’s the prognosis doc" I asked Jeff in the lightest tone I could muster. "I didn’t expect anything more then a quick visit to the emergency room."

"We just saw an intern, and he’s being overly protective. We’re not allowed to fall asleep for a couple of hours, and then he’s gonna have a nurse wake us up every half an hour till about midnight. Then we can sleep.’

I turned around to Simon, "How are you feeling?"

"Headache is almost gone… thanks…. " He said in a very sleepy tone.

"Are your folks coming by?"

"Mom and my brother have come and gone. My Dad isn’t coming."

I looked at my watch. "Looks like it has been more then two hours."

"Good" he said closing his eyes.

I turned back to Jeff who didn’t look at all tired. He was smiling and his normal chipper self. Under the thin hospital robe I could see that he was getting a hard-on. "What ya thinkin' 'bout?" I asked in half whisper.

"Just that is nice to be surrounded by close friends" he said with a devilish smile.


He lowered his voice, "And that I could really use a blow job" he said grinning ear to ear.

I smiled back. "What about Simon?" I asked.

Jeff scooted up in his bed to get a better look at Simon then laid back. "He’s asleep"

"and if he wakes up?" I whispered.

"And if he wakes up he’ll get the show of his life"

"Um.. but…"

"He lives in my neighborhood with his mom and hard-ass step dad… I have seen in his window late at night and know what sorts of web sites Simon jacks off to… Trust me, he’ll enjoy the show and won’t say anything to anyone about it."

I looked over at Kevin, "Can you stand at the door and watch for visitors?"

"I’ll cough loudly if someone is coming" he said with a funny grin as he strolled toward the door.

Scott and I nodded in understanding and smiled hungrily at Jeff. I reached down and started rubbing his bare leg back and forth higher and higher until my hand gently ran under the thin robe closer and closer till I felt the soft skin of Jeff’s scrotum. Scott mirrored my actions on the other leg at about the same pace. I started to run my hand up and down the hard shaft about the same time Jeff’s hand reached Jeff’s scrotum.

I got tired of not seeing what I was touching and I lifted the thin cloth out of the way. Jeff seemed totally refreshed from the workout earlier today and looked as if he was ready to go. I leaned down and took his feverish member into my mouth. The soft skin slid across my tongue to the back of my throat. I took him deeper till I met Jeff’s hand on the base of the shaft. Slowly I started to let it slide back out in fluid motion.

Jeff let out a low moan as I slid his dick back into my mouth as deep as I could. Jeff leaned down and began to lick Jeff’s balls as I slowly bobbed up and down.

"Mmmm" Jeff purred.

Scott licked higher until his tongue met my lips. On the next pass I slid my mouth down the side of Jeff’s shaft instead of taking him into my mouth. When Scott and my tongues met we kissed with Jeff’s shaft between us. Then we both moved up and down the shaft. Our lips were touching and our tongues flailing around the hard long shaft as our heads moved up and down.

Quietly Jeff moaned "Ohhhhhh!" and his he put his right hand on my head, his left on Scott’s running his fingers through our hair.

I placed my left hand in Jeff’s hair and my right massaged his left leg. Slowly we continued to bring Jeff closer and closer to climax in fluid movements. I moved my hand up his leg and wrapped my fingers around Jeff’s balls and gently massaged them.

Jeff’s forced his breathing to remain deep. I felt in his scrotum that he was about to cum. Scott and I continued our slow torturous pace. Jeff grabbed our hair tightly but didn’t interfere in our pace. He just was doing his best not to make any noise, and the impending powerful orgasm was almost more then he could handle.

The adrenaline was pumping through Scott’s and my veins as well. The thought that Simon could wake up or Kevin not warn us soon enough and someone walk in was so intense. My dick was rock hard and begging to be let out. I continued to massage Jeff’s balls and run my fingers through his hair.

Jeff took a short breath and a beautiful arch of white cream shot across his hospital gown and onto the pillow to the left of his head. On the next pass I took him into my mouth and tasted his sweet cum wishing I had caught the first volley. I took in a few ejaculations and then decided to let Scott have some too. Jeff's breathing remained shallow as he took a short breath for every ejaculation. Scott French kissed me as we traded places. I licked Jeff’s balls passionately feeling the powerful pulsations through the ball-sack. I moved back up the shaft and once again French kissed Scott as I traded places to drink Jeff in more.

Jeff took a deep breath and a few long moments later whispered "thank you!" as his ejaculations subsided.

"It is a good thing they aren't monitoring your heart or breathing" I said quietly.

I detected movement to my right. I turned to Simon’s bed to find his head turned toward us with wide eyes and both hands under his blanket; his bed quietly shaking from his hand or hands moving up and down, his blanket moving up and down from his torso and fist. He was breathing heavily.

I smiled at him.

I looked back at Jeff. He was grinning too as he whispered, "Go for it!"

Scott stood up and began to unzip his pants. Jeff reached out and started to fondle Scott’s hard-on through the underwear as Scott’s pants fell around his knees.

I moved closer to Simon and peeled the blanket back to reveal that he had removed his hospital garment and that his chest was heaving up and down. My eyes followed the surprisingly muscular chest on such a slight frame. He was thrusting his hips up and down one time for every four moderately paced strokes. His over engorged dick stood at a thirty degree angle when his torso rested on the bed, and at a ninety degree angle when he thrust his hips forward. His other hand rubbed his balls slowly. The whole scene was so urgent, so needful and very hot. His body begged to be sucked with each passionate thrust.

"Need some help with that?" I whispered.

He looked at me, his eyes grew wider, he smiled and nodded. I moved the bedrails down and watched his rhythm a moment deciding if I wanted to replicate it or if I wanted to drive him crazy. I leaned over and started to lick his hairless balls. I could not tell if he waxed or was naturally hairless, but I can say that there was no stubble. The curly hair above the shaft was soft against my nose as I licked him from every angle. He removed his left hand from his balls to allow me free access and he placed it on my left shoulder and started to massage my back.

I started to make small licks up his shaft. He moved his right hand off of his shaft and onto my right shoulder nicely massaging my shoulder and neck. I licked up the whole shaft and then took the smooth skin into my mouth. His dick fit nicely into my mouth and I was enjoying taking it all in.

My heart was pounding. I was still on edge from doing this in a hospital room with an open door with only Kevin standing as a lookout. If Kevin sounded the alarm, we would only have seconds before the intruder would walk around the corner and see what was going on. My dick was so hard that it was beginning to hurt.

I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans, pulled out my dick and started to slowly jack off as I continued to slowly move up and down on Simon’s cock. Simon continued to thrust forward once for every four times I took him in. Simon’s massage moved up my neck and he started to massage my scalp. It felt so good that I wished that we weren’t in the hospital room. It was so erotic I wished Jeff was filming it.

With my free hand I began to massage Simon’s balls. I could hear Scott behind me humming base tones of approval. I started to speed up a bit. Simon’s right hand left my scalp and groped my torso till it met my hand on my own cock. It felt nice to feel someone else’s hand on my dick even though I could tell he was totally inexperienced. He started by gently fondling my balls then started to attempt to jack me off by pulling my dick.

The added stimulus made my balls ache all the more. I needed to cum badly. I let Simon’s plump member slip from my mouth and I stood up presenting my prick within reach of Simon’s mouth. Simon leaned toward the edge of the bed and studied my prick closely a moment before taking the first two inches into his mouth. His hands resumed slowly masturbating himself as he leaned forward and started to suck me differently then I have ever been sucked before. It was somewhat a cross between a regular blowjob up and down and a little side to side, but he also literally sucked like a baby sucks a bottle in fast short bursts several times per stroke.

I reached out and started to run my fingers through his long hair. It was soft, curly and full. I tried my best to imitate Simon’s scalp massage he did on me without forcing him to deep throat me.

I was so ready that it didn’t take long. He moved up and down with his tongue moving left and right and him causing a vacuum off and on all the while felt great. I couldn’t help by hum a low pitched hum of approval. As I got closer he took his right hand off of his shaft and started to gently hold my balls, and he started to masturbate himself slowly with his left hand. Still thrusting once for every four strokes.

I looked over my shoulder and watched Jeff suck on Scott a moment, then I looked back at Simon. Simon looked like he had wanted to try this for a very long time. He seemed to be just taking it all in. As I watched him stroke and suck my mind wondered about how nice it would be to ride him up and down and have him thrust deeper every fourth stroke. How slow and gentle the fluid motion was.

I came rather hard and shot a rather big load. He did a rather good job of drinking it all in. When I was finished cumming he continued sucking harder and harder. I almost screamed it was so intense. It sort of hurt, and sort of felt good, but it was too intense handle without getting loud. I started to pull back and quietly grunted. He released me.

I resumed the blowjob I had started by once again licking the soft smooth skin of his scrotum taking one testicle and then the other into my mouth. Then licking my way up the shaft, took him into my mouth and started to move up and down. After a while I started to imitate his sucking to show him what it felt like. His needful thrusting made me want to bring him to ecstasy.

I sped up slowly, taking more and more of him into my mouth. I let him slide out of my mouth and manipulated his slippery shaft with my hand while I licked his balls more. Then I resumed a faster pace passionately speeding up with each of his quarter-speed thrusts. He started to make a sound that was a cross between a moan, a hum and a whimper. He so urgently wanted and needed to cum.

I sped up even more and maintained a pace that I was sure would get him off. And sure enough moments later his breathing became shallow and his hot seed began to fill my mouth. I drank him down and his moans became a bit louder.

Suddenly I heard a cough.

I let him go and stood up. I pulled the blanket over him. Simon’s cock flexed strong enough with each ejaculation that his blanket moved up and down. I wiped my chin on the corner of the blanket and turned around to see Scott zipping his fly and Jeff wiping cum off of his chin. Kevin walked into the room and surveyed Simon still in the throws of passion as he reached under his blanket and urgently milked the last few ejaculations from his needful cock.

Kevin grinned as he whispered, "The nurse is going to be in here next."

Simon slowed down and stopped. He was out of breath but managed to whisper to me, "Oh God…. That was the most intense ever…. Maybe…"

He didn’t finish because the nurse walked in. "I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you boys to leave. Visiting hours were over an hour and a half ago. We let you stay late but now it is time to go. Family only."

I looked over at Scott & Kevin. Kevin took Jeff’s hand into his and clasped it tightly. He sort of slapped it with his other hand as he said, "You’ve got some big ones standing toe to toe with those guys. I can really respect that." Jeff smiled back as Kevin said, "See you tomorrow!"

Scott said. "Laters!!"

I moved over and took Jeff’s hand and said, "Tomorrow!" and looked over at Simon. "We need to…"

"Yes definitely" Simon responded.

The nurse interrupted once more, "let’s go boys!"

On the way to the car Kevin sort of had a silly grin.

"What gives?" I asked.

"David was standing guard outside Yi’s door much like I was outside Jeff’s room. What do you suppose they were up to?"

"With Yi, Chris and Adam in the room. I hazard to guess." I laughed and then bit my tongue as I realized that they were just around the corner also quietly walking toward their cars.

The rest of the summer was fantastic. Jeff, Scott, Kevin and I did lots of stuff. We eventually met up with Chris, Yi, Adam, David and the guy who owns the mansion next to the beach who’s name is Alex, but that’s another long story. Maybe I’ll have to tell you sometime about it. Strangely we never did meet up again with Simon that summer.