Because I Like the View
by Æros

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five



In the Winter I live in a flat in Chicago, not far from the Loop.  I enjoy the night life, the restaurants, and I visit the galleries.  Sometimes I participate in showings, sometimes of my own work.  I am an artist, but there are so many distractions in any big city.  It seems that every time I sit down to paint or sculpt, one of my friends is wanting to take me to some new dance club or some other art showing.

That is why I live in a small town in the summer.  Sometimes I spend part of the fall and spring there too, even if I can't take advantage of the lake that is adjacent to my 30 acre property.  Sure, I miss the night life, but I have to create sometime.

Once and a while I fly in some friends from the city, but for the most part I lead a recluse life while at the lake.  Since the town is such a small place, people talk.  There are plenty of red-necks, and there is a bit of us-and-them mentality when it comes to the people who live and work in town, and the others that live out on their farms and homesteads.  Since I like the peace and quiet, I don't advertise the fact that I am gay.

To keep private, I selected a property on a finger of the lake that had only one other house on it. I had a large brick and wrought iron fence built around the edge of the property, and landscaped the grounds with dense Pine and Maple trees.  Since then, the other house has gone up for sale and is currently vacant.

I use an on-line service for groceries, and do a lot of my shopping on the Internet. Though it is a small town, some things are surprisingly up to date.  I can place an order online, and sometimes even within a few hours a delivery boy is ringing my front gate with my groceries.

The house itself was designed for entertaining my friends from town, though they don't come down but once or twice a year. The house is a beach house, with six rooms around the atrium where my the living, dining and kitchen are and a separate wing for an art studio and game room.  There is a generous deck on the back of the house built on several levels, some tiers overlooking the lake, some are a bit lower and have stairs leading to a floating dock right in the water.  The effect is seamless, like the dock was part of the deck.  There is also a boardwalk out to the private beach a short distance down the shoreline.

To entertain myself, or rather, to frustrate myself, I  frequent the public beach just past the edge of my property because I like the view. Not that the beach on my property isn't beautiful, but the view of boys playing Frisbee and horsing around is always nice and much better then from my balcony or deck.  Normally I sit on my beach chair with sunglasses and novel three quarters up the beach. With my sunglasses, I can watch whom I want when I want.  Or so I thought.

Chapter One:

One day early this summer, I was watching two particularly attractive young men playing Frisbee.

One boy had straight blond hair and was wearing pleated shorts, the kind that look like slacks with a belt. The shorts had cuffs about mid calf. They were baby blue and looked cute with the white polo shirt he was wearing. The way he was dressed; he was definitely what they call around here a 'townie'.

He wasn't very tall, I would say about 5'5", just under average for a senior I guess.  He was not overly muscular, but filled out the outfit quite well. He reminded me of Devon Sawa in "Robin of Locksley" or "Wild America", or maybe  Jonathan Jackson in the movie the "Prisoner of Zenda, Inc.".  Possibly the best features of both.  He was fun to watch; from his relatively broad chest, strong calves to his bulging basket to his chest, and super model face; this was Adonis.

His friend was not bad looking either with brown hair, blue eyes, cutoff jeans and tee shirt. He stood about 5'7".  This young man was from the country. He had a small frame but you could tell that he was no stranger to farm work. I had the strange feeling that I had seen him somewhere before. From the boys' body language, these two were very old friends.

I had to stop and adjust myself within the swimming shorts I normally wear.  I'm not bragging, but I have a large cock, and speedos would let everyone know how good of a time I was having when my dick-head popped out the top and said 'hello'.  A tent in the front of these shorts wasn't about to help matters much either, but is a bit easier to adjust and hide.

The Frisbee went back and forth for what seemed like hours. Only once did it go off course almost hitting me. I caught it and sent it back toward them, and almost put it into the water. Soon after, they were joined by two other teens that arrived in a big red truck. The driver of the four wheeler was a red haired young man wearing jeans, a KoRn concert tee-shirt and baseball cap. He was about my height; around 5'8".  He looked shy but walked confidently toward the others.  If it wasn't for his red hair, I'd say he looked exactly like David Taylor in the series "The Tribe" or when he was on "Xena" or "A Twist in the Tale".

His passenger, a small Asian teen, got out of the truck and reached back inside to grab a towel. His skin was beautifully smooth, his eyes intense. I would say he was about 4'11".  He was wearing shorts much like the blond boy, but they were black to match his black polo. His walk was delicate, but exact, like someone who has taken years of a martial art.

The four boys talked for a moment. I could hear the blond saying to the redhead "Thank you for picking up Yi from work". They played Frisbee while I watched. In a half an hour's time, it was evident that the brunette knew the redhead, and the blond knew "Yi", but the brunette didn't seem to know "Yi" very well. In addition I observed that the blond seemed like he didn't know the redhead very well either.

About forty-five minutes later they stopped playing Frisbee and gathered in a circle. I covertly watched all but the redhead take their shirts and shorts off. "Yi" did so quickly and got into the water. The blond did a mock strip tease, while the brunette half watched. Only after redhead started laughing did the brunette start yelling, "Adam, cut it out!" They each wore Speedos and soon donned swimmer's goggles. The redhead sat down and took out a stopwatch out of his pocket. These boys had to be part of a swim team from the High school.  I guessed they were all seniors.

The boys raced back and forth in the swimming area, even though it was not the warmest of days for swimming. After several laps the boys stopped, the blond yelled, "David ?" and the redhead called out "Adam 5:10, Chris 5:20, Yi 5:25". They repeated this "race" several times. The boys were pretty evenly matched, and fun to watch.

After an hour of this, they boys emerged from the water and dried off. I could hear discussion of food as they approached the parking area. "David" got into his truck, "Adam" got into a blue Corolla. For one moment "Yi" stood there for a moment like he was deciding who he wanted to ride with and then got into the Corolla. "Chris" walked in-between the vehicles said something about not being hungry and wanting to catch some rays and then started back to the beach.

He walked over to his towel and lay down to sun himself. As I studied him laying there, he started to remind me of Noah Hathaway, the way he smiled, his expressive face, shape of the eyes and nose and his straight brown hair.  He looked like a slightly older version of the character Noah played in "Troll, except his hair was perfect. Even though his hair was uncombed after swimming, even though the wind was blowing, "Chris" didn't have one hair out of place.

"Chris" seemed to turn himself over more then what most sun worshipers do. I also got the feeling he was watching me, especially when he got up and theatrically stretched for all he was worth. Definitely; he was watching me each time he turned over.  Watching me watch him.

After about forty minutes of this he then picked up his towel, slipped on his cutoffs and walked over toward me. He set the towel down next to my chaise lounge and sat on it. He said, "My friend says that you were watching us". I set the book down and looked back at him acknowledging what he had said. The young man continued, "He says you probably want to suck my dick ... and I". He was cut off by my laughter.  I was caught red handed, and could not contain my laughter.  The boy had a "deer in the headlights look" and started to get up and leave.

I reached out and caught his hand.  Through the laughter I was able to get out, " caught me". Chris turned around as I continued. "I'm sorry, I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at myself. My name is Alex, and I've only been caught two times in the last two years of ogling on this beach." Chris looked as if he were to sit back down again. "Once I forgot my sunglasses, the other I had my book upside down". Chris sat down as he began to laugh. "...And this time I know that my book was right side up". We both laughed.

Chris' laughter was so good to hear.

As our laughter died down, Chris asked, "So....was he right?"  I said nothing. Chris continued, "It's not that I'm gay or anything." I sat up and looked deep into his crystal blue, almost timid, eyes. I could tell this was hard for him. "... It's just that I have never had a guy suck me off and when Adam said that you may want to; I couldn't help but find out."

I got up and started to fold my chaise lounge, "Let's go somewhere more private to talk about this."

Chris said, "We can't go to my house."

"Do you have a favorite restaurant?" I asked.

Chris responded, "Yea, but my friends are at it. Can we go to your house?"

My heart beating faster, "Yes, if that's what you want."

Chris turned toward the parking lot, "Your car or mine?" With chaise lounge and book in hand I nodded toward my house and said, "How 'bout our feet?" Chris understood the walking part, but not where we were going.

We started walking.

"We can't go through that yard, it has a big brick and wrought iron fence with a locked gate." Chris said.

I smiled, "I know...I live there". Chris' jaw hit the sand; "you must be rich, what do you do?"

"I'm an artist"

"Damn, you must be really good to afford a spread like that"

"Well, I'd like to think that I am good, but I must admit that I designed it and had it built with some money from my inheritance.  I come here to relax and create away from the city."

We approached the gate, I pressed a few buttons and gave voice authorization, "Open Sez Me". Chris laughed. The gate opened.

Now that we were definitely out of the earshot of anyone back at the beach I began, "How come you don't have your friend suck you off?"

Chris responded, "He's not gay either".

"Are you sure? Have you ever heard of 'takes one to know one'?" I asked.

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with it?"

"Your friend; 'Adam', isn't it?" Chris nodded. "He was able to pick me out." Chris pondered my words quietly.

We arrived at the front door.  Chris asked, "How old are you?"

"Twenty four."


Again I punched some buttons on the pad next to the intercom and said, "Open Sez Me". We walked inside past the sitting area and into the living area with its large windows facing the lake, and the gardens. "Make yourself at home. Would you like something to drink?"

Chris was distracted by the large open area as he walked into the center of the room and could see the balcony and the library and upper rooms. I repeated, "Would you like something to drink?" As I poured a screwdriver in the kitchen. Chris absently said, "I'll have one of those".

I poured the orange juice but asked, "How do I know that you aren't going to leave, get a breathalyzer and get me into a lot of trouble?"

Chris giggled and said, "If you get me real drunk, I won't be able to walk". I poured the Vodka. Chris continued, "Besides, if I came home with any alcohol on my breath my Mom would kill me.... no matter how I got it."

Chris took the whole layout in.  The core of the house is an atrium two and a half stories high, complete with skylights and high windows, and sliding glass doors onto the deck overlooking the lake.  There are ferns and different plants hanging from the ceiling at different heights through the whole room, giving it a out-doors or green house feel, but not so much that it obstructs the view of the sky.  There is also an eight foot tree in the middle of the room.  Closest to the sliding glass doors is a large circular table with comfortable high-backed padded chairs.

Opposite the glass doors is a balcony and an open area that functions as a library on the upper level, and under the balcony and library is a large home theater with recliners, love seats and couches, and floor pillows.  The bedrooms all open onto the atrium, either on the lower level, or on the balcony.  There are windows both on the outside of the rooms lake or garden view, as well as opening into the atrium.  Off to one side of the table is a open kitchen.  Past the kitchen is a hallway with glass walls that has a view of the lake and gardens that leads to a rec room and art studio.

"You have a really nice house," He said while taking the drink. I moved toward the sofa and grabbed the remote, "Music?"

"Got any Pumpkins?" Chris asked.

I pressed the CD play and the Melon-collie and the Infinite Sadness began as I sat on the couch. Chris moved back into the center of the room, still looking around at his surroundings. He started to move a bit to the music. He was self conscious as he began, but soon became lost to the sound and was dancing about. I signaled him to move closer to me.

I reached out, grabbed the top of his shorts, pulled, and unbuttoned his 501 fly with one tug. Chris continued dancing, gyrating his hips even more in an even more suggestive matter. He let the cutoffs drop to the floor. Suddenly he stepped out of his shorts and danced over to the counter on the edge of the kitchen and poured two more screwdrivers.

The beautiful Speedo clad youth danced back a drink in each hand and continued. He first motioned like he was going to give me a drink, but then suddenly downed the glass. He started to do this again with the second glass, but I snatched it from him and downed it myself. He laughed.

His legs looked so long and thin, but strong, and they were hairless.  Evidently he shaved for the swim team.  There was a light dusting of hair from his belly button down to his Speedos, but no other chest hair.

I could see him getting hard through the Speedo swimsuit he was wearing. He continued to gyrate to the music. I was enjoying the show, but figured he may get board or frustrated with seducing me if I waited too long. So I reached out and lightly stroked the front of his penis just below his swelled head. He closed his eyes and tilted to the side and swung it back and to the other side. He thrust his hips forward. I turned my hand around and reached for his balls.

My thumb had gone inside his waistband and pulled his Speedos a quarter the way down in the front revealing his dark curly hairs. I released his cock and started unknotting his tie string.

After the knot was undone, I reached around his waist with both hands and firmly grabbed both buns. He moved no closer. I pulled down his speedos and he stepped out of them. The whole time dancing, his hard dick flopping up and down and side to side.

Chris' cock was so beautiful; it was about the same thickness the length of the slightly curved shaft.  The head was engorged, but not much larger around then the shaft.  His balls were shaved just like his legs.  I leaned back and took off my shirt, and could not help but stroke my eight inch cock through my shorts.

Finally Chris decided he was ready and moved close enough to suck. I again reached around his waist and rested my hands on his firm butt and prepared to engulf what appeared to be a seven and a half to eight inch cock. I was watching it trying to decide to drive him crazy by licking his abdomen or just go for the gusto and deep-throat.

Chris made up my mind, he put his hands on my head and grabbed a hold of my thick curly brown hair. He pulled my head toward his member and I took its sweet tasting head into my mouth. I wanted to start slower, but he firmly held my head and slowly thrust his cock into my unprepared, but willing mouth.

The thrust was steady and determined to bury his tool deep within my throat. Though I could have taken it all that moment, he showed mercy and withdrew it an inch or two when it was three quarters in to about half way. Then in another semi slow still determined thrust he buried my nose in his short and curlies.

He then started to once again drive to the rhythm of the music; slow enough for my tongue to work his its magic on the sensitive underside of his tender cock. He continued rocking his head around in circles at about the pace of one circular motion for every five strokes.

After about five minutes he was picking up the pace. His movements were primal; he knew what he wanted, and I was giving it to him. Each stroke was faster, more targeted, coordinated to the movements of my tongue.

In about five more minutes his dick began to swell even more. Ten strokes later he left his cock deep in my throat. It exploded with a milky fire that filled my throat and mouth. I could barely keep up with the volume of cum.

While his first load was almost over I started lashing my tongue across top of his head and the sensitive underside and started to bob my head back and forth to milk the last of the first load. Chris let out a deep groan that turned into a scream the faster I went. He kept cuming and making a noise that was somewhere between a panting like a dog and screaming like a man being tortured.

Chris' knees began to give out. He held my head tighter to stop its motion and started to lean forward and collapse on top of me. My hands had been stroking his backside, so it was an easy matter to steady him into the position I wanted him: lying on his back on the couch next to me with his ass on an overstuffed pillow.

I sat up to look down on Chris. He had a very satisfied smile on his face. I lifted his left leg and placed it on the other side of me so that I was sitting between his legs.

Now it was time to start again...slow. I leaned forward and began to tickle his stomach with my hair, and then his sides with my tongue. I started making circles with my tongue from one side of his pelvis in a crescent pattern to the other side of Chris' pelvis. Chris never got fully soft, but he was getting fully hard only after about three minutes of the tongue massage.

I then started licking at his hairless balls. Chris started writhing around especially when I started dragging my fingernails lightly across his chest. I lightly licked his shaft toward his head; Chris said, "Suck me again... Please!"

Instead, I reached for another drink of my screwdriver. It was still cold. The last of the glass I didn't swallow. I carefully lifted Chris' prick and went down on it with my mouth still full of the cold liquid which was more vodka then orange. Chris inhaled deeply through clenched teeth while I had to swallow a bit of the drink to keep from dribbling it over the pillow.

I bobbed up and down for a minute or two and swallowed. I released his now cold, still hard prick letting it slap against his belly. Chris smiled and repositioned his torso. I lightly licked his whole penis with short small strokes with the tip of my tongue once again starting at his soft tender balls up his shaft to his engorged head.

Chris kept flexing his dick making it slap me lightly in the face. His motion pushed his cock into my face so that my tongue touched more of his prick which made him breathe more heavily. I ran the index finger of my left hand through his pubic hair and hooked it around his cock and pulled it down so that it was a right angle to his body. With my right hand I dragged my nails lightly down his left leg.

I took him deeply again into my throat making Chris gasp.

This time I set the pace. I bobbed up and down slowly for much longer. I continued lightly scratching his chest and legs except for when I reached under him and kneaded his taught buns.

About twenty minutes later he started crooning in a low voice, "Make me cum... Make me cum". I only slowed down more, but I did leave him in my throat longer. "Make me cum... Make me cum... Suck me Alex... Make me cum". It was a mesmerizing sound.

I started fondling his dick with my right hand as I sucked a bit faster. His chanting got a bit louder, "Make me cum, Love me... Suck me... Suck Me..."

When enough saliva had got on my hand that was stroking the lower half of his shaft; I started rubbing circles around his anus. His breathing became deeper, his mantra louder, "Make me cum Alex... Yes ... Love me ... Yes ... Suck me ... Make me cum harder ... Fuck!"

I placed my left hand on the base of his cock to get my fingers lubricated from the saliva. With the my right hand I dragged my nails a little harder from his shoulder across his chest and stomach down his thigh. Then I started fondling his nipples one at a time. I speeded the circular motions I was making with my tongue as I bobbed up and down, "Don't stop... Fuck ... Alex! ... Yes ... Don't ... Fuck ... Oh ... Yes ... Love ... Make ... Me ... Fuck ... Fuck"

When my other hand was lubricated enough I started circular motions around his anus again. This time applying more pressure and started fingering him. "Uhh! ... Fuck .. Oh... Yes ... Oh ... Baby ... Don't stop ... Uhhh ....Faster ... Make me cum!"

But I had no intention of stopping there. My finger now pumping in and out of him, probing his tight sphincter. He started making the panting noise again in-between obscenities, "Ahhh .... Alex! .... Fuck ... Ahhh ... Deeper ....UHHH FUCK ...AHHH .... FUCK ME!!"

This was my queue.

With my right hand that had been lightly pinching his nipples I ripped off my shorts and jock strap in one motion. I then gently withdrew my finger and rolled his legs into the air, his knees bent slightly. I kneeled on the couch with my knees toward him.

I started tonguing his hot asshole while my lubricated hand stroked his hard cock. "Ahhh .... Oh .. God ... Ahhh .... MMMM.... Shit .... Fuck ME !!"

I rolled by body forward placing my hard cock head on his well primed virgin ass hole. I stroked his cock faster to distract his body from the almost certain pain that my cock's entrance would cause. "OOOOh God ... Oh Yes" I rocked forward burying the first inch in his ass. Chris inhaled through his teeth again. I continued stroking him faster.  I pulled back a fraction of an inch.

"I'm going to ... I'm going ... Ahhh", he gasped. I drove my cock in another two inches, again Chris inhaled through clenched teeth. I stopped stroking him, instead I started pulling back a little and pushing forward more. Chris moaned, "Oh God... Yea ..." It was hard to keep from thrusting it in all the way, but there was no way he could handle it.  He would never trust anyone again if I did.

Chris' dick got a little less hard as I neared working my cock the rest of the way in. He was still breathing heavily and crooning, "Oh baby.... Ohhhh ... Deeper .... Alex .... Love me .... Harder ... Fuck me!"

His ass was so tight, but it had accepted every inch of my patient prick. It felt so velvety and hot. Chris was relaxed now.

Now I could go to town. I slowly put it in all the way and left it there for about two minutes. "ooooooohhhhhhh!!!" Then I slowly withdrew all but the last inch. "oooooohhhhh Shit!". Then I started pumping him a little faster, shorter strokes at first, then longer, and when I was sure he could handle it I started pounding him in a rabbit fuck that I'm sure he'll never forget. "Ahhh ..... OOOh!!! Fuck!"

Chris' dick was getting hard again. It flexed involuntarily lifting itself off his taught stomach, and rested again. I continued my deep and even thrusts and Chris continued making sounds that drove me crazy, "Fuck me..fuckme.. fuckme... Ohhhh Fuck me.... God fuck me!"

After ten minutes I was getting pretty close. Chris' dick had flexed a few more times, but now his scrotum was getting taught, his testicles were almost withdrawn into Chris' body. Chris was yelling, "Oh God ! Oh God! Fuck me God ! ... God Fuck me! ... Love me ! ...Fuck!!  Alex... God... Fuck!!"

I thrust it in and left it deep inside of him as I started to cum with a vengeance. Chris too ejaculated so hard that he spurted across his chest, face and the arm of the couch a foot past Chris' head.

Suddenly Chris leaned toward me and kissed me ever so lightly on my lips. I was still shooting my load into Chris. After three minutes I had shot half my load and I started to thrust back and forth, but it was difficult because my prick was so sensitive. Chris came again, this time just across his chest and neck.  His ass clenched my cock and milked what I thought was every last drop out of me that second time.

Chris leaned partially forward, the position he was in it I don't really see how he kissed me the first time. I leaned forward and kissed him passionately on the lips. As our tongues danced around each other, I was able to move at a more respectable rhythm and Chris started jacking off. Within five minutes we had both came at the same time once again.

I collapsed backward, my dick still inside of Chris who wiggled is butt back and forth. I couldn't move. Chris was once again in control. He planted his feet and hands firmly into the couch and started moving his ass up and down making us both yell, "ooh baby ...  "

"Yea baby... Fuck me!"

"Oh GOD... Don't stop!"

"I won't.... I need to feel you cum in me again!"

"Damn.... I can't"

"You will!!!"

After about ten minutes Chris came. For what seemed like three or four minutes he spewed semen all over my chest and face. His hands and feet were still panted deeply into the couch and my cock was still deeply into him. Chris' ejaculations caused is sphincter to tighten which was all I needed to cum once more. We both finished cuming at about the same time. Chris got off of my prick and left toward the bathroom.

A moment later he seemed nervous, confused, and was looking for his clothing. "What is the matter?", I asked. Chris responded, "I didn't think I was gay... I don't ... I cant believe ..." he trailed off.

"Just because you have one experience, even if you like it, it does not make you gay. Many people your age experiment with different types of sex. It's okay of you look. It's okay if you touch. It's even okay to experiment both top and bottom, and it is okay to say 'No' or 'Never again'" I said my most comforting voice I could muster. "Your body is beautiful, and what we did was out of this world, but I don't want you to be upset."

"I just need do think about things," Chris said.

"And that's okay too. You can stay here as long as you like, I have a guest room that has its own T.V. and stereo if you want to be alone. You can also go sit in the garden or on the deck. Would you like something to eat ?". I asked.

"I just don't want anyone to know until I sort things out," Chris said.

"Well, if anyone asks why you came here from the beach, tell them that I offered you a job washing my cars. Tell them that I promised that you could drive my Vette. For all I care, tell them that I offered you extra money to wash the cars in the buff but you refused. Just tell me what you are gonna say so our stories are the same."

At that moment the unthinkable happened, the doorbell rang. You can ring the walking gate, or the driveway gate, but not the front door. My yard is walled, as explained before. To ring my door-bell, my driveway gate or the beach gate must be open. Of course I can open those entries remotely, but I had not. Chris began to look nervous again. When he saw the silhouette through the glass at the side of my door he panicked.

Instead of answering the door, I turned toward Chris. Chris said, "It's Adam" and began to sort of panic and cry.

I told Chris, "Go upstairs to the library. You can hide behind the bookshelves and still hear what is going on.". Chris ran up the stairs while I slipped back on my shorts and sauntered over to the door.

Chapter Two:

I opened the door the a very sexy blond boy. He was even more cute up close then from a distance. "May I help you?" I asked in my most innocent voice I could muster, knowing that my new friend was depending on me to play it cool.

"I need to talk to Chris." Adam said in a startlingly soft voice.

"Chris who?" I asked innocently, and stretched and rubbed my eyes trying to appear that I had just woke up from a nap. "You have a lot of nerve climbing over my fence and waking me up!"

While I was rubbing my eyes Adam slipped passed me in the doorway and moved into the living room. "And you have a lot of nerve pretending to have been doing something boring like sleeping when you just finished fucking the shit out of my best friend!"

"I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave, there is no one here but me. If Chris is the boy you were at the beach with, he left before I did. Now, please leave!"

Adam looked at the interior of the house, his eyes focused on Chris' shorts which still lay on the floor by the couch. He stepped further in the room and called out, "Chris, please come out. I'm not gonna to tell anyone." Silence.

I walked over toward the telephone and speaking in a stern voice, "I am going to call the police if you do not leave."

"You aren't calling anyone. I saw you fuck Chris through the back window, and if you call the police there will be questions and neither of you seem to want any questions asked." Adam was quite mad as he turned toward me.

From above I could hear Chris' voice through the sobs, "Liar!".

Adam looked up to see the red, tear-stained eyes of his old friend looking down at him. "Liar?" Adam asked.

Chris continued, "What do you call saying that you are not going to tell anyone one moment, and then threatening to tell the police the next? You are a fickle liar!!".

"I wasn't going to tell the police." Adam stood silently for a moment, "I just want to be sure you are okay."

Chris yelled, "I'm fine. Now leave!" Adam started for the stairs before I could stop him.

"You're not fine, you have just done something that you have been taught from child hood to be wrong. Something that everyone at school will laugh at if they find out, and regardless of whether you liked it or not; you are confused."

"How would you know how I am feeling?" Chris screamed. "I didn't want anyone to know until I sorted things out, least of all, you!" Chris sobbed.

Adam approached Chris slowly, "I know because I'm gay". They both stared at each other silently. I was invisible to them.

Chris was the first to speak, "I don't believe you. You are just saying that." Adam stood silent. "If you're gay, suck his dick."

Adam turned toward me and then back to his friend. He suddenly got a devilish look on his face and walked toward me. Without saying anything he pulled down my shorts, got on his knees and wrapped his hot rose-bud lips around my startled cock. All I could do was gasp.

Chris walked toward us to get a better view. I'm not sure what I looked like; I was totally shocked. I felt a little guilty for fooling around with Adam in front of Chris, but it was Chris' idea and Adam was so hot! Adam cocked his head side to side as he bobbed back and forth on my sore prick. My dick was worn out and throbbing.

Chris came closer, his dick was getting hard. He put an arm around me and kissed me lightly on the lips. I put one arm around Chris and with the other I rested my hand in Adam's hair.

I was getting half-way close, but Adam had other plans. He moved slightly to the left and started to work on Chris' already throbbing hard cock. Chris melted and I supported more of his weight.

Chris repositioned his feet and grabbed Adam's hair with both hands. Then Chris said in a slightly teasing voice, "I'm not sure he's gay yet Alex. I think Adam needs to be fucked up the ass... Is that okay Adam? Is it okay for Alex to ram his big cock up your gay butt hole?"

Adam made "mmm" noise, indicating that he was game, but did not take his mouth from Chris' cock.

I moved behind Adam. I grabbed his buttocks and ran my hands up his back under his shirt and then back down pulling his shorts down to reveal a hard cock turning sharply to the left held tightly against the skin with his taught speedos.

I moved my hands up Adam's front side and lightly pinched his nipples, which strangely seemed to get a moan from Chris. Then I rubbed my hands toward Adam's prize. I moved my hands under his drawstring and pulled downward. The shorts and speedos were down to Adam's knees within moments because the swim-suit was not tied.

I knelt down and positioned myself behind Adam. I slowly pressed forward an inch at a time, Adam met me half way and pushed himself onto me driving me deeper and deeper. I reached around and started to play with his erect cock as I started to pump him from behind as he continued to suck Chris. With each thrust, I could tell that Chris grew more excited and he was getting on edge.

"I think he likes it Alex... I believe him now." Chris chided.

At that moment Adam and I came.

Moments later I slowed down and withdrew. Adam continued to suck on Chris.

I got down on all fours in between Adam and Chris and started to lick Adam's erect cock. His dick was a bit thinner at the base, and thicker towards the circumcision mark three fourths of the way up his 8" cock.  The skin was very soft, hot and throbbing.  Adam's cum was also not as sweet as Chris', but I readily licked it off and began to suck him.

With one hand I steadied my self and with the other I groped up Chris' backside.

I could hear the sound of Chris' dick leaving Adam's mouth. Chris moved around behind me and I could soon feel his hands on my ass. Adam took off his shirt and positioned himself better in front of me. I was about to get it from both ends.

I continued to suck Adam as Chris started to rub his dick head around my anus. His dick had pre-cum and Adam's saliva on it so it started to slide in without much effort.  In one motion Chris thrust his whole member inside me. I should have expected it from someone inexperienced in such matters. All I could do was let out a muffled yelp. Adam grabbed a hold of my hair and started to fuck my face as Chris grabbed my waist and started to fuck the shit out of me.

A few minutes later Adam released my hair and let me set the pace of sucking his dick. Adam's hands moved down my back toward Chris' hands. Adam leaned forward and I could hear Chris and Adam kissing. Both dicks started moving to the same rhythm, but Chris came first.

I could feel Chris' dick swell and become stiffer. I could feel each ejaculation drive its fire deep within me. I was so turned on, I jacked off and deep throated Adam and started new routines on him which made us both cum within another minute or two.

We collapsed on the floor of my library.

Chris stared off into ceiling as he spoke, "How long have you known?"

Adam asked, "About you or me?"

Chris laughed and clarified, "Both".

Adam started, "I have known I was gay for the last three years. A year after you moved away I started becoming good friends with Yi who had moved into where you used to live. One night when I spent the night at his house; I was awakened by Yi sucking my dick. Yi and I have fooled around ever sense."

"And me ?" Chris asked impatiently.

"I have wanted you since you and David started coming to Lincoln High two years ago. I just didn't know how to approach you. I didn't know whether or not you would make fun of me. We were out of touch for long enough that I couldn't tell what you would do."

I got up and went downstairs and poured three more screwdrivers. When I returned upstairs Chris seemed in much better spirits and Adam and he were laughing. I overheard something about me, and decided I did not want to hear so I hurried up with the drinks. I think that Adam was teasing Chris about falling for the first guy that Adam said would suck his dick.

"Let's go up to my room," I said while handing the drinks to the young men. I indicated which door on the balcony was my room.

Once again, Chris was distracted by seeing a new room. Adam walked over to the bed and sat down.

My room is on the second floor, and has one window overlooking the atrium, from the next set of windows you can see the private beach and the rest of the lake.  From the third set of windows you can see the public beach. The third set of windows has a sliding glass door that leads to a small deck that wraps around the corner of the house and you can see almost my whole property from there.  I had a large skylight put into my bedroom so I can watch the night sky as I go to sleep. The stars are so bright out here in the country. I chose this room over the others because of the view.

On the wall without windows I have one of those new thin screen HDTV. The Bose speakers in this room are on a separate circuit then the rest of the house. I flipped on the stereo and moved to the bed in the middle of the room.

Adam was the first to speak. "Fuckin' A, this is some house".

Chris said, "He's an artist, he designed it". I sat down next to Adam but watched Chris explore the view from the rest of the suite. I felt Adam's hand on my thigh moving lightly back and forth. When I looked at him he was staring deeply into my green eyes.

"I'm so glad you were gentle with him" he said quietly so that Chris probably couldn't hear. He continued, "If you'd fucked up I would have had to kill you.  Not to mention, there would have been no getting him to experiment.". I didn't know what to say, so I let him continue. "I see why he let you fuck him. You are careful in the way you touch, but sensuously firm in your touch, and you give really good head."

Adam then grabbed my half erect cock, leaned over and took me into his mouth. Chris looked over, took a gulp from his glass and moved in behind his old friend. He planted a hand on each ass cheek and positioned himself for entry. He then placed his head near Adam's asshole and pushed forward driving his cock about two inches in. Adam let out a yowl and sat up.

Adam shot Chris a dirty look as if he should know better. I reached down into a drawer under the waterbed and tossed a bottle of lubricant to Chris.

Chris squirted some of the liquid onto Adam's ass and Adam started to give me head once again. Adam made a shrill "mmmm" when it touched him. Chris then squirted a bit more then necessary on his very hard tool. He let out a high pitched "Cold.... cold cold cold !". Adam started laughing so hard he had to stop giving me head.

It wasn't cold enough for Chris to loose his erection though. He moved forward and thrust it into Adam, almost ruthlessly, but Adam took it. In fact, he backed into it driving it as deep as it would go. I could tell by the way he was giving head to me that he had wanted Chris inside him for a long time. I felt almost like I was intruding on a private moment between two friends, but Adam's hot lips felt too good.

This went on for almost a half an hour. From the screams and yells Chris came twice and Adam once. I came close to ejaculation twice, but did not because each time I was about to, Adam changed his rhythm.

Chris pulled out and Adam staggered forward and tumbled into the bed and said "Fuck me". I looked up at Chris, he looked back and said "Fuck him". I looked down at Adam, sure that he wanted some more of Chris, but Adam was clearly looking at me.

I moved closer to Adam. I raked my nails lightly from his shoulders all the say down to his thighs and back two or three times. Then I put his legs together and raised them into the air, lifted his ass a few inches off the bed by his legs and moved close to penetrate his pre-lubricated ass. As I kneeled down and held his legs to my chest, I slowly entered his already loosened hole. I did not push it, it just slid in.

Chris is pretty well hung, but does not have my girth. Adam's ass fit me like a satin glove. I let it slide in all the way to the hilt. Adam moved his torso a bit to the right and then to the left which drove me deeper into him. Chris knelt down near Adam's head and watched as I parted Adam's legs enough to put my head between his legs. I crossed my arms around his legs with my head between them and began to pump back and forth.

Adam had a glazed look to his eyes and a smile from ear to ear. Chris watched like a school boy and smiled when Adam's cock began to go erect. Chris said, "Make him cum like I did. Don't touch him."

Adam opened his mouth and began to lick his lips. Chris watched, but did nothing. I said, "He's hungry. Give him some sausage." Chris laughed and moved a bit to Adam's right so that Adam could see Chris' erect cock.

Adam opened his mouth further, turned his head and reached with his left hand and put Chris' cock into his mouth. He let go as he went to town bobbing back and forth. I couldn't help but pick up the pace.

It took another half an hour, but Adam came just as Chris had done. Adam wildly shot his load all over his chest, into the air and onto Chris' stomach. Adam's ass felt so hot as I shot my load.  It turned on Chris to watch and he came virtually at the same time.

We all collapsed on the bed and relaxed a while staring at the sky.

"don't tell David... I don't know what he would do," Chris pleaded.

"Don't worry," Adam said, "I don't know if he'd beat me up or fuck the shit out of me."

The three of us stared off into space for a while longer, then Chris spoke. "Do you think we can come up with a way to find out?"

Chapter Three

I woke up the next afternoon, they were gone. When I stood up, I could tell that I was going to have a hang over. Chris and Adam had left a note by the stairs that read, "Everything was great, we'll be back Friday". There was also a heart next to the letter "U" and an exclamation point.  I went downstairs and got a litre glass of cold water, drank it slowly, and then went to bed in my room and drifted off thinking about the previous day.

Chris and Adam had slept at my house, ate some bagels and juice and left for the beach around noon. They swam there for a while and then went out for a late lunch before going back to Adam's house.

Adam's parents were away for a summer vacation to Barbados (off season and all). I found this all out at a later time, and the rest of this chapter is "second hand" pieced together from what I later heard from Adam, Chris and Yi.

Yi was already waiting on the front step of Adam's house when Chris and Adam arrived. Yi greeted them with the usual smiles.

The trio entered the house and raided the kitchen for the usual combination of munchies and health food: the granola, Gatorade, coke and ho-hos. The next stop was the cable, which supplied the usual supply of sex and violence. The three watched and ate.

Once the sun had completed going down the trio decided to retire to the basement. They liked the basement because they could be as loud as they wanted as late as they wanted without any complaints from the neighbors.

Yi waited for Chris to go to the stairs first, and looked over to Adam. He winked once and pointed to the light switch. Adam knew the signals meant Yi meant that he wanted sex after lights out.

Chris and Adam rolled out the three sleeping bags while Yi set up music for the evening on the 200 disk CD player. He programmed several Cure CD's, some REM, Blues Traveler, Fiona Apple and Nine Inch Nails. Enough music to last until noon the next day. He turned up the music to near concert levels. Not only would the music afford entertainment, but it would also make whispers and movements inaudible once the lights were put out in the windowless family room.

Adam's bed role was closest to the lights, Yi in the middle and Chris to the far side. Adam switched the lights off. Chris didn't even wait for the first song to get over before he walked in-between Yi's and Adam's sleeping bags and sat beside Yi . Chris carefully ran his hand under the blanket up Yi's legs to his tight fitting underwear that he had worn to sleep. Yi half sat up in bed and whispered into the air "You're as impatient as I am".

Chris pulled down Yi's sheet with his other hand while his more ambitious hand pulled down the underwear. Yi laid back while Chris began to tickle Yi's hairless balls with his fingernails.

Chris couldn't contain himself. He was about to give head for the third man in twenty four hours. He had imagined it so many times, but it was nothing like he had thought it would be. Without hesitation he took Yi's erect cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the underside of Yi's erection.

Chris was feeling ambitious and had an erection that wouldn't quit. He started to make circles with his index finger around Yi's anus. Yi was getting hot before this, and the anticipation of anal sex was too much. Yi half sat up again and whispered just loud enough for Chris to hear, "If you don't stop I'll scream and Chris will hear". Chris didn't stop giving Yi head, but spat some saliva on his finger and began to finger Yi.

"Oh fuck" Yi whispered. Chris drove his finger in as deep as it would go and Yi laid back whispering something about not caring. Chris withdrew his index finger and dribbled saliva into Yi's ass.

Chris continued giving Yi head as he fingered him with his first two fingers. Chris waited until Yi was about to ejaculate and withdrew both fingers only to replace them with his penis. Yi's legs were spread and resting in the crooks of Chris' arms making kind of a relaxed unraveled pretzel as Chris pumped his willing ass.

Just as Chris and Yi came together; Adam turned on the lights. Yi's opened his eyes wide open as his dick continued spewing seamen all over his chest and face. Yi looked confused as he looked at Adam standing by the light switch smiling back at him and at Chris with his eyes still closed in orgasmic bliss.

Chapter Four

I woke up in the middle of the night without any sign of hangover. It was so peaceful to go and walk around the house. I stopped and lifted some weights when I was in the rec room, and then took a long hot shower, a rest in the Jacuzzi, and then another short shower.

After that I ate a bagel and some orange juice and went back to bed.

The next morning.  I got up and got a large glass of orange juice and a bit of Naproxen Sodium and sat down at the dining table looking out onto the lake, not that I had a headache. All my muscles were sore from the various workouts I had in the last couple of days.

It was mid-morning and the water looked inviting, so I grabbed my violet speedos and went out on the deck and down boardwalk to the private beach.  I swam a few back and forth in the area that I normally swim, and then decided that I was a bit hungry and headed back to the house.

After breakfast, I felt totally inspired.  I went down to the studio and began to paint.  It seemed like I went through canvas after canvas, some with Acrylic, and some with Oil.  All of them seemed to have something to do with Chris and Adam, some were abstract or impressionistic, and some were realist.  They all had sexual overtones, some even were overtly gay, but I didn't betray anyone's identity in them.  Some of them, I won't sell for anything.  They will go up in this house, or in my studio in the city.

I totally lost track of time while working at Bob-Ross speed when the doorbell rang.  It was late afternoon.  Once again, it was my doorbell, not the gate, but this time I knew who it was.  I dropped my brush and practically ran to the door like a puppy who's master had come home.  As I walked through the atrium toward the front room, I head a pounding on the glass door.  I turned around to see three wet teens donning speedos.  Chris was wearing a indigo pair, Adam a red pair, and Yi a black pair.  I walked over to the glass door and opened it inviting them in with a gesture.

Adam was the first to speak, "Alex, this is Yi.  Yi, this is Alex"

I reached out to shake his hand, and he clasped it firmly.

Chris was smiling as he taunted, "Looks like you missed us, as fast as you were running to the front door."

"I have to admit, I did want to see you guys again, and I am happy that you are here.  I had totally forgot that the back door has a doorbell too"

Chris laughed and asked, "so what is this, are you into body painting?" While pointing to my bare chest with splotches of paint.

"I'll paint you any color you like" I teased back.

Adam asked, "Can we see what you were painting?"

"Sure, there in the studio.  This way" I said as I started to walk past the kitchen to the glass hallway down to game room and art studio.  Chris looked into the game room at the pool table, dart boards, weight machine, pinball machines and view of the gardens and woods, while Yi looked at the sitting area and entry way that was a short distance from the private beach which you could see from the sitting area and from the studio.  Adam and I walked into the studio, followed shortly by Chris and Yi.  I could see Adam get a hard-on as he examined the paintings.

Chris said, "Wow!"

Adam exclaimed, "You painted all of these today !?!  I can tell these are about us!"

I only nodded.

Adam and Chris seemed to examine them closer.  Both of them started to get rather aroused.

Yi asked, "can I use your facilities ?"

"There is a full bath by the entry way there where you can see the beach"

Chris stopped at an abstract piece and stared at it, while Adam continued to walk around the room in awe.  Chris continued to stare, and then started to stroke himself slowly through his speedos.  I walked over to him and asked, "You like ?"

"Oh God, very much.  I can tell this is about the first time I made love to Adam, while he sucked your cock.  I love it!!"

"You don't think that it is too kiss-and-tell ?"

"No, there is no one but the three of us who could catch all of the subtle references.  I love your work."

"It is yours"

"Um, can I keep it here until I have an apartment?  I don't think that... " he trailed off, "My parents... "

"I understand"

"No... that isn't what I meant. It is abstract enough that they would know what it meant, but I do think that they would however wonder why I had an expensive piece of artwork like this"

"Sure, no problem," I said.  I turned toward Adam and said, "You can have any one of these as well"

Adam said, "Thank you, but, I wouldn't know which to choose."

Yi came back in the room totally necked holding a bottle of suntan oil he picked up in the bathroom and asked, "Anyone in the mood for catching some rays on the private beach ?"

Adam turned toward Yi and smiled.  Chris looked at me with a devilish look.  I shrugged, "There isn't any public boat traffic allowed on that end of the lake, and nobody lives on the house on the opposite side of this finger of the lake.  That house has been for sale for a while, so nobody can see us.  I frequently sunbathe, and have never had anyone say anything."

Chris and Adam simultaneously removed their speedos and handed them to me, both with a devious look, and stood by Yi all three looking back at me.

"When in Rome" I said, stripping off my jeans and underwear, revealing the fact that I was without question excited about either seeing Chris jacking off through his speedos, seeing Yi necked for the first time, or the prospect of what was about to happen on the beach.  Leaving my clothing in the middle of the studio floor, I followed the three of them into the sitting room.  I grabbed four towels off of the towel pantry that I keep for going to the beach, and we walked side by side down to the beach.

We spread the towels beside one another.  Yi laid down and handed the oil to Adam, who began to innocently spread it on his back.

Chris said, "Lay down"

I laid down facing the water and Chris straddled my buttocks and started to work oil into my shoulders, it felt divine.  I said, "do you think I should buy that house ?"

"Why" Chris asked.

"Well, it would give me this whole end of the lake so I could keep this area private for stuff like this, plus, I would have a guest house for when I have family from out of town."

"You have plenty of room in your house"

"Yeah, but, things get crazy when family comes.  It would be much easier.  Besides, it is an investment.  Since it has been up for sale for such a long time, I can probably get it for a steal.  I can always sell it later"

Chris started to work his way down my back, and eased himself back a bit further.  He worked the oil into my lower back and buttocks, then moved forward, and started to rub my shoulders again.  I could feel his hard member against my ass as he worked on the back of my neck.  I looked over and saw that Adam was starting to slowly fuck Yi, and I felt Chris start to press his dick head into me.  Chills ran down my spine as I felt his slightly curved shaft work its way into me in one slow determined motion.

My head was spinning as I felt the last few inches go in and his hairless balls resting firmly against my ass.  I let out a slow groan as Chris held it buried in my ass and he continued to rub my shoulders and neck.  He held it there for five minutes or so before he started to pull back.  By this time, Adam was going to town on Yi.  He was thrusting and pulling back so fast it was almost a blur.  Ever so slowly did Chris thrust it back in again.  Once again, he left it buried deeply inside of me.  I was in ecstasy.

A few moments later, Chris started to pull back.  I watched Adam tilt his head back and let out a low groan.  Yi smiled.  Chris took his time and started to slowly pump back and forth.  My dick was so hard that it hurt, but I continued to lay flat on my stomach.  Though going into doggie style would have allowed me to jack off, I didn't want to change the angle Chris was at.  He felt so good.

I looked over at Yi and Adam.  They were doing an elegant maneuver where Yi was turning over onto his back while Adam was still deeply inside of him.  It was fun to watch.  You could tell they had done it many times and that it wasn't just changing positions for them.  The sensation of Yi rotating was defiantly giving a lot of pleasure to Adam; not to mention the pleasure that Yi seemed to be experiencing.  As the maneuver completed, Adam raised Yi's legs a bit and leaned forward.  Yi's legs bent at the knees and rested on Adam's arms which rested on either side of Yi's head.  Adam started at a moderate pace and sped up from there.  What I saw next, would have made a rabbit proud.  My god can Adam pump fast!

Chris seemed a bit inspired by Adam because he started to speed up.  After a few more moments, Chris reached down and tugged a bit at my torso, indicating he wanted me on all fours.  I backed into him and raised up.  Chris gently placed his left arm around me with his hand on my chest and lightly manipulated my right nipple.  Then he softly reached around with his right hand and gently grasped my throbbing cock.  He rested his head on my back a moment before started to fuck me again.  Faster and faster he went, all the while playing with my nipple and jacking me off.  I reached around with both hands and grabbed his ass and felt his hard body as it pumped in and out of me.

The work out I was getting was fantastic, I had to let go and lay my head down for a while.  He continued going faster and faster, trying to match Adam's speed.  I don't think he made it all the way before both Adam and Chris came at the same time.  Chris bucked forward planting his seed deeply inside of me.  Chris stopped moving and I could feel each hot ejaculation filling me.  Adam on the other hand, continued pumping fast.  Not quite as fast as he had been, but fast enough to make Yi shoot his load across his chest.  A few more movements of Chris' hand on my cock, and I as cuming too.  I thought that Chris was done, because his ejaculations were slowing down a bit, but when I came he started to breathe even more heavily and sigh.  His dick paused for four or five seconds and he came a second volley all without moving.

I felt the eyes of both Yi and Adam on me as Chris and I were finishing our orgasms which seemed a blissful eternity.

Chris softly whispered in my ear, "Alex... oh god... that was amazing"  He gently withdrew and I rolled over onto my back and I rolled over to look up at him.

Adam said, "God that was good!"

Yi added, "I've never done it outside before, We should do this again!"

Chris looked down at me lovingly and said, "Yes, we must"

"Too bad David wasn't here, then the whole gang would be here" Yi said while moving to sit up.

"Um, I'm not sure the country boy wouldn't kick all of our asses!" Adam interjected.

"I'm not saying that he would participate, but I can't see him getting violent." Chris said.

Adam scratched his head and asked, "Do you want to try to seduce him ?"

"I've wanted that huge cock for a long time," Yi said melodramatically licking his lips.

I laughed.   "Whata ya wanna do to him Yi, tie him up?"


Chris slapped his own forehead, "Oh god!" he exclaimed.

Adam laughed, paused for a second and added, "We could get him drunk".

I sat up and asked, "What, and tell him it was all a bad dream if he doesn't like it."

Chris added, "not to mention, he could probably drink every one of us under the table if we were doing shots."

"We wouldn't have to do even-up shots.  We could play a drinking game and make sure he gets more then anyone else." Adam said, "Hell, we wouldn't even have to cheat.  We can't make it look like we are trying to make him drunk"

"So, we get him drunk, tie him up and suck his dick?"  Yi asked.

The three of us laughed, "I don't think that would work too well," I said, "but maybe we could flirt a bit with him and see what he does.  We could see if he gets turned on, watch for signs."

"That's a pretty big sign" Yi giggled.

"We could play strip poker" Chris suggested.

"Guys don't play strip poker with guys... unless there are ulterior motives.... Asking is a sheer give-a-way " Adam said, "Maybe we could watch a dirty movie and try to get him so turned on that he can't help but jack off.  Maybe he wouldn't mind being sucked off then."

"One of us could suck him off after he falls asleep.  That way he won't know who it was, it could have been a dream" Chris suggested.

"That might work" Adam agreed.

"What have I gotten myself into?" I sighed.

"All this talk of sex has me horny again," Yi said.

"You're always horny!" Adam teased.

"Humf!" Yi exclaimed melodramatically and crawled over to me and stared to suck on my three-quarter hard cock.  He started by licking the still wet cum from my head, as he worked his way down to my balls.  I became erect immediately.  Yi then changed position so that I could take him into my mouth in a sixty-nine position.

I first licked around Yi's huge cock head working my tongue in circles around and around it, until I drove Yi crazy enough that he thrust it forward a bit as a friendly warning.  I took the whole length into my mouth.  It wasn't terribly large, maybe about six inches in all.  Sucking it was quite comfortable and quite enjoyable in fact.

Apparently this excited the other two, because a few moments later from between Yi's legs I saw the long and slightly curved cock that had only moments before pounded my ass.  I watched as Chris positioned his huge member near Yi's sphincter and lightly pressed.  I watched as it slowly slide in the still lubed hole in one continuous motion till Chris' generous balls were resting against Yi's butt cheeks.  Yi moaned and deep throated my cock.

A moment later, I felt two hands on my ass, and felt Adam's stiff member near my own sphincter.  Adam pressed forward and worked the length of his cock back and forth in successively deeper thrusts and within three or four minutes was buried deeply in my own ass.  I instinctively sucked on Yi's dick like Yi had done to me as Adam rested deeply in me for a while, like Chris was still doing to Yi.

At the same moment, both Chris and Adam started to pull back.  In unison, when they were about half way out, they thrust it back in all the way.  Yi and I frantically sucked on each other.  In tandem Chris and Adam pulled almost all the way out and sank their cocks deeply back into our depths, and then they both started to pump faster and faster.

Soon I was feeling the rabbit fuck that Yi had felt earlier.  I thought that it might have been a bit painful, but it was actually quite nice.  It was so amazing; sucking cock, getting your dick sucked, and getting fucked all at the same time as you are watching the ass of the guy sucking your cock get pounded.  My head was spinning as I felt my balls get taught, and my dick stiffen.  I was the first to shoot my load.  I came really hard, and Yi did his best to keep up, but I felt my semen dripping from his lips onto my balls.

Adam was next.  I felt his cock explode deep inside of me while I was still cuming in Yi's hot mouth, and I heard Adam make a whimpering sound like my ass was squeezing his over-sensitive cock too tightly.  Adam's pace faltered as he continued to cum.

Chris and Yi came both virtually at the same moment.  I felt Yi's cock pulse and began to fill my mouth the same moment as I watched Chris' dick pulse as it pumped in and out of Yi's butt.  I almost became so distracted at watching Chris, that I almost choked on Yi's voluminous load, but I swallowed and watched some more.  I really can't describe the felling of it all.  It was so intense, and so satisfying.

Chapter Five

The four boys drove up to my house at around eight on Saturday night. They rang the front gate and I let them in. As planned, Chris told David that they had met me on the beach and had them over for movies and let them drink beer, which they all knew was David's soft spot.

I already had the stereo blaring Limp Bizkit when they arrived at the front door. After introductions, I showed them to the table where I had the deck of cards and six pack of beer waiting.

As David reached for a can of beer, I told him, "Before any beer gets opened I have your agreement that nobody leaves here tonight. I get all the car keys now." David tossed me his keys and reached for the beer again. I continued, "You can crash in the living room or in any of the bedrooms upstairs. If you have too much, there is a bathroom right next to the kitchen, and each guest room has it's own porcelain god."

David laughed as he had his first sip. I began to shuffle the deck and deal the first hand of poker. We started playing with pretzels, but with the beer it became hard to not eat your winnings. After few hands and a few rounds I decided to make the game a bit more interesting.

"Here's the new rules," I said pointing at the liquor cabinet. "Dealer pours a shot of his choice, we play 21. Winner says who drinks." Chris and Adam said "Game" almost instantly. David picked up the cards, began to shuffle, and said, "but it is still my deal he said reaching for the Jagermeister".

If I can say one thing, David is both lucky and can hold his liquor. He seemed to round robin between us, but once and a while he gave Yi an extra shot. I guess he was tactically eliminating us starting with the one who could drink the least.

While we were intending to get David drunk, we couldn't make it seem like we were ganging up on him. The game went round and round. Each of our senses getting fuzzier and fuzzier.

After winning one hand, David passed the glass to Yi once more who stared at the glass a second, put the shot glass to his lips, tilted his head and hand back, and promptly fell backwards chair and all. Luckily Yi was sitting on the side of the table closest to the living room and he fell so his head landed on an oversized pillow on carpet, instead of the tile floor. We all began to laugh when we found that he as okay. He seemed to drift to sleep right there. I removed the chair out from under him and let him rest.

David looked at each of us and said, "that's right, one down, three to go". He looked at Adam and said, "Your next".

Adam did his best Buggs Bunny impression and said, "of course you know this means war". We all laughed.

After another two hands, I noticed that Yi was no longer on the floor next to me. I felt him crawl past my leg towards David. Without warning Yi brushed his hand up David's leg from his knee to his crotch. David hesitated an extra few seconds while deciding to take another card or not. Yi reached inside the leg of David's sweat shorts and grabbed David's quickly growing erect cock, and began to go down on it. David's eyes got wide and we pretended not to notice by focusing on Adam dealing cards.

David attempted to gain his composure and asked for another hit even though he already had 17 of 21. The card I dealt him was a deuce, which beat everyone else. While we expected him to pass it to Adam, he downed it himself and said nervously, "Thirsty".

Chris poured a shot of Goldschlager and dealt the cards. David got a ten and a nine. Despite the odds, once again he said nervously, "hit me". Chris dealt David another deuce. David breathed heavily and shouted, "I - I won!" We could all tell he was cuming as he held onto the edge of the table.

Yi drank David dry and crawled out from under the table and moved over to the place where he had fallen and pretended to be asleep as if nothing had happened. David reached under the table and adjusted himself back into his shorts. David saw Yi lying there and seemed relieved that he had not stood up and announced what he had just done in a drunken stupor.

David said, "I'm gonna take a break unless anyone has any objections." We all nodded our heads. Though the plan was to drink him under the table, but Yi had already made the plan a moot point.  Now that someone had performed fellatio on him, we all wanted to see what he would do next.  Would he make a pass at Yi?   Would he pretend it didn't happen?  We were all relieved that he didn't up and leave angry.

David walked outside onto the deck mumbling something about needing some fresh cool air.  He walked across the deck and down the stairs to the dock, sat down, and dangled his feet in the water.

Chris got up, he sensed that his friend needed someone to talk to.  He crept up quietly behind David, who turned for a second to see who it was before staring back across the lake once more.  "What's the matter David" Chris asked quietly.

David said nothing.

"You can tell me".

"What would you say if I told you that I knew that someone at our school was gay?"

"um... I dunno.... It wouldn't bother me none"

"really, I thought you would be the type to wanna go beat him up"

"Heavens no.  Why, do you wanna go beat him up??!?"

"no... actually... "

"actually what?"

"um.. I don't think I can tell you."

"C'mon... I won't tell anyone."

"Well, Yi just sucked my dick under the table"


"um... and I am worried that I might be gay... 'cause I'd like him to do it again"

"Gettin' your dick sucked by a guy and liking it doesn't make you gay!!  Hell, wanting it daily doesn't even make you gay?"

"um.. but what if I am gay?  What would people think?"

"I would still be your friend, and I know that the rest of the guys would still be your friend, and we wouldn't go telling anyone that you didn't want to know either."

David interrupted, "But, I liked it... maybe a bit too much.  It felt better then when Shiela did it...  But I'm not sure I want to be gay."

"Don't worry about that.  Just because you liked Yi's blow job better then Shiela's doesn't make you gay.  It makes Yi a better lover then Shiela.  Don't worry about if you are straight, bi or gay.  Just don't do anything that you don't want to do, that leads to regret. Don't do anything you are unsure of either.  Just do what you want to do.  If you want to fool around more with Yi, be forward with him, and tell him that you may not ever be able to reciprocate.  Let him decide if he wants to just enjoy your cock, knowing that you probably don't want to be his boyfriend.

"have you ever had your dick sucked by a guy ?"


"Was it good?"

"Fuck yeah!!  Most guys give better head then girls; especially guys who like to do it, but even those who don't still know more about how to please a guy because they have a dick and know what they like."

"never thought of it that way"

"Well.  I think that I want another drink.  If you want to talk about anything, you let me know.  It is cool what ever you decide.  I'm here for you."

"Cool.... Thanks"

Chris and David both walked inside and sprawled out on the couch and the love seat as Adam stood up and started to do his best impression of Yi falling over, but hit his head on the tile instead of the carpet and said "Fuck" really loud. We all started laughing which seemed to wake Yi up.  Yi stretched and asked "What?" which induced a second wave of laughter.

Chris said, "Oh god, my sides are gonna ache from laughing"

Adam added, "My head is... " as he rubbed his head where he hit the tile.

Yi added, "I hope mine doesn't... from a bad hangover!!"

I responded, "Well, go drink some water... Lots of it, and don't take any aspirin.  Aspirin constricts the blood vessels and stops the water from re-hydrating your brain.  A hangover is your brain's way of telling you it is dehydrated."

Yi went to the kitchen and started to fill a glass from the water dispenser in the refrigerator, David walked toward the kitchen saying, "Then I had better get a glass too!"

Yi handed the glass he was filling for himself to David as he started to fill a second glass.  David downed the glass before Yi filled his completely.  Yi asked, "Want some more?", but I could tell from his body language, subtle intonation and facial expression that 'Water' wasn't water Yi was speaking about.  I don' think that Chris or Adam picked up on it; only David and I understood, and I wasn't saying anything.

David responded, "I sure would.  I think I am gonna head up after this next glass." as Adam entered the kitchen asking for some ice for his forehead.

I decided that it might be best to start a movie, so I clicked on the DVD, and soon the room was filled with the sounds of Tangerine Dream and the HDTV had images of Tom Cruise and David Benett.  I think Legend is my favorite movie of all time.

David said, "I think I am going to crash, for a while at least".  I saw him look over to Yi and could hear the silent communication between them.  David walked upstairs to one of the guest rooms and we started to watch the movie.

Yi said, "I'm gonna be discrete and wait for a good ten minutes."  We all laughed.

Yi went upstairs during the scene where Jack meets Gump and came back downstairs a few moments later and announced, "He's snoring so I decided to leave him for now... besides.... I haven't adequately thanked our host".  Yi walked over to me, straddled my lap and planted a big wet kiss on my lips.

I could hear Adam get up and announce, "I don't give a damn if he is asleep.  All the better!"  and he went up stairs.

Adam crept into the darkened room and made his way over to the queen sized bed in the middle of the room, edged his way on to the bed, and carefully lifted the sheet that was covering David's necked body.  Adam's eyes were still adjusting to the low light, and he was beginning to be able to make out the size of his long-awaited prize.  Adam eased closer and closer trying to not make any sudden movements on the water bed that would wake David.  Adam covered both of them with the sheet that was covering David when he entered the room. Carefully reached down and fondled his friends scrotum, and gently manipulated the phallus so that it pointed up at a forty-five degree angle away from David's stomach.  Slowly he eased if hungry mouth toward the monstrously large cock.  Slowly he enveloped the head with his moistened lips, and swirled his tongue around the quickly enlarging head.

Now that Adam had a taste, he decided to back off a bit and start again.  Slowly he released the erection from his mouth and he began to lick down the shaft in short wet strokes  till he reached David's balls.  Gently he licked each one with long wide strokes several times before working his way back up the shaft with longer wet strokes.  Holding the cock with his left hand he once again began to impale his face on the length of it, attempting to deep throat the monster which was proving to be a challenge when David woke up.

"Oh Yi, that is so good"

Adam continued to attempt to deep throat his friend.  Slowly working his way up and down the long thick shaft.

"I feel so guilty.  I would like to make you feel as good as you are making me feel, but I don't think I can do it."

Adam grasped the shaft with his right hand and began to suck a bit harder.

"...I mean... I don't think I can be gay... and be your boyfriend... um.. "

Adam released David's cock long enough to whisper, "Shut up and enjoy it... I don't need a boyfriend... I need your cum"

David laid back and began to relax a bit as Adam went back to work.  Adam resumed firmly masturbating David with his right hand while grasping his balls with his left, and sucking hard on the first three or four inches.

David gasped and reached out and began to gently stroke Adam's hair.

Adam let go of David's balls and began to run his left hand under his ass and up the underside of his thighs.  Then he released David's shaft and started to run his right hand up and down his friend's very taught stomach, and he relaxed his mouth so he could take more of the large dick into his mouth.

David took the queue and started to lift his torso and gently thrust his cock into Adam's ready mouth.

It felt so good.  David tried to hold out, but it was to no avail.  David felt his scrotum contract and his balls start to lift themselves, and Adam felt David's dick head get larger, and his shaft get stiffer.  Adam reached down, pulled his dick out of his speedos and began to masturbate himself.

As David started to slow down his thrusts, Adam started to bob up and down as to not loose the pace and David's whole body went into convolutions as he started to ejaculate into Adam's waiting mouth.  Adam was doing a good job of keeping up as David's dick stiffened, and his body started to once again thrust with each spasm.  Adam was a bit surprised, but was able to move enough so that he didn't get choked either on the large volume of seamen that was filling his mouth, or by the hard shaft thrusting itself deeply into his throat.  Adam began to cum into his hand.  He enjoyed the fact that David's body wanted him, even if David's brain wasn't sure yet.

David and Adam finished at about the same time, and Adam collapsed on the bed beside David as David sank back into the waterbed.  They both drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile down in the living room, Yi had been kissing me and rocking his ass back and forth while sitting on my lap.  I was about to cum from the lap dance I was getting.  Chris nonchalantly watched the movie as Yi removed his shirt and allowed me to begin to suckle his nipples while he continued to torture my poor over engorged cock.

Yi removed my shirt and leaned back so that his head dangled close to the floor, with his legs firmly gripping my torso keeping himself from falling on the floor.  I reached down and unfastened the cutoffs revealing his black speedos and hard cock hidden within.  I leaned forward and freed his cock using my tongue and began to suck on him while reaching forward and running my hands over his chest all the way down to his thighs and knees.

Yi started a thrusting motion into my mouth, which provided not only that pleasure, but resumed the torture on my cock that wanted desperately to be free, desperately to be inside this intense Asian beauty.

Chris finally took note of what was going on behind him, and decided to join in the fun.  He got up on his knees, pulled down his speedos revealing his beautiful erection and crawled over to Yi.  I sucked on Yi and watched as Chris folded his hands behind his head, knelt there in front of Yi, and slapped Yi in the face with his cock by flexing it.

Yi started to try to catch Chris' cock in his mouth as Chris would jerk it away by flexing it.  I watched as this teasing went on for several minutes before Yi reached behind Chris, grabbed his ass and pulled Chris' torso forward and enveloped his erection three quarters of the way.  Chris smiled really big as Yi started to slowly push back and pull forward guiding Chris' cock in and out of his mouth.

Chris maintained the depth and rhythm that Yi had started for him as Yi's hands began to run back and forth on my back and head.

After a while Yi started to bob his head back and forth taking Chris' cock deeper into his mouth.

Chris started to back up a little, and to compensate Yi started to release the grip with his legs and he slid down off of my lap.  I released his cock from my mouth and placed my hands on his chest to slow his decent to the floor.  Part of the way down, he started to roll over.  It was so graceful the way he went from being on his back on my lap to being on all fours all the while never letting Chris' dick out of his mouth.

Yi reached down and pulled his shorts and speedos down showing his soft silky ass to me.  It was all the coaxing I needed.  I unfastened my pants and let them fall to the floor as I stood up.  I knelt down behind Yi and began to kiss his ass slowly, methodically.  Starting at one cheek and then the other.  I licked his sphincter and could feel that it was already moist from sweat.  I knelt behind him and positioned my cock head against his hole and gently pressed forward.  Chris smiled at me as Yi made a "ummmm" noise.

I gently pushed forward as Yi pushed back into me causing me to penetrate him deeper then I had intended, but Yi was more relaxed then I thought and only groaned with pleasure and continued to suck Chris dutifully.

Yi initiated the next move by pushing back into me harder and raising up for a moment while he adjusted to my size.  Chris stroked himself as he watched Yi begin to move up and down on my cock.  Yi then leaned back forward and took Chris' member back into his mouth.  He looked as if he enjoyed getting it from both ends as much as I do.

David woke up and decided to get another glass of water.  He picked up his speedos from the floor and slipped them on and quietly walked down the hall to the balcony.  He was stunned to see Yi getting fucked and sucking his best friend Chris at the same time.  Only moments after sucking him, or so David thought.

David couldn't believe how aroused it was watching the sex acts below.  It was so erotic seeing his best friend getting sucked, and he couldn't help but think that the host must be in heaven pumping the way he was.  David couldn't help it, he pulled down his speedos and began to jack off right there on the balcony overlooking his friends.

Chris was the first to cum.  He tilted his head back, arched his back slightly, and let loose.  Yi did his best to drink every drop as I started to fill him from the other end.  It was such a sweet release to finally cum after such torture.  I came so hard that my eyes crossed and I was sure I was about to pass out.  I slowed down and enjoyed every ejaculation.

I could feel Yi's ass start to squeeze my cock as he started to cum himself.  He had been periodically stroking himself, when I wasn't reaching down and doing it.  His climax had to have been brought on by mine though since his hands were firmly planted on the ground.  His ass continued to milk me beyond what I thought was possible.

David was so aroused.  He tilted his own head back and began to ejaculate with such force it went over the hand rail and down onto us below.  Sure we were all startled by the warm jism, and by the low guttural moan that David had let out, but all we could do is look up and smile in admiration for such a virile body in action.

Adam must have been awakened by David's loud orgasm.  Adam emerged from the guest room rubbing his eyes and walking heavily.

David turned around from the heavy foot steps behind him.  We all could see the realization creep across his face as he figured out who had sucked him off the second time.  David began to smile, almost laugh as with one word he asked for confirmation, "You ??!?"

Adam just kind of shrugged, the three of us below sort of giggled.  Adam and David walked down the stairs as the three of us uncoupled from our ménage à trois.  The three of us sat up on our knees as Adam and David approached.

David and Chris smiled at each other, but David was startled as Chris leaned forward and took David's still wet three quarter hard cock into his mouth.  It must have felt really good, because David was rock hard in less then three seconds, and was gently grasping Chris' head and was beginning to gently face fuck him.

Yi resumed his blow job on Chris as best he could and Adam came over dangling his erection in my face begging for some attention.  I sucked on Adam and stroked Yi and myself at the same time as I watched David enter into ecstasy for the third time this evening.  He came with such intensity.  A wave of pleasure seemed to cascade from David, to Chris, who began to ejaculate in Yi's mouth, who started to cum in my hand.  I started to cum, and a second later Adam in my mouth.

David smiled and said, "Well, first Yi, then Adam, now Chris... Does this mean your next ?" as he walked over to me.  I took my mouth off of Adam's cock and wrapped my lips around the girth of David's cock and began to suck him deeply.

After a few minutes, Adam whispered something in David's ear and he withdrew his dick from my hungry mouth that had just become accustomed to it.  David knelt down on his knees, and ran his hand through my hair beckoning me to lay on my back.  I complied with my knees bent and my back on the floor.  David moved forward a bit, and soon I was able to turn my head and suck on him once more.

Adam straddled my body, knelt down, and positioned his ass above my cock and slowly impaled himself on my erection.  It was difficult to suck on David,  watch Adam, and watch David's reaction to Adam.  David's hand was so gentle in my hair, and Adam's ass was so hot on my cock.  It was about all I could stand.  Then Yi started to lift my legs, rock me forward and place a large pillow under my ass.  Next I felt Yi begin to tongue my ass.

Soon I felt Yi pushing his large dick-head against my anus, and Chris stood up and dangled his big cock in Adam's face.  As my ass gave way I watched Yi place his head between my knees and begin to nibble on Adam's ear as Adam rode my cock slowly up and down.  I reached over and began to jack off David as I sucked his huge cock.  David seemed like he was both enjoying himself, and infinitely amused at all of the proceedings.

David let out a guttural moan and his dick started to flex in my mouth, and I prepared for his virile seed to fill my mouth. I continued to lick and move up and down on his cock as it spurted again and again.

Half way into David's orgasm Yi thrust faster and faster.  Each thrust seemed to be timed perfectly to ram my cock deeper into Adam's ass. Adam was really enjoying the ride. Adam shot his load across my chest at about the same time that I felt Yi's hot seed begin to boil within me. That almost did it, but I didn't cum at that moment.

David withdrew his cock from my mouth. He had a wild look in his eye as he moved beside Yi. David looked down at me and said, "I want to try". I nodded. I felt Yi withdraw, and I could feel Yi's hand guiding David's monstrous member closer to my sphincter. Yi whispered something in David's ear and I felt him press forward slowly. It felt literally twice as large as Yi as it went in about four inches, it was so thick. Yi continued to whisper in David's ear and I felt David pull back an inch before thrusting forward a little faster. David's cock was firmly planted a little over half way in side of me when I felt Adam start to lift off of me.

Chris straddled me and started to position himself above my aching member. David slowly pushed the rest of the way in. My head was spinning as David left it planted all the way inside and Chris started to guide my cock inside of him. David remained still as Chris slowly slid down my cock.

Once Chris had me all the say inside, David started to pull back and push forward. Yi got up and stood dangling his dick in front of Chris. Adam moved over and knelt beside me so that I could suck his cock.

When David picked up the pace, both Chris and I started to groan with each stroke. His cock was like fire within me. I sucked Adam's dick like a pacifier. I saw Chris take Yi into his mouth just before Adam straddled my chest and started to fuck my mouth.

We all melted into one pulsing mass. Even Adam seemed to thrust and pull back with the same rhythm. Each stroke felt so liquid, like sex in a waking dream, in slow motion. I moved my arms around Adam and started to rub his back as he slowly pumped my face.

This continued for what seemed like hours, though I know it did not. I felt Yi's cock against my hand as I kneaded Adam's buttocks. When I moved my hand, Yi slowly pushed his way into Adam in the same rhythmic motion that David was creating.

David continued to take his time, he didn't speed up as he got closer to orgasm, if anything, he slowed down. David prolonged the ecstasy we all felt because his motion into me was my motion into Chris, and somehow it was Yi's motion into Adam and Adam's motion into my mouth.

I could feel David's cock grow and become more rigid as he slowed further. Each stroke was with intent, each stroke maximized both his and my own pleasure. Each thrust was with meaning. I felt my own cock growing stiffer and my balls lifting, getting ready for the impending explosion.

I was able to move my arms enough to reach out and grope for both Yi and Chris. My hands slowly made found their way to Chris' balls, his hand was slowly pumping the shaft and he wouldn't let go. So I caressed his hairless balls as they became more taught and his cock grew more stiff.

My other hand slowly made it's way to Yi's scrotum as it moved closer and farther away from Adam's butt cheeks. I was able to hold his balls and feel the stiff shaft inside of them as they pumped in and out of Adam's ass.  I could tell that Yi was also very close.

I felt Adam's cock grow more stiff in my mouth, and David slowed down even more to savor the moment of release. I felt Chris' anus begin to clamp down on my sensitive cock, and my own sphincter begin to involuntarily constrict around David's monster. I am sure that Yi and Adam felt similar sensations.

Then it happened; impossible as it sounds, all five of us began to ejaculate, almost in tandem with one another. The first pulse was so intense, like your whole body was going to travel with your seed within your partner. So intense, beyond electric shock, so overwhelming that time seemed to slow down.  The first ejaculation lasted about four seconds, though it seemed to last for several minutes.

There was silence as all of our bodies paused a few seconds before that second intense wave of bliss. At the same time, all of our bodies convulsed into the second and third ejaculations at the same time. I remember how strange it was to feel both Yi's and Chris' cocks in my hands, both ejaculating at the same time, and at the same time Adam's dick shooting twice into my mouth, and David's monster pulsing twice deep inside of me as well. Not to mention the intense sensation of my own cock ejaculating twice into Chris.  The sensation was so wet and so electric.

The second and third emissions were so intense, our bodies flexed causing each of us to thrust more deeply into our partners, making the fourth, fifth and six ejaculations even more intense. It was almost like what I read about Tantric sex, but the involuntary thrusts caused the magic moment gave way to a sexual frenzy as our bodies took over instinctually.

Chris' ass milked the cum from my body as his own semen spewed across my stomach and onto my hand that was still groping Yi's balls. My own sphincter tightened and relaxed exciting David so much so that he began to thrust faster and faster. I continued to swallow all I could from Adam as his cock pulsed at yet another rate. All of the cacophony of motion was almost as distracting as the sudden moans and groans from everyone.

I continued to feel Yi's cock pulse as it continued to fill Adam, as we all started to once again slow down. This time from fatigue instead of patience.

When we all finished, I was ready to collapse, as we separated ourselves from one another, but David was still aroused.  The short rest must have done him good.

"Can I do you now Yi?" David asked almost innocently.

Yi's eyes lit up as he nodded.  David approached Yi and said, "That was some blow job you gave me under the table"

Yi only smiled,  rolled onto his back, grabbed a pillow, and shoved it under his ass.  David smiled and grabbed Yi's legs by the calves as Yi put them into the air.  David gently moved forward and began to slowly enter into Yi.

Though I was exhausted, watching all of this gave me a hell of an erection.  As I sat on the floor I leaned against the couch and relaxed with my legs spread watching David push deeper and deeper at a gentle slow pace.  I was too tired to jack off, I just sat there and placed my elbows on the couch behind my back.

When David was about half way in, he pulled back a quarter of the way, and started to thrust forward a bit faster then he had pushed forward before; not only making up for lost ground, but going all the way to the hilt.  My own cock was so rock hard that it was throbbing and starting to hurt, but I couldn't take my eyes off of David and Yi.  David held Yi by the heels with his Yi's knees held to Yi's chest in a ball as he started to pull out a second time; this time all the way to his engorged dick-head before thrusting forward in one determined stroke.  David had a serene smile with his eyes mostly closed.   Yi had a big smile as well, but his eyes were wide open watching the stud's every move on top of him.  Though; Yi's eyes did roll back into his head several times when David thrust forward quickly.

I was unaware that Chris and Adam were crawling toward me, one on either side, until both of them at one time opened their mouth and enveloped both sides of my cock.  They French kissed with my dick in the middle.  I felt their tongues play with each other as the moved up and down my long hard shaft.  I now had to split my attention between the two beautiful lads licking every inch of my hard-on and the red haired stallion making love to an Asian beauty.  Chris and Adam fell into the rhythm reminiscent of a wet dream.  It was perfect: not too fast, not too slow, impossibly wet, wonderfully hot.  I managed to move my hands down and started to gently stroke Adam and Chris' backs as they continued to carry me through ecstasy.

David placed Yi's legs over his shoulders so that his knees rested against his chest, then he gently reached down and began to stroke Yi's hard cock which was more then Yi could bear.  Yi immediately began ejaculate wildly spurting cum across his chest, his body writhed under the unexpected intense sensations, his muscles tensed and relaxed, squeezing and relaxing around David's hard member.  David thrust forward and tilted his head back and released his load.  I saw Yi study David's face overcome by ecstasy.  I watched as David stopped pumping as he was overwhelmed by the intense orgasm.  I could see his cock from between his legs, I could see it pulsing, filling Yi.  I could see Yi's ass clenching it, relaxing, and clenching it again, milking each white drop from the enormous throbbing member.

Just when I thought that David was slowing down, He started to pump once more.  He pulled back quickly and thrust forward hard and fast, then he would pause.  I could see him ejaculate once or twice more, then he would repeat two or three strokes and then he would cum some more.  It was all I could stand, I myself started to ejaculate across my chest, but Adam moved slightly to capture my seed at the second ejaculation.  Chris moved down and started to lick my balls.  My head was spinning as Chris and Adam traded places over and over, milking my cock and licking my balls.

I tried to reach down to masturbate Adam and Chris at the same time, but my hands were met by theirs with work already in progress.  I fondled their balls as they started to cum across their chests and onto my legs, torso and dick.

I watched David continue to fuck Yi.  As he finished his orgasm, he stopped pausing in-between thrusts, and he was soon going at it full force.  David didn't fuck as fast as Adam, but he made up for it in intensity.  He took each stroke like it was going to be the last stroke he took on this planet.  Each thrust seemed to fill Yi and please David.  I was spent as I watched David cum another time deep within Yi.  This time though, he left it buried and didn't stroke again until he was almost totally soft.  Yi gently rubbed his lovers legs and back.

David looked over at us and said, "I'd like to do Chris and Adam as well, but I am too tired right now."

Adam and Chris looked at each other and me and then back at David.  We all said in unison, "That's okay."

Adam added, "There is always tomorrow!"


I think I am going to be spending a lot more time at the beach, and a lot less time in the city. The rest of the summer was fantastic. Several times a week I had visits from Chris, Adam, Yi and David individually, in pairs or the whole gang.  It was the perfect happy medium between being isolated and having visitors. There was plenty of time to paint and sculpt, while still having a social and sexual life.  A balance I haven't been able to find in the city.

I am planning to go to Chicago an a few weeks for an art show that I am going to sell some of my collection from this summer, but instead of staying there this winter, I am going to come back here to the beach house. I am sure to get visits even after classes start back up which I am sure will keep the creative juices flowing (not to mention other fluids). I will probably go back and forth between the city and the lake this winter instead of staying in Chicago.