Learning to love

Part 13

California dreaming

[This story was fabricated and created by me, the author.
Any similarity to any real life situation,event, or person(s) is purely of coincidence.
Please do not distribute this story in any way, shape, part, or form without my expressed consent.]

If you are under the age of 18 years or it is illegal for you to read material containing descriptive sexual acts,
please do not continue to read this part of Learning to love.
It contains explicit sex, between two teen males.

"We're going to California!" Tommy yelled as he shook my arm for the umpteenth time. My Cutey was excited and I was excited for him. Watching him, for the entire trip from school to his house, pinging around in the back seat of the cab and absorbing his excitement, I was about to start my own session of pinging. Mike finally pulled into the front yard; I know he was thanking God that we had finally arrived.

"Out you two! I have a ball ping hammer under the seat and if either of you even thinks about bouncing off of me, I'll coldcock you right between the eyes!" He announced, and then jumped out of the truck and ran to the front door, laughing all the way. Even before Tommy could get his own door open, Mike had opened the house and slammed the front door, peeking out the curtain covered glass.

"Come on Brent! What are you waiting for? I got to pack!" Tommy looked at me still sitting with him in the back of the truck.

"What do you expect me to do? Crawl over you and get out first?" I laughed as he thought about what I said. He grinned and opened the back door and almost fell out in his rush. I slide across the seat and stepped out, making a much better exit. Before I could turn around to shut both our door and Mike's to the truck, Tommy had me by the arm pulling me towards the porch. I gave up and just went with it. When we reached the front door and Tommy tried to open it, he found it locked. He started banging on it.

"Dad open the door! I have to pack!" BANG! BANG! BANG! I could hear Mike inside, laughing his ass off and Tommy turned and looked at me with this wild ass crazed expression. I expected to see drool or frothing spittle coming out of his mouth at any moment. So as I completely lost myself in a hysterical laughing session, Tommy gave me a disgusted look and went back to banging on the door. Mike relented, eventually, and unlocked the door.

Caught in mid-bang, Tommy almost fell on his face into the house, but his father steadied him. "Can I help you two boys?" Mike asked and physically set Tommy on his feet and then looked between the two of us. He was blinking his eyes and had assumed an inquiring look. Tommy having had more than enough, of perhaps both his father and my lack of bounding enthusiasm, he got an affronted look on his face.

"I'm starting to get pissed!" He yelled at no one particular. For some reason, Mike and I had decided to look at each other at the exact same moment. Mike opened his eyes real big and said, "Oh Noooo!" and mimed fear. We were left standing at the door, holding each other up, laughing so hard, my stomach muscles started to cramp up. When I finally extracted myself from Mike and walked upstairs to Tommy's room, it looked like he had just reached into his closet and ripped everything his hands had touched off of hangers and thrown it around the room. There were even boxers and socks in the mix. Tommy was sitting on the floor sorting.

"Tommy, when Brandon walks in here and sees the mess you made, he's liable to have a melt down!" I said to him and side-stepped clothes to sit in the computer chair. He looked at me with a forlorn look.

"Brent, I don't have anything to wear." He scanned everything lying around him. My eyes widened at this. The room was covered in enough clothes for a year.

"Tommy, we're only going for three days. Pack two pairs of shorts, 3 boxers, 6 pairs of socks, 2 jeans, 1 slacks, 4 shirts, 3 tees, tennis shoes and dress shoes to match the slacks." I saw four times as much already on the floor. Tommy looked over at me in amazement.

"How did you come up with all that in a flash?" He asked.

"Lots of practice." I chuckled at him. "Want me to help?" He nodded and after 20 minutes we had a suitcase for him packed and sitting by the door. It took us 30 minutes to get the room back in order, and then Brandon walked in and looked at the suitcase at the door and the two of us watching him. He got an explosive look on his face and then moderated it.

"Brent is NOT moving into this room!" He crossed his arms and shot an evil look at Tommy and me. Tommy stepped in front of me and looked at his brother.

"The suitcase is mine and I'm going with Brent and his dad to California for three days!" I couldn't see Tommy's face as he told Brandon this, but I was pretty sure it would have had the most condescending look to go with the tone he used. I could see Brandon's face though, and his jaw dropped open and from the middle of the room he yelled "DAD!" His face was now red with suppressed anger or maybe it was red with a green base for the envy. I heard Mike yell from downstairs.

"Brandon, get down here and leave your brother and Brent alone! They have packing to do!" Hearing this from his father, Brandon's eyes shot wide and his eyebrows climbed into his hairline. One last look for both of us, and he bolted out of the room and we heard him running down the stairs. Tommy turned around and looked at me with the smuggest look anyone could possibly wear.

"You enjoyed that didn't you?" I grinned and asked him.

"Damn right I did!" He said and jumped in my arms and we kissed. I hugged him close and we just devoured each others mouths. When we broke from the kiss, Robin and Tina were staring at us through the door giggling. They waved when we looked and then they continued down the hall towards their room. "Come on Brent, we better get downstairs and let my dad know I'm ready."

Tommy grabbed his suitcase and we closed the door when we left his room. We walked into the family room and Mike was seated in his recliner. Standing in front of him was Brandon, David, Jamesson and Scott. From behind us came Robin and Tina. They walked around us and went to stand in line with the others. "Good everyone's here now." Mike said. "Something happened in school today and Tommy doesn't have to go back until Friday. Brent's dad has business back in California and Brent has to be there too. Tommy is going to go with them." All eyes turned to look at Tommy and then shift to me. Jamesson gave me a wink and a smile when our eyes connected. I smiled back at him. Mike looked at Tommy and asked, "You get everything your going to need packed?"

"Yes dad, Brent helped me. He knew exactly what I would need and we had it done in 20 minutes." Tommy turned and gave me a smile, then back to his dad. "I'm all set to go." Mike nodded then looked at all the other kids standing around him.

"Ok, everybody pile in the truck. After I drop Tommy at Brent's house, we can go to Dairy Queen for supper." Everyone, with the exception of Brandon, cheered this news and started running out of the family room for the front door. Brandon looked at me, and I would swear he gave me a wistful look, and then he followed the others. Mike cleared his throat and we both looked at him.

"Tommy, if Brent doesn't do it, then you don't do it." He looked at me. "I trust you Brent. Take care of my son." He stood up from his chair and gave Tommy a hug. When he had said what he did to me about Tommy, a lump formed in my throat. I received a hug next and he told us to get the case in the truck that he'd be right out. Tommy's hand seemed to be glued to his suitcase, he had not even turned it loose while we had been standing there listening to his father, nor when he hugged him.

We loaded up the truck and Mike came out about 5 minutes after we got settled. Jamesson was already in the back of the cab and the rest of the kids were in the bed. Mike looked to make sure everyone was ok, then jumped in the truck and drove for my house. I expected more instructions from him for Tommy while he was away from home, but he didn't say much as he drove. When we pulled up in the front of my house. Mike got out and opened the door for us. Tommy got out, then me, and Jamesson was right on my heels. My father came out of the front door and walked over to the truck and handed Mike a piece of paper.

"Mikey, we leave at 6:31am from Bismarck and arrive in LAX at 9:13am. We have one stop where we change planes in Denver. The itinerary is on that paper I just handed you." He looked at Mike, "You have my cell number, as well as, Tommy's and Brent's. You call any time you feel like it, day or night, no matter what time. I'll take good care of Tommy, you know I will. I doubt Brent is going to let him get two feet away the whole time anyway. I lov...um...We'll be back on Friday and if we are delayed for any reason, I will call you immediately." My father's face was glowing red and Mike's face was a match. I was shocked and when I looked at Tommy, he looked at me and mouthed 'WHAT?' and just smiled at me. I looked closer into his eyes and I couldn't believe he had not heard the slip my father had made. None of the others in the truck bed were close enough to have heard anything.

"As efficient as ever, huh Billy?" Mike laughed and looked at Tommy for a few seconds then at me. I'm sure he saw the same vacant look on Tommy that I had seen, but he couldn't miss the shock on mine. He made a kind of grimace with his mouth and then looked back to my father. "I understand that there might be delays, but if he's not home by Saturday at the latest, Carolyn will have the Canadian Mounties on his trail," he lowered his voice, "and my balls roasting over an open pit. I'd like to avoid that at all costs." My father laughed and so did Tommy and I. Mike hugged Tommy again and then me. Jamesson stepped out from behind me. I had forgotten he was there while my father spoke with Mike. He wanted his hug goodbye and demanded one from Tommy too. I watched when my father hugged Mike. It was just a friendly hug and they broke contact with no obvious delay. Goodbyes to everyone and Mike climbed in the truck and drove away.

I looked at my father and when he saw me watching him, he shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me. "Ok guys, why don't you two take Tommy's suitcase upstairs. We have a very early morning tomorrow and we also need to go visit Bobby Schafer. Connie has fixed an early dinner, so after we eat, well go." Before he turned to start walking into the house, I stopped him.

"Dad, I didn't say anything earlier in front of Mr. Schafer, but I don't understand why you want us to visit Bobby? He's not exactly a friend of mine, especially after what he did today." My father stopped and turned to look at me.

"Brent, what Bobby did to you wasn't nice, but the punishment he received, didn't fit the 'crime' he committed. Ed's boy, Frank, wasn't protecting you from a physical attack, he reacted solely based on what he saw in your face and then what Bobby said to him when he had the boy pinned down. I'm not mad at Frank, matter of fact, I'm happy you have such loyal friends. But, Bobby did not deserve what Frank gave him. We're visiting Bobby and his parents, so you and he can get this settled now." My father looked at Tommy and then back at me. "Tell me something son, Bobby's actions today seems to me to have been more than a spur of the moment action. Had he done anything before today that expressed an interest in you other than purely platonic friendship?" I should know better than to ever underestimate my father. He was a very successful lawyer, after all, who had successfully defended many high profile cases of all kinds. He has an uncanny ability to second guess and read more from little to no information. I looked at Tommy and he nodded his head slightly at me. I sighed and looked at my father.

"Tommy and I overheard him, Matt and Shane talking in the locker room one day about how they were attracted to me and, well, wanted to have sex with me." I was blushing of course. Connie had been right those weeks ago when she told me that high school was a totally different social atmosphere than I had ever experienced before. It seemed that it was a daily ritual of moves and counter moves, with education only secondary to all the personal interconnections of the student body. "Bobby had also, a few time, brushed his had along my butt while I was changing in the locker room. But, dad, I never encouraged him!" I looked over at Tommy. He was just watching my father and me talking. He gave me an encouraging nod.

My father put his hand on my shoulder and directed my look back at him. "Son, but you did. You never confronted him about any of his actions, am I right?" All I could do is nod. Matt had been the only one I had confronted, and he had gone much farther than Bobby had with his contact. "Bobby seems to have been working towards a goal with you, and what he did today was just a furtherance of it. Had you spoken to him and told him that you were not interested in his attentions and that if he continued, you would report his advances, then this would have been very different, don't you think? And if he still continued despite your warning, he would only have himself to blame for what the school did to prevent his harassment of you. He did not deserve the beating he received today. Therefore, we are going to go and talk to him, and your going to make sure he understands that you do not welcome any further sexual advances."

"Your right, I should have confronted him before, but it embarrassed me because of all the attention I was getting. None of those guys know I'm gay and I don't understand why they would think I would like to be touched or pursued by guys." My father smiled at me and squeezed my shoulder.

"Maybe it's because you're a very handsome young man Brent, and whether you are gay or not, they see you as someone that they have a hard time passing by." I was getting tired of blushing at every turn, I hated blushing. "In any case, what was done to you wasn't right, but not taking action before today was wrong too. Now you and Tommy get his things to your room, wash-up and come back down for dinner." He hugged me and kissed the top of my head, before releasing me and going into the house. Tommy and I followed him in and went to my room. We put his suitcase in the bedroom, washed our hands and then returned downstairs. Connie was in the kitchen and Tommy and I greeted her and got our hugs from her. When dinner was served, she joined us all at the table, and sat down with us to eat. This was the first time she had ever sat to eat at the same table where my father was seated to take a meal. It sent a thrill through me and I looked around at everyone sitting around the table and smiled. This was my family, and I loved each of them in my own special way. I was content.

Bobby had been released from the hospital and when we arrived at his house, his father greeted us at the door. Mrs. Schafer was waiting in the living room and stood as we walked in. She appeared nervous in the presence of my father, but he put her at ease with a smile and extended his hand to shake hers. He spoke to the Bobby's parents for a few moments, before asking them if Bobby was well enough for me to speak to him. Mr. Schafer looked at me and said that he would show me where Bobby's room was and that his son had only suffered external damage to his face. He would have swelling from the attack, but no permanent damage was done. I looked at my father and then at Tommy. Tommy started to walk to me, but my father stopped him.

"Brent, you go with Karl. Tommy and I will wait here for you. I think the two of you need a few moments in private to discuss and settle your differences." Tommy gave my father a frown, but he was not going to disregard what my father wanted me to do. I swallowed hard, and turned to Mr. Shafer and followed him to Bobby's room. The door was open when we came upon it, and Bobby was lying in his bed with his hands behind his head, staring up at the ceiling. I could see some swelling on the left side of his face.

"Bobby, Brent Stewart is here and he wants to talk to you. I'll leave you boys alone, but I expect everything to remain civil in here." Bobby looked over at us when his father first began to speak and he sat up in the bed. He was only in briefs and a tee. His father walked into the room and picked up a pair of running shorts and handed them to Bobby. Bobby stood up and took the shorts and then turned his back to us and put them on. He turned back to his father.

"Dad, I wouldn't hurt Brent. You don't need to worry about that." He then looked at me and I couldn't read the expression on his face. It was pretty swollen, but I really had no fear of him attacking me. He had never shown any aggression towards me. Mr. Schafer nodded at his son and then turned to let me enter the room. He gave each of us a last look, and left the room, pulling the door closed behind him.

I stood looking at Bobby; he looked away and around his room and then sat down towards the head of his bed. His room wasn't very big and the walls were covered with football posters. Besides the twin bed he was sitting on, the only other furniture was a nightstand with a lamp on it, a chest of drawers, and a TV stand with a Playstation game connected to the TV on it. There was no place for me to sit, unless I wanted to join him on his bed. He noticed me looking around his room.

"Listen Brent, I know what I did today was really stupid and that you didn't deserve it. There's no need for you to just stand there. You can sit at the end of the bed and I promise you I won't move from where I am." He looked down at his floor and ran one of his hands through his hair. I didn't really want to go anywhere near his bed, but I also didn't want to stand here while I talked to him. My nerves were working against me and I really wanted to sit down before my legs started shaking.

"Bobby, I'm sorry what happened to you today. Frank is one of my best friends and he, well, he overreacted to what you said to him. But even though he did what he did, your doing what you did wasn't cool." He looked up at me and nodded his head. I looked at the end of his bed and finally walked over and sat on the very edge and turned to him. He turned to face me. "I'm new here and I don't know very many people at school. Everyone seems to know me on sight and most of the time it's overwhelming for me. This whole move and everything has been overwhelming. I don't understand why you would pick me to fuck around with and shit. All that touching and stuff you've done and then today. What makes you think I'd want that kind of attention?"

He looked at me, his focus going right to my eyes. "I'm gay Brent." My eyes must have bulged out of their sockets at his confession. I suspected, but never thought he'd just come out to me. "Yeah, I'm a fag, homo, fudge packer, cocksucker and all those other words that describe a guy like me. I've never lived anywhere else except for here and I know every guy that goes to our school, we all grew up together. You're the first guy to come to Beulah that no one knows." He looked around his room and then back at me. "Brent, you don't know what that means in a small town like this. Whether you're gay or straight, every girl or guy in this town looks at you and sees something they never have before. You're like this prize and we're all scrambling around trying to be the first to grab hold of it to make it ours." He really focused on me again and said, "Man, if you could see how you look to us. There are some hot guys that live here, but you make everyone else plain." He shook his head and sighed. "Brent, I saw you and all I could think of was that I had to have contact with you anyway I could. It didn't matter to me that you were straight. Shit, I'm the quarterback for the varsity football team and I didn't care what anyone would think of me if they found out I was gay because of my attraction to you."

"Bobby, none of that is fair to me. It wasn't my choice to move here. I'm only fucking 14-years-old; I have no choice in it. I...I don't care that your gay. It doesn't bother me. But what you've been doing does. You can't do that kind of shit. It's embarrassing and makes me feel really uncomfortable. I want to fit in here, not stand out. You have to stop it. We might have even become friends, but you started harassing me the moment I laid eyes on you. I didn't even know who you were, and the first sight I got of you, was you staring at my ass in the locker room. If...If I had been...Been attracted to you, do you think that's the way I would have tried to get you to like me?"

"Man, if you had been attracted to me, all you would have had to do was smile at me and let me look into your eyes, and I would have been hooked! I was hooked without even that. But, I know what you're saying. It sucks Brent. I was a fucking asshole and I never thought about any of that. Matt told me you were straight and that I needed to stop fucking with you. I knew he was right the day you two switched partners in gym. But...Brent, you're all I have been able to think of since I saw you walk up in front of the school with your dad to register. I was there." He sighed. "Look, I'll stop fucking with you. Everything you said is true. You didn't ask for any of this and I'll just have to deal with my own shit. Frank's reaction has a bit of history behind it, between the two of us, and my mouthing off to him was a stupid, very stupid thing to do. I guess I'm lucky to escape with just a fucked up face." He stood up from the bed and I did as well. "I appreciate you coming over to talk to me. I won't bother you again and, well, I'm sorry I even started. I hope your cool with it."

I reached out my hand and he did his to shake. "I don't think we can be friends Bobby, but we don't have to be enemies because of this. No one is going to talk about what happened today when we all get back to school. Everyone agreed to keep it quiet. You'll have to deal with everyone asking why you were suspended for the semester when you get back, but that can't be stopped." I looked at him and he nodded. "I...I hope you feel ok soon. I think I better leave you so you can rest some more."

"Thanks Brent. I'm sorry again and I'll see ya round." He walked me to his door and opened it. I nodded to him and walked back down the hall to the living room. I didn't exactly know how I felt about all of this. I was part of the crowd in LA, no one who stood out in the crowd. I had my friends and we hung out. I grew up with them and a lot of the other kids who had been in LA. Maybe he was right. Once I've been here for awhile, everything will settle down. We told the Schafer's good evening and left their house. Tommy was very attentive of me after I had come back from talking to Bobby, and I had to smile at how good his attention to me felt. We got back to my house at around 7pm and Connie had a snack for Tommy and me. We had brownies and milk. Connie stood and watched us as we sat at the kitchen counter. She had a smile on her face and seemed to be watching me closely.

"Ok, I give. What is so interesting about me sitting here eating a brownie?" I smiled at her and asked. Tommy looked up at her then at me. She looked at Tommy.

"Tommy, would you do me a favor and take a drink of Brent's milk." She asked him. I looked at Tommy and then Connie. She still had a smile on her face. Tommy reached for my glass of milk and took a drink. He set the glass back down and shrugged his shoulders at her.

"Ok, it's milk. Why did you want me to drink his for?"

"Well, tell me," she asked him, "does it taste like your milk?"

He smacked his lips and nodded, "Yep, exactly the same." Then his eyes lit up and he looked at me and smiled. I was totally confused as to where all this was leading. I looked at Connie and she was smiling at me also.

"Ok, you two, what gives? Did you spike our milk Connie?" She shook her head and chuckled.

"I've been cheating. For the last two weeks I have been adding 'fresh' milk to the store bought milk and today was the first time I served you 100% fresh." She raised her eyes at the look on my face. "Oh, no you don't! You have sat there and drank 3/4 of that glass and not said a word. Don't go getting that look like your going to be sick. You sit right there and we're going to try something." I couldn't believe she had done that! Substituting my milk! She took a glass out of the cupboard and reached into the frig and brought out a carton of Borden's Milk and filled the glass half full. She set it in front of me. "Now, you take a drink of the fresh and then a drink of the store bought." I looked at her dubiously, but followed as she instructed. First I took a drink from the glass of milk Tommy had tasted. It tasted like milk. Just knowing it was fresh, I thought I was going to spew, but it tasted, well, like milk. I then took the glass of milk she had just poured and took a drink. My eyes widened at the taste. It tasted like water with a little bit of milk flavoring. "Aha! I can see it in your eyes."

"Connie that was devious of you to do that! But...You're right. The store bought milk tastes like crap now. But...do me a favor, just pour my milk and let's don't dwell on it. The thought of it still makes me queasy." She laughed along with Tommy.

Later as Tommy and I sat in my room, I told him what Bobby had said. His proprietary look as I spoke was so cute. With the trip to Bismarck to catch our flight, we had to get up at 3am. I led Tommy into my bedroom and closed and locked the door. He smiled at me and I pulled him over to the bed and sat with him standing in front of me. "I love you Cutey." I told him and reached up on placed my hands on his shirt covered chest. I ran my hands down his chest, to the top of his jeans. He moaned as my hands traveled down his body. I worked the top button of his jeans loose, and unzipped them. He placed his hands on my shoulders as I slide them off his waist and down. He stepped out of them and stood before me in his boxers. I looked up at him, and he licked his lips and then held his bottom lip in his teeth as he waited for what was to come.

I leaned forward and nuzzled his crotch in my face. I inhaled the aroma of him and felt his cock begin to harden against my face. I moved my mouth to where it now lay over his fast growing excitement. My cock was straining inside my pants, but I wanted to take Tommy now and would have to wait for my own release. I used my mouth to caress his cock through the fabric, moving back and forth along it's length and he moaned and tightened his hold on me. I worked my mouth to the slit in his boxers and stuck my tongue through the opening to feel the soft flesh. I could taste a light salty flavor, from his sweat from the day. He pressed himself against my tongues probing.

"Babe, you have me so hard." He whispered down at me. I moved back and took a hold of the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down over his cock. It sprung up after freeing itself from the cloth. I watched as it pulsed and I knew his heart was beating in time with each pulse. He stepped out of the boxers and when he resumed standing, the tip of his cock was coated with precum that was beginning to flow freely. Not stopping to admire this for long, I wanted to taste it and licked the offered treat off the head with my tongue. Tommy moaned deep in his throat and pressed forward, entreating me to take him in my mouth. I reached behind him and took a cheek of his ass in both my hands and moved my head forward to engulf him in my more than anxious mouth.

His cock was so hard and the heat of it joined the warmth of my mouth, as I felt every ridge and vein pass between my lips. I used my tongue to circle the head and to work the area just under the crown back and forth with just the tip of it. His cock pulsed and grew harder. More of his cum escaped the head and spread on my taste buds. I savored the flavor and soon locked my lips around him and moved him deeper into me. I started sucking and working my way further down and then back to the tip. He began to follow the rhythm I was setting and rocked forward and back with the motion of my mouth on his cock. He was fucking my face and I was sucking and taking all of it. His breathing increased and his thrusts started to become harder. Just as I heard him say he was going to cum, I felt his cockhead in my mouth swell in size and with one more forward thrust my mouth was flooded as the first jet of his seed exploded into me. Tommy grunted and squeezed my shoulders. Five more spurts of hot, flavorful cum filled my mouth as I worked back and forth on him and swallowed fast to not lose any. I used my hand to milk any remaining cum to the head and licked the last drop from him. He pressed me back on the bed and lay on top of me. He brought his lips to mine and used his tongue to separate my lips and enter my mouth. The flavor of him filled my mouth and his kiss was juicey and almost desperate. We moaned together as our tongues alternately rubbed each others in my mouth.

Tommy broke the kiss and looked me deep in the eyes. He leaned forward and flicked his tongue on my chin and began to slide his body down mine. I could feel it as it moved over the hardness captured in my jeans. When he had completely slide to the floor between my legs, I made to sit up but he pressed me back down and told me to stay there. I felt his hands loosen the button on my jeans, unzip them and work them off of me as I raised my hips to help. Next he took the band of my boxers and pulled them down and off, exposing me to the slight chill of the room. Without stopping he took my cock in his mouth until I could feel the head of it against the back of his throat. He worked the back of his throat muscles around my cock and the feel of this action tore a deep loud moan from me. The combination of the heat of his mouth and the softness of his tongue along the bottom of my shaft was sending me into ecstasy. He wrapped his hand around the remainder of my cock not enveloped in his mouth and began to suck, jerk and slide me in and out of his mouth.

Tommy moaned continuously, causing a vibration all along me and increased the speed and pressure of his suction. I felt his other hand take my balls in it and he softly rolled and pulled on my sack and balls, never stopping or slowing his mouth on me. I was getting close and could feel the pressure of my orgasm spreading from my sack to my shaft and finally I gasp and jerked up from the bed and yelled to Tommy that I was cumming. He pulled down on my balls and buried my cock deep in his throat and I exploded into him. He keep me deep in him and the motion of his swallowing my cum down his throat, worked to increase my pleasure and the force of each spurt of my seed into him. He moved back on my shaft and after three more contractions of my cock ejaculating in his mouth, he moved all the way back and closed his lips as the head exited his mouth. I was breathing hard and watching him as he crawled on me and brought his head even with mine. Making sure that I was watching him, he opened his mouth and let my cum flow from it and land on my closed lips. Before I could open my mouth to take my own seed in, he sealed his lips to mine and ate the cum from them before I opened and shared another deep kiss with him. He stopped kissing me and rose up to look at me.

"I love you and I want to do this all the time. When we have more time, I want...I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you bury yourself in me and watch your face and kiss you. I want that and soon." My lover had a husky quality to his voice as he said this to me and it made him sound and look so fucking sexy.

"I can do that, but only if you promise to make love to me as well. I want it as much as you do. I love you Tommy. I've needed this for so long and I finally found it from you. I love you so much." I looked him in the eyes and a smile formed on his sexy, slightly swollen lips and he leaned down to share a kiss and then told me we had a deal and that it was impossible for me to love him more than he loved me. We both got up from the bed and had to go to the bathroom to relieve ourselves. After we both emptied our bladders, a first for me to share a toilet at the same time as someone else, we went back into the bedroom and climbed into bed. I set the alarm for 3 am, and then turned to cuddle up to Tommy. He turned on his left side and scooted back into me and I wrapped my arm around him to pull him close. "Good night sexy." He said and wiggled his butt into my groin, chuckling. "Good night stud." I replied and thrust. He moaned and we laughed. He was in my arms again and this is exactly where I wanted him. We fell asleep together and woke with him still in my arms.

We both jumped up when the alarm went off. I reached and turned it off and Tommy bolted over me. "California!" He crowed and did a little dance. I just lay there and watched him, fascinated with his morning wood bouncing above his balls as he capered around the room. He finally came to an abrupt stop and looked at me blushing and dashed into the bathroom. I started laughing and rolled myself out of the bed. It was an ungodly hour of the morning and all in all, Tommy and I had only slept about 4 hours. I stretched and walked to the bathroom. Tommy yelled at me when I walked in to get out. He was sitting on the toilet, no doubt taking a crap, I just smiled and went to the sink and started to brush my teeth. I looked over at him with my brush in my mouth and he was just staring at me.

"What?" I asked with a mouth full of toothpaste.

"I'm shitting here and you're just standing there brushing your teeth!"

"I love you too." I said to him and continued to brush my teeth. I rinsed my mouth and looked at my face in the mirror. "We need to hurry and get into the shower. How much longer are you going to be shitting?" I asked him, but kept looking at myself in the mirror.

"Um...Brent turn and face the door and don't turn around until you hear me flush the toilet. I can't BELIEVE I'm doing this with you standing here in this room!" His voice had a mix of embarrassment and pleading in it. I did as he asked and after maybe five or six minutes I heard the toilet flush. I turned around to face Tommy and he was standing there with a sheepish look. I walked over to him and took him in my arms.

"Babe, your mine. Don't be embarrassed about something that means nothing. I shit, you shit. I eat your cum, you eat mine. Now lets shower." I kissed him and he smiled and kissed me back, then he walked in the shower. I took the opportunity to take a leak. He started the water just as I stepped into the stall with him and we helped each other wash when the first cycle had finished soaking us and rinsed in the second. Tommy was excited and he could not stop it from showing. We dressed and he spent a lot of time making sure his hair was spiked just so and that his clothes looked just right. I did my usual of a quick finger comb of my hair and put on jeans, polo shirt and a pair of Nike's. I sprayed on some Fierce cologne and Tommy asked if he could spay a little on too. I gave him a squirt and he wiggled around in the mist of it. My cutie could really move his hips and just watching was making me hard. "Grrr...Stop that before I have to walk downstairs with a boner." He looked at me then at my crotch and waggled his eyebrows at me. I grabbed him and kissed him into submission. We were finally ready and grabbed our bags and headed downstairs. Connie was there and so was my father.

"Hurry and sit boys. You have time for a quick breakfast before you go." Tommy and I sat at the counter and Connie put omelets in front of us.

"Good morning guys. Hank is going to be here to take us to Bismarck pretty soon. I thought I'd have to come up there and get you." Said my father.  He was dressed casually in jeans, polo and Doc Martins. I thought he looked good in his clothes and made him look even younger.

"I set the alarm for 3 am, so when it went off we were up and in the shower fast." I paused and looked at him and he looked up at me when he heard me stop. "You look good dressed like that dad. You should do it more often. No one around here would care if you weren't in a suit or dress clothes all the time. It is a farm after all." He smiled at me.

"Is that an order son?" He grinned.

Tommy spoke before me and said, "YES!" Everyone laughed and my father said thank you to us both. We finished or food and sat talking for a bit before Hank honked for us. Tommy shot off the seat like a bottle rocket and ran to hug Connie and then out of the kitchen to the front door. I got up and gave Connie a hug and kiss. She was not going for such a short trip, and would be here for us when we got back. "I love you Connie and I'll see you Friday." I told her.

"I love you too sweetheart. Tell your friends I said hello and that I miss them." I nodded that I would and went to join Tommy, who was already sitting in the back of the SUV, suitcase and all.

My father came out of the house carrying a suit bag and a piece of luggage. Hank helped him put it in the back and then we were on our way to Bismarck. The drive took about an hour and a half. We checked our baggage and waited to board the flight to Denver. Tommy was beside himself, watching other flights coming and going. His awe at everything was precious to watch. He pointed each out to me to watch and I stood there with him and soaked up his joy of a new experience. Our flight was finally called to board and we went to stand in line. The closer we got to the attendant, Tommy got quieter and quieter.

"You ok? You got quiet." I asked him and he looked at me.

"I'm ok, just a little nervous now that we're about to get on the plane. I wish I could hold your hand." He said and blushed. I took a quick look around and took his hand in mine. He looked at me and a slow smile spread on his face and squeezed my hand. He leaned in close to me, "I love you. You keep surprising me." He whispered.

I whispered back to him, "Let me know when your ready for a kiss." His eyes went wide and then he shook his head. "When you're ready I said." We showed our boarding passes to the attendant along with my father. I took Tommy's hand again and we walked down the gang way. I looked back to make sure my father was still close to us and he smiled and nodded, indicating Tommy's hand in mine. I winked at him and heard him chuckle softly. We boarded the plane and took our seats. We were seated not far from the front and Tommy had the window seat with me next to him and my father on the aisle. I showed Tommy how to buckle his seatbelt and he looked all around us at the other passengers and the flight attendants going past. Finally the captain came on the overhead speaker and welcomed us aboard. The attendants did their demonstrations about flight safety and once finished left for the back to their own seats. Tommy grabbed my hand when the plane started moving to taxi to the runway. I held his tight and he gave me a nervous smile. Once we made it to the runway and the engines revved up, I was watching Tommy closely for any sign of panic. He looked nervous but also full of anticipation. We roared down the runway and when the plane left the ground, Tommy's face was glued to the window watching us rise into the air.

About an hour passed when the novelty of being above the clouds wore off and Tommy finally came out of the clouds himself. He looked over at me and smiled. "Brent this is the most awesome experience of my live," but he leaned in and whispered, "Except having you. I love you." It took all the willpower I possessed to keep from leaning over and kissing him. He knew it too and said, "Me too." The landing in Denver caused more anxiety than the take off for him, but when we got to the terminal and disembarked, Tommy had recovered and was ready to go. We only had to wait a few minutes before we were boarding another plane for the final leg of our trip to LA. Tommy was now a seasoned flyer and spent this time talking to my father and me about where we were going to be staying in LA and what it was the two of us had to do. My father had contacted his old law firm and arranged to use on of the partnership penthouses that was normally available to clients staying over for court appearances. He explained to Tommy about my having to swear before a family court judge about my wanting to remain in the custody of my father, and once that was complete then Tommy and I would have the remainder of the time to see the sights of LA.

Our flight landed at LAX and by the time we made it to the terminal and off the plane, it was now 9:30am, LA time. My father told Tommy to call Mike and let him know that we arrived safely. Tommy told his father all about the amazing airplane ride and that everyone was doing well. He handed the phone to my father to talk to Mike and once they were through we went to grab our luggage from the baggage area. I was excited to be back and couldn't wait to surprise my friends. They were going to shit their collective pants when they saw me back.

My father took charge of us and after collecting our luggage we headed for the airport exit. There was a driver waiting for us and he escorted us outside to a limo for the ride to the penthouse. Tommy was receiving the full V.I.P. treatment and was in a constant state of awe and wonder. The ultimate shock for him arrived when we stepped off the elevator and into the penthouse. The apartment took the entire top of the office building that it was located in, and also boasted an outdoor swimming pool with the surrounding view of Los Angeles to add to the pleasures of a swim. He went from room to room, not wanting to miss a single moment. My father and I claimed our bedrooms and I carried Tommy's and my suitcases into our room. I didn't see him again until I had unpacked and had everything hanging in the closet and put away in the chest of drawers. He came running into the room and when he saw what I had been doing he blushed crimson and almost started crying.

"Oh my God Brent! Why...Why didn't you call me to come and help?" I looked up at him and went to hold him.

"Tommy, calm down and don't get so worked up about it. It's fine. I got it done and it was only a one man job anyway. Did you check out everything?" I kissed him and looked him in the eyes. "Tell me everything that you found!" I said to him excitedly. I really did want to hear him describe his discoveries, not because I cared about what they were, I just wanted to hear his voice as he ran down the list of his amazing adventure. I took him and we both lay in the bed as he began with the pool. I watched him and listened as he told me all. When he finished, he rolled over on top of me and we kissed and held each other until my father knocked on the door and walked in. Tommy rolled off of me and we both sat up in the bed.

"Hey guys, it's still early so you two have a lot of daylight left to explore. I called and we have an appointment tomorrow at 11am in family court. One of the lawyers from my old firm will be representing us. He'll just be there to make sure we have representation, not because there will be any difficulties. I called and hired a driver for you two, so when you want to go out, just call down to the lobby and instruct the receptionist that you will need to have your driver ready to pick you up." He looked at me, "Brent you know your way around, but you be careful and take care of Tommy. I trust you both to be safe, but this is a very big city and I don't want you two losing track of each other. Make sure you both have your phones at all times. I also made reservations for dinner at 7pm, but I want you both back here no later than six. Call me if I need to alter the reservation for more people." He walked over and took a seat on the bed in front of Tommy and me. "I don't expect you two to stay cooped up in here all the time and hanging out with me would probably bore you both senseless. Just use your good judgment and call me immediately if anything happens and you need me to come to you. Brent, make sure you have your card in your wallet for expenses and I left some change for you both on the table in the foyer." He paused and looked first at Tommy and then at me. "Have fun both of you." He leaned forward and gave me a hug and then hugged Tommy. Then he said something to Tommy I wasn't expecting, "Take care of my son. He's all I have now." Tommy nodded his head and looked at me.

"I will Mr. Stewart; he's all I have too." My dad reached and started to ruffle his hair but stopped when he realized Tommy's hair was gel spiked and instead put his hand on Tommy's shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"You look so much like your father when he was your age. Whenever I see you, it brings back fond memories of him for me. I hope you and Brent can make good memories of your own. Now let me get out of here and let you two plan your day. I'm having lunch with a few of my old partners, so I need to get ready myself." He stood up and told us he'd see us at 6pm, and then left the room.

"So what we going to do?" Tommy turned and asked me.

"You and I are going to arrange one hell of a surprise for my friends. I didn't tell them I was coming, so when they see me, it should be priceless to see their reaction. Plus, I can't wait to have them meet you." I thought about whether I should tell him about the IM I left them and decided it was a good idea, "I sent them an IM on messenger to tell them I have a boyfriend and that my father knows that I'm gay. Remember I told you the first day we met that I had a best friend here named Tommy too? Well the message I left for them, kind of implied that I had discovered I loved HIM, because I thought it would be a good way to get them all twisted and then spring the truth on them. Well, you and I are going to do it in person now."

"Brent, what if...What if they don't like me? I'm just some small town guy and I don't have all the things they probably have. They'll think you could do better." He looked away from me.

"STOP IT! Goddamn it Tommy I love you! I love everything about you and wouldn't have you change one-little-thing! Don't you know that by now? Don't you realize how scared I am of losing you? Who am I? I was some love deprived kid who didn't even know what real love was and had to be led around until you showed me. Fuck all these things I have because all I need is you." He was staring at me now as I continued to rant at him. "Cheryl, Stephie, Julian and Tom are going to like you. I grew up with these guys. We had our shitty diapers changed right next to each other. We all learned to walk, talk, run and play together. There aren't four people in this world I know as well as these four. And for another thing, their parents aren't wealthy. They may be upper middle class, but they never had all that I was given, but damn it they had families and all I had was Connie. Come over here to me Tommy, please." He slide across the bed and I pulled him into my lap. I took his face in my hands and told him to look wherever he looked in my eyes that always made him know what I was saying was for real. "I love you, I need you. You're all that is important to me and I won't give you up for anything. Now you tell me if I'm what you want. Tell me if I'm good enough for you."

"I'm sorry Brent. You know you are what I need and want." His eyes misted up and I just watched. "I love you and your good enough for me. I'm...I'm good enough for you too. I won't let anyone else have you. Your mine." I let go of his face and hugged him to me. His heart was beating fast and I felt it against my chest.

"Then please don't ever say I can do better. There's no such thing." His head nodded against my cheek. "Now, I want you to meet my friends, but we don't have to do that now. I don't want you to be pressured by me into anything. There's lots we can do in this city." He pulled back from me and smiled.

"Let's surprise your friends. I want to meet these guys and show them who captured the big city boy come to small town Beulah." He laughed and gave me a kiss.

Tommy and I worked out how we would accomplish our surprise. Berendo Middle School was only through the 8th grade and the high school I knew we all had been planning to attend was Foshay. I had to call Julian's mother to make sure that all four did indeed attend Foshay, and she confirmed it for me. I found out what time they got out of school and what the bus number they rode home was. With this information, Tommy and I planned. We went to lunch across the street from the condo at a small deli. After finishing with that, we had our driver take us to a few of the famous spots around downtown, so Tommy could see them in person. He really wanted to see the beach and ocean, but I convinced him that we could do that tomorrow and maybe the other guys would go with us. I had been a surfer boy and I was in love with the beach and water. If I went there now, he'd have a hard time dragging me away. Finally the time came for us to drive to Foshay. Our driver was very good and knew exactly how to get us to anywhere we asked her too. When we arrived at the school, I told her to park close and I'd call her when we were ready to be picked up. I was hoping that I could get everyone to go to dinner with us. Buses were already parked out front and I made sure we got there about 10 minutes before the final bell was to ring. Tommy and I walked along the row of buses until we found bus 174, I climbed onto the bus and Tommy followed me to the back. He and I sat one seat up from the back, on the right side. I took the inside seat, and kind of crouched down so no one could see me until they were almost to me.

We heard the bell ring and Tommy looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at him and my heart felt like it was beating a mile a minute. About 10 minutes passed since the bell, and I heard the first sound of students talking and yelling as they found their buses. Eventually a few people climbed onto the bus we were sitting in, but none had made it back to where we were yet. I knew that the guys usually waited on each other after school and always walked to the bus together. More people climbed on and finally someone walked back as far as Tommy and me. I peeked past Tommy and saw that it was a guy, and he had taken the seat right across ours. He looked over at Tommy then noticed me crouched down in the seat and his eyes widened.

"Brent! What the hell are you doing here dude?!" It wasn't any of my group, but it was Andrew, a guy that lived close to Tommy R. and used to come over and hang out with us sometimes when we'd be over his house.

"Hey Andy, I'm here to surprise the guys. Don't give me away!" He grinned really big and nodded. He turned and began looking down the front of the bus. Tommy had no idea what any of my friends looked like, so when they all four climbed on the bus, Andy said in a low voice, "Get ready, here they come." I was ready to explode with bottled excitement.

I heard voices and then recognized them as Cheryl and Stephie. My nerves were wound tight, but as they passed our seat, they were too busy to notice me crouched down and just took the seat behind us, and continued their conversation. Next thing I heard was Julian.

"Hey dude, you're sitting in our seat. Do you mind moving to another seat so we can sit in front of our friends?" He was obviously talking to Tommy and hadn't noticed me. Tommy R. spoke next to Tommy, "If you don't mind."

I sat up straight and said, "I do mind, I always sit in this seat!" Cheryl and Stephie both screamed at the same time and Julian and Tommy R. were speechless. Stephie started trying to climb over the back of our seat to get to me and Cheryl was pulling her back so SHE could do the climbing. Andy was laughing at the scene and reached over and pulled my Tommy to sit over with him before he got squished.

"Whoa girls! Don't rip me apart, let's get off this bus!" I disengaged myself from the grasps of the two behind me and stood up. I moved to the aisle and slightly nodded to my Tommy. We had worked this out that he would follow behind us off the bus and kind of stay a little behind us. He was to be the second surprise for them. Julian was standing face to face with me now and he grabbed a hold of me and gave me a tight hug.

"Good to see you Brent, but...what the hell are you doing here and why didn't you call us?!" When he let me go I told him to lets get off the bus so we could all talk. He turned and started pushing Tommy R, back towards the exit and Cheryl and Stephie each had a hold on my shirt from behind. We all managed to get off the bus and Cheryl and Stephie started dragging me to a grassy area away from the buses. I looked behind me to make sure my Tommy was following and he was. He had a big smile on his face; he was obviously enjoying the sight of my friends manhandling me. Tommy R. and Julian were walking in front of me and the girls and Tommy R. kept looking back at me. He did have a smile on his face but it was a reserved smile. I smiled at him and knew exactly what he must be thinking. The IM I sent had to be front and center in his mind.

When we stopped on the grassy area, I got tackled by Cheryl and Stephie. Cheryl wound up straddling my lap, with me lying prone on my back and she was giving me kisses all over my face. I was laughing like a mad man at her display of affection. Stephie pulled her off me, and took over and mimicked what Cheryl had just given me.

"Get off of me you crazy bitches!" I laughed and started trying to sit up.

"How dare you show up here and not even call us!" Stephie was keeping me pinned down until Julian reached down and pulled her off me.

"Let him get up, damn! We all want to touch him!" He moved her out of his way and bent down to give me a hand up. When I was on my feet and before I could do anything else, Tommy R. grabbed my hand and said, "Come with me. We have to talk in private first." He looked at the others and they paused and nodded at him. As chance had it, he started walking towards where my Tommy had stopped to wait for me to call him over. Tommy saw us, and turned and moved a little further to the left of a tree that was planted in the grassy area. Tommy R. was heading for this tree, with me still by the hand. I pulled him to a stop, and before he turned around to me, I lifted my chin to my Tommy to motion him to close on us when Tommy R. was facing me. He nodded.

Tommy R. finished his turn and was now looking at me. "It's...It's good to see you dude. We've all missed you. Um...we need to talk...About that IM you sent yesterday." He was intent on me and acting very nervous.

"Cool, you all got it then? I thought I'd surprise you guys and come." I decided to play it up a little more though. Of our group, Tommy and I had the closer of the relationships, friendly relationship, than with the others. His mother and Connie used to always meet up at the park when he and I were babies, and he and I were the founding members of the group. "I've really missed you Tommy. You know we've always been close and it's been hard not getting to see you everyday." I moved forward to hug him and he stood there as I wrapped my arms around him. A moment passed before he returned the hug and then gently pushed me back.

"You know I've missed you too, but Brent. What did you mean in that IM that you were in love with ME?! You know how hard I've tried to figure out my feelings for you and just as everything seems to have been worked out, you send me a message like that. Brent, what did you mean?" Ok, this had gone far enough because he had tears in his eyes as he looked at me. Sure it was a perfect way to shock him and the rest because of Tommy and him having the same name, but I had upset him emotionally and confused him enough to make him cry wanting to know what it was all about.

"Tommy wait. Listen. I do have a boyfriend named Tommy. His name is Tommy Weber and he lives in Beulah. I thought it would be funny to send that message, every word of it was true, but the Tommy in it isn't you, it's him." His eyes blinked and the tears were pushed out. He wiped his face with his hand and smiled at me.

"You fucker, you really scared the shit out of me you know that? I was like calling everyone and telling them to explain what you meant and they were all confused too. And the part about your dad knowing, that was as much of a shock, but the confession of love that I thought was for me. Well, that had me freaking." He was smiling bigger, the relief evident in his whole demeanor. "Sooo...you have a boyfriend named Tommy huh?" He chuckled. "I always knew you had the hots for me but to go and hook up with someone with my name, that's a bit psycho, don't you think?"

I laughed at what he said, "Not at all. When you see him you'll know why and when you get to know him you'll see no one else could ever fit me so well." I looked behind Tommy R. and called, "Tommy, come over here. I want you to meet Tommy!"

Tommy R. looked at me and laughed. "I'm not falling for that shit. You may have got me in that IM, but you're not getting me right to my face." I only smiled and my Tommy walked up behind Tommy R.

"Hey Cutey, I want you to meet Tommy Rinald, one of my best friends. Tommy, this is Tommy Weber, my boyfriend." Tommy R.'s expression immediately changed and he slowly turned around and saw Tommy standing there with a smile. I saw Tommy R. move his head up to look at Tommy and then it moved down like he had just checked him from head to toe. My Tommy reached out his hand to shake with Tommy R.

"Hey man, it's good to meet you. Brent's told me about you guys." Tommy was knocked back to the ground as he was tackled by Tommy R. I stood there for only a moment before I jumped on Tommy R. and wrapped my arm around his chest and pulled him off.

"What the FUCK?!" I yelled and spun him around to face me. I drew my hand back and punched him square in the face. He fell back on the ground and I jumped on him and pinned him under me. "What the hell do you mean attacking my boyfriend?! Have you lost your mind?!" Julian reached and pulled me off of Tommy R. and I looked over at my Tommy and the girls were helping him up.

"Jesus CHRIST you guys. What the hell is going on here?" Julian was giving me, Tommy R. and Tommy equal glares. "Tommy, why did you tackle that dude there when he walked over to you and Brent?"

Tommy R. got up off the ground and wiped blood off of his lip, where I had busted it with my fist. He looked at Julian, then me and finally at my Tommy. He took a step towards Tommy and I started to jerk out of Julian's grasp. "Wait Brent, please?" Tommy R. asked me. He looked at Tommy, "Tommy, when I tackled you what did I do?" My Tommy looked at me and then at Tommy.

"Um...well, you put one hand to the back of my head and made sure that I didn't hit in on the ground when I fell. But...But why did you even tackle me?" He asked.

"I'll tell you why. Because I love him. You can't possibly love him as much as I do and I want you to know right now, that if you ever hurt him you can't hide. You remember that. I wanted you to know I was serious from the start. Don't test it." He looked back at me and then back at Tommy. He walked forward towards Tommy, and Tommy moved back from his advance. Tommy R. extended his hand out to Tommy. "Your better looking than me. I think I know what got Brent's attention. I'd like to be your friend Tommy. If Brent says he loves you, then I want to know you." My Tommy looked over at me and then at the extended hand. He looked at Tommy's face and reached out to take the offered hand. When their hands met, Tommy R. pulled Tommy into and embrace. "Welcome to the club Tommy. Just please remember what I said, I love him more and I won't stop coming after you if he's hurt." They released each other from the embrace and Tommy R. turned and walked over to me.

"Brent, dude, I thought I was over it. I tried so hard to reason with my feelings, but I guess it didn't work. It's happening. I look at him and all I can see is him kissing you. Someone else holding you and kissing what's mine." He looked down and shook his head. "I wish I could be gay Brent. Please don't kiss him in front of me. Not...not yet. I need to know him more." Julian let me go and I reached and lifted his head up to where he could look at me.

"Before anything else, how about we all decide to call you Tom and him Tommy. I love you Tom. You know I do but I have never told you that. Those three words were not available to me until Tommy. But you need to understand this now. I love him like no other. Don't ever hurt him, or there's no place YOU can hide. I've known you my whole life, but Tommy is my life and no one stands above him." I took Tom in my arms and hugged him. I looked over his shoulder at Tommy and mouthed 'I love you'." He smiled at me and mouthed 'I know'. I released Tom and looked back in his eyes. "I won't kiss Tommy in front of you dude. We don't show much public display, but you still confuse the hell out of me with all that talk of love and wanting to be gay. I think you need to find yourself a girl and get laid, fast!" He and I laughed and that broke the tension for the rest of the group. Cheryl and Stephie descended on Tommy and started asking him all kinds of questions and hugging and kissing him. I heard Cheryl ask him if there were any more guys like him at home, but straight, because he was fucking hot. I looked at him at that point and his eyes locked on mine begging for rescue and blushing to his hair roots.

We sat down in a group, both Tommy's on each side of me, the girls on each side of them, and Julian rounding out the circle. We talked about everything that happened since I left and we caught up on group gossip. I looked at Tommy and told him I loved him and he answered in kind. I looked at Tom and he blushed. I poked him in the side and everything was good.

I invited them to dinner with us tonight, and they said they would all go after letting their parents know. I called the driver and had her drop each off at their houses with instructions to call me to confirm dinner. Tom was the last to be dropped off. I reminded him too about dinner and he said he'd be there for sure. He looked past me to Tommy.

"I like you Tommy," he said to him, "I really do." He shared a look between Tommy and me and then walked up his driveway. The driver pulled out to take us back to the condo.

Tommy looked at me and smiled, "I like him too Brent, but he doesn't understand. No one can love you more than me." I leaned over and kissed him and from the rearview mirror, our driver smiled.     


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