Learning to love

Part 16

Making love and Popularity

[This story was fabricated and created by me, the author.
Any similarity to any real life situation,event, or person(s) is purely of coincidence.
Please do not distribute this story in any way, shape, part, or form without my expressed consent.]

If you are under the age of 18 years or it is illegal for you to read material containing descriptive sexual acts,
please do not continue to read this part of Learning to love.
It contains explicit sex, between two teen males.


"Let's take a shower." I said to Tommy and started removing my clothes the moment I walked through the outer door into my rooms. I looked at him to see if he agreed and he had a big smile on his face.

"That sounds perfect and then I think tonight is the night." He locked the door to the hall when we were both in the room. I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Tonight is the night for what Cutey?" I kicked my shoes off as I walked towards the bedroom. I flipped the switch for the lamps over the nightstands and looked behind me to see if he was following me. He was so cute. He was picking up my clothes as he followed. "You must really love me to be picking up after me." I laughed.

"You know I do." He bent down and picked up the shoe I had just kicked off. I watched him and focused on his cute ass as it was presented to me. He looked up, "What you looking at?"

"Did I tell you that you look so hot today? You know, all those clothes we bought for you are great and all, but the way you fit in those Wrangler's, makes my mouth water." He stood up and raised an eyebrow at me and smiled.

"Ok, so to answer your first question about tonight." He walked over and pitched my shoe in the corner and threw my shirt in the hamper. He then turned around and came up to me. He looked deep into my eyes and said, "I want you to make love to me tonight. I want to feel you in me Brent. I want it so bad. Can we?" He reached out and pulled me closer to him. He had a look of wanton desire in his eyes and a slight blush in his cheeks.

I reached my hand under his chin and kissed him. "Tommy, I want you so much. Let's take a shower and get in bed. We can try and do what you want, but I don't know how to do any of this stuff. I do know that I want to though." I looked in his eyes. The blue of his irises were very reflective, like twin pools of sparkling water reflecting the azure blue of the sky back at me. "We'll go slowly because I don't want to hurt you, ever." I could feel my penis starting to expand in my jeans with the thought of having him in my arms and us exploring as we performed the final act that would bond us forever.

"We'll go slow Babe. I don't know much either, but I know how much I want and need this." We kissed and then finished undressing. I shyly pulled off my jeans in front of Tommy. I was sporting wood already and when he saw, he walked over and took me in his hand through my boxers. "Mmm...This is exactly what I want. You're so damn sexy Brent." He looked at me and gave my member a squeeze. "Let's hurry and shower." He let go and when he stepped back, his boxers were tenting in front of him and he pulled them down and off. I watched as he turned and walked into the bathroom. I removed mine and followed after him. Tommy had a very sexy butt. The globes of each cheek were tight and firm, each also having a slight dimple as he walked. His back was smooth and the V shape from his shoulders to his waist was beautiful.

He stopped to brush his teeth and I did likewise. We both entered the shower together and he pressed the button to begin the cycle. I brought him to me, and we both stood holding each other as the warm water soaked us and washed away the sweat of the day. After the cycle completed, I filled my hand with shower gel and proceeded to lather and wash Tommy's body for him. I started on his chest and shoulders, working my way down along his stomach and abs. He had his head tilted back and as my hands roamed along his body, he moaned and pressed his body into my washing massage. His penis was standing erect and pointing straight up towards his body, pulsing with each of his heart beats. I stood up and pumped more gel into my hand and leaned forward to kiss his lips. He locked his mouth on mine and moaned as my hands worked the gel down his back and to his waist. He moved into me and our hard cocks pressed together between our bodies. I cupped his ass in my hands and massaged the soapy lather around the orbs and moved a hand between his cheeks to wash him thoroughly. When my hand slipped over his tight hole he moaned and bit my bottom lip. I circled a finger around his opening and then up and down the orifice. He gasped and pressed back into my finger. I smiled and removed my hand. His eyes opened and stared into mine.

In a horse whisper, he said, "My God we need to hurry this up. I want you in that bed, now." I told him to turn around and then I finished washing his legs and feet as he leveraged his hands against the shower wall for support. He took his turn to lather and wash my body, but when he knelt in front of me, he took my cock in his hand and soaped the entire shaft while gently massaging the gel around my scrotum with his other. I looked down and saw my precum leaking a trail through the suds around my piss slit. He looked up and frowned at me. "I hate to see that going to waste, but I don't want a mouth full of soap." I snickered and told him that I doubt I was going to run out anytime soon. He smiled and finished washing my crotch. I turned so he could finish the back of my body and after both of us had been massaged and washed from head to toe, I pressed the button for the rinsing cycle.

Tommy took me by the hand when we had finished drying our bodies and led me to the bed. He sat down and pulled me down with him. As he slid across the covers and up to place his head on his pillow, I followed along. I lay down beside him with us facing each other. We looked into each others faces for a few moments and he reached and pulled me towards him. He maneuvered me on top of him and we locked ourselves into a deep passionate kiss. We ground our cocks into each other and he began to rock his hips under me. The sensual feeling from our naked contact made my over active teen hormones begin to produce copious amounts of precum that leaked and coated our conjoined cocks and pubic area. He took a hold of each side of my face and moved it back a little from his. He looked me in the eyes and I felt him adjust his hips under me and now I was between his two legs, with them on either side of my hips.

"Make love to me Brent," He said. Now I had done like most teens my age and spent a lot of time searching the net for free porn. I had jerked too many hot young guys masturbating, but always had a greater jerk while watching two guys fucking. Most used lube to help the process, but a select few seemed to get away with using another method. I always found this method fascinating and now that the time had come for me to actually try and do what I had seen done, I was intent on giving Tommy as much pleasure as I could. I was in no way experienced in what I was about to do, but I was going to do my best. I kissed him and slowly began working my way down his chest. I lightly brushed my lips along his body, but never paused for very long until I was faced with his rock hard cock just below my mouth and face. Precum coated the top of it and I opened my mouth and took him in. He moaned and pressed his hips forward, burying more of his length in my eager mouth. I bobbed a few times up and down his shaft and removed it, to use my lips along the shaft to his balls. They were already pulled a bit tight to his body, but I used my mouth on them. I was rewarded with loud moans coming from Tommy. I moved lower to the area under his sack, between it and the valley of his ass. I licked and sucked on this space and Tommy groaned and moaned louder than before. I was now going to go where I had only seen in video. I took one of his thighs in each of my hands and slowly lifted and pressed them forward towards his body. He looked down at me.

"Ah...Brent...um....what are you doing?" He asked me. I looked up at his face.

"Just wait Tommy and I hope you enjoy this. I've never done this before, but I hope it feels good." By lifting and moving his thighs forward I had exposed his virgin shoot and I saw the tight pucker and the rosy color of it. I moved my head down and stuck my tongue out and swiped across it. There was no discernable taste to it except perhaps a little of the soapy shower gel, but Tommy's reaction to what I did was explosive.

"OH MY GOD!" He yelled out and sat straight up, trapping me with his legs. "What...Brent you just...I can't believe you just..."

"Unlock your legs Cutey, you have me trapped here." I laughed and he complied. "Now, lay back and let me start again." I looked at him, "That's if it felt good?" I asked him.

"Felt good? I've never felt anything feel so good in my life! But Brent, that's my...well...it's my..." I looked at him and he had a blush on his face.

"I know what it is Tommy. I just washed it in the shower, remember. Now, since it felt good, lay back down and let me do it again." He leaned back on his elbows this time and I raised him back up, exposing him to me again. I ran my tongue from the top of the valley in his ass, across his puckered rosebud, back to under his sack. I then went back and used my tongue to circle and suck on his shoot. Tommy was loud and vocal as I pressed my tongue at the opening, using the saliva from my mouth to work my tongue up and into him. Even having just showered, there was a kind of musky smell to him that I found so erotic and when my tongue would work a little into him, his ass would clinch on it and press it out. After several minutes of working this area, he actually loosed up a bit and now I brought one of my fingers up and wet it copiously from my mouth and began to work it up into him. His ass resisted at first but soon I was able to work it in to the second knuckle. Tommy was moaning and squirming as I began to work it in and out and kiss the insides of his thighs. I worked a second finger in and as he adjusted to this, I worked a third finger, using my index, middle and ring finger of my left hand in and out of him. He stopped moaning and sat up a little to look at me.

"Brent, stop all that playing around. I want you in me. You're driving me fucking insane with anticipation." He breathed hard and said to me.

I smiled, "Ok, but I don't think it's going to be the same. I think I'm still a bit thicker than just my three fingers and I'm definitely going to go in deeper." Tommy moaned and leaned back in the bed. I laughed when I heard him say.

"Now he's trying to tease me with talking dirty to me. God HELP me!" He said to the ceiling and then he looked back at me when he heard me laugh. "Grrr...Get up, lift my legs, press that bat sized cock of yours at my ass and shove it in! No more talk, no more fingers. God Brent, I need you!"

"Ok, I just thought I needed to warn you so you'd be ready for it." I said

"I'm so ready I'm about to jump on that bed post right there if you don't get on with it." He realized what he had said and blushed deep red. I chuckled and adjusted myself in the bed and raised him further up and pressed his knees back. My cock was leaking cum like a faucet and I moved forward until the crown was touching his opening. I rubbed the head around to provide some lubrication from my flowing juices and slowly pressed forward. My fingers had worked to loosen him a bit, but pressing my cock forward was met with tight resistance and then suddenly, he must have push out and then my head was literally sucked back in to just below the crown. Tommy moaned and began panting.

"Damn, Brent, you're so big. Go slow! It already feels like I have a log working up in me." He continued to pant and with each breath his ass muscle contracted on my cock head.

"Tommy, all that's in so far is the head" I told him, "I'll go slow, but stop me if I'm going to fast." He only nodded his head and reached back to grab me by the cheeks and pull me forward. He grinned at me and mouthed 'GO'. I shook my head at his eagerness and slowly worked more of my shaft in. I was hard as a rock and still flowing with precum. Knowing what I was doing and with whom, had me in sexual overdrive and my body was on fire with lust for my lover, this cute teen boy that I was so in love with and wanted as much, if not more than he wanted me. As I started making progress, Tommy used his hands on my hips to stop and pull me as he loosed and adjusted to my size. He was moaning and panting. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, but was probably no more than 15 minutes, my cock was completely buried in him and my pubic bush was pressed against his cheeks. He cooed at me and wrapped his legs around behind my ass and just held me in him. I leaned down and he leaned up and we kissed. His tongue darted frantically inside my mouth.

"Make love to me Brent; I want to feel you moving inside of me. I love you Babe. God you feel so good in me. Your cock is so hot and I can feel every inch of it. It feels like the tip is in my stomach." He chuckled and kissed me again. We locked lips and I slowly began to draw out of him and then press forward. I kept this motion going and each time withdrew a little more before burying me in him once again. He was so tight and the muscles of his ass would contract with each movement of me in him. I had never felt anything so enveloping and it was sending unbelievable sensations into my body. When I had withdraw about 5 inches and then moved back in, Tommy screamed out and sat up and wrapped his arms around me. His eyes were wide and mouth was wide open, like in shock.

"What?! What happened?! Did I hurt you?!" I froze, almost in a panic. Tommy started shaking his head no and hissed to give him a minute. We stayed in this position until Tommy looked at me.

"I don't know what it was, but your cock slide across something inside of me and the sensation was so fucking intense! Jesus Christ what was that!" He continued to look at me for an answer.

"How should I know? Do you want to stop?" I asked.

"Have you lost your mind?! I want you to find it again!" He leaned back and with a glazed look in his eyes, he bit his bottom lip and nodded for me to go on. His reaction had scared me a little bit and now I was hesitant as I began to work back out of him. The next time I moved back into him, he arched his back and grabbed my sides. He pressed his ass down on my cock and impaled himself and then pulled back. He moaned, "Go faster" and I increased my rhythm. Tommy was now rocking and moving his body to my forward and backward motion. The sensations his insides were playing along my shaft and cock head were becoming overwhelming and my pleasure centers were on meltdown. I started working in faster and harder and with his moans and mine filling my room, I felt a series of weak contractions in his ass and then he said "I'm cumming" and when the first jet of his cum shot from his cock, his ass clamped on my cock and squeezed. Each subsequent ejaculation of his cum, his ass worked on my cock inside him, milking me and I felt my balls tighten and churn. Just as his last spasm tightened around my cock, I buried my cock deep inside him and started emptying my balls within. The orgasm was...well...it was fucking orgasmic. All I could do was just hold myself deep in him as jet after jet of my seed fired forth from my cock. Every muscle in my body felt locked and the intensity of it made it hard for me to catch my breath. Finally I got back control of my body and looked down at Tommy. He still had his legs wrapped around me and his face actually seemed to have a glow about it.

"We are going to do this over and over and over and over, again and again and again and again! That was beyond amazing. I could FEEL you cumming in me Brent. I felt it shoot inside me and your cock got so BIG!" He looked down at his own cum coating his chest and stomach. There was even cum hanging off of his cheek and chin. "I came without even touching myself Babe and it was...fuck it, there aren't words for it." He pulled me down to him and kissed me. He pushed me back and looked in my eyes. "I love you Brent. Man, I'm the luckiest guy in the whole world! You were awesome and I watched you when you came in me, you looked...oh my god, you're just beautiful!" I lay on top of him, with his cum pressed between us and my semi-hard penis still buried inside of him. We must have both fallen asleep and when I woke, my cock was now soft and no longer in my lover. His arms were wrapped around me. I pushed up off him a little and ran my hand along his cheek. He opened his eyes and smiled at me.

"We better go and wipe a little of this cum off us and get into bed for real. We do have school tomorrow." I said. He nodded and I rolled off of him. I stood up off the bed and Tommy climbed after me. I looked at the rumpled bed and thankfully we had made love on top of the bedspread so I yanked it off and walked over the hamper and threw it in. I walked out of the bedroom and opened the hall door. I peeked out and of course the coast was clear, I laughed to myself. I opened the linen closet and took out a new spread. When I got back to the bedroom, Tommy had already gone into the bathroom and the door was closed. I hurried and made the bed and then went to open the bathroom door. I walked in and Tommy was sitting on the toilet. He looked at me and smiled.

"My ass hurts." He chuckled. I shook my head and grinned.

"I love you Tommy." I winked at him and took a wash cloth from a drawer in the sink. I ran warm water on it and started to clean up my chest and crotch areas. Tommy just sat comfortably on the toilet and watched me. I looked over at him a couple times and when I had finished and looked back to him, he winked at me.

"I love you Brent." He reached for some toilet paper and without hesitation he wiped himself and repeated the process until he finally stood and flushed. He raised his eyebrow and smiled dimply at me. "What? Am I supposed to be shy after tonight? I don't think so!" He gave me a kiss and took the washcloth I had used, wet it, and washed the cum from his body. We both climbed in the freshly made bed and I set the alarm clock for 7 am. I turned, spooning Tommy to me, and then kissed him on the neck.

"Goodnight Cutey. You were great." I whispered in his ear.

"You were awesome Babe. Goodnight." He pressed back further, molding his body tight against me and eventually we fell asleep.

The next morning, Tommy had me laughing so much, I didn't think I was going to be able to get dressed and down to breakfast before Hank came for us. He had one complaint after another about how sore his butt was and how he just knew everyone at school was going to know a Brahma bull (whatever that was) had rode him last night. I offered to kiss and make it better and he told me to keep my tongue away from his butt; that was how he had gotten in this condition to begin with. After we showered and he dressed carefully, we went down for breakfast. Tommy was walking as if he was over a hundred years old and both Connie and my father raised eyebrows at him when we walked in the kitchen.

"Um...good morning Connie, morning dad." I offered to draw their attention from Tommy. They both looked at me and said good morning. Tommy crawled up and sat down in a kitchen stool finally and Connie placed his plate in front of him. I sat down and received mine. Tommy kept adjusting his seat on the stool and I began to feel my face heating as I noticed the adults in the room watching him. Then to my utter astonishment, my father stood up from his chair and came over to Tommy.

"You two didn't! Did you?!" He placed his hand on Tommy's shoulder and made him look at him. Tommy's face and mine were twin glowing bonfires and that was answer enough for my father. "On a school night, you two decide to take your relationship to the next level and don't even THINK about the condition of one of you in the morning." He looked at Tommy and then back to me. Connie's eyebrows were climbing into her hair as she gave my father an astonished look. I'm positive she was wondering just how HE would know anything about whatever condition someone would be in after what she realized must have happened.

"STOP! I can't talk about this!" I said. Tommy echoed my plea a moment later. My father looked at him.

"Well, you're going to school and that's that. Maybe it will put some since in both your heads to think a little ahead from now on." He shook his head and went back and sat in his chair. Ok, this openness with my father was great and everything, but I was not going to be discussing some very personal things with him, no matter that he may have went through the same things. I leaned over to Tommy and he looked at me.

"I love you and I'm sorry. I didn't think anything about how you'd feel this morning." Connie had left the kitchen shortly after my father sat down and now she came walking back in. She went to the frig and pulled out the pitcher of orange juice and refilled Tommy's glass.

"Here sweetheart, take these Advil. I don't know if they will help, but if you get to feeling really bad in school, you call me. I know how to drive." She handed the capsules to Tommy and then looked at my father and shook her head. He just smiled at her.

"Brent you have drivers Ed after school today and Hank will pick you up after class. Since Tommy will be out of town this weekend, I think I'll pick you up at lunch and take you by DMV to get your permit. We'll take your car out and let you do some driving around the back roads this weekend." My father said, and then stood up. "I have to go over to the Ag office. You boys have a good day and Tommy, call me if you need me. I'm not so mean that I don't have a little compassion left in me." He came and gave Tommy and me a hug and then walked out of the kitchen. I turned to Tommy.

"Out of town?" I asked.

"I forgot Brent. Your dad must know everything that goes on in this town. My Granma's 65th birthday is Sunday and we're going to Fargo for the celebration. Our whole family is getting together for it. It's been planned since July and well...with everything that's happened since then, I just forgot about it." He gave me a sad look and I knew I needed to stop acting like every second of his time belonged to me.

"It's ok. I just didn't know. I'll miss you, but we'll see each other Monday at school. I love you Tommy. I know we can't spend all our time together, even though I wish we could." I leaned over in my chair and gave him a kiss. "Take your pills, I just heard a car pull up and I bet its Hank." Right on cue a horn sounded from outside. I smiled at Tommy and he put the pills in his mouth and swallowed them with a gulp of orange juice.

By the time we made it to school, I guess the Advil had helped Tommy some. He wasn't walking as stiffly when we got out of the SUV and headed towards the school. I really did feel bad for him and if it weren't for the fact that when I looked at him, he would mouth 'OUCH' and then smile at me, I probably would have been a lot worse in my reaction to his pain. We had several minutes before the first bell would ring, so we walked in and found a seat with my lunch time group, minus Frank of course. There were the usual greetings amongst the guys when we sat down, but there was also a bit of a subdued undertone to the conversations that followed. Frank wasn't mentioned once and I looked at Barry. He smiled and then when he caught my frown he stood up.

"Hey Brent, you and Tommy come outside with me for a minute, ok?" I looked at Tommy and we both stood up. John stood when we did and the four of us walked out the side door from the cafeteria onto the patio. Barry stopped and turned around to face us. John immediately walked over and stood next to him. Both their shoulders and arms were touching each other on the side they shared in common. "We've all talked to Frank. He's our bud and everything, so we know a little bit about what happened and why he's not here. Nothing about the why, just the how. He also threatened us with the same how if we tried to corner you or Tommy on it. So...the guys are a bit wary about what they say because Frank's a big guy!" He chuckled and John laughed with him. No doubt in my mind, they are a couple I told myself.

"You guys don't need to treat this like some kind of big secret and hush is the word. I'm not saying anything about it even if asked, so it's not going to bother me. You all just won't get answers. It's over and soon we'll all be back to normal." I told both Barry and John. Tommy nodded his head in agreement with me. John smiled at me and looked at Tommy, then me. He smiled again and looked up at Barry. Barry looked at him; they smiled and looked at us.

"I knew it." Barry said. "Ok, well, we better get inside. The bell is going to ring soon." He started to walk away and turned back to me. "See you at lunch?"

"Actually my father is picking me up to go and get my drivers permit. I'll probably only be at the table for a few minutes at lunch." He nodded. Tommy and I started walking in with the two. We had just made it up to our table when the bell rang. We said bye to everyone and Tommy stopped by my locker for a quick I love you, then set off for his own. The first three periods went by without much happening out of the ordinary. My teachers had been informed of my excused absence for the two days I missed. In fourth period, Mike took over for Frank and Mr. Smith had to tell him and me to settle down a few times. Mike had sat with me at the beginning of class and everything was fine until he leaned over and asked me if he got to grope me like Frank did.

"Not unless you want to pull back a stub and Frank doesn't grope me, I grope him!" We both busted out laughing and that was our first warning we received from the instructor. Mike was made to go back to his assigned seat, but then he kept throwing things at me and of course I had my own arsenal of missiles to return fire.

"Mr. Stewart!" The teacher bellowed at me after I connected a good shot to Mike's forehead and he dramatically fell from his chair. Mr. Smith yelled so loud that it startled me and I let out a very loud yelp and knocked the keyboard off the desk. "That is more than enough from you and Mr. Seers! The next disturbance and you both go to the office. Now pick up that keyboard and settle down!" I reached for the keyboard and looked at Mike out of the corner of my eye. He was sitting back in his seat all angelic, with a vacant idiot look on his face. The bell rang and as I was walking out the door, Mike grabbed my arm and started hauling off down the hall.

"My locker then yours." He said. I pulled my arm out of his grip.

"I've got to go to the cafeteria. My father is picking me up to go to the DMV during lunch and I think he's meeting me out front." I told him.

"Oh, ok, well then we'll see you if you get back in time before lunch is over. You're a trip Brent. It's been sooo boring in IT without you and Frank. Later then." I received a hug and off down the hall he went. I hurried in the same direction to get to my locker. Tommy was waiting for me and I opened the locker, pulled the Drivers manual from my book bag and stuffed the bag inside the locker. I looked around and told Tommy to come with me to the second floor restroom real quick. We hurried up the stairs, well I hurried, and Tommy waddled. When we got in the restroom, we both checked for the all clear, and then I grabbed him in a hug and gave him a kiss.

"How's that cute butt of yours?" I asked.

"It's a little better, but I think I need to get some of those Advil Connie gave me. When the effects wore off, the pain came back." He kissed me again and I told him we better go before he was late for class. I left the building and walked outside to the front where I always met Hank. My father was waiting for me, surrounded by a group of teen guys looking at his car. He was sitting in his BMW Z8 with the top down and talking to a couple of the admirers. I walked up and my father looked at me.

"Hey son, you ready to go?" He asked.

"Brent, this car is awesome! I want one exactly like it when I get my license!" Said a guy I didn't even know. I smiled at him and opened the passenger door to get in. Mentally I said good luck to him; $128,000 was a little much for someone's first car. My father told the drooling mob goodbye, and we drove out of the school lot.

"Did you get a chance to study your manual today?" My father asked.

"I had most of first period and then in third to study it. It seems pretty easy, if it's all multiple choice. I'm good at multiple choice questions." I was good at memorization is what I was good at. I sat back and enjoyed the short ride to the DMV on Central Ave. There was not much of a line and after filling out some paperwork, I was directed to a desk with a computer on it and sat to take the exam. Ten minutes later I was done and my father and I sat in a waiting area to be called with the results.

"How's Tommy doing?" My father turned to me and asked. Here we go again I thought.

"He's doing better dad, but I really don't want to talk about that kind of stuff. It's...embarrassing to talk to your dad about that."

"I was only asking how he was feeling, not for a run down on the cause of the effect. I know very well the cause." He raised an eyebrow at me, and then smiled. "I guess you and I have a little more in common." He said and chuckled. I blushed and heard my name called. We went to the counter and got the results of my exam. 100% correct and after another 10 minutes, we were walking out of the DMV, with my new permit in my wallet.

"Can I drive?" I asked my father when we got to the BMW. My father looked at me and laughed.

"Son, you have a permit and it doesn't bestow immediate driving knowledge on the bearer. We'll take you driving this weekend in your OWN car. Now lets get you back to school." I gave him a big smile. I was only joking and he knew it. I'd never even sat behind a steering wheel. He dropped me back at school and I rushed inside after telling him goodbye. Lunch was only 30 minutes and the bell had already rung. I grabbed my two texts for Spanish and American History, stuffed them in my bag and headed for Spanish. Tommy had to see the permit before he believed me that I had passed. He grinned from ear to ear and I just wanted to stick my tongue down his throat.

Gym was a trip on the wild side. Every guy in our gym class knew what had happened on Tuesday and Tommy was the center of attention. Because of his ass malady, they assumed he had sustained an injury in the fight and he yakked it up. I think we were both relieved that he had an excuse other than the truth, gym being a very physically active class; he would hardly be able to hide the pain otherwise. Coach on the other hand, knew that Tommy had not been hurt on Tuesday and after some fast talking on Tommy's part about horse riding or some such, Coach let him sit on the bleachers and watch. He still had to dress out for class though. His sitting out, left me with only one choice of partner, without a partner, and that was Shane. Matt, Frank and Bobby were on suspension. I paired up with him and we started our warm-ups.

"Hi Brent." Shane said and followed me onto the gym floor.

"Hi Shane. How's Matt doing?" I asked. He looked around and we sat down on the floor.

"He's the same as always. Are you still mad at me for Tuesday?" He asked and spread his legs so we could stretch.

"No, I'm not mad. Just reluctant to be sitting here with you doing these warm-ups. I know it was more than what you said on Tuesday, because I've heard you, Matt and Bobby talking before about me in the locker room. Just so you know, I don't appreciate it and I won't put up with it again, not anymore. Matt and Bobby know how I feel about it already, so now you know. I'm not your next conquest Shane and I have no interest in you sexually or otherwise." My father said be direct, so I was being direct.

"Whoa, wait a minute Brent. Man, you don't have to ever worry about me doing or trying any shit with you. My father already told Matt and me how it's going to be and believe me, he made it plain and clear." He looked around us and then back at me. "Matt wanted me to ask you if you would call him. We're both grounded from using the phone, cars and leaving the house for 2 weeks. He said you and he were friends now, so that's why I asked for him. My dad would let him talk to you if you called though." I did owe Matt at least a phone call. He stuck up for me with Bobby and not much harm in talking to him on the phone.

"Sure, give me your home number and I'll call him sometime this weekend. Now let's get this warm-up finished before Coach starts yelling at us." We did our stretch and Tommy watched us all play basketball from the stands. Before we left the gym, Shane handed me a piece of paper with his home number on it and I told Tommy about the conversation he and I had during the warm-up. One more class to go and then I wouldn't be seeing Tommy again until Monday. I was feeling a tightness in my chest and tried to dismiss it. I was secure in our relationship and it was only for a weekend. The last period flew by in a blink. Funny how when your anticipating something, the day drags on as if it will never end, but when your not anticipating something it's gone in a flash. I walked out to the buses with Tommy so I could say goodbye. He said they would be leaving tonight for Fargo if the plans hadn't changed and be back to Beulah late Sunday evening. I told him to make sure he took his phone so we could talk.

"It'll be on my body at all times and I'll even be sleeping with it." He smiled at me. "I'm going to miss you Brent. You know that don't you? You're not the only one who doesn't like to be apart. I'll call you tonight after we get there." He looked around us and even though there were other kids getting on buses and milling around, he hugged me and said in my ear, "My ass hurts still, but I want you to make it hurt again." He kissed me quick on the ear and stood back breaking the hug. He had a huge smile on his lips.

"Mine is next, you got yours, now it's time for me to get it." I winked at him. He nodded. Robert must have seen us standing there and came up right after I winked at Tommy.

"Hey Brent. I'll walk with you to the elementary school." He turned to Tommy, "Hey TJ. Brent and I saw your mom and brother at baseball practice Monday. Jamesson gave Brent some real shit for hanging with me." Robert chuckled. "He also told me that only he and you are allowed to kiss Brent." He laughed harder when he said this. I knew it had to be too good to be true that Jamesson's slip and using TJ for Tommy would go unnoticed.

Tommy looked at me quick and then at Robert. "I remember when Glenn told me, he was the only one who was allowed to sleep with you in only your underwear!" Tommy told him. Robert blushed red and coughed.

"Ah...yeah I remember that too. Little brothers are little pieces of shit sometimes." He looked at me and then Tommy. "Well, I'll wait over there for you Brent. Later TJ, tell your dad I said hey." He had pointed to a tree a little ways from the buses and then walked over towards it.

"Nice save there Tommy. I thought he was treading close to outing us for a minute." I said.

"Naw, you just have to have a little brother to understand them. I'm sure he sees it just like he thinks others see his little brother's comments. I better get on the bus. I'll call you tonight." He cupped his hands around his mouth and I read his lips, 'I love you'. No one seeing him cup his hands around his lips would ever think anything of it. We were master spies playing a top secret game of cat and mouse...YEAH RIGHT! I grinned then saw the driver look out the bus door.

"I'm going to miss you. Please be safe Tommy. I...I can't be without you." There I go again, damn.

"I'll be safe and you be good. See you Monday." He said and climbed on the bus. When he took his seat, he waved and I waved to him. I looked to where Robert was waiting and with a final smile for Tommy, I walked over to the tree.

"I guess we better get going, huh?" Robert smiled and said lets go. The instructor was on time today and when we were all seated in the classroom, he asked for those that had gotten their permits already to come forward and he took them from us. He excused himself and went to the office to make copies. I sat back down and looked at Robert.

"So why didn't you get your permit yet dude? You only have until next week." Of course I had just gotten mine today, but he didn't need to know that.

"You have to go to the DMV with your parent or guardian and my folks haven't been able to get off early to take me yet. My mom is going to try for Monday if her boss will give her a little extra time at lunch to take me." He frowned a little and I guessed he wasn't holding out much hope for Monday.

"Well I really hope they're able to take you and you don't have to do this all over again. You're the only guy I know in this class and I don't want to be in here not knowing anyone. Let me know if your mom's boss keeps being an ass. I'll see if my dad knows him and maybe he can talk to him." I smiled encouragingly at him. "What about your dad? Can he get off?" Robert looked away from me and just shrugged his shoulders. I took that as a closed subject concerning his father. I took a piece of paper out of my book bag and wrote my cell number on it. I tore it from the sheet and tapped him on his arm. He looked at me and I handed him the paper. "Here's my cell number. If...well...if you ever want to talk when you get bored or whatever; call me ok. Maybe one of these days you can come over and we can play some video games or something." He looked at the paper and then at me.

"Thanks Brent. Man, you run with too popular a group for me to crash in, but I'll call you and if you're not up to anything, then it would be cool." First Patrick and now Robert with concerns about me being somehow better than them.

"Robert listen to me dude. I make my own friends. I don't select my friends based on anything except whether we get along and they are cool to be around. I think your cool and I think we could be better friends if we try. You're the second person who has mentioned the people I hang around with as if they are somehow closing out everyone else. If I thought that, I'd leave the group and not think twice about it. Tommy is just like me and so is Frank Manouli. We're just guys who get along well with each other. What lunch do you have?"

"Um...I have second lunch. I see you guys during lunch. Brent...every guy that sits at your table at lunch is one of the most popular guys in our school. Didn't you ever wonder why there are no girls sitting at your table?" He asked me. I thought about it, but it had never crossed my mind and I really never paid any attention to it. Now though, it did seem a bit strange.

"I never even thought about it." I told him.

"It's because none of the girlfriends of those guys are welcomed at the table. Not being mean or anything, it's just that, well, those guys want to be with only each other at lunch, without distractions. They can talk to each other as a group all at once. They don't have every class with each other. The only sports team captains missing from your table are the ones that have first lunch." Robert explained to me.

"Wait a minute Robert. I sit at that table and no one has ever said anything about it. Matter of fact, they are all friendly and make sure they include me in almost every conversation." He had some weird notions going on in his head I decided. When he laughed after I said this to him, I looked directly at him and he looked right at me.

"Brent, man, you are blind or deaf. The reason you are accepted at that table, as a freshman no less, is because not only are you part of the popular group, you just happen to be at the absolute top of it. I would bet you any amount of money including my left nut that if you got up from that table at lunch time and switched to another table, it would take less than 5 minutes for every one of those guys to get up and soon your new table would look just like the old." I frowned. "Don't give me that look, like I'm out of my mind or something. Here I'll lay it out for you. Starting at the top. You, TJ..." He nodded when my eyes went wide at the mention of Tommy's name. "That's right, Tommy Weber. If he had second lunch, there would be another chair at that table in a flash. He's your best friend and the pecking order flows directly from the top. Next, there's Frank, Hockey Co-Captain; Barry, Swim team Captain; John, Baseball Pitcher and Co-Captain; Mike, Hockey Co-Captain; Jerry, Wrestling Captain and All State; Adam, Baseball Catcher and Co-Captain; Phillip, Basketball All-star and Co-Captain..."

"Ok, enough Robert. Dude, I think you're mistaken about me being somehow the top of a pops group. I'm new here and you just named two guys that I didn't even know their names. We east lunch together and if Frank hadn't brought me to his table the first day, I'd probably be sitting somewhere else. Probably even at Missy's table, god save me from that." He was just shaking his head as I spoke.

"Barry set Missy packing almost immediately when she approached your table. I was there, I saw it all. If it happened now, it would be Frank's responsibility to the group to send her off, but he hadn't established his connection to you when she made her first move. Ok, Brent don't get that pissed look on your face. I'm just telling you how it is at Beulah high school. This is a small town and we all know the moment anything changes. For instance, Bobby Schafer is now at the bottom of the pecking order and he's lucky he's quarterback for the football team, or he would be out completely. I don't know what went down on Tuesday in you guys gym class, but by lunch on Wednesday with you, TJ, Frank, Bobby, Matt and Shane gone from school, the shift happened. Every kid that goes to our school knows that Bobby did something or said something to YOU that you didn't like. He fell to the bottom like a rock. Sooo...You ask me to be your friend and I want to be your friend just because I like you. I think your smart and I think we could have fun hanging out. All the popular stuff doesn't mean much to me, it just is there. But Brent, I can't sit at the table with you at lunch. I'd never be able to eat. I'd be shitting my pants the whole time just because of where I'd be sitting." My immediate reaction was wanting to get up and walk out to call Frank and ask him if all that Robert was telling me was true, however, the instructor came back in the room, passed out our permits and began the class. Frank would have to wait.

I looked over at Robert while we were supposed to be watching another drinking and driving film. He looked at me and leaned over towards me. "You're blowing this all out of proportion Brent." He whispered to me. "Its how it is and you're not going to change anything by getting mad about it." He looked for the teacher and then back to me. "Every one of those guys at that table is really a great guy. They would do anything for anyone at our school. They aren't stuck up pricks. I'm damn sure that each and every one of them truly likes you as a friend and values your friendship. There's no reason for you to be upset by what I told you. It's my own fault that I feel intimidated by them. Shit, I grew up with them. You're the wild card in the mix." I nodded to him. His explanations of the guys and how they weren't some freaking gang of stuck up bullies helped, but I wanted to talk to Frank. He nodded to me and we watched the film in silence.

I was surprised when Hank showed up to drive me home after drivers Ed. I got in the passenger seat when he pulled up. "So what are you doing here? I thought all you guys were heading to Fargo tonight?" I asked him when I closed my door.

"We are, but I wasn't going to leave until we talked." He looked directly at me. "You have my number and you call me if you need me Brent. I'll be back here as fast as I can. Also, I understand that you're going to go driving with your dad this weekend. You be careful. I don't like it, but there's nothing I can do about it for now." I looked at him like he was crazy.

"What don't you like? That I'm learning to drive?" Did he think he was going to be out of a job?

"Not that you're learning, that you're going to be driving without me there to watch and keep you safe. I don't trust anyone else." He said.

"Hank, it's my dad who's going to be with me. You can trust him." I smiled at him.

"Maybe, but I still don't like it." He shook his head at me. "Your mine." Ok, I need to change colognes or something. Either the water in this town has been spiked with something, or my Fierce cologne is putting out pheromone that makes every guy I come in contact with have some kind of claim on me.

"I'm yours? Hank, that sounds...um...kind of like...I don't think you mean it like that, but..." Well of course I was tongue tied.

"You're my responsibility and I don't like anyone trying to take over. You could get hurt and they wouldn't know how to take care of you like I do." This overwhelming feeling came over me, hearing him say how much he cared about my safety. It was like having a security blanket wrapped around you and being held tight in his arms. I looked at him and he was watching me. I recognized the feeling I was having. It was a form of love that one person has for another because they can trust them unconditionally.

"Hank, I love you too dude. You can say it you know? You make me feel like I'm your son and want to protect me. I can't believe how much that means to me, but it means a lot." He looked away for a moment and then back at me.

"I love you Brent. Be careful, please? I'll worry about you the whole time, but if you promise me you'll take care, at least I won't go crazy with it."

"I promise Hank. You can believe me when I say I plan on spending a long time with Tommy and you better watch out for him while he's away from me too. I want him back!" Hank smiled and nodded. We left the elementary school and made it to the farm. I told Hank goodbye and to be safe. I watched him drive away and then went in the house. Connie was in the kitchen, like always. "Hey Nan, I'm starved! What did you save me?" I walked over and gave her a hug.

"Go put your book bag away and wash your hands. I'll get your plate ready by the time you come down." She gave me a peck on the cheek. "Now scoot!"

After eating and talking to Connie for a bit, I went back to my rooms and into the study to call Frank. Robert had opened a can of worms with what he told me and I wanted some answers. I dialed his number and his father answered. I asked to speak with Frank and a few moments later he came on the phone.

"Brent! Hey man, how's it going? Miss me?" He laughed.

"Of course I missed you, but Mike almost got me thrown out of IT, we had a missile fight." I laughed and told him what happened. He wanted to know all about my first day back in minute detail. I told him as much as I remembered of my day and then I got to what I originally called for.

"Hey Frank, I have some questions for you. Why don't any of the guy's girlfriends sit with us at lunch? Isn't that strange?" I felt this was a good opening ploy.

"Oh, well, they sit with their friends and let us guys have our space for a bit. You know, so we can talk and brag about our conquests with them." He chuckled. I thought, yeah right, since I hadn't heard about any conquests the whole time I've sat there.

"Frank, why do you guys let me sit with you all? I mean, I'm a freshman and the ONLY freshman at that table. Everyone else is at least a junior." I threw out.

"Um...Brent, you're our friend. Who cares that you're a freshman? That bullshit grade stuff doesn't matter to us. Look, did something happen today at lunch that you didn't tell me about? Did one of the guys say something about you being in our group?" His voice changed and became kind of harsh sounding. "If they did, I have some asses to kick!"

"What would happen if I left the group?" I asked him.

"What the fuck Brent. What happened? Uh...let me talk to my dad and I'll come over so we can talk about this. I want to know what happened and I'll settle this TONIGHT!"

"Hold on Frank. You haven't answered my question, and none of the guys said or did anything to me. I want to know how I fit in with our group Frank. I found some things out today, like every one of you are the most popular guys in our school, and here I am this freshman nobody invited to be a part." There was silence on the other end for a few moments until I said his name again.

"Brent, we're just a bunch of guys who like to hang out with each other. Sure, we all play sports and I guess we are all pretty popular, but we're not assholes with it. None of the guys would allow anyone in the group if they acted like assholes to anyone." I heard a sigh followed by a click of his tongue. "Ok, I think I get what you're getting at. Obviously someone told you about what anyone who's grown up in Beulah probably knows. We are the popular guys in the school. Sports, student body president, the male students that control our little part of high school. Your part of it because...well...hell Brent! Your not just part of it, you're...you're..." Another sigh and then he rushed the rest. "You lead both groups. Tommy leads his group at first lunch and you lead him, so you lead both groups. We take our cue from you. That doesn't explain everything but that's how it is." He was sighing a lot and I was shocked at the confirmation.

"Why?" None of this, not even Robert had answered the why of it. Why me?

"Why?" He asked, sounding bewildered. "Brent, do you know who your father is? I mean, he's like a legend in Beulah. When he was in high school, he played football. Tommy's father also played, but your father not only played as the quarterback, but he took the team to the state championships and he was his senior classes Valedictorian at graduation. He was student body president his senior year and he also graduated at the very top of his class. I mean, I think he graduated with like a 4.0 GPA and he had a scholarship for football. You know what he did? He gave up his scholarship and went to Harvard! Who does that?" I tried to interrupt him; this was all news to me for sure. "Hold on Brent, you asked so you're going to hear it. Your father's accomplishments help establish your popularity just because he's your father, but Brent, you lead our group because we want it that way. Barry insisted and so did I. John said he'd leave the group if anyone had a problem with it. Brent, no one even made a chirp of disagreeing. You haven't joined any sports yet, but I've heard your good at basketball, swimming and even have a freaking 4.0 GPA yourself. You act so much older than 14. Your like a senior, his whole life already planned and just a step away from making it real. Besides that, goddamn it, you're fucking HOT!" He sighed again. "Tommy can't possibly know what he did when you two hooked up. He took the one person in this whole town off the market that everyone wanted, without anyone even knowing he took you. If I didn't know you were with Tommy, Brent, I'd want to only be with you. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd fucking kill to date you."

"What the fuck Frank? Everyone in this town is crazier than shithouse rats! I'm not all that. Damn, I'm average for California. I don't get all this. Bobby says I'm some fucking trophy everyone wants to win. Patrick is scared shitless of me; because he thinks he's out of my league and can't believe I want him to be friends. Robert refused to eat lunch at our table, because he'd starve himself, afraid he'd somehow make a mistake in front of all of you. Matt wants to suck my dick just to suck it and he thinks I'm straight. I see guys watching me all the time in school, and now you tell me you want me also. Are there any straight guys in this whole fucking town?!" It's the cologne, I'm sure of it! Frank was now laughing on the other end of the phone.

"Not a single straight guy at our school would refuse to drop to his knees and service you if you asked. Bobby is right about one thing. You're new Brent, to all of us. We all grew up knowing each other. Shit, we know everything about each other. You come along out of the blue, and have the rest of us gnashing at the bit to get a hold on you. But Brent, it's not like that for all of us. We've gotten to know you and man, you're not average. Your way beyond average. Look, I know this has got to be some stressing shit for you to deal with, and our group knows it too. We're not going to let it get to you. We're all watching your back, well, I'm watching your ass mostly." He said and laughed.

"You're slipping Frank!" I said.

"God I wish I could slip and you catch me, um...well...enough of that." He coughed and I could just imagine the blush he must be wearing.

"You know the first time Missy introduced you to me, I thought 'Damn, this guy is a walking orgasm', so don't get all shy and reserved with me Frank. But regardless, I love Tommy and he is the only person I want. You need to get laid more and you'll get over it." Now it was my time to sigh. "There's nothing I can see that I can do about all of this, but I don't like it. It feels like it sets me apart, and all I've ever wanted was to be a part, not stand out. You guys have made me do just that. I'd just love to come out to the whole group and see how fast they'd jump from the table and scatter." 

"No one would scatter. It wouldn't faze anyone one bit. Do you think we all don't know that Barry and John are gay and hooked up? I know you know it too. I've seen you watching them. You just hang with it Brent. Today is no different than yesterday or the days before you knew all this. It's just how it is, and no need for you to change or act different with it. Just don't change our table, we like it close to the windows." He chuckled.

"Alright asshole. But, I still don't get it." I conceded. "Are you allowed to have company? Tommy is going to Fargo this weekend and my dad is going to take me to teach me driving tomorrow I guess, but other than that, I'm going to be pretty much bored senseless." I asked.

"Sure, you come over and we'll get naked!" He laughed so loud I had to hold the phone away from my ear until I heard him calm down. "Just joking, but yeah, come over and bring some of those PS3 games you have. I'll kick your ass!"

"Ok, well, I'm not sure when, but I'll call first. I need to go. I'm waiting for a call from Tommy. See you tomorrow some time." We said our goodbyes and I hung up the phone.

More crap on top of crap is how I saw all of this. Not like I didn't have enough to stress me out, keeping Tommy's and my relationship a secret from the school, but now I was front and center in the spotlight of the popular group. I couldn't help but remember those fateful words of Connie's, when I sat down and asked here about the kids in Beulah and told her my fear of high school. She said it was a whole new social field and for me to be selective. Somehow I was the one everyone selected, and I had no choice in the selection. I sat at the desk and waited for my phone to ring. I had a lot to talk to Tommy about, and part of it was going to be why he never told me all this. He grew up here. He had to know. The other part was to make sure he knew how much I loved him and wanted him to come back to me.


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