Learning to love

Part 17

Matt; Frank 

[This story was fabricated and created by me, the author.
Any similarity to any real life situation,event, or person(s) is purely of coincidence.
Please do not distribute this story in any way, shape, part, or form without my expressed consent.]


Matt lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling. He was preoccupied with thoughts of school and how it had been three days without seeing Brent or even hearing his voice. He knew he needed to face the facts. Brent was straight, he didn't want to be anything more than basic friends and if Matt pressed to hard, he would even lose the chance of that friendship growing. Brent just didn't understand how much Matt cared for him. Sure, Brent was only 14-years-old, but Matt knew in his heart that what he told Brent about his being dating material was true. Brent had this caring nature about him. He got mad at Matt for what he had done in gym, but then he reacted only by distancing himself from Matt, so Matt wouldn't have close contact and be given false hope. What guy would react like that? Anyone else would probably have exploded and told the whole school what hade happened. Not Brent Stewart though. Matt was interrupted in his thoughts by a knock on his bedroom door.

"Come in." Matt said and his brother stuck his head in.

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with Brent in gym. I told him what you said and he said he'd call you. He said he's not mad at me anymore for Tuesday, but that he didn't think we could be friends and that he'd rather not be around me. I guess I fucked up Matt. I mean, I know you told me what he said to you after, well, you made you're move, but I suppose I had to find out for myself." He kept a steady watch on Matt.

"Yeah, well, I told you and I also told Bobby. You two had to stir up shit and in CLASS too! Brent is going to be my friend and I'm not going to let anyone fuck that up. Not even you bro. I'm going to take whatever he's willing to give me and nothing more. I suggest you do like dad said, or I will be the one to tell him you ignored him." Matt was positive about one thing and that was that he was willing to even sever the awesome relationship he had with Shane, for Brent he'd do anything.

"You don't have to threaten me Matt. You think I'd fuck around with Brent after dad said he'd kick our asses and we'd not see the outside of this house for the rest of our lives except for school? He even said he'd pull me out of football! Not me, hell no! You just watch yourself. You better walk lightly with Brent. He may be your friend, but I doubt he sees it like you do. Dad will see it his way no matter what you say." Shane said and then looked one more time directly at Matt and closed the bedroom door as he left. Matt turned back to staring at the ceiling.

Matt and Shane were closer than brothers should be. It started with innocent experimentation when they were going through the first stages of puberty; comparing the changes their bodies were going through and who was ahead in the process. Less than a year separates them in age, but because of birthdays, they weren't in the same grade. Matt was the younger and one grade behind Shane. Their experimentation intensified when Bobby came into the picture. Matt was in 7th and both Shane and Bobby were in 8th. Bobby was well ahead of the game than either of the brothers. He even had a boyfriend at the time that was a 7th grader. Bobby taught them both about masturbation and soon all three were having jerk off sessions every chance they could. Then Bobby raised the stakes when he offered to suck their dicks for them. After that, the three were having oral sex almost daily, Matt even gave his brother blowjobs at home and Shane blew Matt as often. Then when all three were at Bobby's one day after school, Bobby's boyfriend dropped by and they didn't hear him come into the house. He opened Bobby's bedroom door and found all three hot and heavy into a three-way blowjob. Bobby was lucky that Matt and Shane were there, because the guy went crazy and it took both of them to pull him off Bobby. The guy was built for a 13-year-old, and it took a lot to get him under control. After that incident, the guy avoided all three of the boys. He eventually told them to watch what they did from that point on, because he didn't need much of an excuse to beat the shit out of any of them.

That was all in the past now, Matt thought. He didn't want anything with anyone. He wanted only one thing, well, only one somebody. If he couldn't have him, he'd relieve himself solo. Brent dominated his sexual fantasies. Having seen him nude in the showers that first day, and how he had a fucking awesome body and his dick! Brent was perfect, everything about him captivated Matt. Matt yearned for contact and his heart hurt because of the separation these three days had caused. But Shane said he would call Matt. I hope he calls me soon...

I walked out into the game room. Tommy should be calling soon. I turned on my CD player, music was a good solution while waiting. The carousel spun around and then music started playing. It was Matt's CD. I had forgotten I left it in the player. I was going to turn it off, but decided to listen to the whole thing. He did have a good singing voice and his accompanying it with the guitar was perfect. I laid down on the sofa and just relaxed. The whole popular thing was still banging around in my head, but there was nothing I could do according to Frank; I had to just go with it. After a few minutes had passed, a track on the CD began and I heard the beginning music and then the lyrics:

I could lose my heart tonight
If you don't turn and walk away
'Cause, the way I feel, I might
Lose control and let you stay
'Cause I could take you in my arms
And never let go

I could fall in love with you
I could fall in love with you

I can only wonder how
Touching you would make me feel
But, if I take that chance right now
Tomorrow, will you want me still?
So I should keep this to myself
And never let you know

I could fall in love with you
I could fall in love with you

And I know it's not right, and I guess I should try
To do what I should do
But I could fall in love, fall in love with you
I could fall in love with you

I knew this song and I was amazed that he was singing it to me. It was a song I heard a lot on the radio in L.A. after Selena was killed. 'I Could Fall In Love With You' was one of those songs that so effectively portrayed the fear of falling in love. His voice was amazing as he sang and I felt him in the words. I got up and skipped back to the beginning of the track to listen to it again. How could he feel so strongly about me? He treated me like a sex object, and here this song was like a confession of how he was afraid that if he fell in love with me, I would reject it or use his emotions for my own satisfaction. I was drawn out of my thoughts by the sound of my cell ringing. I picked it up off the sofa and it was Tommy.

"Tommy, hey Cutie! I'm so glad you called. Are you in Fargo?" I was way too excited but I didn't care if he knew.

"Hey, babe! Yeah we're here, finally. I don't recommend a three-hour car ride with my sibs. I was ready to strangle Davey and even Scotty. Both of them and Brandon rode in the bed with me; I had to keep jerking them down to sit so they wouldn't fall out. Brandon helped, but thank God we're here." It was crazy, but just hearing his voice made me miss being with him. "I love you Brent. You miss me?" He asked.

"I miss you and love you so much Tommy. Dude, you don't know how much. Monday seems like a year away to me. Are you sure you're not going to be home until Sunday night?"

"I'm afraid so Babe. The whole clan is coming here for this and it's more a reunion than a birthday party." He sighed and didn't say anything else.

"It's all right," I told him, "We'll see each other Monday at school and I'll come over your house after. Shit, wait, I have drivers Ed on Monday's! You come over and spend the night Monday. I'll clear it with mine and you clear it with your dad." Argh! When was all this going to settle into a routine and me stop feeling like not being with him every moment was torture. Tommy didn't reply right away and I said his name.

"Just a minute Brent, I think Hank said something about coming back early on Sunday. I'll see if I can come with him. He's acting weird anyway." I heard Tommy talking to whom I assumed was Hank and then Hank came on the phone.

"We'll be back by noon on Sunday. I'm already having anxiety attacks and I've only been gone for 3 hours. Just a minute Brent." He said, and now I was left waiting again. I heard him talking to someone and then he said they'd have to ask me. The next voice I heard over the phone came as a surprise.

"Can I come and spend the night too? I...I don't want to butt in, but it's been awhile since we saw you and I want to play that game again." It was Brandon. This was new.

"Ah...Brandon, you can come if you want too. Just make sure it's all right with Tommy, ok? I mean, I don't want you two to be at each other." I told him. I heard some rustling over the phone.

"So how's everything?" I laughed because now I was talking to Mike. Maybe the whole family wanted to spend the night.

"It's going good Mike. Tommy wants to come back with Hank on Sunday and Brandon asked if he could come too. I wanted Tommy to spend the night and he can ride with me to school. Brandon also asked to spend the night." Mike chuckled after I finished telling him this.

"Can I come? I hate these things!" He asked and I could just hear the grin in his voice.

"Sure, my dad has a queen sized bed. I'm sure he'd make room for you." I paused and heard absolutely nothing on the other end. "GOT YOU!" I yelled over the phone. He was still silent. "Mike? Hey Dad?"

"Brent, son, that wasn't funny. I'm sorry, but that subject is closed to discussion. I haven't forgotten a single moment of my life and those moments were the best, even now. So let's change the conversation, ah here comes Tommy to talk to you again." He was very subdued and I felt like a horse's ass.

"Dad wait! I'm sorry, sooo sorry. I'd...I'd never want you to think I was treating the past lightly. Please forgive me? It'll never happen again, I promise." I was tearing up because I hurt him with something that I should have known better than to joke about.

"It's all right Brent. I know you wouldn't do anything purposefully to upset me. It's just not a subject for casual humor. I still love you, son. Now Tommy looks about to crap on himself and one other thing, next time you two decide to ride the pony, make sure you break him in on a weekend!" Even hundreds of miles away I still blushed at his reference. I heard Mike telling Tommy to get away and lots of sounds were carried through the phone.

"Brent, you there?" Tommy asked. I said yes and he continued. "He's going to drive me batty if he doesn't stop trying to embarrass me every chance he gets. He told one of my Uncles that I tried to ride a wild stallion and instead of me breaking it, it broke me!"

"I thought I was a Burmese bull or some such?" I laughed, covering my own embarrassment caused by Mike.

"Brahma, a Brahma bull Brent." He laughed and in the background I heard Mike's distinctive loud laugh as he must have overheard Tommy and was now going mad with laughter. I even heard him yell out Brahma a couple times through the laughter. "Get away from me dad, or I'm going to tell mom!" Tommy yelled. "He acts worst than Jamesson sometimes. Grrr!" Tommy said to me.

"So Cutie, what's the plan for Sunday? Did Brandon talk to you?"

"Yeah he talked to me. It's ok with me." He lowered his voice on the phone, "I'm sure my butt is still going to be sore anyway so we probably need to give it a rest." He snickered.

"Your butt? What about mine? Its firm and waiting." I teased.

"You'll get yours, I promise and you're going to be walking softly for a week!" Again he was interrupted and I waited. "Dang, I have to go. My mom wants me to help get the kids situated for the night. I have to sleep with Brandon! He kicks!"

"Hey, when you get back, I have a few questions about my being the leader of the schools popular group and you being my first lunch stand in. I got an ear full from Robert and then I called Frank and he finally spilled it all." I loved him so I needed to give him time to think about it. I wasn't going to put him on the spot. I wasn't half as upset about it as I had been.

"What do you mean? I thought...ah...Brent, Babe, it's no big deal really. It's like a Beulah thing and now you're part of it. We'll talk, but don't be mad." I told him I wasn't mad anymore and then he said he really had to go. We exchanged love you and see you Sunday and then disconnected the call. Matt's CD was still playing and I remembered I needed to call him tomorrow. I picked up the remote and turned off the player; turned the lights out in the outer rooms, then went to bed. I was excited about getting to drive, but I also was just a little nervous about it. Having slept the last three days with Tommy sleeping next to me, I felt his absence when I crawled under the covers.

The next morning after dressing in shorts and a tee, eating breakfast and talking with Connie, I went to my study and sent e-mails to my Cali friends. I didn't want them to think I was forgetting them. After writing them, I looked at my watch and it was 9 a.m., still early but not too early to call Matt I decided. I got my cell phone and the piece of paper with his home number on it. I went and sat on the sofa in the game room and dialed the number. Mr. Ritter answered the phone.

"Good morning, Sir, this is Brent Stewart. I was wondering if I could talk to Matt, please."

"Good Morning Brent. Matt is restricted from talking on the phone, son. I'm sure you remember why." He said.

"Yes Sir, I do. I just wanted to see how he was doing and to tell him I'm sorry I caused him to get in trouble with the school and with you too. He was only trying to stand up for me Mr. Ritter, I feel bad that he got in trouble because of me. Would you tell him I called?" Well I tried, so at least Matt will know that. A few moments passed and then Mr. Ritter said for me to hold on. A couple minutes later, Matt was on the phone.

"Brent?" He asked.

"Mornin' Matt. I didn't think your dad was going to let you talk. I called to check up how everything was with you."

"I'm good man, just miss school and all. It's boring sitting around here when everyone else at least has school to break the boredom." His voice sounded a little anxious to me. "So how are you doing? Was Friday at school ok?" He asked.

"School was school. No one really knows what went down except the guys in our gym class, and I think they were told to keep it quiet. Coach I think persuaded them it was in their best interest." I chuckled. If Coach told me not to do something, I think it would be best to listen. "Um...So is Shane bringing your homework home for you?"

"Yeah, he's got me covered with my classes. I'll be glad when these two weeks are up." He said. "So what you up too?" I told him about the trip to L.A. and seeing my old friends. I also told him that Tommy went with me. "Damn, I think I'm jealous. I've never been out of this shithole State."

"Well, it was only a short trip. We went to the beach and out to eat is about it. I think I like being here now. The place is growing on me." I said.

"I'm glad you're here too. Brent, man, I hope you're not mad or anything with me. I just saw what was happening in the bleachers and it pissed me off because I had told my brother and Bobby to lay off you. You're...You're my friend and I don't like my friends being fucked with."

"I'm not mad Matt. I'm over it and your help, well, it was cool. Listen Matt, I played the CD you made for my birthday. I didn't expect it had songs played and sung by you. You really can sing and play." I was making a decision here. I didn't want to lead him into believing there was more to our relationship than strictly friendship, but I sort of felt he deserved more from me. "The songs were awesome. I really felt what you were saying to me. Matt, if I were available and...Well...if I liked you the way you like me, I think you'd be a great boyfriend." He started to say something, but I talked over him. "But I'm not available and I don't feel that way about you. I want to be friends, but I don't want it to hurt you that we can't be together Matt." I paused for his reply. A moment passed before he spoke.

"I love you Brent. I still do, but I want to be your friend if that's all I can have. I can handle how you feel and I'm not trying to keep my hopes of something different. I just...I just need...want us to be friends. It means a lot to me and I still feel like a fucking idiot for feeling you up in gym. Please, I want to start over and make it up to you."

"We've already started over and I told you I'm not dwelling on what you did before. I want to be friends too. If you can handle that, then I think we'll work out the rest. Listen, I need to let you go. My dad's taking me out to teach me to drive today. I'll call and check on you another time, if your dad lets me, or if you need anything, tell Shane to get with me in school if we can't talk on the phone." I said.

"Thanks, Brent. I appreciate the chance to make up for being an ass. I miss...I'll talk to you soon. Thanks for calling me." We said goodbye and ended the call. I didn't feel like I had accomplished much more than reconnecting after Tuesday. I could still hear the want in his voice, but he said he could handle it, so I'll give him the benefit of my trying to handle his crush on me. I went downstairs and then to my father's office. He was sitting in his chair.

"Morning dad, so when we going to drive?" I walked over to him and he stood to give me a hug and kiss on the top of my head.

"Morning Brent. I was just waiting for you to make an appearance. You ready to go, I take it?" I smiled up at him and nodded.

"I'm ready; the question should be, are you ready?" I smiled and gave him a Tommy look with raised eyebrow.

"I think I can survive it. We're going to take it slow and easy son. You listen to exactly what I say and do it. We're going on some back roads, so you shouldn't have to deal with anybody else on the road. If we do encounter someone, you just stay calm and listen to me." He released me from the hug and we both walked out of his office. We stopped in the kitchen so Connie could warn my father that if I received one scratch, she was taking a meat cleaver after him. I hugged her and she hugged me tight.

"You listen to your dad, demon child. Have fun, but you be safe. You're my life and I don't want you hurt." She said. I promised her to be safe and my father told her we'd be extra careful. We walked outside to the garage. My car was in one of the end spaces. I didn't think I could drive it out without running into the doors, so I got in the passenger seat and my father drove it out. The reality of being able to drive soon was working on me and I was getting more and more excited. My father drove onto Hwy 200 and then turned left onto 7th St. He drove a little ways north and then pulled over to the right.

"We're going to trade places now." He said and looked over at me. I smiled and opened the door. I started to get out, but my seatbelt pulled me back into the seat. I glanced at my father and blushed. He smiled at my eagerness. I released my seatbelt and stepped out. My father and I passed each other on our way to trading places. I sat down in the driver's seat and my father climbed into the passengers. He showed me how to adjust my seat so I had good access to the gas peddle, brake and clutch. He explained the functioning of each peddles and then the working of the gear shift. It seemed easy enough until he had me start the car while holding the brake and clutch depressed. He had left it in first and when he had me release the brake and slowly give the car gas while releasing the clutch slowly, the car jumped and bucked until it finally stalled out. It scared the shit out of me, like trying to control a wild thing. His calm reaction and assurances that I'd get the hang of it calmed me. I was ready to throw in the towel immediately following the stall out. We worked on this for awhile and finally I was able to work out the combination without giving us both whiplashes. The RX-8, once moving, had a very smooth shifting mechanism. It also had a gear on the steering-wheel that you could depress to change gears without needing to touch the shifter on the center floor console. I started using this because of the ease of it instead of the floor clutch. My father made me stop and use the clutch, so I'd get the hang of it. Not all cars had the feature the RX-8 had, and he wanted me to be comfortable with manual shifting.

I had a blast and my father did too. We drove up and down, around, backwards, forward all along back roads. My father was the picture of serenity the whole time and made me extremely comfortable in my first lesson with actually driving. We drove around and I learned the workings of my car for almost an hour and a half. B the end of the lesson, my father pronounced me proficient in the clutch and shifting while moving, I still had a few problems with moving from a complete stop. I'd press too much on the gas and revved the engine too much most times, before easing up on the clutch. I would need work on this. My father surprised me, when he said for me to drive us home. When I turned onto 200 and started towards 58th Ave, I encountered my first oncoming traffic. It was a pickup truck, but I handled the encounter with only a minimal of nervousness. I was wholly concentrated on stay in my lane as I passed it and sighed with relief when it was over. I looked at my father and he was smiling at me. He made me feel so proud of myself. When I stopped in the front of our house, I pulled the parking break and turned off the car. I jumped out and ran to my father's side of the car and when he got out I wrapped my arms around him.

"Dad, I love you so much. You're awesome!" He hugged me and for the second time in my life, my lips touched my father's lips and I kissed him with thanks. I surprised him with my affection and after the quick kiss, he held me tight to him.

"Brent, I love you too son. You make me so proud. I...I don't know why I waited so long to realize how much I need this with you." He pushed back from our embrace and stared into my eyes. "Brent, you have such expressive eyes. You show everything you feel in them and touch the soul of whoever is caught by them." He shook his head. "It's unique to you. I don't have it and neither does your mother. I hope I can always look in your eyes and see the love I see now." He hugged me again and I pressed my hot cheek into his shoulder. I watched as he drove the car in backwards to park it back in its garage space. I reached out and took his hand in mine as we walked to the house. He looked at me and our joined hands and I smiled up at him. Sure, I was 14-years0old and probably well beyond the age I should want to hold my fathers hand, but I was not a 14-year-old who had emotional contact with his father for his whole life. I wanted that contact now. I ran to the kitchen when we got in the house and grabbed Connie and spun her around in the kitchen.

"I drove all over the place and didn't crash once!" I laughed and told her. "You need to come next time too. That way you can tell me how well I did." I set her down and she hugged me tight.

"I think it's better to be a father-son activity. Besides, you don't need me to tell you how well you did, demon! I'm sure your head will be better off the same size without swelling because of excess praise." She pinched my cheek and I blushed.

After lunch, I called Frank to see if he still wanted me to come over. Stupid question, since he said he was bored out of his mind and was expecting me at 6 am this morning. I laughed and asked him if he had any games he preferred I bring with me. He thought about it and finally decided to leave it up to me. I told him bye and that I'd get a ride over to his house as soon as I got the stuff together. I imagined that Tommy and his family were tied up in the celebration and visiting with relatives. I wanted to call him and tell him I love him, but decided not to bother him. He knew I loved him without me telling him. Connie elected to drive me and unlike my father, she was not willing to let me place her life in my hands and let me drive us. She pulled the Cadillac XLR out of the garage and soon we were on our way to Frank's house.

Frank met me at the door and took the sports bag I had brought with the games in it. I also brought the Wii and some games for it. He gave me a hug and looked beyond me, waved to Connie ad she drove away. He was wearing a white tank top, which was tight and stretched across his chest, showing every bulge and ripple of his muscles. His shorts were sheer white with blue stripes on the sides and by the way his bulge was showing in them, it looked like he was going commando in them. Like I had said before, Frank was god like in his appearance. His dark blue-black hair, chiseled face and black brows, held a pair of dark brown eyes that always seemed to have a glassy sheen to them. His smile was almost seductive in the way he held his lips.

"Come on, let's go to my room. My dad isn't here, so I've just been listening to music. Do you want something to drink?" He put his arm around my shoulders and looked over at me as he led me into the house.

"Um...sure, a Coke or Dr. Pepper if you have either." He squeezed my shoulder with his hand and led me into the kitchen. He removed his arm and opened the refrigerator. He leaned into it, giving me a perfect view of his shorts clad butt; the material molded into the crevice of his cheeks. He stood up, taking two Dr. Peppers from the inside, closed the door and smiled at me. I picked up the sports bag and followed behind him as we walked to his bedroom. Seeing Frank's body clad in so little and of course knowing what was hidden underneath from the gym showers was testing all my will power to keep my penis from inflating. The guy just was so masculine and oozed strength, confidence and sex.

"So how did the driving lesson go?" He moved and sat down on his bed and motioned for me to sit next to him. He handed me a Dr. Pepper and pat the bed beside him. I looked where he pat and then at him. I was beginning to feel like Frank was turning on all the charm and appeal he had and I was soaking it up, I should know better, but the feeling was still there. I sat next to him and took the drink.

"It was awesome. My dad was really calm while he taught me. He didn't raise his voice once to me and he explained everything perfectly. We drove for almost two hours all over the place, except in town. I'm not ready for that, and neither is Beulah!" I laughed and so did he. "I love my car too. It's so smooth to drive, well eventually it was. I jerked a lot at first trying to get the clutch and gas coordination down." He put his hand on my leg.

"Yeah, I have a hard time driving a manual shift too. That's why I have an automatic transmission. I don't like to work more than I have to when I drive." Whether his hand on my leg was inadvertent or planned, it had an immediate effect on me and I felt blood rushing to fill my cock. This can't be happening. What was going on here? I moved away and his hand left my leg. I stood and walked over to the sports bag I had dropped near the bedroom door.

"So, I brought my Wii over and also some PS3 games." I was turned away from him as I knelt down to open the bag. I was willing my penis to shrink as I rummaged around in the bag. I didn't need Frank seeing me getting a hardon from his close physical contact. We were best friends and it would be awkward, especially since it wasn't possible he was making sexual overtures. I took everything out of the bag and when I was finished, I put some items back in it. I felt my member respond to my efforts of controlling it finally. I turned my head and Frank was focused on me kneeling over the bag and once again I experienced an uncomfortable sensation. It looked like he was looking directly at my butt, his face wearing a lustful expression. I turned back to the bag and sighed. My heart was beating rapidly. I forced myself to stop acting the fool. Why was I having these strong reactions to Frank? I loved Tommy and here I was acting like a bitch dog in heat.

"What are you doing Brent? Hurry up, or did you stuff every game you had into that small ass bag?" Frank laughed and I heard him move off of his bed. I looked in his direction and he walked over to his TV set. "What PS3 games did you bring?"

I looked at what I brought. "Madden NFL 10, God of War III, Assassin's Creed II and Warhawk." I carried the four games over to him. He took them and started reading the covers.

"I've never played God of War, why don't I put that in and you show me how?" He opened the case and turned on his console and TV.

"Well, it's easy to learn. It just gets harder as you level, like most of them, but sure I'll show you how to kick monster ass." I laughed and picked a controller off of the floor in front of the TV. I turned to look where to sit, and his two seat sofa was placed so you could play the game within the distance of the controllers cord limit. I sat down and watched him insert the disk. He came and sat down next to me and we both watched the opening cinematic. I settled back in the sofa and started to explain how you used the different controls.

"Ah...Just go ahead and play. I'll watch you do it. I like watching sometimes." He said and I looked at him. He smiled and nodded. So I started playing the game. A good 20 minutes passed with me playing and him watching the action. Or so I assumed he was watching the game. We were doing very little talking and soon I began to feel like I was ignoring him and getting too involved in leveling. I turned to say that we should put in a two player game, and Frank wasn't watching the game. He was watching me. The look on his face was captivating. My heart once again sped up as I looked at him. His eyes moved from one of mine to the other and a soft sigh escaped from his lips. I felt caught in a snare by the aura of him and I let the controller slip from my hands.

Frank leaned in towards me, and somehow loosing control over my own body, I leaned in towards him and our lips touched. It was a gentle kiss at first, but then Frank increased the pressure and explored my closed lips with his tongue. His arms enfolded me and pulled me close to his body and I opened my mouth. His tongue touched mine. Tasting his mouth and feeling his body so close, my dick quickly grew in my shorts, His hands were caressing my back and he pulled me over on top of him, Soon he was lying back on the sofa with me on top of him, still connected in the initial kiss. He was using his hands to press my crotch into his and I could feel his hard cock against my shorts trapped erection. The only thought in my head was how good he tasted and how the feel of his cock against mine was sending waves of pleasure through my body. He moved one of his hands from my hip and worked it between us, until he was able to start massaging my swollen cock through my shorts. I moaned in response to his touch. The passion and intensity of the moment had caught me up and I reached and took his cock in my hand. Through his very thin shorts I could feel the heat from it in my hand and he moaned against my lips. His moan snapped me back to reality and rolled off of him and onto the floor. I lay there panting as my emotions changed quickly from lust, to horror at what I had been doing, and allowing Frank to do to me.

"Brent are you ok?" Frank sat up on the sofa and looked down at me lying on the floor. I looked at him and my god he was still as sexy looking now as just moments before. My eyes went to his shorts and the tent was still there from his cock and there was a good sized wet spot where precum had leaked and soaked the thin material. He moved from the sofa to get down next to me and I stopped him.

"No Frank. Please stay there. I...I can't believe we were just doing that." I choked on the words and felt myself beginning to tear up.

"I'm sorry Brent; please don't be mad at me. I don't know what came over me. I was watching you playing the game and then I looked at you and you're so damn good looking." He sighed. "I can't believe it either. Just that little we just did had me feeling better than I have ever felt before."

"How can I be mad at you Frank? My hand was wrapped around your cock just like your's was massaging mine. You're...You're so fucking hot that since the moment I saw you at the door in those shorts I had to concentrate on keeping my penis under control." I sat up from the floor and looked at him. He was looking at me too. "I love Tommy, Frank. He's...He's the love of my life and means more to me than breathing. He's going to be so pissed at me when I tell him what I did." I shook my head and my heart was hurting because I felt I had betrayed him the first chance the opportunity presented itself! "Frank, if I lose Tommy, I'm done with this place. He's the reason I exist right now and I don't want to exist without him." Silent tears slipped from my eyes and down my face. I love you Tommy, please Cutie forgive me I wished with my soul.

"He loves you Brent and we didn't really do any more than kiss. Well, yeah we felt each other, but you stopped. I can't say I would have stopped too. I wish you felt for me like you do Tommy. I wish I had been the one to approach you that first day you walked in to register. But, I know you and Tommy are together and still I would do anything to be with you." He lowered his head. "I guess this means I'm as bad as Bobby, Shane and Matt." How did he know what those three had done to me? Sure he knew about Booby, and he knew Shane had laughed at my reaction to it. He knew nothing about Matt's attempt on me.

"Frank, I'm not giving up your friendship. I like you too much and I don't want to be without it. It's obvious that I was as tempted to give into my desire for you just as you were with me. We can't do that though. I don't want to have to make a choice between Tommy and you. I would choose Tommy. I...I need to call him, now." He got up and I stood up too. My cell was lying on the sofa, where it had dropped from the carrying case attached to my belt. I picked it up with dread; I had to call now. I looked at Frank and he started to walk to his bedroom door. "Stay." I said to him. He turned and looked at me, nodded and went and sat on his bed. I took several deep breaths and focused on the phone. I look over to Frank and he was watching me. I pressed the autodial button and waited for Tommy to answer.

"Hello Babe!" Were the first words Tommy said when he answered his phone. "I was thinking about calling you, but wasn't sure if you were still with your dad learning to drive."

"Tommy, I love you so much Cutie. God I miss you and wish you were here." I swallowed hard and tried to keep the tears from flowing from my eyes.

"What's wrong Brent? You sound like you're almost crying. What's happened? Are you ok?" Tommy's frantic questioning about how I was almost broke me. "Brent are you hurt? Answer me!" He yelled.

"I'm not hurt Tommy. Are...Are you alone?" I asked. A moment passed and I heard the sound of a door closing over the phone.

"I'm in the bathroom. Now what's going on? You're scaring me." I could tell from his voice that he was almost in a panic.

"You know I love you more than anything in this world Tommy. I'm at Frank's house. I came over after I finished with my lesson. I brought some video games so he and I could play some." He stopped me.

"If you're about to tell me that you and Frank had sex...Then don't. It would be one of those questions that I would never ask you and it would also be one of the answers I could live without knowing. But just in case it is what you're trying to tell me, it's ok. I...I would have a hard time not having sex with him if he offered. I love you with my life, but it wouldn't be love with Frank, Brent. So...if that's it, then don't tell me." My mouth dropped open.

"Tommy I have to tell you what happened. If I didn't tell you, then you would know anyway because this whole conversation would take a whole different course. I love you and you may not want to hear what I have to say, but I have to say it because of my love. We didn't have sex. We...We kissed and then...Then we kind of started messing around and well...he felt me and I felt him. I stopped though! I only want you Tommy, please Cutie, I need you to forgive me." I desperately needed his forgiveness and to know we were still ok with each other.

"Ok, so you told me. I don't think I could have stopped, but I hope that wouldn't make you stop loving me. I'll never stop loving you Brent. You could fuck every guy in our school and I'd still love you Babe. You want to know why? I'll tell you why. Because you love ME Brent! ME! You made love to ME, you didn't just fuck me. Now is Frank there?"

"Um...yeah he's here. Tommy, are you being honest with me? Do you still love me? Are you sure you're not mad at me? Please Tommy; don't make me think you're ok and then this be the beginning of you're leaving me." It was too much to take in. His simple dismissal of what I told him had happened with Frank was beyond believable. I couldn't be so forgiving, even though I loved Tommy and wouldn't leave him, I'd still be mad about it.

"Brent, listen carefully and with all of your heart and soul to me. You are MINE. Nobody else can have what's mine. Don't give away the one thing that belongs totally to me and you can do anything else you want. Your love is mine. When you give that away, then you have taken away the only thing that I would die from. Do you understand me Brent? You're not allowed to do that. That would be what would end us forever. You can't give it away and then give it back. Your love has had only one owner and it's not for trade. Now, I love you more everyday than the one before and each day forward it will remain the same. Let me talk to the guy who had his tongue down your throat and his hand at bat." Tommy chuckled and amazed me all at once. I dumbly looked at Frank and held the phone out to him.

"I'm not going to talk to him right now! Is he pissed?" Frank asked from his bed.

"He...He's not pissed." I replied in wonder to this chain of conversation. Frank gave me a skeptical look and finally got up from the bed and took the phone from my hand. I tuned out everything and sat on the sofa he and I had occupied a short period ago. I felt the strangle hold I had worked around my heart loosen and eventually fade. I love Tommy and I knew now that no matter what happened to our future, as long as we had love between us, we'd make it through anything. Tommy had, in a moment's time, strengthened and taught me more about love. He defined my feelings for him and showed his for me. I felt Frank sit down beside me and I looked at him. He held the phone out to me. He wore a dazed expression and I looked and saw that the call had been disconnected.

"He said he'd see you tomorrow at your house and that you better be home by the time he got there." I crinkled my forehead at hearing Frank. Frank looked at me and like almost everyone these days; he took a deep look into my eyes. "He's been unhinged Brent. I think you telling him sent him into a psychotic state of mind." Frank was shaking his head, as if trying to clear his mind.

"What do you mean, unhinged? What did he say?" I asked. Frank stared at me a few minutes until I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Brent, he has to be in shock. He...He said that I could have sex with you, but I wasn't allowed to fuck you. He said that he was the only one allowed to do that." Frank had a wild eyed look as well as dazed. "He said that you could fuck me, but I had better be prepared, because afterwards I'd not want to ever be fucked by anyone else and to be willing to have a sore ass for a few days." He focused on me and finished. "He said that he hoped I had a good time with you, but don't ever think that you're in love with me, because you'd only be fucking me, not loving me. He finally said that you like the left side of the bed and that I need to cuddle and spoon you when we go to sleep tonight. You like to be held." There were almost tears in Frank's eyes and his whole face finally changed for wild and dazed to hopeful and eager. "Brent, do you think he's sane?"

"Um Frank...don't look at me like that. His consent is not my permission. I may feel like fucking and sucking you until we both explode, but it's not going to happen tonight or any other. Tommy is coming home tomorrow and He and I are going to finish this discussion. He also told me I could fuck anyone I wanted to, the whole school body if I wanted. I think he is in shock." Frank's look was intense.

"Brent you have to promise me that after you talk to him and find out that he's sane, you'll call me immediately. No more than a minute after you're sure. I have to know. You may not be ready to accept his offer, but I'd be able to fucking beat off to just the thought of it for years! My God what I'd do to make it a reality." He said. I looked down and he was very obviously massaging his once again hardened penis through his shorts.

"Frank, stop what you're doing with your hand. I'm sitting right here beside you and I can't deal with you doing that. I...I think I better call Connie and have her come and pick me up. This was not what I had in mind by coming over here today and I think we both need to have some time apart." I began to press the autodial button for home and Frank grabbed my hand. My mind registered it as the same hand that had just been massaging his cock.

"Don't go. I'll stop, but please don't go. It's still early and you've only been here a couple of hours. I miss you Brent. It's torture not being in school with you. This house is a bore and all I have is me. I promise I'll let it lie and not say anything else about what Tommy said or do anything to make you uncomfortable. Stay with me Brent, just for a little while longer." He got up from the sofa and stripped off his shorts, exposing his ass, semi erect cock and all his other assets in minute detail. He walked to a dresser and pulled out a pair of boxer briefs and pulled them on. He opened a different drawer and pulled out a pair of cargo shorts and pulled them on. He walked back to me and sat back down. "There, I even put underwear and less revealing shorts on. Will you stay?" I let out my held breath and looked at him.

"You unthinking fucker!" I laughed. "Oh yeah, you changed, but you fucking stripped down right in front of me, pausing effectively to make sure that I got a good look at everything I'm turning down." I punched him in the shoulder and he tried to grab me and I jumped off the sofa. "Oh no you don't. We aren't even going to get into a wrestling match with you pinning me and rubbing your body all over me!" He smiled big at me.

"Ok, so I had to give it one last try. Now stay and we can play some Madden. I'll be the sweet guy you have grown to admire and lust for, but I'll fight you off of me to my bitter regret." He started laughing and I couldn't help but join in.

We played video games for the next 4 hours and his father finally came home and looked in on us. I stayed longer than I intended and told Frank I needed to get home in time for dinner. I called the house and my father answered. He said he would be coming to get me. I left all the PS3 games with Frank, to give him something new to play while he sat out his suspension. We went into his living room to wait for my father. I learned while talking to Frank's father, that he was more than just our Ag manager, but was in essence in charge of the entire farm for my father and had been one of my father's best friends in high school. His acceptance of my being over with Frank for the day, showed that he did not fault his son for his actions in school, but he had restricted Frank to the house. He laughed and told me that Frank had a temper as bad as his and he couldn't control what he did away from home, so it was better and safer for Bobby, for the time being, to limit Frank's access.

My father arrived and after exchanging some small talk with Frank's father and then goodbyes, we both left, but not before I received a goodbye/night kiss from Frank at the front door in full view of his and my father. Frank smiled at my father. "Best friends." He said to him. My father nodded and we both climbed into the car. After leaving Frank's property my father broke the silence between us.

"So, best friends is it?" He took a quick look at me and then back to the road in front of him. I saw a smile on his face. "Tell me something Brent. Is there any boy in your school that does NOT want to get into your pants?"

"Wha...What? Why would you ask me that?" I blushed at his question. He took another quick look at me and nodded.

"Well, let me see. I by no means profess to having, what is it called? A gaydar? But from simple observation, I'll tell you what I've seen. Of all the guys in the room with us on Tuesday at your school, only the adults didn't give you covert looks. I would go so far as to say that Matthew Ritter, Frank, and of course Tommy are in love with you. Shane Ritter only appears to be in lust as I'm sure Robert Schafer was or still is at least." I was watching my father as he ran down his list and expressed his thoughts. He glanced at me several times as he made his observations. "Then we have your two L.A. male friends. Tom is very much in love with you and Julian has friendship written all over his face, but his body language displays love and defense. My dairy manager has asked me several times how you are, even though he has only met you once. If I recall correctly, his son's name is Patrick, and when I would tell him you were doing fine, he would reply that his son would be happy to hear of it. I don't recall the names of all your friends that came to your birthday party, but there we two there that I would bet aren't in love with you or even lust. They have eyes for only each other, so I guess there are two to answer my original question that do not want in your pants." He finished just as we pulled up in front of the house. He looked over at me and smiled. "So, because of the lack of surprise on your face, I would conclude that you are aware of all this?|

"Um...Dad, how am I supposed to reply to that? I swear, the longer I'm in this town I feel like I've moved to the only place in the world where heterosexuals are in the minority. I...I'm not encouraging any of this. The only person I care to love is Tommy. I love him completely and he loves me the same. He's my boyfriend like Mike was yours. I feel for him just like you did Mike. Don't make fun of me, please. I don't like it."

"Whoa son, I'm not making fun of you and I never ever will. I'm in awe of how in such a short period of time, my son has captured so much attention and adoration from his peers. I recall how much of a fuss you put up with this move and how one of the crowning defense statements of yours for not moving was because you were going to high school this year and it wasn't fair for you to have to start all over at the bottom with no friends. I think you proved yourself wrong there and as to Beulah being so disproportionately homosexual, it wasn't that way in my teens. I think the problem is that the males have steadily outnumbered the females and in your age group, there are even a greater number of males to females. Just remember to be honest to yourself and to Tommy. So much availability and open desire for you, could strain your commitment to each other." I looked at my father.

"There's no way I will ever love anyone the way I do Tommy or him me. We are fully committed." I opened the car door and got out. My father pulled the car up to the garage and parked it. I waited for him on the porch. "I talked to Tommy on Friday night and also spoke with Mike. Tommy is coming home early tomorrow with Hank and Brandon is coming with him. They both want to spend the night. I told Mike about them wanting to and he jokingly asked me if he could come. I made a bad joke and said that I was sure you'd make room for him, your bed was big enough." My father's eyes shot wide and he took a step towards me. I didn't move. "I hurt him by saying that and I almost cried when I asked him to forgive me. I was wrong to make a joke of your relationship or of your past. Dad, my relationship with Tommy is as important to me as yours was to Mike. Every swinging dick in this town may want in my pants, but only Tommy has the rights to me. I love you and I hurt Mike and I'll never ever do that again. Please don't ever think lightly of how I feel for Tommy."

"I never will Brent, and I'm sorry if you thought I was. I was only making an observation and if I were honest in the beginning, you would have realized my intent. I'm feeling pride as your father in having sired so handsome a son that he has so many choices for relationships with a sexual orientation that in all but a very few places are all most nonexistent. It was my pride in you, not a fault in you. I love you Brent. I'll never hurt you and I have been aware of the many ways I could for the last 14 years. I'm not going to start now. That, my boy, you can bet both our lives on." He grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug. He held me for a long time and everything was all right again with us.




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